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SADLER, HARRIET J.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-31
SADLER, MELISSA C.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-665
SAGE, LEWIS                       SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-14-489
SAILER, FRANCIS                   VETERAN                            NY-8-18-271
SALMON, STEPHEN                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-277
SALVAGE, CHARLES                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-621
SAMPLE, MARTHA J.                 ASHLAND                            NY-8-14-468
SAMPSON, AZUBA W.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-416
SANDERS, CHARLES J.               BIG FLATS                          NY-8-7-97
SANDERS, NATHAN                   BIG FLATS                          NY-8-10-629
SANFORD, LEWIS                    DIX                                NY-8-3-344
SARE, WILLIAM                     CAYUTA                             NY-8-2-311
SATTERLEE, MARY J.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-471
SATTERLY, HULDAH C.               HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-10-289
SATTERLY, WILLIAM M.              HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-14-300
SAUNDERS, GEORGE E.               CHEMUNG                            NY-8-18-514
SAUVEY, ALEXIS                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-377
SAVAGE, CHARLES                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-203
SAVORY, WILBUR W.                 CATLIN                             NY-8-16-527
SAVORY, WILLARD                   CATLIN                             NY-8-16-12
SAWYER, ALMON                     SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-20-338
SAYLER, ANDREW M.                 CATLIN                             NY-8-19-184
SAYLES, EMMA HALSEY               ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-266
SAYLES, HENRY                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-379
SAYRE, ANNIS H.                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-18-487
SAYRE, FANNY                      HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-489
SAYRE, GEORGE T.                  CHEMUGN                            NY-8-15-42
SAYRE, REBECCA                    CHEMUNG                            NY-8-11-613
SAYRE, WILLIS B.                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-17-565
SAZRO, EBENEZER                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-1-231
SCHENCK, HENRY                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-3
SCHLUTER, ERNST                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-6-319
SCHLUTTER, MINNIE                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-388
SCHMIDT, FRIEDERICH               ELMIRA                             NY-8-5-439
SCHMITT, JACOB                    SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-19-493
SCHOFIELD, MARTHA                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-367
SCHOFIELD, SOPHIA A.              CATLIN                             NY-8-19-352
SCHOULEBER, J. GEORGE             BIG FLATS                          NY-8-15-509
SCHWARTZ, JACOB                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-327
SCHWEPPE, FREDERICK               ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-456
SCOTT, ABRAM                      CHEMUNG                            NY-8-4B-249
SCOTT, ANDREW                     VETERAN                            NY-8-2-276
SCOTT, EDWIN A.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-61
SCOUTEN, MARGARET                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-69
SCUDDER, TREDWELL O.              SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-2-224
SEAMAN, H. WARREN                 VETERAN                            NY-8-20-31
SEAMAN, HORACE                    VETERAN                            NY-8-11-255
SEARLES, ALFRED                   ASHLAND                            NY-8-15-629
SEARS, HENRY M.                   VETERAN                            NY-8-15-407
SECHLER, JACOB E.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-793
SEE, EDGAR J.                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-374
SEELEY, ANGENETTE                 CANTON, BRADFORD, PA               NY-8-12-585
SEELY, ELISHA G.                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-18-373
SEELY, LUCY JANE                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-4B-89
SEELY, MORRIS                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-172
SEELY, NELLIE                     HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-17-308
SEELY, SALLY A.                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-7-199
SELOVER, ABRAM J.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-390
SELOVER, MARY ANN                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-331
SEWARD, HECTOR M.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-547
SEXTON, ELIJAH                    VETERAN                            NY-8-3-207
SEXTON, ELIJAH                    VETERAN                            NY-8-3-4
SEYMOUR, ELIZABETH                ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-265
SHAFER, JOHN                      VETERAN                            NY-8-13-117
SHAPPEE, COOLEY D.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-47
SHAPPEE, LEWIS E.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-200
SHAPPEE, LYDIA J.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-745
SHAPPEE, MARILLA                  WELLSBURG                          NY-8-17-320
SHAPPER, REBECCA                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-432
SHAPPER, WILLIAM                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-10-25
SHARF, ELIZABETH                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-344
SHARMAN, JAMES A.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-342
SHAUGHNESSY, JOHN                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-485
SHAW, JEREMIAH                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-98
SHEA, PHILIP                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-435
SHEAFE, JAMES S.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-321
SHEELY, FREDERICK                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-17-677
SHEIVE, CHARLES                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-669
SHELTON, LEMUEL                   CATHARINE                          NY-8-2-18
SHELTON, PHEBE                    VETERAN                            NY-8-18-49
SHERER, FRANCIS                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-517
SHERMAN, JERUSHA M.               SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-18-205
SHERMAN, LUDIA                    CATHARINE                          NY-8-1-475
SHERMAN, WILLIAM                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-16-296
SHERWOOD, DANIEL                  VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-9-613
SHIELDS, PATRICK                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-366
SHINE, BRIDGET                    HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-18-97
