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LABAR, ACHSAH                HANCOCK                       NY-13-L-156
LABAR, JOHN                  HANCOCK                       NY-13-G-100
LABARR, BETSEY J.            HANCOCK                       NY-13-Z-28
LABARR, HARPER               HANCOCK                       NY-13-27-156
LABARRE, EDWIN               HANCOCK                       NY-13-S-137
LAIDLAW, ROBERT              DELHI                         NY-13-F-147
LAIDLAW, THOMAS              MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-O-49
LAIDLAW, WILLIAM             ANDES                         NY-13-F-286
LAIDLOW, ISABEL C.           ANDES                         NY-13-H-23
LAING, JAMES                 ANDES                         NY-13-F-136
LAING, MARY                  ANDES                         NY-13-H-295
LAKE, JANE                   MEREDITH                      NY-13-E-17
LAKIN, AUGUSTUS              HANCOCK                       NY-13-L-15
LAKIN, PRUDENCE M.           DEPOSIT                       NY-13-N-194
LAMB, EDMUND                 STAMFORD                      NY-13-H-542
LAMB, HARRIET G.             STAMFORD                      NY-13-28-75
LAMB, PATRICK                STAMFORD                      NY-13-C4-116
LAMB, PATRICK                STAMFORD                      NY-13-S-273
LAMB, PATRICK                STAMFORD                      NY-13-C3-285
LAMB, SARAH A.               STAMFORD                      NY-13-N-84
LAMB, SPENCER J.             STAMFORD                      NY-13-29-160
LAMB, SUSAN                  STAMFORD                      NY-13-F-298
LAMBERT, CHANDLEY A.         DEPOSIT                       NY-13-P-465
LAMBERT, GARETTA V.          MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-R-619
LAMBRECHT, ADAM              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-27-90
LAMBRECHT, FRANK             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-V-9
LAMBRECHT, JENNET R.         DELHI                         NY-13-L-333
LAMONT, CATHARINE E.         WALTON                        NY-13-N-330
LAMONT, JANETTE              DELHI                         NY-13-Q-593
LAMONT, ROBERT               HAMDEN                        NY-13-M-138
LAMPERT, THOMAS              STAMFORD                      NY-13-F-189
LAMPHEAR, RUSSELL            DAVENPORT                     NY-13-H-49
LANE, MARTIN                 HARMONY, SUSQUEHANNA, PA      NY-13-C2-92
LANPERT, ANTHONY             MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-C2-248
LANPHEAR, HARRIET            MEREDITH                      NY-13-Y-149
LARE, ANNA MATILDA           COLCHESTER                    NY-13-M-205
LASHER, EMMET N.             MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-P-5
LASHER, PHILIP               DELHI                         NY-13-27-168
LATHAM, SAMUEL               TOMPKINS                      NY-13-R-305
LATHAN, JEREMIAH             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-S-625
LATHAN, MIRANDA J.           MEREDITH                      NY-13-O-197
LATHROP, ELIZA               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-T-213
LATHROP, HENRY N.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-W-73
LAUNT, HARMON                WALTON                        NY-13-M-127
LAUNT, JACOB N.              WALTON                        NY-13-Z-43
LAUNT, JAMES                 WALTON                        NY-13-L-85
LAUNT, PHILIP                HAMDEN                        NY-13-L-84
LAUNT, ROBERT                WALTON                        NY-13-M-349
LAUNT, SARAH C.              WALTON                        NY-13-N-165
LAUNT, WALTER                HAMDEN                        NY-13-Z-142
LAUSSAT, ANTHONY             MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-C3-180
LAW, MARIA H.                PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA      NY-13-U-564
LAW, WILLIAM S.              MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-Z-95
LAWTON, CORNELIA             SIDNEY                        NY-13-S-429
LAWTON, GEORGE               SIDNEY                        NY-13-Y-65
LAWTON, HUGH                 SIDNEY                        NY-13-H-566
LAWTON, SYLVESTER H.         SIDNEY                        NY-13-I-232
LEA, HENRY                   DELHI                         NY-13-F-371
LEAL, ALEXANDER              DELPHI                        NY-13-B-232
LEAL, ELEANOR                KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-M-245
LEAL, GEORGE S.              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-M-294
LEAL, HENRY                  DELPHI                        NY-13-B-153
LEAL, HUGH                   KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-I-257
LEAL, JAMES                  DELHI                         NY-13-D-171
LEAL, JOHN A.                KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-Q-189
LEAVENSWORTH, HENRY (B. BRIG. GEN) DELHI                   NY-13-C3-253
LEDDY, JOHN                  SIDNEY                        NY-13-29-66
LEE, ALPHONZO                BOVINA                        NY-13-F-393
LEE, CHARLES R.              BOVINA                        NY-13-28-78
LEE, JOEL                    SIDNEY                        NY-13-M-291
LEE, KEZIA                   BOVINA                        NY-13-V-509
LEET, MARTIN                 DELHI                         NY-13-G-263
LEET, NANCY                  MEREDITH                      NY-13-K-275
LEFEVRE, DANIEL              ROXBURY                       NY-13-E-65
LEIGHTON, ARTHUR             HANCOCK                       NY-13-R-493
LEIGHTON, ARTHUR 2ND         COLCHESTER                    NY-13-29-19
LEMING, ISAAC G.             ROXBURY                       NY-13-T-169
LEONARD, ASHER               HANCOCK                       NY-13-L-166
LEONARD, CHARLES             HANCOCK                       NY-13-P-649
LEONARD, DANIEL C.           ROXBURY                       NY-13-Q-141
LEONARD, DAVID G.            HANCOCK                       NY-13-Q-241
LEONARD, GEORGE B.           ROXBURY                       NY-13-G-569
LEONARD, HARRIET H.          HANCOCK                       NY-13-S-309
LEONARD, HENRY               ROXBURY                       NY-13-H-58
LEONARD, JOHN                ROXBURY                       NY-13-C2-106
LEONARD, LIZZIE M.           ROXBURY                       NY-13-28-157
LEWIS, ALMIRA                HANCOCK                       NY-13-H-460
LEWIS, BARBARA H.            ANDES                         NY-13-W-419
LEWIS, BELLE C.              HAMDEN                        NY-13-N-26
