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SMALL, GRACE A.                        NY-42-168-3
SMANN, JENNIE A.                       NY-42-190-254
SMART, JOSEPH W.                       NY-42-151-70
SMITH, ABNER                           NY-42-37-388A
SMITH, ADAM                            NY-42-41-302
SMITH, ADAM R.                         NY-42-184-272
SMITH, ADDIE M.                        NY-42-203-182
SMITH, ALBERT                          NY-42-146-482
SMITH, ALEXANDER                       NY-42-78-603
SMITH, ALFRED                          NY-42-190-173
SMITH, AMANDA                          NY-42-37-500
SMITH, ANISTACIA                       NY-42-142-469
SMITH, ANN                             NY-42-98-140
SMITH, ANN LOOSE                       NY-42-142-554
SMITH, ANN SOPHIA                      NY-42-142-84
SMITH, ANNA                            NY-42-223-186
SMITH, ANNA J.                         NY-42-211-64
SMITH, ARNOLD                          NY-42-64-116
SMITH, AUGUSTUS F.                     NY-42-112-152
SMITH, BENJAMIN                        NY-42-7-377
SMITH, BENJAMIN                        NY-42-3-284
SMITH, BETSEY                          NY-42-41-492
SMITH, CATHARINE                       NY-42-116-118
SMITH, CATHARINE                       NY-42-56-90
SMITH, CATHARINE                       NY-42-78-194
SMITH, CATHARINE C.                    NY-42-146-335
SMITH, CHARLES                         NY-42-112-90
SMITH, CHARLES H.                      NY-42-116-413
SMITH, CHARLES S.                      NY-42-142-231
SMITH, CHARLOTTE B.                    NY-42-218-65
SMITH, CLARA                           NY-42-98-158
SMITH, CORNELIUS                       NY-42-1A-20
SMITH, CORNELIUS                       NY-42-2-142
SMITH, DANIEL                          NY-42-3-84
SMITH, DANIEL                          NY-42-82-535
SMITH, DANIEL                          NY-42-26-104
SMITH, DAVID                           NY-42-26-331
SMITH, DAVID                           NY-42-86-556
SMITH, EBENEZER                        NY-42-4-91
SMITH, EBENEZER                        NY-42-31-83
SMITH, EDWARD                          NY-42-229-360
SMITH, ELIZA                           NY-42-203-220
SMITH, ELIZABETH S.                    NY-42-211-291
SMITH, ELLEN                           NY-42-102-144
SMITH, EMELINE                         NY-42-123-74
SMITH, EVELINE                         NY-42-86-524
SMITH, FANNY M.                        NY-42-112-516
SMITH, FRANCES E.                      NY-42-168-301
SMITH, FRANCIS N.                      NY-42-78-568
SMITH, FRANK M.                        NY-42-123-378
SMITH, FREDERICK                       NY-42-49-331
SMITH, GEORGE                          NY-42-12-284
SMITH, GEORGE                          NY-42-12-289
SMITH, GEORGE                          NY-42-108-225
SMITH, GEORGE B.                       NY-42-142-314
SMITH, GEORGIANA (DUSENBURY)           NY-42-86-517
SMITH, HANNAH                          NY-42-34-1
SMITH, HANNAH E.                       NY-42-137-425
SMITH, HARRIET L.                      NY-42-41-486
SMITH, HARVEY                          NY-42-98-457
SMITH, HENRY F.                        NY-42-238-407
SMITH, HENRY T.                        NY-42-49-74
SMITH, HIRAM                           NY-42-98-218
SMITH, JACOB                           NY-42-1B-21
SMITH, JACOB                           NY-42-45-373
SMITH, JACOB H.                        NY-42-108-50
SMITH, JACOB N.                        NY-42-95-605
SMITH, JACOB R.                        NY-42-28-92
SMITH, JAME SL.                        NY-42-218-58
SMITH, JAMES                           NY-42-218-274
SMITH, JAMES                           NY-42-229-460
SMITH, JAMES                           NY-42-89-585
SMITH, JAMES                           NY-42-130-235
SMITH, JANE                            NY-42-146-266
SMITH, JANE                            NY-42-168-634
SMITH, JENNIE                          NY-42-238-560
SMITH, JOEL D.                         NY-42-116-333
SMITH, JOHN                            NY-42-9-276
SMITH, JOHN                            NY-42-3-205
SMITH, JOHN                            NY-42-12-6
SMITH, JOHN                            NY-42-89-51
SMITH, JOHN                            NY-42-218-285
SMITH, JOHN                            NY-42-86-602
SMITH, JOHN L.                         NY-42-56-176
SMITH, JOHN M.                         NY-42-86-612
SMITH, JOHN N.                         NY-42-95-432
SMITH, JOHN P.                         NY-42-218-534
SMITH, JONAS                           NY-42-218-451
SMITH, JONAS                           NY-42-41-501
SMITH, JULIA A.                        NY-42-179-272
SMITH, LAMPSON                         NY-42-146-171
SMITH, LAMPSON JR.                     NY-42-203-58
SMITH, LANA                            NY-42-168-36
SMITH, LEONARD                         NY-42-9-259
SMITH, LEVI                            NY-42-41-468
SMITH, LEVI                            NY-42-142-578
SMITH, MAHALA                          NY-42-72-285
SMITH, MARGARET C.                     NY-42-146-585
SMITH, MARY                            NY-42-211-42
SMITH, MARY                            NY-42-137-611
SMITH, MARY A.                         NY-42-112-546
SMITH, MARY G.                         NY-42-191-69
SMITH, MARY L.                         NY-42-130-86
SMITH, MICHAEL                         NY-42-12-94
SMITH, MICHAEL H.                      NY-42-163-416
SMITH, MOSES                           NY-42-37-96
SMITH, MUNSON                          SNY-42-33-115
SMITH, NANCY                           NY-42-78-96
SMITH, NICHOLAS                        NY-42-4-146
SMITH, NICHOLAS T.                     NY-42-18-85
SMITH, PARTHENA T.                     NY-42-86-600
SMITH, PAUL                            NY-42-64-373
SMITH, PETER                           NY-42-72-12
SMITH, PETER                           NY-42-5-164
SMITH, PETER S.                        NY-42-123-459
SMITH, PHILIP H.                       NY-42-95-401
SMITH, REUBEN                          NY-42-72-341
SMITH, ROBERT                          NY-42-56-524
SMITH, ROLLA J.                        NY-42-142-210
SMITH, RUTH ARLINA                     NY-42-184-65
SMITH, SAMUEL W.                       NY-42-218-471
SMITH, SARAH W.                        NY-42-184-29
SMITH, SILAS                           NY-42-49-333
SMITH, SIMEON                          NY-42-26-93
SMITH, SOLOMON                         NY-42-12-65
SMITH, SOPHIA P.                       NY-42-98-174
SMITH, STEPHEN                         NY-42-108-209
SMITH, STPEHEN H.                      NY-42-161-477
SMITH, SUSAN                           NY-42-238-571
SMITH, SYLVESTER W. M.                 NY-42-102-53
SMITH, THOMAS                          NY-42-163-156
SMITH, THOMAS                          NY-42-116-523
SMITH, THOMAS F.                       NY-42-238-241
SMITH, W. STONE                        NY-42-223-523
SMITH, WILHELMUS                       NY-42-3-255
SMITH, WILLIAM                         NY-42-12-110
SMITH, WILLIAM                         NY-42-45-162
SMITH, WILLIAM                         NY-42-89-65
SMITH, WILLIAM                         NY-42-9-199
SMITH, WILLIAM                         NY-42-116-24
SMITH, WILLIAM                         NY-42-218-497
SMITH, WILLIAM                         NY-42-102-139
SMITH, WILLIAM B.                      NY-42-184-599
SMITH, WILLIAM B.                      NY-42-82-87
SMITH, WILLIAM E.                      NY-42-211-390
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                      NY-42-184-18
SMITH, ZACHARIAH P.                    NY-42-9-42
SMYTH, PATRICK                         NY-42-89-282
SMYTH, SARAH M.                        NY-42-78-42
SMYTHE, SALLY ANN                      NY-42-64-181
SNEDEKER, ISAAC                        NY-42-31-282
SNEDEKER, MARTHA                       NY-42-78-434
SNELL, GEORGE                          NY-42-56-187
SNIDER, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-42-5-140
SNIDER, JOHANENS                       NY-42-2-281
SNOOK, ANNA M.                         NY-42-102-616
SNOOK, CORNELIUS                       NY-42-37-275
SNOOK, CORNELIUS                       NY-42-68-149
SNOOK, JOHNTICE                        NY-42-31-275
SNOOK, LYDIA                           NY-42-82-222
SNOOK, TEUNIS                          NY-42-72-487
SNOOK, TEUNIS                          NY-42-41-395
SNOOK, WILLIAM                         NY-42-151-372
SNOW, ISAIAH                           NY-42-218-580
SNOW, RALPH                            NY-42-28-19
SNYDER, AARON J.                       NY-42-146-289
SNYDER, ADAM                           NY-42-95-104
SNYDER, ADAM CLARK                     NY-42-218-78
SNYDER, ALFRED F.                      NY-42-184-197
SNYDER, ANDREW                         NY-42-41-314
SNYDER, ANN ELIZA                      NY-42-223-7
SNYDER, BARNARD                        NY-42-211-490
SNYDER, BENJAMIN C.                    NY-42-218-443
SNYDER, CATHARINE                      NY-42-163-286
SNYDER, CATHERINE                      NY-42-72-316
SNYDER, CHRISTINA                      NY-42-163-641
SNYDER, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-42-161-490
SNYDER, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-42-116-591
SNYDER, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-42-6-486
SNYDER, CORNELIUS                      NY-42-146-443
SNYDER, DAVID                          NY-42-78-114
SNYDER, EDITH J.                       NY-42-168-251
SNYDER, ELIZA                          NY-42-218-750
SNYDER, ELIZABETH                      NY-42-64-223
SNYDER, ELIZABETH                      NY-42-89-640
SNYDER, ELIZABETH                      NY-42-184-172
SNYDER, ELIZABETH                      NY-42-238-331
SNYDER, GEORGE                         NY-42-49-8
SNYDER, GEORGE                         NY-42-6-328
SNYDER, HARMAN                         NY-42-12-336
SNYDER, HARMON                         NY-42-151-634
SNYDER, HELEN F.                       NY-42-223-18
SNYDER, JACOB                          NY-42-7-220
SNYDER, JACOB L.                       NY-42-108-77
SNYDER, JOHN                           NY-42-98-405
SNYDER, JOHN                           NY-42-68-31
SNYDER, LANSING                        NY-42-78-400
SNYDER, LODOWICK                       NY-42-6-359
SNYDER, MARY                           NY-42-98-207
SNYDER, MARY M.                        NY-42-82-217
SNYDER, MATHIAS C.                     NY-42-238-773
SNYDER, MERRITT C.                     NY-42-211-366
SNYDER, PETER J.                       NY-42-211-708
SNYDER, PETER M.                       NY-42-229-345
SNYDER, PHILIP                         NY-42-37-200
SNYDER, PLASEY                         NY-42-78-432
SNYDER, POLLY                          NY-42-86-186
SNYDER, REBECCA                        NY-42-78-591
SNYDER, SEBASTIAN                      NY-42-34-318
SNYDER, TAMAR                          NY-42-26-421
SNYDER, WILLIAM                        NY-42-33-100
SNYDER, WILLIAM H.                     NY-42-86-272
SNYDER, WILLIAM H.                     NY-42-56-132
SOLM, PHILIIP J.                       NY-42-123-164
SOLOMON, MARY                          NY-42-89-506
SOMERS, PATRICK                        NY-42-56-485
SOMERVILLE, MARGARET                   NY-42-45-253
SOMES, MARIA                           NY-42-179-156
SONN, ANSON L.                         NY-42-223-680
SOUTHWICK, DOROTHY                     NY-42-211-754
SOUTHWICK, JOANNA S.                   NY-42-218-680
SOUTHWICK, LEWIS L.                    NY-42-89-391
SOUTHWICK, PLINY                       NY-42-130-37
SOUTHWICK, ROSALIE                     NY-42-116-252
SOUTHWICK, WARREN K.                   NY-42-223-115
SOWALSKIE, ANTHONY                     NY-42-112-613
SPAFFORD, HORATIO GATES                NY-42-12-260
SPAFFORD, TRYPHENA                     NY-42-37-157
SPAIN, JOHN                            NY-42-112-147
SPAIN, MARY                            NY-42-123-546
SPALDING, ALMIRA                       NY-42-223-366
SPALDING, NATHANIEL G.                 NY-42-218-294
SPALL, JOHN                            NY-42-184-190
SPANARD, JOSEPH                        NY-42-168-48
SPANN, MARGARET A.                     NY-42-168-688
