Chenango County, New York
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MACDONALD, JOHN              AFTON                         NY-9-EE-5
MACK, DAVID                  GREENE                        NY-9-N-217
MACK, DORCAS                 GREENE                        NY-9-O-167
MACK, JOB                    SMYRNA                        NY-9-Z-583
MACKSEY, ELIZABETH           NORWICH                       NY-9-36-41
MAIN, GEORGE                 COLUMBUS                      NY-9-F-398
MAINWARRING, GILES           OXFORD                        NY-9-K-229
MAINWARRING, LYDIA           GUILFORD                      NY-9-DD-553
MALLORY, HULDAH E.           SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-X-135
MANDEVILLE, ELIZABETH R.     BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-CC-305
MANDEVILLE, JOHN             COVENTRY                      NY-9-A-320
MANDEVILLE, MELANCTON S.     COVENTRY                      NY-9-BB-463
MANLEY, CHRISTINA M.         GREENE                        NY-9-JJ-529
MANN, JOHN                   PHARSALIA                     NY-9-E-630
MANNING, MARY F.             NORWICH                       NY-9-EE-365
MANNING, NATHANIEL           COVENTRY                      NY-9-F-121
MANNING, SAMUEL              COVENTRY                      NY-9-E-514
MANNING, WILLIAM S.          COVENTRY                      NY-9-T-251
MANWARING, DANIEL O.         SMYRNA                        NY-9-T-175
MANWARING, LUCIUS            COVENTRY                      NY-9-GG-141
MANWARREN, GEORGE            OXFORD                        NY-9-F-43
MANWARRING, LEONARD S.       GUILFORD                      NY-9-DD-95
MARBLE, LYMAN D.             COLUMBUS                      NY-9-W-111
MARDEN, ISAAC S.             OXFORD                        NY-9-T-415
MARKS, BENONI H.             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Y-93
MARSH, BETHENIA LUCINDA      MOUNT UPTON                   NY-9-R-281
MARSH, HAMILTON              NORWICH                       NY-9-R-451
MARSH, JULIA A.              NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-CC-549
MARSH, JUSTUS                PHARSALIA                     NY-9-II-349
MARSH, SHELDON               GUILFORD                      NY-9-K-427
MARSHALL, HORACE             GREENE                        NY-9-W-411
MARSHMAN, DANIEL             OXFORD                        NY-9-JJ-449
MARTIN, JAMES                GREENE                        NY-9-P-449
MARTIN, LORINDA              LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-P-65
MARTIN, LYDIA E.             OXFORD                        NY-9-DD-497
MARTIN, SAMUEL               COVENTRY                      NY-9-E-5
MARTIN, SAMUEL A.            COVENTRY                      NY-9-U-575
MARTIN, SARAH                NORWICH                       NY-9-P-59
MARTIN, SEYMOUR              OXFORD                        NY-9-BB-251
MARTIN, WILLIAM A.           COVENTRY                      NY-9-E-534
MARVIN, BETSEY               MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-T-481
MARVIN, JEHIAL               GREENE                        NY-9-U-305
MARVIN, JOHN L.              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-N-313
MASON, JAMES H.              GREENE                        NY-9-Z-121
MASON, JOHN W.               GREENE                        NY-9-S-75
MATHEWSON, EMELINE           NORWICH                       NY-9-X-405
MATHEWSON, JERUSHA           GUILFORD                      NY-9-FF-389
MATHEWSON, JESSE A.          NORWICH                       NY-9-P-275
MATHEWSON, JOSEPH            SMYRNA                        NY-9-N-463
MATHEWSON, MARY A.           GUILFORD                      NY-9-JJ-509
MATHEWSON, MARY A.           GUILFORD                      NY-9-GG-61
MATHEWSON, NOAH              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-I-241
MATHEWSON, VOLNEY            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-R-241
MATHEWSON, WINSOR            PHARSALIA                     NY-9-R-311
MATTERSON, CHARLES B.        GREENE                        NY-9-II-373
MATTESON, ABRAHAM            GREENE                        NY-9-H-253
MATTESON, LUCY               GREENE                        NY-9-AA-255
MATTESON, MATILDA H.         SHERBURNE                     NY-9-II-329
MATTESON, SARAH ELIZABETH    SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Z-303
MATTESON, TOMKINS H.         SHERBURNE                     NY-9-X-481
MATTICE, ABRAM               GUILFORD                      NY-9-BB-119
MAXSON, ABBY                 PRESTON                       NY-9-Z-187
MAXSON, JOHN J.              PRESTON                       NY-9-Q-245
MAY, JOSEPH S.               NORWICH                       NY-9-O-203
MAY, SAMUEL                  NORWICH                       NY-9-A-142
MAY, SIMON C.                GUILFORD                      NY-9-HH-491
MAYDOLE, CHARLENA            NORWICH                       NY-9-II-497
MAYDOLE, DAVID               NORWICH                       NY-9-W-485
MAYNARD, HENRY C.            GREENE                        NY-9-F-300
MCAULIFFE, JOHN              OXFORD                        NY-9-JJ-81
MCBIRNEY, JAMES              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-H-337
MCCABE, FANCIS               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-R-501
MCCALL, CATHARINE            PITCHER                       NY-9-T-431
MCCALL, JOHN                 PRESTON                       NY-9-B-68
MCCALL, JOHN H.              PRESTON                       NY-9-BB-149
MCCALL, NANCY M.             PRESTON                       NY-9-BB-269
MCCALPIN, B. ELIZA           OXFORD                        NY-9-JJ-317
MCCALPIN, CHARLES W.         OXFORD                        NY-9-36-73
MCCANN, FELIX                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-U-485
MCCONAGLE, GEORGE            NORWICH                       NY-9-GG-309
MCCRAY, JOSEPH L.            SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-N-169
MCCRAY, MARGARET             SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-I-163
MCCRAY, ROBERT H.            SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-U-405
MCCRAY, WILLIAM              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-O-389
MCCULLOCH, ALEXANDER         SHERBURN                      NY-9-A-97
MCCULLOR, HARRIET V.         OXFORD                        NY-9-BB-97
MCCULLOR, SHERMAN A.         GREENE                        NY-9-X-281
MCCULLOUGH, JAMES            NORWICH                       NY-9-B-160
MCCULLOUGH, JOHN A.          AFTON                         NY-9-BB-493
MCDERMOTT, JOHN              OTSELIC                       NY-9-BB-23
MCENEANY, SARAH              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-JJ-467
MCENESNY, HUGH               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-JJ-53
MCFARLAND, NANCY M.          NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-141
MCFARLAND, SARAH J.          OXFORD                        NY-9-X-81
MCGEE, ALBERT                GREENE                        NY-9-GG-561
MCGOWAN, SARAH A.            NTL                           NY-9-Q-291
MCGOWEN, CORNELIUS           SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-E-482
MCGOWN, EDWARD               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-F-127
MCGREEN, MARGARET            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-9-R-301
MCINTOSH, REUBEN T.          GREENE                        NY-9-AA-353
MCKEE, JOSEPH                GERMAN                        NY-9-GG-93
MCKIBBIN, JOHN W.            PHARSALIA                     NY-9-M-499
MCKITTRICK, JOHN             SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-FF-221
MCMAHAN, JOHN                NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-529
MCMASTER, CYRUS              AFTON                         NY-9-U-401
MCMASTER, DAVID              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-F-30
MCMILLAN, JAMES L.           PHARSALIA                     NY-9-CC-137
MCNANY, THOMAS               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-S-171
MCNEIL, GEORGE               OXFORD                        NY-9-X-71
