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GALBRAITH, ELIZABETH W.      MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-13-509
GALBRAITH, LYDIA             SPARTA                       NY-26-20-178
GALBRAITH, PATRICK           GROVELAND                    NY-26-8-158
GALBRAITH, SAMUEL B.         MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-11-421
GALE, HENRY                  MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-2-300
GALE, JOHN P.                MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-9-201
GALLAGHER, MARGARET          CALEDONIA                    NY-26-20-466
GALLAGHER, PETER             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-16-225
GALLETIN, DANIEL             SPARTA                       NY-26-3-328
GALLY, LUCY                  PORTAGE                      NY-26-14-289
GAMBLE, DAVID                GROVELAND                    NY-26-9-451
GAMBLE, JOHN S.              GROVELAND                    NY-26-9-305
GAMBLE, LYDIA A.             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-19-439
GAMBLE, NANCY                GROVELAND                    NY-26-21-457
GAMBLE, ROBERT               GROVELAND                    NY-26-5-19
GAMBLE, ROBERT               GROVELAND                    NY-26-21-502
GAMBLE, ROBERT 2ND           GROVELAND                    NY-26-11-153
GANOUNG, JACOB               LIMA                         NY-26-8-138
GANUNG, ANGELINE K.          LIMA                         NY-26-17-490
GANUNG, CELIA ANN            LIVONIA                      NY-26-21-595
GARBUTT, FRANCES E.          CALEDONIA                    NY-26-17-340
GARDINER, LYMAN              NUNDA                        NY-26-3-105
GARDNER, CHARLES S.          NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-20-337
GARDNER, LUCY                AVON                         NY-26-6-253
GARDNER, ORRIN               GROVELAND                    NY-26-8-338
GARDNER, WARREN              WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-10-13
GARLINGHOUSE, REBECCA P.     MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-8-322
GEARHART, GEORGE             PORTAGE                      NY-26-20-205
GEARHART, JOHN               PORTAGE                      NY-26-13-469
GEARHART, JOHN JR.           NUNDA                        NY-26-12-139
GEARHART, WILLIAM C.         PORTAGE                      NY-26-16-127
GEHAU, LAWRENCE              LIMA                         NY-26-12-401
GEIGER, ELIZABETH H.         DANSVILLE                    NY-26-18-394
GEIGER, JACOB                NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-19-219
GEIGER, JOHN F.              LITCHFIELD, HILLSDALE, MI    NY-26-2B-251
GELSER, FREDERICK            PORTAGE                      NY-26-20-550
GELSER, JACOB C.             NUNDA                        NY-26-17-229
GELSER, JOHN H.              NUNDA                        NY-26-12-387
GIBBS, ANSON A.              LIVONIA                      NY-26-21-319
GIBBS, AUGUSTUS              LIVONIA                      NY-26-11-29
GIBBS, CAROLINE              LIVONIA                      NY-26-16-429
GIBBS, GEORGE B.             LIVONIA                      NY-26-6-187
GIBBS, JOHN GEORGE           NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-5-475
GIBSON, ALEXANDER            WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-16-515
GIBSON, MARY                 YORK                         NY-26-12-473
GIFFORD, GEORGE W.           PORTAGE                      NY-26-3-461
GILBERT, BETSEY W.           SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-16-421
GILBERT, CHARLES SEWELL      AVON                         NY-26-13-445
GILBERT, ELIZABETH           MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-19-451
GILBERT, ETHAN H.            NUNDA                        NY-26-6-13
GILBERT, GEORGE              AVON                         NY-26-19-473
GILBERT, GEORGE F.           LIVONIA                      NY-26-21-508
GILBERT, JAMES               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-11-469
GILBERT, JAMES M.            LIVONIA                      NY-26-17-562
GILBERT, JOHN                SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-2B-376
GILBERT, NELSON A.           CONESUS                      NY-26-19-541
GILBERT, ORRIN SHELDON       LIMA                         NY-26-15-511
GILBERT, SARAH J.            NUNDA                        NY-26-17-223
GILLETT, ISAAC               LEICESTER                    NY-26-16-407
GILLIEAN, JOHN               LIMA                         NY-26-19-469
GILLIES, DANIEL              YORK                         NY-26-5-283
GILLIES, DUNCAN J.           CALEDONIA                    NY-26-15-106
GILLIS, JENNET               YORK                         NY-26-10-185
GILLIS, JOHN                 YORK                         NY-26-8-470
GILLMAN, JOHN                SPARTA                       NY-26-10-222
GILMAN, ENOCH B.             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-17-160
GILMAN, JAMES S.             GROVELAND                    NY-26-21-511
GILMAN, JENNIE               SPARTA                       NY-26-12-121
GILMAN, PHILIP               GROVELAND                    NY-26-16-155
GILMORE, ALANSON             YORK                         NY-26-14-274
GILMORE, JAMES               YORK                         NY-26-12-429
GILMORE, JOHN                SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-8-326
GILMORE, MARY J.             YORK                         NY-26-17-418
GILMORE, THOMAS              GENESEO                      NY-26-18-410
GILROY, DANIEL E.            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-21-58
GINTEAU, MARTHA E.           GENESEO                      NY-26-19-273
GLADDING, RUSSELL            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-3-518
GLASBY, PATRICK              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-10-393
GLAZIER, POLLY               LEICESTER                    NY-26-2B-180
GLEASON, JAMES               LIMA                         NY-26-13-381
GODDARD, AMELIA L.           LEICESTER                    NY-26-21-370
GODDARD, ELIZABETH           YORK                         NY-26-4-73
GODDARD, JABEZ               YORK                         NY-26-15-376
GODDARD, JOSIAH              YORK                         NY-26-2-311
GODDARD, LEVI                GENESEO                      NY-26-8-166
GODDARD, LYMAN               YORK                         NY-26-11-321
GODDARD, PAUL                LIMA                         NY-26-7-315
GODFREY, ARNOLD              LIMA                         NY-26-3-308
GODFREY, LAUREN B.           LIMA                         NY-26-7-251
GODFREY, SETH                LIVONIA                      NY-26-3-367
GOETZINGER, CHRISTIAN        GENESEO                      NY-26-14-519
GOHO, JOHN                   SPARTA                       NY-26-6-127
GOHO, SOLOMON                WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-12-29
GOLDTHWAIT, NORTON S.        NUNDA                        NY-26-13-317
GOODE, BRIDGET               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-20-160
GOODRICH, ERASTUS C.         LIMA                         NY-26-18-334
GOODRICH, PHEBE              NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-7-289
GOODRICH, RHODA O.           LIMA                         NY-26-9-41
GOODRICH, SARAH L.           LIMA                         NY-26-19-509
GOODSELL, HANNAH             GENESEO                      NY-26-19-243
GORDON, ANGUS                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-16-19
GORDON, ANN                  GENESEO                      NY-26-19-419
GORDON, ISABELLA             GENESEO                      NY-26-15-157
GOULD, DANIEL                LIMA                         NY-26-2-1
GOULD, STEPHEN               LIVONIA                      NY-26-14-369
GOULD, WILLIAM               OSSIAN                       NY-26-8-466
GOUNDRY, ROSE A.             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-19-475
GOVE, SARAH T.               LIVONIA                      NY-26-20-379
GRABELL, BENJAMIN J.         YORK                         NY-26-16-289
GRACE, MICHAEL               LIMA                         NY-26-15-496
GRAHAM, JOHN                 YORK                         NY-26-2-152
GRALEY, ELLEN                MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-14-37
GRANT, CATHERINE             LIMA                         NY-26-16-401
GRANT, DANIEL                LEICESTER                    NY-26-4-10
GRANT, DAVID                 YORK                         NY-26-19-79
GRANT, DUNCAN                YORK                         NY-26-4-18
GRANT, GILES P.              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-11-457
GRANT, MARGARET              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-20-505
GRANT, MELINA LOUISE         DANSVILLE                    NY-26-19-591
GRANT, RENSLAER              LEICESTER                    NY-26-3-100
GRANT, WILLIAM               AVON                         NY-26-16-261
GRANT, WILLIAM               YORK                         NY-26-20-397
GRAVES, DANIEL               LIMA                         NY-26-16-165
GRAVES, THIDA J.             LIMA                         NY-26-16-197
GRAVES, WORTHINGTON C.       LIMA                         NY-26-10-79
GRAY, ANDREW                 SPARTA                       NY-26-2B-183
GRAY, ARNOLD                 SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-12-183
GRAY, BENNET                 CALEDONIA                    NY-26-16-291
GRAY, DAVID                  LIVONIA                      NY-26-10-493
GRAY, ELIZABETH              CONESUS                      NY-26-10-23
GRAY, EZRA                   CONESUS                      NY-26-19-129
GRAY, FANNY                  SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-16-425
GRAY, FREDERICK A.           YORK                         NY-26-17-271
GRAY, GEORGE                 CALEDONIA                    NY-26-2B-262
GRAY, GEORGE F. F.           LIMA                         NY-26-8-386
GRAY, JOEL                   GENESEO                      NY-26-3-112
GRAY, JOSEPH A.              SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-5-187
