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EARL, LORETT                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-200
EARLE, BOARDMAN B.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-45
EARLE, ELIZABETH G.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-248
EASTON, CLARA B.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-9
EATON, JACOB                      VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-16-461
ECKENBERGER, CHARLES A.           ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-601
ECKERT, FRANZ                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-212
ECKERT, MARIA M.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-408
EDDY, MATILDA                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-227
EDDY, ORRIN                       HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-9-91
EDGERLY, MARIE M.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-494
EDMINSTER, GEORGE                 BIG FLATTS                         NY-8-20-77
EDMINSTER, LEVI B.                HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-7-319
EDMINSTER, LEWIS                  BIG FLATS                          NY-8-9-217
EDSALL, AUSTIN                    SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-20-146
EDWARDS, JANE                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-344
EDWARDS, MARY C.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-598
EDWARDS, THOMAS P.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-657
EGAN, PATRICK B.                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-18-55
EGBERT, FRED H.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-140
EGBERT, GORDEN                    VETERAN                            NY-8-14-351
EGBERT, HARRIET M.                VETERAN                            NY-8-19-577
EGBERT, JOHN L.                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-13-102
EGBERT, MARIA L.                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-14-357
EGBERT, MARY ANN                  VETERAN                            NY-8-14-354
EGERTON, CATHARINE E.             ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-387
EIFFERT, HENRY                    SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-13-414
ELDRIDGE, EDWIN                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-325
ELLETT, ANN                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-84
ELLIOTT, ADAM W.                  BIG FLATS                          NY-8-11-67
ELLIOTT, HARRIET F.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-131
ELLIOTT, JACOB                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-6-67
ELLS, ALLEN                       ERIN                               NY-8-18-1
ELMER, GEORGE W.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-229
ELMINSTER, WILLIAM                BIG FLATS                          NY-8-13-186
ELMORE, ADA S.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-26
ELORN, ELIZABETH                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-8-547
ELOUD, ITHIEL                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-309
ELSTON, ARTHUR                    ERIN                               NY-8-11-235
ELSTON, CHARLES E.                HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-7-253
ELSTON, ELIJAH                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-637
ELSTON, JANE V.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-18
ELSTON, MARTHA M.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-220
ELSTON, MARY                      ERIN                               NY-8-19-343
ELSTON, MARY E.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-542
ELSTON, SAMUEL P.                 BALDWIN                            NY-8-10-437
ENGELL, OTTO C.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-206
ENNIS, ALEXANDER                  **                                 NY-8-3-263
ENNIS, BENJAMIN                   VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-5-379
ENNIS, CORNELIUS                  VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-4A-96
ENNIS, EMANUEL 2ND                VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-7-163
ENNIS, EMELINE                    VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-16-46
ENNIS, PHEBE                      VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-10-103
ENNIS, WEALTHY A.                 VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-16-76
ERHART, KATE                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-131
ERLICH, BARNEY                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-519
ETZ, ABBIE E.                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-509
EVANS, ANNIE L.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-343
EVANS, CHESTER B.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-2-345
EVENDEN, HENRY                    HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-16-155
EVERARD, SARAH LOUISE             ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-699
EVERARD, WILLIAM                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-23
EVERETT, CYNTHIA                  CHEMUNG                            NY-8-9-415
EVERETT, JOHN                     CHEMUNG                            NY-8-2-433
EVERETT, SUTHERLAND T.            CHEMUNG                            NY-8-18-577
FAGER, ROSINA L.                  BIG FLATS                          NY-8-20-735
FAIRBANKS, MORRIS                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-160
FAIRCHILD, GORDON W.              SOUTH WAVERLY, BRADFORD, PA        NY-8-12-453
FAIRMAN, SEYMOUR B.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-6-253
FALCK, WILLIAM                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-191
FALLS, MARCUS                     VETERAN                            NY-8-10-371
FANTON, EVELINE                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-15-278
FARLEY, ANNA                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-181
FARNHAM, MARY R.                  ADDISON                            NY-8-16-131
FARNUM, GEORGE M.                 BIG FLATS                          NY-8-15-422
FARR, HENRY                       HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-9-433
FARR, JANE                        HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-393
FARR, JOSIAH M.                   VETERAN                            NY-8-11-306
FARR, MARY                        BIG FLATS                          NY-8-13-32
FARR, MARY MARGARET               BIG FLATS                          NY-8-17-56
FARR, VALENTINE                   BIG FLATS                          NY-8-17-254
FARRER, THOMAS                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-107
FASSETT, TRUMAN EDMUND            , LUNA, NM                         NY-8-12-488
FAUSNAUGHT, JOHN H.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-277
FAUSNAUGHT, JOHN H.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-148
FAY, CATHARINE                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-231
FEENEY, JOHANNA                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-484
FELL, JOHN                        HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-19-202
FELL, WILLIAM                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-80
FELL, WILLIAM N.                  BIG FLATS                          NY-8-17-50
FERRIS, RICHARD P.                SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-7-175
FIELD, HENRIETTA                  CHEMUNG                            NY-8-13-42
FIELD, JOHN R.                    CHEMUNG                            NY-8-11-601
FIELD, SARAH IRENE                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-703
FIERO, JASPER                     HROSEHEADS                         NY-8-17-581
FINCH, MARTIN J.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-22
FINCHER, LYMAN                    ASHLAND                            NY-8-14-38
FINLAY, JOHN                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-711
FINLEY, DANIEL A.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-193
FINN, TIMOTHY                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-494
FINNCAN, PATRICK                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-360
FIRMAN, CHARLES H.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-443
FISCHER, JOHN GEORGE              SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-15-383
FISH, SIMEON M.                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-15-293
FISHER, HARRIET L.                VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-20-389
FISHER, WILLIAM H.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-491
FISHLER, JULIA A.                 ASHLAND                            NY-8-14-62
FISK, SANFORD N.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-57
