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NARAGON, EDGAR               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Q-337
NASH, JOHNSON                KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-C3-29
NEALE, ISAAC                 WALTON                        NY-13-W-473
NEALE, JOHN R.               WALTON                        NY-13-T-25
NEER, ROMAETTE               HANCOCK                       NY-13-M-142
NEER, WELLINGTON             DAVENPORT                     NY-13-27-35
NEFF, JOHN B.                COLCHESTER                    NY-13-U-52
NEIDLINGER, JOHN             SIDNEY                        NY-13-W-587
NEISH, JAMES                 ANDES                         NY-13-S-581
NEISH, KATHARINE E. DOIG     HAMDEN                        NY-13-29-22
NELSON, ASA                  FRANKLIN                      NY-13-L-125
NELSON, FRANCIS              ANDES                         NY-13-C-238
NELSON, LEVI                 FRANKLIN                      NY-13-F-134
NELSON, PLINNY F.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-G-16
NESBITT, ELIZABETH           STAMFORD                      NY-13-I-299
NESBITT, GEORGE              STAMFORD                      NY-13-F-70
NESBITT, ROBERT              STAMFORD                      NY-13-S-73
NESBITT, WILLIAM             STAMFORD                      NY-13-T-9
NEVIN, SAMUEL R.             HANCOCK                       NY-13-V-93
NEWELL, ADELIA               DAVENPORT                     NY-13-29-31
NEWELL, ELEANOR              HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-M-85
NEWELL, RUSSELL              HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-K-253
NEWKIRK, ANN                 ANDES                         NY-13-M-309
NEWKIRK, JACOB               ROXBURY                       NY-13-O-221
NEWKIRK, JOHN R.             ANDES                         NY-13-K-431
NEWTON, PHINEHAS             SIDNEY                        NY-13-H-325
NEWTON, WILSON J.            MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-Z-48
NICHOL, JOHN                 DAVENPORT                     NY-13-N-336
NICHOLS, ALFRED              WALTON                        NY-13-K-150
NICHOLS, CHARLES H.          HANCOCK                       NY-13-L-277
NICHOLS, CYNTHIA S.          HANCOCK                       NY-13-W-455
NICHOLS, DANIEL              HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-E-391
NICHOLS, ELIJAH C.           WALTON                        NY-13-H-288
NICHOLS, JOHN O.             HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-S-41
NICHOLS, MOSES H.            HANCOCK                       NY-13-S-385
NICHOLS, PAUL                WALTON                        NY-13-29-60
NICHOLS, RUFUS               WALTON                        NY-13-S-657
NICHOLS, THERESA E.          DELHI                         NY-13-U-449
NICHOLS, THOMAS              BOVINA                        NY-13-D-526
NICKOLS, EZRA                HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-C2-200
NICOLL, ANDREW               BOVINA                        NY-13-G-528
NIELD, JAMES                 ANDES                         NY-13-F-230
NILES, LYDIA                 COLCHESTER                    NY-13-Z-103
NILES, SAMUEL W.             SIDNEY                        NY-13-P-21
NILES, WILLIAM               TOMPKINS                      NY-13-L-173
NOBLE, CHARLES               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-M-63
NOBLE, FREDERICK             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-F-305
NOBLE, HARRIET N.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Q-293
NOBLE, HENRY                 FRANKLIN                      NY-13-E-129
NOBLE, MARCIA E.             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-N-83
NOBLE, WILLIAM S.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-H-573
NOBLE, WILLIAM W.            ROXBURY                       NY-13-O-33
NORRIS, JAMES                ANDES                         NY-13-M-50
NORRIS, LOUISA A.            ANDES                         NY-13-28-14
NORTH, EMMA                  WALTON                        NY-13-L-96
NORTH, MARGARET              WALTON                        NY-13-Y-49
NORTH, ROBERT                WALTON                        NY-13-C3-313
NORTHCOTT, JOHN              WALTON                        NY-13-R-517
NORTHROP, DANIEL             MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-H-339
NORTHROP, SARAH B.           ROXBURY                       NY-13-Q-181
NORTHRUP, ABEL P.            COLCHESTER                    NY-13-S-549
NORTHRUP, ALMIRA P.          FRANKLIN                      NY-13-T-369
NORTHRUP, AMOS J.            BOVINA                        NY-13-O-73
NORTHRUP, AVERY T.           FRANKLIN                      NY-13-N-156
NORTHRUP, CYNTHIA            SIDNEY                        NY-13-X-377
NORTHRUP, GILBERT            COLCHESTER                    NY-13-L-83
NORTHRUP, HIRAM              SIDNEY                        NY-13-C2-258
NORTHRUP, JOSEPH             COLCHESTER                    NY-13-O-557
NORTHRUP, MARSHALL M.        ANDES                         NY-13-N-307
NORTHRUP, WARREN J.          FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Y-9
NORTHRUP, WILLIAM            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-I-1
NORTHRUP, WILLIAM H.         FRANKLIN                      NY-13-P-189
NORTON, MIKE                 ROXBURY                       NY-13-Y-225
NOXON, ARTHUR M.             MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-Z-53
NOXON, MARY L.               MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-Z-145
NUSH, WILLIAM                HAMDEN                        NY-13-W-237
OAKLEY, TIMOTHY              ROXBURY                       NY-13-C2-127
OAKLEY, WILLIAM C.           HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-29-145