LEWIS, FENLOVE               KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-27-87
LEWIS, HOLLOWAY J.           HANCOCK                       NY-13-P-69
LEWIS, MALISSA               HANCOCK                       NY-13-X-257
LEWIS, MARIA                 DELHI                         NY-13-N-141
LEWIS, MERCY                 HANCOCK                       NY-13-E-509
LEWIS, WALLACE W.            HANCOCK                       NY-13-L-213
LEWIS, WILLIAM               HAMDEN                        NY-13-N-123
LEWIS, WILLIAM               HANCOCK                       NY-13-28-93
LEWIS, WILLIAM               HAMDEN                        NY-13-H-580
LEWIS, ZENAS                 HANCOCK                       NY-13-K-71
LIDDLE, ANDREW A.            ANDES                         NY-13-R-437
LIDDLE, BINA                 BOVINA                        NY-13-N-272
LIDDLE, DAVID W.             COLCHESTER                    NY-13-Z-68
LIDDLE, GEORGE               ANDES                         NY-13-Z-135
LIDDLE, ISABELLA             ANDES                         NY-13-V-341
LIDDLE, JAMES A.             ANDES                         NY-13-G-680
LIDDLE, JAMES B.             ANDES                         NY-13-H-12
LIDDLE, JANE W.              COLCHESTER                    NY-13-O-105
LIDDLE, JOHN E.              DELHI                         NY-13-U-529
LIDDLE, JOHN O.              ANDES                         NY-13-L-294
LIDDLE, MARGARET K.          ANDES                         NY-13-Z-172
LIDDLE, MARY E.              WALTON                        NY-13-27-170
LIDDLE, MARY E.              ANDES                         NY-13-I-259
LIDDLE, MARY K.              COLCHESTER                    NY-13-28-143
LIDDLE, MELISSA T.           ANDES                         NY-13-Z-44
LIDDLE, ROBERT               COLCHESTER                    NY-13-29-49
LIDDLE, SALLY ANN            ANDES                         NY-13-H-359
LIDDLE, THOMAS SR.           ANDES                         NY-13-G-394
LINCOLN, LEON                MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-O-443
LINDLEY, DANIEL              HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-D-268
LINDSAY, ALEXANDER L.        COLCHESTER                    NY-13-Z-56
LINDSAY, JOHN W.             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-H-472
LINDSLEY, EZRA               COLCHESTER                    NY-13-I-293
LINDSLEY, MARY E.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-M-175
LINDSLEY, NEHEMIAH           COLCHESTER                    NY-13-C3-222
LINDSLEY, NEHEMIAH           COLCHESTER                    NY-13-C4-53
LINTZ, ELIZABETH T.          MASONVILLE                    NY-13-M-136
LITTLE, ANDREW               ANDES                         NY-13-H-518
LIVINGSTON, THOMAS C.        SIDNEY                        NY-13-H-347
LLOYD, DENNIS                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-N-94
LLOYD, MARTHA                SIDNEY                        NY-13-K-479
LLOYD, SAMUEL                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-P-529
LOBDELL, DANIEL              SIDNEY                        NY-13-L-140
LOBDELL, JOHN F.             HANCOCK                       NY-13-N-31
LOBDELL, MARIAM J.           HANCOCK                       NY-13-N-203
LOCKWOOD, ABRAHAM            ROXBURY                       NY-13-D-262
LOCKWOOD, ANN                DAVENPORT                     NY-13-L-331
LOCKWOOD, JOSEPHINE F.       DAVENPORT                     NY-13-Y-301
LOCKWOOD, MARY A.            MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-X-677
LOCKWOOD, SMITH              TOMPKINS                      NY-13-L-136
LOMBARD, WILLIAM E.          MEREDITH                      NY-13-Q-425
LOMBARDT, EUGENE             WALTON                        NY-13-T-73
LONERGAN, JOSEPH E.          SIDNEY                        NY-13-M-77
LOOSE, FREDERICK             HAMDEN                        NY-13-F-668
LORCH, PHILIP                KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-Q-693
LORD, ALVA I.                HANCOCK                       NY-13-T-563
LORD, EDWIN                  FRANKLIN                      NY-13-N-215
LORD, JOHN                   HANCOCK                       NY-13-C3-333
LORD, JOHN                   HANCOCK                       NY-13-K-19
LOTHRIDGE, ORSON E.          SIDNEY                        NY-13-S-673
LOUCKS, NATHANS .            HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-27-61
LOUGHRAN, WILLIAM            DELHI                         NY-13-G-302
LOVE, CAROLINE E.            TOMPKINS                      NY-13-T-665
LOVE, SARAH                  TOMPKINS                      NY-13-G-470
LOVELAND, CLARISSA           FRANKLIN                      NY-13-G-425
LOVELAND, MARCUS B.          FRANKLIN                      NY-13-K-250
LOVELAND, MARY C.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-T-593
LOVELESS, FRANK L.           TOMPKINS                      NY-13-U-504
LOWDEN, ALBERT G.            WALTON                        NY-13-28-35
LOWN, ALEXANDER              COLCHESTER                    NY-13-V-49
LOWRY, ROXY                  DAVENPORT                     NY-13-L-330
LUCKEY, JOHN                 WALTON                        NY-13-X-369
LUMSDEN, LOUISE C.           HANCOCK                       NY-13-29-56
LUSK, SIMON                  TOMPKINS                      NY-13-F-1
LYLE, DAVID                  BOVINA                        NY-13-E-254
LYNCH, PATRICK               ROXBURY                       NY-13-C2-73
LYNCH, SALLY                 ROXBURY                       NY-13-D-233A
LYON, CHARLES                MASONVILLE                    NY-13-T-237
LYON, GEORGE A.              WALTON                        NY-13-S-521
LYON, GEORGE B.              STAMFORD                      NY-13-T-181
LYON, MARY J.                HAMDEN                        NY-13-28-115
LYON, MOSES F.               KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-L-162
LYON, SETH H.                DAVENPORT                     NY-13-L-260
LYON, STEPHEN                WALTON                        NY-13-Q-197
MABEL, ELLA S.               DELHI                         NY-13-28-130
MABEY, HELEN                 ROXBURY                       NY-13-V-65
MABEY, STEPHEN               HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-N-65
MABIE, CHARLES L.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-V-113
MABLE, JAMES                 DELHI                         NY-13-P-365
MABLE, JAMES D.              DELHI                         NY-13-Q-457
