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GABIN, JAMES                           NY-42-163-12
GABLE, NICHOLAS J.                     NY-42-238-374
GABLER, ABRAHAM                        NY-42-86-619
GABLER, CEDONIA A.                     NY-42-72-84
GABLER, JOHN                           NY-42-168-169
GABLER, WILLIAM                        NY-42-49-211
GAFFEY, PATRICK                        NY-42-151-544
GAFFNEY, DANIEL                        NY-42-64-107
GAFFNEY, ELIZABETH                     NY-42-108-261
GAFFNEY, MARGARET                      NY-42-130-683
GAFFNEY, MARY                          NY-42-179-696
GAFFNEY, MICHAEL                       NY-42-56-660
GAFFNEY, MICHAEL F.                    NY-42-151-501
GAFFNEY, PATRICK                       NY-42-56-578
GAFFNEY, PATRICK                       NY-42-95-268
GAGE, CHARLES F.                       NY-42-223-372
GAGE, EMELINE                          NY-42-203-449
GAGE, GEORGE                           NY-42-2-337
GAGE, JEREMIAH                         NY-42-31-184
GAGEN, SUSIE                           NY-42-229-72
GAHAM, CATHARINE                       NY-42-12-298
GAINOR, MARY                           NY-42-151-62
GALBERRY, THOMAS                       NY-42-95-668
GALE, E. THOMPSON                      NY-42-123-47
GALE, JOSEPH S.                        NY-42-4-374
GALE, SALLY                            NY-42-56-492
GALE, SAMUEL                           NY-42-26-350
GALLAGHER, ANN                         NY-42-218-272
GALLAGHER, JOHN                        NY-42-238-205
GALLAGHER, JOHN C.                     NY-42-179-569
GALLAGHER, MARILLA H.                  NY-42-151-331
GALLAGHER, MARY                        NY-42-123-512
GALLIGAN, MARY                         NY-42-218-716
GALLUP, RUFUS                          NY-42-34-57
GALUSHA, CHARLOTTE M.                  NY-42-123-608
GALUSHA, ELIJAH                        NY-42-72-518
GALUSHA, HENRY                         NY-42-238-355
GALUSHA, JONATHAN                      NY-42-18-157
GALUSHA, JONATHAN                      NY-42-12-137
GAMRYCK, TABITHA                       NY-42-6-473
GANTHER, MAGDALENA                     NY-42-190-417
GARDENIER, ANDREW S.                   NY-42-64-168
GARDENIER, RANSEN                      NY-42-229-430
GARDINEER, HENDRICK H.                 NY-42-2-264
GARDINER, DANIEL                       NY-42-22-384
GARDINIER, HENDRICK                    NY-42-18-261
GARDINIER, JOHN A.                     NY-42-64-537
GARDINIER, PETER                       NY-42-45-348
GARDNER, ALEXANDER                     NY-42-64-523
GARDNER, ANTHONY                       NY-42-82-568
GARDNER, BENJAMIN                      NY-42-3-159
GARDNER, BRIDGET T.                    NY-42-108-198
GARDNER, CALVIN J.                     NY-42-184-353
GARDNER, CATHARINE A.                  NY-42-142-151
GARDNER, CELESTIA D.                   NY-42-238-227
GARDNER, DANIEL H.                     NY-42-86-16
GARDNER, DAVID E.                      NY-42-229-700
GARDNER, GEORGE                        NY-42-33-450
GARDNER, GEORGE W.                     NY-42-151-354
GARDNER, HANNAH L.                     NY-42-112-47
GARDNER, HELEN ANN                     NY-42-31-144
GARDNER, HENRY                         NY-42-7-13
GARDNER, ISHMAEL                       NY-42-3-37
GARDNER, JACOB A.                      NY-42-112-511
GARDNER, JAME SR.                      NY-42-45-31
GARDNER, JAMES H.                      NY-42-41-26
GARDNER, JEFFERSON                     NY-42-123-481
GARDNER, JOB                           NY-42-2-313
GARDNER, MARIA                         NY-42-64-306
GARDNER, MARIA                         NY-42-146-612
GARDNER, MARY                          NY-42-4-256
GARDNER, MILES L.                      NY-42-116-483
GARDNER, PHILIP J.                     NY-42-142-79
GARDNER, ROBERT                        NY-42-123-77
GARDNER, ROXANA                        NY-42-78-183
GARDNER, SIMEON                        NY-42-6-23
GARDNER, THOMAS                        NY-42-4-245
GARDNER, THOMAS A.                     NY-42-130-130
GARDNER, TOWNSEND                      NY-42-218-247
GARDNER, VARNUM W.                     NY-42-130-330
GARDNER, WILLIAM                       NY-42-211-494
GARDNER, WILLIAM L.                    NY-42-45-132
GARFIELD, TIMOTHY                      NY-42-31-51
GARHART, CHARLES J.                    NY-42-95-462
GARNER, HENRY                          NY-42-108-393
GARNRYCK, ZACHARIAH                    NY-42-4-13
GARNSEY, MARY FRANCIS                  NY-42-190-652
GARRETT, ROBERT                        NY-42-229-95
GARRISON, AARON                        NY-42-28-227
GARRISON, ABEL H.                      NY-42-82-315
GARRISON, ABNER                        NY-42-142-580
GARRISON, BETSEY                       NY-42-108-63
GARRISON, CATHERINE E.                 NY-42-184-193
GARRISON, CHARLES H.                   NY-42-190-33
GARRISON, DANIEL                       NY-42-72-148
GARRISON, DAVID H.                     NY-42-218-486
GARRISON, ELIZABETH                    NY-42-108-338
GARRISON, FRANK H.                     NY-42-142-368
GARRISON, HENRY                        NY-42-211-566
GARRISON, IRA                          NY-42-45-439
GARRISON, JOHN                         NY-42-45-250
GARRISON, JOHN                         NY-42-1B-123
GARRISON, MARTHA E.                    NY-42-211-706
GARRISON, MARY E.                      NY-42-218-776
GARVEY, JOHN                           NY-42-72-444
GARVEY, SARAH                          NY-42-190-181
GARY, ELIZABETH                        NY-42-108-18
GASCOIGNE, PHEBE B.                    NY-42-130-464
GASTON, CORNELIUS L.                   NY-42-49-214
GASTON, ELIZABETH                      NY-42-49-387
GASTON, JOHN                           NY-42-41-60
GATES, GEORGE M.                       NY-42-41-145
GATES, WILLIAM                         NY-42-190-485
GATSLICK, REBECCA G.                   NY-42-229-307
GAUL, EVE                              NY-42-45-350
GAUTHIER, LOUIS                        NY-42-112-637
GAVIN, ANDREW                          NY-42-123-356
GAVIN, PATRICK                         NY-42-184-650
GAY, WILLARD                           NY-42-137-582
GAYNOR, MARY                           NY-42-184-692
GEARIN, MARGARET ROURK                 NY-42-161-48
GEARIN, MICHAEL                        NY-42-108-391
GEARN, WILLIAM W.                      NY-42-37-302
GEDDIS, MARIA                          NY-42-64-135
GEER, ANNA M.                          NY-42-89-583
GEER, ASABEL C.                        NY-42-203-308
GEER, ERASTUS                          NY-42-64-202
GEER, FRANCES A.                       NY-42-238-5
GEER, FRANK                            NY-42-161-604
GEER, GILBERT JR.                      NY-42-163-333
GEER, RICHARD                          NY-42-18-280
GELMAN, LORENZO D.                     NY-42-238-527
GEMMILL, PHOEBE A.                     NY-42-190-327
GENET, EDMUND CHARLES                  NY-42-18-120
GENET, EDMUND CHARLES                  NY-42-18-37
GENET, GEORGE C.                       NY-42-218-147
GERLACH, JACOB                         NY-42-179-564
GERMOND, HENRY                         NY-42-18-305
GERMOND, HEWLETT                       NY-42-82-231
GERMOND, PETER                         NY-42-78-216
GERMOND, SEAMAN                        NY-42-18-80
GERMOND, SEAMAN                        NY-42-18-139
GERMOND, SMITH ****                    NY-42-28-312
GERMOND, STEPHEN ***                   NY-42-26-232
GESSLER, ELIZABETH                     NY-42-151-140
GETTY, ADDISON                         NY-42-190-450
GHEEN, MORGAN L.                       NY-42-82-240
GHEEN, STEPHEN                         NY-42-78-561
GIBBONS, BRIDGET                       NY-42-218-766
GIBBS, DAVID B.                        NY-42-89-433
GIBBS, EDWARD N.                       NY-42-223-266
GIBBS, GEORGE                          NY-42-98-620
GIBBS, LUCY A.                         NY-42-163-225
GIBBS, PRESERVED                       NY-42-72-72
GIBBS, RACHELE S.                      NY-42-89-254
GIBBS, SYBIL                           NY-42-123-394
GIBSON, JEANNETTE                      NY-42-151-639
GIBSON, JOHN                           NY-42-72-97
GIBSON, JOHN                           NY-42-64-610
GIBSON, JOHN                           NY-42-41-233
GIBSON, JOHN N.                        NY-42-56-573
GIBSON, ROBERT A.                      NY-42-161-530
GIFFEN, WILLIAM                        NY-42-78-438
GIFFIN, CHARLOTTE                      NY-42-211-508
GIFFORD, AARON                         NY-42-151-289
GIFFORD, BENJAMIN                      NY-42-6-411
GIFFORD, CALEB W.                      NY-42-5-383
GIFFORD, CATHERINE                     NY-42-218-582
GIFFORD, CHARLES W.                    NY-42-168-18
GIFFORD, DAVID                         NY-42-179-17
GIFFORD, ELIPHEL                       NY-42-26-176
GIFFORD, IRA                           NY-42-68-125
GIFFORD, IRA J.                        NY-42-218-176
GIFFORD, ISAAC S.                      NY-42-89-453
GIFFORD, JEDIAH P.                     NY-42-151-488
GIFFORD, JOHN N.                       NY-42-137-396
GIFFORD, MARY J.                       NY-42-137-498
GIFFORD, MERRITT P.                    NY-42-142-67
GIFFORD, OSCAR W.                      NY-42-238-30
GIFFORD, SUSANNAH                      NY-42-89-638
GILBERT, ALMA N.                       NY-42-223-285
GILBERT, BENJAMIN                      NY-42-18-83
GILBERT, BENJAMIN                      NY-42-18-144
GILBERT, CLARK                         NY-42-7-292
GILBERT, FRANCES A.                    NY-42-211-432
GILBERT, LIBETY                        NY-42-137-598
GILBERT, MARTHA                        NY-42-68-243
GILBERT, RUFUS                         NY-42-34-189
GILBERT, URI                           NY-42-123-411
GILBRAITH, ELLEN                       NY-42-229-712
GILBRAITH, JOHN                        NY-42-151-453
GILE, SABRINA                          NY-42-102-455
GILELSPIE, JAMES                       NY-42-137-428
GILES, ALFRED                          NY-42-161-337
