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MABIE, ALLEN                      CUBA                         NY-2-7-402
MABIE, TIMOTHY                    GROVE                        NY-2-133
MACK, ELIZABETH                   ALMOND                       NY-2-16-698
MACK, HIRAM                       BURNS                        NY-2-7-318
MACK, MARY M.                     ALMOND                       NY-2-9-579
MACKEN, CHAUNCEY B.               WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-460
MACKEN, MARY A.                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-729
MACKEN, OLIVE A.                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-386
MADDEN, THOMAS                    AMITY                        NY-2-13-57
MADDOCK, JOHN                     WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-11-617
MADDOCK, JOHN R.                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-128
MAGNER, BRIDGET                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-490
MAHANEY, JOHN                     BIRDSALL                     NY-2-7-501
MAHONEY, ELIZABETH                BIRDSALL                     NY-2-9-303
MAITLAND, RALPH L.                ALMA                         NY-2-16-20
MAJOR, INA M.                     SCIO                         NY-2-14-75
MAKEE, MARY JANE                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-14-273
MALLERY, ELIZA H.                 CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-13-509
MALLORY, SARAH                    CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-11-44
MALONE, JOHN                      WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-7-578
MANGAN, LARRY                     CUBA                         NY-2-12-499
MANING, DENNIS                    BIRDSALL                     NY-2-7-163
MANNING, JOHN                     BIRDSALL                     NY-2-13-533
MANNING, WILLIAM                  ALLEN                        NY-2-8-410
MAPES, ELI                        AMITY                        NY-2-16-178
MAPES, JAMES                      AMITY                        NY-2-7-1
MAPLES, POLLY M.                  BURNS                        NY-2-15-422
MARCH, GEORGE                     ANGELICA                     NY-2-6-108
MARION, HOSEA B.                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-263
MARION, LEWIS                     BIRDSALL                     NY-2-5-57
MARKEY, JAMES                     OSWAYO, POTTER, PA           NY-2-9-129
MARR, JOSEPH                      BURNS                        NY-2-7-464
MARR, SYLVESTER                   BIRDSALL                     NY-2-5-213
MARS, CAROLINE                    CUBA                         NY-2-15-320
MARSH, HENRY D.                   GROVE                        NY-2-10-140
MARTINDALE, ELIZA                 ANDOVER                      NY-2-7-281
MARVIN, ANDREW M.                 ALLEN                        NY-2-10-591
MARVIN, CHARLES M.                WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-11-418
MASON, AMELIA M.                  WIRT                         NY-2-16-564
MASON, ELIAS IRISH                GENESEE                      NY-2-8-189
MATHEWS, WILLIAM C.               BURNS                        NY-2-11-10
MATHEWSON, JOSEPH H.              SAGINAW, SAGINAW, MI         NY-2-10-273
MATHEWSON, POLLY H.               ALMOND                       NY-2-12-644
MATHIAS, THOMAS M.                CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-7-390
MATSON, BREWSTER                  NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-4-443
MATTHEWS, ELIAS                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-12-158
MAUGAN, THOMAS                    CUBA                         NY-2-15-676
MAXON, DAVID                      WIRT                         NY-2-8-260
MAXON, STEPHEN DR.                CUBA                         NY-2-12-236
MAXSON, ANN ELIAZBETH             GENESEE                      NY-2-11-140
MAXSON, DARWIN E.                 ALFRED                       NY-2-14-133
MAXSON, HANNAH A.                 ALFRED                       NY-2-16-818
MAXSON, JAMES                     WIRT                         NY-2-5-465
MAXSON, JOEL C.                   GENESEE                      NY-2-12-507
MAXSON, JOSEPH                    GENESEE                      NY-2-2B-472
MAXSON, LUKE                      ALFRED                       NY-2-6-48
MAXSON, LURA ANN                  GENESEE                      NY-2-16-730
MAXSON, NANCY                     GENESEE                      NY-2-5-561
MAXSON, SUSAN                     GENESEE                      NY-2-5-99
MAXSON, VARNUM                    GENESEE                      NY-2-11-22
MAXSON, WEALTHY ANN               CUBA                         NY-2-6-86
MAXSON, WILLIAM                   ALFRED                       NY-2-9-347
MAY, ELIHU S.                     GROVE                        NY-2-12-433
MAY, ELLIS                        AMITY                        NY-2-2B-252
MCCALL, JAMES                     RUSHFORD                     NY-2-2B-485
MCCARTHY, DENNIS                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-9-104
MCCARTHY, JAMES                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-14-545
MCCARTHY, JEREMIAH                WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-758
MCCARTHY, PATRICK                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-545
