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MABEY, ANNA                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-1-118
MABEY, DANIEL                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-1-70
MABY, ELIZABETH                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-466
MACK, PATRICK                     HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-16-54
MACK, SARAH J.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-334
MACKNEY, MARY M.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-569
MACKSEY, MARY ANN                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-6-325
MacNEIL, HELEN L.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-5
MAFFATT, ENOCH                    BALDWIN                            NY-8-5-109
MAH, RUTH                         HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-6-265
MAHONEY, JAMES C.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-669
MAHONEY, MICHAEL J.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-565
MAILEY, PATRICK                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-164
MAINEY, ELLA                      HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-19-256
MALLORY, AMBROSE S.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-441
MALLORY, ANN E.                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-15-359
MALLORY, JAMES B.                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-19-157
MALONE, PATRICK                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-187
MALONEY, ELLEN                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-5
MALONEY, JOHN                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-239
MANDER, FREDERICK W.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-110
MANDER, GERTRUDE                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-446
MANGAN, MORRIS                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-404
MANLEY, DOLSON J.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-560
MANN, MICHAEL                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-34
MANNING, ISAAC                    HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-18-367
MANNING, JOHN P.                  CHEMUNG                            NY-8-18-301
MANNING, MARY                     HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-238
MANNING, SARAH ETT                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-691
MANWORING, ANSON                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-16-119
MARCHANT, ENOCH                   CATHARINE                          NY-8-2-231
MARIOTT, GEORGE                   DIX                                NY-8-4B-65
MARKHAM, MARGARET                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-19-433
MARRIOTT, GEORGE                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-15-308
MARSH, ALBERT                     SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-20-83
MARSH, ALICE I.                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-19-196
MARSH, BALLORMAN                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-5-55
MARSH, EMILY                      SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-17-416
MARSH, JOSEPH C.                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-18-75
MARSHALL, HANNAH H.               HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-14-141
MARSHALL, ISAAC S.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-314
MARSHALL, JOSEPH                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-18-13
MARSHALL, MARY D.                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-20-747
MARSHALL, PHILA A.                HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-17-470
MARSHALL, SAMUEL                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-15-10
MARTIAL, SARAH L.                 BRISTOL, BRISTOL, RI               NY-8-6-235
MARTIN, FRANCIS S.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-121
MARTIN, FRANK A.                  BIG FLATS                          NY-8-17-239
MARTIN, WILLIAM                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-12-49
MARVIN, CATHARINE                 CHEMUNG                            NY-8-16-182
MARVIN, ELIZA B.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-174
MARVIN, WELLING                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-1-492
MASON, JOHN P.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-539
MASON, WALTER C.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-29
MASTERS, WILLIAM                  CATLIN                             NY-8-12-29
MATHER, CORNELIUS B.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-328
MATHER, ELIZABETH C.              HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-16-245
MATHER, THOMAS                    CHEMUNG                            NY-8-9-409
MATHER, WILLIAM                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-15-182
MATHES, GEORGE                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-6-181
MATHEWS, AARON K.                 BIG FLATS                          NY-8-10-253
MATHEWS, CAROLINE                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-43
MATHEWS, EDGAR                    CATLIN                             NY-8-15-263
MATHEWS, JOEL                     ASHLAND                            NY-8-16-116
MATHEWS, LYMAN A.                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-18-781
MATHEWS, MARGARET                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-20-59
MATHEWS, WILLIAM O.               CATLIN                             NY-8-20-47
MATSON, DENNIS                    CATLIN                             NY-8-6-193
MATTHEWS, CHARLES                 CATLIN                             NY-8-2-421
MATTHEWS, SAMUEL S.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-487
MAXWELL, SARAH ANN                ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-321
MAXWELL, WILLIAM                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-4A-1
MAXWELL, WILLIAM H.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-4B-195
MCCANN, ANN                       SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-13-450
MCCANN, GEORGE S.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-541
MCCANN, JAMES                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-737
MCCANN, JOHN                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-189
MCCANN, LEVI                      VETERAN                            NY-8-16-14
MCCARTHY, KATE                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-27
MCCARTY, CHARLES                  CATHARINE                          NY-8-4B-131
MCCARTY, DANIEL                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-355
