Chenango County, New York
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GAGER, BELA P.               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-S-545
GAGER, LUCRETIA E.           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-W-141
GAHEN, NICHOLAS              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-W-551
GALE, ALPHEUS                MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-M-109
GALLAGHER, EDWARD            NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-243
GALLAGHER, SARAH             NORWICH                       NY-9-GG-317
GALLUP, JOSEPH W.            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-BB-383
GALLUP, ROBERT               NTL                           NY-9-H-301
GALLUP, THOMAS               UNION, TIOGA, NY              NY-9-A-20
GAMSEY, PETER B.             NORWICH                       NY-9-E-420
GARDNER, HULDAH              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-Q-495
GARDNER, STEPHEN             NEWTOWN, TIOGA, NY            NY-9-A-11
GARLICK, MERCY               NORWICH                       NY-9-G-149
GARNET, WILLIAM              OXFORD                        NY-9-CC-561
GATES, AARON B.              NORWICH                       NY-9-V-575
GATES, AARON D.              OXFORD                        NY-9-DD-455
GATES, ROWANA H.             NORWICH                       NY-9-X-85
GATES, SIMEON                NORWICH                       NY-9-B-191
GATES, SIMEON                NORWICH                       NY-9-C-31
GATES, THERON G.             SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-EE-37
GATES, WARREN W.             SMYRNA                        NY-9-K-127
GAULT, MARIA                 MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-FF-473
GENNINGS, DAVID              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-Q-405
GENUNG, HARRIET              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Z-407
GERMAN, HANNAH               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-A-308
GERMAN, OBIDIAH              NORWICH                       NY-9-E-288
GERMAN, SILAS                COLUMBUS                      NY-9-A-310
GIBBS, EZRA                  GUILFORD                      NY-9-M-139
GIBBS, JOHN                  GUILFORD                      NY-9-X-471
GIBSON, ANN                  NORWICH                       NY-9-Q-395
GIBSON, GEORGE               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-HH-241
GIBSON, HARRIET W.           NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-485
GIBSON, JAMES                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-GG-149
GIBSON, PETER                GUILFORD                      NY-9-AA-457
GIBSON, ROBERT JR.           OXFORD                        NY-9-V-71
GIBSON, SARAH                OXFORD                        NY-9-W-231
GIBSON, STEPHEN              NORWICH                       NY-9-S-461
GIBSON, WILLIAM C.           BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-HH-221
GIFFORD, AARON               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-W-365
GIFFORD, ELIZA A.            LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-HH-545
GIFFORD, SAMUEL A.           OXFORD                        NY-9-JJ-333
GIFFORD, TOWNSEND M.         LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-HH-389
GILBERT, ABNER               GUILFORD                      NY-9-I-397
GILBERT, ABNER 2ND           NORWICH                       NY-9-P-227
GILBERT, BROWN S.            LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-V-451
GILBERT, DORCAS              OXFORD                        NY-9-CC-391
GILBERT, WILLIAM H.          OXFORD                        NY-9-II-237
GILE, JOHN                   NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-N-295
GILLILAND, ROBERT            GERMAN                        NY-9-V-481
GILLILAND, WILLIAM           GERMAN                        NY-9-T-321
GILLMAN, GEORGE F.           OXFORD                        NY-9-HH-509
GILLMORE, CATHARINE          NORWICH                       NY-9-E-363
GILMORE, HARVEY              GREENE                        NY-9-DD-81
GILMORE, JAMES               NORWICH                       NY-9-A-372
GILMORE, SAMUEL              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-FF-449
GLAZIER, PERLEY              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-I-325
GLEASON, JASON               NORWICH                       NY-9-D-113
GLEASON, JOHN F.             OXFORD                        NY-9-H-55
GLEASON, JOHN R.             OXFORD                        NY-9-P-167
GLEASON, LUCY                NORWICH                       NY-9-F-405
GLOVER, MARY E.              OXFORD                        NY-9-AA-149
GLOVER, SOPHIA               OXFORD                        NY-9-U-551
GODDARD, GEORGE W.           GUILFORD                      NY-9-II-261
GODFREY, JOHN J.             GUILFORD                      NY-9-CC-489
GODFREY, MARTHA              OXFORD                        NY-9-DD-85
GODFREY, NAHANIEL K.         GUILFORD                      NY-9-Z-79
GODFREY, SAMUEL              GUILFORD                      NY-9-G-210
GOODENOUGH, BENJAMIN         SANFORD                       NY-9-R-221
GOODENOUGH, DAVID            COVENTRY                      NY-9-A-202
GOODNOW, FOSTER J.           COLUMBUS                      NY-9-Z-439
GOODRICH, CHARLES W.         SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Y-407
GOODRICH, CLYMENIA           NORWICH                       NY-9-II-209
GOODRICH, ELIZUR             SMYRNA                        NY-9-EE-309
GOODRICH, HIRAM              NORWICH                       NY-9-GG-461
GOODRICH, HUBBARD            OTSELIC                       NY-9-C-7
GOODRICH, JEREMY             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-C-3
GOODRICH, LYDIA              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-C-143
GOODRICH, SUSANNAH           OTSELIC                       NY-9-F-324
GORDON, ELIZABETH            OXFORD                        NY-9-G-121
GORDON, ERASTUS              OXFORD                        NY-9-R-285
GORDON, GEORGE W.            OXFORD                        NY-9-F-468
GORHAM, JOHN                 NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-FF-85
GORTON, BENJAMIN H.          SHERBURNE                     NY-9-O-549
GOULD, JOHN WYLIE            COVENTRY                      NY-9-L-255
GOULD, SOPHRONIA             COVENTRY                      NY-9-CC-411
GRAHAM, CHARLES              AFTON                         NY-9-CC-163
GRAHAM, DAVID                SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-H-277
GRAHAM, JAMES                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-E-80
GRAHAM, MINERVA M.           BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-BB-303
GRAHAM, WILLIAM              AFTON                         NY-9-Q-575
GRANDY, MARY                 NORWICH                       NY-9-D-284
GRANT, DAVID                 SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-F-115
GRANT, EDWIN P.              NORWICH                       NY-9-CC-111
GRANT, GEORGE A.             AFTON                         NY-9-II-485
GRANT, JANE                  SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-T-575
GRANT, RUSSEL                PITCHER                       NY-9-EE-81
GRANT, SARAH A.              NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-157
GRANT, THERON                SMITHVILL                     NY-9-Q-181
GRAVES, ASENATH              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-G-69
GRAVES, CHAUNCY S.           GUILFORD                      NY-9-DD-399
GRAVES, GEORGE F.            GUILFORD                      NY-9-36-201
GRAVES, HORACE               NORWICH                       NY-9-F-273
GRAVES, JAMES D.             GUILFORD                      NY-9-O-155
GRAVES, JEMIMA               GREENE                        NY-9-G-44
GRAVES, LEWIS                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-T-185
GRAVES, LUCIUS               PRESTON                       NY-9-E-198
GRAVES, PAUL S.              OXFORD                        NY-9-Y-331
GRAVES, RUFUS                PRESTON                       NY-9-AA-347
GRAY, AMOS                   GREENE                        NY-9-B-21
GRAY, AMOS                   GREENE                        NY-9-O-161
GRAY, CATHARINE              LINCKLAM                      NY-9-H-355
GRAY, CORNELIA               GREENE                        NY-9-S-195
