Ontario, New York
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DAILER, MICHAEL                         NY-35-101-350
DAILEY, ELLEN                           NY-35-61-290
DAILOR, MICHAEL                         NY-35-71-122
DAVIS, NANCY                            NY-35-71-226
DAKEN, ELBRIDGE                         NY-35-91-69
DAKIN, ELBRIDGE                         NY-35-86-162
DAKIN, NANCY                            NY-35-61-342
DALLEY, ANDREW T.                       NY-35-71-350
DALOR, PATRICK                          NY-35-91-128
DALOR, PATRICK                          NY-35-86-208
DALTON, DANIEL                          NY-35-71-28
DALTON, JOHN                            NY-35-91-318
DALTON, JOHN                            NY-35-86-339
DANIELS, ALBERT                         NY-35-S-771
DANIELS, GAD                            NY-35-C-169
DANIELS, JOSEPH                         NY-35-86-111
DANIELS, JOSEPH                         NY-35-91-3
DANIELSON, MARGARET ANN                 NY-35-55-458
DARROW, CHARLES                         NY-35-M-400
DARROW, HIRAM                           NY-35-61-682
DAUBERT, WILLIAM                        NY-35-101-412
DAVENPORT, MOSES                        NY-35-A-246
DAVIE, DAVID                            NY-35-101-86
DAVIE, GEORGE W.                        NY-35-91-648
DAVIS, CAROLINE                         NY-35-86-588
DAVIS, CAROLINE                         NY-35-91-501
DAVIS, CLARISSA M.                      NY-35-S-617
DAVIS, CORNELIUS                        NY-35-55-191
DAVIS, DAVID                            NY-35-2-377
DAVIS, EZEKIEL S.                       NY-35-71-707
DAVIS, GEORGIANA                        NY-35-W-522
DAVIS, HARRIET C.                       NY-35-61-591
DAVIS, HIRAM                            NY-35-81-431
DAVIS, JAMES                            NY-35-C-220
DAVIS, MARTHA L.                        NY-35-101-75
DAVIS, MELVIN H.                        NY-35-86-88
DAVIS, MELVIN H.                        NY-35-81-642
DAVIS, NOAH                             NY-35-C-16
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          NY-35-A-202
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          NY-35-D-492
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          NY-35-10-313
DAVISON, ROBERT                         NY-35-18-208
DAY, JAMES                              NY-35-61-275
DAY, LIBERTY                            NY-35-L-237
DAY, SARAH                              NY-35-71-504
DAYTON, DAVID D.                        NY-35-61-337
DEAKEN, ROBERT                          NY-35-55-431
DEAKINS, HANNAH                         NY-35-71-239
DEAN, BENJAMIN                          NY-35-10-113
DEAN, PARLEY                            NY-35-4-193
DEANE, SETH                             NY-35-4-17
DEBOW, ANSEL                            NY-35-71-568
DEBOW, GERRIT                           NY-35-61-407
DECKER, ARETHUSA                        NY-35-71-145
DECKER, ELIZA M. J.                     NY-35-81-348
DECKER, LEWIS W.                        NY-35-W-114
DECKER, WILLIAM                         NY-35-2-405
DEDRICK, LYMAN L.                       NY-35-M-685
DEGRAFF, CATHERINE                      NY-35-S-201
DEGRAFF, JOHN                           NY-35-86-144
DEGRAFF, JOHN                           NY-35-91-48
DEGRAFF, SETH V.                        NY-35-S-171
DEGRAFF, WILLIAM                        NY-35-W-171
DEGROFF, ELEANOR                        NY-35-71-551
DEIN, THADDEUS C.                       NY-35-L-91
DELANCEY, FRANCES                       NY-35-W-90
DELANCEY, MARTHA A.                     NY-35-61-446
DELANCY, JOHN PETER                     NY-35-W-149
DELANEY, CHARLES P.                     NY-35-101-451
DELANEY, MICHAEL G.                     NY-35-S-483
DELANO, JARED                           NY-35-B-506
DELANO, LOUISA A.                       NY-35-L-635
DELANO, SAMUEL B.                       NY-35-M-103
DELARME, JOSEPH                         NY-35-61-254
DELEMAR, HENRY                          NY-35-91-529
DELMAR, VIRGINIA W.                     NY-35-55-203
DELONG, LUCINA                          NY-35-W-479
DEMING, J. P. H.                        NY-35-61-542
DEMING, SARAH ANN                       NY-35-W-404
DEMING, SARAH D.                        NY-35-81-239
DEMING, SIMEON                          NY-35-L-381
DEMING, WILLIAM                         NY-35-81-150
DEMPSEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-35-61-444
DEMPSEY, FANNIE L.                      NY-35-91-695
DEMPSEY, HANNAH                         NY-35-81-306
DEMPSEY, JEREMIAH                       NY-35-55-455
DEMPSEY, NANCY                          NY-35-61-243
DENBOW, ALFRED                          NY-35-81-236
DENHAM, CORNELIUS                       NY-35-18-268
DENHAM, LYDIA                           NY-35-D-214
DENNIS, CAROLINE B.                     NY-35-91-310
DENNIS, CAROLINE B.                     NY-35-86-510
DENNIS, MATTHEW T.                      NY-35-101-277
DENNIS, ROWLAND H.                      NY-35-W-152
DENNISON, ANN                           NY-35-71-292
DENNISON, ELIZABETH W.                  NY-35-71-521
DENSMORE, ALETHEA                       NY-35-M-636
DENSMORE, THOMAS                        NY-35-B-80
DENT, SAMUEL                            NY-35-71-316
DENTON, ELSIE A.                        NY-35-71-293
DENTON, LOUISA A.                       NY-35-71-449
DENTON, MICHAEL C.                      NY-35-61-520
DEPUE, ELIZA                            NY-35-71-675
DEPUE, HIRAM                            NY-35-61-206
DEPUE, JOHN                             NY-35-91-569
DEPUNG, PETER JOHN                      NY-35-10-43
DERANNA, JOHN                           NY-35-101-211
DERIEMER, MARY                          NY-35-E-82
DERR, GEORGE                            NY-35-14-244
DERRICK, EMILY JANE                     NY-35-71-271
DESMIT, JOHANNA                         NY-35-W-163
DESMIT, MARINUS                         NY-35-86-578
DESMIT, MARINUS                         NY-35-91-495
DEVANEY, OWEN                           NY-35-101-638
DEVANNY, ELLEN                          NY-35-W-391
DEVOLL, JOSEPH                          NY-35-M-287
DEVOLL, JOSEPH R.                       NY-35-55-291
DEVOLL, MARY                            NY-35-M-407
DEWEY, ALFRED                           NY-35-M-78
DEWEY, EDMUND B.                        NY-35-91-525
DEWEY, JEDEDIAH                         NY-35-M-307
DEWEY, JOHN                             NY-35-S-76
DEWEY, LANSON                           NY-35-71-474
DEWEY, NANCY                            NY-35-91-97
DEWEY, NANCY                            NY-35-86-182
DEWIGHT, SUSAN M.                       NY-35-M-444
DEWITT, ANN ELIZA                       NY-35-M-149
DEY, ANTHONY P.                         NY-35-61-527
DEY, MARY A.                            NY-35-81-346
DEYO, ABRAHAM H.                        NY-35-M-445
DEYO, MARY                              NY-35-101-582
DEYOE, MARIETTA                         NY-35-86-550
DEYOE, MARILLA                          NY-35-91-470
DEZENG, CAROLINE C.                     NY-35-71-217
DIBBLE, BETSEY                          NY-35-91-556
DIBBLE, CHARLES                         NY-35-81-211
DIBBLE, EMELINE A.                      NY-35-81-470
DIBBLE, GEORGE O.                       NY-35-S-140
DIBBLE, HORACE                          NY-35-61-180
DIBBLE, MARIA JANE                      NY-35-91-409
DIBBLE, MARY JANE                       NY-35-86-385
DIBBLE, OSBORN                          NY-35-W-252
DIBBLE, SPENCER                         NY-35-61-508
DICKERSON, LUCY A.                      NY-35-71-614
DICKERSON, SELAH                        NY-35-W-109
DICKINSON, ANN E.                       NY-35-86-86
DICKINSON, AURORA C.                    NY-35-101-397
DICKINSON, CHARLES F.                   NY-35-W-91
DICKINSON, ELIAS                        NY-35-2-438
DICKINSON, ELIZA ANN                    NY-35-81-620
