Niagara, New York
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SABIN, JAMES K.                        NY-32-25-445
SACK, AUGUST                           NY-32-13-421
SACK, WILHELMINA                       NY-32-23-223
SACKETT, CHARLOTTE                     NY-32-51-565
SACKETT, PHILEMON                      NY-32-7-329
SADDLESON, CHRISTOPHER                 NY-32-13-241
SADDLESON, LYMAN                       NY-32-46-25
SADDLESON, SAMUEL                      NY-32-21-547
SADDLESON, SAMUEL                      NY-32-26-20
SADDLESON, SAMUEL                      NY-32-26-1
SAGE, ASAHEL                           NY-32-5-545
SAGE, HARRIET E.                       NY-32-20-463
SAGE, JAMES                            NY-32-23-397
SAGER, SPARROW S.                      NY-32-20-13
SAHR, AUGUSTE MATHILDE                 NY-32-49-137
SAHR, MARTIN                           NY-32-25-241
SALINGER, JOHN                         NY-32-15-217
SALISBURY, GUY M.                      NY-32-23-271
SALT, JOHN SR.                         NY-32-44-481
SAMWAYS, WILLIAM                       NY-32-47-89
SANDERS, BENJAMIN                      NY-32-3-424
SANDERS, JOHN                          NY-32-38-217
SANDERS, SAMANTHA                      NY-32-17-237
SANDERS, SARAH                         NY-32-52-367
SANDWICH, ANN                          NY-32-48-451
SANDWICH, JOHN                         NY-32-45-217
SASHER, AMOS                           NY-32-33-343
SATTELBERG, GOTTFRIED                  NY-32-38-517
SAVAGE, WILLIAM                        NY-32-34-439
SAWYER, ISAAC N.                       NY-32-25-463
SAWYER, NURSE                          NY-32-3-266
SAWYER, PAUL                           NY-32-3-373
SAWYER, WILLIAM                        NY-32-24-343
SAX, PETER                             NY-32-2-383
SAXTON, HENRY K.                       NY-32-25-571
SAXTON, LAVDICA                        NY-32-48-301
SAYER, ABIGAIL                         NY-32-22-73
SAYLES, EMELINE C.                     NY-32-46-241
SBARBORO, DOMINICK                     NY-32-17-393
SCANLON, JOHN                          NY-32-47-521
SCANLON, MARTIN                        NY-32-25-397
SCHABEL, GOTTLIEB                      NY-32-52-361
SCHAEFFER, JULIA                       NY-32-52-529
SCHELLING, BERNHARD                    NY-32-45-457
SCHENK, JACOB                          NY-32-53-401
SCHENKELBERGER, CHARLES D.             NY-32-47-537
SCHILLO, CHARLES N.                    NY-32-54-453
SCHLEISINGER, JOHN                     NY-32-34-415
SCHLEISINGER, WILLIAM                  NY-32-34-565
SCHMECK, VALENTINE                     NY-32-6-191
SCHMIDT, GOTTFRIED                     NY-32-20-61
SCHMIDT, JOHAN CHRISTIAN               NY-32-8-517
SCHMITT, CHRISTIAN                     NY-32-19-1
SCHMITT, JOHN                          NY-32-22-415
SCHMITT, JOHN                          NY-32-33-529
SCHNEIDER, THEOBALD                    NY-32-35-241
SCHNELL, JACOB SR.                     NY-32-19-433
SCHNOOR, JOHN                          NY-32-54-241
SCHOELLES, CATHARINE                   NY-32-54-529
SCHOOK, PHILIP                         NY-32-3-508
SCHOUTEN, AURILLA                      NY-32-52-109
SCHOUTEN, STEPHEN                      NY-32-22-61
SCHREIBER, ADAM                        NY-32-20-433
SCHROEDER, CARL F.                     NY-32-27-289
SCHROEDER, JOHANNA                     NY-32-51-597
SCHROEDER, MARTIN                      NY-32-19-461
SCHUCK, JOHN                           NY-32-33-277
SCHUCKER, CHARLES                      NY-32-48-439
SCHULER, JOHN TAYLOR                   NY-32-9-55
SCHULTZ, MARY                          NY-32-47-449
SCHULTZE, GOTTLOB                      NY-32-33-127
SCHULZ, CHARLES                        NY-32-35-499
SCHULZ, JOHANNA HENRIETTA              NY-32-45-151
SCHUMACHER, LUDWIG                     NY-32-54-505
SCHUNKE, THEODORE                      NY-32-54-17
SCHUSTER, JACOB                        NY-32-49-545
SCHUYLER, MARGARET                     NY-32-18-379
SCHWEITZER, CAROLINE                   NY-32-51-97
SCHWIND, ELIZABETH                     NY-32-27-55
SCHWINGLER, ANNIE                      NY-32-39-457
SCOBY, SAMUEL                          NY-32-11-121
SCOTT, GABRIEL WILLIAM                 NY-32-17-1
SCOTT, ISAIAH                          NY-32-3-87
SCOTT, MARGARET A.                     NY-32-11-127
SCOTT, RUSSELL                         NY-32-6-35
SCOTT, SOPHRINA                        NY-32-11-373
SCOVELL, CYNTHIA                       NY-32-13-55
SCOVELL, EMELINE A.                    NY-32-35-403
SCOVELL, LEANDER K.                    NY-32-34-217
SCOVELL, MARIA A.                      NY-32-44-583
SCOVELL, THOMAS                        NY-32-53-277
SCOVELL, THOMAS P.                     NY-32-49-497
SCOVILL, HEZEKIAH W.                   NY-32-5-553
SCOVILL, JOSIAH B.                     NY-32-5-617
SCOVILL, WILLIAM S.                    NY-32-18-31
SCRIBNER, MARIA                        NY-32-53-445
SCULLY, WINNEFRED                      NY-32-44-19
SEAMAN, MILTON                         NY-32-16-103
SEARS, ISAAC                           NY-32-4-54
SEARS, MARY L.                         NY-32-4-268
SECOR, POLLY                           NY-32-33-79
SEE, CAZIER                            NY-32-54-537
SEELEY, AMY                            NY-32-11-31
SEELEY, HEZEKIAH                       NY-32-19-465
SEELEY, LANDELL                        NY-32-51-477
SEELEY, MAHALA                         NY-32-32-277
SEELEY, MARY ANN                       NY-32-32-79
SEELOW, CARL                           NY-32-49-489
SEIFET, GEORGE                         NY-32-28-73
SEITZ, GEORGE                          NY-32-39-433
SEYMOUR, HENRY W.                      NY-32-49-73
SEYMOUR, JOHN                          NY-32-25-511
SHAEFFER, JESSE                        NY-32-53-269
SHAFFER, DAVID                         NY-32-22-133
SHAFFER, ELIZABETH                     NY-32-32-505
SHANNON, DENNIS                        NY-32-54-33
SHARKEY, JOHN                          NY-32-54-401
SHARKEY, LUKE                          NY-32-17-363
SHARKEY, PATRICK                       NY-32-49-549
