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EAGAN, MARGARET                        NY-32-47-249
EARL, SUSANNAH M.                      NY-32-39-247
EARLE, HOMER                           NY-32-10-181
EARLY, MARGARET                        NY-32-34-487
EASTMAN, ALONZO                        NY-32-49-233
EASTMAN, JAMES T.                      NY-32-11-265
EASTMAN, JOHN M.                       NY-32-47-337
EASTMAN, MARY                          NY-32-27-595
EASTMAN, RICHARD W.                    NY-32-23-103
EATON, ESTHER WELLS                    NY-32-16-133
EATON, STEPHEN                         NY-32-10-355
EBERSOLE, ABRAHAM L.                   NY-32-47-561
EDDY, JOHN                             NY-32-2-449
EDDY, ROBERT                           NY-32-47-369
EDGERTON, MARTIN                       NY-32-5-465
EDICK, JOHN                            NY-32-38-289
EDMONDS, JAMES                         NY-32-3-465
EDMUNDS, BENONI                        NY-32-9-157
EDSON, WILLIAM H.                      NY-32-54-69
EDWARDS, GEROGE                        NY-32-49-245
EDWARDS, THOMAS                        NY-32-34-361
EGGENWEILER, ELIZABETH                 NY-32-22-445
EGGLESTON, SUSAN                       NY-32-49-553
EHRENRICHS, CHRISTIAN                  NY-32-34-337
EICK, MARY F.                          NY-32-39-409
EIGHME, GEORGE W.                      NY-32-47-149
EINSTEIN, MOSES                        NY-32-49-353
EISENBACH, CONRAD                      NY-32-49-529
ELDERKIN, EMILY E.                     NY-32-54-333
ELLENBAUM, HENRY                       NY-32-45-31
ELLIOTT, EDWARD H.                     NY-32-13-169
ELLIOTT, GEORGE B.                     NY-32-17-357
ELLIOTT, SARAH                         NY-32-38-319
ELLIS, ALEXANDER H.                    NY-32-39-361
ELLIS, EPHRAIM C.                      NY-32-45-349
ELLIS, JOSEPH F.                       NY-32-20-319
ELLIS, JULIA M.                        NY-32-27-307
ELSWORTH, HENRY                        NY-32-2-7
ELTON, MARY                            NY-32-33-235
ELTON, WILLIAM                         NY-32-27-367
ELY, SARAH OLIVE                       NY-32-28-229
EMENDORFER, MICHAEL                    NY-32-19-85
EMERICK, HARRIET C.                    NY-32-10-265
EMMENS, JOHN C.                        NY-32-32-607
EMMONS, DANIEL                         NY-32-48-409
EMMONS, JANE M.                        NY-32-49-113
ENGLE, BARBARA                         NY-32-53-157
ENGLEMAN, ALBERT                       NY-32-49-561
ENOS, MARY A.                          NY-32-34-289
ENSIGN, STEPHEN                        NY-32-12-163
EPP, JOHN                              NY-32-28-301
ERHART, THERESIA                       NY-32-24-523
ERION, MARY                            NY-32-27-85
ERNEST, HENRY                          NY-32-48-463
ERNEST, SOLOMON                        NY-32-49-333
ERTMAN, EVA J.                         NY-32-52-463
ESCHBACH, SOLOMON                      NY-32-7-43
ESHBAUGH, SARAH M.                     NY-32-44-67
ESSBERGER, JOHN                        NY-32-10-373
ESSICK, AUGUST                         NY-32-24-367
ESSLIE, ADAM                           NY-32-35-433
EVANS, ANN                             NY-32-3-10
EVANS, CHARLES F.                      NY-32-46-463
EVANS, EDWARD                          NY-32-54-469
EVANS, JUDITH                          NY-32-3-62
EVANS, POLLY M.                        NY-32-22-511
EVANS, SARAH B.                        NY-32-15-475
EVANS, THOMAS                          NY-32-25-247
EVERETT, LEONARD                       NY-32-38-31
EVERTS, THOMAS                         NY-32-6-76
EVES, DANIEL                           NY-32-39-421
EWALD, CARL                            NY-32-32-559
EWALD, CHARLES                         NY-32-32-559
EWING, WILLIAM                         NY-32-11-109
EWING, WILLIAM                         NY-32-33-217
EXLEY, THOMAS                          NY-32-47-321
FABING, JOHN                           NY-32-17-81
FAERY, LEWIS                           NY-32-13-151
FAIRBANK, MOSES C.                     NY-32-16-43
FARLEY, ABNER                          NY-32-33-337
FARLEY, ANDREW A.                      NY-32-39-379
FARLEY, BENJAMIN                       NY-32-19-331
FARLEY, FRANK                          NY-32-11-151
FARLEY, VOLNEY                         NY-32-22-367
FARNELL, WILLIAM S.                    NY-32-23-373
FARRELL, THOMAS                        NY-32-33-109
FASSETT, DAVID S.                      NY-32-32-205
FAWCETT, JOHN                          NY-32-39-205
FEAGLES, REUBEN D.                     NY-32-26-240
FEDERSPIEL, BALDASAR                   NY-32-32-367
FEDERSPIEL, EVA                        NY-32-32-493
FEDERSPIEL, MATTHIAS                   NY-32-27-505
FEDERSPIEL, MICHAEL                    NY-32-45-523
FEELEY, MARTIN                         NY-32-27-613
FEENEY, MICHAEL C.                     NY-32-33-31
FEHRMAN, WILHELM                       NY-32-51-385
FELL, MICHAEL                          NY-32-51-341
FELLOWS, DANIEL                        NY-32-18-307
FELLOWS, HARRIET M.                    NY-32-52-25
FELTON, CHRISTIAN                      NY-32-54-477
FENN, EMILY M.                         NY-32-49-501
FENN, GEORGE A.                        NY-32-3-552
FENN, WILLIAM S.                       NY-32-12-235
FERGASON, DORCAS M.                    NY-32-44-355
FERGUSON, ANDEW R.                     NY-32-48-349
FERGUSON, ANN GUTHRIE                  NY-32-39-187
FERGUSON, HANNAH                       NY-32-22-115
FERGUSON, JAMES                        NY-32-35-415
FERRIES, JESSIE                        NY-32-53-197
FERRIS, DARIUS                         NY-32-51-37
FERRIS, FREDRICK C.                    NY-32-6-103
FERRIS, JOSEPH D.                      NY-32-16-67