MABLE, JOHN B.               HAMDEN                        NY-13-29-150
MABON, THOMAS                BOVINA                        NY-13-V-629
MABON, WILLIAM               DELHI                         NY-13-N-245
MACE, ANNA R.                WALTON                        NY-13-Z-140
MACK, JOEL                   HAPERSFIELD                   NY-13-A-250
MACK, JOSIAH                 FRANKLIN                      NY-13-E-366
MACK, ORLANDO                HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-A-157
MACKEY, BENJAMIN             MEREDITH                      NY-13-F-546
MACKEY, REUBEN               MEREDITH                      NY-13-L-278
MACKEY, SARAH M.             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-29-89
MACKLEY, LOUIZA              SIDNEY                        NY-13-I-320
MADDEN, JAMES                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Q-277
MADDEN, JOHN                 FRANKLIN                      NY-13-N-18
MADISON, ROSWELL             HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-D-430
MAGEE, RICHARD               HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-V-461
MAHAFFY, MARGARET            KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-L-101
MAIN, ELIZABETH              HANCOCK                       NY-13-K-417
MALLORY, ALONZO              DELHI                         NY-13-M-156
MALLORY, ELECTA A.           FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Z-99
MALLORY, IRA                 HAMDEN                        NY-13-G-689
MALLORY, JOHN A.             DELHI                         NY-13-F-39
MALLORY, JULIA A.            HAMDEN                        NY-13-Y-321
MALLORY, MARCUS              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-W-309
MALLORY, WILLIAM             HAMDEN                        NY-13-N-74
MANCHESTER, JOHN             HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-28-119
MANDEVILLE, SUMNER           MASONVILLE                    NY-13-L-61
MANN, AARON                  MEREDITH                      NY-13-E-221
MANN, AMASA P.               MEREDITH                      NY-13-K-198
MANN, CHLOE                  FRANKLIN                      NY-13-D-436
MANN, DELOS H.               STAMFORD                      NY-13-T-635
MANN, HARVEY                 FRANKLIN                      NY-13-L-202
MANN, HORACE A.              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-M-60
MANN, PHEBE J.               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Y-349
MAPLES, DARIUS               TOMPKINS                      NY-13-F-43
MARINUS, THOMAS              DAVENPORT                     NY-13-C2-95
MARK, JOHN                   ANDES                         NY-13-L-344
MARK, MARGARET               ANDES                         NY-13-L-87
MARKEY, LOUISE P.            HANCOCK                       NY-13-Z-161
MARKEY, NELSON               MEREDITH                      NY-13-P-677
MARSH, WILLIAM               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-F-445
MARSHALL, AGNES              STAMFORD                      NY-13-G-362
MARSHALL, HENRY              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-E-239
MARSHALL, MARY               SIDNEY                        NY-13-W-337
MARTIN, AMY                  FRANKLIN                      NY-13-H-628
MARTIN, EBENEZER GOULD       SIDNEY                        NY-13-C2-137
MARTIN, FLOYD GUY            SIDNEY                        NY-13-27-113
MARTIN, HANNAH E.            ROXBURY                       NY-13-T-497
MARTIN, JOSEPH               COLCHESTER                    NY-13-F-66
MARTIN, NELSON K.            ROXBURY                       NY-13-G-573
MARTIN, POLLY L.             HANCOCK                       NY-13-U-107
MARVIN, JULIA A.             WALTON                        NY-13-27-10
MARVIN, MATTHEW W.           WALTON                        NY-13-27-34
MARVIN, N. CURTIS            WALTON                        NY-13-P-245
MARVIN, THOMAS E.            WALTON                        NY-13-O-9
MARVINE, CHARLES             DELHI                         NY-13-H-367
MARVINE, GEORGE EDWARD       DELHI                         NY-13-V-473
MARX, SIMON                  ANDES                         NY-13-X-129
MASHALL, FRANCES M.          STAMFORD                      NY-13-K-252
MASON, OLIVE M.              WALTON                        NY-13-M-45
MASON, RICHARD               DELHI                         NY-13-M-265
MATHEWS, ROBERT              DAVENPORT                     NY-13-M-169
MATHEWSON, SALMON H.         MASONVILLE                    NY-13-P-61
MATTHEWSON, ANN ELIZA        MASONVILLE                    NY-13-N-301
MATTISON, MAGGIE MAY         HANCOCK                       NY-13-Z-1
MAWHINNEY, JOSEPHINE A.      STAMFORD                      NY-13-Z-159
MAXFIELD, WILLIAM            TOMPKINS                      NY-13-D-128
MAXON, PHINEHAS V.           KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-C4-17
MAXWELL, FRANCES H.          DELHI                         NY-13-F-274
MAXWELL, GEORGE H.           DELHI                         NY-13-R-125
MAXWELL, GURDEN P.           DELHI                         NY-13-K-273
MAXWELL, GURDON J.           DELHI                         NY-13-U-70
MAXWELL, JAMES               DELPHI                        NY-13-B-132
MAXWELL, JOSHUA              DELPHI                        NY-13-D-323
MAXWELL, LEANDER H.          DELHI                         NY-13-W-385
MAXWELL, POLLY P.            TOMPKINS                      NY-13-L-62
MAXWELL, ROBERT C.           DELHI                         NY-13-H-476
MAXWELL, SILAS               TOMPKINS                      NY-13-K-130
MAY, EMILY M.                MASONVILLE                    NY-13-P-381
MAYHAM, BENJAMIN S.          DELHI                         NY-13-Y-353
MAYNARD, ALMERON S.          WALTON                        NY-13-K-359
MAYNARD, ARCHIBALD F.        BOVINA                        NY-13-R-209
MAYNARD, COLEY               STAMFORD                      NY-13-F-62
MAYNARD, EDWARD B.           HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-E-202
MAYNARD, HANNAH F.           HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-P-641
MAYNARD, ISAAC H.            STAMFORD                      NY-13-P-461
MAYNARD, J. WESLEY           STAMFORD                      NY-13-Z-164
MAYNARD, JANE I.             BOVINA                        NY-13-28-103
MAYNARD, STEPHEN             STAMFORD                      NY-13-C3-172
MAYNARD, STEPHEN             HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-H-552