MCNEIL, JOHN                 OXFORD                        NY-9-C-115
MCNEIL, LUMAN                OXFORD                        NY-9-V-85
MCNITT, JAMES T.             NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-141
MCNITT, JOHN                 NORWICH                       NY-9-V-591
MCNULTY, BRIDGET             NORWICH                       NY-9-36-237
MCPHERSON, MASON J.          SHERBURNE                     NY-9-FF-337
MEAD, ALLEN                  NORWICH                       NY-9-Q-445
MEAD, ELIZA                  SMYRNA                        NY-9-X-565
MEAD, H. EVALINE             GUILFORD                      NY-9-JJ-277
MEAD, JOHN                   ITHACA, TOMPKINS, NY          NY-9-E-379
MEAD, JONATHAN               NTL                           NY-9-A-14B
MEAD, LORRIN                 GUILFORD                      NY-9-N-421
MEAD, PHILLIP S.             SMYRNA                        NY-9-C-223
MEAD, SMITH                  AFTON                         NY-9-H-585
MEAD, UNDERHILL              OXFORD                        NY-9-R-161
MEADE, ISLETON               GUILFORD                      NY-9-W-11
MEAGLEY, BARBRA              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-FF-285
MEDBERY, ABRAHAM             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-V-131
MEDBERY, STEPHEN             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-G-270
MEDBURY, ABBY                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-S-211
MEDBURY, ANGELINA C.         NORWICH                       NY-9-II-369
MEDBURY, ANGELL              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-AA-115
MEDBURY, ATHALINDA           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Y-163
MEDBURY, BENJAMIN            NEW BELRIN                    NY-9-N-331
MEDBURY, BETSEY              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Y-345
MEDBURY, CHARLES             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-H-609
MEDBURY, DEBORAH             AFTON                         NY-9-EE-601
MEDBURY, HARRIET             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-FF-431
MEDBURY, HEZEKIAH            AFTON                         NY-9-HH-21
MEDBURY, ISAAC               NORWICH                       NY-9-A-1B
MEDBURY, JANE C.             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-36-69
MEDBURY, NATHANIEL           NTL                           NY-9-A-158
MEDBURY, OSCAR H.            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-II-467
MEDBURY, STEPHEN             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-P-137
MELONDY, JOHN P.             BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-O-179
MERCHANT, EMILY              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-BB-225
MERCHANT, OSSIAN D.          GUILFORD                      NY-9-GG-53
MERITHEW, HORACE B.          UNADILLA, OTSEGO, NY          NY-9-HH-515
MERITHEW, JAMES S.           OXFORD                        NY-9-36-553
MERRELL, ELIZA               NORWICH                       NY-9-HH-393
MERRELL, IRA                 OXFORD                        NY-9-CC-535
MERRELL, IRENE               OXFORD                        NY-9-CC-317
MERRIAM, RUTH A.             PHARSALIA                     NY-9-V-315
MERRICK, MARIA               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-II-393
MERRILL, DWIGHT              NORWICH                       NY-9-EE-105
MERRILL, FREDERICK           COVENTRY                      NY-9-FF-479
MERRILL, TITUS               NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-H-379
MERRILL, WALTER A.           , BATON ROUGE, LA             NY-9-L-154
MERRITT, CHARLES H.          NORWICH                       NY-9-CC-331
MERRITT, JESSE               AFTON                         NY-9-S-181
MERRITT, MARY A.             NORWICH                       NY-9-II-361
MERRITT, SHERWOOD S.         NORWICH                       NY-9-O-383
MESSENGER, EZRA              NTL                           NY-9-Q-51
MESSINGER, JEANNIE F.        NORWICH                       NY-9-GG-85
METCALF, ALVINA R.           GUILFORD                      NY-9-CC-271
METCALF, LUKE                OXFORD                        NY-9-D-41
MEVINS, JOHN W.              OXFORD                        NY-9-HH-305
MILAN, ELLEN                 OXFORD                        NY-9-JJ-337
MILES, JOHN                  OXFORD                        NY-9-A-293
MILES, LUMAN                 COVENTRY                      NY-9-Y-51
MILLER, ALBERT P.            GREENE                        NY-9-II-401
MILLER, ANDREW               OXFORD                        NY-9-A-149
MILLER, CELIA O.             COLUMBUS                      NY-9-EE-29
MILLER, CHARLES B.           SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-Q-31
MILLER, DAVID                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-C-119
MILLER, ELIZABETH M.         OXFORD                        NY-9-CC-141
MILLER, EMELINE              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-HH-309
MILLER, EMMA                 NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-245
MILLER, GEORGE W.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-V-305
MILLER, HENRY L.             OXFORD                        NY-9-Z-107
MILLER, JUNEAU L.            OXFORD                        NY-9-S-35
MILLER, LUCASTA H.           NORWICH                       NY-9-Y-299
MILLER, LUCY                 PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-K-55
MILLER, LUCY                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-G-34
MILLER, MATTHEW              GUILFORD                      NY-9-W-145
MILLER, PHILLIP              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-P-113
MILLER, SAMUEL               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-F-395
MILLER, STEPHEN              LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-V-541
MILLER, THEODORE             NORWICH                       NY-9-I-31
MILLER, THOMAS               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Z-331
MILLER, UNDERHILL            OXFORD                        NY-9-N-409
MILLIKEN, MARY E.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-HH-401
MILLS, ALSON W.              GUILFORD                      NY-9-DD-115
MILNER, THOMAS               NORWICH                       NY-9-N-193
MILNER, THOMAS               NORWICH                       NY-9-E-360
MINER, CLARK P.              COVENTRY                      NY-9-EE-385
MINER, JOHN K.               GUILFORD                      NY-9-R-191
MINER, LOUISA R.             NORWICH                       NY-9-II-617
MINER, LUKE                  OTSELIC                       NY-9-R-115
MINER, PHILIP                GUILFORD                      NY-9-U-581
MINER, SERENA W.             NORWICH                       NY-9-P-245
MINOR, PHILO                 COVENTRY                      NY-9-M-205
MITCHELL, BENJAMIN T.        OXFORD                        NY-9-W-171
MITCHELL, CAROLINE D.        NORWICH                       NY-9-L-323
MITCHELL, GEORGE             NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-419
MITCHELL, HENRY***           NORWICH                       NY-9-G-332
MITCHELL, JOHN               NORWICH                       NY-9-EE-437
MITCHELL, NANCY A.           GREENE                        NY-9-S-241
MOAK, CATHERINE MARIA        SHERBURNE                     NY-9-36-361
MOFFATT, WILLIAM J.          AFTON                         NY-9-BB-9
MOHOWK, ALLEN                GREENE                        NY-9-P-149
MONAGHAN, JANE               SMITHVILLE FLATTS             NY-9-N-223
MONCRIEFF, JOHN              GREEN                         NY-9-JJ-593
MONROE, ARISTARCHUS          PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-K-91
MONROE, DAN                  PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-H-403
MONROE, SOLOMON              SMYRNA                        NY-9-Y-9
MONROE, WILLIAM              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-D-100
MOON, IRA                    NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-Z-593
