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WACKERMAN, JACOB             GATES                         NY-28-20-521
WADE, IRENE E.               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-50-471
WADEL, JOSEPH                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-31-253
WADELL, JOHN                 PENFIELD                      NY-28-66-269
WADHAMS, JONATHAN            PARMA                         NY-28-15-59
WADHAMS, MARTHA              PITTSFORD                     NY-28-56-409
WADSWORTH, EDWARD WHEELER    HENRIETTA                     NY-28-9-385
WAFFLE, RICHARD              GATES                         NY-28-60-193
WAGAR, ELIZA J.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-58-17
WAGAR, JAMES L.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-39-369
WAGENER, FREDERICK G.        ROCHESTER                     NY-28-29-365
WAGER, URSULA                *                             NY-28-5-396
WAGNER, ALBER TA.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-54-380
WAGNER, AUGUST               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-44-476
WAGNER, FREDERICKA           HONEOYE FALLS                 NY-28-66-395
WAGNER, GEORGE               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-29-1
WAGNER, JOHANN               *                             NY-28-50-191
WAGNER, JOHN GEORGE          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-17-556
WAGNER, JOSEPH               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-58-250
WAGNER, JOSEPH               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-15-324
WAGNER, MICHAEL J.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-37-364
WAGNER, SEBASTIAN            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-16-495
WAGNER, SEBASTIAN            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-66-47
WAGSTAFF, ANNA               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-25-197
WAHL, MICHAEL                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-36-307
WAHLER, CARL G.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-56-472
WAID, MARY A.                HONEOYE FALLS                 NY-28-48-215
WAID, WARNER                 MENDON                        NY-28-19-173
WAIN, JOHN                   CHILI                         NY-28-18-79
WAINWRIGHT, HORATIO N.       MENDON                        NY-28-5-574
WAINWRIGHT, JOHN             MENDON                        NY-28-14-691
WAIT, SARAH                  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-48-416
WAIT, SUSAN L.               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-56-421
WAITE, MORRISON R.           TOLEDO, LUCAS, OH             NY-28-41-361
WAITE, WILLIAM F.            HONCOYE FALLS                 NY-28-8-361
WAKELEE, ABNER               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-28-11
WAKELEE, ANGELINA            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-15-553
WAKEMAN, ELIZABETH A.        WEBSTER                       NY-28-57-371
WALCOTT, HENRY               IRONDEQUOIT                   NY-28-8-558
WALDELE, RESINA              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-45-74
WALDERT, LORENZ              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-28-345
WALDRON, JOHN                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-39-145
WALDRON, WILLIAM             NEW BRUNSWICK, , NJ           NY-28-17-238
WALES, ALBERT W.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-33-214
WALES, ANGELINE (SADLER)     ROCHESTER                     NY-28-33-262
WALES, MARY                  IRONDEQUOIT                   NY-28-29-209
WALFORD, SARAH               ORO, SIMCOE, ONTARIO          NY-28-11-578
WALKER, AMASA D.             HAMLIN                        NY-28-16-247
WALKER, ANGELINE B.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-27-434
WALKER, CALVIN               BROCKPORT                     NY-28-9-46
WALKER, CECELIA              MENDON                        NY-28-64-344
WALKER, CHARLES              MENDON                        NY-28-60-139
WALKER, CHARLES N.           CHILI                         NY-28-30-235
WALKER, EBENEZER             YATES                         NY-28-8-368
WALKER, ELIZA                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-40-178
WALKER, ELIZA                GREECE                        NY-28-6-347
WALKER, ERASTUS              GREECE                        NY-28-39-160
WALKER, GEORGE J.            OGDEN                         NY-28-34-346
WALKER, JAMES                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-16-355
WALKER, JAMES H.             SWEDEN                        NY-28-20-449
WALKER, JOHN                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-29-433
WALKER, JOHN                 PERINTON                      NY-28-13-55
WALKER, JOSEPH B.            GRAND LEDGE, EATON, MI        NY-28-51-550
WALKER, LYDIA A.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-287
WALKER, MARY A.              BROCKPORT                     NY-28-15-384
WALKER, ROBERT S.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-15-130
WALKER, SILAS                GREECE                        NY-28-6-36
WALKER, SOPHIA               BRIGHTON                      NY-28-34-271
WALKER, WILLIAM T.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-50-96
WALLACE, MARY                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-34-238
WALLACE, MOSES               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-25-13
WALSH, JOHN DAVID            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-38-206
WALSH, JOHN DAVID            CHILI                         NY-28-4-51
WALSH, MARY                  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-35-283
WALT, LOUISA                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-57-175
WALTER, ANTHONY              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-64-383
WALTER, CATHARINE            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-49-485
WALTER, JOSEPH               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-43-394
WALTER, LORENZ D.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-293
WALTER, MARY A.              LAYTON CORNERS, SAGINAW, MI   NY-28-66-25
WALTER, MARY E.              BROCKPORT                     NY-28-42-52
WALTER, NICHOLAS             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-35-460
WALTER, WILLIAM              PITTSFORD                     NY-28-4-190
WALTERS, ANN                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-40-334
WALTERS, DANIEL              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-20-157
WALTERS, JOHN E.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-50-181
WALTHER, ANNA                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-53-256
WALTHER, HENRY SR.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-54-56
WALTON, NICHOLAS             CHURCHVILLE                   NY-28-60-178
WALZ, DORA                   ROCHESTER                     NY-28-47-317
WALZ, JOHN M.                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-50-231
WALZER, HENRY                IRONDEQUOIT                   NY-28-29-57
WALZER, JOHN                 IRONDEQUOIT                   NY-28-30-419
WALZER, PETER                WEBSTER                       NY-28-12-270
WAMBACH, MARY A.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-34-235
WANDERSEE, ERNISTINA         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-50-434
WANDTKE, CARL                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-35-181
WANDTKE, HENRY               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-36-184
WANGMAN, JOHN                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-412
WANGMANN, CASPAR             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-56-142
WANSEY, ACHSAH A.            SPENCERPORT                   NY-28-49-11
WANSEY, ANN                  SPENCERPORT                   NY-28-59-466
WANSEY, PHILANDER            SPENCERPORT                   NY-28-49-14
WANZER, ELIHU                PERINTON                      NY-28-40-109
WANZER, HUSTED C.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-22-323
WARBOYS, THOMAS              PARMA                         NY-28-21-229
WARD, ALBERT RUGGLES         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-9-153
WARD, ANER                   BROCKPORT                     NY-28-13-284
WARD, CALVIN                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-14-208
WARD, DEBORAH                BROCKPORT                     NY-28-28-417