SHOEMAKER, ISAAC                  VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-18-337
SHOEMAKER, J. M.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-377
SHOEMAKER, JOHN                   CAYUTA                             NY-8-1-254
SHOEMAKER, JOHN C.                HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-18-262
SHRIVER, GEORGE                   BIG FLATST                         NY-8-4B-369
SHRIVER, GEORGE V.                BIG FLATS                          NY-8-17-76
SHRIVER, JUDAH                    BIG FLATS                          NY-8-16-305
SHUTE, HANNAH S.                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-16-617
SIGISON, WILLIAM                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-5-67
SILSBEE, AMANDA D.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-617
SIMCOE, GEORGE                    BALDWIN                            NY-8-15-119
SIMCOE, JOHN                      BALDWIN                            NY-8-11-704
SIMCOE, THOMAS                    BALDWIN                            NY-8-13-420
SIMCOE, WILLIAM                   BALDWIN                            NY-8-4B-113
SIMMONS, ROBERT                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-18-166
SIMONS, NOAH W.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-21
SIMSON, THOMAS W.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-103
SINGERHOFF, FREDERICKA            ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-320
SKEELS, EMMA                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-474
SKINNER, CHARLES W.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-156
SKINNER, LEROY W.                 VETERAN                            NY-8-13-12
SKINNER, MARGARET A.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-643
SKINNER, MILTON                   VETERAN                            NY-8-15-284
SLAWSON, NATHAN                   CHEMUNG                            NY-8-10-647
SLAWSON, SARAH                    BALDWIN                            NY-8-10-127
SLEEPER, CHARLOTTE B.             BIG FLATS                          NY-8-13-246
SLEEPER, HIRAM                    BIG FLATS                          NY-8-13-62
SLEEPER, SARAH S.                 VETERAN                            NY-8-18-463
SLOCUM, TRUXTON                   ERIN                               NY-8-17-374
SLY, BETSEY                       HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-19-673
SLY, EMMA                         ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-1
SLY, HENRY                        ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-359
SLY, JACOB                        ELMIRA                             NY-8-4B-101
SLY, JOHN                         SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-3-411
SLY, JOHN B.                      HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-629
SLY, POLLY                        SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-4B-155
SLY, SALLY ANN                    ASHLAND                            NY-8-18-529
SMALLEY, BENJAMIN                 BIG FLATS                          NY-8-15-419
SMITH, ADALINE                    BIG FLATS                          NY-8-18-445
SMITH, ALONZO H.                  ERIN                               NY-8-11-339
SMITH, BENJAMIN D.                BIG FLATS                          NY-8-18-681
SMITH, CAROLINE A.                HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-20-455
SMITH, CATHARINE                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-450
SMITH, CATHERINE S.               BIG FLATS                          NY-8-18-319
SMITH, CONRAD                     HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-20-272
SMITH, DANIEL G.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-6
SMITH, DIANA                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-373
SMITH, ELIJAH B.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-52
SMITH, ELIZABETH                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-5-253
SMITH, ELIZABETH                  BIG FLATS                          NY-8-6-343
SMITH, ELLEN H.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-170
SMITH, ENOS                       BIG FLATS                          NY-8-6-385
SMITH, ENOS                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-174
SMITH, EVA                        ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-370
SMITH, GABRIEL L.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-325
SMITH, GEORGE                     BIG FLATS                          NY-8-6-349
SMITH, GEORGE F.                  ERIN                               NY-8-11-3
SMITH, HIRAM T.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-300
SMITH, HORACE BOARDMAN            ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-402
SMITH, JACOB                      CAYUTA                             NY-8-1-125
SMITH, JAMES                      CATLIN                             NY-8-19-205
SMITH, JOHN                       SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-1-6
SMITH, JOHN                       WELLS, BRADFORD, PA                NY-8-11-593
SMITH, JOHN S.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-405
SMITH, JOSEPH                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-2-151
SMITH, L. JOHN                    SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-3-71
SMITH, LEWIS M.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-721
SMITH, MARY                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-197
SMITH, MEHETABEL                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-65
SMITH, NANCY                      BIG FLATS                          NY-8-18-677
SMITH, ORRIN                      HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-17-455
SMITH, ORVILLE B.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-72
SMITH, PHILIP                     HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-9-403
SMITH, PHILLIP                    CATLIN                             NY-8-15-597
SMITH, SAMANTHA P.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-24
SMITH, SARAH ANN                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-10-395
SMITH, SARAH MILLS                ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-115
SMITH, SEYMOUR                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-218
SMITH, SIMEON S.                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-15-179
SMITH, SOLOMON                    VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-5-139
SMITH, SOLOMON L.                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-2-217
SMITH, STEPHEN D.                 SAYRE, BRADFORD, PA                NY-8-18-133
SMITH, TAMZA                      ERIN                               NY-8-10-425
SMITH, TIMOTHY J.                 BALDWIN                            NY-8-11-661
SMITHERS, MARIBALE L.             VETERAN                            NY-8-15-335
SNELL, GEORGE B.                  CHEMUNG                            NY-8-18-601
SNELL, GORDON                     CHEMUNG                            NY-8-11-589
SNELL, HENRY                      CHEMUNG                            NY-8-3-247
SNELL, SAMUEL B.                  CHEMUNG                            NY-8-4A-10
