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SABIN, ALBERTO               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-G-36
SABIN, LUCINDA               PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-EE-317
SABIN, LYDIA G.              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-W-491
SACKETT, LESTER M.           NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-I-61
SAGE, ADNIEL                 NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-N-133
SAGE, AMOS                   NORWICH                       NY-9-E-557
SAGE, ANDREW J.              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-CC-475
SAGE, ERASTUS                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-E-633
SAGE, GEORGE                 NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Y-187
SAGE, HENRY                  NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-AA-475
SAGE, JAY                    NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-HH-569
SAGE, JEWETT                 NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-S-425
SAGE, SARAH A.               GUILFORD                      NY-9-GG-189
SAGE, SIMEON                 NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-E-417
SAILESBURY, HARRIET E.       NORWICH                       NY-9-BB-467
SALEY, ORRIN                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-BB-325
SALISBURY, AMBROSE           OXFORD                        NY-9-II-125
SALISBURY, JEREMIAH B.       GREENE                        NY-9-GG-201
SANDERS, THOMAS              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-I-439
SANDS, OBADIAH               OXFORD                        NY-9-H-211
SANDS, SARAH E.              OXFORD                        NY-9-BB-497
SANDS, WILLIAM G.            OXFORD                        NY-9-BB-255
SANFORD, EDMOND              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-H-651
SANFORD, HORATIO W.          DUBUQUE, DUBUQUE, IA          NY-9-L-283
SANFORD, JARVIS P.           LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-E-608
SANNICK, PETER AUGUSTUS B.   OXFORD                        NY-9-DD-485
SANNICK, SABRA J.            OXFORD                        NY-9-36-503
SANNICK, SALLY ANN           OXFORD                        NY-9-W-595
SARLE, JORDAN H.             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-JJ-193
SARLE, THOMAS                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-E-646
SARLE, THOMAS                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-F-18
SAVAGE, WILLIAM L.           AFTON                         NY-9-W-215
SCANNELL, MICHAEL            NORWICH                       NY-9-BB-401
SCARRITT, AVIS               SMYRNA                        NY-9-HH-369
SCARRITT, JAMES              SMYRNA                        NY-9-Q-35
SCHROM, HIRAM                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-S-555
SCHRON, ADALINE              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-X-335
SCHROON, NANCY               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-M-337
SCHWARTZ, ISAAC J.           PHARSALIA                     NY-9-CC-287
SCOFIELD, CLARISSA           BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-V-441
SCOFIELD, EUNICE             AFTON                         NY-9-S-421
SCOFIELD, FRANCINA C.        NORWICH                       NY-9-36-577
SCOTT, ASA S.                NORWICH                       NY-9-T-561
SCOTT, DANIEL                PRSTON                        NY-9-M-541
SCOTT, ELIJAH                GREENE                        NY-9-F-513
SCOTT, ELMENA                NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-467
SCOTT, HATTIE L.             NORWICH                       NY-9-36-385
SCOTT, HENRY D.              NORWICH                       NY-9-K-61
SCOTT, MARY A.               NORWICH                       NY-9-EE-297
SCOTT, PATTY                 GREENE                        NY-9-II-389
SCOTT, STEPHEN               NORWICH                       NY-9-F-376
SCOTT, STEPHEN               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-B-151
SCOTT, THOMAS D.             NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-389
SCOTT, VICTOR                COVENTRY                      NY-9-H-241
SCRIBNER, SAMUEL             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-E-564
SEAMAN, JAMES                NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-9-D-319
SEARLES, JOHN                GUILFORD                      NY-9-S-281
SEARLES, JOSEPH              GUILFORD                      NY-9-K-373
SEARLES, SARAHETTE           BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-EE-69
SEARLS, HENRY G.             AFTON                         NY-9-V-105
SEARS, JAMES                 OTSELIC                       NY-9-G-483
SEARS, REUBEN                COLUMBUS                      NY-9-O-329
SEE, JAMES                   OXFORD                        NY-9-N-151
SEELEY, HECTOR               OXFORD                        NY-9-T-85
SEELEY, HENRY B.             PRESTON                       NY-9-CC-61
SEELEY, POLLY                NORWICH                       NY-9-T-461
SEELEY, SILAS                OXFORD                        NY-9-R-71
SEELEY, WILLIAM              COVENTRY                      NY-9-AA-383
SEELY, ISAAC                 BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-H-133
SEELY, NATHANIEL JR.         NEWTOWN, TIOGA, NY            NY-9-A-13
SEELY, SILAS                 OXFORD                        NY-9-G-184
SEIBERT, ELIZABETH           NORWICH                       NY-9-EE-381
SEIN, JOHN                   SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-I-139
SERGEANT, DORCAS             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Z-117
SEWARD, MARY F.              NORWICH                       NY-9-Y-565
SEXSMITH, THOMAS             SANDFORD, BROOME, NY          NY-9-R-505
SEXTON, GEORGE               PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-A-232
SEXTON, ORRIN                PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-AA-497
SEYMOUR, HENRY B.            COVENTRY                      NY-9-HH-281
SEYMOUR, JOSIAH              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-EE-133
SEYMOUR, JOSIAH              COVENTRY                      NY-9-F-535
SEYMOUR, MATTHEW             PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-C-35
SEYMOUR, SPENCER D.          COVENTRY                      NY-9-R-345
SHAPLEY, DAVID               OXFORD                        NY-9-B-136
SHAPLEY, DAVID U.            OXFORD                        NY-9-R-481
SHAPLEY, JOHN                OXFORD                        NY-9-W-465
SHAPLEY, JUSTIN              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-EE-401
SHAPLEY, THOMAS W.           OXFORD                        NY-9-Z-345
SHARPE, ELMORE               NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-501
SHATTUCK, JOHN               NORWICH                       NY-9-T-585
SHATTUCK, LEROY              NORWICH                       NY-9-Y-607
SHAVER, FRED R.              NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-455
SHAVER, JOHN                 COVENTRY                      NY-9-JJ-13
SHAVER, MELVINA              NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-385
SHAVER, MERRITT C.           NORWICH                       NY-9-M-223
SHAW, ANTHYNETTE B.          GUILFORD                      NY-9-HH-461
SHAW, LEWIS N.               AFTON                         NY-9-JJ-145
SHAW, LORENZO S.             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-JJ-431
SHAW, POLLY M.               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-II-365
SHAW, VARNUM D.              COVENTRY                      NY-9-H-573
SHAWLER, ISAAC S.            COLUMBUS                      NY-9-K-385
SHAWLER, NATHANIEL           COLUMBUS                      NY-9-U-125
SHEARMAN, ELKANAH            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-E-517
SHEFFIELD, JOSEPH W.         SHERBURNE                     NY-9-X-51
SHELDON, ASA                 PRESTON                       NY-9-H-20
SHELDON, BENJAMIN            NORWICH                       NY-9-A-243
SHELDON, IRA                 PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-F-94
SHELDON, ISABEL              NORWICH                       NY-9-I-121
SHELTON, PHILIP J.           SMYRNA                        NY-9-M-199
SHEPARD, DERRICK L.          GUILFORD                      NY-9-GG-281
SHERMAN, BACHELOR            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-B-167