MCCARTY, JOHN                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-301
MCCLARY, EDWARD                   BALDWIN                            NY-8-16-32
MCCLOSKEY, JOSEPHINE              ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-129
MCCLURE, WILLIAM A.               RUTLAND, TIOGA, PA                 NY-8-12-281
MCCONNEL, JOHN                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-2-47
MCCONNELL, AMZI                   VETERAN                            NY-8-18-391
MCCONNELL, ANNA                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-797
MCCONNELL, CATHARINE E.           HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-14-483
MCCONNELL, ELIZABETH              HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-7-463
MCCONNELL, FLORENCE               ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-85
MCCONNELL, FRANCIS                HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-166
MCCONNELL, JOSEPH                 HECTOR, TOMPKINS, NY               NY-8-3-96
MCCORN, SARAH                     VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-11-109
MCCUEN, MARGARET                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-536
MCCUM, JOHN                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-469
MCCUMBER, JEREMIAH                BALDWIN                            NY-8-10-241
MCCUMBER, WILLIAM                 BALDWIN                            NY-8-5-397
MCDERMOT, FRANCIS                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-121
MCDOEL, ROBERT                    ERIN                               NY-8-3-166
MCDONALD, MARY M.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-181
MCDONALL, CHARLES                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-592
MCDOUGAL, HARRY                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-7-505
MCDOUGALL, CYRUS                  CATLIN                             NY-8-13-348
MCDOWELL, CLARA E.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-637
MCDOWELL, CLARISSA A.             WELLSBURG                          NY-8-17-517
MCDOWELL, DEBORAH                 ASHLAND                            NY-8-14-372
MCDOWELL, J. LOWMAN               ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-685
MCDOWELL, JOHN G.                 CHEMUNG                            NY-8-5-457
MCDOWELL, ROBERT M.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-723
MCDUFFEE, CHARLES DOWNING         CHEMUNG                            NY-8-9-13
MCDUFFEE, DANIEL                  CHEMUNG                            NY-8-15-649
MCDUFFEE, NEAL                    CHEMUNG                            NY-8-6-79
MCDUFFER, ELEANOR                 ATHENS, BRADFORD, PA               NY-8-7-379
MCDUGAL, JOHN                     VETERAN                            NY-8-1-18
MCELROY, JOHN                     BIG FLATS                          NY-8-7-79
MCGOVERN, JAMES                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-190
MCGOVERN, MARY A.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-418
MCGRATH, GEORGE B.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-325
MCGRAW, JOHN                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-43
MCGRAW, JULIA                     BIG FLATS                          NY-8-13-351
MCGREEVY, OWEN                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-717
MCGREEVY, SARAH A.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-209
MCGUIGAN, CATHARINE               ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-383
MCHENRY, CHARLES                  ASHLAND                            NY-8-11-160
MCINERNEY, MARGARET               ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-106
MCINERNEY, MICHAEL                ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-645
MCINERNEY, MICHAEL                ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-122
MCINERNY, MICHAEL                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-435
MCINTYRE, SALLY A.                BALDWIN                            NY-8-10-431
MCKEE, ADELIA                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-190
MCKENNEY, NANCY T.                VETERAN                            NY-8-14-258
MCKINNEY, GEORGE                  VETERAN                            NY-8-11-148
MCKINNEY, JENNET                  VETERAN                            NY-8-11-399
MCKINNEY, MATHEW                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-7-241
MCKINNEY, JESSE                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-13-144
MCKNIGHT, JENNIE                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-599
MCKNIGHT, JULIA E.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-653
MCMAHON, ELLEN OBRIEN             ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-193
MCMAHON, MICHAEL                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-38
MCMILLAN, JAMES                   ERIN                               NY-8-10-449
MCMILLAN, JOSEPH                  ERIN                               NY-8-6-127
MCMILLAN, LYDIA B.                ERIN                               NY-8-11-117
MCMILLEN, GEORGE K.               ERIN                               NY-8-6-49
MCNALLY, THOMAS                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-541
MCNEIL, ABBIE B.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-356
MCNEIL, HELEN L.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-549
MCNIEL, SARAH                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-351
MCNISH, GEORGE                    HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-4B-53
MCNULTY, JOHN                     BIG FLATS                          NY-8-18-205
MCNULTY, MARGARET                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-248
MCWHORTER, ROBERT L.              SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-17-645
MEAD, JOHN T.                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-397
MEAD, MARY                        CHEMUNG                            NY-8-1-420
MEAD, MARY A.                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-609
MEAR, THOMAS                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-561
MEEKER, HENRY                     TRUMANSBURG, TOMPKINS, NY          NY-8-12-506
MEEKER, ICHABOD                   VETERAN                            NY-8-1-266
MEEKER, SAMUEL                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-447
MEEKER, WILLIAM H.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-75
MEISEL, MORTZ                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-277
MERIAN, BARNEY                    VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-6-133
MERRILL, HARRIET E.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-491