GRAY, JOHN                   OXFORD                        NY-9-T-471
GRAY, LOIS I.                OTSELIC                       NY-9-II-45
GRAY, MARY J.                GREENE                        NY-9-GG-173
GRAY, WARREN                 GREENE                        NY-9-V-261
GREEN, DANIEL H.             NORWICH                       NY-9-M-529
GREEN, ISAAC                 COLUMBUS                      NY-9-C-218
GREEN, JEREMIAH              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-CC-91
GREEN, JOHN                  OXFORD                        NY-9-C-237
GREEN, JULIA A.              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-V-351
GREEN, NANCY R.              NTL                           NY-9-U-111
GREEN, NELSON N.             GUILFORD                      NY-9-K-489
GREEN, WILLIAM W.            GUILFORD                      NY-9-K-401
GREENE, ALANSON              GUILFORD                      NY-9-N-25
GREENE, CALVIN BURR          NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-129
GREENE, CHARLES K.           MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-Y-141
GREENE, EDWARD               NORWICH                       NY-9-B-80
GREENE, EDWARD               GERMAN                        NY-9-Z-513
GREENE, JAMES H.             GERMAN                        NY-9-U-415
GREENE, JOHN M.              OXFORD                        NY-9-Z-271
GREENE, PHILANDER            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-AA-391
GREENLEAF, LEVI D.           NORWICH                       NY-9-HH-53
GREGORY, DANIEL              OXFORD                        NY-9-A-37
GREGORY, HAMILTON            GUILFORD                      NY-9-G-58
GREGORY, HENRY               GUILFORD                      NY-9-T-465
GREGORY, LUCIA ANN           GUILFORD                      NY-9-DD-535
GRIDLEY, LEVI                GUILFORD                      NY-9-G-457
GRIFFIN, CATHERINE           NORWICH                       NY-9-GG-265
GRIFFIN, JOSHUA              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-C-54
GRIFFIN, MICHAEL             PRESTON                       NY-9-CC-523
GRIFFING, DAVID              NORWICH                       NY-9-Q-565
GRIFFING, MARY E.            NORWICH                       NY-9-V-151
GRISWOLD, BETSEY             PHARSALIA                     NY-9-T-65
GRISWOLD, EGOFRD             COVENTRY                      NY-9-W-415
GRISWOLD, HARRY V. R.        GREENE                        NY-9-AA-423
GRISWOLD, HENRY B.           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-DD-429
GRISWOLD, JAVENAL            COVENTRY                      NY-9-T-131
GRISWOLD, ROBERT B.          NORWICH                       NY-9-Y-541
GRITMAN, HIRAM               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-DD-283
GROSS, JOHN                  GREENE                        NY-9-W-115
GROSS, LOUISA                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-CC-81
GROVER, WILLIAM B.           AFTON                         NY-9-DD-275
GUERNSEY, JANE M.            NORWICH                       NY-9-36-413
GUERNSEY, JOHN M.            OXFORD                        NY-9-I-475
GUERNSEY, MALINDA C.         GREENE                        NY-9-AA-247
GUILE, BENJAMIN F.           NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-M-157
GUILE, DEWITT C.             NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-CC-115
GUILE, PHEBE A.              NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-345
GUILE, REEVE D.              OXFOD                         NY-9-CC-43
GUILE, WILLIAM               NTL                           NY-9-R-231
GUILES, JOSHUA               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-FF-69
GUNN, WILLIAM                GUILFORD                      NY-9-C-11
GUNN, WILLIAM H.             NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-479
GURNSEY, SARAH               OXFORD                        NY-9-H-169
GUTHRIE, BETSEY              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-G-192
GUTHRIE, JAMES               SHERBURN                      NY-9-A-49
GUTHRIE, JOSEPH              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-E-458
GUTHRIE, JUSTUS S.           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-G-144
GUTHRIE, WILLIAM             JERICHO                       NY-9-A-71
HACKETT, LOUISA V.           NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-67
HADLEY, JOHN                 MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-F-482
HADLOCK, HORACE P.           NTL                           NY-9-O-185
HADLOCK, JOHN                NORWICH                       NY-9-BB-577
HADLOCK, MARIA               NORWICH                       NY-9-S-111
HAGAMAN, GEORGE              GREENE                        NY-9-H-449
HAIGHT, BENJAMIN J.          NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-DD-343
HAIGHT, GEORGE W.            GREENE                        NY-9-X-355
HAIGHT, LUCY M.              NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-HH-149
HAIGHT, MARIA L.             NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-36-157
HAIGHT, RUTH ANN             GERMAN                        NY-9-T-31
HAIGHT, SAMUEL               SHERBURN                      NY-9-A-64
HAKES, DEBORAH               PITCHER                       NY-9-G-178
HAKES, DENISON R.            PITCHER                       NY-9-W-425
HALE, DANIEL                 TRIANGLE, BROOME, NY          NY-9-E-103
HALE, NELSON.                NORWICH                       NY-9-T-295
HALL, ALEXANDER              PHARSALIA                     NY-9-CC-257
HALL, BENJAMIN P.            PITCHER                       NY-9-V-121
HALL, CAROLINE               PITCHER                       NY-9-AA-23
HALL, CAROLINE E.            PRESTON                       NY-9-Y-253
HALL, CHARLES M.             NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-53
HALL, EBENEZER               PRESTON                       NY-9-Y-65
HALL, ELISAPH                OXFORD                        NY-9-Q-465
HALL, ERASTUS G.             SMYRNA                        NY-9-EE-221
HALL, HARRIET                SMYRNA                        NY-9-Q-315
HALL, HENRY R.               GREENE                        NY-9-CC-369
HALL, JANNETT H.             OXFORD                        NY-9-II-53
HALL, MARY ANN               NORWICH                       NY-9-H-663
HALL, SAMUEL                 PRESTON                       NY-9-R-131
HALL, SARAH J.               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-CC-579
HALL, SOLOMON S.             SMYRNA                        NY-9-N-457
HALL, THOMAS P.              NORWICH                       NY-9-H-343
HALL, WILLIAM                GREEN                         NY-9-I-115
HALLENBECK, CHARLES          GREENE                        NY-9-R-295
HALLENBECK, JOHN V.          GREENE                        NY-9-Q-171
HALLETT, ELENOR              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-P-215
HALLETT, SOLOMON             BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-E-122
HALSTEAD, HENRY              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-GG-349
HAMILTON, AMOS               GUILFORD                      NY-9-N-451
HAMILTON, CALISTA C.         NORWICH                       NY-9-O-29
HAMILTON, FRANK W.           SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-36-473
HAMILTON, JESSE              OXFORD                        NY-9-A-199
HAMILTON, JOSEPH W.          OXFORD                        NY-9-36-241
HAMILTON, LOUISA             OXFORD                        NY-9-EE-45
HAMILTON, LYDIA              OXFORD                        NY-9-E-41
HAMILTON, ORRIS              NORWICH                       NY-9-M-259
HAMILTON, SQUIRE             SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-D-200
HAMMOND, JOHN                GREENE                        NY-9-GG-401
HAMMOND, MARY E.             PRESTON                       NY-9-AA-365
HANFORD, HANNAH              GREENE                        NY-9-N-307
HARD, MARY                   AFTON                         NY-9-BB-27
HARDY, DUDLY                 COLUMBUS                      NY-9-F-152
HARDY, PHEBE                 COLUMBUS                      NY-9-K-169
HARKNESS, JOHN               NORWICH                       NY-9-GG-509
HARKNESS, ROBERT             NORWICH                       NY-9-GG-277
HARRINGTON, ASA              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Y-449