SPATTEN, WILLIAM                       NY-42-5-135
SPELLSSEY, MICHAEL                     NY-42-168-502
SPELMAN, PHILIP                        NY-42-112-618
SPENCE, GEORGE                         NY-42-203-256
SPENCER, ACRE                          NY-42-78-31
SPENCER, ESTHER                        NY-42-98-345
SPENCER, ESTHER J.                     NY-42-142-624
SPENCER, PHOEBE                        NY-42-223-392
SPICER, ALLEN                          NY-42-56-432
SPICER, ANNA E.                        NY-42-223-342
SPICER, CYRUS                          NY-42-7-379
SPICER, CYRUS                          NY-42-9-20
SPICER, FANNY                          NY-42-78-85
SPICER, HENRIETTA                      NY-42-130-205
SPICER, JOHN                           NY-42-31-506
SPICER, JOHN D.                        NY-42-218-457
SPICER, LOUISA                         NY-42-116-352
SPICER, TOBIAS                         NY-42-56-538
SPICKERMAN, JAMES                      NY-42-28-1
SPOTLEN, MARY                          NY-42-218-532
SPOTTEN, ELIZABETH                     NY-42-102-403
SPOTTEN, JOSIAH G.                     NY-42-68-198
SPOTTEN, JULIA                         NY-42-137-333
SPRAGUE, ELIZABETH                     NY-42-112-69
SPRAGUE, GIBSON                        NY-42-86-459
SPRAGUE, GIBSON                        NY-42-2-442
SPRAGUE, JONATHAN                      NY-42-4-318
SPRINGER, CAROLINE E.                  NY-42-130-135
SPRINGER, GEORGE                       NY-42-12-162
SPRINGER, JACOB                        NY-42-6-167
SPRINGER, JACOB                        NY-42-45-411
SPRINGER, JACOB G.                     NY-42-108-304
SPRINGER, JACOB H.                     NY-42-98-551
SPRINGER, MARGARET                     NY-42-41-304
SPRINGER, MARIA                        NY-42-238-156
SPRINGER, MARTIN                       NY-42-78-549
SPRINGER, SARAH A.                     NY-42-123-434
SPRINGSTEEN, BENJAMIN                  NY-42-28-48
SPRINGSTEEN, CASPARUS                  NY-42-7-323
SPRINGSTEEN, LAURENCE                  NY-42-211-526
SPRINGSTEEN, MARIA R.                  NY-42-86-209
SPRINGSTEEN, RYER B.                   NY-42-49-572
SPRINGSTEEN, WILLIAM                   NY-42-1B-120
SPROAT, HARRIET I.                     NY-42-190-72
SPRONG, CATHARINE M.                   NY-42-130-549
SPRONG, WILLIAM                        NY-42-98-79
SPROTT, JANE M.                        NY-42-168-98
SPRUNG, HENRY                          NY-42-190-585
SPRUNG, OLIVER                         NY-42-4-212
SQUIRE, PHEBE A.                       NY-42-123-453
SQUIRES, JOHN N.                       NY-42-95-532
SQUIRE,S KATE                          NY-42-146-530
SQUIRES, LOUISA                        NY-42-64-589
SQUIRES, NORMAN B.                     NY-42-223-616
SQUIRES, OSCAR J.                      NY-42-146-363
SQUIRES, PHOEBE H.                     NY-42-238-335
STAATS, CATHARINE                      NY-42-64-343
STAATS, GERRIT                         NY-42-3-9
STAATS, JOACHIM                        NY-42-2-162
STAATS, JOACHIM P.                     NY-42-64-567
STAATS, JOHN                           NY-42-9-211
STAATS, NICHOLAS                       NY-42-5-324
STACKPOLE, JOSEPH                      NY-42-98-30
STAHLMAN, LOUIS                        NY-42-123-468
STALL, CATHARINE                       NY-42-64-279
STALL, HENRY I.                        NY-42-49-355
STANDARD, DAVID                        NY-42-12-240
STANDE, ADOLPH                         NY-42-151-438
STANLEY, EAMES                         NY-42-86-333
STANLEY, EAMES JR.                     NY-42-151-109
STANLEY, MARY A.                       NY-42-238-353
STANNARD, ALICE M.                     NY-42-238-569
STANNARD, CHARLES N.                   NY-42-95-521
STANNARD, DANIEL W.                    NY-42-89-103
STANTON, ENOCH                         NY-42-49-426
STANTON, MARIA                         NY-42-238-161
STANTON, MARTIN                        NY-42-130-352
STANTON, STEPHEN                       NY-42-6-146
STANTON, WILLIAM                       NY-42-151-375
STAPLETON, ANASTASIA                   NY-42-229-97
STAPLETON, CATHARINE                   NY-42-137-246
STAPLETON, JAMES                       NY-42-151-195
STAPLETON, MARY                        NY-42-142-375
STAPLETON, THOMAS                      NY-42-163-378
STAPLETON, THOMAS E.                   NY-42-151-359
STAPLETON, WILLIAM B.                  NY-42-168-469
STARBUCK, CHARLES                      NY-42-7-137
STARBUCK, EMELINE A.                   NY-42-95-262
STARBUCK, EVELINE                      NY-42-142-523
STARK, CHARLES J.                      NY-42-98-334
STARKS, INDEPENDENCE                   NY-42-64-371
STARKS, RALPH J.                       NY-42-137-206
STARR, CLARK                           NY-42-78-564
STARRETT, JOHN H.                      NY-42-203-354
START, DANIEL                          NY-42-45-359
STEARNS, ERASTUS                       NY-42-64-386
STEARNS, HELEN A.                      NY-42-168-51
STEARNS, JOHN                          NY-42-64-548
STEARNS, NANCY                         NY-42-82-398
STEBBINS, CHARLES                      NY-42-
STEBBINS, CHARLOTTE J.                 NY-42-64-131
STEBBINS, EDWARD M.                    NY-42-203-181
STEBBINS, JAMES BLISS                  NY-42-190-657
STEBBINS, LYDIA H.                     NY-42-229-75
STEDMAN, JOHN                          NY-42-4-173
STEELE, ELIZABETH C.                   NY-42-238-787
STEENBERGH, CHARLES H.                 NY-42-72-62
STEERE, GILBERT                        NY-42-130-638
STEHR, NICHOL                          NY-42-142-515
STEINBERGER, KATHERINE                 NY-42-184-517
STEINER, ERNST                         NY-42-168-607
STEINES, FREDERICK W.                  NY-42-108-409
STEINMETZ, ANNA                        NY-42-151-45
STELLER, DANIEL                        NY-42-151-479
STELLER, TERESA M.                     NY-42-238-398
STEPHENS, ADAM S.                      NY-42-203-185
STEPHENS, EBENEZER                     NY-42-7-343
STEPHENS, JAMES                        NY-42-2-60
STERN, CAROLINE                        NY-42-72-219
STERRY, LOUISA A.                      NY-42-137-639
STERRY, MARINA                         NY-42-123-284
STERRY, SENECA E.                      NY-42-116-127
STERRY, URWIN D.                       NY-42-211-113
STETSON, BERT                          NY-42-137-41
STEVENS, EBENEZER                      NY-42-108-371
STEVENS, GEORGE                        NY-42-78-343
STEVENS, HENRY                         NY-42-211-186
STEVENS, LORINDA                       NY-42-78-304
STEVENS, MARCIA M.                     NY-42-218-69
STEVENS, MICHAEL                       NY-42-108-241
STEVENS, PARNY                         NY-42-89-264
STEVENS, SAMUEL S.                     NY-42-218-633
STEVENS, SARAH J.                      NY-42-190-567
STEVENSON, GERTRUDE J.                 NY-42-130-119
STEVENSON, SARAH C.                    NY-42-98-21
STEVENTON, MARGARET C.                 NY-42-108-184
STEVES, JESSE                          NY-42-22-282
STEWARD, JOHN                          NY-42-64-438
STEWARD, REBECCA                       NY-42-49-69
STEWART, ELIZA A.                      NY-42-161-162
STEWART, HIRAM                         NY-42-123-97
STEWART, MARGARET                      NY-42-163-40
STEWART, MARY                          NY-42-184-669
STEWART, MATHIEW                       NY-42-218-222
STEWART, SOLOMON W.                    NY-42-161-631
STICKEL, JOHN W.                       NY-42-161-39
STICKLES, CATHERINE E.                 NY-42-211-302
STICKLEY, FRANZ J.                     NY-42-238-310
STICKLEY, JOSEPH                       NY-42-238-281
STILES, ANGENETTE                      NY-42-161-97
STILES, GEORGE H.                      NY-42-112-383
STILES, JONATHAN GEORGE                NY-42-218-488
STILL, CHARLES                         NY-42-190-617
STILL, ELIZABETH                       NY-42-203-204
STILL, GEORGE                          NY-42-151-658
STILLMAN, ASA G.                       NY-42-108-493
STILLMAN, E. JOSPEHINE                 NY-42-211-583
STILLMAN, WAIT                         NY-42-34-36
STILLWELL, SOPHIA C.                   NY-42-179-451
STILWELL, LYDIA                        NY-42-37-404
STITT, CAROLINE E.                     NY-42-163-463
STITT, JAMES                           NY-42-6-31
STIWELL, MARGARET                      NY-42-86-2
STJOHN, WILLIAM W.                     NY-42-112-264
STJOHN,D ANIEL                         NY-42-151-428
STJOHNS, ALMIRA                        NY-42-161-463
STOCK, FRANCIS                         NY-42-184-516
STOCK, GOTFRIED                        NY-42-2-23
STOCKWELL, BETSEY M.                   NY-42-190-384
STOCKWELL, HENRY                       NY-42-7-218
STOEKLE, MICHAEL                       NY-42-95-156
STOLL, JACOB F.                        NY-42-123-234
STOLL, MARIA CATHARINE                 NY-42-151-192
STONE, ALEXANDER H.                    NY-42-151-627
STONE, BARNARD                         NY-42-211-673
STONE, CHARLES                         NY-42-82-154
STONE, CHARLES R.                      NY-42-123-188
STONE, HENRY A.                        NY-42-218-739
STONE, JOHN                            NY-42-3-331
STONE, LUCIUS                          NY-42-137-644
STOPFER, MARTIN                        NY-42-163-279
STORER, CHRISTINE                      NY-42-190-45
STORER, ISAAC                          NY-42-41-23
STORM, FRANCIS H.                      NY-42-86-632
STORMS, JOHN                           NY-42-41-306
STORY, RICHARD J.                      NY-42-142-394
STOVER, ELIZABETH                      NY-42-108-566
STOVER, JACOB                          NY-42-78-557
STOVER, JACOB M.                       NY-42-41-28
STOVER, PETER R.                       NY-42-146-459
STOW, ESTHER P.                        NY-42-108-382
STOW, FRANCES A.                       NY-42-98-41
STOW, FREDERICK A.                     NY-42-95-215
STOW, GARDNER                          NY-42-68-48
STOW, SARAH A.                         NY-42-64-228
STOWAL, DANIEL                         NY-42-12-199
STOWALL, MARY JANE                     NY-42-72-238
STOWITS, FREDERICK B.                  NY-42-41-405
STRAIGHT, ELLEN                        NY-42-223-500
STRAIN, CATHERINE                      NY-42-223-684
STRAIN, DANIEL                         NY-42-95-661
STRAIN, JOHN                           NY-42-190-408
STRAIT, EMILY                          NY-42-49-90
STRAIT, FANNY G.                       NY-42-112-518
STRAIT, HIRAM                          NY-42-116-163
STRAIT,G EORGE W.                      NY-42-130-341
STRATTON, LUMA                         NY-42-7-266
STREET, BENJAMIN                       NY-42-116-618
STREET, MATILDA                        NY-42-123-429
STREETER, BARZALEEL                    NY-42-86-246
STREICHMAN, HARRIS                     NY-42-179-185
STRIKER, JOHN                          NY-42-190-561
STRIKER, MATILDA                       NY-42-191-25
STROPE, ANDRUS                         NY-42-18-111
STROPE, DANIEL A.                      NY-42-151-303
STROPE, JOHN                           NY-42-5-147
STROPE, JOHN M.                        NY-42-45-237
STROPE, JOHN W.                        NY-42-142-100
STROPE, WILLIAM                        NY-42-24-467
STRUNK, HANNAH                         NY-42-112-272
STRUNK, HENRY P.                       NY-42-49-560
STRUNK, PHILIP                         NY-42-41-39
STUART, JACOB C.                       NY-42-203-136
STUEBER, SUSANNA                       NY-42-229-786
STUMPF, HENRY                          NY-42-78-547
STUNCK, JOSEPH                         NY-42-2-225
STURGES, JOSEPH                        NY-42-41-294
SULLIVAN, CATHARINE                    NY-42-130-385
SULLIVAN, DENNIS                       NY-42-218-117
SULLIVAN, DENNIS                       NY-42-223-299
SULLIVAN, EDWARD                       NY-42-86-670
SULLIVAN, JAMES                        NY-42-163-108
SULLIVAN, JAMES                        NY-42-37-26
SULLIVAN, JANE                         NY-42-82-3
SULLIVAN, JOHN                         NY-42-72-116
SULLIVAN, JOHN H. B.                   NY-42-151-275
SULLIVAN, MARGARET                     NY-42-190-318
SULLIVAN, MARY                         NY-42-218-76