MERRITT, DAVID PRESCOTT           ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-499
MERWIN, WAKEMAN                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-313
MEYER, CARL                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-382
MEYER, MAX                        ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-400
MIDDAUGH, BENJAMIN T.             ATHENS, BRADFORD, PA               NY-8-12-285
MIDDAUGH, JOSEPH W.               OGDENSBURG, TIOGA, PA              NY-8-12-314
MIDDAUGH, SARAH J.                CHEMUNG                            NY-8-14-417
MILES, EMELINE                    CATLIN                             NY-8-13-369
MILFORD, HENRY A.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-196
MILFORD, LOUISE M.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-376
MILLAGE, JACOB A.                 CHEMUNG                            NY-8-19-442
MILLARD, MARY G.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-345
MILLER, AMELIA                    SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-19-616
MILLER, CLARINDA                  CATLIN                             NY-8-19-424
MILLER, EDMUND                    SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-10-19
MILLER, EDNA P.                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-17-281
MILLER, ESTHER                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-23
MILLER, GEORGE C.                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-4B-119
MILLER, HECTOR L.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-204
MILLER, JANE B.                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-17-709
MILLER, JOHN D.                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-13-234
MILLER, LAURA M.                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-4B-303
MILLER, MARTHA J.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-91
MILLER, MARY A.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-400
MILLER, MELVIN W.                 BIG FLATS                          NY-8-19-244
MILLER, NANCY                     SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-16-302
MILLER, PAMELIA                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-15-203
MILLER, POLLY M.                  CHEMUNG                            NY-8-5-445
MILLER, SAMUEL                    VETERAN                            NY-8-4B-363
MILLER, WILLIAM B.                BIG FLATS                          NY-8-19-765
MILLS, EMILY R.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-493
MILLS, JAMES H.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-609
MILLS, MABEL                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-408
MILLS, RHODA V.                   BIG FLATS                          NY-8-17-287
MILLS, RICHARD                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-559
MILLS, RUFUS I.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-105
MILLSPAUGH, SARAH M.              BIG FLATS                          NY-8-16-365
MILSPAUGH, STEPHEN                HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-9-601
MINCH, CHRISTIAN                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-395
MINCH, FREDERICKA                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-10-205
MINCH, GOTLIEB                    SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-11-113
MINCH, MARY ANN                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-578
MINIER, ABRAM B.                  BIG FLATS                          NY-8-19-574
MINIER, HENRY                     BIG FLATS                          NY-8-18-85
MINIER, JOHN                      BIG FLATS                          NY-8-14-225
MINTONYE, LUCY C.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-133
MINTURN, ANGOLINE                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-15-26
MIRTUNES, DAVID C.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-497
MITCHELL, EMMA A.                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-20-233
MITCHELL, JOHN                    CATHARINE                          NY-8-2-325
MITCHELL, JOHN                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-322
MIX, TITUS F.                     CATHARINE                          NY-8-2-508
MOFFITT, HANNAH                   BALDWIN                            NY-8-9-181
MONTGOMERY, MARY                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-302
MOODY, MARY M.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-215
MOONEY, ANN                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-367
MOORE, ALEXANDER                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-94
MOORE, ASA                        SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-2-23
MOORE, FRED                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-595
MOORE, JANE                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-397
MOORE, MICHAEL                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-452
MOORE, SARAH J.                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-20-667
MOREHOUSE, JOEL C.                ASHLAND                            NY-8-14-330
MOREY, ELIZABETH                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-197
MOREY, SMITH H.                   VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-16-338
MORGAN, MARIA C.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-158
MORGAN, WILLIAM W.                SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-10-73
MORIARTY, ELIZA                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-513
MORONEY, WILLIAM H.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-21
MORRELL, FANNIE S.                SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-14-240
MORRELL, ISAAC                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-58
MORRIS, EDWARD                    CHICAGO, COOK, IL                  NY-8-12-635
MORRIS, NELSON                    CHICAGO, COOK, IL                  NY-8-12-619
MORSE, LOUISA W.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-37
MORSE, PHEBE J.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-313
MORSE, ROSCIUS                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-445
MOSES, LUCINA W.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-117
MOSHER, CATHERINE M.              HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-18-316
MOSHER, HUMPHREY J.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-295
MOSHER, MILLIE S.                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-10-187
MOSHER, WELCOME                   VETERAN                            NY-8-1-389
MOSS, HARRIET N.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-627
MOSS, JAMES                       SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-6-187
