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NASH, CHARITY                           NY-26-12-185
NASH, HARRIET A.                        NY-26-21-193
NASH, WILLIAM C.                        NY-26-19-393
NEEDHAM, HARRIET                        NY-26-17-550
NELSON, JESSE                           NY-26-2-328
NELSON, JOHN                            NY-26-10-429
NELSON, NANCY R.                        NY-26-16-39
NEVILLE, HANORA                         NY-26-17-46
NEWBERRY, ELIZABETH                     NY-26-3-50
NEWCOMB, JOSEPH G.                      NY-26-19-459
NEWMAN, AARON                           NY-26-7-446
NEWMAN, ABNER                           NY-26-1-63
NEWMAN, DANIEL W.                       NY-26-9-213
NEWMAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-26-21-199
NEWMAN, ISAAC RILEY                     NY-26-15-163
NEWMAN, JOEL                            NY-26-4-9
NEWMAN, SARAH                           NY-26-13-205
NEWTON, ASA                             NY-26-1-43
NEWTON, POLLY A.                        NY-26-20-94
NEWTON, ROBERT                          NY-26-12-199
NICHOLS, GEORGE                         NY-26-17-55
NICHOLS, JOHN                           NY-26-10-5
NICHOSON, ROBERT                        NY-26-17-220
NILES, EDWARD                           NY-26-6-349
NIXON, SARAH E.                         NY-26-17-67
NOBLE, ROSALIE A.                       NY-26-19-135
NOONAN, JOHN                            NY-26-20-100
NOONAN, THOMAS                          NY-26-21-205
NORTH, ELIZABETH                        NY-26-20-220
NORTH, HENRY P.                         NY-26-16-43
NORTH, RACHEL P.                        NY-26-16-65
NORTHROP, AMOS                          NY-26-4-134
NORTHROP, WILLIAM                       NY-26-16-175
NORTHRUP, ANDERSON                      NY-26-12-327
NORTON, CALVIN                          NY-26-10-389
NORTON, FRANK                           NY-26-15-100
NORTON, ISSI                            NY-26-6-181
NORTON, JAMES T.                        NY-26-6-577
NORTON, MARY ANN                        NY-26-16-203
NORTON, SARAH                           NY-26-3-401
NORTON, SARAH                           NY-26-11-397
NORTON, SYBYL S.                        NY-26-12-375
NOTT, HENRY A.                          NY-26-14-447
NOTT, WILLIAM N.                        NY-26-19-141
NOTTINGHAM, GEORGE                      NY-26-15-217
NOWLAN, TOBIAS                          NY-26-21-154
NOYES, DANIEL W.                        NY-26-13-413
OAKES, ISAAC                            NY-26-7-375
OAKES, MARY                             NY-26-12-179
OAKS, JOSEPH B.                         NY-26-15-220
OBERDORF, JOSEPH                        NY-26-3-339
OBERDORF, LESTER                        NY-26-13-89
OBRIAN, HENRY                           NY-26-20-37
OBRIEN, BRIDGET                         NY-26-20-592
OBRIEN, MICHAEL                         NY-26-19-261
OBRIEN, OWEN                            NY-26-10-59
ODONNELL, FELIX                         NY-26-20-367
OGDEN, ELIJAH K.                        NY-26-6-139
OGDEN, EZEKIEL                          NY-26-18-90
OGDEN, JOHN                             NY-26-2B-315
OHARA, HUGH H.                          NY-26-19-559
OHARA, JAMES                            NY-26-16-131
OHARA, LAWRENCE                         NY-26-12-221
OHARA, MARY                             NY-26-21-493
OHARRA, MARTIN                          NY-26-8-106
OKEEFE, JOHN L. J.                      NY-26-12-35
OLEARY, CORNELIUS                       NY-26-5-591
OLEARY, CORNELIUS                       NY-26-21-307
OLEARY, CORNELIUS                       NY-26-21-472
OLEARY, JOHN                            NY-26-15-97
OLEARY, JOSEPH                          NY-26-14-510
OLEARY, PATRICK                         NY-26-16-139
OLEARY, TIMOTHY                         NY-26-14-127
OLIVER, BETSEY                          NY-26-16-93
OLIVER, DANIEL H.                       NY-26-19-317
OLIVER, ISABELLA                        NY-26-10-37
OLLERENSHAW, BENJAMIN                   NY-26-9-209
OLLERENSHAW, THOMAS                     NY-26-5-331
OLMSTED, CORNELIA B.                    NY-26-13-61
OLMSTED, LUCIUS F.                      NY-26-9-29
OLMSTED, MARTHA P.                      NY-26-10-25
OLMSTED, SARAH CONE                     NY-26-20-31
OLMSTED, WILLIAM H.                     NY-26-15-43
OLNEY, NATHANIEL                        NY-26-10-65
OLNEY, SAMANTHA                         NY-26-16-423
OLP, JOSEPH P.                          NY-26-20-445
OLP, MARY A.                            NY-26-15-133
OLP, SARAH                              NY-26-3-151
ONEIL, MICHAEL                          NY-26-16-29
OPPAL, JOHN                             NY-26-16-559
ORTON, EMILY S.                         NY-26-21-568
ORTON, JAMES                            NY-26-13-181
ORTON, JAMES S.                         NY-26-13-593
ORTON, MARIA M.                         NY-26-13-501
OSBORN, ASENETH                         NY-26-9-13
OSBORN, PATRICK                         NY-26-12-7
OSBORNE, MARY E.                        NY-26-15-46
OSGOOD, ISAAC                           NY-26-3-23
OSGOODBY, JOHN H.                       NY-26-9-511
OTOOLE, DAVID                           NY-26-16-83
OTOOLE, PATRICK                         NY-26-19-425
OUTTERSON, GEORGE                       NY-26-19-233
OWENS, MICHAEL                          NY-26-16-349
PACKARD, ELNATHAN W.                    NY-26-16-143
PACKARD, MARTHA W.                      NY-26-20-238
PACKARD, PAULINA C.                     NY-26-17-52
PAGE, ALBERT                            NY-26-11-377
PAGE, HERMAN D.                         NY-26-17-235
PAINE, DELOS S.                         NY-26-19-255
PAINE, EARL J.                          NY-26-12-339
PAINE, WILLIAM                          NY-26-11-33
PAINTON, ASENATH                        NY-26-20-433
PAINTON, RICHARD                        NY-26-12-391
PALMER, ADDIE                           NY-26-20-460
PALMER, ANDREW J.                       NY-26-19-367
PALMER, ARMILLIA                        NY-26-16-111
PALMER, GILBERT T.                      NY-26-20-589
PALMER, ISAAC                           NY-26-12-461
PALMER, TRUMAN                          NY-26-12-209
PALMS, SUSAN                            NY-26-10-107
PARK, ISABELLA M.                       NY-26-16-123
PARKER, CALVIN S.                       NY-26-17-31
PARKER, DAVID C.                        NY-26-14-211
PARKER, ELEAZER D.                      NY-26-3-370
PARKER, FRANCES E.                      NY-26-15-451
PARKER, HELEN R.                        NY-26-20-214
PARKER, LUTHER                          NY-26-1-55
PARKER, ROBERT                          NY-26-10-191
PARKER, WILLIAM                         NY-26-2B-342
PARKER, WILLIAM B.                      NY-26-12-521
PARKES, EMILY                           NY-26-17-253
PARKS, CATHARINE                        NY-26-10-445
PARMELE, SMITH                          NY-26-4-136
PARSHALL, DAVID                         NY-26-12-33
PARSHALL, EDWIN A.                      NY-26-16-527
PARSHALL, HIRAM                         NY-26-20-163
PARSHALL, JOHN D.                       NY-26-21-397
PARSONS, LEVI                           NY-26-21-214
PASSAGE, DANIEL                         NY-26-13-465
PATCHIN, IRA                            NY-26-21-202
PATTERSON, ALEXANDER                    NY-26-8-218
PATTERSON, HARRIET N.                   NY-26-12-297
PATTERSON, JOHN                         NY-26-11-257
PATTERSON, PALMER                       NY-26-9-397
PATTERSON, ROBERT G.                    NY-26-21-544
PATTERSON, ROBERT J.                    NY-26-21-13
PATTRIDGE, WILLIAM BURTON               NY-26-21-343
PEARSON, BENJAMIN                       NY-26-2-240