MOONEY, GEORGE A.            GERMAN                        NY-9-S-575
MOORE, ALANSON               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-S-365
MOORE, IRA S.                MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-O-497
MOORE, JAMES ROBERT          NTL, WALWORTH, WI             NY-9-L-358
MOORE, JOHN                  OXFORD                        NY-9-V-335
MOORE, LYSANDER              OXFORD                        NY-9-II-281
MOORE, MARCIA E.             MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-N-103
MOORE, MARY A.               OXFORD                        NY-9-BB-519
MOORE, NATHANIEL F.          GREENE                        NY-9-AA-431
MOORE, ROBY                  NTL                           NY-9-L-262
MOORE, RUTH                  SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-D-323
MOORE, SARAH                 OXFORD                        NY-9-CC-395
MOORE, SEBASTIAN             OTSELIC                       NY-9-I-309
MOORE, SUMNER                BROOKFIELD, MADISON, NY       NY-9-W-211
MOORE, WILLIAM A.            AFTON                         NY-9-GG-537
MOORE, WILLIAM S.            GUILFORD                      NY-9-W-375
MOREHOUSE, NANCY             OXFORD                        NY-9-M-121
MORELY, MARY                 OTSELIC                       NY-9-DD-205
MOREY, ASA                   GERMAN                        NY-9-A-84
MORGAN, DUDLEY B.            GERMAN                        NY-9-EE-491
MORGAN, MARGARET G.          NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-DD-295
MORGAN, PEARCE               SMYRNA                        NY-9-U-361
MORICK, J. CHAUNCEY          PITCHER                       NY-9-H-645
MORLEY, ALONZO B.            CAPOPOLIS, CASS, MI           NY-9-L-233
MORLEY, LUTHER               SMYRNA                        NY-9-M-475
MORRIS, HARRIET E.           NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-DD-493
MORSE, BENJAMIN              EATON                         NY-9-T-291
MORSE, DRURY                 GREENE                        NY-9-N-343
MORSE, ELIZA                 NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Z-275
MORSE, MYRON L.              MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-Z-323
MORSE, OLIVE                 NORWICH                       NY-9-CC-451
MORSE, WILLIAM T             NORWICH                       NY-9-36-25
MORTON, JACOB                SOUTH NEW BERLIN              NY-9-W-371
MOSS, HORACE O.              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-36-625
MOSS, ISABEL A.              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-36-401
MOSS, JOSEPH                 NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-G-319
MOWRY, ANDREW M.             OXFORD                        NY-9-JJ-609
MOWRY, GEORGE                OXFORD                        NY-9-B-76
MOWRY, MARCY                 PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-T-355
MUDGE, ALMIRA                OXFORD                        NY-9-GG-209
MUDGE, BARBARA A.            AFTON                         NY-9-II-509
MUDGE, DAVID D.              OXFORD                        NY-9-W-481
MUDGE, ISAAC                 HAMILTON                      NY-9-E-619
MUDGE, JOEL                  GUILFORD                      NY-9-H-443
MUDGE, MARIA J.              AFTON                         NY-9-II-515
MUDGE, PHEBE A.              NORWICH                       NY-9-T-445
MUDGE, VAN RENSSELAER        GUILFORD                      NY-9-JJ-25
MUDGE, WILLIAM               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-H-495
MUIR, JOHN                   SHERBURNE                     NY-9-B-44
MULLIGAN, JAMES              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-S-95
MULLIGAN, JOHN               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-II-177
MULLIGAN, THOMAS             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-X-211
MUNDY, RICHARD K.            PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-JJ-41
MUNGER, ABRAHAM              MADISON, MADISON, NY          NY-9-F-498
MUNOSN, JOHN                 SMYRNA                        NY-9-B-142
MUNROE, DYAR                 PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-X-351
MUNSON, ALBERT               SMYRNA                        NY-9-V-285
MUNSON, LINUS W.             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-E-523
MURPHEY, EDWARD              MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-O-59
MURPHY, JOHN                 PRESTON                       NY-9-F-197
MYERS, FANNIE A.             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-EE-265
MYERS, LUCY D.               GREENE                        NY-9-X-151
MYERS, OLIVER                COLUMBUS                      NY-9-CC-553
MYGATT, HENRY                OXFORD                        NY-9-C-287
MYGATT, HENRY R.             OXFORD                        NY-9-S-595
MYGATT, MILTON               SMYRNA                        NY-9-CC-13
MYGATT, WILLIAM              OXFORD                        NY-9-O-521
MYGOTT, E. MARIA             OXFORD                        NY-9-GG-5
NASH, JACOB                  GERMAN                        NY-9-N-55
NASH, JOHN                   PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-A-375
NASH, LEWIS                  NORWICH                       NY-9-S-205
NEARING, JOE                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-BB-49
NEFF, SARAH A.               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-EE-157
NELSON, ELIZA                NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-617
NELSON, JOHN                 NORWICH                       NY-9-T-305
NEVIS, SARAH A.              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-FF-233
NEWELL, ALMIRA L.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-FF-301
NEWOTN, DANIEL               PHARSALIA                     NY-9-S-301
NEWTON, ALLEN                GREENE                        NY-9-Q-95
NEWTON, ANGELINE             OTSELIC                       NY-9-FF-585
NEWTON, BENJAMIN             COVENTRY                      NY-9-T-111
NEWTON, CATHERINE L.         PRESOTN                       NY-9-L-118
NEWTON, CHLOE S.             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-AA-295
NEWTON, CHLOE S.             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-X-191
NEWTON, DANIEL               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-S-361
NEWTON, DENNISON             PHARSALIA                     NY-9-S-471
NEWTON, ISAAC S.             NORWICH                       NY-9-BB-193
NEWTON, JEDUTHAN             NORWICH                       NY-9-M-25
NEWTON, JOHN A.              SIDNEY                        NY-9-G-485
NEWTON, JOHN R.              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-EE-361
NEWTON, MILES                OTSELIC                       NY-9-Z-89
NEWTON, NANCY                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-HH-467
NEWTON, WILLIAM              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-U-595
NEWTON, WILLIAM H.           GREENE                        NY-9-G-198
NICHOLS, ALFRED              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-K-331
NICHOLS, ERASTUS             LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-V-341
NICHOLS, HARRY S.            GERMAN                        NY-9-AA-5
NICHOLS, LUKE                AFTON                         NY-9-O-461
NICHOLS, POLLY               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-I-205
NICHOLS, SAMUEL              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-E-332
NICHOLS, THOMAS              NTL                           NY-9-W-1
NICHOLSON, WILLIAM B.        PRESTON                       NY-9-DD-565
NICKERSON, CORNELIUS C.      AFTON                         NY-9-S-451
NICKERSON, EDWARD W.         COVENTRY                      NY-9-II-201
NICKERSON, GEORGE B .        AFTON                         NY-9-Y-215
NICKERSON, JOHN              OXFORD                        NY-9-BB-431
NIGHTENGALE, HENRY           MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-R-125
NILES, CALEB                 GERMAN                        NY-9-H-313