GILES, GILBERT R.                      NY-42-86-399
GILES, JAMES                           NY-42-4-9
GILES, JOHN                            NY-42-137-232
GILES, MARTHA J.                       NY-42-86-410
GILFOY, JOHN                           NY-42-161-445
GILLARD, MARY                          NY-42-190-369
GILLESPIE, ALEXANER                    NY-42-130-101
GILLESPIE, JULIA                       NY-42-123-325
GILLESPIE, WILLIAM O.                  NY-42-123-385
GILLESPY, JOHN                         NY-42-123-57
GILLESPY, SALLY M.                     NY-42-82-93
GILLETT, MOSES                         NY-42-86-392
GILLETTE, CELESTIA A.                  NY-42-179-181
GILLIG, JOHN MARTIN                    NY-42-64-310
GILLIGAN, WINIFRED                     NY-42-168-292
GILLILAND, WILLIAM                     NY-42-89-477
GILMAN, CHARLES H.                     NY-42-116-145
GILMARTIN, WILLIAM                     NY-42-229-87
GILMORE, ALIDA                         NY-42-64-442
GILMORE, WILLIAM                       NY-42-41-477
GINTY, CATHARINE                       NY-42-168-13
GIREN, BARNEY                          NY-42-137-634
GLASHINE, CATHERINE                    NY-42-211-631
GLASS, JAMES                           NY-42-3-449
GLASS, JAMES M.                        NY-42-86-190
GLEASON, DAVID                         NY-42-26-563
GLEASON, DELIA                         NY-42-223-338
GLEASON, SAMUEL O.                     NY-42-218-710
GLENNON, ANN                           NY-42-229-48
GLINNEN, PATRICK                       NY-42-78-599
GLOCK, WILLIAM                         NY-42-168-130
GLOMINSKI, ANTHONY A.                  NY-42-123-115
GMENIER, KASPER                        NY-42-151-301
GOBLE, C. GRACE                        NY-42-190-285
GODDARD, SARAH KINGSBURY               NY-42-229-730
GODEBY, JULES                          NY-42-142-19
GODEBY, MARY P.                        NY-42-168-266
GODFREY, ABEL J.                       NY-42-41-238
GODFREY, JOSIAH                        NY-42-49-172
GODFREY, ROBERT                        NY-42-1B-322
GODFREY, SARAH                         NY-42-89-552
GODSON, JANE                           NY-42-179-635
GODSON, THOMAS                         NY-42-151-291
GOEBEL, FREDERICK                      NY-42-179-518
GOESELING, ANNA M.                     NY-42-98-368
GOETZ, MARIA ANNA                      NY-42-163-159
GOEWAY, ANTELINE M.                    NY-42-151-644
GOEWAY, DANIEL P.                      NY-42-112-463
GOEWEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-42-82-400
GOEWEY, JOHN                           NY-42-41-58
GOEWEY, JONATHAN                       NY-42-41-428
GOEWEY, THOMAS                         NY-42-102-347
GOEWEY, WILLIAM                        NY-42-102-320
GOGGIN, HENRY J.                       NY-42-211-564
GOGGIN, MARIA A.                       NY-42-211-610
GOGGIN, SAMUEL                         NY-42-229-206
GOLDBACH, AUGUSTINA                    NY-42-142-159
GOLDEN, GILBERT D.                     NY-42-78-33
GOLDES, ABRAHAM                        NY-42-98-409
GOLDING, FANNY E.                      NY-42-82-434
GOLDSMITH, MIRANDA A.                  NY-42-184-290
GOLDSMITH, THOMAS                      NY-42-116-7
GOLDSTONE, MICHAEL                     NY-42-151-580
GOLDTHWAIT, ABEL G.                    NY-42-229-181
GOLLEDGE, JANE                         NY-42-190-1
GOODELL, ENOCH                         NY-42-45-410
GOODELL, MELITA                        NY-42-72-425
GOODEN, GEORGE                         NY-42-7-339
GOODFELLOW, REUBEN S.                  NY-42-238-529
GOODING, CYRUS                         NY-42-137-381
GOODING, DAVID                         NY-42-37-102
GOODING, JOHN                          NY-42-229-434
GOODING, MEHITABLE                     NY-42-49-601
GOODING, NICHOLAS D.                   NY-42-229-70
GOODRICH, ANN H.                       NY-42-64-645
GOODRICH, JUSTUS W.                    NY-42-86-617
GOODRICH, ROSEL                        NY-42-7-396
GOODSPEED, ANTHONY                     NY-42-7-433
GOODWIN, HENRY                         NY-42-184-541
GOODWIN, JAMES                         NY-42-49-217
GOODWIN, JAMES                         NY-42-116-664
GOODWIN, JOHN                          NY-42-112-460
GOODWIN, JOHN J.                       NY-42-142-145
GOODWIN, MARGARET                      NY-42-191-124
GOOLD, JAMES H.                        NY-42-168-546
GOOLD, JOHN C.                         NY-42-112-615
GORDINIER, MARY C.                     NY-42-229-499
GORDON, ADAM                           NY-42-7-320
GORDON, ADAM                           NY-42-7-417
GORDON, AGNES                          NY-42-86-340
GORDON, JAMES G.                       NY-42-68-113
GORDON, JAMES G.                       NY-42-45-59
GORDON, LESLIE                         NY-42-223-557
GORDON, WILILAM                        NY-42-238-299
GORDON, WILLIAM                        NY-42-95-270
GORGAN, WILLIAM                        NY-42-190-495
GORHAM, FRANCES                        NY-42-184-403
GORHAM, SARAH WILLARD                  NY-42-211-92
GORHAM, SHUBAEL                        NY-42-7-180
GORMAN, AUGUSTINE                      NY-42-223-296
GORMAN, CORNELIUS                      NY-42-82-459
GORMAN, EDWARD                         NY-42-95-119
GORMAN, JOHN                           NY-42-179-353
GORMAN, KATE                           NY-42-168-286
GORMAN, MARGARET                       NY-42-130-391
GORMAN, MARIA C.                       NY-42-203-278
GORMAN, THOMAS C.                      NY-42-223-666
GORMLY, JOHN                           NY-42-191-82
GORWEY, JOHN B.                        NY-42-179-492
GOSLIN, JOSEPH                         NY-42-34-340
GOSS, JOANNA J.                        NY-42-190-670
GOSS, LOUIS                            NY-42-95-92
GOTTSCHALK, CHARLES                    NY-42-223-70
GOUGH, ALICE M.                        NY-42-229-30
GOULD, EDWARD                          NY-42-123-64
GOULD, GEORGE V.                       NY-42-116-601
GOULD, JEANNETTE                       NY-42-211-239
GOULD, SARAH                           NY-42-7-260
GOULD, SARAH M.                        NY-42-184-397
GOUVEY, SAMUEL S.                      NY-42-89-101
GOW, GEORGE                            NY-42-112-346
GOW, JANE                              NY-42-184-587
GOWERY, WILLIAM L.                     NY-42-146-214
GOWING, FRANCES E.                     NY-42-203-317
GOYETTE, CELINA                        NY-42-130-66
GRACE, BENJAMIN                        NY-42-102-61
GRACE, JAMES                           NY-42-98-364
GRADEY, PATRICK                        NY-42-86-374
GRAHAM, WILLIAM H.                     NY-42-203-274
GRANBARGER, NANCY                      NY-42-45-385
GRANERY, PATRICK H.                    NY-42-190-184
GRANT, ERNEST                          NY-42-86-33
GRANT, GURDON                          NY-42-56-343
GRASER, CHARLES F.                     NY-42-229-496
GRATE, PETER                           NY-42-223-138
GRATZ, EMANUEL                         NY-42-163-247
GRATZ, JOHANNA                         NY-42-238-500
GRAVES, MARGARET A.                    NY-42-211-209
GRAVES, OLIVER                         NY-42-218-401
GRAVES, TIMOTHY                        NY-42-98-435
GRAWBARGAR, DANIEL                     NY-42-12-195
GRAWBARGER, DANIEL                     NY-42-12-116
GRAY, DANIEL                           NY-42-12-91
GRAY, ELIZABETH A.                     NY-42-179-359
GRAY, JAMES                            NY-42-223-399
GRAY, JAMES                            NY-42-238-365
GRAY, JOHN                             NY-42-211-234
GRAY, LOUISA M.                        NY-42-184-426
GRAY, SARAH M.                         NY-42-229-761
GRAY, WILLIAM H.                       NY-42-146-559
GREASON, WILLIAM                       NY-42-137-415
GREELEY, PAUL                          NY-42-64-626
GREEN, BYRON L.                        NY-42-229-115
GREEN, CALEB                           NY-42-123-472
GREEN, CHRISTINA E.                    NY-42-68-116
GREEN, DANIEL M.                       NY-42-146-42
GREEN, DAVID M.                        NY-42-223-99
GREEN, DELOS W.                        NY-42-64-448
GREEN, EDWIN                           NY-42-68-121
GREEN, EMMA E.                         NY-42-190-377
GREEN, ESTHER M.                       NY-42-123-658
GREEN, GEORGE W.                       NY-42-130-78
GREEN, HANNIBAL                        NY-42-82-402
GREEN, HIRAM                           NY-42-78-108
GREEN, J. CRAWFORD                     NY-42-229-539
GREEN, JACOB                           NY-42-3-201
GREEN, JAMES                           NY-42-28-186
GREEN, JANE C.                         NY-42-238-668
GREEN, JANE N.                         NY-42-123-629
GREEN, JARVIS IDA S.                   NY-42-238-18
GREEN, JOB                             NY-42-98-470
GREEN, JOHN                            NY-42-31-43
GREEN, JOHN                            NY-42-1B-141
GREEN, JOHN                            NY-42-56-406
GREEN, JOHN E.                         NY-42-223-791
GREEN, JOHN G.                         NY-42-41-186
GREEN, JOHN P.                         NY-42-116-152
GREEN, LEWIS D.                        NY-42-102-306
GREEN, LOUISA A.                       NY-42-130-659
GREEN, LUCINDA                         NY-42-179-552
GREEN, MABEL                           NY-42-112-123
GREEN, MARY                            NY-42-130-258
GREEN, MARY A.                         NY-42-146-505
GREEN, MARY A.                         NY-42-116-110
GREEN, PARMELIA                        NY-42-31-152
GREEN, PHEBE                           NY-42-45-288
GREEN, PHEBE E.                        NY-42-89-469
GREEN, POLLY H.                        NY-42-102-121
GREEN, RAY                             NY-42-130-487
GREEN, RHODES                          NY-42-45-62
GREEN, RICHARD                         NY-42-2-252
GREEN, RICHARD A.                      NY-42-82-360
GREEN, ROBERT                          NY-42-86-464
GREEN, SAMUEL                          NY-42-18-78
GREEN, STEPHEN                         NY-42-78-238
