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ABERNATHY, MARGARET                     IN-85-G-193
ADAMS, JONATHAN                         IN-85-E-434
ADAMS, MARY A.                          IN-85-C-248
ADAMS, NELLY                            IN-85-A-105
ADAMS, RICHARFD F.                      IN-85-G-102
AIRGOOD, MARTHA                         IN-85-G-303
AKERS, JOHN F.                          IN-85-H-301
AKERS, LEANDER B.                       IN-85-E-477
ALBER, GEORGE                           IN-85-F-418
ALBER, LOUISA A.                        IN-85-F-375
ALBER, MAY                              IN-85-G-572
ALBER, PHILLIP                          IN-85-F-344
ALBRIGHT, ISAAC                         IN-85-A-77
ALBRIGHT, ISAAC F.                      IN-85-B-382
ALBRIGHT, JACOB W.                      IN-85-C-334
ALEXANDER, JAMES                        IN-85-F-430
ALEXANDER, MILTON                       IN-85-H-472
ALGER, IDA M.                           IN-85-H-49
ALGER, JESSE                            IN-85-G-228
ALGER, LEWIS                            IN-85-E-236
ALGER, MARY A.                          IN-85-F-487
ALGER, WILLIAM                          IN-85-A-76
ALISBAUGH, JOHN                         IN-85-E-525
ALLDRIGE, MOSES                         IN-85-B-384
ALLEN, DANIEL                           IN-85-A-128
AMBER, PERMELIA                         IN-85-G-177
ANDERSON, JOHN                          IN-85-A-318
ANDERSON, JOSEPH S.                     IN-85-F-525
ANDERSON, MARIAH                        IN-85-E-273
ANDREWS, MILETUS                        IN-85-A-269
ANGLIN, WILLIAM                         IN-85-B-2124
ANSON, BENJAMIN                         IN-85-C-63
ANSON, MARGARET                         IN-85-B-55
ARMEY, JACOB J.                         IN-85-H-534
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS W.                    IN-85-G-408
ARNETT, CATHARINE                       IN-85-F-216
ARNEY, HENRY                            IN-85-G-75
ARNIE, J. W.                            IN-85-H-556
ARNOLD, RALPH G.                        IN-85-G-97
ARR, ANNA A.                            IN-85-F-555
ARTHUR, FRANCIS M.                      IN-85-C-77
ASS, EVA                                IN-85-H-466
ATWOOD, THOMAS B.                       IN-85-G-546
AUGHINBAUGH, GEORGE W.                  IN-85-H-268
AUGHINBAUGH, JOHN                       IN-85-B-198
AULT, WILLIAM S.                        IN-85-G-160
AUSTIN, HENRY                           IN-85-G-162
BAACK, AMKE                             IN-85-F-355
BADGER, GRANVILLE                       IN-85-D-177
BADGER, INDRA E.                        IN-85-H-69
BAER, JOHN L.                           IN-85-G-262
BAGLEY, LETTISHA                        IN-85-F-541
BAKEHOUR, ELIZABETH                     IN-85-H-210
BAKER, ANDREW                           IN-85-G-183
BAKER, CATHARINE                        IN-85-E-460
BAKER, ELIZABETH                        IN-85-F-158
BAKER, ELIZABETH                        IN-85-G-270
BAKER, JACOB                            IN-85-G-362
BAKER, JOHN                             IN-85-G-436
BAKER, JOSEPH                           IN-85-E-68
BAKER, MARTHA                           IN-85-H-448
BAKER, MARY ANN                         IN-85-G-77
BAKER, MARY ANN                         IN-85-H-96
BAKER, NELSON H.                        IN-85-D-151
BAKER, SOPHIA C.                        IN-85-F-289
BAKER, WILLIAM                          IN-85-A-189
BAKER, WILLIAM H.                       IN-85-H-302
BALDRIDGE, MELANATHAN                   IN-85-B-114
BALDWIN, ELIZBETH                       IN-85-E-380
BALDWIN, LUTETIA                        IN-85-H-128
BALL, JOHN H.                           IN-85-G-382