HARRINGTON, DAVID            GREENE                        NY-9-DD-141
HARRINGTON, JAMES H.         PITCHER                       NY-9-Q-391
HARRINGTON, JOHN             OXFORD                        NY-9-E-298
HARRINGTON, JOSIAH           SMYRNA                        NY-9-Q-11
HARRINGTON, LEWIS            WESTFIELD, TIOGA, PA          NY-9-36-253
HARRINGTON, M. MAIA          SMYRNA                        NY-9-L-218
HARRINGTON, MELZAR W.        PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-H-235
HARRINGTON, PETER            COLUMBUS                      NY-9-G-97
HARRINGTON, RUSSEL W.        SHERBURNE                     NY-9-HH-431
HARRINGTON, SILAS N.         PHARSALIA                     NY-9-BB-449
HARRINGTON, STEPHEN          SHERBURNE                     NY-9-H-639
HARRINGTON, STEPHEN          PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-BB-475
HARRINGTON, WILLIAM A.       OXFORD                        NY-9-V-281
HARRINGTON, WILLIAM E.       PITCHER                       NY-9-GG-37
HARRINGTON, WILLIAM S.       GREENE                        NY-9-36-37
HARRIS, ALBERT G.            NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-317
HARRIS, BLIN                 NORWICH                       NY-9-K-289
HARRIS, CHARLES              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-B-174
HARRIS, DEXTER               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-V-35
HARRIS, HARVEY               NORWICH                       NY-9-X-55
HARRIS, JAMES                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-BB-609
HARRIS, JOHN                 NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-T-331
HARRIS, MARY                 OXFORD                        NY-9-X-451
HARRIS, PHEBE M.             NORWICH                       NY-9-EE-169
HARRIS, SQUIRE               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-T-395
HARRISON, ABEL               PITCHER                       NY-9-E-56
HARRISON, ELIZABETH          SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-P-263
HARRISON, GEORGE G.          GREENE                        NY-9-BB-471
HARRISON, JAMES              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-F-141
HARRISON, JAMES J.           SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-P-401
HARRISON, JOHN               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-U-461
HARRISON, JOHN               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-I-157
HARRISON, SAMUEL             SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-EE-545
HARRISON, SUSAN              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-V-95
HART, MARIA                  PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-CC-565
HART, SALLY                  COVENTRY                      NY-9-N-493
HART, SARAH P.               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-S-375
HARTWELL, BENJAMIN           NORWICH                       NY-9-Y-275
HARTWELL, EBENEZER           NORWICH                       NY-9-H-229
HARTWELL, PHILURA            NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-453
HARTWELL, SAMUEL             PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-O-531
HARVEY, CRANSTON P.          PITCHER                       NY-9-T-525
HARVEY, JOHN (CAPT.)         PRESTON                       NY-9-F-40
HARVEY, PAUL                 PITCHER                       NY-9-I-1
HARVEY, SAREPTA V.           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-EE-121
HARVEY, SUSAN M.             PRESTON                       NY-9-FF-125
HARVEY, URIAH                PITCHER                       NY-9-H-693
HARWOOD, ABIGAIL             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-DD-9
HASKELL, JOSIAH              OTSELIC                       NY-9-B-184
HASSON, JAMES H.             SHERBURN                      NY-9-A-208
HASWELL, GEORGE O.           NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-F-556
HATCH, EDWARD D.             MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-V-61
HATCH, LORENZO WILLIE        SHERBURNE                     NY-9-M-217
HATHAWAY, EPHRAIM R.         GREENE                        NY-9-W-571
HATTON, ELLEN ADELAIDE       GUILFORD                      NY-9-36-377
HATWELL, JAMES               OXFORD                        NY-9-Y-159
HAVENS, GEORGE N.            OXFORD                        NY-9-Z-495
HAVENS, JOHN K.              GUILFORD                      NY-9-Z-603
HAVENS, NATHANIEL            OXFORD                        NY-9-A-211
HAVENS, RICHARDSON           COVENTRY                      NY-9-M-43
HAWLEY, ELIJAH H.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-CC-463
HAYDEN, WILLIAM              MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-CC-309
HAYES, DAVID                 GUILFORD                      NY-9-Q-191
HAYES, EDWARD T.             NORWICH                       NY-9-BB-419
HAYES, ELECTA                OTSELIC                       NY-9-FF-253
HAYES, JAMES                 SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-E-548
HAYES, JAMES                 GUILFORD                      NY-9-B-33
HAYES, JOHN                  COLUMBUS                      NY-9-K-277
HAYES, MINERVA               UNADILLA, OTSEGO, NY          NY-9-N-439
HAYES, SARAH                 NORWICH                       NY-9-I-355
HAYES, SUSAN                 GREENE                        NY-9-AA-287
HAYNES, JONAS                GUILFORD                      NY-9-S-165
HAYNES, LOIS M.              PITCHER                       NY-9-DD-531
HAYNES, MARION C.            GUILFORD                      NY-9-JJ-393
HAYNES, MARY F.              GUILFORD                      NY-9-DD-231
HAYNES, ZIPPORAH             GUILFORD                      NY-9-AA-163
HAYWARD, E. DARWIN           NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-CC-265
HAYWARD, SAMUEL S.           NORWICH                       NY-9-BB-75
HAZARD, ALVIN C.             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-HH-213
HAZARD, BENJAMIN R.          SMYRNA                        NY-9-V-521
HAZARD, JAMES                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-E-643
HAZARD, RACHEL C.            NTL                           NY-9-W-161
HEAD, CHARLES W.             NORWICH                       NY-9-EE-237
HEADLEY, CHARLOTTE F.        PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-M-49
HEADY, LOUISA                PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-Y-435
HEALEY, BETSEY               OTSELIC                       NY-9-T-425
HEMENWAY, ALEXIS             SMYRNA                        NY-9-GG-353
HENNIER, JANE                SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-H-265
HENRY, STILMAN               SMYRNA                        NY-9-E-26
HERRICK, BERTHIER            NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-557
HERRICK, JONAS               PHARSALIA                     NY-9-U-315
HERRICK, JOSEPH              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-GG-245
HEWITT, EZRA                 NORWICH                       NY-9-U-521
HEWITT, HARRIET R.           NORWICH                       NY-9-36-17
HEYKES, PERER                GERMAN                        NY-9-B-36
HIBBARD, CLARISSA            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Y-169
HIBBARD, JOHN                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-C-38
HICKEY, DENNIS               NORWICH                       NY-9-Y-463
HICKOK, FANNY                OXFORD                        NY-9-S-441
HICKOK, HARMENA B.           GUILFORD                      NY-9-HH-337
HICKOK, SAMUEL S.            GUILFORD                      NY-9-HH-361
HICKOX, GIDEON               GERMAN                        NY-9-B-89
HICKOX, PHILENA              GERMAN                        NY-9-B-132
HICKS, AMANDA                NORWICH                       NY-9-E-541
HICKS, GURDON                NORWICH                       NY-9-S-305
HICKS, JOHN                  NORWICH                       NY-9-E-273
HICKS, JOHN P.               NORWICH                       NY-9-S-251
HICKS, JULIA B.              OXFORD                        NY-9-JJ-173
HICKS, JULIA M.              NORWICH                       NY-9-GG-407
HICKS, RANSFORD              NORWICH                       NY-9-E-113
HICKS, ROBERT                NORWICH                       NY-9-E-438
HICKS, THOMAS P.             GUILFORD                      NY-9-CC-485