DICKINSON, JOHN                         NY-35-W-400
DICKINSON, WILLIAM D.                   NY-35-71-512
DICKSON, MARY                           NY-35-101-579
DICKSON, ROBERT                         NY-35-7-67
DILLINGHAM, DAVID S.                    NY-35-W-262
DILLINGHAM, HUMPHREY H.                 NY-35-91-579
DILLINGHAM, THOMAS                      NY-35-14-52
DILLON, BENJAMIN                        NY-35-S-504
DILLON, PATRICK                         NY-35-61-309
DINSMORE, ASA                           NY-35-B-97
DINZLER, MARTIN                         NY-35-71-130
DITMAR, CATHERINE W.                    NY-35-61-320
DITMARS, JOHN V.                        NY-35-86-78
DITMARS, JOHN V.                        NY-35-81-634
DIVER, JOHN                             NY-35-10-289
DIXON, ADALINE                          NY-35-91-629
DIXON, ELIZABETH                        NY-35-S-682
DIXON, ELIZABETH H.                     NY-35-81-8
DIXON, GEORGE                           NY-35-B-280
DIXON, JOHN                             NY-35-61-68
DIXON, JOHN                             NY-35-61-688
DIXON, JOHN                             NY-35-D-170
DIXON, JOHN B.                          NY-35-81-253
DIXON, MATTHEW                          NY-35-55-499
DIXON, WALTER J.                        NY-35-81-495
DIXSON, ALVIN                           NY-35-71-314
DIXSON, CYRUS W.                        NY-35-86-225
DIXSON, MARCUS                          NY-35-81-296
DIXSON, RACHAEL A.                      NY-35-71-588
DIXSON, WILLIAM                         NY-35-14-232
DIXSON,CYRUS W.                         NY-35-91-157
DOBBIN, HUGH W.                         NY-35-L-367
DODGE, AARON                            NY-35-61-95
DODGE, AMY                              NY-35-S-788
DODGE, JOHN                             NY-35-S-31
DODGE, RICHARD                          NY-35-10-69
DOHERTY, SARAH                          NY-35-55-510
DOLSAUER, HENRIETTA                     NY-35-81-475
DONNELLY, ANNE                          NY-35-55-422
DONNELLY, ELLEN                         NY-35-86-90
DONNELLY, ELLEN                         NY-35-81-648
DONNELLY, JOHN                          NY-35-71-189
DONNELLY, PETER                         NY-35-71-571
DONNELLY, SUSAN A.                      NY-35-81-197
DONOVAN, JOHN                           NY-35-55-185
DOOLITTLE, CARRIE A.                    NY-35-101-235
DOOLITTLE, HULDAH                       NY-35-E-418
DOOLITTLE, ROSAMOND C.                  NY-35-91-338
DOOLITTLE, ROSAMOND C.                  NY-35-86-520
DOOLITTLE, SARAH JANE                   NY-35-101-21
DOOLITTLE, SOPHIA J.                    NY-35-61-257
DOOLITTLE, WILLIAM S.                   NY-35-81-394
DORAN, LAWRENCE                         NY-35-W-66
DORMAN, JAY                             NY-35-W-446
DORMAN, JOHN                            NY-35-14-310
DORSEY, EMMA B.                         NY-35-81-205
DORSEY, UPTON                           NY-35-L-512
DORSEY, WILLIAM A.                      NY-35-61-583
DOTY, ERASTUS                           NY-35-71-537
DOTY, LUCY A.                           NY-35-71-388
DOTY, LYDIA B.                          NY-35-86-324
DOTY, LYDIA B.                          NY-35-91-297
DOUD, JOHN                              NY-35-18-65
DOUGHERTY, OWEN                         NY-35-101-7
DOUGHERTY, WILLIAM                      NY-35-12-85
DOUGLAS, BETHIAH                        NY-35-W-336
DOUGLASS, MARGARET                      NY-35-101-596
DOVE, JOHN                              NY-35-91-557
DOVE, WILLIAM                           NY-35-55-357
DOWDING, JOHN                           NY-35-W-730
DOX, GEORGE N.                          NY-35-71-220
DOX, RICHARD D.                         NY-35-W-287
DOX, SARAH P.                           NY-35-61-90
DOX, WILLIAM H.                         NY-35-61-370
DOYLE, AARON A.                         NY-35-W-58
DOYLE, ANN E.                           NY-35-81-364
DOYLE, JOHN                             NY-35-71-278
DOYLE, PATRICK                          NY-35-101-186
DRAKE, ZERA                             NY-35-S-490
DRAPER, GIDEON                          NY-35-M-580
DRISCOLL, DANIEL                        NY-35-55-76
DROWN, GILBERT                          NY-35-L-639
DRURY, LEANDER M.                       NY-35-101-225
DRYER, CLARA AUGUSTA                    NY-35-101-570
DRYER, DANIEL                           NY-35-61-473
DRYER, JOHN M.                          NY-35-55-73
DRYER, OTIS                             NY-35-W-442
DRYER, PHEBE M.                         NY-35-86-284
DRYER, PRECEPTA F.                      NY-35-86-261
DRYER, PRECEPTER F.                     NY-35-91-198
DRYER, WILLIAM C.                       NY-35-81-415
DRYER,PHEBE M.                          NY-35-91-228
DUBOIS, JEREMIAH                        NY-35-W-520
DUCKINFIELD, MARY E.                    NY-35-55-49
DUDLEY, JAMES G.                        NY-35-W-414
DUFFIN, LAURA B.                        NY-35-81-78
DUGGAN, DENNIS                          NY-35-M-145
DUKELOW, MARYJ.                         NY-35-91-623
DUNHAM, ELIJAH                          NY-35-86-50
DUNHAM, ELIJAH                          NY-35-81-596
DUNHAM, ELIZABETH S.                    NY-35-61-199
DUNHAM, EPHRAIM                         NY-35-W-158
DUNHAM, LUCIUS T.                       NY-35-86-49
DUNHAM, LUCIUS T.                       NY-35-81-595
DUNHAM, WILLIAM                         NY-35-W-537
DUNIGAN, MARY                           NY-35-61-393
DUNLAVEY, JOHN                          NY-35-86-343
DUNLAVEY, JOHN                          NY-35-91-321
DUNN, THOMAS                            NY-35-55-237
DUNNING, WILLIAM B.                     NY-35-91-607
DUNTON, JOHN                            NY-35-W-511
DUNTON, WILLAIM J.                      NY-35-S-18
DUNTON, WILLIAM                         NY-35-101-129
DURAN, SARAH J.                         NY-35-91-412
DURAND, BURRITT                         NY-35-91-568
DURAND, ELIAS                           NY-35-W-94
DURAND, RUFUS                           NY-35-B-252
DURAND, SARAH J.                        NY-35-86-532
DURAND, WILLIAM S.                      NY-35-61-488
DURDOE, JOHN BAPTIST                    NY-35-14-64
DURFEE, GIDEON                          NY-35-7-255
DURFEE, JOB                             NY-35-6-123
DURFEE, WILLIAM                         NY-35-14-5
DURGAN, DANIEL                          NY-35-W-315
DUSENBENE, GEORGE B.                    NY-35-61-711
DUTTON, ANNIE T.                        NY-35-101-236
DWIGHT, HENRY                           NY-35-M-84
DWYER, PATRICK                          NY-35-61-328
DWYER, THOMAS C.                        NY-35-91-479
DWYER, THOMAS C.                        NY-35-86-580
EACKER, ESTHER M.                       NY-35-81-419
EACKER, GERTRUDE                        NY-35-101-249
EACKER, JOHN H.                         NY-35-71-78
EARL, HANNAH                            NY-35-W-385
EARL, JEPTHAH                           NY-35-A-326
EASTER, JOHN                            NY-35-B-504
EASTERBROOK, MATHEW                     NY-35-W-597
EASTERBROOK, MATTHEW                    NY-35-61-38
EASTERLY, JOHN                          NY-35-W-513
EATON, ALEXANDER H.                     NY-35-86-112
EATON, ALEXANDER H.                     NY-35-91-4
EATON, AMY                              NY-35-91-682
EATON, STEPHEN                          NY-35-14-24
ECKLEE, GEORGE                          NY-35-M-275
ECKLER, BENJAMIN D.                     NY-35-55-82
EDGERTON, VOLNEY                        NY-35-86-237
EDGERTON, VOLNEY                        NY-35-91-165
EDINGTON, WILLAM F.                     NY-35-61-537
EDMONSTON, ELIZABETH                    NY-35-W-268
EDMONSTON, ERASTUS H.                   NY-35-101-123
EDMONSTON, ROBERT S.                    NY-35-M-170
EDSON, LUTHER                           NY-35-B-66
EDSON, WILLIAM B.                       NY-35-86-140