SULLIVAN, MARY M.                      NY-42-151-352
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL                      NY-42-211-501
SULLIVAN, PATRICK                      NY-42-89-90
SULLIVAN, THOMAS                       NY-42-108-345
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY                      NY-42-142-120
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY                      NY-42-82-227
SULLY, ANN                             NY-42-86-369
SULLY, LAWRENCE                        NY-42-72-304
SUSSAN, PETER                          NY-42-161-432
SUSTMAN, JOHN                          NY-42-203-341
SUTHERLAND, JOHNB.                     NY-42-203-142
SUTTON, NANCY                          NY-42-161-113
SUTTON, SAMUEL                         NY-42-137-65
SUYDAM, MARY ANN                       NY-42-130-393
SWAN, BENJAMIN                         NY-42-151-474
SWAN, MARGARET                         NY-42-203-384
SWART, HENRY G.                        NY-42-184-453
SWARTOUT, ABRAHAM                      NY-42-49-362
SWARTWOUT, HENRY                       NY-42-146-159
SWARTWOUT, SALLY                       NY-42-78-429
SWEENEY, DANIEL                        NY-42-179-1
SWEENEY, JAMES J.                      NY-42-116-80
SWEENEY, JOHN                          NY-42-108-487
SWEENEY, MICHAEL                       NY-42-116-554
SWEENEY, REBECCA                       NY-42-123-334
SWEET, ALBERT N.                       NY-42-168-298
SWEET, BENJAMIN G.                     NY-42-86-271
SWEET, CHARLES S.                      NY-42-137-30
SWEET, ELIZA A.                        NY-42-229-365
SWEET, ELNATHAN                        NY-42-33-95
SWEET, ELNATHAN                        NY-42-95-163
SWEET, ELNATHAN                        NY-42-6-263
SWEET, JAMES H.                        NY-42-45-307
SWEET, JONATHAN J.                     NY-42-9-153
SWEET, MARTHA                          NY-42-56-403
SWEET, MARTHA A.                       NY-42-190-527
SWEET, MARTHA E.                       NY-42-190-463
SWEET, MARY R.                         NY-42-146-647
SWEET, MILES                           NY-42-123-529
SWEET, PETER                           NY-42-163-10
SWEET, PHEBE D.                        NY-42-95-624
SWEET, PRISCILLA C.                    NY-42-238-347
SWEET, SAMUEL                          NY-42-37-268
SWEET, WILLIAM                         NY-42-28-163
SWEIER, JOHN                           NY-42-78-339
SWETT, GEORGE W.                       NY-42-161-482
SWETT, MARY R.                         NY-42-151-210
SWIFT, JACK                            NY-42-5-403
SWIFT, MARIA O.                        NY-42-184-504
SWIFT, PATRICK                         NY-42-161-384
SWIFT, WYATT R.                        NY-42-64-36
SWITS, BRANDT SCHUYLER                 NY-42-3-49
SYMONDS, MERSILVIA S.                  NY-42-130-201
SYMONDS, THOMAS                        NY-42-86-412
TAATS, PHILIP P.                       NY-42-108-349
TABER, JONATHAN                        NY-42-64-7
TABER, PELEG                           NY-42-2-26
TABER, REBECCA                         NY-42-68-84
TABER, WILLIAM W.                      NY-42-49-364
TABOR, GERSHOM                         NY-42-82-127
TABOR, PELEG F.                        NY-42-95-173
TAFT, HANNAH P.                        NY-42-112-72
TAFT, OTIS                             NY-42-31-499
TAFT, SELINA                           NY-42-64-92
TALLMADGE, ISAAC                       NY-42-68-50
TALMADGE, ELISHA                       NY-42-49-554
TANDY, KATHEEN                         NY-42-218-124
TANN, MARY ELIZABETH                   NY-42-238-573
TANNER, ABEL                           NY-42-12-81
TANSEY, JOHN                           NY-42-184-535
TAPLIN, ISAAC                          NY-42-4-154
TAPLIN, MARY ANN                       NY-42-223-478                            
TAPLIN, SARAH E.                       Ny-42-233-636
TAPLIN, WILLIAM                        NY-42-179-581
TAPPIN, JOHN H.                        NY-42-218-798
TARBELL, DANIEL H.                     NY-42-223-45
TATOR, ELIZABETH S.                    NY-42-78-536
TAUFMANN, CAROLINA                     NY-42-218-517
TAUFMANN, JOHN                         NY-42-146-477
TAYER, BENJAMIN                        NY-42-95-486
TAYER, CHARLOTTE J.                    NY-42-123-254
TAYER, GEORGE                          NY-42-41-284
TAYLOR, BARNEY                         NY-42-123-307
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN                       NY-42-18-248
TAYLOR, CHLOE LANGFORD                 NY-42-102-520
TAYLOR, EDWARD P.                      NY-42-116-474
TAYLOR, EDWARD T.                      NY-42-98-615
TAYLOR, ELIANOR                        NY-42-5-131
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH A.                   NY-42-191-170
TAYLOR, GEORGE M.                      NY-42-98-593
TAYLOR, GEORGE W.                      NY-42-191-104
TAYLOR, HIRAM                          NY-42-95-290
TAYLOR, JOHN                           NY-42-31-288
TAYLOR, JOHN R.                        NY-42-238-724
TAYLOR, JOSEPH G.                      NY-42-45-27
TAYLOR, MANNING R.                     NY-42-86-106
TAYLOR, MARY A.                        NY-42-218-110
TAYLOR, MARY A.                        NY-42-168-218
TAYLOR, MARY B.                        NY-42-95-387
TAYLOR, PHEBE W.                       NY-42-112-163
TAYLOR, SOLOMON                        NY-42-3-286
TEAL, JOHN                             NY-42-179-542
TEAL, JOHN                             NY-42-179-577
TEANEY, MARK                           NY-42-190-6
TEEFY, MARY FRANCES                    NY-42-238-16
TEELIN, ALEXANDER                      NY-42-9-180
TEIL, JOHN                             NY-42-112-288
TELLER, DAVID A.                       NY-42-223-647
TELLER, JACOB V. B.                    NY-42-146-220
TELLER, MARTHA T.                      NY-42-151-169
TELT, JOHN                             NY-42-112-288
TEMPLE, JAMES                          NY-42-179-547
TENANT, SIMEON M.                      NY-42-146-665
TENEGIN, PETER G.                      NY-42-142-326
TENEYCK, ANDRIES                       NY-42-2-35
TENEYCK, ANTHONY                       NY-42-146-454
TENEYCK, CATHERINE                     NY-42-45-364
TERNAN, JAMES                          NY-42-98-142
TERRY, JULIA                           NY-42-223-785
TERRY, MARIA                           NY-42-137-614
TERWILLIGER, CATHARINE M.              NY-42-161-575
TESCHAM, CHARLES L.                    NY-42-130-438
TESON, NELLIE                          NY-42-223-584
TEUBNER, HANS PETERSON                 NY-42-142-398
TEVISS, HANNAH ELIZABETH               NY-42-163-361
THALIMER, PETER                        NY-42-98-70
THALIMER, SUSAN F.                     NY-42-137-549
THATCHER, ARLEN Z.                     NY-42-223-75
THAYER, ADIN                           NY-42-49-556
THAYER, CATHARINE MCKIE                NY-42-190-623
THAYER, FRANCIS S.                     NY-42-102-67
THIESSEN, MARTIN                       NY-42-163-62
THING, SAMUEL B.                       NY-42-218-358
THOMAS, ALONZO                         NY-42-130-589
THOMAS, ARCHIBALD                      NY-42-12-93
THOMAS, BURTON A.                      NY-42-98-90
THOMAS, ELLEN                          NY-42-168-311
THOMAS, EUGENE ELLIS                   NY-42-218-493
THOMAS, FREELOVE ***                   NY-42-64-482
THOMAS, JOAN                           NY-42-191-31
THOMAS, PELEG                          NY-42-12-57
THOMAS, PELEG G.                       NY-42-41-298
THOMAS, PELEG R.                       NY-42-37-177
THOMPSON, ABBY M.                      NY-42-123-401
THOMPSON, ABRAHAM A.                   NY-42-82-139
THOMPSON, ALLEN R.                     NY-42-211-410
THOMPSON, ALMIRA                       NY-42-37-228
THOMPSON, ANTOINETTE A.                NY-42-179-304
THOMPSON, CALVIN                       NY-42-9-76
THOMPSON, CHARLES W.                   NY-42-89-106
THOMPSON, CLARISSA                     NY-42-49-606
THOMPSON, CORNELIA                     NY-42-78-559
THOMPSON, E. RAY                       NY-42-184-414
THOMPSON, EDWARD                       NY-42-41-345
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH                    NY-42-116-295
THOMPSON, GILBERT G.                   NY-42-98-561
THOMPSON, HARRIET AUGUSTUS             NY-42-191-36
THOMPSON, HARRIET N.                   NY-42-151-223
THOMPSON, HARRIETTE CROSBY             NY-42-218-623
THOMPSON, HARRY                        NY-42-28-451
THOMPSON, HENRIETTA                    NY-42-28-131
THOMPSON, IRENE                        NY-42-72-1
THOMPSON, ISRAEL                       NY-42-2-278
THOMPSON, JAMES                        NY-42-41-279
THOMPSON, JAMES                        NY-42-184-258
THOMPSON, JOHN                         NY-42-161-426
THOMPSON, JOHN I.                      NY-42-191-89
THOMPSON, JOHN L.                      NY-42-95-472
THOMPSON, MARY                         NY-42-64-95
THOMPSON, MARY                         NY-42-12-54
THOMPSON, MARY P.                      NY-42-142-490
THOMPSON, PATRICK                      NY-42-86-24
THOMPSON, PHEBE G.                     NY-42-151-570
THOMPSON, SARAH JANE                   NY-42-142-556
THOMPSON, SARAH R.                     NY-42-86-621
THOMPSON, SOLOMON                      NY-42-6-352
THOMPSON, SOLOMON W.                   NY-42-72-469
THOMPSON, THOMAS                       NY-42-26-291
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      NY-42-37-51
THOMPSON, WILLIAM A.                   NY-42-211-52
THOMSPON, ESTHER                       NY-42-12-411
THORN, CATHERINE                       NY-42-137-220
THORN, GILBERT B.                      NY-42-161-354
THORN, JAMES                           NY-42-86-422
THORNTON, MICHAEL                      NY-42-112-203
THORNTON, PATRICK                      NY-42-95-286
THORP, JOHN D.                         NY-42-116-535
THURBER, ASENATH                       NY-42-78-87
THURBER, DARIUS                        NY-42-26-280
THURBER, SETH                          NY-42-37-81
THURMAN, CAROLINE T.                   NY-42-89-560
THURMAN, RICHARDSON H.                 NY-42-179-116
THURSTON, DAVID                        NY-42-7-177
TIBBETS, ELIZABETH W.                  NY-42-33-129
TIBBITS, GEORGE                        NY-42-41-5
TIBBITS, GEORGE M.                     NY-42-112-669
TIBBITS, GEORGE M.                     NY-42-98-44
TIBBITS, SALLY                         NY-42-18-289
TIBBITS, SARAH B.                      NY-42-108-7
TIBBITS, WILLIAM B.                    NY-42-95-392
TIBBITTS, GEORGE M.                    NY-42-142-317
TICE, GEORGE                           NY-42-4-222
TIDD, ALVARO                           NY-42-137-349
TIERNEY, PATRICK                       NY-42-142-123
TIFFANY, WILLIAM H.                    NY-42-123-638
TIFFT, ARNOLD G.                       NY-42-37-151
TIFFT, BENJAMIN P.                     NY-42-130-249
TIFFT, JOHN W.                         NY-42-137-288
TIFFT, MARY R.                         NY-42-102-164
TIFFT, RAYMOND D.                      NY-42-64-666
TIFFT, SPRAGUE                         NY-42-168-79
TIFFT, SPRAGUE M.                      NY-42-45-258
TIGAR, LOUIS                           NY-42-211-421
TILLEY, EDWIN                          NY-42-223-761
TILLINGHAST, BENJAMIN A.               NY-42-116-494
TILLINGHAST, CHARLES W.                NY-42-238-758
TILLINGHAST, ELIZABETH                 NY-42-49-597
TILLINGHAST, JOSEPH S.                 NY-42-179-141
TILLINGHAST, THOMAS                    NY-42-45-123
TILLINGHAST, THOMAS A.                 NY-42-95-160
TILLINGHAST, WILLIAM R.                NY-42-108-246
TILLMAN, ELIZABETH D.                  NY-42-78-226
TILLMAN, ELLEN A. F.                   NY-42-218-414
TILLMAN, LEWIS T.                      NY-42-18-420, 432
TILLMAN, WALTER P.                     NY-42-151-577
TIMBER, MARY ANN                       NY-42-211-8
TIMMERMAN, ALEXANDER L.                NY-42-203-124
TIMPANE, PHILIP                        NY-42-179-50
TINNEY, LEMUEL K.                      NY-42-211-128
TINSLAR, ISAAC                         NY-42-37-387
TINSLAR, SOLOMON                       NY-42-18-96
TITUS, PLATT                           NY-42-12-305
