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ABBEY, JOSEPH                BRIGHTON                      NY-28-25-369
ABBEY, NANCY ANN             BRIGHTON                      NY-28-53-250
ABBOTT, NATHANIEL            WEBSTER                       NY-28-21-57
ABEL, JOHN ADAM              BRIGHTON                      NY-28-61-374
ABELES, DAVID                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-58-187
ABELL, MARY ELIZABETH        SWEDEN                        NY-28-7-200
ABEND, JOSEPH                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-21-377
ABEY, HARRY T.               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-66-551
ABRAHAM, THOMAS              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-20-105
ACER, DAVID                  PITTSFORD                     NY-28-7-541
ACER, EZRA W.                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-48-83
ACER, JOHN                   PITTSFORD                     NY-28-4-261
ACER, VASHTI                 PITTSFORD                     NY-28-9-106
ACHILLES, CHARLES P.         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-24-465
ACHILLES, HENRY L.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-27-175
ACKERMAN, FREDERICK          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-15-597
ACKERMAN, JOHN ADAM          WHEATLAND                     NY-28-35-112
ADAM, FRANCIS                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-16-132
ADAMS, ABNER                 OGDEN                         NY-28-4-91
ADAMS, ALBERT                RIGA                          NY-28-9-167
ADAMS, ALFRED B.             HAMLIN                        NY-28-54-242
ADAMS, ALFRED B.             HAMLIN                        NY-28-52-217
ADAMS, ARETAS                CHURCHVILLE                   NY-28-37-115
ADAMS, ASA                   PERINTON                      NY-28-14-52
ADAMS, CLEMANDA B.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-48-440
ADAMS, ELLEN                 SEE: SEABURY, ELIZA           NY-28-10-218
ADAMS, F. MELANCTON          ALBANY, ALBANY, NY            NY-28-10-159
ADAMS, HENRY                 RIGA                          NY-28-52-82
ADAMS, HOWARD                SWEDEN                        NY-28-64-400
ADAMS, HUBBAR                SWEDEN                        NY-28-58-473
ADAMS, JAMES                 OGDEN                         NY-28-42-109
ADAMS, JOHN                  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-17-1
ADAMS, JOHN C.               FAIRPORT                      NY-28-49-365
ADAMS, JOHN H.               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-61-410
ADAMS, JULIA                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-56-205
ADAMS, LAURA B.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-17-523
ADAMS, LOAMA A.              BROCKPORT                     NY-28-64-89
ADAMS, LUCY C.               HARTFORD, HARTFORD, CT        NY-28-8-131
ADAMS, LUCY C.               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-6-122
ADAMS, MARGARET S.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-13-591
ADAMS, MYRON                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-52-115
ADAMS, REUBEN P.             BRIGHTON                      NY-28-5-59
ADAMS, SALLY                 WEBSTER                       NY-28-16-140
ADAMS, SALLY ANN             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-52-94
ADAMS, SARAH                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-31-241
ADAMS, SOPHIA W.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-65-259
ADAMS, WILLIAM               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-36-412
ADAMS, WILLIAM               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-1-62
ADAMSON, ELLEN               PERINTON                      NY-28-12-53
ADAMSON, JOHN                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-51-218
ADAMSON, SARAH S.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-36-139
ADELMAN, JOSEPH              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-43-523
ADKINS, LEWIS                PARMA                         NY-28-54-128
ADLER, JULIA                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-42-97
ADSIT, MARY ALIDA            MENDON                        NY-28-60-496
ADSIT, RHODA E.              MENDON                        NY-28-60-472
ADSIT, RUTH                  MENDON                        NY-28-60-247
AGATE, WILLIAM               PITTSFORD                     NY-28-7-257
AHA, CATHERINE               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-57-340
AICHNER, GABRIEL             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-12-250
AIKIN, COURTNEY              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-59-213
AINSWORTH, FRANCES A.        PENFIELD                      NY-28-5-397
AISTROP, GEORGE              PERINTON                      NY-28-40-208
AITON, JAMES                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-20-461
ALBERT, EDWARD               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-56-175
ALBERTSON, EMILY J.          RUSH                          NY-28-42-289
ALBERTSON, FREDERICK H.      RUSH                          NY-28-34-427
ALBERTSON, ISAAC             RUSH                          NY-28-40-136
ALBERTSON, JOSEPH            MENDON                        NY-28-3-189