EDSON, WILLIAM B.                       NY-35-91-44
EED, JOSHUA                             NY-35-B-217
EGGELSTON, SILAS                        NY-35-E-362
EGLESTON, NATHANIEL                     NY-35-14-192
EIGHMEY, WILEY                          NY-35-91-223
EISELEIN, JOHN                          NY-35-101-154
ELLIOTT, CASINA A.                      NY-35-71-31
ELLIS, HENRY                            NY-35-71-91
ELLIS, LUCINDA                          NY-35-71-665
ELLIS, WILLIAM H.                       NY-35-71-336
ELWELL, DYRE                            NY-35-81-234
ELWELL, NANCY E.                        NY-35-61-701
ELWELL, STEWARD                         NY-35-101-150
EMBLY, MARY                             NY-35-W-422
EMERSON, MARY F.                        NY-35-86-418
EMERSON, MARY F.                        NY-35-91-452
EMMONS, ELEANOR M.                      NY-35-101-362
EMMONS, ELIZABETH                       NY-35-A-408
EMMONS, HELEN                           NY-35-91-241
EMMONS, HELEN                           NY-35-86-294
EMMONS, OLIVER                          NY-35-81-240
ENGLE, WILLIAM                          NY-35-2-331
ENRIGHT, MARY                           NY-35-86-218
ENRIGHT, MARY                           NY-35-91-147
ESHENOUR, ANDREW J.                     NY-35-81-310
ESTEY, WILLIAM                          NY-35-D-181
ESTY, CASSIE EMOGENE                    NY-35-71-216
ESTY, EMILY JANE                        NY-35-55-119
ESTY, FANNY A.                          NY-35-55-494
ETTS, JOHN H.                           NY-35-86-452
ETTS, JOHN H.                           NY-35-81-626
EVANS, DAVID                            NY-35-S-328
EVANS, SEPTIMUS                         NY-35-B-276
EVANS, WILLIAM                          NY-35-86-133
EVANS, WILLIAM                          NY-35-91-36
EVARTS, CLINTON                         NY-35-61-462
EVERED, SARAH                           NY-35-55-552
FAIRCHILD, JOHN                         NY-35-7-189
FAKE, ADAM                              NY-35-W-24
FAKE, GEORGE                            NY-35-81-362
FARNSWORTH, ELIZA M.                    NY-35-101-105
FARNSWORTH, OLIVER                      NY-35-61-605
FARNSWORTH, WILLIAM W.                  NY-35-86-215
FARR, DORCAS R.                         NY-35-81-183
FARR, JACOB B.                          NY-35-D-529
FARR, JARIEL                            NY-35-6-38
FAULKNER, THOMAS                        NY-35-91-430
FAULKNER, THOMAS                        NY-35-86-403
FAUROT, JOHN                            NY-35-M-409
FEATHERLY, MARY E.                      NY-35-91-291
FEATHERLY, MARY ELLEN                   NY-35-86-321
FEGAUCHER, JOHN                         NY-35-101-373
FELCH, MARTHA                           NY-35-101-623
FELLOWS, ESTHER C.                      NY-35-101-154
FELLOWS, HANNAH                         NY-35-M-505
FELLOWS, SAMUEL W.                      NY-35-E-1
FENNELL, JEREMIAH                       NY-35-71-459
FENTON, ISAAC R.                        NY-35-W-462
FENTON, SUSAN S.                        NY-35-101-492
FERGUSON, CHAUNCEY                      NY-35-61-73
FERGUSON, EDWIN                         NY-35-101-473
FERGUSON, GEORGE A.                     NY-35-101-93
FERGUSON, JOHN                          NY-35-M-670
FERGUSON, LEVI B.                       NY-35-81-266
FERGUSON, ROBERT B.                     NY-35-S-636
FERGUSON, WILLIAM                       NY-35-2-445
FERRIS, DAVID                           NY-35-71-50
FERRIS, ELEANOR                         NY-35-86-20
FERRIS, ELEANOR                         NY-35-81-555
FERRY, CHARLES                          NY-35-12-149
FESSENDEN, OTIS                         NY-35-71-703
FIELD, ANN B.                           NY-35-91-538
FIELD, LUCY A.                          NY-35-91-148
FIELD, LUCY A.                          NY-35-86-219
FIELD, NATHANIEL                        NY-35-2-365
FIELD, PEREZ H.                         NY-35-W-377
FIELD, RICHARD                          NY-35-B-159
FIERO, JOHN                             NY-35-86-561
FIERO, JOHN                             NY-35-91-473
FIERO, PETER P.                         NY-35-61-133
FINCH, PETER                            NY-35-4-59
FINCH, SAMUEL                           NY-35-2-385
FINLEY, ANN ELIZA                       NY-35-101-215
FISH, ELISHA                            NY-35-A-242
FISH, JACOB                             NY-35-101-184
FISH, JOHN                              NY-35-101-140
FISH, JOSEPH                            NY-35-55-312
FISH, MARY J.                           NY-35-91-521
FISH, ZURIAL                            NY-35-14-176
FISH, ZURIEL                            NY-35-A-304
FISHER, ADAM                            NY-35-D-257
FISHER, CATHERINE                       NY-35-81-22
FISHER, CHARLES                         NY-35-W-356
FISHER, CHARLES H.                      NY-35-101-483
FISHER, CHRISTIAN                       NY-35-6-1
FISHER, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-35-71-136
FISHER, GEORGE                          NY-35-A-354
FISHER, JAMES                           NY-35-61-486
FISHER, JOHN N.                         NY-35-W-602
FISHER, NATHANIEL                       NY-35-14-156
FISHER, NATHANIEL                       NY-35-L-374
FISHER, PETER                           NY-35-61-651
FISHER, SOPHIA E.                       NY-35-101-241
FITCH, ALBERT D.                        NY-35-W-593
FITCH, HENRIETTA                        NY-35-S-614
FITCH, HENRY                            NY-35-M-394
FITCH, MARY                             NY-35-S-200
FITZGERALD, EVAN                        NY-35-C-288
FITZGERALD, JOSHUA                      NY-35-M-261
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM                     NY-35-71-463
FITZMORIS, GARRIT                       NY-35-86-176
FITZMORRIS, DENNIS                      NY-35-61-248
FITZMORRIS, GARRET                      NY-35-91-92
FITZMORRIS, MATTHEW                     NY-35-91-523
FITZSIMMONS, THOMAS                     NY-35-91-40
FITZSIMMONS, THOMAS                     NY-35-86-135
FLAGG, JOHN P.                          NY-35-55-20
FLAHERTY, ANN                           NY-35-S-299
FLAHERTY, PATRICK                       NY-35-55-65
FLANAGAN, HUGH                          NY-35-101-165
FLANAGAN, PATRICK                       NY-35-86-69
FLANEGAN, PATRICK                       NY-35-81-624
FLEMING, AMOS                           NY-35-W-180
FLINN, ADALINE                          NY-35-101-200
FLINN, MARGARET T.                      NY-35-55-337
FLINT, ABRAHAM                          NY-35-B-329
FLINT, DAVIS                            NY-35-A-491
FLINT, LUCY                             NY-35-D-601
FLINT, SOPRONIA                         NY-35-81-373
FLINT, WILLARD                          NY-35-14-76
FLOOD, JAMES                            NY-35-71-106
FLOOD, MARY                             NY-35-61-39
FLORENCE, ABRAHAM (88)                  NY-35-E-220
FLOWERS, MARTIN N.                      NY-35-55-394
FLOWES, DAVISON                         NY-35-W-286
FLYNN, ANTHONY                          NY-35-71-267
FLYNN, JOHN                             NY-35-101-276
FLYNN, JOHN C.                          NY-35-61-206
FLYNN, PETTER                           NY-35-55-494
FOBE, MARY                              NY-35-61-382
FOBES, CELIA S.                         NY-35-55-443
FOBES, ELIJAH E.                        NY-35-S-118
FOBES, HORATIO L                        NY-35-M-667
FOBES, JONATHAN B.                      NY-35-61-110
FOLGER, CHARLES J.                      NY-35-71-79
FOLGER, CHARLES WORTH                   NY-35-71-164
FOLGER, HANNAH                          NY-35-M-126
FONDA, GILBERT                          NY-35-71-492
FONDA, JERRY W.                         NY-35-81-423
FOOT, SAMUEL A.                         NY-35-55-474
FORCE, ISAAC                            NY-35-10-189
FORD, ERASTUS                           NY-35-71-667
