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RAAB, ELIZABETH              NY-28-52-148
RAAB, GEORGE                 NY-28-65-23
RAAB, JOHN                   NY-28-47-293
RACE, REBECCA                NY-28-56-439
RACE, WHITING                NY-28-15-190
RACE, WILLIAM W.             NY-28-66-511
RADCLIFF, CATHARINE          NY-28-6-53
RADCLIFFE, CHARLES T.        NY-28-47-245
RADCLIFFE, JOHN              NY-28-54-299
RADEMAKER, JOHN              NY-28-15-428
RAE, THOMAS                  NY-28-66-128
RAFTER, DAVID G.             NY-28-47-161
RALEIGH, EDMUND H.           NY-28-9-338
RALEIGH, HANNAH              NY-28-50-169
RALEIGH, SARAH A.            NY-28-34-361
RALPH, SARAH                 NY-28-33-166
RAMBLE, SUSAN R.             NY-28-36-133
RAMBLE, WILLIAM              NY-28-12-603
RAMSDELL, GEORGE F.          NY-28-16-150
RAMSDELL, MARY               NY-28-2-434
RAMSEN, WILLIAM              NY-28-2-392
RAND, LUCIA A.               NY-28-51-36
RAND, ROBER TW.              NY-28-38-261
RANDALL, HENRY S.            NY-28-30-296
RANDALL, JOSEPH              NY-28-26-433
RANDALL, LOTTIE A.           NY-28-33-181
RANDALL, MARY A.             NY-28-53-283
RANDALL, MYRICK O            NY-28-48-230
RANDALL, RUTH                NY-28-65-325
RANK, JACOB                  NY-28-13-80
RANNEY, FRANCES A.           NY-28-64-466
RANSFORD, ABIRAM             NY-28-20-185
RANSOM, HENRY SNYDER         NY-28-35-388
RANSOM, REBECCA H.           NY-28-58-133
RANSOM, RUTH CUMMINGS        NY-28-5-379
RAPP, GEORGE PETER           NY-28-19-413
RAPP, HENRY                  NY-28-49-71
RAPP, JULIA                  NY-28-58-695
RAPP, PHILLIPP               NY-28-34-319
RATCLIFFE, MARY LEAH         NY-28-19-121
RATT, WILLIAM                NY-28-47-164
RAU, ELISABETH               NY-28-38-426
RAU, JOSEPH                  NY-28-65-590
RAU, VERONA                  NY-28-60-316
RAUBER, CHRISTINA            NY-28-37-424
RAUBER, JACOB                NY-28-45-272
RAUBER, JACOB                NY-28-26-257
RAUBER, JOHN                 NY-28-61-121
RAUBER, PETER F.             NY-28-57-166
RAUSCH, ANNA                 NY-28-35-16
RAUSCH, MATHIAS              NY-28-42-277
RAUWERDINK, HENRY            NY-28-29-233
RAWSON, GEORGE W.            NY-28-23-481
RAWSON, MARIETTA E.          NY-28-32-36
RAY, HANNAH H.               NY-28-49-497
RAY, JAMES                   NY-28-8-158
RAY, MARGARET                NY-28-35-250
RAY, MARY ANN                NY-28-30-43
RAY, SARAH                   NY-28-10-317
RAYBURN, THOMAS              NY-28-40-331
RAYMOND, ELIZA M.            NY-28-34-328
RAYMOND, HARRIET M.          NY-28-49-119
RAYMOND, HENRY B.            NY-28-46-479
RAYMOND, ISAAC T.            NY-28-4-290
RAYMOND, LEMUEL H.           NY-28-5-175
RAYNSFORD, CARMI             NY-28-8-281
RAYTON, THOMAS               NY-28-43-226
RAZE, ELIZABETH M.           NY-28-51-786
READ, CARRIE T.              NY-28-26-53
READ, ELISHA                 NY-28-13-334
READ, NICHOLAS               NY-28-10-509
READ, ORPHA                  NY-28-10-420
REARDON, BRIDGET             NY-28-35-166
REARDON, BRIDGET             NY-28-61-482
REARDON, DENNIS              NY-28-52-229
REARDON, MARGARET            NY-28-25-445