MOTCHMAN, ADAM                    SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-18-99
MOYLAN, MARGARET E.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-232
MULCAHY, MAURICE                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-55
MULHALL, MARGARET                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-332
MULLANEY, MARGARET                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-275
MULLER, WILLIAM L.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-625
MUNDY, NICHOLAS S.                BIG FLATS                          NY-8-14-713
MUNSON, JOHN                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-289
MUNSON, ORANGE                    ERIN                               NY-8-20-374
MURDOCH, ELIZA A.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-673
MURDOCK, ELIZABETH                ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-343
MURPHY, EDWARD                    CATLIN                             NY-8-16-347
MURPHY, HENRIETTA A.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-84
MURPHY, JAMES J.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-64
MURPHY, MARGARET PRATT            ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-440
MURPHY, PATRICK                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-17-577
MURPHY, WILLIAM E.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-387
MURPHY, WILLIAM J.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-449
MURRAY, ALEXANDER                 CHEMUNG                            NY-8-2-178
MURRAY, EDWARD B.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-349
MURRAY, EMILY A.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-44
MURRAY, JOHN HARRIS               SOUTH WAVERLY, BRADFORD, PA        NY-8-12-268
MURRAY, THOMAS                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-476
MURTHY, ANDERSON                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-143
MURTHY, MARY ANN                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-665
MYERS, ABRAM                      HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-17-359
MYERS, GEORGE                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-58
MYERS, GEORGE W.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-465
MYRES, CYNTHIA                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-4
NABLES, ELEANOR                   VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-9-121
NAGEL, MELCHOIR                   BIG FLATS                          NY-8-19-713
NAGLE, GUSTAVUS W.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-59
NASH, HARVEY                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-32
NEILY, GEORGE W.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-19
NEISH, DAVID A.                   ERIN                               NY-8-11-366
NEISH, WILLIAM                    ERIN                               NY-8-4B-1
NELAN, MICHAEL                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-604
NELSON, ELIZABETH                 VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-9-619
NEUER, JACOB                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-288
NEWELL, HENRY                     SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-20-551
NEWKIRK, JOHN I.                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-18-55
NEWKIRK, MILTON                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-164
NICHOLS, ARTHUR P.                HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-14-68
NICHOLS, MARIA M.                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-20-497
NICHOLS, MARY                     CATHARINE                          NY-8-1-426
NICKERSON, HARRISON               BALDWIN                            NY-8-16-657
NICKS, JOHN I.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-179
NIMTZ, LOUISE E.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-789
NIXSON, JAMES                     CHEMUNG                            NY-8-2-196
NOBLE, GEORGE W.                  WELLS, BRADFORD, PA                NY-8-12-299
NOBLES, MILTON V.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-259
NORMAN, CORNELIA S.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-15
NORMAN, MARY ANN                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-138
NORMAN, PRENTICE P.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-287
NORRIS, JOHN                      CAYUTA                             NY-8-2-126
NORTH, ANNE B.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-273
NORTH, NORRIS                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-270
NORTH, OLIVE P.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-557
NORTH, WILLIAM                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-1-500
NORTHRUP, ANNA                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-4A-21
NORTHRUP, CLARA                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-477
NORTHRUP, NELSON H.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-535
NORTON, HIRAM                     HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-9-223
NORTON, JANE E.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-396
NOURSE, MARY A.                   VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-14-429
NOYES, JOSEPH                     SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-3-338
NYE, BARLOW                       DIX                                NY-8-3-260
OBRIEN, CATHERINE                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-733
OBRIEN, DAVID                     CHICAGO, COOK, IL                  NY-8-12-168
OBRIEN, HUMPHREY                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-188
OBRIEN, JENNIE S.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-60
OBRIEN, JEREMIAH                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-470
OBRYON, LYMAN                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-223
OCONNER, DAVID                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-499
OCONNOR, JAMES                    SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-11-357
OCONNOR, MARIA                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-190
OCONNOR, PATRICK                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-80
ODANIELS, SUSAN JANE              SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-14-171
ODAY, JOHN                        ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-235
ODEA, ANN                         ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-335
ODEA, MARY                        ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-46
ODELL, ABRAM                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-119