SHERMAN, ELLIOT              COLUMBUS                      NY-9-GG-261
SHERMAN, JOSEPH              LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-K-31
SHERMAN, OLIVER              OTSELIC                       NY-9-Q-15
SHERWOOD, ALEXANDER T.       GUILFORD                      NY-9-I-19
SHERWOOD, IRA                GREENE                        NY-9-HH-365
SHERWOOD, ISAAC              OXFORD                        NY-9-E-153
SHERWOOD, ISAAC S.           OXFORD                        NY-9-II-413
SHERWOOD, MARY L.            GUILFORD                      NY-9-FF-309
SHERWOOD, NANCY              OXFORD                        NY-9-Q-125
SHERWOOD, SAMUEL S.          OXFORD                        NY-9-O-71
SHERWOOD, SUSAN C.           OXFORD                        NY-9-HH-381
SHERWOOD, SYBIL E.           NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Z-295
SHERWOOD, WILLIAM            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-T-125
SHEVE, TABER                 MOUNT UPTON                   NY-9-T-135
SHIPMAN, LINDSLEY L.         SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Z-155
SHIPPEY, ELIAKIM             NORWICH                       NY-9-C-274
SHIPPEY, EZEKIEL             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-U-205
SHIPPEY, HANNAH              NORWICH                       NY-9-D-204
SHIPPEY, PHILOMON            NORWICH                       NY-9-E-306
SHIPPEY, THOMAS              NORWICH                       NY-9-B-62
SHOLES, ESTHER               PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-H-361
SHOLES, JONATHAN H.          SHERBURNE                     NY-9-FF-81
SHOLES, JOSEPH               PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-A-357
SHOLES, WILLIAM              COLUMBUS                      NY-9-EE-61
SHOULES, RACHAEL             GREENE                        NY-9-U-281
SHUMWAY, NEHEMIAH            NORWICH                       NY-9-P-293
SILL, ANDREW                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-H-43
SIMMONS, CHAUNCEY            GREENE                        NY-9-JJ-313
SIMMONS, EMELINE             SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-T-345
SIMMONS, SINAI               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-CC-261
SIMMONS, WILLIAM H. D.       BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-BB-53
SIMONS, ELISHA A.            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-X-241
SIMONS, JOSEPH               SMYRNA                        NY-9-E-455
SIMPSON, IRA                 NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-545
SIMS, J. CLARK               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-DD-561
SIMSON, NICHOLAS             MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-Y-5
SISSON, BENJAMIN P.          PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-U-351
SISSON, HUMPHREY             NORWICH                       NY-9-U-25
SISSON, MARCELIA S.          NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-113
SISSON, THOMAS               SMYRNA                        NY-9-S-81
SKILLEN, HUGH                GREENE                        NY-9-R-491
SKILLMAN, ALBERT R.          MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-Y-131
SKILLMAN, JOHN C.            MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-AA-569
SKINNER, AMASA               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-C-71
SKINNER, BETSY W.            PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-F-207
SKINNER, FREDERICK B.        SHERBURNE                     NY-9-M-247
SKINNER, JOHN                NORWICH                       NY-9-M-289
SKINNER, JOSEPH              NORWICH                       NY-9-G-87
SKINNER, JOSEPH              NORWICH                       NY-9-U-161
SKINNER, LUKE                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Y-285
SKINNER, SIDNEY M.           NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-II-89
SLADE, NEWEL                 BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-F-363
SLATAR, MOSES                MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-D-37
SLATER, A. B.                SMYRNA                        NY-9-Q-101
SLATER, BENJAMIN M.          BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-E-555
SLATER, ELIZA                NORWICH                       NY-9-36-309
SLATER, JOHN                 NORWICH                       NY-9-GG-25
SLATER, NELSON M.            MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-S-15
SLAUSON, HULDAH R.           PITCHER                       NY-9-H-681
SLOCUM, SMITH E.             NORWICH                       NY-9-I-283
SLOSSON, HULDAH R.           SEE: SLAUSON, HULDAH R.       NY-9-H-681
SMITH, ABEL                  PRESTON                       NY-9-F-59
SMITH, ABEL H.               GREENE                        NY-9-DD-159
SMITH, ALMA L.               LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-X-465
SMITH, ALPHEUS               NORWICH                       NY-9-GG-257
SMITH, CHARLES               PITCHER                       NY-9-JJ-397
SMITH, CHARLES S.            AFTON                         NY-9-FF-401
SMITH, CHARLOTTE             PITCHER                       NY-9-U-131
SMITH, CLARK                 COVENTRY                      NY-9-M-103
SMITH, CYNTHIA               NORWICH                       NY-9-CC-181
SMITH, DANIEL B.             OXFORD                        NY-9-FF-317
SMITH, DAVID                 GREENE                        NY-9-D-95
SMITH, DAVID C.              OXFORD                        NY-9-Z-351
SMITH, DAVID F.              GREENE                        NY-9-G-233
SMITH, EDWIN                 NORWICH                       NY-9-X-401
SMITH, ELIAS A.              PITCHER                       NY-9-FF-569
SMITH, ELIHU                 BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-M-367
SMITH, ELIZA A.              GUILFORD                      NY-9-JJ-37
SMITH, ELIZA T.              MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-V-465
SMITH, ELIZABETH M.          NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-149
SMITH, ERASTUS P.            OXFORD                        NY-9-GG-449
SMITH, FREDERICK             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-C-169
SMITH, GILES S.              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-FF-201
SMITH, HARRIET               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-BB-435
SMITH, HUGH                  PRESOTN                       NY-9-A-257
SMITH, JAMES SHEFFIELD       SHERBURNE                     NY-9-DD-471
SMITH, JANE                  PITCHER                       NY-9-AA-507
SMITH, JANE ANN              SMYRNA                        NY-9-K-13
SMITH, JEHIEL                COVENTRY                      NY-9-B-106
SMITH, JERRIAL               PRESTON                       NY-9-K-145
SMITH, JOHN                  SHERBURNE                     NY-9-C-178
SMITH, JOHN                  SHERBURN                      NY-9-A-131
SMITH, LAURAETTE             OXFORD                        NY-9-36-369
SMITH, LEVI NATHANIEL        SHERBURNE                     NY-9-GG-157
SMITH, LUCY C.               SHERBURN                      NY-9-CC-193
SMITH, MALACHI               NORWICH                       NY-9-Z-607
SMITH, MARIA                 AFTON                         NY-9-36-416
SMITH, MARTIN                GERMAN                        NY-9-EE-577
SMITH, MARY                  AFTON                         NY-9-Z-5
SMITH, MARY A.               NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-625
SMITH, MARY T.               GREENE                        NY-9-Y-443
SMITH, MATTHEW B.            COVENTRY                      NY-9-P-209
SMITH, MIRANDA               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-X-495
SMITH, NANCY E. H.           GUILFORD                      NY-9-W-105
SMITH, NATHANIEL P.          SMYRNA                        NY-9-V-365
SMITH, NEHEMIAH              PREESOTN                      NY-9-D-45
SMITH, ORVILLA N.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-DD-47
SMITH, OTIS                  BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-M-373
SMITH, PETER                 GERMAN                        NY-9-Y-327
SMITH, POLLY                 MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-I-295
SMITH, RACHEL A.             GREENE                        NY-9-BB-291
SMITH, RHODA G.              OXFORD                        NY-9-R-31
SMITH, RICHARD P.            LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-X-385