MAYWARD, ELISHA H.           STAMFORD                      NY-13-K-208
MCADAMS, JAMES               COLCHESTER                    NY-13-R-525
MCAMLAN, PETER               MEREDITH                      NY-13-28-9
MCARTHUR, AGNES M.           HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-29-111
MCARTHUR, JOHN               HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-X-381
MCARTHUR, ROBERT             KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-L-287
MCAULEY, WILLIAM (REV.)      KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-E-177
MCAUSLAN, MARY               MEREDITH                      NY-13-T-527
MCAUSLAN, PETER              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-G-387
MCCABE, MATHEW S.            ANDES                         NY-13-K-57
MCCABE, OWEN                 DAVENPORT                     NY-13-P-41
MCCADDEN, JOHN               MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-Y-21
MCCADDEN, KATE               MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-U-452
MCCALL, BENAJAH              WALTON                        NY-13-C-337
MCCALL, BENAJAH              WALTON                        NY-13-C3-138
MCCALL, ELIHU                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-E-524
MCCALL, GEORGE               STAMFORD                      NY-13-H-436
MCCALL, IRA                  FRANKLIN                      NY-13-F-247
MCCALL, JULIA                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-L-327
MCCALL, LYMAN                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-E-104
MCCALL, MARTHA D.            WALTON                        NY-13-U-177
MCCALL, THOMAS               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-G-420
MCCLAUGHRY, GEORGE H.        MEREDITH                      NY-13-R-381
MCCLAUGHRY, JOSEPH           KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-F-293
MCCLAUGHRY, THOMAS           KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-C2-177
MCCLELLAN, THOMAS            DELHI                         NY-13-U-421
MCCLELLAN, WILLIAM           SIDNEY                        NY-13-M-305
MCCLELLAN, WILLIAM EDWARD    SIDNEY                        NY-13-P-609
MCCLELLAND, JOSEPH           WALTON                        NY-13-S-321
MCCLELLAND, SAMUEL           KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-D-175
MCCLENNON, IRVING E.         SIDNEY                        NY-13-29-169
MCCOY, PHEBE                 DELHI                         NY-13-E-342
MCCOY, TIMOTHY               HANCOCK                       NY-13-Z-174
MCCRACKEN, WILLIAM           KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-F-114
MCCUMBER, CHARLES            TOMPKINS                      NY-13-27-141
MCCUMBER, GEORGE W.          MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-29-141
MCCUNE, BARTON               ANDES                         NY-13-T-85
MCCUNE, WILLIAM              STAMFORD                      NY-13-C-37
MCDONALD, ALEXANDER          STAMFORD                      NY-13-G-67
MCDONALD, ALEXANDER          STAMFORD                      NY-13-C2-191
MCDONALD, ARCHIBALD R.       WALTON                        NY-13-I-255
MCDONALD, CATHARINE          KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-C-3
MCDONALD, DUNCAN             DELHI                         NY-13-F-217
MCDONALD, ELIZABETH          MEREDITH                      NY-13-H-584
MCDONALD, HENRY              COLCHESTER                    NY-13-H-53
MCDONALD, JAMES              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-P-285
MCDONALD, JAMES              MEREDITH                      NY-13-G-342
MCDONALD, JOHN               KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-G-557
MCDONALD, JOHN               KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-C3-52
MCDONALD, JOHN               HAMDEN                        NY-13-O-293
MCDONALD, JOHN T.            MEREDITH                      NY-13-U-460
MCDONALD, MARGERY            DAVENPORT                     NY-13-R-333
MCDONALD, MARY D.            DAVENPORT                     NY-13-N-344
MCDONALD, ROBERT             KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-R-565
MCDONALD, WILLIAM            WALTON                        NY-13-U-509
MCDONNELL, MAURICE           SIDNEY                        NY-13-L-20
MCDONNELL, RODERICK D.       WALTON                        NY-13-P-29
MCDOUGAL, JOHN               HAMDEN                        NY-13-M-79
MCDOUGALL, ELLEN             HAMDEN                        NY-13-X-465
MCDOUGALL, JOHN              HAMDEN                        NY-13-X-349
MCDOUGALL, MARY ANN          WALTON                        NY-13-U-312
MCEACHRON, ALEXANDER         BOVINA                        NY-13-K-304
MCEACHRON, ANN ELIZA         DAVENPORT                     NY-13-H-417
MCEWAN, PETER                DELHI                         NY-13-L-343
MCFALRAND, SARAH             BOVINA                        NY-13-M-343
MCFARLAND, BARTHOLOMEW       BOVINA                        NY-13-H-536
MCFARLAND, JAMES             STAMFOD                       NY-13-B-167
MCFARLAND, MARGARET          BOVINA                        NY-13-M-275
MCFARLAND, RACHEL            DELHI                         NY-13-E-535
MCFARLAND, ROBERT            HAMDEN                        NY-13-H-10
MCFARLAND, THOMAS R.         BOVINA                        NY-13-29-16
MCFARLAND, THOMAS S.         DAVENPORT                     NY-13-K-519
MCFARLAND, WILSON            BOVINA                        NY-13-W-503
MCFARLANE, GILBERT           HAMDEN                        NY-13-V-577
MCFARLANE, WILLIAM           MEREDITH                      NY-13-F-588
MCGIBBON, ANDREW             BOVINA                        NY-13-L-236
MCGIBBON, JOHN               ANDES                         NY-13-C-266
MCGIBBON, MARY               ANDES                         NY-13-M-274
MCGIBBON, WALTER P.          WALTON                        NY-13-S-193
MCGIBBON, WILLIAM            TOMPKINS                      NY-13-K-523
MCGILLIVAN, MAGGIE E.        STAMFORD                      NY-13-V-117
MCGILLIVER, DANIEL           STAMFORD                      NY-13-E-375
MCGILLIVRAE, CAROLINE        STAMFORD                      NY-13-R-133
MCGILLVRAE, ELLEN            STAMFORD                      NY-13-M-191
MCGRANAGHAN, WILLIAM         HANCOCK                       NY-13-P-665
MCGREGGOR, JOHN              GANDES                        NY-13-G-102
MCGREGOR, ALEXANDER          FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Z-97
MCGREGOR, CHARLES            STAMFORD                      NY-13-D-470