FESLER, BENJAMIN                       NY-32-2-237
FESSENDEN, GEORGETTE S.                NY-32-52-331
FIELD, CLEMENT W.                      NY-32-32-589
FIELD, SARAH ANN                       NY-32-54-277
FIELDS, RUBY                           NY-32-7-397
FINK, CHRISTIAN                        NY-32-7-157
FINN, BARTHOLOMEW                      NY-32-23-355
FINN, EDWARD                           NY-32-51-569
FINNELL, MICHAEL                       NY-32-54-205
FISCHER, ELIZABETH                     NY-32-49-437
FISK, BENJAMIN J.                      NY-32-47-45
FISK, JAMES                            NY-32-38-7
FISKE, ORRIN                           NY-32-49-217
FITCH, ENOCH                           NY-32-24-301
FITCH, LUCINA                          NY-32-46-475
FITTS, JANE A.                         NY-32-49-341
FITZGERALD, DANIEL                     NY-32-35-367
FITZGERALD, MARY                       NY-32-51-109
FITZGERALD, THOMAS                     NY-32-5-434
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM                    NY-32-15-205
FLAGLER, ABBY                          NY-32-22-487
FLAGLER, BENJAMIN                      NY-32-52-277
FLAGLER, HELEN                         NY-32-44-247
FLAGLER, ISAAC M.                      NY-32-27-325
FLAGLER, THOMAS T.                     NY-32-48-565
FLAHERTY, EDWARD                       NY-32-39-277
FLANDERS, JACOB                        NY-32-11-439
FLECKSER, PHILIP                       NY-32-13-439
FLEMING, JAMES                         NY-32-38-355
FLEMING, JAMES                         NY-32-45-529
FLEMING, THOMAS                        NY-32-34-571
FLETCHER, BENJAMIN H.                  NY-32-24-325
FLETCHER, JOHN W.                      NY-32-39-121
FLETCHER, WILLIAM                      NY-32-7-73
FLINT, JANE P.                         NY-32-47-233
FLYNN, MICHAEL                         NY-32-47-397
FOBES, CLEMENTINE L.                   NY-32-48-571
FOLGER, CHARLES A.                     NY-32-16-469
FOLGER, DANIEL                         NY-32-15-97
FOLGER, MONTRAVILLE                    NY-32-21-530
FOLLETT, LEWIS JR.                     NY-32-34-79
FOLLETT, LEWIS SR.                     NY-32-20-151
FOLLETT, WILLIAM T.                    NY-32-54-473
FOLS, GEORGE                           NY-32-2-424
FOLTS, CONRAD                          NY-32-20-349
FOLTS, SARAH                           NY-32-35-193
FOOT, HIRAM                            NY-32-4-252
FOOT, LEMUEL T.                        NY-32-5-549
FOOTE, ALONZO D.                       NY-32-51-13
FOOTE, AMANDA                          NY-32-24-169
FOOTE, JACOB                           NY-32-10-49
FOOTE, REUBEN CLARK                    NY-32-52-37
FOOTE, T. BENSON                       NY-32-19-403
FORBES, JAMES                          NY-32-5-250
FORD, ALONZO G.                        NY-32-19-49
FORD, DANIEL H.                        NY-32-23-451
FORD, JOHN W.                          NY-32-13-211
FORD, MARY E.                          NY-32-49-573
FORSYTH, BELINDA F.                    NY-32-23-199
FOSTER, AMELIA A.                      NY-32-53-125
FOWLER, THOMAS                         NY-32-7-391
FOX, AUSTIN                            NY-32-11-385
FOX, CHARLES R.                        NY-32-8-421
FOX, DANIEL                            NY-32-48-457
FOX, JOANNA                            NY-32-45-115
FOX, MICHAEL                           NY-32-16-325
FOX, WILLIAM                           NY-32-6-388
FOX, WILLIAM B.                        NY-32-18-199
FRALICK, JOHN F.                       NY-32-32-169
FRAMBACH, ANDREW                       NY-32-48-205
FRANCIS, ELIZABETH C.                  NY-32-47-409
FRANCIS, ELIZABETH P.                  NY-32-15-463
FRANCIS, HARVEY                        NY-32-12-319
FRANTZ, ELIZABETH                      NY-32-45-97
FRANTZ, JOHN C.                        NY-32-20-49
FRARY, FANNY                           NY-32-4-286
FRASER, ALEXANDER                      NY-32-52-379
FRASIER, CATHERINE                     NY-32-6-55
FRAZER, SARAH                          NY-32-44-475
FREEMAN, ALEXANDER SR.                 NY-32-10-175
FREEMAN, ASHER                         NY-32-5-349
FREEMAN, JAMES                         NY-32-48-313
FREEMAN, JOSEPH D.                     NY-32-16-187
FREEMAN, PHILIP                        NY-32-49-541
FREER, SOLOMON                         NY-32-22-37
FREHSEE, JULIUS                        NY-32-51-17
FREICHLER, MAGDALENA                   NY-32-10-277
FRENCH, LAURA                          NY-32-16-475
FREYBURGER, LORENZO                    NY-32-47-177
FRINK, SILAS                           NY-32-5-266
FROEMBEGEN, ANNA GERTRUDE              NY-32-33-607
FROST, SOLOMON                         NY-32-13-73
FUCHS, DANIEL                          NY-32-48-457
FULLER, HIBBARD                        NY-32-27-277
FULLER, WILLIAM                        NY-32-12-127
FULLMER, LYDIA R.                      NY-32-52-223
FULSTON, JOHN                          NY-32-49-209
FULSTON, JOHN                          NY-32-54-433
FULTON, JAMES T. JR.                   NY-32-23-367
FULTS, JOHN P.                         NY-32-53-173
FURGASON, GEORGE W.                    NY-32-46-577
FURGASON, HIRAM                        NY-32-44-283
FURLONG, MARY                          NY-32-47-65
FURSE, WILLIAM                         NY-32-27-331
FURSMAN, WILLIAM H.                    NY-32-23-289
GABRIEL, BEZZIE                        NY-32-51-253
GADWOOD, FRANCIS                       NY-32-35-325
GAFFNEY, ANNA                          NY-32-51-69
GAFFNEY, ELIZABETH                     NY-32-33-259
GAFFNEY, JOHN                          NY-32-16-487
GAIGE, DEBORAH                         NY-32-27-223
GAINES, GEORGE                         NY-32-38-25
GAISER, GEORGE                         NY-32-25-127
