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EAGAN, BRIDGET                    AMITY                        NY-2-11-591
EAGER, PHILIP A.                  GROVE                        NY-2-12-129
EARLEY, JONATHAN S.               SCIO                         NY-2-12-457
EASLEY, SAMUEL A.                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-495
EASTABROOKS, CHARLES              ALMOND                       NY-2-8-496
EASTERBROOKS, HENRY               WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-8-207
EASTMAN, CHESTER                  SCIO                         NY-2-15-14
EASTMAN, JOSEPH P.                SCIO                         NY-2-12-259
EASTON, JESSE C.                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-9-335
EASTWOOD, LEROY                   BELFAST                      NY-2-4-347
EATON, FRANCIS M.                 SCIO                         NY-2-8-146
EATON, SIMEON                     PIKE                         NY-2-3-1
EATON, THOMAS W.                  BOLIVAR                      NY-2-8-181
EDMINSTER, JOHN                   BIRDSALL                     NY-2-8-35
EDWARDS, HARRIET                  GENESEE                      NY-2-14-41
EDWARDS, JOHN                     GENESEE                      NY-2-8-229
EDWARDS, JOSEPH                   WARD                         NY-2-4-305
EDWARDS, JOSEPH H.                ALFRED                       NY-2-14-535
EISMAN, WILLIAM                   GROVE                        NY-2-11-495
ELLIOTT, DAVID                    WILLING                      NY-2-2B-408
ELLIOTT, JAMES M.                 CANEADEA                     NY-2-4-414
ELLIOTT, MARY                     ALMA                         NY-2-13-149
ELLIOTT, S. A.                    DUKE CENTRE, MC KEAN, PA     NY-2-10-195
ELLIS, PETER                      ALMOND                       NY-2-8-307
ELLIS, THOMAS                     ALFRED                       NY-2-15-598
ELMER, JOEL                       HUME                         NY-2-3-305
ELWOOD, ISAAC                     WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-15-298
ENGLE, MATTHIAS L.                ANGELICA                     NY-2-12-582
ENNIS, ELLEN G.                   GENESEE                      NY-2-9-288
ENNIS, LURANA                     GENESEE                      NY-2-7-555
ENOS, JOSEPH                      BIRDSALL                     NY-2-6-62
ESS, PETER                        GROVE                        NY-2-13-349
EVANS, EILAZBETH T.               CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-12-516
EVANS, ELOSIA H.                  BOLIVAR                      NY-2-15-48
EVANS, JESSE W.                   WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-9-184
EVANS, JOSEPH                     INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-7-568
EVANS, LOIS                       INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-12-89
EVANS, LUTHER                     ANGELICA                     NY-2-8-171
EVERETT, MARY                     ANGELICA                     NY-2-8-283
EVERITT, SARAH                    ANDOVER                      NY-2-8-390
EVERTS, WILLIAM W.                CUBA                         NY-2-11-409
EWERS, E. W.                      ALMOND                       NY-2-11-178
EWERS, SAMANTHA                   ALMOND                       NY-2-16-318
FAILING, ISAAC                    CUBA                         NY-2-15-172
FAIRBANKS, CLARISSA A.            FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-15-122
FANNING, MARIA C.                 CUBA                         NY-2-7-199
FANTON, ESTHER                    WILLING                      NY-2-9-113
FANTON, SALLY                     WILLING                      NY-2-11-280
FARMER, NELSON                    CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-7-286
FARNHAM, ELIZABETH                WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-16-658
FARNUM, ANGELINE                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-9-408
FARNUM, CALEB                     WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-4-446
FARNUM, CHAMBERLAIN               ANGELICA                     NY-2-10-45
FARNUM, EDWARD J.                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-57
FARNUM, GEORGE A.                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-11-232
FARNUM, MARY ALICE                WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-672
FARNUM, MOSES J.                  WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-7-626
FARNUM, PHEBE A.                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-12-155
FARNUM, SARAH GAYLOR              WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-385
FARR, ELIZABETH                   ANGELICA                     NY-2-10-326
FARR, ORMAN                       ANGELICA                     NY-2-13-465
FARRAND, ARUNAH                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-8-324
FARRELL, ELIZABETH                WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-39
FARWELL, ALONZO                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-15-616
FARWELL, CHARLES                  RUSHFORD                     NY-2-13-241
FARWELL, JAMES                    WARD                         NY-2-10-612
FASSETT, CYNTHA P.                WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-7-609
FASSETT, ISAAC W.                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-538
FASSETT, JARED                    BOLIVAR                      NY-2-12-556
FAUTON, BENJAMIN                  WILLING                      NY-2-15-456
FAUTON, ELI H.                    WILLING                      NY-2-15-46
FAY, MARY A.                      CUBA                         NY-2-15-652
FEATHERS, UJACOB                  AMITY                        NY-2-4-77
FEEHES, MARGARET                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-391
FERRIS, CYRUS                     CUBA                         NY-2-10-7
FERRIS, HENRY A.                  BOLIVAR                      NY-2-13-47
FERRIS, RACHEL                    BOLIVAR                      NY-2-13-105
FERRY, JOHN                       ALMOND                       NY-2-2B-339
FINCH, CHARLES N.                 WIRT                         NY-2-11-432
FINCH, MARTIN W.                  BOLIVAR                      NY-2-11-481
FINN, DAVID                       NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-11-18
FISH, GEORGE S.                   SCIO                         NY-2-12-542
FISH, PRESCOTT M.                 ANGELICA                     NY-2-16-554
FISHER, ALMOND A.                 HUME                         NY-2-12-362
FISHER, ISAAC                     SCIO                         NY-2-4-10
FISHER, JOHN                      FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-6-253
FISHER, LUCIA A.                  HUME                         NY-2-15-714
FISHER, MARY C.                   CUBA                         NY-2-15-460
FISK, CORDEN                      HUME                         NY-2-14-713
FISK, DULCINA                     ALLEN                        NY-2-8-223
FISK, EDWARD G.                   ALFRED                       NY-2-10-579
FISK, GEORGE                      ALLEN                        NY-2-6-428
FITZGERALD, EDMUND                WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-162