OAKLEY, WILLIAM H.           DELHI                         NY-13-Z-156
OAKLEY, WILLIAM H.           HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-K-287
OCONNOR, ANNIE T.            STAMFORD                      NY-13-W-193
OCONNOR, FRANCIS             ANDES                         NY-13-L-23
OCONNORS, WILLIAM            MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-I-352
ODELL, ABRAM                 DELHI                         NY-13-L-147
ODELL, FANNY                 DELHI                         NY-13-L-107
ODELL, HENRY                 DELHI                         NY-13-M-18
ODELL, JOHN K.               DAVENPORT                     NY-13-P-57
ODELL, MARAMA S.             KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-Q-21
ODELL, NANCY                 DELHI                         NY-13-V-505
OGDEN, ABRAHAM               WALTON                        NY-13-E-532
OGDEN, ABRAHAM               WALTON                        NY-13-C2-38
OGDEN, CHARLES               TOMPKINS                      NY-13-G-167
OGDEN, CHARLES B.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-L-134
OGDEN, CHARLES E.            WALTON                        NY-13-N-142
OGDEN, CHAUNCEY              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-N-101
OGDEN, EDGAR G.              DEPOSIT                       NY-13-Z-13
OGDEN, EDWARD                WALTON                        NY-13-G-685
OGDEN, ELIAS                 WALTON                        NY-13-E-182
OGDEN, ELIZA B.              WALTON                        NY-13-N-96
OGDEN, ELIZABETH             DEPOSIT                       NY-13-K-661
OGDEN, HENRY E.              WALTON                        NY-13-L-312
OGDEN, HENRY M.              DEPOSIT                       NY-13-T-293
OGDEN, IRA M.                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-M-206
OGDEN, ISAAC                 WALTON                        NY-13-E-174
OGDEN, JAMES                 WALTON                        NY-13-M-87
OGDEN, LINUS                 FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Q-109
OGDEN, MOSES L.              TOMPKINS                      NY-13-G-682
OGDEN, PHOEBE C.             TOMPKINS                      NY-13-H-478
OGDEN, THOMAS J.             WALTON                        NY-13-L-49
OGILVY, JOHN                 IMPERIAL, CHASE, NE           NY-13-N-201
OILMSTED, PEACE S.           STAMFORD                      NY-13-M-176
OKEEFE, THOMAS               DAVENPORT                     NY-13-L-244
OKELLY, ELIZA                MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-F-158
OLIVER, DAVID                BOVINA                        NY-13-T-253
OLIVER, JAMES                DELHI                         NY-13-R-197
OLIVER, WALTER               DELHI                         NY-13-27-92
OLMSTEAD, ERASTUS R.         HANCOCK                       NY-13-G-162
OLMSTEAD, MARY               SIDNEY                        NY-13-27-149
OLMSTEAD, NOAH D.            MARGARETVILLE                 NY-13-U-277
OLMSTEAD, PHILO              HANCOCK                       NY-13-H-495
OLMSTEAD, SARAH ANN          DAVENPORT                     NY-13-N-46
OLMSTED, CHAUNCEY            DAVENPORT                     NY-13-M-183
OLMSTED, EMILY E.            HANCOCK                       NY-13-P-513
OLMSTED, JAMES A.            WALTON                        NY-13-M-342
OLMSTED, JOHN M.             STAMFORD                      NY-13-C3-64
OLMSTED, JOHN M.             STAMFORD                      NY-13-V-493
OLMSTED, LEVI                STAMFORD                      NY-13-L-291
OLMSTED, ROSSEL              DAVENPORT                     NY-13-M-266
OLMSTED, SARAH A.            STAMFORD                      NY-13-T-629
OLMSTED, THEODORE            MASONVILLE                    NY-13-T-317
OOTHOUDT, JULIA H.           WALTON                        NY-13-Z-84
ORMISTON, JAMES G.           BOVINA                        NY-13-L-237
ORMISTON, WILLIAM            BOVINA                        NY-13-G-178
ORR, DAVID                   KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-H-423
ORR, ELIZABETH               KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-S-369
ORR, JOHN                    DAVENPORT                     NY-13-W-29
ORR, LUTHER                  DAVENPORT                     NY-13-E-529
ORR, ROBERT J.               DAVENPORT                     NY-13-T-515
ORR, ROBERT S.               KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-T-393
ORSBORN, DAVID               SIDNEY                        NY-13-M-186
ORT, ANTHONY M.              HANCOCK                       NY-13-29-35
OSBORN, ANSON                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-O-53
OSBORN, EFFIE M.             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-M-330
OSBORN, ELEAZER              HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-D-283
OSBORN, NATHAN W.            DAVENPORT                     NY-13-I-303
OSBORN, RANSOM               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-29-132
OSBORN, SAMUEL               KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-G-267
OSBORNE, SARAH A.            WALTON                        NY-13-28-49
OSTERHOUDT, JOHN E.          MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-H-562
OSTERHOUT, CATHARINE M.      DELHI                         NY-13-M-139
OSTERHOUT, EZRA              MEREDITH                      NY-13-R-177
OSTRANDER, JULIA E.          FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Z-46
OSTRICH, ANNIE S.            WALTON                        NY-13-27-8
OSTRICH, CONRAD              HANCOCK                       NY-13-S-269
OSTROM, ELIZA J.             WALTON                        NY-13-P-421
OSTROM, NANCY                WALTON                        NY-13-S-169
OWEN, DEBORAH                ROXBURY                       NY-13-I-151
