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LABOYTEAUX, STEPHEN                     IN-85-H-259
LACKEY, JOHN                            IN-85-B-137
LAEER, EVA                              IN-85-D-283
LAFFERTY, LAFAYETTE L.                  IN-85-H-330
LAMBERT, ISAAC                          IN-85-D-143
LAMOREAUX, JAMES C.                     IN-85-C-27
LAMOREAUX, PHEBE R.                     IN-85-E-213
LAMPORT, OVID W.                        IN-85-H-88
LANDIS, JOSEPH F.                       IN-85-G-311
LANDIS, SAMUEL                          IN-85-H-362
LANGSTON, AMERICUS V.                   IN-85-F-539
LANGSTON, CHRISTOPHER C.                IN-85-F-89
LANGSTON, HIRAM                         IN-85-C-41
LANTZ, CAROLINE                         IN-85-C-357
LANZER, HENRY                           IN-85-F-414
LANZER, PHILLIPENA                      IN-85-H-346
LARREW, WILLIAM                         IN-85-F-393
LATCHEM, JOHN B.                        IN-85-G-147
LAUDENBARGER, SOPHIA                    IN-85-G-425
LAUER, PHILIP                           IN-85-H-506
LAUGHLAN, JOHN                          IN-85-A-245
LAUGHLIN, JOHN                          IN-85-H-42
LAUGHLIN, JOHN                          IN-85-H-380
LAUGHLIN, THERESE                       IN-85-H-34
LAUNDER, WILLIAM H.                     IN-85-F-423
LAURENCE, LOUISA J.                     IN-85-H-4
LAUTZENHEISER, JOHN R.                  IN-85-B-290
LAUTZENHIS, A. G.                       IN-85-G-496
LAUTZENHISER, DARIUS                    IN-85-F-332
LAVENGOOD, BARBARA                      IN-85-E-254
LAVENGOOD, DANIEL                       IN-85-H-149
LAVENGOOD, FREDERICK                    IN-85-F-120
LAVENGOOD, SAMUEL                       IN-85-H-224
LAY, JOSEPH                             IN-85-D-262
LEEDY, SAMUEL                           IN-85-A-65
LEFFEL, GEORGE                          IN-85-H-489
LEFFEL, SAMUEL                          IN-85-E-426
LEFFORGE, AMANDA J.                     IN-85-F-290
LEFFORGE, AMOS                          IN-85-F-122
LEFFORGE, LITTLETON                     IN-85-H-540
LEFFRIGE, AMOS D.                       IN-85-H-307
LEONARD, SAMUEL                         IN-85-A-64
LESSIG, JAMES C.                        IN-85-G-365
LESTER, OWEN                            IN-85-G-547
LEWIS, MARTHA                           IN-85-C-96
LEWIS, NANCY M.                         IN-85-C-94
LINDNER, D. WILLIAM                     IN-85-F-205
LINER, JOHN W.                          IN-85-H-502
LINES, THOMAS H.                        IN-85-A-226
LINT, PETER C.                          IN-85-G-255
LITTLE, CHARLES                         IN-85-H-62
LITTLE, JACOB                           IN-85-B-211
LITTLE, MAGDALENA                       IN-85-A-168
LITTLE, ROBET                           IN-85-B-102
LIZER, HANNAH                           IN-85-F-210
LOCKHART, TERPLIT                       IN-85-A-239
LOEB, SARAH                             IN-85-G-258
LOGAN, JOHN M.                          IN-85-F-355
LOGAN, SUSAN                            IN-85-H-39
LOGAN,OLIVER P.                         IN-85-E-402
LONG, J. E.                             IN-85-H-111
LONG, JOHN                              IN-85-B-205
LONG, LUCETTA                           IN-85-H-174
LONG, SCHUYLER C.                       IN-85-H-156
LOOP, SIMON                             IN-85-A-54
LOREMAN, GEORGE W.                      IN-85-F-542
LOSELLE, HARVEY B.                      IN-85-G-578
LOVELAND,JULIA A.                       IN-85-B-65
LOWE, MARTHA ANN                        IN-85-G-412
LOWE, WILLIAM                           IN-85-A-142