HIGLEY, LUTHER               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-G-449
HIGLEY, SARAH F.             BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-S-1
HIGLEY, TRUMAN               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-JJ-269
HILL, AUGUSTUS               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-P-131
HILL, BETSEY                 COLUMBUS                      NY-9-T-245
HILL, DELILAH                OSELIC                        NY-9-AA-119
HILL, EBENEZER               OTSELIC                       NY-9-E-241
HILL, EBENEZER               OTSELIC                       NY-9-D-28
HILL, EBENEZER JR.           OTSELIC                       NY-9-B-180
HILL, EDWIN                  NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-137
HILL, EDWIN                  NORWICH                       NY-9-EE-329
HILL, ELIZABETH              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-FF-381
HILL, EZRA                   BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-B-1
HILL, FRANCES ANN            MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-G-294
HILL, JACOB P.               MC DONOUGH                    NY-9-II-601
HILL, JOHN                   MACDONOUGH                    NY-9-F-445
HILL, JOHN F.                MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-E-579
HILL, JOHN O.                NORWICH                       NY-9-EE-529
HILL, MALVINA                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-DD-515
HILL, MARY                   PRESTON                       NY-9-HH-285
HILL, NEHEMIAH               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-CC-185
HILL, SAMUEL P.              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-FF-515
HILL, SIMON                  COLUMBUS                      NY-9-N-139
HILL, THEODORE               MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-BB-309
HILL, THEODORE               NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-155
HILLER, ABIGAIL              MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-FF-25
HILLER, IRA                  MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-W-435
HILLIARD, ALONZO             MC DONOUGH                    NY-9-JJ-65
HILLIARD, MELISSA            MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-R-175
HILLS, ALBERT W.             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-FF-37
HILLS, ELIZA A.              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-FF-217
HILTON, MARY R.              NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-285
HIMES, PAUL                  NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-B-171
HINDS, REUBEN                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-36-161
HINES, JOHN                  COVENTRY                      NY-9-F-263
HINMAN, ARVID                GREENE                        NY-9-E-309
HINMAN, ELIJAH P.            COVENTRY                      NY-9-G-299
HINMAN, JONAS                PITCHER                       NY-9-C-203
HINMAN, MARTHA M.            AFTON                         NY-9-36-217
HINMAN, NOAH                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-I-319
HITCHCOCK, AMOS A.           OXFORD                        NY-9-M-553
HITCHCOCK, LAVINIA           NORWICH                       NY-9-BB-387
HITCHCOCK, WILLIAM O.        OTSELIC                       NY-9-DD-257
HOADLEY, MARIA               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Z-541
HOAG, ALLEN                  NORWICH                       NY-9-EE-455
HOAG, E. ORINDA              NORWICH                       NY-9-36-85
HOAG, LEVIN                  NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-V-141
HOAG, MARY                   NORWICH                       NY-9-O-77
HOAG, PHILO                  NORWICH                       NY-9-G-66
HOBAN, WILLIAM               OXFORD                        NY-9-Y-57
HOBAN, WILLIAM E.            OXFORD                        NY-9-FF-185
HODGE, DAVID                 OXORD                         NY-9-E-335
HODGE, ELIZABETH             OXFORD                        NY-9-BB-347
HODGE, JULIA                 COVENTRY                      NY-9-EE-217
HOFFMAN, DAVID               PHARSALIA                     NY-9-Z-467
HOFFMAN, MICHAEL             PHARSALIA                     NY-9-Q-61
HOFFMAN, PHEBE M.            MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-X-105
HOGAN, WILLIAM               OXFORD                        NY-9-Z-387
HOLBERG, HERMAN JOSEPH       NORWICH                       NY-9-S-161
HOLCOMB, ALICE S.            GREENE                        NY-9-GG-221
HOLCOMB, ROBERT B.           NORWICH                       NY-9-K-85
HOLCOMB, WESTON              GREENE                        NY-9-AA-189
HOLDEN, JAMES B.             SMYRNA                        NY-9-E-637
HOLDEN, RILEY A.             PHARSALIA                     NY-9-R-171
HOLDREDGE, ANN C.            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-II-105
HOLDREDGE, RHODA A.          COVENTRY                      NY-9-Y-247
HOLDREDGE, RUTH A.           COVENTRY                      NY-9-Z-547
HOLDREGE, DANIEL             MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-R-151
HOLDREGE, ELIZABETH R.       MC DONOUGH                    NY-9-HH-313
HOLDRIDGE, BETSEY E.         NORWICH                       NY-9-36-245
HOLDRIDGE, PETER W.          MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-Y-219
HOLL, JAMES                  LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-R-351
HOLL, SILAS                  OTSELIC                       NY-9-Y-309
HOLLADAY, JOHN               OXFORD                        NY-9-G-42
HOLLENBECK, EMMA C.          GUILFORD                      NY-9-II-97
HOLLENBECK, MARY A.          GREENE                        NY-9-JJ-213
HOLLENBECK, REXAVILLE        GREENE                        NY-9-T-105
HOLLEY, ANN                  SMYRNA                        NY-9-FF-101
HOLLEY, LYNDAL               SMYRNA                        NY-9-GG-497
HOLLEY, MARY A.              SMYRNA                        NY-9-HH-479
HOLLIS, DANIEL               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-A-248
HOLLIS, LOLONY               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-R-361
HOLLISTER, ISAAC             GREENE                        NY-9-E-450
HOLMES, ABRAHAM              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-I-463
HOLMES, CHARLES              COLUMBUS                      NY-9-JJ-385
HOLMES, DENNIS               NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-5
HOLMES, ELIJAH               OXFORD                        NY-9-Y-527
HOLMES, ELIZABETH            NORWICH                       NY-9-M-457
HOLMES, FLORA COX            NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-17
HOLMES, HENRIETTA D.         PITCHER                       NY-9-W-331
HOLMES, JOHANNA              NORWICH                       NY-9-W-541
HOLMES, JOHN C.              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-BB-537
HOLMES, JOHN T.              NORWICH                       NY-9-F-102
HOLMES, JOHN W.              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-P-191
HOLMES, MARY E.              NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-HH-145
HOLMES, MARY S.              NORWICH                       NY-9-36-5
HOLMES, MYRON M.             OXFORD                        NY-9-EE-509
HOLROYD, JOHN                OTSELIC                       NY-9-M-79
HOLT, JOHN                   SHERBURNE                     NY-9-G-29
HONK, THOMAS G.              GUILFORD                      NY-9-S-155
HOOK, BENJAMIN               OTSELIC                       NY-9-O-275
HOOKER, OLIVER               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-W-185
HOPKINS, FREDERICK           NORWICH                       NY-9-F-49
HOPKINS, FREDERICK           OXFORD                        NY-9-G-173
HOPKINS, JAMES A.            GUILFORD                      NY-9-EE-389
HOPKINS, JERIMOTH            OTSELIC                       NY-9-I-265
HOPKINS, JOHN F.             OXFORD                        NY-9-EE-277
HOPKINS, THOMAS              SMYRNA                        NY-9-O-209
HORTON, RUSSELL              GREENE                        NY-9-K-343
HOSKINS, DANIEL S.           COVENTRY                      NY-9-W-251
HOTCHKISS, AMOS              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-F-552
