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FAGAN, GEORGE                SIDNEY                        NY-13-28-30
FAGAN, HENRY                 HANCOCK                       NY-13-X-89
FAHEY, MICHAEL               HANCOCK                       NY-13-29-147
FAIRCHILD, FITCH             DAVENPORT                     NY-13-K-300
FAIRCHILD, GEORGE W.         MEREDITH                      NY-13-27-152
FAIRCHILD, IRA               SIDNEY                        NY-13-28-139
FALCONER, THOMAS             ROXBURY                       NY-13-N-82
FALING, ROVILLA              FRANLIN                       NY-13-G-582
FANCHER, DANIEL              WALTON                        NY-13-F-127
FANCHER, EDWIN F.            WALTON                        NY-13-M-188
FANCHER, MARY                WALTON                        NY-13-F-143
FARRELL, MICHAEL             HANCOCK                       NY-13-T-177
FARRINGTON, MARCH            DELHI                         NY-13-E-89
FARRINGTON, ZENAS            DELHI                         NY-13-S-481
FAULKNER, ELSIE              STAMFORD                      NY-13-Y-105
FEAK, ELIZABETH              HAMDEN                        NY-13-27-14
FEAK, LAURA                  FRANKLIN                      NY-13-N-320
FEAK, NICHOLAS               HAMDEN                        NY-13-Q-213
FEED, ELISHA                 COLCHESTER                    NY-13-F-656
FEERO, ANNA                  DAVENPORT                     NY-13-G-309
FELTON, ELI FARLEY           ANDES                         NY-13-O-281
FENN, STEPHEN                HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-C4-29
FENTON, DAVID                MEREDITH                      NY-13-D-426
FERGUSON, SAMUEL D.          DAVENPORT                     NY-13-E-522
FERGUSON, WILLIAM            STAMFORD                      NY-13-H-337
FERGUSON, WILLIAM D.         KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-27-30
FERO, SOLOMON                DAVENPORT                     NY-13-F-187
FERRIS, ELIAZABETH           KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-C-345
FERRY, EBENEZER L.           MASONVILLE                    NY-13-N-339
FIELD, CATHARINE A.          FRANKLIN                      NY-13-27-167
FIELDS, CHRISTOPHER          DELHI                         NY-13-D-320
FINCH, AMOS                  SIDNEY                        NY-13-W-461
FINCH, HENRY                 SIDNEY                        NY-13-V-145
FINCH, J. HENRY              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-R-429
FINCH, JAMES                 MASONVILLE                    NY-13-R-505
FINCH, JONAS                 SIDNEY                        NY-13-F-632
FINCH, WILLIAM               COLCHESTER                    NY-13-N-12
FISH, BETSEY                 MEREDITH                      NY-13-H-239
FISH, CHARLES                WALTON                        NY-13-M-154
FISH, LAURETTA               HANCOCK                       NY-13-R-181
FISHER, ALMIRA               SIDNEY                        NY-13-N-125
FISHER, DANIEL               DAVENPORT                     NY-13-R-285
FISHER, ELECTA A.            DELHI                         NY-13-R-237
FISHER, GEORGE               DELPHI                        NY-13-C-355
FISHER, GEORGE J.            DELHI                         NY-13-T-341
FISHER, JOHN                 DELHI                         NY-13-F-345
FISHER, MATTHIAS             DELHI                         NY-13-H-410
FISHER, PETER                KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-K-586
FISK, ELECTA R.              DELHI                         NY-13-X-265
FITCH, ALMIRON               DELHI                         NY-13-I-253
FITCH, ELLEN H.              WALTON                        NY-13-N-294
FITCH, ESTHER                WALTON                        NY-13-L-25
FITCH, FANNY M.              SIDNEY                        NY-13-L-94
FITCH, GEORGE W.             WALTON                        NY-13-R-1
FITCH, HIRAM                 WALTON                        NY-13-D-300
FITCH, JULIA MINNIE          WALTON                        NY-13-29-87
FITCH, LEWIS                 DELHI                         NY-13-I-324
FITCH, LOIS J.               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-L-177
FITCH, NATHANIEL             WALTON                        NY-13-C-50
FITCH, NATHANIEL             WALTON                        NY-13-H-151
FITCH, ORLANDO B.            SIDNEY                        NY-13-N-230
