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SAFFORDS, NATHANIEL               WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-5-441
SALISBURY, HEPSIBAH D.            NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-16-330
SALMON, JOEL                      BURNS                        NY-2-14-83
SANDES, MARY ANN                  GRANGER                      NY-2-7-320
SANFORD, GEORGE A.                ANGELICA                     NY-2-15-338
SANFORD, JOSEPH                   ALLEN                        NY-2-10-531
SANFORD, MARCIA                   ANGELICA                     NY-2-14-393
SANFORD, MINERVA                  ANGELICA                     NY-2-11-64
SARTORE, HENRY                    AMITY                        NY-2-6-205
SARTORE, JESSE                    AMITY                        NY-2-15-390
SATTERLEE, ANN R.                 WIRT                         NY-2-13-289
SATTERLEE, DAVID B.               ALFRED                       NY-2-9-316
SATTERLEE, NANCY G.               ALFRED                       NY-2-6-75
SAUNDER, GEORGE                   ALFRED                       NY-2-3-370
SAUNDERS, CHARLES W.              BELFAST                      NY-2-13-49
SAUNDERS, EZEKIEL R.              ALFRED                       NY-2-8-560
SAUNDERS, HENRY PERRY             ALFRED                       NY-2-16-786
SAUNDES, HENRY                    ALFRED                       NY-2-15-26
SAVAGE, SARAH C.                  CUBA                         NY-2-4-60
SAYERS, CHARLES H.                NEW HUSDON                   NY-2-9-405
SAYERS, ISAAC H.                  NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-8-95
SCHAFER, CHRISTIAN H.             WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-574
SCHERMERHORN, SARAH A.            WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-11-609
SCHILEHUBER, CATHARINE            WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-5-221
SCHOLES, ANDREW                   ANGELICA                     NY-2-14-119
SCHOLES, RICHARD                  BIRDSALL                     NY-2-13-555
SCHRADER, WILLIAM                 ANGELICA                     NY-2-16-582
SCHRANDER, DEDRICK                WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-84
SCHUYLER, PHILEMON                WARD                         NY-2-7-249
SCHWARTZ, GEORG EJ.               GROVE                        NY-2-9-590
SCOTT, ABEL M.                    CUBA                         NY-2-8-478
SCOTT, ANN                        CANEADEA                     NY-2-15-64
SCOTT, ANTHANIEL                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-11-144
SCOTT, ASA                        FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-253
SCOTT, CALVIN                     CUBA                         NY-2-14-479
SCOTT, CHAUNCEY H.                CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-15-408
SCOTT, ELIJAH                     HUME                         NY-2-2B-515
SCOTT, ELIZA A.                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-10-379
SCOTT, FLORA                      CANEADEA                     NY-2-10-607
SCOTT, GEORGE                     FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-175
SCOTT, GEORGE H.                  RUSHFORD                     NY-2-16-26
SCOTT, ISAAC                      GROVE                        NY-2-7-336
SCOTT, ISAAC N.                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-15-404
SCOTT, MARTIN                     FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-491
SCOTT, PHEBE                      FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-405
SCOTT, RUFUS                      SHARON                       NY-2-4-91
SCOTT, RUFUS                      WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-465
SCOVILLE, DARIUS                  GRANGER                      NY-2-4-341
SCOVILLE, LUMAN H.                WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-262
SEARL, MARY                       CUBA                         NY-2-8-302
SEARLE, DAVID                     CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-2B-377
SEARS, POLLY                      CANEADEA                     NY-2-4-222
SEARS, WILLIAM                    CANEADEA                     NY-2-3-189
SEAVER, JAMES                     CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-9-565
SEAWARD, ENOS                     ALMOND                       NY-2-3-169
SEELEY, HIRAM                     BELFAST                      NY-2-16-660
SEELEY, ISAAC C.                  CUBA                         NY-2-7-516
SEELEY, SILAS S.                  ALLEN                        NY-2-7-101
SEFFERS, FREDRICK                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-103
SEGAR, WARREN                     INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-11-488
SELLON, JOHN A.                   BELFAST                      NY-2-12-377
SEXTON, ALBERT R.                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-8-109
SEXTON, MORRIS R.                 RUSHFORD                     NY-2-16-680
SEXTON, RACHEL                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-12-525
SEYMORE, OREN T.                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-9-507
SEYMOUR, JULIA                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-11-97
SHAFER, JOSEPH                    CUBA                         NY-2-8-68
SHARP, WILLIAM F.                 CUBA                         NY-2-13-323
SHATTUCK, JAMES                   ANGELICA                     NY-2-10-76
SHATTUCK, JAMES F.                BURNS                        NY-2-14-237
SHATTUCK, LUCINDA A.              BURNS                        NY-2-14-239
SHAUGNESSY, PATRICK               ALMA                         NY-2-14-245
SHAUGNESSY, THOMAS                WILLING                      NY-2-12-560
SHAW, HENRY J.                    FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-16-522
SHAW, PHINEAS K.                  ALFRED                       NY-2-11-361
SHEAR, FREDERICK                  WILLING                      NY-2-13-561
SHEEHAN, BARTHOLOMEW              RUSHFORD                     NY-2-12-123
SHEERAR, SARAH J.                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-526
SHELDON, GARDINER                 CUBA                         NY-2-12-370
SHELDON, HENRY                    WARD                         NY-2-8-332
SHELDON, ISAAC N.                 CUBA                         NY-2-13-347
SHELDON, JOSEPH N.                SCIO                         NY-2-13-127
SHEPARD, LOUISE                   ALMOND                       NY-2-14-539