FLABEL, ELIZABETH H.              WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-539
FLANAGIN, CHARLES                 HUME                         NY-2-2B-368
FLANAGIN, JAMES                   HUME                         NY-2-2B-273
FLANEGAN, NICHOLAS                INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-15-8
FLENAGIN, CHARLES N.              ANGELICA                     NY-2-9-414
FLENAGIN, ELIZABETH J.            ANGELICA                     NY-2-16-814
FLENAGIN, JAMES                   CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-9-572
FLINT, JOSEPH                     AMITY                        NY-2-2B-313
FLYNN, JULIA                      ANGELICA                     NY-2-15-130
FORD, ELMA W.                     CUBA                         NY-2-10-260
FORD, JOHN B.                     BELFAST                      NY-2-16-678
FORD, JOSEPH T.                   BELFAST                      NY-2-9-552
FORSAITH, ZIBA                    RUSHFORD                     NY-2-5-5
FORSYTH, FRANKLIN                 INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-7-458
FORSYTHE, WILLIAM                 INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-16-141
FOSTER, ANTHONY R.                WILLING                      NY-2-9-483
FOSTER, HARVEY C.                 WIRT                         NY-2-11-516
FOSTER, SARAH                     FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-4-103
FOUNTAIN, SABRINA A.              WIRT                         NY-2-16-378
FOX, JAMES                        ANGELICA                     NY-2-11-68
FOX, SAMUEL                       AMITY                        NY-2-16-296
FOX, WILLIAM                      BELFAST                      NY-2-15-572
FRANCE, MARY J.                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-351
FRANCIS, CHESTER L.               NORTH ALMOND                 NY-2-4-369
FRANK, NANCY M.                   ALFRED                       NY-2-16-142
FRANKLIN, ARAD H.                 CANEADEA                     NY-2-10-357
FRANKLIN, JOHN                    ALLEN                        NY-2-8-60
FRANKLIN, VIAL                    ALLEN                        NY-2-3-123
FRANKLIN, WILLIAM                 ANGELICA                     NY-2-14-187
FREDERICK, CHRISTOPHER H.         WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-562
FREEBORN, DAVID T.                CUBA                         NY-2-12-33
FREEBORN, LYDIA                   ANGELICA                     NY-2-14-203
FREEBORN, LYDIA ANN               CANEADEA                     NY-2-14-259
FREEBORN, PRISCILLA               BELFAST                      NY-2-12-569
FREEBORN, RODMAN                  ANGELICA                     NY-2-9-639
FREEMAN, ERI B.                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-5-11
FREEMAN, PETER                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-16
FRENCH, JONAH                     WIRT                         NY-2-7-62
FRISBEY, SIDNEY SR.               WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-747
FROST, LUCIUS                     RUSHFORD                     NY-2-9-430
FROST, NORMAN                     NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-8-97
FUHES, JOHN A.                    WELLS                        NY-2-12-324
FULLER, CATHARINE H.              HUME                         NY-2-15-294
FULLER, ELIJAH SMITH              ALFRED                       NY-2-14-65
FULLER, FANNY                     GROVE                        NY-2-11-72
FULLER, ROSWELL                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-7-619
FULLER, RUSSELL                   ANGELICA                     NY-2-8-183
FULLER, WILLIAM H.                WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-51
FULMER, JACOB                     INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-6-247
FULMER, JOANNA                    ANDOVER                      NY-2-14-197
FURGUSON, ALATHEA                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-512
FURNALD, CYRUS                    WIRT                         NY-2-14-67
GALLAGHER, JAMES                  ANDOVER                      NY-2-15-328
GALLTON, JOHN                     GRANGER                      NY-2-13-69
GALLUP, GILES                     CUBA                         NY-2-14-779
GALLUP, JOSEPH                    CUBA                         NY-2-12-36
GALPIN, VALENTINE ORSON           BURNS                        NY-2-9-107
GAMBLE, WILLIAM                   BURNS                        NY-2-13-335
GARDINER, DANIEL D.               ANGELICA                     NY-2-13-523
GARDINER, DAVID C.                FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-14-387
GARDNER, GEORGE W.                WIRT                         NY-2-13-357
GARDNER, JAMES E.                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-12-291
GARDNER, JENNETT A.               FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-11-340
GARDNER, RUFUS                    FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-551
GARDNER, STEPHEN                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-10-286
GARDNER, SUSAN                    AMITY                        NY-2-12-140
GARMES, HENRY                     ANGELICA                     NY-2-5-39
GARRISON, FIDELIA                 ALMA                         NY-2-10-173
GARRISON, ROBERT D.               ALMA                         NY-2-9-569
GARRISON, SEYMOUR                 HUME                         NY-2-11-519
GARTWAIT, JOHN J.                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-16-32
GARY, ELISHER                     ANDOVER                      NY-2-16-372
GARY, HOLLAND                     GRANGER                      NY-2-12-92
GARY, JOHN                        WEST GROVE                   NY-2-3-485
GATHWAIT, JOHN S.                 BOLIVAR                      NY-2-14-171
GEAR, JOSEPH W.                   CUBA                         NY-2-11-400
GEE, AARON L.                     CUBA                         NY-2-14-149
GEE, CALISTA                      CUBA                         NY-2-15-239
GEE, JOHN                         WILLING                      NY-2-14-649
GELSER, SIMEON H.                 GROVE                        NY-2-16-610
GENUNG, MARGARET S.               ALMOND                       NY-2-8-338
GERE, MARSHALL                    NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-16-348
GERMAN, EMELINE A.                CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-16-580
GIBBY, THOMAS                     CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-14-555
GIBSON, GEORGE H.                 CINCINNATI, HAMILTON, OH     NY-2-13-735
GIBSON, ROBERT                    ALMOND                       NY-2-16-606
GIFFORD, ENOS                     WILLING                      NY-2-5-393
GILBERT, HARRIS                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-6-363
GILBERT, JOHN                     WIRT                         NY-2-7-398
GILES, MARY M.                    NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-15-266
GILLETT, DAVID                    HUME                         NY-2-2B-71
GILLETT, DEVILLO                  HUME                         NY-2-8-64
GILLETT, JASON                    SCIO                         NY-2-11-415