WARD, JOSEPH                 RUSH                          NY-28-44-116
WARD, JOSEPH                 SCHROEPPEL, OSWEGO, NY        NY-28-3-422
WARD, LEVI                   ROCHESTER                     NY-28-8-336
WARD, LEVI A.                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-30-147
WARD, MINERVA                FAIRPORT                      NY-28-25-353
WARD, OLIVIA W.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-42-145
WARD, PATRICK                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-43-520
WARD, PHEBE HOWELL           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-44-181
WARD, SARAH M.               PAVILION                      NY-28-46-461
WARD, THOMAS                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-65-199
WARD, WILLIAM H.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-2-234
WARDELL, WILLIAM             RUSH                          NY-28-31-337
WARE, ARTEMAS K.             HENRIETTA                     NY-28-31-153
WARE, BENJAMIN               HENRIETTA                     NY-28-15-47
WARE, WILLIAM M.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-22-19
WARING, CYNTHIA              IRONDEQUOIT                   NY-28-8-31
WARING, ELIAS W.             GATES                         NY-28-64-161
WARK, FREDERICK              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-34-472
WARN, WILLIAM                SWEDEN                        NY-28-5-35
WARNER, CURTIS H.            GREECE                        NY-28-43-448
WARNER, JAMES                GATES                         NY-28-19-29
WARNER, JANE E. R.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-65-31
WARNER, PAULINA              GATES                         NY-28-50-21
WARNER, RUFUS                OGDEN                         NY-28-8-119
WARNER, WILLIAM              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-18-205
WARRANT, BENJAMIN F.         WEST BRIGHTON                 NY-28-25-205
WARRANT, LYDIA               BRIGHTON                      NY-28-46-383
WARRANT, THOMAS              BRIGHTON                      NY-28-7-298
WARRANT, WILLIAM C.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-7-422
WARREN, BENJAMIN             CHILI                         NY-28-28-41
WARREN, EDWARD K.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-41-241
WARREN, ELIZA                SCOTTSVILLE                   NY-28-33-151
WARREN, FRANKLIN L.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-19-341
WARREN, HARRIET MELISSA      ROCHESTER                     NY-28-45-257
WARREN, JAMES H.             CLARKSON                      NY-28-41-304
WARREN, LEVI                 PENFIELD                      NY-28-1-383
WARREN, LEVI                 PENFIELD                      NY-28-2-123
WARREN, LOREN O.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-51-579
WARREN, LUTHUR               MENDON                        NY-28-64-151
WARREN, MARGARET A.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-50-301
WARREN, OLIVIA C.            CLARKSON                      NY-28-61-86
WARREN, THOMAS               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-42-454
WARRING, JAMES               IRONDEQUOIT                   NY-28-17-572
WARRING, JOHN I.             GATES                         NY-28-54-287
WARSOP, WILLIAM THOMPSON     FAIRPORT                      NY-28-57-70
WARVANDT, JOHN W.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-48-521
WARY, SAMUEL T.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-10-393
WASHBURNE, CHLOE T.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-16-639
WATERHOUSE, MAHITABLE        OGDEN                         NY-28-16-565
WATSON, CAROLINE M.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-66-85
WATSON, CHARLES W.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-20-41
WATSON, DON ALONZO           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-44-236
WATSON, EDGAR B.             OGDEN                         NY-28-56-424
WATSON, ELIZABETH            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-12-257
WATSON, ELIZABETH            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-16-598
WATSON, GEORGE A.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-12-597
WATSON, GEORGE S.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-27-181
WATSON, JOHN M.              PERINTON                      NY-28-28-125
WATSON, MARY                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-50-31
WATSON, PHILINDA             RUSH                          NY-28-13-140
WATSON, THOMAS M.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-3-159
WATSON, WILLIAM G.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-5
WATTEL, MARIANNA             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-60-421
WATTERS, BRIDGET C.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-63-714
WATTERS, FRANK W.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-31-317
WATTS, DEBORAH C.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-27-121
WATTS, EBENEZER              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-17-16
WAY, DEBBY ANN               GREECE                        NY-28-8-350
WAY, ESTHER                  SWEDEN                        NY-28-35-142
WAY, HARVEY                  SWEDEN                        NY-28-42-49
WAY, MARY E.                 SWEDEN                        NY-28-48-248
WAY, SAMUEL                  SPRINGFIELD, OTSEGO, NY       NY-28-3-317
WAY, SAMUEL V.               SWEDEN                        NY-28-33-337
WAYNE, JOSEPH                UNION                         NY-28-9-403
WEALEN, PATRICK              RUSH                          NY-28-59-292
WEAVER, AMELIA               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-40-444
WEAVER, MARY                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-1-39
WEAVER, MARY ANN             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-54-218
WEAVER, THERESIA             SEE: WEBER, THERESIA          NY-28-55-463
WEBB, CHARLES H.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-497
WEBB, EDWARD                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-51-505
WEBB, MAHALA                 BROCKPORT                     NY-28-24-269
WEBB, MARY ANN               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-25-473
WEBB, SARAH                  ATTICA                        NY-28-64-13
WEBBER, FLORIAN              GREECE                        NY-28-39-169
WEBBER, GEORGE P.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-61-103
WEBBER, MARY LOUISE          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-64-77
WEBER, CONRAD                GATES                         NY-28-55-130
WEBER, ELIZABETH             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-53-217
WEBER, JACOB                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-55-367
WEBER, MAGDALENA             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-53-43
WEBER, MARY                  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-31-269
WEBER, OTTILIA               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-33-130
WEBER, THERESIA              BRIGHTON                      NY-28-55-463
WEBSTER, ALONZO D.           HENRIETTA                     NY-28-15-515
WEBSTER, BETSEY P.           OGDEN                         NY-28-44-211
WEBSTER, CYRUS               MENDON                        NY-28-23-289
WEBSTER, EDWARD              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-63-481
WEBSTER, EDWARD A.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-38-236
WEBSTER, ELIJAH              HENRIETTA                     NY-28-7-525
WEBSTER, ELIJAH D.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-50-81
WEBSTER, ELIZABETH           WHITESTOWN                    NY-28-39-82
WEBSTER, HANNAH C.           PARMA                         NY-28-49-473
WEBSTER, HENRY               OGDEN                         NY-28-21-129
WEBSTER, HORATIO             OGDEN                         NY-28-35-328
WEBSTER, JOHN D.             OGDEN                         NY-28-11-111
WEBSTER, JOHN M.             PARMA                         NY-28-36-229
WEBSTER, MARY B.             PARMA                         NY-28-12-471
WEBSTER, PHEBE               HENRIETTA                     NY-28-36-382
WEBSTER, ROXANNA             OGDEN                         NY-28-33-64
WEBSTER, RUSSEL B.           HENRIETTA                     NY-28-24-213
WEBSTER, STEPHEN             OGDEN                         NY-28-14-753
WECKESSER, JOSEPH            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-51-658
WEDD, CAROLINE               HENRIETTA                     NY-28-48-125
