Niagara, New York
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ABBEY, JEREMIAH                        NY-32-25-223
ABELL, JOHN STREET                     NY-32-54-361
ABICHT, AUGUST CARL                    NY-32-39-415
ACKER, CAROLINE L.                     NY-32-23-523
ACKERMAN, JARED H.                     NY-32-22-469
ACTON, ANTHONY                         NY-32-9-13
ADAIR, JOHN                            NY-32-6-98
ADAMS, ABRAHAM                         NY-32-3-30
ADAMS, ESTHER H.                       NY-32-5-480
ADAMS, LUCY M.                         NY-32-5-299
ADAMS, MARY A.                         NY-32-39-211
ADAMS, OLIVER S.                       NY-32-54-329
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         NY-32-2-171
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         NY-32-2-182
ADRIANCE, JENNIE T.                    NY-32-13-355
AIKIN, PETER B.                        NY-32-45-295
AKLEY, CALVIN H.                       NY-32-31-210
ALBERTY, BERNARD P.                    NY-32-25-19
ALBERTY, JOHN                          NY-32-6-9
ALBRIGHT, ERASMUS M.                   NY-32-13-331
ALBRIGHT, FRANCIS                      NY-32-3-486
ALBRIGHT, JACOB                        NY-32-7-283
ALDEN, WILLIAM                         NY-32-15-199
ALDRICH, JESSE                         NY-32-10-37
ALDRICH, JOHNSON                       NY-32-13-289
ALEXANDER, ISABELLA                    NY-32-16-481
ALEXANDER, JOHN                        NY-32-9-31
ALEXANDER, JULIETTE E.                 NY-32-53-541
ALFORD, MARTHA                         NY-32-48-67
ALLEN, CHARLES                         NY-32-8-397
ALLEN, ELIZA                           NY-32-12-301
ALLEN, THOMAS                          NY-32-54-65
ALLEN, WALTER                          NY-32-23-445
ALVORD, ELISHA                         NY-32-5-178
AMES, ELLSWORTH E.                     NY-32-46-61
AMES, TITUS                            NY-32-32-97
AMSDILL, DEBORAH                       NY-32-6-203
ANDERS, MARY                           NY-32-45-439
ANDERSON, JONATHAN                     NY-32-47-85
ANDERSON, MICAH                        NY-32-24-361
ANDERSON, THOMAS                       NY-32-20-223
ANDERSON, WYMAN B.                     NY-32-10-43
ANDREES, HENRY SR.                     NY-32-28-565
ANDREW, BENJAMIN A.                    NY-32-17-327
ANDREWS, APPLETON                      NY-32-11-67
ANDREWS, ASENATH                       NY-32-28-373
ANDREWS, DANIEL                        NY-32-20-313
ANDROUS, GEORGE E.                     NY-32-44-289
ANDRUS, LEMAN                          NY-32-38-385
ANGEVINE, FERRIS                       NY-32-4-313
ANGEVINE, GEORGE L.                    NY-32-34-271
ANGEVINE, JEREMY                       NY-32-54-217
ANGEVINE, PARLEY                       NY-32-22-433
ANSON, THERESA                         NY-32-13-445
ARCHER, GEORGE                         NY-32-27-403
ARCHER, THOMAS E.                      NY-32-25-61
ARDREY, WILLIAM                        NY-32-12-85
ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH G.                NY-32-35-223
ARNETT, ISAAC H.                       NY-32-33-121
ARNOLD, ELIJAH                         NY-32-25-403
ARNOLD, MARGARET                       NY-32-38-223
ARNOLD, PETER                          NY-32-34-577
ARROWSMITH, CAROLINE                   NY-32-33-223
ART, ADAM                              NY-32-49-385
ARTHUR, SAMUEL E.                      NY-32-31-100
ASH, GEORGE                            NY-32-3-193
ASHBY, MARY                            NY-32-39-73
ASHLEY, JEDUTHAN                       NY-32-6-231
ASHTON, THOMAS C.                      NY-32-27-445
ATCHINSON, ELIZA J.                    NY-32-54-517
ATHEARN, GEORGE F.                     NY-32-51-337
ATHEARN, LYDIA S.                      NY-32-20-211
ATTHES, FREDERICK                      NY-32-18-97
ATWATER, TITUS                         NY-32-17-291
ATWOOD, AMASA                          NY-32-24-157
ATWOOD, ORSAMUS J.                     NY-32-46-265
AUSTIN, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-32-5-190
AUSTIN, JONATHAN                       NY-32-4-524
AVERELL, CHARLES H.                    NY-32-6-170
AVERY, EBENEZER R.                     NY-32-38-181
AVERY, MARY A.                         NY-32-44-217
AYER, RICHARD                          NY-32-12-457
AYER, SALLY                            NY-32-33-391
BABBITT, PLATT D.                      NY-32-23-205
BABCOCK, HANNAH                        NY-32-32-259
BABCOCK, JULIA A.                      NY-32-47-457
BABCOCK, LUKE P.                       NY-32-16-463
BABCOCK, THEODORE D.                   NY-32-44-367
BABEL, JACOB SR.                       NY-32-49-77
BACKUS, TIMOTHY                        NY-32-3-403
BACON, GILLET                          NY-32-9-49
BACON, ROBERT H.                       NY-32-12-193
BADGLEY, GEORGE                        NY-32-7-305
BAER, DAVID                            NY-32-39-7
BAER, JONAS                            NY-32-35-235
BAILEY, ELIZA                          NY-32-16-301
BAILEY, JEREMIAH                       NY-32-28-589
BAILEY, SILAS                          NY-32-25-109
BAKER, ALDEN D.                        NY-32-44-97
BAKER, ANN ELIZA C.                    NY-32-8-307
BAKER, CAROLINE                        NY-32-17-339
BAKER, DANIEL                          NY-32-46-367
BAKER, DILMAN S.                       NY-32-20-385
BAKER, ELIZA M.                        NY-32-38-85
BAKER, ELIZABETH                       NY-32-53-61
BAKER, HARRIET A.                      NY-32-54-285
BAKER, JULIA A.                        NY-32-38-79
BAKER, LAURA M.                        NY-32-53-361
BAKER, LESTER                          NY-32-3-308
BAKER, RHODA                           NY-32-17-9
BAKER, SALOME E.                       NY-32-52-421
BAKER, STEPHEN H.                      NY-32-39-13
BAKER, WARREN                          NY-32-35-529
BALDWIN, ASA                           NY-32-44-385
BALDWIN, JAMES                         NY-32-3-334
BALDWIN, JAMES F.                      NY-32-47-389
BALDWIN, JOHN                          NY-32-34-61