GREEN, VARNUM                          NY-42-89-523
GREEN, WILLIAM                         NY-42-112-25
GREEN, WILLIAM H.                      NY-42-142-437
GREENALCH, JOHN                        NY-42-211-85
GREENALCH, RICHARD                     NY-42-238-187
GREENE, CATHARINE A.                   NY-42-190-507
GREENE, DASCOM                         NY-42-190-271
GREENE, ELECTA ALBINA                  NY-42-179-179
GREENE, ELIZA                          NY-42-179-335
GREENE, FRANKLIN                       NY-42-211-524
GREENE, MARY                           NY-42-56-65
GREENE, MARY E.                        NY-42-211-356
GREENE, WILLIAM DUANE                  NY-42-211-748
GREENE, WILLIAM F.                     NY-42-184-635
GREENFIELD, CATHERINE                  NY-42-168-669
GREENFIELD, JOHN N.                    NY-42-137-123
GREENMAN, BENJAMIN                     NY-42-31-198
GREENMAN, JEREMIAH                     NY-42-238-95
GREENMAN, MARTHA                       NY-42-5-60
GREENMAN, SILAS                        NY-42-2-230
GREENMAN, WILLIAM                      NY-42-3-162
GREEN,ORLANDO J.                       NY-42-137-315
GREENRIDGE, RICHARD T.                 NY-42-86-314
GREENWOOD, GEORGE                      NY-42-41-218
GREENWOOD, MARY A.                     NY-42-211-33
GREER, MARY JANE                       NY-42-211-763
GREGORY, ABRAM V. P.                   NY-42-56-500
GREGORY, ANTOINETTE                    NY-42-146-434
GREGORY, ELIAS M.                      NY-42-179-61
GREGORY, GEORGE                        NY-42-18-418, 437
GREGORY, SOLYMAN                       NY-42-89-3
GREGORY, STEPHEN                       NY-42-34-325
GRIFFEN, HANNAH ELIZABETH              NY-42-184-179
GRIFFIN, ELIZA B.                      NY-42-211-342
GRIFFIN, HANNAH                        NY-42-5-106
GRIFFIN, JOHN                          NY-42-142-407
GRIFFIN, JOHN                          NY-42-151-377
GRIFFIN, STEPHEN                       NY-42-2-101
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM E.                    NY-42-151-37
GRIFFITH, ABBY                         NY-42-86-558
GRIFFITH, FRANCE SC.                   NY-42-211-172
GRIFFITH, PHEBE S.                     NY-42-203-201
GRIFFITH, SMITH                        NY-42-89-278
GRIFFITHS, THOMAS                      NY-42-37-424
GRIGGS, PHEBE                          NY-42-72-86
GRIGGS, RUTH H.                        NY-42-161-612
GRIMMINGER, OTTMAN                     NY-42-64-222
GRINOLD, JONATHAN                      NY-42-9-79
GRISELEMIE, MARTIN                     NY-42-190-279
GRISWOLD, ELIZABETH H.                 NY-42-142-429
GRISWOLD, ELIZABETH H.                 NY-42-142-270
GRISWOLD, ELIZABETH S.                 NY-42-108-477
GRISWOLD, JOHN A.                      NY-42-78-260
GRISWOLD, JOHN K.                      NY-42-112-129
GRISWOLD, JOHN WOOL                    NY-42-203-25
GRISWOLD, LANDON                       NY-42-123-601
GRISWOLD, SARAH N. T.                  NY-42-108-120
GRISWOLD, SIMON                        NY-42-34-92
GRISWOLD, WARREN                       NY-42-72-48
GROESBECK, ANN                         NY-42-26-475
GROESBECK, ANN E.                      NY-42-130-147
GROESBECK, CATHARINE                   NY-42-24-208
GROESBECK, ELIZABETH                   NY-42-56-376
GROESBECK, EVE                         NY-42-56-88
GROESBECK, HARMEN                      NY-42-3-328
GROESBECK, HERMAN                      NY-42-26-82
GROESBECK, JOHN                        NY-42-6-316
GROESBECK, JOSIAH                      NY-42-49-409
GROESBECK, MARGARET                    NY-42-49-32
GROESBECK, NICHOLAS                    NY-42-86-304
GROESBECK, NICHOLAS                    NY-42-12-148
GROESBECK, REBECCA                     NY-42-98-423
GROESBECK, WILLIAM                     NY-42-22-439
GROESBECK, WILLIAM                     NY-42-18-346
GROESBECK, WILLIAM S.                  NY-42-179-151
GROESBECK,W ALTER A.                   NY-42-130-224
GROFF, HANNAH                          NY-42-82-69
GROGAN, EMELINE F.                     NY-42-190-581
GROGAN, MARY ELIZABETH                 NY-42-229-3
GROGENE, HARRIET                       NY-42-112-154
GROSHEAN, SALOMA                       NY-42-102-1
GROSS, CHARLES                         NY-42-238-664
GROSS, GEORGE                          NY-42-184-431
GROSS, LOTTIE                          NY-42-190-128
GROSS, WOOLF                           NY-42-190-386
GRUNAN, KATIE                          NY-42-238-459
GRUNMAN, JONATHAN                      NY-42-4-202
GUADENDORFF, HERMAN                    NY-42-95-293
GUEST, MARY                            NY-42-22-127
GUILE, ANN                             NY-42-112-269
GUILE, MARY E.                         NY-42-223-619
GUILE, ROGER                           NY-42-130-59
GUINAN, ELLEN                          NY-42-78-233
GUINAN, PATRICK                        NY-42-82-165
GUMBRUNN, JOHN                         NY-42-191-147
GUNDENDORFF, HERMAN                    NY-42-163-295
GUNDRUM, RHINEHART                     NY-42-229-479
GURLEY, LEWIS E.                       NY-42-168-460
GURLEY, MARIA K.                       NY-42-168-227
GURLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-42-116-485
GUTHIER, ANNA                          NY-42-102-245
GUTHIER, MAGDALENA                     NY-42-146-91
GUTMAN, JOHN                           NY-42-168-644
GUTTERSON, ABIEL                       NY-42-78-624
GUTTERSON, RAY                         NY-42-223-658
GUY, THOMAS J.                         NY-42-184-624
HAAG, THOMAS                           NY-42-161-198
HABER, HENRY                           NY-42-179-93
HABER, MARY A.                         NY-42-102-174
HABER, WILLIAM H.                      NY-42-89-534
HABERMAN, MAX                          NY-42-218-479
HACKETT, JAMES P.                      NY-42-137-401
HACKETT, JANE                          NY-42-95-204
HACKETT, JOHN                          NY-42-191-47
HAGABOOM, JOHN                         NY-42-78-621
HAGAN, BRIDGET                         NY-42-86-267
HAGAN, STEPHEN M.                      NY-42-146-306
HAGAN, THOMAS                          NY-42-203-463
HAGARTY, JAMES                         NY-42-2-2
HAGEBEEN, REBECCA                      NY-42-137-678
HAGEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-42-130-461
HAGEN, ISABELLA B.                     NY-42-229-15
HAGEN, LYDIA R.                        NY-42-223-766
HAGER, BARBARA                         NY-42-161-54
HAGNER, BENJAMIN                       NY-42-146-532
HAGNER, HIRAM                          NY-42-45-22
HAGNER, LANY                           NY-42-163-396
HAGNER, SARAH                          NY-42-137-312
HAHESY, DAVID                          NY-42-89-292
HAIGHT, HENRY Z.                       NY-42-229-667
HAIGHT, ISAAC N.                       NY-42-142-278
HAIGHT, MARIA                          NY-42-137-667
HAKES, CLARK                           NY-42-49-376
HAKES, GEORGE                          NY-42-9-111
HAKES, GEORGE W.                       NY-42-142-203
HAKES, HANNAH                          NY-42-151-65
HAKES, HARRIET M.                      NY-42-203-161
HAKES, JABEZ                           NY-42-142-1
HAKES, JEREMIAH S.                     NY-42-211-255
HAKES, LEONARD S.                      NY-42-137-194
HAKES, LUCY                            NY-42-64-476
HAKES, MARIA S.                        NY-42-179-627
HAKES, NINA M.                         NY-42-238-111
HAKES, SULLAVEN H.                     NY-42-238-304
HAKES, WEEDEN                          NY-42-34-415
HAKES,JEREMIAH S.                      NY-42-89-24
HALE, HENRY                            NY-42-229-130
HALE, MARY ELIZABETH                   NY-42-223-545
HALE, ORRIN J.                         NY-42-179-583
HALE, ZENAS H.P.                       NY-42-78-277
HALEY, ABRAHAM P.                      NY-42-142-213
HALEY, CLEMENTINE                      NY-42-238-123
HALEY, JAMES                           NY-42-78-197
HALL, AARON                            NY-42-7-172
HALL, ALBERT G.                        NY-42-78-477
HALL, AMELIA W.                        NY-42-86-286
HALL, ANN E. F.                        NY-42-146-30
HALL, ARYINETTE                        NY-42-108-479
HALL, AUGUSTUS J.                      NY-42-98-123
HALL, BARTON                           NY-42-86-50
HALL, BENJAMIN H.                      NY-42-146-525
HALL, BETSEY                           NY-42-163-400
HALL, CHARLOTTE E.                     NY-42-223-220
HALL, DAVID                            NY-42-56-117
HALL, DENNIS                           NY-42-168-621
HALL, DORCAS                           NY-42-56-125
HALL, FITZEDWARD                       NY-42-190-479
HALL, GEORGE                           NY-42-151-32
HALL, GIDEON S.                        NY-42-218-281
HALL, HARRIET                          NY-42-203-131
HALL, HARRIET A.                       NY-42-184-168
HALL, HENRIETTA                        NY-42-229-159
HALL, JEREMIAH                         NY-42-82-405
HALL, JEREMIAH                         NY-42-24-221
HALL, JOHN A.                          NY-42-12-144
HALL, JOHN M.                          NY-42-190-35
HALL, MARTHA J.                        NY-42-116-423
HALL, MARY O.                          NY-42-190-167
HALL, OSCAR D.                         NY-42-89-7
HALL, PHEBE                            NY-42-102-432
HALL, PHILO                            NY-42-161-65
HALL, ROWLAND                          NY-42-6-374
HALL, RUTH M.                          NY-42-168-273
HALL, SARAH ANN                        NY-42-130-561
HALL, SARAH F.                         NY-42-86-343
HALL, SARAH H                          NY-42-184-429
HALL, TIMOTHY                          NY-42-116-92
HALL, WILLIAM                          NY-42-45-29
HALL, WILLIAM                          NY-42-64-285
HALL, WILLIAM H.                       NY-42-203-56
HALL, WINIFRED                         NY-42-229-640
HALLENBECK, ANN                        NY-42-179-445
HALLENBECK, DANIEL                     NY-42-5-354
HALLENBECK, DAVID                      NY-42-179-641
