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SAILORS, EDGAR M.                       IN-85-F-160
SAILORS, ELIAS P.                       IN-85-F-185
SAILORS, MARY E.                        IN-85-G-72
SAILORS, REUBEN                         IN-85-A-414
SAILORS, SARAH A.                       IN-85-F-204
SALA, DANIEL                            IN-85-D-39
SAMPSON, VIOLET                         IN-85-H-181
SAMPSON, WILLIAM M.                     IN-85-D-301
SCHELLHAMER, ELZA S.                    IN-85-F-143
SCHERSCHEL, NICKLAS                     IN-85-F-133
SCHINDLER, HENRY                        IN-85-C-186
SCHLEMMER, ELIZABETH                    IN-85-G-525
SCHMALZRIED, JOHN C.                    IN-85-H-385
SCHMITT, VLAENTINE                      IN-85-F-145
SCHNEIDER, RUDOLPH                      IN-85-G-118
SCHNITZ, JACOB                          IN-85-F-413
SCHOBY, WILLIAM                         IN-85-G-535
SCHOCK, JOHN                            IN-85-G-173
SCHOOLCRAFT, ELMER E.                   IN-85-H-138
SCHRANTZ, SUSAN                         IN-85-B-427
SCHRANZ, JOHN                           IN-85-B-163
SCHROEDER, GOTTLIEB W.                  IN-85-G-446
SCHROLL, JACOB                          IN-85-F-31
SCHULER, JACOB                          IN-85-G-460
SCHULER, JOHN                           IN-85-H-510
SCHULER, LUCY A.                        IN-85-G-486
SCHULER, PHILIP                         IN-85-C-329
SCHULTZ, ELIZABETH                      IN-85-G-21
SCHULTZ, MARY                           IN-85-H-352
SCHUSTER, DANIEL                        IN-85-G-483
SCHWAB, EDWARD J.                       IN-85-H-310
SCHWARTZ, JOHN                          C88
SCHWENK, GEORGE                         IN-85-G-384
SCOTT, ABIGAIL                          IN-85-C-313
SCOTT, CHARLES R.                       IN-85-C-380
SCOTT, GEORGE                           IN-85-A-45
SCOTT, JAMES P.                         IN-85-C-172
SCOTT, JOHN S.                          IN-85-C-313
SCOTT, LITTLETON J.                     IN-85-G-266
SCOTT, MARY F.                          IN-85-H-405
SCULLY, CHARLES A.                      IN-85-H-513
SEENEY, NEAL                            IN-85-F-228
SEITNER, AMOS                           IN-85-G-135
SEITNER, GEORGE                         IN-85-D-334
SELL, FRANK X.                          IN-85-E-540
SEMANS, AUGUSTINE                       IN-85-H-398
SEMDHEIMER, ANDREW                      IN-85-H-508
SHAFFER, JOSIAH                         IN-85-G-480
SHAFFER, SAMUEL D.                      IN-85-D-265
SHALLENBARGER, ELENOR                   IN-85-E-566
SHALLENBARGER, JACOB                    IN-85-C-303
SHAMBAUGH, ALVAH E.                     IN-85-G-561
SHAMBAUGH, LYDIA ELLEN                  IN-85-G-459
SHAMBAUGH, PHOEBE                       IN-85-E-96
SHANAHAN, GEORGE P.                     IN-85-G-420
SHANAHAN, JOHN                          IN-85-A-207
SHANNAHAN, HONORA                       IN-85-F-398
SHANNON, CHARLES M.                     IN-85-G-500
SHAULHUT, GEORGE                        IN-85-A-175
SHAW, BENJAMIN T.                       IN-85-F-225
SHAW,JANE E.                            IN-85-F-161
SHEA, DENNIS                            IN-85-F-409
SHEA, ELLEN                             IN-85-C-197
SHEA, MARGARET                          IN-85-C-315
SHEARER, SARAH HELEN                    IN-85-E-482
SHELTON, AMANDA E.                      IN-85-G-469
SHEMBAUGH, MARIE                        IN-85-H-554