BALDWIN, STEPHEN G.                    NY-32-34-139
BALLARD, FRANKLIN                      NY-32-4-365
BALLERD, FREDERICK                     NY-32-51-457
BALLERT, JOHAN JACOB                   NY-32-7-253
BALLIETT, JOSIAH                       NY-32-39-439
BALLOU, FRANK W.                       NY-32-49-433
BALLOU, HENRIETTA                      NY-32-52-205
BALLOU, STEPHEN B.                     NY-32-8-205
BALLOU, SUMNER                         NY-32-16-13
BALMER, HENRY                          NY-32-28-571
BALMER, THOMAS                         NY-32-39-343
BARBARA, LOUISA                        NY-32-53-261
BARBER, HARRIET A.                     NY-32-24-535
BARBER, RICHARD                        NY-32-23-157
BARBER, SANFORD                        NY-32-53-525
BARBER, WARHAM                         NY-32-3-441
BARBER, WILLIAM G.                     NY-32-5-560
BARBER, WILLIS                         NY-32-10-169
BARE, ELIZABETH                        NY-32-49-221
BARKER, DAVID                          NY-32-33-355
BARKER, GEORGE                         NY-32-48-373
BARKER, LUCINDA M.                     NY-32-39-337
BARKER, TABOR                          NY-32-4-483
BARLOW, ISABELLA                       NY-32-21-376
BARNAM, DANIEL D.                      NY-32-2-418
BARNES, ANN                            NY-32-8-187
BARNES, MARTHA                         NY-32-11-469
BARNES, PATRICK                        NY-32-20-109
BARNES, SETH M.                        NY-32-44-517
BARNES, THOMAS E.                      NY-32-10-361
BARNEY, CHARLES                        NY-32-20-289
BARNHARDT, HENRY                       NY-32-53-465
BARNUM, EMELINE                        NY-32-51-41
BARNUM, ISAAC                          NY-32-19-337
BARRETT, SOPHRONIA B.                  NY-32-7-335
BARRETT, SUSAN A.                      NY-32-16-373
BARRY, DAVID                           NY-32-12-487
BARTHAN, CHRISIAN                      NY-32-16-337
BARTLEMAS, DAVID                       NY-32-46-133
BARTLETT, CARLTON                      NY-32-4-20
BARTON, AGNES                          NY-32-7-151
BARTON, ALEXANDER                      NY-32-32-337
BARTON, BENJAMIN                       NY-32-3-52
BARTON, ISAIAH J.                      NY-32-15-331
BASENBERG, HENRY                       NY-32-35-271
BASNETT, ARTHUR D.                     NY-32-53-9
BASS, FANNY                            NY-32-16-151
BASS, JONATHAN R.                      NY-32-46-205
BATEMAN, HENRY B.                      NY-32-52-127
BATEMAN, KATE                          NY-32-47-485
BATEMAN, SARAH M.                      NY-32-39-355
BATEMAN, THOMAS                        NY-32-6-44
BATEMAN, VERON D.                      NY-32-45-361
BATTACK, WILHELMINA                    NY-32-44-199
BAUGHAM, JOSEPH                        NY-32-2-33
BAUMANN, AUGUST                        NY-32-17-243
BAUMANN, FREDERICK WILLIAM             NY-32-49-309
BEABER, GEORGE                         NY-32-32-103
BEACH, CEPHAS                          NY-32-3-567
BEACH, MOSES                           NY-32-20-97
BEACH, SHERMAN M.                      NY-32-20-229
BEADLE, MARY                           NY-32-3-262
BEAMER, SOPHIA M.                      NY-32-10-7
BEARDSLEY, JOH T.                      NY-32-11-307
BECCUE, ABRAHAM                        NY-32-17-225
BECCUE, ABRAHAM                        NY-32-47-73
BECHTEL, PHILIPP SR.                   NY-32-45-517
BECK, ROBERT W.                        NY-32-27-73
BECK, SARAH R.                         NY-32-32-31
BECKER, CATHARINE                      NY-32-44-229
BECKER, FRITZ                          NY-32-35-373
BECKRICH, JOHN                         NY-32-6-86
BECKRICH, NICHOLAS                     NY-32-53-249
BEDBURY, EVA                           NY-32-48-61
BEDBURY, JOSEPH H.                     NY-32-17-129
BEDELL, JANE                           NY-32-38-457
BEEK, HANNAH E.                        NY-32-46-571
BEEMAN, ELIZABETH L.                   NY-32-23-7
BEERS, JOHN                            NY-32-32-535
BEGGS, ROBERT                          NY-32-28-175
BEHM, JOACHIM                          NY-32-10-121
BEITZ, JOHANN                          NY-32-44-259
BELDEN, ANN                            NY-32-16-61
BELDEN, CHARLES                        NY-32-8-469
BELDEN, HENRY                          NY-32-5-116
BELDEN, MARY ANN                       NY-32-48-187
BELDING, HENRY M.                      NY-32-45-253
BELIS, FREDERICK C.                    NY-32-13-49
BELKNAP, ALMON                         NY-32-20-79
BELKNAP, DAVID E.                      NY-32-49-37
BELL, THOMAS                           NY-32-54-437
BELLAH, ELIZABETH T.                   NY-32-52-115
BELLAH, JOSEPH T.                      NY-32-20-217
BELLAH, WILLIAM WARNER                 NY-32-54-113
BENEDIT, LAURINDA                      NY-32-28-493
BENJAMIN, ELIZA C.                     NY-32-51-49
BENJAMIN, JOHN                         NY-32-32-409
BENNAGE, SAMUEL                        NY-32-31-171
BENNAGE, SIMON                         NY-32-31-175
BENNETT, BENJAMIN                      NY-32-22-175
BENNETT, BENJAMIN F.                   NY-32-48-499
BENNETT, JONATHAN                      NY-32-8-139
BENNETT, MATILDA                       NY-32-32-55
BENNETT, SARAH C.                      NY-32-16-355
BENSON, BENJAMIN H.                    NY-32-22-481
BENTE, MARIE                           NY-32-49-261
BENTON, ELIZABETH                      NY-32-15-343
BENTON, JOHN                           NY-32-24-253
BENTZ, MATHIAS                         NY-32-38-205
BENZ, JACOB                            NY-32-49-1
BERGER, LYDIA                          NY-32-53-189
BERGMANN, JOHN                         NY-32-47-161
BERLINGHOFF, CAROLINE E.               NY-32-23-97
BERNER, CHARLES                        NY-32-19-445
BERNHARDT, JOHN                        NY-32-49-533
BERRY, BRIDGET                         NY-32-51-545
BERRY, MARY                            NY-32-47-557
BEST, AMBROSE                          NY-32-22-187
BETTAC, FREDERICK A.                   NY-32-45-13
BETTS, PLATT                           NY-32-4-242