SHARP, CARLOS A.                       NY-32-47-109
SHARP, MARGARET                        NY-32-53-181
SHARP, WILLIAM                         NY-32-49-57
SHARPE, DAVID E.                       NY-32-49-45
SHARPSTEEN, ADAM P.                    NY-32-53-169
SHARPSTEEN, HUMPHREY                   NY-32-9-67
SHARPSTEEN, JOSHUA M.                  NY-32-27-415
SHAVER, PETER                          NY-32-33-157
SHAVER, PHILIP                         NY-32-1-57
SHAW, CHARLES                          NY-32-33-295
SHAW, DARIUS                           NY-32-13-229
SHAW, GELOTUS V.                       NY-32-27-259
SHAW, HANNAH                           NY-32-32-241
SHAW, JAMS A.                          NY-32-25-421
SHAW, JANE A. B.                       NY-32-9-97
SHAW, WILLIAM B.                       NY-32-3-107
SHAW, WILLIAMH.                        NY-32-22-361
SHEEDY, CATHERINE                      NY-32-47-277
SHEEHAN, DENNIS                        NY-32-35-463
SHEEHAN, JOHN                          NY-32-17-45
SHELDON, MARTHA ANN                    NY-32-39-403
SHELL, GILES                           NY-32-34-409
SHELTON, EDWIN                         NY-32-17-453
SHELTON, SUSAN H.                      NY-32-48-403
SHENK, GEORGE                          NY-32-47-549
SHEPARD, ALMA A.                       NY-32-32-127
SHEPARD, JAMES                         NY-32-20-1
SHERMAN, DANIEL B.                     NY-32-51-425
SHERMAN, ELIZABETH B.                  NY-32-53-385
SHERMAN, HARRIET E.                    NY-32-44-169
SHERMAN, NELSON                        NY-32-13-247
SHERMAN, SAMUEL                        NY-32-8-595
SHERWOOD, ANN                          NY-32-27-481
SHERWOOD, ARZA B.                      NY-32-35-85
SHERWOOD, MARY E.                      NY-32-49-517
SHERWOOD, SAMUEL                       NY-32-9-175
SHETRUM, ELIZABETH                     NY-32-47-593
SHIPLEY, ELIZABETH O.                  NY-32-35-361
SHIPPEN, JOSEPH                        NY-32-18-283
SHIPPY, ELIZABETH                      NY-32-51-581
SHIPPY, FRANK C.                       NY-32-49-485
SHIPPY, GEORGE W.                      NY-32-28-223
SHIPPY, HARRIET S.                     NY-32-45-595
SHIRLEY, CHARITY                       NY-32-52-199
SHIRLEY, CHARITY                       NY-32-54-305
SHOOK, JONAS                           NY-32-23-541
SHOOK, JONATHAN                        NY-32-27-97
SHRINER, WILLIAM                       NY-32-47-493
SHULER, JAMES D.                       NY-32-11-355
SHULTZ, CHARLES J.                     NY-32-15-19
SHULZ, FREDERICK                       NY-32-38-277
SHURTLEFF, JONATHAN.                   NY-32-45-553
SIBLEY, ORRIN                          NY-32-28-37
SIBLEY, RUHAMAH                        NY-32-44-235
SIDLER, DAVID                          NY-32-8-175
SIFFING, HENRY                         NY-32-51-557
SILBERBERG, MARCUS                     NY-32-39-163
SILSBY, CHARLES                        NY-32-52-163
SILSBY, WILLIAM C.                     NY-32-49-105
SILVERNAIL, JEREMIAH                   NY-32-18-403
SILVERNAIL, PEACE C.                   NY-32-54-61
SILVERNAIL, SARAH                      NY-32-28-295
SIMMONS, EDWARD                        NY-32-46-103
SIMMONS, FRANK L.                      NY-32-24-331
SIMMONS, J. AUGUSTA                    NY-32-25-169
SIMMONS, PETER                         NY-32-20-7
SIMMONS, THOMAS                        NY-32-33-511
SIMON, ADAM                            NY-32-39-397
SIMONDS, AUSTIN                        NY-32-25-157
SIMPSON, ANN                           NY-32-46-523
SIMS, GEORGE W.                        NY-32-20-163
SIMS, KATE F.                          NY-32-22-163
SIMSON, VOLNEY                         NY-32-34-451
SINES, MARY                            NY-32-3-320
SINGER, GEORGE C.                      NY-32-12-43
SINGER, HARRIET                        NY-32-45-373
SINGER, MARY                           NY-32-32-319
SINGER, SIMON                          NY-32-22-553
SISCOWICH, MARTIN                      NY-32-23-535
SISTER, ANASTASIA                      NY-32-52-523
SITLER, JOHN                           NY-32-24-43
SITTLER, ZACHARIAS                     NY-32-11-283
SKEELE, CHRISTOPHER H.                 NY-32-20-409
SKEELE, PHEBE                          NY-32-20-511
SKEELS, JOHN                           NY-32-46-325
SKINNER, ALBERT G.                     NY-32-44-433
SKINNER, WILLIAM                       NY-32-54-569
SKUTT, EDWARD                          NY-32-26-553
SKUTT, EDWARD  (CON'T)                 NY-32-31-1
SLADE, ABNER                           NY-32-35-349
SLATTERY, JOHN                         NY-32-28-409
SLAYTON, JOSEPH                        NY-32-45-49
SLOAT, ABBEY                           NY-32-45-109
SLOWEY, MARGARET                       NY-32-51-537
SLOWEY, THOMAS                         NY-32-53-537
SMACK, WILLIAM                         NY-32-49-449
SMEDLEY, JAMES W.                      NY-32-13-115
SMELLING, FREDERICK                    NY-32-17-399
SMITH, AARON                           NY-32-44-469
SMITH, ABEL                            NY-32-44-91
SMITH, BRIDGETT                        NY-32-3-1
SMITH, CALVIN U.                       NY-32-52-229
SMITH, CAROLINE A.                     NY-32-11-235
SMITH, CAROLINE SHULER                 NY-32-17-135
SMITH, CYNTHIA J.                      NY-32-22-271
SMITH, DANIEL R.                       NY-32-13-301
SMITH, EDWARD                          NY-32-22-97
SMITH, EDWARD                          NY-32-39-319
SMITH, ELIZA A.                        NY-32-35-109
SMITH, EMERY J.                        NY-32-32-523
SMITH, EMILY                           NY-32-53-429
SMITH, EMMA M.                         NY-32-54-193
SMITH, GEORGE                          NY-32-46-331
SMITH, HENRY M.                        NY-32-34-379
SMITH, HENRY R.                        NY-32-16-223
SMITH, ISAAC BATEMAN                   NY-32-7-175
SMITH, JESSE                           NY-32-28-163
SMITH, JOHN                            NY-32-5-594
SMITH, JOHN                            NY-32-52-349
SMITH, JOHN                            NY-32-51-361