SHERDICK, JACOB                         IN-85-D-23
SHETZSZSLE, JOSEPH                      IN-85-F-254
SHILES, JOHN                            IN-85-E-343
SHILES, JULIA                           IN-85-H-47
SHILES, WILLIAM                         IN-85-H-29
SHILLINGER, LEANDER                     IN-85-H-391
SHINBY, HARRY B.                        IN-85-F-471
SHINDLER, CHRISTENA                     IN-85-F-213
SHIPLEY, ALFRED                         IN-85-E-182
SHIPLEY, ANN J.                         IN-85-G-331
SHIVELY, CATHERINE C.                   IN-85-G-247
SHIVELY, GEORGE W.                      IN-85-H-208
SHIVELY, HENRY                          IN-85-D-422
SHOCK, DVID                             IN-85-C-406
SHOCK, ISAAC                            IN-85-H-297
SHOCK, URIAH                            IN-85-H-23
SHOEMAKER, DANIEL                       IN-85-B-191
SHOLTY, SAMUEL                          IN-85-G-320
SHOWALTER, ANNA                         IN-85-G-506
SHROEDER, THERESIA                      IN-85-F-559, 569
SHULER, ROBERT                          IN-85-A-109
SHULTZ, GEORGE                          IN-85-B-271
SHULTZ, HANNAH M.                       IN-85-F-236
SHULTZ, JACOB A.                        IN-85-H-120
SIDERS, ALFRED                          IN-85-C-100
SIDERS, JOSEPH                          IN-85-H-225
SIGLITZ, JOHN                           IN-85-F-495
SIGNS, LEWIS                            IN-85-H-496
SILLS, MARY                             IN-85-F-116
SIMON, SAM                              IN-85-G-435
SIMONS, JOHN Q. A.                      IN-85-B-281
SIMS, CHARLES N.                        IN-85-F-534
SIMS, LEWIS                             IN-85-A-230
SINCLAIR, CHARLES E.                    IN-85-H-437
SINCLAIR, GEORGE                        IN-85-F-356
SINDLINGER, SIMON                       IN-85-B-338
SITTLER, WILLIAM                        IN-85-H-376
SKULLY, WILLIAM                         IN-85-G-458
SLICK, JACOB S.                         IN-85-E-455
SLOAN, JOHN F.                          IN-85-F-420
SLOOP, ADAM                             IN-85-H-255
SLOOP, JOSEPH                           IN-85-C-207
SMALL, MARY E.                          IN-85-H-60
SMALZRIED, FREDERICK J.                 IN-85-C-200
SMILEY, SALLIE                          IN-85-F-282
SMITH, ALLEN W.                         IN-85-C-5
SMITH, ANDREW J.                        IN-85-E-463
SMITH, DAVID                            IN-85-A-95
SMITH, ELIZA JANE                       IN-85-B-402
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        IN-85-G-411
SMITH, ERASMUS D.                       IN-85-H-493
SMITH, JACOB B.                         IN-85-G-455
SMITH, JASPER D.                        IN-85-G-220
SMITH, KATHERINE                        IN-85-H-12
SMITH, LOUISA F. JESSUP                 IN-85-H-71
SMITH, LYDIA                            IN-85-C-285
SMITH, MARGARET                         G-230
SMITH, PHILIP                           IN-85-D-4
SMITH, PHOEBE                           IN-85-F-440
SMITH, REUBEN                           IN-85-A-237
SMITH, SAMUEL                           IN-85-E-189
SMITH, SAMUEL JR.                       IN-85-C-390
SMITH, SARAH                            IN-85-B-317
SMITH, SARAH                            IN-85-E-221
SMITH, VALENTINE                        IN-85-G-412
SNAVELY, SIMON                          IN-85-D-372
SNELL, LYDIA                            IN-85-H-242
