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ABBEY, CLARA H.              AVON                         NY-26-21-208
ABBEY, JOHN                  AVON                         NY-26-13-277
ABBEY, LYMAN                 AVON                         NY-26-5-343
ABBEY, WILLIAM               LIVONIA                      NY-26-9-37
ABBOTT, DAVID                NUNDA                        NY-26-15-307
ABEL, THERESSA               AVON                         NY-26-17-382
ABEL, WILLIAM                AVON                         NY-26-17-385
ACRE, LYDIA C.               LIMA                         NY-26-17-514
ADAMS, ABRAHAM               AVON                         NY-26-6-115
ADAMS, ALBERT                LIVONIA                      NY-26-10-95
ADAMS, CHRISTOPHER           NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-10-297
ADAMS, EPHRAIM               LIVONIA                      NY-26-7-420
ADAMS, EPHRAIM               LIVONIA                      NY-26-13-17
ADAMS, JAMES B.              GENESEO                      NY-26-18-438
ADAMS, JOHN                  LIVONIA                      NY-26-2B-436
ADAMS, SARAH M.              AVON                         NY-26-10-229
AGRAULT, BETHIAH             GENESEO                      NY-26-13-241
AITKEN, THOMAS               GROVELAND                    NY-26-14-573
ALBRIGHT, AQUILLA E.         LIVONIA                      NY-26-10-209
ALDRICH, HORATIO N.          NUNDA                        NY-26-17-397
ALGER, JAMES M.              CONESUS                      NY-26-15-517
ALGER, JOHN D.               CONESUS                      NY-26-13-165
ALGER, PHEBE L.              LIMA                         NY-26-21-388
ALLEN, BETSEY M.             PORTAGE                      NY-26-20-79
ALLEN, CYRUS                 AVON                         NY-26-21-382
ALLEN, ESTHER                WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-12-65
ALLEN, GILBERT               CONESUS                      NY-26-13-565
ALLEN, HARRIET               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-18-226
ALLEN, MARSENA               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-5-139
ALLEN, MOSES                 YORK                         NY-26-3-183
ALLEN, PHOEBE                AVON                         NY-26-14-40
ALLEN, RUTH J.               CONESUS                      NY-26-10-485
ALLEN, SAMUEL P.             GENESEO                      NY-26-12-313
ALLEN, SUSAN                 LEICESTER                    NY-26-19-95
ALLEN, WILLIAM P.            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-17-109
ALLEY, WILLIAM B.            NUNDA                        NY-26-17-334
ALLYN, GEORGE W.             LEICESTER                    NY-26-10-269
ALONSON, JAMES L.            LIMA                         NY-26-6-151
ALTMEYER, FRANCES            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-20-130
ALTMYER, ANTHONY             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-6-397
ALVORD, ALICE                MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-17-379
ALVORD, BROWNING             GENESCO                      NY-26-2B-144
ALVORD, MARY L.              GENESEO                      NY-26-12-425
ALVORD, PHINEAS              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-10-513
ALWARD, SQUIRE               NUNDA                        NY-26-11-37
AMENT, EDWARD L.             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-14-61
AMERMAN, JAMES               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-14-91
AMES, CHARLES                NUNDA                        NY-26-16-53
AMES, LOREN J.               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-17-259
AMESS, ELIZABETH M.          NUNDA                        NY-26-15-589
AMSDEN, NOAH                 LIVONIA                      NY-26-4-120
ANDREWS, CHARLES B.          LIVONIA                      NY-26-19-211
ANDROSS, MARGARET C.         AVON                         NY-26-16-69
ANDRUS, MELISSA              NTL                          NY-26-7-92
ANGEL, BENJAMIN F.           GENESEO                      NY-26-18-118
ANGEL, WILLIAM H.            GENESEO                      NY-26-7-221
ANGELL, JESSE                NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-8-122
ANGIER, JOHN                 PORTAGE                      NY-26-19-167
ANNIS, JACOB                 MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-13-25
ANNIS, MARTHA S.             BUFFALO, ERIE, NY            NY-26-21-292
ANNIS, WILLIAM R.            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-19-405
ARMITAGE, MICHAEL            LIVONIA                      NY-26-16-295
ARMSTRONG, ANN               YORK                         NY-26-19-201
ARMSTRONG, CAROLINE G.       GENESEO                      NY-26-16-297
ARMSTRONG, CHARLES P.        GENESEO                      NY-26-13-265
ARMSTRONG, CLARINDA G.       GENESEO                      NY-26-16-283
ARMSTRONG, ELIJAH            GENESEO                      NY-26-11-77
ARMSTRONG, FRANCIS           CONESUS                      NY-26-15-184
ARMSTRONG, GILBERT D.        GENESEO                      NY-26-12-331
ARMSTRONG, HARVEY            GENESEO                      NY-26-11-185
ARMSTRONG, HORACE B.         GENESEO                      NY-26-19-209
ARMSTRONG, JAMES             LIVONIA                      NY-26-18-362
ARMSTRONG, JOHN              LIVONIA                      NY-26-16-259
ARMSTRONG, LEANDER           GENESEO                      NY-26-21-226
ARMSTRONG, MARINDA           GENESEO                      NY-26-20-97
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS            LIVONIA                      NY-26-20-235
ARMSTRONG, WALLING           LIVONIA                      NY-26-16-91
ARNER, CHARLES FRANKLIN      GROVELAND                    NY-26-18-450
ARNER, LEVI D.               AVON                         NY-26-9-457
ARNOLD, ANDREW               GENESEO                      NY-26-11-93
ARNOLD, ANNE A.              SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-6-223
ARNOLD, GARDNER              CONESUS                      NY-26-8-422
ARNOLD, MELVILLE             LIMA                         NY-26-9-353
ARNOLD, SARAH A. C.          CONESUS                      NY-26-13-121
ARNOLD, WILLIAM              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-2-232
ARTHUR, ELIZABETH            LIMA                         NY-26-2B-322
ARTMAN, ANN                  SPARTA                       NY-26-10-425
ARTMAN, ENOS                 SPARTA                       NY-26-14-522
ASHTON, AVERY                MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-17-412
ASHTON, MATTHEW              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-13-209
ASPINWALL, JOSEPH A.         NUNDA                        NY-26-5-43
ATEN, CAROLINE N.            GROVELAND                    NY-26-17-307
ATHERTON, MARYETTE           LEICESTER                    NY-26-17-157
ATHERTON, OLIVER             LEICESTER                    NY-26-6-229
ATKINS, SARAH A.             LIMA                         NY-26-12-483
ATWELL, GEORGE W.            LIMA                         NY-26-21-256
ATWELL, MYRON                OSSIAN                       NY-26-12-437
ATWELL, SILAS C.             LIMA                         NY-26-12-511
ATWELL, WILLIAM              AVON                         NY-26-2-15
AULL, ROBERT                 CALEDONIA                    NY-26-4-22
AULL, ROBERT                 CALEDONIA                    NY-26-16-409
AUSTIN, POTTER               CONESUS                      NY-26-15-256
AVARY, BURTON                LIMA                         NY-26-14-477
AVERY, ANN                   LIVONIA                      NY-26-11-449
AYRAULT, ALLEN               GENESEO                      NY-26-5-97
AYRES, CORNELIA              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-20-448
BACKUS, ANDREW J.            LIVONIA                      NY-26-18-178
BACKUS, EBENEZER             LIVONIA                      NY-26-3-1
BACKUS, GEORGE               LIVONIA                      NY-26-19-181
BACON, ELIPHALET B.          LIMA                         NY-26-2B-415
BACON, ELISHA SR.            AVON                         NY-26-10-147
BACON, MARY                  LIMA                         NY-26-19-381
BACON, PHOEBE A.             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-16-103
BAILEY, BENJAMIN             LEICESTER                    NY-26-4-3
BAILEY, DAVID                LEICESTER                    NY-26-13-537
BAILEY, EDNA H.              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-21-265
BAILEY, HARRIET O.           YORK                         NY-26-17-496
BAILEY, ISAAC                YORK                         NY-26-14-357
BAILEY, JAMES W.             LIMA                         NY-26-6-67
BAILEY, JONATHAN             PORTAGE                      NY-26-9-157
BAILEY, MARGARET             GROVELAND                    NY-26-3-301
BAILEY, MARY                 YORK                         NY-26-15-175
BAILEY, MARY                 MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-15-193
BAILEY, MIAMI                PORTAGE                      NY-26-19-551
BAILEY, SALLY A.             OSSIAN                       NY-26-8-98
BAILEY, SAMUEL               GROVELAND                    NY-26-3-165
BAILOR, MICHAEL              GROVELAND                    NY-26-6-493
BAIRD, DAVID                 YORK                         NY-26-10-151
BAIRD, JAMES A.              NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-16-173
BAKER, ALEXANDER             LIMA                         NY-26-16-177