HALLENBECK, JAMES                      NY-42-72-240
HALLENBECK, JOHN                       NY-42-41-253A
HALLENBECK, JOHN                       NY-42-82-186
HALLEY, EBEN                           NY-42-161-515
HALLIDAY, JAMES                        NY-42-151-280
HALLIGAN, BARNEY                       NY-42-112-61
HALLIGAN, JAMES                        NY-42-78-3
HALPIN, ELIZA E.                       NY-42-168-618
HALPIN, JOHN                           NY-42-146-56
HALSEY, THOMAS                         NY-42-203-447
HALSTEAD, CAROLINE L. C.               NY-42-137-7
HALSTEAD, CHARLES H.                   NY-42-223-198
HALSTEAD, DEWITT C.                    NY-42-191-86
HALSTED, JOSEPH                        NY-42-7-300
HALSTED, THOMAS                        NY-42-2-334
HAM, ANTHONY                           NY-42-112-369
HAM, CATHERINE                         NY-42-49-200
HAM, COENRAD C.                        NY-42-22-252
HAM, CONRADT                           NY-42-3-61
HAM, COONRAD C.                        NY-42-18-173
HAM, DEBORAH A.                        NY-42-72-333
HAM, FREDERICK C.                      NY-42-49-335
HAM, HENRY                             NY-42-218-515
HAM, ISAAC                             NY-42-64-291
HAM, PETER                             NY-42-3-58
HAM, WILLIAM M.                        NY-42-191-154
HAMBLIN, MYRON                         NY-42-12-206
HAMBLIN, MYRON                         NY-42-12-343
HAMBLIN, MYRON P.                      NY-42-95-569
HAMILTON, RCAHEL                       NY-42-146-320
HAMMETT, MARY C.                       NY-42-190-546
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                       NY-42-3-272
HAND, ISAAC B.                         NY-42-3-399
HANDIBODE, ELIZABETH                   NY-42-223-357
HANDRAHAN, JOSEPH                      NY-42-108-505
HANER, DAVID                           NY-42-1B-40
HANER, FANNIE                          NY-42-130-669
HANER, GEORGE P.                       NY-42-37-502
HANER, HENRY                           NY-42-9-62
HANES, JOHN                            NY-42-6-332
HANKEL, DORA                           NY-42-218-183
HANLEY, JAMES                          NY-42-116-401
HANLEY, JOHN                           NY-42-184-355
HANLEY, JOHNJ.                         NY-42-163-165
HANLON, JAMES                          NY-42-161-14
HANLON, PATRICK                        NY-42-123-674
HANLON, WILLIAM                        NY-42-161-319
HANNA, JAMES                           NY-42-137-547
HANNA, MARY                            NY-42-229-121
HANNAN, DENNIS                         NY-42-203-187
HANNON, JOHN J. H.                     NY-42-130-291
HANOVER, MARY                          NY-42-123-149
HANSEN, HANS N.                        NY-42-86-142
HANSEN, NICKOLAUS                      NY-42-190-243
HANSMANN, GEORGE                       NY-42-218-95
HANTON, ANNA                           NY-42-82-352
HANVEY, JOHN                           NY-42-28-477
HAPP, GEORGE                           NY-42-218-334
HARAN, MICHAEL                         NY-42-146-344
HARBROUCK, ISAAC A.                    NY-42-161-553
HARDEN, HELEN M.                       NY-42-161-103
HARDER, FRANK P.                       NY-42-179-47
HARDER, GEORGE W.                      NY-42-98-495
HARDER, HELEN M.                       NY-42-89-110
HARDER, KATHARINE                      NY-42-102-150
HARDER, LOUISA                         NY-42-72-347
HARDE,R PETER P.                       NY-42-18-67
HARDER, PETER P.                       NY-42-18-135
HARDER, WILLIAM A.                     NY-42-179-612
HARDICK, CATHARINE B.                  NY-42-112-231
HARDICK, JOHN                          NY-42-203-41
HARDING, ELIZA JANE                    NY-42-190-287
HARDY, LGEORGE R.                      NY-42-184-632
HARE, JOHN                             NY-42-179-692
HARMAN, HANNAH                         NY-42-34-367
HARMAN, JACOB                          NY-42-6-385
HARMAN, KATHARINE                      NY-42-34-26
HARMER, JAMES                          NY-42-223-720
HAROS, WILLIAM                         NY-42-78-315
HARPHAM, JOSHUA                        NY-42-18-64
HARRA, AMELIA                          NY-42-223-150
HARRELL, CLAUDIUS                      NY-42-37-535
HARRIGAN, CORNELIUS                    NY-42-112-241
HARRINGTON, ABRAHAM                    NY-42-37-146
HARRINGTON, ARLINA                     NY-42-223-344
HARRINGTON, HENRY J.                   NY-42-229-678
HARRINGTON, MARGARET JANE              NY-42-137-53
HARRINGTON, ORMUS                      NY-42-184-514
HARRINGTON, PHILP                      NY-42-41-252
HARRINGTON, SARAH E.                   NY-42-102-539
HARRIS, ANN MARIA                      NY-42-112-100
HARRIS, BATHSHEBA                      NY-42-229-172
HARRIS, CATHARINE E.                   NY-42-98-329
HARRIS, CECILIA                        NY-42-10-
HARRIS, EDMUND S.                      NY-42-168-511
HARRIS, EDWARD                         NY-42-37-478
HARRIS, ELIZABETH W.                   NY-42-190-499
HARRIS, EPHRAIM                        NY-42-4-308
HARRIS, ESTHER                         NY-42-190-132
HARRIS, HEMAN                          NY-42-41-497
HARRIS, JUSTUS                         NY-42-218-625
HARRIS, LUCINDA                        NY-42-45-413
HARRIS, PHEBE W.                       NY-42-37-221
HARRISON, DAVID                        NY-42-151-498
HARRISON, FRANCIS                      NY-42-116-9
HARRISON, GEORGE                       NY-42-123-228
HARRISON, JAMES                        NY-42-12-333
HARRISON, JOHN                         NY-42-190-467
HARRISON, MALVINA                      NY-42-82-524
HARRITY, JOHN P.                       NY-42-190-148
HART, BETSEY AMELIA                    NY-42-116-404
HART, BRIDGET                          NY-42-190-250
HART, CASPAR                           NY-42-72-113
HART, ELLEN                            NY-42-142-529
HART, HARRIETTE E.                     NY-42-161-369
HART, ISAAC B.                         NY-42-68-238
HART, JOHN H.                          NY-42-229-523
HART, MARGARET                         NY-42-218-250
HART, MICHAEL                          NY-42-142-690
HART, PATRICK                          NY-42-190-358
HART, RICHARD P.                       NY-42-34-74
HART, SARAH W.                         NY-42-146-429
HARTER, JOHN                           NY-42-211-387
HARTHORN, LYMAN                        NY-42-146-564
HARTHORN, THOMAS W.                    NY-42-146-168
HARTIGAN, RICAHRD K.                   NY-42-223-247
HARTLEY, ANN                           NY-42-151-536
HARTLEY, JAMES                         NY-42-203-81
HARTLEY, URSULA A.                     NY-42-68-6
HARTNETT, MARGARET                     NY-42-116-180
HARTNETT, MARY SAUSSE                  NY-42-161-348
HARTSHORN, NANCY A. V.                 NY-42-137-441
HARTSHORN, SANFORD                     NY-42-49-40
HARTT, CHARLES S.                      NY-42-82-60
HARTWELL, CHARLES E.                   NY-42-238-87
HARVEY, MARY H.                        NY-42-123-175
HARWOOD, CATHERINE J.                  NY-42-184-607
HARWOOD, SAMUEL                        NY-42-142-378
HARZ, JACOB                            NY-42-161-452
HASBROUCK, ROBERT M.                   NY-42-116-169
HASBROUCK, SARAH J.                    NY-42-130-282
HASKELL, ROBERT C.                     NY-42-168-476
HASKELL, SARAH H.                      NY-42-238-474
HASKINS, MARGARET                      NY-42-179-225
HASLEHURST, EDWIN                      NY-42-137-176
HASLEHURST, JANE M.                    NY-42-184-646
HASSAN, EUGENE                         NY-42-168-692
HASTINGS, CATHERINE M.                 NY-42-211-777
HASTINGS, MARY E.                      NY-42-163-37
HASTINGS, NATHAN M.                    NY-42-146-562
HASWELL, ALVAH R.                      NY-42-137-121
HASWELL, ANN                           NY-42-82-550
HASWELL, MARIA H.                      NY-42-218-338
HASWELL, ROBERT                        NY-42-68-60
HATCH, PHILANDER                       NY-42-86-265
HATCHER, SARAH                         NY-42-102-554
HATHAWAY, BAILEY G.                    NY-42-82-195
HAUCHET, CATHARINE                     NY-42-179-240
HAUCHET, DAN                           NY-42-168-346
HAUER, JOHN R.                         NY-42-86-108
HAUER, JULIA A.                        NY-42-89-571
HAUER, MARIA                           NY-42-49-228
HAUER, SARAH A.                        NY-42-95-438
HAUNER, EMMA J.                        NY-42-161-271
HAUSSLER, JOSEPH                       NY-42-102-631
HAUZE, FRANCIS                         NY-42-45-188
HAVENS, PERLEY E.                      NY-42-184-574
HAVENS, WILLIAM                        NY-42-2-109
HAVENS, WILLIAM                        NY-42-1B-32
HAVEY, DANIEL                          NY-42-37-527
HAVEY, EDWARD                          NY-42-56-665
HAVILAND, CALEB                        NY-42-161-195
HAVILAND, EMILY                        NY-42-184-560
HAVILAND, GARRISON                     NY-42-102-82
HAVILAND, GARRISON                     NY-42-6-428
HAVILAND, JOHN                         NY-42-184-188
HAVILAND, JOHN                         NY-42-98-349
HAVILAND, MARGARET                     NY-42-112-639
HAWES, ALANSON W.                      NY-42-223-775
HAWES, FLORA A.                        NY-42-223-540
HAWES, WILLIAM J.                      NY-42-190-473
HAWKINS, ALFRED THOMAS                 NY-42-72-295
HAWKINS, CAROLINE A.                   NY-42-211-284
HAWKINS, DAVID A.                      NY-42-179-125
HAWKINS, HENRY E.                      NY-42-163-97
HAWKINS, MARVILL                       NY-42-26-577
HAWKINS, MARY A.                       NY-42-116-185
HAWLEY, ADELINE A.                     NY-42-211-148
HAWLEY, CHARLES H.                     NY-42-151-266
HAWLEY, JAME S.                        NY-42-116-298
HAWLEY, JOSEPH                         NY-42-218-140
HAWLEY, LEMUEL                         NY-42-6-512
HAWLEY, RALPH                          NY-42-78-125
HAWLEY, SPENCER                        NY-42-89-47
HAWVER, SEBASTIAN                      NY-42-123-194