PEASE, ELIJAH                           NY-26-5-181
PEASE, ELIPHALET                        NY-26-5-301
PEASE, EMERSON J.                       NY-26-9-77
PEASE, HARVEY                           NY-26-5-319
PEASE, HENRY                            NY-26-1-86
PEASE, HENRY                            NY-26-9-21
PEASE, HENRY C.                         NY-26-10-505
PEASE, SARAH J.                         NY-26-19-445
PEASE, SIMEON                           NY-26-15-172
PECK, ARCHIBALD                         NY-26-13-21
PECK, CYNTHIA                           NY-26-13-5
PECK, HENRY                             NY-26-8-330
PECK, MARTHA A.                         NY-26-11-49
PECK, MARY C.                           NY-26-12-269
PECK, RICHARD                           NY-26-14-351
PECK, SARAH BUTLER                      NY-26-7-471
PECK, THOMAS                            NY-26-2B-353
PECKHAM, HESTER A.                      NY-26-21-253
PENDERGAST, JAMES                       NY-26-19-429
PENGRA, ALTHEA                          NY-26-8-102
PENGRA, BELINA                          NY-26-8-458
PENNINGOTN, SARAH                       NY-26-21-46
PENNINGTON, SUE A.                      NY-26-14-450
PENNY, HELEN F.                         NY-26-19-49
PENNY, MARK                             NY-26-19-65
PERINE, ELIZA                           NY-26-10-109
PERINE, FRANCIS M.                      NY-26-21-421
PERINE, JAMES                           NY-26-3-426
PERINE, ROBERT C.                       NY-26-11-225
PERINE, WILLIAM                         NY-26-3-160
PERINE, WILLIAM                         NY-26-11-493
PERKINS, ABNER                          NY-26-3-476
PERKINS, ELISHA                         NY-26-3-20
PERKINS, ELIZABETH                      NY-26-3-191
PERKINS, JAMES                          NY-26-12-237
PERKINS, SARAH                          NY-26-2B-38
PERRINE, JAMES B.                       NY-26-21-496
PERRINE, JOHN                           NY-26-15-343
PERRY, PREVIZ                           NY-26-12-15
PETERS, PATRICK                         NY-26-17-406
PETERSON, CHARLOTTE                     NY-26-12-299
PETERSON, JEROME                        NY-26-3-323
PETRIE, LUCRETIA                        NY-26-19-27
PETTINGER, DANIEL S.                    NY-26-8-298
PFUNTNER, PATRICK                       NY-26-17-583
PHALEN, JAMES                           NY-26-9-301
PHALEN, JOHN                            NY-26-16-357
PHELPS, AMANDA M.                       NY-26-16-575
PHELPS, GEORGE S.                       NY-26-6-241
PHELPS, GEORGE W.                       NY-26-20-502
PHELPS, LESTER                          NY-26-14-295
PHILLIPS, BARZILLA                      NY-26-3-92
PHILLIPS, JOHN                          NY-26-3-463
PHILLIPS, JOHN A.                       NY-26-12-125
PICKARD, ABRAM                          NY-26-14-151
PICKELL, JOHN                           NY-26-8-482
PICKELL, NANCY G.                       NY-26-12-113
PIERCE, CHARLES S.                      NY-26-3-362
PIERCE, EDWARD                          NY-26-10-63
PIERCE, EMILY A.                        NY-26-16-279
PIERCE, JAMES P.                        NY-26-21-172
PIERCE, RACHEL D.                       NY-26-9-237
PIERCE, SAMUEL                          NY-26-2-252
PIERCE, SAMUEL                          NY-26-2-281
PIERCE, WILLIAM M.                      NY-26-16-217
PIERSON, BRADLEY M.                     NY-26-16-447
PIERSON, EGBERT B.                      NY-26-6-109
PIFFARD, ANN MATILDA                    NY-26-12-315
PIFFARD, ANN MATILDA                    NY-26-20-382
PIFFARD, DAVID                          NY-26-9-517
PIFFARD, SARAH EYRE                     NY-26-13-113
PINE, JOSEPH M.                         NY-26-3-468
PIXLEY, ZILPAH                          NY-26-8-54
POND, MYRA W.                           NY-26-16-477
PORTER, ALBERT                          NY-26-2B-335
PORTER, ALICIA R.                       NY-26-19-543
PORTER, ELIZABETH                       NY-26-19-515
PORTER, LEONARD G.                      NY-26-2B-255
PORTER, MEHETABLE                       NY-26-9-165
PORTER, RICHARD N.                      NY-26-5-109
PORTER, RICHARD W.                      NY-26-8-146
POST, WILLIAM W.                        NY-26-19-489
POTTER, ELIZABETH                       NY-26-13-77
POTTER, MARY                            NY-26-15-10
POTTER, PHILLIP                         NY-26-19-45
POVALL, HENRY                           NY-26-17-370
POWELL, ABIGAIL                         NY-26-9-321
POWELL, ABIGAIL                         NY-26-13-549
POWELL, AMELIA A.                       NY-26-21-184
POWELL, CHLOE                           NY-26-7-299
POWELL, CURTIS                          NY-26-8-242
POWELL, DOLLY                           NY-26-5-577
POWELL, JASPER                          NY-26-13-173
POWELL, LUTHER                          NY-26-6-415
POWELL, MARIAH V. W.                    NY-26-17-125
POWELL, ROWLAND                         NY-26-6-499
POWELL, SHELDON                         NY-26-12-233
POWERS, CHARLOTTE E.                    NY-26-17-457
POWERS, ELIZABETH                       NY-26-10-469
POWERS, PETER                           NY-26-12-191
POWERS, WILLIAM D.                      NY-26-6-391
PRATT, CHARLOTTE                        NY-26-3-334
PRATT, GEORGE                           NY-26-3-260
PRATT, SARAH A.                         NY-26-14-277
PRATT, STEPHEN                          NY-26-10-21
PRAY, ISAAC                             NY-26-18-98
PRAY, JAMES                             NY-26-9-463
PRAY, JOHN                              NY-26-6-403
PREESTON, JOHN                          NY-26-7-323
PRESTON, CARRIE H.                      NY-26-21-538
PRESTON, GEORGE H.                      NY-26-10-121
PRESTON, LEWIS                          NY-26-5-25
PRESTON, ORPHA M.                       NY-26-16-189
PRESTON, ORRIN S.                       NY-26-19-221
PRICE, CHARLOTTE B.                     NY-26-19-433
PRICE, EDWARD M.                        NY-26-20-211
PRICE, FRANCES J.                       NY-26-19-275
PRICE, JAMES                            NY-26-21-142
PRICE, JAMES T.                         NY-26-12-55
PRICE, LEMUEL                           NY-26-19-477
PRICE, NOAH                             NY-26-2-80
PRINDLE, CHARLES L.                     NY-26-12-441
PROSSER, BETHIAH                        NY-26-10-101
PROSSER, JANET                          NY-26-19-249
PRUSSIA, MINA                           NY-26-18-190
PURCHASE, BETSEY                        NY-26-15-463
PURSEL, WILLIAM                         NY-26-16-199
PURSELL, AMELIA P.                      NY-26-12-257
PURSELL, JOHN                           NY-26-14-399
QUICK, JOHN A.                          NY-26-21-469
QUINCY, FRANK                           NY-26-16-567
RADFORD, MARTHA J.                      NY-26-12-485
RADFORD, WILLIAM SR.                    NY-26-17-199
RAMBO, PRUDENCE J.                      NY-26-14-271
RAMSEY, JOHN                            NY-26-15-67
RAMSEY, WILLIAM                         NY-26-16-579
RANDALL, GEORGE W.                      NY-26-21-43
RANK, HANNAH M.                         NY-26-17-355
RATCLIFFE, ESTHER                       NY-26-20-199
RATHBONE, ZEBULON                       NY-26-8-314
RAU, BENJAMIN                           NY-26-18-182
RAU, CLARISSA                           NY-26-10-421
RAU, DANIEL                             NY-26-20-301
RAU, ERHARD                             NY-26-15-40
RAU, JOSEPH                             NY-26-13-365
RAU, NELSON                             NY-26-9-109
RAUBER, PAUL                            NY-26-15-445
RAWSON, ELIAS                           NY-26-3-281
RAY, ABEL                               NY-26-10-409
READSHAW, BENJAMIN F.                   NY-26-12-423