BAKER, CHARLOTTE             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-12-45
BAKER, CYNTHIA E.            YORK                         NY-26-3-130
BAKER, EPHRAIM               NUNDA                        NY-26-4-44
BAKER, ESTHER E.             AVON                         NY-26-19-301
BAKER, HARVEY G.             GENESEO                      NY-26-20-586
BAKER, JOHN C.               GROVELAND                    NY-26-14-70
BAKER, JONAS                 NUNDA                        NY-26-15-528
BAKER, LEWIS G.              LIMA                         NY-26-8-362
BAKER, LUCY                  LEICESTER                    NY-26-16-501
BAKER, MELINDA               LIMA                         NY-26-20-313
BAKER, TIMOTHY               LIVONIA                      NY-26-2B-404
BALDWIN, CORTEZ              NUNDA                        NY-26-17-439
BALDWIN, JAY                 MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-12-63
BALDWIN, OWEN N.             NUNDA                        NY-26-6-295
BALL, TERRENCE               CALEDONIA                    NY-26-19-81
BALTY, ALICE                 NUNDA                        NY-26-19-119
BANCRAFT, NATHANIEL          AVON                         NY-26-6-79
BANKER, JOHN W.              NUNDA                        NY-26-21-553
BARBER, AARON                AVON                         NY-26-9-229
BARBER, JOHN F.              PORTAGE                      NY-26-14-486
BARBER, MARY                 GROVELAND                    NY-26-17-142
BARBER, MARY A.              SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-12-295
BARCALO, ALIDA               TUSCARORA                    NY-26-12-411
BARKER, CYRUS                NUNDA                        NY-26-9-241
BARKER, ORLANDO W.           NUNDA                        NY-26-19-287
BARLOW, BENJAMIN             LIMA                         NY-26-2-75
BARNARD, ABBY                DANSVILLE                    NY-26-12-443
BARNARD, DENCY               LEICESTER                    NY-26-14-408
BARNARD, JOHN                AVON                         NY-26-10-245
BARNARD, JOHN                LIMA                         NY-26-10-293
BARNARD, SAMUEL B.           LIVONIA                      NY-26-16-205
BARNES, ASA                  YORK                         NY-26-2B-96
BARNES, CHARLES L.           PORTAGE                      NY-26-19-39
BARNES, COLVIN               CONESUS                      NY-26-9-17
BARNES, CORNELIA A.          CONESUS                      NY-26-10-169
BARNES, ESTHER               LEICESTER                    NY-26-3-444
BARNES, RUSSELL              NUNDA                        NY-26-12-169
BARNEY, GEORGE W.            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-14-576
BARNHART, B. ANDREW          NUNDA                        NY-26-13-73
BARNHART, RHODA              NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-9-341
BARRETT, GEORGE W.           NUNDA                        NY-26-13-545
BARRETT, HULDAH J.           NUNDA                        NY-26-19-329
BARRON, ISABELLA H.          CALEDONIA                    NY-26-20-421
BARRON, JONATHAN             NUNDA                        NY-26-4-37
BARRON, MOSES                MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-5-253
BARRON, POLLY A.             NUNDA                        NY-26-9-101
BARRON, QUARTUS H.           NUNDA                        NY-26-17-241
BARROWS, LYDIA               GENESEO                      NY-26-19-267
BARROWS, PARKER              GENESEO                      NY-26-17-136
BARTHOLOMEW, ABRAHAM         MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-13-493
BARTLETT, OLIVER C.          LIMA                         NY-26-4-39
BARTON, ALMIRA               LIMA                         NY-26-12-267
BASTIAN, JACOB               WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-8-382
BATCHELDER, SARAH A.         PORTAGE                      NY-26-12-37
BATES, ELIAB                 NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-3-433
BATES, EPHRAIM               YORK                         NY-26-3-221
BATTERSON, SARAH J.          NUNDA                        NY-26-21-73
BAUER, CONRAD                MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-21-577
BAYER, JOHN A.               NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-14-115
BEACH, CHARLES O.            GENESEO                      NY-26-17-460
BEACH, JERVIS T.             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-14-154
BEACH, JOHN M.               GENESEO                      NY-26-15-301
BEACH, ROBERT                NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-10-489
BEALE, ROBERT                LIMA                         NY-26-16-231
BEALE, WILLIAM H.            LIMA                         NY-26-15-268
BEAN, HENRY M.               GROVELAND                    NY-26-20-547
BEAN, JACOB                  GROVELAND                    NY-26-13-41
BEARDSLEY, HESTER B.         PORTAGE                      NY-26-8-82
BEARDSLEY, JARED             PORTAGE                      NY-26-15-469
BEARDSLEY, JONAS             LIVONIA                      NY-26-16-275
BEARDSLEY, NATHAN W.         LIVONIA                      NY-26-12-5
BEARSS, PETER W.             CONESUS                      NY-26-3-47
BEARSS, WILLARD              LIVONIA                      NY-26-14-342
BEARTSLEY, ELIZA R. C.       LIMA                         NY-26-21-259
BEASE, HENRY                 GROVELAND                    NY-26-3-396
BEATY, JAMES                 GROVELAND                    NY-26-3-208
BECK, VALENTINE              SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-14-546
BECKWITH, GILBERT            LIMA                         NY-26-16-307
BECKWITH, JEREMIAH           AVON                         NY-26-21-268
BECKWITH, MARY JULIETTE      LIMA                         NY-26-16-505
BECKWITH, RALZAMON           GENESEO                      NY-26-10-257
BEEBE, CAROLINE              LEICESTER                    NY-26-20-400
BEEBE, ELLEN C.              LIVONIA                      NY-26-12-91
BEEBE, JAMES E.              LEICESTER                    NY-26-15-439
BEEBE, RUSSELL               LEICESTER                    NY-26-6-7
BEECHER, LOIS                AVON                         NY-26-6-313
BEGOLE, HANNAH C.            GENESEO                      NY-26-11-25
BEGOLE, JOSEPH               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-11-349
BEGOLE, MARIAH E.            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-12-471
BELL, ROSE B.                SPARTA                       NY-26-11-193
BELLACE, JOHN                SPARTA                       NY-26-16-99
BELLINGER, PHEBE A.          NUNDA                        NY-26-21-127
BEMAN, ALVAH P.              AVON                         NY-26-12-363
BEMAN, EDWARD                LIMA                         NY-26-20-127
BEMAN, MARY                  AVON                         NY-26-12-365
BENEDICT, LOUISA P.          LIVONIA                      NY-26-15-373
BENEDICT, LOUISE D.          LIMA                         NY-26-14-501
BENNETT, ARTEMUS C.          LIVONIA                      NY-26-16-287
BENNETT, ELEAZUR             LIVONIA                      NY-26-11-221
BENNETT, ELECTA              NUNDA                        NY-26-10-129
BENNETT, ELIZABETH           WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-12-311
BENNETT, GEORGE H.           LIMA                         NY-26-16-529
BENNETT, LAURA               LIVONIA                      NY-26-17-475
BENNETT, MARGARET            LEICESTER                    NY-26-10-117
BENNETT, MARTHA              NUNDA                        NY-26-3-229
BENNETT, MARY L.             NUNDA                        NY-26-13-333
BENNETT, OROMEL              YORK                         NY-26-12-157
BENNETT, ROSWELL G.          NUNDA                        NY-26-14-109
BENNETT, SAMUEL M.           GROVELAND                    NY-26-18-426
BENNETT, THOMAS C.           NUNDA                        NY-26-11-413
BENTLEY, BURTON              BUNDA                        NY-26-18-234
BENTLEY, IRA                 PORTAGE                      NY-26-20-145
BERGEN, HARRIET J.           MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-5-133
BERGEN, JACOB                MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-13-541
BERMAN, JOHN J.              NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-21-217
BETTS, JOHN                  NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-13-377
BEVICE, ABRAHAM D.           MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-2-319
BEVINS, CATHERINE            SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-21-409
BIDWELL, ASA                 YORK                         NY-26-3-449
BIGELOW, DANIEL              GENESEO                      NY-26-18-274
BIGELOW, EPAPHRODITUS        GENESEO                      NY-26-11-41
BILLS, CHARLES A.            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-10-437
BILLS, NANCY M.              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-17-373
BILLSEN, JOSEPH              CONESUS                      NY-26-19-259
BINGHAM, ALBERT M.           MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-13-129
BINGHAM, CHARLES L.          MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-16-485
BINGHAM, CHARLOTTE W.        MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-18-402
BINGHAM, LUCIUS C.           MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-13-397
BINGHAM, LUCY A.             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-11-293
BIRCHARD, ASAHEL             LIMA                         NY-26-4-41
BIRGE, A. OGDEN              AVON                         NY-26-19-517