MCCLURE, HELEN M.                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-12-24
MCCLURE, JAMES                    FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-6-125
MCCONNELL, ARTHUR                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-6-376
MCCORMICK, DAVID                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-7-283
MCCORMICK, OWEN                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-264
MCDERMOTT, ELIZABETH              AMITY                        NY-2-15-486
MCDONALD, WILLIAM                 CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-14-27
MCDONEGAL, MARIA                  CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-5-423
MCELHENY, JAMES M.                NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-9-371
MCEWEN, DUNCAN S.                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-242
MCEWEN, JANETTE                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-11-521
MCEWEN, JOHN                      WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-578
MCEWEN, SUSAN D.                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-774
MCGINTY, PATRICK                  ANDOVER                      NY-2-6-271
MCGIRL, JAMES                     WARD                         NY-2-16-430
MCGUIRE, JAMES                    WARD                         NY-2-5-435
MCHALE, JOHN                      WILLING                      NY-2-16-362
MCHALE, MICHAEL                   WILLING                      NY-2-12-160
MCHENRY, ARABELL                  ALMOND                       NY-2-7-559
MCHENRY, MANERVA                  ALMOND                       NY-2-11-584
MCHENRY, MICHAEL                  WILLING                      NY-2-14-587
MCINTOSH, LUCY M.                 HUME                         NY-2-10-233
MCKEE, JULIA A.                   BOLIVAR                      NY-2-11-571
MCKEEN, HUGH                      NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-3-8
MCKINNEY, WARREN                  RUSHFORD                     NY-2-12-398
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES                 FRIENDHSIP                   NY-2-16-552
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM               ANGELICA                     NY-2-7-361
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM               ANGELICA                     NY-2-7-350
MCNEAL, ANN                       BURNS                        NY-2-13-615
MCNETT, ANDREW J.                 AMITY                        NY-2-14-153
MCOWEN, THOMAS                    BELFAST                      NY-2-14-489
MCTIGHE, JAMES                    ANDOVER                      NY-2-13-19
MCTIGHE, ROSE ANN                 ANDOVER                      NY-2-13-489
MCVEAGH, ELIE                     WILLING                      NY-2-7-586
MCWHORTER, JOHN                   HUME                         NY-2-10-407
MEACH, FANNIE                     HUME                         NY-2-16-72
MEAD, EDWARD                      WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-5-285
MEAD, JOHN                        BOLIVAR                      NY-2-4-362
MEAD, JUDSON B.                   ANDOVER                      NY-2-13-541
MEAD, MARY W.                     ANDOVER                      NY-2-16-76
MEDBURY, JEREMIAH                 CUBA                         NY-2-16-98
MEDERIGHT, GEORGE                 GROVE                        NY-2-13-259
MEEHAN, JOHN                      FRIENDHSIP                   NY-2-11-338
MERIT, WILLIAM L.                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-4-89
MERRIAM, LOT                      ANGELICA                     NY-2-5-567
MERRILL, SAMUEL W.                CUBA                         NY-2-8-156
MERRIT, JAME SC.                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-6-111
MERRITT, BEGARDUS                 CUBA                         NY-2-7-544
MERRITT, FRANCIS                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-6-422
MERRITT, RACHEL A.                FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-9-520
MERRITT, SARAH                    ALFRED                       NY-2-15-868
MERWIN, HEMAN                     BELFAST                      NY-2-3-291
MERWIN, NELSON                    CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-14-251
MESS, PETER                       BURNS                        NY-2-15-444
METCALF, MARY ANN                 CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-9-5
MICLE, GEORGE                     AMITY                        NY-2-15-278
MIDDAUGH, ABRAM                   SCIO                         NY-2-7-518
MIDDAUGH, ALVIN                   SCIO                         NY-2-11-335
MIDDAUGH, ELIJAH                  SCIO                         NY-2-7-237
MIDDAUGH, WILLIAM                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-9-492
MIDENROTH, WILLIAM HENRY          WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-691
MILLARD, CLARK                    GENESEE                      NY-2-8-116
MILLARD, LAVINNIA P.              FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-15-258
MILLER, AMANDA M.                 BELFAST                      NY-2-15-52
MILLER, CONRAD                    BELFAST                      NY-2-14-217
MILLER, EZRA                      CUBA                         NY-2-10-367
MILLER, FANNY                     SCIO                         NY-2-12-469