HOTCHKISS, AMOS              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-W-505
HOTCHKISS, HIRAM             GREENE                        NY-9-I-79
HOTCHKISS, SPENCER           SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-P-329
HOTCHKISS, SYLVIA A.         SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-R-291
HOTCHKISS, WILLIAM           GREENE                        NY-9-Y-453
HOUCK, JACOB                 AFTON                         NY-9-X-5
HOUCK, MILES T.              GUILFORD                      NY-9-EE-201
HOUGH, WADE                  PRESTON                       NY-9-M-451
HOUK, AMELIA                 SOUTH NEW BERLIN              NY-9-W-87
HOUK, MARTHA L.              OXFORD                        NY-9-Y-289
HOUK, ORANGE G.              OXFORD                        NY-9-W-585
HOUK, TOBIAS                 SEE; HOWK, TOBIAS             NY-9-D-34
HOUSE, JANE                  BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-Z-285
HOVEY, ALBERT C.             OXFORD                        NY-9-36-407
HOWAD, RANDALL R.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-F-339
HOWARD, ABRAHAM              COLUMBUS                      NY-9-M-547
HOWARD, BETSEY               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-DD-451
HOWARD, CAROLINE C.          NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-X-131
HOWARD, DEFOREST J.          SHERBURNE                     NY-9-JJ-365
HOWARD, EMILY                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-II-77
HOWARD, FIDELIA E.           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-CC-441
HOWARD, GEORGE               PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-E-164
HOWARD, HARVEY               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-HH-297
HOWARD, JOSEPH P.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-U-591
HOWARD, LOWELL               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-K-349
HOWARD, MOSES                COLUMBUS                      NY-9-BB-89
HOWARD, PALMER               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Z-103
HOWARD, SIDNEY               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-EE-25
HOWARD, THOMAS J.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-FF-21
HOWARD, WILLIAM              COLUMBUS                      NY-9-A-178
HOWE, JAMES C.               GUILFORD                      NY-9-T-225
HOWE, MARY                   GUILFORD                      NY-9-FF-467
HOWK, TOBIAS                 GUILFORD                      NY-9-D-34
HOWLAND, ANDALUTIA           OXFORD                        NY-9-Y-103
HOYT, CHAUNCEY               GREENE                        NY-9-N-13
HOYT, JOHN B.                COVENTRY                      NY-9-I-421
HOYT, MATHEW S.              COVENTRY                      NY-9-CC-557
HOYT, OLIVER                 GREENE                        NY-9-L-167
HOYT, THADEUS                COVENTRY                      NY-9-N-247
HUBBARD, EUNICE F.           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-GG-593
HUBBARD, HARVEY              NORWICH                       NY-9-I-457
HUBBARD, JOSEPHINE H.        NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-181
HUBBARD, JULIA               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-EE-233
HUBBARD, LEMAS               SMYRNA                        NY-9-R-315
HUBBARD, SUSAN A.            NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-443
HUBBELL, JULIA M.            NTL                           NY-9-S-145
HUBBELL, MARIA G.            NORWICH                       NY-9-Y-37
HUBBY, LAURA                 COLUMBUS                      NY-9-Z-411
HUBBY, LEROY                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-HH-165
HUGHSON, WILLIAM D.          NORWICH                       NY-9-K-367
HULL, CELIA L.               PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-Z-47
HULL, DANIEL W.              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-II-521
HULL, EBENEZER               OXFORD                        NY-9-F-112
HULL, MARY A.                NORWICH                       NY-9-HH-333
HULL, MELISSA                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-EE-65
HULL, NORTON T.              NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-253
HULL, SILAS                  NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-361
HUMASTON, JANE               GREENE                        NY-9-36-181
HUMPHREY, ABNER              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-A-385
HUMPHREY, ABRAM              SANDFORD, BROOME, NY          NY-9-Q-471
HUMPHREY, AUSTIN N.          BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-Y-33
HUMPHREY, CARLTON            GUILFORD                      NY-9-N-199
HUMPHREY, NELSON A.          BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-36-65
HUMPHREY, RUFUS J.           GUILFORD                      NY-9-36-529
HUMPHREY, SAMUEL P.          BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-X-285
HUMPHREY, SYLVESTER          GUILFORD                      NY-9-K-301
HUMPHREY, THOMAS             BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-D-248
HUMPHREY, THOMAS S.          AFTON                         NY-9-W-325
HUMPHRY, GEORGE              GUILFORD                      NY-9-K-271
HUNGERFORD, DAVID            COVENTRY                      NY-9-H-687
HUNT, ANN                    GREENE                        NY-9-U-151
HUNT, CHARLES                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-N-433
HUNT, JAMES H.               NORWICH                       NY-9-HH-129
HUNT, MARY R.                OXFORD                        NY-9-EE-561
HUNT, OSCAR R.               NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-17
HUNT, RICHARD E.             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-BB-515
HUNT, SUSANNA                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-HH-601
HUNTING, JOHN B.             GREENE                        NY-9-W-445
HUNTLEY, LUCY S.             GREENE                        NY-9-H-669
HUNTLY, SYLVANUS             SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-B-98
HURLBURT, BETSEY             OXFORD                        NY-9-W-195
HUTCHINSON, LEVI             GUILFORD                      NY-9-EE-77
HUTCHINSON, MARTHA           GUILFORD                      NY-9-P-305
HUTTLESTON, RHODA            LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-BB-83
HYATT, JOSEPH                GUILFORD                      NY-9-X-461
HYDE, ABEL                   COLUMBUS                      NY-9-D-287
HYDE, ALVAH                  LAURENS, OTSEGO, NY           NY-9-L-1
HYDE, AUSTIN                 OXFORD                        NY-9-F-194
HYDE, CHARLES                PITCHER                       NY-9-E-509
HYDE, CHAUNCEY GOODRICH      BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-F-409
HYDE, ELIZABETH              OXFORD                        NY-9-Y-611
HYDE, IRA                    BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-T-115
HYDE, JOHN                   NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-BB-141
HYDE, LUCRETIA A.            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-BB-243
INGALLS, MARCY               BROOKFIELD, MADISON, NY       NY-9-E-573
INGERSOLL, HANNAH            PHARSALIA                     NY-9-Z-205
INGERSOLL, HELEN M.          NTL                           NY-9-U-301
INGERSOLL, LUTHER            PHARSLAIA                     NY-9-V-301
INGERSOLL, NANCY             BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-G-124
INGERSOLL, RANDALL E.        GUILFORD                      NY-9-HH-1
INGERSOLL, SUSAN             GUILFORD                      NY-9-W-441
INGRAHAM, ANNIS              OXFORD                        NY-9-U-565
INGRAHAM, ISAAC              PRESTON                       NY-9-T-491
INGRAHAM, JOB                OXFORD                        NY-9-B-145
INMAN, BARTON                PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-T-495
IRELAND, CAUSMAN             BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-EE-313
IRELAND, JAMES W.            OXFORD                        NY-9-CC-541
IRELAND, WILLIAM S.          GREENE                        NY-9-X-185
IRONS, SARAH                 NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-JJ-561
ISBELL, MARY                 SMYRNA                        NY-9-GG-381
IVES, ABRAHAM                NTL                           NY-9-A-189