WEDELICH, BALTHASAR          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-65-557
WEDELICH, CRESCENZIA         BRIGHTON                      NY-28-35-199
WEED, ALEXANDER              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-4-258
WEED, CHARLOTTE              PITTSFORD                     NY-28-46-263
WEED, NORMAN                 BROCKPORT                     NY-28-5-39
WEED, SETH                   BRIGHTON                      NY-28-16-254
WEEKS, AMANDA D.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-34-409
WEEKS, ANNA C.               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-60-70
WEEKS, BENJAMIN              ONTARIO, WAYNE, NY            NY-28-16-511
WEEKS, BENJAMIN B.           WEBSTER                       NY-28-4-335
WEEKS, DAVID                 PENFIELD                      NY-28-7-42
WEEKS, FANNIE E.             CLARKSON                      NY-28-66-290
WEEKS, GEORGE W.             WEBSTER                       NY-28-13-587
WEEKS, ISAAC                 SHERIDAN, CALHOUN, MI         NY-28-5-258
WEEKS, JESSE                 MENDON                        NY-28-23-13
WEEKS, MARY JANE             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-60-31
WEEKS, RACHEL M.             WEBSTER                       NY-28-15-632
WEEKS, SARAH T.              MENDON                        NY-28-48-341
WEGESSER, HELENA             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-60-7
WEGMAN, GEORGE               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-47-500
WEGMAN, JOHN G.              GATES                         NY-28-36-502
WEGMAN, JOHN JR.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-55-256
WEGMAN, JOSEPH               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-15-267
WEHLE, GREGORY               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-56-367
WEHN, ELIZABETH              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-55-466
WEHN, LOUIS                  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-59-401
WEHNERT, LORENZ              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-226
WEIDENBORNER, JOHN           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-53-178
WEIDENBORNER, LEONARD        ROCHESTER                     NY-28-39-157
WEIDER, HUGO                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-52-259
WEIDER, JOSEPHINE C.         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-50-136
WEIGEL, EMANUEL              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-21-73
WEIGEL, JOSEPH               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-34-160
WEILAND, SEBASTIAN           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-7-464
WEILERT, OTTO                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-46-254
WEIMAR, ANNA MARIA           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-44-51
WEINBERG, ABRAHAM            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-31-329
WEINGARTNER, BARBARA         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-65-559
WEINHARDT, WILLIAM           MENDON                        NY-28-34-454
WEIR, MICHEAL                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-56-40
WEIRAUCH, JACOB              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-21-461
WEIRICH, AUGUSTA WILHELMINA  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-40-304
WEIRICH, NICHOLAS            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-39-312
WEIS, JOSEPH                 BRIGHTON                      NY-28-60-373
WEIS, NICKLAUS               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-36-247
WEIS, PETER                  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-43-10
WEIS, PETER                  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-42-370
WEISHAAR, JOSEPH             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-30-339
WEISS, JOHANN                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-50-316
WEISS, JOHN                  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-16-55
WEISS, JOHN PETER            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-65-470
WEITING, PHENE M.            SYRACUSE, ONONDAGA, NY        NY-28-6-308
WEITZ, FREDRICK              GREECE                        NY-28-64-391
WEITZEL, JOHN N.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-35-103
WELCH, BETSY                 PARMA                         NY-28-26-261
WELCH, BRIDGET               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-29-421
WELCH, CYNTHIA               SCOTTSVILLE                   NY-28-39-390
WELCH, DANIEL                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-34-364
WELCH, ELLEN                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-53-235
WELCH, EMMA                  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-66-587
WELCH, GEORGE                PITTSFORD                     NY-28-3-445
WELCH, JULIA                 BROCKPORT                     NY-28-45-479
WELCH, MICHAEL               PARMA                         NY-28-15-714
WELCH, THOMAS                PAW-PAW,, MI                  NY-28-32-424
WELCH, THOMAS                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-11-540
WELCH, WILLIAM               WHEATLAND                     NY-28-36-31
WELDEN, JOHN                 RIGA                          NY-28-29-401
WELDON, MATILDA              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-28-385
WELDON, WALTER               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-23-493
WELDON, WALTER               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-18-223
WELKEL, ADAM                 WEBSTER                       NY-28-26-189
WELKER, ANDREAS              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-22-483
WELKER, APPOLONIA            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-24-133
WELLER, DORA                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-47-146
WELLER, GERTRUDE             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-48-284
WELLER, ROBERT               WEBSTER                       NY-28-43-343
WELLES, FRANCES M.           PENN YAN, YATES, NY           NY-28-55-379
WELLMAN, OLIVER              CLARKSON                      NY-28-4-468
WELLS, CHARLES JR.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-64-277
WELLS, DELIA H.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-23-173
WELLS, JAMES C.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-5-438
WELLS, MOSES                 WHEATLAND                     NY-28-9-252
WELSH, THOMAS                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-66-562
WELSHER, DAVID               WEBSTER                       NY-28-6-334
WELSHER, DAVID               WEBSTER                       NY-28-6-355
WELSHER, EDWARD              WEBSTER                       NY-28-61-389
WELSHER, JESSE               PENFIELD                      NY-28-5-353
WELTZENBACH, JOSEPH          GATES                         NY-28-40-88
WELZENBACH, ROSINA           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-40-235
WENDT, JOHN                  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-55-271
WENIGER, HENRY               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-52-4
WENNER, DANIEL               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-32-184
WENTWORTH, ANDREW            HAMLIN                        NY-28-26-121
WENTWORTH, DELOS             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-45-251
WERDEIN, PETER A.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-49-449
WERNER, JOHN P.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-66-146
WERNER, MARY                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-131
WERNER, PAULINE              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-65-440
WERNER, POLIHARP             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-57-482
WERTH, PETER                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-24-333
WESP, CHRISTOPHER SR.        ROCHESTER                     NY-28-29-121
WESSELLS, GERRETT JOHN       ROCHESTER                     NY-28-15-223
WESSELS, JAUNA GEERTRUI      ROCHESTER                     NY-28-47-206
WEST, AMASA B.               WEBSTER                       NY-28-62-433
WEST, DANIEL T.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-6-468
WEST, DAVIS C.               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-1-279
WEST, HALL                   ROCHESTER                     NY-28-14-172
WEST, HENRY                  RUSH                          NY-28-24-329