GRAY, LIZZIE                 LIVONIA                      NY-26-15-169
GRAY, MARGARET M.            GROVELAND                    NY-26-15-292
GRAY, MARTHA                 SPARTA                       NY-26-11-265
GRAY, MARY                   GENESEO                      NY-26-15-460
GRAY, MICHAEL                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-3-163
GRAY, RICHARD                WASHINGTON, MORRIS, NJ       NY-26-2-248
GRAY, THOMAS                 GENESEO                      NY-26-15-505
GRAY, WILLIAM                SPARTA                       NY-26-6-19
GRAY, WILLIAM                LIVONIA                      NY-26-10-181
GREEN, GEORGE A.             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-16-195
GREEN, HANNAH                NUNDA                        NY-26-5-235
GREEN, JONATHAN              RUSH, MONROE, NY             NY-26-3-109
GREEN, LYDIA H.              WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-19-9
GREEN, NANCY                 GENESEO                      NY-26-10-3
GREEN, REBECCA               NUNDA                        NY-26-17-493
GREENWOOD, MARY              NUNDA                        NY-26-15-403
GREGG, CAROLINE              LIVONIA                      NY-26-20-112
GREGG, DAVID                 AVON                         NY-26-15-13
GREGORIUS, JACOB             WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-20-481
GREGORIUS, JOHN              DANSVILLE                    NY-26-20-40
GREGORY, JEREMIAH            SPARTA                       NY-26-1-142
GREGORY, JOSIAH              LEICESTER                    NY-26-15-202
GREIG, GEORGE                NUNDA                        NY-26-15-85
GRIFITH, JOHN M.             PORTAGE                      NY-26-21-463
GRIMES, JOHN D.              NUNDA                        NY-26-18-74
GRISWOLD, GRANGER            CONESUS                      NY-26-19-525
GRISWOLD, NELSON J.          GENESEO                      NY-26-19-239
GROESBECK, JOHN J.           GROVELAND                    NY-26-12-453
GROSS, NICHOLAS              NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-19-527
GROUT, HENRY                 LIMA                         NY-26-3-236
GROVER, LEVI P.              LIMA                         NY-26-12-397
GROVER, SARAH C.             SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-21-64
GROW, DEVILLO                GENESEO                      NY-26-19-197
GUERNSEY, NATHAN B.          LIMA                         NY-26-3-180
GUILDER, FRANK               NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-10-103
GUILE, JOAB                  SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-17-553
GUILE, JOSEPH                SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-9-253
GUILE, ROGER                 SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-16-159
GUMMER, JOHN                 GENESEO                      NY-26-6-325
GUTHRIE, DAVID               LEICESTER                    NY-26-3-122
GUTHRIE, DOROTHY             YORK                         NY-26-13-489
GUTHRIE, EDITHA              YORK                         NY-26-16-305
GUTHRIE, JAMES               YORK                         NY-26-3-348
GUTHRIE, JAMES SR.           YORK                         NY-26-3-487
GUTHRIE, JANE                YORK                         NY-26-4-35
GUTHRIE, MARGARET            YORK                         NY-26-8-254
GUTHRIE, WILLIAM             YORK                         NY-26-15-484
HAAS, JOHN                   NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-14-360
HAGADORN, CHAUNCEY           NUNDA                        NY-26-20-385
HAGADORN, HENRY              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-17-484
HAGADORN, JOHN               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-8-9
HAGGART, ANGUS               CALEDONIA                    NY-26-2-236
HAGGART, MARY                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-10-441
HAGGART, NIEL                NTL                          NY-26-4-30
HALE, MARVEL                 CONESUS                      NY-26-9-93
HALEN, JOHN B.               NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-6-511
HALL, ALANSON                NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-17-580
HALL, CARRIE E.              DANSVILLE                    NY-26-15-556
HALL, EMMA J.                NUNDA                        NY-26-11-437
HALL, ESTHER M.              AVON                         NY-26-20-115
HALL, HENRY                  SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-10-49
HALL, ISAAC                  GENESEO                      NY-26-3-272
HALL, ISAAC                  MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-15-475
HALL, JACOB B.               GENESEO                      NY-26-10-289
HALL, JAMES T.               GENESEO                      NY-26-14-268
HALL, JOHN T.                AVON                         NY-26-19-455
HALL, JUSTUS                 SPARTA                       NY-26-2B-282
HALL, LYDIA                  NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-10-67
HALL, SARAH                  NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-20-49
HALL, WILLIAM E. SR.         AVON                         NY-26-17-130
HALL, WILLIAM N.             MOUNTM ORRIS                 NY-26-20-364
HALLIGAN, JOHN               GENESEO                      NY-26-18-466
HALLIGAN, PATRICK            AVON                         NY-26-21-37
HALLOCK, STEPHEN             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-5-469
HALSTED, AMELIA              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-7-400
HALSTED, ELVIRA M.           YORK                         NY-26-18-470
HALSTED, ISAAC               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-10-413
HALSTED,  MARY E.            LEICESTER                    NY-26-21-88
HAMILTON, EDWIN M.           NUNDA                        NY-26-19-123
HAMILTON, GEORGE             LIVONIA                      NY-26-1-119
HAMILTON, JANE D.            LIMA                         NY-26-6-541
HAMILTON, MARGARET           YORK                         NY-26-19-407
HAMILTON, SARAH M.           LIMA                         NY-26-20-52
HAMILTON, SOLOMON L.         NUNDA                        NY-26-14-528
HAMMATT, ELIZA P.            GENESEO                      NY-26-20-82
HAMMOND, AMARIAH             NORTH DANVILLE               NY-26-3-312
HAMMOND, AMARIAH             SPARTA                       NY-26-19-75
HAMMOND, JAMES S.            SPARTA                       NY-26-3-364
HAMMOND, MARIA               SPARTA                       NY-26-17-163
HAMMOND, SIMEON              NUNDA                        NY-26-13-401
HAMMOND, THOMAS A.           NUNDA                        NY-26-17-469
HAMPSHIRE, DANIEL            SPARTA                       NY-26-2-286
HAMSHER, BERNARD             SPARTA                       NY-26-10-385
HAMSHER, DANIEL              WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-20-388
HAMSHER, HENRY               SPARTA                       NY-26-17-127
HAMSHER, JOHN                NUNDA                        NY-26-12-13
HAMSHER, JOHN W.             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-19-77
HAMSHER, JOSEPH              SPARTA                       NY-26-16-563
HAMSHER, SARAH               SPARTA                       NY-26-14-498
HANBY, JOHN                  GENESEO                      NY-26-13-197
HANBY, THOMAS                GENESEO                      NY-26-18-18
HANCHETT, JERUSHA            LIVONIA                      NY-26-5-439
HANCHETT, OLIVER             LIVONIA                      NY-26-10-337
HANCOCK, ROBERT T.           LIVONIA                      NY-26-17-49
HANDERHAN, MARGARET          LIMA                         NY-26-15-490
HANLEY, JOSIAH B.            SPARTA                       NY-26-19-235
HANLIN, PATRICK              LIVONIA                      NY-26-10-189
HANN, JOHN                   GROVELAND                    NY-26-5-487
HANN, MARY B.                OSSIAN                       NY-26-16-237
HANN, WILLIAM B.             CONESUS                      NY-26-16-395
HANNA, GEORGE W.             LIVONIA                      NY-26-13-581
HANNAH, AGNES                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-10-529
HANNAH, JAMES                GENESEO                      NY-26-9-197
HANNAH, THOMAS               CALDEONIA                    NY-26-8-358
HANNE, DANIEL                NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-16-35
HANNE, ELIZABETH             DANSVILLE                    NY-26-21-415
HANNE, FREDERICK             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-13-285
HANNE, SARAH                 NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-14-22
HARDEN, TRUMAN J. S.         LIMA                         NY-26-13-217
HARDER, NICHOLAS P.          LIVONIA                      NY-26-2B-303
HARDING, CHARLES L.          NUNDA                        NY-26-16-241
HARDY, MANNING               LIMA                         NY-26-12-69
HARDY, MARY ANN              GENESEO                      NY-26-19-83
HARE, THOMAS                 AVON                         NY-26-14-193
HARMAN, SARAH ANN            LIMA                         NY-26-15-418
HARMAN, WILLIAM              LIMA                         NY-26-8-142
HARRINGTON, JOHN             LIMA                         NY-26-16-55
HARRIS, EDWARD S.            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-15-241
HARRIS, WILLIAM              SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-12-347
HARRISON, ABRAHAM            GROVELAND                    NY-26-3-125
HARRISON, MARGARET           MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-12-285
HARRISON, REFFORD            GROVELAND                    NY-26-6-439
HARTMAN, CAMERON             WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-20-190
HARTMAN, CATHERINE           NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-18-222
HARTMAN, EDMUND              NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-12-77
HARTMAN, GEORGE              WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-9-85
HARTMAN, HENRY               NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-13-525