SNIDEMAN, MICHAEL                       IN-85-G-18
SNIDERMAN, DAVID                        IN-85-H-288
SNOW, ASHER                             IN-85-A-298
SNURE, GEORGE                           IN-85-H-160
SNYDER, GOERG EW.                       IN-85-G-27
SNYDER, HARRISON Q.                     IN-85-E-245
SNYDER, NATHAN                          IN-85-B-298
SNYDER, SYBILLA                         IN-85-E-334
SOLLENBERGER, REBECCA A.                IN-85-H-520
SONDEMAN, CLARA J.                      IN-85-H-549
SPARTS, JOHN                            IN-85-A-195
SPATH, JOSEPH                           IN-85-C-104
SPAUGY, SARAH E.                        IN-85-G-403
SPECK, WILLIAM                          IN-85-C-252
SPEELMAN, OEPH                          IN-85-F-389
SPEICHER, CHRISTIAN                     IN-85-E-136
SPEICHER, DANIEL L.                     IN-85-H-389
SPEICHER, JOSEPH B.                     IN-85-F-396
SPOTTS, FRANCES W.                      IN-85-F-130
SPRADLING, SIMON                        IN-85-G-6
SPRADLING, WILLIAM                      IN-85-A-75
SQUIRES, SARAH                          IN-85-G-131
STAADECKER, CAROLINE                    IN-85-H-116
STADLER, WILLIAM                        IN-85-E-94
STANLEY, JONATHAN B                     IN-85-E-156
STANLY, ELIZABETH H.                    IN-85-A-185
STANLY, JOHN B.                         IN-85-B-58
STARBUCK, DAYTON B.                     IN-85-C-65
STARBUCK, SARAH E.                      IN-85-E-99
STARRETT, JULIA S.                      IN-85-H-50
STATES, SARAH E.                        IN-85-H-291
STAUFFER, JOHN                          IN-85-H-427
STEEL, CHARLES E.                       IN-85-G-424
STEEL, WILLIAM                          IN-85-B-189
STEELE, ANNA K.                         IN-85-G-487
STEELE, LORETTA                         IN-85-G-485
STEINMANN, CHARLES                      IN-85-G-558
STEIS, MARY                             IN-85-G-576
STELLER, SARAH K.                       IN-85-H-522
STEPHENS, HENRIETTA                     IN-85-E-312
STEPHENS, RICAHRD                       IN-85-D-162
STEPHENSON, ALICE                       IN-85-E-558
STEPHENSON, CATHERINE                   IN-85-F-536
STEVENS, HENRY                          IN-85-D-20
STEVENS, MARY                           IN-85-B-85
STEWART, BARBARA A.                     IN-85-H-218
STEWART, ELIZABETH                      IN-85-E-217
STEWART, JAMES M.                       IN-85-C-394
STEWART, LYDIA                          IN-85-G-291
STEWART, MARY V.                        IN-85-G-276
STEWART, WILLIAM F.                     IN-85-D-145
STEWART, WILLIAM W.                     IN-85-G-132
STICKLER, MARY                          IN-85-E-310
STINEMAN, MICHAEL                       IN-85-F-464, 492
STITT, WILLIAM S.                       IN-85-G-473
STOBER, JACKSON G.                      IN-85-F-476
STONE, E. B.                            IN-85-A-402
STONE, ELIAS V.                         IN-85-F-574
STONE, ELMIRA                           IN-85-G-585
STONE, EMILY                            IN-85-E-360
STONE, FRANCIS E.                       IN-85-G-444
STONE, JOHN L.                          IN-85-E-492
STONE, MARGARET                         IN-85-E-108
STONEBURNER, MARY L.                    IN-85-H-107
STOOPS, ALFRED H.                       IN-85-F-383
STOOPS, RICHARD                         IN-85-D-97
STORY, CALEB                            IN-85-G-68