SMITH, JOHN H.                         NY-32-33-379
SMITH, JOHN R.                         NY-32-23-169
SMITH, JONAS                           NY-32-13-271
SMITH, JOSHUA B.                       NY-32-9-349
SMITH, JOSHUA B.                       NY-32-17-57
SMITH, LLOYD                           NY-32-6-63
SMITH, LUTHER                          NY-32-3-436
SMITH, MAGDALENA                       NY-32-31-202
SMITH, MARGARET S.                     NY-32-49-381
SMITH, MARIA D.                        NY-32-53-513
SMITH, MARTIA M.                       NY-32-33-403
SMITH, MARTIN                          NY-32-5-185
SMITH, MARY ANN                        NY-32-23-277
SMITH, MYREE                           NY-32-3-523
SMITH, OMAR E.                         NY-32-32-439
SMITH, PETER                           NY-32-35-169
SMITH, PITT H.                         NY-32-49-537
SMITH, STEPHEN E.                      NY-32-44-277
SMITH, SUMNER C.                       NY-32-27-271
SMITH, THOMAS                          NY-32-2-410
SMITH, THOMAS                          NY-32-46-157
SMITH, THOMAS F.                       NY-32-20-331
SMITH, WILLIAM                         NY-32-33-43
SMITH, WILLIAM C.                      NY-32-20-175
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                      NY-32-46-211
SMITH, WILLIAM K.                      NY-32-28-253
SMITHSON, LETITIA                      NY-32-9-37
SMITHSON, RICHARD                      NY-32-45-193
SNAPE, REBECCA                         NY-32-15-325
SNASHELL, JABEZ                        NY-32-25-187
SNELL, ALBERT                          NY-32-51-461
SNYDER, HARRISON J.                    NY-32-33-505
SNYDER, HENRY                          NY-32-5-290
SOLTMANN, HELMUTH                      NY-32-52-403
SOMERS, PATRICK                        NY-32-12-31
SOMMER, FREDERICK                      NY-32-47-569
SOMMER, JOHN                           NY-32-31-209
SOMMER, JOHN                           NY-32-45-91
SOPER, SAMUEL                          NY-32-15-319
SOUTHWORTH, CONSTANT                   NY-32-5-320
SOUTHWORTH, MARANDA N.                 NY-32-45-403
SOUTHWORTH, MORTIMER M.                NY-32-39-553
SPAID, GEORGE                          NY-32-8-91
SPAUDING, ASA L.                       NY-32-38-199
SPALDING, FRANKLIN                     NY-32-48-445
SPALDING, ISABEL H.                    NY-32-49-133
SPALDING, LINUS                        NY-32-12-307
SPALDING, LINUS                        NY-32-51-469
SPALDING, LYMAN A.                     NY-32-32-595
SPALDING, MARY A.                      NY-32-51-381
SPALDING, MATHEW                       NY-32-12-259
SPALDING, REBECCA                      NY-32-16-295
SPALDING, TIMOTHY S.                   NY-32-23-73
SPALDING, WILLIAM                      NY-32-46-277
SPALDING, WILLIAM                      NY-32-54-209
SPEAR, LYDIA D.                        NY-32-39-217
SPECHT, GEORGE                         NY-32-8-241
SPECHT, SARA JANE                      NY-32-53-273
SPENCER, AMOS                          NY-32-19-97
SPENCER, HENRY                         NY-32-44-271
SPENCER, MARY A.                       NY-32-27-37
SPICKERMAN, CHRISTOPHER                NY-32-23-481
SPICKERMAN, FRANCES                    NY-32-54-561
SPILLANE, WILLIAM                      NY-32-53-153
SPINKS, JOSEPH                         NY-32-3-255
SPINNER, ELIZA ANN                     NY-32-10-13
SPOONER, MARY B.                       NY-32-52-271
SPOOR, GARRET                          NY-32-25-487
SPROUT, CHARLES                        NY-32-25-37
SQUIRE, CHARLES                        NY-32-9-139
STAATS, JAMES H.                       NY-32-51-497
STAATS, JOHN G.                        NY-32-7-67
STAATS, NELSON                         NY-32-10-211
STAATS, RUFUS                          NY-32-19-103
STAEHLE, CONRAD                        NY-32-32-37
STAFFORD, MARTHA L.                    NY-32-52-31
STAHL, JOHN SR.                        NY-32-17-159
STAHL, LOUISE                          NY-32-38-547
STAHL, SUSAN                           NY-32-35-409
STAHLER, CHARLES H.                    NY-32-48-85
STAHLER, JULIA                         NY-32-51-301
STAINTHORPE, JOHN F.                   NY-32-54-161
STALEY, ISAAC R.                       NY-32-28-439
STANTON, CHARLOTTE L.                  NY-32-54-225
STANTON, MARTHA JANE                   NY-32-27-439
STANTON, WARREN                        NY-32-32-445
STAPLES, ASAHEL                        NY-32-52-487
STEADMAN, FERAND                       NY-32-39-85
STEBBINS, GEORGE W.                    NY-32-49-369
STEBBINS, MINERVA D.                   NY-32-54-249
STEBBINS, NATHAN G.                    NY-32-27-511
STEBBINS, OLIVER                       NY-32-22-277
STEELE, GEORGE                         NY-32-47-545
STEELE, WILLIAM A.                     NY-32-53-53
STEIN, HANNAH                          NY-32-38-475
STEININGER, SOLOMON                    NY-32-2-86
STEINMETZ, CATHARINE                   NY-32-51-249
STERLING, ANN                          NY-32-25-343
STERLING, ROBERT                       NY-32-15-253
STERN, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-32-46-37
STEVENS, CATHARINE C.                  NY-32-38-211
STEVENS, CHRISTINA                     NY-32-33-61
STEVENS, DARWIN B.                     NY-32-49-97
STEVENS, JANE                          NY-32-22-379
STEVENS, JOHN                          NY-32-5-173
STEVENS, MARIA                         NY-32-19-289
STEVENS, RIVERA                        NY-32-17-315
STEVENSON, JAMES                       NY-32-9-319
STEVER, JOHN                           NY-32-33-565
STEWART, CHARLES                       NY-32-22-31
STEWART, JOSEPH                        NY-32-9-307
STEWART, THOMAS F.                     NY-32-27-313
STICKELS, JOHN                         NY-32-49-81
STIEG, HERMAN                          NY-32-47-189
STINSON, WILLIAM                       NY-32-54-593
STJOHN, JAMES                          NY-32-7-187
STJOHN, JAMES WILLIS                   NY-32-32-151
STJOHN, JOHN R.                        NY-32-12-187
STJOHN, SUSAN A.                       NY-32-46-319