SHEPARD, ROXIE A.                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-584
SHEPARD, RUFUS                    GROVE                        NY-2-7-186
SHERMAN, ANNA                     ALFRED                       NY-2-8-300
SHERMAN, CLARK                    ALFRED                       NY-2-14-353
SHERMAN, EMILY E.                 ANGELICA                     NY-2-4-314
SHERMAN, JOSIAH                   ALFRED                       NY-2-9-215
SHERMAN, JUDSON W.                ANGELICA                     NY-2-9-549
SHERMAN, ROXIE                    WIRT                         NY-2-16-182
SHERWOOD, EPHRAIM                 BOLIVAR                      NY-2-16-628
SHERWOOD, LUCY                    WILLING                      NY-2-4-450
SHERWOOD, WILLIAM                 ALLEN                        NY-2-4-350
SHERWOOD, WILLIAM A.              WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-11-251
SHIELDS, LAWRENCE                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-15-336
SHOENHEIT, LOUIS O.               ALMA                         NY-2-16-16
SHOFF, JACOB                      WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-4-279
SHOFF, WILLIAM                    WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-16-90
SHOOTS, JOHN L.                   HUME                         NY-2-3-548
SHOTWELL, SALOME L.               CANEADEA                     NY-2-12-572
SHUMWAY, NANCY                    BURNS                        NY-2-11-304
SIBLEY, FRANK B.                  CUBA                         NY-2-16-718
SIBLEY, ISAAC                     CUBA                         NY-2-2B-278
SILBERGER, ROSA                   CUBA                         NY-2-6-418
SILSBY, HARRIET                   WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-7-379
SILSBY, SOLOMON                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-9-53
SIMMONS, CHARLES H.               WELLLSVILLE                  NY-2-7-603
SIMONS, CHARLES S.                ALLEN                        NY-2-6-258
SIMONS, DAVID                     ANGELICA                     NY-2-4-250
SIMONS, JOHN                      FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-9-313
SIMONS, WILLIAM B.                ANGELICA                     NY-2-4-136
SIMPSON, TERESA L.                NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-16-630
SIMS, ABRAM P.                    ALMOND                       NY-2-2B-34
SISSON, GEORGE                    ALFRED                       NY-2-10-603
SISSON, LYDIA ANN                 BURNS                        NY-2-8-10
SISSON, WILLIAM L.                FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-4-1
SKIFF, EDMUND C.                  HUME                         NY-2-7-422
SKIFF, ELIZABETH W.               HUME                         NY-2-9-276
SKIFF, JOSEPH B.                  HUME                         NY-2-14-791
SKIFF, MILTON R.                  HUME                         NY-2-9-361
SKORK, LEWIS                      ANGELICA                     NY-2-4-185
SLATER, THOMAS                    BIRDSALL                     NY-2-10-48
SLAVIN, THOMAS                    WARD                         NY-2-12-296
SLINGERLAND, WALTER S.            ALMOND                       NY-2-7-328
SLOAN, AGNES                      CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-9-96
SLOCUM, ABRAM                     ANDOVER                      NY-2-14-163
SMALLEY, BETSEY M.                FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-8-552
SMALLEY, LEWIS                    FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-3-448
SMALLY, SQUIRE D.                 WIRT                         NY-2-5-69
SMITH, AARON                      WIRT                         NY-2-7-195
SMITH, AARON                      GRANGER                      NY-2-12-476
SMITH, ADALINE                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-8-3
SMITH, ADDISON F.                 FRIENDHSIP                   NY-2-13-469
SMITH, ANDREW                     FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-15-78
SMITH, ANDREW W.                  GRANGER                      NY-2-14-167
SMITH, ARNOLD M.                  CUBA                         NY-2-6-11
SMITH, CHARLES L.                 HUME                         NY-2-7-650
SMITH, CORNELIUS K.               RUSHFORD                     NY-2-15-660
SMITH, CYNTHIA C.                 HUME                         NY-2-16-538
SMITH, DANIEL                     GROVE                        NY-2-2B-331
SMITH, DANIEL                     GENESEE                      NY-2-16-560
SMITH, EMILY                      CUBA                         NY-2-6-298
SMITH, ESTHER W.                  AMITY                        NY-2-15-640
SMITH, FRANK H.                   HUME                         NY-2-15-148
SMITH, HENRY                      ANGELICA                     NY-2-6-373
SMITH, HENRY                      CERES, MC KEAN, PA           NY-2-8-401
SMITH, HENRY R.                   CANEADEA                     NY-2-4-42
SMITH, HIRAM                      GRANGER                      NY-2-13-219
SMITH, JAMES                      HUME                         NY-2-4-326
SMITH, JAMES                      WIRT                         NY-2-10-384
SMITH, JAMES C.                   HUME                         NY-2-15-809
SMITH, JOANNA                     WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-9-452
SMITH, JOHN B.                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-5-195
SMITH, LYDIA M.                   WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-6-354
SMITH, MARTIN                     CUBA                         NY-2-8-457
SMITH, PHEBE                      GRANGER                      NY-2-7-96
SMITH, REUBEN H.                  GRANGER                      NY-2-7-277
SMITH, STEPHEN R.                 AMITY                        NY-2-5-23
SMITH, WILILAM                    ANGELICA                     NY-2-4-14
SMITH, WILILAM                    ANGELICA                     NY-2-13-623
SMITH, WILLET B.                  BOLIVAR                      NY-2-13-53
SMITH, WILLIAM                    GRANGER                      NY-2-14-425
SMITH, ZEPHANIAH A.               BIRDSALL                     NY-2-13-89
SNELLINBERGER, JOHN FREDERIC      ANGELICA                     NY-2-3-32
SNOW, ALANSON                     AMITY                        NY-2-13-627
SNOW, SARAH J.                    INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-14-647
SNOWDON, MATTHEW                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-11-475