BIRGE, ANN A.                LIVONIA                      NY-26-15-19
BIRGE, HIRAM F.              GENESEO                      NY-26-10-137
BISHOP, CLEMENT              AVON                         NY-26-2B-221
BISHOP, SALLY                AVON                         NY-26-5-523
BISHOP, THOMAS               LIMA                         NY-26-4-20
BISSELL, DANIEL H.           GENESEO                      NY-26-12-399
BISSELL, MARY LOUISE         NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-18-506
BLACK, WILLIAM               GENESEO                      NY-26-18-78
BLAKE, LOVISA DOW            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-21-10
BLAKE, RUEL                  LIVONIA                      NY-26-3-15
BLAKE, THOMAS                YORK                         NY-26-2B-258
BLAKE, ZARA H.               NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-16-239
BLAKESLEE, ELIZABETH L.      CALEDONIA                    NY-26-10-133
BLAKESLEE, LUCY              YORK                         NY-26-18-382
BLAKESLEE, MARY B.           CALEDONIA                    NY-26-8-442
BLAKESLEE, SENATOR           YORK                         NY-26-18-346
BLANK, MARY J.               OSSIAN                       NY-26-21-559
BLUE, JENET                  CALEDONIA                    NY-26-11-217
BLUM, GERTRUDE               DANSVILLE                    NY-26-18-406
BODINE, EMMA N.              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-15-331
BODINE, JOSEPH               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-8-70
BOIES, JOHN G.               LEICESTER                    NY-26-14-405
BOLINGER, JOHN               NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-19-35
BOLLES, URETTA               LIVONIA                      NY-26-19-325
BOLTON, H. CAROLINE          LEICESTER                    NY-26-15-91
BOND, JONAS                  YORK                         NY-26-2B-47
BOND, NELLA B.               GENESEO                      NY-26-7-476
BOND, NELLA B.               GENESEO                      NY-26-13-221
BONER, SAMUEL                SPARTA                       NY-26-2-349
BONER, SAMUEL                OSSIAN                       NY-26-14-217
BONNER, BENJAMIN             LIMA                         NY-26-16-381
BONNER, FRANK J.             OSSIAN                       NY-26-19-585
BONNER, MARY ELIZABETH       LIMA                         NY-26-19-413
BONNER, SAMUEL C.            OSSIAN                       NY-26-17-106
BONNEY, HANNAH B.            NUNDA                        NY-26-12-173
BOOHER, HENRY                GENESEO                      NY-26-15-379
BOORN, ABIGAIL J.            LIMA                         NY-26-16-147
BOORN, JOHN D.               LIMA                         NY-26-20-103
BOOTH, DAVID                 PORTAGE                      NY-26-12-291
BOOTHMAN, THOMAS             YORK                         NY-26-3-405
BORTLE, JEREMIAH             SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-14-441
BOSLEY, DANIEL               GENESEO                      NY-26-12-499
BOSLEY, EDMUND               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-10-353
BOTSFORD, COMFORT            LIVONIA                      NY-26-3-383
BOTSFORD, JOHN H.            PORTAGE                      NY-26-6-337
BOUYON, PAUL                 NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-17-268
BOVER, ABRAM                 NUNDA                        NY-26-10-341
BOW, JAMES H.                YORK                         NY-26-20-526
BOW, WILLIAM                 YORK                         NY-26-16-445
BOWEN, EUNICE                GROVELAND                    NY-26-9-89
BOWEN, HELEN C.              GENESEO                      NY-26-15-1
BOWEN, WILLIAM               LIVONIA                      NY-26-20-544
BOWERS, ADAM                 MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-2-244
BOWMAN, BAXTER               YORK                         NY-26-3-243
BOYD, ANDREW                 GROVELAND                    NY-26-20-151
BOYD, ARCHIBALD              GROVELAND                    NY-26-10-329
BOYD, ELIZA                  YORK                         NY-26-16-85
BOYD, JAMES                  GROVELAND                    NY-26-3-330
BOYD, JANE E.                GROVELAND                    NY-26-12-467
BOYD, MARY                   NUNDA                        NY-26-11-137
BOYD, MARY P.                GROVELAND                    NY-26-20-346
BOYD, RACHEL                 NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-12-305
BOYD, THOMAS P.              YORK                         NY-26-13-1
BOYLEN, CATHERINE            CALEDONIA                    NY-26-16-493
BOYLEN, FRANCIS              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-12-213
BOYLES, WILLIAM N.           OSSIAN                       NY-26-21-487
BRACE, MARIA                 NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-14-495
BRACE, SAMUEL                NUNDA                        NY-26-19-389
BRADBURN, ISABELLA           CALEDONIA                    NY-26-21-412
BRADLEY, AMOS                NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-8-38
BRADNER, FANNY H.            DANSVILLE                    NY-26-13-309
BRADNER, LESTER              DANSVILLE                    NY-26-10-119
BRAGGINS, JOSEPH             GENESEO                      NY-26-19-147
BRANCH, GEORGE W.            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-20-61
BRAYTON, BARNET              NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-9-257
BRAYTON, MARGARET L.         NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-21-385
BRENNAN, JOHN                LIMA                         NY-26-14-220
BRENNAN, MARGARET            AVON                         NY-26-17-424
BRENNAN, MARTIN              LIVONIA                      NY-26-14-480
BRENNAN, PETER               AVON                         NY-26-15-427
BREWER, CATHERINE            SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-14-372
BREWER, ELIZABETH            SPARTA                       NY-26-3-258
BREWER, JACOB                SPARTA                       NY-26-2B-7
BREWER, SAMUEL               SPARTA                       NY-26-3-393
BREWSTER, ISABELLA L.        CALEDONIA                    NY-26-19-131
BRIANT, WILLIAM              LIVONIA                      NY-26-14-10
BRICK, THOMAS                PORTAGE                      NY-26-12-501
BRIGGS, INNOCENT             LIMA                         NY-26-17-118
BRIMMER, MARTIN              BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA          NY-26-18-158
BRINKERHOFF, EMILY C.        NUNDA                        NY-26-20-415
BRINKERHOFF, LEWIS H.        MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-21-223
BRISTOL, ABEL                LIMA                         NY-26-1-91
BRISTOL, ALBERT G.           AVON                         NY-26-21-4
BRISTOL, WILLIAM A.          LIMA                         NY-26-19-93
BRITTON, JOSEPH              NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-3-97
BROCKWAY, GRACE              LIMA                         NY-26-19-581
BROCKWAY, LEVI               SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-6-61
BROCKWAY, LEVI               SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-20-124
BRODT, JOHN HENRY            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-12-83
BRONSON, CHAUNCY             LIVONIA                      NY-26-13-313
BRONSON, SAMUEL              AVON                         NY-26-4-33
BRONSON, SAMUEL C.           AVON                         NY-26-12-307
BROOKS, CATHARINE P.         MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-10-365
BROOKS, MICAH W.             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-18-474
BROWN, ALMIRA                NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-12-435
BROWN, ANGELINE A.           NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-17-463
BROWN, AUSTIN                LIMA                         NY-26-3-173
BROWN, CHARLES L.            AVON                         NY-26-20-298
BROWN, DUDLEY                LEICESTER                    NY-26-10-163
BROWN, FRANCES D.            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-19-297
BROWN, ISABEL                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-17-328
BROWN, JOHN D.               AVON                         NY-26-2B-332
BROWN, MAURICE               SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-16-23
BROWN, NANCY LANDON          AVON                         NY-26-16-499
BROWN, ROMEO W.              LIMA                         NY-26-15-160
BROWN, SAMUEL                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-19-169
BROWN, THOMAS                GENESEO                      NY-26-8-274
BROWNSON, CHARLES W.         LIMA                         NY-26-16-95
BRYAN, ALIDA A.              AVON                         NY-26-19-37
BRYAN, AMASA                 AVON                         NY-26-11-337
BRYAN, CALVIN H.             GENESEO                      NY-26-5-385
BRYAN, MORGAN L.             AVON                         NY-26-12-87
BRYAN, NANCY A.              GENESEO                      NY-26-12-337
BRYCE, WILLIAM               YORK                         NY-26-2B-286
BUCK, DAVID                  AVON                         NY-26-10-525
BUCK, REBECCA                LIVONIA                      NY-26-21-136
BUCKBEE, MARGARET            CONESUS                      NY-26-12-433
BUDLONG, LEVI S.             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-16-483
BUGBEE, LAURA                LIVONIA                      NY-26-12-539