FITCH, FRANCIS E.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-280
FITCH, JULIA B.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-134
FITCH, LUCINA M.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-541
FITCH, MARY W.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-613
FITTEN, MICHAEL                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-14
FITZGERALD, BRIDGET               ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-553
FITZGERALD, JOHN                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-14-522
FITZGERALD, MARY                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-316
FITZGERALD, PATRICK               ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-548
FITZPATRICK, JOSEPH               ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-19
FITZPATRICK, MICHAEL              ELMIRA                             NY-8-4B-47
FITZSIMMONS, JOHN                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-3-90
FITZSIMMONS, VINCENT M.           SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-12-103
FLEMING, ROBERT J.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-191
FLETCHER, SARAH A.                HARRISBURG, DAUPHIN, PA            NY-8-12-473
FLOOD, PATRICK H.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-12-73
FLOOD, RACHEL                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-657
FLY, MARY                         ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-357
FLYNN, MARTIN                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-13
FOOT, ANN                         VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-15-530
FORD, MARY                        ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-371
FORD, OLIVER                      BIG FLATS                          NY-8-10-497
FORD, SARAH                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-70
FORRESTER, GEORGE L.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-8-457
FOSTER, HENRY                     HORSHEADS                          NY-8-7-391
FOSTER, MARY E.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-665
FOSTER, WILLIAM                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-5-265
FOSTER, WILLIAM                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-443
FOULKE, JOSEPH                    CHEMUNG                            NY-8-2-101
FOWLER, HARRY                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-51
FOWLER, JOSEPH                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-8-385
FOX, BETSEY                       BALDWIN                            NY-8-19-745
FOX, JASON                        BALDWIN                            NY-8-4B-125
FRADENBURG, ELI                   BALDWIN                            NY-8-11-154
FRASIER, FANNIE A.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-551
FREEMAN, LOVINA                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-13-36
FREER, C. ANNE                    WATKINS                            NY-8-3-270
FRENCH, GEORGE W.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-249
FRENCH, HORACE C.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-508
FRENCH, JAMES S.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-7
FRENCH, JANE M.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-637
FRENCH, MAHALA                    HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-10-527
FRENCH, SAMUEL                    CHEMUNG                            NY-8-5-31
FROST, ANNA                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-319
FROST, ASHER R.                   VETERAN                            NY-8-18-777
FROST, MINNIE W.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-328
FROST, MUDERHILL                  DIX                                NY-8-3-13
FROST, RACHAEL M.                 CATHARINE                          NY-8-3-289
FRY, ALFRED                       CHEMUNG                            NY-8-2-297
FUDGE, VIRTUE T.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-293
FULLER, CATHARINE                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-416
FULLER, WILLIAM                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-365
FUTCHY, ELIZABETH                 BIG FLATS                          NY-8-2-304
GAGE, JACOB H.                    VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-14-120
GAIT, SNYDENHAM                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-43
GALATIAN, ANDREW B.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-445
GALLAVAN, JAMES                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-443
GALVIN, JOHN                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-134
GAMPER, MADELINE                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-429
GARDINER, SUSAN M.                HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-4B-19
GARDNER, ABRAM                    HROSEHEADS                         NY-8-15-311
GARDNER, ABRAM                    ELMIRA HEIGHTS                     NY-8-20-569
GARDNER, ADAM                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-164
GARDNER, CALEB L.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-159
GARDNER, CLARA B.                 BIG FLATS                          NY-8-15-24
GARDNER, ELISHA                   CATLIN                             NY-8-9-145
GARDNER, ELIZABETH                SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-17-341
GARDNER, ELIZABETH D.             ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-585
GARDNER, ELIZABETH M.             TROY, BRADFORD, PA                 NY-8-3-231
GARDNER, GEORGE                   BIG FLATS                          NY-8-2-244
GARDNER, JACOB                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-6
GARDNER, JAMES                    HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-17-467
GARDNER, JULIA A.                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-267
GARDNER, NELSON W.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-343
GARDNER, PETER                    SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-11-223
GARLOCK, CORA A.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-285
GARRABRANT, JAMES                 CHEMUNG                            NY-8-11-244
GARRABRANT, MERRITT               ELMIA                              NY-8-17-28
GARRABRANT, RICHARD               CHEMUNG                            NY-8-1-515
GARRABRANT, WILLIAM E.            CHEMUNG                            NY-8-16-482
GARRETT, MERCY JANE               ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-188
GARTHWAIT, AMZI I.                BIG FLATS                          NY-8-8-451
GARTHWAIT, FRANCES C.             ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-464
GARTHWAIT, JOHN                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-5-79
GASTNER, DANIEL                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-11-83
GATES, JAMES D.                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-13-261
GAUTERT, FERDINAND                MAHANOY CITY, SCHUYKILL, PA        NY-8-12-148
GEBHARD, LUCINDA K.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-473
GEGAN, CATHERINE                  SEE: KEGAN, CATHERINE              NY-8-17-329
GEORGIA, MELINDA                  VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-15-386
GERITY, CLAYTON R.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-56
GERITY, THOMAS                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-290
GEROW, JAMES                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-256
GEROW, ROBERT                     VETERAN                            NY-8-13-48
GETMAN, ZALOR                     VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-15-661
GETTLER, JOHN                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-419
GIBBONS, JOSEPH B.                HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-5-43
GIBSON, ELIZABETH                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-38
GIBSON, LYMAN                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-4B-333
GILBERT, ERMINDA S.               BIG FLATS                          NY-8-17-155
GILBERT, MARIA                    HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-13-438
GILDEA, ELLEN                     BIG FLATS                          NY-8-17-84
GILES, SAMUEL                     SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-2-480
GILLDEN, MARIA                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-425
GILLETT, LUTHER M.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-5-427
GILLETT, SOLOMON L.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-245
GLADKE, JOSEPH                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-12-200
GLEASON, RACHEL B.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-625