FITZGERALD, HELEN A.         SIDNEY                        NY-13-T-333
FITZPATRICK, MICHAEL         COLCHESTER                    NY-13-G-489
FLEMING, CHARLES ARTHUR      SIDNEY                        NY-13-28-126
FLEMING, EUPHEMIA J.         HANCOCK                       NY-13-V-233
FLEMING, HENRY               SIDNEY                        NY-13-M-122
FLEMING, OTIS                SIDNEY                        NY-13-V-157
FLETCHER, ABIGAIL P.         FRANKLIN                      NY-13-L-93
FLETCHER, CHARLES M.         SIDNEY                        NY-13-M-137
FLETCHER, JAMES              ANDES                         NY-13-28-149
FLETCHER, MICHAEL            DAVENPORT                     NY-13-E-249
FLETCHER, NANCY              WALTON                        NY-13-Y-221
FLETCHER, PARKER             SIDNEY                        NY-13-F-523
FLINT, ALBERT                DELHI                         NY-13-G-518
FLINT, ALODA F.              DELHI                         NY-13-X-29
FLINT, EMILY                 FRANKLIN                      NY-13-G-97
FLINT, JOSEPH F.             SIDNEY                        NY-13-29-116
FLINT, ROBERT                SIDNEY                        NY-13-F-68
FLINT, SARAH J.              DELHI                         NY-13-Q-589
FLO0WER, ARTEMAS             DELHI                         NY-13-G-483
FLOWER, CHANDLER             HAMDEN                        NY-13-K-280
FLOWER, JOSEPH P.            DELHI                         NY-13-L-116
FLOWERS, HENRY               DELHI                         NY-13-28-128
FLYNN, THOMAS                COLCHESTER                    NY-13-I-20
FOLKERSON, ELIZABETH         COLCHESTER                    NY-13-K-262
FOLLET, ROBERT               ROXBURY                       NY-13-B-100
FOLLETT, JAMES               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-C3-326
FOOT, GEORGE B.              STAMFORD                      NY-13-G-12
FOOTE, AUGUSTA A.            STAMFORD                      NY-13-L-181
FOOTE, BETTY                 STAMFORD                      NY-13-E-259
FOOTE, CHANCEY               SIDNEY                        NY-13-E-401
FOOTE, CHARLES               STAMFORD                      NY-13-H-587
FOOTE, CYRENUS               HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-C3-15
FOOTE, DANIEL                STAMFORD                      NY-13-D-86
FOOTE, DAVID                 FRANKLIN                      NY-13-P-237
FOOTE, DAVID                 HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-E-62
FOOTE, EBENEZER              DELHI                         NY-13-C3-1
FOOTE, ELIAS                 FRANKLIN                      NY-13-E-492
FOOTE, ESTHER                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Q-645
FOOTE, EZEKIEL F.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-P-617
FOOTE, FREDERICK P.          DELAWARE                      NY-13-C2-180
FOOTE, HENRY B.              STAMFORD                      NY-13-N-2
FOOTE, ICHIBOD C.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-F-464
FOOTE, JANE S.               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-M-303
FOOTE, JOSEPH H.             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-T-289
FOOTE, MARIA                 STAMFORD                      NY-13-H-242
FOOTE, MARY C.               STAMFORD                      NY-13-W-485
FOOTE, MARY P.               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-M-130
FOOTE, OPHELIA               SIDNEY                        NY-13-X-385
FOOTE, RUSSELL               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-L-184
FOOTE, RUTH L.               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-R-297
FOOTE, SEYMOUR               COLCHESTER                    NY-13-M-67
FOOTE, SYLVIA E.             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Q-661
FOOTE, WILLIAM               STAMFORD                      NY-13-G-485
FORD, BARTLEY                HANCOCK                       NY-13-N-58
FORD, MICHAEL                HANCOCK                       NY-13-P-497
FOREMAN, ARCHIBALD           BOVINA                        NY-13-X-333
FOREST, WILLIAM              BOVINA                        NY-13-E-261
FORMAN, ALEXANDER            STAMFORD                      NY-13-Q-113
FORMAN, ARCHIBALD B.         STAMFORD                      NY-13-F-140
FORMAN, HENRY                STAMFORD                      NY-13-H-185