BALL, KATE                              IN-85-H-24
BALL, WILLIE E.                         IN-85-G-407
BANISTER, BEN                           IN-85-H-463
BANKS, MARY E.                          IN-85-H-222
BARKER, CATHARINE                       IN-85-D-255
BARNETT, ANDREW J.                      IN-85-F-141
BARNETT, DAVID F.                       IN-85-G-219
BARNETT, LEMENTINE M.                   IN-85-H-169
BARNETT, W. R.                          IN-85-G-232
BARNHART, TOMPKINS, L.                  IN-85-H-519
BARRY, MARY ANN                         IN-85-E-27
BARTHOLOMEW, ISRAEL W.                  IN-85-B-406
BARTON, JAMES                           IN-85-H-311, 331
BARTON, JOHANNA                         IN-85-G-518
BASHORE, BENJAMIN                       IN-85-F-531
BASORE, ANN M.                          H-32
BATTLINER, PAUL                         IN-85-D-299
BAUMBAUER, HENRY                        IN-85-H-184
BEAMER, HENRY G.                        IN-85-G-414
BEAMER, JACOB                           IN-85-G-516
BEAMER, PETER                           IN-85-H-536
BEAUMONT, JANE L.                       IN-85-F-266
BECHTOL, ANNA L.                        IN-85-H-527
BECHTOL, CLARENCE I.                    IN-85-G-289
BECHTOL, EDWARD                         IN-85-C-132
BECHTOL, EDWARD L.                      IN-85-H-428
BECHTOLD, CHRISIAN                      IN-85-F-124
BECHTOLD, JOHN C.                       IN-85-E-263
BECHTOLD, JOHN WILLIAM                  IN-85-F-462
BECK, AHAB                              IN-85-B-60
BECK, FRANCIS M.                        IN-85-H-338
BECK, TOBIAS                            IN-85-D-412
BEIK, ANNA                              IN-85-F-386
BEIK, GEORGE                            IN-85-A-395
BEITMAN, EMANUEL                        IN-85-E-308
BEITMAN, PAULINE                        IN-85-G-528
BELL, WILLIAM                           IN-85-H-66
BENDER, NELLIE JR.                      IN-85-F-258
BENDER, PETER                           IN-85-C-266
BENNETT, MAHALA                         IN-85-G-449
BEROTH, ISABELLA                        IN-85-B-131
BERRY, ANASTATIA                        IN-85-H-514
BERRY, WILLIAM S.                       IN-85-H-115
BERTMAN, DAVID                          IN-85-D-303
BESMER, GRACE                           IN-85-G-429
BICKEL, EMMA J.                         IN-85-H-418
BICKEL, JOHN D.                         IN-85-C-139
BICKEL, RUDOLPH                         IN-85-A-433
BICKET, WILLIAM H.                      IN-85-D-395
BIDDLESTETTER, GEORGE W.                IN-85-G-393
BIDLESTETTER, JOHN H.                   IN-85-F-37
BILLINGS, AMANDA                        IN-85-H-158
BINDER, JOHN G.                         IN-85-A-255
BINKERD, ANDREW                         IN-85-E-382
BITNER, ABRAHAM                         IN-85-F-73
BLACK, AMELIA KATE                      IN-85-G-438
BLADES, ISAAC                           IN-85-A-293
BLAKE, EVRED H.                         IN-85-G-556
BLAYNEY, JAMES S.                       IN-85-F-377
BLEVINS, CLARISSA                       IN-85-G-428
BLICKENSTAFF, HANNAH                    IN-85-E-125
BLIDEENSTAFF, JOHN                      IN-85-D-390
BLOM, JUBA A.                           IN-85-F-357
BLOOMER, ELIJAH O.                      IN-85-H-200
BLOUNT, FRANK M.                        IN-85-H-544
BLOUNT, RUFUS F.                        IN-85-H-111
BLOWMER, WILLIAM                        IN-85-A-44
BOARDMAN, JOHN C.                       IN-85-E-444
BOARDMAN, PRISCILLA P.                  IN-85-E-448
BOBBETT, VINCENT                        IN-85-A-41
BOBBITT, E. J.                          IN-85-A-422
BOBLET, JACOB H.                        IN-85-C-413
BOEHMEN, GEORGE V.                      IN-85-C-81