REBHOLZ, FRANK               NY-28-43-112
RECAILYE, PETER C.           NY-28-33-208
REDFERN, SAVILL              NY-28-57-193
REDFIELD, AMELIA             NY-28-14-671
REDFIELD, GEORGE             NY-28-5-480
REDFIELD, HIRAM              NY-28-5-322
REDMAN, AGNES                NY-28-60-49
REDMAN, AMBROSE C.           NY-28-40-130
REDMAN, ANN                  NY-28-56-256
REDMAN, HIRAM                NY-28-25-329
REDMAN, JOANNA               NY-28-26-49
REED, ANN                    NY-28-64-365
REED, ELLEN R.               NY-28-57-373
REED, EUGENE P.              NY-28-54-176
REED, HARRIET A.             NY-28-58-293
REED, JOHN B.                NY-28-26-117
REED, MARY L.                NY-28-53-187
REED, MICHAEL                NY-28-30-123
REED, SHELBY                 NY-28-38-246
REED, VAN RANSALAER          NY-28-2-97
REEDER, ELIAZABETH           NY-28-15-173
REEF, JOHN                   NY-28-43-370
REEVE, ANN                   NY-28-52-373
REEVES, NEPHTHALINE          NY-28-5-414
REGENAUER, KATHERINA         NY-28-49-521
REGER, BARBARA               NY-28-51-123
REHBERGER, MARY              NY-28-55-427
REHILL, PATRICK              NY-28-15-474
REIBER, WILLIAM              NY-28-64-524
REICH, CHRISTIAN             NY-28-29-193
REICHERT, JOSEPH             NY-28-48-77
REICHERT, MARGARET           NY-28-35-43
REICHERT, PETER A.           NY-28-58-468
REID, ELIZA M.               NY-28-51-494
REID, JANE HART              NY-28-23-185
REID, MATHEW                 NY-28-15-192
REIDMAN, JOHN                NY-28-60-328
REILEY, ELIZA                NY-28-37-382
REILEY, EPHRAIM              NY-28-42-424
REILLY, ROBERT               NY-28-35-286
REILY, BRIDGET               NY-28-60-454
REINAGEL, JOSEPH             NY-28-54-329
REINAGEL, LAWRENCE           NY-28-60-118
REINAGEL, ROSINA             NY-28-59-64
REINFELD, JOSEPH             NY-28-36-520
REINHARDT, DANIEL            NY-28-54-5
REINHARDT, PETER             NY-28-31-45
REINWALD, MARY ANN           NY-28-16-292
REINWALD, MICHAEL            NY-28-19-329
REISINGER, MARY E.           NY-28-65-407
REISS, PETER                 NY-28-10-493
RELLIN, NATHANIEL B.         NY-28-15-194
REMER, MARY W.               NY-28-22-407
REMINGTON, ALVAH             NY-28-38-351
REMINGTON, SIMON             NY-28-34-103
REMINGTON, WILLIAM           NY-28-21-417
RENAUD, ANNA MARIA           NY-28-42-499
RENFREW, ROBERT              NY-28-41-391
RENKER, HERMANN (REV.)       NY-28-52-475
RENNER, CHRISTOPH            NY-28-15-625
RENNER, JACOB                NY-28-33-259
RENNER, JACOB                NY-28-20-205
RENNER, ROSINA               NY-28-47-446
RESSEGNIA, LYDIA G.                     NY-28-16-245
REUHS, BALTHASAR             NY-28-35-454
REW, FRANCES STELLA          NY-28-33-358
REYNELL, ROBERT F.           NY-28-35-298
REYNOLDS, ABELARD            NY-28-27-43
REYNOLDS, ALFRED             NY-28-51-155
REYNOLDS, ANNE AMELIA        NY-28-23-429
REYNOLDS, E. J.              NY-28-20-513
REYNOLDS, JOSEPHINE          NY-28-58-255
REYNOLDS, JULIET             NY-28-54-257
REYNOLDS, MARY C.            NY-28-33-193
REYNOLDS, R. C.              NY-28-39-184
RHEINHART, CONRAD SR.        NY-28-54-350