OWEN, GRACE                  ANDES                         NY-13-Q-601
OWEN, WILLIAM                ANDES                         NY-13-D-114
OWENS, ADALINE B.            TOMPKINS                      NY-13-H-33
OWENS, HARRIETTE W.          TOMPKINS                      NY-13-29-28
PADEN, JOHN SR.              HANCOCK                       NY-13-28-104
PAGE, FRANCIS W.             DELHI                         NY-13-V-581
PAIGE, GEORGE                STAMFORD                      NY-13-G-331
PAIGE, GEORGE W.             COLCHESTER                    NY-13-C4-43
PAIGE, GEORGE W.             COLCHESTER                    NY-13-C3-198
PAINE, ANNIS                 MEREDITH                      NY-13-G-229
PAINE, ANTHONY M.            DELHI                         NY-13-L-77
PAINE, EMILY                 DAVENPORT                     NY-13-N-145
PAINE, GURDEN                DELHI                         NY-13-G-656
PAINE, THOMAS                WALTON                        NY-13-F-258
PALMATEER, MARY A.           MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-Q-537
PALMATEER, RANSOM S.         ANDES (PAGE MISSING)          NY-13-28-52
PALMATEER, SYLVESTER         ANDES                         NY-13-Q-533
PALMATEER, WILLIAM D.        MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-M-157
PALMATIER, CHARLES A.        DEPOSIT                       NY-13-28-173
PALMATIER, HENRY             DAVENPORT                     NY-13-N-204
PALMATIER, POLY              DAVENPORT                     NY-13-H-532
PALMER, ANNA                 DELHI                         NY-13-I-195
PALMER, ANNA                 DELHI                         NY-13-H-46
PALMER, CAROLINE L.          STAMFORD                      NY-13-29-48
PALMER, CHARLES J.           MEREDITH                      NY-13-T-385
PALMER, CHLOE J.             DEPOSIT                       NY-13-Q-389
PALMER, CHRISTINA B.         DAVENPORT                     NY-13-W-361
PALMER, GEORGE               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-L-74
PALMER, ISABELLA G.          STAMFORD                      NY-13-S-469
PALMER, JANE E.              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-N-177
PALMER, JERUSHA S.           MASONVILLE                    NY-13-K-469
PALMER, JESSE                STAMFORD                      NY-13-C-348
PALMER, JESSE                DELHI                         NY-13-H-170
PALMER, JOHN P.              DEPOSIT                       NY-13-Y-527
PALMER, JULIETT              STAMFORD                      NY-13-U-468
PALMER, LYMAN B.             TOMPKINS                      NY-13-R-485
PALMER, MARION M.            DELHI                         NY-13-29-76
PALMER, NANCY                DEPOSIT                       NY-13-Y-539
PALMER, RANSOM               SIDNEY                        NY-13-S-1
PALMER, RUANY A.             TOMPKINS                      NY-13-T-81
PALMER, SAMUEL               DELHI                         NY-13-I-154
PALMER, SAMUEL H.            MASONVILLE                    NY-13-Z-107
PALMER, SAUNDERS             KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-K-213
PALMER, THOMAS B.            MASONVILLE                    NY-13-E-138
PALMER, THOMAS J.            DELHI                         NY-13-M-152
PALMERTON, VILETTA           DEPOSIT                       NY-13-M-65
PANGBURN, MARY E.            COLCHESTER                    NY-13-Y-217
PARDEE, SOPHRONIA            DELHI                         NY-13-I-136
PARISH, DELINAH              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-X-229
PARKE, NANCY .               DEPOSIT                       NY-13-T-401
PARKE, WILLIAM               DEPOSIT                       NY-13-L-50
PARKER, AMASA                DELHI                         NY-13-E-461
PARKER, AMASA R.             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-G-23
PARKER, AMOS                 ROXBURY                       NY-13-C4-46
PARKER, AMOS                 ROXBURY                       NY-13-C3-216
PARKER, CAROLINE E. R.       DELHI                         NY-13-N-102
PARKER, ELIZABETH M.         STAMFORD                      NY-13-N-16
PARKER, GEORGE M.            WALTON                        NY-13-U-334
PARKER, J. MASON             MASONVILLE                    NY-13-K-427
PARKER, JOHN A.              HAMDEN                        NY-13-X-557
PARKER, PHEBE                DELHI                         NY-13-F-180
PARKER, ROBERT               DELHI                         NY-13-G-276
PARKER, RUTH S.              MASONVILLE                    NY-13-M-39
PARKER, SALLY LODUSKA        DEPOSIT                       NY-13-S-45
PARKER, SAMUEL               STAMFORD                      NY-13-M-72
PARKER, SARAH                MASONVILLE                    NY-13-T-129
PARKER, WILLIAM              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-C-26
PARKER, WILLIAM              DAVENPORT                     NY-13-H-128
PARRIS, CRANE                MEREDITH                      NY-13-F-48
PARRIS, CRANE                MEREDITH                      NY-13-W-443
PARSHALL, JOHN A.            DELHI                         NY-13-R-9
PARSONS, A. SMITH            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Q-489
PARSONS, HARVEY              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-G-481
PARSONS, HENRY A.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-V-621
PARSONS, JAMES               MEREDITH                      NY-13-D-456
PARSONS, JAMES H.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-L-325
PARSONS, MAHALA              SIDNEY                        NY-13-M-105
PARSONS, NAOMI FITCH         FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Y-665
PARSONS, PETER               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-B-294
PARSONS, SIBYL G.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-K-574