STOCKWELL, STEPHEN                     NY-32-38-43
STOCUM, ANN E.                         NY-32-51-297
STOLL, GEORGE                          NY-32-38-391
STOLL, JOHN                            NY-32-45-85
STOLTZEL, SUSANNA C.                   NY-32-19-121
STONE, ALMINA                          NY-32-13-37
STORROW, ANN                           NY-32-34-595
STORRS, ORRIN                          NY-32-17-219
STOUT, BENJAMIN                        NY-32-25-295
STOUT, HENRY SR.                       NY-32-44-463
STOVER, GEORGE                         NY-32-3-430
STOW, HORATIO J.                       NY-32-7-347
STOWELL, DANIEL W.                     NY-32-26-251
STRANG, DANIEL                         NY-32-3-19
STRASSBURG, CHRISTINE                  NY-32-35-157
STRATTON, EZRA                         NY-32-22-337
STRATTON, JAMES G.                     NY-32-45-235
STRATTON, LEVI                         NY-32-17-447
STREETER, SOPHRONA                     NY-32-28-553
STRONG, AMOS                           NY-32-2-334
STROUSE, CATHARINE                     NY-32-27-391
STROUSE, SIMON                         NY-32-21-402
STUKINS, JOSEPH                        NY-32-15-61
STUMPF, HENRY                          NY-32-54-45
SULLIVAN, CATHARINE                    NY-32-34-277
SULLIVAN, JOHN                         NY-32-32-517
SULLIVAN, MARY                         NY-32-45-199
SULLIVAN, MATHEW                       NY-32-7-271
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY                      NY-32-52-1
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY                      NY-32-53-333
SUTER, CAROLINE                        NY-32-54-565
SUTHERLAND, JOSEPH                     NY-32-38-157
SUTHERLAND, JOSEPH H.                  NY-32-54-385
SUTHERLAND, MARY                       NY-32-15-421
SWACKHAMMER, WINSLOW                   NY-32-20-325
SWAIN, ALPHONZO T.                     NY-32-16-1
SWAIN, BENJAMIN H.                     NY-32-48-367
SWAIN, ISAAC ***                       NY-32-2-356
SWAIN, NELSON B.                       NY-32-38-541
SWALLOW, WILLIAM                       NY-32-5-332
SWAN, MARY                             NY-32-28-523
SWEENEY, BARTHOLOMEW                   NY-32-11-451
SWEENEY, JAMES                         NY-32-4-181
SWEENEY, JOHN                          NY-32-5-473
SWEENEY, WILLIAM                       NY-32-15-187
SWEET, IRA                             NY-32-16-55
SWETT, BETSEY E.                       NY-32-33-349
SWICK, HUGH M.                         NY-32-51-261
SWICK, JOHN                            NY-32-5-451
SWIFT, HENRY                           NY-32-7-169
SWIFT, JAMES C.                        NY-32-34-193
SWIFT, MOSES G.                        NY-32-19-475
SYBRANDT, JAMES                        NY-32-8-499
SYBRANDT, MARY A.                      NY-32-25-265
SYBRANDT, WILLIAM G.                   NY-32-9-91
SYMONDS, CHARLES H.                    NY-32-44-163
SYMONDS, SAMUEL F.                     NY-32-48-385
TACK, CHARLES                          NY-32-46-163
TALBERT, LYDIA                         NY-32-2-140
TALBOT, MICHAEL                        NY-32-51-553
TALBOT, SAMUEL R.                      NY-32-39-505
TANNLER, ANDREW                        NY-32-11-241
TAYER, ANDREW S.                       NY-32-47-113
TAYER, GEORGE B.                       NY-32-44-61
TAYLOR, CORTEZ                         NY-32-53-553
TAYLOR, EDWARD W.                      NY-32-7-103
TAYLOR, HIRAM                          NY-32-39-559
TAYLOR, HOMER                          NY-32-17-465
TAYLOR, JOEL                           NY-32-7-353
TAYLOR, JOSEPHINE                      NY-32-25-433
TAYLOR, MARY                           NY-32-15-223
TAYLOR, MARY ANN                       NY-32-11-193
TAYLOR, SARAH T.                       NY-32-34-211
TAYLOR, THOMAS                         NY-32-19-409
TAYLOR, URSULA M.                      NY-32-49-141
TAYLOR, VIOLA A.                       NY-32-53-381
TAYLOR, WHITING                        NY-32-10-289
TEBBIT, MOSES                          NY-32-51-345
TENBROOK, MATTHEW                      NY-32-34-97
TENBROOK, WILLIAM                      NY-32-38-37
TENNANT, ALVIN                         NY-32-18-289
TENNEY, OLIVER                         NY-32-24-415
TERRY, AUGUSTUS                        NY-32-35-176
TERRY, ISAAC                           NY-32-11-1
TERRY, MARY M.                         NY-32-17-189
TERRY, VIOLA C.                        NY-32-51-85
THAYER, ABRAM                          NY-32-15-409
THAYER, LUCY H.                        NY-32-18-301
THAYER, NATHAN                         NY-32-8-475
THEIS, PETER                           NY-32-51-113
THIEL, AMELIA                          NY-32-45-169
THIRKETTLE, RICHARD                    NY-32-39-49
THOMA, THEODORE                        NY-32-48-133
THOMAS, AMBROSE                        NY-32-8-373
THOMAS, CHRISTIAN                      NY-32-34-319
THOMPSON, ALMERON D.                   NY-32-51-321
THOMPSON, CHARLES                      NY-32-52-547
THOMPSON, GEORGE                       NY-32-7-193
THOMPSON, JAMES                        NY-32-16-385
THOMPSON, JOHN                         NY-32-5-439
THOMPSON, JOHN                         NY-32-9-337
THOMPSON, MARY E.                      NY-32-46-13
THOMPSON, NELSON W.                    NY-32-44-241
THOMSON, LUCY                          NY-32-9-355
THORN, HANNAH                          NY-32-25-349
THORN, HANNAH B.                       NY-32-47-29
THRALL, ZENAS P.                       NY-32-17-117
THURBER, JAMES                         NY-32-3-35
THURBER, JAMES H.                      NY-32-28-97
THURECHT, JOHN                         NY-32-34-475
TICE, JAMES A.                         NY-32-26-322
TICE, JAMES A.                         NY-32-19-301
TICE, MARY                             NY-32-7-445
TIERNEY, MICHAEL                       NY-32-18-247
TIMANUS, HENRY                         NY-32-51-593
TIMBS, MARY FRANCES                    NY-32-52-97
TIMBS, PATRICK                         NY-32-23-229
TINDLE, ROBERT                         NY-32-27-565
TINLIN, MARY                           NY-32-18-175