LOWE, WILLIAM                           IN-85-H-2
LOWER, EDWARD A.                        IN-85-G-564
LOWER, MELVIN O.                        IN-85-F-401
LOWERY, ISAAC                           IN-85-G-430
LOWMAN, HANNAH                          IN-85-H-526
LOWRY, BENEDICT W.                      IN-85-C-275
LUCE, JONATHAN                          IN-85-D-401
LUDLOW, FRANCIS                         IN-85-F-177
LUKENS, FRANCIS                         IN-85-F-153
LUMAREE, EMMA B.                        IN-85-E-130
LUTZ, DANIEL                            IN-85-C-385
LUTZ, EMANUEL M.                        IN-85-F-406
LUTZ, ISAAC W.                          IN-85-H-416
LUTZ, LETTA                             IN-85-H-445
LUTZ, REUBEN F.                         IN-85-H-46
LYNN, JOHN                              IN-85-E-412
LYNN, MARGARET                          IN-85-H-299
LYNNE, JANE                             IN-85-H-246
LYTLE, MARY J.                          IN-85-G-434
MABER, FREDERICK                        IN-85-D-167, 173
MALOTT, CATHERINE                       IN-85-G-413
MALOTT, IRA E.                          IN-85-H-152
MALOTT, LYDIA C.                        IN-85-H-400
MAPLE, BENJAMIN                         IN-85-G-541
MAPLE, BENJAMIN                         IN-85-G-546
MARBURGER, ELLA M.                      IN-85-H-481
MARKS, DAVID                            IN-85-G-207
MARRER, MARY                            IN-85-G-83
MARSHALL, PHEBE J.                      IN-85-A-327
MARTIN, ABNER B.                        IN-85-H-381
MARTIN, JOHN A.                         IN-85-F-215
MARTIN, LEWELLIN                        IN-85-G-319
MARTIN, PHILIP                          IN-85-F-469
MARTIN, SAMUEL                          IN-85-A-43
MASON, MARIAH                           IN-85-F-328
MASOWINKEL, LYDIA                       IN-85-B-39
MATER, MARY                             IN-85-F-363
MATHEWS, SARAH IRENE                    IN-85-H-375
MATLOCK, JOHN S.                        IN-85-B-378
MATTERN, PHILIP                         IN-85-E-349
MATTERN, VALENTINE                      IN-85-E-441
MATTERN, VALENTINE M.                   IN-85-G-543
MATTERN,A DAM                           IN-85-B-284
MAURER, CATHERINE                       IN-85-G-344
MAURER, CHRISTIAN                       IN-85-A-170
MAURER, GEORGE G.                       IN-85-H-449
MAURER, JOHN F.                         IN-85-G-537
MAY, SOLOMON L.                         IN-85-A-87
MCARTHUR, PHEBE SHIRE                   IN-85-H-204
MCCLINTICK, JOSEPH                      IN-85-D-297
MCCLURE, ALEXANDER                      IN-85-G-319
MCCLURE, BENJAMIN                       IN-85-E-128
MCCLURE, LOUISA J.                      IN-85-H-212
MCCOWAN, OTTO W.                        IN-85-H-123
MCCOY, THOMAS                           IN-85-D-10
MCCOY,G EORGE M.                        IN-85-D-203
MCCREARY, ELLEN MAY                     IN-85-H-420
MCCUA, CORA M.                          IN-85-F-305, 385
MCCULLOCH, HUGH                         IN-85-E-284
MCCUTCHEN, JOHN                         IN-85-C-158
MCDANIEL, OLIVE                         IN-85-C-46
MCDONALD, DARIUS                        IN-85-E-105
MCFANN, AMANDA A.                       IN-85-C-263
MCFARLAND, GEORGE W.                    IN-85-H-421
MCFARLAND, NATHAN                       IN-85-B-273
MCGOVERN, THOMAS                        IN-85-G-418
MCGRIFF, WESLEY P.                      IN-85-G-310
MCGUIRE, HARRIET                        IN-85-F-293
MCKACHAN, A. J.                         IN-85-A-177
MCKAHAN, DANIEL B.                      IN-85-H-150