SMITH, RUSSEL M.             COVENTRY                      NY-9-DD-121
SMITH, SAMUEL                SMYRNA                        NY-9-U-271
SMITH, SAMUEL R.             AFTON                         NY-9-GG-217
SMITH, SARAH D.              OXFORD                        NY-9-R-585
SMITH, STEPHEN               NORWICH                       NY-9-Q-461
SMITH, WILLARD JR.           NORWICH                       NY-9-R-235
SMITH, WILLIAM               LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-AA-39
SMITH, WILLIAM B.            PITCHER                       NY-9-Q-261
SMITH, WILLIAM G.            NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-U-311
SMITH, ZACHEUS G.            AFTON                         NY-9-N-271
SMTIH, CLARK                 OXFORD                        NY-9-T-181
SMYTH, WILLIAM               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-K-253
SNEDEKER, SILAS              NORWICH                       NY-9-HH-455
SNOW, ELIZA A.               NORWICH                       NY-9-HH-161
SNOW, HENRY                  NORWICH                       NY-9-P-395
SNOW, THOMAS                 NORWICH                       NY-9-O-221
SNOW, WILLIAM                NORWICH                       NY-9-P-23
SNYDER, CHARLES V.           NORWICH                       NY-9-N-49
SOMERS, OLIVER               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-T-325
SOULE, JOHN                  GREENE                        NY-9-F-283
SOULE, LOREN                 SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-S-175
SOULE, POLLY ANN             COLUMBUS                      NY-9-Y-113
SOUTHWORTH, WILLIAM B.       NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-585
SPAFARD, HOWLAN              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Y-271
SPAFFORD, JEHIEL             GREENE                        NY-9-I-217
SPAFFORD, ROSINA E.          NORWICH                       NY-9-W-451
SPAFORD, LEWIS               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-36-437
SPAULDING, DANIEL G.         COLUMBUS                      NY-9-EE-49
SPAULDING, IRA               NORWICH                       NY-9-U-221
SPEAR, ABIGAL                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-G-274
SPENCER, ELIZABETH H.        AFTON                         NY-9-W-31
SPENCER, NATHANIEL           JERICHO                       NY-9-A-75
SPENCER, OBADIAH             SHERBURN                      NY-9-A-59
SPENCER, SARAH J.            COVENTRY                      NY-9-JJ-49
SPENCER, WILLIAM             COVENTRY                      NY-9-E-285
SPENCER, WOODBRIDGE          SMYRNA                        NY-9-DD-145
SPENCER, ZEBAH               COVENTRY                      NY-9-C-87
SPERRY, ALMIRA C.            OXFORD                        NY-9-U-491
SPICER, HARRIET ELIZABETH    COLUMBUS                      NY-9-V-181
SPICER, JOHN                 COVENTRY                      NY-9-P-161
SPICER, SARAH L.             PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-36-443
SPOHN, JOHN                  GUILFORD                      NY-9-V-1
SPOOR, JOHN S.               NORWICH                       NY-9-C-112
SPRAGUE, BARNABUS            CHENANGO,  BROOME, NY         NY-9-M-397
SPRINGSTEEN, LUANA           GREENE                        NY-9-GG-233
SQUIRES, CHARLES             GREENE                        NY-9-Q-201
SQUIRES, JOSEPH F.           SHERUBURNE                    NY-9-L-301
SQUIRES, SAMUEL              OXFORD                        NY-9-E-351
SQUIRES, SEARS               GREENE                        NY-9-G-224
STAFFORD, ABEL               PRESTON                       NY-9-L-47
STAFFORD, ISAAC              PRESTON                       NY-9-C-48
STAFFORD, JOB                PRESTON                       NY-9-E-538
STANOTN, LAURA A.            SMYRNA                        NY-9-V-295
STANTON, AMEY A.             GREENE                        NY-9-P-455
STANTON, AMOS                OTSELIC                       NY-9-X-65
STANTON, DANIEL A.           COLUMBUS                      NY-9-R-495
STANTON, EDWARD E.           OTSELIC                       NY-9-DD-193
STANTON, ELIZABETH P.        NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-17
STANTON, HARRIET A.          PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-JJ-129
STANTON, JANE D.             GREENE                        NY-9-V-221
STANTON, MARY C.             GREENE                        NY-9-EE-89
STANTON, ROBERT A.           NORWICH                       NY-9-Z-313
STANTON, WILLIAM A.          COLUMBUS                      NY-9-HH-97
STARKEY, JOHN                SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-U-165
STARKWEATHER, LUCIA          MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-V-571
STARR, SIDNEY L.             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-N-391
STARR, WILLIAM               NORWICH                       NY-9-Q-21
STEAD, RIAL                  PRESTON                       NY-9-D-270
STEBBINS, SAMUEL             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-C-153
STEER, STEPHEN               NORWICH                       NY-9-A-252
STEERE, BETSEY               NORWICH                       NY-9-W-355
STEERE, ESEK C.              MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-X-525
STEERE, HENRY                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-T-81
STEERE, MARY                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-FF-553
STEERE, SAMUEL               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-T-11
STEERE, STEPHEN              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-II-117
STEERE, STEPHEN              NORWICH                       NY-9-M-517
STEERE, THOMAS               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-E-475
STEPHENS, JAMES              MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-D-336
STERLING, HELEN E.           BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-V-5
STERNBERG, NICHOLAS          PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-S-91
STEVENS, ABIJAH              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-E-433
STEVENS, JOHN                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-I-229
STEVENS, JOSEPH B.           AFTON                         NY-9-V-371
STEVER, ELIZABETH            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-HH-237
STEVES, MARIA L.             GREENE                        NY-9-AA-593
STEWARD, ALANSON C.          NORWICH                       NY-9-36-109
STEWARD, MARVIN              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-DD-227
STEWART, RUSSEL              PITCHER                       NY-9-R-35
STEWART, WILLIAM             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-C-262
STEWART, WILLIAM             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-C-79
STILLSON, SARAH L.           AFTON                         NY-9-Z-485
STILSON, REUBEN              AFTON                         NY-9-CC-361
STJOHN, EDWARD V.            AFTON                         NY-9-II-593
STOCKWELL, SARAH A.          CHENANGO                      NY-9-T-27
STODDARD, AARON              OTSELIC                       NY-9-E-576
STODDARD, HARMON             OTSELIC                       NY-9-R-245
STODDARD, JOHN               COVENTRY                      NY-9-A-377
STODDARD, JOHN               COVENTRY                      NY-9-G-153
STODDARD, JOHN H.            COVENTRY                      NY-9-JJ-125
STONE, CAROLINE E.           GREENE                        NY-9-JJ-181
STONE, JOSHUA B.             OXFORD                        NY-9-N-469
STONE, RICHARD               GREENE                        NY-9-DD-77
STORING, SERAPHENE           GERMAN                        NY-9-G-472
STORK, ETHAN                 COVENTRY                      NY-9-P-221
STORM, ABRAHAM               GREENE                        NY-9-F-200
STORM, WILLIAM               SMYRNA                        NY-9-E-178
STORRS, EUNICE A.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-EE-461
STOUGHTON, MARY E.           GREENE                        NY-9-II-101
STOVER, AVERENA              SMYRNA                        NY-9-FF-509
STOVER, JOHN ADAM            SMYRNA                        NY-9-W-175
STOW, DANIEL R.              AFTON                         NY-9-R-365
STOWELL, ABEL                AFTON                         NY-9-CC-493
STOWELL, ARAD                AFTON                         NY-9-P-95
STRATTO, JOHN                OXFORD                        NY-9-Z-61
