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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List |
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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List |
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ABBOTT, AMELIA                         NY-42-37-138
ABBOTT, CATHARINE                      NY-42-116-231
ABBOTT, ELIZA                          NY-42-218-91
ABBOTT, ELIZABETH                      NY-42-41-449
ABBOTT, ESTHER A.                      NY-42-163-447
ABBOTT, HARRIET                        NY-42-86-485
ABBOTT, HENRY                          NY-42-5-395
ABBOTT, HENRY                          NY-42-218-53
ABBOTT, HENRY J.                       NY-42-223-738
ABBOTT, IRA                            NY-42-82-49
ABBOTT, JACOB L.                       NY-42-108-559
ABBOTT, JOEL                           NY-42-45-444
ABBOTT, JOSEPH                         NY-42-4-205
ABBOTT, JUDD                           NY-42-24-511
ABBOTT, JUDD                           NY-42-9-72
ABBOTT, MARTHA J.                      NY-42-218-741
ABBOTT, MARY                           NY-42-86-408
ABBOTT, MATTHIAS                       NY-42-9-66
ABBOTT, ROYALL                         NY-42-161-434
ABBOTT, RUTH                           NY-42-9-151
ABBOTT, URIAH                          NY-42-82-331
ABBOTT, WALTER H.                      NY-42-112-193
ABRAHAMS, JOSEPH                       NY-42-49-507
ABRAMS, THOMAS D.                      NY-42-179-528
ACKART, CLARISSA JANE                  NY-42-211-143
ACKART, JOHN                           NY-42-184-61
ACKART, PETER                          NY-42-56-168
ACKER, ALBERT A.                       NY-42-116-139
ACKER, HANNAH L.                       NY-42-179-489
ACKER, HORACE                          NY-42-72-227
ACKLEY, CATHARINE                      NY-42-163-443
ACKLEY, FAYETTE A.                     NY-42-86-425
ACKLEY, FRANCES E.                     NY-42-161-180
ACKLEY, LOT                            NY-42-64-359
ACKLEY, MINERVA                        NY-42-203-106
ACKLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-42-179-455
ACOM, JOHN                             NY-42-41-343
ADAMS, ANDREW                          NY-42-86-132
ADAMS, ANNA                            NY-42-89-286
ADAMS, ANNA M.                         NY-42-211-771
ADAMS, AZUBAH                          NY-42-151-73
ADAMS, CANDACE                         NY-42-163-140
ADAMS, ELIJAH                          NY-42-28-493
ADAMS, ELIJAH                          NY-42-31-1
ADAMS, ELIJAH E.                       NY-42-45-200
ADAMS, ELISHA                          NY-42-18-44
ADAMS, ELISHA                          NY-42-18-149
ADAMS, ELLEN                           NY-42-146-297
ADAMS, FLORA L.                        NY-42-218-783
ADAMS, HARMAN                          NY-42-24-274
ADAMS, HARMON                          NY-42-64-364
ADAMS, HENRY H.                        NY-42-24-256
ADAMS, HIEL                            NY-42-137-537
ADAMS, JACOB V.                        NY-42-190-572
ADAMS, JAMES                           NY-42-2-520
ADAMS, JAMES                           NY-42-6-148
ADAMS, JAMES                           NY-42-9-311
ADAMS, JAMES J.                        NY-42-68-74
ADAMS, JAMES M.                        NY-42-184-671
ADAMS, JOHN D.                         NY-42-130-145
ADAMS, JOSEPH                          NY-42-49-479
ADAMS, KATHARINE D.                    NY-42-116-306
ADAMS, MARY                            NY-42-37-449
ADAMS, NEWTON                          NY-42-146-652
ADAMS, PAMELA                          NY-42-130-124
ADAMS, SAMUEL                          NY-42-116-509
ADAMS, SARAH E.                        NY-42-142-301
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         NY-42-41-89
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         NY-42-41-91
ADAMS, WILLIAM L.                      NY-42-49-20
ADANCOURT, WILLIAM                     NY-42-5-103
ADMAS, THOMAS P.                       NY-42-56-110
ADSIT, JOHN G.                         NY-42-211-621
AGAN, BARNET                           NY-42-41-184
AGAN, ELIAS                            NY-42-203-476
AGAN, HIRAM                            NY-42-12-304
AGAN, JAMES                            NY-42-9-197
AGAN, JAMES P.                         NY-42-26-413
AGAN, JOHN                             NY-42-1B-294
AGAN, LYMAN                            NY-42-142-236
AGAN, LYMAN B.                         NY-42-142-141
AGAN, MARGARET ANN                     NY-42-130-339
AGAN, MICHAEL                          NY-42-86-560
AGAN, RUTH                             NY-42-64-458
AGAN, WARREN B.                        NY-42-218-43
AGER, JAMES B.                         NY-42-137-25
AGER, LAWRENCE                         NY-42-102-50
AHEARN, JAMES                          NY-42-211-504
AHEARN, WILLIAM                        NY-42-102-467
AHER, DANIEL                           NY-42-184-630
AHERN, JULIA F.                        NY-42-218-16
AHERN, MICHAEL                         NY-42-82-120
AHERN, WILLIAM                         NY-42-146-94
AHERNS, CHARLES                        NY-42-211-465
AIRD, ANDREW                           NY-42-211-692
AKIN, AARON B.                         NY-42-49-440
AKIN, BENJAMIN                         NY-42-98-516
AKIN, BENJAMIN                         NY-42-184-164
AKIN, BENJAMIN                         NY-42-12-237
AKIN, DAVID                            NY-42-68-42
AKIN, ELIHU G.                         NY-42-142-342
AKIN, FEDIRICK A.                      NY-42-137-393
AKIN, FREDERICK W.                     NY-42-78-636
AKIN, HELEN                            NY-42-190-281
AKIN, HUMPHREY                         NY-42-116-635
AKIN, JAMES                            NY-42-37-517
AKIN, JENNIE M.                        NY-42-163-102
AKIN, JOHN                             NY-42-3-150
AKIN, JOHN                             NY-42-179-165
AKIN, JUSTUS H.                        NY-42-78-614
AKIN, JUSTUS H.                        NY-42-161-598
AKIN, NATHAN G.                        NY-42-116-470
AKIN, SARAH H.                         NY-42-142-176
AKIN, WILLIAM                          NY-42-31-28
AKIN, WILLIAM                          NY-42-179-485
ALBER, CARL                            NY-42-203-44
ALBERTSON, ELIZABETH                   NY-42-142-220
ALBERTSON, JOHN                        NY-42-72-30
ALBERTSON, PAUL                        NY-42-86-87
ALBREO, CORNELIA M.                    NY-42-98-460
ALDEN, ALONZO                          NY-42-184-583
ALDEN, CHARLES L.                      NY-42-203-425
ALDEN, JOSEPH J.                       NY-42-163-341
ALDEN, MARY W.                         NY-42-184-476
ALEXANDER, EMILY                       NY-42-218-788
ALEXANDER, GILBERT                     NY-42-41-391
ALEXANDER, HANNAH ***                  NY-42-49-139
ALEXANDER, JOHN C.                     NY-42-6-50
ALGER, WARREN                          NY-42-86-236
ALKENBRAGH, ANGLESEY                   NY-42-41-369
ALLEGEIER, KATHERINA                   NY-42-211-664
ALLEN, ALEXANDER                       NY-42-203-91
ALLEN, AMOS                            NY-42-184-300
ALLEN, AMOS H.                         NY-42-190-394
ALLEN, ARAH                            NY-42-112-324
ALLEN, BETSEY M.                       NY-42-151-322
ALLEN, CLARISSA C.                     NY-42-223-66
ALLEN, CORDELIA FRANCES                NY-42-137-482
ALLEN, DANIEL                          NY-42-56-163
ALLEN, DARIUS                          NY-42-163-94
ALLEN, DAVID                           NY-42-6-342
ALLEN, DAVID                           NY-42-184- 547
ALLEN, DEBORAH R.                      NY-42-218-198
ALLEN, ELIZA                           NY-42-95-297
ALLEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-42-56-401
ALLEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-42-112-17
ALLEN, GEORGE B.                       NY-42-89-593
ALLEN, GEORGE S.                       NY-42-142-547
ALLEN, HARTY                           NY-42-98-64
ALLEN, HESTER                          NY-42-34-242
ALLEN, HESTER A.                       NY-42-191-19
ALLEN, JAMES                           NY-42-45-465
ALLEN, JAMES C.                        NY-42-163-15
ALLEN, JAMES P.                        NY-42-123-301
ALLEN, JAMES W.                        NY-42-218-690
ALLEN, JEREMIAH                        NY-42-168-526
ALLEN, JESSE                           NY-42-184-161
ALLEN, JOHN                            NY-42-184-1
ALLEN, JOHN JR.                        NY-42-12-55
ALLEN, JOHN JR.                        NY-42-12-1
ALLEN, LOUISA J.                       NY-42-223-757
ALLEN, MARY A.                         NY-42-184-37
ALLEN, MELINDA J.                      NY-42-218-529
ALLEN, MORGAN L.                       NY-42-41-327
ALLEN, NANCY                           NY-42-108-125
ALLEN, PATIENCE A.                     NY-42-163-610
ALLEN, PATRICK                         NY-42-78-424
ALLEN, RICHARD                         NY-42-31-192
ALLEN, SARAH                           NY-42-64-454
ALLEN, SARAH H.                        NY-42-223-696
ALLEN, SARAH J.                        NY-42-179-599
ALLEN, SAREPTA                         NY-42-123-457
ALLEN, SQUIRE                          NY-42-37-143
ALLEN, STEWART                         NY-42-163-7
ALLEN, THOMAS W.                       NY-42-49-544
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         NY-42-89-667
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         NY-42-41-214
ALLENDORPH, ANDREW JR.                 NY-42-98-215
ALLENDORPH, BETSEY M.                  NY-42-108-366
ALLENDORPH, COONROD                    NY-42-45-332
ALLENDORPH, GERTRUDE M.                NY-42-112-125
ALLENDORPH, HENRY E.                   NY-42-137-406
ALLENDORPH, HENRY H.                   NY-42-95-638
ALLENDORPH, ISABELLA                   NY-42-168-549
ALLENDORPH, JACOB R.                   NY-42-108-361
ALLENDORPH, JOHN                       NY-42-72-408
ALLENDORPH, LEWIS W.                   NY-42-108-462
ALLENDORPH, SARAH E.                   NY-42-203-144
ALLENDORPH, WILLIAM                    NY-42-116-129
ALLINE, ALMIRA                         NY-42-78-11
ALLING, CHARLES H.                     NY-42-179-638
ALMOND, MOSES                          NY-42-123-222
ALVORD, ELISHA                         NY-42-37-67
AMBLER, PETER                          NY-42-41-113
AMBROSE, MARY                          NY-42-211-580
AMES, AGNES                            NY-42-203-194
AMES, EDWARD B.                        NY-42-218-608
AMES, ELIJAH                           NY-42-12-99
AMES, HARRIET                          NY-42-82-388
AMESBURY, JOHN G.                      NY-42-41-514
AMORY, JOHN                            NY-42-3-81
ANDERSON, GEORGE                       NY-42-98-247
ANDERSON, GEORGE S.                    NY-42-12-150
ANDERSON, ISABELLA                     NY-42-78-479
ANDREW, MARGARET M.                    NY-42-190-686
ANDREW, PHILIP                         NY-42-130-328
ANDREWS, BETSEY                        NY-42-64-86
ANDREWS, CHARLOTTE M.                  NY-42-137-532
ANDREWS, DEREXA                        NY-42-37-78
ANDREWS, JERUSHA                       NY-42-146-144
ANGEL, JOHN                            NY-42-151-258
ANGLEY, THOMAS                         NY-42-179-301
ANSON, MARY                            NY-42-184-665
ANTHONY, WILLIAM J.                    NY-42-82-514
ARAKELIAN, ARMAN H.                    NY-42-184-462
ARCHER, WILLIAM J.                     NY-42-112-11
ARCHIBALD, RACHAEL                     NY-42-191-9
ARMITAE, JAMES S.                      NY-42-112-417
ARMITAGE, ELIZA S.                     NY-42-130-343
ARMS, WALTER                           NY-42-78-255
ARMSBURG, JACOB                        NY-42-45-80
ARMSBURY, DANIEL                       NY-42-41-414
ARMSBURY, JOHN                         NY-42-37-4
ARMSBY, HANNAH                         NY-42-184-328
ARMSTRONG, ABIGAIL J.                  NY-42-123-239
ARMSTRONG, BETSEY                      NY-42-89-53
ARMSTRONG, CATHARINE                   NY-42-98-597
ARMSTRONG, EDWARD S.                   NY-42-151-75
ARMSTRONG, HARRIET                     NY-42-146-8
ARMSTRONG, REUBEN L.                   NY-42-123-45
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                      NY-42-5-198
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM H.                  NY-42-82-477
ARNOLD, EBENEZER                       NY-42-26-462
ARNOLD, GEORGE                         NY-42-9-273
ARNOLD, GEORGE C.                      NY-42-82-407
ARNOLD, MARY ELIZABETH                 NY-42-218-120
ARNOLD, OLIVER                         NY-42-37-491
ARNOLD, POLLY                          NY-42-72-126
ARNOLD, SIMON                          NY-42-64-54
ARNOLD, STEPHEN                        NY-42-3-309
ASH, MARY ANN                          NY-42-137-181
ASHBEE, THOMAS                         NY-42-72-65
ASHBURN, JOHN                          NY-42-56-508
ASHLEY, ISAAC                          NY-42-34-107
ASLEN, PETER O.                        NY-42-184-482
ATHOW, BRETT                           NY-42-56-505
ATKINSON, BENJAMIN                     NY-42-190-77
ATWOOD, HANNAH                         NY-42-112-654