FORMAN, JAMES                KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-D-138
FORMAN, STEPHEN              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-L-313
FORMAN, WILLIAM H.           STAMFORD                      NY-13-V-413
FORMAN, WILLIS B.            KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-Y-213
FORREST, JOHN T.             DELHI                         NY-13-R-241
FORREST, MARY                STAMFORD                      NY-13-F-249
FORREST, MARY                STAMFORD                      NY-13-F-245
FORREST, ROBERT              STAMFORD                      NY-13-D-481
FORREST, THOMAS E.           BOVINA                        NY-13-N-3
FORREST, WALTER              DELHI                         NY-13-K-147
FORREST, WILLIAM S.          DELHI                         NY-13-W-281
FORSYTH, FRANK               MASONVILLE                    NY-13-O-617
FORSYTH, JANE S.             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-V-181
FORSYTH, JESSIE C.           FRANKLIN                      NY-13-29-36
FORSYTHE, JOHN               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-K-567
FOSTER, JOHN                 ROXBURY                       NY-13-R-65
FOSTER, NATHAN               MASONVILLE                    NY-13-C-92
FOSTER, ORVILL               MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-E-494
FOT, OSMER W.                SIDNEY                        NY-13-29-12
FOWLER, JOHN                 ANDES                         NY-13-N-169
FOX, AMASA                   MEREDITH                      NY-13-K-316
FOX, LUCAS                   KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-B-342
FOX, MEHITABLE               MEREDITH                      NY-13-O-613
FRAME, OLIVE E.              MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-Y-97
FRANCE, HENRY W.             MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-M-100
FRANCE, J. F.                MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-L-7
FRANCE, JAMES W.             WALTON                        NY-13-28-66
FRANCE, MARY                 WALTON                        NY-13-W-653
FRANCIS, MARY GRAHAM         WALTON                        NY-13-G-127
FRANCISCO, ANDREW J.         HANCOCK                       NY-13-V-269
FRANCISCO, CLARENCE          COLCHESTER                    NY-13-W-249
FRANCISCO, DELOUSA           COLCHESTER                    NY-13-M-298
FRANCISCO, ELIZABETH A.      COLCHESTER                    NY-13-28-137
FRANCISCO, JENNIE            WALTON                        NY-13-V-325
FRANCISCO, LORENZO D.        COLCHESTER                    NY-13-T-101
FRANCISCO, RICHARD           HANCOCK                       NY-13-G-265
FRANKLIN, DANIEL             DELHI                         NY-13-G-222
FRANKLIN, WILLIAM TEMPLE     PARIS, FRANCE                 NY-13-C2-14
FRANKS, ABRAM                ANDES                         NY-13-U-435
FRASER, ISABELLA             DELHI                         NY-13-L-4
FRASER, JAMES                WALTON                        NY-13-T-431
FRASER, WILLIAM              STAMFORD                      NY-13-A-121
FRASER, WILLIAM              HAMDEN                        NY-13-F-550
FREDENBURG, MEANDER          STAMFORD                      NY-13-N-105
FREDENBURGH, DAVID           ROXBURY                       NY-13-S-637
FREEMAN, WILLIAM             TOMPKINS                      NY-13-H-623
FREEMAN, WILLIAM J.          DEPOSIT                       NY-13-L-53
FRICK, FREDERICK A.          MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-28-106
FRIEDENAUR, ELIZA            DAVENPORT                     NY-13-M-290
FRINK, LELA M.               SIDNEY                        NY-13-S-121
FRISBEE, ARTHUR G.           DELHI                         NY-13-Z-59
FRISBEE, DANIEL              DELHI                         NY-13-F-200
FRISBEE, GEORGE M.           DELHI                         NY-13-G-592
FRISBEE, JOHN                ROXBURY                       NY-13-H-234
FRISBIE, GIDEON              DELHI                         NY-13-S-401
FRISBIE, LYDIA J.            DELHI                         NY-13-V-281
FRISBIE, MARCUS N.           DELHI                         NY-13-P-349
FRISCH, HARRIET              TOMPKINS                      NY-13-Q-637
FROST, JANE                  WALTON                        NY-13-T-45
FRY, WILLIAM A.              SIDNEY                        NY-13-Q-309