TOBEY, CLARINDA B.                     NY-42-89-340
TOBIN, CATHERINE                       NY-42-184-622
TOBY, ABIGAIL                          NY-42-24-359
TODD, JOSEPH H.                        NY-42-82-448
TOLHURST, CHARLES H.                   NY-42-238-739
TOLHURST, EMELINE J.                   NY-42-130-583
TOLHURST, HENRY                        NY-42-112-438
TOMB, FRANK S.                         NY-42-82-677
TOMLINSON, JOHN                        NY-42-179-435
TOMLINSON, ZECHARIAH                   NY-42-1B-128
TOMLKINSON, RICHARD                    NY-42-130-255
TOMPKINS, CLARK                        NY-42-89-13
TOMPKINS, ELIZA A.                     NY-42-203-1
TOMPKINS, FRED J.                      NY-42-191-44
TOMPKINS, JANE E.                      NY-42-229-124
TOMPKINS, JOHN E.                      NY-42-45-436
TOOHEY, CATHARINE                      NY-42-190-252
TOOHEY, HANNAH                         NY-42-190-648
TOOLE, JOHN                            NY-42-56-417
TORRANCE, HELEN                        NY-42-151-508
TOWNSEND, ABSALOM                      NY-42-6-154
TOWNSEND, CAORLINE E.                  NY-42-163-655
TOWNSEND, CHARLES MARTIN               NY-42-238-382
TOWNSEND, DANIEL                       NY-42-64-357
TOWNSEND, ELI                          NY-42-56-225
TOWNSEND, HARRIET A.                   NY-42-102-71
TOWNSEND, HARVEY P.                    NY-42-18-407
TOWNSEND, HENRY                        NY-42-31-422
TOWNSEND, LOUISA B.                    NY-42-137-266
TOWNSEND, MARTIN                       NY-42-37-390
TOWNSEND, MARTIN INGHAM                NY-42-211-95
TOWNSEND, RUFUS M.                     NY-42-218-160
TOWNSEND, RUFUS M.                     NY-42-130-473
TOWNSEND, SALLY                        NY-42-33-442
TRACEY, DEBORAH A.                     NY-42-146-38
TRACEY, JAMES                          NY-42-229-262
TRACEY, MARGARET                       NY-42-203-431
TRACEY, PATRICK                        NY-42-146-140
TRACEY, SAMUEL                         NY-42-98-120
TRACY, EDWARD C.                       NY-42-116-507
TRACY, JOHN                            NY-42-86-133
TRACY, JULIA C.                        NY-42-179-398
TRACY, MICHAEL                         NY-42-123-670
TRACY, PATRICK                         NY-42-179-402
TRACY, SANDFORD A.                     NY-42-78-58
TRAPP, MARY                            NY-42-108-138
TRAVELL, ELVIRA A.                     NY-42-211-734
TRAVER, ALVARO R.                      NY-42-130-467
TRAVER, ANN E.                         NY-42-82-259
TRAVER, ARTHUR N.                      NY-42-229-216
TRAVER, CAROLINE B.                    NY-42-190-530
TRAVER, CONROD                         NY-42-45-5
TRAVER, CORDELIA M.                    NY-42-211-726
TRAVER, CORNELIA                       NY-42-108-439
TRAVER, DAVID D.                       NY-42-95-78
TRAVER, DAVID H.                       NY-42-190-639
TRAVER, EMELINE                        NY-42-123-32
TRAVER, EMMA E.                        NY-42-238-57
TRAVER, FOUNTAIN M.                    NY-42-108-612
TRAVER, HELEN F.                       NY-42-163-559
TRAVER, HENRY                          NY-42-108-256
TRAVER, HIRAM                          NY-42-72-161
TRAVER, JACOB                          NY-42-112-341
TRAVER, JOHN B.                        NY-42-95-86
TRAVER, JOHN C.                        NY-42-56-245
TRAVER, MAHALA                         NY-42-229-637
TRAVER, MARGARET E.                    NY-42-179-351
TRAVER, MARIA J.                       NY-42-146-650
TRAVER, MILES                          NY-42-102-31
TRAVER, TOBIAS                         NY-42-95-178
TRAVERS, MARY A.                       NY-42-229-705
TREANOR, HUGH                          NY-42-190-291
TREI, CATHARINE                        NY-42-151-26
TRIMBLE, ANNA M.                       NY-42-203-404
TRIMBLE, WILLIAM                       NY-42-161-493
TROTTER, JOHN H.                       NY-42-190-605
TRUDEAU, WILLIAM                       NY-42-203-489
TRUESDELL, JOHN                        NY-42-49-411
TRUMBLEY, MARY C.                      NY-42-238-466
TUCKER, ELLEN                          NY-42-238-778
TUCKER, HENRY                          NY-42-33-338
TUCKER, JOHN IRELAND                   NY-42-163-28
TUCKER, JULIA V.                       NY-42-229-722
TUCKER, MARIA                          NY-42-112-286
TULLY, LAWRENCE                        NY-42-123-507
TUNNARD, ALICE                         NY-42-123-654
TUOTT, EDWARD                          NY-42-146-84
TUPPER, LAVINIA S.                     NY-42-89-528
TUPPER, PHEBE                          NY-42-2-75
TURK, LANA                             NY-42-49-468
TURK, THOMAS                           NY-42-12-402
TURKE, JEROAN                          NY-42-3-54
TURLEY, THOMAS                         NY-42-223-476
TURLEY, WINIFRED B.                    NY-42-218-712
TURNER, GEORGE                         NY-42-72-249
TURNER, JOHN                           NY-42-123-309
TURNER, JOHN                           NY-42-37-560
TURNER, JONATHAN                       NY-42-86-260
TURNER, MARGARET                       NY-42-223-455
TURNER, MARGARET                       NY-42-137-587
TURNER, MARY                           NY-42-64-599
TURNER, RICHARD                        NY-42-112-328
TURNER, RICHARD                        NY-42-229-34
TURNER, SAGARTIA C.                    NY-42-151-260
TURNER, WILLIAM                        NY-42-72-146
TURNER, WILLIAM S.                     NY-42-190-139
TUTHILL, DE WITT                       NY-42-116-160
TUTTLE, DAVID                          NY-42-31-106
TUTTLE, FANNY E.                       NY-42-95-115
TWAMLEY, EMELINE (AKA EMMA)            NY-42-238-367
TWEEDDALE, ANDREW                      NY-42-238-446
TWEEDDALE, ANNA M.                     NY-42-238-450
TWICHELL, WINSLOW                      NY-42-130-293
TWISS, ELIZABETH S.                    NY-42-68-180
TWOGOOD, EDDY                          NY-42-9-36
TWOGOOD, JOHN                          NY-42-9-96
TWOGOOD, JOHN E.                       NY-42-137-269
TWOGOOD, JOSEPH                        NY-42-56-109
TWOGOOD, MARTHA                        NY-42-151-161
TYLER, IDA F.                          NY-42-223-534
TYLER, JOHN H.                         NY-42-56-396
TYLER, WILLIAM                         NY-42-72-190
TYMERSON, CORNELIUS                    NY-42-123-560
TYMERSON, LAWESA C.                    NY-42-161-51
TYMESON, PETER                         NY-42-130-332
TYNAN, WILLIAM                         NY-42-102-359
TYNDALL, ELLEN                         NY-42-161-457
TYNER, WILLIAM                         NY-42-112-254
TYNON, JOHANNA                         NY-42-146-16
UHLEIN, BERNARD                        NY-42-2-199
ULINE, ALMIRA                          NY-42-151-102
ULINE, BERNHARD                        NY-42-49-535
ULINE, EPHEMIA                         NY-42-151-341
ULINE, GERTRUDE C.                     NY-42-238-769
ULINE, HANNAH                          NY-42-238-454
ULINE, JEREMIAH B.                     NY-42-163-583
ULINE, JOSEPH                          NY-42-190-19
ULINE, MINNIE V. A.                    NY-42-229-619
ULINE, WILLIAM                         NY-42-130-567
UNDERHILL, ABRAHAM                     NY-42-31-326
UNDERWOOD, JOSEPH                      NY-42-45-334
UPHAM, ASA                             NY-42-49-174
UPHAM, JOHN                            NY-42-31-90
UPHAM, SUSAN                           NY-42-223-798
UPHAM, WILLIAM                         NY-42-223-163
URE, ROBERT                            NY-42-161-276
URKE, JOHN                             NY-42-184-263
URSPRUNG, MAGDALENA                    NY-42-190-556
USHER, MARY                            NY-42-146-209
UTECH, AUGUST                          NY-42-102-236
VAIL, AARON                            NY-42-229-132
VAIL, AARON                            NY-42-89-512
VAIL, D. THOMAS                        NY-42-142-181
VAIL, EMILIE                           NY-42-108-331
VAIL, EZRA R.                          NY-42-161-545
VAIL, GEORGE                           NY-42-78-242
VAIL, HENRY                            NY-42-45-164
VAIL, MARTHA M.                        NY-42-95-646
VAIL, PHEBE B.                         NY-42-72-287
VAIL, SAMUEL M.                        NY-42-130-153
VAILL, SARAH A.                        NY-42-161-389
VALE, CHARLES                          NY-42-108-311
VALE, ELINOR S.                        NY-42-142-49
VALENTINE, CATHERINE ANN               NY-42-72-474
VALENTINE, LUCY                        NY-42-89-69
VALENTINE, PETER                       NY-42-161-279
VALENTINE, SARAH                       NY-42-33-211
VALU, ELIZABETH                        NY-42-137-372
VAMZANDT, ROBERT H.                    NY-42-151-226
VANAKEN, CORDELIA ELIZABETH            NY-42-130-445
VANALEN, BARENT                        NY-42-41-286
VANALEN, CORNELIUS P.                  NY-42-112-78
VANALEN, EVERT                         NY-42-45-314
VANALEN, HESTER A.                     NY-42-146-681
VANALEN, JOHN E.                       NY-42-2-501
VANALLEN, ANNE                         NY-42-6-210
VANALLEN, MARY ANN                     NY-42-64-45
VANALLSTYNE, DINAH                     NY-42-49-595
VANALSTINE, LUCY S.                    NY-42-130-150
VANALSTYNE, ANN MARIA                  NY-42-37-231
VANALSTYNE, BARBARY                    NY-42-28-154
VANALSTYNE, CATHARINE                  NY-42-95-489
VANALSTYNE, ELEANOR                    NY-42-203-493
VANALSTYNE, FREDERICK                  NY-42-86-634
VANALSTYNE, GERTRUDE                   NY-42-146-493
VANALSTYNE, HELEN                      NY-42-223-148
VANALSTYNE, MARY A.                    NY-42-98-54
VANALSTYNE, MATTHEW                    NY-42-6-454
VANALSTYNE, RACHAEL E.                 NY-42-89-85
VANALSTYNE, RANIER                     NY-42-64-617
VANALSTYNE, RICHARD H.                 NY-42-238-306
VANALSTYNE, WYNANT                     NY-42-6-362
VANANTWERP, DANIEL D.                  NY-42-78-588
VANANTWERP, LEWIS                      NY-42-4-445
VANANTWERP, LEWIS I.                   NY-42-95-10
VANANTWERP, MARIA                      NY-42-102-519
VANANTWERP, PETER Y.                   NY-42-56-63
VANARNAM, ANNA K.                      NY-42-218-618
VANARNUM, AMANDA M.                    NY-42-98-325
VANARNUM, CAROLINE                     NY-42-223-49
VANBERGAN, CHARLES H.                  NY-42-78-475
VANBERGAN, MARY                        NY-42-123-208
VANBRACKLE, JAMES                      NY-42-26-157
VANBUREN, ABRAHAM                      NY-42-33-16
VANBUREN, ANDREW                       NY-42-86-578
VANBUREN, BARNET A.                    NY-42-56-650
VANBUREN, CATHARINE E.                 NY-42-130-481
VANBUREN, CORNELIUS H.                 NY-42-3-395
VANBUREN, DOW                          NY-42-45-531
VANBUREN, HENRY P.                     NY-42-33-415
VANBUREN, HERMAN                       NY-42-45-270
VANBUREN, HIRAM                        NY-42-102-517
VANBUREN, JAN                          NY-42-1B-82
VANBUREN, JOHN M.                      NY-42-1B-227
VANBUREN, MARIAH                       NY-42-5-341
VANBUREN, MARY                         NY-42-82-214
VANBUREN, MOSS                         NY-42-5-239
VANBUREN, PETER                        NY-42-4-448
VANBUREN, REUBEN                       NY-42-179-573
VANBUREN, TINEY                        NY-42-37-294
VANBUREN, TOBIAS                       NY-42-4-422
VANBUSKIRK, AMELIA                     NY-42-238-103
VANBUSKIRK, CATHARINE                  NY-42-161-78
VANBUSKIRK, JOHN M.                    NY-42-89-272
VANCOTTS, DANIEL                       NY-42-3-361
VANDEBERG, JOHN                        NY-42-4-351
VANDEBERGH, BARENT                     NY-42-5-45
VANDECAR, ABRAM D.                     NY-42-45-211
VANDECARR, ANNA JANE                   NY-42-229-771
VANDECARR, HENRY                       NY-42-179-44
VANDEKER, CHARLES N.                   NY-42-68-144
VANDEKER, COURTLAND                    NY-42-168-482
VANDEKER, MARY J.                      NY-42-146-193
VANDEMARK, MAGDALEN                    NY-42-112-250
VANDENBERGH, ABRAHAM V. H.             NY-42-9-132
VANDENBERGH, ANTOINETTE L.             NY-42-190-195
VANDENBERGH, BARENT                    NY-42-72-276
VANDENBERGH, CORNELIUS M.              NY-42-1B-24