GLEASON, SILAS O.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-513
GLINES, HELEN A.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-381
GLINES, ZINA B.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-8-289
GODDARD, EDWARD                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-511
GODELL, ELLEN B.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-31
GOETTLER, BARBARA                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-252
GOFF, GUSTAVUS A.                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-15-569
GOFF, JOHN                        BIG FLATS                          NY-8-8-91
GOFF, MARY A.                     BIG FLATS                          NY-8-11-333
GOFF, URI                         BIG FLATS                          NY-8-19-753
GOHRING, GEORGE E.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-619
GOLDEN, PATRICK                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-13
GOLDSMITH, A. JACKSON             BALDWIN                            NY-8-18-625
GOLDSMITH, MARY A. MC CREA        ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-562
GORMAN, ANASTASIA                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-358
GORMAN, EDWARD                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-163
GORMAN, MARTIN                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-5-97
GORMAN, SIMON                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-254
GOULDEN, JOSEPH                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-135
GOULDEN, MARY                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-264
GRACE, GEORGE                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-219
GRADY, MARY                       HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-9-361
GRADY, THOMAS                     HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-8-427
GRAHAM, MARY                      DIX                                NY-8-3-59
GRANGER, SAMUEL S.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-313
GRANT, ISRAEL P.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-163
GRAY, BENJAMIN C.                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-4B-233
GRAY, CHARLES                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-8-277
GRAY, HIRAM                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-12-119
GREATSINGER, ALMON                ELMIRA                             NY-8-8-481
GREATSINGER, ELIZA                CHEMUNG                            NY-8-13-444
GREEN, CHARLES S.                 UNION, TIOGA, PA                   NY-8-12-346
GREEN, CHARLOTTE                  VETERAN                            NY-8-15-431
GREEN, FRANK J.                   VETERAN                            NY-8-20-11
GREEN, JAMES                      CHEMUNG                            NY-8-2-38
GREEN, JOHN R.                    VETERAN                            NY-8-13-417
GREEN, SAMUEL                     CHEMUNG                            NY-8-1-341
GREENE, DAVID                     DIX                                NY-8-1-162
GREENE, EVVERT                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-374
GREENE, REBECCA M.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-86
GREENO, LATON M.                  VETERAN                            NY-8-7-577
GREGG, CORDELIA H.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-8-349
GREGG, JANE E.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-233
GREMO, OLIVER                     VETERAN                            NY-8-6-205
GREY, SARAH ANN                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-4B-297
GRIDLEY, GRANDISON A.             ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-545
GRIDLEY, HELEN A.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-172
GRIFFEN, REBECCA                  BIG FLATS                          NY-8-15-566
GRIFFIN, DAVID                    BIG FLATS                          NY-8-13-282
GRIFFIN, FRANK                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-410
GRIFFIN, JOHANNA SULLIVAN         ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-130
GRIFFIN, NELSON                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-422
GRIGG, JOHN                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-1-352
GRIGG, REBECCA M.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-2-398
GRIGG, WILLIAM M.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-11
GRIGGS, SARAH                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-337
GRIMES, ROBERT                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-415
GRISWOLD, DAVID                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-2-187
GRISWOLD, ELIJAH                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-6-217
GRISWOLD, GIDEON                  CHEMUNG                            NY-8-4B-345
GRISWOLD, ISRAEL P.               BALDWIN                            NY-8-18-286
GRISWOLD, JAMES                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-11-649
GRISWOLD, JUDD                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-497
GRISWOLD, JULIAN C.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-244
GRISWOLD, MIJAMAN                 CHEMUNG                            NY-8-8-523
GRISWOLD, ORR                     SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-20-506
GRISWOLD, SARAH ANN               CHEMUNG                            NY-8-6-397
GRISWOLD, ZELLAH                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-1-374
GROOM, ANDREW                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-36
GROOM, HARRIET M.                 BIG FLATS                          NY-8-20-269
GROOM, ORLANDO                    HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-15-239
GROOM, ORLANDO                    BIG FLATS                          NY-8-18-364
GROVER, REBECCA JANE              WEST BRANCH, POTTER, PA            NY-8-12-434
GUILFORD, JAMES B.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-589
GUIMUP, RANSOM H.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-12-176
GUINNIP, MARY A.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-779
GUNTERMAN, JOHN S.                BALDWIN                            NY-8-9-115
GUNTERMAN, NANCY                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-326
GURNSEY, GEORGE R.                SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-19-529
GUSTIN, SARAH E.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-355
HACKETT, CATHARINE                ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-438
HACKETT, WILLIAM F.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-12-499
HACKLEY, MARY J.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-507
HADE, JUSTUS                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-224
HAGGERTY, HANNAH A.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-303
HAIGHT, MAXWELL                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-16
HAINES, LEWIS                     HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-199
HALL, CAROLINE                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-237
HALL, CAROLINE A.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-693
HALL, CHARLES C.                  BERKELEY, ALAMEDA, CA              NY-8-12-406
HALL, ELIZA D.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-689
HALL, FRANCIS                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-629
HALL, GEORGE K.                   VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-5-451
HALL, RICHARD N.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-290
HALL, ROBERT A.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-763
HALL, SAMUEL                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-71
HALL, SARA E.                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-601
HALL, SYLVESTER W.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-661
HALL, URIAH S.                    MILLERTON, TIOGA, PA               NY-8-18-283
HALL, WILLIAM H.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-134
HALLENBECK, GEORGE G.             ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-137
HALLERAN, MARGARET                ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-76
HALLIDAY, SELAH                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-4B-107
HALLINAN, CATHERINE               ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-56
HALLOCK, ALICE L.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-271
HALLOCK, HOWARD H.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-107
HALM, WILLIAM                     CATLIN                             NY-8-19-535
HAMER, HOWARD S.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-159
HAMILTON, STUART                  VETERAN                            NY-8-11-585
HAMLIN, JOHN                      MANSFIELD, TIOGA, PA               NY-8-5-469