MCKAY, WILLIAM B.                       IN-85-A-66
MCKEBBIN, THOMAS                        IN-85-A-253
MCKIBBIN, PHOEBE A.                     IN-85-E-120
MCKIMMEY, WILLIAM                       IN-85-A-282
MCKINLEY, CHARLES SR.                   IN-85-H-478
MCNAMEE, MOSES L.                       IN-85-A-81
MCNAMEY, HUGH                           IN-85-D-349
MCNANNY, JOHN                           IN-85-C-331
MCNOWN, HUGH                            IN-85-C-419
MCNOWN, JOSEPH                          IN-85-H-333
MELICK, CYRUS R.                        IN-85-G-562
MELICK,S ARAH                           IN-85-H-289
MERGY, HENRY                            IN-85-D-354
MERRICK, MARGARET                       IN-85-E-347
MERRICK, WILLIAM L.                     IN-85-E-219
MERRILL, LYDIA A.                       IN-85-F-496
MESSERLA, ROSA E.                       IN-85-G-179
MESSERLY, SAMUEL                        IN-85-G-454
MESSMASS, MICHAEL                       IN-85-D-346
MESSMORE, CHRISTINE                     IN-85-E-544
MESSMORE, LYDIA C.                      IN-85-G-205
METTLER, DAVID ALLEN                    IN-85-G-197
METZGER, DANIEL                         IN-85-H-33
METZGER, FREDERICK S.                   IN-85-G-568
METZGER, JOHN A.                        IN-85-F-545
METZGER, JOSEPH                         IN-85-G-567
METZGER, MARY ANN                       IN-85-H-423
METZGER, SOLOMON                        IN-85-E-31
MEYER, CHRISTINA                        IN-85-F-460
MIDDLETON, HARRIET                      IN-85-E-424
MIDDLETON, RUDOLPH                      IN-85-G-20
MILAM, JOHN                             IN-85-D-328
MILEY, ELIZABETH                        IN-85-E-29
MILLER, AARON                           IN-85-D-124
MILLER, CORDELIA                        IN-85-D-307
MILLER, DEBORAH                         IN-85-G-398
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       IN-85-F-222
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       IN-85-G-429
MILLER, GEORGE P.                       IN-85-H-140
MILLER, JACOB                           IN-85-H-282
MILLER, JACOB                           IN-85-H-500
MILLER, JOHANN HENRICH                  IN-85-G-35
MILLER, JOHN                            IN-85-A-209
MILLER, JOSIAH                          IN-85-B-302
MILLER, LAVINA                          IN-85-H-243
MILLER, MARGARET J.                     IN-85-G-375
MILLER, ROBERT H.                       IN-85-D-275
MILLER, ROBERT M.                       IN-85-G-300
MILLER, SAMUEL M.                       IN-85-E-542
MILLER, SARAH                           IN-85-H-58
MILLER, TOBIAS H.                       IN-85-H-185
MILLER, WILLIAM A.                      IN-85-A-322
MILLER, WILLIAM H.                      IN-85-G-502
MILLICAN, HENRY                         IN-85-B-387
MILLS, HENRY                            IN-85-H-454
MILNER,JACOB                            IN-85-B-391
MINNICK, JAMES                          IN-85-H-464
MINNICK, SARAH JANE                     IN-85-H-450
MIRANDA, ANNA                           IN-85-F-255
MISHLER, JACOB S.                       IN-85-H-70
MISNER, DAVID                           IN-85-A-248
MISNER, SARAH JANE                      IN-85-G-573
MISSICK, SARAH                          IN-85-A-180
MITTEN, ROBERT P.                       IN-85-G-373
MITTEN, SAMUEL                          IN-85-A-420
MOBLEY, LUCETTA                         IN-85-G-171
MONSON, L. W.                           IN-85-D-292
MONTFORT, DAVID                         IN-85-A-232
MOORE, ALONZO                           IN-85-H-555