ATWOOD, NOEL                           NY-42-82-247
ATWOOD, PHEBE B.                       NY-42-218-200
ATWOOD, SALLY A. (26)                  NY-42-86-52
AUER, JOHN                             NY-42-130-128
AURINGER, JOHN MARTIN                  NY-42-7-230, 283
AURINGER, JOHN MARTIN                  NY-42-7-283
AUSTIN, BENJAMIN                       NY-42-22-20
AUSTIN, EIJAH                          NY-42-218-340
AUSTIN, OLIVER                         NY-42-22-466
AUSTIN, STEPHEN                        NY-42-45-243
AUSTIN, WILLIS                         NY-42-86-505
AVEREY, HENRY                          NY-42-86-248
AVERILL, ANNA B.                       NY-42-28-77
AVERILL, CAROLINE                      NY-42-179-332
AVERILL, JAMES K.                      NY-42-190-92
AVERILL, WILLIAM F.                    NY-42-26-481
AVERY, ASA                             NY-42-18-164
AVERY, ELIZABETH                       NY-42-98-280
AVERY, LYMAN R.                        NY-42-137-129
AYER, DANIEL                           NY-42-112-195
AYER, JOSEPH W.                        NY-42-45-53
AYERS, MARTHA C.                       NY-42-184-485
AYRES, ISAAC D.                        NY-42-78-331
AYRES, SUSAN H.                        NY-42-137-654
BABCOCK, AMOS                          NY-42-37-198
BABCOCK, AMOS                          NY-42-3-147
BABCOCK, ARMINA                        NY-42-89-22
BABCOCK, DANIEL                        NY-42-89-452
BABCOCK, ELIZA J.                      NY-42-218-666
BABCOCK, GEORGE R.                     NY-42-130-615
BABCOCK, HARRIET                       NY-42-56-581
BABCOCK, IRA                           NY-42-102-424
BABCOCK, JOHN                          NY-42-31-18
BABCOCK, JOHN C.                       NY-42-163-192
BABCOCK, MARANDA                       NY-42-161-310
BABCOCK, OLIVER                        NY-42-9-148
BABCOCK, RACHEL C.                     NY-42-211-591
BABCOCK, SARAH JANE                    NY-42-41-204
BABCOCK, THOMAS                        NY-42-7-274
BABCOCK, THOMAS                        NY-42-12-108
BABERNITZ, LOUIS                       NY-42-223-95
BACHMAN, JACOB                         NY-42-7-232
BACKER, PHILIP                         NY-42-108-348
BACON, EPHRAIM                         NY-42-5-336
BACON, JARED L.                        NY-42-95-497
BACON, JESSE                           NY-42-2-55
BACON, JESSE                           NY-42-1A-14
BADEAU, ELIAS                          NY-42-12-101
BADER, JUSTINA                         NY-42-179-510
BAILEY, ABIGAIL E.                     NY-42-78-312
BAILEY, ADALINE                        NY-42-146-630
BAILEY, AMASA                          NY-42-86-591
BAILEY, CATHERINE                      NY-42-86-478
BAILEY, CHARLES A.                     NY-42-218-673
BAILEY, EDMUND                         NY-42-179-344
BAILEY, EFFA                           NY-42-123-650
BAILEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-42-82-73
BAILEY, FRED F.                        NY-42-179-488
BAILEY, NANCY                          NY-42-86-300
BAILEY, SARAH J                        NY-42-203-342
BAILEY, SPENCER                        NY-42-130-231
BAILEY, WILLIAM                        NY-42-223-607
BAIN, SARAH S.                         NY-42-218-108
BAINBRIDGE, ROBERT                     NY-42-130-301
BAKER, CASSIUS N.                      NY-42-203-208
BAKER, CHARLES                         NY-42-161-628
BAKER, EZEKIEL                         NY-42-22-24
BAKER, EZEKIEL                         NY-42-22-260
BAKER, HARRIET                         NY-42-78-122
BAKER, JIRAH                           NY-42-37-163
BAKER, JOHN                            NY-42-37-173
BAKER, JULIA L.                        NY-42-116-342
BAKER, LEORA E.                        NY-42-89-9
BAKER, MARY A.                         NY-42-123-432
BAKER, MARY W.                         NY-42-72-539
BAKER, NATHANIEL                       NY-42-26-488
BAKER, NOAH                            NY-42-37-322
BAKER, NOAH                            NY-42-37-186
BAKER, PERSIS                          NY-42-137-320
BAKER, RHODA                           NY-42-34-151
BAKER, SAMUEL                          NY-42-98-452
BAKER, SHERMAN                         NY-42-86-562
BAKER, SUSAN                           NY-42-56-567
BAKER, SUSAN                           NY-42-203-117
BAKER, THOMAS                          NY-42-161-250
BAKER, WILLIAM B.                      NY-42-116-439
BAKER, ZIPPORAH                        NY-42-211-242
BALDWIN, HELLEN T.                     NY-42-168-647
BALDWIN, JOEL M.                       NY-42-78-576
BALDWIN, JOHN                          NY-42-223-559
BALL, EDWIN R.                         NY-42-72-558
BALL, ELIZA E.                         NY-42-108-490
BALL, ELIZABETH                        NY-42-82-337
BALL, ELIZABETH S.                     NY-42-137-260
BALL, ERASTUS                          NY-42-45-376
BALL, FANNY                            NY-42-137-255
BALL, JAMES                            NY-42-82-272
BALL, JAMES H.                         NY-42-12-72
BALL, LEVI CHANDLER                    NY-42-82-463
BALL, LIZZIE L.                        NY-42-184-552
BALL, MARCIA A.                        NY-42-82-461
BALL, SARAH A.                         NY-42-82-384
BALLANTINE, PETER                      NY-42-184-95
BALLARD, JOSEPH                        NY-42-78-214
BALLARD, SARAH M.                      NY-42-218-718
BALLOU, ABIGAIL G.                     NY-42-168-427
BALLOU, HELEN M.                       NY-42-179-148
BALLOU, NEWTON H.                      NY-42-163-1
BAME, CATHARINE                        NY-42-130-90
BAME, JAMES                            NY-42-45-153
BAME, PHILIP                           NY-42-31-236
BAME, WILLIAM H.                       NY-42-168-133
BANCKER, FLORES                        NY-42-6-438
BANCKER, MARTHA                        NY-42-12-291
BANCKER, SINSA                         NY-42-64-28
BANINGER, PHILIIP P.                   NY-42-95-518
BANKE, MARY A.                         NY-42-218-192
BANKER, ADOLPH                         NY-42-7-7
BANKER, CORNELIA                       NY-42-179-462
BANKER, JULIA A.                       NY-42-190-230
BANKER, LYDIA C.                       NY-42-146-129
BANKER, MARGARET                       NY-42-86-406
BANKER, MARY A.                        NY-42-89-374
BANKER, TIMOTHY                        NY-42-89-257
BANKER, TIMOTHY S.                     NY-42-72-567
BARBER, BENJAMIN                       NY-42-64-218
BARBER, CHARLES                        NY-42-184-374
BARBER, JULIA                          NY-42-203-134
BARBER, MARY E.                        NY-42-179-503
BARBER, PERMELA                        NY-42-6-165
BARBER, RICHARD                        NY-42-218-569
BARBER, WILLIAM C.                     NY-42-26-387
BARBER, WILLIAM D.                     NY-42-179-680
BARCLAY, MARY J.                       NY-42-142-638
BARDWELL, AARON L.                     NY-42-37-520
BARETT, PATRICK                        NY-42-95-224
BARINGER, PETER                        NY-42-6-8
BARINGER, PETER W.                     NY-42-37-578
BARKER, CALVIN                         NY-42-33-71
BARKER, CALVIN H.                      NY-42-33-475
BARKER, CALVIN J.                      NY-42-190-226
BARKER, CATO                           NY-42-7-132
BARKER, FRANCIS                        NY-42-3-252
BARKER, IRENE                          NY-42-41-226
BARKER, MARIA                          NY-42-89-495
BARKER, MARY                           NY-42-64-293
BARKER, WILLIAM M.                     NY-42-12-244
BARKLAY, ELIZABETH                     NY-42-184-667
BARNES, ALMIRA                         NY-42-49-531
BARNES, EZRA                           NY-42-72-499
BARNES, EZRA L.                        NY-42-168-466
BARNES, HIRAM                          NY-42-116-585
BARNES, JEDEDIAH P.                    NY-42-72-459
BARNETT, RUTH                          NY-42-41-484
BARNHART, HENRY                        NY-42-7-129
BARNHART, JACOB                        NY-42-9-182
BARNHART, STEPHEN                      NY-42-56-130
BARNHYTE, PETER                        NY-42-2-508
BARNHYTE, PETER                        NY-42-2-479
BARRETT, MARY                          NY-42-123-523
BARREUS, WILLIAM                       NY-42-45-157
BARRINGER, CATHARINE                   NY-42-116-447
BARRINGER, CONRAD                      NY-42-56-142
BARRINGER, EDWIN                       NY-42-190-583
BARRINGER, ELIZABETH                   NY-42-45-246
BARRINGER, ELIZABETH                   NY-42-116-278
BARRINGER, FREDERICK G.                NY-42-45-398
BARRINGER, HANNAH                      NY-42-33-123
BARRINGER, HENRY                       NY-42-31-124
BARRINGER, HENRY                       NY-42-64-185
BARRINGER, JOHN                        NY-42-142-125
BARRINGER, JOHN C.                     NY-42-45-354
BARRINGER, JOHN D.                     NY-42-86-510
BARRINGER, JOHN P.                     NY-42-130-64
BARRINGER, MARCUS                      NY-42-78-21
BARRINGER, NANCY M.                    NY-42-72-35
BARRINGER, PHILIP                      NY-42-64-123
BARRINGER, WILLIAM                     NY-42-137-579
BARRON, DEBORAH                        NY-42-64-440
BARRON, DEBORAH A.                     NY-42-116-187
BARRON, MARY E.                        NY-42-116-191
BARRY, JOHN S.                         NY-42-72-118
BARTLEY, JOHN                          NY-42-146-436
BARTON, CLARISSA A.                    NY-42-184-56
BARTON, EBEN                           NY-42-130-448
BARTON, PRUDENCE                       NY-42-37-34
BARTON, TURNER                         NY-42-78-664
BARTON, WILLIAM                        NY-42-137-98
BARTON, WILLIAM R.                     NY-42-130-417
BASIL, LYDIA                           NY-42-22-1
BASSETT, EBENEZER D.                   NY-42-64-241
BASSETT, JULIA A.                      NY-42-95-190
BATEMAN, HART                          NY-42-33-364
BATEMAN, HORCE                         NY-42-146-126
BATEMAN, REUBEN                        NY-42-6-199
BATES, ALVAN                           NY-42-86-655
BATES, GEORGE                          NY-42-82-465
BATES, JOSEPH                          NY-42-1B-231
BATES, LUCY ELLEN                      NY-42-223-113
BATES, OLIVER                          NY-42-7-281
BATTERS, ROBERT                        NY-42-161-551
BATTERSHALL, JULIA A.                  NY-42-161-334
BAUCAS, JOHN                           NY-42-12-280
BAUCKER, CYNTHIA                       NY-42-112-385
BAUCUS, DANIEL                         NY-42-82-504
BAUCUS, GEORGE W.                      NY-42-89-334
BAUCUS, HARRIET L.                     NY-42-218-454
BAUCUS, JOHN A.                        NY-42-112-3
BAUCUS, RUTH R.                        NY-42-184-307
BAUCUS, SARAH E.                       NY-42-161-548
BAUCUS, WILLIAM                        NY-42-4-362
BAXTER, MARY A.                        NY-42-116-90
BAXTER, SOPHIA                         NY-42-184-488
BAYER, REGINA                          NY-42-218-538
BAYER, THOMAS                          NY-42-78-436
BAYEUX, ANN MARIA                      NY-42-12-299
BAYEUX, HENRY                          NY-42-37-20
BAYEUX, HENRY F.                       NY-42-26-167
BAYLEY, ALPHEUS                        NY-42-28-136
BAYLIS, ELIZA                          NY-42-184-653
BAYLISS, NEHEMIAH                      NY-42-7-436
BEACH, HANNAH GRISWOLD                 NY-42-161-407
BEACH, HENRY W.                        NY-42-179-138
BEAL, E. NEWTON                        NY-42-203-49
BEALE, DELIA M.                        NY-42-168-58
BEAMAN, EVALINA                        NY-42-203-20
BEAMAN, WILLIAM H.                     NY-42-72-305
BEANN, SUSAN M.                        NY-42-223-632
BEATTIE, ELIZABETH                     NY-42-184-22
BEAUDOIN, ANNA                         NY-42-218-71
BEAUMONT, MARY C.                      NY-42-123-374
BEBBERWITZ, WILHELMINA                 NY-42-184-365
BECKER, ERASTUS                        NY-42-49-60
BECKER, GEORGE L.                      NY-42-142-200
BECKER, HENRY                          NY-42-123-22
BECKER, JOHN A.                        NY-42-112-608
BECKER, RUTH A.                        NY-42-130-609
BECKETT, JOHN H.                       NY-42-130-649
BECKETT, MARY E.                       NY-42-137-155
BECKMANN, FREDERICA                    NY-42-161-34
BECKMANN, WILHELM                      NY-42-151-30
BECKWITH, GEORE W.                     NY-42-211-237
BECKWITH, MONTILLION                   NY-42-72-360
BECROFT, MARTIN C.                     NY-42-78-542
BEDELL, DANIEL                         NY-42-82-566
BEDELL, ELEANOR                        NY-42-86-589
BEDELL, JAOCB S.                       NY-42-89-246
BEDELL, MARGARET                       NY-42-161-560
BEDELL, WILLIAM R.                     NY-42-151-661
BEEBE, SELDEN                          NY-42-68-40
BEECKMAN, CORNELIUS                    NY-42-9-146
BEECKMAN, JOHN H.                      NY-42-1B-45
BEECKMAN, JOHN S.                      NY-42-34-270
BEEDLE, JOHN                           NY-42-6-314
BEEKMAN, RUDOLPH                       NY-42-223-305
BEEKMAN, SOPHIA                        NY-42-24-389
BEERS, EDMUND                          NY-42-102-262