IVES, BETSY                  GUILFORD                      NY-9-HH-377
IVES, LUCRETIA               GUILFORD                      NY-9-AA-609
IVES, LYMAN                  GUILFORD                      NY-9-G-20
IVES, M. OPHELIA             GUILFORD                      NY-9-DD-99
IVES, SAMUEL G.              GUILFORD                      NY-9-Z-425
JACKSON, AMOS S.             GREENE                        NY-9-GG-553
JACKSON, EVERETT L.          NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-M-271
JACKSON, LORETTA C.          GREENE                        NY-9-36-13
JACKSON, OLIVER              GREENE                        NY-9-DD-197
JACKSON, TRUMAN A.           COLUMBUS                      NY-9-M-181
JACOBS, CHARLES E.           NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Q-135
JACOBS, DYANTHA              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-BB-221
JACOBS, ELEANORA ANN         NORWICH                       NY-9-W-421
JACOBS, EMELINE              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-W-121
JACOBS, ISRAEL               OXFORD                        NY-9-H-163
JACOBS, JAMES H.             OXFORD                        NY-9-DD-185
JACOBS, MARY L.              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-U-495
JACOBSON, JACOB              GERMAN                        NY-9-U-235
JACOBY, JOHN                 WILMINGTON, NEW CASTLE, DE    NY-9-L-338
JAFET, JOHN                  OXFORD                        NY-9-F-260
JAMES, HULDASH               SMYRNA                        NY-9-T-161
JAMISON, JAMES T.            OTSELIC                       NY-9-CC-73
JANES, ALMON                 NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-I-451
JANES, OLIVER                NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-K-67
JAQUITH, HIRAM K.            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-36-561
JAQUITH, JOEL                OTSELIC                       NY-9-U-51
JAQUITH, LEVI                COLUMBUS                      NY-9-S-505
JAQUITH, MARVIN LEWIS        COLUMBUS                      NY-9-Z-19
JARVIS, JESTA M.             AFTON                         NY-9-AA-93
JAYNES, LOVINA C.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-GG-113
JAYNES, OLIVE                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Y-383
JENKS, ABIGAIL               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-AA-1
JENKS, ASA C.                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-I-223
JENKS, GEORGE S.             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-K-19
JENKS, JOSEPH G.             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-DD-5
JENNINGS, JOSEPH             COVENTRY                      NY-9-E-614
JEWEL, PENNEL                GUILFORD                      NY-9-B-17
JEWELL, E. LACY              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-36-269
JEWELL, ELISHA               GUILFORD                      NY-9-E-255
JEWELL, ELIZABETH            GUILFORD                      NY-9-T-215
JEWELL, GABRIEL              GUILFORD                      NY-9-T-155
JEWELL, THOMAS P.            MOUNT UPTON                   NY-9-EE-205
JEWITT, IRVING C.            NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-225
JOHNSON, BE NJAMIN           OTSELIC                       NY-9-B-20
JOHNSON, DANIEL              GUILFORD                      NY-9-E-29
JOHNSON, EBENEZER            GREENE                        NY-9-Y-177
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH C.        NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-II-503
JOHNSON, GEORGE H.           NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-177
JOHNSON, HEMAN               PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-K-325
JOHNSON, HENRY E.            GREENE                        NY-9-FF-625
JOHNSON, HIRAM               PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-DD-215
JOHNSON, JEFFESON            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-O-305
JOHNSON, JEROD               PHARSALIA                     NY-9-H-121
JOHNSON, JESSE               PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-B-153
JOHNSON, JOHN J.             PITCHER                       NY-9-U-81
JOHNSON, JOSEPH C.           COVENTRY                      NY-9-II-197
JOHNSON, MARCUS T.           BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-Y-313
JOHNSON, RALPH               NORWICH                       NY-9-U-365
JOHNSON, SIMON               GREENE                        NY-9-Z-233
JOHNSON, THOMAS              HARTWICK                      NY-9-I-73
JOHNSON, WILLIAM             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-FF-369
JOHNSTON, DAVID              HYDE PARK, DUTCHESS, NY       NY-9-Q-415
JOHNSTON, HENRY              AFTON                         NY-9-S-245
JONES, AARON B.              PHARSALIA                     NY-9-CC-211
JONES, EATON                 GREENE                        NY-9-R-401
JONES, EDWIN B.              COLUMBUS                      NY-9-O-365
JONES, ELECTA                SMYRNA                        NY-9-R-425
JONES, HIRAM                 GRENE                         NY-9-O-443
JONES, JOHN W.               GREENE                        NY-9-36-455
JONES, JOHN W.               NORWICH                       NY-9-U-345
JONES, JOHN W.               GREENE                        NY-9-36-349
JONES, LUKE C.               GERMAN                        NY-9-BB-93
JONES, LUMAN P.              COVENTRY                      NY-9-DD-25
JONES, OLIVE                 NORWICH                       NY-9-BB-203
JONES, SIDNEY                PRESTON                       NY-9-U-91
JONES, WILLIAM               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-AA-137
JONES, WILLIAM               GREENE                        NY-9-36-485
JUCKETT, MARY R.             GUILFORD                      NY-9-36-289
JUDD, HARVEY P.              COVENTRY                      NY-9-P-251
JUDSON, DAVID P.             OXFORD                        NY-9-I-331
JULIAND, CATHARINE R.        GREENE                        NY-9-N-367
JULIAND, FREDERICK           GREENE                        NY-9-JJ-369
JULIAND, GEORGE              GREENE                        NY-9-HH-413
JULIAND, JOSEPH              GREENE                        NY-9-P-239
JULIAND, JOSEPH              GREENE                        NY-9-B-9
JULIAND, LEWIS               GREENE                        NY-9-Y-499
JULIAND, LUCRETIA C.         BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-FF-443
JULLIAND, RICHARD W.         BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-V-545
JUSTICE, LUTHER              PITCHER                       NY-9-T-521
JUSTICE, SAMUEL              LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-V-471
KALES, JOHN                  COVENTRY                      NY-9-V-31
KALES, MARY A.               COVENTRY                      NY-9-AA-207
KANE, MICHAEL                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-W-495
KARR, ELLA L.                SMYRNA                        NY-9-EE-145
KARR, RUTH H.                SMYRNA                        NY-9-EE-185
KEATH, WILLIAM               GUILFORD                      NY-9-C-182
KEECH, ELISHA                NORWICH                       NY-9-E-521
KEECH, JESSE                 PRESTON                       NY-9-H-79
KEELER, ALICE BAKER          BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-JJ-77
KEELER, BETSEY               NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-P-77
KEELER, EDWIN R.             OXFORD                        NY-9-JJ-273
KEELER, HARRY D.             NORWICH                       NY-9-P-443
KEELER, NOAH                 SMYRNA                        NY-9-F-303
KEELER, POLLY                PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-F-539
KEELER, WILLIAM              PRESTON                       NY-9-T-71
KEENAN, FELIX                GREENE                        NY-9-H-391
KEEP, CYNTHIA                SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-G-448
KEITH, ELIJAH R.             MILFORD                       NY-9-X-325
KEITH, JOSEPH                NORWICH                       NY-9-M-85
KELEY, JULIA                 PRESTON                       NY-9-BB-457
KELLEHER, DANIEL             BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-36-229
KELLER, NANCY                NEW BERLI                     NY-9-Z-463
KELLEY, BRIDGET              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-BB-553