SORTORE, EDMOND                   AMITY                        NY-2-16-414
SORTORE, HARMON H.                FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-10-151
SORTORE, WILLIAM                  AMITY                        NY-2-3-561
SOUTHWORTH, EDWIN                 CLARKSVILE                   NY-2-12-56
SOUTHWORTH, WILLIAM C.            CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-7-270
SPADE, RUFUS L.                   INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-14-9
SPARKS, RACHEL                    BOLIVAR                      NY-2-9-607
SPAULDING, GEORGE                 BURNS                        NY-2-12-197
SPAULDING, GEORGE                 AMITY                        NY-2-15-414
SPAULDING, HANNAH                 GROVE                        NY-2-2B-414
SPEAR, BETSEY E.                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-16-742
SPEAR, ELIZABETH                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-7-153
SPENCER, ALVIN                    INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-7-216
SPENCER, JOB                      GENESEE                      NY-2-13-601
SPENCER, LOVINA                   CANEADEA                     NY-2-8-84
SPENCER, LOVINA                   CANEADEA                     NY-2-8-112
SPENCER, SYLVESTER                CANEADEA                     NY-2-3-540
SPENCER, SYLVESTER                CANEADEA                     NY-2-15-837
SPICER, DANIEL W.                 INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-9-599
SPICER, JAMES                     FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-245
SPICER, NANCY M.                  INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-13-231
SPICER, WILLIAM                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-713
SPRAGUE, CLARISSA                 SCIO                         NY-2-15-716
SPRAGUE, JAMES                    WARD                         NY-2-5-159
SPRAGUE, JOSIAH                   WARD                         NY-2-3-579
SPRAGUE, NANCY E.                 ALMOND                       NY-2-16-64
SPROWL, MARTHA                    HUME                         NY-2-11-646
STAFFORD, OWEN                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-10-241
STANLEY, LYDIA A.                 ALMOND                       NY-2-13-67
STARKS, SAMUEL                    GROVE                        NY-2-2B-481
STARKS, SARAH                     GROVE                        NY-2-4-62
STARKY, HIRAM                     CUBA                         NY-2-8-269
STEARD, MARY                      FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-14-71
STEARNS, CHAUNCEY S.              AMITY                        NY-2-12-427
STEARNS, HORACE                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-14-481
STEARNS, JOANNA                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-15-138
STEARNS, JOHN                     ANDOVER                      NY-2-13-763
STEVENS, WILLIAM P.               CUBA                         NY-2-14-359
STEVENSON, JOHN B.                FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-6-266
STEWART, ELLEN J.                 BURNS                        NY-2-15-384
STEWART, JOHN B.                  BURNS                        NY-2-8-316
STEWART, MARY                     WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-14-421
STICLE, CHILON                    CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-14-377
STILES, BETSEY J.                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-8-537
STILLMAN, AMANDA M.               ALFRED                       NY-2-16-42
STILLMAN, DAVID                   ALFRED                       NY-2-7-175
STILLMAN, DAVID                   ALFRED                       NY-2-7-213
STILLMAN, DAVID R.                ALFRED                       NY-2-15-232
STILLMAN, EDWIN M.                ANDOVER                      NY-2-15-182
STILLMAN, HENRY                   INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-11-601
STILLMAN, JARED                   WILLING                      NY-2-7-295
STILLMAN, JOEL PERRY              GENESEE                      NY-2-16-304
STILLMAN, PHINEAS C.              ALFRED                       NY-2-13-383
STILLMAN, SAMUEL N.               ALFRED                       NY-2-15-733
STILLMAN, SARAH ANN               WIRT                         NY-2-11-463
STILLMAN, SILAS                   ALMOND                       NY-2-14-561
STILLMAN, WILLIAM H.              FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-14-751
STJOHN, BENSON                    SCIO                         NY-2-9-385
STJOHN, WATSON M.                 SCIO                         NY-2-11-358
STOCKTON, HARVEY H.               CUBA                         NY-2-5-369
STODDARD, ISAAC N.                WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-7-141
STONE, CALVIN                     CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-13-79
STONE, HANNAH P.                  HUME                         NY-2-7-112
STONE, HARRIET E.                 CLARKSIVLLE                  NY-2-16-498
STONE, ISAAC                      RUSHFORD                     NY-2-4-292
STONE, MATTHEW                    BELFAST                      NY-2-2B-199
STONE, SARAH G.                   CUBA                         NY-2-8-19
STOUT, AMOS H.                    FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-16-722
STOUT, JAMES M.                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-14-667
STOUT, LUTHER C.                  AMITY                        NY-2-7-584
STOUT, WAITE                      BELFAST                      NY-2-10-330
STOVER, JOSEPH                    HUME                         NY-2-11-466
STRAIGHT, SYLVESTER J.            BELFAST                      NY-2-14-93
STRAIT, MATTHEW                   NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-2B-502
STRAIT, ROBERT                    SCIO                         NY-2-2B-103
STRAIT, THOMAS                    OTTO, MC KEAN, PA            NY-2-13-183
STRATTON, SAMUEL C.               BOLIVAR                      NY-2-12-329
STRONG, ELISHA                    FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-3-28
STRONG, FANNIE B.                 ALLEN                        NY-2-10-353
STRONG, SUSAN B.                  BELFAST                      NY-2-16-686
STRYKER, ANN JENETTE              SCIO                         NY-2-10-37
STURTOR, LYDIA M.                 ALMA                         NY-2-13-605
SULLIVAN, JOHN                    ANDOVER                      NY-2-15-58
SUMNER, HIRAM B.                  BELFAST                      NY-2-8-442