SNIFFIN, BENJAMIN D.              VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-9-541
SNOW, MARTHA                      BIG FLATS                          NY-8-5-301
SNYDER, EUNICE M.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-80
SNYDER, JACOB                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-535
SNYDER, JOHN                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-139
SNYDER, MARCUS D.                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-17-537
SOPER, ALICE G.                   VETERAN                            NY-8-20-413
SOPER, EMMA W.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-75
SOPER, THOMAS                     VETERAN                            NY-8-18-475
SORNBERGER, GEORGE V.             SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-18-349
SOULE, SENECA                     CATHARINE                          NY-8-3-32
SPALDING, AMANDA A.               SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-20-719
SPARKS, JAMES R.                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-2-211
SPAULDING, HENRY C.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-717
SPAULDING, POLLY E.               VETERAN                            NY-8-6-379
SPAULDING, SARAH C.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-4B-200
SPENCER, EDWIN                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-349
SPENCER, JAMES W.                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-14-504
SPERL, WILLIAM M.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-705
SQUIRE, GRACE A.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-681
SQUIRES, CHARITY                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-242
SQUIRES, HANNAH W.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-480
STABLEIN, CASPAR FRIEDRICH        ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-101
STAGE, BETSEY                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-39
STANCHFIELD, JOHN K.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-12-1
STANSWOOD, JOSEPH                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-14-94
STAPE, DAVID                      CHEMUNG                            NY-8-3-202
STAPLES, THOMAS BURTON            HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-20-512
STARING, ADALINE                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-13-357
STARKS, AMOS                      BIG FLATS                          NY-8-2-495
STARKS, AMOS                      BIG FLATS (CON'T)                  NY-8-3-1
STEELE, AARON BELLAMY             BIG FLATS                          NY-8-16-167
STEELE, CLARA P.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-434
STEELE, FREDERICK C.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-653
STEELE, WILLIAM                   PAINTED POST, STEUBEN, NY          NY-8-3-77
STEPFIELD, DANIEL S.              HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-20-284
STEPHENS, DANIEL                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-12-16
STEPHENS, HARRIET G.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-15
STEPHENS, JOHN                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-13
STEPHENS, ROBERT                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-333
STERLING, BESSIE R.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-201
STERLING, GEORGE L.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-198
STERLING, MARGARET                ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-773
STEVENS, JULIA ELIZABETH          ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-80
STEVENS, LAFAYETTE                ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-257
STEVENS, OLIVE                    VETERAN                            NY-8-3-39
STEWARD, REBECCA                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-242
STEWART, DANIEL                   VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-6-271
STEWART, JAMES                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-290
STEWART, MARTIN                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-74
STEWART, THOMAS S.                VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-15-353
STILES, CORNELIUS                 CHEMUNG                            NY-8-15-60
STILL, ISAAC                      HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-6-115
STILLSON, EUGENE A.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-68
STIMPSON, SARAH                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-9-367
STINSON, MARY ANN                 CATLIN                             NY-8-9-373
STJOHN, HELEN J.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-309
STJOHN, JOB                       CHEMUNG                            NY-8-2-156
STJOHN, JOHN                      VETERAN                            NY-8-17-649
STOBO, MARY                       PITTSBURGH, ALLEGHENY, PA          NY-8-12-252
STOLL, CATHERINE                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-251
STOLL, HANNAH                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-91
STOLL, JAMES                      VETERAN                            NY-8-16-581
STONE, CHARLES ALBERT             WALTON, DELWARE, NY                NY-8-17-741
STONE, CLINTON F.                 BIG FLATS                          NY-8-20-49
STORMS, ASA                       BIG FLATS                          NY-8-19-526
STORMS, WILLIAM                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-8-415
STOWELL, ABEL                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-120
STOWELL, ELLA M.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-58
STOWELL, FLORA MAY                VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-15-338
STOWELL, GUY E.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-731
STOWELL, HORACE                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-4B-137
STOWELL, JAMES H.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-485
STOWELL, MARY G.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-109
STRACHEN, ESTER                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-10
STRADER, ALFRED                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-157
STRADER, ELIZA A.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-548
STRADER, FREDERICK                BIG FLATS                          NY-8-10-353
STRADER, HANNAH                   BIG FLATS                          NY-8-14-597
STRAIT, JOAN H.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-90
STRAIT, MOSES D.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-1-384
STRANG, CLARA S.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-70
STRATTON, ANDREW J.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-442
STRATTON, DAVID                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-13-285
STRATTON, MARGARET J.             ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-438
STRATTON, SARAH S.                HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-19-436
STROCK, JOHN                      SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-15-512
STRODE, JAMES                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-721