GILLETT, JOEL                     FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-14-235
GILLMAN, DAVID                    CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-2B-510
GILMAN, ROXANA                    CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-11-478
GLEASON, HENRY B.                 BELFAST                      NY-2-16-260
GLEASON, HIRAM                    BELFAST                      NY-2-13-403
GLEASON, JOHN C.                  HUME                         NY-2-16-110
GLEASON, LAFAYETTE                ANGELICA                     NY-2-10-109
GLEASON, RANSOM                   GRANGER                      NY-2-15-132
GLEASON, STARKEY                  NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-11-619
GOELZER, DANIEL                   GROVE                        NY-2-14-681
GOFF, JULIA ANN                   BURNS                        NY-2-14-51
GOFF, SOPHIA                      RUSHFORD                     NY-2-8-522
GONTER, JOSEPH                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-637
GOODRICH, DINAH                   ALFRED                       NY-2-4-188
GOODRICH, MICHAEL                 CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-6-198
GOODRICH, PHOEBE                  HUME                         NY-2-15-630
GOODRICH, URIAH                   ALFRED                       NY-2-3-357
GOODRICK, MARY E.                 WIRT                         NY-2-16-480
GORDEN, ANN E.                    CUBA                         NY-2-15-22
GORDEN, JEDEDIAH B.               RUSHFORD                     NY-2-15-765
GORDON, JAMES                     RUSHFORD                     NY-2-6-239
GORDON, JOHN FLETCHER             RUSHFORD                     NY-2-4-238
GORDON, PAULINA                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-9-16
GORDON, STANBURY J.               RUSHFORD                     NY-2-8-28
GORDON, WILILAM                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-6-425
GORMAN, JOHN                      WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-233
GORTON, JOHN                      AMITY                        NY-2-3-492
GORTON, JOSEPH                    FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-7-268
GORTON, SERAPHINE C.              AMITY                        NY-2-16-642
GOULD, DOWNING                    FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-16-312
GOUTER, KATHERINE                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-472
GRADEN, GEORGE                    ANGELICA                     NY-2-16-448
GRAHAM, JOHN                      ANGELICA                     NY-2-7-4
GRASTORF, HARRIET E.              SCIO                         NY-2-16-366
GRAY, EZRA                        ALLEN                        NY-2-9-285
GREEN, ANDREW J.                  ANDOVER                      NY-2-16-136
GREEN, BENJAMIN F.                GENESEE                      NY-2-15-108
GREEN, BENJAMIN H.                ALFRED                       NY-2-7-495
GREEN, CHAUNCEY                   ALMOND                       NY-2-5-453
GREEN, ERASTUS A.                 ALFRED                       NY-2-10-503
GREEN, GEORGE G.                  GENESEE                      NY-2-16-614
GREEN, HENRY P.                   GENESEE                      NY-2-6-154
GREEN, IRENA                      ALFRED                       NY-2-12-637
GREEN, ISAIAH W.                  INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-5-81
GREEN, JASON C.                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-163
GREEN, JOHN T.                    GENESEE                      NY-2-8-240
GREEN, KEZIA                      WIRT                         NY-2-15-496
GREEN, LOUVINA                    CANEADEA                     NY-2-14-379
GREEN, LUKE                       ALFRED                       NY-2-12-8
GREEN, MARTIN                     SCIO                         NY-2-15-310
GREEN, MAXSON J.                  ALFRED                       NY-2-14-265
GREEN, NATHAN                     ANGELICA                     NY-2-13-239
GREEN, NORA L.                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-412
GREEN, OREN D.                    BELFAST                      NY-2-15-254
GREEN, PARDEN                     INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-15-596
GREEN, PLUMA                      WILLING                      NY-2-14-55
GREEN, POLLY                      ALFRED                       NY-2-10-252
GREEN, SHEFFIELD W.               WIRT                         NY-2-15-494
GREEN, WILLIAM H.                 ALFRED                       NY-2-8-134
GREENE, MATTHEW                   GENESEE                      NY-2-15-626
GREENE, PHILIP S.                 ALFRED                       NY-2-16-795
GREENMAN, HARRIET ELVIRA          ALFRED                       NY-2-13-121
GREGORY, ISRAEL                   SCIO                         NY-2-5-531
GRIFFIN, ELIZA G.                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-10-146
GRIFFIN, ISAAC B.                 CANEADEA                     NY-2-9-12
GRIFFITH, ELMIRA C.               RUSHFORD                     NY-2-16-778
GRIMES, ELIZA M.                  BURNS                        NY-2-9-328
GRINGSBURG, SAMUEL                GRANGER                      NY-2-4-181
GRIUFFIN, ALFRED                  CUBA                         NY-2-4-18
GROOM, STACY                      WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-3-38
GROSS, CHRISTIAN                  GROVE                        NY-2-4-64
GROSS, ELLIS                      ALMOND                       NY-2-10-571
GROVER, AARON P.                  HUME                         NY-2-3-544
GROVER, MARTIN                    ANGELCIA                     NY-2-8-5
GROW, SALLY                       CANEADEA                     NY-2-8-375
GRUBER, JOHN                      GROVE                        NY-2-10-479
GRUMMON, MALINDA B.               ALLEN                        NY-2-13-11
GRUMMON, WILLIAM                  ANGELICA                     NY-2-15-454
GUILFORD, BURBRIDGE               BELFAST                      NY-2-10-523
GUILFORD, NANCY A.                CUBA                         NY-2-11-202
GUILFORD, SAMUEL                  BELFAST                      NY-2-7-636
GUY, ISAAC C.                     GROVE                        NY-2-10-558
HAIGHT, SAMUEL S.                 CUBA                         NY-2-5-249
HAIRE, JOHN                       BIRDSALL                     NY-2-13-271
HAKES, ADALINE                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-451
HAKES, LOEL C.                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-801
HAKES, MAUDE P.                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-234
HALBERT, DAN SMITH                BOLIVAR                      NY-2-9-461
HALE, ELIZA A.                    ANDOVER                      NY-2-14-179
HALE, POLLY ANN                   BOLIVAR                      NY-2-13-237
HALE, STEPHEN                     ANDOVER                      NY-2-2B-23
HALEY, PETER                      BURNS                        NY-2-12-396
HALL, ANSON C.                    AMITY                        NY-2-13-499
HALL, CHARLES S.                  ALMOND                       NY-2-11-594
HALL, EUNICE                      ALMOND                       NY-2-2B-125
HALL, JOHN                        HUME                         NY-2-12-579