STRATTON, ALBERT G.          OXFORD                        NY-9-CC-241
STRATTON, E. ROSS            OXFORD                        NY-9-BB-365
STREETER, EMILY J.           COVENTRY                      NY-9-II-301
STREETER, WELLS              GUILFORD                      NY-9-CC-497
STRONG, JOHN E.              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-G-474
STRONG, LORANA               GUILFORD                      NY-9-H-295
STRONG, WILLIAM P.           PRESOTN                       NY-9-Q-511
STUART, WILLIAM H.           NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-229
STURGES, AMY                 OTSELIC                       NY-9-DD-475
STURGES, DAVID               OTSELIC                       NY-9-AA-485
SULLIVAN, JULIA M.           AFTON                         NY-9-II-353
SUMMER, CYREL                PHARSLAIA                     NY-9-W-91
SWAN, JOSHUA                 PARIS                         NY-9-X-581
SWAN, WILLIAM W.             LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-U-501
SWEET, CAROLUS R.            COVENTRY                      NY-9-V-75
SWEET, CYRUS                 COVENTRY                      NY-9-CC-227
SWEETLAND, CALEB             CAZENOVIA                     NY-9-A-29
SWEETLAND, MARLYN            GREENE                        NY-9-Y-211
SWIFT, HARRIET               AFTON                         NY-9-Z-533
SYMONDS, MARY                OXFORD                        NY-9-Y-555
TAFT, BETSEY                 TRIANGLE, BROOME, NY          NY-9-U-515
TAFT, OLIVER. H.             MILWAUKEE, MILWAUKEE, WI      NY-9-L-409
TAGGART, BENJAMIN            COVENTRY                      NY-9-K-1
TAINTOR, SYLVIA S.           OXFORD                        NY-9-DD-445
TALBOT, LESTER               SMYRNA                        NY-9-EE-353
TALCOTT, ADNA                GUILFORD                      NY-9-Z-589
TALCOTT, HEZEKIAH            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-B-86
TALCOTT, JOSHUA              SMYRNA                        NY-9-N-145
TALCOTT, SALLY ANN           SMYRNA                        NY-9-R-411
TALLMAN, WILLIAM             COVENTRY                      NY-9-M-313
TANNER, ALBERT S.            NORWICH                       NY-9-CC-25
TANNER, BETSEY               AFTON                         NY-9-DD-51
TANNER, STEPHEN A.           NORWICH                       NY-9-HH-593
TANNER, THEODORE             NORWICH                       NY-9-K-73
TANNER, WELLINGTON           NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-K-283
TANSEY, JOHN                 OXFORD                        NY-9-CC-231
TAYLOR, ABIAL                PITCHER                       NY-9-Z-561
TAYLOR, ADDISON              PITCHER                       NY-9-T-281
TAYLOR, FRED P.              OSBORN HOLLOW, BROOME, NY     NY-9-V-11
TAYLOR, HENRY                COLUMBUS                      NY-9-Y-1
TAYLOR, NATHAN               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-D-220
TAYLOR, PELEG                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-C-308
TAYLOR, WILLIAM              PITCHER                       NY-9-X-245
TEACHOUT, LUCY               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-X-1
TEAHAN, JAMES                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-FF-61
TEED, AMOS                   AFTON                         NY-9-H-489
TEFFT, ALEXANDER D.          OXFORD                        NY-9-EE-321
TEFFT, JEMIMA                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-U-555
TEFFT, STANTON               EDMESTON, OTSEGO, NY          NY-9-O-293
TEFFT, THOMAS                GREENE                        NY-9-E-431
TELFORD, ANN                 NORWICH                       NY-9-X-111
TELFORD, ROBERT              NORWICH                       NY-9-U-95
TENBROECK, JOHN DE           GREENE                        NY-9-M-61
TENBROOK, EMELINE            GREENE                        NY-9-CC-275
TENBROOK, RICHARD W.         GREENE                        NY-9-CC-381
TERREL, LAMBERT              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-I-469
TERRY, ELNATHAN              NORWICH                       NY-9-E-71
TERRY, EUNICE                NORWICH                       NY-9-R-261
TERRY, KINYON                NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-353
TERWILLIGER, ABIGAIL R.      GREENE                        NY-9-II-17
TERWILLIGER, CORNELIA        NORWICH                       NY-9-GG-49
TERWILLIGER, JACOB O.        GREENE                        NY-9-R-61
TERWILLIGER, PETER           GREENE                        NY-9-A-161
TERWILLIGER, SIMON           GREENE                        NY-9-T-265
TERWILLIGER, WILLIAM C.      GREENE                        NY-9-DD-261
TEW, THOMAS G.               GREENE                        NY-9-F-342
THAYER, ALANSON              SHERBUNE                      NY-9-F-96
THAYER, DAVID                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-C-281
THETGA, HIRAM N.             SMYRNA                        NY-9-N-205
THOCKWAY, JOHN               GUILFORD                      NY-9-O-479
THOMAS, ALBERT B.            GREENE                        NY-9-W-45
THOMAS, CARRIE ANNETTE       BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-M-325
THOMAS, EDWARD W.            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-Z-597
THOMAS, ELIZA B.             NTL                           NY-9-K-205
THOMAS, MARIA                GREENE                        NY-9-BB-5
THOMAS, PETER                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-P-233
THOMAS, SAMUEL P.            GREENE                        NY-9-Y-303
THOMPSON, CALEB              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-E-502
THOMPSON, CAROLINE           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-U-421
THOMPSON, CHARLES C.         GUILFORD                      NY-9-U-325
THOMPSON, CLARK              GREENE                        NY-9-36-301
THOMPSON, CURTIS             AFTON                         NY-9-P-71
THOMPSON, ELIHU              OTSELIC                       NY-9-AA-193
THOMPSON, ELIJAH H.          MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-P-419
THOMPSON, HARRIET            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-FF-49
THOMPSON, HARVEY             NORWICH                       NY-9-HH-189
THOMPSON, JAMES              SHERBURN                      NY-9-A-140
THOMPSON, JAMES              NORWICH                       NY-9-D-59
THOMPSON, LEVI A.            NTL                           NY-9-K-497
THOMPSON, LOUISA             NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-419
THOMPSON, MARTIN E.          AFTON                         NY-9-AA-83
THOMPSON, MARY               SHERBURN                      NY-9-A-359
THOMPSON, NANCY              OXFORD                        NY-9-DD-437
THOMPSON, SALLY              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-JJ-377
THOMPSON, SARAH J.           SMYRNA                        NY-9-EE-41
THOMPSON, SOPHRONIA          AFTON                         NY-9-EE-149
THOMPSON, SUTHERLIN          NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-H-567
THORNTON, JEANNETTE          GUILFORD                      NY-9-36-479
THORNTON, JULIA C.           NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-36-545
THRALL, FRIEND               NORWICH                       NY-9-A-237
THROOP, GEORGE B.            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-HH-419
THURSTON, WILLIAM            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-Z-43
TICE, ADAM                   GERMAN                        NY-9-X-15
TIFFANY, ABA M.              NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-93
TIFFANY, RICHARD             NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-GG-289
TIFFANY, SALLY B.            NORWICH                       NY-9-X-591
TIFFANY, WILLIAM             NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-N-121
TIFFANY, WILLIAM R.          NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-II-431
TIFT, DAVID                  PHARSALIA                     NY-9-A-362
TIGHARY, JOHN T.             NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-EE-101
TILLOTSON, ABRAHAM           GREENE                        NY-9-O-473
TILLOTSON, EUNICE            GREENE                        NY-9-FF-373
TILLOTSON, HIRAM             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-R-165
TILLOTSON, JOHN              SHERBURN                      NY-9-A-312
TILLOTSON, JOSEPH            GREENE                        NY-9-F-417