MILLER, HARRY H.                  WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-13-593
MILLER, JOHN A.                   INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-14-431
MILLER, NATHANIEL                 CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-9-133
MILLER, PROSPER                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-11-622
MILLS, HARRIET A.                 FRIENDHSIP                   NY-2-15-220
MILLS, MARVIN                     HUME                         NY-2-15-678
MILLS, MARY                       FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-5-237
MILLS, PHILO                      HUME                         NY-2-13-511
MILLS, ROGER BIDWELL              HUME                         NY-2-11-286
MILLS, SAMUEL M.                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-7-178
MILLS, WEBSTER                    HUME                         NY-2-16-72
MINARD, E. FOREST                 HUME                         NY-2-11-634
MINARD, ROSWELL                   HUME                         NY-2-14-285
MINER, ABSALOM                    FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-4-6
MINER, ASHER W.                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-475
MINER, CHARLES A.                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-5-135
MINER, ELECTA R.                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-445
MINER, JAMES W.                   NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-15-276
MINGOS, GEORGE                    INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-13-25
MITCHELL, JOHN                    ANDOVER                      NY-2-16-806
MIX, ELISHA                       ALMA                         NY-2-4-85
MIX, ELISHA                       FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-8-428
MIX, ELIZA                        ALMA                         NY-2-8-385
MIX, ETHAN                        AMITY                        NY-2-6-443
MIX, IRA                          FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-6-306
MOE, JOHN PRESCOTT                CANEADEA                     NY-2-13-589
MOE, SHELDON P.                   CANEADEA                     NY-2-16-210
MOLAND, DANIEL                    ALFRED                       NY-2-14-5
MONAGLE, MARIA L.                 WIRT                         NY-2-11-531
MONROE, SULEY                     ALFRED                       NY-2-647
MOOGAN, MARGARET                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-186
MOON, JEMIMA                      GENESEE                      NY-2-10-317
MOORE, CATHARINE                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-11-638
MOORE, ELIZA H.                   CUBA                         NY-2-10-236
MOORE, JULIA A.                   HUME                         NY-2-11-40
MOORE, REUBEN D.                  HUME                         NY-2-15-324
MOORE, SAMUEL                     HUME                         NY-2-9-45
MORAN, JOHN                       BOLIVAR                      NY-2-16-696
MORAN, THOMAS                     CUBA                         NY-2-7-655
MORAN, THOMAS                     WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-218
MOREHOUSE, GEORGE E.              AMITY                        NY-2-15-406
MOREHOUSE, PARISH                 AMITY                        NY-2-14-527
MOREY, JOHN                       GROVE                        NY-2-5-189
MORGAN, CARTER H.                 CUBA                         NY-2-16-590
MORGAN, CATHERINE                 CUBA                         NY-2-16-654
MORGAN, SAMUEL                    CUBA                         NY-2-11-283
MORGAN, WILLIAM                   BOLIVAR                      NY-2-14-553
MORONEY, TIMOTHY                  GROVE                        NY-2-8-272
MORRIS, FRANCES E.                AMITY                        NY-2-15-712
MORSE, CLARISSA A.                CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-14-327
MORSE, FLORILLA                   CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-13-699
MORSE, JOSIAH T.                  AMITY                        NY-2-14-165
MORSE, NEWMAN                     ANGELICA                     NY-2-11-218
MORSE, NICHOLAS C.                CUBA                         NY-2-15-558
MORSE, SQUIRE A.                  CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-15-725
MORTON, GEORGE                    ANGELICA                     NY-2-211
MORTON, HORACE                    AMITY                        NY-2-4-333
MOSES, DANIEL                     GRANGER                      NY-2-6-66
MOSLEY, JOHN T.                   WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-5-141
MOSS, CLINTON                     ALMOND                       NY-2-16-38
MOSS, CLINTON                     ALMOND                       NY-2-16-10
MOULTON, STEPHEN                  CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-14-691
MOUNTAIN, JOHN                    CANEADEA                     NY-2-11-346
MOURHESS, ELIZABETH BETSY         BOLIVAR                      NY-2-7-107
MULKIN, FANNY A.                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-15-176
MULKIN, JOSEPH N.                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-12-21
MULKIN, MORRIS C.                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-16-358
MULKIN, RUFUS H.                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-14-589