PARSONS, SIMEON              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-K-297
PARSONS, WILLARD B.          FRANKLIN                      NY-13-X-85
PASHLEY, CHARLES L.          HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-X-133
PASONS, SYLVESTER D.         WALTON                        NY-13-M-318
PATCHIN, DAVID J.            HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-E-12
PATCHIN, ELEANOR             STAMFORD                      NY-13-P-445
PATCHIN, WESLEY S.           JEFFERSON                     NY-13-28-168
PATTENGILL, JULIUS S.        WALTON                        NY-13-P-89
PATTERSON, ANNA              HAMDEN                        NY-13-F-165
PATTERSON, ARCHIBALD         MEREDITH                      NY-13-G-660
PATTERSON, JAMES S.          ROXBURY                       NY-13-N-107
PATTERSON, PHEBE             ROXBURY                       NY-13-F-434
PATTERSON, ROBERT H.         DELPHI                        NY-13-M-197
PATTERSON, ROGER             HAMDEN                        NY-13-M-20
PATTERSON, THOMAS W.         TOMPKINS                      NY-13-H-639
PATTERSON, WALTER J.         FRANKLIN                      NY-13-X-5
PATTERSON, WALTER M.         DELHI                         NY-13-X-61
PATTESON, MARGARET           ANDES                         NY-13-X-569
PAUK, WILLIAM                SIDNEY                        NY-13-28-62
PAUL, HENRY                  MASONVILLE                    NY-13-L-170
PAUL, JAMES                  MEREDITH                      NY-13-E-132
PAYNE, GEORGE                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-M-250
PEAGLEY, ARTHUR E.           WALTON                        NY-13-29-52
PEAK, WALTER                 HANCOCK                       NY-13-T-653
PEAKE, EMILY A.              HANCOCK                       NY-13-U-184
PEAKE, HANNAH                HAMDEN                        NY-13-F-315
PEARSALL, ANNA M.            MASONVILLE                    NY-13-M-97
PEARSALL, DANIEL             SIDNEY                        NY-13-G-231
PEASE, HENRY Z.              MEREDITH                      NY-13-Y-77
PEASE, HOWARD N.             DELHI                         NY-13-28-43
PEASE, MILTON G.             WALTON                        NY-13-V-489
PEASTER, AMOS                DELHI                         NY-13-N-72
PECK, CALVIN                 HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-P-437
PECK, CLARISSA               ROXBURY                       NY-13-K-139
PECK, DAVID F.               ROXBURY                       NY-13-G-1
PECK, DAVID W.               ROXBURY                       NY-13-F-406
PECK, HIRAM                  HOBART                        NY-13-C3-220
PECK, POLLY                  DELHI                         NY-13-K-386
PEISTER, PHILIP H.           MEREDITH                      NY-13-T-461
PELLETT, GEORGE W.           TOMPKINS                      NY-13-I-182
PELTON, MILTON               COLCHESTER                    NY-13-S-173
PENBARKER, EMIL              HANCOCK                       NY-13-27-12
PENDELL, LYDIA L.            ROXBURY                       NY-13-R-161
PENDLEBURY, JOHN             SIDNEY                        NY-13-Q-377
PENFIELD, AVID               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-K-602
PENFIELD, EDWARD             HARPESFIELD                   NY-13-C3-87
PENFIELD, JAMES K.           DELHI                         NY-13-U-376
PENFIELD, JENNIE ROSE        DELHI                         NY-13-27-26
PERRY, CHARLES E.            DELHI                         NY-13-E-339
PERRY, MARIANNE L.           DELHI                         NY-13-T-301
PERSON, JOHN                 STAMFORD                      NY-13-B-262
PERSONS, ELI S.              ROXBURY                       NY-13-R-425
PERSONS, JOHN                WALTON                        NY-13-W-365
PERSTER, MARY E.             MEREDITH                      NY-13-P-81
PETERS, JOHN                 TOMPKINS                      NY-13-E-95
PETERS, JOHN                 KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-Q-365
PETERS, JOHN                 DAVENPORT                     NY-13-N-302
PETERS, MARY                 DAVENPORT                     NY-13-S-693
PETERS, WILLIAM B.           KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-V-161
PETTY, ALICE ANNA            MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, NY       NY-13-28-60
PHELPS, ABAGAIL              HEBRON, TOLLAND, CT           NY-13-E-4
PHELPS, ALBERT               FRANKLN                       NY-13-N-334
PHELPS, AMY                  COLCHESTER                    NY-13-D-74
PHELPS, ASAHEL A.            DELHI                         NY-13-E-411
PHELPS, ESTHER               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-28-79
PHELPS, HORACE J.            SIDNEY                        NY-13-Y-533
PHELPS, JAMES L.             SIDNEY                        NY-13-Y-461
PHELPS, JOHN B.              DELPHI                        NY-13-C-312
PHELPS, JOHN B.              DELHI                         NY-13-R-221
PHELPS, WILLIAM H.           SIDNEY                        NY-13-27-75
PHILLIPS, MARTHA             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Z-86
PHILLIPS, NOAH H.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-H-520
PHINNEY, LEMAN               BOVINA                        NY-13-S-9
PHOENIX, JOHN                TOMPKINS                      NY-13-X-629
PHYFE, JOHN                  BOVINA                        NY-13-S-241
PIERCE, ANN R.               DAVENPORT                     NY-13-L-337
PIERCE, BENJAMIN             HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-C3-341
PIERCE, EBENEZER B.          HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-F-231
PIERCE, EDWIN                DAVENPORT                     NY-13-Z-31