STORY, GREEN                            IN-85-E-186
STORY, LEWIS                            IN-85-G-472
STORY, MARY                             IN-85-G-225
STORY, REBECCA                          IN-85-D-65
STOUFFER, WILLIAM P                     IN-85-E-165
STOUT, CHARLES D.                       IN-85-F-184
STOUT, JOHN                             IN-85-G-575
STOUT, WILLIAM WALLACE                  IN-85-H-11
STRADLEY, DANIEL W.                     IN-85-E-110
STRATTON, MARGARET                      IN-85-F-112
STRAUGN, LOUISA                         IN-85-G-127
STRAUSS, MELISSA                        IN-85-F-569
STRAWSBURG, JOHN                        IN-85-H-167
STRICKLER, ABRAHAM                      IN-85-F-403
STRICKLER, HARRITT E.                   IN-85-G-27
STRICKLER, HENRY                        IN-85-D-43
STROBEL, FRANCIS                        IN-85-E-358
STUDABAKER, ISAAC                       IN-85-A-306
STUDYBAKER, JOSEPH                      IN-85-H-293
SULLIVAN, DANIEL                        IN-85-E-56
SULLIVAN, OWEN E.                       IN-85-G-304
SUMMERLAND, JOHN C.                     IN-85-G-452
SUMMERTON, GEORGE U.                    IN-85-H-548
SUNDHEIMER, KARL                        IN-85-C-3
SUNDHEIMER, PHILLIP                     IN-85-F-456
SUTTON, ALBERT                          IN-85-F-365, 368
SUTTON, AMOS P.                         IN-85-B-24
SUTTON, JACOB W.                        IN-85-G-497
SUTTON, ROBERT                          IN-85-G-531
SWANEY, JAMES W.                        IN-85-H-257
SWANK, PETER                            IN-85-A-312
SWARTS, SIMON                           IN-85-H-249
SWEET, ANNA                             IN-85-F-229
SWEET, SAMUEL C.                        IN-85-F-479
SWEET, SAMUEL C.                        IN-85-G-371
SWEET, SARAH                            IN-85-G-514
SWENEY, JAMES                           IN-85-A-309
SWENNY, JOHN                            IN-85-C-404
SWEY, JOHN C.                           IN-85-C-347
SWEY, LUCINDA H.                        IN-85-D-136
SWIHART, ISAAC                          IN-85-H-87
TAIT, ELLIOTT                           IN-85-H-189
TAIT, STEWART                           IN-85-A-377
TALMAGE, JONATHAN                       IN-85-E-353
TANNER, ELEANOR                         IN-85-B-183
TATE, ALEXANDER                         IN-85-F-163
TAYLOR, EDWARD J.                       IN-85-F-252
TAYLOR, JOSEPH E.                       IN-85-F-208
TAYLOR, JOSEPH W.                       IN-85-G-342
TAYLOR, LOUISA FRANCES                  IN-85-H-566
TAYLOR, NANCY                           IN-85-E-116
TEAGUE, JOSEPH C.                       IN-85-C-122
TEAGUE, MORRIS S.                       IN-85-G-549
TEAGUE, OLIVE RM.                       IN-85-E-437
TEEETER, LEVI A.                        IN-85-H-443
TEEL, LEWI W.                           IN-85-F-167
TEGHTMEYER, LEWIS SR.                   IN-85-A-166
TEMPLIN, BERTUS B.                      IN-85-G-443
THOMAS, CYNTHIA A.                      IN-85-A-364
THOMAS, EDWARD B.                       IN-85-G-565
THOMAS, ELIZABETH C.                    IN-85-F-523
THOMAS, HENRH                           IN-85-H-38
THOMAS, HENRY                           IN-85-C-341
THOMAS, JACOB                           IN-85-F-342
THOMAS, JOHN JR.                        IN-85-A-251
THOMAS, PERSIS B.                       IN-85-C-239
THOMAS, SARAH E.                        IN-85-G-491
THOMPSON, EBENEZER                      IN-85-B-429