NILES, CHARLES H.            GERMAN                        NY-9-FF-617
NILES, JOHN                  GERMAN                        NY-9-EE-393
NOBLE, IRA R.                OXFORD                        NY-9-Q-571
NOBLE, MATILDA               OXFORD                        NY-9-W-521
NOGAR, JOHN                  PHARSALIA                     NY-9-M-193
NORRIS, DANIEL               OXFORD                        NY-9-N-361
NORRIS, ISAAC                SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-Y-603
NORRIS, OLIVE Y.             SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-II-157
NORRIS, WILLIAM              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-F-490
NORRIS, WILLIAM W.           SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-Z-429
NORTHROP, DEWITT E.          NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-117
NORTHROP, JOHN               SMYRNA                        NY-9-F-566
NORTHROP, LUTHER J.          SMYRNA                        NY-9-BB-295
NORTHROP, PHEBE G.           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-CC-253
NORTHRUP, LOIS               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-BB-31
NORTHRUP, RACHEL             SMYRNA                        NY-9-Z-169
NORTON, CYRUS                OXFORD                        NY-9-A-77
NORTON, GRANDISON L.         OXFORD                        NY-9-DD-421
NORTON, ILES                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-F-559
NORTON, WILLIAM              GERMAN                        NY-9-X-91
NOYES, CLARISSA              NORWICH                       NY-9-K-409
NOYES, DANIEL                NORWICH                       NY-9-X-25
NOYES, NELLIE D.             NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-57
NOYES, SARAH A.              NORWICH                       NY-9-Y-411
OCKERMAN, SUSAN              GREENE                        NY-9-Q-111
OCONNOR, BRIDGET             OXFORD                        NY-9-II-13
ODELL, AUSTIN                GUILFORD                      NY-9-BB-277
ODELL, GEORGE C.             GUILFORD                      NY-9-FF-269
ODELL, ROBERT C.             COVENTRY                      NY-9-DD-481
ODELL, SAMUEL E.             GUILFORD                      NY-9-DD-335
ODELL, SARAH E.              COVENTRY                      NY-9-GG-313
ODLE, WARREN                 OTSELIC                       NY-9-B-52
OGDEN, ALVA                  GUILFORD                      NY-9-S-71
OGDEN, JONAS W.              MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-C-257
OGDEN, JOSEPH                COVENTRY                      NY-9-S-385
OLBEY, LABAN                 OXFORD                        NY-9-Q-195
OLEARY, HUMPHREY             GREENE                        NY-9-AA-269
OLEARY, HUMPHREY             GREENE                        NY-9-DD-125
OLIN, EDWIN C.               GREENE                        NY-9-HH-473
OLIN, FRANCIS D.             GREENE                        NY-9-U-105
OLIN, MARY V.                GREENE                        NY-9-O-233
OLIN, SCHUYLER               LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-DD-35
OLIN, SIDNEY E.              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-CC-347
OLIN, WILLIAM                GREENE                        NY-9-E-464
OLNEY, ANTHONY               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-HH-265
OLNEY, FREELOVE              COLUMBUS                      NY-9-U-215
OLNEY, JOSIAH G.             COLUMBUS                      NY-9-U-211
OLNEY, MARY ANN              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-HH-553
ONEAL, THOMAS                SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-V-385
ONEIL, DENNIS                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-EE-13
ONEIL, JAMES                 SMYRNA                        NY-9-AA-181
ONEIL, OWEN                  SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-Z-499
OROURKE, PATRICK             NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-375
ORWIN, MINA E.               AFTON                         NY-9-U-471
OSBORNE, BENJAMIN T.         GREENE                        NY-9-II-181
OSBORNE, FRANK E.            GREENE                        NY-9-JJ-297
OSBORNE, IRA B.              GREENE                        NY-9-36-137
OSGOOD, LUTHER               PRESTON                       NY-9-H-477
OSGOOD, LUTHER               PRESTON                       NY-9-H-513
OSTROM, RUDOLPH              GUILFORD                      NY-9-D-230
OTT, MASON                   NORWICH                       NY-9-II-625
OVERBOUGH, JOHNN.            GREENE                        NY-9-GG-65
OVIATT, DAVID                NORWICH                       NY-9-O-371
OWE, ARTHUR L.               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-X-435
OWEN, HOLDRIDGE T.           NORWICH                       NY-9-GG-241
OWEN, JESSIE G.              NORWICH                       NY-9-GG-237
OWEN, SALMON W.              NTL                           NY-9-X-311
OWENS, AARON                 BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-E-526
OWENS, ELBRIDGE G.           NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-U-181
PABODIE, ALDIN               NORWICH                       NY-9-N-403
PACKARD, BETSEY              AFTON                         NY-9-BB-409
PACKARD, CATHARINE O.        OXFORD                        NY-9-CC-301
PACKARD, OLIVER              COVENTRY                      NY-9-D-234
PACKER, AMOS B.              NORWICH                       NY-9-H-73
PACKER, HORACE               OXFORD                        NY-9-W-125
PACKER, JOTHAM               PRESTON                       NY-9-T-165
PACKER, MARY D.              OXFORD                        NY-9-F-310
PACKER, SALLY M.             NORWICH                       NY-9-CC-5
PACKER, WILLIAM              PRESTON                       NY-9-S-105
PACKER, WILLIAM K.           NORWICH                       NY-9-Z-471
PACKER, WILLIAM W.           OXFORD                        NY-9-F-269
PADDLEFORD, JOSEPH           GREENE                        NY-9-T-581
PADGET, ANNA                 OXFORD                        NY-9-E-600
PADGETT, JAMES               OXFORD                        NY-9-I-67
PADGETT, JOHN                OXFORD                        NY-9-D-295
PADGETT, MARIA L.            OXFORD                        NY-9-I-97
PADGETT, NELSON T.           GREENE                        NY-9-T-51
PADGETT, ROBERT              OXFORD                        NY-9-GG-205
PAGE, HORACE                 COLUMBUS                      NY-9-36-225
PAGE, JEROD                  GREENE                        NY-9-P-473
PAGE, LEONARD                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-DD-21
PAGE, LYDIA A.               GREENE                        NY-9-36-609
PAGE, SOLOMON                GREENE                        NY-9-Z-309
PAGE, TYRUS                  CHENANGO                      NY-9-W-191
PALMER, AMANDA               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-36-117
PALMER, DANIEL               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Q-235
PALMER, DANIEL W.            NTL                           NY-9-R-121
PALMER, ELIZA A.             NORWICH                       NY-9-BB-313
PALMER, ELLA A.              GUILFORD                      NY-9-JJ-521
PALMER, HARRIET              GREENE                        NY-9-AA-397
PALMER, IRA                  GREENE                        NY-9-V-401
PALMER, JAMES C.             BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-DD-65
PALMER, MATTHIAS             BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-G-102
PALMER, NATHAN               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-GG-285
PALMER, OLIVE                COLUMBUS                      NY-9-H-307
PALMER, OLIVER               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-H-627
PALMER, POLLY                COLUMBUS                      NY-9-H-591
PALMER, RUSSELL M.           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-BB-181
PALMER, SAMUEL               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-CC-377