HARTMAN, HENRY               SPARTA                       NY-26-13-297
HARTMAN, SUSAN E.            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-10-145
HARTSON, ARNOLD              LIVONIA                      NY-26-17-181
HARVEY, JAMES                GENESEO                      NY-26-3-216
HASKINS, LOUISE C.           AVON                         NY-26-13-273
HASKINS, WARREN P.           AVON                         NY-26-17-547
HASLER, MARGARET             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-12-495
HASTINGS, CHLOE P.           MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-16-361
HASTINGS, GEORGE             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-8-126
HATCH, ELI                   LIMA                         NY-26-3-332
HATCH, HENRY G.              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-11-417
HATHAWAY, JOSEPH C.          NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-11-61
HAUCHETT, HIRAM              LIMA                         NY-26-8-302
HAVENS, ANN                  SPARTA                       NY-26-10-433
HAVENS, HENRY G.             SPARTA                       NY-26-14-160
HAVENS, JO                   LIVONIA                      NY-26-2-336
HAWES, LYMAN                 LIMA                         NY-26-5-127
HAWES, RACHEL                LIMA                         NY-26-5-499
HAXTON, CHAUNCEY             YORK                         NY-26-12-59
HAXTON, ELIZA                YORK                         NY-26-11-45
HAYDEN, MOSES                YORK                         NY-26-2-11
HAYDOCK, JAMES               LIMA                         NY-26-15-334
HAYDOCK, SARAH               LIMA                         NY-26-16-87
HAYES, BRIDGET               LIMA                         NY-26-19-7
HAYES, JAMES                 LIMA                         NY-26-14-58
HAYES, JOHN                  LIMA                         NY-26-16-213
HAYES, MARIA C.              LIMA                         NY-26-17-349
HAYNES, ELEANOR              LIVONIA                      NY-26-5-205
HAYNES, JOHN                 GENESEO                      NY-26-10-165
HAYNES, JONATHAN HUNTER      GENESEO                      NY-26-13-421
HAYNES, JOSEPH               GORHAM, ONTARIO, NY          NY-26-1-7
HAYWARD, LUCY B.             AVON                         NY-26-14-112
HAYWARD, MELICENT P.         YORK                         NY-26-12-323
HEATH, ELIJAH                YORK                         NY-26-10-265
HEATH, JAMES M.              LIMA                         NY-26-6-529
HEATH, MARY A.               YORK                         NY-26-21-361
HEATH, MILO                  RAISIN, LENAWEE, MI          NY-26-7-192
HEATH, NORMAN E.             GENESEO                      NY-26-18-258
HEATH, STEPHEN               GENESEO                      NY-26-8-346
HEBBARD, GEORGE H.           LIVONIA                      NY-26-17-112
HECKMAN, HENRY               NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-10-89
HEDGES, PERMELIA C.          NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-13-125
HEDGES, SETH N.              NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-13-109
HEIMAN, JOSEPH SR.           NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-21-283
HEMMER, PETER                DANSVILLE                    NY-26-17-100
HENDEE, EPHRAIM              AVON                         NY-26-6-265
HENDERSHOTT, ANON T.         GROVELAND                    NY-26-14-516
HENDERSHOTT, CHARLES         GROVELAND                    NY-26-17-73
HENDERSHOTT, JACOB           GROVELAND                    NY-26-3-66
HENDERSHOTT, LOIS P.         GROVELAND                    NY-26-17-535
HENDERSHOTT, SARAH           GROVELAND                    NY-26-20-463
HENDERSON, JAMES             **                           NY-26-1-36
HENDRICK, PATRICK            LIMA                         NY-26-11-465
HENRY, HENRY                 NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-10-321
HERR, FERDINAND A. E.        BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY          NY-26-7-89
HERRICK, CHARLES W.          NUNDA                        NY-26-16-81
HERRICK, EDWARD              NUNDA                        NY-26-4-26
HERRICK, GEORGE B.           NUNDA                        NY-26-3-215
HERRICK, MARY                LIVONIA                      NY-26-10-123
HERRICK, ZADOCK              NUNDA                        NY-26-4-96
HERRON, FRANCES              AVON                         NY-26-14-238
HEWITT, JASON                LIMA                         NY-26-15-544
HICKMAN, DANIEL              LIMA                         NY-26-4-85
HICKOK, HORATIO H.           SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-19-341
HICKS, ABNER                 LIMA                         NY-26-9-469
HIGBY, LUCINA H.             YORK                         NY-26-13-521
HIGGINS, JOHN                LIVONIA                      NY-26-20-574
HIGGINS, PHILO F.            SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-17-139
HILL, GEORGE                 LIMA                         NY-26-6-457
HILL, JOHN                   SPARTA                       NY-26-11-477
HILLMAN, BENJAMIN L.         LIVONIA                      NY-26-12-505
HILLMAN, GEORGE              LIVONIA                      NY-26-18-130
HILLMAN, HANNAH E.           AVON                         NY-26-20-247
HILLMAN, SILAS               AVON                         NY-26-19-59
HILLS, ALVIN                 CONESUS                      NY-26-16-207
HILLS, HORACE                CONESUS                      NY-26-10-113
HILLS, JOHN L.               SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-3-373
HILLS, MARIA S.              GENESEO                      NY-26-16-457
HILLSDORF, ANNA              DANSVILLE                    NY-26-21-490
HINDS, JOSEPH B.             PORTAGE                      NY-26-9-9
HINMAN, HANNAH M.            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-10-61
HINMAN, MARIETTA             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-3-288
HINMAN, WALKER M.            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-17-289
HINMAN, WHEELER              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-8-194
HIRSCHE, CATHERINE           DANSVILLE                    NY-26-21-352
HITCHCOCK, LAURA M.          CONESUS                      NY-26-15-247
HITCHCOX, MERIT              NUNDA                        NY-26-16-513
HITT, RAY                    YORK                         NY-26-14-321
HOECKER, INA L.              NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-19-105
HOES, MARY                   SPARTA                       NY-26-10-131
HOGMIRE, CONRAD              AVON                         NY-26-8-342
HOLEMAN, ELI                 LIVONIA                      NY-26-3-277
HOLMES, CAROLINE W.          CONESUS                      NY-26-12-145
HOLMES, CATHARINE            AVON                         NY-26-3-423
HOLMES, FLORA L.             NUNDA                        NY-26-17-10
HOLMES, JANE                 NUNDA                        NY-26-18-282
HOLMES, JOHN                 NUNDA                        NY-26-20-67
HOLMES, JOHN A.              LIMA                         NY-26-15-88
HOLMES, MARTHA S.            LIVONIA                      NY-26-15-289
HOLT, CHARLES H.             LIVONIA                      NY-26-19-483
HOPKINS, JANE S.             SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-16-49
HOPPOUGH, ELIZABETH          LIVONIA                      NY-26-20-532
HOPPOUGH, MARQUIS D. F.      LIVONIA                      NY-26-16-181
HORNER, THOMAS               NUNDA                        NY-26-13-93
HORTON, FRANK D.             DANSVILLE                    NY-26-16-369
HOSMER, CLARISSA             AVON                         NY-26-18-50
HOSMER, CORNELIA             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-19-133
HOSMER, JAMES                AVON                         NY-26-13-69
HOSMER, JOHN E.              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-21-481
HOSMER, SARAH A.             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-17-79
HOSMER, WILLIAM H. C.        AVON                         NY-26-7-422
HOTCHKIN, NOAH               CALEDONIA                    NY-26-4-59
HOUSE, DELABER               NUNDA                        NY-26-8-354
HOUSTON, JAMES               GENESEO                      NY-26-3-428
HOVEY, ESTHER                LIMA                         NY-26-2-31
HOVEY, GOODWIN S.            NUNDA                        NY-26-21-148
HOVEY, SOLOMON               LIMA                         NY-26-17-274
HOVEY, WILLIAM H. H.         NUNDA                        NY-26-12-513
HOWARD, CHARLES              NUNDA                        NY-26-17-145
HOWARTH, EMMA E.             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-9-297
HOWARTH, JOHN F.             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-8-66
HOWD, EDWIN C.               NUNDA                        NY-26-12-329
HOWE, MARGARET F.            GENESEO                      NY-26-19-215
HOWE, SAMUEL A.              SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-21-580
HOWE, TIMOTHY                LIVONIA                      NY-26-2B-153
HOWE, WINSLOW                PORTAGE                      NY-26-7-383
HOWELL, MARY E.              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-14-142
HOWELL, SUSAN                MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-16-309
HOYT, SHEPARD                MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-6-433
HUBBARD, ALICE J.            LIVONIA                      NY-26-20-595
HUBBARD, NATHANIEL           AVON                         NY-26-2-17
HUBERTUS, STEPHEN            DANSVILLE                    NY-26-17-238
HUDNUT, ELIZABETH            WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-9-113
HUDNUT, ELIZABETH            WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-9-153
HUDSON, JOEL                 SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-16-503
HUDSON, MATILDA C.           LIVONIA                      NY-26-16-45
HUGGINS, CHARLES C.          NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-12-57
HUGGINS, WILLIAM W.          MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-16-1