REARDON, MARY                           NY-26-15-235
REDDICK, JAMES                          NY-26-19-327
REDFIELD, LUCYJ.                        NY-26-19-13
REDMARD, ALEXANDER                      NY-26-19-137
REDMOND, NANCY                          NY-26-21-556
REDMOND, SAMUEL                         NY-26-17-391
REDMOND, THOMAS                         NY-26-16-433
REED, HORATIO                           NY-26-5-151
REED, ISAAC LEWIS                       NY-26-2-276
REED, JACOB B.                          NY-26-2B-11
REED, JOHN                              NY-26-2B-229
REED, JOHN Z.                           NY-26-9-357
REED, LUBERT O.                         NY-26-16-537
REED, OZIAS                             NY-26-2B-65
REESE, ELIZA S.                         NY-26-19-507
REID, ALEXANDER                         NY-26-2B-74
REID, ALEXANDER                         NY-26-20-316
REMINGTON, MAJOR D.                     NY-26-14-136
REMINGTON, MARY A.                      NY-26-20-370
REMMEL, JACOB                           NY-26-17-16
REMMEL, MARGARET                        NY-26-17-376
RENWICK, ARCHIBALD                      NY-26-16-359
RESSEGINE, JEROME                       NY-26-18-206
REYNALE, MARY                           NY-26-20-289
REYNALE, WILLIAM H.                     NY-26-9-345
REYNOLDS, AZIZA                         NY-26-14-82
REYNOLDS, ELIZA                         NY-26-6-235
RHEYNHAMMER, CATHARINE                  NY-26-11-277
RICCHARD, JOHN                          NY-26-3-294
RICE, ELIJAH                            NY-26-3-61
RICE, ELIJAH A.                         NY-26-19-363
RICE, JAMES                             NY-26-17-292
RICH, ALATHERE                          NY-26-12-271
RICH, EUNICE S.                         NY-26-5-397
RICHARD, SARAH L.                       NY-26-15-562
RICHARDS, DANIEL                        NY-26-2B-175
RICHARDS, MOSES                         NY-26-17-361
RICHARDSON, HELEN A.                    NY-26-12-321
RICHARDSON, JENNETT                     NY-26-20-202
RICHARDSON, LOVINA                      NY-26-9-133
RICHMOND, JAMES                         NY-26-8-370
RICHMOND, LUCY L.                       NY-26-20-352
RICHMOND, MARIA                         NY-26-19-571
RICHMOND, SYLVESTER                     NY-26-17-76
RIDER, MARIA ELLSWORTH                  NY-26-12-261
RILEY, CATHERINE                        NY-26-19-283
RILEY, RICHARD A.                       NY-26-11-85
RILEY, SARAH A.                         NY-26-16-463
RINGLAND, JAMES                         NY-26-16-47
RINGLAND, MARY                          NY-26-16-51
RIPLEY, HORATIO M.                      NY-26-21-40
RIPLEY, LEMAN G.                        NY-26-19-103
RIPPEY, HUGH                            NY-26-6-25
RIPPEY, JOHN                            NY-26-19-11
RITCHIE, CATHERINE G.                   NY-26-12-171
RITCHIE, MONTGOMERY                     NY-26-7-11
RITTENHOUSE, ALASON                     NY-26-16-137
RITZENTHALER, JOSEPH                    NY-26-12-21
RITZENTHALER, SUSAN                     NY-26-20-175
RIX, SYLVESTER                          NY-26-16-511
ROBART, MARY A.                         NY-26-21-433
ROBERSON, GORDON L.                     NY-26-21-277
ROBERTS, BENJAMIN                       NY-26-3-368
ROBERTS, EDWARD L.                      NY-26-8-29
ROBERTS, HANNAH                         NY-26-14-591
ROBERTS, JAMES W.                       NY-26-21-286
ROBERTS, JESSE                          NY-26-10-43
ROBERTS, SABAN                          NY-26-4-128
ROBERTS, SHERBURN                       NY-26-20-121
ROBERTS, SILAS                          NY-26-5-505
ROBERTS, THOMAS                         NY-26-6-283
ROBERTSON, JENNETT                      NY-26-11-329
ROBERTSON, SAMUEL                       NY-26-12-489
ROBINSON, LEVI                          NY-26-13-569
ROBINSON, LEWIS                         NY-26-8-282
ROBINSON, MARY A. G.                    NY-26-20-565
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                        NY-26-7-257
ROBINSON, STEPHEN                       NY-26-17-19
ROCKAFELLOW, ADELIA A.                  NY-26-14-456
ROCKAFELLOW, SAMUEL                     NY-26-6-271
ROE, CHARLES J.                         NY-26-19-213
ROE, LAURETTE                           NY-26-20-361
ROE, SAMUEL T.                          NY-26-20-406
ROGERS, BENJAMIN                        NY-26-6-409
ROGERS, BENJAMIN                        NY-26-12-263
ROGERS, DAVID S.                        NY-26-12-275
ROHNER, JOHN                            NY-26-15-538
ROLISON, JOHN                           NY-26-14-303
ROLISON, MATTHIAS                       NY-26-20-559
ROLLINS, ROBERT                         NY-26-19-199
ROMIG, THOMAS                           NY-26-9-349
ROOT, AMOS                              NY-26-6-175
ROOT, ELI                               NY-26-3-95
ROOT, EUGENIA                           NY-26-19-421
ROOT, HARRIET A.                        NY-26-20-139
ROOT, ISREAL J.                         NY-26-4-5
ROOT, JOHN P.                           NY-26-3-443
ROOT, ROSWELL                           NY-26-1-77
ROOT, ZARA B.                           NY-26-9-221
RORBACH, JOHN                           NY-26-18-350
ROSE, BENJAMIN S.                       NY-26-19-1
ROSE, CYRUS                             NY-26-18-278
ROSE, SARAH ELIZABETH                   NY-26-17-22
ROSEBURGH, CHRISTIANA                   NY-26-13-117
ROSS, JOEL                              NY-26-16-7
ROSS, ROBERT                            NY-26-11-229
ROUSE, JEROME                           NY-26-7-360
ROWAN, PATRICK                          NY-26-21-334
ROWE, HENRY                             NY-26-17-214
ROWLEY, JONATHAN                        NY-26-2-176
ROWLEY, JUDAH                           NY-26-3-285
ROYCE, MARGARET P.                      NY-26-15-121
RUNNER, WILLIAM A.                      NY-26-18-138
RUNYAN, PHILETUS J.                     NY-26-14-31
RUSS, AARON                             NY-26-4-27
RUSS, KIMBALL W.                        NY-26-21-322
RUSSEL, JANE A.                         NY-26-13-141
RUSSEL, SALLIE R.                       NY-26-15-187
RUSSELL, AUGUSTUS                       NY-26-14-375
RUSSELL, GEORGE N.                      NY-26-6-259
RUSSELL, ISAAC                          NY-26-2B-34
RUTHERFORD, ADAM                        NY-26-12-487
RUTHERFORD, WALTER                      NY-26-16-255
RYAN, THOMAS                            NY-26-8-21
RYAN, THOMAS                            NY-26-19-349
RYERSS, CAROLINE C.                     NY-26-12-149
SABIN, HOMER                            NY-26-20-1
SABIN, RUFUS                            NY-26-15-70
SACKETT, ORANGE                         NY-26-11-445
SAGE, ADALINE                           NY-26-19-155
SALINGER, ISSACHER                      NY-26-21-262
SALSICH, JOSEPH                         NY-26-11-69
SAMPLE, CATHARINE                       NY-26-3-195
SANBORN, JOSEPH                         NY-26-16-311
SANDERS, BENJAMIN                       NY-26-12-371
SANFORD, LOUISA                         NY-26-19-23
SANFORD, STEPHEN                        NY-26-2B-448
SATTERLEE, HALSEY                       NY-26-15-115
SATTERLEE, JONATHAN BARTON              NY-26-17-427
SATTERLEY, SYLVESTER                    NY-26-6-91
SAWYER, WALTER                          NY-26-21-460
SAXTON, HANNAH                          NY-26-20-7
SAXTON, NELSON                          NY-26-21-310
SAYRE, HARVEY                           NY-26-14-1
SCHARIO, ANDREW                         NY-26-16-293
SCHLEGEL, PHILIP                        NY-26-11-21
SCHLICK, MICHAEL                        NY-26-13-153
SCHLICK, THEODORE                       NY-26-11-233
SCHNER, PETER P.                        NY-26-12-353