GALLAGHER, MARY                        NY-32-32-529
GALLAGHER, SUSAN                       NY-32-32-379
GALLUP, JAMES                          NY-32-39-475
GALLUP, JOHN                           NY-32-47-297
GALLUP, LUCY                           NY-32-11-139
GALUSHA, ELIZA                         NY-32-23-499
GALUSHA, ELON                          NY-32-5-599
GALVIN, OWEN                           NY-32-17-183
GAMBLE, ELIZABETH A.                   NY-32-27-583
GAMM, CHARLES H.                       NY-32-35-31
GAMM, CHRISTIAN                        NY-32-22-7
GAMM, MARIA ROSINA                     NY-32-45-103
GARBUTT, ELIZABETH                     NY-32-31-115
GARBUTT, GEORGE                        NY-32-23-109
GARBUTT, GEORGE C.                     NY-32-39-481
GARDNER, CASSIUS M.                    NY-32-34-205
GARDNER, DAVID M.                      NY-32-11-7
GARDNER, HIRAM                         NY-32-17-111
GARDNER, JANE                          NY-32-48-589
GARDNER, JANE A.                       NY-32-45-397
GARDNER, N. WILLIAM                    NY-32-17-27
GARDNER, SOLOMON                       NY-32-2-265
GARDNER, SYLVESTER                     NY-32-12-145
GARRETT, JACOB                         NY-32-54-201
GARRETT, JAMES H.                      NY-32-20-415
GARRETT, JOHN                          NY-32-15-313
GARRETT, SOPHIA C.                     NY-32-47-505
GASH, JOHN                             NY-32-2-436
GASKILL, BENJAMIN F.                   NY-32-52-289
GASKILL, GEORGE B.                     NY-32-7-31
GASKILL, GEORGE CLINTON                NY-32-47-585
GASKILL, HARVEY F.                     NY-32-39-55
GASKILL, JOSHUA                        NY-32-54-601
GASKILL, LAURA                         NY-32-15-43
GASKILL, MARY A.                       NY-32-35-355
GASKILL, MINNINGOINA                   NY-32-22-103
GASKILL, OLIVE                         NY-32-51-125
GASKILL, SILAS                         NY-32-17-351
GASZ, PETER                            NY-32-19-235
GAUDE, SOPHIA                          NY-32-47-13
GAUNT, JACOB                           NY-32-28-265
GAVIN, PATRICK                         NY-32-47-93
GAYLORD, CHARLES                       NY-32-5-158
GEAGON, JOHN                           NY-32-32-193
GEDDES, JOHN                           NY-32-25-307
GELZ, JACOB                            NY-32-51-285
GERKEN, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-32-9-259
GEYER, LOUISA                          NY-32-54-509
GIBBS, DANEL M.                        NY-32-2-24
GIBBS, LYDIA                           NY-32-28-199
GIBBS, PHILIP J.                       NY-32-19-319
GIBSON, MARY                           NY-32-12-295
GIFFORD, ALDEN                         NY-32-24-97
GIFFORD, JESSE                         NY-32-38-325
GIFFORD, JOSIAH                        NY-32-19-271
GIFFORD, LEWIS H.                      NY-32-22-109
GIFFORD, NANCY R.                      NY-32-10-349
GILBERT, ANDRUS                        NY-32-44-109
GILBERT, HENRY                         NY-32-16-175
GILES, THOMAS                          NY-32-28-457
GILHOOLEY, OWEN                        NY-32-35-229
GILL, ROBERT                           NY-32-5-484
GILLAM, MINERVA                        NY-32-52-565
GILLETT, ELIPHALET                     NY-32-16-247
GILLETT, LYDIA                         NY-32-24-61
GILLETT, MARY ANN                      NY-32-53-573
GILLIGAN, CELIA                        NY-32-28-283
GILLINGS, EDWARD                       NY-32-11-91
GILLINGS, WILLIAM                      NY-32-23-343
GILLIS, MARY                           NY-32-45-445
GILSIE, ALEXANDER                      NY-32-16-343
GINTY, BERNARD                         NY-32-20-355
GINTY, HENRY                           NY-32-22-151
GLASFORD, MARY                         NY-32-18-49
GLASSENAPP, MARTIN                     NY-32-16-457
GLASSENAPP, MARTIN                     NY-32-25-217
GLEASON, JAMES W.                      NY-32-54-105
GLEASON, MARY                          NY-32-33-427
GLEASON, MARY J.                       NY-32-38-247
GLOVER, LEWIS E.                       NY-32-9-181
GNUTZMANN, JOHN A.                     NY-32-44-391
GODDARD, EVA C.                        NY-32-32-361
GODFREY, DELIA                         NY-32-32-49
GOERSS, JOHN                           NY-32-34-331
GOETZ, GEORGE                          NY-32-25-229
GOING, ELVIRA W.                       NY-32-52-235
GOOD, GEORGE                           NY-32-18-55
GOODIAN, HENRY W.                      NY-32-44-79
GOODIAN, LUCINDA                       NY-32-49-177
GOODLANDER, CHARLES E.                 NY-32-33-601
GOODLANDER, GEORGE                     NY-32-28-187
GOODMAN, HENRY                         NY-32-24-589
GOODMAN, MARILLA                       NY-32-27-337
GOODRICH, HARRIET E.                   NY-32-54-581
GOODRICH, JAMES                        NY-32-9-121
GOODRICH, JARED                        NY-32-5-456
GOODRICH, WILLIAM                      NY-32-9-19
GOOLD, WALTER E.                       NY-32-19-481
GOULD, JOHN                            NY-32-4-259
GOULD, JULIA F.                        NY-32-39-109
GOULD, WILLIAM B.                      NY-32-47-141
GOW, ALEXANDER                         NY-32-18-235
GRACE, SARAH M.                        NY-32-10-163
GRAGAN, MICHAEL                        NY-32-49-293
GRAHAM, CHARLES H.                     NY-32-46-145
GRAHAM, HECTOR J.                      NY-32-45-7
GRAHAM, MARY J.                        NY-32-16-229
GRANDCOLIN, CONSTANT                   NY-32-51-429
GRANER, DANIEL                         NY-32-27-43
GRANT, ELIZABETH                       NY-32-54-441
GRANT, MARY A.                         NY-32-16-283
GRANVILLE, HELEN E.                    NY-32-19-511
GRASSMAN, WILLIAM                      NY-32-24-115