SUTTON, MANDANA                   CUBA                         NY-2-16-166
SWAIN, WILLIAM                    ANDOVER                      NY-2-6-190
SWAN, THOMAS                      ANGELICA                     NY-2-13-669
SWARTHOUT, HENRY                  CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-9-242
SWEENEY, BARTHOLOMEW              WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-37
SWEENEY, MARTIN                   WILLING                      NY-2-15-264
SWEET, CLARISSA                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-240
SWEET, DAVID W.                   HUME                         NY-2-15-240
SWEET, EDGAR A.                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-512
SWEET, LEBBEUS                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-574
SWEET, RELIEF                     HUME                         NY-2-11-649
SWEET, SPENCER                    ALFRED                       NY-2-10-105
SWEET, SUSAN M.                   ALFRED                       NY-2-10-519
SWENTER, GODFRED                  GROVE                        NY-2-5-363
SWIFT, CALVIN                     CUBA                         NY-2-13-633
SWIFT, EBER                       NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-2B-322
SWIFT, GEORGE D.                  CUBA                         NY-2-6-382
SWIFT, SYBIL                      RUSHFORD                     NY-2-10-628
SWINCK, PETER                     ANDOVER                      NY-2-7-493
SWYER, ROBERT                     ALLEN                        NY-2-12-608
SWYER, SARAH                      ALLEN                        NY-2-15-54
SYLER, GEORGE                     GRANGER                      NY-2-15-482
TADDER, CHARLOTTE M.              GRANGER                      NY-2-11-422
TADDER, DAVID E.                  GRANGER                      NY-2-10-512
TALCOTT, JANE ANN                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-382
TALCOTT, JOHN H.                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-636
TANNER, JOHN                      GENESEE                      NY-2-6-447
TANNER, JOHN                      WILLING                      NY-2-13-705
TARBELL, ABEL                     RUSHFORD                     NY-2-7-340
TAREY, ANNA H.                    CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-9-439
TAYLOR, GEORGE                    ANGELICA                     NY-2-12-405
TAYLOR, ORVILLE P.                WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-10-279
TAYLOR, SALLY                     FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-14-87
TAYLOR, ZEBINA                    RUSHFORD                     NY-2-8-525
TELLER, GEORGE S.                 BURNS                        NY-2-11-267
TENNETY, MARSHALL R.              ALMOND                       NY-2-11-580
TERWILLEGER, GARRETT O.           BIRDSALL                     NY-2-2-430
THAYER, ALONZO                    CANEADEA                     NY-2-2-163
THIBON, LEWIS                     ANGELICA                     NY-2-8-165
THIBON, LEWIS                     AMITY                        NY-2-11-206
THING, ELIZABETH                  CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-2B-44
THOMAS, AMON L.                   CUBA                         NY-2-2-314
THOMAS, BENJAMIN SR.              CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-16-162
THOMAS, CHARLES K.                WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-11-597
THOMAS, CHARLES K.                WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-11-613
THOMAS, CLARK                     SCIO                         NY-2-7-68
THOMAS, EMILY E.                  ALFRED                       NY-2-12-222
THOMAS, GARDNER                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-4-289
THOMAS, GEORGE W.                 ANGELICA                     NY-2-12-343
THOMAS, HANNAH S.                 CUBA                         NY-2-13-45
THOMAS, JOHN S.                   NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-14-385
THOMAS, LAFAYETTE                 SCIO                         NY-2-16-324
THOMAS, LUCINDA R.                SCIO                         NY-2-13-235
THOMAS, RALPH                     SCIO                         NY-2-9-270
THOMAS, RICHARD R.                WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-12-522
THOMAS, STEPHEN W.                BOLIVAR                      NY-2-16-4
THOMAS, WILLIAM G.                RUSHFORD                     NY-2-8-499
THOMPSON, EDWARD                  WARD                         NY-2-7-74
THOMPSON, ELIZA                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-412
THOMPSON, HARVY                   ALFRED                       NY-2-2B-394
THOMPSON, ISRAEL                  RUSHFORD                     NY-2-13-407
THOMPSON, RIAL                    BIRDSALL                     NY-2-5-471
THOMPSON, SABRA B.                ANGELICA                     NY-2-15-106
THOMSON, ANGELICA                 AMITY                        NY-2-3-299
THOMSON, SAMUEL                   BURNS                        NY-2-13-203
THORNTON, JAMES                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-506
THORNTON, THOMAS C.               ANGELICA                     NY-2-14-115
THORP, ELI                        ALLEN                        NY-2-3-313
THORP, JOHN                       ALFRED                       NY-2-6-226
THURBER, LAURA P.                 CUBA                         NY-2-16-416
THURSTON, EMMA                    HUME                         NY-2-11-242
THURSTON, JOHN L.                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-4-96
THURSTON, MATILDA                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-6-316
THURSTON, THOMAS                  HUME                         NY-2-13-571
TIBBETS, LYMAN                    BELFAST                      NY-2-7-314
TIBBS, OSCAR                      SCIO                         NY-2-15-602
TILDEN, HORATIO                   BURNS                        NY-2-6-79
TITSWORTH, JULIA E.               FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-7-124
TODD, WILLIAM                     CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-15-648
TODD, WILLIAM S.                  ANGELICA                     NY-2-11-640
TOMPKINS, GEORGE                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-16-388
TOMPKINS, THOMAS                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-458
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-14
TORKINTON, RICHARD                NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-10-398