WEST, JAMES                  IRONDEQUOIT                   NY-28-25-281
WEST, JONATHAN B.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-63-610
WEST, LUCINDA                WEBSTER                       NY-28-19-437
WEST, MARY JANE              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-66-71
WEST, OTTO E.                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-61-323
WEST, PHOEBE M.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-49-176
WESTCOTT, DANIEL P.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-38-116
WESTCOTT, DAVIS              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-15-611
WESTCOTT, MARY E.            BRIGHTON                      NY-28-65-491
WESTCOTT, SUSAN F.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-53-100
WESTERMAN, EVE               PENFIELD                      NY-28-42-265
WESTERMAN, FANNY E.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-20-457
WESTERMAN, FREDERICK JACOB   PENFIELD                      NY-28-38-96
WESTERMAN, GEORGE F.         PITTSFORD                     NY-28-40-277
WESTERMAN, JACOB             PITTSFORD                     NY-28-4-392
WESTFAHL, JOACHIM            PENFIELD                      NY-28-48-128
WESTFALL, JAMES V. D.        ROCHESTER                     NY-28-61-434
WESTFALL, JOHN               IRONDEQUOIT                   NY-28-56-67
WESTFALL, MARIA              PENFIELD                      NY-28-53-268
WESTFALL, NORMAN             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-63-771
WESTFALL, OLIVE              SWEDEN                        NY-28-26-401
WESTFALL, PAULINE D.         FAIRPORT                      NY-28-64-541
WESTFALL, PHEBEE             GREECE                        NY-28-14-694
WESTGATE, OBEN               ROSE, OAKLAND, MI             NY-28-13-561
WESTGATE, POLLY              PENFIELD                      NY-28-8-54
WESTGATE, ROBERT             PENFIELD                      NY-28-8-376
WETHERBY, FRANKLIN           CLARKSON                      NY-28-3-244
WETHERELL, HENRY E.          CANAAN, LITCHFIELD, CT        NY-28-4-440
WETMORE, CHARLES H.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-319
WETMORE, CURTIS GILBERT      ROCHESTER                     NY-28-36-16
WETMORE, JOHN                CHILI                         NY-28-2-134
WETORE, JOHN                 CHILI                         NY-28-2-161
WEYLAND, THERESA             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-63-32
WHALEN, DAVID                HENRIETTA                     NY-28-10-519
WHALEN, DENNIS               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-32-32
WHALEN, HARVEY               PENFIELD                      NY-28-57-214
WHALEN, LEWIS                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-53-319
WHALEN, NANCY                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-14-487
WHALING, HENRY               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-16-36
WHEARTY, NANCY               GREECE                        NY-28-19-469
WHEATER, EMMA D.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-481
WHEATER, ROBERT              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-51-564
WHEELER, ABIGAIL B.          PENFIELD                      NY-28-11-222
WHEELER, ALBERT Y.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-37-1
WHEELER, AMOS J.             ROCHESTR                      NY-28-6-484
WHEELER, BARUCH C.           GREECE                        NY-28-51-367
WHEELER, CLARISSA            WEBSTER                       NY-28-28-281
WHEELER, DAVID L.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-31-181
WHEELER, GEORGE              PARMA                         NY-28-52-241
WHEELER, JAMES C.            PARMA                         NY-28-63-66
WHEELER, JARED P.            BRIGHTON                      NY-28-66-407
WHEELER, JOEL                GATES                         NY-28-2-312
WHEELER, JOHN W.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-35-400
WHEELER, MARGARET E.         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-42-13
WHEELER, MINA                PARMA                         NY-28-14-536
WHEELER, ORRIN               CLARKSON                      NY-28-12-114
WHEELER, ROSETTA             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-36-106
WHEELER, SABRA P.            PENFIELD                      NY-28-16-458
WHEELER, WILLIAM             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-12-463
WHEELOCK, MARTHA             CHILI                         NY-28-4-74
WHELAN, PETER                SWEDEN                        NY-28-2-222
WHELEHAN, MARGARET           GREECE                        NY-28-66-397
WHELEHAN, THOMAS             GREECE                        NY-28-23-453
WHELEHAN, WILLIAM            GREECE                        NY-28-53-31
WHIPPLE, HARMON              RIGA                          NY-28-1-349
WHIPPLE, ISRAEL              SWEDEN                        NY-28-5-447
WHIPPLE, JANE A.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-31-477
WHIPPLE, JOB                 BROCKPORT                     NY-28-12-298
WHIPPLE, MARY M.             CHURCHVILLE                   NY-28-48-524
WHIPPLE, MILTON              RIGA                          NY-28-18-319
WHIPPLE, RALPH               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-4-18
WHIPPLE, ROSA P.             BROCKPORT                     NY-28-36-355
WHIPPO, JAMES                MENDON                        NY-28-1-190
WHIPPO, JAMES                MENDON                        NY-28-1-211
WHITBECK, GEORGE             MENDON                        NY-28-13-574
WHITBECK, MARGARET           WEBSTER                       NY-28-40-328
WHITBECK, RHODA              PITTSFORD                     NY-28-25-321
WHITCHER, JOHN               WHEATLAND                     NY-28-15-333
WHITCOMB, ALONZO G.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-29-237
WHITCOMB, CHLOE L.           WEBSTER                       NY-28-13-812
WHITCOMB, ISAAC              PARMA                         NY-28-6-328
WHITCOMB, ROSWELL            MENDON                        NY-28-59-140
WHITCOMB, SAMUEL             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-47-461
WHITE, ABIGAIL               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-43-325
WHITE, ALBERT                PITTSFORD                     NY-28-58-598
WHITE, CHARLES W.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-21-101
WHITE, CHAUNCEY S.           SWEDEN                        NY-28-26-441
WHITE, J. RALSEY             NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-28-59-563
WHITE, JOHN                  PENFIELD                      NY-28-25-189
WHITE, JOHN B.               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-52-451
WHITE, LEONARD C.            MENDON                        NY-28-26-89
WHITE, LEOPOLD               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-53-481
WHITE, LYDIA M.              BROCKPORT                     NY-28-58-725
WHITE, MARY                  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-5-157
WHITE, ORRIN C.              GATES                         NY-28-21-133
WHITE, ORRIS                 BROCKPORT                     NY-28-16-659
WHITE, RICHARD               PENFIELD                      NY-28-22-315
WHITE, THEODORE C.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-296
WHITE, THOMAS                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-4-116
WHITE, THOMAS                CHILI                         NY-28-39-402
WHITE, VIOLETTA B.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-58-305
WHITE, WALTER                RUSH                          NY-28-16-198
WHITE, WARLAND A.            WALWORTH, WAYNE, NY           NY-28-49-386
WHITE, WARREN                BRIGHTON                      NY-28-48-308
WHITEBECK, SARAH A.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-52-16
WHITEHARE, WILLIAM           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-36-37
WHITEHEAD, BENJAMIN          COLDWATER, , MI               NY-28-18-470
WHITEHEAD, BENJAMIN          PENFIELD                      NY-28-8-90
WHITESIDE, GEORGE B.         BROCKPORT                     NY-28-39-136
WHITING, HARRIET L.          SPENCERPORT                   NY-28-34-106
WHITING, JACOB W.            WEBSTER                       NY-28-22-59
WHITING, JOEL ***            WEBSTER                       NY-28-9-482
WHITING, JOEL ***            WEBSTER (CON'T)               NY-28-10-1
WHITING, JOHN F.             WEBSTER                       NY-28-8-462
WHITING, JONAS               WEBSTER                       NY-28-64-472