THOMPSON, HARRIET L. B.                 IN-85-H-144
THOMPSON, HARRIET M.                    IN-85-G-214
THOMPSON, JOHN                          IN-85-F-571
THOMPSON, JOSEPH M.                     IN-85-E-430
THOMPSON, MARTHA                        IN-85-H-101, 107
THOMPSON, ROBERT                        IN-85-H-182
THORNE, JOSIAH B.                       IN-85-G-222
THRUSH, JOSEPH W.                       IN-85-G-85
THRUSH, MOSES                           IN-85-F-147
TILMAN, JACOB                           IN-85-A-412
TODD, GEORGE                            IN-85-H-239
TODD, JOHN                              IN-85-C-128
TODD, MARTHA                            IN-85-H-48
TODD, W. H.                             IN-85-H-60
TOMSON, JOSEPH S.                       IN-85-H-147
TORPHY, THOMAS                          IN-85-B-335
TORRENCE, MARGARET                      IN-85-G-81
TOWER, JOHN C.                          IN-85-E-529
TOWER, RUTH                             IN-85-H-347
TRACHSEL, JOHN                          IN-85-H-110
TRACY, ELIZABETH                        IN-85-B-340
TRACY, MARCUS                           IN-85-B-328
TRICK, FREDERICK                        IN-85-A-235
TRIDLE, GEORGE                          IN-85-B-73
TUCKER, ALEXANDER M.                    IN-85-D-352
TUCKER, ALEXANDER M.                    IN-85-F-76
TUCKER, MARY E.                         IN-85-G-268
TURNER, WILLIAM                         IN-85-A-330
TWEEDY, RACHEL                          IN-85-E-465
TYER, ALEANDER L.                       IN-85-F-508
TYER, ISAPHERICA                        IN-85-H-133
TYLER, JOHN B.                          IN-85-A-324
TYNER, DRURY                            IN-85-C-142
TYNER, JACOB                            IN-85-E-519
TYNER, JOHN A.                          IN-85-E-584
TYNER, JOHN W.                          IN-85-H-8
TYNER, RILEY                            IN-85-G-389
TYNER, SARAH E.                         IN-85-E-184
ULERY, STEPHEN S.                       IN-85-G-4
ULREY, A. A.                            IN-85-H-216
ULREY, ELIZABETH                        IN-85-F-379
ULREY, JOHN W.                          IN-85-G-392
ULREY, SAMUEL A.                        IN-85-F-91
ULREY, SARAH JANE                       IN-85-H-542
ULREY, STEPHEN C.                       IN-85-F-93
UNGER, AARON                            IN-85-B-19
UNGER, CATHARINE                        IN-85-B-69
UNGER, HATTIE A.                        IN-85-F-205
UNGER, ISAAC                            IN-85-E-64
UNGER, MARY E.                          IN-85-G-215
URSCHEL, HENRIETTA                      IN-85-H-51
VANDEGRIFT, GEORGE T.                   IN-85-F-156
VANDEGRIFT, JOSEPHINE                   IN-85-F-557
VANDERGRIFT, JACOB                      IN-85-B-246
VERTREES, CHARLES                       IN-85-A-60
WADE, JENNIE                            IN-85-H-136
WADE, OSCAR                             IN-85-H-55
WADE, SARAH                             IN-85-E-388
WAGGONER, LOT                           IN-85-E-179, 204
WAGGONER, SAMUEL                        IN-85-D-418
WAGNER, CHARLES H.                      IN-85-G-140
WAGNER, JOHN                            IN-85-B-355
WALCOTT, MARY                           IN-85-D-427
WALKER, JENNIE R.                       IN-85-H-236
WALKER, MERRILL MERTON                  IN-85-H-10
WALKER, NANCY J.                        IN-85-E-174
WALKER, WILLIAM                         IN-85-A-99