MOORE, JACOB T.                         IN-85-F-399
MOORE, WILLIAM                          IN-85-E-472
MORAN, JAMES                            IN-85-H-151
MORFORD, JACOB                          IN-85-G-93
MORGAN, JOHN                            IN-85-H-284
MORPHEW, LYDIA                          IN-85-D-332
MORPHEW, MARY J.                        IN-85-H-260
MORR, PHILIP                            IN-85-G-417
MORRIS, MORDECAI                        IN-85-F-441
MORROW, PRISCILLA J.                    IN-85-H-105
MORTON, SAMUEL                          IN-85-G-403
MORTS, WILLIAM J.                       IN-85-G-212
MOSELY, JSOEPH                          IN-85-D-425
MOSSMAN, JOHNJ.                         IN-85-D-228
MOSSMAN, RACHEL                         IN-85-F-127
MOTE, ABRAHAM                           IN-85-H-369
MOTE, THOMAS B.                         IN-85-G-396
MOUNTS, ANNA                            IN-85-B-408
MOWRER, FREDERICK                       IN-85-D-32
MOWRER, PETER                           IN-85-H-31
MOYER, HANNAH                           IN-85-G-569
MOYER, REUBEN                           IN-85-H-139
MOYERS, JACOB                           IN-85-D-85
MUHL, CATHERINE                         IN-85-E-300
MULLETT, MARY A.                        IN-85-H-157
MURPHY, EUNICE R.                       IN-85-G-299
MURPHY, HUGH                            IN-85-A-62
MURPHY, JAMES                           IN-85-A-112
MURPHY, JOHN                            IN-85-E-153
MURPHY, PHILIP                          IN-85-B-129
MURPHY, TIMOTHY                         IN-85-B-368
MYERS, HENRY                            IN-85-H-122
MYERS, JOHN B.                          IN-85-F-329, 331
MYERS, MICHAEL                          IN-85-G-285
MYLIN, HENRY E.                         IN-85-F-340
MYLIN,CHRISTIAN                         IN-85-B-237
NABER, CATHARINE                        IN-85-F-246
NABER, LOUIS N.                         IN-85-H-292
NABER, WILLIAM A.                       IN-85-H-89, 98
NAGLE, HARRIET R.                       IN-85-F-428
NAGLE, JOHN A.                          IN-85-G-297
NAUEMACHER, CHRISTOPHER                 IN-85-A-333
NEBRECH, MARY                           IN-85-H-308
NEFF, JOSEPH                            IN-85-H-411
NEIBARGER, JENNIE                       IN-85-F-493
NEISWENDER, MARGARET A.                 IN-85-C-10
NELSON, JACOB                           IN-85-A-278
NEW, ISAAC                              IN-85-F-321
NEWBERGER, ISAAC                        IN-85-C-226
NEWMAN, MARY A.                         IN-85-F-334, 563
NICCEIM, JUDAH                          IN-85-F-373
NICHOLS, LEONARD                        IN-85-H-91
NICHOLS, MARY                           IN-85-H-271
NICK, WILLIAM A.                        IN-85-F-28
NOFSINGER, JOHN                         IN-85-C-235
NOFSINGER, JOHN P.                      IN-85-D-310
NOFSINGER, SUSANA                       IN-85-D-58
NOLAN, CATHARINE                        IN-85-F-497
NOLAN, ELIZABETH                        IN-85-B-389
NOLAN, MICHAEL                          IN-85-A-341
NOON, JOHN                              IN-85-F-551
NORRIS, ELIZABETH                       IN-85-F-1
NORRIS, ROZIN                           IN-85-E-8
NORRIS, SAMUEL                          IN-85-B-249
NORWOOD, GEORGE N.                      IN-85-H-350
OBORINGER, JOSEPH                       IN-85-D-164
OBRIEN, JOHN                            IN-85-F-351
OBRIEN, MICHAEL                         IN-85-C-301
ODANIEL, NEIL                           IN-85-A-89
OFFENHEIM, JACOB                        IN-85-C-191
OGAN, ELIAS                             IN-85-A-221