WHITING, THOMAS R.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-52-112
WHITLEY, JOHN H.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-8-222
WHITLOCK, SARAH M.           BRIGHTON                      NY-28-60-97
WHITMER, HENRY               FAIRPORT                      NY-28-52-292
WHITMORE, HARRIET A.         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-107
WHITNEY, BELINDA T.          MENDON                        NY-28-41-454
WHITNEY, CALVIN F.           MENDON                        NY-28-20-109
WHITNEY, EVELINE             PERINTON                      NY-28-5-88
WHITNEY, GEORGE              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-25-125
WHITNEY, JAMES MORDOFF       ROCHESTER                     NY-28-50-406
WHITNEY, JULIA               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-27-476
WHITNEY, LOIS E.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-38-391
WHITNEY, MARY ANN            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-52-124
WHITNEY, WARHAM              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-2-373
WHITTIER, ELIZABETH          PARMA                         NY-28-45-29
WHITTIER, J. N.              SPENCERPORT                   NY-28-64-70
WHITTIER, LYDIA              OGDEN                         NY-28-7-228
WHITTLESEY, ADDIE E.         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-34-367
WHITTLESEY, ANN              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-44-141
WHITZ, JOSEPH                PENFIELD                      NY-28-28-453
WICK, GEORGE                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-60-46
WICK, HENRY                  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-37-37
WICK, VEIT                   ROCHESTER                     NY-28-31-237
WICKES, CHARLES              BROCKPORT                     NY-28-32-260
WICKHAM, CHARLES             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-21-165
WICKING, ETHEBERT            PITTSFORD                     NY-28-7-479
WICKINS, WILLIAM             CHILI                         NY-28-60-208
WICKMAN, FREDERICK           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-21-357
WICKS, JENNETT               SWEDEN                        NY-28-24-345
WIDDOWSON, THOMAS            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-34-298
WIDENER, JACOB               CHILI                         NY-28-61-307
WIDMAN, CHRISTIAN            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-40-388
WIDMAN, JOHN                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-33-433
WIDMER, RUDOLPH              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-27-482
WIDNER, JACOB                CHILI                         NY-28-16-536
WIDNER, JACOB                IRONDEQUOIT                   NY-28-9-254
WIECHMANN, FREDERICK         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-46-197
WIECHMANN, MARY              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-60-151
WIEDEMEIER, JOHN             DUNCAN, TIOGA, PA             NY-28-64-457
WIEGAND, GEORGE              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-46-416
WIEGGAND, HELENA             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-61-370
WIESCHMEIER, BARNARD         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-28-121
WIESNER, LORENZ              IRONDEQUOIT                   NY-28-15-244
WIEST, MARTIN                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-56-181
WIGGINS, JOHN                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-39-405
WIGGINS, JOSEPH P.           NTL                           NY-28-11-117
WIGHT, ASA                   PERINTON                      NY-28-11-174
WIGHT, HARRIET H.            GREECE                        NY-28-27-356
WILBER, JOHN                 CHILI                         NY-28-24-317
WILBUR, HIRAM P.             PERINTON                      NY-28-57-508
WILBUR, ISAAC D.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-29-281
WILBUR, JULIA A.             WASHINGTON, DC                NY-28-57-205
WILBUR, LOUISA H.            FAIRPORT                      NY-28-37-241
WILBUR, NATHAN P.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-49-443
WILBUR, SALLY                RUSH                          NY-28-7-187
WILCOX, CATHARINE THOMAS     RUSH                          NY-28-35-262
WILCOX, CHLOE                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-40-220
WILCOX, ELIAS                BROCKPORT                     NY-28-46-29
WILCOX, H. JOSEPHINE         SPENCERPORT                   NY-28-58-11
WILCOX, ISAAC                RUSH                          NY-28-31-21
WILCOX, LOUISA L.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-22-181
WILCOX, LYDIA M.             BROCKPORT                     NY-28-46-278
WILCOX, OTIS N.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-33-352
WILCOX, SAMUEL               MENDON                        NY-28-7-498
WILCOX, SAMUEL               MENDON                        NY-28-17-654
WILCOX, SOPHIA S.            RIGA                          NY-28-8-347
WILCOX, THOMAS               PITTSFORD                     NY-28-10-538
WILCOX, WILLIAM              PERINTON                      NY-28-16-481
WILDER, A. CARTER            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-21-249
WILDER, ALAMANDER            GREECE                        NY-28-20-225
WILDER, ANN L.               BROCKPORT                     NY-28-51-510
WILDER, CHARLES              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-6-564
WILDER, FRANCES HUNTER       ROCHESTER                     NY-28-38-226
WILDER, IRA                  CHARLOTTE                     NY-28-33-154
WILDER, JERUSHA              CHARLOTTE                     NY-28-31-209
WILDER, LAFAYETTE            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-49-488
WILDER, MARY                 CHARLOTTE                     NY-28-49-98
WILDER, MARY E.              CHARLOTTE                     NY-28-31-205
WILDER, PALMER B.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-10-181
WILDER, WILLARD E.           PARMA                         NY-28-62-157
WILDEY, JOHN W.              PENFIELD                      NY-28-39-22
WILE, ISAAC                  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-48-41
WILE, JEANETTE               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-61-536
WILE, JOSEPH                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-49-356
WILE, JULIUS                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-44-206
WILHELM, ADAM                BRIGHTON                      NY-28-48-242
WILKIN, CHARLES H.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-58-169
WILKIN, GEORGE A.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-31-365
WILKINS, EDWARD              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-39-488
WILKINSON, AMANDA            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-16-214
WILKINSON, CHARLES           PERINTON                      NY-28-26-389
WILKINSON, HORACE            GREECE                        NY-28-20-201
WILKINSON, JAMES             HONEOYE FALLS                 NY-28-52-340
WILKINSON, JOSEPH            PERINTON                      NY-28-7-35
WILKINSON, MARY              PERINTON                      NY-28-26-393
WILKINSON, OEL H.            GREECE                        NY-28-15-671
WILKINSON, ROSWELL           RUSH                          NY-28-21-145
WILKINSON, WILLIAM           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-10-303
WILL, HENRY                  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-42-232
WILL, KATHARINE              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-54-83
WILL, PHILIP                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-39-327
WILLARD, JOEL                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-19-1
WILLARD, JOHN                CHILI                         NY-28-7-328
WILLARD, JOHN R.             WEBSTER                       NY-28-19-365
WILLARD, JOPHAR              RIGA                          NY-28-44-86
WILLARD, NANCY               PARMA                         NY-28-2-257
WILLETTS, ABEL               PENFIELD                      NY-28-49-503
WILLETTS, JULETTE            PENFIELD                      NY-28-32-272
WILLEY, CYNTHIA              OGDEN                         NY-28-8-121
WILLEY, SYLVANUS C.          OGDEN                         NY-28-21-389
WILLIAMS, AFFIAS             HENRIETTA                     NY-28-49-114
WILLIAMS, AMOS               PARMA                         NY-28-39-288