BOGARDUS, EMILY A.                      IN-85-H-103
BOGUE, BETSEY                           IN-85-C-15
BOHNSTEDT, GOTLEIB                      IN-85-F-218
BOLLINGER, HARRIET                      IN-85-E-560
BONDY, JANE (OZAH-SHIN-QUEH)            IN-85-B-220
BONEWITZ, JACOB N.                      IN-85-H-142
BONEWITZ, LAWRENCE                      IN-85-E-143
BOON, EUNICE                            IN-85-C-360
BOTKINS, EVALINE                        IN-85-F-196
BOUSMAN, JOHN                           IN-85-D-26
BOWER, MARY M.                          IN-85-G-313
BOWMAN, BENJAMIN M.                     IN-85-H-367
BOWMAN, THOMAS                          IN-85-A-352
BOWMAN, WILEY                           IN-85-G-239
BOWMAN, WILLIAM A.                      IN-85-H-226
BOYER, SAMUEL                           IN-85-H-170
BRADY, CLASON                           IN-85-A-134
BRADY, FRANCES J.                       IN-85-E-92
BRADY, JOHN D.                          IN-85-B-364
BRADY, JOHN R.                          IN-85-D-187
BRADY, T. R.                            IN-85-G-499
BRAKE, FANNIE S.                        IN-85-H-175
BRANCE, MILTON S.                       IN-85-H-312
BRANE, ANNA E.                          IN-85-H-329
BRANE, PETY                             IN-85-E-6
BRANES, FRANCIS W.                      IN-85-F-347
BRAUER, LEMUEL                          IN-85-B-6
BRAVE, MARY                             IN-85-B-241
BREUNINGER, MARY                        IN-85-H-557
BREWER, FLAVIUS J.                      IN-85-H-335
BRIDGES, THOMAS                         IN-85-E-207
BRIGHT, EDWIN                           IN-85-B-146
BRIGHT, MARY M.                         IN-85-G-242
BRIGHT, WILLIAM                         IN-85-G-421
BRODBECK, GEORGE H.                     IN-85-H-517
BRODBECK, THOMAS                        IN-85-H-95
BROLYER, CHARLES S.                     IN-85-F-550
BROOKOVER, ELIZABETH                    IN-85-E-78
BROWER, SAMUEL                          IN-85-D-88
BROWER, THOMAS J.                       IN-85-G-555
BROWN, ELIZABETH                        IN-85-A-203
BROWN, HANNAH                           IN-85-F-117
BROWN, JOHN                             IN-85-G-494
BROWN, JOSHUA                           IN-85-C-182
BROWN, PHILP                            IN-85-A-301
BRUBAKER, GEORGE                        IN-85-H-177
BRUBAKER, HENRY                         IN-85-F-138
BRUBAKER, MAGDALENA                     IN-85-A-367
BRUMFIELD, ROBERT                       IN-85-E-39
BRUNER, ALANSO J.                       IN-85-H-475
BRUNER, DAVID                           IN-85-C-17
BRUNER, GEORGE                          IN-85-A-182
BRUNER, JABEZ                           IN-85-F-107
BRUNER, JACOB R.                        IN-85-G-329
BRUNER, JAMES B.                        IN-85-G-508
BRUNER, JOHN A.                         IN-85-H-466
BRUNER, JOHN H.                         IN-85-G-158
BRUNER, LEVI                            IN-85-G-96
BRUNER, VENTURIA                        IN-85-G-541
BRUNER, WILLIAM H.                      IN-85-G-494
BRUNNGER, CHRISTIAN                     IN-85-C-261
BUCKLEY, DANIEL                         IN-85-E-332
BUCKLEY, ELLEN                          IN-85-F-268
BUELBY, MARY                            IN-85-A-102
BUFFINGTON, BENSON                      IN-85-F-336
BUFFINGTON, ELIZABETH                   IN-85-H-97
BUMGARDNER, ROLLIN E.                   IN-85-H-25
BUNDY, JANE                             IN-85-B-220
BURDGE, GEORGE                          IN-85-H-327
BURDGE, JAMES                           IN-85-B-258
BURGESS, DANIEL F.                      IN-85-H-553
BURKE, GEORGE H.                        IN-85-G-231
BURKE, SARAH A.                         IN-85-H-543
BURKE, THOMAS W.                        IN-85-G-88