GRATZ, MARTIN                          NY-32-25-211
GRAVES, ANN                            NY-32-28-337
GRAVES, CLARISSA H.                    NY-32-28-415
GRAVES, ELIHU P.                       NY-32-19-43
GRAVES, MARY S.                        NY-32-51-145
GRAY, CLARISSA                         NY-32-25-517
GRAY, SAMUEL                           NY-32-2-67
GRAY, SAMUEL                           NY-32-2-108
GRAY, THOMAS S.                        NY-32-32-235
GREEMAN, PARDON A.                     NY-32-39-493
GREEN, GEORGE                          NY-32-11-361
GREEN, JACOB                           NY-32-23-67
GREEN, JOSEPH                          NY-32-9-229
GREEN, LUCINDA                         NY-32-32-85
GREEN, SARAH                           NY-32-19-25
GREEN, STEPHEN                         NY-32-16-439
GREENMAN, EZRAW.                       NY-32-28-397
GREENWOOD, GEORGE                      NY-32-51-493
GREFRATH, CHRISTIAN                    NY-32-33-193
GREGORY, CHLOE                         NY-32-49-325
GREGORY, EDGAR                         NY-32-49-241
GREGORY, ELIZA B.                      NY-32-44-31
GREGORY, EPHRAIM                       NY-32-6-1
GREGORY, SAMUEL                        NY-32-33-211
GRESHAM, JOHN                          NY-32-44-409
GREY, JOHN                             NY-32-15-85
GRIDLEY, JOHN K.                       NY-32-51-161
GRIDLEY, RILLA T.                      NY-32-53-313
GRIFFEN, ELIZA                         NY-32-39-31
GRIFFIN, JAMES                         NY-32-20-427
GRIFFIS, JASPER                        NY-32-2-255
GRIFFIS, MARGARET                      NY-32-24-355
GRIFFIS, SOPHIA                        NY-32-24-31
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM                      NY-32-18-103
GRISLER, ANN SOPHIA                    NY-32-12-91
GRISTOCK, CATHARINE                    NY-32-12-19
GRISWOLD, JAMES                        NY-32-33-37
GRISWOLD, JESSE                        NY-32-12-403
GRISWOLD, JOHN                         NY-32-3-289
GRITMAN, CHRISSIE A.                   NY-32-53-341
GRITMAN, MARY A.                       NY-32-53-501
GROSE, GOTTLIEB                        NY-32-54-377
GROSSKOPF, CHARLES                     NY-32-53-117
GROUT, MARTIN S.                       NY-32-8-511
GROVE, HENRY                           NY-32-21-1
GROVE, NANCY M.                        NY-32-54-233
GROVES, JOHN                           NY-32-2-441
GUNBY, ANTHONY                         NY-32-20-271
GUSTIN, JONATHAN G.                    NY-32-23-439
GUSTIN, MARY ANN                       NY-32-32-487
HABECKER, JOSEPH                       NY-32-6-81
HACKETT, JUSTUS W.                     NY-32-8-409
HACKETT, RUTH S.                       NY-32-19-223
HACKSTAFF, SARAH                       NY-32-7-205
HAEBERLE, GEORGE                       NY-32-48-517
HAGEN, ANNA MARIA                      NY-32-46-7
HAHN, JOHN                             NY-32-10-1
HAIGH, DAVID                           NY-32-1-29
HAIGH, RUTH                            NY-32-51-369
HAIGHT, HUMPHREY S.                    NY-32-34-583
HAINTE, MARY A.                        NY-32-54-301
HALE, CALVIN                           NY-32-47-169
HALE, LEVI                             NY-32-2-249
HALE, LUCY P.                          NY-32-53-149
HALEY, PATRICK                         NY-32-25-13
HALL, BARNET D.                        NY-32-54-289
HALL, C. AUGUSTA                       NY-32-44-223
HALL, CATHERINE                        NY-32-35-211
HALL, ELIZABETH                        NY-32-15-277
HALL, EMMA                             NY-32-11-157
HALL, GEORGE                           NY-32-8-493
HALL, HARRIET                          NY-32-19-211
HALL, MARY                             NY-32-9-247
HALL, RICHARD                          NY-32-48-379
HALL, SARAH H.                         NY-32-51-449
HALLENBACK, SOLOMON                    NY-32-46-187
HALLIFAX, ANN                          NY-32-11-13
HALLIFAX, GEORGE W.                    NY-32-18-121
HALLIFAX, SOPHIA F.                    NY-32-34-535
HALSEY, HERMAN                         NY-32-44-307
HALSTEAD, ROXY MINERVA                 NY-32-51-533
HALSTED, JOSEPH                        NY-32-16-409
HALSTED, MORRIS                        NY-32-49-65
HAMAN, FRIEDERICKE                     NY-32-44-451
HAMBLIN, HEMAN                         NY-32-27-7
HAMBLIN, MARY FRANCES W.               NY-32-24-67
HAMILTON, IDA H.                       NY-32-46-361
HAMILTON, JAMES                        NY-32-35-487
HAMILTON, WILLIAM SR.                  NY-32-6-141
HAMLIN, FRED J.                        NY-32-54-97
HAMLIN, GEORGE B.                      NY-32-39-349
HAMLIN, SAMUEL D.                      NY-32-10-91
HAMMOND, CATHERINE                     NY-32-54-337
HAMMOND, JOHN                          NY-32-24-223
HAMMOND, MARIA L.                      NY-32-51-45
HAMPSHIRE, JOHN                        NY-32-38-451
HAND, HENRY H.                         NY-32-22-541
HANER, PETER                           NY-32-5-387
HANEY, PATRICK                         NY-32-45-43
HANLEY, DANIEL                         NY-32-49-413
HANLEY, JANE                           NY-32-17-15
HANLEY, THOMAS                         NY-32-23-295
HANRAHAN, MATTHEW                      NY-32-53-565
HANRAHAN, MICHAEL E.                   NY-32-51-221
HAPGOOD, WILLIAM W.                    NY-32-54-489
HARCH, JOHN                            NY-32-35-475
HARDER, PETER ***                      NY-32-21-337
HARDY, EDWARD                          NY-32-9-61
HARDY, GEORGE W.                       NY-32-52-187
HARMER, ROBERT                         NY-32-12-337
HARMON, CATHARINE                      NY-32-25-427
HARMONY, DANIEL                        NY-32-5-368
HARMONY, ELIZA ANN                     NY-32-45-205