HUGHES, DANIEL               SPARTA                       NY-26-3-80
HUGHES, MARY A.              NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-16-135
HUGHES, PATRICK              LIMA                         NY-26-16-517
HULBERT, DANIEL              AVON (CON'T)                 NY-26-3-224
HULBERT, DANIEL              AVON                         NY-26-3-77
HULL, MOSES                  LEICESTER                    NY-26-19-253
HUNGERFORD, AMOS             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-5-145
HUNGERFORD, CHARLES A.       WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-16-119
HUNGERFORD, CHAUNCEY         MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-21-289
HUNGERFORD, ELISABETH        NUNDA                        NY-26-8-206
HUNGERFORD, JABEZ            SPARTA                       NY-26-2B-55
HUNT, ARTEMAS L.             SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-19-537
HUNT, ELIJAH                 GROVELAND                    NY-26-15-592
HUNT, WELLS                  WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-6-121
HUNTER, JOHN                 AVON                         NY-26-21-178
HUNTER, THOMAS F.            YORK                         NY-26-19-245
HURLBURT, ELIZABETH G.       MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-12-385
HURLBURT, EMILY              AVON                         NY-26-12-101
HURLBURT, JOHN N.            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-14-49
HURLEY, JOHN                 MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-14-336
HURTZER, FREDERICK           NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-8-210
HUTCHINSON, AARON            CALEDONIA                    NY-26-2-200
HUVER, HORRICK               NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-19-563
HYDE, EZEKIEL                LIMA                         NY-26-16-373
HYLAND, GEORGE               NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-19-205
HYLAND, JOHN                 NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-18-358
HYLAND, NANCY A.             SPARTA                       NY-26-11-53
IDESON, JOHN                 LIMA                         NY-26-21-499
INGERSOL, DANIEL             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-10-17
INGERSOLL, CLARA             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-19-51
INGERSOLL, HARRIET           NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-10-473
INNIS, DUNCAN                YORK                         NY-26-13-133
INNIS, HUGH                  YORK                         NY-26-3-263
IRVINE, GEORGE M.            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-3-303
ISAMEN, SUSAN M.             NUNDA                        NY-26-19-345
ISHAM, CHARLES T.            AVON                         NY-26-8-58
JACKMAN, MIRANDA S.          LIVONIA                      NY-26-14-202
JACKSON, GILES E.            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-6-55
JACKSON, LUCRETIA E.         DANSVILLE                    NY-26-17-190
JACKSON, MARY ANN            LIVONIA                      NY-26-19-369
JAMESON, JOHN                YORK                         NY-26-14-393
JAMISON, HUGH                YORK                         NY-26-17-310
JANES, NELSON                GENESE                       NY-26-20-484
JASPER, JESSIE               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-18-314
JENKS, MERRICK               WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-17-388
JENNE, ANSEL                 CONESUS                      NY-26-9-233
JENNE, LYDIA                 CONESUS                      NY-26-12-51
JENNINGS, JOHN               SPARTA                       NY-26-17-415
JENNINGS, MARY               GENESEO                      NY-26-21-280
JEROME, JOHN                 LIVONIA                      NY-26-3-247
JEROME, JOHN A.              CONESUS                      NY-26-16-257
JEROME, MYRON D.             LIVONIA                      NY-26-17-148
JEROME, POLLY                LIVONIA                      NY-26-8-182
JESSUP, HANNAH A.            LIMA                         NY-26-18-58
JEWELL, ELIZABETH            LIVONIA                      NY-26-3-157
JEWELL, MARIA F.             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-20-55
JEWELL, PAMELIA              CONESUS                      NY-26-11-101
JEWELL, SARAH                MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-20-418
JOHANTGEN, JOHN G.           DANSVILLE                    NY-26-16-315
JOHNS, GEORGE H.             SPARTA                       NY-26-14-549
JOHNSON, ANNA ELIZABETH      GENESEO                      NY-26-14-525
JOHNSON, B. FRANKLIN         CANADICE, ONTARIO, NY        NY-26-19-547
JOHNSON, DAVID               SPARTA                       NY-26-11-461
JOHNSON, EFFIE M.            SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-21-229
JOHNSON, EMERSON             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-18-238
JOHNSON, HARRY E.            LIVONIA                      NY-26-16-507
JOHNSON, HEZEKIAH            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-15-94
JOHNSON, JASPER              GENESEO                      NY-26-5-553
JOHNSON, JOHN                SPARTA                       NY-26-4-45
JOHNSON, JULIA A. M.         AVON                         NY-26-12-95
JOHNSON, LEICESTER           AVON                         NY-26-11-89
JOHNSON, MARY C.             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-19-595
JOHNSON, MATILDA             GROVELAND                    NY-26-18-22
JOHNSON, MICHAEL             GROVELAND                    NY-26-2-264
JOHNSON, NANCY               NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-12-281
JOHNSON, NANCY A.            SPARTA                       NY-26-12-235
JOHNSON, RICHARD             GROVELAND                    NY-26-13-573
JOHNSON, THOMAS              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-8-390
JOHNSON, WILLIAM C.          CALEDONIA                    NY-26-21-592
JOHNSON, WILLIAM S.          WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-17-166
JOHNSTON, CATHERINE          GROVELAND                    NY-26-19-193
JOHNSTON, FANNY              WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-10-33
JOHNSTON, HANNAH B.          GROVELAND                    NY-26-16-451
JOHNSTON, JOHN               YORK                         NY-26-12-445
JOHNSTONE, JAMES L.          GENESEO                      NY-26-12-309
JONES, AMOS C.               NUNDA                        NY-26-4-62
JONES, BARBARA               NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-19-333
JONES, CHARLES               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-3-227
JONES, CHARLES               GENESEO                      NY-26-19-401
JONES, DELIAH                MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-21-355
JONES, ELIZABETH             LEICESTER                    NY-26-2B-412
JONES, ELNATHAN              LIVONIA                      NY-26-13-597
JONES, FAYETTE               LEICESTER                    NY-26-16-251
JONES, GEORGE W.             LEICESTER                    NY-26-10-31
JONES, HAMILTON W.           NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-16-479
JONES, HIRAM                 LEICESTER                    NY-26-9-277
JONES, JAMES                 YORK                         NY-26-2B-357
JONES, JAMES S.              WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-15-112
JONES, JAMES W.              LEICESTER                    NY-26-19-31
JONES, JESSE B.              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-11-425
JONES, JOHN                  DELAWARE, HUNTERDON, NJ      NY-26-3-361
JONES, JOHN H.               LEICESTER                    NY-26-12-119
JONES, JOY                   YORK                         NY-26-8-278
JONES, NATHANIEL W.          NUNDA                        NY-26-14-163
JONES, SARAH C.              GENESEO                      NY-26-17-481
JONES, SHEPARD               NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-13-161
JONES, VEORNA R.             LEICESTER                    NY-26-14-79
JONES, WILLIAM               LEICESTER                    NY-26-3-305
JOSLYN, EMMA L.              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-19-453
JOSLYN, LDYIA C.             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-17-37
JOSLYNE, DELIA C.            MOUNT MORIS                  NY-26-17-511
JUNIKEL, ANNA                NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-20-295
JUSTIN, IRA                  LIVONIA                      NY-26-6-1
JUSTIN, SARAH L.             LIVONIA                      NY-26-10-127
KARLINOWEFSKI, NICOLAS       OSSIAN                       NY-26-12-241
KAVNAUGH, JOHN               CONESUS                      NY-26-19-357
KAVNEY, PATRICK              AVON                         NY-26-16-521
KEATING, JOHN                AVON                         NY-26-11-65
KEENAN, CATHARINE            LIMA                         NY-26-16-37
KEENAN, PETER                LIMA                         NY-26-12-215
KEHL, GEORGE                 NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-10-305
KELLEMAN, ISAAC              CONESUS                      NY-26-5-559
KELLER, CATHERINE            LIVONIA                      NY-26-9-487
KELLER, FREDERICK            LIVONIA                      NY-26-14-184
KELLER, MARIA                LIMA                         NY-26-8-226
KELLEY, CHURCHILL            NUNDA                        NY-26-15-388
KELLEY, PATRICK G.           MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-16-375
KELLOGG, EDWIN               CALDEONIA                    NY-26-3-478
KELLOGG, NATHAN A.           SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-21-340
KELLOGG, NATHANIEL           AVON                         NY-26-5-409
KELLY, DANIEL                GROVELAND                    NY-26-5-169
KELLY, DENNIS SR.            CALEDONIA                    NY-26-21-124
KELLY, MARY G.               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-17-595
KELLY, MARY R.               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-17-421
KELLY, MATILDA               GROVELAND                    NY-26-15-238