FULFORD, ARTIMISSA           MEREDITH                      NY-13-I-305
FULFORD, JOHN                MEREDITH                      NY-13-E-442
FULLER, AYRES                STAMFORD                      NY-13-F-562
FULLER, BENJAMIN             BOVINA                        NY-13-D-573
FULLER, CLARINDA             ROXBURY                       NY-13-G-493
FULLER, CYRUS B.             ROXBURY                       NY-13-F-662
FULLER, DANIEL               KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-B-364
FULLER, DEBORAH R.           DELHI                         NY-13-P-309
FULLER, ELIHU                BOVINA                        NY-13-E-38
FULLER, FRANCIS              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-M-27
FULLER, JARVIS A.            COLCHESTER                    NY-13-V-109
FULLER, LOVINA               COLCHESTER                    NY-13-W-241
FULLER, MARY A.              COLCHESTER                    NY-13-Q-481
FULLER, NAPOLEON B.          COLCHESTER                    NY-13-Z-23
FULLER, NATHAN               COOLCHESTER                   NY-13-D-440
FULLER, OLIVE C.             HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-N-162
FULLER, ORLINE               HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-Q-329
FULLER, THOMAS W.            COLCHESTER                    NY-13-G-202
FULLER, WILDER               MASONVILLE                    NY-13-27-134
FURMAN, CORNELIA M.          SIDNEY                        NY-13-L-117
FURMAN, PHEBE                MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-I-285
GABRIEL, FRED                HANCOCK                       NY-13-27-143
GADINER, ANN                 WALTON                        NY-13-X-581
GADNER, JAMES                TOMPKINS                      NY-13-N-348
GAFFEY, ELLEN                HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-Y-641
GAGE, JAMES                  COLCHESTER                    NY-13-Q-477
GAGER, CHAUNCEY L.           SIDNEY                        NY-13-M-289
GAGER, MARCUS                SIDNEY                        NY-13-Z-109
GAIGE, LAURA A.              STAMFORD                      NY-13-S-585
GAIGE, MARTHA                ROXBURY                       NY-13-28-59
GALAHER, JOHN                DEPOSIT                       NY-13-N-80
GALLAGHER, CATHERINE         DEPOSIT                       NY-13-X-469
GALLEY, JAMES J.             TOMPKINS                      NY-13-H-383
GALLUP, EZEKIEL              STAMFORD                      NY-13-M-73
GALUSIA, DAVID               TOMPKINS                      NY-13-G-175
GANN, AMBROSE                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-Q-669
GANOUNG, DAVOUGH             ROXBURY                       NY-13-K-180
GANOUNG, HENRY               ROXBURY                       NY-13-I-346
GANOUNG, HORACE              ROXBURY                       NY-13-G-291
GANOUNG, ISAAC               ROXBURY                       NY-13-G-561
GANOUNG, JOHN                ROXBURY                       NY-13-D-531
GANOUNG, JOHN R.             ROXBURY                       NY-13-H-132
GANOUNG, MARTIN D.           ROXBURY                       NY-13-X-281
GANOUNG, SNIFFIN             ROXBURY                       NY-13-I-336
GARDINER, JERUSHA            WALTON                        NY-13-D-373
GARDINER, MARY ELIZA         WALTON                        NY-13-E-381
GARDINER, SARAH              WALTON                        NY-13-S-257
GARDINIER, DANIEL            TOMPKINS                      NY-13-N-77
GARDNER, ANDREW              MASONVILLE                    NY-13-O-542
GARDNER, CATHARINE           ROXBURY                       NY-13-X-417
GARDNER, FERRY A.            MASONVILLE                    NY-13-U-18
GARETT, LEVI B.              MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-K-597
GARR, LYDIA                  WALTON                        NY-13-H-211
GARRISON, MORGAN             MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-Y-629
GATES, EZRA                  WALTON                        NY-13-L-305
GATES, HENRY A.              DELHI                         NY-13-28-87
GATES, LYMAN B.              MEREDITH                      NY-13-M-53
GATES, SARAH M.              WALTON                        NY-13-M-179
GATES, ZACHEUS               COLCHESTER                    NY-13-C2-2
GAUL, WILLIAM B.             WALTON                        NY-13-27-52
GAY, JOTHAM                  MEREDITH                      NY-13-F-176