HARNETT, WILLIAM                       NY-32-20-85
HARRIGAN, MARGARET                     NY-32-20-157
HARRINGTON, CATHERINE                  NY-32-46-79
HARRINGTON, HARRIET N.                 NY-32-54-185
HARRINGTON, JAMES                      NY-32-12-205
HARRINGTON, PATRICK                    NY-32-53-185
HARRINGTON, WILLARD M.                 NY-32-24-595
HARRIS, JOSEPH                         NY-32-20-523
HARROUN, ELIZABETH                     NY-32-38-73
HART, JOHN                             NY-32-35-103
HART, LEWIS                            NY-32-51-137
HART, ROSA                             NY-32-39-91
HART, WILLARD M.                       NY-32-53-533
HARTGILL, JONAS                        NY-32-5-365
HARTIGAN, PATRICK                      NY-32-51-445
HARTLEY, JOSEPH                        NY-32-19-385
HARTRAUFT, AARON                       NY-32-20-457
HARTRAUFT, DIETER                      NY-32-17-483
HARTWIG, CARL                          NY-32-38-433
HARTZELL, MARY C.                      NY-32-8-541
HARVEY, HENRY S.                       NY-32-5-19
HARWOOD, MARVILL                       NY-32-2-400
HARWOOD, MARY                          NY-32-16-181
HARWOOD, SOUTHWORTH                    NY-32-7-433
HARY, PETER E.                         NY-32-34-427
HASELEY, CARL                          NY-32-24-475
HASELEY, FREDERICK SR.                 NY-32-49-129
HASENBANK, DOROTHEA                    NY-32-28-151
HASENBANK, JOHN                        NY-32-23-145
HASENBANKS, GOTTFRIED                  NY-32-19-373
HASKELL, FAYETTE                       NY-32-53-265
HASMER, JANE B.                        NY-32-25-97
HASSETT, WILLIAM                       NY-32-12-289
HASTLER, THOMAS                        NY-32-1-1
HATCH, GEORGE                          NY-32-46-307
HATHAWAY, LEVI                         NY-32-8-535
HATHAWAY, MARY ANN                     NY-32-33-571
HATHAWAY, MARY ANN                     NY-32-33-499
HATTER, THOMAS                         NY-32-5-46
HAUSE, AUGUSTUS SR.                    NY-32-18-169
HAWKES, JOHN T.                        NY-32-39-241
HAWKES, MINNINGONIA G.                 NY-32-35-337
HAWKINS, HANNAH R.                     NY-32-20-481
HAWKS, ALFRED JAMES                    NY-32-28-79
HAWLEY, ELIZABETH L.                   NY-32-16-85
HAWLEY, JESSE                          NY-32-3-67
HAWLEY, ROBERT                         NY-32-8-145
HAYES, FRANK                           NY-32-32-331
HAYES, JAMES                           NY-32-51-365
HAYES, RICHARD                         NY-32-38-103
HAYES, STEPHEN                         NY-32-12-379
HAYNE, COE                             NY-32-45-127
HAYNES, MARK                           NY-32-10-271
HAYWAD, HARTWELL                       NY-32-10-205
HAYWARD, ELIZA A. F.                   NY-32-27-301
HEALAND, JOHN                          NY-32-31-120
HECHT, BERTHA                          NY-32-25-1
HECKEL, MICHAEL                        NY-32-28-1
HECOX, ELEANOR C.                      NY-32-53-581
HEIM, PETER                            NY-32-39-67
HEISS, CHARLES                         NY-32-24-469
HEITMAN, ERNEST                        NY-32-31-99
HELGENBERG, CHARLES                    NY-32-8-31
HELLERT, JOHANN                        NY-32-44-337
HELMER, STEUBEN                        NY-32-17-345
HELWIG, HENRY                          NY-32-39-571
HENDERSON, EDWARD                      NY-32-8-115
HENDERSON, WILLIAM T.                  NY-32-20-55
HENDRICKSON, CHARLES E.                NY-32-44-1
HENLY, WILLIAM J.                      NY-32-26-295
HENNESSEY, JAMES                       NY-32-10-115
HENNING, JENNETT                       NY-32-20-247
HENNING, JOHN                          NY-32-13-127
HENNING, JOHN                          NY-32-48-13
HENRY, ELIZABETH                       NY-32-24-85
HERBST, HENRY                          NY-32-4-71
HERR, HENRY                            NY-32-7-371
HERRICK, EPHRIAM                       NY-32-18-13
HERRINGTON, WILLIAM                    NY-32-1-79
HERRON, JEFFERSON                      NY-32-35-547
HERSCHELL, GEORGE C.                   NY-32-54-293
HERSCHELL, JOHN                        NY-32-48-241
HERVY, JOHN B.                         NY-32-13-325
HESHER, JOSEPH                         NY-32-25-151
HESS, ELMON                            NY-32-23-493
HESS, FLORIAN                          NY-32-10-25
HESS, MARVIN S.                        NY-32-7-163
HESS, PETER                            NY-32-27-409
HEWITT, ANNA                           NY-32-3-173
HEWITT, JOSEPH                         NY-32-1-75
HEWITT, JOSEPH P.                      NY-32-34-247
HEWITT, WILLIAM                        NY-32-4-437
HEWITT, WILLIAM                        NY-32-17-387
HICKEY, ALICE                          NY-32-20-253
HIGBEE, JOHN M.                        NY-32-10-55
HIGBEE, MARY E.                        NY-32-47-225
HILAND, ANNIE                          NY-32-25-205
HILDRETH, GEORGE W.                    NY-32-25-253
HILL, ABRAM                            NY-32-8-559
HILL, AMANDA E.                        NY-32-38-61
HILL, ANNA                             NY-32-47-565
HILL, CATHERINE                        NY-32-48-175
HILL, ELI F.                           NY-32-25-259
HILL, EZEKIEL                          NY-32-1-46
HILL, GEORGE                           NY-32-22-385
HILL, JAMES E.                         NY-32-53-49
HILL, JESSE                            NY-32-38-595
HILL, JOHN                             NY-32-39-127
HILL, SAMUEL                           NY-32-20-241
HILLIARD, HENRY F.                     NY-32-26-312
HILLMAN, JONES                         NY-32-33-469
HILLS, HEZEKIAH                        NY-32-8-553
HILLS, JOHN                            NY-32-22-421
HILLS, JOSEPH                          NY-32-54-297