MCGREGOR, EMELINE            ROXBURY                       NY-13-Q-297
MCGREGOR, ISABELAL           DELHI                         NY-13-M-304
MCGREGOR, JANE               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-L-224
MCGREGOR, JOHN               STAMFORD                      NY-13-F-52
MCGREGOR, ROBERT             STAMFORD                      NY-13-G-368
MCGREGOR, WILLIAM            ROXBURY                       NY-13-28-99
MCILWAIN, ANDREW             KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-E-227
MCILWAIN, DEAN               KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-I-225
MCILWAIN, DELIA D.           FRANKLIN                      NY-13-28-13
MCILWAIN, SARAH A.           HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-Z-158
MCINTOSH, GEORGE             DELHI                         NY-13-I-359
MCINTOSH, JOHN               ROXBURY                       NY-13-G-289
MCINTOSH, THEOPHILUS F.      DELHI                         NY-13-S-229
MCINTYRE, ISAAC              ROXBURY                       NY-13-O-201
MCKEE, ESTHER JANE           KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-27-44
MCKEE, FANNIE A.             DAVENPORT                     NY-13-27-18
MCKEE, JOHN                  KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-M-162
MCKEE, MARGARET ANN          KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-27-28
MCKEE, WILLIAM               HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-A-60
MCKEEVER, ISAAC              ROXBURY                       NY-13-28-82
MCKELLOR, ARCHIBALD          ANDES                         NY-13-I-301
MCKENZIE, KENNETH            MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-E-172
MCKENZIE, WILLIAM            STAMFORD                      NY-13-C-34
MCKIM, SHERMAN               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-L-86
MCKINNEY MARY E.             HANCOCK                       NY-13-27-120
MCKINNON, CATHARINE          MASONVILLE                    NY-13-L-1
MCKINNON, CHRISTY            MASONVILLE                    NY-13-M-323
MCKINNON, CORDELIA L.        MASONVILLE                    NY-13-M-293
MCKINNON, ELIZA B.           MASONVILLE                    NY-13-G-164
MCKINNON, FLORA              MASONVILLE                    NY-13-F-440
MCKOON, HANNAH S.            DELHI                         NY-13-F-611
MCKUNION, MARGARET           HAMDEN                        NY-13-27-142
MCLANEY, MARY A.             KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-W-1
MCLANEY, ROBERT              MEREDITH                      NY-13-P-565
MCLAREN, DAVID               WALTON                        NY-13-28-33
MCLAREN, HELEN               HAMDEN                        NY-13-W-189
MCLAREN, JANET               WALTON                        NY-13-W-611
MCLAREN, PETER               WALTON                        NY-13-S-645
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM          DELHI                         NY-13-T-611
MCLAUGHREY, JAMES            DAVENPORT                     NY-13-G-34
MCLAURY, LAWSON              HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-Q-653
MCLAURY, NANCY               DAVENPORT                     NY-13-I-31
MCLAURY, PRUDENCE            DELHI                         NY-13-M-66
MCLAURY, SAAH A.             SIDNEY                        NY-13-P-37
MCLAURY, THOMAS              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-F-152
MCLAURY, THOMAS K.           DAVENPORT                     NY-13-H-450
MCLEAN, ALEXANDER            ANDES                         NY-13-G-366
MCLEAN, CHARLES              STAMFORD                      NY-13-D-60
MCLEAN, DAVID                HAMDEN                        NY-13-L-293
MCLEAN, JAMES                ANDES                         NY-13-M-89
MCLEAN, JANE                 WALTON                        NY-13-S-293
MCLEAN, MARGARET             DAVENPORT                     NY-13-Y-277
MCLINN, MARGARET             KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-F-108
MCMICKEN, ELIZA              HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-H-168
MCMINN, DAVID                DAVENPORT                     NY-13-D-524
MCMINN, MARY A.              DAVENPORT                     NY-13-N-186
MCMINN, THOMAS               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-G-55
MCMORRIS, J. PETER           DAVENPORT                     NY-13-X-177
MCMULLEN, ANGUS              DELHI                         NY-13-D-265
MCMULLEN, ARCHIBALD          SIDNEY                        NY-13-D-542
MCMULLEN, JOHN               MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-I-361
MCMULLEN, JULIETT A.         DELHI                         NY-13-M-31
MCMULLIN, WILLIAM            DELHI                         NY-13-R-313
MCMURDY, GEORG               KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-C2-130
MCMURDY, GEORGE J.           STAMFORD                      NY-13-K-145
MCMURDY, JONATHAN            KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-B-66
MCMURDY, JONATHAN B.         STAMFORD                      NY-13-N-140
MCMURDY, WILLIAM             DELHIR                        NY-13-R-606
MCMURRAY, ANN                HANCOCK                       NY-13-M-307
MCMURRAY, EMILY              DELHI                         NY-13-29-117
MCMURRAY, GEORGE H.          DELHI                         NY-13-Q-349
MCMURRAY, JOHN               DELHI                         NY-13-P-385
MCMURRAY, MARIA              DELHI                         NY-13-M-220
MCMURRAY, WILLIAM            ANDES                         NY-13-29-8
MCNAIR, ROEBRT               BOVINA                        NY-13-X-221
MCNAUGHT, ARCHIBALD          ANDES                         NY-13-C3-321
MCNAUGHT, FRANCES K.         HOBART                        NY-13-U-233
MCNAUGHT, HECTOR             KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-M-214
MCNAUGHT, JENNET             ANDES                         NY-13-N-327
MCNAUGHT, JOHN               BOVINA                        NY-13-E-346
MCNAUGHT, JOHN S.            STAMFORD                      NY-13-W-173
MCNAUGHT, MALCOLM            KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-L-249
MCNAUGHT, SARAH M.           STAMFORD                      NY-13-P-229
MCNEE, JOHN                  DELHI                         NY-13-H-648
MCNEE, MARY J.               BOVINA                        NY-13-L-254
MCNEE, ROBERT A. S.          DELHI                         NY-13-Y-623
MCNIGHT, THOMAS              DAVENPORT                     NY-13-N-124
MCNULTY, BRIDGET             HANCOCK                       NY-13-O-129