PALMER, WILLIAM              BROOKFIELD                    NY-9-A-16B
PARCE, ARTHUR D.             OTSELIC                       NY-9-GG-161
PARCE, JUDSON E.             OTSELIC                       NY-9-Y-239
PARCE, POLLY J.              PITCHER                       NY-9-U-321
PARDEE, JARED                PITCHER                       NY-9-D-56
PARK, MARY A.                NORWICH                       NY-9-W-381
PARK, NEHEMIAH               PITCHER                       NY-9-U-75
PARK, OLIVE                  PRESTON                       NY-9-N-277
PARK, R. GILES               PRESTON                       NY-9-M-253
PARK, STEPHEN H.             PITCHER                       NY-9-M-265
PARKER, ALMIRA A.            OXFORD                        NY-9-EE-213
PARKER, AMAZIAH              OTSELIC                       NY-9-V-115
PARKER, ANDREW               LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-N-283
PARKER, BETSEY M. G.         NORWICH                       NY-9-O-251
PARKER, DANIEL               OTSELIC                       NY-9-DD-373
PARKER, EBER                 SMYRNA                        NY-9-A-122
PARKER, EMILY                GREENE                        NY-9-CC-249
PARKER, GAIUS L.             COVENTRY                      NY-9-Q-165
PARKER, HIRAM                NTL                           NY-9-Q-335
PARKER, JAMES B.             PITCHER                       NY-9-EE-431
PARKER, JOHN                 SMYRNA                        NY-9-M-241
PARKER, JOTHAM               COVENTRY                      NY-9-E-452
PARKER, JOTHAM               CHENANGO                      NY-9-F-74
PARKER, MALITA               GUILFORD                      NY-9-FF-313
PARKER, NANCY A.             OXFORD                        NY-9-CC-39
PARKER, NATHAN               NORWICH                       NY-9-G-217
PARKER, REUBEN               OTSELIC                       NY-9-M-145
PARKER, RICHARD H.           GREENE                        NY-9-36-261
PARKER, SILVANUS             NORWICH                       NY-9-F-578
PARKER, STEPHEN              SMYRNA                        NY-9-A-120
PARSONS, ALFRED              SHERBURN                      NY-9-W-455
PARSONS, AUGUSTUS            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-F-525
PARSONS, ELAM                SMYRNA                        NY-9-G-60
PARSONS, JENNIE LOUISE       BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-GG-625
PARSONS, JOHN                SMYRNA                        NY-9-E-181
PARTRIDGE, HARRIET A.        SHERBURNE                     NY-9-JJ-205
PARTRIDGE, HOSEA             SMYRNA                        NY-9-F-372
PARTRIDGE, JOHN              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-EE-125
PARTRIDGE, PAMELIA M.        SMYRNA                        NY-9-W-5
PATCHEN, LEVI M.             GUILFORD                      NY-9-O-89
PATTERSON, SARAH             NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-97
PAYNE, ARTHUR D.             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-U-285
PAYNE, MARY ANN              MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-GG-249
PEACOCK, DANIEL              NORWICH                       NY-9-Z-225
PEARCE, ELISHA L.            AFTON                         NY-9-H-519
PEARSALL, AMOS               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-M-31
PEARSALL, HENRY              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-Q-281
PEARSALL, LAMAN              GREENE                        NY-9-R-81
PEARSALL, MARIA L.           BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-II-217
PEARSALL, ROBERT             BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-R-155
PEARSALL, SHERMAN H.         BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-AA-561
PEARSALL, THOMAS             NTL                           NY-9-B-128
PEASE, WARREN                SMYRNA                        NY-9-O-281
PECK, BENJAMIN D.            NORWICH                       NY-9-HH-17
PECK, CLARISSA M.            GREENE                        NY-9-JJ-249
PECK, DANIEL                 GREENE                        NY-9-V-461
PECK, HENRY                  NORWICH                       NY-9-R-185
PECK, JOSEPH                 BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-A-279
PECK, LEWIS                  NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-Q-121
PECK, LUCY M.                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-HH-153
PECK, PHILIP                 NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-I-349
PECK, PHILO                  GREENE                        NY-9-W-255
PECK, REED                   AFTON                         NY-9-HH-25
PECK, RODERICK T.            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-EE-503
PECKHAM, JANE                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-BB-155
PECKHAM, JOHN T.             BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-I-367
PECKHAM, PERRY               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-H-561
PEIRCE, ALGERNON             LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-K-223
PEIRCE, ELEANOR              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-E-63
PELLET, ASA                  NORWICH                       NY-9-D-273
PELLET, ELIAS P.             NORWICH                       NY-9-D-303
PELLET, WILLIAM B.           NORWICH                       NY-9-R-141
PENDLETON, ISAAC             OXFORD                        NY-9-E-355
PENDLETON, NATHAN            NORWICH                       NY-9-E-76
PENDLETON, PELEG             NORWICH                       NY-9-N-97
PENDLETON, PELEG             NORWICH                       NY-9-36-341
PENDLETON, SIMEON            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-B-29
PENTECOST, CHARLES           SMYRNA                        NY-9-N-445
PERKINS, AGNES               OXFORD                        NY-9-O-41
PERKINS, CHANCEY             COLUMBUS                      NY-9-G-529
PERKINS, CONSTANT            COLUMBUS                      NY-9-I-7
PERKINS, ERASTUS             OXFORD                        NY-9-F-353
PERKINS, JOSHUA              PITCHER                       NY-9-FF-113
PERKINS, MARY A.             OXFORD                        NY-9-CC-31
PERKINS, PETER               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-CC-601
PERLEE, CLARA E.             NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-36-93
PERLEE, EDMOND S.            NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-GG-213
PERLEE, ISAAC B.             GREENE                        NY-9-36-113
PERLEE, ISAAC B.             NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-V-245
PERLEE, MAIRA S.             NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-W-265
PERLEE, SAMUEL R.            NORWICH                       NY-9-CC-167
PERRY, SARAH A. S.           AFTON                         NY-9-DD-249
PETERS, WILMARTH             NORWICH                       NY-9-K-319
PETTYS, ISAAC                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-P-511
PHELPS, BURR                 UNADILLA, OTSEGO, NY          NY-9-N-325
PHELPS, EDWIN A.             SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-M-421
PHELPS, ELY                  NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-X-305
PHELPS, ISAAC                SMYRNA                        NY-9-S-381
PHELPS, JOSEPH               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-D-19
PHELPS, MARY J.              NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-265
PHELPS, MINNA B.             NORWICH                       NY-9-L-385
PHELPS, PERSIS               SMYRNA                        NY-9-BB-115
PHELPS, PLINY                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-F-245
PHELPS, VERNON               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-GG-491
PHETTEPLACE, ELIZABETH       NORWICH                       NY-9-A-220
PHETTEPLACE, PHILLIP         NORWICH                       NY-9-V-345
PHETTYPLACE, SAMUEL          NORWICH                       NY-9-A-170