HILLS, OLIVE                           NY-32-20-187
HILTON, ELIZABETH                      NY-32-51-201
HILTON, MARILDA                        NY-32-3-245
HIMES, SYLVESTER                       NY-32-11-457
HINCH, MARGARET                        NY-32-51-589
HINCH, PATRICK                         NY-32-22-313
HINDLE, JAMES                          NY-32-13-79
HINE, NANCY E.                         NY-32-33-133
HINKLE, WILLIAM                        NY-32-5-110
HINMAN, WILLIS S.                      NY-32-9-289
HIRD, FREDERICK                        NY-32-54-149
HIRZ, ELIZABETH                        NY-32-53-13
HITCHINS, FRANCIS                      NY-32-19-313
HITTEL, MARIA H.                       NY-32-44-505
HITTEL, RACHEL                         NY-32-51-93
HIXON, NATHAN                          NY-32-19-199
HIXSON, NATHANIEL                      NY-32-9-1
HOAG, ANDRUS                           NY-32-3-24
HOAG, BETSEY                           NY-32-19-283
HOAG, BRUCE S.                         NY-32-48-391
HOAG, GEORGE W.                        NY-32-46-379
HOAG, GULI ELMA                        NY-32-53-393
HOAG, HENRY                            NY-32-20-445
HOAG, HENRY                            NY-32-24-373
HOAG, HORCE C.                         NY-32-51-509
HOAG, ISAAC                            NY-32-32-385
HOAG, LYMAN                            NY-32-7-323
HOAG, MARTHA A.                        NY-32-51-585
HOAG, NORTHRUP                         NY-32-10-295
HOAG, OBADIAH P.                       NY-32-35-427
HOAG, PAUL                             NY-32-11-25
HOAG, PHILIP                           NY-32-20-67
HOAG, RACHEL B.                        NY-32-53-417
HOAG, SALLY                            NY-32-44-343
HOAG, SARAH                            NY-32-54-245
HOAG, SARAH A.                         NY-32-44-151
HOAG, SARAH B.                         NY-32-48-1
HOAG, SMITH                            NY-32-51-325
HOAG, WARNER                           NY-32-11-133
HOAG, ZENO                             NY-32-17-285
HOBART, CHARLES H.                     NY-32-19-31
HOCHER, JOHN                           NY-32-33-589
HODGE, ELLEN                           NY-32-13-133
HODGE, JOHN                            NY-32-52-571
HODGE, MARION M.                       NY-32-49-289
HODGINS, ANNIE                         NY-32-53-337
HODGINS, ROSANNA                       NY-32-54-265
HOFFMAN, JAMES B.                      NY-32-27-253
HOFFMAN, THOMAS C. SR.                 NY-32-28-451
HOFFMEISTER, FRIEDRICH                 NY-32-52-439
HOGAN, KATE                            NY-32-27-217
HOGAN, MICHAL                          NY-32-45-493
HOGEBOOM, BATA                         NY-32-16-211
HOGGINS, JAMES D.                      NY-32-20-139
HOLLAND, CHRISTIAN                     NY-32-5-494
HOLLAND, ELLEN                         NY-32-44-565
HOLLAND, PHILINDE W.                   NY-32-48-397
HOLLEDERER, GEORGE                     NY-32-24-265
HOLLENBECK, SAMUEL                     NY-32-47-97
HOLLEY, CAROLINE E.                    NY-32-28-133
HOLLEY, JAMES                          NY-32-22-547
HOLMES, ALFRED                         NY-32-45-19
HOLMES, CAHARINE                       NY-32-2-61
HOLMES, DANIEL W.                      NY-32-22-559
HOLMES, HIRAM                          NY-32-35-97
HOLMES, JOSEPH                         NY-32-8-7
HOLMES, RICHARD C.                     NY-32-34-1
HOLMES, SALLY                          NY-32-39-181
HOLMES, WILLIAM                        NY-32-12-331
HOLMES, ZADY                           NY-32-16-259
HOLOHAN, JOHN                          NY-32-54-605
HOOD, ANADUE M.                        NY-32-13-373
HOOKER, CLARA                          NY-32-54-325
HOOPER, JAMES                          NY-32-15-211
HOPKINS, JAMES C.                      NY-32-23-247
HOPKINS, PHEBE                         NY-32-18-229
HOPKINS, SILAS S.                      NY-32-13-397
HOPPE, HENRY                           NY-32-18-295
HOSBURY, JAMES                         NY-32-5-281
HOSBURY, ROBERT                        NY-32-13-379
HOSKINS, ALEXANDER                     NY-32-2-454
HOSMER, ALBERT                         NY-32-18-79
HOSMER, GUSTAVUS P.                    NY-32-45-55
HOSMER, TIMOTHY                        NY-32-9-73
HOTALING, IRVING M.                    NY-32-47-421
HOTCHKISS, ADALINE C.                  NY-32-31-180
HOTCHKISS, CALVIN                      NY-32-6-310
HOTCHKISS, JAMES                       NY-32-3-381
HOTCHKISS, MARIA                       NY-32-35-115
HOTCHKISS, MARIA R.                    NY-32-46-421
HOTCHKISS, MARY                        NY-32-34-349
HOTCHKISS, WILLIAM T.                  NY-32-8-337
HOUFFSTATER, ADAM                      NY-32-2-98
HOUGH, TORRANCE                        NY-32-53-421
HOUPT, PARLEY                          NY-32-27-535
HOUSE, KATE E.                         NY-32-34-169
HOUSTATER, JACOB                       NY-32-9-145
HOUSTATER, JOHN                        NY-32-2-137
HOUSTATER, JOHN                        NY-32-2-123
HOUSTATER, PHILIP                      NY-32-11-43
HOWD, HARVEY E.                        NY-32-35-67
HOWDER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-32-2-45
HOWE, ARVILLA C.                       NY-32-49-229
HOWE, CHARLES                          NY-32-51-309
HOWE, JOSEPH H.                        NY-32-11-343
HOWE, NANCY                            NY-32-51-149
HOWE, WILLIAM S.                       NY-32-28-277
HOWELL, MARY E.                        NY-32-51-181
HOYT, CAROLINE                         NY-32-25-541
HUBBARD, DAVID B.                      NY-32-45-175
HUBBARD, ELIZABETH A.                  NY-32-18-433
HUBBARD, GROVE C.                      NY-32-4-415
HUBBARD, JOHN T.                       NY-32-33-175
HUDNUT, ORIN F.                        NY-32-33-517