MCPHAIL, CHARLES             DELHI                         NY-13-P-621
MCPHAIL, JEAN                STAMFORD                      NY-13-C-134
MCPHAIL, THOMAS              STAMFORD                      NY-13-B-299
MCPHERSON, ALEXANDER         HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-F-120
MCPHERSON, ALEXANDER         BOVINA                        NY-13-H-208
MCPHERSON, FERRIS J.         BOVINA                        NY-13-V-617
MCPHERSON, HENRIETTA         MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-27-55
MCPHERSON, JAMES             DELHI                         NY-13-M-108
MCQUEEN, ALEXANDER           ANDES                         NY-13-T-309
MCQUEEN, CHARLES             ANDES                         NY-13-U-49
MCQUEEN, PETER               DAVENPORT                     NY-13-D-463
MCTIGUE, PATRICK             PITTSTON, LUZERNE, PA         NY-13-K-333
MCUMBER, ELISHA ***          ANDES                         NY-13-K-105
MCUMBER, ELISHA A.           ANDES                         NY-13-Z-169
MCUMBER, ZILLA               ANDES                         NY-13-Z-17
MCWILLIAMS, DAVID            KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-G-526
MCWILLIAMS, ELIZABETH        KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-F-145
MCWILLIAMS, MARY ANN         STAFORD                       NY-13-N-15
MCWILLIAMS, WILLIAM          KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-F-178
MEAD, ALLEN                  WALTON                        NY-13-F-64
MEAD, EZRA                   ROXBURY                       NY-13-N-87
MEAD, JOHN                   WALTON                        NY-13-M-74
MEAD, JOHN T.                ROXBURY                       NY-13-N-286
MEAD, JOSEPH                 KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-G-286
MEAD, SARAH A.               MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-V-693
MEANS, AMANDA                STAMFORD                      NY-13-W-25
MEEHAN, JULIA                DELHI                         NY-13-V-465
MEEHAN, MARGARET             DELHI                         NY-13-V-689
MEEKER, ADAD                 ROXBURY                       NY-13-H-280
MEEKER, ELIHU                ROXBURY                       NY-13-G-658
MEEKER, ELLEN H.             DELHI                         NY-13-I-15
MEEKER, HIRAM                ROXBURY                       NY-13-M-271
MEEKER, NANCY P.             MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-X-317
MEEKER, ORRIN A.             ROXBURY                       NY-13-L-103
MEIKLEHAM, CATHARINE M.      HAMDEN                        NY-13-L-27
MEIKLEM, MARY                COLCHESTER                    NY-13-K-76
MEIN, ELIZABETH              DAVENPORT                     NY-13-N-206
MEIN, JOHN                   MEREDITH                      NY-13-K-234
MEKEEL, TUNIS                MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-C4-32
MEKEEL, TUNIS                MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-C3-188
MELLOR, JOHN                 FRANKLIN                      NY-13-H-590
MENDEL, BENEDICT             DELHI                         NY-13-U-140
MERCHANT, JAMES H.           STAMFORD                      NY-13-28-73
MERCHANT, JULIA A.           STAMFORD                      NY-13-29-37
MERRIAM, CAROLINE D.         STAMFORD                      NY-13-G-21
MERRIAM, CHARLES J.          HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-P-357
MERRIAM, ESTHER B.           DEPOSIT                       NY-13-V-397
MERRIAM, PETER               HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-F-78
MERRIAM, WILLIAM M.          HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-F-571
MERRICK, GUD                 FRANKLIN                      NY-13-C3-9
MERRICK, JOSEPH C.           FRANKLIN                      NY-13-H-268
MERRICK, JOSEPH H.           FRANKLIN                      NY-13-G-85
MERRIL, HENRY                TOMPKINS                      NY-13-L-19
MERRILL, CALVIN L.           SIDNEY                        NY-13-S-421
MERRILL, CALVIN L.           SIDNEY                        NY-13-L-18
MERRILL, RHODA M.            DEPOSIT                       NY-13-R-473
MERUNE, HENRY C.             MEREDITH                      NY-13-D-477
MERWIN, CAROLINE B.          DEPOSIT                       NY-13-P-169
MERWIN, ELIZA                ROXBURY                       NY-13-X-505
METCALF, EDWARD S.           STAMFORD                      NY-13-28-109
METCALF, EDWIN U.            STAMFORD                      NY-13-N-41
METCALF, JOEL L.             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Y-479
METCALF, JOHN D.             MASONVILLE                    NY-13-G-47
MEYER, CORD                  FRANKLIN                      NY-13-W-617
MEYER, FRANCIS H.            HANCOCK                       NY-13-V-137
MEYER, VIOLA P.              GALVESTON, GALVESTON, TX      NY-13-V-633
MICHAEL, JOHN                DAVENPORT                     NY-13-G-5
MICHAEL, SIMEON              DAVENPORT                     NY-13-C3-130
MICKEAL, JOHN                DAVENPORT                     NY-13-C3-6
MICKELL, JACOB               DAVENPORT                     NY-13-G-58
MIDDLEMAST, THOMAS ***       DELHI                         NY-13-I-364
MIDDLEMISS, THOMAS           DELHI                         NY-13-Z-118
MIDDLEMIST, MARGARET         DELHI                         NY-13-28-151
MILES, BENJAMIN C.           DEPOSIT                       NY-13-N-120
MILES, H. LOUISE             DEPOSIT                       NY-13-M-48
MILES, JOSEPH                SIDNEY                        NY-13-K-624
MILES, SEWARD W.             DEPOSIT                       NY-13-28-150
MILES, SUSAN HESTER LANE     TOMPKINS                      NY-13-R-129
MILK, JOHN A.                HANCOCK                       NY-13-Y-89
MILLAN, JOSEPH               STAMFORD                      NY-13-W-197
MILLARD, BENAJAH             DELPHI                        NY-13-A-300
MILLARD, MARY E.             DELHI                         NY-13-T-557
MILLER, ALICE B.             HANCOCK                       NY-13-28-118
MILLER, ANNA MARGARET        ROXBURY                       NY-13-L-109
MILLER, ANSON S.             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Q-649
MILLER, CALEB S.             HANCOCK                       NY-13-P-693
MILLER, CORNELIUS            DAVENPORT                     NY-13-M-2
MILLER, DAVID                BOVINA                        NY-13-L-233
MILLER, DAVID                BOVINA                        NY-13-27-172
MILLER, DE WITT C.           HANCOCK                       NY-13-L-240