HAY, CAROLINE H.                       NY-42-229-749
HAYDEN, ELIZABETH                      NY-42-137-251
HAYDOCK, ANNA R.                       NY-42-146-542
HAYDOCK, MARIA A.                      NY-42-82-141
HAYES, CATHARINE L.                    NY-42-116-625
HAYES, EDWARD                          NY-42-168-411
HAYES, EDWARD J.                       NY-42-229-183
HAYES, ELISHA G.                       NY-42-146-534
HAYES, ELIZA                           NY-42-223-319
HAYES, JAMES                           NY-42-211-429
HAYES, JEREMIAH                        NY-42-218-469
HAYES, JULIA                           NY-42-137-108
HAYES, JULIA A.                        NY-42-168-224
HAYES, LAWRENCE                        NY-42-116-481
HAYES, MARY                            NY-42-223-359
HAYNER, AARON                          NY-42-112-307
HAYNER, ADAM M.                        NY-42-112-554
HAYNER, AMOS                           NY-42-112-570
HAYNER, ANDREW                         NY-42-41-377
HAYNER, ANGELINE                       NY-42-211-768
HAYNER, DAVID A.                       NY-42-49-488
HAYNER, DAVID N.                       NY-42-56-643
HAYNER, ELIZABETH G.                   NY-42-218-292
HAYNER, EMELINE                        NY-42-108-399
HAYNER, HELEN M.                       NY-42-211-358
HAYNER, ISAAC                          NY-42-102-89
HAYNER, LARRY                          NY-42-112-281
HAYNER, LEVI                           NY-42-95-501
HAYNER, LEWIS                          NY-42-123-564
HAYNER, MARY                           NY-42-190-237
HAYNER, MICHAEL                        NY-42-86-366
HAYNER, PETER                          NY-42-7-370
HAYNER, PHILIP F.                      NY-42-45-308
HAYNER, SILVESTER                      NY-42-102-15
HAYNER, WILLIAM                        NY-42-130-170
HAYNES, AARON                          NY-42-9-26
HAYNES, AARON J.                       NY-42-102-592
HAYNES, CALVIN                         NY-42-89-428
HAYNES, DAVID F.                       NY-42-82-66
HAYNES, EDMUND                         NY-42-68-232
HAYNES, H. WILBUR                      NY-42-168-210
HAYNES, HARRIET R.                     NY-42-112-222
HAYNES, HARWOOD A.                     NY-42-78-269
HAYNES, ISAAC                          NY-42-190-404
HAYNES, ISAAC N.                       NY-42-223-645
HAYNES, JACOB F.                       NY-42-89-342
HAYNES, JOHN                           NY-42-56-585
HAYNES, JONATHAN                       NY-42-56-165
HAYNES, JONATHAN K.                    NY-42-229-708
HAYNES, MAJOR                          NY-42-49-92
HAYNES, MARGERIE ***                   NY-42-45-85
HAYNES, WILLIAM                        NY-42-190-442
HAYNN, JOHN P.                         NY-42-34-175
HAYNN, MARTIN M.                       NY-42-34-124
HAYS, ELLEN                            NY-42-151-216
HAYS, ISAAC                            NY-42-191-112
HAYS, JANE                             NY-42-142-35
HAYS, MICHAEL                          NY-42-95-419
HAYSTOCK, JOHN W.                      NY-42-86-520
HAYTSHORN, SARAH L.                    NY-42-98-87
HAYWARD, MARIAH                        NY-42-68-64
HAZARD, ELIZA JANE                     NY-42-137-478
HAZARD, HENRY W.                       NY-42-112-498
HAZEN, MOSES                           NY-42-2-118
HEAD, LOVETT                           NY-42-7-226
HEALEY, ANN                            NY-42-211-272
HEALEY, CATHERINE                      NY-42-211-193
HEALY, THOMAS                          NY-42-95-629
HEARMAN, JACOB                         NY-42-49-224
HEARMAN, PETER D.                      NY-42-123-168
HEARMANS, COONRAD                      NY-42-31-262
HEARTT, ALBERT P.                      NY-42-37-556
HEARTT, EMILY F.                       NY-42-82-118
HEARTT, FRANCES H.                     NY-42-116-454
HEARTT, JONAS C.                       NY-42-82-105
HEARTT, JONAS S.                       NY-42-130-429
HEARTT, MARY                           NY-42-4-438
HEARTT, SARAH J.                       NY-42-89-229
HEASELGRAVE, ELIZA D.                  NY-42-116-301
HEASELGRAVE, GEORGE B.                 NY-42-112-39
HEDDEN, JOB                            NY-42-146-301
HEDELEY, GEORGE J.                     NY-42-28-145
HEDENBERG, MARTHA A.                   NY-42-116-35
HEDENBERG, TELLAZEAL                   NY-42-211-211
HEDENBURG, WARREN                      NY-42-161-3
HEDGES, DAVDI                          NY-42-184-455
HEEDER, CHARLES                        NY-42-218-38
HEELAN, NRIDGET                        NY-42-102-113
HEEMSTREET, ALBERT                     NY-42-49-492
HEERMANCE, GARRET                      NY-42-22-244
HEFFERMAN, MARGARET                    NY-42-123-3
HEFFERMAN, MARY                        NY-42-184-8
HEFFERN, HANORA                        NY-42-68-132
HEFFERN, WILILAM H.                    NY-42-223-779
HEFFERON, MARGARET                     NY-42-211-779
HEFFRON, MICHAEL                       NY-42-82-526
HEGEMAN, JACOB                         NY-42-9-94
HEGEMAN, JACOB                         NY-42-116-415
HEICKENS, JACOB                        NY-42-184-276
HEIMSTREET, SALLY ANN                  NY-42-56-93
HEISTER, ANNA MARIA                    NY-42-229-541
HELLER, REBECCA                        NY-42-123-664
HELLING, GARRET                        NY-42-34-446
HELLING, WILLIAM                       NY-42-1B-173
HELLIWELL, EDWARD                      NY-42-142-289
HELMS, FREDERICK C.                    NY-42-168-233
HEMENWAY, ERASTUS                      NY-42-45-391
HEMENWAY, LORENZO B.                   NY-42-203-333
HEMIEL, PATRICK                        NY-42-108-352
HEMPHILL, ANDREW                       NY-42-34-165
HEMPHILL, LOIS                         NY-42-41-339
HEMSTREET, CHARLES A.                  NY-42-161-527
HEMSTREET, MARGARET                    NY-42-161-192
HENDERSON, GEORGE                      NY-42-190-642
HENDERSON, PETER                       NY-42-179-433
HENDRY, MARGARET F.                    NY-42-168-91
HENDRY, THOMAS J.                      NY-42-151-286
HENDY, BRIDGET T.                      NY-42-146-38
HENDY, CARROLL                         NY-42-146-303
HENDY, MARGARET                        NY-42-146-644
HENDY, THOMAS D.                       NY-42-137-686
HENEMAN, ANDREW                        NY-42-4-340
HENER, PHILIP                          NY-42-1B-261
HENKEL, GEORGE                         NY-42-238-662
HENNESSY, DANIEL                       NY-42-163-47
HENNESSY, JAMES                        NY-42-89-67
HENRY, DAVID                           NY-42-41-331
HENRY, ELIZABETH C.                    NY-42-229-138
HENRY, HORACE H.                       NY-42-184-521
HENRY, JOHN K.                         NY-42-28-270
HENRY, MARGARET                        NY-42-151-8
HENRY, MICHAEL                         NY-42-4-18
HENRY, ROBERT                          NY-42-238-275
HENSEY, MARGARET                       NY-42-203-345
HENSON, MARY                           NY-42-123-525
HEPPINGER, BARBARA                     NY-42-211-756
HEPPINSTALL, DANIEL                    NY-42-179-498
HERLIHY, CORNELIUS                     NY-42-229-76
HERMAN, CONRADT                        NY-42-3-326
HERMAN, EMILY                          NY-42-78-462
HERMAN, ESTHER                         NY-42-123-337
HERMAN, JOHN G.                        NY-42-146-46
HERMAN, JOHN J.                        NY-42-112-472
HERMAN, NANCY                          NY-42-238-47
HERMANN, ELIZABETH                     NY-42-86-573
HERMANS, RYER                          NY-42-86-278
HERNER, SARAH                          NY-42-112-398
HERRICK, CASTLE W.                     NY-42-95-250
HERRICK, GOVENIER M.                   NY-42-78-676
HERRICK, JOHN                          NY-42-82-500
HERRICK, JOHN                          NY-42-24-306
HERRICK, LEWIS                         NY-42-56-85
HERRICK, LUCRETIA                      NY-42-211-698
HERRICK, PETER                         NY-42-49-374
HERRICK, SAMUEL                        NY-42-72-291
HERRICK, SMITH                         NY-42-95-110
HERRINGTON, CATHARINE A.               NY-42-179-10
HERRINGTON, DAVID                      NY-42-78-170
HERRINGTON, DAVID                      NY-42-31-303
HERRINGTON, DEBORAH                    NY-42-95-71
HERRINGTON, ELIZABETH                  NY-42-146-57
HERRINGTON, FREELOVE                   NY-42-12-172
HERRINGTON, GEORGE                     NY-42-68-177
HERRINGTON, HENRY T.                   NY-42-68-188
HERRINGTON, IRA                        NY-42-102-222
HERRINGTON, JOHN W.                    NY-42-229-443
HERRINGTON, MARY A.                    NY-42-184-183
HERRINGTON, PHILIP                     NY-42-161-568
HERRINGTON, SILAS                      NY-42-6-289
HERRINGTON, SILAS                      NY-42-238-506
HERRINGTON, SILAS S.                   NY-42-98-306
HERRINGTON, SYLVIA A.                  NY-42-179-615
HERRINGTON, WILLIAM E.                 NY-42-112-179
HERWIG, MARGARET                       NY-42-146-377
HESS, MOSES                            NY-42-130-105
HEUSTER, ELIZABETH                     NY-42-112-245
HEVILAND, MARTHA                       NY-42-49-490
HEWIT, CATHARINE                       NY-42-4-397
HEWIT, STERRY                          NY-42-34-443
HEWITT, ALBERT M.                      NY-42-108-551
HEWITT, CLARA                          NY-42-56-216
HEWITT, EDSON                          NY-42-142-102
HEWITT, JOHN H.                        NY-42-137-280
HEWITT, MARY L.                        NY-42-223-481
HEWITT, RENSSELAER W.                  NY-42-238-550
HEWITT, SANFORD                        NY-42-49-84
HEWITT, THOMAS P.                      NY-42-102-596
HEYDORN, ELIZABETH                     NY-42-238-109
HEYDORN, MAGDALENA                     NY-42-203-283
HEYDORN, PAUL                          NY-42-184-25
HEYLEN, PETER                          NY-42-72-431
HIAMS, SOLOMON S.                      NY-42-78-129
HICKEY, CATHERINE                      NY-42-229-5
HICKEY, MAURICE                        NY-42-89-424
HICKOK, BETSEY                         NY-42-34-194