HUDSON, ALVINA                         NY-32-22-283
HUENE, MORITZ                          NY-32-49-89
HUFFMANN, WILLIAM H.                   NY-32-19-127
HULETT, ELIZABETH C.                   NY-32-38-343
HULL, JOHN                             NY-32-4-494
HULL, LOUIS W.                         NY-32-38-91
HULSHOFF, FRIEDERICA                   NY-32-39-199
HUMPHREY, JOHN                         NY-32-27-469
HUMPHREY, JULIA M.                     NY-32-10-247
HUMPHREY, MARY A.                      NY-32-38-439
HUNT, JULIA A.                         NY-32-27-205
HUNTING, MARY                          NY-32-32-541
HUNTINGTON, CALVERT L.                 NY-32-13-385
HUNTINGTON, GURDON                     NY-32-11-463
HUNTINGTON, JOSHUA                     NY-32-12-49
HUNTINGTON, ROSETTA C.                 NY-32-53-145
HUNTLEY, LEANDER T.                    NY-32-24-271
HURD, AMANDA                           NY-32-11-49
HURD, TYRUS                            NY-32-4-276
HURLBURT, ALTHENA                      NY-32-20-19
HUTCHESON, AGNES G.                    NY-32-46-121
HUTCHINGS, ABRAHAM                     NY-32-2-243
HUTCHINGS, HARRIET                     NY-32-25-319
HYDE, EDWIN S.                         NY-32-52-175
HYDE, SARAH                            NY-32-10-235
HYNES, GEORGE R.                       NY-32-44-103
IRISH, JOHN                            NY-32-5-580
ISAACS, MARY ANN                       NY-32-51-269
ISBELL, MYRON                          NY-32-35-259
JACKSON, HUGH                          NY-32-1-22
JACKSON, JAMES JR.                     NY-32-31-208
JACKSON, JAMES JR.                     NY-32-44-37
JACKSON, LILLIE JANE                   NY-32-54-525
JACKSON, MARY A.                       NY-32-38-265
JACKSON, PHILO                         NY-32-22-265
JACKSON, REUBEN H.                     NY-32-48-427
JACKSON, WILLIAM JR.                   NY-32-39-307
JACOBS, ANSEL B.                       NY-32-5-57
JACOBS, FREDERICK W.                   NY-32-12-355
JACOBS, NANCY                          NY-32-18-133
JACOBSON, ALVIN                        NY-32-54-129
JACOBY, JACOB                          NY-32-24-19
JAENECKE, AUGUST                       NY-32-33-13
JAKEWAY, EDWIN                         NY-32-35-139
JAMES, GEORGE O.                       NY-32-48-7
JAMES, JOHN                            NY-32-10-253
JAMES, MARGARET                        NY-32-16-451
JAMES, ROBERT H.                       NY-32-52-157
JAMESON, ALEXANDER H.                  NY-32-17-255
JARVIS, WILLIAM                        NY-32-53-233
JEFFERY, DANIEL                        NY-32-5-497
JEFFERY, MANDANA                       NY-32-52-511
JEFFORDS, JANE W.                      NY-32-24-391
JEFFORDS, ORSON                        NY-32-12-223
JELLINGS, JOSEPH                       NY-32-22-145
JENKINS, WILLIAM J.                    NY-32-49-205
JENKINSON, MARY JANE                   NY-32-53-449
JENKS, JESE L.                         NY-32-1-18
JENNEY, KATE M.                        NY-32-52-373
JENNEY, WILLIAM E.                     NY-32-44-325
JERAULD, DEXTER RAY                    NY-32-35-607
JERAULD, HARRIET C.                    NY-32-54-177
JERMAIN, ABIGAIL P.                    NY-32-12-361
JERMAN, GEORGE W.                      NY-32-23-193
JEWETT, ALMEDA M.                      NY-32-33-547
JOHNS, WILLIAM H.                      NY-32-51-265
JOHNSON, ALBERT C.                     NY-32-32-91
JOHNSON, ALEXANDER                     NY-32-54-557
JOHNSON, CHESTER N.                    NY-32-20-505
JOHNSON, EDWARD ASAHEL                 NY-32-53-325
JOHNSON, HARVEY N.                     NY-32-20-265
JOHNSON, JOHN H.                       NY-32-15-469
JOHNSON, JONATHAN                      NY-32-3-91
JOHNSON, LEVI L.                       NY-32-28-157
JOHNSON, ORAMEL G.                     NY-32-22-85
JOHNSON, PHEBE                         NY-32-12-253
JOHNSON, RICHMOND B.                   NY-32-47-393
JOHNSON, SYLENDA S.                    NY-32-52-103
JOHNSON, ZACHARIAS                     NY-32-17-213
JOHNSTON, ANNA M.                      NY-32-32-463
JOHNSTON, JOHN                         NY-32-16-397
JOHNSTON, MARY ANN                     NY-32-16-235
JOHNSTON, MYRA B.                      NY-32-28-379
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                      NY-32-7-311
JONES, ABRAHAM L.                      NY-32-27-199
JONES, BENJAMIN                        NY-32-8-295
JONES, DAVID                           NY-32-35-79
JONES, HULDAH                          NY-32-17-93
JONES, JOHN                            NY-32-8-1
JONES, JOHN                            NY-32-12-283
JONES, JOHN                            NY-32-51-25
JONES, MARGARET                        NY-32-17-441
JONES, THOMAS G.                       NY-32-53-69
JONES, WILLIAM                         NY-32-34-391
JONSON, GEORGE W.                      NY-32-24-193
JUDD, ALFRED B. ***                    NY-32-6-16
JUDD, MARIA A.                         NY-32-47-237
JUDD, OZIAS                            NY-32-6-119
JUDSON, EPHRAIM                        NY-32-11-103
JUDSON, MALINDA                        NY-32-26-32
KAYNER, ANDREW                         NY-32-52-385
KAYNER, HENRY                          NY-32-46-535
KAYNER, JACOB                          NY-32-27-247
KAYNER, MARGARET                       NY-32-35-73
KAYNER, SUSANN                         NY-32-54-157
KAYNOR, GEORGE                         NY-32-22-13
KEARNS, THOMAS                         NY-32-34-469
KEELER, JESSE                          NY-32-10-301
KEEP, CHARLES                          NY-32-48-19
KEEP, CHAUNCEY                         NY-32-16-433
KEEP, FRANCES S.                       NY-32-22-181
KEEP, JENNIE M.                        NY-32-54-25
KEEP, ROGER WOLCOTT                    NY-32-51-277