TINNEY, GIDEON                         NY-32-16-199
TISDAL, ANN                            NY-32-54-389
TITUS, ELIZABETH                       NY-32-20-181
TITUS, THEODORE M.                     NY-32-24-37
TOBIN, PATRICK                         NY-32-47-433
TODD, JOHN                             NY-32-28-193
TODD, WILLIAM A.                       NY-32-46-1
TOMLINSON, BENJAMIN                    NY-32-15-403
TOMPKINS, IRA                          NY-32-28-391
TOMPKINS, JAMES                        NY-32-7-385
TOMPKINS, LEWIS F.                     NY-32-10-385
TOMPKINS, SAMUEL                       NY-32-35-397
TOOKER, CAROLINE E.                    NY-32-51-81
TORRANCE, HELEN K.                     NY-32-8-97
TORREY, JOHN                           NY-32-9-375
TOWER, DAVID D.                        NY-32-34-49
TOWER, HARMON B.                       NY-32-54-409
TOWER, OTIS                            NY-32-6-516
TOWER, PETER                           NY-32-26-198
TOWLEY, FRANCIS                        NY-32-12-115
TOWN, SALEM LEWIS                      NY-32-44-139
TOWN, WILLIAM SAMUEL                   NY-32-48-307
TOWNSEND, HOSEA                        NY-32-49-457
TOWNSEND, JANE S.                      NY-32-38-331
TOWNSEND, MARY A.                      NY-32-27-523
TOWNSEND, SHELDON C.                   NY-32-28-331
TOWNSEND, SYLVANUS                     NY-32-9-211
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM A.                   NY-32-22-121
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM P.                   NY-32-15-349
TRAFFORD, JAMES                        NY-32-45-25
TRAFFORD, VINCENT                      NY-32-11-391
TREADWELL, BARNUM                      NY-32-8-289
TREICHLER, BENJAMIN                    NY-32-8-247
TREICHLER, JOHN                        NY-32-51-513
TREICHLER, SAMUEL                      NY-32-48-583
TREVOR, JAMES B.                       NY-32-11-433
TREVOR, JOSEPH                         NY-32-24-553
TRIMBLE, LAVINA R.                     NY-32-27-19
TRIPP, JOEL                            NY-32-34-457
TROLLEY, ELIZABETH                     NY-32-45-265
TROTT, ELIZABETH JANE                  NY-32-44-541
TROTT, JAMES F.                        NY-32-52-133
TROWBRIDGE, CORNELIA S.                NY-32-33-307
TROWBRIDGE, WINDSOR                    NY-32-51-481
TRUESDAL, WILLIAM                      NY-32-53-489
TRYON, AMOS S.                         NY-32-17-99
TRYON, ELIZA JANE                      NY-32-28-235
TRYON, ELLEN M.                        NY-32-32-187
TRYON, JOSIAH                          NY-32-33-301
TRYON, THOMAS S.                       NY-32-8-361
TUCKER, ESTHER C.                      NY-32-28-19
TUCKER, HANNAH D.                      NY-32-15-55
TUCKER, HENRY C.                       NY-32-34-103
TUCKER, MARY A.                        NY-32-25-283
TURNER, ELIZABETH                      NY-32-51-65
TUTTLE, BENJAMIN F.                    NY-32-53-349
TUTTLE, TIMOTHY                        NY-32-10-151
TYLER, JASON G.                        NY-32-49-577
UDELL, ANNA H.                         NY-32-47-145
UFENDALE, THOMAS                       NY-32-38-229
UFFENDIAL, SARAH                       NY-32-49-X1
UNDERWOOD, THOMAS H.                   NY-32-51-437
URBAN, MATHIAS                         NY-32-35-517
UTLEY, GEORGE H.                       NY-32-24-211
UTZ, CHARLES                           NY-32-19-391
VALENTINE, SUSAN                       NY-32-45-145
VANARSDALL, JOHN W.                    NY-32-25-535
VANBUREN, CHRISTINA                    NY-32-8-277
VANDERVEER, JOHN                       NY-32-52-415
VANDERVOORT, EDWARD G.                 NY-32-47-221
VANDERVOORT, SARAH                     NY-32-34-175
VANDUSEN, CORNELIUS                    NY-32-23-301
VANEY, BRIDGET                         NY-32-49-101
VANEY, WILLIAM                         NY-32-32-469
VANHORN, JAMES                         NY-32-16-217
VANHORN, JOHN                          NY-32-24-1
VANHORN, LANNEY                        NY-32-32-121
VANHORN, WILLIAM                       NY-32-51-489
VANNORTWICK, ISAAC N.                  NY-32-38-349
VANNOSTRAND, RACHEL                    NY-32-11-55
VANSICKLER, MARY                       NY-32-51-389
VANOSTRAND, GEORGE                     NY-32-18-37
VANOSTRAND, JOHN                       NY-32-2-175
VANSLYKE, ELIZABETH                    NY-32-27-385
VANSLYKE, JOHN B.                      NY-32-51-313
VANTASSLE, ESTHER                      NY-32-24-409
VANVALKENBURGH, DANIEL A.              NY-32-15-367
VANVALKENBURGH, WILLIAM A.             NY-32-25-391
VANVLEET, ELIZA B.                     NY-32-39-271
VANWAGONER, ALFRED                     NY-32-24-289
VANWAGONER, ANGELIUS                   NY-32-38-553
VANWAGONER, CLARA                      NY-32-53-461
VANWAGONER, MORGAN                     NY-32-39-541
VANWAGONER, SOLOMAN                    NY-32-24-493
VANZANDT, JANE G.                      NY-32-19-307
VANZANDT, WILLIAM W.                   NY-32-13-283
VAU, FRIEDRICH                         NY-32-35-445
VAUGHN, SARAH A.                       NY-32-46-349
VEDDER, CHARLES V. E.                  NY-32-2-290
VEDDER, CHARLOTTE                      NY-32-45-121
VEDDER, JAMES S.                       NY-32-24-259
VEDDER, RICHARD                        NY-32-5-358
VEDDER, SARAH                          NY-32-38-241
VEDDER, THOMAS                         NY-32-28-55
VENNERT, CARL GOTTLIEB L.              NY-32-51-401
VICKORY, STEIGHN                       NY-32-13-451
VILDT, RUDOLPH C.                      NY-32-27-421
VIRDT, MARTIN                          NY-32-51-177
VISHER, CHARLES                        NY-32-24-55
VOKE, MARY                             NY-32-34-235
VOLKER, AUGUST                         NY-32-53-217
VROOMAN, JOHN                          NY-32-3-112
VROOMAN, JOHN                          NY-32-11-397
WADSLEY, MARGARET                      NY-32-51-61
WADSWORTH, IRA                         NY-32-38-307
WAGGONER, JOHN                         NY-32-45-577
WAGGONER, MARTIN                       NY-32-5-80
WAGNER, DAVID                          NY-32-47-473
WAGNER, MARTIN                         NY-32-51-169