KELLY, MICHAEL               LIMA                         NY-26-12-47
KELLY, MICHAEL R.            GROVELAND                    NY-26-14-390
KELLY, SARAH                 GROVELAND                    NY-26-16-535
KELLY, WILLIAM               GENESEO                      NY-26-21-250
KENARNEY, GEORGE             LIMA                         NY-26-12-229
KENDALL, LAURA D.            YORK                         NY-26-18-374
KENDALL, TIMOTHY             YORK                         NY-26-15-550
KENEY, ALEXANDER F.          PORTAGE                      NY-26-16-581
KENNEDY, ARCHIBALD           YORK                         NY-26-2B-318
KENNEDY, JOHN                YORK                         NY-26-21-571
KENNEDY, JOHN                LEICESTER                    NY-26-13-169
KENNEDY, JOSEPH P.           DANSVILLE                    NY-26-15-532
KENNEDY, MICHAEL             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-20-454
KENNEDY, THOMAS              LIMA                         NY-26-14-318
KENNEDY, THOMAS G.           WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-20-328
KENNEY, ALEXANDER            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-14-250
KENNISH, JOHN                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-19-463
KENNY, EMILY                 PORTAGE                      NY-26-15-319
KENT, MARIA                  LIMA                         NY-26-19-41
KERN, CHARLES                NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-12-279
KERN, MARIA                  NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-20-43
KERNAHAN, THOMAS             SPARTA                       NY-26-3-6
KERNAHAW, WILLIAM            NUNDA                        NY-26-19-561
KERNSHAW, JAMES W.           NUNDA                        NY-26-21-379
KERSHNER, EVA P.             GENESEO                      NY-26-17-487
KERSHNER, FRANCES C.         NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-19-355
KERSHNER, JOHN Y.            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-12-151
KERSHNER, MATTHIAS           NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-18-262
KESS, JOHN                   NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-9-505
KEYES, FAYETTE               NUNDA                        NY-26-18-370
KIDD, JOSEPH                 NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-11-393
KIEHLE, ABRAHAM              SPARTA                       NY-26-8-410
KIEHLE, ENOCH                SPARTA                       NY-26-14-100
KILLIN, ELIZA S.             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-18-266
KIMBARK, ALMINA C.           GENESEO                      NY-26-15-145
KIMBARK, WILLIAM             LIVONIA                      NY-26-19-127
KINEY, RICHARD               LIMA                         NY-26-6-145
KING, ABRAM                  LEICESTER                    NY-26-16-169
KING, ALATHEA W.             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-21-70
KING, CATHERINE              OSSIAN                       NY-26-19-25
KING, CHARLES W.             NUNDA                        NY-26-12-249
KING, GEORGE F.              LIVONIA                      NY-26-20-166
KING, HENRY                  NUNDA                        NY-26-10-111
KING, JANE G.                NUNDA                        NY-26-14-309
KINGSLEY, CALEB              WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-14-411
KINNEY, CHARLOTTE            GENESEO                      NY-26-13-289
KINNEY, GEORGE               YORK                         NY-26-9-169
KIRWAN, RICHARD              GENESEO                      NY-26-21-151
KITTREDGE, EMMA MC NAIR      GENESEO                      NY-26-19-339
KITTREDGE, SUSAN B. B.       GENESEO                      NY-26-16-449
KLADY, ISAAC                 MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-2-59
KLAIN, MICHAEL               NTL                          NY-26-3-56
KLEINDOB, CONRAD             SPRATA                       NY-26-9-69
KLINETOP, JAMES              SPARTA                       NY-26-17-172
KNAPP, ELIZABETH             PORTAGE                      NY-26-14-579
KNAPP, HIRAM                 PORTAGE                      NY-26-12-223
KNAPPENBERG, HENRY           WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-13-369
KNAPPENBERGER, JACOB         SPARTA                       NY-26-8-42
KNAPPENBERGER, JANE          DANSVILLE                    NY-26-14-564
KNAPPENBERGER, JOSEPH        DANSVILLE                    NY-26-13-225
KNEELAND, DAVID              GENESEO                      NY-26-2-206
KNIBOLOE, JOHN               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-15-181
KNIGHT, JANETTE S.           AVON                         NY-26-21-166
KNIGHT, WILLIAM              NUNDA                        NY-26-8-5
KNIGHTS, MARY A.             SPARTA                       NY-26-17-430
KNOWLES, ANN ELIZA           AVON                         NY-26-17-103
KNOWLES, JAMES               AVON                         NY-26-16-525
KNOWLES, PAUL                AVON                         NY-26-3-37
KOEPPE, MARY D.              NUNDA                        NY-26-18-298
KOHLHAGAN, SEBASTIAN         CALEDONIA                    NY-26-19-271
KRAUTWURST, EMMA             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-20-16
KRAUTWURST, PHILIP           CALEDONIA                    NY-26-18-102
KREBS, GUSTAV                NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-18-302
KREIN, JAMES                 DANSVILLE                    NY-26-17-301
KUBACH, JOHN                 LEICESTER                    NY-26-21-565
KUDER, CATHERINE             CONESUS                      NY-26-20-136
KUHN, DANIEL                 SPARTA                       NY-26-13-53
KUHN, DELBERT C.             DANSVILLE                    NY-26-19-511
KUHN, JACOB                  SPARTA                       NY-26-14-139
KUHN, LEONARD                NUNDA                        NY-26-18-14
KUHN, PETER                  SPARTA                       NY-26-2B-160
KUHN, SIMON P.               SPARTA                       NY-26-17-520
KYSOR, JULIA A.              WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-21-514
KYSOR, SYLVANUS              WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-10-309
LAAR, JACOB                  GROVELAND                    NY-26-2B-14
LACKEY, MARGARET             YORK                         NY-26-12-531
LACY, EPHRAIM                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-8-1
LACY, GEORGE H.              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-19-335
LACY, GEORGE H.              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-19-323
LACY, SANFORD                GENESEO                      NY-26-3-138
LACY, VOLNEY                 CALEDONIA                    NY-26-17-232
LADD, HERMAN                 AVON                         NY-26-3-185
LAFFERTY, HUGH               PORTAGE                      NY-26-17-4
LAFORCE, PHILLIP             DANSVILLE                    NY-26-12-409
LAIDLAW, THOMAS              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-14-378
LAKE, ANNE                   PORTAGE                      NY-26-12-283
LAKE, EMILY A.               NUNDA                        NY-26-18-418
LAKE, FRANKLIN D.            DANSVILLE                    NY-26-15-577
LAKE, ORRIN D.               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-20-529
LAKE, WARNER                 MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-3-202
LAMB, ELIZABETH M.           AVON                         NY-26-16-573
LAMONT, RODNEY H.            DANSVILLE                    NY-26-17-184
LAMPMAN, JOHN                NUNDA                        NY-26-19-19
LAMSON, JOSEPH T.            GENESEO                      NY-26-15-229
LANDER, LUTHER               AVON                         NY-26-4-64
LANDERS, JEREMIAH            AVON                         NY-26-19-467
LANDERS, JEREMIAH M.         GENESEO                      NY-26-16-589
LANDERS, MICHAEL             GENESEO                      NY-26-20-106
LANDON, EGBERT               AVON                         NY-26-16-569
LANDON, RACHAEL              AVON                         NY-26-5-241
LANE, GEORGE W.              LEICESTER                    NY-26-16-419
LANE, HARRIET N.             LEICESTER                    NY-26-21-274
LANE, STEPHEN                LEICESTER                    NY-26-2B-274
LANG, FREEMAN                GENESEO                      NY-26-17-400
LAPHAM, LEDRA                LEICESTER                    NY-26-6-247
LARUE, CHARLES               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-8-378
LARUE, DAVID                 MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-11-357
LARUE, JOHN JR.              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-4-89
LASHELS, SAMUEL              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-15-259
LATON, LAURA B.              AVON                         NY-26-12-27
LATTIMORE, WILLIAM M.        GROVELAND                    NY-26-5-349
LAUDERDALE, WALTER E.        GENESEO                      NY-26-16-591
LAUTERBORN, CATHERINE        NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-21-298
LAWRENCE, JOHN E.            SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-4-92
LAWRENCE, MARIA              SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-15-262
LAWSON, DANIEL G.            CALEDONIA                    NY-26-15-370
LAWTON, SARAH J.             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-19-3
LAY, ALEXANDER               LIVONIA                      NY-26-19-465
LEACH, HENRIETTA             SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-21-196
LEACH, JOSIAH G.             LIMA                         NY-26-10-87
LEARY, JOHN                  LIMA                         NY-26-15-415
LEATHERSICK, BENJAMIN        CALEDONIA                    NY-26-6-547
LEAVENS, NOAH                LIMA                         NY-26-1-72
LEBARRON, MARY               LIMA                         NY-26-12-97
LEDDICK, CLARISSA            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-19-173
LEDDICK, JOHN                MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-19-175