KEITH, ORLIN T.                        NY-32-46-505
KEITHAN, DIETRICH                      NY-32-19-457
KELLER, MARY                           NY-32-53-193
KELLEY, DOLLIE A.                      NY-32-53-213
KELLEY, JOHN                           NY-32-11-85
KELLOGG, ISRAEL                        NY-32-18-187
KELLY, BRIDGET                         NY-32-47-241
KELLY, MICHAEL                         NY-32-54-553
KELSCH, ANTON                          NY-32-33-247
KELSEY, CATHERINE                      NY-32-8-271
KELSEY, MARTHA                         NY-32-2-319
KELSEY, PENELOPE                       NY-32-24-163
KEMEN, TERESA                          NY-32-52-523
KEMP, BURGOYNE                         NY-32-4-423
KEMP, DAVID                            NY-32-5-164
KEMP, JAMES                            NY-32-2-14
KEMP, JOHN B.                          NY-32-3-489
KEMP, MARIA                            NY-32-8-283
KEMP, SAMUEL B.                        NY-32-9-43
KENDALL, HELEN M.                      NY-32-25-499
KENDIG, JOSEPH                         NY-32-4-473
KENNEDY, BRIDGET                       NY-32-54-221
KENNY, MARY A.                         NY-32-35-511
KENT, JOSEPH                           NY-32-13-349
KENYON, ADALINE                        NY-32-44-49
KEOPSEL, JOHN                          NY-32-27-517
KEOUGH, ALICE                          NY-32-46-499
KERSHNER, MARY                         NY-32-5-52
KERWIN, JOHN                           NY-32-46-217
KEYES, ROBERT                          NY-32-35-121
KIDDER, BRUCE H.                       NY-32-22-127
KIDDER, ISAAC S.                       NY-32-8-199
KIEFFER, JACOB                         NY-32-48-145
KIFF, VICTORIA C.                      NY-32-47-469
KILBERER, ANNA                         NY-32-35-439
KILBORNE, TRUMAN                       NY-32-17-69
KILL, JASPER                           NY-32-13-409
KILLAM, CHARLES G. H.                  NY-32-25-547
KILLAM, SABRINA                        NY-32-28-307
KILTEMAN, PETER                        NY-32-25-235
KINDER, ADAM                           NY-32-39-373
KINDER, ELIZABETH                      NY-32-33-559
KING, CARRIE M.                        NY-32-46-427
KING, DAVID                            NY-32-3-517
KING, HULDAH                           NY-32-28-505
KING, MICHAEL                          NY-32-48-259
KING, NOAH                             NY-32-47-9
KINGSLEY, JAMES                        NY-32-4-232
KINGSLEY, MELINDA                      NY-32-38-121
KINGSLEY, WARREN L.                    NY-32-5-86
KINNE, ARCHIBALD S.                    NY-32-45-325
KINNE, ELIZABETH                       NY-32-46-97
KINNE, ROBERT                          NY-32-7-365
KINNEY, BRIDGET                        NY-32-35-379
KINNEY, LEVI                           NY-32-48-103
KINNEY, PETER                          NY-32-8-463
KINNEY, PHEBE                          NY-32-15-127
KINNIE, JOHN                           NY-32-35-163
KINNIE, JOHN                           NY-32-31-186
KINNIE, STEPHEN H.                     NY-32-12-229
KINYON, JOHN                           NY-32-51-529
KINYON, LYDIA                          NY-32-32-7
KISLER, GEORGE                         NY-32-7-289
KITTINGER, GEORGE W.                   NY-32-45-163
KITTREDGE, ISAAC                       NY-32-45-187
KITTRIDGE, NELLIE                      NY-32-49-297
KIVELL, JAMES N.                       NY-32-23-235
KLEE, FREDERICK                        NY-32-8-379
KLEMER, MARTIN                         NY-32-28-583
KLINE, DANIEL                          NY-32-7-217
KLINE, JOHN                            NY-32-47-125
KLINE, MARY ANN                        NY-32-45-307
KLINE, MATTHIAS                        NY-32-17-141
KLINE, WILLIAM                         NY-32-13-199
KLINGENSCHMITT, HENRY A.               NY-32-38-39
KLINGENSCHMITT, MARGARET S.            NY-32-53-113
KLINHAUS, AUGUSTUS                     NY-32-54-109
KLOCKINBRING, LOUIS P.                 NY-32-20-277
KLOPFER, JOHN PAPTEST                  NY-32-53-453
KNAPP, NANCEY                          NY-32-10-103
KNAPP, WILLIAM R.                      NY-32-34-133
KNEELAND, JAMES                        NY-32-5-152
KNIGHTS, HENRY W.                      NY-32-53-205
KNOWLES, ALFRED                        NY-32-8-61
KNOWLES, WILLIAM                       NY-32-22-397
KNOX, JOHN                             NY-32-13-1
KNOX, NANCY                            NY-32-21-252
KOEHLER, ABRAHAM                       NY-32-4-26
KOEHN, CHRISTOPH                       NY-32-19-205
KOEPPEN, JOHANN                        NY-32-47-201
KOHL, ERNEST                           NY-32-23-529
KOHL, FREDERICK                        NY-32-35-289
KOPSEL, MICHAEL F.                     NY-32-16-163
KRAFT, VALENTINE                       NY-32-34-307
KRAMER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-32-27-475
KRANEPUHL, ELIZABETH                   NY-32-27-487
KRANEPUHL, JOHNG.                      NY-32-16-79
KRAUSE, CHRISTIAN F.                   NY-32-34-43
KREITNER, AUGUST                       NY-32-53-413
KREUTZER, FRANK                        NY-32-52-451
KROUT, ABRAHAM                         NY-32-18-259
KRUGER, HENRY                          NY-32-25-457
KRULL, CHRISTIAN                       NY-32-33-73
KRULL, CHRISTIAN G.                    NY-32-34-445
KRULL, CHRISTIAN J.                    NY-32-19-523
KRUPP, ALICE A.                        NY-32-51-409
KRUPP, PETER                           NY-32-53-485
KUCHLER, ANNA                          NY-32-6-149
KUHK, JOHANNA AMELIA                   NY-32-27-115
KUHLMAN, JOHN                          NY-32-33-241
KUHN, ERDMAN                           NY-32-52-121
KYLE, GEORGE                           NY-32-16-49

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