STROUSE, CATHARINE                SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-19-448
STROUSE, VALENTINE                SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-10-655
STRYKER, EMMA J.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-532
STRYKER, WILLIAM H.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-275
STULL, JOHN                       SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-3-378
STULL, SAMUEL                     UNION, TIOGA, PA                   NY-8-12-474
STURDEVANT, MALINDA               ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-607
STURDIVANT, NICHOLAS              CATLIN                             NY-8-10-265
STURTEVANT, JONATHAN              ELMIRA                             NY-8-1-225
SUFFERN, CAROLINE L.              SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-4B-237
SUFFERN, EDWARD                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-449
SUFFERN, JOHN S.                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-4B-143
SUFFUN, ELLIOTT                   ASHLAND                            NY-8-9-349
SULEY, JOHN C.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-673
SULLIVAN, ANNA MARIA              ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-269
SULLIVAN, CORNELIUS               ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-797
SULLIVAN, CORNELIUS C.            ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-197
SULLIVAN, DENNIS                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-18
SULLIVAN, JEREMIAH                ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-354
SULLIVAN, JOHANNA                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-29
SULLIVAN, JOHN                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-258
SULLIVAN, MARK                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-215
SULLIVAN, NANCY                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-24
SULLIVAN, NELLIE                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-14
SULLIVAN, PATRICK                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-542
SULLIVAN, PATRICK M.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-27
SULLIVAN, SARAH                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-364
SULLIVAN, THOMAS                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-94
SULLIVAN, THOMAS                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-330
SUTPHEN, JOHN L.                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-4B-59
SWAIN, CHARLES                    CHEMUNG                            NY-8-4B-278
SWAIN, JACOB                      CHEMUNG                            NY-8-4B-272
SWAN, CHARLES F.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-105
SWAN, CHARLES                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-265
SWAN, ERASTUS A.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-59
SWARTOUT, DANIEL                  VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-13-28
SWARTWOOD, ANDREW                 VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-19-11
SWARTWOOD, DANIEL                 VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-6-301
SWARTWOOD, ELIZABETH              CAYUTA                             NY-8-2-425
SWARTWOOD, ISAIAH                 VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-18-127
SWARTWOOD, JOHN                   CAYUTA                             NY-8-1-92
SWARTWOOD, JOHN                   VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-17-392
SWARTWOOD, NORMAN C.              VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-20-173
SWARTWOOD, SARAH J.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-83
SWEET, DAVID                      ASHLAND                            NY-8-14-432
SWEET, DENNIS H.                  CATLIN                             NY-8-13-108
SWIFT, MARY E.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-128
SWORTWOOD, JACOB                  CAYUTA                             NY-8-1-113
SYKES, JESSE F.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-347
TABER, ALFRED B.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-137
TABER, PELEG T.                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-426
TACKMAN, CAROLINE                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-61
TAFT, ELVIRA D.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-697
TANNER, CLARK                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-5-475
TANNER, RANSOM                    SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-13-192
TARBEL, ZACHARIAH                 CHEMUNG                            NY-8-6-427
TAYLOR, FRANCES H.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-194
TAYLOR, HIRAM                     HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-573
TAYLOR, JOHN R.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-475
TAYLOR, MARGARET ANN              ASHLAND                            NY-8-16-230
TAYLOR, NANCY                     HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-10-199
TAYLOR, WILLIAM D.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-310
TEAL, MELISSA                     HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-16-335
TEED, COLBY F.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-123
TENNY, DEWITT CLINTON             ELMIRA                             NY-8-6-409
TERRY, ELSIE BEERS                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-452
TERRY, EZEKIEL                    VETERAN                            NY-8-5-373
TERRY, JOHN S.                    CHEMUNG                            NY-8-5-175
TERWILLIGER, EDGAR B.             ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-266
TERWILLIGER, HARRIS R.            HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-6-415
THOMAS, DAVID                     BIG FLATS                          NY-8-11-300
THOMAS, ELIZA                     ERIN                               NY-8-11-282
THOMAS, HENRIETTA R.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-410
THOMAS, NAPOLEON                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-369
THOMAS, RACHEL                    ERIN                               NY-8-18-199
THOMAS, RHAUMA                    VETERAN                            NY-8-3-67
THOMAS, WILLIAM                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-187
THOMPSON, ANNA E.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-253
THOMPSON, ARDESEE                 CATLIN                             NY-8-15-437
THOMPSON, DANIEL D.               CATHARINE                          NY-8-2-387
THOMPSON, DAVID                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-433
THOMPSON, ELIJAH S.               CATLIN                             NY-8-20-380
THOMPSON, ELIZA                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-39
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH               ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-697
THOMPSON, HEADLEY                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-580
THOMPSON, ICHABOD E.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-378
THOMPSON, ISAAC V.                CATLIN                             NY-8-15-440
THOMPSON, JERRY                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-217