HALL, MICAH                       RUSHFORD                     NY-2-9-135
HALL, SQUIRE L.                   WILLING                      NY-2-12-19
HALL, WELCOME                     GRANGER                      NY-2-15-332
HALLIDAY, ELIJAH                  CUBA                         NY-2-15-327
HALLOWELL, GIDEON                 ANDOVER                      NY-2-13-291
HALSEY, ALICE                     NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-16-120
HALSTEAD, THOMPSON                CUBA                         NY-2-15-351
HAMILTON, ALEXANDER SR.           BIRDSALL                     NY-2-12-183
HAMILTON, CHARLES M.              CUBA                         NY-2-13-267
HAMILTON, GLOUDY                  SCIO                         NY-2-7-9
HAMILTON, HANNAH                  HUME                         NY-2-13-247
HAMILTON, NATHANIEL               WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-5-17
HAMILTON, RUEL                    INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-14-53
HAMMEL, PATRICK                   ANDOVER                      NY-2-16-770
HAMMOND, RUFUS                    GRANGER                      NY-2-7-258
HAMPTON, JOSEPH B.                ALLEN                        NY-2-15-346
HANAWAY, MICHAEL                  NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-12-278
HANCHET, ANSON                    BOLIVAR                      NY-2-4-299
HANCOCK, GEORGE                   ANGELICA                     NY-2-9-448
HAND, SARAH J.                    WIRT                         NY-2-15-252
HAND, SIMEON                      ANDOVER                      NY-2-8-250
HANDY, RUSSEL                     HUME                         NY-2-3-406
HANKS, ENOCH                      BELFAST                      NY-2-4-225
HANKS, LYMAN                      WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-3-488
HANKS, PORTER                     CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-14-763
HANN, ANN                         ANDOVER                      NY-2-16-450
HANNISH, JOHN W.                  CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-7-261
HAPGOOD, CHARLES                  RUSHFORD                     NY-2-3-452
HARDING, ELIAS E.                 HUME                         NY-2-16-830
HARDY, SAMSON                     RUSHFORD                     NY-2-8-152
HARDY, WILLIAM C.                 ANDOVER                      NY-2-6-92
HARGRAVE, JOHN                    HUME                         NY-2-15-62
HARK, J. LIBBIE                   HUME                         NY-2-15-150
HARK, JACOB                       GROVE                        NY-2-15-284
HARMON, JOHN J.                   ANDOVER                      NY-2-10-428
HARMON, MILES H.                  ANDOVER                      NY-2-15-6
HARMS, CHRISTIAN                  SCIO                         NY-2-15-628
HARRIS, CYRUS                     INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-14-679
HARRIS, EDWIN A.                  INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-13-611
HARRIS, JAMES                     ALMOND                       NY-2-13-775
HARRIS, SILAS S.                  WILLING                      NY-2-15-142
HARRIS, URIAH                     HEBRON                       NY-2-6-235
HART, ERIE C.                     AMITY                        NY-2-13-85
HARTNETT, DANIEL                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-12-631
HARTSHORN, ELIZBAETH C.           FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-12-378
HARTSHORN, JOHN R.                ALFRED                       NY-2-7-65
HASARD, ARDENNA M.                WIRT                         NY-2-16-176
HASARD, DAVID R.                  WIRT                         NY-2-13-420
HASARD, PARLEY R.                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-12-622
HASKELL, MARY J.                  RUSHFORD                     NY-2-16-442
HASTINGS, ROEBRT                  ALMOND                       NY-2-2B-153
HATCH, EDWIN B.                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-5-201
HATCH, HELEN FASSETT              WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-761
HATCH, JOHN                       WIRT                         NY-2-16-322
HATCH, WILLIAM R.                 GENESEE                      NY-2-14-101
HATCH, WOLCOTT                    AMITY                        NY-2-8-504
HATHAWAY, JOHN M.                 NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-10-459
HAUN, MICHAEL H.                  ANDOVER                      NY-2-14-321
HAUSSETT, JOHN G.                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-7-331
HAVERMAN, JOHN                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-7-497
HAWKINS, MARY J.                  ANDOVER                      NY-2-16-666
HAWKS, BENARD                     WILLING                      NY-2-7-640
HAWKS, GEORGE W.                  BOLIVAR                      NY-2-13-87
HAWKS, WILLIAM                    WILLING                      NY-2-15-570
HAYWARD, GIDEON                   BELFAST                      NY-2-3-341
HAYWARD, JOSIAH                   BELFAST                      NY-2-3-337
HAYWARD, NATHAN                   SHARON, POTTER, PA           NY-2-16-116
HAZARD, GEORGE                    SCIO                         NY-2-4-320
HAZARD, WILLIAM                   SCIO                         NY-2-15-174
HAZEN, LEVI H.                    CUBA                         NY-2-5-87
HAZZARD, DAVID S.                 SCIO                         NY-2-5-477
HEAD, JANE                        ALMOND                       NY-2-4-399
HEADRY, THOMAS E.                 BELFAST                      NY-2-12-54
HEATH, BARTHOLOMEW                PIKE                         NY-2-3-337
HEBENSTREET, JEANETT P.           CUBA                         NY-2-8-379
HEERS, CHRISTOPHER                WELLS                        NY-2-10-224
HELME, ELIZABETH M.               FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-15-548
HELMER, MARIA                     CUBA                         NY-2-6-311
HEMPHILL, AURELIA C.              FULTON, ROCK, WI             NY-2-12-493
HENDRY, JAMES                     CUBA                         NY-2-8-17
HENDRYX, LATHROP                  BOLIVAR                      NY-2-13-471
HENDRYX, LEMUEL T.                CUBA                         NY-2-16-346
HENRY, CHARLES                    AMITY                        NY-2-15-198
HENRY, JOHN                       AMITY                        NY-2-16-252
HERKIMER, WILLIAM                 CANEADEA                     NY-2-7-473
HERRICK, LUCY                     CANEADEA                     NY-2-13-315
HERRICK, REEVEY                   CANEADEA                     NY-2-9-48
HERRICK, REWEY                    CANEADEA                     NY-2-9-91
HESELTINE, JESSE                  INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-6-411
HESELTINE, SAMUEL                 INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-14-457
HESLOP, SARAH L.                  PORTLAND, MULTNOMAH, OR      NY-2-16-822
HESS, SAMUEL                      FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-15-68
HEWITT, HANNAH                    FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-3-24
HEWLETT, SAMUEL                   ALMOND                       NY-2-5-345
HIBBARD, PERRY A.                 NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-7-168