BEERS, JOHN                            NY-42-41-78
BEERS, SAMUEL                          NY-42-64-375
BEHAN, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-42-190-259
BELDEN, EDWIN E.                       NY-42-56-563
BELDING, WARREN A.                     NY-42-191-140
BELKNAP, JOHN W.                       NY-42-146-263
BELKNAPP, JOSEPH                       NY-42-211-696
BELL, ANNA M.                          NY-42-116-316
BELL, FREDERICK                        NY-42-163-600
BELL, ROBERT                           NY-42-163-168
BELL, SAMUEL                           NY-42-86-384
BELL, SARAH                            NY-42-95-174
BELLINGER, PETER K.                    NY-42-98-177
BEMAN, NATHAN S. S.                    NY-42-72-613
BEN, PETER                             NY-42-64-70
BENDER, GOTTLIEB                       NY-42-146-404
BENDON, EUGENE                         NY-42-72-414
BENEDICT, EZRA                         NY-42-137-433
BENEDICT, LYMAN                        NY-42-86-480
BENEDICT, REBECCA                      NY-42-108-447
BENERNITZ, JOACHIM                     NY-42-108-453
BENJAMIN, FRANCIS                      NY-42-45-186
BENNET, JABEN                          NY-42-1B-203
BENNET, ZEPIRIN                        NY-42-184-490
BENNETT, ABBIE J.                      NY-42-86-354
BENNETT, HARLOW J.                     NY-42-72-593
BENNETT, JOHN                          NY-42-7-404
BENNETT, LYMAN                         NY-42-89-541
BENNETT, MARGARET                      NY-42-72-508
BENNETT, MARTHA A.                     NY-42-211-18
BENNETT, RICHARD J.                    NY-42-190-276
BENSON, JOSEPH                         NY-42-218-490
BENSON, NELSON H.                      NY-42-86-123
BENSON, ROBERT                         NY-42-190-419
BENSON, SYLVANDER G.                   NY-42-168-368
BENTLEY, BENJAMIN                      NY-42-12-412
BENTLEY, CALEB                         NY-42-9-16
BENTLEY, JOHN                          NY-42-3-15
BENTLEY, MELANCTON                     NY-42-64-564
BENTLEY, WILLIAM                       NY-42-1B-271
BENTLY, REUBEN                         NY-42-3-311
BENTON, ELIZABETH A. R.                NY-42-161-534
BENWAY, ELLEN                          NY-42-108-42
BENWAY, PETER                          NY-42-1B-273
BERG, JACOB                            NY-42-218-100
BERGAN, BRIDGET                        NY-42-168-255
BERGER, JOHN J.                        NY-42-184-500
BERGER, POLLY                          NY-42-86-207
BERGIN, THOMAS                         NY-42-82-293
BERKER, JULIA                          NY-42-184-637
BERMINGHAM, PETER                      NY-42-218-255
BERNARD, JAMES                         NY-42-64-127
BERRINGER, GEORGE                      NY-42-5-358
BERRINGER, ZACHARIAS                   NY-42-5-377
BERRY, ELISHA                          NY-42-2-131
BERRY, MARGARET A.                     NY-42-151-179
BESSE, PELEG W.                        NY-42-18-359
BEST, EMELINE                          NY-42-112-297
BEST, FRANCIS                          NY-42-123-339
BEST, JACOB                            NY-42-130-307
BEST, JOHN                             NY-42-163-563
BESTLE, ISRAEL                         NY-42-78-163
BETS, NATHAN B.                        NY-42-98-61
BETTS, ALBERT C.                       NY-42-223-796
BETTS, ANGELINE A.                     NY-42-142-582
BETTS, BATHSHEBA                       NY-42-49-25
BETTS, CLARENCE E.                     NY-42-223-480
BETTS, MELISSA                         NY-42-211-783
BETTS, MOSES M.                        NY-42-151-613
BETTS, NATHAN                          NY-42-12-367
BETTS, NELSON B.                       NY-42-116-577
BETTS, PETER                           NY-42-33-194
BETTS, RICHARD H.                      NY-42-78-252
BETTS, SARAH J.                        NY-42-86-542
BETTS, SUSAN                           NY-42-112-276
BEVERIDGE, ANDREW M.                   NY-42-123-685
BEVIS, MARY G.                         NY-42-102-622
BICKLEY, JOHN G.                       NY-42-130-166
BIDWELL, JAMES                         NY-42-34-494
BIDWELL, STEPHEN W.                    NY-42-137-150
BIGELOW, SARAH                         NY-42-49-616
BIGGART, WILLIAM                       NY-42-161-565
BIGGS, MARY                            NY-42-31-115
BILLINGS, CHARLES W.                   NY-42-168-108
BILLS, ALBERT E.                       NY-42-72-541
BILLS, ALFONZO                         NY-42-112-97
BILLS, CAROLINE H.                     NY-42-223-726
BINCK, BETHIAH                         NY-42-108-589
BINCK, PHILIP                          NY-42-9-268
BINGHAM, ANSON                         NY-42-102-589
BINGHAM, LAURA C.                      NY-42-95-484
BINK, ABRAHAM N.                       NY-42-86-615
BIRCH, ALMIRA                          NY-42-45-446
BIRCH, ALPHEUS                         NY-42-89-538
BIRCH, SUSAN C.                        NY-42-211-119
BIRD, CLARENCE                         NY-42-9-225
BIRD, CLARENCE                         NY-42-12-341
BIRD, ELIZABETH                        NY-42-184-67
BIRD, JOHN                             NY-42-2-309
BIRD, SALLY                            NY-42-5-192
BIRMINGHAM, EDWARD                     NY-42-151-148
BIRNEY, MARY                           NY-42-161-447
BIRON, TOUSSAINT                       NY-42-72-510
BISCO, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-42-98-110
BISHOP, CHARLES B.                     NY-42-130-357
BISHOP, DEBORAH                        NY-42-49-125
BISHOP, JACOB                          NY-42-41-282
BISHOP, WILLIAM                        NY-42-78-302
BISSELL, WILLIAM                       NY-42-86-117
BISSOMIELLE, NAPOLEON                  NY-42-223-12
BLACK, DAVID                           NY-42-161-578
BLACKMA, SUSAN L.                      NY-42-223-194
BLACKWOOD, CATHERINE                   NY-42-211-163
BLAIR, GEORGE T.                       NY-42-68-87
BLAIR, JOSEPH                          NY-42-142-171
BLAIR, WILLIAM                         NY-42-98-465
BLAIR, WILLIAM L.                      NY-42-146-452
BLAIS, ZOEL                            NY-42-95-643
BLAKE, JAMES H.                        NY-42-108-579
BLAKE, JAMES J.                        NY-42-142-478
BLAKE, MARGARET                        NY-42-179-210
BLAKEMAN, LAURA                        NY-42-112-64
BLANCHARD, ELIHU                       NY-42-64-183
BLANCHARD, HIRAM                       NY-42-142-74
BLANCHARD, JOHN L.                     NY-42-146-75
BLAND, MARY                            NY-42-163-485
BLASS, PETER F.                        NY-42-151-21
BLATCHFORD, ALICIA                     NY-42-37-167
BLATCHFORD, HARREIT W.                 NY-42-168-43
BLATCHFORD, HARRIET W.                 NY-42-82-480
BLATCHFORD, SAMUEL                     NY-42-9-157
BLATCHFORD, SOPHIA                     NY-42-82-516
BLATCHFORD, THOMAS W.                  NY-42-64-529
BLECHNER, FRANCES                      NY-42-184-321
BLECHNER, NICHOLAS                     NY-42-102-551
BLEWER, GEORGE W.                      NY-42-123-404
BLEWER, THOMAS                         NY-42-9-68
BLEWER, WILILAM T.                     NY-42-108-278
BLISS, ABRAHAM                         NY-42-5-374
BLISS, JOHN S.                         NY-42-78-634
BLISS, LUTHER                          NY-42-45-299
BLISS, MARY E.                         NY-42-163-291
BLISS, PELATIAH                        NY-42-41-517
BLISS, PELLATIAH                       NY-42-6-201
BLISS, SARAH E.                        NY-42-108-141
BLISS, WILLIAM P.                      NY-42-161-11
BLISS,MARY                             NY-42-64-5
BLOCK, FANNIE                          NY-42-223-526
BLOOM, GEORGE                          NY-42-151-59
BLOOMENDALE, CORNELIUS                 NY-42-4-295
BLOOMENDALE, LAWRENCE                  NY-42-9-291
BLOOMENDALE, PETER                     NY-42-12-103
BLOOMENDALL, JOHN                      NY-42-12-316
BLOOMFIELD, MARY                       NY-42-191-115
BLOOMINGDALE, GARRETT                  NY-42-161-404
BLOOMINGDALE, MOSES                    NY-42-49-649
BLOOMINGDLAE, MARTIN                   NY-42-151-114
BLOSS, KATHERINE                       NY-42-151-163
BLOSS, RICHARD                         NY-42-64-67
BLOUNT, DAVID                          NY-42-7-361
BLOW, LUTGARDE                         NY-42-86-575
BLOW, PETER                            NY-42-86-81
BLOW, WILLIAM                          NY-42-82-564
BLUMAN, JOHANNA                        NY-42-108-456
BLUVER, EVELINE                        NY-42-179-310
BLY, CLARK SPENCER                     NY-42-12-27
BLY, DANIEL                            NY-42-5-423
BOARDMAN, CLARINDA                     NY-42-37-133
BOARDMAN, DERICK L.                    NY-42-151-123
BOARDMAN, FLORA E.                     NY-42-142-104
BODE, MARY F.                          NY-42-203-351
BOEHME, AUGUST                         NY-42-142-193
BOEHNLEIN, CASPAR                      NY-42-72-95
BOES, LEWIS                            NY-42-102-584
BOETCHER, JOHN                         NY-42-184-694
BOGGS, WILLIAM                         NY-42-5-416
BOHMER, WILLIAM B.                     NY-42-179-145
BOHRET, JOHANNES                       NY-42-3-445
BOICE, ELIAS                           NY-42-31-57
BOLAN, ELENOR M.                       NY-42-78-127
BOLAND, BERNARD                        NY-42-168-628
BOLAND, ELIZABETH                      NY-42-137-173
BOLAND, MICHAEL                        NY-42-86-645
BOLTON, JAMES                          NY-42-112-589
BOLTON, JAMES JR.                      NY-42-116-540
BOLTON, JOSEPH                         NY-42-168-529
BOLTON, SAMUEL                         NY-42-123-598
BOLTON, SAMUEL JR.                     NY-42-190-596
BOLTON, WILLIAM                        NY-42-146-520
BONACKER, AUGUST J.                    NY-42-163-337
BOND, SARAH M.                         NY-42-190-513
BONESTEEL, ADA C.                      NY-42-78-406
BONESTEEL, ADAM                        NY-42-184-313
BONESTEEL, CHARLES                     NY-42-41-503
BONESTEEL, DAVID S.                    NY-42-45-255
BONESTEEL, ELIDA                       NY-42-211-417
BONESTEEL, ELIZABETH                   NY-42-68-227
BONESTEEL, JEREMIAS                    NY-42-41-367
BONESTEEL, JOHN                        NY-42-12-326
BONESTEEL, JOHN HENRY                  NY-42-89-532
BONESTEEL, LEONARD                     NY-42-102-279
BONESTEEL, LODEWICK                    NY-42-24-244
BONESTEEL, PETER F.                    NY-42-168-542
BONESTELL, WILLIAM N.                  NY-42-218-636
BONHAN, PATRICK                        NY-42-184-381
BONISTIEL, NICHOLAS                    NY-42-3-198
BOOMHOWER, MARY ANN                    NY-42-146-655
BOOMPOWER, PETER                       NY-42-45-129
BOON, RICHARD                          NY-42-41-172
BOOSE, GANGOLF                         NY-42-218-36
BOOTH, DAVID                           NY-42-108-131
BORHYTE, JACOB                         NY-42-7-91
BORNT, ALZADA J.                       NY-42-112-534
BORNT, GEORGE                          NY-42-142-162
BORNT, JACOB                           NY-42-168-486
BORNT, JACOB                           NY-42-41-458
BORNT, JACOB H.                        NY-42-179-594
BORNT, JACOB J.                        NY-42-112-41
BORNT, JOHN                            NY-42-86-157
BORNT, JOHN                            NY-42-3-445
BORNT, JOHN                            NY-42-49-575
BORNT, JOHN A.                         NY-42-223-679
BORNT, LODOWICK                        NY-42-6-119
BORNT, MARY A.                         NY-42-151-269
BORTLE, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-42-98-194
BORTLE, HELEN LANG                     NY-42-137-572
BOSCA, GILES A.                        NY-42-211-612
BOSWORTH, ALFRED                       NY-42-72-386
BOSWORTH, BENJAMIN                     NY-42-116-393
BOSWORTH, CAROLINE W.                  NY-42-142-535
BOSWORTH, HANNAH JANE                  NY-42-218-80
BOSWORTH, N. ELISHA                    NY-42-179-537
BOSWORTH, SIBBEL                       NY-42-98-500
BOTHWELL, THOMAS                       NY-42-95-583
BOTT, JOSEPH                           NY-42-98-527
BOUCHER, JOHN                          NY-42-33-482
BOUGHTON, ANDREW                       NY-42-82-495
BOUGHTON, ELI H.                       NY-42-130-571
BOUGHTON, KATHERINE J.                 NY-42-190-381
BOUGHTON, LENA E.                      NY-42-142-593
BOUGHTON, MARIA B.                     NY-42-41-373
BOUGHTON, MARY E.                      NY-42-184-130
BOUGHTON, MARY E.                      NY-42-190-325
BOUGHTON, MARY H.                      NY-42-142-226
BOUHUS, JOHN                           NY-42-1B-335
BOURK, JOHN A.                         NY-42-137-144
BOURKE, JAMES                          NY-42-211-392
BOUTON, JOSEPH                         NY-42-28-122
BOUTON, NATHAN                         NY-42-24-295
BOUTON, STEPHEN                        NY-42-12-136
BOUTWELL, OLIVER                       NY-42-123-606
BOVIE, AMITY C.                        NY-42-223-594
BOVIE, HEWITT                          NY-42-190-175
BOVIE, ISAAC W.                        NY-42-142-239
BOVIE, JACOB                           NY-42-45-169
BOVIE, JANE C.                         NY-42-179-592