HAMLIN, SAMUEL S.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-649
HAMMOND, CHARLES B.               HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-15-72
HAMMOND, ELSIE A.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-629
HAMMOND, EZRA                     VETERAN                            NY-8-1-289
HAMMOND, FLORA D.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-337
HAMMOND, JARED                    ASHLAND                            NY-8-17-72
HAMMOND, MARTIN                   BIG FLATS                          NY-8-5-403
HAMMOND, MARY                     CHEMUNG                            NY-8-1-219
HAMMOND, MARY A.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-705
HAMMOND, MIAMI                    HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-16-419
HAMMOND, ROBERT R.                BALDWIN                            NY-8-13-114
HANCOCK, ANNA M.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-472
HANDY, EPHRAIM                    VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-10-677
HANDY, JOHN                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-1-205
HANFORD, NANCY                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-481
HANIFEN, MARY                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-212
HANIFEN, TIMOTHY                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-334
HANLON, EDWARD F.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-93
HANMER, GERTRUDE E.               WELLSBURG                          NY-8-19-595
HANRAHAN, JOHN                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-175
HANSON, JOHN C.                   VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-14-86
HARAN, MARGARET                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-18-250HARDEN, DAVID                     HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-4B-389
HARDEN, WILLIAM                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-6-331
HARDING, JONATHAN                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-2-500
HARDING, MITCHELL H.              BREESPORT                          NY-8-20-57
HARING, SARAH E.                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-14-693
HARLEY, DENNIS J.                 MESHOPPEN, WYOMING, PA             NY-8-12-557
HARRINGTON, BRIDGET               OAKLAND, SUSQUEHANNA, PA           NY-8-13-405
HARRIS, JOHN S.                   VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-17-209
HARRIS, JUSTUS H.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-502
HARRIS, MARIA P.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-499
HARRIS, MARY J.                   BALDWIN                            NY-8-13-384
HARRIS, MARY JANE                 BALDWIN                            NY-8-16-84
HARRIS, N. C.                     ATHENS, BRADFORD, PA               NY-8-12-607
HARRIS, NANCY J.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-472
HARRISON, SARAH                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-21
HART, ANGELINE B.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-541
HART, DELIA A.                    HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-19-118
HART, ELIZA                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-263
HART, ERASTUS B.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-12-92
HART, HENRY C.                    SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-14-546
HART, MATTHEW R.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-351
HART, WILLIAM C.                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-19-757
HART, WILLIAM E.                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-19-65
HARTGROVE, JOB                    HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-16-4
HARVEY, ALBERT L.                 BINGHAM, POTTER, PA                NY-8-12-303
HARVEY, SAMUEL                    CATLIN                             NY-8-5-133
HASKELL, PERES                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-587
HASKELL, ROSALINDA D.             VETERAN                            NY-8-15-341
HASTINGS, JOSEPH                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-215
HATCH, ADDISON P.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-52
HATCH, DAMON                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-157
HATHAWAY, FRANCIS                 NEW BEDFORD, BRISTOL, MA           NY-8-12-249
HATHAWAY, ISRIAL                  VETERAN                            NY-8-1-139
HATHBORNE, JOHN W.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-685
HATHORN, JAMES P.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-705
HATHORN, JOHN                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-10
HATHORN, SARAH A.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-192
HATHORNE, RICHARD M.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-2-505
HAUENSTEIN, SOPHIA                ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-197
HAUPT, ANDREW                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-401
HAUPT, MATTHEW                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-138
HAVEN, HANNAH                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-35
HAVENS, ELIZABETH R.              VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-17-42
HAVILAND, ADDISON T.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-66
HAVILAND, JOHN W.                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-15-36
HAWKINS, ELIZABETH A.             VETERAN                            NY-8-18-37
HAWKINS, LEWIS                    VETERAN                            NY-8-5-259
HAWKINS, SMITH                    VETERAN                            NY-8-11-37
HAWKINS, ZACHARIAH                VETERAN                            NY-8-8-151
HAWKS, ELIZABETH                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-175
HAWLEY, JOHN E.                   ERIN                               NY-8-11-187
HAWLEY, JOHNSON                   ERIN                               NY-8-7-559
HAYES, THOMAS M.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-518
HAYS, JOHN                        HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-7-373
HAZARD, PHEBE                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-510
HAZELTON, MARY S.                 BREESPORT                          NY-8-17-407
HEAVEY, ELLEN                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-242
HEFFENON, THOMAS                  CHEMUNG                            NY-8-16-341
HEHER, MARTIN                     HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-381
HELLER, CARRIE                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-529
HELLER, CHARLES I.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-592
HELLER, DAVID                     HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-10-617
HELLER, GEORGE A.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-12-615
HELLER, MICHAEL                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-419
HENDRIX, ISAAC                    HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-14-222
HENDY, MENDANE                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-749
HERENDEEN, EDWARD G.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-572
HERMAN, STEPHEN D.                WELLSBURG                          NY-8-17-506
HERON, GLORANE                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-241
HERON, JAMES                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-5-181
HERRICK, CAROLINE M.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-483
HERRICK, CHARLOTTE                ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-316
HERRINGTON, DELITHA               SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-6-157
HETFIELD, SUSAN                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-465
HEWITT, ANN M.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-433
HEWITT, ELIJAH M.                 VETERAN                            NY-8-17-488
HEWITT, NORRIS                    VETERAN                            NY-8-7-385
HIBBARD, JOSEPH                   BIG FLATS                          NY-8-10-533
HIBBARD, MARIA                    HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-12-158
HICKEY, HANNORAH                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-356
HICKS, JOHN                       CHEMUNG                            NY-8-5-121
HICKS, SOLOMON                    DIX                                NY-8-2-511
HIGGINS, JAMES E.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-412
HIGGINS, JEANNETTE E.             ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-63
HIGGINS, NORMAN L.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-586
HIGGINS, THOMAS                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-565
HILL, CHARLES T.                  MILLPORT                           NY-8-17-?