BURNS, ANDERSON                         IN-85-D-374
BURNS, DANIEL                           IN-85-D-68
BURNS, MARY                             IN-85-D-60
BURNS, WILLIAM P.                       IN-85-F-537
BURNWORTH, PRISCILLA                    IN-85-G-66
BURRIS, ANNIE                           IN-85-C-221
BURSON, MIRANDA                         IN-85-F-248
BURSON, MIRANDA (RHODES)                IN-85-C-359
BURSON, ROSA E.                         IN-85-H-117
BURTON, JAMES                           IN-85-C-170
BUSH, JOHN A.                           IN-85-H-258
BUSH, WILLIAM                           IN-85-D-249
BUSICK, JOSEPH W.                       IN-85-E-191, 235
BUSICK, KATE M.                         IN-85-G-439
BUSSARD, ANN                            IN-85-F-15
BUSSARD, ELLIS M.                       IN-85-H-270
BUSSARD, LEANDER J.                     IN-85-H-119
BUSSARD, SAMUEL                         IN-85-C-205
BUTTERBAUGH, CATHERINE                  IN-85-E-127
BUTTERBAUGH, DAVID J.                   IN-85-G-510
BUTTERBAUGH, ISAIAH                     IN-85-H-351
BUTTERBAUGH, JACOB                      IN-85-H-82
CAIN, CELIA J.                          IN-85-E-54
CALAWAY, STEPHEN                        IN-85-B-33
CALDWELL, JANE                          IN-85-D-190
CAMPBELL, CHRISTENA                     IN-85-F-477
CAMPBELL, GEORGE                        IN-85-H-505
CARLIN, MILLER M.                       IN-85-F-484
CARLISLE, JOSEPH                        IN-85-D-140
CAROTHERS, J. S. B.                     IN-85-D-407
CAROTHERS, WALTER F.                    IN-85-G-87
CARPENTER, LOWELL L.                    IN-85-F-502
CARPENTER, SARAH                        IN-85-B-80
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                      IN-85-A-273
CARROLL, MICHAEL                        IN-85-D-51
CART, JOSEPH J.                         IN-85-G-237
CARVER, LUCY A.                         IN-85-G-5
CASE, LAVINA                            IN-85-A-347
CASE, WILLIAM                           IN-85-A-138
CASEY, DANIEL                           IN-85-F-240
CASSATT, JACOB D.                       IN-85-C-367
CAUGHLIN, JOHN                          IN-85-F-257
CESSNA, GEORGE E.                       IN-85-C-382
CHINWORTH, JOHN S.                      IN-85-E-20, 86
CHRIST, SARAH                           IN-85-D-404
CHRISTMAN, JOHN                         IN-85-G-125
CHRISTMAN, JOHN W.                      IN-85-G-348
CHRISTMAN, ROSINA A.                    IN-85-H-229
CISSNA, ROBERT                          IN-85-B-277
CLAPP, EMMA                             IN-85-H-163
CLARK, FRANK S.                         IN-85-H-180
CLARK, MINERVA R.                       IN-85-E-326
CLARK, NATHAN                           IN-85-H-336
CLARK, ROBERT H.                        IN-85-H-220
CLARK, SELBIA                           IN-85-H-298
CLEMANS, B. F.                          IN-85-F-169
CLEMANS, HENRIETTA                      IN-85-F-561
CLIFFORD, JOHN                          IN-85-F-387
CLIFFORD, WILLIAM                       IN-85-H-525
CLINKER, CHRISTIAN                      IN-85-G-17
CLUPPER, CHRISTIAN                      IN-85-G-137
CLUPPER, CHRISTIAN                      IN-85-F-55
COATE, F. W.                            IN-85-G-501
COATE, LUTHER L.                        IN-85-H-479
COBLE, SAMUEL                           IN-85-C-388
COCHRAN, EUNICE A.                      IN-85-D-148
COCHRAN, HENRY                          IN-85-C-280
COCHRAN, JOHN M.                        IN-85-D-397
COCHRAN, MARGARED                       IN-85-D-193
COFFEY, PAT                             IN-85-E-497
COGGESHALL, JAMES M.                    IN-85-H-29
COLCLESSER, CAROLINE                    IN-85-G-383