ALBRECHT, FREDERICK          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-41-256
ALBRECHT, FRIDOLIN           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-55-133
ALBRIGHT, MARY F.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-27-187
ALDEN, HARRIET N.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-27-145
ALDRICH, CATHERINE R.        ROCHESTER                     NY-28-54-272
ALDRICH, SILAS               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-4-430
ALDRICH, SOLOMON             PERINTON                      NY-28-2-339
ALDRICH, THEODORE F.         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-50-419
ALDRICH, WALLACE D.          HENRIETTA                     NY-28-30-379
ALDRICH, WILLIAM C.          HENRIETTA                     NY-28-10-235
ALDRIDGE, ERASTUS            BROCKPORT                     NY-28-57-281
ALDRIDGE, GILBERT            SWEDEN                        NY-28-24-205
ALEXANDER, BARBARA           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-43-292
ALEXANDER, CATHARINE         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-55-76
ALEXANDER, ELIZA R.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-40-124
ALEXANDER, FREDERICK         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-14-98
ALEXANDER, JAMES             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-65-95
ALLARD, WILL H.              HONEOYE FALLS                 NY-28-16-611
ALLCOCK, THOMAS              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-40-157
ALLEN, ALBI C.               HONEOYE FALLS                 NY-28-60-52
ALLEN, ELIAS 2ND             OGDEN                         NY-28-4-242
ALLEN, ELIZABETH             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-59-5
ALLEN, EMOGENE M.            CHALROTTE                     NY-28-26-293
ALLEN, FRANCES E.            BROCKPORT                     NY-28-15-418
ALLEN, FRANCES E.            BROCKPORT                     NY-28-15-437
ALLEN, GEORGE H.             BROCKPORT                     NY-28-44-391
ALLEN, HARRIET               HAMLIN                        NY-28-16-154
ALLEN, HENRY N.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-29-273
ALLEN, ISAAC                 CLARKSON                      NY-28-35-322
ALLEN, JAMES E.              HONEOYE FALLS                 NY-28-38-331
ALLEN, JAMES N.              PENFIELD                      NY-28-59-106
ALLEN, JEREMIAH              SWEDEN                        NY-28-7-507
ALLEN, JOHN                  HAMLIN                        NY-28-15-372
ALLEN, JOHN                  MENDON                        NY-28-4-248
ALLEN, JOHN S.               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-5-422
ALLEN, JULIETTA A.           BROCKPORT                     NY-28-12-62
ALLEN, LETSIE A.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-63-172
ALLEN, LEWIS B.              SWEDEN                        NY-28-13-558
ALLEN, MARILLA               HONEOYE FALLS                 NY-28-33-46
ALLEN, MARY                  BROCKPORT                     NY-28-8-190
ALLEN, OLIVER                WHEATLAND                     NY-28-4-210
ALLEN, RICHARD P.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-14-158
ALLEN, SALLY                 OGDEN                         NY-28-39-425
ALLEN, STEPHEN N.            GREECE                        NY-28-51-51
ALLEN, WEALTHY               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-10-424
ALLEN, WILLIAM               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-38-346
ALLEN, WILLIAM               GATES                         NY-28-49-272
ALLEN, WILLIAM               MENDON                        NY-28-3-385
ALLEN, WILLIAM A.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-37-508
ALLEYN, ELIZA JANE           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-58-630
ALLEYN, EMMA S.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-37-352
ALLEYN, R. MARIA             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-39-381
ALLEYN, REBECCA W.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-34-82
ALLING, MARIA                HENRIETTA                     NY-28-20-125
ALLING, WILLIAM              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-44-71
ALLING, WILLIAM S.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-16-64
ALLIS, AMELIA                RIGA                          NY-28-61-52
ALLIS, ASA                   RIGA                          NY-28-23-61
ALLISON, JOSHUA              CHILI                         NY-28-5-427
ALLISON, MARY                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-14-528
ALLISON, OSCAR W.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-253
ALLPETER, MARIA W.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-20-213
ALLYN, CALVIN                BRIGHTON                      NY-28-15-69
ALMEROTH, WILLIAM            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-64-7
ALPETER, JACOB               IRONDEQUOIT                   NY-28-14-735
ALT, MARY                    ROCHESTER                     NY-28-42-139
ALTPETER, PETER              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-26-229
ALVORD, ROYAL T.             PERINTON                      NY-28-14-194
ALVORD, SYLVESTER            SWEDEN                        NY-28-5-455
AMAN, GEORGE A.              PENFIELD                      NY-28-42-181
AMAN, MINA                   ROCHESTER                     NY-28-43-295