HILL, EPHRAIM                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-721
HILL, HENRY                       SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-14-629
HILL, JAMES W.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-583
HILL, JEROME S.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-38
HILL, JULIA A.                    SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-17-693
HILL, MARY                        ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-235
HILL, MARY ANN                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-414
HILL, MARY E.                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-513
HILL, PORTER                      VETERAN                            NY-8-9-253
HILL, SACKETT                     VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-7-367
HILL, WILLIAM M.                  VETERAN                            NY-8-20-15
HILLIKER, WILLIAM R.              HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-19-490
HILLMAN, AUGUSTUS G.              WELLSBURG                          NY-8-18-729
HILTON, JACOB                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-6-295
HOAG, PHILO                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-67
HOAGLAND, CLARA V.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-55
HOAGLAND, LYMAN                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-215
HOFFMAN, EDWARD M.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-92
HOFFMAN, GEORGE W.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-657
HOFFMAN, HENRY C.                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-501
HOFFMAN, JOHN SMITH               ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-589
HOFFMAN, JOSEPH                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-121
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-6-169
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-343
HOFFMANN, FRED H.                 WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING, PA         NY-8-12-238
HOGAN, JAMES                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-263
HOGAN, LAWRENCE                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-557
HOLBERT, DEBORAH                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-128
HOLBERT, JOHN                     CHEMUNG                            NY-8-5-247
HOLBERT, THOMAS                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-21
HOLBERT, WILLIAM                  CHEMUNG                            NY-8-19-124
HOLDEN, HORACE W.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-223
HOLDEN, MARTHA E.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-172
HOLLENBACK, ANTHONY               ERIN                               NY-8-4B-309
HOLLENBACK, GEORGE M.             WILKES BARRE, LUZERNE, PA          NY-8-12-206
HOLLENBECK, JAMES                 ERIN                               NY-8-17-665
HOLLENBECK, JOHN J.               ERIN                               NY-8-20-227
HOLLERAN, MARY                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-65
HOLLERAN, PATRICK                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-67
HOLLIS, JOHN C. W.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-53
HOLLY, ROBERT F.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-439
HOLMES, ANSON                     SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-11-533
HOLMES, DANIEL                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-6-403
HOLT, MARY                        ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-637
HOMER, MARY J.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-717
HONNESS, ANN                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-227
HOOKER, GEORGE                    BIG FLATS                          NY-8-11-276
HOOKER, WILLIAM T.                BIG FLATS                          NY-8-7-547
HOPKINS, THOMAS                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-13-441
HOPPE, LOUISE                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-195
HORTON, ALFRED W.                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-19-532
HORTON, AMELIA A.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-151
HORTON, DANIEL T.                 CHEMUNG                            NY-8-15-64
HORTON, JOHN                      VETERAN                            NY-8-7-13
HOUCK, ISAAC                      ERIN                               NY-8-11-545
HOUCK, JESSE                      ERIN                               NY-8-5-7
HOUGHTALING, CHLOE E.             ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-191
HOUGHTALING, JOHN                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-18-403
HOUGHTALING, JOHN H.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-547
HOUGHTON, CATHERINE               ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-391
HOUSE, CAROLINE                   VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-16-565
HOUSE, CATHARINE A.               VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-14-180
HOUSE, JENNIE W.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-641
HOUSE, MARY J.                    VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-15-380
HOUSE, WILLIAM                    ERIN                               NY-8-5-163
HOUTS, OPHELIA                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-7
HOWARD, AMANDA T.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-593
HOWARD, CATHERINE                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-568
HOWARD, JONATHAN                  VETERAN                            NY-8-9-49
HOWARD, JOSEPH                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-468
HOWARD, MARY A.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-297
HOWE, GEORGE L.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-91
HOWE, WILLIAM H.                  ERIN                               NY-8-20-299
HOWELL, DAVID                     SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-4A-58
HOWELL, ISAAC H.                  CHEMUNG                            NY-8-11-65
HOWELL, JACOB B.                  VETERAN                            NY-8-19-304
HOWELL, JOHN I.                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-18-789
HOWELL, LUCY                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-52
HOWELL, MARY                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-207
HOWELL, PETER B.                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-645
HOWLAND, OZIAS H.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-6-19
HOYT, ANNA (POLLY)                CATHARINE                          NY-8-1-455
HUBBELL, SAMUEL B.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-785
HUDDLE, SALLY                     VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-17-437
HUDSON, GEORGE W.                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-19-283
HUDSON, LUCY J.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-146
HUDSON, RICHARD B.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-82
HUEL, FRANCIS                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-78
HUFFMAN, JOHN                     CHEMUNG                            NY-8-1-237
HUFFMAN, SALLY                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-49
HUFFORD, PETER D.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-398
HUGG, FORBES H.                   VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-13-459
HUGG, HARRY                       VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-17-275
HUGG, SARAH NELLIE                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-85
HUGHES, EDWARD SR.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-610
HUGHES, JOHN S.                   PALMYRA, WAYNE, PA                 NY-8-9-109
HUGHES, SARAH E.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-335
HUGHES, THOMAS                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-185