COLLETT, AARON                          IN-85-B-46
COLLNS, CORNELIUS                       IN-85-A-205
COMER, HARRIETT                         IN-85-G-536
COMPTON, JOHN                           IN-85-A-199
COMSTOCK, ELIZABETH B. P.               IN-85-G-379
COMSTOCK, JOHN                          IN-85-B-374
COMSTOCK, WILLIAM                       IN-85-B-148
CONES, LOUISA                           IN-85-B-160
CONN, JOSEPH H.                         IN-85-A-158
CONNELL, W. J.                          IN-85-F-504
CONNER, JAMES D.                        IN-85-F-437
CONNER, LEWIS S.                        IN-85-F-317
CONRAD, DANIEL                          IN-85-H-295
CONRAD, REBECCA ANN                     IN-85-F-84
COOK, BARBARA                           IN-85-F-364
COOK, GEORGE K.                         IN-85-A-287
COOK, NANCY                             IN-85-C-223
COOK, PEYTON                            IN-85-B-304
COOK, SYLVESTER W.                      IN-85-H-444
COOPER, DANIEL R.                       IN-85-H-401
COPPOCK, JAMES                          IN-85-F-326
COPPOCK, SUASNNAH J.                    IN-85-E-410
CORDER, JOHN                            IN-85-B-150
CORDER, MARTHA                          IN-85-C-283
CORDIER, JOHN                           IN-85-H-279
CORY, ALICE M.                          IN-85-H-232
CORY, MAHLON C.                         IN-85-C-352
COTTER, LAWRENCE                        IN-85-A-267
COTTRELL, ELI M.                        IN-85-G-399
COUGHLAN, JOHN                          IN-85-A-245, 280
COURTRIGHT, JACOB A.                    IN-85-G-153
COWGILL, CALVIN                         IN-85-F-60
COWGILL, CARY E.                        IN-85-G-189
COWGILL, MARY F.                        IN-85-E-81
COX, CORNELIA                           IN-85-F-20
COX, DANIEL M.                          IN-85-A-122
COX, JOHN Q.                            IN-85-F-435
COX, JOHN V.                            IN-85-D-281
COX, MARGARET                           IN-85-F-511
CRABBS, ELIZABETH                       IN-85-F-4
CRAWFORD, NEHEMIAH                      IN-85-F-512
CREAGER, ANNIA L.                       IN-85-H-434
CREAGER, EDWARD                         IN-85-G-374
CRILL, JOSEPH                           IN-85-E-572
CRILL, MARY A.                          IN-85-G-89
CRIPE, DANIEL                           IN-85-C-39
CRIPE, ELI                              IN-85-G-95
CRIPE, ISAAC C.                         IN-85-G-353
CRIPE, JOHN N.                          IN-85-A-265
CRIST, GEORGE W.                        IN-85-G-533
CRIST, JOHN D.                          IN-85-B-300
CRISWELL, SUANNAH                       IN-85-H-211
CRITCHLOW, CLAIBOURN                    IN-85-E-512
CRITZ, EMMA J.                          IN-85-D-393
CROFT, TIMOTHY                          IN-85-D-317
CRONE, CATHARINE                        IN-85-A-344
CROUCH, LOUISA JANE                     IN-85-F-339
CROW, W. A.                             IN-85-H-504
CRUME, JOANNA                           IN-85-G-117
CRUME, MARKS D.                         IN-85-G-370
CRUME, PERMELIA A.                      IN-85-G-405
CRUME, PLUNNY M.                        IN-85-A-377
CRUME, WILLIAM                          IN-85-A-83
CRUMERINE, SUSAN                        IN-85-D-105
CRUMRINE, JAMES MONROE                  IN-85-H-464
CRUMVINE, MADISON                       IN-85-F-209
CRUNKLETOW, ROBERT K.                   IN-85-G-351
CULLERS, EZRA                           IN-85-C-210
CULLERS, SUSANNAH                       IN-85-G-12
CULVER, JOSHUA                          IN-85-G-481
CURTIS, ELIZA A.                        IN-85-E-439
CURTIS, FRANCES                         IN-85-G-31
CURTIS, HENRY                           IN-85-E-562