MULLIKEN, EDWIN E.                RUSHFORD                     NY-2-13-439
MULRONEY, WILLIAM                 CANEADEA                     NY-2-8-512
MUNDY, MATILDA                    BURNS                        NY-2-15-286
MUNDY, STEPHEN                    BURNS                        NY-2-9-339
MURPHY, JOHN                      WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-11-105
MURPHY, MICHAEL                   ALMOND                       NY-2-14-687
MURPHY, TIMOTHY                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-329
MURTOUGH, BARNEY                  WILLING                      NY-2-11-187
MYERS, DELOS                      HUME                         NY-2-7-133
MYERS, HENRY                      GROVE                        NY-2-4-171
MYERS, MARY E.                    ALLEN                        NY-2-8-420
NAFLER, CHARLES J.                ANGELICA                     NY-2-15-208
NASDALL, ANDREW                   HUME                         NY-2-12-340
NAUGLE, JOHN                      BELFAST                      NY-2-12-188
NEAL, ARTHUR                      AMITY                        NY-2-5-117
NEAL, ESTHER A.                   HUME                         NY-2-16-422
NEAL, WILLIAM                     HUME                         NY-2-15-302
NEELY, JUSTUS H.                  BELFAST                      NY-2-14-123
NEFF, NATHAN                      NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-14-147
NEFF, SYLVIA                      CUBA                         NY-2-14-177
NELSON, N. SOPHIA                 ANGELICA                     NY-2-14-337
NEPHEW, HIRAM                     ALMOND                       NY-2-15-376
NEWCOMB, DEXTER                   CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-9-152
NEWCOMB, RHODA ANN                CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-14-21
NEWMAN, DANFORTH                  NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-5-267
NEWTON, PHEBE                     CUBA                         NY-2-14-81
NICHOLS, ADDIE FRISBY             WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-854
NICHOLS, LEONARD                  AMITY                        NY-2-10-633
NICHOLS, RUFUS                    CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-13-141
NICHOLS, SOPHIA                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-12-293
NICHOLS, WILLIAM T.               WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-557
NICHOLSON, EDWARD                 CANEADEA                     NY-2-11-289
NIVER, CASPER                     FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-4-338
NIVER, WILLIAM                    FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-7-661
NOBLE, CASPER                     RUSHFORD                     NY-2-8-278
NOBLE, OLIVE                      RUSHFORD                     NY-2-8-309
NOBLES, TIMOTHY                   BOLIVAR                      NY-2-13-59
NORMAN, WILLIAM                   NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-10-264
NORRIS, PETER S.                  ANGELICA                     NY-2-14-747
NORTON, CAROLYN A.                BELMONT                      NY-2-10-575
NORTON, DAVID H.                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-15-74
NORTON, FRANCIS                   AMITY                        NY-2-4-317
NORTON, JERIAH W.                 AMITY                        NY-2-12-294
NORTON, JOHN                      AMITY                        NY-2-8-471
NORTON, JOHN B.                   AMITY                        NY-2-10-79
NORTON, OLIVER W.                 SCIO                         NY-2-13-507
NORTON, REBEKAH C.                AMITY                        NY-2-9-398
NOTTINGHAM, CHRISTOPHER           AMITY                        NY-2-8-367
NOWLAN, ELIZA J.                  CUBA                         NY-2-16-32
NOYES, ANNA                       CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-7-138
NYE, HORACE H.                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-453
OAKS, EZRA                        ANGELICA                     NY-2-6-394
OAKS, SETH                        ANGELICA                     NY-2-15-374
OBRIEN, EDWARD                    BELFAST                      NY-2-15-500
OBRIEN, JOHN                      BELFAST                      NY-2-10-599
OBRIEN, SARAH BOYS                AMITY                        NY-2-13-779
OCONNELL, JAMES                   BURNS                        NY-2-16-278
OCONNELL, JERRYMIAH               BIRDSALL                     NY-2-7-362
OCONNOR, JAMES                    ALMA                         NY-2-12-300
OCONNOR, MARY                     ANDOVER                      NY-2-10-186
ODELL, JABISH                     ALFRED                       NY-2-15-56
OGDEN, BARZILLA H.                BELFAST                      NY-2-12-598
OGDEN, POLLY                      BELFAST                      NY-2-12-144
OHARA, CHARLES                    WILLING                      NY-2-10-93
OKEEFE, TIMOTHY                   CUBA                         NY-2-9-215
OLDHAM, GEORGE                    CUBA                         NY-2-10-469
OLDHAM, THOMAS J.                 CUBA                         NY-2-15-136
OLES, FRED H.                     FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-16-618
ORCUTT, HIRAM                     BELFAST                      NY-2-5-327