GAY, LAURA                   WALTON                        NY-13-O-209
GAY, SUSAN G.                WALTON                        NY-13-M-165
GEE, BENJAMIN                HANCOCK                       NY-13-F-129
GEER, AMASA                  HANCOCK                       NY-13-N-132
GEER, VICTOR                 HANCOCK                       NY-13-28-56
GEER, WILLIAM                HANCOCK                       NY-13-M-99
GEMMEL, HOMER REID           KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-Z-138
GEMMEL, HUGH                 STAMFORD                      NY-13-K-39
GENN, HORACE                 MEREDITH                      NY-13-Z-115
GEORGE, ANDREW A.            MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-Q-221
GEORGE, JAES                 BOVINA                        NY-13-E-250
GEORGE, JOHN                 ANDES                         NY-13-K-515
GEORGIA, ORSON C.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-P-569
GEROWE, ADALINE              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-29-153
GEROWE, CHARLES H.           SIDNEY                        NY-13-S-601
GEROWE, GEORGE E.            DAVENPORT                     NY-13-K-665
GEROWE, HARVEY B.            KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-Z-92
GIBBS, A. ESTELLE            HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-29-24
GIBBS, CYRENUS               HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-K-408
GIBBS, EZRA T.               KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-L-152
GIBSON, ADAM                 KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-M-324
GIBSON, ANDREW               DAVENPORT                     NY-13-Q-85
GIBSON, CHARLES              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-L-142
GIBSON, FORREST F.           STAMFORD                      NY-13-N-11
GIBSON, JAMES                KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-Q-245
GIBSON, JAMES T.             HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-27-58
GIBSON, JOHN                 MEREDITH                      NY-13-M-29
GIBSON, JOHN D.              STAMFORD                      NY-13-K-609
GIBSON, JOSEPH               DAVENPORT                     NY-13-29-139
GIBSON, MARGARET B.          WALTON                        NY-13-U-385
GIBSON, SAAH ANN             MEREDITH                      NY-13-N-280
GIBSON, WILLIAM              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-E-198
GIFFORD, FANNY J.            MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-V-649
GIFFORD, MARY J.             MASONVILLE                    NY-13-27-21
GIFFORD, NORA E.             SIDNEY                        NY-13-W-161
GILBERT, ABRAM               SIDNEY                        NY-13-K-293
GILBERT, FRANCIS R.          STAMFORD                      NY-13-Q-193
GILBERT, GEORGE              MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-U-476
GILBERT, THADDEUS            MASONVILLE                    NY-13-H-474
GILBERT, WILLIAM             DELHI                         NY-13-27-88
GILCHRIST, ANDREW            HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-I-179
GILCHRIST, DAVID M.          MEREDITH                      NY-13-28-97
GILCHRIST, ELIZABETH S.      MEREDITH                      NY-13-U-514
GILCHRIST, FINLEY            MEREDITH                      NY-13-X-329
GILCHRIST, MARGARET H.       MEREDITH                      NY-13-X-541
GILCHRIST, THOMAS M.         KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-I-271
GILL, JAMES S.               MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-P-657
GILL, JANE                   ANDES                         NY-13-29-9
GILLANDER, MATILDA           HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-L-137
GILLERAN, MICHAEL            HANCOCK                       NY-13-Y-333
GILLESPIE, ALEXANDER         STAMFORD                      NY-13-N-134
GILLESPIE, MARGARET          WALTON                        NY-13-H-37
GILLETT, JACOB               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-N-216
GILLETT, JOEL                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-E-329
GILMORE, WILLIAM M.          STAMFORD                      NY-13-O-13
GLADSTON, THOMAS             ANDES                         NY-13-M-64
GLADSTONE, CORA E.           COLCHESTER                    NY-13-V-401
GLADSTONE, JANE I.           BOVINA                        NY-13-I-251