BULLARD, NATHAN              SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-13-389
BULLARD, THIRSEY M.          SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-13-461
BULLOCK, CAROLINE            LIVONIA                      NY-26-8-25
BUMP, HARVEY                 LEICESTER                    NY-26-12-359
BURCHARD, NORTON B.          LIMA                         NY-26-2-225
BURCHARD, WILLIAM W.         NUNDA                        NY-26-12-509
BURCKHEART, HILLORY          MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-2-300
BURDICK, ALIDA E.            LIVONIA                      NY-26-12-129
BURDICK, ALNORA E.           LIVONIA                      NY-26-17-541
BURDICK, CLARK               LIVONIA                      NY-26-16-347
BURGESS, ABRAHAM             NUNDA                        NY-26-11-177
BURGESS, ARAH W.             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-18-70
BURGESS, MARY E.             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-15-346
BURKE, MICHAEL               NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-21-406
BURKE, RICHARD               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-19-337
BURLEIGH, HARRIET            AVON                         NY-26-16-211
BURLEIGH, JOHN L.            AVON                         NY-26-17-445
BURNHAM, WILLIAM             SPARTA                       NY-26-8-78
BURNS, ELIZABETH             GENESEO                      NY-26-18-386
BURNS, MICHAEL               LIMA                         NY-26-21-109
BURNS, PATRICK               CALEDONIA                    NY-26-12-369
BURR, DELIGHT                LIMA                         NY-26-9-125
BURRELL, THOMAS C.           OSSIAN                       NY-26-10-45
BURROUGHS, PHILIP            PORTAGE                      NY-26-6-361
BURT, CHARLES W.             LIMA                         NY-26-16-63
BURT, HATHORN                MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-17-25
BURT, JOHN                   MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-5-517
BURT, OLIVER                 YORK                         NY-26-1-109
BURT, SAMUEL                 YORK                         NY-26-3-256
BUSH, HENRY                  LEICESTRE                    NY-26-9-97
BUSH, N. MARIA L.            FOULESVILLE                  NY-26-19-203
BUSH, NANCY B.               GENESEO                      NY-26-17-64
BUSH, WILLIAM                YORK                         NY-26-11-17
BUSHNELL, GEORGE H.          NTL                          NY-26-2-222
BUSKIRK, ROZILLA             SPARTA                       NY-26-16-301
BUSKIRK, SAMUEL              SPARTA                       NY-26-17-226
BUTLER, FERLIUS              YORK                         NY-26-2B-77
BUTLER, FREDERICK W.         GENESEO                      NY-26-13-229
BUTTON, ELSIE                LEICESTER                    NY-26-17-442
BUTTS, MANDANA               GENESEO                      NY-26-16-179
BYERS, DAVID                 WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-11-365
BYERS, MARY S.               WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-12-361
BYERS, SAMUEL                WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-10-261
CADWELL, ADAMANTHA           LIVONIA                      NY-26-5-421
CAHILL, JEREMIAH             GENESEO                      NY-26-19-589
CAIN, JOHN                   PORTAGE                      NY-26-16-387
CALKINS, PERMELIA M.         WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-21-427
CALVERT, ELIZA D.            AVON                         NY-26-17-169
CAMERON, ABRAHAM G.          CALEDONIA                    NY-26-21-391
CAMERON, ANGUS               CALEDONIA                    NY-26-13-449
CAMERON, CATHARINE           CALEDONIA                    NY-26-3-296
CAMERON, CATHERINE           CALEONDIA                    NY-26-14-588
CAMERON, CATHERINE           CALEDONIA                    NY-26-19-487
CAMERON, FLORA               CALEDONIA                    NY-26-19-535
CAMERON, ISABELLA W.         CALEDONIA                    NY-26-16-383
CAMERON, MARGARET            CALEDONIA                    NY-26-13-249
CAMERON, MARGARET J.         CALEDONIA                    NY-26-17-1
CAMERON, MARY                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-16-161
CAMERON, MARY                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-20-142
CAMERON, MARY W.             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-19-237
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER C.       MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-10-253
CAMPBELL, DANIEL A.          CALEDONIA                    NY-26-9-45
CAMPBELL, DANIEL D.          CALEDONIA                    NY-26-5-211
CAMPBELL, DANIEL P.          CALEDONIA                    NY-26-2B-205
CAMPBELL, DANIEL T.          COENSUS                      NY-26-14-534
CAMPBELL, DONALD             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-2-51
CAMPBELL, DONALD M.          CALEDONIA                    NY-26-8-374
CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH E.       CALEDONIA                    NY-26-19-395
CAMPBELL, ELVIRA S.          CONESUS                      NY-26-16-587
CAMPBELL, JAMES              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-17-34
CAMPBELL, JENNETT            YORK                         NY-26-3-470
CAMPBELL, JOHN               CALEDONIA                    NY-26-2B-311
CAMPBELL, PETER              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-2B-3
CAMPBELL, PETER J.           CALEDONIA                    NY-26-16-191
CAMPBELL, PETER P.           CALEDONIA                    NY-26-15-25
CANFIELD, CHARLES            OSSIAN                       NY-26-15-574
CARBREY, ANN                 MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-20-241
CARGILL, NATHAN              LIMA                         NY-26-3-465
CARLIN, JANET                LEICESTER                    NY-26-19-479
CARLISLE, EBENEZER A.        YORK                         NY-26-14-256
CARLTON, ELIZABETH A.        LIMA                         NY-26-12-395
CARMICHAEL, JAMES            CALEDONIA                    NY-26-3-206
CARMICHAEL, JOHN             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-5-427
CARMICHAEL, MARY             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-14-474
CARMICHAEL, MARY             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-17-451
CARMODY, MICHAEL             AVON                         NY-26-16-329
CARNEY, HUGH                 NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-20-442
CARNEY, WILLIAM H.           SPARTA                       NY-26-14-312
CARPENTER, BILLEZAR          LIVONIA                      NY-26-17-286
CARPENTER, IRA               SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-19-533
CARPENTER, JOHN H.           LIVONIA                      NY-26-20-511
CARPENTER, LODESSA M.        LIVONIA                      NY-26-17-517
CARPENTER, MARGARET B.       NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-11-269
CARPENTER, SARAH M.          NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-12-449
CARPENTER, THORN             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-18-106
CARPETNER, MARTHA            SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-17-577
CARR, FOLKHERT               GENESEO                      NY-26-6-463
CARRAGHER, PATRICK           GENESEO                      NY-26-12-529
CARRICK, MARGARET A.         PORTAGE                      NY-26-20-283
CARRICK, ROBERT              PORTAGE                      NY-26-7-455
CARROLL, CHARLES             BELLEVUE                     NY-26-1-31
CARROLL, CHARLES H.          GROVELAND                    NY-26-6-319
CARROLL, ELENOR              NUNDA                        NY-26-16-571
CARROLL, SUSAN               LEICESTER                    NY-26-19-247
CARTER, LUTHER               LIVONIA                      NY-26-3-197
CARTY, DENNIS                LIVONIA                      NY-26-10-501
CARTY, JAMES                 LIVONIA                      NY-26-19-461
CARY, JAMES                  LIMA                         NY-26-10-201
CASE, LUCY M.                LIVONIA                      NY-26-11-133
CASE, STARLING               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-3-63
CASEY, ISRAEL                YORK                         NY-26-14-292
CASEY, MILO B.               YORK                         NY-26-19-305
CASEY, SARAH                 GENESEO                      NY-26-20-256
CASHMAN, EDMUND              LIMA                         NY-26-12-127
CASSIDY, CORNELIUS           MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-15-595
CASSIDY, DANIEL              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-18-86
CASSIDY, DANIEL              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-21-115
CASSIDY, MARGARET            AVON                         NY-26-16-101
CASSIDY, MAURICE             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-16-163
CASTERLIN, ANN               LIMA                         NY-26-16-235
CASTERLIN, JESSE BRADFORD    LIMA                         NY-26-18-38
CHALKER, HENRY               NUNDA                        NY-26-10-509
CHAMBERLAIN, EZEKIEL P.      LEICESTER                    NY-26-2-166
CHAMBERLAIN, OSCAR L.        MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-9-439
CHANDLER, HENRY              PORTAGE                      NY-26-5-367
CHANDLER, NATHANIEL          NUNDA                        NY-26-4-49
CHANDLER, REBECCA            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-14-19