RHOADES, SUSAN C.            NY-28-60-277
RHOADS, CHARLES              NY-28-15-543
RICE, ALLEN ELMER            NY-28-57-440
RICE, FANNY                  NY-28-54-260
RICE, HENRY                  NY-28-50-341
RICE, ISRAEL                 NY-28-41-295
RICE, JAMES                  NY-28-15-608
RICE, JOHN P.                NY-28-43-163
RICE, LAWRENCE               NY-28-28-169
RICH, AMANDA D.              NY-28-66-265
RICH, MARVIN                 NY-28-26-165
RICH, MINERVA                NY-28-38-146
RICH, SAMUEL                 NY-28-11-215
RICH, SAMUEL                 NY-28-20-405
RICH, WORTHY B.              NY-28-50-171
RICHADSON, SOPHRONIA         PEFIELD                       NY-28-12-609
RICHARDS, GEORGE H.          ROLLA, ROLETTE, ND            NY-28-58-327
RICHARDS, HENRY              NY-28-49-140
RICHARDS, IRA                NY-28-8-264
RICHARDS, MARY ANN           NY-28-40-423
RICHARDS, RUTH               NY-28-15-600
RICHARDS, TURNEY W.          NY-28-51-680
RICHARDS, WILLIAM J.         NY-28-20-413
RICHARDSON, DAVID H.         NY-28-17-75
RICHARDSON, HARRIET L.       NY-28-36-298
RICHARDSON, JOHN             NY-28-19-177
RICHARDSON, MARY             NY-28-35-514
RICHARDSON, RICHARD          NY-28-12-20
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM          NY-28-13-87
RICHBURGH, JOHN              NY-28-35-49
RICHMOND, GEORGE             NY-28-4-421
RICHMOND, JANE S.            NY-28-11-12
RICHMOND, JOSHUA             NY-28-14-129
RICHMOND, ORVIL A.           NY-28-53-136
RICHMOND, WILLIAM M.         NY-28-55-451
RICHTBERG, ELIZABETH         NY-28-30-391
RICHTBERG, FREDERICK         NY-28-28-201
RICHTBERG, JOHANNES          NY-28-40-166
RICHTER, FRANK               NY-28-45-8
RICKER, ABBIE F.             NY-28-45-107
RIDEOUT, CATHARINE E.        NY-28-31-461
RIDLEY, ANN                  NY-28-49-392
RIDLEY, WILLIAM              NY-28-8-273
RIEGLER, GEORGE              NY-28-25-161
RIEHR, CHRISTOPHER           NY-28-20-393
RIGAMER, JOHN                NY-28-66-518
RIGGS, MINNIE H. OTTO        NY-28-43-142
RIGNEY, FRANK E.             NY-28-52-490
RIGNEY, OWEN                 NY-28-16-489
RIGNEY, PATRICK              NY-28-48-506
RIHILL, CHARLES              NY-28-39-399
RILEY, ASHBEL W.             NY-28-38-311
RILEY, HUGH                   NY-28-12-329
RILEY, JAMES                 NY-28-64-1
RILEY, JOHN                  NY-28-35-421
RILEY, JUSTIN                NY-28-6-495
RILEY, MARY J.               NY-28-54-398
RILEY, SUSAN                 NY-28-10-535
RINCK, GEORGE                NY-28-51-309
RINEHARDT, CHARLES           NY-28-57-364
RING, ABNER R.               NY-28-7-385
RING, CHARLOTTE              NY-28-63-760
RINGELSTEIN, JOSEPH          NY-28-41-283
RINGLE, JOHN D.              NY-28-48-500
RINHART, MARTHA              NY-28-48-350
RIPLEY, MERRILL W.           NY-28-39-178
RISSENGER, CATHARINE         NY-28-61-118
RISSENGER, PETER             PENFIEDL                      NY-28-26-325
RISSMANN, LOUIS              NY-28-43-298
RITT, JOHN                   NY-28-57-457
RITTER, ELIZABETH            NY-28-55-97
RITTER, ELIZABETH F.         NY-28-59-586
RITTER, LUDWIG               NY-28-14-591
RITZENTHALER, JOSEPH         NY-28-55-214