GLADSTONE, ROBERT            ANDES                         NY-13-V-441
GLADSTONE, ROBERT E.         BOVINA                        NY-13-G-418
GLADSTONE, WILLIAM           BOVINA                        NY-13-L-138
GLEASON, FISHER              ROXBURY                       NY-13-D-494
GLEASON, JAMES               ROXBURY                       NY-13-C3-204
GLEASON, KING                STAMFORD                      NY-13-N-184
GLEASON, MARY R.             STAMFORD                      NY-13-M-51
GLEASON, WILLIAM             ROXBURY                       NY-13-F-150
GLEASON, WILLIAM             DELHI                         NY-13-K-637
GLENDENING, ALFRED           ANDES                         NY-13-N-193
GLENDENING, MARGARET         MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-29-44
GOFF, HENRY B.               MEREDITH                      NY-13-K-173
GOLDSMITH, ELY S.            FRANKLIN                      NY-13-M-234
GOODENOUGH, HENRY            HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-R-113
GOODENOUGH, JOHN             HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-F-450
GOODENOUGH, LYMAN            STAMFORD                      NY-13-N-174
GOODMAN, JULIA L.            ANDES                         NY-13-X-449
GOODRICH, HORACE A.          SIDNEY                        NY-13-S-145
GOODRICH, IRA                DAVENPORT                     NY-13-G-509
GOODRICH, ISAAC              HAMDEN                        NY-13-C3-259
GOODRICH, JAMES              SIDNEY                        NY-13-M-325
GOODRICH, JANE J.            DELHI                         NY-13-I-23
GOODRICH, JARED              HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-F-240
GOODRICH, JOSIAH L.          FRANKLIN                      NY-13-S-329
GOODRICH, LYDIA A.           TOMPKINS                      NY-13-M-104
GOODRICH, MARIAH             DAVENPORT                     NY-13-G-233
GOODRICH, MARY B.            SIDNEY                        NY-13-M-258
GOODRICH, MICHAEL            WALTON                        NY-13-C2-29
GOODRICH, RICHARD M.         HAMDEN                        NY-13-G-141
GOODRICH, SARAH              DAVENPORT                     NY-13-L-67
GOODRICH, WAIT               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-A-40
GORDON, CHARLES E.           MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-28-10
GORDON, GEORGE L.            DELHI                         NY-13-V-457
GORDON, JANE                 HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-G-80
GORDON, JOHN W.              MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-Z-153
GORDON, ROBERT               HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-G-635
GORDON, SAMUEL               DELHI                         NY-13-H-286
GORDON, SAMUEL               DELHI                         NY-13-H-540
GORDON, WILLIAM W.           DELHI                         NY-13-M-287
GOSPER, MORTON F.            WALTON                        NY-13-X-81
GOUCH, CHARLES               MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-Y-285
GOULD, ABEL                  STAMFORD                      NY-13-P-473
GOULD, ABIGAIL D.            WALTON                        NY-13-N-266
GOULD, ALFRED                WALTON                        NY-13-L-341
GOULD, CILLICK               STAMFORD                      NY-13-F-645
GOULD, CLARK A.              WALTON                        NY-13-Q-673
GOULD, ELI                   WALTON                        NY-13-K-35
GOULD, ELLEN A.              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-V-377
GOULD, EMELINE               DAVENPORT                     NY-13-I-209
GOULD, FRANCES E.            WALTON                        NY-13-N-224
GOULD, HERMAN D.             DELHI                         NY-13-E-213
GOULD, JANE                  STAMFORD                      NY-13-X-97
GOULD, JOHN                  TOMPKINS                      NY-13-M-123
GOULD, JOHN H.               DELHI                         NY-13-K-211
GOULD, MARY L.               DELHI                         NY-13-L-256
GOULD, OPHELIA               WALTON                        NY-13-N-207
GOULD, ORLANDO               WALTON                        NY-13-V-429
GOULD, RICHARD               HANCOCK                       NY-13-M-121
GOULD, SALLY T.              STAMFORD                      NY-13-O-311
GOULD, WILLIAM C.            WALTON                        NY-13-L-322