CHANDLER, WINTHROP H.        AVON                         NY-26-3-520
CHAPEL, DANIEL               AVON                         NY-26-2-304
CHAPEL, MARY A.              AVON                         NY-26-11-353
CHAPEL, RICHARD R.           AVON                         NY-26-19-403
CHAPIN, ABEL J.              LIVONIA                      NY-26-17-559
CHAPIN, HARRIET              DANSVILLE                    NY-26-20-343
CHAPIN, RHODA A.             LIVONIA                      NY-26-21-106
CHAPMAN, SILAS               LIMA                         NY-26-16-285
CHAPPELL, EDGCOMB            AVON                         NY-26-5-326
CHAPPELL, FRANCES A.         LIMA                         NY-26-20-310
CHAPPELL, KATHERINE G.       LIMA                         NY-26-21-400
CHAPPELL, ROBERT             LIMA                         NY-26-16-319
CHAPPELL, SAMUEL             LIMA                         NY-26-18-174
CHAPPELL, WILLIAM            AVON                         NY-26-21-16
CHASE, LUCY ANN              LIVONIA                      NY-26-19-427
CHASE, ROBERT B.             LIVONIA                      NY-26-3-36
CHASE, STEPHEN               CONESUS                      NY-26-2-157
CHASE, WILLIAM               NUNDA                        NY-26-8-434
CHILD, CYREL                 YORK                         NY-26-3-245
CHILSON, JACOB               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-12-203
CHILSON, JOHN M.             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-20-229
CHILSON, LUCY A.             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-15-559
CHITTENDEN, LAURA R.         NUNA                         NY-26-19-303
CHRISTIE, CHARLES            CALEDONIA                    NY-26-13-529
CHRISTIE, DANIEL             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-2-140
CHRISTIE, DANIEL D.          CALEDONIA                    NY-26-6-343
CHRISTIE, JENNET             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-14-426
CHRISTIE, MARGARET           CALEDONIA                    NY-26-11-169
CHRISTIE, MARY               CALEDONIA                    NY-26-10-281
CHURCHILL, DESIRE            GENESEO                      NY-26-8-350
CLANCY, JOHN                 GENESEO                      NY-26-18-30
CLAPP, CAROLINE              YORK                         NY-26-14-543
CLAPP, EMILY                 YORK                         NY-26-12-503
CLAPP, HANNAH J.             SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-13-561
CLAPP, HENRY                 SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-16-565
CLAREY, JOHN                 AVON                         NY-26-12-373
CLARK, ADLAI                 GENESEO                      NY-26-2B-325
CLARK, ALMINA                LIMA                         NY-26-16-141
CLARK, ANNA B.               LIVONIA                      NY-26-10-223
CLARK, BENJAMIN              YORK                         NY-26-2B-380
CLARK, BETSY                 LIVONIA                      NY-26-8-290
CLARK, CHARLOTTE A.          AVON                         NY-26-14-300
CLARK, DANIEL                CONESUS                      NY-26-15-253
CLARK, FRANK A.              NTL, VOLUSIA, FL             NY-26-13-349
CLARK, GREENLEAF             PORTAGE                      NY-26-11-205
CLARK, HARRIET C.            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-10-377
CLARK, HENRY D.              LIMA                         NY-26-5-193
CLARK, MYRON HARVEY          LIVONIA                      NY-26-21-160
CLARK, ORTON T.              GENESEO                      NY-26-12-457
CLARK, REBECCA               GENESEO                      NY-26-8-238
CLARK, SARAH                 LIMA                         NY-26-17-91
CLARK, WILLIAM               GENESEO                      NY-26-8-74
CLARK, WILLIAM S.            LIMA                         NY-26-16-79
CLARKSON, WILLIAM            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-17-70
CLAUS, JENNIE B.             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-19-379
CLAYTON, CHARLES             SPARTA                       NY-26-14-187
CLAYTON, MARGARET            SPARTA                       NY-26-17-154
CLEMONS, AUGUSTUS S.         CONESUS                      NY-26-4-70
CLEMONS, MARVIN D.           SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-13-101
CLEMONS, ULYSES              CONESUS                      NY-26-8-33
CLEVELAND, MARY P.           AVON                         NY-26-16-385
CLOSE, JOHN                  NUNDA                        NY-26-14-492
CLOSE, WILLIAM               NUNDA                        NY-26-21-19
CLOUGH, HATTIE O.            NUNDA                        NY-26-11-361
CLUNAS, JOHN                 CALEDONIA                    NY-26-4-24
CLUNY, JOHN                  LIMA                         NY-26-16-71
CLUTE, CLARISSA              LEICESTER                    NY-26-10-27
CLUTE, JELLES                LEICESTER                    NY-26-2-185
CLUTE, JELLIS SR.            PORTAGE                      NY-26-16-325
COATS, EDWARD S.             SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-8-262
COBLEY, THOMAS               YORK                         NY-26-1-22
COCK, WILLIAM G.             NUNDA                        NY-26-6-73
COE, AMANDA M.               LIVONIA                      NY-26-18-330
COE, HORACE                  LIMA                         NY-26-14-178
COE, JOHN C.                 LIVONIA                      NY-26-3-435
COE, LEWIS                   LIVONIA                      NY-26-9-181
COE, MARY J.                 LIVONIA                      NY-26-20-13
COFFEE, JAMES                WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-10-11
COFFEY, PATRICK              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-21-118
COFFIN, LATHAM               PORTAGE                      NY-26-20-319
COFFIN, PELEG                NUNDA                        NY-26-10-285
COGAN, JOSEPH                NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-17-43
COGSWELL, DANIEL             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-11-429
COGSWELL, SAMUEL             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-10-81
COLBY, LUKE                  NUNDA                        NY-26-15-466
COLE, JOSEPH                 NUNDA                        NY-26-10-157
COLE, SARAH L.               GENESEO                      NY-26-21-1
COLGROVE, ALFRED T.          SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-9-365
COLGROVE, HIRAM              LIVONIA                      NY-26-13-145
COLLER, JOHN                 SPARTA                       NY-26-5-457
COLLER, LAWSON               CONESUS                      NY-26-21-403
COLLER, LUCY                 SPARTA                       NY-26-2B-373
COLLER, THOMAS               SPARTA                       NY-26-2B-197
COLLETT, MAGDALENA           DANSVILLE                    NY-26-12-525
COLLINS, ALFRED              YORK                         NY-26-12-455
COLLINS, MARGARET            GENESEO                      NY-26-15-49
COLLISON, GEORGE             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-15-52
COLT, CHARLES                GENESEO                      NY-26-8-90
COLT, JULIA ANN              GENESEO                      NY-26-5-295
COLTON, EMMA                 NTL                          NY-26-2-254
COLTON, WILLIAM W.           YORK                         NY-26-2-103
COMMINS, ERASMUS T.          LIMA                         NY-26-8-214
COMMINS, JEDEDIAH            LIMA                         NY-26-2-342
COMMINS, LUCY A.             LIMA                         NY-26-14-387
COMMON, CHARLES J.           CALEDONIA                    NY-26-11-113
CONCANNON, MARTIN            LIVONIA                      NY-26-15-82
CONDERMAN, LOIS              SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-21-418
CONDON, WILLIAM              LIMA                         NY-26-9-417
CONE, ALVENUS                GENESEO                      NY-26-12-175
CONE, GEORGE F.              LEICESTER                    NY-26-12-333
CONE, GEORGE W.              YORK                         NY-26-21-478
CONE, RACHEL P.              GENESEO                      NY-26-17-544
CONEGESSER, FRANK            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-19-593
CONELLY, DANIEL              LIMA                         NY-26-21-100
CONKEY, HARRIET H.           MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-12-349
CONKLIN, JAMES               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-15-412
CONKLIN, JOHN                SPARTA                       NY-26-3-344
CONKLIN, PHILIP H.           SPARTA                       NY-26-14-465
CONNELLY, JOHN               LIMA                         NY-26-12-247
CONNELLY, MARY               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-17-346
CONNER, BRIDGET A.           AVON                         NY-26-14-552
CONNER, LUCY                 LIMA                         NY-26-12-419
CONNOR, DENNIS               LIVONIA                      NY-26-15-64
CONNOR, JOHN                 AVON                         NY-26-21-346
CONNOR, SARAH R.             LIMA                         NY-26-19-361
CONNOR, TIMOTHY D.           SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-20-331
CONRAD, MARY A.              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-15-382
CONROY, DANIEL P.            YORK                         NY-26-17-85
CONWAY, JAMES                YORK                         NY-26-20-76
CONWAY, JOHN                 GENESEO                      NY-26-14-25
CONWAY, JOHN                 LIMA                         NY-26-19-87