PIERCE, IRA                  DAVENPORT                     NY-13-C3-338
PIERCE, ISAAC                HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-E-34
PIERCE, ISAAC                HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-N-202
PIERCE, ISABELLA             WALTON                        NY-13-W-479
PIERCE, JANE E.              DAVENPORT                     NY-13-S-433
PIERCE, MIEL C.              HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-F-191
PIERCE, NATHAN               DAVENPORT                     NY-13-R-561
PIERCE, ORRIN                HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-G-63
PIERCE, POLLY F.             TOMPKINS                      NY-13-H-538
PIERCE, RICHARD              DAVENPORT                     NY-13-N-79
PIERCE, RICHARD G.           DAVENPORT                     NY-13-M-244
PIERCE, ROBERT               WALTON                        NY-13-V-525
PIERCE, SAMUEL N.            DAVENPORT                     NY-13-S-457
PIERCE, WEALTHY A.           HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-R-109
PIERCE, WILLIAM              HAMDEN                        NY-13-M-28
PIERSON, JOHN                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-F-602
PIERSON, JOSEPH M.           WALTON                        NY-13-T-509
PIERSON, PRUSILLA R.         WALTON                        NY-13-Z-42
PINDAR, DAVID E.             MEREDITH                      NY-13-N-113
PINDAR, REBECCA              DAVENPORT                     NY-13-M-146
PINE, DANIEL JR.             WALTON                        NY-13-E-209
PINE, ELIZA E.               WALTON                        NY-13-Y-45
PINE, JOSHUA                 WALTON                        NY-13-C-56
PINE, JOSHUA                 WALTON                        NY-13-M-219
PINE, JOSHUA                 WALTON                        NY-13-A-124
PINE, PETER                  TOMPKINS                      NY-13-D-549
PINE, PHEBE                  TOMPKINS                      NY-13-E-537
PINE, PHILIP                 TOMPKINS                      NY-13-C-74
PITCHER, HERBERT A.          DELHI                         NY-13-Y-413
PLACE, JOHN F.               SIDNEY                        NY-13-S-357
PLACE, MARTHA E.             MASONVILLE                    NY-13-M-62
PLASKETT, SARAH              HANCOCK                       NY-13-E-164
POLLEY, CHANCEY S.           MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-P-157
POLLY, JOHN                  STAMFORD                      NY-13-L-106
POMEROY, ABNER               SIDNEY                        NY-13-G-613
POMEROY, CHESTER W.          SIDNEY                        NY-13-29-77
POMEROY, LAURA A.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-L-164
POMEROY, MURRAY H.           FRANKLIN                      NY-13-H-124
POMEROY, POLLY A.            SIDNEY                        NY-13-R-157
POMEROY, SAMUEL E.           SIDNEY                        NY-13-27-66
POMEROY, SARAH A.            SIDNEY                        NY-13-O-61
POMEROY, SEYMOUR             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-E-271
POMEROY, WESLEY              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-K-599
POMEROY, WESLEY A.           FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Z-124
POMEROY, WILLIAM S.          FRANKLIN                      NY-13-M-24
POMERY, MARY                 KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-A-246
POOLER, JOHN                 SIDNEY                        NY-13-K-354
PORTER, CHARLES H.           MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-T-297
PORTER, GEORGE R.            SIDNEY                        NY-13-I-201
PORTER, LINUS                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-H-373
PORTER, LULIE S.             SIDNEY                        NY-13-H-601
POST, CHARLES                MEREDITH                      NY-13-G-71
POTTER, DIAMA M.             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-27-85
POTTER, EDMUND D.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-27-121
POTTER, EPHRAIM W.           FRANKLIN                      NY-13-I-172
POTTS, ELIZABETH             ANDES                         NY-13-E-200
POTTS, GEORGE                ANDES                         NY-13-P-581
POTTS, JOANNA                ANDES                         NY-13-P-361
POTTS, WALTER A.             SIDNEY                        NY-13-M-117
POWELL, ADELIA CLEORA        DEPOSIT                       NY-13-N-115
POWELL, FREDERICK W.         MARGARETVILLE                 NY-13-Y-113
POWELL, JANE S.              HANCOCK                       NY-13-M-198
POWELL, THOMAS M.            DEPOSIT                       NY-13-M-196
POWERS, AGNES M.             DELHI                         NY-13-U-300
PRATT, PHILO                 SIDNEY                        NY-13-N-43
PRESTON, EMILY D.            ROX BURY                      NY-13-N-171
PRESTON, EZEKIEL             STAMFORD                      NY-13-K-248
PRESTON, FANNIE M.           ROXBURY                       NY-13-V-165
PRESTON, HAMILTON S.         HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-N-257
PRESTON, J. MORE             MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-27-54
PRESTON, LIBERTY             ROXBURY                       NY-13-L-108
PRESTON, MARY A.             SIDNEY                        NY-13-Q-325
PRESTON, MARY E.             HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-T-377
PRESTON, MARY JANNETTE       MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-R-309
PRESTON, OTIS M.             ROXBURY                       NY-13-S-281
PRESTON, SOLOMON S.          KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-O-193
PRESTON, WILLIAM             ROXBURY                       NY-13-H-455
PRIME, ROYAL T.              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-27-45