BEVELRY, AMBROSE S.                    NY-32-49-513
BEVERIDGE, BENJAMIN                    NY-32-47-205
BEYER, FERDINAND                       NY-32-19-73
BICKAR, PETER                          NY-32-12-61
BIDDLE, JOSEPH                         NY-32-48-31
BIDDLE, REBECCA                        NY-32-48-530
BIETH, ANTHONY                         NY-32-51-105
BIETH, DOROTHY LOUISA                  NY-32-51-185
BILLHOFER, GEORGE                      NY-32-44-319
BINKLEY, JEREMIAH                      NY-32-39-499
BIRD, GEORGE                           NY-32-49-565
BIRD, IRENE                            NY-32-33-367
BIRDSALL, JOSEPH                       NY-32-3-395
BISCHOF, CHRISTIAN F.                  NY-32-19-175
BISHOP, FREDERICK                      NY-32-46-229
BISSELL, GEORGE                        NY-32-18-395
BITELY, SYLVIA                         NY-32-2-274
BITTING, DAVID                         NY-32-2-284
BIXBY, C. R.                           NY-32-39-289
BIXLER, BARBARA                        NY-32-24-583
BIXLER, JACOB                          NY-32-54-425
BLACKLOCK, WILLIAM SR.                 NY-32-49-345
BLAKE, CARLOS                          NY-32-11-97
BLANCHARD, WILLIAM                     NY-32-8-253
BLIGH, JANE                            NY-32-35-541
BLIGH, JOHN                            NY-32-35-535
BLIM, JOHN                             NY-32-26-132
BLINN, ANN EVE                         NY-32-39-259
BLODGETT, EDWARD                       NY-32-28-25
BLOODGOOD, MARY                        NY-32-10-307
BLOSSER, MATTHIAS                      NY-32-8-445
BLUHM, CHRISITAN F.                    NY-32-39-595
BLUME, GOTTLIEB T.                     NY-32-8-67
BOBZIEN, FRED                          NY-32-33-523
BOEHME, ELIZABETH                      NY-32-54-73
BOENING, CARL W.                       NY-32-49-145
BOENING, DOROTHEA SOPHIA               NY-32-51-1
BOENING, MICHAEL                       NY-32-8-343
BOKLEMAN, PERMELIA                     NY-32-8-37
BOLLIER, JOHANNES                      NY-32-15-139
BONACKER, JOHN                         NY-32-44-265
BONACKER, MARTIN P.                    NY-32-51-421
BONES, JAMES                           NY-32-32-313
BOOTHROYD, JOHN S.                     NY-32-28-535
BOOTS, HENRY                           NY-32-53-561
BOOTS, JOSEPH                          NY-32-17-333
BORDWELL, ENOCH W.                     NY-32-33-271
BORST, ELIZA                           NY-32-53-425
BORST, MARTIN J.                       NY-32-18-205
BORST, RACHEL                          NY-32-33-85
BORTLE, PETER                          NY-32-16-403
BOUGHTON, ENOS                         NY-32-1-39
BOUGIE, JOHN                           NY-32-46-589
BOWEN, ABIGAIL                         NY-32-13-277
BOWEN, ARDIE M.                        NY-32-49-277
BOWEN, ERASMUS                         NY-32-17-153
BOWEN, JEREMIAH                        NY-32-13-253
BOWEN, MARY                            NY-32-45-583
BOWEN, SALLY                           NY-32-33-541
BOWLER, VINCENT                        NY-32-7-91
BOWLER, VINCENT                        NY-32-39-331
BOWMAN, HENRY G.                       NY-32-45-331
BOWN, LEVI F.                          NY-32-39-583
BOWNE, WILLET                          NY-32-15-13
BOYCE, JOSEPH B.                       NY-32-39-97
BOYCE, MARIA C.                        NY-32-47-37
BOYCE, WILLIAM C.                      NY-32-34-589
BOYD, CHARLES H.                       NY-32-54-237
BRACE, HATTIE E.                       NY-32-26-40
BRACE, JULIA                           NY-32-16-7
BRACHROCK, CHRISTIAN                   NY-32-15-31
BRACKEN, ANDREW                        NY-32-13-103
BRACKETT, REUBEN C.                    NY-32-35-49
BRACKETT, RUFUS S.                     NY-32-47-5
BRADLEE, NATHANIEL                     NY-32-45-355
BRADLEY, ALANSON                       NY-32-44-427
BRADLEY, LEVI                          NY-32-15-67
BRADLEY, PAT                           NY-32-27-493
BRADY, JAMES SR.                       NY-32-25-73
BRADY, PATRICK                         NY-32-49-285
BRAGROCK, JUSTINE                      NY-32-32-157
BRAMEL, HANNAH                         NY-32-52-505
BRANDT, ERNEST                         NY-32-51-121
BRANDT, JOHN                           NY-32-51-549
BRANDT, LEO                            NY-32-47-541
BRASINGTON, SAMUEL                     NY-32-18-455
BRATT, SYDNEY B.                       NY-32-45-133
BRAUER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-32-27-295
BRAYLEY, SARAH                         NY-32-28-43
BRAYLEY, CHARLES                       NY-32-39-547
BRAYLEY, JOSEPH                        NY-32-10-193
BRECKON, JAMES G.                      NY-32-35-601
BRECKON, OSES                          NY-32-44-397
BRECKOW, SALLY                         NY-32-28-349
BREDELL, JEMIMA                        NY-32-17-33
BRENNER, CATHERINA                     NY-32-47-481
BREWER, WILLIAM                        NY-32-20-361
BREWSTER, JANE                         NY-32-47-501
BREYFOGLE, BELLE                       NY-32-44-415
BRIDGE, BENJAMIN                       NY-32-1-64
BRIGGS, CORNELIA                       NY-32-15-103
BRIGGS, FRANCES M.                     NY-32-34-301
BRIGGS, HIRAM E.                       NY-32-34-547
BRIGGS, MARY                           NY-32-5-261
BRIGGS, RUFUS W.                       NY-32-25-475
BRIGGS, WESLEY C.                      NY-32-46-55
BRIGHTMAN, JAMES R.                    NY-32-45-415
BRIGHTMAN, MARGARET                    NY-32-49-273
BRIGHTON, WILLIAM                      NY-32-10-133
BRINK, ADELIA                          NY-32-47-465
BRINK, ELIRRA A.                       NY-32-35-247
BRISTOL, BENJAMIN H.                   NY-32-33-115
BRITT, THOMAS                          NY-32-52-469
BRITTIN, MARY                          NY-32-33-319
BRITTON, SAMUEL E.                     NY-32-52-307
BROCKETT, CAROLINE A C.                NY-32-51-141
BROCKETT, GEORGE L.                    NY-32-23-421
BROCKWAY, JEANNIE A.                   NY-32-32-565
BROCKWAY, JOSEPH                       NY-32-24-349