CONWAY, MARY                 YORK                         NY-26-19-189
CONWAY, PATRICK              YORK                         NY-26-14-157
CONWAY, PATRICK              LIMA                         NY-26-15-34
COOK, RENSSELAER             AVON                         NY-26-9-445
COOK, SARAH                  LIVONIA                      NY-26-12-137
COOKINGHAM, EGEBRT S.        AVON                         NY-26-18-458
COOLEY, CLARISSA M.          LEICESTER                    NY-26-19-99
COOLEY, GILBERT M.           LEICESTER                    NY-26-21-349
COOLEY, NOAH B.              LEICESTER                    NY-26-21-376
COOLEY, SETH                 YORK                         NY-26-5-49
COON, WILLIAM                NUNDA                        NY-26-15-190
COONAN, PATRICK              AVON                         NY-26-19-63
COOONS, SIDNEY               TEXAS, WAYNE, PA             NY-26-20-304
CORCORAN, ANN LEE            AVON                         NY-26-17-403
CORNWELL, CHAUNCEY           MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-13-257
CORNWELL, ELIZABETH          MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-21-475
CORNWELL, MARGARET           LEICESTER                    NY-26-14-354
CORY, WILLIAM                LIMA                         NY-26-10-159
COSNET, MARY                 NUNDA                        NY-26-19-187
COSTELLO, JOHN               GENESEO                      NY-26-17-247
COSTON, ZARA H.              LAWRENCE, DOUGLAS, KS        NY-26-7-281
COUCHMAN, THOMAS             GENESEO                      NY-26-15-571
COUGHLIN, DANIEL             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-10-183
COULTRY, CATHARINE           OSSIAN                       NY-26-17-364
COULTRY, THOMAS              OSSIAN                       NY-26-16-117
COVERT, NATHANIEL            OSSIAN                       NY-26-9-409
COWAN, WILLIAM               YORK                         NY-26-3-386
COWAN, WILLIAM               YORK                         NY-26-9-289
COX, ALFRED A.               GENESEO                      NY-26-16-471
COX, DARIUS                  CALEDONIA                    NY-26-14-600
COX, JAMES                   NUNDA                        NY-26-20-262
COY, SARA E.                 MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-16-435
COY, WILLIAM H.              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-20-118
COYKENDALL, CLARA A.         LIVONIA                      NY-26-19-17
CRABB, ABIJAH                LEICESTER                    NY-26-2B-338
CRABBE, MARY J.              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-19-521
CRAGIN, JOHN                 GENESEO                      NY-26-11-405
CRAIG, JAMES                 SPARTA                       NY-26-3-270
CRAIG, JOHN                  GENESEO                      NY-26-20-265
CRAIG, WILLIAM               NTL                          NY-26-2B-100
CRAIG, WILLIAM               YORK                         NY-26-13-193
CRANK, HENRY                 GENESEO                      NY-26-6-301
CRANSTON, RAY                NUNDA                        NY-26-5-403
CRAPSEY, JACOB               LEICESTER                    NY-26-3-403
CRAUMER, MARTHA              SPARTA                       NY-26-7-31
CRAVE, MARY                  NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-18-366
CREA, MARGARET               LIVONIA                      NY-26-16-109
CREGO, CHAUNCEY M.           NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-20-109
CREVELING, SARAH A.          MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-12-143
CREVLING, JACOB O.           MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-12-417
CRIDLER, JANE M.             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-19-289
CRONAN, JOHN                 MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-12-23
CROOK, NATHANIEL             YORK                         NY-26-2B-59
CROSSET, WILLIAM             NTL                          NY-26-1-145
CROSSETT, DAVID W.           GROVELAND                    NY-26-8-270
CROSSETT, JOHN               GENESEO                      NY-26-13-457
CROSSETT, WILLIAM            NTL                          NY-26-2-20
CROSSMAN, HARRIET            LEICESTER                    NY-26-12-231
CROSTON, FRANCIS             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-11-309
CROUSE, GEORGE G.            LIMA                         NY-26-12-439
CRUMMACK, JOHN               NUDNA                        NY-26-18-142
CUDEBEC, ELIAS               NUNDA                        NY-26-19-47
CULBERTSON, JOHN             SPARTA                       NY-26-6-193
CULBERTSON, MARGARET         SAN FRANCISCO, CA            NY-26-20-517
CULBERTSON, MARIA            GENESEO                      NY-26-20-244
CULBERTSON, NANCY            GROVELAND                    NY-26-20-451
CULLINGS, JAMES              YORK                         NY-26-11-409
CULVER, JOHN W.              LIVONIA                      NY-26-3-118
CUMMINGS, ARTHUR             LEICESTER                    NY-26-21-364
CUMMINGS, HETTY              GENESEO                      NY-26-17-283
CURHEY, WILLIAM J.           CALEDONIA                    NY-26-19-139
CURPHEY, ROBERT              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-17-529
CURRY, NELLIE                DANSVILLE                    NY-26-20-259
CURTIS, AUGUSTUS A.          GENESEO                      NY-26-10-39
CURTIS, EUNICE               GROVELAND                    NY-26-20-568
CURTIS, WILLIAM S.           AVON                         NY-26-12-431
CURTISS, DEBORAH H. G.       NUNDA                        NY-26-9-523
CURTISS, EPHRAIM F.          GENESEO                      NY-26-18-354
CUSHING, CAROLINE M.         AVON                         NY-26-16-253
CUSHMAN, JOB                 SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-2-56
CUSICK, BARNEY               LIVONIA                      NY-26-8-234
CUSTER, BETHEL M.            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-13-409
CUTLER, JOHN                 LIMA                         NY-26-4-100
CUTTER, ABEL                 NTL                          NY-26-1-39
DABOLL, JANE                 MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-20-322
DAGGETT, SARAH A.            NUNDA                        NY-26-17-565
DAILEY, HENRY                LEICESTER                    NY-26-12-75
DAILEY, JOEL                 LIMA                         NY-26-15-568
DAILEY, JOHN M.              GENESEO                      NY-26-21-562
DAILEY, THOMAS               AVON                         NY-26-17-394
DAKE, BENJAMIN W.            GROVELAND                    NY-26-9-185
DAKE, JABEZ                  NUNDA                        NY-26-3-75
DAKE, JONATHAN M.            NUNDA                        NY-26-18-442
DAKE, JONATHAN M.            NUNDA                        NY-26-18-498
DAKE, MERRITT B.             WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-16-415
DALE, GEORGE W.              GENESEO                      NY-26-16-61
DALRYMPLE, ISAAC K.          MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-12-197
DALRYMPLE, LEVI              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-7-199
DAMON, DANIEL                LIMA                         NY-26-13-157
DANA, FEDERAL                AVON                         NY-26-10-179
DANA, HARRIET G.             AVON                         NY-26-14-226
DANN, AMOS                   AVON                         NY-26-9-137
DANN, FLOYD                  AVON                         NY-26-11-5
DANN, SELLECK                LIMA                         NY-26-14-235
DARLING, DAVIS               GENESEO                      NY-26-13-601
DAVIDSON, JOHN               GENESEO                      NY-26-19-53
DAVIS, CAROLINE A.           DANSVILLE                    NY-26-15-58
DAVIS, DAVID G.              LIVONIA                      NY-26-11-245
DAVIS, EXPERIENCE            LIVONIA                      NY-26-3-107
DAVIS, JAMES                 YORK                         NY-26-5-603
DAVIS, MABEL E.              LIVONIA                      NY-26-18-326
DAVIS, WILLIAM MATHEW        AVON                         NY-26-19-111
DAY, CYRUS                   NUNDA                        NY-26-15-310
DAY, ELECTA                  NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-10-125
DAY, LEVI                    LIMA                         NY-26-3-238
DAY, LEVI C.                 LIMA                         NY-26-12-537
DAY, MARY A.                 LIMA                         NY-26-19-151
DAY, RUSSELL                 NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-6-43
DEAL, JOHN                   AVON                         NY-26-6-451
DEAL, MARTHA EWER            LIMA                         NY-26-14-585
DEAL, WILLIAM                GENESEO                      NY-26-5-391
DEAN, DANIEL                 NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-14-28
DEAN, EBENEZER               YORK                         NY-26-3-30
DEAN, JOHN A.                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-6-445
DECAMP, JOHN C.              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-13-49
DECKER, ELANSON              LEICESTER                    NY-26-18-62
DECKER, JOHN                 LIAM                         NY-26-5-433
DECKER, JOHN C.              LIVONIA                      NY-26-19-207
DECKER, MARGARET             LIVONIA                      NY-26-5-481
DEE, BRIDGET                 SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-16-365
DEEGAN, JOHN H.              NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-16-545