GOVERN, HUGH                 HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-28-113
GOVERN, NANCY                STAMFORD                      NY-13-Z-80
GOW, WILLIAM                 DELHI                         NY-13-28-167
GRAHAM, CHARLES A.           FRANKLIN                      NY-13-X-217
GRAHAM, EDWIN J.             DELHI                         NY-13-S-165
GRAHAM, ELLIOTT              ANDES                         NY-13-Z-41
GRAHAM, FRANCIS              BOVINA                        NY-13-V-597
GRAHAM, JAMES                MEREDITH                      NY-13-G-435
GRAHAM, JAMES H.             DELHI                         NY-13-K-321
GRAHAM, JENNIE M.            MEREDITH                      NY-13-N-152
GRAHAM, JOHN                 WALTON                        NY-13-F-160
GRAHAM, JOHN G.              MEREDITH                      NY-13-H-554
GRAHAM, LYMAN S.             MEREDITH                      NY-13-U-316
GRAHAM, SAMUEL               DELHI                         NY-13-O-233
GRAHAM, THOMAS               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-N-247
GRANGER, EDWARD              SIDNEY                        NY-13-P-653
GRANGER, HENRY               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-O-57
GRANSBURY, MARY              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-H-45
GRANT, ADALINE S.            HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-W-425
GRANT, ALEXANDER             STAMFORD                      NY-13-C4-38
GRANT, ALEXANDER A.          ANDES                         NY-13-H-464
GRANT, ASA                   TOMPKINS                      NY-13-29-109
GRANT, ASA***                MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-E-304
GRANT, DANIEL                DELHI                         NY-13-L-115
GRANT, DAVID                 STAMFORD                      NY-13-H-106
GRANT, DONALD                STAMFORD                      NY-13-D-502
GRANT, DONALD W.***          STAMFORD                      NY-13-F-481
GRANT, GABRIEL               DELHI                         NY-13-G-195
GRANT, HARRIET               HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-H-442
GRANT, HENRY                 STAMFORD                      NY-13-N-248
GRANT, JAMES                 STAMFORD                      NY-13-D-210
GRANT, JAMES                 HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-G-448
GRANT, JAMES                 STAMFORD                      NY-13-E-1
GRANT, JAMES P.              SAMFORD                       NY-13-F-228
GRANT, JANE R.               STAMFORD                      NY-13-L-252
GRANT, JOHN K.               STAMFORD                      NY-13-H-654
GRANT, MARGARETT ANN         STAMFORD                      NY-13-K-31
GRANT, MARY ANN              STAMFORD                      NY-13-M-71
GRANT, NANCY S.              STAMFORD                      NY-13-P-401
GRANT, NATHANIEL L.          TOMPKINS                      NY-13-W-93
GRANT, PETER                 STAMFORD                      NY-13-G-553
GRANT, POLLY                 MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-E-478
GRANT, WILLIAM C.            STAMFORD                      NY-13-H-571
GRANT, WILLIAM R.            STAMFORD                      NY-13-L-318
GRANTT, PETER                STAMFORD                      NY-13-A-176
GRAVES, LOIS                 MASONVILLE                    NY-13-N-48
GRAY, ALDEN                  HAMDEN                        NY-13-F-206
GRAY, CATHERINE              STAMFORD                      NY-13-Z-165
GRAY, EDMUND                 HAMDEN                        NY-13-28-160
GRAY, ELIZABETH L.           HAMDEN                        NY-13-28-161
GRAY, JACOB                  COLCHESTER                    NY-13-I-212
GRAY, JOHN                   DELHI                         NY-13-M-295
GRAY, MARCUS M.              WALTON                        NY-13-T-217
GRAY, MARY                   WALTON                        NY-13-L-272
GRAY, SILAS                  WALTON                        NY-13-L-265
GRAY, THOMAS                 MEREDITH                      NY-13-G-176
GRAY, WILLIAM                FRANKLIN                      NY-13-K-15
GREEN, JOHN                  MEREDITH                      NY-13-T-197
GREEN, JOHN                  COLCHESTER                    NY-13-F-674
GREEN, PHINEAS               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-G-431