WAHLING, WILLIAM F.                    NY-32-25-337
WAIT, REUBEN                           NY-32-23-265
WAKEMAN, EDWARD A.                     NY-32-52-169
WAKEMAN, MARY J.                       NY-32-11-163
WALBRIDGE, ANNE                        NY-32-24-103
WALBRIDGE, HENRY                       NY-32-7-277
WALBRIDGE, HIRAM                       NY-32-1-67
WALK, ANNA                             NY-32-45-319
WALK, FRAK                             NY-32-24-187
WALKER, ELIZA J.                       NY-32-22-241
WALKER, ESTHER JANE                    NY-32-47-185
WALKER, JOEL L.                        NY-32-46-31
WALKER, MARYETTE B.                    NY-32-24-487
WALL, JAMES                            NY-32-48-211
WALL, MARGARET                         NY-32-45-475
WALLACE, MARIETTA W.                   NY-32-35-151
WALLACE, WILLIAM H.                    NY-32-52-247
WALSH, ANNE W.                         NY-32-34-121
WALSH, MARTIN                          NY-32-51-393
WALSH, MARY J.                         NY-32-27-343
WALSH, MICHAEL                         NY-32-34-127
WALSH, PATRICK                         NY-32-49-581
WALSH, WILLIAM                         NY-32-34-31
WALTER, PETER D.                       NY-32-39-313
WALTERS, LOUISA                        NY-32-22-403
WALTERS, MARGARET                      NY-32-45-157
WALTON, FRANCIS                        NY-32-47-193
WAPLES, PATRICK                        NY-32-19-505
WARD, ABNER                            NY-32-15-49
WARD, CARLAS D.                        NY-32-25-313
WARD, CORNELIA C.                      NY-32-33-265
WARD, LUCRETIA T.                      NY-32-35-187
WARD, RENSSELAER                       NY-32-32-481
WARDWELL, LYDIA                        NY-32-18-115
WARE, CHARLES                          NY-32-10-325
WARE, GOODEL S.                        NY-32-7-133
WARE, HENRY S.                         NY-32-45-487
WARE, SOLOMAN                          NY-32-19-163
WAREHIM, SIMON H.                      NY-32-5-204
WARNER, ALMIRA                         NY-32-28-319
WARNER, AUGUSTA H.                     NY-32-54-457
WARNER, CYRUS                          NY-32-15-451
WARNER, HARRIET                        NY-32-23-151
WARNER, RUTH                           NY-32-54-89
WARNER, SARAH E.                       NY-32-18-157
WARNER, WILDER                         NY-32-15-37
WARREN, BARNEY                         NY-32-46-139
WARREN, FRANKLIN                       NY-32-51-57
WARREN, LOREN E.                       NY-32-9-133
WARREN, PARKER                         NY-32-4-303
WARREN, ROXY J.                        NY-32-47-69
WARREN, STEPHEN R.                     NY-32-24-541
WARWICK, FRANCIS                       NY-32-7-427
WARWICK, MARY                          NY-32-32-73
WASHBURN, MARCELLINUS                  NY-32-12-277
WASHBURN, SALMON                       NY-32-12-199
WASHINGTON, CATHERINE                  NY-32-54-585
WATERMAN, DAVID                        NY-32-3-414
WATSON, AGNES                          NY-32-54-493
WATTENGEL, ANDREW SR.                  NY-32-52-259
WATTS, CHARLES                         NY-32-44-205
WAYMAN, SAMUEL                         NY-32-46-391
WAYS, JOSEPH E.                        NY-32-28-127
WEASE, JOHN                            NY-32-12-133
WEAVER, DARIUS S.                      NY-32-35-1
WEAVER, EDWIN D.                       NY-32-44-571
WEAVER, JACOB B.                       NY-32-34-163
WEAVER, LOUISA E.                      NY-32-44-73
WEAVER, RICHARD                        NY-32-24-313
WEAVER, RUFUS H.                       NY-32-12-97
WEAVER, RUSSELL                        NY-32-9-313
WEBB, JOSEPH                           NY-32-47-213
WEBB, LUCINDA B.                       NY-32-15-283
WEBBER, ALONZO C.                      NY-32-4-162
WEBBER, CHLOE                          NY-32-12-211
WEBBER, EMELINE M.                     NY-32-49-301
WEBBER, LAURA M.                       NY-32-22-349
WEBBER, MARVIN H.                      NY-32-51-329
WEBBER, THOMAS                         NY-32-7-79
WEBBER, THOMAS W.                      NY-32-17-405
WEBER, AUGUST                          NY-32-45-283
WEBSTER, ASA A. (CON'T)                NY-32-15-1
WEBSTER, ASA A. ***                    NY-32-13-457
WEBSTER, CATHARINE                     NY-32-34-541
WEBSTER, HARRIET                       NY-32-23-241
WEBSTER, JEREMIAH                      NY-32-5-501
WEBSTER, SYLVESTER H.                  NY-32-10-319
WEBSTER, WILLIAM C.                    NY-32-48-79
WEIDLE, ANNA                           NY-32-54-189
WEIDLE, CHARLES                        NY-32-35-493
WEIER, GOTTLIEB                        NY-32-45-211
WEITER, FRANCIS                        NY-32-5-136
WELCH, ALPHEUS                         NY-32-2-119
WELCH, CALVIN S.                       NY-32-6-59
WELCH, CHARLOTTE                       NY-32-18-265
WELCH, ELLEN                           NY-32-47-317
WELCH, HONOR                           NY-32-45-589
WELCH, JAMES                           NY-32-49-185
WELCH, PATRICK                         NY-32-24-577
WELD, WILLARD                          NY-32-28-181
WELDING, JAMES                         NY-32-5-195
WELDT, JOHN                            NY-32-32-253
WELLER, GEORGE                         NY-32-25-163
WELLS, AMBROSE                         NY-32-5-199
WELLS, ASHER                           NY-32-51-505
WELLS, BARTLET                         NY-32-28-595
WELLS, ELIZABETH S.                    NY-32-51-101
WELLS, GEORGE                          NY-32-23-559
WELLS, JANE M.                         NY-32-51-525
WELLS, SARAH                           NY-32-46-487
WELLS, WILLIAM                         NY-32-25-145
WELSH, PATRICK                         NY-32-46-301
WELSH, RICHARD                         NY-32-27-91
WELSH, WILLIAM                         NY-32-2-298
WELSHER, DAVID                         NY-32-51-405
WELSHER, FLORA                         NY-32-28-367
WELSHER, JACOB                         NY-32-28-31
WELTON, ENOS T.                        NY-32-39-103
WELTON, OTHNIEL L.                     NY-32-38-583
WELTS, CHARLOTTE                       NY-32-11-205