SCHOTT, DEOBOLD                         NY-26-2-113
SCHUBMEHL, JACOB                        NY-26-16-183
SCHUMEHL, FRANK                         NY-26-15-298
SCHUSTER, GEORGE M.                     NY-26-15-580
SCHWARTZ, GEORGE M.                     NY-26-17-13
SCHWINGEL, SUSAN                        NY-26-13-585
SCHWINGLE, ELIZABETH                    NY-26-15-316
SCOTT, ANN                              NY-26-16-11
SCOTT, CYNTHIA L.                       NY-26-6-517
SCOTT, ELIZABETH                        NY-26-10-273
SCOTT, GEORGE                           NY-26-2-193
SCOTT, JAMES                            NY-26-2B-366
SCOTT, JOHN                             NY-26-14-166
SCOTT, JONATHAN                         NY-26-9-369
SCOTT, ROBERT H.                        NY-26-12-219
SCOTT, VENUS                            NY-26-17-250
SCOTT, WALTER W.                        NY-26-16-185
SCOTT, WILLIAM R.                       NY-26-12-181
SCOVILLE, CARRIE M.                     NY-26-7-23
SCOVILLE, MARCUS L.                     NY-26-16-497
SCOVILLE, RILEY                         NY-26-3-421
SCOVILLE, WARREN B.                     NY-26-16-495
SCULLY, CATHERINE                       NY-26-19-549
SEAGER, MICAH                           NY-26-10-361
SEARCH, LOT                             NY-26-17-352
SEARCH, WILLIAM                         NY-26-19-331
SECCOY, HANNA DOYLE                     NY-26-19-373
SEDAM, DANIEL P.                        NY-26-14-420
SEEK, ADAM                              NY-26-15-199
SEELYE, EMILY                           NY-26-16-13
SEELYE, JOHN                            NY-26-4-16
SENDEL, MICHAEL                         NY-26-5-85
SEVERSON, DARIUS                        NY-26-10-465
SEYLER, PAULINA                         NY-26-15-553
SEYMOUR, EMILY M.                       NY-26-15-79
SEYMOUR, SILAS M.                       NY-26-19-223
SEYMOUR, SILENCE                        NY-26-12-345
SHAFER, CLARINDA                        NY-26-16-427
SHAFER, JACOB                           NY-26-9-149
SHAFER, JANE                            NY-26-21-520
SHAFER, THOMAS A.                       NY-26-9-293
SHAFFER, HENRY                          NY-26-12-153
SHANDLOW, SARAH E.                      NY-26-19-599
SHANK, FREELOVE                         NY-26-15-433
SHANK, JOHN                             NY-26-16-555
SHANNON, ELIZA D.                       NY-26-19-195
SHANNON, WILLIAM                        NY-26-16-459
SHARP, DENNIS E.                        NY-26-19-73
SHARP, ELIZABETH                        NY-26-13-189
SHARP, EPHRAIM                          NY-26-11-369
SHARP, HENRY                            NY-26-14-16
SHARP, JULIA H.                         NY-26-15-244
SHARP, TITUS                            NY-26-19-143
SHARP, WARREN                           NY-26-16-41
SHAVER, STEPHEN                         NY-26-17-97
SHAW, GEORGE W.                         NY-26-14-570
SHAW, MOSES                             NY-26-3-149
SHAW, OLIVER                            NY-26-14-286
SHEFLIN, TERRENCE                       NY-26-15-142
SHELDON, EZRA                           NY-26-10-397
SHELDON, JOSEPH P.                      NY-26-5-313
SHELDON, OREN                           NY-26-8-406
SHELDON, POMEROY                        NY-26-15-385
SHELDON, SALLY                          NY-26-12-123
SHEPARD, CORNELIUS                      NY-26-14-145
SHEPARD, DAVID                          NY-26-3-274
SHEPARD, ELIZABETH                      NY-26-9-281
SHEPARD, SPAULDING                      NY-26-15-226
SHERLOCK, ELLEN E.                      NY-26-14-435
SHERMAN, GEORGE W.                      NY-26-14-265
SHERWOOD, CLARK                         NY-26-17-538
SHERWOOD, JOHN                          NY-26-6-571
SHERWOOD, LYDIA                         NY-26-18-6
SHERWOOD, RACHEL                        NY-26-9-225
SHORT, LEMUEL C.                        NY-26-21-394
SHORT, PERSIS E.                        NY-26-20-562
SHORT, PHILLIP SR.                      NY-26-4-123
SHORT, WARREN D.                        NY-26-8-258
SHUTE, RICHARD                          NY-26-5-307
SHUTT, JOHN                             NY-26-10-481
SHUTT, SARAH                            NY-26-20-286
SIKES, RHODA                            NY-26-3-327
SILL, ANDREW                            NY-26-14-205
SILL, JANE                              NY-26-12-81
SILSBE, LEMUEL                          NY-26-12-141
SILSBEE, JACOB                          NY-26-15-295
SILVER, WILDER                          NY-26-17-256
SIMON, JOHN H.                          NY-26-19-217
SIMONS, ALVIN                           NY-26-2-101
SIMPSON, ALEXANDER P.                   NY-26-14-561
SIMPSON, JAMES                          NY-26-14-402
SIMPSON, MARGARET                       NY-26-3-293
SINCLAIR, ARCHIBALD                     NY-26-12-67
SINCLAIR, CHRISTINA                     NY-26-12-161
SINCLAIR, DAVID                         NY-26-2B-165
SINCLAIR, DUNCAN                        NY-26-2-211
SINCLAIR, HUGH                          NY-26-5-451
SINCLAIR, JAMES                         NY-26-8-86
SINCLAIR, JAMES D.                      NY-26-15-481
SINCLAIR, JANE                          NY-26-14-414
SINCLAIR, MARGARET                      NY-26-16-355
SINCLAIR, MARGARETTA H.                 NY-26-8-202
SKELLIE, BETSEY                         NY-26-3-430
SKINNER, A. ADELLA                      NY-26-20-58
SKINNER, OLIVER                         NY-26-5-7
SKUSE, MARGARET                         NY-26-19-371
SLACK, ISAAC S.                         NY-26-11-197
SLAGER, JACOB                           NY-26-18-146
SLAIGHT, WILLIAM J.                     NY-26-16-219
SLATE, MARIA D.                         NY-26-16-397
SLATER, LAURA                           NY-26-13-13
SLATTERY, MARY                          NY-26-12-421
SLATTERY, THOMAS                        NY-26-16-491
SLAYTON, NELSON B.                      NY-26-7-507
SLIKER, ANNA                            NY-26-17-574
SLIKER, GABRIEL                         NY-26-10-77
SLIKER, LAWRENCE                        NY-26-5-355
SLOAT, JOHN J.                          NY-26-2-291
SLOAXE, EMILY                           NY-26-10-177
SLOVER, ABRAM                           NY-26-2B-71
SMALLEY, JOHN W.                        NY-26-15-337
SMEAD, SARAH E.                         NY-26-20-535
SMITH, ADAM                             NY-26-14-148
SMITH, ALICE C.                         NY-26-21-85
SMITH, ALLYN                            NY-26-5-247
SMITH, AMANDA V.                        NY-26-10-135
SMITH, AMMON                            NY-26-13-329
SMITH, ANSON D.                         NY-26-8-118
SMITH, CAROLINE L.                      NY-26-20-172
SMITH, CAROLINE L.                      NY-26-20-169
SMITH, CHRISTIAN                        NY-26-14-504
SMITH, DUNCAN                           NY-26-14-459
SMITH, EPHRAIM                          NY-26-14-85
SMITH, FRANCES A.                       NY-26-7-331
SMITH, GEORGE BRANCH                    NY-26-20-250
SMITH, GEORGE WOLCOTT                   NY-26-19-555
SMITH, HENRY W. C.                      NY-26-10-19
SMITH, HIRAM                            NY-26-19-269
SMITH, HIRAM B.                         NY-26-6-49
SMITH, HORACE                           NY-26-19-557
SMITH, JACOB B.                         NY-26-7-432
SMITH, JERUSHA                          NY-26-21-550
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-26-10-345
SMITH, JOHN F.                          NY-26-12-317
SMITH, JOSEPH W.                        NY-26-11-389
SMITH, JUSTINE                          NY-26-9-475
SMITH, LAMBERT S.                       NY-26-2-39
SMITH, LOUISA A.                        NY-26-12-3
SMITH, LYMAN                            NY-26-9-309