OGAN, GEORGE                            IN-85-B-319
OGAN, MARGARET                          IN-85-G-397
OGDEN, CATHARINE                        IN-85-H-161
OGDEN, ELIHU                            IN-85-A-161
OGDEN, HENRY                            IN-85-F-567
OGDEN, JOLLY                            IN-85-E-490
OGDEN, MARTHA E.                        IN-85-G-563
OGDEN, WASHINGTON CLAY                  IN-85-G-577
OGLE, MARY E.                           IN-85-G-463
OHARRO, HUGH                            IN-85-A-58
OLDFATHER, SOLOMON                      IN-85-D-382
OLIVER, BENJAMIN                        IN-85-D-287
ONSTOTT, ANDREW J.                      IN-85-E-374
OREN, GEORGE                            IN-85-B-99
ORR, WILLIAM H.                         IN-85-H-406
OSBORN, LEWIS                           IN-85-G-274
OSTERMEYER, CHARLES                     IN-85-G-385
OSWALT, AARON                           IN-85-H-433
OSWALT, DICK W.                         IN-85-H-45
OUSTOTT, SARAH A.                       IN-85-H-44
OWEN, JAMES I.                          IN-85-H-250
OWEN, JESSE M. K.                       IN-85-F-548
OWEN, MARY F.                           IN-85-H-318
OWEN, WILLIAM                           IN-85-A-125
OYLER, JOHN V.                          IN-85-F-368, 405
OYLER, MARY                             IN-85-B-123
OZAH-SHIN-QUEH (BONDY, JANE)            IN-85-B-220
PALMER, JULIA A.                        IN-85-F-280
PALMER, MARTHA                          IN-85-H-35
PARKER, ADAM                            IN-85-F-198
PARKER, JOHN B.                         IN-85-H-26
PARKHURST, LEROY                        IN-85-H-80
PARMENTER, JESSE                        IN-85-G-552
PARMENTER, TRYPHENA ALICE               IN-85-G-551
PARMERLEE, WILLIAM M.                   IN-85-G-227
PARROTT, JOSEPH L.                      IN-85-H-483
PATTERSON, CALVIN                       IN-85-H-76
PAULLUS, CATHARINE                      IN-85-H-52
PAULUS, ERNEST G.                       IN-85-G-509
PAVEY, GEORGE                           IN-85-H-296
PAWLING, MARY R.                        IN-85-D-114
PAYNE, ALBERT                           IN-85-B-83
PAYNE, ELWOOD F.                        IN-85-F-68
PE-MY-O-TO-MAH (GOODBOY, ELI)           IN-85-B-112
PEABODY, AUGUSTUS A.                    IN-85-C-22
PEABODY, CLARA                          IN-85-G-337
PEABODY, CYRUS                          IN-85-H-343
PEARSON, ANDREW                         IN-85-H-114
PEARSON, EPHRAIM                        IN-85-F-212
PEARSON, HARVEY                         IN-85-E-47
PEARSON, JOHN                           IN-85-F-336, 338
PEARSON, POWELL                         IN-85-B-180
PEARSON, SARAH                          IN-85-F-370
PEARSON, WILLIAM                        IN-85-E-319
PECK, WILLIAM B.                        IN-85-C-167
PECONGA, W. E.                          IN-85-H-305
PEEBLES, WILLIAM H.                     IN-85-H-441
PEFLEY, LYDIA                           IN-85-E-569
PEFLEY, SALOMA                          IN-85-E-368
PENCE, MARGARET                         IN-85-C-203, 246
PENCE, WILLIAM H.                       IN-85-D-365
PENISTEN, LUTHER W.                     IN-85-H-178
PERKINS, NORA                           IN-85-H-447
PETERS, ABRAHAM                         IN-85-F-132
PETRY, WILLIAM W.                       IN-85-H-16
PETTIT, HENRY C.                        IN-85-G-155
PETTY, JONATHAN E.                      IN-85-C-215
PHILBRICK, ALURA M.                     IN-85-B-177
PITTENGER, HENRY                        IN-85-A-290
PITTS, ELIZABETH                        IN-85-G-381