FORD, MICHAL                            NY-35-81-320
FORDON, FRANCES EMMA                    NY-35-81-455
FORDON, SARAH M.                        NY-35-86-117
FORDON, SARAH MARY                      NY-35-91-14
FORDON, WILLIAM                         NY-35-101-318
FORSTER, WILLIAM                        NY-35-71-373
FORSYTH, WALTER                         NY-35-101-625
FOSKELL, MARY E.                        NY-35-86-41
FOSKETT, MARY E.                        NY-35-81-579
FOSMIRE, GERTRUDE                       NY-35-55-326
FOSMIRE, SARAH                          NY-35-91-563
FOSTER, ADALINE                         NY-35-W-402
FOSTER, DAVID HAYNES                    NY-35-7-106
FOSTER, GEORGE B.                       NY-35-91-214
FOSTER, GEORGE B.                       NY-35-86-275
FOSTER, WILLIAM K.                      NY-35-E-661
FOWLE, CHARLOTTE                        NY-35-81-357
FOWLER, MARY L.                         NY-35-91-672
FOWLER, REUBEN W.                       NY-35-L-631
FOX, HENRY                              NY-35-55-521
FOX, JAMES F.                           NY-35-61-633
FOX, MARTHA E.                          NY-35-81-311
FOX, WILLIAM                            NY-35-S-407
FOX, ZEBEDIAH                           NY-35-M-252
FRANCIS, ELIZABETH D.                   NY-35-91-303
FRANCIS, ELIZABETH D.                   NY-35-86-330
FRANCIS, SETH                           NY-35-S-767
FRANCIS, WILLIAM                        NY-35-B-566
FRANCIS, WILLIAM                        NY-35-4-197
FRANCISCO, ABRAHAM                      NY-35-18-128
FRANCISCO, CHAUNCEY                     NY-35-91-64
FRANCISCO, CHAUNCEY                     NY-35-86-157
FRANCISCO, JOHN                         NY-35-A-171
FRANCISCO, LEONARD                      NY-35-C-137
FRANCISCO, LEVI                         NY-35-C-76
FRANCISCO, LOVICA                       NY-35-61-477
FRANKISH, MARY                          NY-35-91-496
FRANKISH, MARY                          NY-35-86-582
FRANKLIN, JOHN H.                       NY-35-W-559
FRAZER, CATHARINE M.                    NY-35-86-36
FRAZER, CATHERINE M.                    NY-35-81-573
FRAZER, HORATIO N.                      NY-35-L-614
FREDENBURG, CATHARINE A.                NY-35-W-52
FREDERICK, HENRY H.                     NY-35-18-19
FREDERICK, PETER                        NY-35-71-683
FREEMAN, JOHN                           NY-35-A-143
FREEMAN, MARGARET A.                    NY-35-101-468
FREEMAN, RICHARD                        NY-35-C-127
FRELIGH, JOHN                           NY-35-14-303
FRENCH, EBENEZER ***                    NY-35-D-134
FRENCH, HENRY                           NY-35-91-476
FRENCH, HENRY                           NY-35-86-565
FRENCH, JAMES                           NY-35-M-467
FRENCH, JOSEPH                          NY-35-W-531
FRENCH, LYDIA S.                        NY-35-W-693
FRENCH, REUBEN E.                       NY-35-55-1
FRENCH, TIMOTHY D.                      NY-35-86-430
FRENCH, TIMOTHY D.                      NY-35-81-556
FRESHOUR, CATHARINE                     NY-35-61-433
FRESHOUR, HENRY                         NY-35-55-85
FRESHOUR, JOHN                          NY-35-W-440
FRESHOUR, SOPHIA                        NY-35-71-469
FRESHOUR, WILLIAM J.                    NY-35-81-512
FROST, WILL C.                          NY-35-81-32
FRUSHOAR, JOHN                          NY-35-M-289
FRUSHOUR, EDWARD A.                     NY-35-91-463
FRUSHOUR, EDWARD A.                     NY-35-86-542
FULLER, ERASTUS W.                      NY-35-71-312
FULLER, MINERVA C.                      NY-35-55-335
FULLER, ROSA A.                         NY-35-S-571
FULMER, WILLIAM                         NY-35-S-718
FULTON, HUGH                            NY-35-C-381
FULTON, ISABELLA                        NY-35-S-131
FULTON, JAMES S.                        NY-35-71-520
FULTON, JOSEPH                          NY-35-S-125
FULTON, MARGARET A.                     NY-35-86-107
FULTON, MARGARET ANN                    NY-35-91-10
FURCK, ABRAHAM                          NY-35-A-24
FURGASON, WILLIAM                       NY-35-S-252
FURMAN, SAMANTHA K.                     NY-35-71-183
FURNER, JANE A.                         NY-35-86-478
GAGE, ALMON                             NY-35-91-354
GAGE, ALMON                             NY-35-86-355
GAGE, JOHN                              NY-35-M-283
GAGE, MOSES                             NY-35-6-17
GAINES, HENRY                           NY-35-71-539
GALLAGHER, ANNE JANE                    NY-35-55-288
GALLAGHER, GEORGE J.                    NY-35-81-158
GALLAGHER, THOMAS                       NY-35-101-88
GALLOWAY, CARRIE S.                     NY-35-W-516
GALON, GEORGE                           NY-35-61-237
GALPIN, JOSIAH                          NY-35-71-331
GAMSEY, AMOS                            NY-35-1-180
GANIARD, ELNATHAN G.                    NY-35-W-374
GANNET, JONATHAN                        NY-35-2-315
GANNON, MICHAEL                         NY-35-61-484
GANNON, THOMAS                          NY-35-71-349
GANUNG, EDWARD                          NY-35-M-299
GANUNG, JOHN H.                         NY-35-D-102
GANYARD, JOHN                           NY-35-B-207
GANYARD, PETER                          NY-35-18-155
GARDINER, CHAMPLAIN                     NY-35-C-376
GARDNER, CALEB                          NY-35-14-60
GARDNER, JASPER                         NY-35-B-270
GARDNER, PEREGREEN                      NY-35-B-113
GARDNER, SARAH                          NY-35-D-40
GARDNER, SUNDERLAND P.                  NY-35-91-98
GARDNER, SUNDERLAND P.                  NY-35-86-180
GARLOCK, HESTER ANN                     NY-35-S-374
GARLOCK, HIRAM                          NY-35-W-294
GARRATT, ANTHONY                        NY-35-101-284
GARRETT, IDA A.                         NY-35-81-420
GATERS, CATHARINE                       NY-35-86-7
GATES, BENJAMIN                         NY-35-S-470
GATES, CHRISTINA                        NY-35-101-530
GATES, CURTIS C.                        NY-35-86-574
GATES, CURTIS C.                        NY-35-91-484
GATES, DANIEL                           NY-35-61-690
GATES, DANIEL                           NY-35-A-209
GATES, DANIEL                           NY-35-A-135
GATES, DANIEL                           NY-35-A-227
GATES, DUDLEY                           NY-35-W-296
GATES, ELECTA                           NY-35-61-156
GATES, FORDY                            NY-35-55-378
GATES, HARRIET L.                       NY-35-91-301
GATES, HARRIET L.                       NY-35-86-329
GATES, JOSEPH B.                        NY-35-61-308
GATES, LUCINDA                          NY-35-101-349
GATES, MARVIN                           NY-35-A-429
GATES, MELANCTON                        NY-35-55-367
GATES, ORPHA (SCOTT)                    NY-35-S-230
GATES, PEARLY                           NY-35-6-207
GATES, SETH                             NY-35-71-29
GATES, SETH                             NY-35-72-29
GATES, WARREN G.                        NY-35-61-529
GATES, WILLIAM                          NY-35-4-1
GATES, WILLIAM W.                       NY-35-101-548
GATIUS, CATHARINE                       NY-35-81-536
GAUSS, ELECTA                           NY-35-61-550
GAUSS, THAYER                           NY-35-61-208
GAY, ALFRED                             NY-35-L-564
GAY, JANE K.                            NY-35-S-793
GAYLOR, PHILOTUS                        NY-35-61-360
GAYLORD, HENRIETTA                      NY-35-55-506
GEMMISON, RHODA H.                      NY-35-86-468
GEORGE, CATHERINE                       NY-35-S-141
GEORGE, LEWIS                           NY-35-C-206
GEORGE, ROBERT                          NY-35-101-272
GEORGE, SAMUEL                          NY-35-W-44
GERBER, WENDALEN                        NY-35-W-148
GEROW, DANIEL                           NY-35-A-385
GESSUP, GILBERT                         NY-35-61-486
GETSINGER, JOHN P.                      NY-35-71-56