WALSH, JOHN                             IN-85-A-311
WALTER, BOSSLER                         IN-85-F-382
WALTERS, HENRY                          IN-85-F-259
WAMSLEY, JASPER                         IN-85-A-303
WARD, DANIEL                            IN-85-B-91
WARE, JOHN R.                           IN-85-H-67
WARIEL, JONAS                           IN-85-F-482
WARNE, ABRAHAM                          IN-85-A-164
WARNER, ALVIN F.                        IN-85-H-437
WARNER, FLORA B.                        IN-85-H-198, 252
WASEM, FREDERICK                        IN-85-C-52
WASEM, FREDERICK                        IN-85-G-71
WASHBURN, JOSEPH                        IN-85-A-257
WATKINS, DAVID                          IN-85-F-245
WATSON, ELIZABETH                       IN-85-A-370
WATSON, WILLIAM                         IN-85-B-37
WATTS, EDWARD                           IN-85-D-385
WATTS, REBECCA ANN                      IN-85-F-110
WEAVER, DANIEL                          IN-85-D-94
WEBER, JOHN                             IN-85-F-348
WEBSTER, SARAH                          IN-85-D-174
WEBSTER, WILLIAM O.                     IN-85-C-161, 241
WECK, JOHN N.                           IN-85-F-86
WEEK, ADAM E.                           IN-85-G-142
WEESNER, CLARK W.                       IN-85-H-207
WEESNER, JOHIEL                         IN-85-F-310
WEESNER, MARTHA O.                      IN-85-H-482
WEESNER, MARY                           IN-85-G-165
WEESNER, MICAJAH                        IN-85-A-86
WEESNER, NATHAN                         IN-85-D-41
WEIDENHOEFT, AUGUST                     IN-85-F-238
WEIDNER, LYDIA                          IN-85-H-460
WEITZEL, JOHN                           IN-85-D-130
WELLMAN, ELIZA A.                       IN-85-F-64
WELLMAN, MOSES B.                       IN-85-F-480
WELLMAN, W. H.                          IN-85-A-405
WELLS, HUGH                             IN-85-E-154
WELLS, JOSEPH                           IN-85-A-132
WELLS, MARTIN R.                        IN-85-C-306
WELSCH, WILLIAM                         IN-85-D-414
WELSH, MORRIS                           IN-85-E-384
WENDEL, MARY                            IN-85-E-555
WENDEL, PETER                           IN-85-F-12
WENDELL, HENRY                          IN-85-C-35
WENZEL, JACOB                           IN-85-D-377
WENZEL, PETER                           IN-85-E-330
WERNER, CATHERINE                       IN-85-G-340
WERNER, JACOB S.                        IN-85-F-34
WERST, CATHARINE                        IN-85-E-517
WERST, SAMUEL H.                        IN-85-G-120
WERTENBERGER, EPHRAIM                   IN-85-H-153
WERTENBERGER, SOLOMON                   IN-85-C-107
WEST, MARY M.                           IN-85-G-441
WEST, NATHANIEL                         IN-85-B-118
WEST, SUSAN G.                          IN-85-F-191
WHEELER, ALICE                          IN-85-G-327
WHEELER, OTIS                           IN-85-C-148
WHINERY, MARK O.                        IN-85-F-410
WHISLER, JOHN                           IN-85-E-59
WHITE, CHARLES H.                       IN-85-G-204
WHITE, CHARLOTTA                        IN-85-B-345
WHITE, HAZEL                            IN-85-D-133
WHITE, JOHN J.                          IN-85-C-254
WHITE, LEE A.                           IN-85-C-146
WHITE, LEWIS M.                         IN-85-B-108
WHITE, SRAH                             IN-85-E-202
WHITEHEAD, JOHN                         IN-85-A-143
WHITEHEAD, PRISCILLA                    IN-85-B-144