DEFOREST, WILLIAM            LEICESTER                    NY-26-15-406
DEGROFF, ABRAHAM             NUNDA                        NY-26-18-390
DELANEY, JAMES M.            LIVONIA                      NY-26-19-485
DELONG, MARY E.              SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-15-391
DENEIFFE, THOMAS             LIMA                         NY-26-15-523
DENISON, NANCY A.            GENESEO                      NY-26-16-249
DENISON, ROBERT              WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-15-274
DENISTON, DANIEL             GROVELAND                    NY-26-14-540
DENSMORE, DAVID              LIVONIA                      NY-26-3-375
DENSMORE, MARY L.            SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-15-355
DENSMORE, ROBERT             LIVONIA                      NY-26-11-13
DEPUY, PETER                 NUNDA                        NY-26-18-318
DEPUY, PHILIP                MOUNT MORIS                  NY-26-2B-171
DERENBACKER, CONRAD          OSSIAN                       NY-26-20-457
DERR, FRANCES MARIA          LEICESTER                    NY-26-14-190
DEVINNEY, WILLIAM            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-12-287
DEWEY, HARRIET M.            GENESEO                      NY-26-9-173
DIBBLE, CHARLES T.           LIMA                         NY-26-18-454
DIBBLE, MARIA                LIVONIA                      NY-26-17-433
DICK, JOHN N.                NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-17-367
DICKERSON, ANDREW            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-16-223
DICKEY, JOHN P.              GENESEO                      NY-26-11-241
DICKEY, SALLY H.             YORK                         NY-26-5-37
DICKEY, WILLIAM              NUNDA                        NY-26-19-383
DICKEY, WILLIAM G.           GENESEO                      NY-26-13-485
DICKINSON, EMILUS O.         NUNDA                        NY-26-13-417
DIEFFENBACHER, WILLIAM       GENESEO                      NY-26-8-398
DIETER, AMANAH N.            DANSVILLE                    NY-26-21-235
DIETER, BARBARA              SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-5-217
DIFFENBACHER, BARBARA        GENESEO                      NY-26-10-71
DILDINE, ZACHARIUS           DANSVILLE                    NY-26-20-340
DILLON, HENRY                AVON                         NY-26-10-53
DILTS, SAMUEL                LIVONIA                      NY-26-12-167
DIMMICK, NATHAN C.           DANSVILLE                    NY-26-13-341
DINER, RUTH                  GENESEO                      NY-26-9-425
DIPPEY, ABRAHAM              NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-10-349
DIVINNEY, RICHARD            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-2B-156
DIXON, GEORGE H.             NUNDA                        NY-26-12-379
DIXON, ROBERT                LIVONIA                      NY-26-12-289
DIXSON, MARIETTE             LIVONIA                      NY-26-16-553
DOCKERY, MARY                AVON                         NY-26-16-277
DODGE, ALFRED C.             NUNDA                        NY-26-21-439
DODGE, JARED P.              NUNDA                        NY-26-13-505
DODGE, THOMAS                LEICESTER                    NY-26-11-297
DOELLEN, JOSEPH              GENESEO                      NY-26-20-430
DONAHUE, JOHN                AVON                         NY-26-19-531
DONALDSON, SOLOMON           NUNDA                        NY-26-12-415
DONNAN, JOHN A.              YORK                         NY-26-13-301
DONNAW, JENNETTE             GENESEO                      NY-26-17-454
DONNELLY, JAMES              YORK                         NY-26-8-414
DONNELLY, MARTHA A.          NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-12-463
DONOHUE, PATRICK             PORTAGE                      NY-26-12-355
DOOLITTLE, HORACE            LIMA                         NY-26-4-98
DORR, CATHERINE C.           NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-13-533
DORR, PHEBE                  NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-3-441
DOTY, ELIZA JANE             NUNDA                        NY-26-16-57
DOTY, HUGH C.                GENESEO                      NY-26-14-594
DOTY, SARAH W.               NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-12-53
DOTY, WILLIAM                GENESCO                      NY-26-2-126
DOUD, SAMUEL L.              SPARTA                       NY-26-4-87
DOUDS, MARY                  AVON                         NY-26-16-31
DOUDS, MC LAUGHLIN           NTL                          NY-26-13-437
DOUGHERTY, MICHAEL           AVON                         NY-26-19-291
DOUGHERTY, PETER             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-21-337
DOUGHTY, ELEANOR L.          SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-21-61
DOUGHTY, WESLEY              SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-7-524
DOUGLASS, ALEXANDER          LIMA                         NY-26-11-237
DOVE, ALEXANDER              LIMA                         NY-26-3-189
DOVENBURGH, CATHARINE        CALEDONIA                    NY-26-3-307
DOW, ROBERT L.               NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-14-244
DOWLEY, MARTHA JANE          MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-21-238
DOWLING, MICHAEL             NUNDA                        NY-26-16-405
DOWNS, AUSTIN                MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-4-113
DOWYER, EDWARD C.            GENESEO                      NY-26-3-353
DOYLE, JAMES W.              SPARTA                       NY-26-19-443
DOYLE, JOHN                  AVON                         NY-26-12-343
DREHMER, FRANCES M.          AVON                         NY-26-20-223
DREW, WILLOUGHBY             NUNDA                        NY-26-10-325
DRHMER, MARY C.              NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-16-281
DRIESBACH, HENRY             SPARTA                       NY-26-2B-266
DRISCOLL, BRIDGET            AVON                         NY-26-19-397
DRISCOLL, EDWARD             AVON                         NY-26-16-487
DRISCOLL, TIMOTHY            LEICESTER                    NY-26-18-154
DROUN, SAMUEL                AVON                         NY-26-6-31
DUDLEY, PATIENCE             PORTAGE                      NY-26-9-269
DUELL, JONATHAN              CONSEUS                      NY-26-3-175
DUFFIE, MATTHEW              LEICESTER                    NY-26-10-41
DUFFY, JULIA                 AVON                         NY-26-16-303
DUFFY, MARY                  AVON                         NY-26-15-352
DUNN, AUSTIN B.              OSSIAN                       NY-26-19-365
DUNN, CHARLES                NUNDA                        NY-26-20-436
DUNN, CHRISTOPHER            GENESEO                      NY-26-3-407
DUNN, JOHN                   MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-15-196
DUNN, LEVI                   GROVELAND                    NY-26-1-137
DUNN, LEVI                   GROVELAND                    NY-26-2-42
DURYEA, ABRAHAM              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-9-81
DURYEE, CELINDA A.           MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-10-143
DURYEE, ELIZA                NUNDA                        NY-26-18-94
DURYEE, JAMES                NUNDA                        NY-26-6-169
DURYEE, WILLIAM R.           NUNDA                        NY-26-15-214
DUSENBERRE, SAMUEL           LIMA                         NY-26-9-57
DUTCHER, SARAH H.            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-15-478
DUTTON, HORACE               PORTAGE                      NY-26-10-449
DWYER, MICHAEL               LIMA                         NY-26-16-89
DYE, HENRY                   SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-14-384
DYER, DANIEL E.              SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-18-46
DYER, HORATIO                NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-13-81
EASTWOOD, LUCINDA M.         MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-14-88
ECKRICH, JOHN                DANSVILLE                    NY-26-16-5
EDDY, DAVID                  LIVONIA                      NY-26-8-17
EDDY, ELIZA ANN              GENESEO                      NY-26-19-89
EDGAR, JAMES A.              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-15-16
EDGAR, JAMES H.              GENESEO                      NY-26-19-15
EDGAR, MARY                  YORK                         NY-26-8-402
EDGAR, THOMAS G.             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-12-377
EDMONDS, MARY M.             PORTAGE                      NY-26-21-232
EDWARDS, HARRIET             YORK                         NY-26-19-231
EDWARDS, NELSON              YORK                         NY-26-5-547
EDWARDS, SARAH JANE          SPARTA                       NY-26-16-129
EGAN, MICHAEL                MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-14-280
EGGLESTON, ELECTA            AVON                         NY-26-12-519
EHLE, POLLY                  OSSIAN                       NY-26-16-201
EICHINGER, XAVIER            LIMA                         NY-26-15-322
ELDRETT, JOSEPH A.           MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-14-241
ELDRIDGE, MILO               NUNDA                        NY-26-20-157
ELDRIDGE, MILO J.            NUNDA                        NY-26-21-547
ELLIS, JOHN                  MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-16-125
ELLIS, MARY                  SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-19-265
ELLISON, MARY JANE           YORK                         NY-26-19-523