AMES, JOHN                   ROCHESTER                     NY-28-57-160
AMES, MARY JANE              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-66-49
AMMON, GEORGE                PENFIELD                      NY-28-66-325
AMSDEN, HELEN C.             BROCKPORT                     NY-28-62-40
AMSDEN, JOHN                 PENFIELD                      NY-28-12-197
AMSDEN, LYDIA                HONEOYE FALLS                 NY-28-50-226
AMSDEN, MARGARET             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-59-16
AMSDEN, MARY E.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-19-145
ANCE, JAMES                  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-5-173
ANDERSON, CATHERINE          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-16-33
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH M.       ROCHESTER                     NY-28-45-248
ANDERSON, GERTRUDE B.        ROCHESTER                     NY-28-53-496
ANDERSON, HENRY              PARMA                         NY-28-8-307
ANDERSON, JACOB              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-41-124
ANDERSON, JANE               RIGA                          NY-28-51-717
ANDERSON, JOHN               OGDEN                         NY-28-15-227
ANDERSON, LUCY               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-62-299
ANDERSON, MARTIN B.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-45-245
ANDERSON, WILLIAM            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-30-199
ANDREW, EMMALISSA            WEBSTER                       NY-28-64-67
ANDREW, HORATIO N.           WEBSTER                       NY-28-49-458
ANDREW, RICHVEDS             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-24-321
ANDREWS, AUGUSTA C.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-61-329
ANDREWS, CHARLES G.          WEBSTER                       NY-28-9-259
ANDREWS, EMILY C.            CLARKSON                      NY-28-56-208
ANDREWS, GEORGE H.           CLARKSON                      NY-28-57-49
ANDREWS, HIRAM               IRONDEQUOIT                   NY-28-3-301
ANDREWS, HIRAM               GREECE                        NY-28-13-742
ANDREWS, JAMES S.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-34-19
ANDREWS, JULIUS T.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-42-373
ANDREWS, LAURA M.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-61-284
ANDREWS, LOIS A.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-52-268
ANDREWS, SAMUEL G.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-9-358
ANDREWS, SAMUEL M.           SWEDEN                        NY-28-24-385
ANDREWS, WAKEMAN Y.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-39-130
ANDREWS, WILLIAM             CHARLOTTE                     NY-28-43-454
ANDROSS, MARY                SWEDEN                        NY-28-22-151
ANDRUSS, HENRY G.            PITTSFORD                     NY-28-3-357
ANGELE, GEORGE W.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-65-454
ANGELE, MARIE                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-58-507
ANGELL, ISRAEL               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-14-202
ANGELL, JOHN                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-6-191
ANGELL, STEPHEN              OGDEN                         NY-28-41-154
ANGELS, ANTHONY              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-47-233
ANGLE, ELLEN C.              GREECE                        NY-28-60-58
ANGLE, JAMES L.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-44-151
ANNETT, HUGH                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-46-149
ANNIS, SARAH                 SCOTTSVILLE                   NY-28-16-608
ANTHONY, ASA                 GATES                         NY-28-19-429
ANTHONY, GIDEON              IRONDEQUOIT                   NY-28-60-94
ANTHONY, HULDAH              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-44-76
APTHORP, IRA                 RIGA                          NY-28-28-377
ARCHER, BENJAMIN             HAMLIN                        NY-28-25-221
ARCHER, GIDEON               PARMA                         NY-28-16-413
ARCHER, JAMES L.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-57-394
ARCHER, JOHN W.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-55-448
ARCHER, MARY ANN             CLARKSON                      NY-28-61-335
ARCHER, ROBERT W.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-17-88
ARCHER, WILLIAM              CHILI                         NY-28-59-307
AREND, JOHN                  ROCHESTER                     NY-28-55-487
ARENSMEYER, SUSANNA          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-30-343
ARINK, GERARD                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-38-101
ARISS, THOMAS                IRONDEQUOIT                   NY-28-19-569
ARMITAGE, ALICE ANN          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-34-265
ARMSRONG, ROBERT             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-14-612
ARMSTRONG, ANN               PITTSFORD                     NY-28-7-127
ARMSTRONG, CHARLES           GATES                         NY-28-55-238
ARMSTRONG, EDMUND W.         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-24-149
ARMSTRONG, EDWIN J.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-14-140