THOMPSON, MARY                    VETERAN                            NY-8-3-384
THOMPSON, OSCAR                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-545
THOMPSON, SAMUEL E.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-59
THOMPSON, SUSAN                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-163
THORNE, JOHN                      HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-7-469
THORNE, SYLVESTER J.              CATLIN                             NY-8-17-88
THORNS, JOHN                      VETERAN                            NY-8-3-387
THRALL, CORYDON W.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-294
THURSTON, ARIEL S.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-320
THURSTON, CLARISSA                ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-517
THURSTON, GEORGIANNA              ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-2
THURSTON, GEORGIANNA              ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-100
THURSTON, WILLIAM K.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-41
TIBBITS, MATILDA L.               VETERAN                            NY-8-13-40
TIDD, HORTON                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-573
TIFFT, EDWIN V.                   VETERAN                            NY-8-18-211
TIFFT, MARION S.                  VETERAN                            NY-8-16-173
TILLMAN, EMELINE M.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-554
TILLMAN, WILLIAM                  ERIN                               NY-8-5-235
TILLSON, ELZINA R.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-198
TILLSON, JAMES                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-96
TINBROOK, JOHN                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-1-467
TINNEY, HORACE                    CHEMUNG                            NY-8-6-151
TITSWORTH, MARIA                  BALDWIN                            NY-8-19-136
TOBEY, EMMA L.                    SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-20-81
TOBEY, JOHN T.                    SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-14-697
TOBEY, RANSFORD                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-18-11
TOBIN, EDMOND                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-625
TOBIN, ELLEN                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-288
TOMER, DANIEL N.                  DIX                                NY-8-3-186
TOMPKINS, SAMANTHA                CATLIN                             NY-8-16-92
TOMPKINS, TAMERLANE B.            ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-447
TONG, ELI                         CATLIN                             NY-8-4A-42
TONG, PHILO                       CATLIN                             NY-8-4B-211
TOUSEY, THOMAS                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-50
TOWLER, JOHN H.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-12-61
TOWNER, MARIA B.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-560
TOWNSEND, DAVID                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-145
TOWNSEND, ELIZA ANN               HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-13-141
TOWNSEND, JOHN B.                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-7-85
TOWNSEND, JOSIAH S.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-5-103TOWNSEND, R. JENNIE               HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-13-90
TRACY, JULIA A.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-263
TRAINOR, JAMES                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-657
TREAT, RUTH                       HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-6-367
TRUSDELL, JOHN                    BIG FLATS                          NY-8-2-449
TRUSDELL, JOSIAH B.               BIG FLATS                          NY-8-11-181
TUBBS, ANDREW                     ASHLAND                            NY-8-7-331
TUBBS, JOHN                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-1-258
TUBBS, SAMUEL M.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-236
TUNIS, DANIEL R.                  VETERAN                            NY-8-11-318
TUNISON, JOHN V.                  BIG FLATS                          NY-8-11-247
TURNBULL, WILLIAM P.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-126
TURNER, CHARLES H.                CANTON, BRADFORD, PA               NY-8-12-590
TURNER, HARVEY                    VETERAN                            NY-8-2-144
TURNER, HENRY J.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-89
TURNER, JOHN                      VETERAN                            NY-8-11-694
TURNER, STEPHEN J.                VETERAN                            NY-8-15-398
TURNER, THOMAS H.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-89
TUTHILL, DAVID H.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-49
TUTHILL, ELIZABETH                ELMIRA                             NY-8-4B-225
TUTHILL, HIRAM                    ERIN                               NY-8-9-313
TUTHILL, JOHN                     ERIN                               NY-8-2-1
TUTHILL, MARINDA E.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-60
TUTHILL, SAMUEL                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-3-86
TUTHILL, THOMAS J.                SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-3-395
TUTTLE, EBENEZER B.               VETERAN                            NY-8-14-480
TUTTLE, STEPHEN                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-62
TWISS, HATTIE E.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-547
TYLER, ASHER                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-553
TYRRELL, POLLY                    BALDWIN                            NY-8-11-47
UFFORD, ANNA S.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-617
UNDERWOOD, JOHN D.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-478
UPDEGRAFF, THAD S.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-87
UPDIKE, SARAH                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-503
UPDYKE, ELIZABETH P.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-705
UPDYKE, LEWIS L.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-476
UPDYKE, OLIVE                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-37
USTICK, WILLIAM                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-389
UTTER, EDMUND M.                  BALDWIN                            NY-8-10-383
VAIL, ASA                         SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-13-432
VAIL, BENJAMIN                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-163
VAIL, DANIEL                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-239
VAIL, MARGARET A.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-296
VAIL, SOPHIA ANN                  ATHENS, BRADFORD, PA               NY-8-12-196
VALLEY, HANNAH                    PROVIDENCE, PROVIDENCE, RI         NY-8-12-86
VAN ETTEN, MYRON                  VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-20-461
VANALLEN, DANIEL                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-193
VANALLEN, DANIEL                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-127
VANBUSKIRK, LEVI                  CHEMUNG                            NY-8-7-553