CURTNER, JOHN M.                        IN-85-H-64
CURTNER, MARY EAGLE                     IN-85-G-391
CUSTER, ARTHUR                          IN-85-H-192
CUTLER, ABNER                           IN-85-B-174
DAIHL, GEORGE W.                        IN-85-F-67
DAILEY, WILLIAM                         IN-85-B-1
DALE, CHARLES C.                        IN-85-H-93
DALE, HANNAH M.                         IN-85-H-19
DALE, HIRAM                             IN-85-G-464
DAUGHERTY, ALENA                        IN-85-G-366
DAUGHERTY, DAVID SR.                    IN-85-B-394
DAUGHERTY, MARY A.                      IN-85-G-442
DAUGHERTY, MARY LEFFORGE                IN-85-G-284
DAUGHERTY, NATHAN                       IN-85-F-543
DAUGHERTY, THOMAS                       IN-85-B-286
DAUGHERTY, THOMAS GORDON                IN-85-G-181
DAVIS, EDWARD                           IN-85-H-432
DAVIS, L. B.                            IN-85-E-499
DAVIS, MARY B.                          IN-85-D-225
DAVIS, PHILIP                           IN-85-F-226
DAWES, MARY J.                          IN-85-G-156
DAWSON, JOHN H.                         IN-85-B-353
DAWSON, ROSA A.                         IN-85-D-232
DAWSON, WESLEY V.                       IN-85-C-213
DEAL, ABRAHAM                           IN-85-F-125
DEAL, SEBRINA                           IN-85-H-83
DEARDORFF, CATHARINE                    IN-85-E-141
DEARDORFF, ELIZABETH                    IN-85-G-440
DEARDORFF, ISAAC                        IN-85-B-275
DEARDORFF, ISAAC                        IN-85-C-61
DEARDORFF, JOHN E.                      IN-85-G-309
DEARDORFF, REBECCA                      IN-85-F-514
DEDRICK, SIMEON                         IN-85-B-194
DEETER, ELIZABETH                       IN-85-H-377
DEIFENBAUGH, JACOB                      IN-85-B-268
DELAUTER, JOHN A.                       IN-85-H-274
DELK, C. J.                             IN-85-H-64
DEMER, JOHN W.                          IN-85-H-560
DEPUY, ELLS M.                          IN-85-H-27
DEPUY, HELEN M.                         IN-85-E-243
DEPUY, HERMAN G.                        IN-85-D-138
DEPUY, JOHN W.                          IN-85-G-515
DEPUY, MARGARETTE                       IN-85-H-194
DEPUY, WILLIAM                          IN-85-G-211
DEWIRE, JOHN                            IN-85-A-91
DICK, JOHN H.                           IN-85-A-379
DICKEN, JAMES L.                        IN-85-E-397
DICKEN, JOHN H.                         IN-85-G-48
DIEFENBAUGH, JACOB W.                   IN-85-F-520, 575
DIEFENBAUGH, REGANNA                    IN-85-F-171
DILLMAN, JOHN                           IN-85-A-187
DILLMAN, JOHN H.                        IN-85-G-503
DILLON,OREN F.                          IN-85-E-537
DITTON, MARY                            IN-85-D-29
DOMER, WALTER A.                        IN-85-H-304
DONAHUE, THOMAS                         IN-85-E-550
DONALDSON, E. F.                        IN-85-E-281
DOUD, JEREMIAH                          IN-85-F-295
DOUGHERTY, DAVID                        IN-85-D-118
DOUGLAS, EDWARD                         IN-85-F-149
DOUGLAS, HARRIETT A.                    IN-85-G-521
DOWNEY, JAMES                           IN-85-F-221
DOYLE, JOHN                             IN-85-F-284
DRAKE, JAMES W.                         IN-85-D-74
DRALLINGER, ANNA T.                     IN-85-B-89
DRAPER, JOHN                            IN-85-B-332
DRISCOLL, ELLEN                         IN-85-B-306
DROUD, HANNAH                           IN-85-G-423
DROUD, WILLIAM F.                       IN-85-F-468
DUBOIS, WILLIAM                         IN-85-G-201
DUCK, GEORGE                            IN-85-E-370
DUCK, JULIA                             IN-85-E-484
DUFFEY, DANIEL                          IN-85-B-359