GREEN, REBECCA J.            MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-29-161
GREEN, SARAH                 MEREDITH                      NY-13-Z-119
GREEN, WILLIAM               FRANKLIN                      NY-13-K-346
GREEN, WILLIAM C.            STAMFORD                      NY-13-X-561
GREEN, ZADOC                 FRANKLIN                      NY-13-H-119
GREENE, SMITH                MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-Z-122
GREER, JOHN                  MEREDITH                      NY-13-N-253
GREGORY, ANNA F.             COLCHESTER                    NY-13-27-117
GREGORY, ASENATH ***         DAVENPORT                     NY-13-I-47
GREGORY, DANIEL              COLCHESTER                    NY-13-E-77
GREGORY, HORACE              KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-27-64
GREGORY, JEREMIAH T.         TOMPKINS                      NY-13-W-137
GREGORY, JOHN                KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-27-72
GREGORY, JOHN H.             COLCHESTER                    NY-13-F-518
GREGORY, MARIE E.            WALTON                        NY-13-29-21
GREGORY, MARY C.             COLCHESTER                    NY-13-29-115
GREGORY, NEHEMIAH            KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-D-168
GREGORY, NEHEMIAH            KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-M-230
GREGORY, NEHEMIAH R.         KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-M-314
GREGORY, TIMOTHY             COLCHESTER                    NY-13-C-146
GRENELL, CHAPMAN             KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-C2-273
GRENELL, CHAPMAN             KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-C3-165
GRENELLE, BARNUM             HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-X-637
GRIERSON, WILLIAM            BOVINA                        NY-13-F-534
GRIFFIN,                     STAMFORD                      NY-13-Z-87
GRIFFIN, ANN                 KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-L-75
GRIFFIN, CLARK               KORTRIGHT                     NY-13-X-249
GRIFFIN, CORNELIUS           HAMDEN                        NY-13-28-122
GRIFFIN, DEBORAH             MEREDITH                      NY-13-D-515
GRIFFIN, FRANCES E.          STAMFORD                      NY-13-V-573
GRIFFIN, HETH                STAMFORD                      NY-13-Y-497
GRIFFIN, JOHN                HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-N-290
GRIFFIN, JOHN W.             STAMFORD                      NY-13-M-42
GRIFFIN, LAURA               STAMFORD                      NY-13-L-282
GRIFFIN, ORRIN (GEN.)        STAMFORD                      NY-13-E-431
GRIFFIN, RICHARD C.          MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-F-366
GRIFFIN, SARAH               MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-G-240
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM             HAMDEN                        NY-13-H-51
GRIFFIS, CALVIN B.           HANCOCK                       NY-13-R-441
GRIFFIS, E. WALKER           HANCOCK                       NY-13-R-393
GRIFFITH, EDWARD A.          COLCHESTER                    NY-13-K-185
GRIFFITH, THOMAS             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-F-99
GRINELLE, ELIZA JANE         HARPERSFIELD                  NY-13-K-223
GRISWOLD, ELIZABETH C.       WALTON                        NY-13-28-134
GRISWOLD, FRANCIS H.         SIDNEY                        NY-13-W-329
GRISWOLD, MARINDA            DELAWARE                      NY-13-G-540
GRISWOLD, MARY JANE          SIDNEY                        NY-13-Z-121
GRISWOLD, RUTH F.            WALTON                        NY-13-L-232
GRISWOLD, SARAH              FRANKLIN                      NY-13-L-10
GRISWOLD, SHELDON            DELHI                         NY-13-H-115
GRISWOLD, THOMAS WHITE       WALTON                        NY-13-C-53
GRISWOLD, WHITE              WALTON                        NY-13-K-311
GROAT, NORMAN W.             FRANKLIN                      NY-13-R-489
GROTEVANT, STEPHEN H.        SIDNEY                        NY-13-T-205
GUILD, EDWIN                 WALTON                        NY-13-K-391
GUILD, SOPHIA E.             WALTON                        NY-13-W-497
GUNN GILES B.                DAVENPORT                     NY-13-N-37
GUNN, SARAH ELLEN            MIDDLETOWN                    NY-13-T-141

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