PITTS, WILLIAM A.                       IN-85-H-545
PLATT, PHEBE ALICE                      IN-85-G-79
PLUMMER, ALFRED H.                      IN-85-H-404
PLUMMER, CHARLS W.                      IN-85-H-162
POLK, JANE                              IN-85-H-454
POOL, ELIZA A.                          IN-85-H-550
POOL, MARGARET                          IN-85-A-98
PORTER, MARY J.                         IN-85-H-86
PORTER, THOMAS R.                       IN-85-H-199
POSTON, PHEBE M.                        IN-85-G-526
POTTEY, MELINDA J.                      IN-85-G-376
POWELL, HENRY C.                        IN-85-H-523
POWELL, MAHLON                          IN-85-H-494
POWELL, NANNIE M.                       IN-85-E-457
PRATT, JOSEPH                           IN-85-B-71
PRATT, SARAH E.                         IN-85-G-252
PRESSLER, ELIZA E.                      IN-85-H-425
PRESSLER, REBECCA M.                    IN-85-H-233
PRESSLER, WILLIAM V.                    IN-85-H-141
PRETORIUS, GEORGE                       IN-85-H-205
PRETORIUS, JACOB SR.                    IN-85-E-231
PRIES, HENRY                            IN-85-H-558
PRINCE, NANCY B.                        IN-85-F-343
PRINCE, SUSANA                          IN-85-E-504
PROUD, SAMUEL                           IN-85-A-417
PUEL, LEAH                              IN-85-B-142
PULLMAN, OSCAR                          IN-85-G-150
PURDY, JOSEPHINE                        IN-85-H-100
PUTERBAUGH, LUCINDA                     IN-85-B-167
PUTNAM, WILLIAM H.                      IN-85-H-546
PYLE, BERN B.                           IN-85-D-360
PYLE, JOHN                              IN-85-B-49
PYNE, JAMES A.                          IN-85-B-152
QUICK, LEWIS D.                         IN-85-F-292
QUINN, MARY                             IN-85-H-92
RAGAN, CORNELIUS                        IN-85-F-556
RAGER, AARON                            IN-85-E-102
RAGER, ADAM                             IN-85-H-345
RAGER, CALVIN A.                        IN-85-H-94
RAGER, GEORGE W.                        IN-85-H-234, 242
RAGER, LODEMA                           IN-85-H-32
RAUCH, FREDERICK                        IN-85-H-21
RAUSCH, ROSINA                          IN-85-H-507
RAY, JOSEPH H.                          IN-85-D-126
RAYMOND, LEWIS                          IN-85-C-29
REAGAN, MARY                            IN-85-H-104
REAHARD, JOHN F.                        IN-85-G-169
REAM, JACOB W.                          IN-85-H-285
REAM, JOSEPH G.                         IN-85-E-257
RECTOR, NELSON                          IN-85-C-317
REDEYE, FREDERICK                       IN-85-G-244
REDGWAY, JOB                            IN-85-D-111
REED, CATHARINE                         IN-85-C-194
REED, CHARLES D.                        IN-85-H-337
REED, EZEKIEL                           IN-85-D-208
REED, REUBEN                            IN-85-B-422
REED, WILEY                             IN-85-G-372
REEVE, FRANCIS M.                       IN-85-A-336
REEVES, GEORGE E.                       IN-85-H-176
REICHNER, JOHN                          IN-85-A-315
REID, JULIA L.                          IN-85-C-49
REIFF, MATTHIAS                         IN-85-C-232
REIHARD, GEORGE                         IN-85-A-110
RENICKER, EVE                           IN-85-C-91
RENNAKER, ZIMRI A.                      IN-85-H-485
RESTOR, WILLIAM C.                      IN-85-H-254
RETTIG, FRANK A.                        IN-85-E-171
RETTIG, JOHN B.                         IN-85-B-172
REYNOLDS, DAVID                         IN-85-B-350
REYNOLDS, ELMER E.                      IN-85-H-419