VANBUSKIRK, MARY                  CHEMUNG                            NY-8-18-499
VANCAMPEN, MARY R.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-76
VANDEMARK, BETSEY A.              CHEMUNG                            NY-8-16-431
VANDERHOFF, CHILLIAN F.           HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-19-781
VANDUSEN, NATHAN                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-13-147
VANDUZER, ALOF                    ERIN                               NY-8-1-534
VANDUZER, JAMES M.                HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-9-259
VANDUZER, JULIA T.                HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-15-314
VANDUZER, WILLIAM H.              HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-402
VANETTEN, MARY E.                 ASPEN, PITKIN, CO                  NY-8-12-141
VANGAASBECK, NELSON               CHEMUNG                            NY-8-15-137
VANGORDEN, ISAAC S.               ERIN                               NY-8-13-189
VANGORDEN, WILLIAM                ASHLAND                            NY-8-18-409
VANGORDER, DAVID                  BIG FLATS                          NY-8-1-394
VANGORDER, ELIZABETH              BIG FLATS                          NY-8-5-157
VANGORDER, MARY                   BIG FLATS                          NY-8-9-583
VANHOUTEN, ESTHER                 ERIN                               NY-8-7-397
VANHOUTEN, GILBERT H.             VETERAN                            NY-8-10-283
VANHOUTEN, WILLIAM H.             VETERAN                            NY-8-20-182
VANKIRK, JENNIE F.                SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-19-51
VANKUREN, JAMES E.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-398
VANORDER, WALTER                  CATLIN                             NY-8-2-88
VANOVER, DORCAS E.                FRONTIER, KOOCHICHING, MN          NY-8-20-605
VANVALKENBURG, JOSIAH             VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-15-329
VANWAGONER, CLARISSA              ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-109
VANWAGONER, KATE                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-605
VANWOERT, ALBERT                  ATHENS, BRADFORD, PA               NY-8-12-242
VANWORMER, ANN ELIZA              ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-287
VANWORMER, THEODORE F.            ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-45
VARIAN, ALLEN C.                  CATLIN                             NY-8-18-331
VAUGHAN, ELIZA H.                 BIG FLATS                          NY-8-14-246
VAUGHAN, WILLIAM K.               BIG FLATS                          NY-8-19-645
VIALL, ETHAN                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-205
VIALL, WILLIAM                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-631
VIELE, AMANDA                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-542
VINTON, CHARLES E.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-47
VOCKROTH, FREDERICK               ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-62
VONNELLEA, JOHN                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-365
VOORHEES, HANNAH                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-424
VREDENBURG, ALFRED                ERIN                               NY-8-11-101
VREDENBURG, HERNANDO              VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-18-103
WADE, JOHN                        CATLIN                             NY-8-11-505
WADE, LUCY J.                     CATLIN                             NY-8-20-287
WADSWORTH, EUNICE A.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-314
WADSWORTH, JOSEPH                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-75
WADSWORTH, MAHALA B.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-230
WAGEMANN, ALBERT                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-10-455
WAGNER, SAMUEL H.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-581
WAIN, JOHN                        SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-1-98
WALES, HANNAH                     CHEMUGN                            NY-8-15-491
WALKER, JOHN                      CHEMUNG                            NY-8-4B-183
WALKER, MARGARET G.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-247
WALLACE, MOSES                    CHEMUNG                            NY-8-1-377
WALLACE, WILLIAM                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-494
WALSH, JOHN                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-613
WALSH, MAURICE                    WELLSBURG                          NY-8-13-168
WALSH, MICHAEL                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-323
WALSH, PATRICK J.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-436
WANEMAKER, JOHN C.                HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-14-210
WARD, HANNAH                      HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-16-260
WARD, ROBERT                      MILLPORT                           NY-8-19-580
WARNER, WILLIAM                   VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-16-470
WARREN, JERUSHA                   CHEMUNG                            NY-8-17-173
WARREN, JOHN G.                   CHEMUNG                            NY-8-5-319
WARREN, JULIA A.                  CHEMUNG                            NY-8-19-265
WARREN, MARCY                     CHEMUNG                            NY-8-1-187
WARREN, NELSON                    CHEMUNG                            NY-8-14-396
WARREN, RAY                       CHEMUNG                            NY-8-19-457
WARREN, RULANDUS B.               CHEMUNG                            NY-8-17-16
WARREN, SUSAN                     CHEMUNG                            NY-8-15-4
WARREN, SYLVENUS S.               CHEMUNG                            NY-8-6-391
WASHBURN, WILLARD                 VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-16-74WASHINGTON, HIRAM                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-279
WASHINGTON, JAMES                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-193
WATKINS, FRANCIS M. D.            WELLSBURG                          NY-8-20-260
WATKINS, MYRON S.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-366
WATROUS, FRANCES M.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-325
WATROUS, RIGGS                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-145
WATSON, EMMA B.                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-17-434
WATTS, NANCY                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-493
WATTS, RICHARD P.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-243
WATTS, ROBERT M.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-541
WEATHERBY, SAMUEL C.              VETERAN                            NY-8-11-1
WEAVER, ALMEDA H.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-755
WEAVER, ERASTUS K.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-111
WEAVER, FANNY W.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-423
WEAVER, GEORGE E.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-751
WEAVER, JACOB                     SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-18-85