TILLOTSON, LINEA             OXFORD                        NY-9-U-265
TILLOTSON, LOVICY            GREENE                        NY-9-G-243
TILLOTSON, LUCY              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-Q-411
TILLOTSON, REUBEN            COLUMBUS                      NY-9-H-621
TILLOTSON, SILAS             GREENE                        NY-9-Q-381
TILYOU, LEVI                 NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-M-409
TILZON, JOHN                 NORWICH                       NY-9-G-288
TINKHAM, BENAJAH HOLLY       SHERBURNE                     NY-9-K-163
TINKHAM, ELIAS               SHERBUNE                      NY-9-F-66
TIQUIN, THOMAS               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-EE-53
TITUS, ALMIRA H.             NORWICH                       NY-9-CC-197
TITUS, AURELIA S.            NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-II-1
TITUS, ESTHER G.             NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-AA-463
TITUS, GILBERT               PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-G-107
TITUS, SALOMON               NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-X-75
TITUS, SMITH                 NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-EE-245
TOBEY, ELIZABETH             BAINRBIDGE                    NY-9-EE-197
TOBEY, JOHN                  SMYRNA                        NY-9-BB-123
TOBEY, PHIL B.               BODEI, MONO, CALIFORNIA       NY-9-CC-17
TOBIN, JOHN                  LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-W-581
TODD, CHAUNCEY               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-G-207
TOLLETT, WELLS               OTSELIC                       NY-9-X-195
TOMPKINS, ALMON              GUILFORD                      NY-9-GG-467
TOOMBS, DANIEL               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-AA-585
TOWER, SHUBAL                PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-H-223
TOWNSEND, DANIEL             GREEN                         NY-9-A-100
TOWSLEE, GIDEON              MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-Q-85
TOWSLEE, HANNAH              GREENE                        NY-9-JJ-217
TRACY, AMY E.                AFTON                         NY-9-EE-449
TRACY, CHLOE                 NORWICH                       NY-9-V-501
TRACY, DANIEL                AFTON                         NY-9-P-365
TRACY, HARRIET               PRESTON                       NY-9-Q-155
TRACY, JOHN                  OXFORD                        NY-9-M-19
TRACY, MINERVA M.            AFTON                         NY-9-EE-341
TRACY, OTIS JOHNSON          OXFORD                        NY-9-F-235
TRACY, URI                   OXFORD                        NY-9-D-134
TRACY, WILLAM E.             OXFORD                        NY-9-36-153
TRASK, ALMON                 SOUTH NEW BERLIN              NY-9-P-347
TRASK, HANNAH ELIZA          GUILFORD                      NY-9-Z-211
TREAT, SAMUEL (DR)           OXFORD                        NY-9-A-195
TREMAIN, DANIEL              GREENE                        NY-9-E-193
TREMAIN, RICHARD             GREENE                        NY-9-36-89
TROWBRIDGE, ELI A.           GREENE                        NY-9-T-91
TROWBRIDGE, MARY ANN         NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-493
TRUESDELL, GEORGE A.         GUILFORD                      NY-9-W-41
TRUMAN, JOSEPH               PRESTON                       NY-9-E-530
TRUMAN, MARY ESTHER          OTSELIC                       NY-9-U-135
TRUMAN, THOMAS               OTSELIC                       NY-9-DD-219
TUCK, THOMAS                 GREENE                        NY-9-G-126
TUCKER, ABNER                PHARSALIA                     NY-9-T-301
TUCKER, HUGHH.               NORWICH                       NY-9-GG-515
TUCKER, LOVINA               OXFORD                        NY-9-Z-247
TUCKEY, WILLIAM              COVENTRY                      NY-9-S-405
TURNER, ELIZABETH F.         NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-189
TURNER, GEORGE H.            PRESTON                       NY-9-II-141
TURNER, HOLLAND              OTSELIC                       NY-9-L-81
TURNER, JOHN C.              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-C-1
TURNER, LESTER               NORWICH                       NY-9-V-235
TURNER, POLLY W.             OTSELIC                       NY-9-Q-185
TURNER, SIMON                PRESTON                       NY-9-U-561
TUTHILL, ZIBA                SMYRNA                        NY-9-AA-61
TUTTLE, ALMY                 NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-F-391
TUTTLE, AMOS B.              COLUMBUS                      NY-9-CC-205
TUTTLE, ANSON                SMYRNA                        NY-9-I-511
TUTTLE, BENJAMIN             GREENE                        NY-9-D-48
TUTTLE, CATHARINE            OXFORD                        NY-9-N-511
TUTTLE, CYRUS                OXFORD                        NY-9-P-503
TUTTLE, ENOS                 SMYRNA                        NY-9-D-277
TUTTLE, ENOS A.              OTSELIC                       NY-9-JJ-329
TUTTLE, JARED                COLUMBUS                      NY-9-F-252
TUTTLE, LUNA ANN             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-X-165
TUTTLE, MARGARET             GREENE                        NY-9-S-455
TUTTLE, MELIEU               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-R-25
TUTTLE, OLIVE                GREENE                        NY-9-AA-259
TUTTLE, STEPHEN H.           BROOKFIELD                    NY-9-T-535
TUTTLE, URI                  COLUMBUS                      NY-9-H-633
TWICHELL, PHILANDER W.       MC DONOUGH                    NY-9-II-153
TWICHELL, SOPHIA             NORWICH                       NY-9-L-12
TWITCHELL, BENJAMIN S.       GUILFORD                      NY-9-G-32
TYLER, CALVIN                GREENE                        NY-9-AA-199
TYLER, CHARLES P.            SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-Y-225
TYLER, COLONEL               NORWICH                       NY-9-II-537
TYLER, EMMA A.               SMYRNA                        NY-9-GG-133
TYLER, GEORGE W.             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-DD-103
TYSER, EMMA G.               NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-209
UFFORD, ELLIOT               PITCHER                       NY-9-T-571
UPHAM, ALSON                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-I-361
UTLY, ENOCH S.               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-G-141
UTTER, MARY M.               NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-R-565
VAIL, JOB                    NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-B-92
VANALSTINE, JOSEPH D.        AFTON                         NY-9-T-555
VANCOTT, HARRISON H. ***     BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-HH-617
VANDERLYN, HENRY             OXFORD                        NY-9-M-307
VANDUSEN, PETER              GUILFORD                      NY-9-G-203
VANEMBERGH, NANCY            NORWICH                       NY-9-S-571
VANHORN, ALEMBERT            NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-237
VANHORNE, DAVID              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-K-109
VANNEST, GEORGE              GREENE                        NY-9-G-281
VANVALKENBURGH, JOSEPH D.    GREENE                        NY-9-GG-33
VANWAGENEN, CATHARINE        OXFORD                        NY-9-Z-51
VANWAGENEN, GERRIT H.        OXFORD                        NY-9-D-1
VANWAGENEN, SARAH B.         OXFORD                        NY-9-U-455
VANWAGENEN, URSULA A.        OXFORD                        NY-9-AA-31
VANWAGENEN, WILHELMINA M.    OXFORD                        NY-9-R-445
VANWAGENEN, WILLIAM          OXFORD                        NY-9-M-91
VANWAGNER, MARY P.           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Y-205
VANWOERT, JACOB              AFTON                         NY-9-II-113
VARLEY, JAMES                COLUMBUS                      NY-9-Y-191
VEGIARD, MARY A.             OTSELIC                       NY-9-CC-571
VOLTZ, JACOB                 NORWICH                       NY-9-GG-73
VOSBURGH, HELEN M.           MC DONOUGH                    NY-9-GG-431
VOSBURGH, JOHN M.            GERMAN                        NY-9-DD-171
VOSBURGH, LOUISA A.          NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-373
VOSBURGH, MARTIN             SMYRNA                        NY-9-EE-181
VOSBURGH, MARTIN P.          NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-345