VANDENBERGH, FOLKERT                   NY-42-7-432
VANDENBERGH, GARRIT                    NY-42-9-113
VANDENBERGH, GERRIT C.                 NY-42-1A-1
VANDENBERGH, GILBERT                   NY-42-22-199
VANDENBERGH, GILBERT                   NY-42-223-591
VANDENBERGH, HARRIET                   NY-42-179-673
VANDENBERGH, JACOB G.                  NY-42-9-125
VANDENBERGH, JOHN                      NY-42-146-514
VANDENBERGH, MATTHEW                   NY-42-161-105
VANDENBERGH, MATTHEW R.                NY-42-7-243
VANDENBERGH, MATTHIAS                  NY-42-9-103
VANDENBERGH, THOMAS                    NY-42-7-127
VANDENBERGH, VOLKERT                   NY-42-6-217
VANDENBERGH, VOLKERTIE                 NY-42-3-125
VANDENBERGH, WEYNANT W.                NY-42-7-1
VANDENBERGH, WEYNANT W.                NY-42-7-17
VANDENBURG, MARY J.                    NY-42-168-29
VANDENBURGH, ANN                       NY-42-45-397
VANDENBURGH, CATHARINE                 NY-42-41-163
VANDENBURGH, HANNAH C.                 NY-42-72-551
VANDENBURGH, HELEN                     NY-42-137-488
VANDENBURGH, HENRY                     NY-42-82-133
VANDENBURGH, JOHN G. Y.                NY-42-64-613
VANDENBURGH, JOHN S.                   NY-42-86-494
VANDENBURGH, JOHN W.                   NY-42-82-506
VANDENBURGH, MARIA                     NY-42-163-213
VANDENBURGH, MARTIN A.                 NY-42-130-93
VANDENBURGH, MARTIN W.                 NY-42-86-280
VANDENBURGH, MICHAEL H.                NY-42-229-528
VANDENBURGH, MYNDERT                   NY-42-72-523
VANDENBURGH, NOAH L.                   NY-42-184-152
VANDENBURGH, PETER W.                  NY-42-18-29
VANDENBURGH, PETER W.                  NY-42-18-122
VANDENBURGH, RUTGER                    NY-42-102-361
VANDENBURGH, SALLY ANN                 NY-42-68-18
VANDENBURGH, VALKERT G.                NY-42-102-193
VANDENBURGH, WILLIAM H.                NY-42-218-26
VANDERBOGART, JOHN H.                  NY-42-238-214
VANDERBURGH, ELIZABETH                 NY-42-18-89
VANDERBURGH, JANE                      NY-42-179-339
VANDERBURGH, WILLIAM                   NY-42-6-125
VANDERCAR, JOHN                        NY-42-78-359
VANDERCOOK, GILBERT E.                 NY-42-116-250
VANDERCOOK, MATTHEW G.                 NY-42-116-33
VANDERCOOK, SIMON                      NY-42-9-314
VANDERHEYDEN, CATHARINE                NY-42-12-364
VANDERHEYDEN, CATHARINE                NY-42-179-395
VANDERHEYDEN, DIRCK Y.                 NY-42-6-76
VANDERHEYDEN, GARRETT                  NY-42-41-123
VANDERHEYDEN, HARRIET T.               NY-42-211-156
VANDERHEYDEN, JACOB                    NY-42-4-276
VANDERHEYDEN, JACOB D.                 NY-42-3-221
VANDERHEYDEN, JACOB M.                 NY-42-64-345
VANDERHEYDEN, JOHN                     NY-42-3-452
VANDERHEYDEN, JOHN D.                  NY-42-95-494
VANDERHEYDEN, LENCHY                   NY-42-56-398
VANDERHEYDEN, LEVINIUS                 NY-42-98-544
VANDERHEYDEN, MARIA                    NY-42-4-266
VANDERHEYDEN, REBECCA                  NY-42-112-362
VANDERHEYDEN, RICHARD D.               NY-42-5-169
VANDERHEYDEN, SALLY T.                 NY-42-64-177
VANDERHEYDEN, SARAH                    NY-42-37-569
VANDERHYDEN, DERICK J.                 NY-42-6-443
VANDERHYDEN, MATTHIAS ***              NY-42-31-370
VANDERHYDEN, SAMUEL                    NY-42-7-290
VANDERHYDEN, SAMUEL                    NY-42-7-236
VANDERPOEL, JACOBUS                    NY-42-2-185
VANDERPOOL, GARRET H.                  NY-42-12-398
VANDERPOOL, WILLIAM H.                 NY-42-130-33
VANDERWERKEN, CORNELIA                 NY-42-98-211
VANDERWERKEN, CORNELIA M.              NY-42-108-319
VANDEUSEN, MARY E.                     NY-42-142-590
VANDEWAL, JOHN                         NY-42-229-561
VANDOREN, MARIA                        NY-42-12-292
VANDUSEN, ANGELTIE                     NY-42-3-204
VANDUSEN, ELEANOR                      NY-42-2-448
VANDUSEN, JANE                         NY-42-184-294
VANDYCK, ISAAC                         NY-42-41-507
VANDYCK, MARY ANN                      NY-42-78-469
VANEVEREA, GARRET                      NY-42-49-367
VANEVERIN, MARTINES                    NY-42-4-314
VANEVERY, JOHN W.                      NY-42-37-49
VANEVERY, MARY A.                      NY-42-223-787
VANHAGEN, MARTIN                       NY-42-7-356
VANHAGEN, MARY J.                      NY-42-229-177
VANHEUSEN, CATHARINE                   NY-42-112-440
VANHEUSEN, HARMAN                      NY-42-5-100
VANHOESEN, ADDIE                       NY-42-218-638
VANHOESEN, BARENT J.                   NY-42-130-41
VANHOESEN, BENJAMIN                    NY-42-45-361
VANHOESEN, BENJAMIN                    NY-42-6-281
VANHOESEN, CATHARINE                   NY-42-68-26
VANHOESEN, CATHARINE S.                NY-42-238-288
VANHOESEN, CATHERINE                   NY-42-163-351
VANHOESEN, CONRADT                     NY-42-7-83
VANHOESEN, DELIA                       NY-42-82-490
VANHOESEN, GEORGE F.                   NY-42-211-219
VANHOESEN, JANE                        NY-42-102-205
VANHOESEN, JOHN I.                     NY-42-229-455
VANHOESEN, MENDART                     NY-42-3-389
VANHOESLER, TERANCE R.                 NY-42-130-23
VANHOOSEN, GARRET                      NY-42-49-219
VANHOSEN, JOHN                         NY-42-3-127
VANHOUSEN, JOHN W.                     NY-42-168-140
VANHUSEN, JOHN                         NY-42-9-221
VANKLEECK, SARAH M.                    NY-42-211-151
VANLOAN, WILLIAM                       NY-42-82-467
VANNATTER, BENJAMIN                    NY-42-5-64
VANNESS, CORNELIUS                     NY-42-1B-7
VANNESS, DAVID                         NY-42-6-173
VANNESS, PETER                         NY-42-26-511
VANNESS, PETER                         NY-42-82-242
VANNUMEE, J. THEODORE                  NY-42-123-625
VANNUTTER, BENJAMIN                    NY-42-3-341
VANOLINA, ABRAM                        NY-42-98-539
VANOLINDA, JACOB A.                    NY-42-116-202
VANPEET, EMMA B.                       NY-42-238-441
VANPELT, ALEXANDER                     NY-42-37-576
VANPELT, DANIEL                        NY-42-5-431
VANPELT, DANIEL N.                     NY-42-112-50
VANPELT, GARRET                        NY-42-2-205
VANRENSSELAER, CATHARINE W.            NY-42-116-371
VANRENSSELAER, DAVID                   NY-42-1B-188
VANRENSSELAER, HENRY                   NY-42-102-93
VANRENSSELAER, JEREMIAH                NY-42-72-410
VANRENSSELAER, JOHN                    NY-42-12-346
VANRENSSLAER, JANE                     NY-42-64-603
VANSALISBURY, BETSEY                   NY-42-151-232
VANSALISBURY, MARTIN                   NY-42-98-149
VANSANTVOORD, VIRGINIA                 NY-42-123-174
VANSANTWOOD, GEORGE                    NY-42-56-575
VANSCHAACK, ALICE O.                   NY-42-203-439
VANSCHAICK, AUGUSUS PLATT              NY-42-37-292
VANSCHAICK, CYNTHIA                    NY-42-229-265
VANSCHAICK, GARRET G.                  NY-42-33-85
VANSCHAICK, GARRET W.                  NY-42-37-564
VANSCHAICK, GERRIT W.                  NY-42-5-399
VANSCHAICK, LUCINDA                    NY-42-45-388
VANSCHAICK, WESSEL                     NY-42-12-356
VANSCHAICK, WILLIAM                    NY-42-41-461
VANSCHOONHOVEN, CATHERINE              NY-42-190-143
VANSCHOONHOVEN, J LANSING              NY-42-102-126
VANSCHOONHOVEN, MARY                   NY-42-142-430
VANSCHOONHOVEN, WILLIAM A.             NY-42-238-423
VANSINDEREN, JANE                      NY-42-82-342
VANSLYKE, JOHN                         NY-42-86-476
VANSTEENBERG, PHEBE                    NY-42-163-50
VANSURDAM, TUNIS ANTHONY               NY-42-31-438
VANVALKENBURG, HENRY H.                NY-42-168-387
VANVALKENBURGH, ABRAHAM                NY-42-1B-116
VANVALKENBURGH, ABRAHAM I.             NY-42-95-217
VANVALKENBURGH, ANNA                   NY-42-18-61
VANVALKENBURGH, ANNA                   NY-42-102-349
VANVALKENBURGH, CAROLINE               NY-42-218-439
VANVALKENBURGH, CAROLINE               NY-42-238-548
VANVALKENBURGH, CATHARINE              NY-42-130-233
VANVALKENBURGH, CLAUDIUS               NY-42-5-397
VANVALKENBURGH, GERTRUDE               NY-42-56-437
VANVALKENBURGH, GILBERT                NY-42-45-393
VANVALKENBURGH, ISAAC J.               NY-42-86-626
VANVALKENBURGH, J. MARSHALL            NY-42-108-556
VANVALKENBURGH, JOHN A.                NY-42-31-69
VANVALKENBURGH, JOHN L.                NY-42-108-599
VANVALKENBURGH, JOHN P.                NY-42-22-474
VANVALKENBURGH, MARIA                  NY-42-41-384
VANVALKENBURGH, MSITH                  NY-42-184-305
VANVALKENBURGH, NICHOLAS               NY-42-78-222
VANVALKENBURGH, RICHARD                NY-42-78-104
VANVALKENBURGH, TEUNIS                 NY-42-72-110
VANVALKENBURGH,M ARIA                  NY-42-89-5
VANVECHTEN, FRANCES LOUISE             NY-42-163-317
VANVEGHTEN, ABIGAIL MARIA              NY-42-163-105
VANVEGHTEN, ABRAHAM                    NY-42-112-107
VANVEGHTEN, ALIDA                      NY-42-6-256
VANVEGHTEN, DERICK J.                  NY-42-56-516
VANVEGHTEN, HENRIETTA                  NY-42-211-647
VANVEGHTEN, JOHN D.                    NY-42-82-547
VANVEGHTEN, SARAH E.                   NY-42-82-193
VANVEGHTEN, VOLKERT                    NY-42-1B-68
VANVEGHTEN, WILLIAM                    NY-42-78-179
VANVLECK, CATHARINE E.                 NY-42-151-455
VANVLECK, HELEN J.                     NY-42-78-464
VANVLECK, JOHN                         NY-42-4-414
VANVLECK, WILLIAM                      NY-42-64-197
VANVLIET, DERICK                       NY-42-31-361
VANVOLKENBURGH, CATHALINA              NY-42-112-484
VANVOLKENBURGH, ELEANOR                NY-42-116-239
VANVOLKENBURGH, KATE M.                NY-42-112-219
VANVOLKENBURGH, PETER C.               NY-42-34-300
VANVOORHAS, GEORGE                     NY-42-184-613
VANVOORHIES, SARAH                     NY-42-146-658
VANVOORHIS, JAMES                      NY-42-56-118
VANVOORIHAS, EDGAR H.                  NY-42-238-624
VANVORHIS, JOHN J.                     NY-42-7-419
VANVORST, HOOPER C.                    NY-42-161-345
VANVRANKEN, CATHARINE                  NY-42-78-177
VANWAGNER, PETER                       NY-42-56-183
VANWAGONER, SARAH E.                   NY-42-190-637
VANWART, ABRAHAM                       NY-42-41-361
VANWERT, JOHN W.                       NY-42-130-96
VANWERT, LOUISA M.                     NY-42-64-15
VANWERT, MARY                          NY-42-142-609
VANWOERT, JOHN                         NY-42-22-232
VANZANDT, BENJAMIN G.                  NY-42-146-593
VANZANDT, PETER H.                     NY-42-229-290
VANZILE, WILLIAM P.                    NY-42-223-790
VARIAN, JOSEPH                         NY-42-64-472
VARS, BENJAMIN                         NY-42-49-563
VARY, MARY E.                          NY-42-223-457
VARY, SAMUEL                           NY-42-3-46
VAUGHN, AUDLEY C.                      NY-42-78-540
VAUGHN, KEZIAH                         NY-42-41-482
VAUGHN, MARY ANN                       NY-42-137-136
VAWOERT, JOHN                          NY-42-22-195
VEAZIE, CHARLES                        NY-42-78-152
VEDDER, JHN N.                         NY-42-137-163
VEDDER, NICHOLAS S.                    NY-42-95-299
VEEDER, PETER L.                       NY-42-1B-148
VENDETTA, GIOVANNI                     NY-42-218-336
VERBECK, WILLIAM                       NY-42-37-255
VERMONT, MORRIS                        NY-42-142-461
VERMONT,R ACHEL                        NY-42-146-416
VERNON, WILLIAM                        NY-42-112-465
VICKERAGE, ANN                         NY-42-116-598
VICKERY, CLARENCE E.                   NY-42-211-773
VICKERY, ELI                           NY-42-72-457
VICKERY, ELI                           NY-42-12-175
VICKERY, STEPHEN                       NY-42-163-479
VIELE, ABRAHAM                         NY-42-9-288
VIELE, JOHN J.                         NY-42-64-77
VIELE, LEWIS                           NY-42-4-151
VIELE, TUNIS                           NY-42-18-93
VIELIE, JACOB                          NY-42-1B-191
VINCENT, ORRIN                         NY-42-184-88
VIRGIL, EBENEZER H.                    NY-42-146-294
VIRGIL, LORANE                         NY-42-142-154
VISKA, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-42-211-225
VISSCHER, CATHERINE GLEN               NY-42-64-640