WEAVER, MARIA                     SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-9-307
WEBB, FESTUS A.                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-5-277
WEBB, LOUISA C.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-86
WEBB, MORTIMER T.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-461
WEBBER, HARRIET M.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-12-537
WEBBER, JACOB                     VETERAN                            NY-8-9-127
WEBBER, LORENZO                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-12-43
WEBBS, HENRY F.                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-10-139
WEED, CHARLES                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-639
WEED, CHARLES T.                  VETERAN                            NY-8-15-488
WEEKS, JOSIAH                     VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-14-393
WEEKS, SENECA                     VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-11-473
WEGNER, AUGUSTA                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-236
WEICK, JOHANNA L.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-216
WEICK, MARY WIENECKE              ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-293
WEIDMER, GEORGE                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-19
WELLER, ELECTA A.                 CHEMUNG                            NY-8-14-291
WELLES, FANNY B.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-485
WELLES, HENRY B.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-186
WELLES, MARY A.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-458
WELLING, CATHERINE E.             ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-273
WELLING, HARRIET                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-270
WELLS, JAMES HENRY                WELLSBURG                          NY-8-19-565
WELLS, JOHN                       SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-15-425
WELLS, MARIA                      SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-18-385
WELLS, MARY J.                    SEELEY CREEK                       NY-8-18-463
WELLS, ORPAH                      ASHLAND                            NY-8-11-15
WENTZ, CATHARINE S.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-398
WENTZ, CORNELIA M.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-573
WENZ, MARY                        ERIN                               NY-8-18-33
WEST, JOHN H.                     CATLIN                             NY-8-11-700
WESTBROOK, ANNETTE                HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-19-199
WESTBROOK, ESTHER M.              VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-14-306
WESTBROOK, JACOB A.               VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-15-563
WESTBROOK, JAMES                  CAYUTA                             NY-8-1-133
WESTBROOK, WILLIAM W.             ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-29
WESTERFELT, MARY                  CATLIN                             NY-8-7-55
WESTFALL, JOHN                    CHEMUNG                            NY-8-20-296
WESTLAKE, ARTHUR M.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-50
WESTLAKE, MARY C.                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-16-428
WESTLAKE, SAMUEL D.               HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-13-231
WEY, HAMILTON D.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-715
WEY, WILLIAM C.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-28
WEYER, ELIZABETH                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-54
WHEADON, CHARLES H.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-681
WHEADON, MARY F.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-38
WHEAT, TIMOTHY                    CATLIN                             NY-8-1-443
WHEAT, WILLIAM                    HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-19-633
WHEELER, BURTON J.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-248
WHEELER, EARL S.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-55
WHEELER, ELI                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-49
WHEELER, EPHRAIM                  DIX                                NY-8-3-293
WHEELER, JOHN                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-73
WHEELER, LAUNA M.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-479
WHEELER, MARTHA M.                CHEMUNG                            NY-8-20-602
WHIPPLE, ALBERT R.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-81
WHIPPLE, HENRY                    BIG FLATS                          NY-8-1-524
WHITAKER, JOHN C.                 ELKLAND, TIOGA, PA                 NY-8-12-219
WHITCOMB, JUDAH                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-9-475
WHITE, JEROME B.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-40
WHITE, JOHN S.                    VANETTENVILLE                      NY-8-4A-76
WHITE, JOHN W.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-82
WHITE, PAMELIA                    VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-4B-35
WHITE, SARAH A.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-326
WHITE, WILLIAM                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-5-91
WHITEHEAD, HIRAM E.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-194
WHITFORD, AMANDA N.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-92
WHITNEY, BENJAMIN                 BIG FLATS                          NY-8-7-295
WHITNEY, ELI                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-5-409
WHITNEY, JAMES                    BIG FLATS                          NY-8-16-500
WHITNEY, OSCAR B.                 BIG FLATS                          NY-8-9-79
WHITTEMORE, SIMON T.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-61
WICH, GEORGE HENRY                ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-445
WICKS, WOODRUFF W.                CATLIN                             NY-8-19-187
WIGHTMAN, ALANSON M.              HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-14-165
WILCOX, CAROLINE P.               WELLSBORO, TIOGA, PA               NY-8-12-566
WILCOX, JACKSON                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-168
WILCOX, JENNETTE M.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-221
WILCOX, LEONARD H.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-379
WILCOX, OLIVER D.                 *, NORTHAMPTON, PA                 NY-8-4A-100
WILCOX, ROWLAND                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-2-442
WILDE, JULIA M.                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-10-97
WILKIN, ESTHER D.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-12
WILKIN, HARRIETT                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-73
WILLCOX, ROBERT F.                ASHLAND                            NY-8-6-139
WILLIAMS, ADALINE R.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-119
WILLIAMS, ANN                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-633
WILLIAMS, SOPHIA                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-199
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN                 VETERAN                            NY-8-18-115
WILMOT, GEORGE EDWARD             ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-430