TRACY, ANNIS H.                   AMITY                        NY-2-9-629
TRACY, IRA                        AMITY                        NY-2-10-58
TRACY, ISAAC                      ALLEN                        NY-2-7-13
TRACY, SARAH M.                   ANGELICA                     NY-2-16-604
TRACY, SOLOMON                    CANANDAIGUA                  NY-2-3-285
TRALL, RILEY                      HUME                         NY-2-10-126
TRALL, RUSSEL                     CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-3-399
TRASK, LYDIA A.                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-459
TRUMAN, JUNIA                     RUSHFORD                     NY-2-3-457
TUCKER, ROBERT H.                 AMITY                        NY-2-11-628
TULLAR, PHEBE M.                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-845
TULLER, MARY E.                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-477
TYRELL, THOMAS                    ANGELICA                     NY-2-10-455
TYRRELL, EDWARD                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-15-318
UNDERHILL, SAMUEL E.              ALLEN                        NY-2-2B-39
UPTEGROVE, WILLIAM J.             RUSHFORD                     NY-2-12-108
UTLEY, DOLLY                      HUME                         NY-2-12-271
UTLEY, HARRIET                    HUME                         NY-2-12-269
UTLEY, HULDAH                     HUME                         NY-2-12-262
UTTER, JOHN                       FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-7-99
UTTER, JOSIAH M.                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-17
UTTER, LEWIS                      FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-14-685
UTTER, THOMAS D.                  BOLIVAR                      NY-2-12-247
UTTER, WALTER J.                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-10-312
VALLANCE, ALEXANDER               CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-15-564
VANBUREN, HARMON                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-5-507
VANBUSKIRK, ELIZABETH             PORTAGE                      NY-2-3-199
VANCAMPEN, MOSES                  DANSVILLE                    NY-2-2B-60
VANCAMPEN, MOSES                  AMITY                        NY-2-4-285
VANCAMPEN, WILLIAM                AMITY                        NY-2-7-659
VANCE, WILILAM A.                 ALMA                         NY-2-15-749
VANDERBECK, HARRIET               WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-440
VANDERMARK, GARRETT               BELFAST                      NY-2-7-41
VANDRESSER, JEREMIAH              HUME                         NY-2-15-306
VANFLEET, ARTHUR J.               CUBA                         NY-2-15-180
VANFLEET, HENRY                   NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-12-4
VANFLEET, JAMES                   NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-14-609
VANLIEW, PHEBE C.                 ANDOVER                      NY-2-13-167
VANNAME, ELLEN                    CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-15-20
VANNESS, ADELIA                   CUBA                         NY-2-10-623
VANNEST, EVERT                    AMSTERDAM, MONTGOMERY, NY    NY-2-3-572
VANNOSTRAND, MOREAU               GRANGER                      NY-2-12-286
VANNOSTRAND, WILLIAM              GRANGER                      NY-2-16-128
VANORSDALE, FRANK                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-9-64
VANRIPER, GARRIT                  BURNS                        NY-2-6-1
VANSCHOTER, SIMEON                OSSIAN                       NY-2-2B-229
VANSCOTER, ABIGAIL                BURNS                        NY-2-8-13
VANSCOTER, ELIAS                  BURNS                        NY-2-3-216
VANSLYKE, EVA                     FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-11-245
VANVECHTEN, CHARLES W.            ALMOND                       NY-2-11-132
VANVELZER, SALLY                  ANGELICA                     NY-2-14-395
VAUGHN, CHARLES                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-16-106
VAUGHN, DANIEL                    NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-10-642
VEAZEY, DANIEL                    CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-5-147
VEAZEY, HARMON P.                 HUME                         NY-2-13-169
VEAZY, JEREMIAH                   CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-2B-143
VEDDER, ELMIRA P.                 HUME                         NY-2-14-731
VEDDER, SIMON                     HUME                         NY-2-8-101
VINCENT, SALOME                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-60
VOORHIES, CATHARINE               WIRT                         NY-2-13-227
VOORHIES, JOHN                    FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-5-429
VOORHIES, JOHN                    WIRT                         NY-2-9-504
VOSBURG, MARY JANE                BOLIVAR                      NY-2-16-656
VOSS, CAROLINE                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-184
WACK, EMELINE                     WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-277
WADHAMS, PAMELIA                  BURNS                        NY-2-12-605
WAFTER, DAVID                     ANGELICA                     NY-2-12-256
WAGNER, CAROLINE                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-28
WAGNER, GEORGE                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-18
WAIT, JOHN J.                     FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-12-10
WAIT, MARY ANN                    HUME                         NY-2-9-420
WAKEMAN, HIRAM G.                 BOLIVAR                      NY-2-4-408
WALBRIDGE, WILLIAM                GRANGER                      NY-2-4-453
WALDORFF, GEORGE                  CANEADEA                     NY-2-7-143
WALFROM, MELINDA                  GRANGER                      NY-2-13-415
WALKER, AURELIA                   ALLEN                        NY-2-12-552
WALKER, CHRISTOPHER               WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-293
WALKER, ELEZEVER J.               WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-11-406
WALKER, ERASTUS                   ALLEN                        NY-2-6-400
WALKER, GEORGE L.                 ALLEN                        NY-2-10-51
WALKER, JOHN B.                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-14-597
WALKER, LEONARD P.                RUSHFORD                     NY-2-7-664
WALKER, NATHANIEL                 GENESEE                      NY-2-12-72