HIBNER, DAVID                     CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-14-175
HICKOK, LEWIS A.                  AMITY                        NY-2-13-795
HICKS, ABIGAIL                    CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-14-231
HICKS, HELEN A.                   CUBA                         NY-2-15-412
HICKS, JOSEPH W.                  CUBA                         NY-2-16-668
HICKS, ROYAL                      CUBA                         NY-2-14-311
HICKS, WILLIAM D.                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-16-464
HIGGINS, DANIEL                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-275
HIGGINS, HUGH J.                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-8-362
HIGGINS, JOHNSON                  FRIENDHSIP                   NY-2-13-327
HIGGINS, LAURA                    CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-9-205
HIGGINS, PATRICK                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-72
HIGGINS, TIMOTHY                  RUSHFORD                     NY-2-13-211
HIGGINS, WILLIAM                  ANGELICA                     NY-2-3-411
HILE, JOHN                        INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-8-564
HILL, JOHN W.                     RUSHFORD                     NY-2-13-133
HILL, LUCY SOPHIA                 RUSHFORD                     NY-2-14-33
HILL, MATTHEW                     ALMOND                       NY-2-16-520
HILL, SARAH L.                    CENTER                       NY-2-10-4
HILLARY, JAMES                    RUSHFORD                     NY-2-14-654
HILLS, CAROLINE                   CUBA                         NY-2-9-401
HILLS, JUSTIN                     WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-8-455
HILLS, LEVI                       CUBA                         NY-2-16-190
HILLS, MINERVA H.                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-424
HILLS, SARAH                      AMITY                        NY-2-16-424
HILMER, GILBERT W.                CUBA                         NY-2-7-264
HINMAN, ANSON                     PIKE                         NY-2-12-6
HISTED, RENSALAER                 BELFAST                      NY-2-12-280
HITCHCOCK, CHESTER                CANEADEA                     NY-2-7-481
HITCHINGS, SCOVILLE               BELFAST                      NY-2-13-221
HOAG, PERRY                       NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-7-499
HOARD, MANNING                    ALLEN                        NY-2-3-19
HOASEL, ISRAEL P.                 CUBA                         NY-2-11-236
HOBART, CHUTE                     FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-7-161
HOBART, LANSING                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-10-508
HOBBY, CHARLES HENRY              FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-12-69
HOCKINS, JUDAN                    ANDOVER                      NY-2-8-169
HODNETT, PATRICK                  HUME                         NY-2-15-272
HOGAN, MICHAEL                    WARD                         NY-2-8-129
HOGAN, PATRICK                    WARD                         NY-2-10-132
HOLBERT, SAMUEL J.                INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-16-572
HOLDEN, THOMAS C.                 NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-9-464
HOLIDAY, HARLOW                   GRANGER                      NY-2-15-98
HOLLERAN, CATHERINE               BIRDSALL                     NY-2-16-198
HOLLERAN, JAMES                   BIRDSALL                     NY-2-16-194
HOLLIS, HERBERT                   ALMA                         NY-2-14-111
HOLMES, DANIEL                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-7-634
HOLMES, JOHN                      AMITY                        NY-2-6-96
HOLT, ALANSON                     WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-5-123
HOME, JEFFREY                     AMITY                        NY-2-3-383
HOOD, JOHN                        AMITY                        NY-2-13-717
HOOD, WILLIAM D.                  AMITY                        NY-2-16-634
HOOKER, HARRY                     ANGELICA                     NY-2-14-615
HOOKER, HORACE B.                 GENESEE                      NY-2-4-168
HOOKER, JANE                      ALLEN                        NY-2-10-415
HOOKER, JOHN                      ANGELICA                     NY-2-3-257
HOOKER, JOHN                      BELFAST                      NY-2-7-410
HOOKER, JOHN                      ANGELICA                     NY-2-6-302
HOOKER, MARGARET                  ANGELICA                     NY-2-10-595
HOOKER, REUBEN                    AMITY                        NY-2-10-371
HOOKER, SUSAN J.                  ANGELICA                     NY-2-12-250
HOOKER, WALTER C.                 ANGELICA                     NY-2-13-671
HOOKER, WILLIAM M.                GENESEE                      NY-2-10-483
HOPKINS, AMOS                     CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-12-239
HOPKINS, DAVID W.                 HUME                         NY-2-8-53
HOPKINS, ELIAS                    ALMOND                       NY-2-9-309
HOPKINS, ELISHA                   CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-4-50
HOPKINS, JOHN                     BURNS                        NY-2-7-433
HOPKINS, OLIVE M.                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-293
HOPKINS, SUSAN                    BURNS                        NY-2-11-191
HOPPER, EDWARD C.                 BELFAST                      NY-2-9-218
HOPPER, ROCKWELL                  BELFAST                      NY-2-8-12
HORAN, HENRY SR.                  ANDOVER                      NY-2-16-222
HORN, JOHANN HENNIG               WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-641
HORNE, CHARLES J.                 AMITY                        NY-2-12-291
HORTON, JONATHAN G.               INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-11-598
HORTON, LUTHER                    INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-14-331
HOSLEY, ABEL                      FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-8-571
HOSLEY, JEFFERSON                 CUBA                         NY-2-15-504
HOSLEY, LEVI N.                   ALMOND                       NY-2-16-478
HOTTOM, JOHN                      SCIO                         NY-2-16-404
HOUGHTALING, DESIAH               ANDOVER                      NY-2-15-360
HOUGHTON, HENRY L.                CANEADEA                     NY-2-16-588
HOUGHTON, RUSSELL H.              CANEADEA                     NY-2-16-228
HOUGHTON, WILLARD J.              CANEADEA                     NY-2-14-375
HOVER, LUCIUS                     BOLIVAR                      NY-2-15-292
HOWARD, ADOLPHUS                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-8-395
HOWARD, AMOS S.                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-12-513
HOWARD, GEORGE F.                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-559
HOWARD, JAMES H.                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-16-130
HOWARD, JOANNA                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-632
HOWARD, JOHN                      WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-193