BOVIE, JOHN                            NY-42-12-138
BOVIE, MARY ANN                        NY-42-137-90
BOWDEN, HUGH                           NY-42-223-518
BOWE, ARCHIBALD A.                     NY-42-191-152
BOWENS, MARY                           NY-42-211-363
BOWLAND, JAMES                         NY-42-22-163
BOWLER, JOHN                           NY-42-184-90
BOWMAN, JOHN B.                        NY-42-184-562
BOWMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-42-163-617
BOWMAN, STEPHEN F.                     NY-42-78-263
BOXLEY, CAROLINE                       NY-42-218-97
BOYCE, CAROLINE                        NY-42-95-665
BOYCE, CHARLOTTE E.                    NY-42-223-118
BOYCE, DANIEL W.                       NY-42-218-698
BOYCE, EBENEZER                        NY-42-12-204
BOYCE, EBENEZER                        NY-42-12-246
BOYCE, ELI S.                          NY-42-179-234
BOYCE, ISAAC H.                        NY-42-86-163
BOYCE, LEWIS H.                        NY-42-95-171
BOYD, CHARLOTTE                        NY-42-184-43
BOYD, DOUGLASS                         NY-42-163-196
BOYD, JAMES R.                         NY-42-137-1
BOYLE, ABIGAIL M.                      NY-42-191-137
BOYLE, CATHERINE                       NY-42-49-44
BOYLE, ELIZABETH                       NY-42-151-309
BOYLE, GEORGE                          NY-42-163-652
BOYLE, JAMES                           NY-42-151-518
BOYLE, JAMES                           NY-42-68-72
BOYLE, JENNIE ANN                      NY-42-130-612
BOYLE, JOSEPH                          NY-42-78-390
BOYLE, MARGARET                        NY-42-161-42
BOYLE, PATRICK                         NY-42-130-540
BOYLE, THOMAS W.                       NY-42-98-413
BRACKEN, AGNES                         NY-42-161-442
BRADFORD, MARY J.                      NY-42-112-60
BRADLEY, ELIZABETH E.                  NY-42-163-80
BRADLEY, FELIX                         NY-42-168-283
BRADLEY, JOSEPH                        NY-42-2-112
BRADLEY, SARAH                         NY-42-41-136
BRADSHAW, ADELA                        NY-42-34-381
BRADSHAW, ELIZABETH                    NY-42-56-512
BRADSHAW, ISRAEL                       NY-42-89-644
BRADSHAW, JAMES                        NY-42-86-469
BRADSHAW, SOPHIA                       NY-42-184-690
BRADSHAW, WILLIAM                      NY-42-112-30
BRADT, GARRET F.                       NY-42-18-76
BRADT, JOHN A.                         NY-42-112-33
BRADT, JOHN I.                         NY-42-12-253
BRADT, PHEBE                           NY-42-116-575
BRADT, SIMANDA                         NY-42-218-113
BRADWAY, LYDIA S.                      NY-42-45-358
BRADY, ANN                             NY-42-137-379
BRADY, JOHN                            NY-42-137-512
BRADY, MARGARET                        NY-42-130-266
BRADY, PATRICK                         NY-42-95-464
BRADY, PETER                           NY-42-108-587
BRADY, ROSE                            NY-42-108-4
BRAINERD, SABRA S.                     NY-42-102-5
BRAND, MICHAEL                         NY-42-218-376
BRANDON, APTRICK                       NY-42-203-458
BRANDON, JAMES E.                      NY-42-168-588
BRANDT, GOTTLIEB                       NY-42-98-146
BRANSHAW, ALTHEA                       NY-42-116-229
BRANTIGAM, PHILIP                      NY-42-108-431
BRATT, CAROLINE                        NY-42-223-705
BRATT, DANIEL B.                       NY-42-2-290
BRATT, DANIEL B.                       NY-42-37-542
BRATT, GERRIT T.                       NY-42-26-405
BRATT, HARMAN                          NY-42-56-548
BRATT, JOHN                            NY-42-41-433
BRATT, SARAH FRANCES                   NY-42-142-190
BRATT, SENECA                          NY-42-168-186
BRATT, WILLIAM P.                      NY-42-146-361
BRAYMAN, PAUL                          NY-42-7-382
BRAYTON, DAVID                         NY-42-5-33
BRAYTON, HENRY                         NY-42-49-113
BREARTON, MARGARET                     NY-42-142-93
BREARTON, THOMAS                       NY-42-161-217
BRECKENRIDGE, MARY E.                  NY-42-168-591
BRECKMAN, MARTE                        NY-42-7-421
BREEN, JOHANNA                         NY-42-78-350
BREEN, PIERCE                          NY-42-151-23
BREES, ANTHONY                         NY-42-3-282
BREES, GEORGE W.                       NY-42-130-280
BREESE, ABRAM                          NY-42-142-549
BREESE, GERRIT T.                      NY-42-28-264
BREESE, HELLEN A.                      NY-42-130-297
BREESE, HENRY                          NY-42-12-62
BREHMER, HERMAN                        NY-42-218-345
BRENENSTUHL, ALANSON                   NY-42-123-204
BRENENSTUHL, ALBERT J.                 NY-42-86-381
BRENENSTUHL, BENJAMIN                  NY-42-45-137
BRENENSTUHL, LYSANDER G.               NY-42-102-259
BRENENSTUHL, MELVIN A.                 NY-42-137-322
BRENENSTUHL, MICHAEL                   NY-42-9-54
BRENENSTUHL, SARAH J.                  NY-42-137-564
BRENENSTUHL, WILLIAM                   NY-42-223-689
BRENENTUHL, RICHARD                    NY-42-142-321
BRENNAN, FELIX C.                      NY-42-203-196
BRENNAN, MARY                          NY-42-102-511
BRENNAN, MARY                          NY-42-161-313
BRENNAN, WILLIAM                       NY-42-190-510
BRENNER, FRED G.                       NY-42-203-140
BREWER, EMILY H.                       NY-42-72-421
BREWSTER, BENJAMIN                     NY-42-41-510
BREWSTE,R ESTHER M.                    NY-42-218-13
BREWSTER, GEORGE A.                    NY-42-218-644
BREWSTER, GILBERT                      NY-42-102-79
BREWSTER, PETER                        NY-42-12-403
BREWSTER, PETER A.                     NY-42-179-291
BREWSTER, VALENTINE                    NY-42-203-249
BRICKEL, ELIZABETH                     NY-42-112-53
BRICKNER, ANDREW                       NY-42-151-631
BRIDGEMAN, PETER                       NY-42-130-318
BRIEGER, ANTONIE CAROLIE               NY-42-137-19
BRIEN, MARGARET                        NY-42-191-167
BRIGGER, MARY                          NY-42-168-682
BRIGGS, BENONI                         NY-42-45-41
BRIGGS, CAROLINE A.                    NY-42-168-624
BRIGGS, CARY                           NY-42-41-490
BRIGGS, EMMA J.                        NY-42-112-186
BRIGGS, WILLIAM                        NY-42-5-28
BRIGHAM, JANE A.                       NY-42-191-159
BRIGHTMEYER, JOHN M.                   NY-42-72-293
BRILL, MARY                            NY-42-146-457
BRIMMER, ALVIN                         NY-42-89-440
BRIMMER, FREDRICK                      NY-42-98-181
BRIMMER, GEORGE                        NY-42-49-461
BRIMMER, HENRY                         NY-42-102-182
BRIMMER, JACOB                         NY-42-86-580
BRIMMER, JACOB                         NY-42-12-64
BRIMMER, JACOB                         NY-42-2-173
BRIMMER, JERUSHA A.                    NY-42-211-470
BRIMMER, JOHN                          NY-42-12-89
BRIMMER, JOHN                          NY-42-49-566
BRIMMER, MARY E.                       NY-42-163-566
BRIMMER, WILLIAM H.                    NY-42-168-127
BRINCKERHOFF, ISAAC                    NY-42-7-97
BRINCKERHOFF, SOPHIA                   NY-42-7-123
BRINKERHOFF, MARGARET A.               NY-42-89-238
BRINKERHOFF, SOPHIA C.                 NY-42-95-593
BRINSMADE, ELIZA M.                    NY-42-112-321
BRINSMADE, ELIZABETH                   NY-42-112-159
BRINTNALL, REBECCA                     NY-42-37-140
BRISS, JANE                            NY-42-184-557
BRISTOL, ABRAHAM                       NY-42-1B-258
BRISTOL, DAVID                         NY-42-179-622
BRISTOL, JOEL                          NY-42-37-574
BROCK, ELIZABETH                       NY-42-142-5
BROCK, FRANCIS                         NY-42-9-130
BROCK, SILAS                           NY-42-108-83
BROCKETT, SAMUEL S.                    NY-42-163-153
BROCKWAY, CHESTER                      NY-42-82-83
BROCKWAY, CYNTHIA                      NY-42-163-358
BROCKWAY, DAVID                        NY-42-37-426
BROCKWAY, GEORE W.                     NY-42-112-229
BROCKWAY, GEORGE                       NY-42-37-53
BROCKWAY, JEREMIAH                     NY-42-22-401
BROCKWAY, JULIET                       NY-42-161-245
BROCKWAY, NATHANIEL ***                NY-42-26-8
BROCKWAY, SALLY E.                     NY-42-112-227
BROCKWAY, SUSAN                        NY-42-108-110
BRODERICK, CATHARINE                   NY-42-95-220
BRODERICK, CATHERINE                   NY-42-223-634
BRODERICK, EDMUND W.                   NY-42-184-648
BRODERICK, MARY                        NY-42-223-140
BRODERICK, MICHAEL                     NY-42-137-32
BRODIE, PATRICK                        NY-42-95-503
BROGAN, GEORGE                         NY-42-203-30
BROOKE, HOWARD A.                      NY-42-184-317
BROOKES, MARGARET                      NY-42-123-596
BROOKINS, WOOSTER                      NY-42-45-485
BROOKS, ETHUREL                        NY-42-5-380
BROOKS, LYDIA                          NY-42-24-343
BROOKS, SAMUEL                         NY-42-190-337
BROOKS, SARAH                          NY-42-151-381
BROOKS, THOMAS                         NY-42-123-185
BROOMS, ANN                            NY-42-56-134
BROPHY, PETER R.                       NY-42-95-491
BROSNAN, ANDREW                        NY-42-163-632
BROTHER, ALBERT                        NY-42-142-54
BROTHERS, MARY                         NY-42-68-58
BROUGHTON, ARDILLA                     NY-42-89-77
BROWN, ABEL                            NY-42-137-430
BROWN, ALEXANDER                       NY-42-108-100
BROWN, ANDREW                          NY-42-5-347
BROWN, ANDRUS ESQ.                     NY-42-41-167
BROWN, ANTHONY T.                      NY-42-4-251
BROWN, BENAJAH                         NY-42-7-164
BROWN, BETSEY L.                       NY-42-82-156
BROWN, CALEB                           NY-42-5-405
BROWN, CATHARINE                       NY-42-98-490
BROWN, CHARLES A.                      NY-42-203-14
BROWN, CHARLES K.                      NY-42-123-17
BROWN, CHARLES M.                      NY-42-112-556
BROWN, COONRADT                        NY-42-116-456
BROWN, DANIEL                          NY-42-24-104
BROWN, DAVID                           NY-42-64-26
BROWN, EBENEZER F.                     NY-42-161-570
BROWN, ELISHA                          NY-42-68-55
BROWN, ELIZA B.                        NY-42-49-370
BROWN, ELIZABETH                       NY-42-41-512
BROWN, ELIZABETH                       NY-42-68-250
BROWN, ELIZABETH C.                    NY-42-78-168
BROWN, ELLIOTT E.                      NY-42-142-62
BROWN, EMILY R.                        NY-42-218-671
BROWN, FRANCIS GILBERT                 NY-42-168-419
BROWN, HENRY JAY                       NY-42-168-215
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-42-56-394
BROWN, JEPHTHA                         NY-42-9-70
BROWN, JESSE                           NY-42-146-89
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-42-102-406
BROWN, JONATHAN                        NY-42-22-131
BROWN, JOSEPH                          NY-42-130-175
BROWN, JULIA A.                        NY-42-116-183
BROWN, JULIA S.                        NY-42-190-306
BROWN, MARGARET                        NY-42-223-103
BROWN, MARY                            NY-42-184-16
BROWN, MARY                            NY-42-82-502
BROWN, MICHAEL                         NY-42-163-347
BROWN, MINERVA                         NY-42-179-294
BROWN, NATHANIEL                       NY-42-9-142
BROWN, NATHANIEL H.                    NY-42-4-5
BROWN, NICHOLAS P.                     NY-42-151-469
BROWN, PELEG                           NY-42-142-135
BROWN, PETER                           NY-42-18-113
BROWN, RANDALL A.                      NY-42-108-539
BROWN, ROBERT                          NY-42-89-591
BROWN, SALLY J.                        NY-42-146-390
BROWN, SAMANTHA E.                     NY-42-223-364
BROWN, SAMUEL                          NY-42-7-74
BROWN, SARAH                           NY-42-203-336
BROWN, SARAH W.                        NY-42-168-183
BROWN, SUSANNAH                        NY-42-45-330
BROWN, WILILAM H.                      NY-42-112-455
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-42-64-326
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-42-9-280
BROWN, WILLIAM H.                      NY-42-161-282
BROWNE, JOANNA A.                      NY-42-218-557
BROWNE, MAURICE                        NY-42-108-177
BROWNELL, AMOS                         NY-42-108-584
BROWNELL, DAVID                        NY-42-31-455
BROWNELL, HANNAH                       NY-42-86-320
BROWNELL, JOHN E.                      NY-42-116-435
BROWNELL, MARIAM L.                    NY-42-112-412
BROWNELL, MOSES H.                     NY-42-161-219
BROWNELL, NANCY                        NY-42-89-382
BROWNELL, ROZELLA                      NY-42-142-304
BROWNELL, SARAH D.                     NY-42-203-109
BROWNELL, SIMEON                       NY-42-12-256
BROWNELL, WARREN P.                    NY-42-64-628
BROWNELL, WILSON                       NY-42-78-203
BROWNHART, HARMON                      NY-42-137-681
BROWNING, MARY L.                      NY-42-190-296
BRUER, MATTHEW                         NY-42-3-429
BRUMMEGHAM, THOMAS                     NY-42-7-381