DUFFEY, DANIEL F.                       IN-85-D-294
DUFFEY, ISAAC G.                        IN-85-F-197
DUFFEY, PATRICK                         IN-85-C-349
DUFFEY, SUSANNA                         IN-85-D-368
DUFTON, JOHN                            IN-85-C-422
DUFTON, MARTHA                          IN-85-G-448
DUFTON, MARY AN                         IN-85-F-100
DUFTON, RICHARD                         IN-85-E-72
DUNBAR, DELANY                          IN-85-E-339
DUNCAN, MARTHA                          IN-85-B-125
DUNFEE, THOMAS                          IN-85-E-160
DURF, WILLIAM                           IN-85-G-477
DUTTON, MARY S.                         IN-85-H-306
DUZAN, PETER E.                         IN-85-F-232
DUZAN, SARAH JANE                       IN-85-F-489
DYER, JOHN G.                           IN-85-C-219
EAGLE, FRANCIS M.                       IN-85-E-377
EARLEY, ANDREW W.                       IN-85-D-221
EARLEY, HENRY                           IN-85-B-231
EARLEY, JOHN                            IN-85-D-62
EARLEY, MARY                            IN-85-D-214
EARLY, A. M.                            IN-85-C-256
EARLY, J. B.                            IN-85-A-150
EARLY, MARY F.                          IN-85-H-272
EARLY, MARY LOUISE                      IN-85-G-287
EARLY, ROBERT                           IN-85-H-240
EARSKIN, THOMAS                         IN-85-A-48
EBERHARD, D.                            IN-85-B-62
ECKMAN, NOAH W.                         IN-85-E-17
EDWARD, W. A.                           IN-85-H-6
EDWARDS, EDWIN A.                       IN-85-H-374
EDWARDS, MARY FRANCES                   IN-85-H-106
EICHHOLTZ, HENRY                        IN-85-C-287
EICHHOLTZ, JOHN F.                      IN-85-F-349
EICHHOLTZ, MAHALA                       IN-85-H-533
EIGNER, JOSEPH                          IN-85-B-170
EILER, CALVIN F.                        IN-85-H-214, 220
EILER, EMELINE                          IN-85-H-537
EILER, HENRY SR.                        IN-85-G-511
ELBURN, JAMES                           IN-85-B-12
ELLIS, CHARLES S. (DR)                  IN-85-E-33
ELLIS, JOHN C.                          IN-85-D-197
ELLWOOD, EMMA H.                        IN-85-G-14
ELRINGTON, JAMES H.                     IN-85-G-390
ELTZROTH, PORTER                        IN-85-G-586
ELWARD, ELLEN                           IN-85-D-363
EMERICH, PHILLIP                        IN-85-H-129
EMERICK, ALLEN                          IN-85-C-355
EMERY, GEORGE W.                        IN-85-F-572
EMERY, JOHN R.                          IN-85-B-234
EMERY, MARGARET                         IN-85-H-532
EMICK, ELIZABETH                        IN-85-H-370
EMICK, JACOB                            IN-85-G-208
EMRICK, ROSE B.                         IN-85-G-41
EMRY, WILLIAM H.                        IN-85-F-223
ENDRES, GEORGE                          IN-85-H-56
ENGLEMAN, MARQUIS L.                    IN-85-G-301
ENGLEMAN, MILTON U.                     IN-85-E-44
ENGLISH, J. W.                          IN-85-G-122
ENYART, B. F.                           IN-85-H-539
ENYART, BENJAMIN SR.                    IN-85-A-147
ENYART, JOHN                            IN-85-A-74
ENYART, SARAH                           IN-85-A-438
ERB, CHRISIAN                           IN-85-D-388
EVANS, JOHN                             IN-85-F-553
EVANS, MARGARET                         IN-85-H-349
EWING, ELIZABETH                        IN-85-F-297
EWING, G. W.                            IN-85-F-272
EWING, JANE                             IN-85-A-373
EWING, JOHN G.                          IN-85-C-32
EWING, JOSEPH                           IN-85-A-276
EWING, SAMUEL S.                        IN-85-F-44

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