PRINDLE, DAVIS B.            TOMPKINS                      NY-13-H-31
PROVINZANO, JOSEPH           SIDNEY                        NY-13-U-534
PRUSER, CHARLES H.           MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-W-101
PUFFER, MARIA A.             TOMPKINS                      NY-13-Y-25
PULLING, SAMUEL              DELHI                         NY-13-E-284
PULTZ, SARAH C.              MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-V-17
PULVER, DAVID                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-L-266
PULVER, PETER F.             SIDNEY                        NY-13-Q-261
PURCELL, JONATHAN            MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-L-285
PURDY, JESSE                 BOVINA                        NY-13-D-570
PURDY, THOMAS                BOVINA                        NY-13-L-214
QUACKENBUSH, ISAAC           TOMPKINS                      NY-13-Y-467
QUACKENBUSH, SARAH           TOMPKINS                      NY-13-Z-65
RADCLIFF, CORNELIUS          COLCHESTER                    NY-13-C3-90
RADEKER, ADELINE             COLCHESTER                    NY-13-N-270
RADEKER, JAMES M.            COCLHESTER                    NY-13-M-22
RADEKER PETER R.             COLCHESTER                    NY-13-E-387
RAE, JOHN                    ANDES                         NY-13-F-124
RAEDER, GEORGE P.            ROXBURY                       NY-13-28-3
RAEDER, NICHOLAS             ROXBURY                       NY-13-T-153
RAITT, JOHN                  BOVINA                        NY-13-F-619
RAITT, JOHN                  B OVINA                       NY-13-M-148
RAITT, JOSEPH S.             WALTON                        NY-13-Y-377
RAITT, MARY                  WALTON                        NY-13-Z-113
RAMSDELL, JAMES WELLS        MASONVILLE                    NY-13-S-325
RANDALL, HEZEKIAH A.         MASONVILLE                    NY-13-K-49
RANDALL, ROBERT S.           MASONVILLE                    NY-13-O-341
RANDALL, RUFUS               MASONVILLE                    NY-13-V-449
RANDALL, THOMAS W.           MASONVILLE                    NY-13-G-226
RATHBUN, EDWARD              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-G-157
RATHBURN, AMANDA M.          DAVENPORT                     NY-13-O-371
RAYMOND, ELIZA B.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-V-41
RAYMOND, JOHN M.             WALTON                        NY-13-L-190
READ, STEPHEN                HANCOCK                       NY-13-G-319
REALY, JOSEPH                HANCOCK                       NY-13-M-182
REALY, JOSEPH                HANCOCK                       NY-13-T-345
REALY, TECKLA                HANCOCK                       NY-13-P-669
REDDING, FRANCES J.          MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-N-251
REDFIELD, DICKERSON          SIDNEY                        NY-13-K-171
REDFIELD, JAMES G.           DELHI                         NY-13-H-94
REDFIELD, LEWIS W.           DELHI                         NY-13-G-216
REDMOND, CALVIN              MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-X-693
REDMOND, GEORGE W.           MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-Z-51
REDMOND, MATTHIAS            MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-C2-188
RECKIE, ANDREW               HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-C3-245
REED, ALLEN DAVID            SIDNEY                        NY-13-28-39
REED, HENRY                  ROXBURY                       NY-13-F-272
REED, HENRY L.               ROXBURY                       NY-13-Q-5
REED, MORGAN                 KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-27-162
REED, SAMUEL H.              ANDES                         NY-13-N-223
REEL, AUSTRA C.              STAMFORD                      NY-13-R-445
REEL, HANNAH J.              STAMFORD                      NY-13-F-83
REEVE, HORACE                NTL                           NY-13-E-85
REEVE, WILLIAM               HANCOCK                       NY-13-F-339
REGAN, THOMAS                COLCHESTER                    NY-13-M-52
REID, CHARLES                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-H-72
REID, ELIZABETH              ANDES                         NY-13-Q-49
REINHARDT, JOHN              MASONVILLE                    NY-13-27-49
RELPH, WILLIAM               ROXBURY                       NY-13-Y-93
REMINGTON, BETSEY            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-T-671
REMINGTON, DANIEL            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-G-52
REMINGTON, NELSON            FRAKLIN                       NY-13-O-5
REMINGTON, SARAH E.          FRANKLIN                      NY-13-28-114
RENWICK, ASHER               HAMDEN                        NY-13-L-81
REXFORD, DANIEL J.           STAMFORD                      NY-13-M-7
REYNOLDS, AMANDA T.          ROXBURY                       NY-13-28-156
REYNOLDS, ANDREW JR.         KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-E-362
REYNOLDS, CALEB              ROXBURY                       NY-13-Z-5
REYNOLDS, CHARLES W.         DELHI                         NY-13-I-291
REYNOLDS, CORNELIUS D.       ROXBURY                       NY-13-Z-131
REYNOLDS, DANIEL             ANDES                         NY-13-M-172
REYNOLDS, ELISHA             DELHI                         NY-13-E-268
REYNOLDS, ELMINA             WALTON                        NY-13-Q-397
REYNOLDS, ELY                ANDES                         NY-13-29-91
REYNOLDS, GEORGE H.          DELHI                         NY-13-27-33
REYNOLDS, HENRY              DAVENPORT                     NY-13-F-37
REYNOLDS, HENRY D.           ROXBURY                       NY-13-R-325
REYNOLDS, ISAAC              MEREDITH                      NY-13-E-416
REYNOLDS, JAMES L.           ANDES                         NY-13-Z-129
REYNOLDS, JOHN T.            COLCHESTER                    NY-13-29-107