VROOMAN, HANNAH ALMINA       MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-AA-427
WADE, ISAAC                  SMYRNA                        NY-9-JJ-485
WADE, NANCY                  COVENTRY                      NY-9-S-5
WAGNER, ANDREW               NORWICH                       NY-9-V-551
WAGNER, JULIA E. S.          NORWICH                       NY-9-36-281
WAIT, DE LANCEY              NORWICH                       NY-9-N-235
WAIT, PRISCILLA              NORWICH                       NY-9-O-263
WAIT, REUBEN P.              NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-355
WAKELEE, HOMER               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-II-57
WAKELY, DAVID B.             PITCHER                       NY-9-S-61
WAKELYN, EBENEZER            PITCHER                       NY-9-G-63
WAKEMAN, LOYD W.             BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-B-31
WALDRON, HARRIET A.          NORWICH                       NY-9-BB-545
WALDRON, MYRTALU N.          OXFORD                        NY-9-Z-135
WALDRON, NATHANIEL           PHARSALIA                     NY-9-C-108
WALES, DANFORTH              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-W-515
WALES, ELISHA S.             NORWICH                       NY-9-A-341
WALES, GEORGE                PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-E-441
WALES, LAWRENCE              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-AA-265
WALES, NATHAN                PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-B-138
WALKER, ELLA E.              OXFORD                        NY-9-II-169
WALKER, JAMES H.             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Q-241
WALKER, JOSEPH               OXFORD                        NY-9-P-299
WALL, DANIEL                 SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-S-501
WALLACE, FRANCES M.          GREENE                        NY-9-Y-477
WALSH, MICHAEL               NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-519
WALTER, HORATIO N.           NTL                           NY-9-T-221
WARD, MARTHA A.              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-R-561
WARD, RUSSEL                 OTSELIC                       NY-9-JJ-473
WARDWELL, LOUIS              PHARSALIA                     NY-9-R-305
WARN, ANDREW                 OXFORD                        NY-9-E-594
WARNER, ADNA                 PITCHER                       NY-9-W-155
WARNER, ASAHEL               NORWICH                       NY-9-R-555
WARNER, AUGUSTUS A.          OTSELIC                       NY-9-Z-509
WARNER, DELECTA              MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-JJ-461
WARNER, HIRAM                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-R-575
WARNER, JONATHAN             NORWICH                       NY-9-II-85
WARNER, JOSEPH L.            GREENE                        NY-9-AA-49
WARNER, MAGGIE A.            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-II-377
WARNER, MARY C.              COVENTRY                      NY-9-36-425
WARNER, OLIVER               OTSELIC                       NY-9-H-397
WARNER, RICHARD              PITCHER                       NY-9-H-283
WARNER, ROSWELL              OTSELIC                       NY-9-DD-395
WARNER, SARAH                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-T-145
WARNER, SOLOMON              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-D-311
WARNER, WILLIAM              COVENTRY                      NY-9-36-53
WARREN, ELISHA M.            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-II-205
WARREN, LAURA                AFTON                         NY-9-BB-111
WARREN, ROMEO                COVENTRY                      NY-9-X-371
WARREN, SIMEON W.            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-Z-229
WARREN, WOODWARD             COVENTRY                      NY-9-Z-261
WASHBURN, JOHN Y.            NORWICH                       NY-9-CC-175
WASMUS, THOMAS               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-C-16
WATERMAN, RICHARD            PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-A-225
WATERS, FIDELIA K.           NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-JJ-33
WATERS, HENRY                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-H-373
WATERS, SYLVANUS             NORWICH                       NY-9-V-405
WATKINS, AMELIA              NORWICH                       NY-9-36-145
WATKINS, IRA                 OTSELIC                       NY-9-R-541
WATROUS, EDWIN M.            GUILFORD                      NY-9-36-537
WATROUS, MOSES               GREENE                        NY-9-AA-501
WATROUS, ORIN G.             GREENE                        NY-9-II-333
WATSON, ALAMANZAR            OXFORD                        NY-9-Z-163
WATSON, IRA                  SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-CC-335
WATSON, IRA                  GREENE                        NY-9-U-295
WATSON, JENETTE M.           OXFORD                        NY-9-BB-189
WATSON, STILLMAN             GREENE                        NY-9-JJ-109
WEAVER, J. C.                MC DONOUGH                    NY-9-JJ-537
WEAVER, JOHN                 GREENE                        NY-9-36-381
WEAVER, JONATHAN             PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-E-1
WEAVER, LUCY                 NORWICH                       NY-9-Y-47
WEAVER, WILLIAM              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-II-185
WEBB, ANDREW                 NORWICH                       NY-9-C-231
WEBB, DANIEL                 OXFORD                        NY-9-A-274
WEBB, DAVID                  NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-F-255
WEBB, JOHN                   SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-CC-403
WEBB, JOHN                   OXFORD                        NY-9-C-104
WEBB, LEANDER                SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-K-259
WEBB, LORING                 OXFORD                        NY-9-P-185
WEBB, LYMAN                  SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-AA-489
WEBB, MARY E.                OTSELIC                       NY-9-Y-341
WEBB, MATILDA M.             GREENE                        NY-9-HH-113
WEBB, PHILO                  GREENE                        NY-9-BB-39
WEBB, RICHARD J.             SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-GG-197
WEBB, WILLIAM                SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-N-61
WEBSTER, MARY A.             OTSELIC                       NY-9-GG-101
WEBSTER, SIMEON              PITCHER                       NY-9-O-5
WEDGE, JOEL                  AFTON                         NY-9-V-195
WEDGE, ORRIS                 NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Y-323
WEDGE, PRISCILLA             GUILFORD                      NY-9-GG-229
WEDGE, WILLIAM S.            AFTON                         NY-9-AA-9
WEED, ELIAZER                OXFORD                        NY-9-M-331
WEEDEN, HENRY L.             NORWICH                       NY-9-36-221
WEEKS, MARY A.               GREENE                        NY-9-Z-93
WEEKS, REUBEN H.             PITCHER                       NY-9-FF-109
WEEKS, SAMANTHA              PITCHER                       NY-9-FF-561
WEEKS, STEPHEN               OXFORD                        NY-9-T-551
WEEKS, STEPHEN               *                             NY-9-A-263
WELCH, AUGUSTUS C.           NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-F-476
WELCH, BENJAMIN              GREENE                        NY-9-K-157
WELCH, CYNTHA                SMYRNA                        NY-9-V-125
WELCH, LAURA ANN STATA       OTSELIC                       NY-9-F-580
WELCH, MARIUS                GREENE                        NY-9-Q-175
WELCH, THOMAS                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-Y-471
WELCH, TOWNSEND D.           GREENE                        NY-9-BB-17
WELER, PHEBE                 NORWICH                       NY-9-S-391
WELLS, DERRICK H.            GREENE                        NY-9-EE-305
WELLS, ELIZABETH             MC DONOUGH                    NY-9-GG-397
WELLS, GEORGE W.             GUILFORD                      NY-9-DD-321
WELLS, HANNAH                NORWICH                       NY-9-H-187
WELLS, MARY ANN              PITCHER                       NY-9-BB-13
WELLS, MOLBRO                PHARSALIA                     NY-9-Q-521
WELLS, WAIT                  PITCHER                       NY-9-Z-401
WESC BARSTOW, SALLY A.       BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-JJ-1