BRUNDAGE, JETHAN                       NY-42-49-66
BRUNDIGE, GEORGE R.                    NY-42-190-118
BRUNDIGE, JESSE                        NY-42-102-388
BRUNDIGE, JESSE                        NY-42-9-168
BRUNDIGE, MARY                         NY-42-112-509
BRUNDIGE, SIMION W.                    NY-42-146-249
BRUNEL, CORDELIA                       NY-42-161-342
BRUNELLE, LOUIS                        NY-42-123-269
BRUNELLE, LUCY J.                      NY-42-108-123
BRUNS, ELIZA                           NY-42-218-435
BRUSH, DAVID                           NY-42-203-77
BRUST, AMOS                            NY-42-45-269
BRUST, CALVIN                          NY-42-102-172
BRUST, GEORGE                          NY-42-31-228
BRUST, GEORGE                          NY-42-82-518
BRUST, GEORGE A.                       NY-42-146-137
BRUST, HENRY                           NY-42-146-384
BRUST, HENRY                           NY-42-116-623
BRUST, ISAAC                           NY-42-89-353
BRUST, JACOB                           NY-42-12-217
BRUST, JOHN                            NY-42-12-229
BRUST, JOHN                            NY-42-12-234
BRUST, MATTHEW                         NY-42-18-257
BRYAN, AMANDA L.                       NY-42-211-571
BRYAN, ELIJAH                          NY-42-33-235
BRYAN, ELIJAH                          NY-42-37-463
BRYAN, HIRAM C.                        NY-42-45-190
BRYAN, JACOB                           NY-42-151-112
BRYAN, LYDIA                           NY-42-108-89
BRYAN, MARIA                           NY-42-179-249
BRYAN, MARY E.                         NY-42-72-561
BRYAN, NELSON                          NY-42-102-118
BRYAN, RICHARD                         NY-42-37-455
BRYAN, STOUGHTON H.                    NY-42-168-650
BUCKHOUT, THOMAS                       NY-42-34-313
BUCKINGHAM, MARIA J.                   NY-42-86-188
BUCKLAND, SARAH                        NY-42-86-531
BUCKLER, STEPHEN                       NY-42-56-348
BUCKLEY, ALICE                         NY-42-112-662
BUCKLEY, CAROLINE                      NY-42-163-137
BUCKLEY, DENNIS                        NY-42-116-224
BUCKLEY, EDWARD                        NY-42-184-451
BUCKLEY, EZRA                          NY-42-82-188
BUCKLEY, FRANCIS C.                    NY-42-130-496
BUCKLEY, HENRY                         NY-42-72-38
BUCKLEY, JABEZ                         NY-42-7-440
BUCKLEY, LAWRENCE                      NY-42-98-513
BUCKLEY, MICHAEL                       NY-42-86-155
BUCKLEY, MICHAEL                       NY-42-161-532
BUCKLEY, PETER H.                      NY-42-211-88
BUCKLEY, SARAH M.                      NY-42-168-384
BUCKLEY, TERTULLUS                     NY-42-64-518
BUCKLIN, DANIEL D.                     NY-42-130-653
BUCKLIN, DAVID W.                      NY-42-108-656
BUCKLIN, ISAAC                         NY-42-12-207
BUCKLIN, SYLVANUS                      NY-42-89-483
BUDD, ELIJAH                           NY-42-64-23
BUDD, JOHN                             NY-42-12-263
BUDD, JOHN G.                          NY-42-137-471
BUDD, JOHN W.                          NY-42-142-22
BUEL, DAVID                            NY-42-22-144
BUEL, DAVID                            NY-42-22-172
BUEL, NANCY                            NY-42-37-476
BUELL, EDWARD M.                       NY-42-89-581
BUFFETT, JOHN W.                       NY-42-33-136
BUFFINGTON, JOHNW.                     NY-42-130-367
BULKLEY, HARRIET L.                    NY-42-218-330
BULKLEY, WALTER                        NY-42-184-616
BULL, CATHARINE                        NY-42-116-363
BULLIONS, ALEXANDER B.                 NY-42-102-203
BULLIONS, PETER                        NY-42-64-137
BULLIOUS, LUCY E.                      NY-42-123-131
BULLOCK, LEWIS                         NY-42-12-273
BULLOCK, THOMAS                        NY-42-95-390
BULMAN, PATRICK                        NY-42-130-212
BULSON, ABRAHAM                        NY-42-64-100
BULSON, ABRAM                          NY-42-223-324
BULSON, ADAM                           NY-42-78-672
BULSON, ALEXANDER                      NY-42-4-25
BULSON, MARIA                          NY-42-137-520
BULSON, RICHARD                        NY-42-116-460
BUMMER, LYMAN                          NY-42-68-157
BUMSTEAD, THOMAS                       NY-42-45-389
BUMSTEAD, WILLIAM                      NY-42-108-203
BUNDY, SIMEON                          NY-42-1B-327
BUNNELL, ABEL                          NY-42-64-61
BUNNELL, EMMA AMELIA                   NY-42-137-226
BURBECK, MARTHA T.                     NY-42-108-102
BURCH, GEORGE W.                       NY-42-12-198
BURCH, HENRY                           NY-42-28-69
BURCH, JAMES H.                        NY-42-211-593
BURCH, PARSIMUS                        NY-42-223-674
BURDEN, HENRY                          NY-42-72-368
BURDEN, JAMES A.                       NY-42-223-465
BURDEN, JULIA A.                       NY-42-116-497
BURDEN, WILLIAM F.                     NY-42-68-241
BURDETT, ABBIE A.                      NY-42-184-278
BURDETT, GEORGE C.                     NY-42-102-484
BURDICK, ALONZO S.                     NY-42-184-417
BURDICK, AUGUSTUS                      NY-42-37-38
BURDICK, JOSEPH                        NY-42-6-516
BURDICK, JOSHUA                        NY-42-9-145
BURDICK, JOSHUA                        NY-42-95-303
BURDICK, WILBUR                        NY-42-37-218
BURDICK, ZELIMUS                       NY-42-4-179
BURGESS, BENAJAH                       NY-42-12-135
BURGESS, JOHN                          NY-42-37-537
BURGESS, NAIRN                         NY-42-86-551
BURGOYNE, ANDREW                       NY-42-137-75
BURKE, ANN                             NY-42-168-506
BURKE, CAROLINE W.                     NY-42-163-304
BURKE, EDWARD                          NY-42-130-607
BURKE, ELIZA                           NY-42-190-13
BURKE, ELLEN                           NY-42-102-19
BURKE, JAMES H.                        NY-42-190-79
BURKE, JAMES M.                        NY-42-137-376
BURKE, JULIA                           NY-42-218-702
BURKE, MARY                            NY-42-190-124
BURKE, MARY F.                         NY-42-203-391
BURKE, PATRICK                         NY-42-163-505
BURKE, THOMAS                          NY-42-179-318
BURKE, WILLIAM                         NY-42-161-496
BURKE, WILLIAM                         NY-42-137-504
BURNHAM, CATHARINE                     NY-42-78-235
BURNHAM, EMMA E.                       NY-42-151-137
BURNHAM, JOSHUA                        NY-42-41-426
BURNISH, FANNY                         NY-42-184-537
BURNISH, JOSEPH                        NY-42-223-485
BURNS, ANNA                            NY-42-223-380
BURNS, CYRUS                           NY-42-130-12
BURNS, DAVID                           NY-42-102-314
BURNS, ELLEN                           NY-42-218-418
BURNS, ELLEN T.                        NY-42-218-536
BURNS, ESTHER                          NY-42-72-3
BURNS, JOHN                            NY-42-45-377
BURNS, JOHN                            NY-42-72-530
BURNS, JOHN                            NY-42-112-667
BURNS, JOHN                            NY-42-211-330
BURNS, JOHN                            NY-42-218-181
BURNS, JOHN W.                         NY-42-98-256
BURNS, JOSEPH                          NY-42-191-77
BURNS, JULIA                           NY-42-123-505
BURNS, MARY                            NY-42-151-636
BURNS, PATRICK                         NY-42-163-435
BURNS, WILLIAM                         NY-42-112-446
BURNS, WILLIAM H.                      NY-42-137-366
BURR, HANNAH A.                        NY-42-163-573
BURR, OLIVER                           NY-42-56-412
BURR, SARAH                            NY-42-45-14
BURRELL, REBECCA                       NY-42-168-557
BURRELL, SAMUEL                        NY-42-37-284
BURRELL, WINNE ANN                     NY-42-184-254
BURRITT, ELI                           NY-42-7-182
BURROWS, MARGARET                      NY-42-146-201
BURT, HARRIET                          NY-42-64-583
BURTIS, RICHARD                        NY-42-7-363
BURTON, CASPER V. W.                   NY-42-184-231
BURTON, CATHARINE                      NY-42-116-662
BURTON, FRANCES L.                     NY-42-179-458
BURTON, ISAAC                          NY-42-112-94
BURTON, JAMES                          NY-42-56-218
BURTON, LEBBEUS                        NY-42-190-456
BURTON, MATTHEW H.                     NY-42-161-469
BURTON, PLATT                          NY-42-34-216
BURTON, ZIMRI                          NY-42-108-458
BURTON,M ARY                           NY-42-137-49
BURVILL, WILLIAM                       NY-42-3-314
BURWELL, CORNELIUS                     NY-42-49-1
BUSH, ABIJAH                           NY-42-37-56
BUSH, ANN ELIZA                        NY-42-37-59
BUSH, CHRISTIAN                        NY-42-34-293
BUSH, ORRY                             NY-42-45-327
BUSH, WALTER R.                        NY-42-112-388
BUSHELL, THOMAS                        NY-42-161-386
BUSHEY, GEORGE                         NY-42-146-379
BUSHNELL, ALBERT                       NY-42-108-412
BUSS, ALFRED                           NY-42-86-341
BUSS, MARY                             NY-42-108-379
BUSSEY, CORNELIA H.                    NY-42-223-407
BUSSEY, THOMAS                         NY-42-5-93
BUTLER, CATHERIEN                      NY-42-49-337
BUTLER, HANNAH                         NY-42-161-450
BUTLER, JOHN                           NY-42-9-52
BUTLER, MARGARET                       NY-42-146-489
BUTLER, MARY                           NY-42-211-793
BUTLER, MATTHEW G.                     NY-42-211-607
BUTTERFIELD, BENJAMIN                  NY-42-108-553
BUTTERWORTH, JULIAN M. H.              NY-42-168-521
BUTTOLPH, SILAS                        NY-42-64-339
BUTTON, ABRAM L.                       NY-42-130-363
BUTTON, ANNTEWETLE                     NY-42-184-611
BUTTON, GEOGE                          NY-42-190-28
BUTTON, HARRIET J.                     NY-42-223-125
BUTTON, IRA A.                         NY-42-130-399
BUTTON, ISAAC B.                       NY-42-116-98
BUTTON, JESSE                          NY-42-9-162
BUTTON, JESSE L.                       NY-42-26-584
BUTTON, LUCY R.                        NY-42-130-239
BUTTON, MILTON                         NY-42-56-387
BUTTON, RANSOM                         NY-42-45-140
BUTTON, SARAH JANE                     NY-42-218-524
BUTTON, WILLIAM P.                     NY-42-179-161
BUTTON, WILLIAM P.                     NY-42-116-500
BUTTS, CHARLES E.                      NY-42-116-261
BUTTS, ELIHU                           NY-42-112-236
BUTTS, MINERA M.                       NY-42-112-238
BUTTS, THEDA (34)                      NY-42-72-163
BYERS, LOUISA C.                       NY-42-211-751
BYRAM, ANNA R.                         NY-42-116-566
BYRAM, JOSEPH H.                       NY-42-95-150
BYRAM, MARIA P.                        NY-42-130-594
BYRNE, JOHN                            NY-42-37-469
BYRON, ELIZABETH HOGAN                 NY-42-163-354
BYRON, JOHN                            NY-42-137-244
BYRON, MARY                            NY-42-123-447
CADY, SALMON                           NY-42-6-93
CAFFERY, MARGARET                      NY-42-168-239
CAFFERY, PATRICK                       NY-42-168-178
CAHILL, JOHN                           NY-42-146-206
CAHILL, JULIA                          NY-42-86-549
CALACHY, MARTIN                        NY-42-45-310
CALAHAN, THOMAS                        NY-42-72-271
CALDWELL, ANNIE E.                     NY-42-203-46
CALHOUN, DAVID                         NY-42-203-68
CALHOUN, DAVID                         NY-42-184-149
CALKINS, CHARITY M.                    NY-42-95-80
CALKINS, HIRAM                         NY-42-190-87
CALKINS, JANE                          NY-42-142-332
CALLACKEY, JAMES                       NY-42-108-642
CALLAGHAN, BRIDGET                     NY-42-151-618
CALLAHAN, CATHARINE                    NY-42-89-510
CALLANAN, MARY J.                      NY-42-163-423
CALLANAN, STEPHEN                      NY-42-223-444
CALLERY, MARGARET                      NY-42-146-596
CALLOPY, BRIDGET                       NY-42-98-469
CALVERT, JOSEPH                        NY-42-37-572
CAMBEL, PETER                          NY-42-3-409
CAMEL, BALTIS                          NY-42-37-45
CAMEL, JOHN                            NY-42-6-107
CAMP, NATHAN HERMAN                    NY-42-146-113
CAMPBELL, ALFRED ELDENKIN              NY-42-82-421
CAMPBELL, ANGUS                        NY-42-56-227
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD                    NY-42-223-708
CAMPBELL, BRIDGET                      NY-42-151-669
CAMPBELL, CHARLOTTE                    NY-42-64-14
CAMPBELL, ELIZA                        NY-42-218-456
CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH                    NY-42-130-215
CAMPBELL, GEORE                        NY-42-211-12
CAMPBELL, GEORGE                       NY-42-179-449
CAMPBELL, JACOB                        NY-42-2-64
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        NY-42-130-260
CAMPBELL, MARGARET                     NY-42-190-211
CAMPBELL, MARTHA J.                    NY-42-89-94
CAMPBELL, MERVIN S.                    NY-42-191-95
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL B.                    NY-42-123-101