BROCKWAY, MARIA                        NY-32-22-19
BROCKWAY, NATHANIEL                    NY-32-28-139
BRODOCK, EUNICE                        NY-32-23-313
BROMEL, CARL                           NY-32-20-37
BRONSON, AMOS                          NY-32-1-14
BRONSON, IRA                           NY-32-44-595
BRONSON, LEWIS R.                      NY-32-32-349
BROOKINS, ALONZO                       NY-32-24-235
BROOKINS, ERASTUS                      NY-32-9-235
BROOKINS, SAMUEL W.                    NY-32-53-517
BROOKS, JAMES                          NY-32-8-229
BROOKS, JOHN J.                        NY-32-53-89
BROUGHTON, RUTH ANN                    NY-32-52-253
BROWN, AMY W.                          NY-32-28-115
BROWN, ANDREW                          NY-32-27-529
BROWN, ASA B.                          NY-32-13-139
BROWN, ELIZABETH                       NY-32-8-403
BROWN, ELIZABETH                       NY-32-45-499
BROWN, ERNESTINE                       NY-32-13-181
BROWN, GEORGE K.                       NY-32-5-505
BROWN, GILBERT                         NY-32-24-385
BROWN, HANNAH                          NY-32-3-624
BROWN, HENRY                           NY-32-24-403
BROWN, JANE                            NY-32-1-60
BROWN, JANE                            NY-32-33-445
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-32-25-133
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-32-48-487
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-32-52-49
BROWN, JONAS W.                        NY-32-54-1
BROWN, JONATHAN                        NY-32-2-393
BROWN, LIBBIE                          NY-32-53-493
BROWN, LYMAN A.                        NY-32-33-229
BROWN, MARGARET E.                     NY-32-38-313
BROWN, MARY                            NY-32-8-391
BROWN, MARY E.                         NY-32-46-595
BROWN, NANCY                           NY-32-47-157
BROWN, NORRIS                          NY-32-32-601
BROWN, PHEBE                           NY-32-33-49
BROWN, PRISCILLA                       NY-32-45-343
BROWN, SAMUEL C.                       NY-32-11-301
BROWN, SUSAN A.                        NY-32-49-481
BROWN, WALTER S.                       NY-32-38-493
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-32-38-13
BROWNELL, JULIUS AUGUSTUS              NY-32-49-21
BROWNSON, AMOS                         NY-32-2-203
BROZZY, JEREMIAH                       NY-32-6-110
BRUNDAGE, PERMELIA                     NY-32-45-229
BRUNNER, CATHARINE                     NY-32-17-51
BRYAN, TITUS FENN                      NY-32-4-13
BRYANT, RUGGLES W.                     NY-32-2-396
BUCHANAN, LUCINDA                      NY-32-25-589
BUCHANAN, SAMUEL                       NY-32-7-139
BUCHANAN, SAMUEL L.                    NY-32-17-423
BUCHANAN, WILLIAM                      NY-32-2-90
BUCK, ELI B.                           NY-32-27-181
BUCK, JOHN H.                          NY-32-46-127
BUDD, ANDREW                           NY-32-27-13
BUGBEE, ABEL                           NY-32-19-259
BULGER, ANDREW                         NY-32-19-115
BULGER, ANTOINETTE                     NY-32-24-25
BULGER, JOHN                           NY-32-22-1
BULL, JOHN                             NY-32-8-415
BUNKER, JOHN                           NY-32-8-313
BUNNELL, BELLOSTEE                     NY-32-19-187
BURCH, BEVERLY                         NY-32-27-61
BURDETT, ABNER                         NY-32-23-61
BURDETT, JOHN                          NY-32-45-277
BURDICK, ALVIRA A.                     NY-32-53-5
BURDICK, LYMAN B.                      NY-32-23-547
BURENBARK, WILLIAM                     NY-32-4-34
BURGESS, LUCINDA A.                    NY-32-27-25
BURK, PATRICK                          NY-32-23-283
BURKE, ANN                             NY-32-21-313
BURKE, JAMES F.                        NY-32-32-1
BURKE, JOHN                            NY-32-49-377
BURKE, MICHAEL                         NY-32-20-493
BURKE, THOMAS                          NY-32-46-403
BURKHARDT, GEORGE                      NY-32-12-391
BURMASTER, HENRY D.                    NY-32-19-217
BURNET, WILLIAM                        NY-32-52-433
BURNS, BRIDGET                         NY-32-35-313
BURNS, CHARLES                         NY-32-44-457
BURNS, FRANK                           NY-32-34-157
BURNS, MARTHA ANN                      NY-32-54-93
BURNS, SAMUEL                          NY-32-35-595
BURNS, WILLIAM T.                      NY-32-39-115
BUROW, WILLIAM                         NY-32-35-553
BURR, HARRIET                          NY-32-27-619
BURRAGE, GEORGE                        NY-32-10-379
BURROUGH, NETTIE C.                    NY-32-47-61
BURTCH, LEWIS                          NY-32-53-293
BURTON, ERWIN                          NY-32-54-317
BURTON, HIRAM K.                       NY-32-34-229
BURTON, MARTIN L.                      NY-32-28-247
BURTON, WILLIAM                        NY-32-44-13
BUSH, HULDAH                           NY-32-23-13
BUSH, JOHN S.                          NY-32-33-433
BUSH, MARY F.                          NY-32-51-193
BUSH, SARAH                            NY-32-51-573
BUSSERT, HERMANN ALBERT H.             NY-32-48-559
BUTLER, EDWARD                         NY-32-23-1
BUTLER, ELIZA J.                       NY-32-23-475
BUTLER, MICHAEL                        NY-32-32-475
BUTLER, TITUS S.                       NY-32-35-331
BUTRICK, MARIA L.                      NY-32-25-115
BUTTER, PRISCILLA                      NY-32-35-457
BUTTERFIELD, ALEXANDER                 NY-32-10-337
BUTTERICK, SUMNER                      NY-32-10-73
BUTTERY, JOHN M.                       NY-32-15-295
BUTTERY, SARAH                         NY-32-54-253
BUTTERY, WILBER                        NY-32-47-441
BUTTON, FREDERICK                      NY-32-9-295
BUTTON, JAMES                          NY-32-4-294
BUX, DAVID                             NY-32-35-13
BYRNE, PATRICK                         NY-32-49-13
CALKINS, ELIZA F.                      NY-32-47-197
CALKINS, REUEL                         NY-32-47-305
CALKINS, SAMUEL                        NY-32-38-337
CALLAGHAN, FRANCIS                     NY-32-38-505