ELLISON, SOPHIA              YORK                         NY-26-19-519
ELLS, MALISSA M.             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-19-503
ELWOOD, ISAAC J.             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-2B-278
EMBSER, MARY                 NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-19-97
EMO, ALICE                   NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-10-15
EMO, BARBARA                 NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-13-33
EMO, JACOB                   NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-10-167
EMO, MICHAEL                 NUNDA                        NY-26-10-141
ENDRESS, ISAAC L.            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-9-245
ENDRESS, ROSINA M.           DANSVILLE                    NY-26-15-277
ENDRESS, SAMUEL L.           NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-8-478
ENDRESS, SARAH A.            DANSVILLE                    NY-26-12-293
ENGERT, JOHN GEORGE          NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-17-295
ENGHART, JOHN NICHOLAS       DANSVILLE                    NY-26-10-85
ENNIS, MARY                  GENESEO                      NY-26-16-245
ESEHRICH, EDWARD             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-21-328
ESPIE, ROBERT                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-14-223
ESTEE, CLARK K.              AVON                         NY-26-3-234
ESTES, BENJAMIN              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-3-317
ESTES, EDWARD L.             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-12-413
ESTIS, ALLEN                 CALEDONIA                    NY-26-8-134
EVANS, DENNIS B.             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-11-313
EVERMAN, MARY                SPARTA                       NY-26-20-514
EVERMAN, THEODORE            SPARTA                       NY-26-14-306
EVERMAN, WILLIAM R.          SPARTA                       NY-26-19-569
EWART, ELIZABETH             GENESEO                      NY-26-16-393
EWART, GEORGE                GROVELAND                    NY-26-2B-147
EWART, HANNAH                GENESEO                      NY-26-21-448
EWART, SAMUEL                GENESEO                      NY-26-3-224
EWART, WILLIAM               GROVELAND                    NY-26-3-351
EWERDEAL, MARTHA             LIMA                         NY-26-14-585
EWERT, HARVEY                GROVELAND                    NY-26-20-307
FARLEY, HARVEY               SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-9-61
FARLEY, JESSE                SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-9-393
FARMER, ELIZA                GENESEO                      NY-26-7-396
FARNSWORTH, JAMES            NUNDA                        NY-26-4-132
FARQUHASSEN, MARGARET        CALEDONIA                    NY-26-1-134
FAULKNER, ENDRESS            DANSVILLE                    NY-26-3-451
FAULKNER, JAMES              DANSVILLE                    NY-26-7-489
FAULKNER, MARY S.            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-3-390
FEIOCK, MICHAEL              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-14-555
FELLOWS, EPHRAIM             CONESUS                      NY-26-16-171
FENNELL, JOHN                YORK                         NY-26-19-115
FENSTERMACHER, ISAAC         NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-12-251
FERGUSON, ARCHIBALD          CALEDONIA                    NY-26-3-4
FERGUSON, JANE               CALEDONIA                    NY-26-12-243
FERREN, MOSES N.             YORK                         NY-26-15-409
FERRIS, EDWARD               AVON                         NY-26-19-351
FERRON, PATRICK              GENESEO                      NY-26-20-277
FIELDER, CHARLES S.          NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-6-469
FILKINS, CHARLES             LIMA                         NY-26-15-340
FINCH, ANN                   CALEDONIA                    NY-26-11-129
FINCH, SEELEY                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-10-233
FINIGAN, FRANCIS             LIMA                         NY-26-14-345
FINLEY, EMELINE              GENESEO                      NY-26-15-397
FINNEGAN, JOHN               CONESUS                      NY-26-17-58
FINNEGAN, THOMAS             LIMA                         NY-26-14-43
FINNIGAN, BRIDGET            LIMA                         NY-26-16-551
FISH, LYDIA W.               SPARTA                       NY-26-12-49
FISHER, JOHN                 YORK                         NY-26-3-188
FISHER, ORENEA               GENESEO                      NY-26-5-583
FISK, GEORGE C.              NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-19-415
FISK, MARGARET E.            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-13-385
FITCH, SARAH M.              GENESEO                      NY-26-16-455
FITZGERALD, GEORGE W.        LIVONIA                      NY-26-10-373
FITZGERALD, SARAH A. W.      LIVONIA                      NY-26-6-205
FITZGERALD, THOMAS           AVON                         NY-26-16-157
FITZHUGH, DANIEL H.          GROVELAND                    NY-26-9-499
FITZHUGH, WILLIAM            GROVELAND                    NY-26-2B-209
FITZHUGH, WILLIAM D.         GROVELAND                    NY-26-16-187
FITZPATRICK, CATHARINE       OSSIAN                       NY-26-16-437
FLEUROT, GABRIEL GASPARD     YORK                         NY-26-17-508
FOCKY, SUSAN                 MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-16-73
FOGLE, JAMES                 GENESEO                      NY-26-16-523
FOLMSBEE, DANIEL             GENESEE                      NY-26-11-173
FOOSE, JACOB                 LEICESTER                    NY-26-2B-308
FOOT, CAROLINE E.            GENESEO                      NY-26-14-438
FOOTE, MARY                  NUNDA                        NY-26-9-25
FOOTE, NORMAN                NUNDA                        NY-26-16-363
FOOTE, PROSPER P.            CALEODNIA                    NY-26-15-493
FORBES, ELIZA                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-19-163
FORD, ABAGALE                LIVONIA                      NY-26-6-331
FORD, THOMAS G.              LIVONIA                      NY-26-8-394
FORREST, AMANDA M.           YORK                         NY-26-15-325
FOSDICK, BENONA              CONESUS                      NY-26-12-61
FOSTER, DARIUS D.            SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-8-462
FOSTER, SAMUEL               CONESUS                      NY-26-14-468
FOWLER, ALLIE H.             LIVONIA                      NY-26-3-143
FOWLER, CHARLES              LIVONIA                      NY-26-1-101
FOWLER, DAVID J.             NUNDA                        NY-26-3-447
FOWLER, JEMIMA               GROVELAND                    NY-26-8-190
FOWLER, PHILANDER            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-14-507
FOWLER, RHODA W.             LIVONIA                      NY-26-4-94
FOWLER, SUSAN                LIVONIA                      NY-26-5-529
FOWLER, THOMAS               GROVELAND                    NY-26-12-111
FOWLER, THOMAS M.            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-16-585
FOWLER, WELLS                YORK                         NY-26-5-541
FOX, RICHARD H.              LIVONIA                      NY-26-19-471
FRALEY, JOSEPH               NUNDA                        NY-26-17-244
FRANCIS, SYLVESTER           LIVONIA                      NY-26-13-253
FRANKLIN, JOHN               LIMA                         NY-26-9-129
FRASER, ALEXANDER            YORK                         NY-26-2B-347
FRASER, ALEXANDER            YORK                         NY-26-14-513
FRASER, JAMES                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-2-270
FRASER, JAMES                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-6-505
FRASER, JAMES J.             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-17-211
FRASER, MARGARET C.          YORK                         NY-26-16-121
FRASER, MARY                 YORK                         NY-26-12-165
FRASER, SARAH                YORK                         NY-26-9-273
FRASER, SIEMON D.            YORK                         NY-26-16-593
FRASER, WILLIAM              YORK                         NY-26-2B-51
FRASER, WILLIAM              YORK                         NY-26-15-565
FRAYER, MILES                NUNDA                        NY-26-14-106
FRAZER, JOHN                 SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-18-522
FRAZER, MARIA                SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-17-343
FREAS, JOHN N.               WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-12-517
FRENCH, ABIEL F.             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-11-489
FRENCH, CHAPMAN              LEICESTER                    NY-26-10-153
FRENCH, JANE E.              CONESUS                      NY-26-17-187
FRENCH, REUBEN F. W.         MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-15-286
FRIDD, WILLIAM               GENESEO                      NY-26-21-25
FRIES, MICHAEL               OSSIAN                       NY-26-20-226
FRONK, GEORGE                NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-14-363
FROST, WILLARD A.            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-16-331
FULLER, JOEL                 AVON                         NY-26-2-13
FULLER, JOSEPH               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-2B-62
FULLER, MEHITABEL            AVON                         NY-26-8-222

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