VISSCHER, NANNING J.                   NY-42-6-514
VIZER, ANN                             NY-42-123-500
VOEGLEIN, MARY A.                      NY-42-123-30
VOGEL, CHARLES                         NY-42-223-11
VOGELSESANG, LORENZ                    NY-42-223-307
VOLENTINE, RICHARD                     NY-42-4-306
VOLLENTINE, JOEL                       NY-42-9-192
VOSBURGH, AMELIA B.                    NY-42-179-67
VOSBURGH, JOHN                         NY-42-163-134
VOSBURGH, PHILO                        NY-42-72-377
VOSBURGH, WILLIAM O.                   NY-42-184-136
VOSSMERBAUMER, WILLIAM                 NY-42-72-405
WACKER, CHARLES F.                     NY-42-161-285
WACTAL, VALENTINE                      NY-42-116-148
WADE, MICHAEL                          NY-42-223-439
WADSWORTH, GEORGE H.                   NY-42-229-317
WADSWORTH, LOTTIE P.                   NY-42-238-24
WAETLE, CONRAD                         NY-42-142-296
WAFFNER, MARY SOPHIA                   NY-42-218-3
WAGAR, CATHARINE                       NY-42-86-394
WAGAR, CLARISSA                        NY-42-168-493
WAGAR, FRANCES A.                      NY-42-218-393
WAGAR, JACOB                           NY-42-5-160
WAGAR, OLIVE                           NY-42-34-169
WAGAR, PHILIP                          NY-42-72-281
WAGAR, WILLIAM N.                      NY-42-229-422
WAGENER, CHARLES                       NY-42-161-332
WAGENER, LYDIA                         NY-42-218-8
WAGER, AARON C.                        NY-42-78-597
WAGER, ABRAM                           NY-42-64-299
WAGER, ANNA                            NY-42-130-424
WAGER, COONRAT P.                      NY-42-78-291
WAGER, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-42-190-600
WAGER, ISAAC                           NY-42-130-602
WAGER, JANE ANN                        NY-42-161-471
WAGER, JOEL K.                         NY-42-223-412
WAGER, LODOWICK L.                     NY-42-45-352
WAGER, MARIA G.                        NY-42-142-388
WAGER, MARIA G.                        NY-42-142-623
WAGER, PETER                           NY-42-56-362
WAGER, WILLIAM C.                      NY-42-89-33
WAGER, WILLIAM L.                      NY-42-190-161
WAGGONER, CHRISTIAN                    NY-42-190-691
WAGNER, ANTHONY                        NY-42-163-638
WAGNER, CHARLES                        NY-42-168-25
WAGNER, MICHAEL                        NY-42-179-73
WAINMAN, JOHN                          NY-42-116-12
WAIT, EDWARD                           NY-42-146-105
WAIT, JOSIAH A.                        NY-42-190-21
WAIT, LOIS                             NY-42-102-625
WAIT, MARGARET                         NY-42-161-439
WAIT, REUBEN                           NY-42-12-184
WAITE, JOHN                            NY-42-163-502
WAITE, PELEG                           NY-42-37-327
WALBRIDGE, CATHARINE                   NY-42-41-270
WALBRIDGE, MARY                        NY-42-5-299
WALBRIDGE, ROMEO                       NY-42-18-166
WALD, MARY                             NY-42-211-649
WALDBY, ROBERT                         NY-42-72-471
WALDHEIM, CHARLES                      NY-42-89-402
WALDRON, GEORGE E.                     NY-42-179-512
WALDRON, SARAH A.                      NY-42-190-67
WALES, RODERICK                        NY-42-45-469
WALKER, CAROLINE                       NY-42-161-62
WALKER, EDWARD M.                      NY-42-12-160
WALKER, GEORGE                         NY-42-26-317
WALKER, JAMES                          NY-42-98-582
WALKER, JOHN                           NY-42-82-457
WALKER, JOHN J.                        NY-42-223-577
WALKER, LEONARD S.                     NY-42-108-623
WALKER, LEWIS                          NY-42-28-304
WALKER, RICHARD                        NY-42-163-552
WALKER, SAMUEL                         NY-42-56-429
WALKER, THOMAS                         NY-42-211-361
WALL, ALICE                            NY-42-203-468
WALL, DENNIS                           NY-42-78-646
WALL, SUSAN                            NY-42-12-183
WALLACE, EDWARD                        NY-42-102-324
WALLACE, JAMES                         NY-42-7-70
WALLACE, LUKE                          NY-42-223-530
WALLACE, MARY M.                       NY-42-223-424
WALLIS, BENJAMIN                       NY-42-45-260
WALLIS, DANIEL                         NY-42-78-280
WALSH, ALEXANDER                       NY-42-6-376
WALSH, ALEXANDER                       NY-42-41-9
WALSH, ALICE                           NY-42-218-694
WALSH, BRIDGET                         NY-42-163-77
WALSH, ELIZA J.                        NY-42-64-313
WALSH, FRANCES E.                      NY-42-203-380
WALSH, JAMES                           NY-42-98-114
WALSH, JAMES                           NY-42-89-398
WALSH, JOHN H.                         NY-42-161-351
WALSH, LOUISA M.                       NY-42-130-325
WALSH, MARIA A.                        NY-42-218-746
WALSH, MARY                            NY-42-184-268
WALSH, MARY                            NY-42-151-54
WALSH, MARY                            NY-42-112-140
WALSH, MARY                            NY-42-184-639
WALSH, MARY A.                         NY-42-229-492
WALSH, MICHAEL                         NY-42-64-525
WALSH, MICHAEL                         NY-42-203-16
WALSH, MICHAEL                         NY-42-190-332
WALSH, NICHOLAS                        NY-42-203-296
WALSH, PATRICK                         NY-42-211-528
WALSH, RICAHRD                         NY-42-163-508
WALSH, RICHARD                         NY-42-86-452
WALSH, WILLIAM                         NY-42-72-554
WALSH, WILLIAM                         NY-42-9-166
WALTER, WILLIAM H.                     NY-42-37-93
WALTON, BRIDGET                        NY-42-112-566
WALWORTH, BENJAMIN                     NY-42-4-74
WALWORTH, BENJAMIN                     NY-42-1A-23
WAND, ELIZABETH                        NY-42-24-486
WAND, ROBERT                           NY-42-7-80
WANDS, CATHALINE D.                    NY-42-163-607
WANDS, JOHN                            NY-42-112-224
WANGNER, SUSANNAH E.                   NY-42-130-242
WARD, CAROLINE                         NY-42-98-416
WARD, CAROLINE                         NY-42-211-258
WARD, ELIZA K.                         NY-42-45-341
WARD, ELIZABETH                        NY-42-223-781
WARD, GEORGE                           NY-42-238-15
WARD, JACOB L.                         NY-42-184-576
WARD, JAMES                            NY-42-218-727
WARD, JOHN                             NY-42-64-630
WARD, LAURINDA L.                      NY-42-78-460
WARD, MARYA.                           NY-42-238-318
WARGAS, L. EDGAR                       NY-42-238-116
WARGER, JOHN N.                        NY-42-190-56
WARING, CHLOE                          NY-42-49-372
WARING, GILBERT S.                     NY-42-49-68
WARNER, BENNETT                        NY-42-98-276
WARNER, EDMUND C.                      NY-42-95-236
WARNER, GEORGE                         NY-42-41-247
WARNER, JACOB                          NY-42-41-69
WARNER, JOHN                           NY-42-12-363
WARNER, JULIA A.                       NY-42-98-191
WARNER, LEVI                           NY-42-45-432
WARNER, LUCSA                          NY-42-49-209
WARNER, MARK T. D.                     NY-42-49-520
WARNER, MARY B.                        NY-42-179-514
WARNER, MARY W.                        NY-42-123-215
WARNER, SAMUEL                         NY-42-95-560
WARNER, SYLVIA F.                      NY-42-179-556
WARNER, WILLIAM                        NY-42-24-264
WARNHAM, THOMAS                        NY-42-112-87
WARR, JOHN                             NY-42-168-308
WARR, JOHN H.                          NY-42-223-127
WARREN, A. CAROLINE                    NY-42-102-25
WARREN, ELIZA ATWOOD                   NY-42-229-767
WARREN, ELIZA T.                       NY-42-68-11
WARREN, ELIZABETH                      NY-42-64-478
WARREN, ELLEN                          NY-42-203-280
WARREN, ESAIAS                         NY-42-9-297
WARREN, GEORGE B.                      NY-42-218-733
WARREN, GEORGE B.                      NY-42-95-1
WARREN, HENRY                          NY-42-98-296
WARREN, HENRY                          NY-42-33-274
WARREN, JOHN                           NY-42-102-270
WARREN, JOHN                           NY-42-86-303
WARREN, JOSEPH M.                      NY-42-163-602
WARREN, JULIA ANN                      NY-42-108-317
WARREN, MARTHA O.                      NY-42-95-317
WARREN, MOSES                          NY-42-184-401
WARREN, NATHAN                         NY-42-18-46
WARREN, NATHAN                         NY-42-18-383
WARREN, NATHAN B.                      NY-42-179-643
WARREN, PERRY                          NY-42-82-1
WARREN, PERRY                          NY-42-34-284
WARREN, PHEBE                          NY-42-18-102
WARREN, STEPHEN E.                     NY-42-142-416
WARREN, STPEHEN                        NY-42-37-203
WARREN,MARIA                           NY-42-102-421
WARWICK, HESTER                        NY-42-89-426
WASHBURN, SARAH J.                     NY-42-37-226
WATERBURY, DAVID                       NY-42-49-585
WATERBURY, GEORGE                      NY-42-123-445
WATERBURY, JONATHAN                    NY-42-7-304
WATERBURY, LEWIS                       NY-42-49-512
WATERBURY, SALLY                       NY-42-179-281
WATERBURY, SCHUYLER                    NY-42-108-200
WATERBURY, STEPHEN                     NY-42-34-452
WATERMAN, CALVIN F.                    NY-42-123-62
WATERMAN, ELNORA D.                    NY-42-163-543
WATERS, ADAM                           NY-42-2-166
WATERS, ELIZA C.                       NY-42-229-304
WATERS, EMMA F.                        NY-42-161-638
WATERS, GEORGE A.                      NY-42-203-465
WATERS, MARCELLUS B.                   NY-42-191-34
WATERS, PATRICK J.                     NY-42-184-444
WATKYNS, BENJAMIN MARSHALL             NY-42-146-618
WATSON, JAMES                          NY-42-86-203
WATSON, MARY JANE                      NY-42-238-173
WATSON, SILAS                          NY-42-9-10
WAUGNER, PHILIP F.                     NY-42-229-295
WAY, HESTER                            NY-42-151-315
WAY, IRA A.                            NY-42-89-650
WAY, REUBEN B.                         NY-42-34-409
WEARMANN, ANDREW                       NY-42-89-661
WEASONHOUSE, ANNA                      NY-42-9-92
WEATHERBY, WILLARD                     NY-42-161-308
WEATHERWAX, ANDREW                     NY-42-3-374
WEATHERWAX, ANDREW L.                  NY-42-82-296
WEATHERWAX, CHARLES                    NY-42-190-162
WEATHERWAX, DEBORAH                    NY-42-116-637
WEATHERWAX, ELENOR                     NY-42-6-260
WEATHERWAX, JOHANNES                   NY-42-6-99
WEATHERWAX, JOHN A.                    NY-42-89-623
WEATHERWAX, LEONARD                    NY-42-238-666
WEATHERWAX, MYRON B.                   NY-42-116-543
WEATHERWAX, SEBASTIAN                  NY-42-45-442
WEATHERWAX, WILLIAM J.                 NY-42-190-667
WEATHEWAX, MICHAEL                     NY-42-190-213
WEAVER, HANNAH                         NY-42-102-200
WEAVER, HENRY                          NY-42-89-236
WEAVER, JAMES H.                       NY-42-229-23
WEAVER, JOHN                           NY-42-2-146
WEAVER, NANCY                          NY-42-78-112
WEAVER, NICHOLAS                       NY-42-89-422
WEAVER, REBECCA                        NY-42-18-245
WEAVER, THOMAS N.                      NY-42-123-619
WEBB, ELLA FOSTER                      NY-42-238-142
WEBB, ISAAC                            NY-42-33-52
WEBB, JAMES J.                         NY-42-238-277
WEBB, JOHN                             NY-42-108-215
WEBBER, MARGARET                       NY-42-184-591
WEBER, CATHARINE C.                    NY-42-179-105
WEBER, CHARLES F.                      NY-42-142-613
WEBSTER, ALVAH H.                      NY-42-112-198
WEBSTER, BENJAMIN                      NY-42-12-203
WEBSTER, EGBERT E.                     NY-42-184-245
WEBSTER, ELEANOR                       NY-42-78-322
WEBSTER, EVA                           NY-42-161-172
WEBSTER, JAMES                         NY-42-102-378
WEBSTER, LOUISA C.                     NY-42-190-502
WEBSTER, LYDIA J.                      NY-42-116-219
WEBSTER, SAMUEL                        NY-42-4-321