SMITH, MARK Q.                          NY-26-21-133
SMITH, MARTHA STANLEY                   NY-26-19-171
SMITH, MARY                             NY-26-9-73
SMITH, MARY E. REYNALE                  NY-26-13-577
SMITH, NATHAN                           NY-26-4-66
SMITH, RHODA                            NY-26-15-448
SMITH, RHODA                            NY-26-3-299
SMITH, ROBERT                           NY-26-10-175
SMITH, SAMUEL W.                        NY-26-9-121
SMITH, SARAH J.                         NY-26-15-124
SMITH, STEPHEN K.                       NY-26-11-333
SMITH, THOMAS                           NY-26-17-28
SMITH, WICKES                           NY-26-2B-192
SMITH, WILLARD H.                       NY-26-6-487
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-26-20-25
SMITH, WILLIAM W.                       NY-26-19-149
SMOCK, LOVINA                           NY-26-9-117
SNATH, DANIEL                           NY-26-10-57
SNOW, LOUISA F.                         NY-26-12-403
SNYDER, ADAM                            NY-26-12-17
SNYDER, ALONZO                          NY-26-14-531
SNYDER, ASENETH                         NY-26-10-7
SNYDER, BENJAMIN                        NY-26-3-481
SNYDER, GEORGE L.                       NY-26-9-49
SNYDER, GEORGE L.                       NY-26-8-430
SNYDER, NELSON F.                       NY-26-13-373
SPARKS, MARY E.                         NY-26-19-583
SPENCE, MARY                            NY-26-9-361
SPENCER, RODERICK P.                    NY-26-17-505
SPIER, JAMES                            NY-26-4-141
SPINNING, WILLIAM                       NY-26-9-217
SPINNING, WILLIAM T.                    NY-26-18-338
SPRAGUE, MARY E.                        NY-26-11-249
SPRING, SARAH M.                        NY-26-19-447
SQUIRE, ALMIRA                          NY-26-17-265
SQUIRE, BENJAMIN                        NY-26-3-43
SQUIRE, SARAH                           NY-26-11-73
STACY, ALANSON                          NY-26-12-459
STACY, DAVID                            NY-26-16-107
STADLER, CHARLES                        NY-26-21-94
STANLEY, LORINDA                        NY-26-16-431
STANLEY, LUMON                          NY-26-2B-226
STANLEY, SUSAN B.                       NY-26-9-53
STANTON, NATHAN                         NY-26-21-484
STAPLEY, HUMPHREY                       NY-26-11-441
STAPLEY, SEAMAN                         NY-26-17-448
STARKEY, MARY                           NY-26-15-73
STARR, HENRY                            NY-26-11-117
STARR, MARTIN                           NY-26-11-281
STEBBINS, ELVIRA A.                     NY-26-13-97
STEDMAN, BENJAMIN L.                    NY-26-13-429
STEDMAN, ELI                            NY-26-9-105
STEDMAN, LUCIA E.                       NY-26-14-417
STEDMAN, SELAH                          NY-26-2B-431
STEELE, CATHARINE                       NY-26-19-307
STEFFY, LUCINDA KUHN                    NY-26-19-257
STEFFY, MARY                            NY-26-16-413
STEFFY, RAMOUS                          NY-26-16-313
STEIN, GEORGE                           NY-26-19-61
STEINHARDT, GEORGE                      NY-26-11-189
STEPHENSON, ROBERT R.                   NY-26-14-489
STERNER, EDWIN                          NY-26-18-230
STERNER, ELIZABETH                      NY-26-19-311
STEVENS, HENRY F.                       NY-26-16-509
STEVENS, LUCY M.                        NY-26-14-4
STEVENS, LUMAN A.                       NY-26-19-529
STEVENS, MARIA                          NY-26-13-65
STEVENS, WILLIAM H.                     NY-26-19-121
STEWART, ALEXANDER A.                   NY-26-4-117
STEWART, CHARLES A.                     NY-26-20-508
STEWART, DAVID                          NY-26-4-51
STEWART, DONALD J.                      NY-26-10-497
STEWART, JAMES                          NY-26-2B-150
STEWART, NIEL                           NY-26-7-531
STEWART, WILLIAM                        NY-26-2B-443
STICKNEY, FREDERICK R.                  NY-26-14-103
STICKNEY, LOUISE M.                     NY-26-7-413
STILSON, CHARLES L.                     NY-26-14-232
STILWELL, ANDREW                        NY-26-8-110
STILWELL, DANIEL C.                     NY-26-2B-344
STILWELL, JAMES                         NY-26-10-517
STOCKING, ROSWELL                       NY-26-5-103
STOCKTON, BENJAMIN B.                   NY-26-1-131
STOCKWELL, HENRY                        NY-26-11-305
STODDARD, MOSELEY                       NY-26-9-33
STONE, ABNER                            NY-26-2B-270
STONE, HORACE                           NY-26-11-1
STONE, MARY E. CLARK                    NY-26-10-457
STONE, MARY E.                          NY-26-19-417
STONER, EDWIN G.                        NY-26-19-491
STONER, MARTIN                          NY-26-12-277
STOUT, FANNY M.                         NY-26-16-299
STRANG, CHARLES                         NY-26-15-361
STRANG, LYDIA H.                        NY-26-15-487
STRAYLINE, CATHERINE B.                 NY-26-17-280
STROAXE, NANCY WHITEMAN                 NY-26-20-577
STRONG, DEWITT C.                       NY-26-18-10
STUART, FRANCILLO                       NY-26-10-477
STUART, ORSEMUS                         NY-26-16-15
STURGEON, MARY A.                       NY-26-17-589
STURGEON, SAMUEL                        NY-26-18-66
SUDBURY, MARY A.                        NY-26-12-31
SULLIVAN, ELLEN                         NY-26-14-327
SULLIVAN, PATRICK                       NY-26-17-532
SUMMERS, CHARLES                        NY-26-2B-328
SUMMERS, ESTHER                         NY-26-10-97
SUMMERS, MUNSON                         NY-26-13-353
SUMNER, MARY                            NY-26-3-86
SUMNER, SALEM                           NY-26-3-10
SUNDERLIN, ELIZA                        NY-26-16-321
SUTFIN, CHARLES L. G.                   NY-26-16-539
SUTTON, JOHN                            NY-26-12-187
SUYDAM, MARY                            NY-26-16-441
SWALLOW, TEEPLE P.                      NY-26-16-399
SWAN, CHARLES H.                        NY-26-17-205
SWAN, MERCY A.                          NY-26-14-73
SWAN, SARAH M.                          NY-26-16-469
SWAN, THEODORE                          NY-26-21-34
SWANTON, ROBERT                         NY-26-21-304
SWART, ISAAC T.                         NY-26-14-118
SWARTS, ANNA                            NY-26-21-52
SWARTS, JACOB                           NY-26-5-175
SWEENEY, ANNA ISABELLA                  NY-26-19-29
SWEENEY, ELLEN                          NY-26-16-273
SWEENEY, MARY ANN                       NY-26-19-423
SWEENEY, OWEN                           NY-26-19-441
SWEENY, JOHN                            NY-26-13-213
SWEET, GEORGE                           NY-26-17-502
SWEET, HANNAH                           NY-26-21-325
SWEET, SIDNEY                           NY-26-15-508
SWEETEN, BENJAMIN                       NY-26-3-12
SWETT, BENJAMIN F.                      NY-26-16-59
SWETT, FRANK                            NY-26-15-541
SWICK, PETER                            NY-26-1-27
SWIFT, ALIDA C.                         NY-26-19-177
SWIFT, LEONARD                          NY-26-3-456
SWINGLE, ADAM                           NY-26-3-472
SYLVESTER, ALLEN                        NY-26-12-193
SYLVESTER, MARTHA H.                    NY-26-16-339
SYLVESTER, SETH W.                      NY-26-2B-68
TAFT, SEMANTHA                          NY-26-19-145
TAINTOR, HARRIET B.                     NY-26-19-57
TALLMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-26-12-245
TALLMAN, JACOB                          NY-26-18-186
TALLMAN, JOHN L.                        NY-26-7-341
TALLMAN, JOSEPH D.                      NY-26-6-523
TALLMAN, TUNIS                          NY-26-8-230
TALLMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-26-5-373
TAWTOR, SOLOMON                         NY-26-21-271