GIBBONS, JOHN                           NY-35-71-499
GIBBS, WILLIAM M.                       NY-35-B-455
GIBSON, HENRY B.                        NY-35-S-145
GIBSON, HENRY B.                        NY-35-W-155
GIBSON, MARGARETTA K.                   NY-35-55-314
GIBSON, SARAHY                          NY-35-61-365
GIBSON, THOMAS W.                       NY-35-S-613
GIFFING, GEORGE H.                      NY-35-W-598
GIFFORD, ELIZABETH                      NY-35-71-476
GIFFORD, EMILY L.                       NY-35-71-613
GIFFORD, EMMONS H.                      NY-35-101-171
GILBERT, ABNER W.                       NY-35-55-342
GILBERT, HARRY                          NY-35-L-94
GILBERT, HORACE                         NY-35-S-29
GILDERSLEVE, POLLY                      NY-35-D-521
GILES, HENRIETTA G.                     NY-35-101-480
GILES, HENRY T.                         NY-35-91-319
GILES, HENRY THOMAS                     NY-35-86-342
GILLAM, THOMAS H.                       NY-35-W-57
GILLESPIE, GEORGE                       NY-35-A-109
GILLESPIE, NANCY                        NY-35-E-466
GILLET, JOAB                            NY-35-18-41
GILLETT, ANN                            NY-35-71-164
GILLETT, HANNAH                         NY-35-61-652
GILLETT, HORACE M.                      NY-35-81-432
GILLETT, JAMES MCB.                     NY-35-61-707
GILLETT, PHEBE                          NY-35-W-504
GILLETT, PHEBE T.                       NY-35-101-124
GILLETT, SEYMOUR                        NY-35-81-193
GILLETT, THOMAS S.                      NY-35-86-17
GILLETT, THOMAS S.                      NY-35-81-551
GILLETTE, SEYMOUR N.                    NY-35-61-503
GILLIS, ENOS                            NY-35-101-372
GILLIS, JOHN S.                         NY-35-101-56
GILLMAN, PHILLIP                        NY-35-12-49
GILLSPIE, CORNELIUS                     NY-35-91-657
GILMORE, JOSEPH                         NY-35-S-530
GITTEN, WILLIAM                         NY-35-55-431
GITTENS, WILLIAM L.                     NY-35-91-551
GLADDING, EBEN L.                       NY-35-91-115
GLADDING, EBEN L.                       NY-35-86-200
GLANN, JOHN                             NY-35-L-79
GLANN, LEVI                             NY-35-M-251
GLANVILLE, RICHARD                      NY-35-91-243
GLANVILLE, RICHARD                      NY-35-86-295
GLASGOW, JEHIEL                         NY-35-61-5
GLEASON, SARAH                          NY-35-81-89
GLIMPS, BENJAMIN                        NY-35-S-119
GLIMPSE, DAVID                          NY-35-61-475
GLOVER, ALEXANDER                       NY-35-18-125
GLOVER, LOVENIA                         NY-35-91-347
GLOVER, LOVENIA                         NY-35-86-352
GLYNN, SARAH                            NY-35-81-318
GLYNN, WILLIAM                          NY-35-W-49
GODFREY, PATRICK                        NY-35-61-266
GODING, ZEPHANIAH W.                    NY-35-L-605
GOFF, ASA                               NY-35-S-107
GOFF, HIRAM                             NY-35-61-142
GOFF, JAMES                             NY-35-C-435
GOFF, RUTH ANN                          NY-35-71-146
GOLDSMITH, AUDREY                       NY-35-101-391
GOODAIL, SOLOMAN                        NY-35-71-35
GOODALE, ELIJAH                         NY-35-55-444
GOODALE, HORACE                         NY-35-61-43
GOODALE, SOLOMON                        NY-35-S-37
GOODING, CORINTHIA                      NY-35-W-656
GOODING, ELNATHAN                       NY-35-B-387
GOODING, EPHRAIM                        NY-35-S-679
GOODING, GEORGE                         NY-35-A-252
GOODING, M. ANGELINE                    NY-35-61-227
GOODING, THOMAS                         NY-35-M-674
GOODING, TIMOTHY                        NY-35-86-166
GOODING, TIMOTHY W.                     NY-35-91-73
GOODSELL, DANIEL H.                     NY-35-14-188
GOODWIN, ANN                            NY-35-S-467
GOODWIN, JAMES                          NY-35-M-297
GOODWIN, JOHN J.                        NY-35-E-324
GOODWIN, RUSSELL B.                     NY-35-71-57
GOOLD, ALFRED                           NY-35-M-177
GOOLD, ALLEN                            NY-35-S-179
GOOLD, CATHARINE                        NY-35-M-428
GORDON, DANIEL                          NY-35-91-497
GORDON, DANIEL                          NY-35-86-579
GORDON, DELIA M.                        NY-35-61-471
GORDON, LORENZO                         NY-35-71-429
GORDON, MARGARET                        NY-35-61-507
GORDON, SUSAN HUNT                      NY-35-71-14
GORHAM, NATHANIEL                       NY-35-18-158
GORHAM, NATHANIEL                       NY-35-A-255
GORHAM, NATHANIEL                       NY-35-W-714
GORHAM, WILLIAM W.                      NY-35-S-573
GORSLINE, ISAAC                         NY-35-91-317
GORSLINE, ISAAC                         NY-35-86-338
GORSLINE, MARY JANE                     NY-35-55-392
GOSELINE, CHARLES EDWARD                NY-35-61-242
GOSELINE, JOSEPH P.                     NY-35-S-39
GOSELINE, LYDIA                         NY-35-71-460
GOSLINE, SALLY                          NY-35-S-798
GOUGHERTY, DAVID                        NY-35-W-677
GOUNDRY, GEORGE                         NY-35-A-380
GOUNDRY, GEORGE                         NY-35-A-488
GOWANS, JAMES                           NY-35-101-301
GRAHAM, JOHN                            NY-35-C-495
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         NY-35-E-591
GRANEY, CATHARINE                       NY-35-81-400
GRANEY, MICHAEL                         NY-35-61-344
GRANGER, ALBERT                         NY-35-W-140
GRANGER, ELIHU                          NY-35-C-65
GRANGER, ELISHA                         NY-35-14-294
GRANGER, FRANCIS                        NY-35-W-38
GRANGER, FREDUS                         NY-35-M-615
GRANGER, GIDEON                         NY-35-14-362
GRANGER, GIDEON                         NY-35-W-39
GRANGER, SARAH A.                       NY-35-101-137
GRAVES, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-35-101-330
GRAVES, RANSFORD D.                     NY-35-91-468
GRAVES, RANSFORD D.                     NY-35-86-554
GRAY, BLACKLEACH B.                     NY-35-W-130
GRAY, GEORGE T.                         NY-35-S-562
GRAY, JOSHUA                            NY-35-W-78
GRAY, WILLIS                            NY-35-61-212
GREEN, CHARLES H.                       NY-35-81-482
GREEN, DANIEL                           NY-35-L-710
GREEN, HENRY                            NY-35-D-262
GREEN, JAMES                            NY-35-55-537
GREEN, JOHN                             NY-35-55-429
GREEN, MICHAEL                          NY-35-M-686
GREEN, NANCY                            NY-35-E-451
GREEN, PATRICK                          NY-35-71-45
GREEN, SAMUEL                           NY-35-81-103
GREEN, SARAH                            NY-35-71-40
GREENE, CYNTHIA A.                      NY-35-101-333
GREENE, ESTHER                          NY-35-S-775
GREENE, SAMUEL                          NY-35-S-714
GREGG, BENJAMIN                         NY-35-W-76
GREGG, BENJAMIN B.                      NY-35-B-84
GREGORY, ELIJAH S.                      NY-35-S-195
GREGORY, JANE S.                        NY-35-86-58
GREGORY, JANE S.                        NY-35-81-606
GREGORY, RALPH                          NY-35-2-281
GREIG, CLARISSA                         NY-35-55-296
GREIG, JOHN                             NY-35-M-180
GRIEVE, WALTER                          NY-35-18-164
GRIFFIN, CHARLES DEFOREST               NY-35-S-116
GRIFFITH, CAROLINE J.                   NY-35-S-340
GRIFFITH, DAVID                         NY-35-55-345
GRIGGS, JOSEPH C.                       NY-35-61-205
GRIMES, HOLLISTER N.                    NY-35-86-12
GRIMES, HOLLISTER N.                    NY-35-81-541
GRIMES, NAHUM                           NY-35-91-691
GRINNELL, MORRIS                        NY-35-55-267
GRINNELL, SARAH                         NY-35-W-68