OSBORN, BENJAMIN                  CUBA                         NY-2-5-357
OSBORN, JOHN G.                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-15-789
OSBORNE, SAMUEL                   BELFAST                      NY-2-16-336
OSGOOD, SHUBAL                    AMITY                        NY-2-11-317
OSMOND, HORACE                    ORANGE, ESSEX, NJ            NY-2-6-339
OSTRANDER, DANIEL                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-10-90
OTIS, CALVIN N.                   CUBA                         NY-2-10-65
OTIS, ORVIN C.                    AMITY                        NY-2-5-273
OVIATT, DANIEL                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-351
OVIATT, DANIEL B.                 AMITY                        NY-2-4-121
OVIATT, POLLY                     AMITY                        NY-2-6-292
OWEN, EVAN                        CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-8-144
OWENS, E VAN A.                   CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-15-566
PADDLEFORD, JULIANA A.            CUBA                         NY-2-15-540
PAGE, WILLIAM                     CUBA                         NY-2-8-71
PALEN, CATHERINE                  NUNDA                        NY-2-3-81
PALMER, CLARA E.                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-191
PALMER, ENOS                      CUBA                         NY-2-4-148
PALMER, JANE A.                   WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-11-452
PALMER, LORIN                     WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-9-18
PALMER, REBECCA                   CUBA                         NY-2-12-318
PALMER, SARAH J.                  CUBA                         NY-2-15-312
PALMER, WILLIAM H.                OTTO TWP, MC KEAN, PA        NY-2-15-720
PARKER, ABEL                      BELFAST                      NY-2-6-284
PARKER, DAVID                     GROVE                        NY-2-14-461
PARKER, GEORGE                    CANEADEA                     NY-2-7-210
PARKER, GEORGE                    ALFRED                       NY-2-16-224
PARKER, HIRAM                     INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-12-63
PARKER, IRA                       GRANGER                      NY-2-10-207
PARKER, LORENZO D.                WILLING                      NY-2-7-621
PARKER, LUTHER H.                 INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-16-122
PARKER, MARIA                     CANEADEA                     NY-2-7-354
PARKER, RILEY                     GROVE                        NY-2-8-445
PARKS, MOSES                      ALLEN                        NY-2-3-388
PARRY, BENJAMIN                   CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-7-170
PARSHALL, AMASA                   ANDOVER                      NY-2-11-307
PARSONS, JOSEPH                   GRANGER                      NY-2-8-395
PARTELLO, HANNAH K.               INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-12-528
PARTELLO, STEPHEN                 INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-7-34
PASSAGE, CHRISTOPHER              GRANGER                      NY-2-2B-411
PATTEN, ORREN                     CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-14-447
PAUL, JOHN                        GRANGER                      NY-2-12-191
PAULMAN, CHRISTIAN F.             WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-88
PEARCE, HELEN                     GRANGER                      NY-2-16-218
PEARCE, IRA                       CANEADEA                     NY-2-204
PEAVEY, ISAAC                     ALLEN                        NY-2-2B-428
PEAVY, IRA                        ALLEN                        NY-2-2B-120
PECK, AMOS                        RUSHFORD                     NY-2-5-495
PECK, IGEL                        RUSHFORD                     NY-2-9-256
PECK, LEWIS                       HUME                         NY-2-13-607
PECK, TOMPKIN                     BELFAST                      NY-2-16-352
PECKHAM, ABIGAL                   CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-16-244
PEEK, DANIEL                      HUME                         NY-2-12-6
PEET, DAVID F.                    WILLING                      NY-2-4-434
PEET, EDGAR                       WILLING                      NY-2-15-84
PEET, WILLIAM                     INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-7-30
PEIRSON, EGE                      ALLEN                        NY-2-4-192
PELTON, SAMUEL                    CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-2B-372
PENDLETON, SARAH                  AMITY                        NY-2-388
PENFIELD, CHARLES A.              CANEADEA                     NY-2-7-396
PEPPER, THOMAS                    GRANGER                      NY-2-6-289
PERKINS, ABNER                    PORTAGE                      NY-2-12-90
PERKINS, EMMA E.                  ALFRED                       NY-2-16-624
PERKINS, ICHABOD                  HUME                         NY-2-3-323
PERKINS, PHEBE ANN                GRANGER                      NY-2-7-478
PERRY, AUSTIN                     NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-12-194
PERRY, BERTHA M.                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-102
PERRY, ELIZABETH                  NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-14-309
PERRY, JEREMIAH                   NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-5-447