LEE, JAY E.                  MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-10-161
LEE, ROSWELL R.              AVON                         NY-26-19-497
LEED, ACHSAH                 GENESEO                      NY-26-10-381
LEFFINGWELL, MARY C.         DANSVILLE                    NY-26-13-325
LEIGHTON, BENJAMIN           AVON                         NY-26-19-481
LEISER, MORRIS               GENESEO                      NY-26-19-495
LEMEN, LAURA L.              NUNDA                        NY-26-20-34
LEMEN, TOM                   OSSIAN                       NY-26-5-463
LEMON, JANE                  MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-11-325
LERRINE, JOSEPH C.           WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-10-333
LESTER, HENRY C.             GENESEO                      NY-26-19-565
LEWIS, SAMUEL                GENESEO                      NY-26-11-97
LEWIS, VALENTINE A.          NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-19-431
LIBBEY, SARAH                NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-15-514
LIBBY, WILLIAM H.            WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-19-117
LINCOLN, FRANSINA M.         LIVONIA                      NY-26-21-220
LINDSAY, JOSEPH              LIVONIA                      NY-26-12-133
LINDSAY, MARIA D.            DANSVILLE                    NY-26-16-263
LINDSEY, ANN                 LIVONIA                      NY-26-19-501
LINFOOT, FRANK               GENESEO                      NY-26-19-251
LINK, WILLIAM                MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-2-86
LINKLETTER, GEORGE           NUNDA                        NY-26-4-119
LINZY, DANIEL                OSSIAN                       NY-26-15-55
LINZY, DANIEL                OSSIAN                       NY-26-15-37
LIPP, JOHN GEORGE            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-12-465
LITCHARD, DAVID              SPARTA                       NY-26-3-40
LITER, JACOB L.              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-2-89
LITTLES, ELIZABETH S.        NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-14-315
LLOYD, NELSON                YORK                         NY-26-20-88
LOCKINGTON, BARNARD          LIMA                         NY-26-12-265
LOCKLING, HARRIET            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-12-491
LOCKLING, NATHAN             NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-11-157
LOCKWOOD, MARY A.            LIMA                         NY-26-20-376
LOCKWOOD, SARAH M.           PORTAGE                      NY-26-18-422
LOCKWOOD, WILLIAM            CONESUS                      NY-26-5-597
LOGAN, ANDREW                SPARTA                       NY-26-18-446
LOGAN, EDWARD                GROVELAND                    NY-26-13-293
LOGAN, JAMES B.              SPARTA                       NY-26-16-473
LOGAN, JAMES JR.             YORK                         NY-26-14-169
LOMBARD, SARAH B.            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-21-367
LONG, ABRAM                  LIVONIA                      NY-26-21-121
LONG, CHRISTIAN              LIVONIA                      NY-26-10-213
LONG, DOROTHY                YORK                         NY-26-8-334
LONG, EDWIN C.               LIVONIA                      NY-26-21-244
LONG, HOLLOWAY               YORK                         NY-26-8-186
LONG, JACOB                  LIVONIA                      NY-26-16-337
LONG, LYDIA J.               GENESE                       NY-26-21-28
LONG, NANCY S.               LIVONIA                      NY-26-20-493
LOOKINS, WILLIAM H.          NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-16-269
LOOMIS, SOLOMON              GROVELAND                    NY-26-2-355
LOSEY, ELIZABETH F.          CONESUS                      NY-26-20-520
LOVELL, ROBERT               NUNDA                        NY-26-16-67
LOWRY, FOSTER                AVON                         NY-26-4-57
LUCE, NANCY E.               YORK                         NY-26-19-91
LUCE, WILLIAM C.             YORK                         NY-26-19-575
LUCE, WILLIAM C.             YORK                         NY-26-19-567
LUCKENBACH, IDA E.           LEICESTER                    NY-26-19-101
LUSK, ABBY P.                LIMA                         NY-26-6-277
LUTHER, DAVID                DANSVILLE                    NY-26-10-93
LUTHER, MARY                 NUNDA                        NY-26-15-472
LUTHERS, AMBROSE             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-10-91
LYMAN, ANN                   LEICESTER                    NY-26-11-125
LYNCH, JOHN                  GENESEO                      NY-26-15-31
LYNCH, PATRICK               CALEDONIA                    NY-26-17-133
LYNDE, JOHN A.               NUNDA                        NY-26-17-316
LYNN, ANN                    DANSVILLE                    NY-26-15-136
LYON, CYRUS                  YORK                         NY-26-8-294
LYON, JOHN S.                PORTAGE                      NY-26-13-185
LYON, LAVINA                 PORTAGE                      NY-26-21-181
LYON, LOCKWOOD               GROVELAND                    NY-26-3-240
LYON, PLIN D.                NUNDA                        NY-26-20-19
LYONS, CATHERINE             AVON                         NY-26-9-193
LYONS, MARY                  AVON                         NY-26-19-391
MACCOLL, IRVINE              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-17-526
MACINTYRE, CATHERINE         YORK                         NY-26-19-385
MACKAY, ALEXANDER            CALEDONIA                    NY-26-3-431
MACOMBER, ALPHEUS            YORK                         NY-26-16-343
MADDEN, JOHN                 CALEDONIA                    NY-26-16-77
MAGEE, ELECTA                SPARTA                       NY-26-12-43
MAGEE, JANE A.               GENESEO                      NY-26-10-171
MAGEE, MARY                  GENESEO                      NY-26-14-34
MAGHER, KERON                LIVONIA                      NY-26-9-421
MAIRS, MARGARET E.           YORK                         NY-26-19-67
MALLOCK, MARGARET            CALEDONIA                    NY-26-14-453
MALONE, JEREMIAH             LIMA                         NY-26-12-253
MALONE, MICHAEL              LIMA                         NY-26-15-148
MALONE, PATRICK              LIMA                         NY-26-16-33
MALONE, THOMAS               LIMA                         NY-26-16-209
MANN, JAMES                  PORTAGE                      NY-26-5-265
MANN, JAMES                  CALEDONIA                    NY-26-3-356
MANN, SAMUEL ANDERSON        GROVELAND                    NY-26-15-586
MANN, SAMUEL M.              GROVELAND                    NY-26-3-488
MANN, SUSAN B.               GROVELAND                    NY-26-9-177
MANNERS, ALONZO A.           NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-18-110
MANNEY, GEORGE               GENESEO                      NY-26-19-573
MARKHAM, JOSEPH              AVON                         NY-26-5-493
MARKHAM, MALINTHA            LIMA                         NY-26-10-187
MARSH, CHARLES               AVON                         NY-26-5-115
MARSH, CHARLES D.            NUNDA                        NY-26-12-115
MARSH, ELNATHAN              LIVONIA                      NY-26-2B-168
MARSH, GILBERT               LIVONIA                      NY-26-11-149
MARSH, JOHN R.               AVON                         NY-26-14-7
MARSH, MARY                  AVON                         NY-26-16-115
MARSH, MARY E.               LEICESTER                    NY-26-15-442
MARSH, SARAH                 MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-10-357
MARSH, TERESA                NUNDA                        NY-26-15-394
MARSHALL, CHARLES F.         AVON                         NY-26-12-155
MARSHALL, JAMES              CEDAR RAPIDS, LINN, IA       NY-26-18-246
MARSHALL, JOHN S.            LIVONIA                      NY-26-6-355
MARSHALL, MARY A.            LIMA                         NY-26-21-49
MARSHALL, MARY J.            CEDAR RAPIDS, LINN, IA       NY-26-16-543
MARTIN, ALEXANDER            LIMA                         NY-26-7-347
MARTIN, AMASA H.             LIMA                         NY-26-19-353
MARTIN, BRADLEY              AVON                         NY-26-1-49
MARTIN, MALACHI              LIVONIA                      NY-26-10-193
MARTIN, MARGARET             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-11-201
MARTIN, THOMAS               LIMA                         NY-26-15-22
MARVIN, AARON                SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-3-54
MARVIN, CURTIS W.            SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-2B-235
MARVIN, GEORGE C.            SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-5-565
MARVIN, JASPER               LIMA                         NY-26-9-141
MARVIN, PERSEE               LIMA                         NY-26-11-161
MASON, ELIZABETH             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-18-210
MASON, JAMES                 LIMA                         NY-26-19-55
MASON, WALLACE               GENESEO                      NY-26-18-414
MASON, ZEBINA M.             LIMA                         NY-26-6-85
MASTEN, SELAH                CONESUS                      NY-26-16-489
MASTERTON, WILLIAM E.        CALEDONIA                    NY-26-17-115
MATHER, JOHN C.              GENESEO                      NY-26-14-52
MATHER, MARTHA               AVON                         NY-26-16-105
MAXSON, DANIEL C.            LEICESTER                    NY-26-2-273
MAXWELL, OLNEY B.            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-11-181
MAXWELL, WILLIAM             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-9-337
MAXWELL, WILLIAM             CLAEDONIA                    NY-26-14-432
MAY, ANTHONY                 DANSVILLE                    NY-26-15-7
MAY, DARIUS H.               CONESUS                      NY-26-13-513
MAY, MARY                    , DOWN, IRELAND              NY-26-5-271
MAYER, ELIZABETH             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-19-315
MCARTHUR, ALEXANDER          CONESUS                      NY-26-21-373
MCARTHUR, ARCHIBALD          MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-15-154