HUGHSON, CATHARINE                BIG FLATS                          NY-8-16-72
HUGHSON, FREDERICK W.             BIG FLATS                          NY-8-19-313
HULETT, CHARLES                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-481
HULETT, JOHN                      VETERAN                            NY-8-2-173
HULETT, SARAH CATHERINE           BIG FLATS                          NY-8-19-23
HULL, ANDREW                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-242
HULL, SYVLESTER                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-14-267
HUMMELL, PHILLIP J.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-274
HUMMER, IDA MAY                   ERIN                               NY-8-11-169
HUMPHREY, CORNELIUS C.            ERIN                               NY-8-7-61
HUMPHREY, GEORGE H.               ERIN                               NY-8-15-20
HUMPHREY, JOHN B.                 HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-417
HUMPHREY, SARAH M.                HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-10-539
HUNT, FANNIE                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-499
HUNT, JOHN W.                     VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-18-226
HUNT, ORIEL M.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-308
HUNT, ROSWELL                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-553
HUNTER, SARAH ANN                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-663
HUNTINGTON, WALTER                VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-18-77
HUNTLEY, ELIAS DEWITT             WASHINGTON, DC                     NY-8-12-311
HURDIC, CHARLOTTE                 ERIN                               NY-8-20-434
HURLBURT, TAHPENES                VETERAN                            NY-8-10-271
HURLBUT, CHARLES F.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-721
HUTCHINSON, ELIZA                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-237
HYARRIS, LOVISA                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-7-145
HYATT, ABRAM                      CATLIN                             NY-8-3-267
HYDE, CORNELIA                    SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-18-541
HYDE, IRA B.                      SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-19-562
HYDE, JAMES P.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-341
HYLEN, ROBERT F.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-569
HYLEN, WILLIAM L.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-389
INGHAM, ADELAIDE E.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-617
IRVINE, PHEBE J.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-697
ISHAM, CAROLINE H.                WELLSBURG                          NY-8-16-20
ISHAM, MORRIS                     ASHLAND                            NY-8-14-96
IVES, JAMES                       PIKE, POTTER, PA                   NY-8-12-595
JACKSON, JOHN S.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-506
JACKSON, LUCY S.                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-12-110
JACKSON, MARY D.                  CATHARINE                          NY-8-3-327
JACKSON, SARAH                    HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-11-5
JACKSON, WILLIAM                  CHEMUNG                            NY-8-6-145
JACOB, ADAM                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-91
JACOT, MARIANNE CHARLOTTE         ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-87
JAKWAY, OTIS A.                   HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-20-488
JAMES, CATHERINE                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-587
JAMES, CHARLOTTE                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-229
JAMIESON, CHARLES WETMORE         WARREN, WARREN, PA                 NY-8-12-382
JANE, ANNA M.                     VETERAN                            NY-8-13-315
JANOWSKI, FRED                    SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-13-105
JARVIS, FRANK A.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-395
JEFFERSON, ELSIE                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-3-313
JENKINS, ALZINA                   , WYOMING, PA                      NY-8-11-309
JENKINS, HELLENA C.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-6-13
JENKINS, JONATHAN                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-3-321
JENKINS, SAMUEL                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-2-95
JENKINS, WILLIAM                  SOUTHPROT                          NY-8-2-138
JENKINS, WILLIAM                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-181
JENKINS, WILLIAM                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-11-581
JENKINS, WILLIS                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-8-25
JERVIS, JOEL                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-18
JEWELL, ARAH C.                   ASHLAND                            NY-8-17-362
JEWELL, SARAH C.                  ASHLAND                            NY-8-14-333
JOHNSON, ANN MARIA                ELMIRA                             NY-8-2-365
JOHNSON, BARNETT W.               ASHLAND                            NY-8-11-718
JOHNSON, BURCHARD C.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-386
JOHNSON, CORNELIUS                VETERAN                            NY-8-18-538
JOHNSON, CORNELLIUS               CATLIN                             NY-8-7-307
JOHNSON, DIDAMA                   BIG FLATS                          NY-8-18-598
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH                CATLIN                             NY-8-14-219
JOHNSON, EMILY                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-673
JOHNSON, EMMA E.                  SIDNEY, SHELBY, OH                 NY-8-17-428
JOHNSON, EMMA J.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-765
JOHNSON, HENRY G.                 BIG FLATS                          NY-8-13-309
JOHNSON, JAMES                    CATLIN                             NY-8-9-19
JOHNSON, JAMES SR.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-257
JOHNSON, JANE ELIZABETH           ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-98
JOHNSON, JOHN                     BIG FLATS                          NY-8-9-211
JOHNSON, JOHNATHAN P.             CHEMUNG                            NY-8-13-8
JOHNSON, MAHLON                   CATLIN                             NY-8-19-427
JOHNSON, OLIVER H.                BIG FLATS                          NY-8-20-479
JOHNSON, STEPHEN                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-9-1
JOHNSON, SUSAN                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-289
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                  CATLIN                             NY-8-1-214
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-247
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                  HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-14-673
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-206
JOLLS, JEREMIAH                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-743
JONES, AGNES A.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-509
JONES, FINLA M.                   SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-18-41
JONES, JOHN W.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-338
JONES, LAURA K.                   DRYDEN, TOMPKINS, NY               NY-8-5-332
JONES, MASON                      VETERAN                            NY-8-3-285
JONES, PHILO                      SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-7-409
JONES, SIMEON B.                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-4B-260
JONES, SOLOMON                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-44
JOSLIN, JOHN                      CHEMUNG                            NY-8-13-396
JOSLIN, JOSEPH                    CHEMUNG                            NY-8-14-516
JUDSON, AURORA H.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-103