HOWARD, PATRICK                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-11-264
HOWARD, SARAH                     WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-12-332
HOWE, EMMA L.                     WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-735
HOWELL, ELIZA R.                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-524
HOWELL, GEORGE                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-13-277
HOWELL, WILLIAM                   BELFAST                      NY-2-5-543
HOWS, ALVIN                       BURNS                        NY-2-7-377
HOWSER, ALPHEUS                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-12-126
HOWSER, MARTHA                    RUSHFORD                     NY-2-14-585
HOYT, DIANTHA C.                  BOLIVAR                      NY-2-15-34
HOYT, ELIAS E.                    CUBA                         NY-2-14-611
HOYT, GOOLD                       NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY  NY-2-3-235
HOYT, JULIUS                      WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-352
HOYT, MARIA P.                    ALLEN                        NY-2-7-550
HOYT, NELSON                      BOLIVAR                      NY-2-4-71
HOYT, ZALMON                      GRANGER                      NY-2-14-469
HUBBARD, GILES                    BIRDSALL                     NY-2-5-399
HUBBARD, JOHN J.                  BURNS                        NY-2-12-74
HUBBARD, SAMUEL L.                WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-7-274
HUFF, EZEKIEL                     WIRT                         NY-2-8-126
HUGHES, JOHN                      NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-9-560
HULBURT, WARREN C.                BURNS                        NY-2-13-297
HULL, LAURENS                     ANGELICA                     NY-2-5-255
HULL, NATHAN H.                   WARD                         NY-2-4-378
HULL, NATHAN V.                   ALFRED                       NY-2-9-532
HULL, THOMAS                      ALFRED                       NY-2-5-309
HUNT, ELIZA                       BELFAST                      NY-2-15-300
HUNT, JASON                       ANDOVER                      NY-2-12-274
HUNTER, DANIEL                    BOLIVAR                      NY-2-13-65
HUNTING, SAMUEL A.                FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-10-21
HUNTLEY, ELMA ARMINTA             SCIO                         NY-2-10-394
HUNTLEY, HARRY                    SCIO                         NY-2-10-389
HUNTLEY, HIRAM                    ANGELCIA                     NY-2-14-25
HURD, REUBEN                      NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-2B-131
HURD, SMUEL                       SCIO                         NY-2-4-411
HURD, WILLIAM J.                  WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-7-190
HURD, WILLIAM J.                  WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-7-266
HUSSON, CHRISTIAN                 GRANGER                      NY-2-7-381
HYDE, HENRY                       SCIO                         NY-2-10-334
HYDE, JESSEE                      FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-317
HYDE, JOHN F.                     FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-10-282
IMPSON, JONAS                     WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-521
INGALL, JOHNW.                    CUBA                         NY-2-13-581
INGALLS, AARON                    CUBA                         NY-2-11-458
INGERSOLL, JOHN                   CANEADEA                     NY-2-10-321
INGHAM, ANNIE E.                  HUME                         NY-2-15-817
INGHAM, CHARLES                   HUME                         NY-2-9-33
INGHAM, CHAUNCEY G.               HUME                         NY-2-6-193
INGLEBY, EMMA                     BELFAST                      NY-2-15-334
INGRAHAM, ELIZUR                  AMITY                        NY-2-11-310
ISAMAN, AMELIA                    GRANGER                      NY-2-16-418
IVES, JUSTIN F.                   NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-14-715
JACKSON, AMANDA M.                INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-12-438
JACKSON, ARNOLD C.                INEPENDENCE                  NY-2-4-296
JACKSON, JOHN                     WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-8-79
JACKSON, R. J.                    SCIO                         NY-2-14-593
JACOBS, RICHARD                   BELFAST                      NY-2-13-373
JEFFERSON, BENJAMIN               WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-9-171
JENKINS, ORVILLE A.               INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-13-77
JENNINGS, DAVID                   ANGELCIA                     NY-2-7-383
JESSUP, ANNA L.                   CUBA                         NY-2-15-805
JEWELL, JOSEPH                    NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-6-360
JEWELL, NATHANIEL                 RUSHFORD                     NY-2-12-232
JEWELL, RACHEL                    RUSHFORD                     NY-2-4-67
JOHANNES, GEORGE H.               BELFAST                      NY-2-16-354
JOHANNES, HENRY                   CANEADEA                     NY-2-7-657
JOHNSON, E. W.                    FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-8-38
JOHNSON, EDWARD H.                CUBA                         NY-2-9-319
JOHNSON, ELIPHELET                WARD                         NY-2-8-47
JOHNSON, FRANCIS B.               BURNS                        NY-2-14-85
JOHNSON, HANNAH R.                FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-10-143
JOHNSON, HARRIET                  CUBA                         NY-2-13-109
JOHNSON, JULIET M.                FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-15-502
JOHNSON, NELSON RILEY             CANEADEA                     NY-2-12-482
JOHNSON, RUTH M.                  SCIO                         NY-2-14-665
JOHNSON, SAMUEL M.                HUME                         NY-2-16-300
JOHNSTON, JOHN                    ANGELICA                     NY-2-8-139
JOHNSTON, NATHANIEL               WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-7-524
JONES, CATHARINE                  ALMOND                       NY-2-5-165
JONES, CHESTER D.                 WIRT                         NY-2-7-104
JONES, DANIEL                     ALFRED                       NY-2-6-456
JONES, EMMA                       WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-73
JONES, GEMILA N.                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-430
JONES, GEORGE S.                  AMITY                        NY-2-10-204
JONES, HENRY L.                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-82
JONES, HIRAM L.                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-207
JONES, IRA W.                     ALFRED                       NY-2-16-858
JONES, JAMES T.                   BURNS                        NY-2-5-45
JONES, JOHN L.                    CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-10-54
JONES, LEWIS                      WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-8-44
JONES, NOEL                       INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-4-195
JONES, ZENAS H.                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-10-491