TAYLOR, BENAJAH                         NY-26-10-55
TAYLOR, FREDERIC H.                     NY-26-7-244
TAYLOR, KITTIE M.                       NY-26-17-472
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         NY-26-2B-201
TEED, PELL                              NY-26-3-388
TEEPLE, MARY                            NY-26-8-46
TELFAIR, EDMUND                         NY-26-2-133
TENEYCK, JOHN                           NY-26-15-211
TENNEY, MARY L.                         NY-26-11-105
TENNEY, SILAS W.                        NY-26-20-349
TERNEY, JOHN                            NY-26-14-64
TERRY, ALVIN A.                         NY-26-21-55
TERRY, HENRY                            NY-26-10-197
TERRY, HENRY                            NY-26-7-403
THATCHER, JOSIAH P.                     NY-26-20-469
THATCHER, MARIETTA                      NY-26-12-135
THAYER, EMORY                           NY-26-15-223
THAYER, HENRY                           NY-26-3-316
THAYER, JOEL                            NY-26-2-105
THAYER, MARTIN D.                       NY-26-20-28
THAYER, PETER                           NY-26-5-379
THAYER, PETER                           NY-26-1-59
THAYER, POLLY E.                        NY-26-8-438
THOMAS, DOW B. S.                       NY-26-20-91
THOMAS, EVEN                            NY-26-5-571
THOMAS, SILINDA                         NY-26-19-293
THOMAS, WILLIAM                         NY-26-5-61
THOMAS, WILLIAM H.                      NY-26-11-213
THOMPSON, ADALINE                       NY-26-17-175
THOMPSON, ADRIAN T.                     NY-26-6-217
THOMPSON, ANN                           NY-26-2B-110
THOMPSON, ANN MARIA                     NY-26-20-10
THOMPSON, BENJAMIN                      NY-26-2-162
THOMPSON, BENONI                        NY-26-6-565
THOMPSON, GEORGE W.                     NY-26-10-521
THOMPSON, HENLEY                        NY-26-6-133
THOMPSON, JASPER P.                     NY-26-19-399
THOMPSON, PHILO                         NY-26-12-89
THOMPSON, ROBERT H.                     NY-26-6-535
THOMPSON, ROBERT W.                     NY-26-18-54
THORP, ABBY                             NY-26-4-1
THORP, WILLIAM                          NY-26-13-281
THURSTON, ROBERT                        NY-26-12-85
THURSTON, SILAS R.                      NY-26-10-105
TIERNEY, BRIDGET                        NY-26-19-69
TIERNEY, THOMAS                         NY-26-21-91
TILLOTSON, MARY A.                      NY-26-20-391
TILTON, HENRY                           NY-26-12-469
TILTON, SUSAN A.                        NY-26-13-305
TIMMONS, JANE                           NY-26-20-541
TIMMONS, JANE                           NY-26-20-553
TINGSLEY, OLIVER                        NY-26-5-1
TINKER, CLARISSA                        NY-26-6-199
TINKER, STEPHEN                         NY-26-2B-32
TITSWORTH, ELEANOR M.                   NY-26-21-313
TITSWORTH, ISAAC S.                     NY-26-16-577
TITSWORTH, JOHN                         NY-26-4-75
TITSWORTH, REBECCA                      NY-26-18-2
TITSWORTH, SAMUEL E.                    NY-26-16-341
TITSWORTH, SARAH                        NY-26-14-423
TOLAND, MARGARET                        NY-26-19-225
TOLES, SETH C.                          NY-26-21-466
TOMPKINS, JOHN                          NY-26-10-149
TONG, PROCTOR                           NY-26-15-139
TONG, REBECCA H.                        NY-26-15-328
TOOELE, JOSEPHINE                       NY-26-10-115
TOOL, JOHN                              NY-26-9-405
TORRENCE, UNDERHILL D.                  NY-26-15-232
TORREY, IRA                             NY-26-14-444
TORREY, WILLIAM                         NY-26-12-335
TOTTEN, EDWARD                          NY-26-11-301
TOTTEN, LEVI L.                         NY-26-19-5
TOTTON, WILLIAM T.                      NY-26-8-150
TOUSEY, FRANCES C.                      NY-26-15-502
TOWN, ELECTA                            NY-26-21-190
TOWNSEND, JOHN H.                       NY-26-9-493
TOWNSEND, MARY                          NY-26-12-381
TOWNSEND, MERRICK C.                    NY-26-16-271
TRAXLER, ISAAC                          NY-26-17-319
TRAXTER, HENRY                          NY-26-3-250
TREMBLY, VELINA H.                      NY-26-18-34
TRIMBLE, JOSEPH A.                      NY-26-20-487
TRIMMER, CHARLES                        NY-26-15-178
TROWBRIDGE, SETH                        NY-26-12-497
TRUMAN, DAVID                           NY-26-3-27
TRUMAN, PHEBE M.                        NY-26-16-221
TURNER, ALEXANDER H.                    NY-26-17-121
TURNER, AMANDA W.                       NY-26-21-331
TURNER, CHAUNCEY P.                     NY-26-15-529
TURNER, HUBBARD                         NY-26-2B-44
TURNER, LUCINDA                         NY-26-20-274
TURNER, LYMAN                           NY-26-8-246
TURNER, MATTHEW                         NY-26-8-62
TURNER, THOMAS                          NY-26-3-437
TURNER, WILLIAM                         NY-26-16-17
TURNEY, DANIEL F.                       NY-26-19-227
TURNEY, JOHN                            NY-26-16-317
TUTHILL, HENRY                          NY-26-14-67
TUTHILL, LEWIS                          NY-26-14-172
TUTTLE, DAVID D.                        NY-26-14-199
TUTTLE, EDWARD                          NY-26-2B-294
TUTTLE, SYLVIA                          NY-26-14-483
TUTTLE, URANIA C.                       NY-26-19-281
TYLER, ASA                              NY-26-19-159
TYLOER, EDWARD K.                       NY-26-16-145
UNDERWOOD, MILES                        NY-26-8-366
UNDERWOOD, TIMOTHY                      NY-26-1-1
VAIL, JAMES H.                          NY-26-12-451
VALLANCE, ELIZABETH                     NY-26-16-481
VALLANCE, ROBERT                        NY-26-10-369
VANALLEN, EVERT A.                      NY-26-7-104
VANARSDAL, HENRY                        NY-26-9-313
VANAUKEN, ABRAHAM                       NY-26-3-325
VANBUSKIRK, JOHN                        NY-26-16-583
VANCE, HARRIET O.                       NY-26-20-556
VANDERBELT, JAMES                       NY-26-13-177
VANDEVENTER, CHARITY                    NY-26-12-93
VANDEVENTER, POLLY                      NY-26-3-90
VANDOREN, WILLIAM                       NY-26-16-465
VANDORN, MARTHA                         NY-26-8-454
VANDORN, MARY E.                        NY-26-21-130
VANEATON, JOHN                          NY-26-12-255
VANFOSSEN, CELESTIA M.                  NY-26-18-166
VANFOSSEN, THOMAS J.                    NY-26-12-407
VANGILDER, HIRAM                        NY-26-19-319
VANNEST, JANE E.                        NY-26-8-450
VANNEST, PETER                          NY-26-3-254
VANNORSDALL, JACOB                      NY-26-5-121
VANNUYS, HARRIET K.                     NY-26-18-82
VANORSDALE, HENRY                       NY-26-13-321
VANRENSSELAER, CATHERINE S.             NY-26-15-271
VANRIPER, ISAAC                         NY-26-12-393
VANRIPER, JULIA ANN                     NY-26-15-127
VANSICKEL, MARY                         NY-26-12-389
VANSICKLE, ABRAHAM                      NY-26-2-146
VANSLYKE, JAMES                         NY-26-9-65
VANSLYKE, MARY                          NY-26-13-361
VANVALER, MARY                          NY-26-4-15
VANVECHTEN, HENRY                       NY-26-3-231
VANWAGNER, JAMES S.                     NY-26-8-266
VANWALDEGG, A. HENSINGER                NY-26-16-417
VANZANDT, H. EDWIN                      NY-26-19-359
VANZANDT, JESSE                         NY-26-19-113
VANZANDT, NELLIE A.                     NY-26-20-355
VANZANDT, SAMUEL M.                     NY-26-20-196
VARY, WILLIAM                           NY-26-7-233
VELEY, MICHAEL                          NY-26-18-286
VERNAM, ELIZA                           NY-26-8-178
VERNAM, JOHN C.                         NY-26-10-317