MCARTHUR, JOHN R.            CONESUS                      NY-26-9-285
MCARTHUR, MARILLA G.         MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-21-31
MCARTHUR, WALTER L.          GENESEO                      NY-26-11-381
MCBRIDE, BERNARD             GENESEO                      NY-26-12-109
MCBRIDE, HUGH                GENESEO                      NY-26-14-471
MCBRIDE, JANE                GENESEO                      NY-26-17-88
MCBRIDE, ROBERT              GENESEO                      NY-26-4-53
MCBURNEY, LOUISA             YORK                         NY-26-21-247
MCCALL, DUNCAN               CALEDONIA                    NY-26-3-154
MCCARTNEY, HENRY             NUNDA                        NY-26-19-71
MCCARTNEY, JENNIE HOWD       NUNDA                        NY-26-19-161
MCCARTNEY, WILLIAM           SPARTA                       NY-26-2B-290
MCCARTNEY, WILLIAM           SPARTA                       NY-26-2-67
MCCARTY, DENNIS              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-16-193
MCCAY, JOSEPH                WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-16-391
MCCLEAN, SAMUEL              GROVELAND                    NY-26-21-145
MCCLEARY, SARAH              YORK                         NY-26-12-319
MCCLENNEN, ALEXANDER         GROVELAND                    NY-26-1-81
MCCLINTOCK, CHARLES          GENESEO                      NY-26-19-191
MCCLINTOCK, ROBERT           GENESEO                      NY-26-14-330
MCCLINTOCK, WILLIAM          LIVONIA                      NY-26-11-481
MCCOLL, DONALD D.            CALEDONIA                    NY-26-9-377
MCCOLL, DONALD R.            YORK                         NY-26-2-269
MCCOLL, JOHN D.              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-15-4
MCCOLL, LAURA                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-12-427
MCCOLL, MARY                 CALEDONIA                    NY-26-15-304
MCCOMB, JOHN                 GENESEO                      NY-26-12-367
MCCORMICK, ELLEN             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-15-151
MCCOY, CATHARINE             GENESEO                      NY-26-14-396
MCCOY, JULIA                 CONESUS                      NY-26-19-387
MCCRACKEN, ELIZABETH         YORK                         NY-26-14-208
MCCRACKEN, WILLIAM           YORK                         NY-26-9-189
MCCRARY, DAVID               CALEDONIA                    NY-26-5-73
MCCROSSEN, ELIZABETH B.      LIVONIA                      NY-26-15-61
MCCROSSEN, RACHEL            SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-14-462
MCCURDY, JAMES               NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-6-157
MCDERMOTT, THOMAS            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-12-527
MCDONALD, ANNA               YORK                         NY-26-15-205
MCDONALD, BENJAMIN S.        CALEDONIA                    NY-26-5-223
MCDONALD, CATHARINE          YORK                         NY-26-11-401
MCDONALD, DONALD             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-2B-360
MCDONALD, DONALD             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-4-83
MCDONALD, GEROTHMAN          LIVONIA                      NY-26-12-447
MCDONALD, JAMES H.           LEICESTER                    NY-26-21-175
MCDONALD, JOHN               YORK                         NY-26-1-124
MCDONALD, SPEEDY             LIVONIA                      NY-26-17-94
MCDOUGALL, ANN C.            YORK                         NY-26-12-105
MCDOUGALL, CATHARINE         YORK                         NY-26-11-209
MCDOUGALL, NIEL              YORK                         NY-26-4-55
MCEVOY, CATHERINE            AVON                         NY-26-19-539
MCFETRIDGE, ARCHIBALD        SPARTA                       NY-26-13-237
MCFETRIDGE, ELIZA            SPARTA                       NY-26-16-3
MCFETRIDGE, JAMES            SPARTA                       NY-26-11-373
MCFETRIDGE, SARAH            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-21-211
MCGINLEY, PETER              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-5-415
MCGINTY, CORNELIUS           CONESUS                      NY-26-16-519
MCGINTY, JAMES               LIVONIA                      NY-26-19-157
MCGOVERN, JULIA              AVON                         NY-26-15-430
MCGOVERN, PHILIP             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-19-375
MCGOVERN, PHILIP             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-20-439
MCGREGOR, DANIEL             YORK                         NY-26-5-277
MCGUIRE, PATRICK             GENESEO                      NY-26-21-301
MCINTYRE, ALLAN              YORK                         NY-26-2B-408
MCINTYRE, DUNCAN             YORK                         NY-26-2B-89
MCINTYRE, JOHN               CALEDONIA                    NY-26-3-290
MCINTYRE, JOHN H.            CALEDONIA                    NY-26-12-217
MCINTYRE, JOSEPH             YORK                         NY-26-21-67
MCINTYRE, MARY               CALEDONIA                    NY-26-12-341
MCINTYRE, MOSES J.           LEICESTER                    NY-26-21-79
MCINTYRE, NANCY              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-16-27
MCINTYRE, PETER A.           YORK                         NY-26-3-378
MCKAY, A. H.                 MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-16-549
MCKAY, ANN                   RICHLAND                     NY-26-11-9
MCKAY, CHRISTY               YORK                         NY-26-17-313
MCKAY, HECTOR                CONESUS                      NY-26-3-102
MCKAY, JOHN                  CALEDONIA                    NY-26-3-283
MCKAY, JOHN                  CALEDONIA                    NY-26-13-7
MCKEE, DANIEL                LEICESTER                    NY-26-13-473
MCKEE, GEORGE                MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-10-47
MCKEE, JANE ASHLEY           LEICESTER                    NY-26-10-417
MCKELVEY, JENNY              GROVELAND                    NY-26-15-130
MCKENZIE, ANGUS              YORK                         NY-26-10-221
MCKENZIE, CATHARINE          CALEDONIA                    NY-26-9-433
MCKENZIE, DONALD             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-5-259
MCKENZIE, DONALD D.          YORK                         NY-26-4-107
MCKENZIE, JOHN               YORK                         NY-26-2B-238
MCKENZIE, MARGERY            CALEDONIA                    NY-26-17-193
MCKENZIE, MARY J.            CALEDONIA                    NY-26-21-295
MCKENZIE, SIMON D.           CALEDONIA                    NY-26-12-201
MCKEOWN, HUGH                NUNDA                        NY-26-17-322
MCKERCHER, DANIEL            YORK                         NY-26-2B-243
MCKERCHER, JANE              YORK                         NY-26-16-75
MCKERDSOR, ANNA              YORK                         NY-26-20-409
MCKEUN, ALEXANDER            WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-21-574
MCKILL, JOHN W.              PORTAGE                      NY-26-2B-452
MCKINLEY, JOHN               YORK                         NY-26-2B-27
MCKINNEY, JOHN               WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-16-151
MCKNIGHT, ELIZABETH          YORK                         NY-26-3-458
MCLACHLEN, DUNCA             CALDEONIA                    NY-26-3-71
MCLACHLEN, JOHN              CALDEONIA                    NY-26-3-126
MCLAREN, JOHN                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-2-6
MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK SR.      AVON                         NY-26-15-28
MCLEAN, DANIEL               CALEDONIA                    NY-26-6-37
MCLEAN, JENNETT              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-15-454
MCLEOD, RACHEL               YORK                         NY-26-15-547
MCMAHAN, DAVID               LIMA                         NY-26-12-477
MCMAHEN, JOHN                LIMA                         NY-26-12-301
MCMAHON, JOHN T.             LIMA                         NY-26-19-277
MCMANNIS, MARY               AVON                         NY-26-17-571
MCMARTIN, DUNCAN             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-2-9
MCMARTIN, JOHN SR.           YORK                         NY-26-11-273
MCMASTER, EBENEZER           WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-10-461
MCMASTER, JAMES W.           MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-4-115
MCMASTER, POLLY              WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-19-153
MCMASTER, WILLIAM C.         WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-12-515
MCMICHAEL, MELINDA           YORK                         NY-26-20-571
MCMICHAEL, THOMAS            YORK                         NY-26-12-39
MCMILLAN, ANDREW             NUNDA                        NY-26-19-343
MCMILLAN, DANIEL             YORK                         NY-26-18-134
MCMILLAN, EURENA             NUNDA                        NY-26-19-505
MCMILLAN, JOHN D.            YORK                         NY-26-4-105
MCMILLAN, R. FULTON          CONESUS                      NY-26-15-520
MCNAB, ANN                   YORK                         NY-26-11-341
MCNAB, JAMES                 YORK                         NY-26-11-485
MCNAB, JOHN                  YORK                         NY-26-5-337
MCNAB, JOHN                  CALEDONIA                    NY-26-17-499
MCNAIR, ANN M.               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-9-329
MCNAIR, CHARLES W.           PORTAGE                      NY-26-16-371
MCNAIR, EMILY G.             NUNDA                        NY-26-17-478
MCNAIR, HENRY W.             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-17-337
MCNAIR, HUGH                 NUNDA                        NY-26-14-76
MCNAIR, HUGH T.              WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-18-214
MCNAIR, JAMES                WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-3-252
MCNAIR, JAMES H.             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-11-57
MCNAIR, JAMES M.             NUNDA                        NY-26-16-351
MCNAIR, WILLIAM              GROVELAND                    NY-26-1-17
MCNAIR, WILLIAM D.           SPARTA                       NY-26-3-398
MCNAIR, WILLIAM D.           NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-20-4