JORDAN, ANDREW J.                 WIRT                         NY-2-9-389
JORDAN, HARRIET                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-613
JORDAN, ISAIAH                    WIRT                         NY-2-11-195
JORDAN, JACOB                     WIRT                         NY-2-10-31
JORDAN, JAMES O.                  CUBA                         NY-2-14-739
JORDAN, JAMES WADE                FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-10-308
JORDAN, MAY C.                    FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-635
JUDD, EDGAR B.                    WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-702
KAINES, AARON R.                  BURNS                        NY-2-15-124
KAIZER, CONRAD                    ANGELICA                     NY-2-9-417
KAPLE, ORLANDO E.                 ALFRED                       NY-2-13-201
KARR, HIRAM                       WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-13-257
KARR, JOEL                        ALMOND                       NY-2-15-316
KARR, SAMUEL                      ALMOND                       NY-2-3-45
KARR, SAMUEL P.                   ALMOND                       NY-2-8-318
KARR, WILLIAM M.                  ALMOND                       NY-2-13-751
KAUFMAN, GEORGE                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-510
KEELER, LEWIS B.                  GRANGER                      NY-2-2B-308
KEENAN, PATRICK                   WARD                         NY-2-11-258
KELLBURY, HANNAH M.               BOLIVAR                      NY-2-12-106
KELLER, ENOS                      CUBA                         NY-2-16-850
KELLEY, JOHN                      CANEADEA                     NY-2-8-192
KELLOGG, DAN                      FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-16-238
KELLOGG, EDWIN                    FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-12-446
KELLOGG, SUSAN                    WILLING                      NY-2-15-250
KELLOGG, THERON                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-125
KELLOGG, WILILAM                  BOLIVAR                      NY-2-2B-546
KELLY, PATRICK H.                 CUBA                         NY-2-16-328
KEMP, SAMUEL C.                   ANDOVER                      NY-2-13-723
KEMP, SHADRICK A.                 WILLING
KENDALL, EMERSON                  RUSHFORD                     NY-2-7-290
KENDALL, EZRA                     CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-3-49
KENNEDY, LUIN P.                  BURNS                        NY-2-4-381
KENNEDY, NOAH                     CANEADEA                     NY-2-10-25
KENWICK, ADAM                     CUBA                         NY-2-6-274
KENYON, ETHAN                     GENESEE                      NY-2-12-381
KENYON, IDA F.                    ALFRED                       NY-2-16-700
KENYON, JOSHUA                    WILLING                      NY-2-6-172
KENYON, WELCOME CLARK             ALFRED                       NY-2-9-282
KENYON, WILLIAM C.                ALFRED                       NY-2-6-43
KEOUGH, STEPHEN                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-714
KERR, BRYCE                       ANGELICA                     NY-2-6-121
KETCHUM, BENJAMIN                 GROVE                        NY-2-7-632
KEYES, AUGUSTUS F.                GENESEE                      NY-2-2B-543
KEYES, EMELINE                    CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-13-577
KHEULMAN, CHRISTOPHER             CANEADEA                     NY-2-9-187
KILBOURN, GEORGE A.               CANEADEA                     NY-2-5-153
KILBURY, EDWIN R.                 BOLIVAR                      NY-2-16-810
KILLAY, BRIDGET                   GROVE                        NY-2-14-349
KIMBALL, ANDREW                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-16-576
KING, ALVIRA                      FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-7-231
KING, AMELIA                      FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-137
KING, JOHN                        SCIO                         NY-2-9-514
KINGSBURY, BENJAMIN               RUSHFORD                     NY-2-2B-187
KINGSBURY, WILLIAM O.             RUSHFORD                     NY-2-13-177
KINGSLEY, BARBARA                 HUME                         NY-2-14-543
KINGSLEY, EBENEZER                HUME                         NY-2-11-606
KINGSLEY, FRED M.                 HUME                         NY-2-13-243
KINNE, THOMAS                     GRANGER                      NY-2-3-374
KINNEY, HENRY                     CUBA                         NY-2-8-406
KINNEY, MARY A.                   AMITY                        NY-2-8-483
KINNEY, SAFETY A.                 BELFAST                      NY-2-15-378
KINTZ, JOHN                       RUSHFORD                     NY-2-12-628
KIRKPATRICK, DAVID                CUBA                         NY-2-16-384
KIRKPATRICK, JOANNA               CUBA                         NY-2-16-68
KLINGENBERY, OLE                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-10-583
KNAPP, JOEL J.                    OSSIAN                       NY-2-2B-437
KNIGHT, ANDREW J.                 FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-16-204
KNIGHT, SAMUEL                    SCIO                         NY-2-2B-208
KNIGHT, WARREN                    WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-5-207
KNIGHTS, GOTTLIP                  BURNS                        NY-2-11-643
KNIGHTS, MARY R.                  BIRDSALL                     NY-2-15-88
KNOWLTON, OLIVER JEROME           PORTAGE                      NY-2-3-77
KORTS, ANDREW                     HUME                         NY-2-7-563
KRUSEN, ISAAC A.                  WILLING                      NY-2-15-644
KRUSEN, JOHN                      WILLING                      NY-2-9-226
KURZ, CHARLES                     AMITY                        NY-2-8-469
KYES, LUCY                        CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-13-665
LACKEY, MARTHA E.                 GENESEE                      NY-2-16-437
LACY, ABRAHAM                     OSSIAN                       NY-2-12-3
LADD, JAMES                       INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-16-570
LAFFERTY, DANIEL                  NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-12-420
LAFFERTY, EDMUND                  RUSHFORD                     NY-2-15-690
LAFFERTY, WILLIAM G.              RUSHFORD                     NY-2-7-359
LAMB, MARTIN                      WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-12-63
LAMB, MARTIN                      ALMOND                       NY-2-1-176
LAMBERSON, ELECTA                 RUSHFORD                     NY-2-11-87
LAMBERSON, JOHN                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-7-449
LAMBERT, FREDERICK                FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-7-373
LAMBERT, GEORGE G.                CUBA                         NY-2-15-194
LAMBERT, JOHN W.                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-417
LAMBERT, SARAH                    FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-7-375
LAMPHEAR, NATHAN                  ALFRED                       NY-2-9-27
LAMPHEAR, SUSAN                   WIRT                         NY-2-15-256
LAMPMAN, EMALINE                  BURNS                        NY-2-9-237