PHILLEY, ELIJAH              MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-Y-369
PHILLEY, ISAAC               MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-F-494
PHILLIPS, ASEPH              GUILFORD                      NY-9-U-5
PHILLIPS, CHARLTON           GUILFORD                      NY-9-HH-253
PHILLIPS, DANIEL C.          OTSELIC                       NY-9-X-145
PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH          COLUMBUS                      NY-9-FF-41
PHILLIPS, GEORGE W.          COVENTRY                      NY-9-E-108
PHILLIPS, HARLEY             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-AA-413
PHILLIPS, JAMES              COVENTRY                      NY-9-E-175
PHILLIPS, JAMES M.           COVENTRY                      NY-9-36-29
PHILLIPS, JEREMIAH           NTL                           NY-9-N-163
PHILLIPS, MICHAEL            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-B-103
PHILLIPS, NELSON             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-H-549
PHILLIPS, RICHARD            WESTFIELD, TIOGA, NY          NY-9-L-133
PHILLIPS, RUTH               PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-CC-159
PHILLIPS, TRUXTON            PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-Z-9
PHILLIPS, WELCOME G.         OTSELIC                       NY-9-II-161
PHINNEY, ABIGAIL             BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-T-565
PIER, AUGUSTIN               SMYRNA                        NY-9-HH-537
PIER, PHILO                  SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-D-327
PIERCE, HENRY C.             AFTON                         NY-9-AA-537
PIERCE, JOHN                 BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-HH-273
PIERCE, LOIS                 COVENTRY                      NY-9-AA-387
PIERCE, LOIS E.              NORWICH                       NY-9-U-375
PIERCE, SARAH E.             NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-301
PIERPONT, MERIT SACKETT      NTL                           NY-9-U-191
PIKE, ANELIZA                OXFORD                        NY-9-GG-337
PIKE, BETSEY                 NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-L-23
PIKE, HENRY                  NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-H-465
PIKE, JOHN G.                NORWICH                       NY-9-Y-43
PIKE, TITUS H.               PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-K-115
PIPER, JAMES                 OXFORD                        NY-9-M-469
PLACE, JARVIS W.             GUILFORD                      NY-9-W-221
PLATT, JULIETTE A.           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-II-341
PLIMATE, BENONI              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-A-117
PLUMB, ISAAC                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-GG-479
PLUMB, SAMUEL                PITCHER                       NY-9-E-170
POLLARD, JOSEPH              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-H-247
POOLE, JAMES                 AFTON                         NY-9-W-25
POOLE, LEWIS J.              AFTON                         NY-9-FF-377
POOLE, MARY                  BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-F-429
POOLE, MARY ELIZABETH        AFTON                         NY-9-W-461
POOLE, MARY H.               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-O-359
POPE, JOHN                   COLUMBUS                      NY-9-G-200
POPE, MARY J.                NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-133
POPE, SIDNEY                 COLUMBUS                      NY-9-Y-75
PORTER, ELIJAH               TAYLOR, CORTLAND, NY          NY-9-L-148
PORTER, ELIZABETH JULIA      SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-X-331
PORTER, GRACE A.             COVENTRY                      NY-9-36-57
PORTER, JOHN M.              GREENE                        NY-9-BB-79
PORTER, LUCRETIA             SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-X-321
PORTER, SAMUEL               COVENTRY                      NY-9-D-79
PORTER, TIMOTHY D.           COVENTRY                      NY-9-R-75
POST, ABSALOM                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-I-415
POST, BENJAMIN               AFTON                         NY-9-EE-193
POST, HANNAH A.              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-X-221
POST, JOHN H.                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-AA-27
POST, SUSAN                  BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-GG-393
POTTER, ELECTA               PRESTON                       NY-9-EE-593
POTTER, THOMAS               GREENE                        NY-9-H-175
POWELL, ELIZA                NORWICH                       NY-9-HH-201
POWELL, HENRY R.             PHARSALIA                     NY-9-V-275
POWELL, ISAAC T.             PHARSALIA                     NY-9-T-41
POWELL, WALLACE D.           PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-Y-257
POWERS, DIANTHA              LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-X-501
POWERS, EBEN                 LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-Q-561
POWERS, HORATIO N.           SMYRNA                        NY-9-GG-29
POWERS, MYRON                OXFOD                         NY-9-R-525
PRATT, ALANSON               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-M-427
PRATT, ALBERT                AFTON                         NY-9-N-127
PRATT, JEMIMA                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-T-385
PRATT, PETER                 AFTON                         NY-9-X-515
PRATT, SARAH                 NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-W-21
PRATT, TALCOTT               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-JJ-61
PRATT, WALSTEIN C.           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-E-546
PRATT, WILLIAM               NTL, LIVINGSTON, NY           NY-9-D-306
PRENTICE, JOHN A.            GUILFORD                      NY-9-JJ-341
PRENTICE, MARTHA R.          NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-241
PRENTICE, NATHAN U.          NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-DD-591
PRENTICE, THOMAS             NORWICH                       NY-9-M-379
PRENTICE, THOMAS H.          NORWICH                       NY-9-W-281
PRESHO, RODNEY               AFTON                         NY-9-M-433
PRESSON, STEPHEN             BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-E-382
PRESTON, BETSEY              COLUMBUS                      NY-9-L-143
PRESTON, DANIEL              OTSELIC                       NY-9-S-341
PRESTON, ELISHA              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-R-511
PRESTON, HIRAM               LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-DD-609
PRESTON, HIRAM               OTSELIC                       NY-9-BB-1
PRESTON, JOHN                JERMOND                       NY-9-A-260
PRESTON, LEVI                LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-G-195
PRESTON, SARAH               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-S-65
PRICE, ALBERT C.             AFTON                         NY-9-FF-293
PRICE, EMILY                 BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-U-1
PRIEST, JAMES                PHARSALIA                     NY-9-K-187
PRINCE, GERVIS               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-CC-595
PRINDLE, ELIZUR H.           NORWICH                       NY-9-CC-437
PRINDLE, HORACE G.           NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-117
PRITCHARD, ASA               OTSELIC                       NY-9-D-178
PRITCHARD, DAVID J.          NORWICH                       NY-9-V-15
PROSSER, EDMUND              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-CC-51
PUDNEY, DELOSS W.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Z-71
PURDIE, SAMUEL               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-DD-441
PURDIE, THOMAS               SMYRNA                        NY-9-U-175
PURDY, ABNER                 NORWICH                       NY-9-A-383