HICKOK, CHESTER                        NY-42-12-337
HICKOK, ELAH                           NY-42-98-548
HICKOK, EZRA                           NY-42-2-535
HICKOK, JAMES                          NY-42-7-154
HICKOK, JAMES                          NY-42-7-145
HICKOK, ROBERT                         NY-42-78-299
HICKOK, SAMUEL                         NY-42-7-229
HICKS, ANNA M.                         NY-42-95-456
HICKS, BARNARD                         NY-42-45-282
HICKS, BETSY W.                        NY-42-229-148
HICKS, CAROLINE A.                     NY-42-218-389
HICKS, DEBORAH                         NY-42-37-466
HICKS, HELEN M.                        NY-42-86-167
HICKS, JOHN H.                         NY-42-211-562
HICKS, MARGARET A.                     NY-42-211-160
HICKS, MORDECAI                        NY-42-33-326
HICKS, WILLIAM                         NY-42-108-425
HICKS, WILLIAM                         NY-42-130-514
HICKS, WILLIAM                         NY-42-72-215
HICKS, WILLIAM G.                      NY-42-102-268
HICKS, WILLIAM M.                      NY-42-130-656
HICOCK, MARY E.                        NY-42-130-525
HIDELEY, HANNAH                        NY-42-22-293
HIDELEY, JOHN                          NY-42-12-390
HIDLEY, GEORGE H.                      NY-42-229-54
HIDLEY, JACOB                          NY-42-116-465
HIDLEY, JOHN G.                        NY-42-86-501
HIDLEY, JOHN H.                        NY-42-130-420
HIDLEY, THERESA                        NY-42-190-379
HIENLIEN, MARGARETT                    NY-42-130-435
HIGGINS, BARBARA                       NY-42-142-485
HIGGINS, JAMES                         NY-42-45-449
HIGGINS, JOHN                          NY-42-49-592
HIGGINS, MARGARET                      NY-42-112-580
HIGGINS, MICHAEL J.                    NY-42-211-304
HIGGINS, REUBEN                        NY-42-95-548
HIGGINS, SOPHIA                        NY-42-184-44
HIGGINS, THOMAS                        NY-42-218-240
HIGGINSON, KATE                        NY-42-163-273
HILFRINK, WILLIAM                      NY-42-168-263
HILKE, DORIS                           NY-42-179-544
HILL, BETSEY                           NY-42-218-656
HILL, DANIEL                           NY-42-142-266
HILL, JABEZ                            NY-42-26-555
HILL, LORENZO                          NY-42-163-403
HILL, LYDIA C.                         NY-42-168-120
HILL, MARY                             NY-42-108-450
HILL, MARY A.                          NY-42-238-567
HILL, THOMAS                           NY-42-12-20
HILL, THOMAS O.                        NY-42-123-277
HILL, WILLIAM                          NY-42-229-347
HILLARD, BRIDGET                       NY-42-130-52
HILLER, CHARLES E.                     NY-42-211-131
HILLHOUSE,E LIZABETH                   NY-42-18-177
HILLIARD, EMMA                         NY-42-223-745
HILLIARD, ROBERT                       NY-42-95-383
HILLMAN, JOSEPH                        NY-42-137-38
HILLMAN, ORDELIA MARIA                 NY-42-223-385
HILLS, WILLIAM H.                      NY-42-223-362
HILMER, MARTHA F.                      NY-42-86-139
HILSINGER, OLIVE J.                    NY-42-190-399
HILT, DANIEL                           NY-42-41-379
HIMES, BURTON H.                       NY-42-211-184
HIMES, JOSEPH                          NY-42-163-441
HIMES, ROSETTA                         NY-42-112-432
HIMES, SIMON P.                        NY-42-18-69
HIMES, WILLIAM                         NY-42-37-130
HINCHMAN, JOHN H.                      NY-42-229-190
HINDS, WILLIAM                         NY-42-137-595
HINES, MARTHA                          NY-42-137-619
HINMAN, MELISSA A.                     NY-42-86-515
HINMAY, CATHARINE E.                   NY-42-229-728
HINSDALE, NANCY                        NY-42-41-318
HINSDILL, DIANA A.                     NY-42-168-672
HINSDILL, WHEELER                      NY-42-238-333
HINSEY, JOHANNA                        NY-42-238-584
HISCOX, ESTHER T.                      NY-42-151-481
HISCOX, GARDNER                        NY-42-49-109
HISCOX, GARDNER ****                   NY-42-49-237
HISCOX, WILLIAM                        NY-42-41-1
HISKS, BETSEY                          NY-42-137-523
HISLOP, JAMES                          NY-42-102-152
HISLOP, THOMAS T.                      NY-42-95-452
HITCHCOCK, GEORGE W.                   NY-42-146-196
HITCHCOCK, GILBERT                     NY-42-45-416
HITCHCOCK, JOEL A.                     NY-42-168-162
HITCHCOCK, LEWIS                       NY-42-41-411
HITCHCOCK, MARY J.                     NY-42-179-316
HITCHCOCK, SAMUEL                      NY-42-37-550
HITCHCOCK, THOMAS                      NY-42-9-234
HITCHINS, JOHN                         NY-42-112-205
HITCHINS, OLIVE                        NY-42-203-242
HOAG, ABRAHAM                          NY-42-89-471
HOAG, ABRAHAM                          NY-42-41-375
HOAG, ABRAM                            NY-42-7-193
HOAG, ELISHA                           NY-42-41-81
HOAG, GEORGE                           NY-42-37-495
HOAG, GEORGE W.                        NY-42-108-69
HOAG, HANNAH                           NY-42-82-161
HOAG, ICHABOD                          NY-42-28-30
HOAG, JONATHAN                         NY-42-4-50
HOAG, THOMAS                           NY-42-33-427
HOAG, WILLIAM H.                       NY-42-49-421
HOAR, BRIDGET                          NY-42-163-118
HOAR, JOHN                             NY-42-163-265
HOARE, BRIDGET                         NY-42-78-76
HOBART, FRANCIS I.                     NY-42-45-407
HOCKRIDGE, SMITH                       NY-42-130-195
HODEL, MARIA SCHNEIDER                 NY-42-223-240
HODGE, JAMES                           NY-42-68-201
HODGE, WILLIAM                         NY-42-49-385
HODGENS, SARAH M.                      NY-42-229-681
HODGES, EZEKIEL                        NY-42-6-418
HOES, BARENT                           NY-42-45-142
HOES, BARNEY                           NY-42-163-466
HOES, PETER                            NY-42-56-565
HOFFAY, JOSEPH                         NY-42-211-765
HOFFM, JULIA ANN                       NY-42-108-150
HOFFMAN, JACOB                         NY-42-1B-71
HOFFMAN, PETER                         NY-42-184-394
HOFFMEISTER, HENRY                     NY-42-89-634
HOFFMEISTER, SOPHIE                    NY-42-116-648
HOGABOOM, JOHN W.                      NY-42-142-245
HOGABOOM, WILLIAM H.                   NY-42-229-62
HOGAN, MARY                            NY-42-108-396
HOGAN, MARY                            NY-42-211-178
HOGAN, NORA V.                         NY-42-218-351
HOGARTY, JOHN                          NY-42-108-563
HOGBEN, EDMUND T.                      NY-42-218-509
HOGEBOOM, HELEN                        NY-42-179-4
HOGEBOOM, JAMES                        NY-42-72-195
HOGEBOOM, JAMES L.                     NY-42-28-193
HOGEBOOM, LAURENA C.                   NY-42-68-229
HOGEBOOM, MARGARET S.                  NY-42-98-475
HOGEBOOM, SOPHIA M.                    NY-42-218-395
HOGKIN, JOHN C.                        NY-42-24-98
HOGLE, ABRAM                           NY-42-184-525
HOGLE, ABRAM                           NY-42-45-286
HOGLE, EDWARD                          NY-42-68-56
HOGLE, FRANCES                         NY-42-7-353
HOGLE, JACOB N.                        NY-42-41-96
HOGLE, JOHN                            NY-42-49-47
HOGLE, MARY A.                         NY-42-137-84
HOGLE, MARY A.                         NY-42-108-536
HOGLE, PETER R.                        NY-42-95-244
HOLCOMB, BERIAH                        NY-42-7-238
HOLCOMB, ETTIE                         NY-42-86-77
HOLCOMB, HOWARD                        NY-42-229-742
HOLCOMB, JOSIAH                        NY-42-2-248
HOLCOMB, SARAH E.                      NY-42-223-40
HOLDEN, AMOS C.                        NY-42-18-9
HOLDEN, GEORGE W.                      NY-42-82-113
HOLDEN, PATRICK                        NY-42-78-267
HOLDRIDGE, ELIZABETH W.                NY-42-163-282
HOLDRIDGE, EUNICE                      NY-42-56-189
HOLDRIDGE, ROSETTA                     NY-42-203-313
HOLEUR, BRIDGET                        NY-42-238-75
HOLLINGER, ELIZABETH                   NY-42-95-447
HOLLINGER, JOHN C.                     NY-42-211-101
HOLLIS, STEPHEN J.                     NY-42-151-107
HOLLISTER, WILLIAM H.                  NY-42-218-461
HOLME, ANN B.                          NY-42-72-401
HOLME, JOHN                            NY-42-72-211
HOLMES, AMANDA                         NY-42-95-272
HOLMES, DANIEL                         NY-42-34-15
HOLMES, GERSHOM F.                     NY-42-41-382
HOLSAPPLE, GARRETT W.                  NY-42-82-52
HOLSAPPLE,C OONRAD H.                  NY-42-108-147
HOLSER, BARBARA                        NY-42-190-430
HOLSER, JACOB                          NY-42-108-654
HOLTON, ELIZABETH                      NY-42-49-455
HOLTZ, MARTHA L.                       NY-42-89-630
HOMER, ELIZABETH                       NY-42-190-650
HOOLEY, MORGAN E.                      NY-42-229-283
HOOPER, MARY ANN                       NY-42-163-252
HOOS, RICHARD                          NY-42-41-192
HOPKINS, EDWARD                        NY-42-45-35
HOPKINS, EVAN M.                       NY-42-64-436
HOPKINS, HANNAH L.                     NY-42-190-487
HOPKINS, MARY                          NY-42-130-299
HOPPER, FRANK WALLACE                  NY-42-229-519
HORAN, PATRICK                         NY-42-203-247
HORAN, THOMAS                          NY-42-229-17
HORMBROOK, JAMES                       NY-42-163-587
HORRIGAN, ANN                          NY-42-112-312
HORTER, DAVID                          NY-42-9-285
HORTIG, JON                            NY-42-102-219
HORTON, ALVA                           NY-42-78-74
HORTON, AMOS                           NY-42-49-547
HORTON, ANFORD B.                      NY-42-238-417
HORTON, FRANCIS A.                     NY-42-211-642
HORTON, GEORGE                         NY-42-78-93
HORTON, HOWARD J.                      NY-42-86-315
HORTON, JOHN F.                        NY-42-184-580
HORTON, LAURA E.                       NY-42-168-615