MCNAIR, WILLIAM J.           WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-21-589
MCNAIR, WILLIAM W.           GROVELAND                    NY-26-8-426
MCNAIR, ROBERT               GROVELAND                    NY-26-5-445
MCNAUGHTON, DUNCAN           CALEDONIA                    NY-26-9-389
MCNAUGHTON, ISABELLA         CALEDONIA                    NY-26-20-583
MCNAUGHTON, JOHN             YORK                         NY-26-12-475
MCNAUGHTON, JOHN             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-13-105
MCNAUGHTON, JOHN SR.         YORK                         NY-26-2-72
MCNAUGHTON, MALCOLM          YORK                         NY-26-7-179
MCNAUGHTON, MARGARET         CALEDONIA                    NY-26-7-367
MCNAUGHTON, MARGARET         CALEDONIA                    NY-26-18-306
MCNAUGHTON, MARGARET         YORK                         NY-26-20-85
MCNAUGHTON, PETER M.         CALEDONIA                    NY-26-3-439
MCNEESE, BRIDGET             DANSVILLE                    NY-26-12-351
MCNEIL, WILLIAM              GENESEO                      NY-26-19-183
MCNEILLY, ISAAC              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-13-85
MCNINCH, JAMES               CONESUS                      NY-26-19-411
MCNINCH, JAMES C.            CONESUS                      NY-26-16-389
MCNINCH, PATRICK             CONESUS                      NY-26-13-477
MCPHERSON, DANIEL            AVON                         NY-26-15-349
MCPHERSON, DANIEL            YORK                         NY-26-20-394
MCPHERSON, JAMES             YORK                         NY-26-1-113
MCPHERSON, JAMES A.          AVON                         NY-26-15-535
MCPHERSON, JANE              AVON                         NY-26-16-97
MCPHERSON, PETER JR.         CALEDONIA                    NY-26-2-171
MCSWINEY, EDMUND             LIMA                         NY-26-8-418
MCVEAN, ALPIN                YORK                         NY-26-19-377
MCVEAN, ARCHIBALD            YORK                         NY-26-13-337
MCVEAN, DANIEL D.            CALEDONIA                    NY-26-3-169
MCVEAN, HARRIET M.           CALEDONIA                    NY-26-11-261
MCVEAN, JAMES                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-2-27
MCVEAN, JAMES                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-18-490
MCVEAN, PHEBE                AVON                         NY-26-15-283
MCWHORTER, THOMAS            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-3-135
MCWHORTER, THOMAS            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-6-475
MEAD, CATHERINE              SPRINGWATER                  NY-26-21-241
MEAD, HANNAH B.              LIVONIA                      NY-26-21-316
MEAD, JACOB A.               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-12-131
MEADE, PETER A.              ANGELICA, ALLEGANY, NY       NY-26-19-285
MEAGHER, PATRICK             LIVONIA                      NY-26-21-187
MENZIE, CHRISTIE             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-21-22
MENZIE, JANE ANN             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-21-451
MERCER, GEORGE               GENESEO                      NY-26-13-517
MERCER, JULIA R.             GENESEO                      NY-26-15-313
MERRELL, JAY C.              GENESEO                      NY-26-20-280
MERRICK, DELOS S.            NUNDA                        NY-26-13-149
MESSERVE, GEORGE             YORK                         NY-26-5-79
METCALF, CHAUNCEY            GENESEO                      NY-26-10-9
METCALF, ELIAS P.            GENESEO                      NY-26-11-81
MILLER, ALEXANDER            CALEDONIA                    NY-26-15-358
MILLER, BARKLEY              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-9-205
MILLER, CATHERINE            MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-13-481
MILLER, DAVID                LEICESTER                    NY-26-3-141
MILLER, FRANK A.             GENESEO                      NY-26-14-133
MILLER, HENRY W.             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-19-545
MILLER, HEZEKIAH JOHNSON     MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-17-208
MILLER, JOHN G.              DANSVILLE                    NY-26-12-523
MILLER, JONATHAN             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-8-94
MILLER, MARGARET R.          GENESEO                      NY-26-20-73
MILLER, MARY BARBARA         NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-20-424
MILLER, PETER                GENESEO                      NY-26-12-99
MILLER, WILLIAM              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-3-84
MILLER, WILLIAM C.           MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-14-259
MILLER, WILLIAM W.           NUNDA                        NY-26-10-237
MILLHOLLEN, JOHN G.          MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-11-141
MILLIMAN, BRIANT             GENESEO                      NY-26-20-358
MILLIMAN, GEORGE             GENESEO                      NY-26-15-598
MILLS, ANGELINE P.           NUNDA                        NY-26-19-577
MILLS, FREDERICK M.          MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-17-61
MILLS, GEORGE                NUNDA                        NY-26-14-181
MILLS, HIRAM P.              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-18-478
MILLS, JULIA A.              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-14-339
MILLS, MARTHA M.             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-19-109
MILLS, MINARD H.             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-12-19
MILLS, SIDNEY H.             MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-9-317
MILLS, WILLIAM A.            GROVELAND                    NY-26-14-348
MILROY, JANET                LEICESTER                    NY-26-2B-400
MILROY, MARGARET             YORK                         NY-26-15-583
MILROY, MARY                 YORK                         NY-26-8-446
MINEHAN, DENNIS              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-16-233
MINER, ABBY C.               LIMA                         NY-26-17-358
MINER, ALEXANDER D.          LIMA                         NY-26-10-401
MITCHEL, MARY                SPARTA                       NY-26-17-304
MITCHELL, JOHN               LIVONIA                      NY-26-20-148
MOLYE, JOHN                  LIMA                         NY-26-19-33
MONROE, EDWIN E.             YORK                         NY-26-17-277
MOON, ABRAHAM                AVON                         NY-26-1-66
MOON, JACOB                  AVON                         NY-26-2B-19
MOON, MARGARET               CALEDONIA                    NY-26-19-241
MOONEY, PATRICK              LIMA                         NY-26-12-227
MOORE, BOLTIS                OSSIAN                       NY-26-16-561
MOORE, CAROLINE              AVON                         NY-26-16-377
MOORE, MARIA A.              GENESEO                      NY-26-14-94
MOORE, WILLIAM               GENESEO                      NY-26-16-333
MOOSE, PETER                 SPARTA                       NY-26-13-441
MORAN, EDWARD                AVON                         NY-26-11-317
MORAN, EDWARD                AVON                         NY-26-20-538
MORAN, MICHAEL               LIMA                         NY-26-8-114
MORGAN, ABNER                LIMA                         NY-26-4-68
MORGAN, ESTHER B.            LIMA                         NY-26-20-580
MORGAN, JOHN                 LIMA                         NY-26-3-115
MORGAN, MARY J.              LILMA                        NY-26-16-327
MORRELL, ALBERT              CONESUS                      NY-26-19-43
MORRIS, DARIUS               CONESUS                      NY-26-8-162
MORRIS, GARRY                GENESEO                      NY-26-14-381
MORRIS, WILLIAM              GENESEO                      NY-26-19-409
MORRISEY, ANDREW             LIVONIA                      NY-26-21-139
MORRISON, DANIEL             CALEDONIA                    NY-26-5-67
MORSE, HIRAM                 NUNDA                        NY-26-16-335
MORSE, MARVIN                PORTAGE                      NY-26-12-79
MORTON, SARAH ANN            LIVONIA                      NY-26-10-83
MOSES, AURELIA               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-16-25
MOSES, EUNICE                PORTAGE                      NY-26-12-273
MOSES, LEWIS                 LIMA                         NY-26-15-250
MOSES, LUTHER                LIMA                         NY-26-11-433
MOSHER, JABEZ                PORTAGE                      NY-26-9-5
MOSHER, PHILO                MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-12-303
MOSHER, SARAH M.             GENESEO                      NY-26-16-215
MOSHER, WILLIAM              CALEDONIA                    NY-26-6-379
MOSHIER, RHODA               MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-4-7
MOSIER, DELIA                CALEDONIA                    NY-26-19-185
MOSIER, NATHNAILE            CALEDONIA                    NY-26-20-403
MUCHLER, ANDREW              SPARTA                       NY-26-2B-80
MUCHLER, HANNAH              WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-10-73
MUCHLER, SABRINA A.          WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-16-541
MUCHLER, SOVILA A.           WEST SPARTA                  NY-26-16-533
MULROY, PATRICK              AVON                         NY-26-15-280
MUNGER, ICHABOD              LIVONIA                      NY-26-2-180
MUNGER, WILLIAM              LIMA                         NY-26-8-306
MUNN, JOHN                   GROVELAND                    NY-26-14-324
MUNSEE, WILLIAM B.           DANSVILLE                    NY-26-14-582
MURDOCK, MARY                MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-17-151
MURPHY, CATHARINA            NORTH DANSVILLE              NY-26-12-259
MURRAY, ELI                  LIVONIA                      NY-26-6-367
MURRAY, JOHN R.              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-12-325
MURRAY, WILLIAM              MOUNT MORRIS                 NY-26-16-243
MYERS, PETER                 LEICESTER                    NY-26-4-60

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