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                       IN-85-C-365
RHEMY, WILLIAM S.                       IN-85-H-364
RHODES, JONAS                           IN-85-C-309, 359
RHODES, MOSES                           IN-85-B-104
RHODES, ROBERT K.                       IN-85-D-257
RHODES, SARAH                           IN-85-H-187
RICARDS, GEORGE W.                      IN-85-E-311
RICE, MARGARET                          IN-85-E-248
RICE, MARY                              IN-85-B-308
RICE, SCOTT                             IN-85-H-314
RICE, WILLIAM H.                        IN-85-D-380
RICHARDS, NANCY E.                      IN-85-G-457
RICHARDSON, ELIJAH                      IN-85-A-69
RICHARDSON, ELIZA J.                    IN-85-G-8
RICHARDSON, JOHN                        IN-85-F-193
RICHARDVILLE, ROSINA                    IN-85-C-189
RICHWINE, LYDIA                         IN-85-G-453
RICKERT, FREDRICK                       IN-85-G-105
RIDDLE, ALMON                           IN-85-C-289
RIDENOUR, CATHARINE                     IN-85-H-358
RIDENOUR, JANE                          IN-85-F-243
RIDENOUR, JOSEPH                        IN-85-F-498
RIDGLEY, GEORGE W.                      IN-85-G-437
RIDGLEY, JAMES                          IN-85-A-295
RIFE, RUDOLPH                           IN-85-E-294
RIGGIN, A. R.                           IN-85-E-302
RING, RICHARD                           IN-85-G-456
RISH, MARY                              IN-85-F-518
RITTENHOUSE, SILAS B.                   IN-85-F-436
ROACH, JOHN                             IN-85-C-1
ROACH, SOPHIA                           IN-85-C-337
ROADARMEL, SARAH A.                     IN-85-H-79
ROBERTS, EFFIE                          IN-85-H-172
ROBERTS, MILTON                         IN-85-C-396
ROBY, ELIAS H.                          IN-85-F-200
ROBY, JOHN                              IN-85-F-432
ROBY, JOHN A. B.                        IN-85-A-361
RODGERS, MARGARET                       IN-85-H-344
RODGERS, MARY J.                        IN-85-E-4
ROLLAND, RACHEL O.                      IN-85-F-227
RONEY, THOMA                            IN-85-D-343
ROOT, NANCY                             IN-85-B-323
ROSE, CHARLES S.                        IN-85-G-476
ROSE, MARY E.                           IN-85-B-127
ROSEN, OTTO                             IN-85-F-517
ROSENTHAL, JACOB                        IN-85-B-330
ROSER, HUMPHREY                         IN-85-E-205
ROSS, AMOS W.                           IN-85-H-353
ROSS, EDWARD S.                         IN-85-D-341
ROSS, JULIA                             IN-85-C-98
ROSS, LIZZIE                            IN-85-G-541
ROSS, MARGARET M.                       IN-85-G-111
ROSS, MARGARET T.                       IN-85-G-23
ROSS, SUSAN C.                          IN-85-E-336
ROSS, WILLIAM                           IN-85-A-194
ROSS, WILLIAM F.                        IN-85-C-19
ROSS, WILLIAM G.                        IN-85-E-250
ROUSCH, ABRAHAM                         IN-85-D-13
ROYER, JOHN A.                          IN-85-G-566
RUDICEL, DAVID                          IN-85-D-157
RUDICEL, SAMUEL                         IN-85-G-128
RUDY, MARIAH                            IN-85-E-509
RUGGLES, LYDIA E.                       IN-85-H-99
RUSE, ALFRED                            IN-85-E-36
RUSE, NICHOLAS                          IN-85-F-492
RUSSELL, JOHN                           IN-85-E-158
RUSSELL, ROSABELLE                      IN-85-H-277
RYAN, JOHN                              IN-85-G-175
RYBOLT, CHRISTIAN                       IN-85-H-74

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