VICKERS, JOHN                           NY-26-17-196
VOSBURGH, ISAAC                         NY-26-13-557
WADE, AARON D.                          NY-26-3-474
WADSWORTH, ASAHEL W.                    NY-26-17-586
WADSWORTH, CHARLES F.                   NY-26-19-435
WADSWORTH, EVELYN W.                    NY-26-13-269
WADSWORTH, JAMES                        NY-26-2B-421
WADSWORTH, JAMES S.                     NY-26-7-1
WADSWORTH, WILLIAM                      NY-26-2-119
WAGER, ELIZA H.                         NY-26-21-103
WAGER, SUSAN E.                         NY-26-12-71
WAGER, WILLIAM                          NY-26-12-73
WAGNER, FREDERICK                       NY-26-10-173
WAGNER, HENRY                           NY-26-20-271
WAIT, CINDARILLA                        NY-26-12-195
WAITE, LYMAN                            NY-26-13-29
WALDEN, ASA B.                          NY-26-11-109
WALKER, ABRAHAM                         NY-26-14-46
WALKER, ANNA                            NY-26-17-409
WALKER, ASENENTH                        NY-26-14-55
WALKER, CHARLOTTE                       NY-26-20-496
WALKER, DANIEL J.                       NY-26-21-163
WALKER, DAVID                           NY-26-15-367
WALKER, JAMES W.                        NY-26-14-283
WALKER, JANE                            NY-26-14-229
WALKER, JENNET                          NY-26-17-569
WALKER, JOHN W.                         NY-26-16-9
WALKER, LUCY C.                         NY-26-9-145
WALKER, ROBERT                          NY-26-12-211
WALKER, WILLIAM                         NY-26-10-1
WALKER, WILLIAM                         NY-26-16-453
WALLACE, ALATHIER A.                    NY-26-21-358
WALLACE, CLARA D.                       NY-26-19-437
WALLACE, JOHN H.                        NY-26-20-292
WALLACE, SARAH                          NY-26-15-208
WAMBOLD, CATHERINE R.                   NY-26-16-21
WAMPOLE, PETER                          NY-26-19-321
WARD, ANN C.                            NY-26-9-249
WARD, DANIEL                            NY-26-2B-24
WARD, FERDINAND DE WILTON               NY-26-17-325
WARD, JANE                              NY-26-13-425
WARD, SAMUEL                            NY-26-2-65
WARD, THOMAS                            NY-26-2-190
WARNER, DAVID                           NY-26-3-204
WARNER, DAVID                           NY-26-13-57
WARNER, ELECTRA                         NY-26-14-247
WARNER, EWDIN                           NY-26-21-454
WARNER, GEORGE W.                       NY-26-3-346
WARNER, HARRIET N.                      NY-26-21-541
WARNER, LUCIUS                          NY-26-13-137
WARNER, MILES B.                        NY-26-12-189
WARNER, WILLIAM B.                      NY-26-9-381
WARNER, WILLIAM JR.                     NY-26-3-264
WARREN, ELIJAH                          NY-26-17-298
WARREN, JOSIAH                          NY-26-19-229
WARREN, RICHARD                         NY-26-6-481
WASHBURN, SAMUEL B.                     NY-26-17-202
WASSON, ELIZABETH                       NY-26-5-199
WASSON, WILLIAM                         NY-26-2B-105
WATERS, CHARLOTTE S.                    NY-26-15-118
WATKINS, ADOLPHUS                       NY-26-11-385
WATKINS, HULDAH                         NY-26-10-239
WATSON, EBENEZER                        NY-26-3-212
WATTLES, MASON                          NY-26-12-479
WATTS, JONATHAN                         NY-26-17-331
WAY, JAMES                              NY-26-17-178
WAY, MARY TERESSA                       NY-26-21-445
WEBBER, JOHN                            NY-26-16-547
WEBSTER, CELESTIA A.                    NY-26-14-333
WEBSTER, WILLIAM J.                     NY-26-20-217
WEED, GILBERT                           NY-26-2B-298
WEED, HENRY A.                          NY-26-12-41
WEED, REUBEN                            NY-26-16-247
WEEKS, CORNELIUS                        NY-26-4-12
WEEKS, GEORGE G.                        NY-26-6-163
WEEKS, MARY                             NY-26-15-265
WEIDMAN, JACOB J.                       NY-26-20-193
WEIDMAN, JOHN                           NY-26-6-385
WEIDMAN, JOHN                           NY-26-17-7
WEIGHTMAN, SAMUEL                       NY-26-9-373
WEISE, ANDREW                           NY-26-8-318
WELCH, CONRAD                           NY-26-7-307
WELCH, JOHN                             NY-26-19-449
WELCH, JOSEPH J.                        NY-26-17-598
WELCH, MARY                             NY-26-21-430
WELCH, WALTER                           NY-26-15-109
WELLER, ATTIS                           NY-26-5-163
WELLER, AUGUSTUS                        NY-26-8-174
WELLER, CHARLES                         NY-26-19-179
WELLER, CHARLOTTE                       NY-26-20-253
WELLER, ENOCH                           NY-26-2-218
WELLER, LOVISA A.                       NY-26-14-175
WELLER, PERRY D.                        NY-26-3-321
WELLS, HARLOW W.                        NY-26-11-473
WELLS, HARRIET                          NY-26-4-47
WELLS, JAMES                            NY-26-3-199
WELLS, JAMES                            NY-26-11-453
WELSH, JACOB                            NY-26-2-92
WELSH, MARGARET                         NY-26-5-289
WELTON, GARRET                          NY-26-10-313
WELTON, MARY                            NY-26-13-37
WEMMETT, SURILL                         NY-26-19-165
WEMPLE, BARNEY                          NY-26-13-45
WENNER, CHRISTIANA                      NY-26-12-225
WENNER, GEORGE                          NY-26-11-345
WERNER, ELIZABETH                       NY-26-10-35
WERNER, JOHN                            NY-26-10-139
, ANSON T.                              NY-26-16-467
, ERASTUS                               NY-26-6-307
, JAMES A.                              NY-26-19-309
ERVELT, PETER D.                        NY-26-5-91
WETMORE, BELA                           NY-26-2B-187
WHALEY, CALEB J.                        NY-26-16-403
WHALEY, DANIEL B.                       NY-26-8-286
WHALEY, ROBERT                          NY-26-15-424
WHEATON, ALVAH S.                       NY-26-21-169
WHEATON, NANCY J.                       NY-26-21-583
WHEELER, ABRAM T.                       NY-26-8-250
WHEELER, CHARLOTTE                      NY-26-11-165
WHEELER, DAVID                          NY-26-2-35
WHEELER, EBEN                           NY-26-8-154
WHEELER, HENRIETTA M.                   NY-26-15-400
WHEELER, MYRON                          NY-26-12-207
WHEELER, RHODA                          NY-26-11-289
WHEELER, SHADRACH                       NY-26-5-511
WHEELER, WARREN                         NY-26-14-537
WHEELER, WILLARD W.                     NY-26-20-154
WHEELOCK, AUSTIN W.                     NY-26-21-523
WHEELOCK, HARRY                         NY-26-12-9
WHIPPLE, JANE DE WITT                   NY-26-19-125
WHIPPLE, NELLIE E.                      NY-26-20-499
WHISKER, JAMES                          NY-26-16-443
WHITBECK, MARY                          NY-26-11-285
WHITCOMB, SILAS B.                      NY-26-16-379
WHITCOMB, WALTER                        NY-26-12-239
WHITE, CARRIE A.                        NY-26-16-475
WHITE, EDWARD                           NY-26-14-597
WHITE, JAMES B.                         NY-26-16-153
WHITE, JANNET C.                        NY-26-13-497
WHITE, JOSEPH E.                        NY-26-17-523
WHITE, WELCOME                          NY-26-14-567
WHITE, WILLIAM                          NY-26-13-453
WHITE, WILLIAM                          NY-26-2B-363
WHITEMAN, REUBEN                        NY-26-13-393
WHITEMAN, WILLIAM P.                    NY-26-16-353
WHITENACK, CORNELIUS                    NY-26-12-481
WHITENACK, ISAAC                        NY-26-12-11
WHITENACK, THOMAS                       NY-26-16-149
WHITING, EUGENE J.                      NY-26-19-403
WHITING, SEMANTHA J.                    NY-26-10-155