WILLIAMS, ARDELLE C.         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-66-409
WILLIAMS, ARTHUR R.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-39-342
WILLIAMS, BARBARA            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-58-283
WILLIAMS, CHARLES H.         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-43-268
WILLIAMS, DANIEL D.          BROCKPORT                     NY-28-56-250
WILLIAMS, DEBORAH            BROCKPORT                     NY-28-64-352
WILLIAMS, DEMIAN D.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-64-404
WILLIAMS, ERASTUS            PITTSFORD                     NY-28-5-591
WILLIAMS, HENRY              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-7-130
WILLIAMS, ISABELLA           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-52-10
WILLIAMS, JACOB              WEBSTER                       NY-28-60-115
WILLIAMS, JAMES B.           HENRIETTA                     NY-28-52-496
WILLIAMS, JANE D.            UTICA, ONEIDA, NY             NY-28-52-40
WILLIAMS, JOHN               GREECE                        NY-28-3-434
WILLIAMS, JOHN               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-6-155
WILLIAMS, JOHN               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-20-293
WILLIAMS, JOHN GEORGE        ROCHESTER                     NY-28-16-271
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-45-497
WILLIAMS, LUTHER             PENFIELD                      NY-28-9-387
WILLIAMS, MARIETTA           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-52-439
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-51-48
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM            GREECE                        NY-28-14-658
WILLIAMSON, JOHN             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-16-104
WILLIAMSON, MARGAET M.       ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-148
WILLIAMSON, SARAH            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-20-541
WILLIAMSON, THOMAS           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-36-331
WILLIAMSON, WALTER           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-41-322
WILLIHAN, THOMAS             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-13-90
WILLIS, ABNER                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-14-175
WILLIS, HARRY B.             CINCINNATI, HAMILTON, OH      NY-28-54-140
WILLIS, LOUISE B.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-16-304
WILLIS, MARGARET R.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-54-317
WILLIS, MARTHA               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-11
WILLIS, WILLIAM H.           GATES                         NY-28-17-20
WILLS, JAMES                 GREECE                        NY-28-14-534
WILLSON, EDWARD              BRIGHTON                      NY-28-23-217
WILLSON, GEORGE              BRIGHTON                      NY-28-24-141
WILLSON, GEORGE              BRIGHTON                      NY-28-24-229
WILLSON, MARCIUS D.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-15-403
WILLSON, MARY                BRIGHTON                      NY-28-23-213
WILLSON, WILLIAM             WHEATLAND                     NY-28-9-389
WILMARTH, DENNISON G.        GREECE                        NY-28-23-189
WILMARTH, JAMES              PITTSFORD                     NY-28-45-296
WILMOT, AMOS C.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-28-117
WILMOT, SARAH D.             WEBSTER                       NY-28-24-245
WILSON, AMANDA C.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-64-587
WILSON, EDNA A.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-44-371
WILSON, GRACE                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-37-13
WILSON, HENRY                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-42-394
WILSON, JAMES                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-40-151
WILSON, JANET                BRIGHTON                      NY-28-21-77
WILSON, JOHN L.              HONEOYE FALLS                 NY-28-56-478
WILSON, MARGARET             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-36-22
WILSON, MARY A.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-43-469
WILSON, ROBERT OLIVER        ROCHESTER                     NY-28-15-757
WILSON, WILLIAM              MACEDON, WAYNE, NY            NY-28-65-572
WILTSE, GEORGE B.            PERINTON                      NY-28-10-522
WILTSIE, GEORGE B.           PERINTON                      NY-28-11-20
WILTSIE, MARCIA              FAIRPORT                      NY-28-50-356
WIMBLE, CHARLOTTE            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-66-535
WIMBLE, HULDAH               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-15-760
WINANS, MERCY                OGDEN                         NY-28-8-61
WINANS, SARAH E.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-61-257
WINDUST, JOHN JR.            CLARKSON                      NY-28-15-312
WINEBORN, JOHNATHAN          HENRIETTA                     NY-28-11-211
WING, BENJAMIN               BRIGHTON                      NY-28-64-350
WING, CHARLES                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-8-296
WING, DAVID                  LEAVENWORTH, KS               NY-28-61-188
WING, JANE                   MENDON                        NY-28-65-527
WING, JOHN A.                PITTSFORD                     NY-28-12-152
WING, MARGARET               MENDON                        NY-28-49-344
WING, WILLIAM                MENDON                        NY-28-53-214
WINKELMANN, MARY             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-60-325
WINN, NATHANIEL              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-44-381
WINNE, ELECTA L.             FAIRPORT                      NY-28-50-56
WINNEY, MELISSA              PENFIELD                      NY-28-36-274
WINSLOW, ADALINE B.          WHEATLAND                     NY-28-30-363
WINSLOW, FRANCIS E.          WEST HENRIETTA                NY-28-31-61
WINSLOW, HARRIET M.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-66-77
WINSLOW, ISAAC S.            WEBSTER                       NY-28-19-237
WINSLOW, RHAYADERGOWY        HENRIETTA                     NY-28-17-139
WINSLOW, WESTON              WEBSTER                       NY-28-10-525
WINTERFIELD, REBECCA         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-56-43
WIRTH, CATHARINE             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-26-29
WIRTH, RICHARD               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-56-364
WIRTZ, ANNA MARIA THERESIA   ROCHESTER                     NY-28-65-395
WISBURN, DANIEL              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-15-351
WISE, ANTHONY                CHILI                         NY-28-10-600
WISER, JOHN W.               PENFIELD                      NY-28-4-384
WISLER, MARGARET D.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-56-442
WISNER, CHARLES H.           PENFIELD                      NY-28-6-258
WISNER, DOLLY                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-8-257
WISNER, ELIZABETH R.         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-56-31
WISNER, JOHN S.              GREECE                        NY-28-55-457
WITBECK, ANNA                WEBSTER                       NY-28-6-204
WITBECK, CATHARINE           WEBSTER                       NY-28-8-303
WITBECK, DOROTHY B.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-307
WITHALL, ELIJAH              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-52-19
WITHERELL, DARIUS            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-23-345
WITHERSPOON, SAMUEL F.       ROCHESTER                     NY-28-66-239
WITMER, JACOB                WEBSTER                       NY-28-47-353
WITMER, JOHN                 WEBSTER                       NY-28-39-267
WITTMAN, GEORGE              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-64-560
WITTMAN, JOHN                GATES                         NY-28-19-309
WITTMAN, JOHN                GATES                         NY-28-19-337
WITTMAN, JOHN                IRONDEQUOIT                   NY-28-43-313
WITTWER, CHRISTIAN           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-60-85
WITZEL, AUGUST               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-49-422
WITZEL, HENRY                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-32-12
WITZIGMAN, MATHIAS           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-20-497
WIXTED, CATHERINE            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-46-62
WOELLERT, AUGUST             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-21-301