PERRY, SYLVESTER                  BOLIVAR                      NY-2-4-163
PERSONS, DANIEL D.                RUSHFORD                     NY-2-15-440
PETERSON, HARRIET N.              SCIO                         NY-2-16-550
PETTIBONE, SOPRONIA               ANDOVER                      NY-2-11-469
PHILIPS, WILLIAM                  ALMA                         NY-2-7-188
PHILLIPS, ALFRED                  HUME                         NY-2-12-349
PHILLIPS, FRANCIS H.              BOLIVAR                      NY-2-15-420
PHILLIPS, JACOB                   BOLIVAR                      NY-2-13-563
PHILLIPS, JAMES                   CUBA                         NY-2-3-530
PHILLIPS, JOHN                    FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-15-402
PHILLIPS, WINSON                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-103
PHINNEY, ANGELINE                 ALLEN                        NY-2-16-192
PHINNEY, SOUTHWORTH               GRANGER                      NY-2-5-501
PHIPPEN, MILTY                    ANGELICA                     NY-2-7-316
PICKETT, SYLVESTER D.             ANDOVER                      NY-2-16-640
PIERCE, CHARLES                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-16-396
PIERCE, ELIZA                     FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-15-634
PIERCE, HENRY                     WIRT                         NY-2-15-206
PIERCE, LYMAN N.                  WIRT                         NY-2-14-413
PIERCE, SAMUEL                    WIRT                         NY-2-8-195
PIERCE, URIAH                     WIRT                         NY-2-10-14
PIERSON, SAMUEL                   ALLEN                        NY-2-13-653
PIKE, ISREAL L.                   NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-6-46
PIKE, JOHN                        CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-13-437
PIKE, MARK W.                     AMITY                        NY-2-13-343
PINCHEN, ALBIN A.                 ALMOND                       NY-2-16-790
PINGREY, SOLOMON                  ANDOVER                      NY-2-12-171
PITT, JAMES                       GRANGER                      NY-2-8-350
PITT, LAZARUS                     CANEADEA                     NY-2-4-74
PITTENGER, SARAH A.               WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-81
PITTS, ADAM                       CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-1-182
PITTS, ADAMS                      CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-12-80
PITTS, JAMES                      FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-379
PITTS, OREN                       CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-16-488
PLACE, ALMIR AM.                  ALFRED                       NY-2-14-579
PLACE, ROELMAN                    ALFRED                       NY-2-4-142
PLACE, THOMAS                     ALFRED                       NY-2-11-93
PLACE, TRUMAN C.                  ALFRED                       NY-2-11-32
POLE, LUCY A.                     CANEADEA                     NY-2-7-345
POND, GEORGE M.                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-9-489
PORCH, ELLEN                      WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-110
PORTER, ALONZO                    ANDOVER                      NY-2-15-200
PORTER, DAVID C.                  CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-11-48
PORTER, JAMES W.                  OSSIAN                       NY-2-2B-5
POST, HANNAH E.                   **                           NY-2-15-392
POST, MARY R.                     AMITY                        NY-2-13-1
POSTLE, FRANCIS                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-14-155
POTTER, DAVID R.                  ALMOND                       NY-2-2B-605
POTTER, ELISHA                    ALFRED                       NY-2-10-537
POTTER, EMILY B.                  ALFRED                       NY-2-14-451
POTTER, EZRA                      ALFRED                       NY-2-7-572
POTTER, FANNY S.                  INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-213
POTTER, JONATHAN B.               SCIO                         NY-2-6-437
POTTER, LAVINIA                   ALFRED                       NY-2-13-687
POTTER, LUCY                      ALFRED                       NY-2-3-428
POTTER, M. ADELLA                 ALFRED                       NY-2-15-510
POTTER, MARY JANE                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-11-323
POTTER, PERRY F.                  ALFRED                       NY-2-14-69
POTTER, THEODORE F.               INDEPDENCE                   NY-2-13-701
POTTER, WILLIAM M.                ALFRED                       NY-2-13-17
POWERS, JOHN                      CUBA                         NY-2-4-26
PRATT, RUFUS                      OSSIAN                       NY-2-3-355
PRATT, SETH                       BURNS                        NY-2-11-441
PRENTICE, BETSEY                  CUBA                         NY-2-7-364
PRENTICE, FREDERICK               CUBA                         NY-2-5-381
PRESTON, AMOS                     ANDOVER                      NY-2-7-522
PRESTON, MARY ANN                 HUME                         NY-2-16-394
PRESTON, PERSIS P.                HUME                         NY-2-15-737
PRESTON, SALMON                   WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-13-269