ARMSTRONG, FRANCES G.        ROCHESTER                     NY-28-37-166
ARMSTRONG, IRA               WHEATLAND                     NY-28-9-84
ARMSTRONG, JAMES             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-64-211
ARMSTRONG, JOHN              PITTSFORD                     NY-28-3-337
ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH            PITTSFORD                     NY-28-9-89
ARMSTRONG, PETER             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-60-91
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM           WHEATLAND                     NY-28-13-165
ARNI, CHRISTINA              SEE: ARNI, JOHN               NY-28-14-321
ARNI, CHRISTINA              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-22-355
ARNI, JOHN                   ROCHESTER                     NY-28-14-321
ARNOLD, ELIZABETH J.         GATES                         NY-28-31-325
ARNOLD, ENOCH                OGDEN                         NY-28-9-264
ARNOLD, ENOCH***             OGDEN                         NY-28-11-240
ARNOLD, GEORGE               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-50-16
ARNOLD, GEORGE               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-15-435
ARNOLD, JAMES N.             OGDEN                         NY-28-47-131
ARNOLD, JOHN C.              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-55-340
ARNOLD, JOHN SR.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-26-73
ARNOLD, LUDWIG               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-15-30
ARNOLD, SYBIL                CLARKSON                      NY-28-28-257
ARNOLD, WILLIAM B.           OGDEN                         NY-28-41-427
ARNOLD, WILLIAM E.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-36-10
ARNOLDT, GEORGE              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-50-334
ARNOLDT, JOHANNA             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-57-503
ARTHUR, MARGARET S.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-66-193
ARTLIP, HANNAH               PERRINTON                     NY-28-33-253
ASALL, ELIZABETH             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-13-323
ASH, MICHAEL                 HENRIETTA                     NY-28-46-296
ASH, WILLIAM                 MENDON                        NY-28-40-316
ASHE, MARGARET H.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-55-397
ASHLEY, ISAAC                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-27-458
ASHLEY, LEURENDUS B.         ROCHESTER                     NY-28-52-409
ASHLEY, ROSCOE B.            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-63-551
ASHLEY, WILLIAM JARVIS       ROCHESTER                     NY-28-64-166
ASHTON, MARY L.              PARMA                         NY-28-46-299
ASHTON, THOMAS               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-52-178
ASKIN, GEORGE                CHILI                         NY-28-47-107
ATCHINSON, AUSTIN            SPENCERPORT                   NY-28-51-191
ATCHINSON, JOHN              PARMA                         NY-28-5-399
ATCHINSON, OLIVE D.          OGDEN                         NY-28-62-419
ATCHISON, ROSWELL D.         PARMA                         NY-28-14-766
ATHERALL, MARY ANN           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-42-358
ATKIN, MARY ANN              ROCHESTER                     NY-28-65-265
ATKINS, JAMES H.             BROCKPORT                     NY-28-56-166
ATWOOD, JOHN                 PENFIELD                      NY-28-2-421
AUBEL, HENRY                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-20-265
AUBEL, MARY B.               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-35-478
AUCHTER, DSAVID              GREECE                        NY-28-65-55
AUCHTER, MARIA               GREECE                        NY-28-62-175
AUER, CAHTARINE M.           ROCHESTER                     NY-28-26-17
AUER, JOHN H.                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-43-364
AUSTIN, CAROLINE             WHEATLAND                     NY-28-17-182
AUSTIN, CORNELIUS            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-12-240
AUSTIN, CORNELIUS            WHEATLAND                     NY-28-35-196
AUSTIN, GEORGE               HAMLIN                        NY-28-11-129
AUSTIN, HANNAH               PENFIELD                      NY-28-1-34
AUTEN, PAUL                  CHILI                         NY-28-2-217
AVERILL, ALICE JANE          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-51-22
AVERY, GEORGE A.             ROCHESTER                     NY-28-6-372
AVERY, MYRA C.               BROCKPORT                     NY-28-41-388
AVERY, SUSAN                 ROCHESTER                     NY-28-59-431
AYER, DELILAH                BRIGHTON                      NY-28-48-80
AYERS, PRISCILLA C.          ROCHESTER                     NY-28-32-4
AYLWORTH, CAROLINE L.        ROCHESTER                     NY-28-14-284
AYRAULT, ALLEN               ROCHESTER                     NY-28-15-426
AYRAULT, ANNA                ROCHESTER                     NY-28-64-325
AYRAULT, HULDAH              PERINTON                      NY-28-31-157
AYRAULT, JOHN                PERINTON                      NY-28-8-536
AYRAULT, NICHOLAS            ROCHESTER                     NY-28-5-10
AYRES, JAMES                 BRIGHTON                      NY-28-13-652

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