WOELLERT, CHARLES            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-66-577
WOHLFAHRT, JOHN              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-53-22
WOHLFART, ANDREW             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-31-193
WOHLGEMUTH, WILLIAM          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-22-199
WOHLRAB, JOHN                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-35-451
WOLC OTT, CHLOE              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-5-154
WOLCOTT, ANSON F.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-17-608
WOLCOTT, CLARISSA            PITTSFORD                     NY-28-28-401
WOLCOTT, GEORGE P.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-27-151
WOLCOTT, HENRY E.            FAIRPORT                      NY-28-43-229
WOLCOTT, LUCINDA             WEBSTER                       NY-28-47-275
WOLCOTT, RANSOM              WEBSTER                       NY-28-29-349
WOLF, CAROLINE               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-32-200
WOLF, ELIZABETH              GREECE                        NY-28-66-541
WOLF, FRANCIS                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-7
WOLF, HENRY                  RUSH                          NY-28-9-56
WOLF, JACOB PETER            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-28-293
WOLF, JOSEPH                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-37-526
WOLF, JUSTINE CATHARINA      ROCHESTER                     NY-28-55-274
WOLF, MAIER VICTOR           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-35-439
WOLF, MARY ELVA              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-48-431
WOLFBERGER, GEORGE           MENDON                        NY-28-21-281
WOLFER, JOHANNES             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-46-212
WOLFF, JOHN WILLIAM          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-45-344
WOLLENBERG, FREDERICK        PITTSFORD                     NY-28-35-472
WOLLENHAUPT, FREDERICK       ROCHESTER                     NY-28-66-20
WOLLF, ELIAS                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-19-529
WOLSEY, RICHARD              PERINTON                      NY-28-29-181
WOLTERS, CHARLES F.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-26-397
WONSEY, JOHN                 OGDEN                         NY-28-14-407
WONSEY, JOHN JR.             OGDEN                         NY-28-52-133
WOOD, ABNER J.               PARMA                         NY-28-19-125
WOOD, ALONZO                 PENFIELD                      NY-28-5-302
WOOD, ANN                    MENDON                        NY-28-34-247
WOOD, CALEB J.               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-40-172
WOOD, CATHERINE A.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-16-30
WOOD, CHARLES S.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-25-289
WOOD, CYNTHIA O.             PARMA                         NY-28-40-148
WOOD, ELEANOR                CHILI                         NY-28-48-287
WOOD, ELIJAH                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-28-25
WOOD, ELIZABETH F.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-37-445
WOOD, ELIZABETH MAYNARD      ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-247
WOOD, ELLA MARIA             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-61-464
WOOD, FRANCIS L.             GREECE                        NY-28-59-250
WOOD, FRANK                  MENDON                        NY-28-26-113
WOOD, HENRY C.               PITTSFORD                     NY-28-10-285
WOOD, JAMES H.               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-14-560
WOOD, JANE MCINTOSH          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-66-142
WOOD, JONATHAN               IRONDEQUOIT                   NY-28-12-175
WOOD, LAURA J.               WEBSTER                       NY-28-54-485
WOOD, LEWIS H.               CHILI                         NY-28-13-465
WOOD, MARIA                  FAIRPORT                      NY-28-50-279
WOOD, MINER C.               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-65-161
WOOD, NANCY                  OGDEN                         NY-28-65-185
WOOD, NICHOLAS               MUMFORD                       NY-28-15-1
WOOD, RACHEL                 BRIGHTON                      NY-28-7-312
WOOD, RICHARD B.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-22-43
WOOD, SAMUEL L.              CHILI                         NY-28-35-355
WOOD, SENECA                 AURORA                        NY-28-7-413
WOOD, THOMAS                 GREECE                        NY-28-8-261
WOOD, WILLIAM                PENFIELD                      NY-28-10-106
WOODARD, JAMES W.            WEBSTER                       NY-28-37-472
WOODARD, JOSEPH              CHILI                         NY-28-40-226
WOODARD, LOVINA              WEBSTER                       NY-28-42-448
WOODBURY, EDMUND F.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-48-470
WOODBURY, HAMLIN             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-13-541
WOODBURY, KNOWLTON           MENDON                        NY-28-3-118
WOODEN, AMOS                 GATES                         NY-28-2-60
WOODEN, JAMES                CHILI                         NY-28-44-126
WOODEN, WILLIAM              CHILI                         NY-28-9-302
WOODGATE, JOSEPH             WHEATLAND                     NY-28-7-84
WOODHALL, MARY               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-19-445
WOODHALL, WILLIAM            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-20-537
WOODHAMS, JAMES              GREECE                        NY-28-46-287
WOODHULL, WILLIAM            WEBSTER                       NY-28-21-53
WOODMAN, SYLVESTER           IRONDEQUOIT                   NY-28-3-369
WOODMANSEE, CHARLES N.       PARMA                         NY-28-61-509
WOODRUFF, HART               HENRIETTA                     NY-28-15-10
WOODRUFF, SETH M.            PARMA                         NY-28-37-136
WOODS, ALMAIDA J.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-52-79
WOODS, JAMES                 WHEATLAND                     NY-28-1-573
WOODS, JOHN D.               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-16-478
WOODS, JOSEPH                CHILI                         NY-28-3-299
WOODS, SAMUEL                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-22-127
WOODWARD, JAMES PRESTON      PITTSFORD                     NY-28-11-147
WOODWARD, RICHARD            HENRIETTA                     NY-28-15-80
WOODWORTH, ANNIE WARREN      ROCHESTER                     NY-28-40-190
WOODWORTH, CHAUNCEY B.       ROCHESTER                     NY-28-66-217
WOODWORTH, JOHN S.           CHILI                         NY-28-19-321
WOODWORTH, MARY L.           WYOMING, JONES, IA            NY-28-17-359
WOODWORTH, SPENCER           GATES                         NY-28-6-306
WOOLLARD, SARAH S.           CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-28-58-366
WOOLNOUGH, CRISPIN           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-15-377
WOOLSTON, JOSEPH             MENDON                        NY-28-3-347
WOOLSTON, WILLIAM            VICTOR, ONTARIO, NY           NY-28-7-175
WOOSTER, MARY G.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-53-325
WORDEN, DANIEL               GATES                         NY-28-2-1
WORDEN, DANIEL               GATES                         NY-28-1-307
WORDEN, EDWARD               PENFIELD                      NY-28-61-565
WORDEN, ISAAC                MENDON                        NY-28-16-1
WORDEN, LORETTA              MENDON                        NY-28-46-350
WORDEN, NORMAN D.            PARMA                         NY-28-40-355
WORK, HENRY                  HONEOYE FALLS                 NY-28-29-389
WORKS, ELIZA                 HENRIETTA                     NY-28-65-154
WORTHING, EDWIN E.           PENFIELD                      NY-28-21-213
WRAY, ELLA A.                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-55-193
WRAY, HENRY                  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-57-265
WRAY, HENRY SR.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-34-406
WRENN, MARTHA                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-55
WRIGHT, ADALINE              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-28-61
WRIGHT, ALFRED               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-17-495
WRIGHT, ALMA                 SPENCERPORT                   NY-28-31-97