WEBSTER, SEYMOUR C.                    NY-42-146-59
WEBSTER, STEPHEN H.                    NY-42-184-59
WEED, ALSOP                            NY-42-64-170
WEED, CLARISSA                         NY-42-116-477
WEED, ELIZABETH A.                     NY-42-218-756
WEED, HENRY E.                         NY-42-146-82
WEED, JARED                            NY-42-34-50
WEED, JARED S.                         NY-42-86-211
WEED, MARY L.                          NY-42-130-222
WEEDEN, HARRIET O.                     NY-42-190-577
WEEDEN, JAMES                          NY-42-184-224
WEEKS, JONATHAN                        NY-42-37-123
WEEKS, MARGARET A.                     NY-42-184-628
WEEKS, MARTHA                          NY-42-108-649
WEGER, NICHOLAS                        NY-42-1B-184
WEGNER, SOPHIE                         NY-42-179-169
WEIDERWAX, ANN                         NY-42-137-78
WEIDMAN, JENNIE E.                     NY-42-211-182
WEINBREDIT, MARY                       NY-42-86-335
WEIR, EDWARD C.                        NY-42-223-742
WELCH, ANNA A.                         NY-42-218-611
WELCH, ELLEN                           NY-42-108-340
WELCH, JAMES                           NY-42-238-36
WELCH, JOHN                            NY-42-98-99
WELCH, JOHN C.                         NY-42-123-250
WELCH, JULIA                           NY-42-98-95
WELCH, MARY                            NY-42-168-422
WELCH, MARY                            NY-42-56-185
WELCH, MARY JANE                       NY-42-146-67
WELCH, NANCY                           NY-42-146-471
WELD, JOSEPH                           NY-42-24-68
WELKER, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-42-163-59
WELL, JOHN                             NY-42-116-40
WELLING, BENJAMIN R.                   NY-42-98-510
WELLING, CATHERINE                     NY-42-45-267
WELLING, HANNAH C.                     NY-42-223-610
WELLING, JOSEPH C.                     NY-42-45-321
WELLING, MARIA                         NY-42-86-418
WELLING, MARY E.                       NY-42-123-95
WELLING, NATHANIEL                     NY-42-64-83
WELLING, WILLIAM                       NY-42-26-128
WELLINGTON, BURTON                     NY-42-86-388
WELLMAN, JEDEDIAH                      NY-42-9-11
WELLS, ELECTA                          NY-42-108-574
WELLS, ESTHER                          NY-42-78-207
WELLS, IRA M.                          NY-42-12-265
WELLS, IRA M.                          NY-42-12-262
WELLS, JULIA P.                        NY-42-146-330
WELLS, MARY M.                         NY-42-45-325
WELLS, PHILANDER                       NY-42-72-254
WELLS, WILLIAM                         NY-42-56-419
WELSH, CATHARINE                       NY-42-163-91
WELSH, JOHN                            NY-42-116-66
WELSH, JOHN                            NY-42-82-8
WELSH, SETH P.                         NY-42-137-338
WEMETT, JOSEPH ***                     NY-42-82-10
WENCHELL, MARY                         NY-42-146-588
WENDELL, BARNEY                        NY-42-56-519
WENDELL, CORA                          NY-42-218-708
WENDELL, EVERT                         NY-42-49-646
WENDELL, HARMANUS H.                   NY-42-22-183
WENDELL, ISAAC                         NY-42-49-442
WENDELL, PHILIP                        NY-42-5-118
WENDLING, JOHN                         NY-42-146-464
WENTWORTH, ISABELLA                    NY-42-203-290
WENTWORTH, MARIE L.                    NY-42-72-55
WERE, PETER                            NY-42-102-447
WERGER, HENRY C.                       NY-42-112-257
WEST, AMOS                             NY-42-34-264
WEST, JOSIAH E.                        NY-42-190-17
WEST, NATHAN                           NY-42-49-587
WEST, THOMAS                           NY-42-24-372
WEST, THOMAS B.                        NY-42-123-124
WESTBROOK, CATHARINE                   NY-42-116-357
WESTERVELT, RALPH                      NY-42-130-380
WESTFALL, CHRISTINA                    NY-42-82-453
WESTFALL, GILBERT                      NY-42-18-162
WESTFALL, GILBERT                      NY-42-95-443
WESTFALL, GITTY                        NY-42-89-400
WESTFALL, JAMES                        NY-42-34-402
WESTFALL, JOHN                         NY-42-112-27
WESTFALL, MARIA                        NY-42-137-60
WESTFALL, MARY                         NY-42-211-690
WESTFALL, SALLY                        NY-42-78-678
WESTFALL, SIMON                        NY-42-12-269
WETHERWAX, SAMUEL                      NY-42-95-371
WETHEY, HENRY                          NY-42-31-318
WETHEY, JOHN                           NY-42-72-485
WETSAL, GEORGE                         NY-42-7-254
WETSEL, CATHARINE E.                   NY-42-68-129
WETSEL, GEORGE                         NY-42-45-78
WETSEL, MARIA                          NY-42-78-345
WETSEL, MARY ANN                       NY-42-184-478
WETSEL, PETER                          NY-42-112-563
WETSELL, DANIEL                        NY-42-37-418
WHALEN, EDWARD                         NY-42-146-678
WHALEN, HANNAH                         NY-42-223-493
WHALEN, MARY                           NY-42-123-540
WHALEN, PATRICK                        NY-42-146-110
WHALEN, WILLIAM                        NY-42-179-496
WHALEY, THOMAS                         NY-42-137-660
WHEATCROFT, SISNA                      NY-42-184-502
WHEELER, ANN L.                        NY-42-98-481
WHEELER, ASHER                         NY-42-34-465
WHEELER, CHARLES B.                    NY-42-151-42
WHEELER, ELIZABETH                     NY-42-49-407
WHEELER, HANNAH C.                     NY-42-82-249
WHEELER, JACOB                         NY-42-86-539
WHEELER, JAMES S.                      NY-42-218-391
WHEELER, JANE                          NY-42-78-9
WHEELER, JOHN                          NY-42-151-143
WHEELER, JOHN                          NY-42-6-222
WHEELER, MARGRET                       NY-42-18-180
WHEELER, MARIA                         NY-42-89-96
WHEELER, MICHAEL A.                    NY-42-56-370
WHEELER, NICHOLAS                      NY-42-3-344
WHEELER, SAMUEL C.                     NY-42-108-328
WHEELER, SILAS                         NY-42-130-320
WHEELER, THOMAS P.                     NY-42-116-115
WHEELER, WILLIAM                       NY-42-12-117
WHEELER, WILLIAM                       NY-42-64-351
WHELAN, DENNIS J.                      NY-42-229-156
WHELAN, JOHN                           NY-42-86-372
WHELAN, RICHARD                        NY-42-151-263
WHIDDEN, JAMES H.                      NY-42-98-231
WHILEY, MARY                           NY-42-161-596
WHILEY, SAMUEL                         NY-42-123-212
WHIMPLE, WALTER                        NY-42-203-192
WHINNERY, MARTHA                       NY-42-203-286
WHINNEY, DANIEL                        NY-42-123-645
WHIPPLE, DANIEL                        NY-42-72-452
WHIPPLE, HANNAH                        NY-42-102-503
WHIPPLE, JONATHAN E.                   NY-42-64-556
WHIPPLE, WILLIAM W.                    NY-42-68-151
WHITAKER, ANN T.                       NY-42-229-146
WHITBECK, PETER W.                     NY-42-7-386
WHITBECK,S TORM                        NY-42-142-76
WHITE, ALMEDA                          NY-42-211-334
WHITE, EDWARD C.                       NY-42-211-170
WHITE, HENRY                           NY-42-238-185
WHITE, JACOB                           NY-42-72-132
WHITE, JAMES                           NY-42-102-38
WHITE, JAMES H.                        NY-42-218-513
WHITE, JOHN                            NY-42-45-495
WHITE, JOHN B.                         NY-42-211-25
WHITE, JOSEPH D.                       NY-42-82-677
WHITE, MARGARET S.                     NY-42-211-314
WHITE, MARSHALL F.                     NY-42-86-533
WHITE, MARY A.                         NY-42-223-109
WHITE, MIRANDA N.                      NY-42-86-547
WHITE, PHINEAS                         NY-42-37-411
WHITE, THOMAS                          NY-42-98-188
WHITEGIVER, HENRY                      NY-42-116-243
WHITEGIVER, SOPHIA W.                  NY-42-82-529
WHITEHOUSE, THOMAS                     NY-42-211-1
WHITFIELD, GEORGE                      NY-42-142-596
WHITFIELD, ROBERT P.                   NY-42-238-780
WHITING, JONAS                         NY-42-98-267
WHITLEY, HENRY                         NY-42-211-110
WHITLOCK, SARAH S. H.                  NY-42-116-103
WHITMAN, ASA B.                        NY-42-112-443
WHITMAN, CATHARINE                     NY-42-95-167
WHITMAN, ELIZABETH                     NY-42-211-252
WHITMAN, HENRY                         NY-42-146-161
WHITMAN, PETER                         NY-42-161-436
WHITMAN, WILLIAM W.                    NY-42-211-200
WHITNEY, ELIZABETH                     NY-42-218-215
WHYLAND, BARNARD                       NY-42-37-251
WHYLAND, JACOB                         NY-42-49-517
WHYLAND, JACOB H.                      NY-42-218-374
WHYLAND, JOHN F.                       NY-42-137-657
WHYLAND, LEONARD                       NY-42-49-344
WICKES, ELIPHALET                      NY-42-41-142A
WICKES, JOSEPH                         NY-42-1B-180
WICKES, JOSEPH                         NY-42-130-580
WICKES, PAMELIA                        NY-42-130-9
WICKS, CHARLES                         NY-42-112-659
WICKS, PHILIP                          NY-42-218-573
WICKS, R. MARIA                        NY-42-98-529
WICKS, RUTH                            NY-42-82-317
WICKWARE, JONATHAN                     NY-42-34-200
WICKWARE, MARGARET R.                  NY-42-95-550
WICKWIRE, SARAH                        NY-42-112-365
WIDMER, FREDERICK                      NY-42-142-64
WIER, KATHERINE                        NY-42-72-358
WIGGINS, DAVID                         NY-42-218-138
WIGHT, SUSAN                           NY-42-31-357
WIGHTMAN, RHODES                       NY-42-7-402
WILBER, SAMUEL                         NY-42-12-174
WILBERT, MICHAEL                       NY-42-203-482
WILBRANDT, HENRY                       NY-42-229-218
WILBUR, CURTIS                         NY-42-64-215
WILBUR, HENRIETTA M.                   NY-42-190-454
WILBUR, HORACE                         NY-42-179-639
WILBUR, THEODORE C.                    NY-42-179-119
WILCOX, ALFRED B.                      NY-42-223-25
WILCOX, CODINGTON                      NY-42-31-78
WILCOX, DAVID                          NY-42-184-208
WILCOX, FANNIE M.                      NY-42-168-230
WILCOX, LENORA MAGEE                   NY-42-64-368
WILCOX, MARY E.                        NY-42-112-430
WILCOX, WILLIAM                        NY-42-72-242
WILDER, JOHN J.                        NY-42-108-306
WILDER, LYMAN                          NY-42-112-605
WILDER, LYMAN C.                       NY-42-223-238
WILDMAN, WILLIAM WATSON                NY-42-86-404
WILDS, MARY A.                         NY-42-223-712
WILEY, ALLEN J.                        NY-42-223-749
WILEY, BENJAMIN                        NY-42-86-83
WILEY, FREDERICK                       NY-42-163-344
WILEY, JAMES                           NY-42-116-258
WILEY, JAMES                           NY-42-49-107
WILEY, ROBERT                          NY-42-179-587
WILEY, WILLIAM                         NY-42-49-450
WILIAMS, ALLEN R.                      NY-42-137-451
WILIE, THOMAS                          NY-42-9-109
WILKASON, MATTHIAS                     NY-42-12-259
WILKER, BERTHA J. BARBER               NY-42-179-135
WILKINSON, ALMADUS                     NY-42-211-322
WILKINSON, BENJAMIN M.                 NY-42-190-193
WILKINSON, HESSIE                      NY-42-190-619
WILKINSON, JEEMIAH                     NY-42-64-450
WILKINSON, JOHN D.                     NY-42-137-628
WILKINSON, JOSEPH B. JR.               NY-42-203-72
WILKINSON, OSEPH B.                    NY-42-130-457
WILKINSON, RUSSELL                     NY-42-33-64
WILKINSON, SARAH S.                    NY-42-179-347
WILKINSON, WILLIAM                     NY-42-218-217
WILL, JOHN                             NY-42-82-136
WILLARD, CLARENCE                      NY-42-72-142
WILLARD, EMMA                          NY-42-72-152
WILLARD, JOHN                          NY-42-7-311
WILLARD, JOHN D.                       NY-42-64-254
WILLARD, JOHN H.                       NY-42-102-604
WILLARD, KITTIE S.                     NY-42-161-175
WILLARD, LAURA                         NY-42-112-451
WILLARD, LEVI                          NY-42-146-163