LANCASTER, MARY J.                CUBA                         NY-2-13-281
LANCASTER, THOMAS                 CUBA                         NY-2-7-157
LANE, MARY N.                     FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-15-192
LANG, JAMES                       BELFAST                      NY-2-15-386
LANG, SARAH                       BELFAST                      NY-2-7-352
LANG, WILLIAM                     BELFAST                      NY-2-11-352
LANGDON, JOHN L.                  AMITY                        NY-2-4-323
LANGWORTHY, BENJAMIN F.           ALFRED                       NY-2-14-423
LANGWORTHY, CHARLES D.            ALFRED                       NY-2-8-104
LANGWORTHY, JOHN                  GENESEE                      NY-2-13-7
LANGWORTHY, JOHN                  ALFRED                       NY-2-2B-497
LANGWORTHY, JOHN A.               GENESEE                      NY-2-14-323
LANGWORTHY, SUSAN S.              ALFRED                       NY-2-9-295
LANKTON, CLARK                    INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-10-562
LANKTON, OLIVE                    INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-10-618
LANNING, ARTHUR S.                BELFAST                      NY-2-9-524
LANPHEAR, DAVID S.                AMITY                        NY-2-14-193
LANPHEAR, JONATHAN                ANDOVER                      NY-2-9-189
LANPHEAR, SAMUEL                  FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-4-132
LANPHEAR, SUSAN                   ALFRED                       NY-2-10-290
LAPP, CHARLEY                     HUME                         NY-2-16-530
LARKIN, SUSAN E.                  ALFRED                       NY-2-13-73
LARSFIELD, CATHERINE T.           WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-16-474
LATHAM, LEVI                      CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-2B-399
LATTA, AMARILLA                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-15-186
LATTA, ISAAC L.                   FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-4-375
LATZ, PETER                       CANEADEA                     NY-2-8-507
LEE, DAVIS                        ALFRED                       NY-2-6-146
LEE, LAMIRAH                      ALFRED                       NY-2-6-223
LEE, NELSON                       ANDOVER                      NY-2-8-473
LEET, EDWIN                       CANEADEA                     NY-2-13-695
LEIDOUS, MARKS                    AMITY                        NY-2-12-401
LEILOUS, LOVINIA A.               AMITY                        NY-2-14-459
LEILOUS, P. P.                    AMITY                        NY-2-15-706
LENAHAN, BRYAN                    HUME                         NY-2-7-288
LEONARD, ELIZABETH F.             ANDOVER                      NY-2-16-132
LESTER, ADAM                      CUBA                         NY-2-15-362
LEWIS, ASENATH W.                 GENESEE                      NY-2-8-202
LEWIS, DANIEL E.                  RUSHFORD                     NY-2-16-468
LEWIS, EZRA                       NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-13-413
LEWIS, RHODA V.                   ALMA                         NY-2-16-340
LEWIS, ROBERT                     BURNS                        NY-2-7-462
LEWIS, THOMAS                     ALMOND                       NY-2-6-159
LIGHTFOOT, ROBERT                 ANGELICA                     NY-2-14-401
LIGHTHALL, WILLIAM A.             CANEADEA                     NY-2-5-411
LILLIE, JENNIE                    GROVE                        NY-2-10-349
LINDSAY, JOHN                     NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-9-119
LINDSLEY, ERVILLE E.              ALMA                         NY-2-10-270
LINK, PETER H.                    BURNS                        NY-2-16-534
LITCHARD, GEORGE                  ALMOND                       NY-2-16-214
LITTLEFIELD, WILLIAM              BELFAST                      NY-2-8-257
LIVERMORE, JOHN P.                INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-13-75
LLOYD, DELIA A.                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-267
LLOYD, ELIZA                      FRIENDSHIP                   NY-2-13-173
LLOYD, RANSOM                     ANGELICA                     NY-2-6-391
LLOYD, SALLIE R.                  AMITY                        NY-2-16-578
LOCKHART, JOSEPH                  ALMOND                       NY-2-15-793
LOCKHART, MOSES                   ALMOND                       NY-2-12-39
LOCKWOOD, HENRY                   BIRDSALL                     NY-2-15-222
LONG, REUBEN                      ALMOND                       NY-2-4-437
LOOMIS, WALTER                    CUBA                         NY-2-13-115
LOOMIS, WILILAM A.                SCIO                         NY-2-16-708
LORD, ABRAHAM                     WIRT                         NY-2-8-15
LORD, CHARLOTTE A.                ALMOND                       NY-2-16-702
LORD, SEWARDS                     WIRT                         NY-2-7-486
LOREE, SAMUEL                     ALMOND                       NY-2-4-106
LOUNSBERY, SAMUEL                 BELFAST                      NY-2-7-446
LOVELL, DANIEL                    GROVE                        NY-2-4-423
LOVERIDGE, EDWARD D.              CUBA                         NY-2-14-435
LOVERIDGE, ERASTUS                CUBA                         NY-2-10-113
LOW, DANIEL                       CLARKSVILLE                  NY-2-15-530
LOWE, LYDIA A.                    ANGELICA                     NY-2-15-30
LOWE, TUNIS                       BIRDSALL                     NY-2-13-569
LOWELL, GIDEON                    HUME                         NY-2-13-205
LOWELL, JUELINA                   HUME                         NY-2-13-207
LOWNSBURY, WESLEY                 BELFAST                      NY-2-15-344
LUCE, ELEAZAR H.                  NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-11-437
LUDINGTON, EGBERT                 WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-31
LUDWIG, FREDERICK                 GROVE                        NY-2-8-435
LUNDRIGAN, JOHN                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-15-442
LUTHER, BENJAMIN P.               SCIO                         NY-2-4-117
LUTHER, ELECTA                    SCIO                         NY-2-5-75
LUTHER, EZRA                      AMITY                        NY-2-6-22
LUTHER, NATHANIEL                 AMITY                        NY-2-4-366
LYLES, ELIZABETH                  ORAMEL                       NY-2-7-71
LYM, WILLIAM H.                   WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-15-588
LYMAN, DENSMORE                   RUSHFORD                     NY-2-16-256
LYNCH, MARTIN                     ALFRED                       NY-2-15-342
LYNCH, TERENCE                    INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-8-486
LYON, CYNTHIA E.                  BIRD                         NY-2-5-550
LYON, DIADAMA PETERSON            NEW HUDSON                   NY-2-15-246
LYON, EBENEZER P.                 RUSHFORD                     NY-2-9-35
LYON, HENRY S.                    FRIENDHSIP                   NY-2-13-617
LYON, MARY A.                     WEST ALMOND                  NY-2-14-191
LYTLE, NEWTON P.                  ANGELICA                     NY-2-15-582

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