JUDSON, CHARLES O.                NTL, FRANKLIN, KS                  NY-8-11-723
JUDSON, WILLIAM R.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-485
KANE, MARGARET                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-344
KANE, MARGARET                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-163
KANE, MARY                        ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-167
KAUFELT, PHILIPP                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-233
KEATING, STEPHEN                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-13-204
KEEFE, JEREMIAH                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-761
KEEFE, MARY                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-293
KEEFE, THOMAS O.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-337
KEEFFE, JOHN                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-185
KEENE, LYDIA A.                   VETERAN                            NY-8-11-85
KEGAN, CATHERINE                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-329
KELLOGG, MARY E.                  ERIN                               NY-8-11-25
KELLOGG, MELZER                   ERIN                               NY-8-15-22
KELLY, CATHERINE                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-119
KELLY, EDMOND                     SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-15-170
KELLY, JOANN                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-565
KELLY, MARY                       HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-14-102
KELLY, MICHAEL A.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-593
KELLY, ORA                        SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-14-665
KELLY, SETH                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-6-247
KELSEY, ABNER                     ASHLAND                            NY-8-7-247
KELSEY, HORACE                    ASHLAND                            NY-8-9-625
KENDALL, EVILLA                   CATLIN                             NY-8-18-340
KENDALL, JOSHUA                   VETERAN                            NY-8-7-181
KENDALL, JOSHUA                   VETERAN                            NY-8-1-283
KENFIELD, LORENZO D.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-443
KENFIELD, MARY A.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-460
KENNEDY,  MARY                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-189
KENNEDY, MICHAEL A.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-139
KENT, HORACE M.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-90
KENT, WILLIAM JASON               ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-34
KETCHAM, HIRAM                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-467
KETCHAM, HIRAM                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-458
KETCHAM, RHODA                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-362
KIES, ABAGAIL                     VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-7-589
KILBURN, KATE                     WELLSBURG                          NY-8-17-404
KILLGORE, CLINTON                 WELLS, BRADFORD, PA                NY-8-12-430
KILLGORE, LYDIA A.                CORYLAND, BRADFORD, PA             NY-8-12-427
KILLGORE, MARY A.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-641
KINELA, ANDREW                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-70
KING, JOHN                        ELMIRA                             NY-8-4B-13
KING, JOHN                        ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-527
KING, MARY J.                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-410
KING, MILO P.                     CATLIN                             NY-8-20-302
KINGSBURY, ELISHA                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-8-487
KINGSBURY, GEORGE W.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-346
KINGSBURY, JONATHAN L.            ELMIRA                             NY-8-12-326
KINGSBURY, SARAH                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-683
KINGSLEY, EDWARD                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-435
KINGSLEY, JOHN                    CATLIN                             NY-8-18-199
KINKADE, ANGELLO                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-48
KIPP, NICHOLAS H.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-571
KIRKENDALL, MARGARET              VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-13-378
KIRKENDOLL, JOHN                  VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-9-511
KIRKLAND, JAMES                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-143
KLINE, CHARLES                    HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-14-625
KLOCK, MONROE                     ALPENA, ALPENA, MI                 NY-8-12-255
KLUPPRATH, AUGUST                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-9-73
KNAPP, GEORGE A.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-271
KNAPP, GRACE EDDY                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-20-87
KNAPP, PHILINDA                   WELLSBURG                          NY-8-16-395
KNAPP, RUTH                       CATHARINE                          NY-8-3-83
KNAPP, WALTER                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-97
KNAPP, WILLIAM T.                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-10-133
KNETTLES, MAHALA                  VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-14-74
KNIFFIN, PHEBE R.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-526
KNOTT, FANNY M.                   VETERAN                            NY-8-13-279
KNOWLES, ADELIA                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-267
KNOWLES, MARCUS M.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-451
KNOX, AMELIA S.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-215
KNOX, WILLIAM E.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-345
KONKLE, AARON                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-4B-339
KONKLE, MARY                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-211
KRESGE, ELIAS                     VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-18-193
KRIS, EPHRAIM                     VETERAN                            NY-8-11-205
KROWL, SARAH                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-266
KUHN, CHRISTIAN                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-430
KUHN, PETER                       SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-11-115
LABAR, SUSAN J.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-457
LAFEVRE, ANDREW I.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-500
LAFRANCE, FREDERICK L.            ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-508
LAFRANCE, TRUCKSON S.             ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-467
LAIDLAW, MARION B.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-593
LAIN, LAWRENCE                    ASHLAND                            NY-8-14-501
LAMSON, SARAH J.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-479
LANDE, THEODORE                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-95
LANDERS, MARGARET                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-218
LANDIS, PETER                     CHEMUNG                            NY-8-2-352
LANDY, CATHARINE MARIE            ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-206
LANE, WILLIAM                     CATLIN                             NY-8-6-355
LANEY, FANNIE E.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-725
LANGDON, JERVIS                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-139
LANGDON, OLIVIA L.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-249
LANGSTAFF, PETER JR.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-1-294
LARCUM, FANNY                     CATLIN                             NY-8-17-669
LATHROP, LAVINA                   BALDWIN                            NY-8-7-133