MILLER, ELEANOR              COLCHESTER                    NY-13-P-165
MILLER, EZEKIEL              DAVENPORT                     NY-13-K-281
MILLER, FRANCES              ANDES                         NY-13-H-236
MILLER, HURD L.              WALTON                        NY-13-Y-381
MILLER, JAMES                HAMDEN                        NY-13-Z-160
MILLER, JAMES                HANCOCK                       NY-13-B-3
MILLER, JANETT J.            BOVINA                        NY-13-G-590
MILLER, JENNET               HAMDEN                        NY-13-M-316
MILLER, JOHN                 HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-H-65
MILLER, JOHN A.              WALTON                        NY-13-L-324
MILLER, JOHN I.              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-G-487
MILLER, JOHN T.              DELHI                         NY-13-R-385
MILLER, LOUISE M.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-S-365
MILLER, MARGARET             WALTON                        NY-13-28-96
MILLER, MARGARET             KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-M-1
MILLER, MARIA M.             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Z-18
MILLER, NANCY                HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-M-114
MILLER, RICHARD B.           FRANKLIN                      NY-13-K-86
MILLER, S. GORDON            HANCOCK                       NY-13-U-152
MILLER, SALLIE               HAMDEN                        NY-13-W-515
MILLER, SAMUEL F.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-N-126
MILLER, THOMAS               BOVINA                        NY-13-Z-170
MILLER, WILLIAM              WALTON                        NY-13-W-641
MILLER, WILLIAM SR.          BOVINA                        NY-13-G-503
MILLER, ZACHARIAH            ROXBURY                       NY-13-K-25
MILLS, ELIZABETH             SIDNEY                        NY-13-W-333
MILLS, POLLY J.              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-29-170
MILLS, SALLY                 STAMFORD                      NY-13-M-90
MILNER, JERUSHA J.           DEPOSIT                       NY-13-T-533
MINER, LORENZO D.            COLCHESTER                    NY-13-P-593
MINER, ORVILLA M.            COLCHESTER                    NY-13-29-38
MINOR, ALBERT P.             DEPOSIT                       NY-13-29-47
MINOR, EMERGENE E.           STAMFORD                      NY-13-W-665
MINOR, JAMES S.              DEPOSIT                       NY-13-28-136
MINOR, JOHN D.               DAVENPORT                     NY-13-S-97
MITCHEL, ARCHIBALD           KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-D-12
MITCHELL, ALEXANDER          STAMFORD                      NY-13-M-109
MITCHELL, DAVID              MEREDITH                      NY-13-H-315
MITCHELL, ELIZABETH          DELHI                         NY-13-H-323
MITCHELL, ELIZABETH          MEREDITH                      NY-13-M-150
MITCHELL, HUGH               MEREDITH                      NY-13-G-26
MITCHELL, JAMES              MEREDITH                      NY-13-F-585
MITCHELL, JAMES D.           WALTON                        NY-13-Z-89
MITCHELL, JERUSHA            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-G-644
MITCHELL, JOHN               MEREDITH                      NY-13-F-658
MITCHELL, JOHN               KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-B-255
MITCHELL, JOSEPH             KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-C3-80
MITCHELL, LILLIS JANE        KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-R-345
MITCHELL, MARGARET           DAVENPORT                     NY-13-Q-421
MITCHELL, MARSHALL           DELHI                         NY-13-U-266
MITCHELL, NANCY              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-W-85
MITCHELL, NATHANIEL          MEREDITH                      NY-13-H-121
MITCHELL, PEARCE             MEREDITH                      NY-13-E-436
MITCHELL, POLLY              MEREDITH                      NY-13-H-598
MITCHELL, ROBERT             DAVENPORT                     NY-13-P-397
MITCHELL, ROBERT             BOVINA                        NY-13-D-224
MITCHELL, ROBERT A.          STAMFORD                      NY-13-27-59
MITCHELL, WILLIAM            KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-H-42
MNTROSS, LOCKWOOD            DEPOSIT                       NY-13-L-264
MOAK, NICHOLAS               KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-X-237
MOLYNEAUX, REVILO H.         MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-U-210
MONFORT, JOSEPH              SIDNEY                        NY-13-Q-217
MONROE, ANDREW               ANDES                         NY-13-F-556
MONTGOMERY, DEWITT           ROXBURY                       NY-13-N-69
MONTGOMERY, HIRAM            ROXBURY                       NY-13-O-173
MONTROSS, JANE               DEPOSIT                       NY-13-N-112
MOORE, ALFRED V.             MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-27-169
MOORE, AMBROSE               TOMPKINS                      NY-13-W-233
MOORE, ASA N.                TOMPKINS                      NY-13-P-413
MOORE, ELIZA JANE            MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-28-51
MOORE, ELIZABETH             WALTON                        NY-13-N-35
MOORE, JAMES                 WALTON                        NY-13-M-12
MOORE, JOHN                  ANDES                         NY-13-E-526
MOORE, JOSEPH A.             WALTON                        NY-13-N-293
MOORE, MARGARET A.           WALTON                        NY-13-U-290
MOOREHOUSE, RACHEL           TOMPKINS                      NY-13-Q-625
MOORES, SETH F.              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Q-289
MORAN, JOHN                  HANCOCK                       NY-13-N-92
MORAN, THOMAS                MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-27-125
MORE, ABRAHAM G.             WALTON                        NY-13-G-187
MORE, ALANSON                MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-M-171
MORE, ALICE E.               HAMDEN                        NY-13-27-86
MORE, ANDREW                 DAVENPORT                     NY-13-H-321
MORE, ANNA                   WALTON                        NY-13-R-257
MORE, BURR                   WALTON                        NY-13-S-613
MORE, DAVID                  WALTON                        NY-13-H-375
MORE, HANNAH                 KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-G-81