PURDY, CLARISSA              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-H-31
PURDY, EDMUND                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-FF-537
PURDY, JAMES                 PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-D-170
PURDY, JAMES                 SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-H-27
PURDY, LEWIS                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-U-115
PURDY, NATHANIEL             PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-I-193
PURDY, ORPHA                 MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-DD-575
PURDY, SMITH M.              NORWICH                       NY-9-P-257
QUAIL, DAVID                 EARLVILLE, MADISON, NY        NY-9-EE-117
QUEAL, WILLIAM G.            NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-299
RACE, ANN M.                 GREENE                        NY-9-JJ-185
RACE, AUSTIN W.              GREENE                        NY-9-II-225
RACE, CATHARINE M.           GREENE                        NY-9-EE-537
RACE, DERICK                 GREENE                        NY-9-W-65
RACE, GEORGE G.              GREENE                        NY-9-F-226
RACE, HENRY D.               GREENE                        NY-9-JJ-349
RACE, JOSEPH                 OXFORD                        NY-9-CC-501
RACE, SMITH                  GREENE                        NY-9-T-531
RAFFERTY, DANIEL             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Q-321
RAFFERTY, MARY               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-S-395
RAMSDALL, BETSEY             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Y-551
RAMSDELL, BEZER              PITCHER                       NY-9-S-51
RAMSEY, JAMES                GREENE                        NY-9-GG-57
RAMSEY, MAIA                 GREENE                        NY-9-36-121
RAMSEY, MARY                 GREENE                        NY-9-JJ-281
RANDALL, ABNER E.            OXFORD                        NY-9-O-419
RANDALL, AMELIA A.           GREENE                        NY-9-EE-209
RANDALL, AUGUSTA C.          NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Z-267
RANDALL, HANNAH M.           NORWICH                       NY-9-D-143
RANDALL, JEDEDIAH            NORWICH                       NY-9-E-423
RANDALL, JOHN                NORWICH                       NY-9-A-304
RANDALL, JOHN                NORWICH                       NY-9-G-90
RANDALL, JOHN C.             NTL                           NY-9-Q-265
RANDALL, LEVI                MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-I-49
RANDALL, MILTON J.           NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-489
RANDALL, PAUL K.             NORWICH                       NY-9-W-55
RANNEY, BETSEY               NORWICH                       NY-9-U-11
RANSFORD, HASCALL            NORWICH                       NY-9-D-257
RANSFORD, JOHN H.            NORWICH                       NY-9-HH-257
RANSFORD, JOSIAH             NORWICH                       NY-9-H-453
RANSOM, ELISHA               WOODSTOCK, WINDSOR, VT        NY-9-B-25
RANSOM, ELISHA               SMYRNA                        NY-9-F-425
RANSOM, JARED C.             OXFORD                        NY-9-W-561
RAPELYE, CHARLES H.          AFTON                         NY-9-CC-295
RATH, WILLIAM                NORWICH                       NY-9-CC-459
RATHBONE, LEVERETT B.        GREENE                        NY-9-FF-503
RATHBUN, SIMEON              NTL                           NY-9-A-56
RATHBURN, EVELINA J.         PHARSALIA                     NY-9-CC-425
RATHBURN, MARY               OXFORD                        NY-9-EE-257
RAY, LEVI                    NORWICH                       NY-9-F-306
RAY, LEVI JR.                NORWICH                       NY-9-F-223
RAY, LEWIS                   SHERBURNE                     NY-9-DD-365
RAY, LOIS W.                 NORWICH                       NY-9-O-269
RAY, LUCRETIA                SMYRNA                        NY-9-R-51
RAY, NATHAN                  SMYRNA                        NY-9-N-31
RAY, SENECA                  AFTON                         NY-9-O-467
RAYMOND, DANIEL              MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-D-218
RAYMOND, NEWCOMB             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-F-335
RAYS, MARY A.                OXFORD                        NY-9-36-491
READ, EMILY J.               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-II-25
READ, FLORA L.               OXFORD                        NY-9-CC-201
READ, HENRY K.               GREENE                        NY-9-T-591
READ, HIRAM                  GREENE                        NY-9-S-585
READ, MERICK                 GREENE                        NY-9-I-169
READ, PHINAS                 BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-F-501
READ, SILAS                  SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-F-203
RECORD, JOSEPH S.            SMYRNA                        NY-9-K-43
REDDEN, PATRICK              PRESTON                       NY-9-AA-515
REDFIELD, ACHSAH A.          BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-BB-45
REDFIELD, HENRY              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-T-501
REDFIELD, PARDON             BAINBRDIGE                    NY-9-U-275
REDINGTON, CORINTHIA E.      NORWICH                       NY-9-U-481
REDMOND, SARAH N.            GREENE                        NY-9-FF-9
REED, GARRET                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-E-258
REED, WILLIAM E.             NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-381
REES, JACOB                  SHERBURNE                     NY-9-C-99
REESE, SARAH F.              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-GG-437
REID, JOSEPH J.              NTL                           NY-9-M-7
REIDY, DANIEL                PRESTON                       NY-9-FF-413
REXFORD, ALLEN               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-T-55
REXFORD, CORNELIA J.         SHERBURNE                     NY-9-U-261
REXFORD, DANIEL A.           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-G-283
REXFORD, JESSE               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-A-299
REXFORD, NELSON C.           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-R-591
REXFORD, SENECA B.           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-H-9
REXFORD, WILLIAM D.          SMYRNA                        NY-9-U-55
REXFORD, WILLIE M.           MONTCLAIR, ESSEX, NJ          NY-9-L-343
REYNOLDS, ABEL               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-X-45
REYNOLDS, ARNOLD             SMYRNA                        NY-9-B-112
REYNOLDS, BRIDGET            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Z-435
REYNOLDS, EZEKIAL            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-HH-437
REYNOLDS, GEORGE W.          NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-JJ-97
REYNOLDS, HALSEY             OTSELIC                       NY-9-FF-173
REYNOLDS, HARRIET A.         OXFORD                        NY-9-36-521
REYNOLDS, JACOB              NTL                           NY-9-D-52
REYNOLDS, JOHN M.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-36-593
REYNOLDS, JOHN W.            SMYRNA                        NY-9-M-439
REYNOLDS, LAVINIA A.         SHERBURNE                     NY-9-HH-197
REYNOLDS, NELSON             GUILFORD                      NY-9-R-205
REYNOLDS, OLIVER             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-GG-129
REYNOLDS, SANFORD            PITCHER                       NY-9-C-174
REYNOLDS, SOPHIA             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-CC-609
REYNOLDS, STEPHEN V.         SMYRNA                        NY-9-CC-545
REYNOLDS, TIMOTHY P.         SMYRNA                        NY-9-O-53
REYNOLDS, TOWNER             OTSELIC                       NY-9-CC-35
RHOADS, NATHAN H.            PHARSALIA                     NY-9-JJ-85
RHODES, BETSEY A.            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-W-391
RHODES, JOSEPH               GUILFORD                      NY-9-C-44