ROADES, WILLIAM              NY-28-64-259
ROBB, AMELIA J.              NY-28-33-31
ROBB, ANDREW JR.             NY-28-1-441
ROBB, ASA                    NY-28-22-447
ROBB, JANE                   NY-28-45-425
ROBB, JOHN                   NY-28-7-309
ROBBERTS, MARTHA S.          NY-28-16-667
ROBBINS, GEORGE              NY-28-57-4
ROBBINS, HIRAM               NY-28-9-318
ROBBINS, MARY                NY-28-15-233
ROBERTS, BENJAMIN T.         NY-28-50-176
ROBERTS, DISCA               NY-28-36-496
ROBERTS, EDWIN P.            NY-28-62-268
ROBERTS, ELIZABETH           NY-28-61-551
ROBERTS, HIRAM F.            NY-28-66-223
ROBERTS, JOHN                NY-28-42-22
ROBERTS, MARTHA S.           NY-28-16-642
ROBERTS, MOSES E.             NY-28-8-77
ROBERTS, ROBERT              NY-28-7-167
ROBERTS, SAMUEL              NY-28-36-55
ROBERTS, WILLIAM             NY-28-19-345
ROBERTSON, CATHARINE         NY-28-23-73
ROBERTSON, NELLY             NY-28-23-77
ROBERTSON, PHEBE             NY-28-16-322
ROBERTSON, THOMAS            NY-28-36-286
ROBILLARD, PETER             NY-28-56-280
ROBINS, HENRY                NY-28-15-154
ROBINS, JOHNSON I.           NY-28-28-33
ROBINSON, AARON              NY-28-42-253
ROBINSON, ALLEN              NY-28-10-138
ROBINSON, BENJAMIN P.        NY-28-39-452
ROBINSON, CORNELIA A. H.     NY-28-19-317
ROBINSON, DANIEL K.          NY-28-41-34
ROBINSON, HENRY              NY-28-13-467
ROBINSON, JAMES              NY-28-36-427
ROBINSON, JOHN H.            NY-28-12-528
ROBINSON, JOSEPH             NY-28-16-159
ROBINSON, JOSEPH B.          NY-28-66-335
ROBINSON, WILLIAM            NY-28-14-56
ROBLEE, DAMON S.             NY-28-56-187
ROBY, JOSEPH                 NY-28-3-466
ROCH, JULES                  NY-28-46-410
ROCHE, DANIEL W.             NY-28-13-808
ROCHE, JOHN P.               NY-28-16-378
ROCHE, MARGARET              NY-28-45-467
ROCHESTER, NATHANIEL         NY-28-1-116
ROCHESTER, NATHANIEL         NY-28-1-100
ROCHESTER, SOPHIA            NY-28-3-394
ROCHESTER, THOMAS H.         NY-28-18-73
ROCK, MINNIE                 NY-28-57-304
ROCKRIG, CHARLES             NY-28-9-212
RODA, DOROTHY                NY-28-66-173
RODENBECK, CHARLES           NY-28-14-554
RODERICK, SALLY              NY-28-33-463
RODERICK, SAMUEL J.          NY-28-40-367
RODERICK, WILLIAM            NY-28-2-273
RODGERS, JOEL                NY-28-62-463
ROE, JOHN                    NY-28-66-479
ROE, THOMAS                  NY-28-13-733
ROEDER, JOHN                 NY-28-36-154
ROEDER, JOSEPH               NY-28-14-750
ROEDER, RICKA                NY-28-50-61
ROESSEL, THEODORE            NY-28-17-102
ROGERS, ANN AUGUSTA          NY-28-50-424
ROGERS, CORDELIA L.          NY-28-62-523
ROGERS, DOMINICK              NY-28-36-82
ROGERS, EZRA                 NY-28-17-110
ROGERS, GEORGE H.             NY-28-21-37
ROGERS, HARRIS               NY-28-1-266
ROGERS, HENRY T.             NY-28-25-37
ROGERS, JAMES                NY-28-4-106
ROGERS, JAMES F.             NY-28-42-196
ROGERS, JAMES W.             NY-28-52-499
ROGERS, JOHN G.              NY-28-4-196
ROGERS, JOSEPH S.            NY-28-11-83
ROGERS, LUCY ANN             NY-28-9-104
ROGERS, SIMON W.             NY-28-23-461