WILLARD, LUCRETIA P.                   NY-42-116-84
WILLARD, MARY E.                       NY-42-163-241
WILLARD, MARY G.                       NY-42-123-555
WILLARD, SARAH F.                      NY-42-68-81
WILLARD, SARAH H.                      NY-42-223-502
WILLCOX, JOB T.                        NY-42-142-340
WILLIAMOSN, CALEB                      NY-42-45-378
WILLIAMS, ALFRED B.                    NY-42-116-120
WILLIAMS, ALVIN                        NY-42-41-274
WILLIAMS, BETSEY                       NY-42-108-645
WILLIAMS, CHARLES N.                   NY-42-229-521
WILLIAMS, DAVID B.                     NY-42-116-375
WILLIAMS, DEVOTION E.                  NY-42-82-386
WILLIAMS, EDGAR M.                     NY-42-130-501
WILLIAMS, ELIAS W.                     NY-42-9-270
WILLIAMS, ELLEN                        NY-42-211-76
WILLIAMS, EMILY H.                     NY-42-229-739
WILLIAMS, HELEN S.                     NY-42-238-390
WILLIAMS, HONORA                       NY-42-123-259
WILLIAMS, JACOB                        NY-42-12-279
WILLIAMS, JACOB                        NY-42-12-330
WILLIAMS, JAMES P.                     NY-42-78-19
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         NY-42-223-528
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         NY-42-123-533
WILLIAMS, JOHN B.                      NY-42-41-76
WILLIAMS, LYMAN P.                     NY-42-56-194
WILLIAMS, NATHAN P.                    NY-42-229-36
WILLIAMS, ORIN B.                      NY-42-179-522
WILLIAMS, REBECCA                      NY-42-78-89
WILLIAMS, RENSSELAER                   NY-42-64-270
WILLIAMS, ROXY LANG                    NY-42-142-39
WILLIAMS, ROXY LANY                    NY-42-130-71
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN                      NY-42-26-206
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN                      NY-42-72-544
WILLIAMS, THOMAS B.                    NY-42-108-163
WILLIAMS, THOMAS P.                    NY-42-18-38
WILLIAMS, THOMAS P.                    NY-42-18-115
WILLIAMS, VILETTA                      NY-42-142-501
WILLIAMS, WALTON W.                    NY-42-89-640
WILLIAMSON, ELLEN LOUISA               NY-42-130-426
WILLIAMSON, HELEN J.                   NY-42-49-35
WILLIAMSON, J. HOWARD                  NY-42-108-517
WILLIAMSON, LAURA E.                   NY-42-89-492
WILLIS, CHARLES                        NY-42-116-237
WILLIS, GEORGE A.                      NY-42-223-441
WILLIS, THOMAS                         NY-42-56-469
WILSON, CORNELIA A.                    NY-42-238-153
WILSON, DERICK                         NY-42-2-416
WILSON, ELLEN                          NY-42-238-372
WILSON, GEORGE W.                      NY-42-123-516
WILSON, JAMES W.                       NY-42-203-435
WILSON, JANE                           NY-42-211-276
WILSON, JANE L.                        NY-42-116-49
WILSON, JESSE P.                       NY-42-142-276
WILSON, JOHN                           NY-42-218-420
WILSON, JOHN                           NY-42-89-81
WILSON, JOHN A.                        NY-42-130-546
WILSON, JOHN W.                        NY-42-142-329
WILSON, LORENZO                        NY-42-163-381
WILSON, MARY A.                        NY-42-41-460
WILSON, PHEBE                          NY-42-49-186
WILSON, ROBERT                         NY-42-86-177
WILTSE, ELIZABETH                      NY-42-184-678
WILTSE, HENRY                          NY-42-5-331
WILTSE, JOHN J.                        NY-42-112-118
WILTSE, WILLARD                        NY-42-161-212
WILTSIE, HARRIET                       NY-42-190-264
WINANS, HANNAH                         NY-42-78-68
WINCHELL, SUSAN                        NY-42-41-463
WINDORPH, JOHN                         NY-42-146-503
WINEGAR, ASHBEL                        NY-42-3-196
WING, BARBARAH                         NY-42-142-294
WING, DAVID                            NY-42-4-332
WING, HANNAH                           NY-42-72-246
WINKELMAN, CHRISTIAN                   NY-42-229-27
WINN, MARY                             NY-42-72-439
WINN, WALTER W.                        NY-42-116-221
WINNE, ABRAHAM                         NY-42-34-145
WINNE, CELIA M.                        NY-42-142-169
WINNE, CORNELIA E.                     NY-42-223-146
WINNE, DANIEL R.                       NY-42-223-563
WINNE, MARTIN                          NY-42-1B-240
WINNE, MOSES                           NY-42-22-104
WINNE, MOSES                           NY-42-22-115
WINNE, NANCY                           NY-42-68-138
WINNE, PETER                           NY-42-37-506
WINNE, PHILIP                          NY-42-82-319
WINNE, ROBERT M.                       NY-42-24-199
WINNE, ROXINA                          NY-42-78-347
WINNE, SALLY                           NY-42-45-343
WINNE, SUSAN A.                        NY-42-191-123
WINNE, WILLIAM C.                      NY-42-95-374
WINNIE, LEONIUS L.                     NY-42-161-298
WINNIE, RACHEL M.                      NY-42-142-475
WINSLOW, JOSEPH H.                     NY-42-211-361
WINSTON, ABRAHAM                       NY-42-37-363
WINSTON, JACOB                         NY-42-3-139
WINTERS, THOMAS                        NY-42-108-112
WISLER, ANDREW                         NY-42-78-495
WISNER, JOHN N.                        NY-42-184-195
WISNER, LUCY H.                        NY-42-218-686
WITBEAK, RACHEL                        NY-42-3-243
WITBECK, ABRAHAM                       NY-42-12-309
WITBECK, ABRAM                         NY-42-56-569
WITBECK, HERPER                        NY-42-1B-214
WITBECK, JOHN V. D.                    NY-42-190-334
WITBECK, JOHN W.                       NY-42-64-324
WITBECK, LEONARD L.                    NY-42-4-184
WITBECK, MAGDALENA L.                  NY-42-64-296
WITBECK, MARGARET                      NY-42-56-450
WITBECK, MARGARET                      NY-42-64-289
WITBECK, MARTIN                        NY-42-37-437
WITBECK, SARAH                         NY-42-163-499
WITBECK, SIMON B.                      NY-42-146-370
WITBECK, SUSAN                         NY-42-95-74
WITBECK, WILLIAM                       NY-42-12-24
WITBECK, WILLIAM                       NY-42-12-14
WITHERSPOON, DAVID                     NY-42-26-392
WITHERWAX, JOHN                        NY-42-72-51
WITHEY, BETSEY                         NY-42-86-638
WITHEY, RUFUS                          NY-42-82-101
WITMAN, JOHN                           NY-42-64-314
WITSEL, MARGARET                       NY-42-137-351
WOLCOTT, CAROLINE C.                   NY-42-184-233
WOLCOTT, DENIS                         NY-42-218-589
WOLF, JOHN                             NY-42-5-273
WOLF, LUCY                             NY-42-229-698
WOLF, MICHAEL                          NY-42-45-502
WOLF, RACHEL                           NY-42-26-527
WOLF, SARAH A.                         NY-42-82-158
WOLF, WILLIAM                          NY-42-168-566
WOLF, WILLIAM H.                       NY-42-18-271
WOLOUTER, AARON                        NY-42-184-274
WOMHAUS, THOMAS                        NY-42-98-153
WOOD, ARTEMAS R.                       NY-42-49-463
WOOD, BESSY A.                         NY-42-68-165
WOOD, CATHERINE J.                     NY-42-223-16
WOOD, EBENEZER                         NY-42-72-322
WOOD, ELIZBETH H.                      NY-42-102-250
WOOD, EUGENIA                          NY-42-163-389
WOOD, JAMES                            NY-42-137-239
WOOD, JAMES                            NY-42-37-1
WOOD, JOHN                             NY-42-123-140
WOOD, LAURA M.                         NY-42-64-460
WOOD, LIZZIE M.                        NY-42-238-575
WOOD, LYN P.                           NY-42-146-424
WOOD, MARY                             NY-42-82-198
WOOD, OLIVE                            NY-42-112-56
WOOD, PHYLLIS F.                       NY-42-190-515
WOOD, THOMAS J.                        NY-42-34-184
WOOD, WALTER A.                        NY-42-142-459
WOODMAN, ENOCH S.                      NY-42-130-227
WOODMAN, MARGARET                      NY-42-98-38
WOODS, JOHN W.                         NY-42-12-118
WOODWARD, CATHERINE                    NY-42-203-331
WOOL, JAMES                            NY-42-2-239
WOOL, JOHN E. (GEN.)                   NY-42-72-17
WOOL, SARAH N.                         NY-42-78-491
WOOL, SOPHIA L.                        NY-42-142-575
WOOLF, CHARLES                         NY-42-64-623
WOOLLEY, MARSDEN                       NY-42-203-487
WOOSTER, ALBERT E.                     NY-42-108-179
WOOWDARD, MARY M. B.                   NY-42-98-117
WORDEN, ASA                            NY-42-41-389
WORDEN, HARMAN W.                      NY-42-190-336
WORDEN, JOSEPH                         NY-42-4-336
WORDEN, LAURA                          NY-42-161-413
WORTHINGTON, DAVID L.                  NY-42-78-240
WORTHINGTON, LYNUS P.                  NY-42-102-344
WOTKYNS, GEORGE D.                     NY-42-98-27
WOTKYNS, SABRA A.                      NY-42-137-526
WRAY, HARRIET                          NY-42-142-362
WRIGHT, EDMUND L.                      NY-42-191-76
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH                      NY-42-116-338
WRIGHT, HANNAH                         NY-42-9-24
WRIGHT, JOHN                           NY-42-7-186
WRIGHT, LEWIS                          NY-42-41-43
WRIGHT, MOSES B.                       NY-42-123-348
WRIGHT, SARAH                          NY-42-229-359
WRINN, JOHN                            NY-42-123-51
WYATT, ALFRED A.                       NY-42-86-8
WYATT, CAROLINE K.                     NY-42-184-410
WYATT, HARRIET                         NY-42-78-627
WYATT, JOHN                            NY-42-64-333
WYLIE, MARGARET J.                     NY-42-146-552
WYLIE, SIMEON                          NY-42-56-662
WYNKOOP, MYNDERS                       NY-42-163-171
XANDER, JOHN                           NY-42-78-648
YAGER, CHRISTIAN                       NY-42-190-293
YAGER, HENRY                           NY-42-45-33
YAGER, PHILIP                          NY-42-41-357
YAGGLE, ROSE                           NY-42-211-310
YALE, WILLIAM H.                       NY-42-146-396
YATES, CATHERINE                       NY-42-203-360
YATES, EMMA E.                         NY-42-203-31
YATES, JACOB                           NY-42-12-185
YATES, JOHN G.                         NY-42-9-264
YATES, KATE M.                         NY-42-238-182
YATES, MONTGOMERY                      NY-42-98-241
YATES, PETER                           NY-42-3-91
YATES, SAMUEL                          NY-42-37-154
YATES, STEPHEN                         NY-42-56-67
YATES, SUSAN                           NY-42-72-303
YEAMANS, NANCY                         NY-42-18-352
YEGARSON, JOSEPH                       NY-42-86-41
YETTO, CELESTINE                       NY-42-102-98
YETTO, JAMES                           NY-42-163-614
YETTS, JOHN                            NY-42-137-62
YORE, THOMAS                           NY-42-146-356
YOST, LOREN C.                         NY-42-108-662
YOULEN, PHILETUS P.                    NY-42-223-671
YOUNG, DANIEL                          NY-42-7-384
YOUNG, GEORGE                          NY-42-179-625
YOUNG, GEORGE                          NY-42-238-247
YOUNG, GRACE GURLEY                    NY-42-203-111
YOUNG, JAMES                           NY-42-68-101
YOUNG, JOHN B.                         NY-42-98-227
YOUNG, ORANGE R.                       NY-42-142-508
YOUNG, WILLIAM H.                      NY-42-218-325
YOUNG, WILLIAM J.                      NY-42-89-446
YOUNGHAMS, HENRY C.                    NY-42-151-182
YOUNGHAUS, CATHARINE                   NY-42-123-519
YOUNGHAUS, CHRISTINA                   NY-42-116-491
YOUNGHAUS, PETER MATTHIAS              NY-42-184-687
YOUNGHAUS, ROBERT                      NY-42-37-421
YOUNGHOUS, MATTHIAS                    NY-42-28-201
YOURT, WILLIAM R.                      NY-42-56-471
YOUT, J. ELLIS                         NY-42-229-194
YOUT, MELVINA                          NY-42-163-72
YOUT, WILLIAM                          NY-42-151-255
ZEIGLER, KATHERINE                     NY-42-238-149
ZIMMERMAN, CHARLES                     NY-42-168-314
ZIMMERMAN, CHRISTIAN                   NY-42-218-482
ZIMMERMAN, LUDWIG                      NY-42-191-150

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