WILSON, ADAM                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-520
WILSON, CHARLES                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-18-154
WILSON, EMILY Y.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-158
WILSON, ESTHER                    SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-15-173
WILSON, ETTA                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-427
WILSON, JAMES                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-111
WILSON, SARA                      CATLIN                             NY-8-11-13
WINDSOR, LLOYD D.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-1
WINFIELD, FANNY B.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-141
WING, LORENZO                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-81
WINGRAVE, FREDERICK               ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-329
WINTERMUTE, CHARLES               HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-16-377
WINTERMUTE, ISAAC                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-10-229
WINTERMUTE, PETER                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-9-247
WINTERMUTE, SARAH J.              HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-17-525
WINTERS, JOHN                     CRYSTAL LAKE, MC HENRY, IL         NY-8-2-54
WINTERS, WILLIAM W.               CATLIN                             NY-8-10-85
WINTON, SAMUEL                    CATHARINE                          NY-8-2-60
WISNER, JOHN W.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-173
WISNER, MINNIE E.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-581
WITTENBERG, JOSEPH                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-428
WITTENBERG, MYRON C.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-264
WITTENBERG, ROSA                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-257
WITTMANN, SOPHIE                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-329
WOLCOTT, CHARLOTTE                ELMIRA                             NY-8-6-7
WOLCOTT, FRANK P.                 ATHENS, BRADFORD, PA               NY-8-12-263
WOOD, ALFRED S.                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-9-589
WOOD, CURTIS A.                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-19-463
WOOD, DIADAMA                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-77
WOOD, EDMUND                      CHEMUNG                            NY-8-17-461
WOOD, ISABEL J.                   ERIN                               NY-8-16-62
WOOD, JOHN N.                     CHEMUNG                            NY-8-14-46
WOOD, JOSEPH                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-290
WOOD, LEWIS                       ELMIRA HEIGHTS                     NY-8-17-413
WOOD, MARTHA J.                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-20-620
WOOD, MARY                        ELMIRA HEIGHTS                     NY-8-19-274
WOOD, NICHOLAS P.                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-7-421
WOOD, OLIVER                      BALDWIN                            NY-8-10-175
WOOD, POLLY ANN                   ASHLAND                            NY-8-14-213
WOOD, ROSANNA                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-323
WOOD, SARAH M.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-66
WOOD, SYLVENIA                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-51
WOOD, WILLIAM HENRY               ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-33
WOODFORD, JOSEPH                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-78
WOODHOUSE, HENRY                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-221
WOODHOUSE, SUSAN S.               BALDWIN                            NY-8-17-278
WOODIN, PENELOPE                  VETERAN                            NY-8-16-48
WOODRUFF, ABIGAIL                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-549
WOODRUFF, ABIGAL                  BIG FLATS                          NY-8-17-182
WOODRUFF, CHARLES A.              CHEMUNG                            NY-8-20-79
WOODS, JAMES L.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-653
WOODWARD, CHARLES                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-613
WOODWARD, WILLIAM                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-253
WOODWARD, WILLIAM                 BIG FLATS                          NY-8-13-219
WOOLEVER, EZRA                    ERIN                               NY-8-13-375
WOOLEVER, RACHEL                  VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-14-10
WOOLEVER, SAMUEL J.               VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-11-?
WOOLF, HARVEY P.                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-18-517
WOOLSEY, JOHN                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-207
WOOTON, MARY L.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-585
WORDEN, FRANK E.                  VETERAN                            NY-8-16-311
WORDEN, WILLIAM                   VETERAN                            NY-8-11-214
WOUGHTER, ROYAL                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-121
WRIGHT, ABIAH A.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-113
WRIGHT, ALICE                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-2
WRIGHT, ELIZA                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-427
WRIGHT, ELIZA C.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-454
WRIGHT, LYDIA B.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-329
WRIGHT, MARY                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-175
WRIGHT, ROBBINS D.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-245
WYCKOFF, ARCALOUS                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-729
WYCKOFF, ERNEST L.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-481
WYCKOFF, GEORGE W.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-315
WYLLIE, AGNES                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-299
WYNKOOP, ALONZO J.                CHEMUNG                            NY-8-18-511
YARLE, JACOB                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-270
YATES, HORACE G.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-609
YOUMANS, EDWARD B.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-386
YOUMANS, ELIZA                    VETERAN                            NY-8-18-358
YOUMANS, LOUISE T.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-113
YOUMANS, LYDIA A.                 CATLIN                             NY-8-20-326
YOUMANS, MILTON                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-82
YOUNG, DANIEL                     HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-525
YOUNG, HIRAM W.                   WELLSBURG                          NY-8-20-608
YOUNG, JOHN                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-83
YOUNG, LOVINA A.                  ALBA, BRADFORD, PA                 NY-8-12-414
YOUNG, WILLIAM H.                 CHEMUNG                            NY-8-17-446
YUTTE, CHRISTIAN W.               HOBOKEN, HUDSON, NJ                NY-8-12-512

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