CALLAN, JANE                           NY-32-53-305
CALLAN, PATRICK                        NY-32-15-385
CAMANN, LOUISE                         NY-32-49-33
CAMBURN, ISAAC A.                      NY-32-45-421
CAMP, WILLIAM S.                       NY-32-38-271
CAMPBELL, ANGUS                        NY-32-10-331
CAMPBELL, FRANK B.                     NY-32-18-67
CAMPBELL, JEREMIAH                     NY-32-25-451
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         NY-32-53-45
CAMPBELL, KEZIAH                       NY-32-28-355
CAMPBELL, MARY A. H.                   NY-32-28-517
CAMPBELL, SYLVESTER G.                 NY-32-10-217
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                      NY-32-3-595
CANN, SAAH                             NY-32-20-199
CANNON, JOHN                           NY-32-22-259
CAPEN, ALVIN                           NY-32-53-397
CAPEN, SAMUEL                          NY-32-11-73
CARER, WILLIAM                         NY-32-32-457
CARL, DAVID                            NY-32-47-229
CARLTON, DAID                          NY-32-8-157
CARNEY, EDWARD H.                      NY-32-51-305
CARNEY, JAMES                          NY-32-44-511
CARNEY, JAMES                          NY-32-47-101
CARNEY, URSULA E.                      NY-32-20-31
CARNEY, WILLIAM                        NY-32-25-361
CARPENTER, BENJAMIN                    NY-32-35-307
CARR, ADAM                             NY-32-19-295
CARR, ELIZA                            NY-32-13-121
CARR, JACOB                            NY-32-8-25
CARR, JOHN                             NY-32-34-13
CARR, MATTHEW                          NY-32-32-295
CARROLL, MARTIN                        NY-32-51-433
CARRUTHERS, ANNA R.                    NY-32-39-529
CARTER, CAROLINE E.                    NY-32-53-237
CARTER, CHARLES                        NY-32-53-549
CARTER, DANIEL                         NY-32-46-517
CARTER, EMILY                          NY-32-8-85
CARTER, HUBBARD                        NY-32-3-40
CARTER, HUBBARD                        NY-32-3-472
CARTER, IRA                            NY-32-5-540
CARTER, JAMES H.                       NY-32-7-223
CARTER, JOSEPH                         NY-32-45-541
CARTER, LOVING                         NY-32-3-343
CARTWRIGHT, DANIEL                     NY-32-22-211
CARY, MARY T.                          NY-32-35-43
CASADY, JULIA A.                       NY-32-32-355
CASE, AMANDA                           NY-32-51-561
CASE, ELIZABETH P.                     NY-32-47-333
CASE, LUMAN                            NY-32-20-127
CASS, REBECCA J.                       NY-32-23-469
CASSIDY, MARGARET                      NY-32-47-153
CASTELLION, MATHILDA M. L.             NY-32-52-397
CASTILLION, AUGUST                     NY-32-33-145
CASTLE, AMOS N.                        NY-32-2-346
CAVERICO, SULIVAN                      NY-32-25-121
CAWLEY, JOHN                           NY-32-20-475
CHADDOCK, EMELINE                      NY-32-24-433
CHAMBERS, ANN                          NY-32-53-329
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM                      NY-32-45-451
CHAPIN, ALFRED E.                      NY-32-7-55
CHAPIN, GEORGE F.                      NY-32-51-577
CHAPIN, HORACE B.                      NY-32-18-1
CHAPIN, JOSIAH S.                      NY-32-10-391
CHAPIN, ORRAMEL S.                     NY-32-33-199
CHAPLIN, DANIEL                        NY-32-5-354
CHAPLIN, GEORGE W.                     NY-32-53-73
CHAPLIN, JAMES M.                      NY-32-24-7
CHAPLIN, SINDONEA G.                   NY-32-54-165
CHAPMAN, CHARLES                       NY-32-33-493
CHAPMAN, ELDRIDGE C.                   NY-32-32-421
CHAPMAN, SALLY C.                      NY-32-46-529
CHARLES, WILLIAM                       NY-32-39-1
CHASE, ALEXANDER R.                    NY-32-34-37
CHASE, ALLICE J.                       NY-32-6-186
CHASE, CAROLINE E.                     NY-32-47-513
CHASE, JAMES H.                        NY-32-39-235
CHASE, MARY E.                         NY-32-48-415
CHASE, SARAH D.                        NY-32-54-485
CHASE, WILLET                          NY-32-33-325
CHASE, WILLIAM P.                      NY-32-8-73
CHESBROUGH, ABRAM M.                   NY-32-27-451
CHESBROUGH, ESTHER E.                  NY-32-28-499
CHESBROUGH, ISAAC M.                   NY-32-8-523
CHESHIRE, GEORGE                       NY-32-16-127
CHILDS, BETSY B.                       NY-32-51-205
CHILDS, WILLIAM H.                     NY-32-32-211
CHRIST, GEORGE                         NY-32-2-52
CHRISTGAN, JOHN                        NY-32-31-206
CHRISTOPHER, DANIEL                    NY-32-22-535
CHRISTY, SAMUEL G.                     NY-32-49-9
CHRISTY, THOMAS                        NY-32-7-415
CHRYSLER, FREDERICK                    NY-32-13-295
CHRYSLER, MARIA                        NY-32-19-367
CHUBBUCK, DEBORAH                      NY-32-39-301
CHURCH, ANSON                          NY-32-5-420
CHURCH, JULIA ANN                      NY-32-48-139
CHURCH, SELINDA                        NY-32-39-589
CHURCH, THOMAS                         NY-32-19-67
CHURCHILL, MAJOR                       NY-32-35-133
CLAFLIN, HARRIET                       NY-32-22-457
CLAFLIN, SARDINIA H.                   NY-32-52-325
CLANCY, ROGERS                         NY-32-52-445
CLAPP, MAGARET                         NY-32-24-217
CLAPSADDLE, JOHN                       NY-32-12-67
CLAPSADDLE, RUDOLPH                    NY-32-16-73
CLAPSADDLE, WILLIAM                    NY-32-8-19
CLARK, ALEXANDER                       NY-32-8-133
CLARK, ALPHEUS                         NY-32-17-489
CLARK, ANNA                            NY-32-27-241
CLARK, AUSTIN                          NY-32-22-493
CLARK, CAROLINE M.                     NY-32-34-385
CLARK, GORDON W.                       NY-32-17-435
CLARK, HENRY W.                        NY-32-16-421
CLARK, JAMES                           NY-32-6-72
CLARK, JAMES                           NY-32-48-541
CLARK, JAMES B.                        NY-32-15-499
CLARK, JOEL                            NY-32-27-607
CLARK, JOSEPH                          NY-32-44-85