WALKER, OSCAR H.                  ANGELICA                     NY-2-16-254
WALKER, RACHEL C.                 RUSHFORD                     NY-2-10-73
WALLACE, EDWARD                   SCIO                         NY-2-13-279
WALLACE, REUBEN                   ALMOND                       NY-2-5-171
WALLACE, WALTER                   ANGELICA                     NY-2-2B-50
WALLNER, JULIA W.                 NORWICH, NEW LONDON, CT      NY-2-14-317
WARD, ALFRED                      INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-15-358
WARD, HAMILTON                    AMITY                        NY-2-15-190
WARD, LAURA E.                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-419
WARD, WILLIAM C.                  ALMOND                       NY-2-13-29
WARDNER, FANNY                    ANDOVER                      NY-2-3-556
WARDNER, PHILLIP                  ANDOVER                      NY-2-2B-216
WARNER, EDWARD                    CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-4-69
WARREN, DURA                      CUBA                         NY-2-6-151
WARREN, HARRIET N.                ANGELICA                     NY-2-14-689
WARREN, MICHAEL                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-7-581
WASHBURN, ABIGAIL                 WIRT                         NY-2-3-388
WASSON, JEHIEL                    FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-15-188
WATERBURY, JOEL                   CUBA                         NY-2-5-51
WATERBURY, MARY M.                CUBA                         NY-2-14-389
WATKINS, JEROD E.                 ALMOND                       NY-2-8-132
WATSON, ADAH                      WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-13-159
WATSON, CHARLES                   NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-7-597
WATSON, ELIJAH                    WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-7-552
WATSON, JOHN                      NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-14-215
WATSON, JOHN G.                   AMITY                        NY-2-8-177
WATSON, JOSEPH B.                 WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-9-143
WATSON, MARY A.                   ANGELICA                     NY-2-15-821
WAVER, JAMES                      BIRDSALL                     NY-2-16-170
WEATHERBY, ABEL P.                WIRT                         NY-2-10-215
WEAVER, ABIAL                     WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-7-146
WEAVER, MARGARET                  AMITY                        NY-2-12-359
WEAVER, WILILAM H.                CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-14-717
WEAVER, WILLIAM                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-12-200
WEBB, ELISHA                      CUBA                         NY-2-3-502
WEBB, HENRY J.                    ANGELICA                     NY-2-6-323
WEBER, WILLIAM M.                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-2B-334
WEBSTER, BENJAMIN                 BELFAST                      NY-2-3-381
WEBSTER, ERASTUS                  CUBA                         NY-2-14-499
WEBSTER, JARED                    CUBA                         NY-2-2B-98
WEBSTER, JERUS L.                 WILLING                      NY-2-13-83
WEBSTER, JONATHAN S.              CUBA                         NY-2-14-113
WEBSTER, WILLIAM                  BELFAST                      NY-2-14-549
WEED, GUY                         RICHMOND, ONTARIO, NY        NY-2-6-328
WEIDEROTH, SOPHIE                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-296
WEIR, JULIETT                     RUSHFORD                     NY-2-9-473
WEIR, WILLIAM A.                  ANGELICA                     NY-2-9-1
WELCH, JOSEPH B.                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-10-212
WELCH, MICHAEL                    BURNS                        NY-2-11-332
WELCH, WARREN                     CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-4-329
WELLMAN, ABIJAH J.                FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-12-410
WELLMAN, ARBA                     FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-12-474
WELLMAN, JONAS                    FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-3-261
WELLS, CHARLES                    SCIO                         NY-2-13-645
WELLS, DANIEL D.                  PORTAGE                      NY-2-?
WELLS, DEBORA                     ANGELICA                     NY-2-2B-478
WELLS, EMMA E.                    GENESEE                      NY-2-8-547
WELLS, GARDINER                   BELFAST                      NY-2-6-220
WELLS, LOIUSA M.                  GRANGER                      NY-2-15-10
WELLS, SAMUEL                     GENESEE                      NY-2-15-40
WENTWORTH, WELFORD L.             ALMOND                       NY-2-16-558
WESCHE, WILLIAM HENRY             ALLEN                        NY-2-16-250
WEST, ELIZA                       ANGELICA                     NY-2-14-397
WEST, FRANK                       ALMOND                       NY-2-14-755
WESTCOTT, CYRUS                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-16-432
WESTFALL, MARCUS                  NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-15-785
WESTON, JEREMIAH                  CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-6-217
WETHERBEE, NICOLAS                FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-15-700
WETHERBY, JOHN M.                 ALMOND                       NY-2-14-121
WETHERBY, MARY L.                 BOLIVAR                      NY-2-16-710
WETHERELL, ROSE E.                BURNS                        NY-2-14-107
WHALEY, ALBINA                    HUME                         NY-2-12-640
WHALEY, JARVIS                    CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-8-198
WHEELER, CALVIN                   WIRT                         NY-2-14-487
WHEELER, GILBERT                  RUSHFORD                     NY-2-12-326
WHEELER, JOHN                     NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-14-307
WHEELER, MARY M.                  ANGELICA                     NY-2-15-777
WHILON, HENRY                     HUME                         NY-2-7-400
WHIPPLE, BENJAMIN                 NEW HUDWSON                  NY-2-12-216
WHIPPLE, GARDNER                  CUBA                         NY-2-16-420
WHITCOMB, JERIAH                  AMITY                        NY-2-7-253
WHITCOMB, S. HALE                 AMITY                        NY-2-15-36
WHITE, CAROLINE C.                FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-8-77