ODRISCOLL, MICHAEL                ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-116
ODWYER, MICHAEL                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-729
OGDEN, HARRIET M.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-449
OGDEN, WILLIAM                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-303
OGORMAN, THOMAS                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-113
OHANLON, GEORGE                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-16-649
OHANLON, JOHN                     READING, HILLSDALE, MI             NY-8-12-366
OHANLON, THOMAS                   ALLEN, HILLSDALE, MI               NY-8-12-355
OHANSON, OWEN                     HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-4B-189
OHARE, MICHAEL                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-31
OLMSTEAD, ELIZA                   CHEMUNG                            NY-8-7-121
OLNEY, WILLIAM                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-2
OMAHER, JAMES                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-92
ORCUTT, JOHN L.                   CHEMUNG                            NY-8-5-61
OREILLEY, DENNIS                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-490
ORILEY, MARY ANN                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-506
ORMISTON, WILLIAM                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-20-458
OROURKE, MARY                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-9
ORVIS, EMERSON                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-280
ORVIS, FIDELIA A.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-13
ORWAN, CHARLES                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-4B-25
OSBORN, LEVI S.                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-18-493
OSBORN, WILLIAM                   BIG FLATS                          NY-8-9-577
OSBORNE, EMMA                     VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-17-152
OSBORNE, MARGARET E.              HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-17-311
OSBORNE, SELAH W.                 ELMIRA HEIGHTS                     NY-8-17-176
OSHEA, TIMOTHY                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-439
OSTRANDER, ALICE                  CATLIN                             NY-8-19-785
OSTRANDER, CORNELIUS              CATLIN                             NY-8-13-399
OSULLIVAN, MARK                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-91
OVERACKER, JOHANNA H.             ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-152
OWEN, HENRY W.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-493
OWEN, JESSE                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-188
OWEN, JOSEPH H.                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-17-386
OWEN, MARY L.                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-621
OWEN, STEPHEN T.                  BIG FLATS                          NY-8-19-403
OWEN, WILLIAM B.                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-4B-179
OWNE, ELY A.                      VETERAN                            NY-8-16-539
PAGE, SAMUEL R.                   VETERAN                            NY-8-15-155
PAGE, SARAH N.                    VETERAN                            NY-8-19-41
PAGETT, THOMAS A.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-191
PAIGE, SARAH                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-208
PAINE, ANNIE LEE                  WILKES BARRE, LUZERNE, PA          NY-8-12-322
PALMER, CARLOS B.                 ASHLAND                            NY-8-14-34
PALMER, CHAUNCEY                  CATLIN                             NY-8-19-801
PALMER, ELIAL                     SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-3-178
PALMER, ELIZABETH                 CATLIN                             NY-8-18-283
PALMER, ELIZABETH                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-544
PALMER, HELEN C.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-533
PALMER, JULIA                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-551
PALMER, MARTIN S.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-99
PALMER, MARTIN W.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-132
PALMER, MARY E.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-156
PALMER, ORSON W.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-245
PALMER, PETER                     VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-16-94
PALMER, WILLIAM H.                BIG FLATS                          NY-8-9-421
PANIMO, JOSEPH                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-40
PARK, EDNA A.                     ERIN                               NY-8-11-297
PARK, MARGARET I.                 BIG FLATS                          NY-8-20-188
PARK, MARILLA                     ERIN                               NY-8-20-33
PARK, MARY E.                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-413
PARK, THOMAS                      BIG FLATS                          NY-8-4B-219
PARKER, RUBY E.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-473
PARKER, STEPHEN H.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-464
PARKHURST, LEWIS D.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-545
PARKINSON, ALEXANDER C.           ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-101
PARKINSON, FANNIE E.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-194
PARKS, CHARLES C.                 MILLPORT                           NY-8-18-73
PARKS, JOSEPH                     BIG FLATS                          NY-8-17-26
PARMENTER, CHARLES H.             ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-401
PARMENTER, MARY T.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-689
PARMENTER, STEPHEN                CATHARINE                          NY-8-1-411
PARSHALE, ASA                     CHEMUNG                            NY-8-2-269
PARSHALL, ASA                     CHEMUNG                            NY-8-19-681
PARSONS, A. D.                    VETERAN                            NY-8-2-239
PARSONS, BURR B.                  VETERAN                            NY-8-10-169
PARSONS, DANIEL                   VETERAN                            NY-8-1-241
PARSONS, PHEBE C.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-461
PARTRIDGE, HENRY M.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-209
PARTRIDGE, SAMUEL                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-11-327
PATRIDGE, EMMA G.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-82
PATTERSON, BETSEY                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-321
PATTERSON, MARY                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-128