CAMPION, PATRICK                       NY-42-78-310
CANAVAN, CATHARINE M.                  NY-42-168-190
CANDERATOWITCH, HERMINE                NY-42-146-368
CANEDY, FRANK B.                       NY-42-108-534
CANEDY, MARY M.                        NY-42-123-274
CANFIELD, MARY                         NY-42-72-208
CANNAVAN, MARY                         NY-42-95-260
CANNIFF, LEVI                          NY-42-3-131
CANNON, ESTHER                         NY-42-41-87
CANNON, JAMES                          NY-42-102-334
CANNON, JOHN D.                        NY-42-64-192
CANNON, LE GRAND                       NY-42-41-83
CANNON, MARGARET                       NY-42-211-560
CANNON, MARGARET                       NY-42-146-5
CANNON, MARY                           NY-42-179-231
CANTRELL, MARY                         NY-42-190-660
CAOEN, MARY                            NY-42-137-417
CAPENTER, BEJAMIN                      NY-42-1B-111
CAPRON, MARY E.                        NY-42-218-190
CARAN, ANDREW                          NY-42-146-23
CARD, CHARLES                          NY-42-161-274
CARD, GEORGE D.                        NY-42-151-554
CARD, JOHN                             NY-42-123-641
CARD, JOSEPH                           NY-42-22-416
CARD, PAUL                             NY-42-41-255
CARD, RICHARD W.                       NY-42-56-408
CARD, STEPHEN                          NY-42-1B-60
CAREY, BETSEY F.                       NY-42-123-92
CAREY, BRIDGET                         NY-42-142-162
CAREY, MARGARET                        NY-42-203-339
CAREY, PATRICK                         NY-42-56-172
CAREY, PATRICK                         NY-42-102-476
CAREY, SEYMOUR                         NY-42-146-70
CARLIN, ELIZABETH L.                   NY-42-49-130
CARMICHAEL, PETER                      NY-42-7-30
CARMICHAEL, WILLIAM                    NY-42-86-486
CARMICHEL, JOHN                        NY-42-2-462
CARMON, MARY A.                        NY-42-184-652
CARNER, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-42-41-445
CARNER, PHILIP                         NY-42-116-612
CARNER, PHILIP JACOB                   NY-42-1B-310
CARNER, SARAH H.                       NY-42-168-320
CARNEY, EDWARD                         NY-42-218-73
CARNEY, JAMES                          NY-42-211-718
CARNEY, PATRICK                        NY-42-95-601
CARNEY, SARAH                          NY-42-179-605
CARON, FRANCIS X.                      NY-42-161-73
CARON, HERCULES                        NY-42-190-536
CARPENTER, BETSEY E.                   NY-42-102-290
CARPENTER, BLANCHE S.                  NY-42-211-450
CARPENTER, CALVIN P.                   NY-42-108-33
CARPENTER, COLES                       NY-42-18-1
CARPENTER, DANIEL                      NY-42-31-256
CARPENTER, EDWIN A.                    NY-42-203-382
CARPENTER, ELIZABETH ANN               NY-42-130-672
CARPENTER, EZEKIEL                     NY-42-116-42
CARPENTER, GEORGE W.                   NY-42-33-181
CARPENTER, HARRIET                     NY-42-223-121
CARPENTER, HARRIET M. B.               NY-42-203-358
CARPENTER, JAMES                       NY-42-102-169
CARPENTER, JANE                        NY-42-37-523
CARPENTER, JANE M.                     NY-42-161-88
CARPENTER, JOANNA                      NY-42-123-144
CARPENTER, JOHN                        NY-42-137-637
CARPENTER, JOHN                        NY-42-6-294
CARPENTER, JOHN H.                     NY-42-116-580
CARPENTER, JOSEPH                      NY-42-1B-131
CARPENTER, MORRIS                      NY-42-190-4
CARPENTER, SOLOMON                     NY-42-18-98
CARPENTER, SOLOMON                     NY-42-18-206
CARPENTER, SUSANNA                     NY-42-4-419
CARPENTER, THOMAS                      NY-42-12-157
CARPENTER, THOMAS                      NY-42-12-167
CARPENTER, THOMAS G.                   NY-42-18-4
CARPENTER, THOMAS G.                   NY-42-12-408
CARPENTER, TIMOTHY                     NY-42-2-298
CARPENTER, WALTER                      NY-42-5-292
CARPENTER, WALTER                      NY-42-123-314
CARR, EDWARD                           NY-42-37-8
CARR, ELEANOR                          NY-42-112-283
CARR, JOHN A.                          NY-42-116-468
CARR, JONAS                            NY-42-191-7
CARR, JOSEPH B.                        NY-42-161-295
CARR, NICHOLAS                         NY-42-142-16
CARR, RUTH A.                          NY-42-184-118
CARR, THURSTON                         NY-42-4-102
CARRIER, ALCENA T.                     NY-42-142-675
CARRIER, JOHN M.                       NY-42-86-85
CARRIER, MAVERET H.                    NY-42-72-76
CARRIER, NANCY S.                      NY-42-102-197
CARROLL, CORNELIA                      NY-42-168-156
CARROLL, ELIZA JANE                    NY-42-218-477
CARROLL, ELLEN                         NY-42-72-478
CARROLL, GEORGE E.                     NY-42-203-76
CARROLL, HANNAH                        NY-42-179-189
CARROLL, JOHN                          NY-42-168-653
CARROLL, JULIA                         NY-42-146-359
CARROLL, JULIA                         NY-42-78-66
CARROLL, MARY                          NY-42-168-352
CARROLL, MARY L.                       NY-42-218-545
CARROLL, PATRICK                       NY-42-108-401
CARROLL, PATRICK J.                    NY-42-123-392
CARROLL, WILLIAM                       NY-42-102-230
CARRY, EDWARD                          NY-42-179-563
CARTER, CHARLES                        NY-42-123-416
CARTER, CYRUS                          NY-42-151-401
CARTER, ELIZABETH A.                   NY-42-223-62
CARTER, GEORGE DUNCAN                  NY-42-72-548
CARTER, SUSAN A.                       NY-42-218-257
CARTER, SUSANNAH                       NY-42-98-299
CARY, ELIZABETH GOLDEN                 NY-42-163-469
CARY, ODILLE                           NY-42-223-453
CASE, ALCHEE                           NY-42-168-631
CASE, DAVID                            NY-42-112-400
CASE, JOHN                             NY-42-95-337
CASE, JOHN B.                          NY-42-112-169
CASE, NATHAN                           NY-42-6-466
CASE, PENTER                           NY-42-151-80
CASEY, BRIDGET                         NY-42-190-54
CASEY, ELEANOR L.                      NY-42-179-364
CASEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-42-123-535
CASEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-42-45-272
CASEY, JOHN                            NY-42-78-605
CASEY, THOMAS H.                       NY-42-146-441
CASEY, TIMOTHY                         NY-42-45-82
CASEY, WILLIAM H.                      NY-42-211-165
CASHMAN, ELLEN F.                      NY-42-223-134
CASHMAN, JOHN                          NY-42-184-569
CASHMAN, JULIA                         NY-42-78-586
CASHMAN, WILLIAM                       NY-42-82-417
CASKEY, WILLIAM                        NY-42-211-444
CASSIN, DENNIS                         NY-42-41-480
CASTLE, AMOS E.                        NY-42-161-537
CASTLE, JOHN E.                        NY-42-203-307
CASTLE, SUSAN                          NY-42-49-88
CASWELL, HORACE T.                     NY-42-163-207
CATLIN, CHARLES T.                     NY-42-179-202
CATLIN, ISRAEL R.                      NY-42-72-44
CAULFIELD, MARY                        NY-42-203-233
CAVANAUGH, ANN                         NY-42-116-87
CAVANAUGH, MARGARET                    NY-42-168-560
CAVANAUGH, PATRICK                     NY-42-223-620
CAVE, JOSEPH                           NY-42-95-416
CAWLEY, PHIILP                         NY-42-123-346
CHACE, EDMUND P.                       NY-42-190-101
CHACE, WILLIAM                         NY-42-5-352
CHACE, WILLIAM                         NY-42-5-246
CHACE, WILLIAM P.                      NY-42-112-274
CHADEAYNE, MARIA                       NY-42-142-601
CHADSEY, JOSEPH                        NY-42-72-53
CHALDONER, GEORGE W.                   NY-42-123-279
CHALLES, NATHANIEL                     NY-42-34-433
CHALONER, JOHN                         NY-42-95-195
CHAMBERLAIN, GEORGE W.                 NY-42-168-364
CHAMBERLIN, WARREN                     NY-42-112-426
CHAMBERS, JOHN                         NY-42-37-238
CHAMPION, RUTH K.                      NY-42-64-72
CHAMPTION, GEORGE                      NY-42-31-493
CHAPIN, JAMES L.                       NY-42-211-743
CHAPIN, SARAH                          NY-42-68-196
CHAPMAN, ALEXANDER                     NY-42-151-187
CHAPMAN, ARCHIBALD                     NY-42-95-598
CHAPMAN, ASA                           NY-42-3-57
CHAPMAN, DANIEL W.                     NY-42-146-11
CHAPMAN, GEORGE W.                     NY-42-142-143
CHAPMAN, JOHN                          NY-42-6-42
CHAPMAN, MARY                          NY-42-49-430
CHAPMAN, NATHANIEL                     NY-42-7-249
CHAPMAN, OLIVER W.                     NY-42-64-452
CHAPMAN, ROXANAH                       NY-42-45-234
CHAPMAN, WAITY                         NY-42-24-49
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM                       NY-42-82-211
CHAPPEL, THOMAS                        NY-42-56-392
CHAPPELL, RACHEL                       NY-42-218-527
CHARLES, SAMUEL                        NY-42-37-546
CHASE, BENJAMIN                        NY-42-86-219
CHASE, CHARLES                         NY-42-12-85
CHASE, JAMES M.                        NY-42-203-311
CHASE, MARY P.                         NY-42-137-570
CHASE, NICHOLAS S.                     NY-42-82-202
CHASE, RUFUS S.                        NY-42-86-319
CHASE, TALLMAN                         NY-42-6-58
CHEEVER, EDWIN H.                      NY-42-108-65
CHEEVER, WILLIAM D.                    NY-42-6-354
CHENEY, J. HOMER                       NY-42-112-335
CHENEY, MARY FRANCES                   NY-42-190-579
CHEREVOY, EDMUND                       NY-42-56-502
CHEREVOY, WILLIAM L.                   NY-42-223-744
CHESTER, AURELIA LOUISA                NY-42-86-289
CHEW, DANIEL B.                        NY-42-146-77
CHICHESE,R ELIJAH                      NY-42-45-437
CHICHESTER, HANNAH                     NY-42-7-151
CHICHESTER, RENSSELAER                 NY-42-223-351
CHITISTER, EPHRAM                      NY-42-1B-197
CHITTENDEN, WILLIAM W.                 NY-42-151-583
CHOATE, FRANCIS                        NY-42-3-377
CHOATE, JONATHAN                       NY-42-33-393
CHRISTIE, GEORGE                       NY-42-45-274
CHUBB, AMOS B.                         NY-42-22-42
CHURCH, HOWARD R.                      NY-42-45-506
CHURCH, LEMUEL L.                      NY-42-123-582
CHURCH, MARY                           NY-42-45-184
CHURCH, NATHANIEL                      NY-42-18-3
CHURCH, NELSON                         NY-42-142-59
CHURCH, PETER                          NY-42-89-419
CHURCH, STEPHEN                        NY-42-137-105
CIFFERLY, DAVID                        NY-42-72-273
CIPPERLEY, ELVINA                      NY-42-64-657
CIPPERLEY, JOHN                        NY-42-137-346
CIPPERLY, CATHARINE                    NY-42-95-367
CIPPERLY, ELIZABETH F.                 NY-42-211-20
CIPPERLY, GEORGE                       NY-42-78-148
CIPPERLY, JACOB                        NY-42-3-426
CIPPERLY, JOHN H.                      NY-42-211-223
CIPPERLY, JOHN W.                      NY-42-130-203
CIPPERLY, LEWIS                        NY-42-218-714
CIPPERLY, MARIA                        NY-42-64-125
CIPPERLY, MARY                         NY-42-68-14
CIPPERLY, MATILDA                      NY-42-151-666
CIPPERLY, MICHAEL                      NY-42-1B-1
CIPPERLY, MICHAEL                      NY-42-78-189
CIPPERLY, SAMUEL B.                    NY-42-123-1
CISKE, OTTO                            NY-42-137-341
CLAFFER, SARAH A.                      NY-42-161-395
CLAKR, ADELIA                          NY-42-78-211
CLANCY, MATTHEW                        NY-42-95-408
CLAPP, ABIGAIL C. RANKIN               NY-42-56-191
CLAPP, CAROLINE                        NY-42-161-223
CLAPP, DANIEL                          NY-42-68-85
CLAPP, ELAM S. P.                      NY-42-64-201
CLAPP, JOHN                            NY-42-26-74
CLAPP, LUCY A.                         NY-42-168-412
CLAPP, SARAH A.                        NY-42-123-406
CLAPPER, BENONI                        NY-42-108-470
CLAPPER, HANNAH M.                     NY-42-86-165
CLAPPER, JEREMIAH                      NY-42-45-430
CLAPPER, JOHN I.                       NY-42-28-295
CLAPPER, JOHN I.                       NY-42-223-693
CLAPPER, NICHOLAS                      NY-42-89-79
CLAPPER, NORMAN                        NY-42-179-275
CLAPPER, PETER                         NY-42-146-549
CLAPPER, WILLIAM                       NY-42-34-230
CLAPPEY, JACOB I.                      NY-42-64-532
CLAREN, MICHAEL                        NY-42-218-781
CLARK, AMELIA S.                       NY-42-161-398
CLARK, ASAPH                           NY-42-12-301
CLARK, BYRON                           NY-42-146-600
CLARK, CALVIN H.                       NY-42-179-677
CLARK, CATHERINE                       NY-42-218-592
CLARK, CHARLES                         NY-42-72-289
CLARK, CHARLES R.                      NY-42-89-88
CLARK, CHARLES S.                      NY-42-223-764
CLARK, CHLOE                           NY-42-12-388
CLARK, CLARISSA                        NY-42-86-199
CLARK, CYNTHIA E.                      NY-42-130-651