WENDEL, JACOB                          NY-32-46-283
WENDEL, MARTIN                         NY-32-48-331
WENDEL, MATHIAS                        NY-32-53-345
WENDELL, ROBERT H.                     NY-32-47-385
WENDT, CHRISTIAN                       NY-32-16-253
WENDT, MARTIN F.                       NY-32-33-169
WENDT, WILLIAM                         NY-32-53-241
WENTWORTH, EZRA P.                     NY-32-20-133
WERTH, CHRISTIAN                       NY-32-13-427
WERTH, JOHN                            NY-32-28-145
WERTMAN, DANIEL                        NY-32-9-151
WERTMAN, MICHAEL                       NY-32-49-29
WERTMAN, SUSAN M.                      NY-32-51-257
WEST, JAMES                            NY-32-23-85
WEST, MARGARET                         NY-32-39-175
WEST, MARVIN N.                        NY-32-20-121
WEST, THOMAS                           NY-32-2-213
WESTCOTT, SANFORD                      NY-32-12-139
WESTON, KATE E.                        NY-32-32-499
WETTERHOLT, JOHN C.                    NY-32-46-337
WHALEN, JANE                           NY-32-49-585
WHEATON, HANNAH                        NY-32-22-223
WHEATON, WILLIAM                       NY-32-17-321
WHEELER,  GEORGE E.                    NY-32-10-229
WHEELER, JANE H.                       NY-32-51-453
WHEELER, POLLY                         NY-32-3-162
WHEELER, THOMAS                        NY-32-34-463
WHIMSEY, ANN                           NY-32-27-283
WHIMSEY, JOHN                          NY-32-27-151
WHIPPLE, GEORGE A.                     NY-32-8-181
WHITE, ALBERT H.                       NY-32-27-103
WHITE, EDNA                            NY-32-23-19
WHITE, ELLEN                           NY-32-24-205
WHITE, EMILY M.                        NY-32-25-277
WHITE, HELMER W.                       NY-32-51-117
WHITE, HIRAM                           NY-32-44-373
WHITE, SARAH F.                        NY-32-44-145
WHITFIELD, ELIZABETH                   NY-32-15-133
WHITFIELD, WILLIAM                     NY-32-11-313
WHITLEY, LETITIA                       NY-32-53-1
WHITMORE, MARY A.                      NY-32-54-309
WHITMORE, WILLIAM W.                   NY-32-52-145
WHITNEY, FRANCES E.                    NY-32-25-577
WHITNEY, MARY                          NY-32-25-355
WHITNEY, NABBY E.                      NY-32-19-13
WHITNEY, PARKHURST                     NY-32-6-242
WHITWELL, JAMES                        NY-32-49-109
WHYMAN, JOHN                           NY-32-24-241
WICHTERMAN, GOTLOB D.                  NY-32-34-55
WICHTERMAN, MICHAEL                    NY-32-19-451
WICKER, SARAH E.                       NY-32-39-295
WICKES, EDWARD C.                      NY-32-4-620
WICKHAM, ISAAC                         NY-32-10-187
WICKS, CAROLINE                        NY-32-47-309
WIDRIG, JANE                           NY-32-48-247
WIECHMANN, FREDERICK                   NY-32-54-461
WILCOX, ADALINE M.                     NY-32-46-43
WILCOX, ALMA                           NY-32-45-469
WILCOX, AVERY                          NY-32-13-91
WILCOX, CHARLES                        NY-32-5-634
WILCOX, GEORGE A.                      NY-32-23-175
WILCOX, HANNAH                         NY-32-8-589
WILCOX, HARRIET                        NY-32-4-504
WILCOX, OLIVER L.                      NY-32-23-385
WILCOX, SUSAN                          NY-32-44-445
WILCOX, TAMER                          NY-32-54-541
WILEY, GEORGE                          NY-32-3-339
WILHELM, CARL F.                       NY-32-53-25
WILHELM, FREDERICK                     NY-32-27-79
WILHELM, PAUL                          NY-32-5-362
WILKE, LOUIS G.                        NY-32-47-257
WILKINS, JEREMIAH                      NY-32-46-151
WILKINS, RICHARD                       NY-32-3-283
WILKINSON, MARIA A.                    NY-32-32-163
WILLARD, MARY E.                       NY-32-25-493
WILLE, CHARLES G.                      NY-32-5-409
WILLEY, ALICE T.                       NY-32-54-597
WILLIAMS, ALMIRA                       NY-32-15-7
WILLIAMS, CHARLES                      NY-32-45-409
WILLIAMS, DANIEL S.                    NY-32-34-241
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH                    NY-32-15-433
WILLIAMS, ENOCH                        NY-32-18-163
WILLIAMS, JAMES                        NY-32-33-313
WILLIAMS, JAMES K.                     NY-32-54-213
WILLIAMS, MARY                         NY-32-10-139
WILLIAMS, MARY                         NY-32-8-349
WILLIAMS, MARY ANN                     NY-32-17-63
WILLIAMS, MARY ANN                     NY-32-17-39
WILLIAMS, MASON B.                     NY-32-23-91
WILLIAMS, MINERVA A.                   NY-32-46-481
WILLIAMS, RODERICK W.                  NY-32-53-129
WILLIAMS, SALLY                        NY-32-26-70
WILLIAMS, SARAH                        NY-32-3-293
WILLIAMS, SUSANNA                      NY-32-25-385
WILLIARD, JOHN                         NY-32-24-445
WILLIG, JACOB                          NY-32-12-169
WILLS, ADAM                            NY-32-45-565
WILSON, ANN                            NY-32-27-589
WILSON, BENJAMIN                       NY-32-16-319
WILSON, DANIEL                         NY-32-7-7
WILSON, DANIEL                         NY-32-28-385
WILSON, EARL                           NY-32-24-295
WILSON, ELIZABETH                      NY-32-33-475
WILSON, FRANK                          NY-32-9-271
WILSON, HANNAH                         NY-32-34-91
WILSON, HANNAH                         NY-32-51-241
WILSON, HENRY C.                       NY-32-5-413
WILSON, HESTER M.                      NY-32-9-85
WILSON, HETTY C.                       NY-32-18-61
WILSON, JAMES                          NY-32-53-353
WILSON, JOHN L.                        NY-32-5-341
WILSON, JOSEPH                         NY-32-52-391
WILSON, LEWIS                          NY-32-10-19
WILSON, LEWIS                          NY-32-6-255
WILSON, LORENZO D.                     NY-32-5-311
WILSON, MARIA                          NY-32-17-369
WILSON, MARY ANN                       NY-32-6-114
WILSON, NANCY A.                       NY-32-23-127
WILSON, OLIVER                         NY-32-28-427