WESCOTE, BENEDICT            PRESTON                       NY-9-E-235
WESCOTT, CYNTHIA             NORWICH                       NY-9-U-531
WEST, BETSEY                 COLUMBUS                      NY-9-Y-387
WEST, CHARLES E.             COLUMBUS                      NY-9-N-415
WEST, FANNIE J.              PITCHER                       NY-9-U-475
WEST, HANNAH                 OXFORD                        NY-9-B-57
WEST, OLIVE                  COVENTRY                      NY-9-Z-579
WEST, WILLIAM                SMYRNA                        NY-9-G-277
WEST, WILLIAM                NORWICH                       NY-9-A-133
WESTCOTT, ALONZO             BAINBRIDGE                    33-397
WESTOVER, CALVIN             PRESTON                       NY-9-X-35
WESTOVER, HANNAH             GUILFORD                      NY-9-W-81
WESTOVER, ORLIN              OXFORD                        NY-9-F-472
WETMORE, FRANCIS S.          NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-245
WETMORE, GIDEON              NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-73
WETMORE, JAMES K.            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-II-569
WHEAT, HENRY                 PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-DD-235
WHEATON, BENJAMIN            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-E-585
WHEATON, REUBEN              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-N-67
WHEELER, CHARITY             NORWICH                       NY-9-EE-285
WHEELER, CHAUNCEY G.         NORWICH                       NY-9-T-365
WHEELER, DAVID               OXFORD                        NY-9-FF-361
WHEELER, EPHRAIM             GREENE                        NY-9-R-265
WHEELER, EZEKIEL             GUILFORD                      NY-9-E-10
WHEELER, FANNIE              GUILFORD                      NY-9-36-515
WHEELER, HENRY               OXFORD                        NY-9-G-227
WHEELER, MOSES H.            PHARSALIA                     NY-9-T-205
WHEELER, NATHAN P.           NORWICH                       NY-9-X-545
WHEELER, PHILIP              OXFORD                        NY-9-U-255
WHEELER, SAMUEL              GREENE                        NY-9-O-485
WHEELER, SYLVESTER           OTSELIC                       NY-9-X-415
WHEELER, THOMAS J.           GUILFORD                      NY-9-S-355
WHEELER, WILLIAM D.          GREENE                        NY-9-N-85
WHIPPLE, MASON               MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-V-201
WHITBECK, CORNELIUS          GREENE                        NY-9-EE-57
WHITBY, JOSEPH               LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-F-562
WHITCOMB, ASA H.             GUILFORD                      NY-9-S-121
WHITCOMB, HANNAH S.          GUILFORD                      NY-9-W-555
WHITCOMB, MORRIS A.          NORWICH                       NY-9-II-419
WHITE, CAROLINE              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-HH-373
WHITE, DAVID H.              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-DD-415
WHITE, DEVILLO               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-W-295
WHITE, ELIZABETH             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-BB-561
WHITE, ISAIAH                NTL                           NY-9-I-235
WHITE, JOSEPH D.             COLUMBUS                      NY-9-S-191
WHITE, MEHITABLE             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-GG-413
WHITE, SAMUEL                NEW BELRIN                    NY-9-N-301
WHITE, THOMPSON              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-DD-601
WHITELEY, GURDON             PRESTON                       NY-9-M-187
WHITEMORE, JOHN E.           GUILFORD                      NY-9-Y-505
WHITING, ARTHUSA             GUILFORD                      NY-9-I-25
WHITING, ERASUS B.           NORWICH                       NY-9-H-97
WHITMAN, STEPHEN             BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-FF-13
WHITMARSH, EBER              OXFORD                        NY-9-Y-85
WHITMARSH, SUSAN E.          GREENE                        NY-9-W-525
WHITMARSH, ZACHARIAH         GREENE                        NY-9-F-220
WHITMORE, LUTHER             COLUMBUS                      NY-9-P-101
WHITTENHALL, URI             GREENE                        NY-9-AA-211
WICKS, MARVIN                NORWICH                       NY-9-U-355
WICKS, WILLIAM               AFTON                         NY-9-DD-377
WIDGER, ELI                  PRESTON                       NY-9-F-35
WIDGER, ELIAS                OTSELIC                       NY-9-R-341
WIDGER, WILLIAM              OXFORD                        NY-9-U-525
WIGHT, JONAS                 SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-U-155
WIGHT, NIRUM L.              GERMAN                        NY-9-I-379
WIGHT, WILLIAM C.            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-P-389
WIGHTMAN, HARRIET A.         NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-T-1
WIGHTMAN, MARY J.            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-GG-345
WIGHTMAN, SYLVESTER          NORWICH                       NY-9-Y-19
WILBER, ASA                  SMYRNA                        NY-9-Z-569
WILBER, FANNIE J.            OTSELIC                       NY-9-S-351
WILBER, PLATT                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-HH-217
WILBUR, ABIGAIL              OXFORD                        NY-9-Z-201
WILBUR, CYNTHIA              NORWICH                       NY-9-O-227
WILBUR, EUGENE               OTSELIC                       NY-9-HH-497
WILBUR, JOHN B.              SHERBURN                      NY-9-W-335
WILBUR, LAURA                PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-Y-373
WILBUR, RECORD               COVENTRY                      NY-9-I-391
WILCOX, ARCHIBALD            OXFORD                        NY-9-G-84
WILCOX, CLARISSA A.          SMYRNA                        NY-9-CC-121
WILCOX, EDWIN                GREENE                        NY-9-E-611
WILCOX, FREELOVE A.          NORWICH                       NY-9-EE-419
WILCOX, HENRY H.             SMYRNA                        NY-9-X-395
WILCOX, JOB                  OXFORD                        NY-9-A-103
WILCOX, JOHN                 SMYRNA                        NY-9-HH-485
WILCOX, ROBERT H.            SMYRNA                        NY-9-C-313
WILCOX, ROBERT H.            SMYRNA                        NY-9-CC-65
WILCOX, THOMAS               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-E-591
WILCOX, THOMAS S.            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-Y-523
WILCOX, WEALTHY              SMYRNA                        NY-9-Q-401
WILCOX, WILLIAM              NORWICH                       NY-9-G-258
WILDER, MARY ANN             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-U-121
WILDMAN, JOHN                PITCHER                       NY-9-X-541
WILKES, BARNUM               PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-D-331
WILKES, ELIZABETH S.         PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-U-571
WILKINS, FANNA               GUILFORD                      NY-9-Z-127
WILKINS, JOSHUA L.           COVENTRY                      NY-9-R-335
WILKINSON, WILLIAM W.        AFTON                         NY-9-T-475
WILLARD, AUGUSTUS            GREENE                        NY-9-O-65
WILLARD, LAURA               GREENE                        NY-9-HH-137
WILLARD, MARCUS S.           NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-F-266
WILLCOX, CHARLES             SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-M-127
WILLCOX, CHARLES F.          OXFORD                        NY-9-DD-107
WILLCOX, DIMMICI             OXFORD                        NY-9-36-419
WILLCOX, E. PERCIVAL         OXFORD                        NY-9-O-407
WILLCOX, ELIZABETH           NORWICH                       NY-9-M-535
WILLCOX, GARDNER H.          SMYRNA                        NY-9-O-449
WILLCOX, HASARD              SMYRNA                        NY-9-D-196
WILLCOX, HOPSON              SMYRNA                        NY-9-B-39
WILLCOX, IDA L.              SMYRNA                        NY-9-36-97
WILLCOX, IRA                 OXFORD                        NY-9-F-437
WILLCOX, IRA                 OXFORD                        NY-9-II-49
WILLCOX, ISAIAH              COLUMBUS                      NY-9-K-469
WILLCOX, JANE                SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-I-259
WILLCOX, JOB                 OXFORD                        NY-9-F-118
WILLCOX, LILLIBRIDGE         SMYRNA                        NY-9-G-17