PAUTY, CHARLOTTE                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-421
PAUTZ, AUGUSTUS                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-733
PAYNE, ESTHER                     VETERAN                            NY-8-1-335
PAYNE, ESTHER A. R.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-563
PAYNE, SARAH R.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-593
PEARKINS, MARGARET                ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-677
PECKHAM, WILLIAM E.               ELMIRA HEIGHTS                     NY-8-20-482
PEDRICK, JOHN M.                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-1-167
PEDRICK, JOHN S.                  WELLS                              NY-8-13-171
PEEBLES, CORBETT                  BIG FLATS                          NY-8-14-183
PELHAM, ISAAC                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-484
PEPPARD, BENJAMIN F.              CHEMUNG                            NY-8-6-1
PEPPARD, CHARLES H.               CHEMUNG                            NY-8-7-445
PEPPARD, ELIZABETH                CHEMUNG                            NY-8-20-89
PEPPARD, FRANCIS                  NTL                                NY-8-2-502
PEPPARD, ISAAC                    CHEMUNG                            NY-8-15-140
PERCIVAL, ALEXANDER W.            ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-61
PERKINS, AUGUSTA J.               HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-19-466
PERKINS, LOUISA                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-6
PERKINS, STEPHEN M.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-176
PERRY, ANN K.                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-413
PERSONIUS, ABRAHAM                CATLIN                             NY-8-11-447
PERSONIUS, CORNELIUS              CATLIN                             NY-8-4B-327
PERSONIUS, ELNATHAN               ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-454
PERSONIUS, JANE U.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-412
PERSONIUS, LUCIUS M.              CATLIN                             NY-8-13-20
PETERS, JOHN                      SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-10-347
PETERS, WILLIAM H.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-44
PEW, ADDIE M.                     HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-19-35
PHILLIPS, MORRIS                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-242
PHILLIPS, SHADRACH R.             ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-317
PHILLIPS, SUSAN MARIA             ELMIRA                             NY-8-5-355
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM H.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-25
PICKERING, ADELE E.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-212
PIERCE, ELI G.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-667
PIERCE, HARRIET TARBOX            ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-389
PIERCE, REBECCA A.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-486
PIERCE, WILLIAM H.                SMITHFIELD, BRADFORD, PA           NY-8-11-688
PIOTROWSKI, JOSEPH                ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-98
PIPER, DANIEL                     SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-7-157
PITKIN, OZIAS C.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-27
PLATT, RUFUS                      HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-485
PLOWMAN, MARY A.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-291
PLUMB, ORRIN HENRY                , MENDOCINO, CA                    NY-8-12-440
POLHAMUS, MARY J.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-307
POLLEYS, MARY                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-181
POLLOCK, ROBERT                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-28
POMEROY, ELEAZER                  TROY, BRADFORD, PA                 NY-8-12-214
POMEROY, SOPHIA W.                TROY, BRADFORD, PA                 NY-8-12-289
POST, WILLIAM T.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-633
POTTER, MARIA L.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-240
POWELL, ELLEN                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-81
POWELL, MARTIN                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-407
POWELL, MARTIN                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-98
PRATT, AMZY                       VETERAN                            NY-8-4B-383
PRATT, CHARLES R.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-95
PRATT, DANIEL                     HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-6-97
PRATT, DANIEL R.                  DIX                                NY-8-2-204
PRATT, GEORGE E.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-239
PRATT, HARDEN D. V.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-601
PRATT, HARDEN DE VALSON JR.       ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-491
PRATT, HARRIET                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-110
PRATT, LYCURGUS D.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-500
PRATT, PERRY B.                   BURLINGTON, BRADFORD, PA           NY-8-7-19
PRATT, RANSOM                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-235
PRATT, SARAH                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-577
PRATT, WILLIAM C.                 VETERAN                            NY-8-20-35
PRESCOTT, JOSEPH S.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-230
PRESTON, JOSEPH                   CHEMUNG                            NY-8-6-277
PRESWICK, CHRISTOPHER             ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-645
PRICE, HARVEY                     CHEMUNG                            NY-8-14-453
PRICE, JOSEPH H.                  CATLIN                             NY-8-18-103
PRICE, SAMUEL                     DIX                                NY-8-3-18
PRICE, SAMUEL C.                  CHEMUNG                            NY-8-5-115
PURCELL, JOHN                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-672
PURDY, GUY                        VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-9-457
PURDY, HENRY H.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-243
PURVIS, HARRIET E.                WELLSBORO, TIOGA, PA               NY-8-12-462
PUTMAN, JANE                      SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-7-475
PUTNAM, PETER G.                  VETERAN                            NY-8-15-518
QUACKENBUSH, ABNER H.             BIG FLATS                          NY-8-7-517
QUACKENBUSH, AUGUSTUS             BIG FLATS                          NY-8-18-169
QUACKENBUSH, CELESTIA             ELMIRA HEIGHTS                     NY-8-18-111
QUACKENBUSH, MARY M.              BIG FLATS                          NY-8-11-423