ROGERS, THOMAS                NY-28-54-107
ROGERS, VARNUM M.            NY-28-43-460
ROGERS, W. M.                NY-28-51-500
ROGGEN, EDWARD               NY-28-9-1
ROGGEN, ELIZABETH            NY-28-10-541
ROHR, ANNA                   NY-28-55-496
ROHR, ELIZABETH              NY-28-41-280
ROHR, JOHN R.                NY-28-34-445
ROHR, LUCY                   NY-28-64-317
ROHR, RUDOLPH SR.            NY-28-34-337
ROHRAR, JOHN                 NY-28-9-376
ROHRBACHER, CHARLES          NY-28-39-294
ROISE, JAMES                 NY-28-14-168
ROLLER, ROSINA               NY-28-61-79
ROLLIN, EMILY O.             NY-28-59-281
ROLSTON, JANE                NY-28-52-163
ROOD, LYDIA A.               NY-28-54-122
ROOD, SIMEON                 NY-28-51-709
ROOD, VIOLA                  NY-28-56-76
ROOGHRIG, CHARLES            NY-28-5-589
ROOT, AARON                  NY-28-1-372
ROOT, ASA H.                 NY-28-40-145
ROOT, DARWI N H.             NY-28-5-544
ROOT, DUDLEY                 NY-28-19-25
ROOT, EDWIN L.               NY-28-8-459
ROOT, ELIZABETH B.           NY-28-32-176
ROOT, EMILY                  NY-28-65-307
ROOT, FILER A.               NY-28-5-584
ROOT, HARRIET N.             NY-28-15-54
ROOT, HENRY                  NY-28-62-34
ROOT, HORACE                 NY-28-10-204
ROOT, RUFUS H.               NY-28-61-182
ROOT, WILLIAM                NY-28-8-430
ROPP, CATHARINE              NY-28-23-497
RORABACK, THOMAS             NY-28-22-215
ROSE, DAVID MULFORD          NY-28-29-417
ROSE, ESTHER L.              NY-28-56-49
ROSECRANTS, PETER            NY-28-5-357
ROSEMAN, DEXTER              NY-28-20-241
ROSENBERG, DAVID             NY-28-57-323
ROSENBLATT, REBECCA          NY-28-27-272
ROSENBLATT, SAMUEL           NY-28-29-197
ROSENTHAL, ELIZABETH         NY-28-49-290
ROSENTHAL, FRANCES E.        NY-28-51-487
ROSENTHAL, SAMUEL            NY-28-18-313
ROSINGTON, THOMAS SR.        NY-28-26-341
ROSS, ABIJAH                 NY-28-10-88
ROSS, AUSTIN P.              NY-28-16-174
ROSS, GEORGE W.              NY-28-44-231
ROSS, HANNAH L.              NY-28-37-79
ROSS, JAMES P.               NY-28-21-457
ROSS, JOHN                   NY-28-7-319
ROSS, MARY                   NY-28-4-15
ROSS, SARAH                  NY-28-37-343
ROSS, WILHELM                NY-28-60-493
ROSS, WILLIAM                NY-28-8-490
ROSS, WILLIAM                NY-28-8-586
ROSS, WILLIAM C.             NY-28-8-395
ROSSENBACH, PETER            NY-28-61-529
ROSSITER, PATRICK             NY-28-64-203
ROTH, ALBERT JOHANN P. V.    NY-28-53-340
ROTH, CATHERINE              NY-28-46-413
ROTH, FREDERICK              NY-28-66-502
ROTHANG, JULIANA             NY-28-21-409
ROTHERICK, WILLIAM           NY-28-22-67
ROTHFRITZ, SOPHIA            NY-28-29-313
ROTHMUND, MARTIN             NY-28-47-32
ROURKE, LAWRENCE             NY-28-15-382
ROWE, ASA                    NY-28-54-320
ROWE, GEORGE                 NY-28-16-593
ROWE, IRA G.                 NY-28-32-240
ROWELL, AMANDA               NY-28-41-79
ROWELL, CHARLOTTE            NY-28-23-133
ROWLAND, BRIDGET             NY-28-12-373
ROWLAND, DANIEL              NY-28-46-164
ROWLAND, DELIA               NY-28-27-398
ROWLAND, HANNAH              NY-28-63-84