HORTON, MAJOR L.                       NY-42-102-479
HORTON, MARGARET E.                    NY-42-203-374
HORTON, PEARCE                         NY-42-86-606
HORTON, PLATT                          NY-42-64-155
HORTON, SARAH L.                       NY-42-184-357
HORTON, THOMAS H.                      NY-42-146-341
HORTON, WILLIAM B.                     NY-42-130-558
HOTALING, MARY E.                      NY-42-146-634
HOTALING, NICHOLAS B.                  NY-42-142-166
HOTCHKISS, MARY                        NY-42-108-512
HOUGHTALING, JAMES W.                  NY-42-64-456
HOUGHTALING, MELISSA B.                NY-42-211-37
HOULIHAN, EDMOND                       NY-42-190-574
HOULSAPPLE, GARRET                     NY-42-9-177
HOUR, H.MARIA                          NY-42-95-227
HOURATTA, BRIDGET                      NY-42-238-486
HOURIGAN, MICHAEL                      NY-42-168-200
HOUSE, EDWARD O.                       NY-42-229-605
HOUSE, HARRIET E.                      NY-42-86-27
HOVEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-42-78-386
HOWARD, EZRA S.                        NY-42-89-336
HOWE, DANIEL                           NY-42-45-461
HOWE, EZEKIEL                          NY-42-24-11
HOWE, JAMES H.                         NY-42-130-552
HOWE, JARED D.                         NY-42-45-172
HOWE, JENNET                           NY-42-142-677
HOWE, THOMAS                           NY-42-229-648
HOWES, GEORGE C.                       NY-42-123-81
HOWES, THOMAS                          NY-42-64-601
HOWLAND, HENRY T.                      NY-42-56-354
HOXIE, RACHEL E.                       NY-42-229-533
HOXSIE, HARRIET P.                     NY-42-108-86
HOYLAND, ELIZABETH                     NY-42-203-356
HOYLE, JACOB                           NY-42-7-222
HOYLE, JOHN                            NY-42-130-666
HOYT, ARCHIBALD                        NY-42-98-221
HOYT, CATHARINE J.                     NY-42-68-119
HOYT, ELIZA E.                         NY-42-142-298
HOYT, FREDERICK M.                     NY-42-229-793
HOYT, JAMES B.                         NY-42-211-419
HOYT, LINDA F.                         NY-42-211-6
HOYT, LUCY                             NY-42-68-28
HOYT, REBECCA                          NY-42-123-118
HOYT, SAMUEL J.                        NY-42-68-97
HOYT, SUSANNAH K.                      NY-42-142-7
HUBBARD, GEORGE H.                     NY-42-86-125
HUBBARD, LAURA C.                      NY-42-89-521
HUBBELL, JULIETTE B.                   NY-42-89-479
HUBBELL, SARAH                         NY-42-211-354
HUBERT, HELEN                          NY-42-229-327
HUDSON, FREDERICK RICHMOND             NY-42-223-581
HUDSON, GEORGE                         NY-42-229-665
HUDSON, GEORGE                         NY-42-211-436
HUDSON, JENNIE E.                      NY-42-229-367
HUDSON, THEODOSIA                      NY-42-116-606
HUDSON, WILLIAM                        NY-42-68-78
HUESTED, ELIZABETH                     NY-42-223-30
HUESTED, KATHERINE L.                  NY-42-223-489
HUESTED, LOUISA E. L.                  NY-42-86-582
HUFF, GEORGE B.                        NY-42-161-186
HUFF, STEPHEN                          NY-42-190-310
HUGHES, ANN                            NY-42-123-166
HUGHES, BRIDGET                        NY-42-112-477
HUGHES, CHARLES                        NY-42-211-614
HUGHES, ELEANOR B.                     NY-42-179-307
HUGHES, ELLEN                          NY-42-89-61
HUGHES, ELLEN                          NY-42-223-174
HUGHES, FRANK                          NY-42-229-167
HUGHES, GEORGE                         NY-42-163-539
HUGHES, JOHN                           NY-42-116-399
HUGHES, JOHN                           NY-42-223-663
HUGHES, JOHN                           NY-42-146-240
HUGHES, LUCY                           NY-42-184-508
HUGHES, MICHAEL                        NY-42-123-666
HUGHES, PATRICK                        NY-42-168-332
HUGHES, PATRICK                        NY-42-184-683
HUGHES, PETER                          NY-42-168-582
HUGHSON, MYRON T.                      NY-42-146-686
HUKES, JOHN                            NY-42-168-435
HULBERT, ELIZA                         NY-42-82-672
HULBERT, KATE A.                       NY-42-211-274
HULBERT, RICHARD                       NY-42-184-419
HULL, ALSON D.                         NY-42-95-325
HULL, DANIEL P.                        NY-42-72-88
HULL, EBENEZER                         NY-42-116-646
HULL, EDGAR                            NY-42-163-82
HULL, EMERSON                          NY-42-72-528
HULL, FERDINAND H.                     NY-42-49-42
HULL, HARRY                            NY-42-86-151
HULL, HEZEKIAH P.                      NY-42-123-103
HULL, MARIA J.                         NY-42-102-549
HULL, MARY J.                          NY-42-41-310
HULL, MIRANDA                          NY-42-218-105
HULL, PETER                            NY-42-34-306
HULL, SARAH                            NY-42-9-184
HULL, SCHUYLER H.                      NY-42-130-564
HULL, THOMAS                           NY-42-37-283
HULL, WILLAM H.                        NY-42-82-100
HULL, WILLIAM H.                       NY-42-161-183
HUMISTON, ELIZABETH                    NY-42-72-68
HUMISTON, SUSAN C.                     NY-42-112-309
HUMISTON, WILLIS                       NY-42-130-164
HUMPHREY, DAVID H.                     NY-42-179-176
HUMPHREY, JOHN C.                      NY-42-151-491
HUMPHREY, JOSIAH C.                    NY-42-22-10
HUMPHREY, STEPHEN C.                   NY-42-218-560
HUMPHREY, WINNIFRED                    NY-42-190-274
HUNT, ABNER                            NY-42-6-370
HUNT, CARRIE                           NY-42-142-81
HUNT, ELIZABETH E.                     NY-42-238-579
HUNT, JAMES                            NY-42-26-185
HUNT, JUSTUS                           NY-42-168-401
HUNT, LEMUEL                           NY-42-37-305
HUNT, LORENZO H.                       NY-42-123-418
HUNT, LYDIA J.                         NY-42-218-242
HUNT, MARGARET                         NY-42-211-633
HUNT, MARY A.                          NY-42-211-461
HUNT, MICAJAH                          NY-42-34-450
HUNT, MINER A.                         NY-42-86-182
HUNT, RICHARD                          NY-42-95-595
HUNT, RIPLEY                           NY-42-179-222
HUNT, SARAH                            NY-42-238-504
HUNT, STEPHEN                          NY-42-3-181
HUNT, THOMAS                           NY-42-130-387
HUNT, WILLIAM                          NY-42-45-7
HUNTER, ALBERT                         NY-42-168-578
HUNTER, AMY J.                         NY-42-184-464
HUNTER, JOHN                           NY-42-223-181
HUNTER, JOHN                           NY-42-49-419
HUNTER, JOHN                           NY-42-86-610
HUNTER, JOHN E.                        NY-42-78-650
HUNTER, ROBERT                         NY-42-95-274
HUNTER, ROBERT                         NY-42-123-295
HUNTER, WILLIAM                        NY-42-22-40
HUNTINGTON, EZEKIEL                    NY-42-89-355
HUNTINGTON, HELEN L.                   NY-42-184-211
HUNTINGTON, JANETTE C.                 NY-42-49-119
HUNTINGTON, PEGGY                      NY-42-41-206
HUNTLEY, CALVIN                        NY-42-102-352
HUNTLEY, MARGARET                      NY-42-161-160
HUNTLEY, MARIA M.                      NY-42-190-551
HURD, LOUISA M.                        NY-42-98-428
HURDY, JANE L.                         NY-42-229-447
HURLEY, ELIZA                          NY-42-130-406
HURLEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-42-168-236
HURLEY, PETER                          NY-42-102-253
HURLEY, RICHARD                        NY-42-130-675
HURLICK, ELIZABETH                     NY-42-82-286
HURSFIELD, CHARLES                     NY-42-5-429
HURSON, PETER                          NY-42-95-5
HUSSEY, BRIDGET T.                     NY-42-190-320
HUSTED, AMOS                           NY-42-56-497
HUSTED, LEWIS                          NY-42-7-212
HUSTED, NICHOLAS                       NY-42-5-235
HUSTED, ORRY                           NY-42-108-444
HUSTED, SYLVIA M.                      NY-42-161-24
HUSTED, TITUS                          NY-42-22-29
HUSTED, TITUS                          NY-42-18-74
HUSTED, WILLIAM                        NY-42-102-184
HUTCHINSON, JOHN F.                    NY-42-223-378
HUTCHINSON, MARY ANN                   NY-42-179-24
HUTTON, MAGDALN                        NY-42-116-281
HUTTON, PELATIAH M.                    NY-42-130-278
HUTTON, WILLIAM                        NY-42-223-459
HUXTABLE, MARTHA                       NY-42-223-155
HUXTABLE, THOMAS SMITH                 NY-42-218-495
HUYCK, GEORGE A.                       NY-42-137-422
HUYCK, PHILIP P.                       NY-42-146-228
HUYSTER, MARY                          NY-42-108-195
HYATT, EUGENE                          NY-42-163-52
HYDE, JAMES R.                         NY-42-168-308
HYDE, PHILENA                          NY-42-5-391
HYDE, ROBERT H.                        NY-42-95-510
HYDOON, ELISHA W.                      NY-42-179-326
HYDOREN, CONRAD                        NY-42-4-95
HYDORN, CALVIN                         NY-42-102-506
HYDORN, DAVID C.                       NY-42-184-360
HYDORN, HENRY                          NY-42-41-310
HYLAND, WILLIAM                        NY-42-72-318
HYLER, GEORGE W.                       NY-42-130-188
HYLER, WESLEY                          NY-42-82-125
HYSER, JEREMIAH                        NY-42-95-516
ICKE, JOHN B.                          NY-42-218-519
IDE, GEORGE P.                         NY-42-223-639
IDE, JOHN S.                           NY-42-112-75
IDE, MARY F. L.                        NY-42-191-27
IDE, SAMUEL N.                         NY-42-190-389
IMESON, HESTER                         NY-42-211-90
INGALLS, CHARLES R.                    NY-42-229-467
INGALLS, DANIEL T.                     NY-42-146-338
INGALLS, MEROE                         NY-42-223-495
INGALLS, S. WARREN                     NY-42-211-247
INGALLS, SALLEY MELISSA                NY-42-203-265
INGERSOLL, ANNA C. W.                  NY-42-238-602