WILLCOX, LUCY                OXFORD                        NY-9-R-135
WILLCOX, LUCY                OXFORD                        NY-9-U-101
WILLCOX, LYDIA A.            MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-AA-601
WILLCOX, NATHAN R.           SMYRNA                        NY-9-L-174
WILLCOX, NATHANIEL           PRESTON                       NY-9-O-503
WILLCOX, SARAH L.            SMYRNA                        NY-9-FF-145
WILLCOX, THOMAS L.           SMYRNA                        NY-9-X-535
WILLCOX, TYLER D.            GERMAN                        NY-9-S-85
WILLCOX, WILLIAM R.          SMYRNA                        NY-9-Y-99
WILLEY, ASA                  GUILFORD                      NY-9-Z-23
WILLEY, AURELIUS E.          SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Y-201
WILLEY, HIRAM                AFTON                         NY-9-GG-41
WILLIAMS, ANTHONY            GUILFORD                      NY-9-BB-423
WILLIAMS, CHARLES B.         NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-36-197
WILLIAMS, CLEMENT B.         AFTON                         NY-9-R-321
WILLIAMS, EBER               OXFORD                        NY-9-T-45
WILLIAMS, EDWARD             COLUMBUS                      NY-9-O-245
WILLIAMS, EDWARD C.          NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Q-585
WILLIAMS, FANNY              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-V-555
WILLIAMS, GEORGE             GUILFORD                      NY-9-S-311
WILLIAMS, GEORGE M.          NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-H-37
WILLIAMS, HELEN S.           NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-FF-89
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH             MOUNT UPTON                   NY-9-T-235
WILLIAMS, RUSSEL D.          BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-Z-477
WILLIAMS, SALLY              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-V-511
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL A.          SHERBURNE                     NY-9-D-148
WILLIAMS, SETH S.            SMYRNA                        NY-9-Q-541
WILLIAMS, SMITH              COLUMBUS                      NY-9-A-137
WILLIAMSON, EUGENE E.        GREENE                        NY-9-Y-485
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM          GREENE                        NY-9-GG-301
WILLOUGHBY, BLISS            OXFORD                        NY-9-F-109
WILLOUGHBY, JOHN B.          OXFORD                        NY-9-Y-509
WILLSEY, ISAAC H.            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-II-297
WILSON, BENJAMIN             OXFORD                        NY-9-A-111
WILSON, JOHN                 SMYRNA                        NY-9-A-214
WILTSE, MARGARET             GREENE                        NY-9-F-213
WINCHELL, DAVID              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-R-215
WINCHELL, ELECTA A.          MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-Y-575
WINN, JOSEPH                 SMYRNA                        NY-9-R-395
WINSOR, ANAN                 NTL                           NY-9-A-370
WINSOR, CALEB                GUILFORD                      NY-9-E-587
WINSOR, CHARLOTTE            GUILFORD                      NY-9-I-175
WINSOR, GEORGE H.            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-V-355
WINSOR, GEORGE W.            NORWICH                       NY-9-CC-385
WINSOR, MARTIN V. B.         GUILFORD                      NY-9-X-431
WINSOR, OLNEY J.             BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-W-15
WINSOR, OWEN                 GUILFORD                      NY-9-EE-521
WINSOR, SARAH                NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-523
WINSOR, SELANA               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-CC-519
WINSOR, STEPHEN              GUILFORD                      NY-9-H-555
WINSOR, STEPHEN              OXFORD                        NY-9-A-331
WINSTON, ISAAC B.            GREENE                        NY-9-CC-339
WINSTON, JEREMIAH            GREENE                        NY-9-V-491
WINSTON, JOEL C.             NTL                           NY-9-P-485
WINSTON, TIMOTHY B.          BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-Y-359
WINTER, CHARLOTTE            GREENE                        NY-9-AA-339
WINTER, MARGARET             GREENE                        NY-9-Z-575
WINTER, WILLIAM              GREENE                        NY-9-P-407
WINTERS, CHRISTIAN           PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-U-201
WINTON, LUZERNE              NORWICH                       NY-9-P-13
WISWELL, FANNIE T.           OXFORD                        NY-9-DD-571
WISWELL, JAMES               GREENE                        NY-9-F-591
WOLCOTT, NELSON              OTSELIC                       NY-9-T-21
WOOD, ALICE R.               GREENE                        NY-9-BB-379
WOOD, AMANDA                 GREENE                        NY-9-V-505
WOOD, ANNETTE                GUILFORD                      NY-9-V-231
WOOD, FRANCES E.             NORWICH                       NY-9-EE-33
WOOD, GALIUS                 SMYRNA                        NY-9-R-455
WOOD, HARVEY                 AFTON                         NY-9-W-321
WOOD, HERMON                 NORWICH                       NY-9-I-127
WOOD, HOWARD W.              BALTIMORE, BALTIMORE, MD      NY-9-L-319
WOOD, JOSEPH                 NORWICH                       NY-9-CC-215
WOOD, KIMBALL                NORWICH                       NY-9-O-257
WOOD, POMEROY B.             SMYRNA                        NY-9-JJ-503
WOOD, PORTER                 NORWICH                       NY-9-H-615
WOOD, SABRAH G.              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-BB-159
WOODARD, JEDEDIAH            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Q-341
WOODARD, POLLY               AFTON                         NY-9-R-105
WOODARD, REBECCA G.          SHERBURNE                     NY-9-X-141
WOODARD, ZOEL                AFTON                         NY-9-Q-215
WOODLEY, JAMES               OTSELIC                       NY-9-DD-583
WOODMANSEE, RAY              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-T-17
WOODWARD, HEMAN              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-BB-593
WOOLEY, SYLVESTER W.         AFTON                         NY-9-HH-85
WRIGHT, ALICE M.             NORWICH                       NY-9-BB-427
WRITTER, JOHN                MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-E-467
WTROUS, BUEL                 GREENE                        NY-9-Y-561
WYLIE, JOHN                  COVENTRY                      NY-9-CC-617
WYLIE, SAMUEL                COVENTRY                      NY-9-F-71
YALE, BIRDSALL               GUILFORD                      NY-9-Z-415
YALE, ELAM                   GUILFORD                      NY-9-N-355
YALE, JOB                    JERICHO                       NY-9-A-4B
YALE, JOEL                   GUILROD                       NY-9-K-457
YALE, PHILO                  COVENTRY                      NY-9-M-403
YALE, STANDLEY               AFTON                         NY-9-GG-545
YALE, STEPHEN                GUILFORD                      NY-9-O-125
YALE, URIAH                  GUILFORD                      NY-9-T-421
YALE, URIAH                  GUILFORD                      NY-9-C-190
YALE, ZENI                   GUILFORD                      NY-9-I-103
YARRINGTON, WILLIAM          PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-E-17
YEAW, GEORGE W.              PITCHER                       NY-9-AA-303
YORK, ARUBA                  OXFORD                        NY-9-Z-177
YORK, DAVID                  PITCHER                       NY-9-BB-441
YORK, HENRY L.               NORWICH                       NY-9-W-501
YORK, JEREMIAH               OXFORD                        NY-9-R-201
YOUNG, HENRY                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Q-351
YOUNG, LAFAYETTE             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-HH-301
YOUNG, MARTIN J.             COLUMBUS                      NY-9-BB-339
YOUNG, SALMON B.             OXFORD                        NY-9-BB-101
YOUNG, WILBUR F.             OXFORD                        NY-9-M-73
YOUNG, WILLIAM F.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-EE-377
YOUNGS, HETH P.              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-Y-89
ZOERB, CASPER                GUILFORD                      NY-9-HH-69
ZWICK, GEORGE                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-HH-49

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