KELLY, AMOS M.               GREENE                        NY-9-Y-71
KELLY, JONAS B.              GREENE                        NY-9-FF-407
KELLY, WRIGHT                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-F-86
KELSEY, DANIEL D.            PHARSALIA                     NY-9-BB-287
KELSO, ESTHER                NORWICH                       NY-9-H-409
KELSO, JOSEPH                NORWICH                       NY-9-B-124
KENNEDY, CORNELIUS           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-U-385
KENNEDY, JOHANNA             OXFORD                        NY-9-BB-331
KENT, HULDAH                 NORWICH                       NY-9-K-355
KENYON , ELIZABETH           PITCHER                       NY-9-S-285
KENYON, ELEANOR              PITCHER                       NY-9-GG-153
KENYON, GARDNER J.           SMYRNA                        NY-9-H-127
KENYON, JOSEPH               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-E-414
KEOUGH, CHARLES              GERMAN                        NY-9-T-511
KERSAW, JOHN                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-S-445
KERSHAW, FANNIE M.           NORWICH                       NY-9-N-506
KERSHAW, JAMES               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-HH-561
KERSHAW, KATHERINE E.        SHERBURNE                     NY-9-II-285
KETCHAM, JOHN L.             SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-K-79
KETCHUM, ALBERT G.           GREENE                        NY-9-W-225
KETCHUM, BENJAMIN            SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-F-62
KETCHUM, EGBERT B.           SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-Y-425
KETCHUM, MARTHA A.           SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-II-425
KETCHUM, STEPHEN             GREENE                        NY-9-K-139
KEYES, STEPHEN               NORWICH                       NY-9-U-585
KIDDER, ADELINE              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-FF-265
KIES, ELISHA                 PITCHER                       NY-9-DD-579
KILMER, BETSEY C.            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-JJ-545
KIMBALL, ENOS                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-E-478
KIMBER, HANNAH M.            SMYRNA                        NY-9-Z-145
KING, ALMON W.               SMYRNA                        NY-9-EE-173
KING, ELHANAN W.             GERMAN                        NY-9-F-549
KING, GEORGE H.              NORWICH                       NY-9-F-79
KING, JOHN                   NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-G-51
KING, THOMAS J.              OXFORD                        NY-9-F-340
KINGSBURY, SANFORD           NORWICH                       NY-9-II-65
KINGSLEY, EZRA               PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-I-445
KINGSLEY, LEWIS              NORWICH                       NY-9-Q-331
KINGSLEY, PALMER             OTSELIC                       NY-9-V-41
KINGSLY, JOSEPH              COLUMBUS                      NY-9-C-293
KINNEY, ANDEW B.             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-O-401
KINNEY, SAMUEL               OXFORD                        NY-9-E-616
KINNEY, SAMUEL W.            OXFORD                        NY-9-FF-241
KINNY, NATHANIEL             COLUMBUS                      NY-9-B-182
KINYON, ASA***               PITCHER                       NY-9-F-155
KIPP, MINNIE                 NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-601
KIRBY, CHARLES P.            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-36-45
KIRBY, PHILO                 AFTON                         NY-9-Y-379
KIRBY, PLINY                 BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-U-35
KIRBY, REUBEN                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-AA-229
KIRBY, REUBEN                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-B-148
KNAP, ANN VERNET             OXFORD                        NY-9-DD-425
KNAP, ANNE S.                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Q-441
KNAPP, HEZEKIAH              GUILFORD                      NY-9-B-164
KNAPP, S. ELIZA              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-M-505
KNICKERBOCKER, CAMERON       SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-JJ-69
KNICKERBOCKER, HARRIET A.    GREENE                        NY-9-Y-121
KNICKERBOCKER, JOHN T.       SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-V-391
KNICKERBOCKER, MARY E.       GREENE                        NY-9-HH-449
KNICKERBOCKER, WILLIAM       SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-H-421
KNIGHT, GEORGE W.            AFTON                         NY-9-FF-29
KNIGHT, HORATIO G.           LANCASTER                     NY-9-A-381
KNIGHT, IRENE                COLUMBUS                      NY-9-U-251
KNOWLES, BENJAMIN R.         SMYRNA                        NY-9-Q-55
KNOWLES, HENRY               SMYRNA                        NY-9-T-391
KNOWLES, JOHN H.             SMYRNA                        NY-9-R-551
KNOWLES, JOSEPH              SMYRNA                        NY-9-DD-91
KNOWLES, ROBERT              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-P-29
KNOWLES, STEPHEN             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-S-531
KOLFUS, JOHN                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-O-377
KUHN, FREDERICK W.           NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-GG-169
LADD, SAMUEL                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-D-239
LAMB, AUSTIN                 MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-CC-373
LAMB, FANNY                  NORWICH                       NY-9-W-235
LAMB, JOHN                   MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-H-67
LAMB, JOSHUA                 COLUMBUS                      NY-9-K-241
LAMB, TRUXTON G.             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-V-135
LAMPMAN, REBECCA A.          AFTON                         NY-9-FF-297
LANCTON, ENOCH W.            OTSELIC                       NY-9-S-345
LANDERS, BENAJAH             OXFORD                        NY-9-U-425
LANDERS, EMELINE             OXFORD                        NY-9-W-271
LANDERS, MARCELLUS           AFTON                         NY-9-JJ-105
LANDES, STEPHEN              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-P-431
LANE, ELIZA                  NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-G-105
LANE, JAMES                  BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-F-453
LANSING, MARY E.             AFTON                         NY-9-R-45
LANSING, PETER               GREENE                        NY-9-F-91
LARCHER, BETSEY              COLUMBUS                      NY-9-X-275
LARCHER, ORRIN D.            COLUMBUS                      NY-9-DD-43
LARRABY, ENOCH               NORWICH                       NY-9-A-217
LARSON, LORS GUSTAVUS        NORWICH                       NY-9-GG-577
LASNING, CORNELIUS V.        NORWICH                       NY-9-II-585
LATHA, LOIS H.               NORWICH                       NY-9-O-317
LATHAM, ALBERT C.            NORWICH                       NY-9-X-215
LATHAM, HENRY B.             GUILFORD                      NY-9-G-14
LATHAM, JOHN                 NORWICH                       NY-9-H-483
LATHROP, AZARIAH A.          OTSELIC                       NY-9-E-20
LATHROP, CHARLES A.          SHERBURNE                     NY-9-M-169
LATHROP, JOSIAH              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-G-47
LATHROP, LEWIS               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-F-573
LATHROP, NANCY S.            HAMILTON                      NY-9-E-553
LATIMER, OLIVER D.           NTL                           NY-9-T-545
LAW, HAMILTON                PHARSALIA                     NY-9-JJ-289
LAWRENCE, CHARLES            OXFORD                        NY-9-F-217
LAWRENCE, GEORGE E.          SMYRNA                        NY-9-AA-171
LAWTON, ABIGAL               GREENE                        NY-9-E-550
LAWTON, WILLIAM E.           SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-E-14
LEACH, ALICE C.              NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-133
LEACH, ANDREW                GREENE                        NY-9-G-266
LEACH, FREDERICK N.          GREENE                        NY-9-FF-249
LEACH, HIRAM                 BRISBIN                       NY-9-W-591