INGERSOLL, EDWARD                      NY-42-238-595
INGRAHAM, ELLEN                        NY-42-161-231
INGRAHAM, PHEBE                        NY-42-211-541
INGRAHAM, SARAH                        NY-42-98-537
INGRAM, HENRY                          NY-42-137-115
INGRAM, IRA M.                         NY-42-163-365
INGRAM, JAMES                          NY-42-130-479
INGRAM, JONATHAN M.                    NY-42-179-447
INGRAM, ORANGE S.                      NY-42-151-574
INGRAM, RACHEL                         NY-42-112-523
INGRAM, WILLIAM                        NY-42-102-533
INWOOD, GEORGE                         NY-42-161-362
INWOOD, ROBERT                         NY-42-108-520
IRELAND, THOMAS                        NY-42-4-170
IRISH, EZRA P.                         NY-42-229-513
IRVINE, MARY                           NY-42-142-57
IRVING, HONORA                         NY-42-95-117
IRWIN, WILLIAM M.                      NY-42-95-454
IRWIN, WILLIAM P.                      NY-42-86-357
ISENGART, CHRISTIAN                    NY-42-82-382
ISENGART, ELIZABETH                    NY-42-146-546
IVENS, ANNIE                           NY-42-238-690
IVENS, EDMOND                          NY-42-179-483
IVES, AUGUSTUS                         NY-42-203-321
IVES, CHARLOTTE B.                     NY-42-95-421
IVES, CHAUNCEY                         NY-42-45-450
IVES, CHAUNCEY P.                      NY-42-78-155
IVES, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-42-12-17
IVES, FREEMAN                          NY-42-184-571
IVES, GARRETT                          NY-42-218-55
IVES, HIRAM L.                         NY-42-203-138
IVES, JACOB                            NY-42-112-304
IVES, JAMES H.                         NY-42-116-628
IVES, MARGARET                         NY-42-102-426
IVES, MARIA                            NY-42-98-259
IVES, REBECCA                          NY-42-229-335
IVES, RHODA E.                         NY-42-218-157
IVES, WILILAM O.                       NY-42-238-700
IVES, WILLIAM H.                       NY-42-98-567
JACK, ELIZABETH FRANCES                NY-42-168-598
JACK, MARGARET                         NY-42-72-314
JACKMAN, ENOCH                         NY-42-82-350
JACKSON, ANN ELIZA                     NY-42-163-43
JACKSON, GEORGE W.                     NY-42-72-506
JACKSON, GEORGE W.                     NY-42-223-736
JACKSON, JOHN                          NY-42-72-526
JACKSON, MARY                          NY-42-112-330
JACKSON, PHEBE                         NY-42-7-191
JACKSON, THOMAS                        NY-42-168-137
JACKSON, WILLIAM H.                    NY-42-64-547
JACOB, CHRISTINA                       NY-42-238-688
JACOBIA, HIRAM A.                      NY-42-179-507
JACOBIE, PETER                         NY-42-49-123
JACOBS, ADAM                           NY-42-223-589
JACOBS, ANNETTA D.                     NY-42-179-27
JACOBS, FRANCIS                        NY-42-203-349
JACOBS, JACOB                          NY-42-98-379
JACOBS, JOHNE.                         NY-42-211-372
JACOBS, MARTHA A.                      NY-42-142-286
JACOBS, PETER                          NY-42-130-284
JACOBS, SAMUEL L.                      NY-42-82-442
JAKES, ELLEN                           NY-42-190-410
JAMES, AMOS                            NY-42-34-349
JAMES, FRANCIS                         NY-42-9-164
JAMES, RANDALL                         NY-42-12-190
JAMISSION, DAVID                       NY-42-223-483
JANES, ELIJAH                          NY-42-7-116
JANES, PHEBE                           NY-42-41-147
JAQUES, SARAH M.                       NY-42-184-49
JAQUES, WAIT                           NY-42-68-123
JAQUES, WILLIAM                        NY-42-72-601
JAQUINS, JOHN                          NY-42-86-100
JARVIS, ELIZA                          NY-42-163-230
JARVIS, MARY                           NY-42-24-454
JEFFERSON, JANE                        NY-42-123-372
JENKINS, HANNAH                        NY-42-41-399
JENKS, THOMAS                          NY-42-64-145
JENNEY, JOSEPH H.                      NY-42-130-402
JENNEY, SARAH J.                       NY-42-151-205
JENNINGS, ALMIRA P.                    NY-42-86-497
JENNINGS, LUCY                         NY-42-190-120
JENSEN, LAURA H.                       NY-42-218-84
JEROME, AUGUSTUS                       NY-42-6-21
JEROME, SARAH H.                       NY-42-161-138
JESUP, JOSEPH                          NY-42-24-381
JOB, THOMAS                            NY-42-64-30
JOB, WILLIAM                           NY-42-37-337
JOHANSON, JOHAN                        NY-42-108-236
JOHNSON, ADELIA                        NY-42-229-126
JOHNSON, ALEXANDER C.                  NY-42-56-115
JOHNSON, ALEXANDER G.                  NY-42-89-564
JOHNSON, ANN                           NY-42-6-141
JOHNSON, BARBARA                       NY-42-123-449
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH                     NY-42-229-614
JOHNSON, FRANCES A.                    NY-42-223-567
JOHNSON, GEORGE                        NY-42-98-541
JOHNSON, GEORGE W.                     NY-42-86-577
JOHNSON, HANNAH                        NY-42-12-131
JOHNSON, HAZZARD W.                    NY-42-56-243
JOHNSON, ISAAC                         NY-42-72-130
JOHNSON, JACOB                         NY-42-7-210
JOHNSON, JOHN                          NY-42-108-236
JOHNSON, JOHN P.                       NY-42-78-333
JOHNSON, JULIA E.                      NY-42-151-590
JOHNSON, MARY                          NY-42-223-242
JOHNSON, MARY ANN                      NY-42-112-137
JOHNSON, MIRIAH                        NY-42-108-582
JOHNSON, OLIVER H.                     NY-42-89-63
JOHNSON, OSCAR H.                      NY-42-223-570
JOHNSON, ROBERT                        NY-42-34-21
JOHNSON, ROELOF                        NY-42-7-285
JOHNSON, RUFUS                         NY-42-22-452
JOHNSON, SARAH                         NY-42-86-430
JOHNSON, SARAH E.                      NY-42-64-179
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       NY-42-3-305
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       NY-42-9-244
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       NY-42-86-364
JOHNSON, WILLIAMM.                     NY-42-238-619
JOHNSTON, JAMES                        NY-42-45-24
JOHNSTONE, MARGARET E.                 NY-42-184-221
JOLLEY, HUGH R.                        NY-42-146-660
JOLLS, ANN E.                          NY-42-116-518
JONES, AARON                           NY-42-26-370
JONES, AMELIA C.                       NY-42-108-660
JONES, ANNIE                           NY-42-112-521
JONES, BENJAMIN E.                     NY-42-179-389
JONES, BETHUAL                         NY-42-89-284
JONES, BLANDINA B.                     NY-42-229-475
JONES, CLARINDA L.                     NY-42-168-242
JONES, CLEMENTINA                      NY-42-190-432
JONES, DEBORAH                         NY-42-184-311
JONES, EBENEZER                        NY-42-5-1
JONES, EBENEZER                        NY-42-4-161
JONES, EBENEZER                        NY-42-1B-11
JONES, EBENEZER B.                     NY-42-142-570
JONES, ELEAZER                         NY-42-24-191
JONES, ELIAS                           NY-42-86-377
JONES, FLORENCE J.                     NY-42-229-267
JONES, HARRIET B.                      NY-42-179-467
JONES, HARRIET D.                      NY-42-168-207
JONES, HORACE P.                       NY-42-146-230
JONES, JAMES                           NY-42-78-486
JONES, JOHN                            NY-42-5-421
JONES, LAURA                           NY-42-161-100
JONES, LUCRETIA                        NY-42-112-626
JONES, MARCELLUS                       NY-42-41-323
JONES, MARIA                           NY-42-142-421
JONES, MARTHA                          NY-42-37-357
JONES, MARY ANN                        NY-42-64-647
JONES, MARY R. B.                      NY-42-203-176
JONES, MECY                            NY-42-151-565
JONES, OLIVE A.                        NY-42-78-593
JONES, PHEBE                           NY-42-64-661
JONES, SARAH                           NY-42-18-403
JONES, SARAH M.                        NY-42-130-664
JONES, SUSAN D.                        NY-42-190-330
JONES, THOMAS A.                       NY-42-112-648
JONES, TIMOTHY                         NY-42-41-208
JONES, WILLIAM                         NY-42-56-197
JONES, WILLIAM R.                      NY-42-168-679
JONES, WILLIAM R.                      NY-42-89-338
JONES,NICHOLAS                         NY-42-89-98
JORDAN, ELEANOR                        NY-42-223-794
JORDAN, JAMES                          NY-42-31-475
JORDAN, JOHN                           NY-42-146-99
JORDAN, PETER                          NY-42-95-288
JORDAN, SIBYL                          NY-42-24-41
JORDON, CATHARINE                      NY-42-179-58
JOSLIN, ARNOLD G.                      NY-42-116-489
JOSLIN, CHARLES S.                     NY-42-238-26
JOSLIN, DANIEL                         NY-42-86-46
JOSLIN, JOHN J.                        NY-42-137-197
JOSLIN, JONATHAN O.                    NY-42-211-513
JOSLIN, JULIA M.                       NY-42-229-136
JOSLIN, POTTER                         NY-42-12-4
JOSLIN, SARAH                          NY-42-146-187
JOY, BARNEY B.                         NY-42-146-251
JOY, BENJAMIN                          NY-42-12-75
JOYNT, MARY                            NY-42-116-556
JUDD, EBENEZER                         NY-42-9-275
JUDGE, ARTHUR                          NY-42-112-243
JUDGE, MARIA                           NY-42-130-432
JUDGE, THOMAS                          NY-42-190-199
JUDSON, CATHARINE                      NY-42-64-595
JUDSON, CHARLES T.                     NY-42-123-206
JUDSON, DAVID                          NY-42-98-589
JUDSON, EDWARD A.                      NY-42-151-97
JUDSON, MARY L.                        NY-42-229-564
JUDSON, SOPHRONIA                      NY-42-95-573
JUDSON,S ARAH H.                       NY-42-64-470
JUHLS, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-42-184-319
JUHLS, LOUISA                          NY-42-211-671

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