RHODES, LAURA                GUILFORD                      NY-9-FF-5
RHODES, OLIVER               OXFORD                        NY-9-EE-141
RHODES, OLIVER C.            OXFORD                        NY-9-E-569
RICE, BETSEY                 SMYRNA                        NY-9-T-341
RICE, DAVID                  NORWICH                       NY-9-CC-583
RICE, ZACCHEUS               SMYRNA                        NY-9-S-371
RICH, CHARLES                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-K-415
RICH, GENEVIE P.             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-P-143
RICHARDS, ADALINE            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-P-323
RICHARDSON, GALETSEY A.      GREENE                        NY-9-FF-437
RICHER, JOHN                 COLUMBUS                      NY-9-V-585
RICHER, LOVINA               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-Q-115
RICHER, RANDALL              COLUMBUS                      NY-9-N-91
RICHMOND, DAVID              GUILFORD                      NY-9-A-296
RICHMOND, JOSEPH             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-F-458
RICHMOND, LEONARD            PRESTON                       NY-9-V-475
RICHMOND, NANCY              GUILFORD                      NY-9-E-444
RICKARD, CONRADT             SMYRNA                        NY-9-R-271
RICKARD, LEVI E.             SMYRNA                        NY-9-GG-325
RIDER, GEORGE                NORWICH                       NY-9-GG-529
RIDER, NATHAN                PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-E-148
RILEY, BRIDGET               NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-57
RILEY, EDWIN T.              COVENTRY                      NY-9-G-291
RILEY, JOSIAH                COVENTRY                      NY-9-F-229
RILEY, LOUISA L.             OXFORD                        NY-9-R-521
RILEY, SUSANNAH              COVENTRY                      NY-9-F-313
RINDGE, HENRY A.             NORWICH                       NY-9-EE-189
ROBBINS, JOHN B.             OTSELIC                       NY-9-FF-105
ROBBINS, MARIA               OXFORD                        NY-9-U-541
ROBBINS, MARION C.           OTSELIC                       NY-9-FF-97
ROBERTS, DEBORAH             GREENE                        NY-9-Z-257
ROBERTS, EDWARD M.           GREENE                        NY-9-BB-299
ROBERTS, ELIZABETH           NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-213
ROBERTS, GEORGE W.           GREENE                        NY-9-Q-225
ROBERTS, HANNAH D.           GREENE                        NY-9-DD-351
ROBERTS, IRENE               COVENTRY                      NY-9-K-97
ROBERTS, RUSSELL             GREENE                        NY-9-W-385
ROBINSON, ANN                OXFORD                        NY-9-R-475
ROBINSON, CYNTHIA M.         SHERBURNE                     NY-9-FF-197
ROBINSON, DAN H.             OXFORD                        NY-9-Q-145
ROBINSON, DELOS H.           GREENE                        NY-9-M-67
ROBINSON, ELIPHALET          AFTON                         NY-9-DD-505
ROBINSON, JOHN C.            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Y-233
ROBINSON, MINERVA            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Y-149
ROBINSON, SAMUEL M.          OXFORD                        NY-9-HH-229
ROBINSON, WILLIAM            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-D-182
ROCKWELL, CHESTER W.         GUILFORD                      NY-9-CC-505
ROCKWELL, ELIAS L            NORWICH                       NY-9-Q-375
ROCKWELL, GEORGE B.          GUILFORD                      NY-9-II-37
ROCKWELL, MINERVA            NORWICH                       NY-9-S-275
ROCKWELL, REBECCA            NORWICH                       NY-9-K-433
ROE, HARVEY                  SMYRNA                        NY-9-HH-317
ROGERS, ADON                 PRESTON                       NY-9-F-297
ROGERS, DANIEL               PRESTON                       NY-9-G-39
ROGERS, DE CALVUS            NORWICH                       NY-9-II-93
ROGERS, ETHAN                PRESTON                       NY-9-E-98
ROGERS, FERDINAND            GREENE                        NY-9-S-541
ROGERS, HIRAM K.             OXFORD                        NY-9-P-491
ROGERS, ISAAC                NORWICH                       NY-9-I-13
ROGERS, ITHURIEL             COVENTRY                      NY-9-C-128
ROGERS, JANE D.              PRESTON                       NY-9-II-253
ROGERS, JONATHAN D.          OXFORD                        NY-9-GG-13
ROGERS, JOSEPH S.            LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-Q-555
ROGERS, MARTIN V. B.         MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-V-421
ROGERS, NATHAN               PRESTON                       NY-9-JJ-497
ROGERS, SILAS                PRESTON                       NY-9-P-269
ROGERS, WILLIAM              GREENE                        NY-9-DD-587
ROGERS, WILLIAM              NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-Y-421
ROOD, IRENA B.               GREENE                        NY-9-HH-233
ROOD, ZIDANA E.              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-36-337
ROOS, JOHN B.                GREENE                        NY-9-Y-519
ROOT, AZARIAH                OXFORD                        NY-9-C-58
ROOT, DANIEL                 PITCHER                       NY-9-F-13
ROOT, HENRY                  PITCHER                       NY-9-DD-459
ROOT, MARY A.                OXFORD                        NY-9-N-175
ROOT, SAMUEL                 OXFORD                        NY-9-Z-57
ROOT, SYLVANUS               OXFORD                        NY-9-Q-581
ROOT, THOMAS                 OXFORD                        NY-9-F-542
RORAPAUGH, URIAH             SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-AA-553
RORIPAUGH, PETER             SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-H-1
ROSBROOK, MILTON H.          SHERBURNE                     NY-9-HH-9
ROSE, HARRIET H.             GREENE                        NY-9-EE-617
ROSS, ANN                    PRESTON                       NY-9-CC-343
ROSS, EBENEZER               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-B-108
ROSS, HECTOR                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Q-451
ROSS, HELEN L.               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Z-289
ROSS, ISAAC                  PRESTON                       NY-9-GG-361
ROUNDS, CORNELIA H.          OXFORD                        NY-9-JJ-245
ROUNDS, JOHN R.              OXFORD                        NY-9-G-55
ROUNDS, JOSEPH               OXFORD                        NY-9-II-293
ROUNDS, PRISCILLA            OXFORD                        NY-9-R-145
ROUSE, AUSTIN (M.D.)         OXFORD                        NY-9-N-259
ROUSE, KATE L.               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-CC-283
ROWLAND, BECKWITH            NTL, CHICKASAW, IA            NY-9-L-138
ROWLAND, ELI                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-T-405
ROWLAND, HOLLIS              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Z-219
ROWLEY, JUDAH                NEWTON                        NY-9-A-8
ROWLEY, REUBEN               NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-GG-609
ROWLEY, RHODERICK T.         OXFORD                        NY-9-GG-1
ROWLEY, SETH                 GUILFORD                      NY-9-S-271
ROYCE, DWIGHT J.             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Y-79
ROYS, LOYAL                  OXFORD                        NY-9-R-385
RUGG, GEORGE P.              OXFORD                        NY-9-36-509
RULAND, JOEL B.              AFTON                         NY-9-X-301
RUNDELL, MINERVA             NORWICH                       NY-9-EE-301
RUSHMORE, ISAAC W.           PLAINFIELD, UNION, NJ         NY-9-L-376
RUSSELL, BISHOP A.           OXFORD                        NY-9-W-51
RUSSELL, PETER L.            NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-GG-373
RYAN, ANNA                   SHERBURNE                     NY-9-D-83
RYAN, MARGARET               NORWICH                       NY-9-36-149

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