WHITE, CHARLES                    RUSHFORD                     NY-2-4-247
WHITE, DANIEL                     WARD                         NY-2-6-281
WHITE, ELIJAH JR.                 GROVE                        NY-2-6-408
WHITE, FERNANDO F.                NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-16-144
WHITE, FRANK H.                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-16-536
WHITE, HARRISON G.                WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-10-440
WHITE, JOHN                       ALMOND                       NY-2-7-488
WHITE, MARY S.                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-11-172
WHITE, MATTHEW                    ANDOVER                      NY-2-14-95
WHITE, NANCY                      INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-4-402
WHITE, QUINCY A.                  RUSHFORD                     NY-2-12-383
WHITE, SPENCER                    ANGELICA                     NY-2-16-428
WHITE, THOMAS                     ANDOVER                      NY-2-15-536
WHITFORD, JOHN B.                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-15-650
WHITICAR, ROGER S.                ALMOND                       NY-2-11-320
WHITNEY, AMI                      ALMOND                       NY-2-10-341
WHITNEY, ANN E.                   BURNS                        NY-2-12-368
WHITNEY, CHARLES S.               AMITY                        NY-2-15-474
WHITNEY, ERASTUS                  BURNS                        NY-2-7-24
WHITNEY, LAWRENCE T.              ALMOND                       NY-2-7-417
WHITNEY, LOISA                    ALMOND                       NY-2-11-498
WHITNEY, NORTHA                   BURNS                        NY-2-11-455
WHITNEY, REUBEN                   WIRT                         NY-2-9-21
WHITNEY, RUFUS                    ALMOND                       NY-2-4-267
WHITON, MABEL                     HUME                         NY-2-6-434
WHITTEMORE, ANN B.                ANGELICA                     NY-2-11-127
WHITWOOD, LUTHER B.               FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-12-101
WHITWOOD, RACHEL M.               WIRT                         NY-2-8-58
WIGHTMAN, LUCY                    WIRT                         NY-2-5-387
WILBER, ASENETH                   SCIO                         NY-2-8-345
WILBUR, THOMAS L.                 SCIO                         NY-2-13-61
WILCOX, ELVIRA L.                 ANGELICA                     NY-2-16-482
WILCOX, EZEKIEL                   OSSIAN                       NY-2-12-100
WILCOX, EZEKIEL                   OSSIAN                       NY-2-1-172
WILCOX, HELEN                     GROVE                        NY-2-13-401
WILCOX, JOHN                      ALMOND                       NY-2-8-398
WILCOX, NATHANIEL                 SCIO                         NY-2-12-27
WILCOX, SARAH V.                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-364
WILCOX, WILLIAM                   WILLING                      NY-2-7-452
WILCOX, WILSON G.                 WIRT                         NY-2-14-333
WILDMAN, ANSON                    INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-6-406
WILDMAN, CAROLINE A.              WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-9-443
WILDMAN, EDWIN                    INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-11-603
WILDMAN, HORACE                   INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-13-197
WILDMAN, STEPHEN                  INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-5-513
WILDMAN, TOLBERT                  INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-16-838
WILDRICK, SAMUEL                  BELFAST                      NY-2-7-615
WILIAMS, WILLIAM J.               RUSHFORD                     NY-2-11-148
WILILAMS, SIMON                   CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-6-143
WILKINSON, EBER G.                CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-12-98
WILKINSON, LORENZO A.             CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-14-13
WILKINSON, WARREN E.              BELFAST                      NY-2-16-40
WILLARD, VIRGIL A.                AMITY                        NY-2-16-596
WILLETTS, ISAAC                   AMITY                        NY-2-13-321
WILLEY, CYRUS                     HUME                         NY-2-15-214
WILLIAMS, AMOS C.                 WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-16-462
WILLIAMS, CHARLES R.              GRANGER                      NY-2-3-582
WILLIAMS, CHARLOTTE               AMITY                        NY-2-9-536
WILLIAMS, DAVID T.                AMITY                        NY-2-15-168
WILLIAMS, ESTHER S.               CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-11-355
WILLIAMS, JUSTINIAN               GRANGER                      NY-2-15-614
WILLIAMS, MARY A.                 WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-15-288
WILLIAMS, POLLY ANN               CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-8-382
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                 WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-7-219
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                 RUSHFORD                     NY-2-13-503
WILLIAMSON, JAMES                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-223
WILLIS, ABIGAL L.                 ANGELICA                     NY-2-14-427
WILLIS, ARUNAH S.                 ANGELICA                     NY-2-7-425
WILLIS, BENJAMIN T.               BELFAST                      NY-2-16-54
WILLIS, DELIA ROCK                BELFAST                      NY-2-15-80
WILLIS, REUBEN                    GROVE                        NY-2-11-561
WILLIS, WOODWARD                  BELFAST                      NY-2-15-196
WILMARTH, GERSHAM                 RUSHFORD                     NY-2-3-417
WILMARTH, ROSWELL                 RUSHFORD                     NY-2-11-472
WILSON, AMAS B.                   CUBA                         NY-2-15-745
WILSON, ANNA                      WASHINGTON, DC               NY-2-15-146
WILSON, CHRISTOPHER D.            CANEADEA                     NY-2-11-546
WILSON, ERASTUS                   WILLING                      NY-2-10-436
WILSON, FREEMAN S.                CANEADEA                     NY-2-6-370
WILSON, JAMES                     ALLEN                        NY-2-2B-164
WILSON, JAMES                     ANGELICA                     NY-2-8-213
WILSON, JOHN                      BELFAST                      NY-2-4-156
WILSON, JOHN S.                   CANEADEA                     NY-2-13-217