REYNOLDS, JULIAETT           DELHI                         NY-13-Y-389
REYNOLDS, LEONARD            DAVENPORT                     NY-13-U-36
REYNOLDS, MARTIN             DELHI                         NY-13-N-225
REYNOLDS, MARY A.            STAMFORD                      NY-13-U-55
REYNOLDS, MORRIS S.          BOVINA                        NY-13-H-547
REYNOLDS, ORRIN              BOVINA                        NY-13-29-5
REYNOLDS, RACHEL             DELPHI                        NY-13-G-476
REYNOLDS, ROBERT             ANDES                         NY-13-N-346
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM R.         WALTON                        NY-13-Q-473
RHOADES, ARCHIBALD CRAIG     STAMFORD                      NY-13-U-442
RHODES, JOHN                 COLCHESTER                    NY-13-Z-33
RICE, HENRY                  HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-D-163
RICE, SOLOMON                DELHI                         NY-13-Q-529
RICH, HENRY M.               STAMFORD                      NY-13-O-113
RICH, JAMES A.               STAMFORD                      NY-13-K-644
RICH, JANE                   STAMFORD                      NY-13-X-185
RICH, KATE                   FRANKLIN                      NY-13-R-457
RICH, SARAH                  STAMFORD                      NY-13-W-257
RICH, STEPHEN                STAMFORD                      NY-13-L-298
RICH, SUSANNAH               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-I-197
RICH, SYLVESTER              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-G-248
RICHARDS, JANE               WALTON                        NY-13-F-76
RICHARDS, LEONARD E.         STAMFORD                      NY-13-T-17
RICHTMYER, MILLIE F.         PONY, MADISON, MT             NY-13-V-409
RICKEY, THOMAS               HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-G-68
RIDDLE, ELIZABETH S.         KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-F-104
RIDDLE, ROBERT               DAVENPORT                     NY-13-F-566
RIDDLE, WILLIAM              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-E-152
RIDER, JOHN G.               SIDNEY                        NY-13-S-445
RIDER, JULIA L.              SIDNEY                        NY-13-S-133
RIDER, STEPHEN               HANCOCK                       NY-13-K-495
RIFENBACK, STEPHEN           SIDNEY                        NY-13-R-409
RIFENBURG, JOHN              TOMPKINS                      NY-13-S-681
RIGGS, MATTHEW S.            MEREDITH                      NY-13-H-362
RIKARD, BARNARD              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-R-449
RIKARD, ELIZABETH            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-28-125
RILTON, MILO                 SIDNEY                        NY-13-R-29
RIPLEY, ELLIS                HAMDEN                        NY-13-H-198
RIPLEY, NAHANIEL             MASONVILLE                    NY-13-K-503
RITCHAY, ELIZABETH           DAVENPORT                     NY-13-T-65
ROBBINS, AUGUSTA ROVILLIE    FRANKLIN                      NY-13-G-297
ROBBINS, LEWIS               MASONVILLE                    NY-13-S-253
ROBBINS, PETER A.            DELHI                         NY-13-Y-237
ROBERTS, AMOS                KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-C-189
ROBERTS, AMOS                DELHI                         NY-13-F-309
ROBERTS, DELOS W.            DELHI                         NY-13-G-594
ROBERTS, ELI C.              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-29-151
ROBERTS, HULDAH              STAMFORD                      NY-13-K-656
ROBERTS, JANE                ANDES                         NY-13-W-53
ROBERTS, JONATHAN            DAVENPORT                     NY-13-N-50
ROBERTS, JOSHUA F.           MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-P-353
ROBERTSON, JABEZ             MASONVILLE                    NY-13-D-58
ROBERTSON, JOHN L.           HAMDEN                        NY-13-T-57
ROBERTSON, MARY              DELHI                         NY-13-L-78
ROBERTSON, NANCY M.          WALTON                        NY-13-M-46
ROBINSON, BEMAN L.           DELHI                         NY-13-U-64
ROBINSON, BETSEY             DELHI                         NY-13-X-313
ROBINSON, CHARLES WEST       STAMFORD                      NY-13-29-20
ROBINSON, FRANCIS            WALTON                        NY-13-N-170
ROBINSON, GEORGE C.          WALTON                        NY-13-27-81
ROBINSON, GEORGE W.          WALTON                        NY-13-29-172
ROBINSON, HARRIET            MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-R-85
ROBINSON, JAMES H.           FRANKLIN                      NY-13-P-429
ROBINSON, JOHN               STAMFORD                      NY-13-X-589
ROBINSON, LYMAN              WALTON                        NY-13-27-39
ROBINSON, MILES H.           SIDNEY                        NY-13-Z-112
ROBINSON, POLINE             SIDNEY                        NY-13-H-385
ROBINSON, POLLY              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-G-524
ROBINSON, SAMUEL             DELHI                         NY-13-G-224
ROBINSON, WILLIAM M.         HAMDEN                        NY-13-Y-393
ROBINSON, WOODBURY W.        WALTON                        NY-13-29-94
ROBSON, ROBERT               ANDES                         NY-13-F-667
ROCKAFELLER, HENRY S.        DELHI                         NY-13-N-73
ROCKAFELLER, SILAS T.        BOVINA                        NY-13-29-69
ROCKWELL, BETSEY M.          STAMFORD                      NY-13-X-189
RODER, GARDNER L.            MASONVILLE                    NY-13-O-137
ROE, JOHN F.                 KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-P-681
ROE, SARAH                   DAVENPORT                     NY-13-W-285
ROE, WESLEY N.               DAVENPORT                     NY-13-Q-333