ROWLAND, SMITH               NY-28-33-271
ROWLAND, WILLIAM             NY-28-58-618
ROWLAND, WILLIAM             NY-28-25-101
ROWLEY, HENRY                NY-28-9-31
ROWLEY, HENRY G.             NY-28-8-309
ROWLEY, HIEL                 NY-28-12-539
ROWLEY, MARY E.              NY-28-17-624
ROWLEY, WILLIAM C.           NY-28-36-196
ROWORTH, JOSEPH S.           NY-28-47-140
ROYCE, HENRY P.              NY-28-8-3
ROYCE, MARY                  NY-28-41-331
ROYCE, MARY A.               NY-28-47-113
ROYS, JAMES                  SEE: ROISE, JAMES             NY-28-14-168
RREINHART, SUSAN             NY-28-54-353
RUBADOW, GEORGE J.           NY-28-46-191
RUBY, GEORGE                 NY-28-54-356
RUCHTY, JOHANNA M.           NY-28-66-14
RUDOLPH, FREDERICK           NY-28-12-276
RUDOLPH, VALENTINE           NY-28-14-668
RUF, JOSEPH                  NY-28-60-103
RUGE, HENRY                  NY-28-66-22
RUGG, SUSAN                  NY-28-45-161
RUGGLES, EDWARD              NY-28-16-546
RUIN, ROSE                   NY-28-7-153
RULIFFSON, ISAAC H.          NY-28-26-37
RULIFSON, HARMON D.          NY-28-38-121
RUMBLE, GEORGE               NY-28-26-201
RUMMEL, FRANZ                NY-28-33-427
RUMSEY, ALEXANDER S.         NY-28-7-164
RUMSEY, CORNELIUS O.         NY-28-4-287
RUMSEY, SAMUEL               NY-28-6-521
RUNDALL, ANDREW J.           NY-28-26-77
RUNDEL, EMMA M.              NY-28-37-268
RUNDEL, HENRY P.             NY-28-37-355
RUP, ELISHA                  WEST BLOOMFIELD, ONTARIO, NY  NY-28-11-65
RUPP, MAGDALENA              NY-28-25-165
RUSCH, JOHN                  NY-28-35-493
RUSCH, LOUISA                NY-28-21-157
RUSKELL, PRISCILLA           NY-28-23-153
RUSSELL, BENJAMIN F.         NY-28-7-45
RUSSELL, DANIEL              NY-28-15-470
RUSSELL, ELIHU               NY-28-1-518
RUSSELL, ELIHU               NY-28-1-501
RUSSELL, GEORGE              NY-28-33-169
RUSSELL, JAMES M.            NY-28-12-149
RUSSELL, JONATHAN            NY-28-8-245
RUSSELL, MARTHA JANE         NY-28-49-185
RUSSELL, MARY                NY-28-28-209
RUSSELL, SAMUEL              NY-28-10-64
RUSSELL, WILLIAM             NY-28-2-149
RUSSELL, WILLIAM G.          NY-28-4-473
RUSSELL, WILLIAM H.          NY-28-65-368
RUST, ANNA                   NY-28-9-95
RUST, ELIJAH S.              NY-28-34-34
RUTHERFORD, PETER            NY-28-19-73
RUTHERFORD, ROBERT           NY-28-17-708
RUTHVEN, CHRISTIAN           NY-28-64-257
RUTTER, JOHN                 NY-28-61-569
RYAN, ANN                    NY-28-54-293
RYAN, ANN S.                 NY-28-45-230
RYAN, BRIDGET                NY-28-28-337
RYAN, DANIEL                 NY-28-5-206
RYAN, DANIEL                 NY-28-34-340
RYAN, ELLEN                  NY-28-33-235
RYAN, HANNAH                 NY-28-52-196
RYAN, JAMES                  NY-28-43-178
RYAN, JANE                   NY-28-55-394
RYAN, MARY                   NY-28-46-152
RYAN, MICHAEL                NY-28-37-502
RYAN, PATRICK                NY-28-31-169
RYAN, PATRICK                NY-28-30-215
RYAN, RIBOLD                 NY-28-31-117
RYDER, ANN ELIZA             NY-28-14-579
RYDER, SAMUEL                STANFORD, DUTCHESS, NY        NY-28-7-71

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