PRINDLE, LUCY ANN                 CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-10-487
PRIOR, ELISHA                     OSSIAN                       NY-2-4-37
PRIOR, JESSE                      ALMOND                       NY-2-5-111
PRIOR, JOHN                       RUSHFORD                     NY-2-2B-266
PROCTOR, EPHRAIM R.               WELLSVILLE                   NY-12-252
PROSSER, ISAAC                    GENESEE                      NY-2-12-302
PROSSER, RUTH                     GENESEE                      NY-2-4-160
PUTNEY, ASA R.                    RUSHFORD                     NY-2-4-24
QUINN, BRIDGET                    HUME                         NY-2-13-573
RADLEY, BEONA                     CANEADEA                     NY-2-7-279
RANDALL, OSBORN                   PIKE                         NY-2-2B-281
RANDOLPH, AMANDA                  WIRT                         NY-2-14-79
RANDOLPH, BARZILLA F.             ALFRED                       NY-2-16-676
RANDOLPH, MARTIN                  WIRT                         NY-2-6-229
RATCHFORD, ELLA                   HUME                         NY-2-14-783
RATHBON, MARY E.                  ALMOND                       NY-2-12-66
RAUBER, JACOB                     WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-370
RAWSON, MEHITABLE                 HUME                         NY-2-7-221
RAY, HARRIET ANN                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-8-90
RAY, IDA                          CUBA                         NY-2-14-263
RAYMOND, LA MONTE G.              ANGELICA                     NY-2-16-104
REASE, JOHN M.                    HUME                         NY-2-10-71
REDDY, ELIZABETH                  SCIO                         NY-2-14-367
REDFIELD, EMILY                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-5-177
REDMAN, JOHN D.                   ALLEN                        NY-2-13-285
REED, BENJAMIN                    NUNDA                        NY-2-3-41
REED, IRYNDIA M.                  CANEADEA                     NY-2-13-433
REED, JOHN CALVIN                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-15-508
REED, MILTON                      FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-597
REESE, SARAH                      SCIO                         NY-2-14-475
REGAN, CORNELIUS                  ALMA                         NY-2-12-185
REID, ELIZBAETH L. C.             FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-16-398
REMINGTON, SELINA L.              INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-16-626
REMINGTON, THANKFUL               GRANGER                      NY-2-12-146
RENNICK, RUTH                     WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-8-289
RENSLOW, ELEAZER                  ALFRED                       NY-2-4-33
RENWICK, THOMAS                   ANGELICA                     NY-2-11-504
RENWICK, WALTER                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-7-405
RENWICK, WILLIAM B.               BELFAST                      NY-2-16-438
RERWINE, WILLIAM                  HUME                         NY-2-12-496
REW, EDGAR H.                     FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-16-644
REYNOLDS, ABEL T.                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-12-96
REYNOLDS, CATHERINE               CUBA                         NY-2-9-325
REYNOLDS, CELINDA                 WARD                         NY-2-7-130
REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH C.            CUBA                         NY-2-12-30
REYNOLDS, HENRY EDSON             WARD                         NY-2-13-647
REYNOLDS, LEVI A.                 CUBA                         NY-2-14-15
REYNOLDS, MARGARET                WARD                         NY-2-16-598
REYNOLDS, NORRIS M.               INDEPENDNCE                  NY-2-14-247
REYNOLDS, ORLANDO P.              GRANGER                      NY-2-4-273
REYNOLDS, PETER                   AMITY                        NY-2-16-380
REYNOLDS, RICHARD W.              GRANGER                      NY-2-12-650
RICE, BETSY ANN                   ANDOVER                      NY-2-15-552
RICE, CLARK T.                    RUSHFORD                     NY-2-16-332
RICE, JOSIAH                      CANEADEA                     NY-2-4-93
RICE, LEVI                        HUME                         NY-2-11-122
RICE, W. WARD                     FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-145
RICH, CORDELIA R.                 BELFAST                      NY-2-16-310
RICH, SYLVESTER                   CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-10-160
RICHARDS, ALDEN                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-8-348
RICHARDS, BETSEY                  RUSHFORD                     NY-2-13-265
RICHARDS, EDWARD P.               RUSHFORD                     NY-2-10-155
RICHARDSON, ANDREW                CUBA                         NY-2-6-163
RICHARDSON, DAVID P.              ANGELICA                     NY-2-16-694
RICHARDSON, EZEKIEL S.            BOLIVAR                      NY-2-12-288
RICHARDSON, JOHN A.               ALMA                         NY-2-13-543
RICHARDSON, SILAS                 AMITY                        NY-2-11-83
RICHMOND, EBENEZER                INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-6-169
RICHMOND, EDWARD A.               WILLING                      NY-2-11-155
RICKETTS, ROBERT                  GRANGER                      NY-2-6-183