WILSON, REUBEN                         NY-32-8-331
WILSON, SARAH                          NY-32-18-151
WILSON, STEPHEN                        NY-32-24-571
WILSON, SUSAN A.                       NY-32-20-391
WILSON, WILLIAM A.                     NY-32-54-269
WILTSIE, ISAAC                         NY-32-7-127
WINCHESTER, AARON                      NY-32-7-247
WINDNAGLE, FREDERICK                   NY-32-45-385
WINDNAGLE, OLIVE M.                    NY-32-49-469
WINER, JANE                            NY-32-52-61
WING, DANIEL P.                        NY-32-22-79
WINNE, CHARLES                         NY-32-23-457
WINSLOW, MARIA LOUISA                  NY-32-49-337
WINTHROP, RICHARD                      NY-32-12-103
WIRE, MORRIS                           NY-32-23-331
WISER, SAMUEL                          NY-32-44-193
WISNER, JANE E.                        NY-32-54-273
WISNER, WILLIAM                        NY-32-8-79
WISNER, WILLIAM C.                     NY-32-33-181
WITBECK, ELIZABETH                     NY-32-54-465
WITMER, ABRAHAM                        NY-32-5-1
WITMER, DAVID                          NY-32-47-121
WITMER, MARIA S.                       NY-32-32-301
WITTKOWSKI, ERNEST                     NY-32-54-77
WOLCOTT, JOHN A.                       NY-32-16-145
WOLF, CHRISTIAN                        NY-32-20-343
WOLF, SAMUEL                           NY-32-39-367
WOLLENBERG, CHRISTIAN                  NY-32-34-283
WOLSON, ISAAC                          NY-32-5-589
WOOCK, MARTIN                          NY-32-32-25
WOOD, ALMIRA S.                        NY-32-5-401
WOOD, GEORGE                           NY-32-47-173
WOOD, GUNSON                           NY-32-39-565
WOOD, MARY                             NY-32-47-281
WOOD, NOAH W.                          NY-32-10-409
WOOD, REBECCA                          NY-32-3-529
WOODBURY, JESSE T.                     NY-32-8-235
WOODCOCK, CHRISTOPHER                  NY-32-17-459
WOODCOCK, MARY M.                      NY-32-54-13
WOODCOCK, WILLIAM                      NY-32-33-103
WOODCOCK, WILLIAM                      NY-32-53-377
WOODRUFF, ASAHEL                       NY-32-2-443
WOODRUFF, HENRY A.                     NY-32-9-217
WOODS, DAVID                           NY-32-49-85
WOODS, ELLEN                           NY-32-48-433
WOODS, GEORGE C.                       NY-32-44-499
WOODS, ISABELLA                        NY-32-47-165
WOODS, WILLIAM                         NY-32-4-195
WOODS, WILLIAM K.                      NY-32-38-1
WOODWARD, LUCINDA                      NY-32-22-91
WOODWORTH, AMANDA N.                   NY-32-35-559
WOODWORTH, ELIJAH H.                   NY-32-20-25
WOODWORTH, JOHN                        NY-32-15-259
WOODWORTH, PHILO                       NY-32-15-25
WOOLSON, EDWARD C.                     NY-32-49-421
WOOLSON, JANE A.                       NY-32-48-223
WOOLSON, MARY                          NY-32-47-589
WOOLSON, THERON W.                     NY-32-26-50
WORDEN, ISAAC                          NY-32-17-477
WORKS, ELLEN                           NY-32-46-193
WORKS, MARY C.                         NY-32-48-25
WORKS, SAMUEL                          NY-32-11-271
WORRELL, DANIEL                        NY-32-17-417
WORRILL, THOMAS                        NY-32-15-163
WORRILL, ROBERT                        NY-32-8-223
WORTH, ELLEN                           NY-32-23-43
WORTH, ELLEN                           NY-32-22-529
WORTH, MATHIAS                         NY-32-54-101
WORTHEN, JOSEPH                        NY-32-3-476
WRANGHAM, DEBORAH                      NY-32-44-301
WRIGHT, ALICE B.                       NY-32-48-229
WRIGHT, ALLEN C.                       NY-32-7-61
WRIGHT, AMY                            NY-32-38-397
WRIGHT, ANNA                           NY-32-18-334
WRIGHT, EDWIN C.                       NY-32-25-193
WRIGHT, GEORGE K.                      NY-32-54-197
WRIGHT, HANNAH                         NY-32-11-187
WRIGHT, HENRIETTA M.                   NY-32-54-405
WRIGHT, JOHN                           NY-32-8-325
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                         NY-32-33-163
WRIGHT, JOSIAH P.                      NY-32-12-475
WRIGHT, LYDIA M.                       NY-32-49-149
WRIGHT, MARIA                          NY-32-53-373
WRIGHT, MARY E.                        NY-32-52-355
WRIGHT, MARY H.                        NY-32-10-403
WRIGHT, OLIVER C.                      NY-32-47-77
WRIGHT, WILLIAM H.                     NY-32-32-175
WRIGHTSON, THOMAS                      NY-32-13-223
WYMAN, HIRAM                           NY-32-16-427
WYNKOOP, ABRAHAM                       NY-32-3-27
WYNKOOP, CHARLES                       NY-32-52-85
WYNKOOP, JAMES                         NY-32-53-321
YAGOW, CHRISTIAN                       NY-32-28-541
YAN, CECELIA                           NY-32-47-341
YOUNG, BENJAMIN                        NY-32-38-67
YOUNG, CHARLES D.                      NY-32-47-345
YOUNG, CHRISTIAN                       NY-32-22-463
YOUNG, CLARA L.                        NY-32-47-349
YOUNG, FRANCES                         NY-32-53-369
YOUNG, GEORGIA E.                      NY-32-34-343
YOUNG, JAMES                           NY-32-1-70
YOUNG, JAMES A.                        NY-32-46-355
YOUNG, JAMES P.                        NY-32-12-73
YOUNG, JOHN                            NY-32-39-79
ZABEL, CHRISTIAN                       NY-32-20-259
ZACKARIAS, GEORGE                      NY-32-11-367
ZEIGER, CATHARINE                      NY-32-38-139
ZEIGER, FREDERICK                      NY-32-46-439
ZEIGER, JOHN                           NY-32-35-385
ZEIGER, LOUIS                          NY-32-34-403
ZIMMER, GEORGE                         NY-32-15-229
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN S.                     NY-32-25-49
ZIMMERMAN, PETER                       NY-32-32-283
ZIMMERMAN, RUDOLPH                     NY-32-53-41
ZIMMERMAN, SAMUEL                      NY-32-53-161
ZIMMERMANN, WILLIAM                    NY-32-54-497
ZORKENDORPF, FERDINAND                 NY-32-46-91
ZUMSTEIN, SAMUEL                       NY-32-48-115

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