WHITMORE, WILLIAM                       NY-26-9-333
WHITNEY, CEMANTHA                       NY-26-12-163
WHITNEY, CHARLES S.                     NY-26-20-490
WHITNEY, CHAUNCEY E.                    NY-26-13-245
WHITNEY, ELKANAH                        NY-26-3-167
WHITNEY, GEORGE W.                      NY-26-15-436
WHITNEY, JULIA A.                       NY-26-13-553
WHITNEY, MARY A.                        NY-26-15-457
WHITNEY, MARY JANE                      NY-26-13-345
WHITNEY, SIMEON L.                      NY-26-11-121
WHITTLESEY, JOHN B.                     NY-26-2-295
WHYT, JAMES                             NY-26-2-131
WIARD, MATTHEW                          NY-26-20-334
WIARD, SETH                             NY-26-17-466
WIGGINS, CASEY                          NY-26-19-263
WIGGINS, DAVID S.                       NY-26-8-310
WIGHT, ELIAS D.                         NY-26-5-535
WILBER, MEHETABEL                       NY-26-6-211
WILBER, STEPHEN                         NY-26-10-301
WILBER, WILLIAM                         NY-26-14-214
WILBUR, EPHRAIM                         NY-26-10-405
WILBUR, JEPTHA                          NY-26-10-217
WILCOX, ALANSON                         NY-26-5-55
WILCOX, EDWIN                           NY-26-12-205
WILCOX, MARIA                           NY-26-19-295
WILCOX, SOPHIA A.                       NY-26-9-481
WILDER, MARTIN D.                       NY-26-16-345
WILDER, PHILINDA                        NY-26-16-531
WILEY, ABRAHAM                          NY-26-3-232
WILEY, ALDRICH                          NY-26-7-352
WILEY, ELVIRA DAKE                      NY-26-16-367
WILEY, G. HARPER                        NY-26-12-25
WILEY, JOHN                             NY-26-8-170
WILHELM, BENJAMIN F.                    NY-26-9-161
WILHELM, GEORGE F.                      NY-26-12-1
WILHELM, SALLY M.                       NY-26-11-253
WILKERSON, JONATHAN G.                  NY-26-16-439
WILKINS, DAVID                          NY-26-16-323
WILKINS, MARGARET B.                    NY-26-17-436
WILKINS, OLIVE M.                       NY-26-20-472
WILKINSON, JOHN                         NY-26-14-558
WILKLOW, PETER                          NY-26-16-133
WILLARD, ANDREW J.                      NY-26-20-133
WILLCOX, ABNER JR.                      NY-26-2-258
WILLETT, J. ORIGEN                      NY-26-20-412
WILLEY, CHARLES B.                      NY-26-21-526
WILLEY, OGDEN M.                        NY-26-3-219
WILLIAMS, ALMA                          NY-26-18-122
WILLIAMS, AMY A.                        NY-26-19-85
WILLIAMS, ANDREW                        NY-26-13-261
WILLIAMS, ANDREW                        NY-26-3-380
WILLIAMS, CALISTA                       NY-26-12-357
WILLIAMS, CAROLINE E.                   NY-26-21-76
WILLIAMS, CECELIA                       NY-26-12-535
WILLIAMS, CHARLES C.                    NY-26-12-147
WILLIAMS, FANNY B.                      NY-26-14-97
WILLIAMS, GEORGE                        NY-26-6-427
WILLIAMS, JERUSHA A.                    NY-26-17-262
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NY-26-2-48
WILLIAMS, JOTHAM T.                     NY-26-8-50
WILLIAMS, MARY ANN                      NY-26-15-166
WILLIAMS, MASON                         NY-26-6-97
WILLIAMS, SOLOMON                       NY-26-6-289
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       NY-26-1-11
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM JR.                   NY-26-9-1
WILLIAMS, ZEBARDEE                      NY-26-12-533
WILLIAMSON, MARY J.                     NY-26-14-262
WILLIS, ADAM                            NY-26-9-325
WILLIS, CALEB W.                        NY-26-21-97
WILLIS, SUSAN                           NY-26-19-279
WILLISTON, HIRAM                        NY-26-14-13
WILLNER, MERRIMAN J.                    NY-26-19-553
WILMER, ARCHIBALD                       NY-26-3-280
WILSON, ANN R.                          NY-26-12-103
WILSON, JOHN L.                         NY-26-12-117
WILSON, MARY                            NY-26-6-103
WILSON, PHEBE                           NY-26-10-277
WILSON, ROBERT                          NY-26-18-254
WILSON, ROBERT                          NY-26-20-373
WILSON, SUSAN                           NY-26-15-364
WINANS, NATHAN P.                       NY-26-12-507
WINANS, SETH W.                         NY-26-19-457
WINEGAR, ESEK M.                        NY-26-14-196
WING, JOSEPH                            NY-26-10-69
WINTER, JOSEPH                          NY-26-20-475
WISEMAN, MARY                           NY-26-17-217
WISEMAN, ROBERT                         NY-26-19-347
WISNER, ELLEN M.                        NY-26-6-421
WISNER, THOMAS                          NY-26-8-130
WITHERELL, ELLEN                        NY-26-17-40
WITHERWAX, HENRY J.                     NY-26-2B-85
WOLFANGER, JOHN JACOB                   NY-26-7-389
WOOD, ANNE D.                           NY-26-10-51
WOOD, ANNIE                             NY-26-21-7
WOOD, ELLEN                             NY-26-12-107
WOOD, GEORGE G.                         NY-26-13-201
WOOD, GEORGE W.                         NY-26-13-589
WOOD, GEORGE W.                         NY-26-18-462
WOOD, HARVEY J.                         NY-26-10-205
WOOD, JAMES                             NY-26-16-461
WOOD, SEYMOUR T.                        NY-26-10-249
WOODARD, MARY L.                        NY-26-20-46
WOODIN, THOMAS J. O.                    NY-26-12-383
WOODRUFF, AUSTIN                        NY-26-5-13
WOODRUFF, COLLINS                       NY-26-7-515
WOODRUFF, ELIZABETH S.                  NY-26-15-76
WOODRUFF, FREDERICK D.                  NY-26-3-311
WOODRUFF, NATHAN                        NY-26-2B-247
WOODRUFF, ORLANDO S.                    NY-26-20-208
WOODRUFF, PHILIP                        NY-26-5-31
WOODRUFF, WAYNE J.                      NY-26-18-242
WOODRUFF, WEALTHY                       NY-26-5-157
WOOLCOTT, HARRY B.                      NY-26-12-493
WOOLEVER, FRANK W.                      NY-26-20-427
WOOLEVER, JOHN                          NY-26-10-99
WOOLEVER, TAMZEN                        NY-26-17-556
WOOLLETT, ROBERT                        NY-26-21-112
WOOSTER, ANTHONY M.                     NY-26-16-113
WOOSTER, GEORGE                         NY-26-21-82
WORTHINGTON, JONATHAN                   NY-26-9-385
WOTTON, WILLAM T.                       NY-26-21-157
WRIGHT, ANNIS B.                        NY-26-12-177
WRIGHT, CASSIE M.                       NY-26-20-70
WRIGHT, CLARISA                         NY-26-15-103
WRIGHT, JAMES                           NY-26-2-129
WRIGHT, MARY A.                         NY-26-12-159
WYMAN, FREDERICK                        NY-26-2B-370
WYMAN, JAMES                            NY-26-16-267
WYNN, ANNA                              NY-26-17-82
WYNN, JONATHAN                          NY-26-14-124
YENCER, JAMES D.                        NY-26-8-198
YEO, ADELLA                             NY-26-20-64
YOCKUM, JOSEPH                          NY-26-10-75
YORKS, EMMA L.                          NY-26-19-597
YORKS, ZEPHRONIA                        NY-26-20-523
YOUMANS, JOHN                           NY-26-20-478
YOUNG, CAMPBELL H.                      NY-26-19-313
YOUNG, DANIEL                           NY-26-13-357
YOUNG, DANIEL                           NY-26-5-361
YOUNG, JOHN                             NY-26-3-146
YOUNG, MARY                             NY-26-6-373
YOUNG, ROSALIA A.                       NY-26-19-107
YOUNGNICKLE, ANDREW                     NY-26-14-130
YOUNGS, ELIJAH                          NY-26-18-150
YOUNGS, ELIJAH                          NY-26-2-96
ZEHNER, ABRAHAM                         NY-26-10-453
ZERFASS, GEORGE                         NY-26-14-429

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