WRIGHT, AMELIA               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-56-433
WRIGHT, ANN                  AVON, LIVINGSTON, NY          NY-28-66-287
WRIGHT, ANN G.               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-13-456
WRIGHT, CAROLINE             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-461
WRIGHT, CLARISSA             WEBSTER                       NY-28-41-181
WRIGHT, DANIEL               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-8-527
WRIGHT, DANIEL               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-4-312
WRIGHT, EARL                 OGDEN                         NY-28-4-232
WRIGHT, ELIZA A.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-21-241
WRIGHT, FRANCIS M.           PENFIELD                      NY-28-39-133
WRIGHT, FREDERICK            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-35-271
WRIGHT, GEORGE               IRONDEQUOIT                   NY-28-44-436
WRIGHT, GEORGE               PARMA                         NY-28-59-541
WRIGHT, HENRY A.             PARMA                         NY-28-66-199
WRIGHT, HENRY P.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-8-315
WRIGHT, JSOEPH H.            BROCKPORT                     NY-28-5-229
WRIGHT, LAURA A.             OGDEN                         NY-28-24-445
WRIGHT, MARTHA               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-21-445
WRIGHT, MARY JANE            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-48-102
WRIGHT, THOMAS               WEBSTER                       NY-28-38-306
WRIGHT, TIMOTHY              PARMA                         NY-28-3-351
WULLE, CAROLINE              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-43-262
WULLE, PHILIP                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-36-478
WUNSCH, GEORGE               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-5-363
WYCOFF, DAVID W.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-16-460
WYGANT, HARVEY               PERINTON                      NY-28-61-112
WYLIE, CHARLES               ROME, ONEIDA, NY              NY-28-2-246
WYMAN, ARTEMISSA             WALWORTH, WAYNE, NY           NY-28-46-11
YACK, JOSEPH                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-17-95
YAGER, ANDREAS               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-54-401
YAGER, CHRISTINA D.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-31-473
YAKY, CHARLES                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-20-317
YALE, ADA A.                 RORHCESTER                    NY-28-18-277
YALE, JOEL H.                PITTSFORD                     NY-28-18-421
YALE, JUSTUS                 BRIGHTON                      NY-28-33-388
YATES, EDWARD                WEBSTER                       NY-28-19-169
YATES, RUSSELL B.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-35-22
YATES, SARLES                CLARKSON                      NY-28-32-312
YAUCH, MARTIN                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-36-457
YAWMAN, JOHANNA              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-64-91
YAWMAN, NICHOLAS             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-29-185
YEHLE, CATHARINE             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-22-423
YEO, ELIZABETH               BRIGHTON                      NY-28-10-56
YEO, JOSEPH                  BRIGHTON                      NY-28-5-115
YERKES, BENJAMIN             GATES                         NY-28-5-384
YERKES, SILAS A.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-34-369
YERKES, SUSAN S.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-23-265
YORK, ELDRICK                MENDON                        NY-28-5-217
YORKS, PHEBE ANN             HONEOYE FALLS                 NY-28-43-46
YOST, PETER                  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-19-513
YOUNG, ANDREW                HONEOYE FALLS                 NY-28-39-240
YOUNG, ANNA (DELLINGER)      ROCHESTE                      NY-28-43-352
YOUNG, ANNA MARIE            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-58-763
YOUNG, CHARLES               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-53-91
YOUNG, ELIZABETH             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-6-197
YOUNG, FREDERICK             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-54-452
YOUNG, HANNAH                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-40-414
YOUNG, JACOBINE              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-40-250
YOUNG, JAMES                 SPENCERPORT                   NY-28-52-199
YOUNG, JOHN                  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-12-158
YOUNG, JOHN                  PITTSFORD                     NY-28-43-418
YOUNG, JOHN NICHOLAS         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-46-125
YOUNG, LOUISE CHURCHILL      ROCHESTER                     NY-28-33-364
YOUNG, MARIA                 SEE: YOUNG, JOHN NICHOLAS     NY-28-46-125
YOUNG, MARY E.               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-66-365
YOUNGJOHANN, CHRISIAN        ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-571
YOUNGS, JOHN C.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-51-177
YOUNK, ZECHARIAH             PENFIELD                      NY-28-2-382
YOUNT, GEORGE                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-55-169
ZAHN, MARY                   ROCHESTER                     NY-28-37-415
ZAHRNDT, FREDERICK           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-56-316
ZAPF, BERTHA                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-35-316
ZEEVELD, JOHN                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-35-397
ZEEVELD, WILLIAM             HOLLAND, SHEBOYGAN, WI        NY-28-16-342
ZEGEWITZ, JOHN ADAM          BUFFALO, ERIE, NY             NY-28-66-539
ZELLER, JOHN                 BROCKPORT                     NY-28-59-453
ZIEGLER, HENRY C.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-42-220
ZIEGLER, JACOB               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-33-202
ZIEGLER, JOHN SR.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-25-345
ZIEGLER, LOUIS               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-52-271
ZIEGLER, MAGDALENA           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-9-284
ZIEGLER, WILLIAM J.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-532
ZIELINSKI, VALENTINE         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-59-196
ZIEMS, FREDERICK             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-41-493
ZIERES, PETER                GATES                         NY-28-66-425
ZIMMER, FREDERICK            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-61-299
ZIMMER, JOHN                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-29-105
ZIMMER, WILLIAM C.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-20-1
ZIMMERMAN, IDA M.            WHEATLAND                     NY-28-29-145
ZIMMERMAN, MARSHALL A.       ROCHESTER                     NY-28-56-16
ZIMMERMANN, ANNA MARIA       ROCHESTER                     NY-28-53-427
ZIMMERMANN, MICHAEL          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-55-337
ZINK, FRANCES                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-36-436
ZINK, FREDERICK              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-28-421
ZITZ, CATHERINE              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-61-124
ZOERNER, CARL                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-66-568
ZOLLER, DANIEL               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-27-416
ZOLLMAN, AMELIA              FAIRPORT                      NY-28-61-403
ZOLLMANN, WILLIAM            PERINTON                      NY-28-55-481
ZORN, WILLIAM                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-64-311
ZORNOW, MARY L.              PITTSFORD                     NY-28-61-427
ZORSCH, AUGUSUS FRANK        ROCHESTER                     NY-28-27-211
ZUEGER, MAGDALENA            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-23-117
ZUGELDER, LEONHARD           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-45-374
ZUILKH, AUGUST               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-42-442
ZWEISIG, JOSEPH              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-23-161
ZWEISIG, KATHARINA           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-25-349
ZWENNER, DANIEL              BRIGHTON                      NY-28-5-593

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