RILEY, CELIA                      ALMOND                       NY-2-13-129
RILEY, ELLEN                      BIRDSALL                     NY-2-13-333
RILEY, JOHN                       ANGELICA                     NY-2-6-117
RILEY, MATHEW                     INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-7-245
RILEY, SOPHIA                     HUME                         NY-2-6-379
RILEY, THOMAS                     BIRDSALL                     NY-2-13-319
RINKER, LENORA                    CUBA                         NY-2-16-330
RINKER, SOPHIA CORENLIA           CUBA                         NY-2-12-510
RIPENBARK, LAURA                  CANEADEA                     NY-2-14-29
RIVENBURG, PETER                  CANEADEA                     NY-2-10-294
RIXFORD, SIMON C.                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-34
ROBBINS, JOHN B.                  INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-15-833
ROBERTS, HUGH O.                  CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-9-259
ROBERTS, JACOB B.                 CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-12-366
ROBERTS, PHILO                    CUBA                         NY-2-11-343
ROBERTSON, PETER                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-2B-291
ROBINSON, BENJAMIN                FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-11-56
ROBINSON, CORLISTA C.             SCIO                         NY-2-14-169
ROBINSON, DAVID                   SCIO                         NY-2-12-151
ROBINSON, GEORGE W.               FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-8-431
ROBINSON, JUSTUS A.               ANDOVER                      NY-2-14-289
ROBINSON, MOSES                   HUME                         NY-2-2B-283
ROBINSON, SARAH                   GENESEE                      NY-2-15-698
ROBINSON, SKELTON F.              ANDOVER                      NY-2-9-393
ROBINSON, STEPHEN P.              ANDOVER                      NY-2-15-606
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                 CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-14-173
RODD, JONATHAN                    RUSHFORD                     NY-2-3-498
ROGERS, ADELINE                   HUME                         NY-2-16-390
ROGERS, AMANDA                    SCIO                         NY-2-14-19
ROGERS, CLARK                     ALFRED                       NY-2-12-465
ROGERS, HENRY C.                  GENESEE                      NY-2-5-183
ROGERS, JESSE                     AMITY                        NY-2-3-56
ROGERS, JESSE D.                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-337
ROGERS, JOHN C.                   WIRT                         NY-2-13-553
ROGERS, LAVINA                    AMITY                        NY-2-14-291
ROGERS, LEMUEL D.                 WIRT                         NY-2-9-140
ROGERS, LEVI F.                   ANDOVER                      NY-2-13-755
ROHL, JOHN                        CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-15-446
ROOD, LUTHER A.                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-6-186
ROOT, ABEL                        BOLIVAR                      NY-2-8-371
ROOT, DESDAMONA A.                BOLIVAR                      NY-2-16-350
ROOT, ELIZBAETH C.                CUBA                         NY-2-8-30
ROOT, WILLIAM                     ALMOND                       NY-2-8-141
RORK, JOSEPH                      CUBA                         NY-2-9-540
RORMAN, GEORGE                    BOLIVAR                      NY-2-3-528
ROSE, DELL C.                     BOLIVAR                      NY-2-13-537
ROSE, ORPHA E.                    CUBA                         NY-2-16-683
ROSE, URIAH                       HUME                         NY-2-5-381
ROSS, MAHLON L.                   HUME                         NY-2-13-631
ROSS, MICHAEL                     ANGELICA                     NY-2-16-562
ROSSMAN, ALICE PRISCILLA          SCIO                         NY-2-13-299
ROTCH, CHESTER                    ALLEN                        NY-2-5-555
ROTE, LUCY ANN                    MOORSBURG, MONTOUR, PA       NY-2-10-122
ROWLEY, JOHN                      HUME                         NY-2-10-87
ROWLEY, RANSOM                    CUBA                         NY-2-8-417
ROWLEY, SARAH A.                  HUME                         NY-2-13-359
ROYCE, JAMES M.                   WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-13-33
ROYCE, JOHN E.                    BELFAST                      NY-2-13-273
ROYCE, MARTHA M.                  BELFAST                      NY-2-16-476
ROYCE, THOMAS A.                  ANGELICA                     NY-2-15-518
RUDE, ABRAHAM                     CUBA                         NY-2-4-231
RUDE, RACHEL J.                   CUBA                         NY-2-10-118
RUSSELL, EMILY E.                 WILLING                      NY-2-11-59
RUSSELL, MARY E.                  AMITY                        NY-2-11-113
RUSSELL, ROBERT RILEY             ALMA                         NY-2-15-388
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                  CUBA                         NY-2-9-223
RUSTAY, ANNA E.                   AMITY                        NY-2-16-248
RUTHERFORD, THOMAS                ALLEN                        NY-2-3-327
RYAN, MARGARET                    HUME                         NY-2-9-411

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