LEACH, JANE J.               GREENE                        NY-9-X-161
LEACH, JONAS                 NORWICH                       NY-9-K-361
LEACH, MAHALA U.             GUILFORD                      NY-9-S-261
LEACH, POLLY                 GREENE                        NY-9-GG-117
LEACH, WILLIAM M.            NORWICH                       NY-9-H-427
LEE, ABRAHAM PER             NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-K-121
LEE, DWIGHT M.               OXFORD                        NY-9-GG-121
LEE, FRANCES A.              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-JJ-165
LEE, JOEL                    SHERBURNE                     NY-9-D-75
LEE, PHILEMON                GUILFORD                      NY-9-B-59
LEE, SUSAN                   OTSELIC                       NY-9-X-441
LEE, ZAYDE PER               NORWICH                       NY-9-Y-429
LEET, GEORGE H.              SMYRNA                        NY-9-Z-453
LEONARD, ALMIRA CATHARINE    GREENE                        NY-9-V-205
LEONARD, ISAAC               OXFORD                        NY-9-T-435
LEONARD, JOHN                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-II-73
LEONARD, SIMEON              SANGERFIELD                   NY-9-A-26
LETT, THOMAS                 OXFORD                        NY-9-X-531
LEVEE, CHARLES E.            NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-321
LEWIS, ABEL                  PHASALIA                      NY-9-O-431
LEWIS, ALANSON               PRESTON                       NY-9-FF-153
LEWIS, AMOS                  NORWICH                       NY-9-G-115
LEWIS, BERTHA A.             MC DONOUGH                    NY-9-HH-225
LEWIS, CHARLES               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Y-107
LEWIS, CHARLES W.            SHERBURN                      NY-9-CC-219
LEWIS, ELI                   PRESTON                       NY-9-E-369
LEWIS, ELIJAH                NORWICH                       NY-9-O-341
LEWIS, FRANK                 NORWICH                       NY-9-II-121
LEWIS, JOHN W.               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-O-119
LEWIS, LEMUEL                COVENTRY                      NY-9-JJ-93
LEWIS, LYDIA ANN             NORWICH                       NY-9-N-241
LEWIS, MARY                  PHARSALIA                     NY-9-36-209
LEWIS, MARY E.               MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-U-381
LEWIS, MARY GENEVIEVE        OXFORD                        NY-9-36-185
LEWIS, NATHAN                PRESTON                       NY-9-K-313
LEWIS, NATHAN D.             MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-O-107
LEWIS, NATHANIEL             PHARSALIA                     NY-9-H-115
LEWIS, NORMAN A.             PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-R-211
LEWIS, PHEBE A.              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-X-121
LEWIS, SAMUEL                PRESTON                       NY-9-K-217
LEWIS, SAMUEL                PRESTON                       NY-9-A-287
LEWIS, SAMUEL E.             PRESTON                       NY-9-Z-75
LEWIS, STEPHEN               MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-FF-205
LEWIS, T.BENTON              NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-349
LEWIS, THEADORE              PHARSALIA                     NY-9-N-517
LEWIS, THOMAS E.             NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-17
LEWIS, WILLIAM B.            PRESTON                       NY-9-II-221
LINCOLN, ALMIRA              PITCHER                       NY-9-T-371
LINCOLN, REBECCA             NORWICH                       NY-9-Y-229
LINDSEY, ARCHIBALD B.        OXFORD                        NY-9-EE-497
LINDSEY, LORINDA             OXFORD                        NY-9-JJ-261
LINEBERGER, ELIZABETH        GREENE                        NY-9-S-131
LITTLEWOOD, HENRY            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-BB-167
LIVINGSTON, ELECTA H. M.     BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-FF-425
LIVINGSTON, LEWIS            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-FF-229
LLOYD, BETSEY                COLUMBUS                      NY-9-CC-415
LLOYD, RICHARD               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-P-497
LOBDELL, JOSHUA              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-F-569
LOCKE, CALVIN                NORWICH                       NY-9-E-60
LOCKE, ELIZABETH             LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-Q-535
LOENBECK, EMMA J.            NORWICH                       NY-9-T-485
LONG, HIRAM                  BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-E-390
LONG, MARY                   NORWICH                       NY-9-O-239
LONGWORTHY, WILLIAM F.       COLUMBUS                      NY-9-I-481
LOOMIS, CAROLINE             NORWICH                       NY-9-F-258
LOOMIS, DANIEL               OXFORD                        NY-9-G-146
LOOMIS, DYER                 NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-X-491
LOOMIS, EDWARD               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-P-35
LOOMIS, HENRY                OXFORD                        NY-9-V-191
LOOMIS, ISAIAH               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-P-383
LOOMIS, LUTHER C.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-S-225
LOOMIS, RUTH ANN             GREENE                        NY-9-FF-325
LOOMIS, THOMAS               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-E-292
LOOMIS, WARREN               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-U-391
LOOMIS, WHEATON              GREENE                        NY-9-BB-601
LOOP, HARRIET A.             AFTON                         NY-9-HH-157
LORD, ANNA                   PITCHER                       NY-9-R-441
LORD, DAVI                   PHARSALIA                     NY-9-T-7
LORD, DESIRE                 LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-X-511
LORD, ISAIAH                 PITCHER                       NY-9-P-53
LORD, JOHN                   OXFORD                        NY-9-X-101
LORD, LEWIS                  PHARSALIA                     NY-9-H-501
LORD, SAMUEL S.              LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-W-545
LOTHROP, JOHN                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-B-116
LOTTRIDGE, BENNETT           NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-CC-429
LOTTRIDGE, JOHN              COLUMBUS                      NY-9-GG-225
LOTTRIDGE, WESLEY H.         SHERBURNE                     NY-9-HH-181
LOTTRIDGE, WILLIAM           COLUMBUS                      NY-9-M-283
LOVEJOY, MARTHA              AFTON                         NY-9-II-257
LOW, DANIEL                  GREENE                        NY-9-F-359
LOW, RUTH                    COLUMBUS                      NY-9-Z-37
LOW, THOMAS                  COLUMBUS                      NY-9-A-327
LOWE, HARRIET                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-GG-253
LOWE, ROBERT                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-U-435
LOYD, ELEANOR                COLUMBUS                      NY-9-N-109
LUCAS, WILLIAM               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-FF-353
LULL, AMANDA                 NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-W-401
LULL, BENJAMIN               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Q-421
LULL, LUCRETIA               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-DD-313
LULL, LUTHER                 GERMAN                        NY-9-H-325
LUM, LYMAN                   COLUMBUS                      NY-9-N-157
LYMAN, ELIJAH S.             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-EE-407
LYON, AMBROSE                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-N-73
LYON, BENJAMIN               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-G-165
LYON, BENJAMIN               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-G-130
LYON, BENJAMIN T.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-M-235
LYON, CYRUS                  SHERBURNE                     NY-9-E-47
LYON, GEORGE R.              GREENE                        NY-9-AA-45
LYON, JOEL C.                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-T-411
LYON, SOPHIA M.              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-36-101

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