GRISWOLD, ALFRED                        NY-35-W-165
GRISWOLD, TIMOTHY                       NY-35-14-144
GROESBECK, CATHARINE                    NY-35-71-535
GROESBECK, JOHN Q.                      NY-35-55-155
GROESBECK, MYNDERT                      NY-35-C-224
GROESBECK, PHILIP                       NY-35-M-109
GROGAN, PATRICK                         NY-35-61-519
GROGAN, SUSAN                           NY-35-71-546
GROOM, AMOS                             NY-35-71-51
GROVE, JAMES                            NY-35-L-75
GROVER, JOSEPH                          NY-35-18-167
GUE, DANIEL                             NY-35-W-387
GUE, HENRY D.                           NY-35-W-54
GUE, JOHN                               NY-35-B-190
GUILFORD, RUFUS                         NY-35-55-369
GULICK, JANE                            NY-35-101-220
GUNN, ESTHER B.                         NY-35-55-100
GUNN, LINUS                             NY-35-D-97
GUNN, MOSES                             NY-35-A-68
GUNN, SARAH                             NY-35-W-152
GUNNISON, LEVI B.                       NY-35-61-659
GUNNISON, MARY A.                       NY-35-91-676
GUNNISON, RHODA H.                      NY-35-91-66
HAAS, JOHN F.                           NY-35-91-17
HAAS, JOHN F.                           NY-35-86-120
HACKET, GEORGE                          NY-35-6-210
HACKETT, OLIVER                         NY-35-61-494
HAGANEY, MARGARET                       NY-35-101-379
HAIGHT, MOSES C.                        NY-35-101-R491
HAINES, SARAH                           NY-35-A-178
HAIRE, JAMES                            NY-35-81-6
HALE, GENETTE                           NY-35-91-325
HALE, GENETTE                           NY-35-86-344
HALE, HENRY D.                          NY-35-101-78
HALL, BETSEY P.                         NY-35-71-257
HALL, CALEB                             NY-35-18-396
HALL, CATY                              NY-35-E-434
HALL, EDWARD                            NY-35-M-418
HALL, EDWARD N.                         NY-35-101-268
HALL, HILAND B.                         NY-35-C-475
HALL, ISAAC                             NY-35-S-567
HALL, ISABELLA                          NY-35-W-732
HALL, JACOB                             NY-35-18-3
HALL, JAMES H.                          NY-35-S-582
HALL, JOHN                              NY-35-C-293
HALL, JOHN                              NY-35-14-318
HALL, JOSEPH                            NY-35-14-338
HALL, JOSIAH T.                         NY-35-S-33
HALL, MARY J.                           NY-35-101-321
HALL, MYRON S.                          NY-35-101-381
HALL, NANCY                             NY-35-L-570
HALL, ROGER                             NY-35-18-92
HALL, SANFORD R.                        NY-35-C-130
HALL, WILLIAM                           NY-35-2-429
HALL, WILLIAM                           NY-35-18-24
HALL, WILLIAM H.                        NY-35-81-314
HALLERAN, WILLIAM                       NY-35-101-611
HALSEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-35-81-473
HALSEY, JANE L.                         NY-35-81-519
HALSEY, THOMAS N.                       NY-35-55-555
HAMILTON, DAVID L.                      NY-35-81-116
HAMILTON, DAVID T.                      NY-35-61-10
HAMILTON, HUGH                          NY-35-E-102
HAMILTON, MIRANDA P.                    NY-35-55-57
HAMLIN, GEORGE W.                       NY-35-71-422
HAMLIN, HENRY W.                        NY-35-86-22
HAMLIN, HENRY W.                        NY-35-81-557
HAMLIN, PHILO                           NY-35-61-535
HAMLIN, WILLIAM B. ***                  NY-35-B-539
HAMM, MARGARET R.                       NY-35-71-443
HAMMOND, HANNAH                         NY-35-18-12
HAMMOND, HUGH                           NY-35-81-109
HAMMOND, JACOB                          NY-35-91-67
HAMMOND, JACOB                          NY-35-86-160
HAMMOND, MARY LETITIA                   NY-35-91-326
HAMMOND, MARY LETITIA                   NY-35-86-345
HAMMOND, SARAH                          NY-35-101-459
HANES, SIMON W. JR.                     NY-35-61-536
HANNA,E LIZA A.                         NY-35-81-14
HANNAY, WILLIAM                         NY-35-12-133
HAPSON, DARIUS                          NY-35-S-755
HARANT, JOSEPH                          NY-35-81-9
HARDY, SALABY                           NY-35-61-719
HARFORD, FRANCIS                        NY-35-A-114
HARKNESS, BUFFUM                        NY-35-10-311
HARMON, HARVEY                          NY-35-S-307
HARMON, LUTHER                          NY-35-D-484
HARMON, NELSON                          NY-35-86-311
HARMON, SIMEON                          NY-35-101-90
HARMON, WNELSON                         NY-35-91-273
HARPER, HENRY                           NY-35-81-486
HARRIGAN, CORNELIUS                     NY-35-55-240
HARRIGAN, MICHAEL                       NY-35-101-486
HARRINGTON, ELLEN                       NY-35-101-233
HARRINGTON, MOSES                       NY-35-M-285
HARRINGTON, TIMOTHY                     NY-35-101-177
HARRIS, ANDREW                          NY-35-101-131
HARRIS, EDWIN                           NY-35-101-142
HARRIS, HENRY H.                        NY-35-55-11
HARRIS, HENRY L.                        NY-35-61-450
HARRIS, HIRAM                           NY-35-1-157
HARRIS, ISAAC                           NY-35-6-224
HARRIS, JOHN S.                         NY-35-C-317
HARRIS, LETTICIA                        NY-35-61-263
HARRIS, SARAH                           NY-35-71-40
HARRIS, SETH                            NY-35-D-568
HARRIS, SILAS                           NY-35-E-613
HARRIS, SILAS                           NY-35-A-52
HARRIS, WILLIAM H.                      NY-35-W-663
HART, ELIZA                             NY-35-W-613
HART, HARVEY                            NY-35-L-544
HART, JOEL S.                           NY-35-E-443
HART, JOHN                              NY-35-S-358
HART, JOHN                              NY-35-A-93
HART, SETH C.                           NY-35-L-714
HART, SUSAN                             NY-35-E-401
HART, THEODORE E.                       NY-35-71-304
HARTMAN, JOHN                           NY-35-12-113
HARTMAN, PETER                          NY-35-E-126
HARTRAUFE, JANE H.                      NY-35-81-665
HARTRAUFT, JANE HOWARTH                 NY-35-86-98
HARTSOUGH, ELLA M.                      NY-35-71-668
HARTSOUGH, JAMES W.                     NY-35-55-211
HARTSOUGH, MARY R.                      NY-35-W-34
HARTT, JOHN                             NY-35-61-299
HARVEY, DANIEL                          NY-35-L-142
HARVEY, GEORGE                          NY-35-61-564
HARVEY, JOSEPH                          NY-35-S-190
HARWOOD, OLIVER                         NY-35-14-216
HASHBURN, JOSHUA                        NY-35-61-224
HASKELL, EDSON                          NY-35-55-376
HASKELL, LEVI                           NY-35-81-213
HASKETT, HENRY                          NY-35-81-551
HASLETT, HENRY                          NY-35-86-18
HASSELT, THOMAS                         NY-35-M-413
HASTINGS, EUNICE                        NY-35-61-336
HASTINGS, PEREZ                         NY-35-E-422
HASTINGS, SUSAN C.                      NY-35-71-590
HATCH, JOHN G.                          NY-35-81-69
HATCH, NATHAN                           NY-35-18-266
HATHAWAY, ELIZABETH                     NY-35-A-28
HATHAWAY, ISAAC                         NY-35-18-14
HATHAWAY, ISAAC                         NY-35-A-289
HATHAWAY, LORENZO                       NY-35-71-177
HATHAWAY, MARGARET R.                   NY-35-71-692
HAVENS, DARLIN                          NY-35-7-184
HAVILAND, ALMOND                        NY-35-55-553
HAWK, DEXTER K.                         NY-35-S-568
HAWK, GEORGE                            NY-35-61-405
HAWK, HELEN                             NY-35-61-514
HAWKINS, JOHN                           NY-35-91-320
HAWKINS, JOHN                           NY-35-86-341
HAWKINS, MARY                           NY-35-W-525