MORE, HARMON                 HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-M-8
MORE, HARRIET P.             ROXBURY                       NY-13-G-383
MORE, HENRY                  DELHI                         NY-13-D-65
MORE, HEZEKIAH               WALTON                        NY-13-W-153
MORE, JAMES                  HAMDEN                        NY-13-F-538
MORE, JAMES M.               HAMDEN                        NY-13-G-13
MORE, JANE A.                ROXBURY                       NY-13-X-17
MORE, JOHN F.                ROXBURY                       NY-13-F-87
MORE, JOSEPH H.              ROXBURY                       NY-13-F-364
MORE, KATE R.                HANCOCK                       NY-13-W-393
MORE, LINUS W.               MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-P-417
MORE, MARIA                  ROXBURY                       NY-13-O-93
MORE, RICHARD                ROXBURY                       NY-13-K-673
MORE, SANDS G.               MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-N-89
MORE, SARAH                  SEE: MORE, LINUS W.           NY-13-P-417
MORE, WILLIAM A.             ANDES                         NY-13-G-324
MORE, WILLIAM L.             COLCHESTER                    NY-13-G-126
MORE, WILLIAM PITT           WALTON                        NY-13-N-284
MOREHOUSE, EDWIN L.          WALTON                        NY-13-V-97
MOREHOUSE, MARY              STAMFORD                      NY-13-C3-21
MORELL, WILLIAM W.           DAVENPORT                     NY-13-V-297
MORENAS, THOMAS              MASONVILLE                    NY-13-E-373
MORETTE, PETER               SIDNEY                        NY-13-Y-341
MOREY, MARIETTE F.           FRANKLIN                      NY-13-V-529
MOREY, PERRY                 FRANKLIN                      NY-13-27-173
MORRISEY, THOMAS             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-K-577
MORRISON, ALEX               MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-S-345
MORRISON, PETER P.           DAVENPORT                     NY-13-G-61
MORSE, BAILEY S.             ROXBURY                       NY-13-V-557
MORSE, CHAUNCEY              ROXBURY                       NY-13-S-629
MORSE, ELECTA M.             MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-Z-16
MORSE, FREDERICK             ROXBURY                       NY-13-V-33
MORSE, HENRY                 ROXBURY                       NY-13-W-413
MORSE, IRA                   ROXBURY                       NY-13-G-671
MORSE, RICHARD               ANDES                         NY-13-N-173
MORTON, MARY E.              DAVENPORT                     NY-13-N-263
MOSER, SALINA                TOMPKINS                      NY-13-G-628
MOSERIP, ANDREW              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-R-413
MOSEY, MARIA J.              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Y-313
MOSIER, WILLIAM              ANDES                         NY-13-H-82
MOTT, ALMIRA                 COLCHESTER                    NY-13-G-466
MOTT, ORRIN                  COLCHESTER                    NY-13-M-310
MTMORRIS, ARMSTRONG          HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-C-283
MUDFORD, WILLIAM K.          SIDNEY                        NY-13-X-113
MUIR, JOHN                   STAMFORD                      NY-13-Y-443
MULFORD, NATHANIEL S.        HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-F-72
MULL, ABRAM J.               KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-L-216
MULL, CAROLINE               KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-Y-245
MULLER, ALOISE M.            BOVINA                        NY-13-27-131
MULLER, CAROLINE             MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-Z-2
MULLER, I. URBAN             BOVINA                        NY-13-Q-281
MULLER, JOHN G. H.           ROXBURY                       NY-13-Q-129
MULLER, JOSEPH               HANCOCK                       NY-13-Q-697
MULLINIX, CLARCELIA          ANDES                         NY-13-28-57
MULLINX, THOMAS              ANDES                         NY-13-Z-94
MULTER, EMELINE              LONGMONT, CO                  NY-13-M-147
MUNGLE, MARY                 ANDES                         NY-13-V-393
MUNGLE, WILLIAM              MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-Z-125
MUNN, ARCHIBALD              HAMDEN                        NY-13-Z-137
MUNN, JOHN                   HAMDEN                        NY-13-K-58
MUNN, JOHN A.                HAMDEN                        NY-13-29-146
MUNN, REUBEN                 FRANKLIN                      NY-13-H-249
MUNN, WILLIAM R.             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-S-569
MUNSON, CHARLES R.           DELHI                         NY-13-K-149
MUNSON, FRANCES C.           FRANKLIN                      NY-13-27-107
MUNSON, GURNSEY H.           MEREDITH                      NY-13-L-186
MUNSON, IDA B.               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-27-32
MUNSON, JOHN S.              MEREDITH                      NY-13-K-552
MUNSON, PETER                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-V-593
MUNSON, STEPHEN F.           MEREDITH                      NY-13-N-104
MURDOCK, JESSE               SIDNEY                        NY-13-X-157
MURDOCK, SARAH               DAVENPORT                     NY-13-L-59
MURPHY, ANNA THOMPSON        DEPOSIT                       NY-13-27-53
MURPHY, B. SOPHIA            STAMFORD                      NY-13-U-215
MURPHY, CATHARINE            DELHI                         NY-13-27-103
MURRAY, ALEXANDER            DELHI                         NY-13-W-321
MURRAY, GEORGE               MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-L-241
MURRAY, JAMES JR.            BOVINA                        NY-13-F-205
MURRAY, JOHN S.              HAMDEN                        NY-13-P-49
MURRAY, ROBERT A.            MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-28-53
MURRAY, WILLIAM              DELHI                         NY-13-M-135
MURRAY, WILLIAM SR.          HAMDEN                        NY-13-H-187
MYER, JOHN                   ANDES                         NY-13-L-69
MYERS, DANIEL H.             MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-H-93
MYERS, JARVIS L.             MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-N-243
MYERS, MARY ANN              SIDNEY                        NY-13-N-95
MYERS, PHILANDER             MEREDITH                      NY-13-S-77
MYERS, THOMAS                MEREDITH                      NY-13-E-142

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