LATIN, MERCY                      BALDWIN                            NY-8-10-491
LATTAMORE, JAMES                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-427
LATTIN, HENRY                     VETERAN                            NY-8-19-571
LATTIN, JULIANN                   VETERAN                            NY-8-4B-7
LATTIN, LYDIA                     VETERAN                            NY-8-6-307
LATTIN, PIXLEY                    VETERAN                            NY-8-8-313
LAVIN, JOHN                       WILMINGTON, NEW CASTLE, DE         NY-8-12-259
LAWHEAD, ALEXANDER                VETERAN                            NY-8-20-791
LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH               CATHARINE                          NY-8-3-303
LAWRENCE, HULDAH ANN              ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-63
LAWRENCE, LUCY H.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-5-19
LAWRENCE, RICHARD H.              ELMIRA                             NY-8-6-211
LAWRENCE, SAMUEL                  CATHERINE                          NY-8-1-76
LAWS, BENJAMIN                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-341
LAYTON, SARAH E.                  RUTLAND, TIOGA, PA                 NY-8-12-318
LEBARRON, JOHN                    VETERAN                            NY-8-10-509
LEE, CHARLES M.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-178
LEE, IRA H.                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-469
LEE, JOHN P.                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-5-211
LEE, SARAH M.                     HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-19-538
LEHNLEITNER, CLARA                ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-107
LEHNLEITNER, MARKUS               ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-429
LENNON, ANNA                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-419
LENNON, JAMES                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-385
LENNON, THOMAS                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-125
LEONARD, CATHERINE S.             ERIN                               NY-8-14-255
LEONARD, HELEN J.                 TIOGA, TIOGA, PA                   NY-8-12-562
LEONARD, JULIA                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-67
LETTAMORE, JAMES                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-534
LEVER, SIMEON                     ELIRA                              NY-8-11-250
LEVERICH, JESSE                   ASHLAND                            NY-8-20-527
LEVERICH, SAMUEL                  SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-5-223
LEWIS, GEORGE B.                  CANTON, BRADFORD, PA               NY-8-12-553
LEWIS, HORACE S.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-622
LEWIS, ISABELLA                   ERIN                               NY-8-7-259
LEWIS, MARGARET N.                ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-663
LEWIS, SARAH C.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-340
LIDDY, CATHARINE                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-11-178
LIDDY, JAMES                      CHEMUNG                            NY-8-17-305
LIDDY, JERRY                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-359
LIESNER, AMELIA                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-292
LILLIS, MARGARET                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-30
LINFOOT, ELIZABETH                BLUEFIELD, , VA                    NY-8-16-257
LININGS, PHEBE                    CHEMUNG                            NY-8-15-86
LISCUM, EMERSON                   BURLINGTON, CHITTENDEN, VT         NY-8-17-431
LITTLE, DAVIS                     BALDWIN                            NY-8-11-330
LITTLE, LEVI                      BALDWIN                            NY-8-4B-395
LIVENWOOD, ERASTUS B.             VAN ETTEN                          NY-8-9-133
LIVINGSTON, OLIVER PERRY          CATLIN                             NY-8-18-109
LOCKE, EMILY                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-272
LOCKE, HIRAM B.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-380
LOCKWOOD, ANGEVINE                HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-8-169
LOCKWOOD, RICHARD C.              ASHLAND                            NY-8-14-294
LOGGIE, ALBERT G.                 SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-13-495
LONGCOY, ISAAC C.                 BIG FLATS                          NY-8-17-185
LONGSTREET, JOSEPHINE A.          ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-795
LONGSTREET, WILLIAM H.            ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-137
LOONEY, MICHAEL                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-210
LOONIE, FANNIE                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-464
LOOP, CHARLOTTE                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-8-229
LORD, FRANCIS E.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-15-44
LORMORE, EMILY D.                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-10-467
LOSEY, AMOS                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-221
LOSEY, PATRICK                    HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-19-505
LOSIE, ELMIRA E.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-452
LOSIE, ELMIRA H.                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-474
LOUGHRY, MARY JANE                ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-142
LOUNSBURY, HECTOR                 ELMIRA                             NY-8-1-1
LOVE, JOHN H.                     SUNBURY, NORTHUMBERLAND, PA        NY-8-6-199
LOVE, NETTIE S.                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-51
LOVELL, HARRISON T.               ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-292
LOVELL, HENRY D.                  BIG FLATS                          NY-8-3-169
LOVELL, WILLIAM                   VETERAN                            NY-8-11-577
LOW, SUZAN                        ELMIRA                             NY-8-6-103
LOWE, CORNELIUS W.                BIG FLATS                          NY-8-3-324
LOWE, JOSEPH                      BIG FLATST                         NY-8-4B-255
LOWE, WILLIAM                     SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-1-56
LOWMAN, ESTHER                    CHEMUNG                            NY-8-15-40
LOWMAN, GEORGE                    CHEMUNG                            NY-8-14-261
LOWMAN, JACOB                     CHEMUNG                            NY-8-1-193
LOWMAN, JACOB                     CHEMUNG                            NY-8-12-132
LOWMAN, MARTHA B.                 BALDWIN                            NY-8-14-90
LOWMAN, MARTIN                    CHEMUNG                            NY-8-4B-377
LOWMAN, SALLY                     CHEMUNG                            NY-8-13-306
LUCE, ASA                         HORSEHEADS                         NY-8-3-363
LUCY, JOSEPHINE                   ELMIRA                             NY-8-14-108
LUNDERGRAN, GARRETT               ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-425
LUNG, LOUIS                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-8-157
LUNN, PHEBE J.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-18-157
LUQUEER, MARGARET P. H.           ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-573
LYNCH, ELLEN                      ELMIRA                             NY-8-17-20
LYNCH, JOHN                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-13-177
LYNCH, JOHN M.                    ELMIRA                             NY-8-19-307
LYNCH, KATHERINE                  ELMIRA                             NY-8-16-533
LYNCH, MARY                       ELMIRA                             NY-8-20-530
LYNCH, MICHAEL                    SOUTHPORT                          NY-8-13-489
LYON, EMMA B.                     ELMIRA                             NY-8-7-37
LYON, JESSE                       CATHARINE                          NY-8-2-487

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