HAWKS, ELEAZER                          NY-35-18-290
HAWKS, PORTER                           NY-35-B-360
HAWLEY, JOHN W.                         NY-35-61-443
HAWLEY, JONATHAN                        NY-35-A-66
HAWLEY, JONATHAN                        NY-35-55-263
HAWLEY, JULIA L.                        NY-35-91-491
HAWLEY, JULIA L.                        NY-35-86-558
HAWLEY, TRUMAN                          NY-35-55-16
HAWS, AMANDA                            NY-35-S-207
HAWVER, SIMPSON                         NY-35-L-507
HAYDEN, JULIA A.                        NY-35-101-243
HAYDEN, MOSES                           NY-35-7-10
HAYES, J. BYRON                         NY-35-81-326
HAYES, JAMES                            NY-35-B-19
HAYES, LOUISA E.                        NY-35-71-4
HAYES, SARAH A.                         NY-35-101-328
HAYNES, FRELOVE                         NY-35-101-580
HAYNES, JOHN B.                         NY-35-101-5
HAYS, JOHN TRUSDELL                     NY-35-14-180
HAYWARD, ASA                            NY-35-D-406
HAYWARD, CLARK                          NY-35-M-268
HAYWARD, STEPHEN                        NY-35-B-413
HAYWARD, WILLIAM                        NY-35-M-545
HAZARD, JANE O. H.                      NY-35-81-498
HEARD, CAROLINE                         NY-35-W-501
HEARD, PHINEAS                          NY-35-S-143
HEARD, WALTER                           NY-35-71-680
HEATH, JOSEPH W.                        NY-35-61-31
HEATH, MIRANDA                          NY-35-91-360
HEATH, ROBERT                           NY-35-7-296
HEBARD, ELIJAH                          NY-35-M-152
HECOCK, RUFUS                           NY-35-B-450
HEERMANS, WILLIAM                       NY-35-E-380
HEFFRON, JOHN                           NY-35-86-69
HEFFRON, JOHN                           NY-35-81-622
HELMER, FREDERICK                       NY-35-W-111
HELMS, SAMUEL                           NY-35-B-241
HEMIUF, CHARLES L.                      NY-35-86-377
HEMIUF, MORRIS W.                       NY-35-86-421
HEMIUP, ANTHONY                         NY-35-E-308
HEMIUP, CHARLES L.                      NY-35-91-399
HEMMONWAY, JASON                        NY-35-7-240
HENDEE, EDWIN A.                        NY-35-B-473
HENDEE, LYDIA H.                        NY-35-81-124
HENDEE, STEPHEN                         NY-35-W-87
HENION, FANNY                           NY-35-W-93
HENMIUP, MORRIS W.                      NY-35-91-460
HENNESSEY, BARTHOLOMEW                  NY-35-61-268
HENNESY, PATRICK                        NY-35-81-380
HENNICKE, EMANUEL                       NY-35-A-121
HENRY, ALBERT                           NY-35-61-219
HENRY, PAUL M.                          NY-35-71-431
HENRY, ROBERT W.                        NY-35-55-16
HENRY, SMITH                            NY-35-S-532
HENRY, WALTER                           NY-35-61-42
HENSON, MARY                            NY-35-S-710
HERBERT, MARY                           NY-35-L-673
HERENDEEN, EDWARD                       NY-35-W-145
HERENDEEN, EDWARD W.                    NY-35-101-36
HERENDEEN, ELIZA                        NY-35-71-344
HERENDEEN, ELIZABETH S.                 NY-35-91-134
HERENDEEN, ELIZABETH S.                 NY-35-86-212
HERENDEEN, GIDEON                       NY-35-M-172
HERENDEEN, LEMUEL                       NY-35-101-33
HERENDEEN, NANCY                        NY-35-61-230
HERENDEEN, NATHAN                       NY-35-2-449
HERENDEEN, NATHAN G.                    NY-35-L-202
HERENDEEN, ORRIN J.                     NY-35-S-114
HERENDEEN, RICHARD H.                   NY-35-55-53
HERENDEEN, WELCOME                      NY-35-B-24
HERRINGTON, CHARLES                     NY-35-M-156
HERRINGTON, ELIJAH                      NY-35-61-92
HERRINGTON, JOHN                        NY-35-101-485
HERRINGTON, JONATHAN                    NY-35-C-51
HERRINGTON, MARY                        NY-35-61-91
HERRINGTON, SARAH E.                    NY-35-91-366
HERRINGTON, SARAH E.                    NY-35-86-360
HERSHA, JAMES CALVIN                    NY-35-71-390
HERSHEL, ELIZABETH                      NY-35-M-241
HERSHEY, BENJAMIN                       NY-35-18-241
HERSHEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-35-91-505
HERSHEY, GEORGE                         NY-35-W-80
HERSHEY, GEORGE                         NY-35-81-412
HERSHEY, JOHN                           NY-35-61-465
HERSHEY, WILLIAM                        NY-35-71-219
HESLOP, JOHN                            NY-35-6-80
HEWS, SEWELL                            NY-35-55-165
HIBBARD, FREEBORN G.                    NY-35-91-411
HIBBARD, FREEBORN G.                    NY-35-86-384
HIBBARD, STEPHEN                        NY-35-81-330
HICKCOX, MARY                           NY-35-6-149
HICKEY, MARY                            NY-35-71-653
HICKEY, TIMOTHY                         NY-35-61-528
HICKS, ARMINDA                          NY-35-71-591
HICKS, CHRISTIANA                       NY-35-71-612
HICKS, EVELINE                          NY-35-71-466
HICKS, FLARIUS J.                       NY-35-86-80
HICKS, FLAVIUS J.                       NY-35-81-640
HICKS, JOHN R.                          NY-35-55-241
HICKS, LYDIA H.                         NY-35-71-576
HICKS, NATHAN                           NY-35-S-476
HICKS, PELEG F.                         NY-35-91-587
HICKS, WASHINGTON L.                    NY-35-71-276
HIGGINS, DANIEL                         NY-35-81-9
HIGGINS, MICHAEL B.                     NY-35-86-442
HIGGINS, THOMAS                         NY-35-W-176
HIGHLAND, CATHERINE                     NY-35-55-44
HIGHT, MARY A.                          NY-35-91-172
HIGHT, MARY A.                          NY-35-86-247
HIGLAY, SARAH A.                        NY-35-91-675
HILDRETH, OLIVE                         NY-35-91-63
HILDRETH, OLIVE                         NY-35-86-156
HILDRETH, WILLIAM                       NY-35-61-386
HILL, DAVIS                             NY-35-18-72
HILL, EPHRAIM                           NY-35-81-487
HILL, GREGORY                           NY-35-W-578
HILL, HAMILTON                          NY-35-B-397
HILL, JOHN                              NY-35-18-134
HILL, JOSEPH                            NY-35-A-206
HILL, MARY                              NY-35-91-451
HILL, MARY                              NY-35-86-536
HILL, NANCY                             NY-35-A-199
HILL, NORMAN                            NY-35-61-403
HILL, REUBEN S.                         NY-35-B-285
HILL, THOMAS                            NY-35-61-13
HILLIARD, THOMAS                        NY-35-71-175
HILLS, RHODA                            NY-35-W-194
HINCKLEY, ABEL S.                       NY-35-101-126
HINCKLEY, JOHN W.                       NY-35-D-283
HINCKLEY, PORTER                        NY-35-D-331
HINCKLEY, TALLEYRAND                    NY-35-L-694
HINCKLEY, WRAY                          NY-35-W-89
HINDS, ROBERT                           NY-35-4-75
HINE, JOHN                              NY-35-A-264
HINE, THOMAS                            NY-35-55-316
HINMAN, WILLIS                          NY-35-91-612
HIPOLITE, ARTEMAS                       NY-35-71-42
HIPOLITE, HARRIET                       NY-35-101-242
HITCHCOCK, MUNSON                       NY-35-61-209
HITT, PAMELA                            NY-35-L-540
HIX, AARON                              NY-35-2-286
HOAG, ELIZA                             NY-35-91-82
HOAG, ELIZA                             NY-35-86-470
HOAG, GILMAN                            NY-35-W-204
HOAG, ISAAC                             NY-35-S-188
HOAG, LEVI                              NY-35-12-173
HOAG, PHILANDER                         NY-35-71-117
HOAGLAND, EMMA H.                       NY-35-101-187
HOAGLAND, HENRY                         NY-35-S-83
HOBART, HARVEY                          NY-35-61-15
HOBSON, JOHN                            NY-35-55-330
HOFF, EDWARD C.                         NY-35-61-587
HOFF, WILLIAM H.                        NY-35-55-23