ROFF, ARCHABALD C.           HANCOCK                       NY-13-Z-57
ROFF, CHARLES                HANCOCK                       NY-13-N-54
ROFF, MARY C.                HANCOCK                       NY-13-T-623
ROGERS, CHARLES S.           SIDNEY                        NY-13-G-316
ROGERS, JAMES D.             WALTON                        NY-13-M-44
ROGERS, MARTHA J.            DEPOSIT                       NY-13-28-42
ROGERS, RICHARD A.           WALTON                        NY-13-P-625
ROGERS, WILLIAM              WALTON                        NY-13-H-614
ROGES, JABEZ J.              SIDNEY                        NY-13-M-81
ROLIN, HENRY                 HANCOCK                       NY-13-Q-681
ROLIN, PIERRE                HANCOCK                       NY-13-G-98
ROLLINS, ALPHEUS             STAMFORD                      NY-13-N-208
RONEY, JOHN                  ANDES                         NY-13-H-102
ROOF, CATHERINE              MASONVILLE                    NY-13-S-441
ROOF, LYDIA A.               SIDNEY                        NY-13-T-5
ROOT, ALMA U.                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-H-545
ROOT, DANIEL                 WALTON                        NY-13-C2-113
ROOT, ELIZABETH              DELHI                         NY-13-G-648
ROOT, EPAPHRAS               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-G-282
ROOT, MANDANA                MASONVILLE                    NY-13-Y-357
ROSA, JAMES                  WALTON                        NY-13-H-619
ROSE, ALEXANDER              STAMFORD                      NY-13-D-63
ROSE, EDMUND                 DELPHI                        NY-13-W-141
ROSE, EDMUND H.              STAMFORD                      NY-13-X-501
ROSE, EFFIE                  DELHI                         NY-13-Z-167
ROSE, ELON                   SIDNEY                        NY-13-M-110
ROSE, HUGH                   STAMFORD                      NY-13-D-205
ROSE, JAMES P.               MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-27-27
ROSE, VIRGINIA A.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Y-677
ROTERMUND, JOHN              MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-Z-40
ROTHENSIES, DAVID            WALTON                        NY-13-27-135
ROTZLER, FREDERICK           HANCOCK                       NY-13-O-305
ROWE, DELILA                 ANDES                         NY-13-27-68
ROWE, ELIZABETH              MEREDITH                      NY-13-I-167
ROWE, EVE ANN                KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-L-6
ROWE, HARMON                 DAVENPORT                     NY-13-K-264
ROWE, SEPTIMUS               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-L-279
ROWELL, CHARLES L.           FRANKLIN                      NY-13-V-121
ROWELL, MAHLON KAY           FRANKLIN                      NY-13-V-677
ROWELL, SALLY                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-L-340
ROWLAND, DANIEL              ROXBURY                       NY-13-K-103
ROWLAND, E. ADELIA           ROXBURY                       NY-13-Y-181
ROWLAND, EBENEZER            KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-G-625
ROWLAND, EBENEZER            KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-W-301
ROWLAND, JAMES               KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-P-325
ROWLAND, JAMES S.            KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-P-557
ROWLAND, JOSEPH              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-O-533
ROWLAND, JOSEPH              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-F-133
ROWLAND, JOSEPH H.           KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-Y-193
ROWLAND, ROBERT              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-T-325
ROWLAND, SAMUEL              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-S-261
ROWLAND, SAMUEL              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-F-331
ROWLAND, WILLIAM             KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-C2-243
ROWLAND, WILLIAM M.          KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-R-25
RUDOLPH, MARY                HANCOCK                       NY-13-27-76
RUFF, JOHN G.                ROXBURY                       NY-13-V-265
RULIFFSON, RULIFF W.         STAMFORD                      NY-13-M-101
RUSHTONLARA A.               WALTON                        NY-13-Y-121
RUSSELL, HENRIETTA           FRANKLIN                      NY-13-U-67
RUSSELL, JOHN P.             MEREDITH                      NY-13-28-148
RUSSELL, MARGARET G.         BOVINA                        NY-13-Q-465
RUSSELL, MARY A.             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Y-257
RUSSELL, MATTHEW G.          FRANKLIN                      NY-13-L-151
RUSSELL, STEPHEN M.          MEREDITH                      NY-13-28-153
RUSSELL, WILSON              WALTON                        NY-13-V-405
RUTESHOUSER, EDWARD          ROXBURY                       NY-13-K-229
RUTHERFORD, JAMES            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-W-133
RUTHERFORD, JAMES D.         ROXBURY                       NY-13-I-2
RUTHERFORD, JOHN M.          ROXBURY                       NY-13-N-150
RUTHERFORD, MARY JANE        ROXBURY                       NY-13-M-35
RUTHERFORD, RACHEL           FRANKLIN                      NY-13-R-5
RUTHERFORD, WILLIAM          FRANKLIN                      NY-13-M-9
RYER, ALMIRA                 STAMFORD                      NY-13-I-192
RYER, EDWARD                 STAMFORD                      NY-13-N-161
RYER, JANE A.                STAMFORD                      NY-13-N-51
RYER, JOSEPH                 ROXBURY                       NY-13-G-652
RYER, THOMAS                 ROXBURY                       NY-13-G-639

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