CLARK, MARIA                           NY-32-38-487
CLARK, MARY ANN                        NY-32-48-253
CLARK, NANCY                           NY-32-46-289
CLARK, RACHEL M.                       NY-32-28-559
CLARK, RICHARD                         NY-32-17-495
CLARK, ROBERT C.                       NY-32-12-451
CLARK, SARAH                           NY-32-34-559
CLARK, SARAH E.                        NY-32-48-553
CLARK, SARAH M.                        NY-32-7-109
CLARK, TIMOTHY                         NY-32-7-49
CLARK, WARREN                          NY-32-13-259
CLARK, WILLIAM                         NY-32-17-273
CLARKE, GARDNER C.                     NY-32-51-189
CLAXTON, HANNAH                        NY-32-44-493
CLAXTON, JOHN                          NY-32-47-245
CLEGHORN, JAMES                        NY-32-8-607
CLEGHORN, WILLIAM                      NY-32-35-451
CLELAND, MERCY                         NY-32-49-169
CLEMENT, CATHARINE                     NY-32-49-465
CLEMENT, SAMUEL R.                     NY-32-46-409
CLEVELAND, ANN                         NY-32-20-115
CLEVELAND, CHARLOTTE A.                NY-32-38-145
CLEVELAND, MARY J.                     NY-32-25-373
CLEVLEAND, GEORGE B.                   NY-32-27-373
CLIFT, MARY                            NY-32-24-229
CLUCK, ALVA                            NY-32-32-511
COAKLEY, JOHN                          NY-32-3-389
COAN, WILLIAM                          NY-32-1-32
COATES, JANE                           NY-32-34-367
COATES, JOHN                           NY-32-48-523
COATES, MIRANDA                        NY-32-44-121
COBB, ANN M.                           NY-32-19-493
COBB, DUTEE                            NY-32-35-505
COBB, ELVIRA C.                        NY-32-51-521
COBB, WILLARD A.                       NY-32-52-241
COBURN, NELSON                         NY-32-24-319
COCHRAN, JOHN                          NY-32-2-328
COE, AMELIA C.                         NY-32-47-325
COFFEE, ELIZABETH F.                   NY-32-32-403
COLBORN, MARGART                       NY-32-38-55
COLBURN, CLEMENT                       NY-32-35-589
COLBURN, MARY M.                       NY-32-23-337
COLBY, MARIA A.                        NY-32-53-33
COLBY, ROBERT                          NY-32-49-61
COLBY, THOMAS                          NY-32-39-463
COLE, DAVID                            NY-32-47-217
COLE, JAMES                            NY-32-2-420
COLE, SOPHIA H.                        NY-32-54-53
COLEMAN, ASHER T.                      NY-32-27-547
COLEMAN, MARY                          NY-32-51-273
COLLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-32-9-241
COLLINS, HOMER A.                      NY-32-53-577
COLLINS, LEWIS                         NY-32-23-115
COLLINS, MARY A.                       NY-32-54-357
COLLINS, SAMUEL                        NY-32-49-313
COLLINS, SARAH A.                      NY-32-15-247
COLLINS, STEPHEN                       NY-32-53-441
COLT, ALEXANDER D.                     NY-32-33-439
COLT, ISAAC                            NY-32-10-157
COLT, JOSEPH                           NY-32-21-488
COLWELL, JOSEPH                        NY-32-2-305
COMPTON, JAMES                         NY-32-24-379
COMPTON, JAMES                         NY-32-54-57
COMSTOCK, JEHIEL                       NY-32-2-57
COMSTOCK, DANIEL O.                    NY-32-2-80
COMSTOCK, DARIUS                       NY-32-3-359
COMSTOCK, THOMAS                       NY-32-9-79
COMSTOCK, TRYPHENA                     NY-32-35-7
CONDE, BETSEY                          NY-32-48-157
CONDE, JESSE T.                        NY-32-9-199
CONDON, JAMES                          NY-32-25-25
CONDREN, LAURENCE                      NY-32-44-127
CONE, SAMUEL                           NY-32-19-181
CONLEY, MARY                           NY-32-52-481
CONLIN, ELLEN                          NY-32-45-313
CONN, WILLIAM S.                       NY-32-27-427
CONNELLY, ARTHUR                       NY-32-27-349
CONNELLY, MARTIN                       NY-32-44-577
CONNER, JOHN                           NY-32-21-279
CONNOLLY, MATTHEW                      NY-32-38-115
CONNOR, HUGH                           NY-32-11-475
CONNORS, MARY                          NY-32-47-273
CONNORS, MICHAEL                       NY-32-54-321
CONOVER, GOSHEN                        NY-32-38-169
CONRAD, CHRISTIAN                      NY-32-16-271
CONRAD, DOROTHEA                       NY-32-19-343
CONWAY, PATRICK                        NY-32-32-199
COOK, ABRAHAM                          NY-32-4-392
COOK, ALFRED S.                        NY-32-6-131
COOK, AMELIA                           NY-32-46-583
COOK, CHARLES W.                       NY-32-54-413
COOK, ELIZABETH                        NY-32-2-379
COOK, ELMIRA                           NY-32-45-463
COOK, HORTENSIA                        NY-32-54-589
COOK, ISAAC N.                         NY-32-12-409
COOK, JAMES                            NY-32-7-1
COOK, MALVINA LOUISA                   NY-32-48-163
COOK, NATHANIEL                        NY-32-22-523
COOK, WILLIAM SR.                      NY-32-27-463
COOKE, CHARLES                         NY-32-1-4
COOKE, ELIZA J.                        NY-32-53-509
COOKE, ELIZABETH M.                    NY-32-47-329
COOKE, ISAAC C.                        NY-32-16-391
COOKE, LEMUEL                          NY-32-17-261
COON, MARYETTE                         NY-32-38-19
COOPER, DAVID                          NY-32-7-439
COOPER, ELIZA                          NY-32-28-169
COOPER, WILLIAM E.                     NY-32-19-19
COPLEY, MARIAH                         NY-32-38-481
COPLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-32-44-115
CORCORAN, ELLEN                        NY-32-51-89
COREY, PHILIP                          NY-32-2-72
CORNELL, JOHN                          NY-32-34-355
CORNELL, NELSON                        NY-32-15-145
CORNELL, WILLIAM                       NY-32-27-229
CORNES, JOHN                           NY-32-19-517
CORSER, MATTHEW                        NY-32-34-73
CORWIN, PARKER                         NY-32-16-121
CORWIN, PHINEAS H.                     NY-32-9-301