WHITESIDE, HANNAH L.                    IN-85-H-528
WHITESIDE, THOMAS E.                    IN-85-G-245
WHITMORE, CHARLOTTIE                    IN-85-F-231
WHITMORE, SARAH                         IN-85-D-54
WIDMEYER, TABITHA H.                    IN-85-H-275
WIEDENHOEFT, CHARLOTTA                  IN-85-G-278
WIGGINS, JENNIE                         IN-85-D-325
WIGNER, CATHARINE                       IN-85-G-515
WIKLE, MARY J.                          IN-85-D-16
WILES, JACOB                            IN-85-C-297
WILLIAMS, AMANDA S.                     IN-85-F-490
WILLIAMS, AVERY B.                      IN-85-H-356
WILLIAMS, HENRY                         IN-85-A-87
WILLIAMS, JOHN B.                       IN-85-B-106
WILLIAMS, LUCY                          IN-85-H-159
WILLIAMS, SUSAN                         IN-85-G-359
WILLIAMSON, CYNTHIA                     IN-85-C-175
WILLIAMSON, MALON                       IN-85-F-367
WILLIAMSON, MARTHA J.                   IN-85-H-173
WILLIS, ELVINA                          IN-85-C-150
WILSON, ANDREW                          IN-85-D-181
WILSON, CLARENCE T.                     IN-85-H-326
WILSON, CRISSIE                         IN-85-H-321
WILSON, ELIZABETH                       IN-85-E-271
WILSON, M. S.                           IN-85-A-217
WILSON, ROBERT J.                       IN-85-G-53
WILSON, ROBERT J.                       IN-85-G-53
WILSON, WILLIAM H.                      IN-85-G-10
WINGARD, JACOB G.                       IN-85-G-404
WINTRODE, DANIEL O.                     IN-85-H-54
WIRE, CHARLES C.                        IN-85-G-426
WISE, ARENA                             IN-85-H-190
WOHLGAMUTH, JACOB                       IN-85-A-260
WOHLGAMUTH, JOHN                        IN-85-E-113
WOHLGAMUTH, REBECCA                     IN-85-F-199
WOHLGAMUTH, WILLIAM                     IN-85-F-312
WOLF, BENJAMIN                          IN-85-G-60
WOLF, EMMA                              IN-85-H-498
WOLF, HERMAN                            IN-85-H-371
WOLF, JOHN                              IN-85-F-381
WOLF, PHILIP                            IN-85-A-145
WOLFE, CHARITY ANN                      IN-85-C-102
WOLFE, WILLIAM                          IN-85-B-296
WOLFORD, WILLIAM A.                     IN-85-E-390
WOOD, MARGARET                          IN-85-D-217
WOOD, NANCY                             IN-85-G-355
WOODS, CAROLINE F.                      IN-85-H-417
WORKING, LOUISA                         IN-85-G-45
WRAY, JOHN                              IN-85-E-269
WRAY, JOHN                              IN-85-E-268
WRIGHT, NWELL                           IN-85-B-208
WRIGHT, SEBERRY                         IN-85-G-492
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         IN-85-H-451
YARNELLE, MILLIE                        IN-85-G-518
YOCUM, TABOR L.                         IN-85-G-507
YOUNG, BARBARA                          IN-85-G-486
YOUNG, EMMA LOWER                       IN-85-H-277
YOUNG, NANCY E.                         IN-85-G-280
YOUNG, SIMON PETER                      IN-85-G-465
YOUNG, SIMON S.                         IN-85-E-468
YOUNG, THEOPHILUS                       IN-85-E-10
ZEIGHER, ANNIE H.                       IN-85-H-452
ZEIGLER, FREEMAN                        IN-85-F-451
ZEIGLER, JOSEPH                         IN-85-C-56
ZINK, JOHN R.                           IN-85-E-486
ZOOK, JOHN L.                           IN-85-E-351

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