WILSON, MARY                      INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-15-154
WILSON, MELINDA                   ALMOND                       NY-2-8-489
WILSON, POLLY                     CANEADEA                     NY-2-15-66
WILSON, REBECCA C.                CANEADEA                     NY-2-16-306
WILSON, SAMUEL C.                 BELFAST                      NY-2-12-208
WILSON, SOPHIA                    CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-14-159
WILSON, STEPHEN                   BELFAST                      NY-2-3-522
WILSON, STEPHEN                   BELFAST                      NY-2-14-157
WILSON, STEPHEN B.                WILLING                      NY-2-10-297
WILSON, SUSAN                     WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-271
WILSON, SUSAN O.                  INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-7-466
WILSON, WILBER                    INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-13-639
WILSON, WILLIAM                   ANGELICA                     NY-2-9-63
WINAN, HENRY                      ALLEN                        NY-2-3-318
WINCHELL, AMASA                   ALMOND                       NY-2-12-44
WINCHIP, JOEL                     ANGELICA                     NY-2-15-590
WINDER, ELLA B.                   GROVE                        NY-2-13-483
WINDSOR, SARAH A.                 BURNS                        NY-2-12-532
WINDSOR, SARAH E.                 BURNS                        NY-2-7-159
WIRT, WILLIAM B.                  HUME                         NY-2-8-74
WISNER, ANAINA W.                 CUBA                         NY-2-7-6
WITHEY, CALVIN                    WILLING                      NY-2-8-530
WITTER, BETSEY                    WILLING                      NY-2-10-304
WITTER, CHARLES H.                WIRT                         NY-2-5-261
WITTER, CLARK                     FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-7-119
WITTER, CLARK L.                  ALFRED                       NY-2-16-50
WITTER, EDWARD G.                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-10-424
WITTER, HULDAH                    ALFRED                       NY-2-13-431
WITTER, JOSIAH                    WILLING                      NY-2-9-575
WITTER, LOUSA                     ALMOND                       NY-2-11-329
WITTER, LUKE G.                   WILLING                      NY-2-10-190
WITTER, MARY P.                   ANDOVER                      NY-2-12-351
WITTER, PAUL                      ALFRED                       NY-2-2B-384
WITTER, SQUIRE P.                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-165
WITTER, WEEDEN                    ALFRED                       NY-2-6-72
WIXSON, JOHN                      BIRDSALL                     NY-2-15-170
WODORUFF, AMANDA E.               RUSHFORD                     NY-2-8-326
WOOD, ALONZO                      WILLING                      NY-2-14-381
WOOD, ALVAH                       INDEPENDNCE                  NY-2-11-443
WOOD, EILSHA A.                   CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-11-484
WOOD, JOHN                        GROVE                        NY-2-7-561
WOODARD, CHARLES A.               WIRT                         NY-2-16-652
WOODRUFF, JOSEPH                  ANDOVER                      NY-2-5-483
WOODRUFF, MYRON S.                BELFAST                      NY-2-14-403
WOODS, ALBERT                     RUSHFORD                     NY-2-8-254
WOODS, ANN                        RUSHFORD                     NY-2-14-329
WOODS, DANIEL H.                  RUSHFORD                     NY-2-15-546
WOODS, LAURA                      RUSHFORD                     NY-2-14-438
WOODS, LEVERETT E.                RUSHFORD                     NY-2-8-123
WOODS, LOUISA                     RUSHFORD                     NY-2-7-256
WOODS, WILLIAM W.                 RUSHFORD                     NY-2-6-295
WOODWARD, PERKINS BUSHNELL        CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-4-241
WOODWORTH, CHARLES W.             RUSHFORD                     NY-2-13-179
WOODWORTH, CYNTHIA C.             RUSHFORD                     NY-2-16-148
WOODWORTH, SOLOMON                ALLEN                        NY-2-3-420
WOOLWORTH, CHARLES E.             ALFRED                       NY-2-6-450
WORDEN, GEORGE A.                 GRANGER                      NY-2-5-33
WORDEN, GREEN                     GENESEE                      NY-2-2B-453
WORRICK, JESSE                    BURNS                        NY-2-13-355
WORTHINGTON, JOHN                 RUSHFORD                     NY-2-5-297
WREDDY, MICHAEL                   AMITY                        NY-2-9-423
WRIGHT, CHARLOTT MARRIAM          NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-9-436
WRIGHT, ENOS L.                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-14-517
WRIGHT, THOMAS                    WILLING                      NY-2-9-194
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                   SCIO                         NY-2-2B-347
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                   WIRT                         NY-2-8-120
WYCKOFF, EMILY F.                 CUBA                         NY-2-9-232
WYCKOFF, IDA T.                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-58
WYCKOFF, JOHN                     CUBA                         NY-2-9-15
WYNKOOP, JEFFERSON                CUBA                         NY-2-11-395
WYSE, LOT J.                      WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-6-367
YALE, HENRY O.                    WILLING                      NY-2-9-433
YOUNG, ADALINE S.                 ANGELICA                     NY-2-12-86
YOUNG, ALICE                      ALMOND                       NY-2-16-374
YOUNG, CLARISSA                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-11-52
YOUNG, DAVID                      ALMOND                       NY-2-12-356
YOUNG, EUNICE                     ALMOND                       NY-2-15-126
YOUNG, HENRY                      AMITY                        NY-2-7-394
YOUNG, JAMES W.                   GENESEE                      NY-2-9-614
YOUNG, JOSEPH                     RUSHFORD                     NY-2-3-465
YOUNG, SAMUEL                     GENESEE                      NY-2-6-357
YOUNG, WINTHROP G.                RUSHFORD                     NY-2-8-274
YOUNGS, CHARLES                   AMITY                        NY-2-16-334
YOUNGS, WILLIAM P.                RUSHFORD                     NY-2-10-62
ZIMMERMAN, JACOB F.               CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-15-356

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