CORWIN, SARAH C.                       NY-32-47-581
COTT, ISAAC                            NY-32-3-446
COTTINGTON, ADAM                       NY-32-13-343
COTTON, JEHEMIAH                       NY-32-15-397
COULTER, JAMES                         NY-32-16-493
COULTER, ROBERT W.                     NY-32-25-559
COURSER, MATTHEW H.                    NY-32-28-313
COWLES, EUGENE H.                      NY-32-47-81
COYLE, LEWIS                           NY-32-27-121
COZZENS, ENAN L.                       NY-32-23-415
COZZENS, JOHN                          NY-32-15-493
CRAIG, CHARLES                         NY-32-27-127
CRAIG, FREDERICK                       NY-32-54-549
CRAIG, WILLIAM                         NY-32-19-325
CRAIGIE, JOHN                          NY-32-34-67
CRAIN, JOHN                            NY-32-39-229
CRAINE, EUDORA E.                      NY-32-49-201
CRAINE, THOMAS                         NY-32-49-281
CRAINE, WILLIAM                        NY-32-52-193
CRAMP, HENRY                           NY-32-35-481
CRAMP, WILLIAM                         NY-32-46-175
CRAMPTON, SAMUEL                       NY-32-35-265
CRAMTON, ELSWORTH H.                   NY-32-47-265
CRANDALL, ELIZA J.                     NY-32-46-181
CRAPSEY, MOSES C.                      NY-32-34-529
CRAW, RACHEL                           NY-32-15-301
CRAWFORD, SAMUEL                       NY-32-11-259
CREAGH, WILLIAM H.                     NY-32-12-433
CRIST, JOHN                            NY-32-49-49
CRIST, MARIA M.                        NY-32-51-413
CROCKER, DANIEL P.                     NY-32-53-481
CROCKER, JOSEPH                        NY-32-8-319
CROFTS, JAMES                          NY-32-10-145
CROFTS, JAMES                          NY-32-19-7
CROSBY, ANNA M.                        NY-32-24-565
CROSBY, FREDERICK                      NY-32-47-553
CROSIER, WILLIAM                       NY-32-19-229
CROSSMAN, ABNER                        NY-32-2-18
CROSSMAN, DANIEL                       NY-32-13-145
CROSSMAN, SAMUEL                       NY-32-3-350
CROTHERS, WILLIAM                      NY-32-19-397
CROUT, JACOB                           NY-32-8-121
CROWLEY, EDWARD                        NY-32-25-181
CROXSON, ROBERT                        NY-32-38-253
CRUSER, ROBERT                         NY-32-45-1
CUDABACK, JOHN S.                      NY-32-51-157
CUDABACK, SAMUEL A.                    NY-32-12-445
CULLEN, TIMOTHY                        NY-32-44-487
CULVER, CATHARINE J.                   NY-32-45-259
CULVER, FANNY S.                       NY-32-48-73
CULVER, HANNAH                         NY-32-6-168
CULVER, MARIA                          NY-32-24-247
CULVER, MARY A.                        NY-32-28-85
CUMMINGS, JOSHUA                       NY-32-22-517
CUNNINGHAM, HELEN                      NY-32-25-139
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                       NY-32-28-7
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM M.                 NY-32-5-63
CURRAN, CATHARINE                      NY-32-27-67
CURTIS, CALVIN                         NY-32-22-205
CURTISS, CATHARINE L.                  NY-32-32-43
CUSHING, CHARLES                       NY-32-4-578
CUSHING, LEVI L.                       NY-32-54-429
DABOLDT, MARY                          NY-32-44-211
DAGGETT, LEWIS                         NY-32-28-67
DAILEY, DENNIS                         NY-32-51-53
DAILY, ELLEN                           NY-32-19-79
DAILY, JOHN                            NY-32-2-91
DALE, GEORGE                           NY-32-8-43
DAMATO, JOHN                           NY-32-49-321
DAME, SAMUEL                           NY-32-22-307
DANDLER, JULES G.                      NY-32-45-139
DANIELS, BETSEY L.                     NY-32-20-439
DANIELS, ISADORE E.                    NY-32-52-265
DANIELS, WILLIAM P.                    NY-32-9-343
DARLING, CORA                          NY-32-34-325
DARLING, HARRIET                       NY-32-13-415
DARLING, HORACE S.                     NY-32-51-133
DARLING, MARY                          NY-32-16-241
DARLING, SMITH                         NY-32-15-121
DAVENPORT, GRANDUS                     NY-32-8-103
DAVEY, CORNELIUS                       NY-32-44-553
DAVIS, ANN MARIA                       NY-32-27-109
DAVIS, CYRUS E.                        NY-32-45-79
DAVIS, EDWARD W.                       NY-32-2-160
DAVIS, ELLEN                           NY-32-48-283
DAVIS, GORDON                          NY-32-4-216
DAVIS, JASON                           NY-32-6-40
DAVIS, MARTHA                          NY-32-8-577
DAVIS, MYRA A.                         NY-32-38-301
DAVIS, MYRON H.                        NY-32-5-444
DAVIS, SARAH MARIA                     NY-32-22-391
DAVIS, SAUL                            NY-32-39-517
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         NY-32-5-570
DAVY, ISAAC                            NY-32-53-437
DAVY, JANE E.                          NY-32-44-253
DAVY, MARGARET                         NY-32-54-521
DAVY, WILLIAM H.                       NY-32-53-289
DAY, AMANDA M.                         NY-32-44-313
DAY, ASA                               NY-32-12-481
DAY, CHARLES                           NY-32-49-557
DAY, JOHN                              NY-32-5-122
DAY, JOSEPH                            NY-32-33-415
DAY, LORING P.                         NY-32-13-403
DAY, MARY CATHARINE                    NY-32-52-559
DAY, OLIVER H.                         NY-32-47-573
DAY, SILAS B.                          NY-32-48-535
DAYHARSH, JACOB                        NY-32-4-100
DAYHARSH, JOHN S.                      NY-32-24-133
DAYTON, HARRIET M.                     NY-32-38-259
DEAN, DAVID                            NY-32-18-313
DEARBORN, HARRIETTE S.                 NY-32-8-481
DEARDORFF, ANNIE R.                    NY-32-52-493
DEASY, JAMES                           NY-32-39-535
DECATOR, DEBORAH                       NY-32-13-31
DECK, JOHN                             NY-32-23-553
DECK, MAGDALENA                        NY-32-19-37
DECKER, ERASTUS C.                     NY-32-27-193
DECKER, LORA E.                        NY-32-28-511