HOGAN, EDWARD                           NY-35-61-689
HOGAN, PATRICK                          NY-35-55-50
HOGAN, THOMAS                           NY-35-101-92
HOGARTH, FIDELIA L.                     NY-35-91-293
HOGARTH, FIDELIA L.                     NY-35-86-322
HOGARTH, WILLIAM                        NY-35-71-562
HOLBERTON, JOHN W.                      NY-35-M-603
HOLBROOK, CHARLES H.                    NY-35-81-198
HOLBROOK, LEWI                          NY-35-86-387
HOLBROOK, LEWIS                         NY-35-91-414
HOLBROOK,C HRISTIANN                    NY-35-81-171
HOLCOMB, EBENEZER L.                    NY-35-61-628
HOLCOMB, ENOS                           NY-35-2-307
HOLCOMB, HIRAM                          NY-35-61-355
HOLCOMB, KRISTIAN F.                    NY-35-M-558
HOLCOMB, RODERICK                       NY-35-E-469
HOLDRIDGE, EVANGELINE S.                NY-35-81-71
HOLIHAN, MARTIN                         NY-35-61-198
HOLLERAN, REDMOND                       NY-35-71-527
HOLLISTER, EDWIN O.                     NY-35-71-581
HOLMES, CATHARINE A.                    NY-35-W-184
HOLMES, CYNTHIA                         NY-35-S-302
HOLMES, DANIEL                          NY-35-L-195
HOLMES, ELIZA S.                        NY-35-81-97
HOLMES, JEDEDIAH                        NY-35-7-224
HOLMES, NATHANIEL T.                    NY-35-B-518
HOLMES, PHILLIP M.                      NY-35-10-36
HOLMES, RUFUS                           NY-35-61-115
HOLMES, TIRZAH                          NY-35-E-573
HOLSINGER, JACOB                        NY-35-B-192
HOMAN, SARAH                            NY-35-81-219
HONES, JOHN                             NY-35-61-250
HOOPER, JOHN                            NY-35-C-58
HOPGOOD, JOHN                           NY-35-55-223
HOPKINS, CALEB                          NY-35-11-65
HOPKINS, CATHERINE S.                   NY-35-81-367
HOPKINS, JOSIAH                         NY-35-S-7
HOPKINS, MARY                           NY-35-81-558
HOPKINS, MARY M.                        NY-35-101-67
HOPKINS, SAMUEL M.                      NY-35-B-393
HOPKINS, SARAH LEE                      NY-35-61-101
HOPKINS, VICTOR N.                      NY-35-W-461
HOPPER, PHILIP                          NY-35-61-148
HOPPOUGH, DAVID                         NY-35-W-433
HOPPOUGH, PETER                         NY-35-C-71
HOPSON, MARY                            NY-35-W-65
HORNBECK, WELLS                         NY-35-91-467
HORNBECK, WILLS                         NY-35-86-552
HORNBY, JOHN                            NY-35-A-160
HORNSBY, THOMAS                         NY-35-71-550
HORTON, BARNABAS                        NY-35-14-264
HORTON, CORNELIUS S.                    NY-35-L-139
HORTON, JONATHAN                        NY-35-6-241
HORTON, JOSEPH L.                       NY-35-W-215
HOTCHKISS, AUGUSUS                      NY-35-S-792
HOTCHKISS, LORETTA C.                   NY-35-86-414
HOTCHKISS, LUCRETIA                     NY-35-L-343
HOTCHKISS, LUNHAN P.                    NY-35-D-113
HOTCHKISS,LORETTALE                     NY-35-91-442
HOUGH, PRISCILLA                        NY-35-71-371
HOUGH, RICHARD                          NY-35-14-168
HOULT, ROBERT                           NY-35-61-637
HOWARD, HENRY                           NY-35-S-16
HOWE, BENJAMIN                          NY-35-55-202
HOWE, JOHN I.                           NY-35-81-424
HOWELL, ALEXANDER H.                    NY-35-91-104
HOWELL, ALEXANDER H.                    NY-35-86-188
HOWELL, EMILY                           NY-35-81-18
HOWELL, FRANK C.                        NY-35-101-357
HOWELL, LOUISA T.                       NY-35-86-121
HOWELL, LOUISA Y.                       NY-35-91-18
HOWELL, NATHANIEL W.                    NY-35-E-337
HOWELL, THOMAS M.                       NY-35-91-17
HOWES, FREDERICK REUBEN                 NY-35-101-612
HOWES, WILLIAM                          NY-35-10-181
HOWLAND, AMY A.                         NY-35-61-122
HOWLAND, DIANTHA                        NY-35-71-281
HOWLAND, GEORGE                         NY-35-S-266
HOWLAND, GILBERT                        NY-35-A-90
HOWLAND, LYDIA S.                       NY-35-71-325
HOWLAND, MARY JANE                      NY-35-91-429
HOWLAND, MARY JANE                      NY-35-86-402
HOWLAND, NICHOLAS                       NY-35-M-327
HOWLAND, PARDON A.                      NY-35-101-117
HOWLAND, THOMAS J.                      NY-35-M-673
HOYT, EBENEZER                          NY-35-12-46
HOZE, LYDIA A.                          NY-35-W-52
HRSHEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-35-86-585
HUBBARD, GILES                          NY-35-6-263
HUBBELL, GEORGE                         NY-35-55-482
HUBBELL, WALTER                         NY-35-D-89
HUDDY, JOHN                             NY-35-71-569
HUDSON, MARY                            NY-35-61-378
HUFFMAN, JOHN                           NY-35-M-387
HUGGINS, MICHAEL B.                     NY-35-81-591
HUGHES, PATRICK                         NY-35-81-270
HUGHES, ROSANNA                         NY-35-81-610
HUGHES, WILLIAM                         NY-35-86-38
HUGHES, WILLIAM                         NY-35-81-574
HUGHSON, JESSE                          NY-35-M-652
HUGHSON, LEGRAND                        NY-35-91-647
HUKE, JOHN W.                           NY-35-55-170
HULL, MARY                              NY-35-C-241
HUMPHREY, ABRAHAM                       NY-35-61-511
HUMPHREY, ALIDA A.                      NY-35-61-390
HUMPHREY, EVANS                         NY-35-91-462
HUMPHREY, EVANS                         NY-35-86-540
HUMPHREY, HUGH                          NY-35-M-631
HUMPHREY, MERCY                         NY-35-D-318
HUMPHREY, PERLINA                       NY-35-71-622
HUMPHREY, PHEBE                         NY-35-W-142
HUMPHRY, CHARLES                        NY-35-A-396
HUNN, ELIZA                             NY-35-W-535
HUNN, JAMES G.                          NY-35-M-334
HUNN, JULIA ANN                         NY-35-101-308
HUNN, THOMAS M.                         NY-35-6-269
HUNT, BURISSA N.                        NY-35-91-365
HUNT, BURISSA N.                        NY-35-86-361
HUNT, ELSTON                            NY-35-B-400
HUNT, JARED R.                          NY-35-W-428
HUNT, JOSEPH                            NY-35-18-413
HUNT, JUDITH                            NY-35-W-314
HUNTOON, ASBRAH                         NY-35-91-207
HUNTOON, ASBRAH                         NY-35-86-267
HURD, DAVID                             NY-35-A-309
HURD, EDGAR H.                          NY-35-61-451
HURD, GIDEON                            NY-35-E-75
HURD, SHERMAN                           NY-35-B-357
HURD, WILLIAM                           NY-35-W-715
HURLBURT, STEPHEN                       NY-35-C-266
HURLBUTT, ELISHA BABCOCK                NY-35-W-512
HUSSEY, CATHARINE                       NY-35-81-255
HUTCHENS, HENRY                         NY-35-81-199
HUTCHINS, DELOS                         NY-35-61-593
HUTCHINS, MARY B.                       NY-35-91-393
HUTCHINS, MARY B.                       NY-35-86-374
HUTCHINSON, ESTHER S. C.                NY-35-91-250
HUTCHINSON, JOHN                        NY-35-101-607
HUTCHINSON, JONATHAN                    NY-35-91-331
HUTCHINSON, JONATHAN                    NY-35-86-514
HUTCHINSON, SARAH                       NY-35-W-413
HUTCHINSON,JOSEPH                       NY-35-101-515
HUTCHISON, WILLIAM                      NY-35-A-182
HUYMPHREY, CHARLES                      NY-35-61-124
HYATT, MARY                             NY-35-91-268
HYATT, MARY                             NY-35-86-309
HYDE, HENRY                             NY-35-91-445
HYDE, HENRY                             NY-35-86-534
HYDE, JAMES F.                          NY-35-91-87
HYDE, JAMES F.                          NY-35-86-170
HYDE, PHINEAS P.                        NY-35-71-43
HYDE, WALTER                            NY-35-D-79

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