CLARK, DARIUS WINSHIP                  NY-42-203-119
CLARK, DEBORAH                         NY-42-98-76
CLARK, DUNNNG                          NY-42-108-615
CLARK, EDUARD C.                       NY-42-211-558
CLARK, ELIZA                           NY-42-218-553
CLARK, ELIZABETH                       NY-42-108-74
CLARK, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-42-161-215
CLARK, GEORGE W.                       NY-42-163-410
CLARK, HANNAH                          NY-42-64-574
CLARK, HENRY B.                        NY-42-89-632
CLARK, HORCE                           NY-42-95-543
CLARK, JAMES                           NY-42-56-207
CLARK, JAMES                           NY-42-161-540
CLARK, JAMES E.                        NY-42-190-469
CLARK, JAMES J.                        NY-42-146-527
CLARK, JEREMIAH                        NY-42-6-218
CLARK, JOHN                            NY-42-41-272
CLARK, JOHN                            NY-42-211-711
CLARK, JOHN                            NY-42-41-169
CLARK, JOSEPH                          NY-42-12-285
CLARK, LORENZO D.                      NY-42-142-366
CLARK, LUKE                            NY-42-45-182
CLARK, LUTHER                          NY-42-102-265
CLARK, MARGARET                        NY-42-45-235
CLARK, MARTHA                          NY-42-98-283
CLARK, MARY                            NY-42-168-499
CLARK, MARY A.                         NY-42-146-688
CLARK, MARY M. INGRAM                  NY-42-184-346
CLARK, OTIS G.                         NY-42-190-206
CLARK, PRISCILLA E.                    NY-42-179-370
CLARK, SARAH                           NY-42-137-464
CLARK, THATCHER                        NY-42-89-436
CLARK, THOMAS                          NY-42-3-70
CLARK, WILLIAM                         NY-42-191-84
CLARK, WILLIAM                         NY-42-7-46
CLARKE, THOMAS                         NY-42-1A-7
CLATWORTHY, JOHN                       NY-42-203-457
CLATWORTHY, MARY GLAE                  NY-42-218-445
CLAUGHESSY, PATRICK                    NY-42-151-419
CLAUGHSEY, PATRICK                     NY-42-223-687
CLAW, SAMUEL                           NY-42-49-582
CLEARY, JAMES F.                       NY-42-218-547
CLEGG, FANNY K.                        NY-42-203-157
CLEM, CATHARINE                        NY-42-7-190
CLEMENCE, WILLIAM                      NY-42-108-374
CLEMENTS, STEPHEN G.                   NY-42-112-391
CLEMINSHAW, EDWIN                      NY-42-86-293
CLEVELAND, ALBERT B.                   NY-42-108-115
CLEVELAND, GEORGE W.                   NY-42-112-149
CLEVELAND, JAMES                       NY-42-9-120
CLEVELAND, MARY F.                     NY-42-123-191
CLEVELAND, NELLY                       NY-42-102-161
CLEVELAND, OLIVE                       NY-42-68-24
CLEXTON, SAMUEL R.                     NY-42-190-190
CLICKNER, GEORGE                       NY-42-18-13
CLICKNER, GEORGE                       NY-42-12-389
CLICKNER, GEORGE H.                    NY-42-168-600
CLICKNER, JOHN                         NY-42-72-520
CLIFFORD, JOHN                         NY-42-223-547
CLIFFORD, MARY A.                      NY-42-223-548
CLINCH, RICHARD                        NY-42-112-316
CLINE, GEORGE                          NY-42-82-85
CLINT, JOHN                            NY-42-45-301
CLINTON, JAMES JOSEPH                  NY-42-78-656
CLINTON, JULIA                         NY-42-151-446
CLOGAN, ANNE                           NY-42-130-410
CLOSE, CORNELIA                        NY-42-64-103
CLOUGH, MOSES T.                       NY-42-211-568
CLOWES, HIRAM                          NY-42-6-264
CLUETT, J. W. ALFRED                   NY-42-184-324
CLUETT, WILLIAM                        NY-42-137-191
CLUM, EVE                              NY-42-161-300
CLUM, JACOB                            NY-42-142-423
CLUTE, MARGARET                        NY-42-203-40
CLYSDALE, ALEXANDER                    NY-42-130-16
COAN, PETER                            NY-42-72-279
COE, JONAS (REV.)                      NY-42-7-59
COFFEY, ANNIE F.                       NY-42-161-29
COFFEY, BERNARD                        NY-42-56-490
COHEN, ISAAC                           NY-42-146-1
COLBURN, ELIZA                         NY-42-112-501
COLBURN, GEORGE                        NY-42-190-664
COLBURN, HAGEN E.                      NY-42-112-405
COLBURN, JANE L.                       NY-42-179-269
COLBURN, JOHN                          NY-42-41-222
COLBY, JOHN                            NY-42-112-181
COLBY, JOHN H.                         NY-42-116-14
COLBY, M. ANTOINETTE                   NY-42-223-52
COLCHAMMER, LODWICK                    NY-42-64-545
COLE, ANTHONY                          NY-42-86-291
COLE, CELINA                           NY-42-98-601
COLE, CHARLES E.                       NY-42-151-15
COLE, EDWIN A.                         NY-42-123-427
COLE, ELIZABETH                        NY-42-137-608
COLE, ELIZABETH                        NY-42-116-167
COLE, EMILY M.                         NY-42-179-132
COLE, HALLIS W.                        NY-42-82-110
COLE, HARMON                           NY-42-137-591
COLE, JOHN P.                          NY-42-7-305
COLE, LANY C.                          NY-42-179-113
COLE, LEWIS                            NY-42-78-40
COLE, LUCINDA                          NY-42-179-494
COLE, MARY                             NY-42-190-489
COLE, PARDON                           NY-42-24-428
COLE, PETER                            NY-42-82-150
COLE, PRUDENCE                         NY-42-7-319
COLE, REUBEN                           NY-42-112-367
COLE, SAMUEL                           NY-42-56-239
COLE, THOMAS H.                        NY-42-211-227
COLEHAMER, GEORGE                      NY-42-78-368
COLEHAMER, GEORGE                      NY-42-9-278
COLEHAMER, MARGARET                    NY-42-130-361
COLEHAMER, MARTIN                      NY-42-34-224
COLEHAMER, STEPHEN                     NY-42-68-209
COLEHAMER, STEPHEN C.                  NY-42-9-309
COLEHAMER, WILLIAM                     NY-42-116-211
COLEHAMER, WILLIAM H.                  NY-42-190-106
COLEHAMMER, CONRAD                     NY-42-24-183
COLEMAN, ANNA S.                       NY-42-179-557
COLEMAN, ISAIAH B.                     NY-42-108-47
COLEMAN, ROWLAND                       NY-42-78-667
COLEMAN, SAMUEL                        NY-42-31-349
COLEMAN, THOMAS                        NY-42-161-68
COLLARD, ANN                           NY-42-108-591
COLLIER, JAMES                         NY-42-45-46
COLLINS, AMELIA                        NY-42-68-99
COLLINS, ANDREW D.                     NY-42-108-335
COLLINS, ANN                           NY-42-108-576
COLLINS, AUGUSTUS                      NY-42-123-370
COLLINS, EUNICE                        NY-42-9-305
COLLINS, JAMES                         NY-42-95-305
COLLINS, JOHN                          NY-42-82-255
COLLINS, MARGARET                      NY-42-37-452
COLLINS, MARY                          NY-42-161-591
COLLINS, ROBERT                        NY-42-49-38
COLLINS, TERRENCE                      NY-42-112-351
COLLINS, THOMAS                        NY-42-203-52
COLLISON, ROBERT C.                    NY-42-102-190
COLLOPY, JAMES                         NY-42-223-463
COLLYSON, FRANCIS                      NY-42-7-414
COLLYSON, FRANCIS C.                   NY-42-108-297
COLLYSON, JOHN L.                      NY-42-123-329
COMAR, MARY A.                         NY-42-142-264
COMESKEY, THOMAS J.                    NY-42-223-536
COMING, GURDIN                         NY-42-45-126
COMMINS, ABEL                          NY-42-37-17
COMSTOCK, DAVID                        NY-42-9-44
COMSTOCK, JAMES C.                     NY-42-116-101
COMSTOCK, JOHN                         NY-42-9-83
COMSTOCK, JOSEPH B.                    NY-42-7-365
COMSTOCK, MELANCTON                    NY-42-26-497
COMSTOCK, SAMUEL                       NY-42-6-116
CONAGHTY, JOHN J.                      NY-42-108-206
CONDON, PATRICK                        NY-42-112-394
CONDON, WILLIAM                        NY-42-82-437
CONE, ALEXANDER                        NY-42-3-212
CONE, HENRY                            NY-42-223-158
CONE, HUGH                             NY-42-168-221
CONGDON, E. MORGAN                     NY-42-95-95
CONGDON, EPHRAIM                       NY-42-64-236
CONGDON, MARIA L.                      NY-42-95-313
CONKA, PETER                           NY-42-34-333
CONKLIN, CARPENTER                     NY-42-37-61
CONKLIN, JOSEPHINE                     NY-42-130-493
CONKLIN, MARY P.                       NY-42-151-367
CONKLIN, NELSON                        NY-42-34-486
CONLEY, ALICE                          NY-42-82-200
CONLEY, MICHAEL                        NY-42-102-243
CONLON, CHARLES                        NY-42-151-94
CONLON, JOHN                           NY-42-82-325
CONNALLY, THOMAS                       NY-42-123-587
CONNELL, ELIZABETH C.                  NY-42-218-185
CONNELL, MARY                          NY-42-82-520
CONNELL, PATRICK                       NY-42-203-254
CONNELLY, CLARISSA C.                  NY-42-95-609
CONNELLY, DANIEL                       NY-42-151-299
CONNELLY, ELIZABETH A.                 NY-42-146-406
CONNER, ELLEN                          NY-42-116-284
CONNERS, CATHARINE                     NY-42-161-76
CONNERS, JAMES                         NY-42-86-102
CONNERS, JOHN                          NY-42-102-63
CONNERY, MARY                          NY-42-161-226
CONNERY, MICHAEL                       NY-42-130-274
CONNERY, PATRICK                       NY-42-102-465
CONNIFF, SAMUEL                        NY-42-78-610
CONNOLLY, DENNIS                       NY-42-102-637
CONNOLLY, JOHN                         NY-42-78-422
CONNOLLY, MARIA                        NY-42-190-232
CONNOLLY, PETER                        NY-42-151-431
CONNOLLY, WILLIAM                      NY-42-151-312
CONNOLLY, WILLIAM HENRY                NY-42-137-446
CONNOR, JOHN                           NY-42-142-670
CONNOR, MARY                           NY-42-123-584
CONNORS, DANIEL                        NY-42-86-327
CONNORS, JOHN                          NY-42-151-229
CONNORS, RODGER                        NY-42-123-576
CONNORS, SARAH E.                      NY-42-72-476
CONOVER, SARAH ANN                     NY-42-161-377
CONRADT, JOHN                          NY-42-41-106
CONROW, MARY E.                        NY-42-137-390
CONROY, JOHN                           NY-42-142-441
CONROY, MARGARET                       NY-42-146-175
CONROY, PETER                          NY-42-123-527
CONROY, TIMOTHY F.                     NY-42-218-424
CONTIE, CHRISTINA                      NY-42-203-297
CONVERSE, ROSANNA                      NY-42-41-165
CONWAY, BRIDGET                        NY-42-112-36
CONWAY, ELLEN                          NY-42-179-220
CONWAY, MARY                           NY-42-86-336
CONWAY, MARY                           NY-42-179-108
CONWAY, MARY MARGARET                  NY-42-211-2
CONWAY, MICHAEL                        NY-42-218-544
CONWAY, PATRICK SARSFIELD              NY-42-223-287
COOK, ALANSON                          NY-42-95-655
COOK, BENNETT                          NY-42-95-385
COOK, CHAPMAN                          NY-42-78-134
COOK, CHARLES                          NY-42-112-267
COOK, EMELINE                          NY-42-98-237
COOK, ESTHER GURLEY                    NY-42-142-518
COOK, GRATICE T.                       NY-42-28-258
COOK, HENRY A.                         NY-42-223-664
COOK, KATHARINE                        NY-42-151-604
COOK, LAMBERT                          NY-42-1B-304
COOK, PHILIP                           NY-42-5-270
COOK, RICE                             NY-42-37-171
COOK, ROBERT                           NY-42-78-574
COOK, SAMUEL                           NY-42-146-28
COOK, SAMUEL G. H.                     NY-42-49-121
COOK, SILAS                            NY-42-6-491
COOK, SIMEON A.                        NY-42-78-366
COOK, THOMAS B.                        NY-42-130-271
COOK, WILHELMINA                       NY-42-190-603
COOKINGHAM, JENNIE A.                  NY-42-184-27
COOLEY, MARY A.                        NY-42-116-340
COOMER, EBEN                           NY-42-123-604
COON, BETHEL                           NY-42-72-199
COON, HENRY                            NY-42-22-331
COON, HENRY                            NY-42-49-640
COON, HEZEKIAH                         NY-42-2-410
COON, JAMES                            NY-42-1B-299
COON, JOSEPH                           NY-42-6-440
COON, MARGARET A.                      NY-42-190-8
COON, PETER V. B.                      NY-42-45-448
COON, TIMOTHY                          NY-42-184-20
COON, WILLIAM                          NY-42-1B-169
COONEY, ANNA                           NY-42-142-629
COONEY, PATRICK                        NY-42-89-288
COONLEY, GEORGE P.                     NY-42-123-544
COONRAD, PHILIP JR                     NY-42-41-337
COONRADT, ADAM                         NY-42-5-291
COONRADT, CATHARINE                    NY-42-123-631
COONRADT, CHARLES G.                   NY-42-102-214
COONRADT, HENRY                        NY-42-7-277
COONRADT, JACOB P.                     NY-42-112-641
COONRADT, JOHN H.                      NY-42-78-229
COONRADT, JOHN P.                      NY-42-82-63
COONRADT, PHILIP                       NY-42-5-201