DECKER, ROZILLA                        NY-32-54-121
DECOU, ABNER                           NY-32-32-451
DEDINGER, ARASTUS                      NY-32-16-331
DEGNAN, PATRICK                        NY-32-53-109
DEIBERT, ELIZABETH                     NY-32-49-357
DEKLYN, FRANCIS M.                     NY-32-2-147
DELANO, BARNA L.                       NY-32-20-379
DELANO, FRANCIS R.                     NY-32-45-481
DELEHANT, ELLEN                        NY-32-27-571
DELEHAUT, WILLIAM                      NY-32-47-209
DEMPSEY, THOMAS                        NY-32-49-365
DENNIS, MARY J.                        NY-32-35-565
DENNIS, MARY J.                        NY-32-33-361
DENNISTON, JAMES                       NY-32-22-169
DENNISTON, PAULINE                     NY-32-6-297
DENT, MATILDA                          NY-32-39-523
DENTON, HENRY W.                       NY-32-4-62
DENVER, WILLIAM                        NY-32-24-421
DEPUY, ANTHA E.                        NY-32-19-469
DEPUY, MARTIN                          NY-32-19-427
DEVEAUX, SAMUEL                        NY-32-5-207
DEVEAUX, SARAH                         NY-32-9-127
DEVEREUX, ELEANOR E.                   NY-32-48-43
DEVEREUX, JOHN                         NY-32-44-7
DEWEY, CATHARINE M.                    NY-32-53-301
DEWEY, WILLIAM W.                      NY-32-53-285
DEWHIRST, JOHN                         NY-32-18-253
DEWOLF, LUCY                           NY-32-48-469
DEWOLF, SETH                           NY-32-24-463
DIBBLE, SARAH J.                       NY-32-23-217
DICK, NICHOLAS                         NY-32-13-205
DICKERSON, AUGUSTUS                    NY-32-7-359
DICKERSON, SAAH                        NY-32-25-505
DICKINSON, ALEXANDER                   NY-32-7-229
DICKINSON, CHAUNCEY B.                 NY-32-27-49
DICKINSON, CHRISTOPHE                  NY-32-12-265
DICKINSON, CHRISTOPHER                 NY-32-34-19
DICKINSON, THOMAS V.                   NY-32-52-457
DICKINSON, URSULA R.                   NY-32-53-17
DIEFFENBACHER, DANIEL                  NY-32-54-501
DIES, JAMES                            NY-32-53-497
DISINGER, DAVID M.                     NY-32-54-577
DISINGER, JOHN                         NY-32-22-193
DOBBS, LYDIA A.                        NY-32-48-37
DODGE, AMELIA                          NY-32-5-316
DODGE, JUSTUS                          NY-32-8-49
DOEBLER, LUDWIG                        NY-32-35-295
DOEBLER, WILLIAM                       NY-32-46-547
DOHRING, CHARLES                       NY-32-21-292
DOHRING, CHRISTIAN                     NY-32-51-377
DOHRMAN, OTTO                          NY-32-22-199
DOLAN, MARGARET                        NY-32-18-43
DONABY, MARY E.                        NY-32-38-403
DONALDSON, MARY ANN                    NY-32-17-297
DONNER, JACOB                          NY-32-25-43
DONNER, NICHOLAS                       NY-32-23-181
DOREN, EDWARD                          NY-32-5-488
DORNFELD, WILHELM                      NY-32-51-289
DOUGLAS, ASA W.                        NY-32-18-193
DOUGLAS, MILTON                        NY-32-33-481
DOUGLASS, DAVID B.                     NY-32-24-505
DOWDING, MARY                          NY-32-47-509
DOWDING, THOMAS                        NY-32-25-103
DOWNER, ERASTUS                        NY-32-12-397
DOWNER, MARGARET                       NY-32-22-301
DOWNER, ROSWELL                        NY-32-11-79
DOYLE, ELIZABETH H.                    NY-32-13-157
DOYLE, PATRICK M.                      NY-32-9-253
DRAKE, AARON                           NY-32-21-537
DRAKE, CATHERINE                       NY-32-34-151
DRAKE, CHARLES L.                      NY-32-20-469
DRAKE, JOHN                            NY-32-20-451
DRAKE, ORPHA P.                        NY-32-12-109
DRAPER, ANN                            NY-32-23-139
DRECHSLER, CARL LUDWIG                 NY-32-27-31
DREW, FRANCES MIRANDA                  NY-32-52-13
DRUM, JOHN                             NY-32-24-49
DUBOIS, JACOB                          NY-32-16-37
DUDLEY, GLEN G.                        NY-32-31-224
DUDLEY, JOHN                           NY-32-19-55
DUDLEY, NATHANIEL P.                   NY-32-31-199
DUEGER, CARL                           NY-32-31-214
DUFFY, MICHAEL                         NY-32-35-319
DUGGAN, ELLEN                          NY-32-13-319
DUMVILLE, AMANDA L.                    NY-32-32-271
DUNBAR, JAMES                          NY-32-1-43
DUNBAR, JANE                           NY-32-45-433
DUNKELBERGER, BENJAMIN                 NY-32-7-37
DUNKELBERGER, JOHN                     NY-32-44-379
DUNKLEBERGER, WILLIAM                  NY-32-48-181
DUNLAP, MARIA E.                       NY-32-33-283
DUNLAP, MATILDA                        NY-32-47-1
DUNLOP, THOMAS                         NY-32-5-375
DUNN, DAVID R.                         NY-32-4-207
DUNN, E. ADAMS                         NY-32-8-127
DUNN, ELLEN M.                         NY-32-45-427
DUNN, JOHN                             NY-32-4-114
DUNN, MARIA                            NY-32-8-217
DUNN, MICHAEL                          NY-32-20-367
DUNN, PHINEAS                          NY-32-5-430
DUNNING, ELIZABETH JANE                NY-32-45-391
DUPONT, AMBROISE                       NY-32-49-189
DUQUETTE, JULIAN                       NY-32-44-439
DURKEE, ROSE                           NY-32-28-211
DURNIN, JOHN                           NY-32-25-67
DUTCHER, JOHN M.                       NY-32-18-109
DUTCHER, MARTIN                        NY-32-16-97
DUTCHER, MATHEW P.                     NY-32-47-425
DUTTON, EMELINE S. G.                  NY-32-22-253
DUTTON, JOHN                           NY-32-17-303
DWIGHT, DANIEL                         NY-32-8-355
DWIGHT, MINERVA B.                     NY-32-47-381
DWYER, JAMES                           NY-32-38-193
DYER, BRIDGET                          NY-32-28-61
DYER, JEREMIAH                         NY-32-5-245
DYSINGER, CATHARINE                    NY-32-13-265
DYSINGER, GEORGE                       NY-32-3-541
DYSINGER, HENRY                        NY-32-38-589
DYSINGER, ISAAC                        NY-32-25-565

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