QUACKENBUSH, SALLY ANN            BIG FLATS                          NY-8-17-729
QUICK, STEPHEN C.                 CHEMUNG                            NY-8-4B-161
QUINN, EDWARD                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-375
QUINN, JAMES                      CHEMUNG                            NY-8-11-411
QUINN, JAMES                      HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-13-50
QUINN, SIMON                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-79
QUINN, WILLIAM                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-365
RACKLYEFT, ELIZA                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-15-371
RANDALL, ABBIE                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-500
RANDALL, ALEXANDER W.             ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-7
RANDALL, MORRIS                   BIG FLATS                          NY-8-14-14
RANDALL, WILLIAM                  VETERAN                            NY-8-11-291
RANDOLPH, BYRON F.                CHEMUNG                            NY-8-20-149
RANSOM, HENRY V.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-12-188
RANSOM, REUBEN H.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-272
RATHBONE, CATHARINE E.            ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-503
RATHBONE, HENRY W.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-605
RATHBONE, WILLAM R.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-493
RATHBUN, PETER R.                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-17-401
RAYNER, ANDREW B.                 CHEMUNG                            NY-8-18-550
REA, JANNETT                      VETERAN                            NY-8-571
REAGAN, THOMAS                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-449
REARDON, JAMES J.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-9
REARDON, JEREMIAH                 VETERAN                            NY-8-19-649
REARDON, THOMAS                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-160
REASOR, EDWARD N.                 BIG FLATS                          NY-8-17-464
REASOR, MARY E.                   BIG FLATS                          NY-8-13-60
REASOR, WILLIAM                   BIG FLATS                          NY-8-11-217
REDFIELD, JARED A.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-563
REDNER, LANSING                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-312
REED, ROXANA                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-8
REEDER, ELIZABETH                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-6-241
REES, SARAH                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-158
REIDY, MARY                       SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-13-46
REIDY, MICHAEL                    BALDWIN                            NY-8-15-476
REIDY, MICHAEL T.                 BRADFORD, MC KEAN, PA              NY-8-12-530
REILLY, ALICE                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-695
REIS, SARAH A.                    VETERAN                            NY-8-9-271
RENIFF, ABISHA                    BALDWIN                            NY-8-13-222
REUL, FREDERICKA                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-739
REXFORD, SAMUEL                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-4A-31
REYNOLDS, ABIGAIL                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-13-318
REYNOLDS, CHARLES                 BIG FLATS                          NY-8-1-48
REYNOLDS, EDWIN                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-217
REYNOLDS, HENRY                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-9-37
REYNOLDS, NATHAN                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-217
REYNOLDS, SAMUEL N.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-208
REYNOLDS, SAMUEL T.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-399
RHODE, CHRISTIAN                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-749
RHODES, BENJAMIN A.               VETERAN                            NY-8-18-23
RHODES, MARGARET                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-557
RHODES, MARY J.                   BIG FLATS                          NY-8-14-543
RHODES, SILAS R.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-80
RICH, RICHARD H.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-347
RICHARDS, RICHARD                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-54
RICHARDSON, JACKSON               ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-633
RICHARDSON, JACOB M.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-561
RICHARDSON, SAMUEL                ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-505
RICKEY, AMANDA M.                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-5-145
RICKEY, JOHN                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-1-28
RICKEY, JOSEPH                    CATLIN                             NY-8-14-339
RICKEY, WILSON                    HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-18-91
RIFE, HENRY B.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-390
RIGNEY, MARGARET W.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-379
RIKER, SAMUEL                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-184
RILEY, ANN                        SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-18-109
RILEY, CHARLES                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-384
RILEY, JOHN                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-61
RILEY, JOSEPH C.                  BIG FLATS                          NY-8-5-343
RIPLEY, DEWITT C.                 ELMIRA HEIGHTS                     NY-8-20-311
RIPLEY, SAPHRONA M.               ELMIRA HEIGHTS                     NY-8-20-167
RIVENBURG, MARTHA K.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-446
ROBBINS, HARRIET M.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-125
ROBBINS, JENNIE                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-19-148
ROBERTS, ANN MARIA                HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-20-317
ROBERTS, CHARLES                  CHEMUNG                            NY-8-7-529
ROBERTS, GEORGE W.                ASHLAND                            NY-8-14-444
ROBERTS, GEORGE W.                SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-17-410
ROBERTS, HANNAH                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-288
ROBERTS, JAMES C.                 VETERAN                            NY-8-17-94
ROBERTS, MARGARET                 CHEMUGN                            NY-8-18-568
ROBERTS, MARIA                    ASHLAND                            NY-8-19-151
ROBERTS, MARTHA E.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-458