COONRADT, PHILIP H.                    NY-42-31-514
COONRADT, PHILIP N.                    NY-42-95-328
COONRADT, PHILLIP A.                   NY-42-26-378
COONRADT, SAMUEL                       NY-42-86-195
COONRADT, SARAH M.                     NY-42-130-148
COONRADT, WILLIAM                      NY-42-12-249
COONRADT, WILLIAM                      NY-42-12-212
COONRODT, ADAM                         NY-42-137-559
COONRODT, PHILIP J.                    NY-42-41-73
COONRODT, WILLIAM                      NY-42-41-66
COONS, ANTHONY                         NY-42-142-306
COONS, ELIZABETH                       NY-42-7-50
COONS, JOSHUA                          NY-42-146-555
COONS, PHILIP M.                       NY-42-56-101
COONS, PILIP                           NY-42-33-303
COONS, WILHELMUS                       NY-42-7-309
COONS, WILLIAM                         NY-42-161-518
COOPER, ALICE D.                       NY-42-190-669
COOPER, BENJAMIN                       NY-42-168-149
COOPER, CHRISTIAN C.                   NY-42-78-48
COOPER, ERASTUS MILES                  NY-42-223-227
COOPER, JANE                           NY-42-190-177
COOPER, JULIETTE D.                    NY-42-190-611
COOPER, LUCY                           NY-42-223-236
COOPER, MARIA                          NY-42-218-610
COOPER, MARTIN                         NY-42-102-491
COOPER, SARAH M.                       NY-42-184-296
COOPER, WILLIAM C.                     NY-42-82-235
COOPER, WILLIAM S.                     NY-42-137-22
CORAN, MARY                            NY-42-146-642
CORBIN, JOB                            NY-42-95-623
CORBIN, JOB                            NY-42-18-192
CORBIN, PLINY M.                       NY-42-82-299
CORBIN, SIMEON L.                      NY-42-151-319
CORBY, MARY                            NY-42-151-296
CORCORAN, JOSEPH                       NY-42-86-322
CORCORON, MARGARET                     NY-42-98-558
CORDWELL, SARAH C.                     NY-42-223-654
COREY, THOMAS H.                       NY-42-112-538
CORLISS, BRIDGET                       NY-42-130-346
CORLISS, CHARLES M.                    NY-42-184-120
CORNELIUS, ANN E.                      NY-42-190-424
CORNELIUS, THOMAS                      NY-42-82-423
CORNELL, LATHAM                        NY-42-86-226
CORNELL, MARY                          NY-42-41-494
CORNELL, WALTER J.                     NY-42-95-565
CORNING, DOUGLAS                       NY-42-123-87
CORNWELL, CATHARINE A.                 NY-42-161-500
CORNWELL, LEWIS W.                     NY-42-218-164
CORNWELL, MORRIS                       NY-42-68-35
CORR, CATHARINE                        NY-42-151-426
CORR, JOHN F.                          NY-42-151-104
CORRIGAN, ELIZABETH                    NY-42-151-476
CORRIGAN, JOANNA                       NY-42-179-341
CORRY, JOHN                            NY-42-64-114
COS, ELIZA                             NY-42-102-45
COSS, CATHERINE                        NY-42-203-393
COSTELLO, MARGARET                     NY-42-218-585
COTE, FRANCIS                          NY-42-203-174
COTTON, JACOB M.                       NY-42-142-621
COTTRELL, CHARLES                      NY-42-123-226
COTTRELL, CHARLES C.                   NY-42-191-130
COTTRELL, DAVID                        NY-42-123-90
COTTRELL, GEORGE                       NY-42-137-412
COTTRELL, JOHN                         NY-42-33-244
COTTRELL, JONATHAN                     NY-42-190-360
COTTRELL, LYDIA                        NY-42-203-454
COTTRELL, MARY E. P.                   NY-42-191-145
COTTRELL, SAMUEL                       NY-42-108-71
COTTRELL, SAMUEL                       NY-42-4-194
COTTRELL, SAMUEL                       NY-42-37-446
COTTRELL, WILLIAM L.                   NY-42-95-244
COUGHLAN, PATRICK                      NY-42-86-382
COUGHLIN, ANN                          NY-42-123-224
COUGHLIN, ELIZABETH                    NY-42-98-508
COUGHLIN, MATHEW                       NY-42-112-504
COUGHLIN, MICHAEL                      NY-42-146-260
COUGHLIN, THOMAS                       NY-42-116-51
COULON, MARTIN                         NY-42-123-158
COULON, NORA                           NY-42-116-350
COUSE, WILLIAM P.                      NY-42-211-479
COVEE, SARAH                           NY-42-146-274
COVELL, SARAH C. D.                    NY-42-89-519
COVELL, STEPHEN                        NY-42-78-335
COVENTRY, MARIA L.                     NY-42-72-339
COVEY, JOHN                            NY-42-6-163
COVEY, JOHN B.                         NY-42-108-333
COWAN, MARY                            NY-42-179-192
COWEE, DAVID                           NY-42-123-178
COWLES, JOSEPH                         NY-42-45-401
COX, EDWARD B.                         NY-42-190-49
COX, GEORGE                            NY-42-211-547
COX, JAMES A.                          NY-42-24-285
COX, JOHN                              NY-42-9-208
COX, MARY                              NY-42-34-373
COX, MARY F.                           NY-42-82-145
COX, MARY W.                           NY-42-163-520
COX, WARREN                            NY-42-151-624
COX, WARREN G.                         NY-42-49-569
COX, WILLIAM                           NY-42-89-659
COYNE, CATHARINE                       NY-42-179-266
COYNE, MARGARET                        NY-42-102-562
COYNE, MARTIN                          NY-42-108-610
COZIER, JOHN R.                        NY-42-78-265
COZZENS, GORTON P.                     NY-42-95-508
CQUADE, SOPHIA                         NY-42-89-544
CRABB, ELVIRA A.                       NY-42-98-386
CRAFT, MOSES                           NY-42-26-217
CRAIG, ELIZABETH                       NY-42-168-572
CRAIG, HENRY B.                        NY-42-146-609
CRAIG, MARY W.                         NY-42-168-84
CRAMEO, HENRY                          NY-42-130-197
CRAMER, HENRY                          NY-42-142-261
CRAMER, LIZZIE                         NY-42-168-518
CRAMER, PHILIP                         NY-42-161-626
CRAMER, ZEBULON                        NY-42-218-89
CRAMP, VALENTINE                       NY-42-102-488
CRANALL, ELIJAH B.                     NY-42-82-346
CRANDALL, ANNA E.                      NY-42-116-137
CRANDALL, BETSEY M.                    NY-42-163-11
CRANDALL, CATHARINE                    NY-42-82-225
CRANDALL, DAVID S.                     NY-42-41-464
CRANDALL, EBER                         NY-42-64-649
CRANDALL, EBER F.                      NY-42-45-244
CRANDALL, ELIZA A. H.                  NY-42-123-615
CRANDALL, GIDEON                       NY-42-34-131
CRANDALL, JULIA OLIVE                  NY-42-190-446
CRANDALL, KATHARINE                    NY-42-18-231
CRANDALL, NATHAN R.                    NY-42-7-337
CRANDALL, PHILIP                       NY-42-41-403
CRANDALL, ROSWELL                      NY-42-24-233
CRANDALL, SARAH ANN                    NY-42-26-504
CRANDALL, THOMAS                       NY-42-89-225
CRANDALL, WILSON                       NY-42-7-167
CRANDELL, EMILY L.                     NY-42-130-289
CRANDELL, EMMA M                       NY-42-203-152
CRANDELL, JOSEPH                       NY-42-7-438
CRANDELL, LEWIS                        NY-42-102-142
CRANDELL, OTIS N.                      NY-42-146-317
CRANE, ANNIE                           NY-42-190-277
CRANE, MARGARET A.                     NY-42-223-630
CRANE, MARY ANN                        NY-42-89-445
CRANE, WILLIAM                         NY-42-28-464
CRANE, WILLIAM                         NY-42-116-194
CRANNELL, ROBERT N.                    NY-42-12-173
CRANNELL, WILLIAM                      NY-42-6-520
CRANSTON, EMILY A.                     NY-42-203-214
CRANSTON, JOHN H.                      NY-42-123-681
CRANSTON, WILLIAM L.                   NY-42-45-336
CRARY, CHARLES W.                      NY-42-108-417
CRARY, MARY E.                         NY-42-89-467
CRAVER, ELIZABETH                      NY-42-41-349
CRAVER, JACOB                          NY-42-33-466
CRAVER, JACOB                          NY-42-123-5
CRAVER, JOHN                           NY-42-6-254
CRAVER, JOHN A.                        NY-42-72-258
CRAVER, JOHN WESLEY                    NY-42-190-316
CRAVER, WILLIAM                        NY-42-7-174
CRAWFORD, MALCOLM G.                   NY-42-72-363
CRAWFORD, MARY JANE                    NY-42-98-171
CRAWFORD, PATRICK                      NY-42-161-372
CRAWFORD, THOMS                        NY-42-98-556
CREHAN, CHARLES A.                     NY-42-78-140
CREHAN, JOHN                           NY-42-18-94
CREHAN, JOHN                           NY-42-18-154
CREHAN, JOHN                           NY-42-64-121
CREHAN, SALLY                          NY-42-18-112
CRESSEY, JAMES M.                      NY-42-123-477
CRIDGE, EDMUND J.                      NY-42-223-312
CRIDGE, JOHN                           NY-42-78-455
CRILLEY, JOHN                          NY-42-95-641
CRISSEY, ISAAC W.                      NY-42-142-223
CROCKER, SAMUEL SHAW                   NY-42-24-440
CRONGHWELL, MARTIN                     NY-42-86-565
CRONIN, JOHN                           NY-42-130-355
CRONIN, MARTHA A.                      NY-42-161-19
CRONIN, MICHAEL                        NY-42-142-559
CRONK, SARAH J.                        NY-42-146-574
CRONK, VALENTINE                       NY-42-223-759
CRONKHITE, AURY                        NY-42-5-182
CROPSEY, FRANCIS E.                    NY-42-151-85
CROPSEY, GILBERT                       NY-42-49-609
CROSBY, HULDAH E.                      NY-42-211-293
CROSS, CATHERINE                       NY-42-179-260
CROSS, CELESTIA                        NY-42-142-281
CROSS, CHARLES                         NY-42-26-341
CROSS, PELEG                           NY-42-78-272
CROSS, RICHARD                         NY-42-98-604
CROSS, WAITY                           NY-42-41-103
CROUCH, CHARLES                        NY-42-137-275
CROUGH, JEREMIAH                       NY-42-168-212
CROWE, HANORA                          NY-42-146-501
CROWE, HANORA                          NY-42-161-130
CROWLEY, CORNELIUS                     NY-42-86-371
CROWLEY, ELIZABETH                     NY-42-34-436
CROWLEY, GEORGE W.                     NY-42-223-471
CROWLEY, JEREMIAH                      NY-42-130-304
CROWLEY, MARY                          NY-42-151-56
CROWLEY, PATRICK                       NY-42-112-157
CROY, CHRISTIAN                        NY-42-33-58
CROY, JOHN G.                          NY-42-24-31
CRUIKSHANK, EMILY S.                   NY-42-98-493
CRUISE, CATHARINE                      NY-42-86-449
CRUTCHLEY, ABRAHAM                     NY-42-82-71
CRUTCHLEY, MARGARET                    NY-42-211-731
CUFF, MARY                             NY-42-72-532
CULKIN, CARLES F.                      NY-42-203-200
CULLEN, JOHN                           NY-42-223-682
CULLITON, MARGARET                     NY-42-89-262
CULVER, LEVI                           NY-42-56-414
CUMBER, HANNAH                         NY-42-218-499
CUMMING, DANIEL                        NY-42-3-187
CUMMINGS, CATHARINE L.                 NY-42-168-536
CUMMINGS, JOSEPH                       NY-42-116-263
CUMMINGS, PATRICK                      NY-42-203-87
CUMMINGS, RICHARD                      NY-42-95-445
CUMMINGS, THOMAS                       NY-42-161-466
CUMSEEN, JOHN                          NY-42-190-370
CUNNINGHAM, ANN                        NY-42-116-78
CUNNINGHAM, DELIA                      NY-42-137-603
CUNNINGHAM, DENNIS                     NY-42-108-191
CUNNINGHAM, ELIZABETH                  NY-42-168-317
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                      NY-42-68-140
CUNNINGHAM, MARY R.                    NY-42-130-110
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM ORR                NY-42-72-82
CURE, BURROWS                          NY-42-86-513
CURLEY, JAMES                          NY-42-86-665
CURLEY, JANE ELIZABETH                 NY-42-163-371
CURLEY, PATRICK                        NY-42-86-350
CURRAN, HANNAH                         NY-42-108-27
CURRAN, THOMAS                         NY-42-98-488
CURTIN, MARGARET                       NY-42-203-260
CURTIN, MICHAEL                        NY-42-123-245
CURTIS, BRIDGET                        NY-42-142-573
CURTIS, ELIJAH W.                      NY-42-3-266
CURTIS, ERASTUS                        NY-42-179-481
CURTIS, ESTHER                         NY-42-78-70
CURTIS, HENRY C.                       NY-42-211-759
CURTIS, JOEL                           NY-42-3-275
CURTIS, MARK                           NY-42-26-446
CURTIS, MONTGOMERY G.                  NY-42-179-505
CUSACK, JAMES W.                       NY-42-179-381
CUSACK, MICHAEL                        NY-42-163-203
CUSHING, ALVIN D.                      NY-42-49-79
CUSHING, EDWARD G.                     NY-42-211-232
CUSHING, EMILY D.                      NY-42-49-80
CUSHMAN, JOHN P.                       NY-42-37-460
CUSHMAN, JOSEPH M.                     NY-42-108-173
CUSHMAN, MARIA J.                      NY-42-89-370
CUSHMAN, TALLMADGE                     NY-42-78-231
CUTLER, FANNIE C.                      NY-42-146-282
CUYLER, CATHARINE                      NY-42-6-62
CUYLER, HENRY                          NY-42-2-48
CUYLER, RALPH BARTON                   NY-42-5-434

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