ROBINSON, ABBIE W.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-42
ROBINSON, ELLEN                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-7-481
ROBINSON, JAMES                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-1-317
ROBINSON, JOHN B.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-462
ROBINSON, LUCIUS                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-234
ROBINSON, NOAH H.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-5-187
ROBINSON, ORRIN                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-11-565
ROBINSON, RICHARD W.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-317
ROBINSON, SABIN                   ERIN                               NY-8-18-143
ROBINSON, THREMAN                 CATLIN                             NY-8-9-463
ROBLYER, JOHN                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-112
ROCKWELL, ABRAM B.                HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-12-69
ROCKWELL, DANIEL B.               HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-18-217
ROCKWELL, JOSIAH K.               HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-13-180
RODBOURN, EZRA                    HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-19-586
ROE, CHARLES F.                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-17-251
ROE, EDWARD D.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-179
ROE, ISAAC                        ELMIRA                             NY-8-4B-95
ROE, JOSEPH M.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-757
ROE, MARY                         HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-15-113
ROE, MARY C.                      CHEMUNG                            NY-8-16-332
ROEMMELT, SOPHIA                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-106
ROGERS, ELBERT                    CHEMUNG                            NY-8-18-331
ROGERS, IRVIN                     CHEMUNG                            NY-8-15-218
ROGERS, NELSON B.                 VETERAN                            NY-8-18-67
ROGERS, SARAH                     WATERFORD, NEW LONDON, CT          NY-8-4A-47
ROGERS, WILLIAM T.                CHEMUGN                            NY-8-19-460
ROLL, LUTHER                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-395
ROLL, MANNING R.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-312
RONAN, PATRICK                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-529
ROOT, JULIA A.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-637
ROPER, FORDYCE                    ERIN                               NY-8-11-497
ROSAR, VALENTINE                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-17-60
ROSE, STEPHEN                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-214
ROSEBROOK, AMANDA                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-327
ROSEKRANS, ANN M.                 BIG FLATS                          NY-8-20-281
ROSEKRANS, TERESA D.              ERIN                               NY-8-14-525
ROSENBAUM, LEHMAN                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-553
ROSENBAUM, MARTIN                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-149
ROSENGRANT, ALEXANDER             DIX                                NY-8-1-86
ROSENKRAUS, ALVAH B.              ERIN                               NY-8-9-283
ROSS, SAMUEL                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-4A-116
ROUGHAN, JOHN                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-185
ROUND, ROBERT J.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-521
ROUSHY, MICHAEL B.                ASHLAND                            NY-8-19-103
ROWAN, MICHAEL                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-154
ROWE, ABRAM                       VETERAN                            NY-8-19-406
ROWLEY, EZRA                      BIG FLATS                          NY-8-18-241
ROWLEY, JOEL                      BIG FLATS                          NY-8-3-330
ROWLEY, REBECCA                   BIG FLATS                          NY-8-4B-171
ROWLEY, SALMON                    BIG FLATS                          NY-8-5-193
ROYSE, ALBERT B.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-473
RUGER, ANNA                       VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-18-325
RUGGLES, BRITANIA                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-17-425
RUGGLES, WILSON                   CHEMUNG                            NY-8-15-32
RUMSEY, GEORGE W.                 ERIN                               NY-8-15-161
RUMSEY, JAMES A.                  VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-13-387
RUMSEY, JEREMIAH K.               VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-7-451
RUMSEY, MARY ANN                  VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-7-265
RUMSEY, MILO H.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-6
RUMSEY, RENSALAER                 VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-13-56
RUMSEY, SARAH                     VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-16-443
RUMSEY, SARAH E.                  SEE: CARD, SARAH E.                NY-8-16-521
RUMSEY, THADDEUS S.               VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-15-122
RUNDLE, EMILY                     VETERAN                            NY-8-19-241
RUNDLE, SILAS C.                  VETERAN                            NY-8-18-1
RUPPERSBERGER, MARY               ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-446
RUSH, MARY                        ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-152
RUTAN, NANCY J.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-153
RUTAN, PETER                      SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-16-200
RUTLEDGE, FANNIE                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-78
RUTTER, WILLIAM E.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-226
RYAN, AMELIA                      ERIN                               NY-8-17-146
RYAN, JAMES                       SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-13-360
RYAN, MARGARET                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-224
RYAN, THEODA                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-272
RYANT, CHESTER W.                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-7-187
RYANT, ELIZA ANN                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-13-456
RYMAZIK, THOMAS                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-10-31
RYNN, MARGARET                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-322
RYNN, MICHAEL                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-2

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