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PALMERTON, ERASTUS M.                   IN-70-6-500
PARKER, ALFRED Z.                       IN-70-3-411
PARKER, JOHN P.                         IN-70-5-24
PARKER, JOSEPHINE S.                    IN-70-4-388
PARKER, MIRIAM J.                       IN-70-5-539
PARKER, SAMUEL                          IN-70-2-103
PARKER, SILAS                           IN-70-4-30
PARKER, WILLIAM                         IN-70-3-603
PARRISH, DAVID                          IN-70-2-42
PARSONS, MATTHIAS                       IN-70-4-578
PATROP, JANE                            IN-70-3-286
PATTERSON, EDWARD                       IN-70-1-32
PATTERSON, ELIZABETH                    IN-70-5-132
PATTERSON, JARED                        IN-70-2-243
PATTERSON, JOSHUA                       IN-70-2-157
PATTERSON, NANCY                        IN-70-4-456
PATTISON, AMANDA J.                     IN-70-6-140
PATTISON, ELIZABETH                     IN-70-3-375
PATTISON, JAMES                         IN-70-6-550
PATTISON, JAMES                         IN-70-2-43
PATTISON, JAMES D.                      IN-70-4-282
PATTON, JAMES R.                        IN-70-2-306
PATTON, POLLY                           IN-70-2-93
PATTON, WILLIAM                         IN-70-3-352
PAULUS, DANIEL                          IN-70-6-466
PAXTON, LUCINDA                         IN-70-5-460
PAYNE, LAURA A.                         IN-70-3-397
PAYNE, WILLIAM J.                       IN-70-2-346
PEARSON, MARTIN                         IN-70-6-197
PETERS, DAVID SR.                       IN-70-2-328
PIKE, WILLIAM                           IN-70-2-54
PITTS, JESSE M.                         IN-70-6-134
PLATT, SARAH                            IN-70-2-270
PLOUGH, JACOB                           IN-70-4-262
PLOWRIGHT, NAOMA                        IN-70-5-169
PLUMMER, HARRIET                        IN-70-3-342
POE, THOMAS                             IN-70-6-52
POGUE, WILLIAM                          IN-70-2-149
POLLOCK, DELILA ANN                     IN-70-5-245
POPPON, HANNAH                          IN-70-6-542
POPPOON, GEORGE                         IN-70-6-540
PORTER, CATHARINE                       IN-70-2-393
PORTER, MARGARET M.                     IN-70-4-124
PORTER, ROBERT                          IN-70-2-71
PORTER, WILLIAM                         IN-70-2-391
POSEY, MARY E.                          IN-70-5-237
POSEY, SARAH E.                         IN-70-6-260
POSEY, WILLIAM A.                       IN-70-6-272
POSTON, ELIAS SR.                       IN-70-3-108
POSTON, NANCY C.                        IN-70-6-157
POUNDSTONE, WILLIAM J.                  IN-70-3-288
POWELL, JAMES A.                        IN-70-6-567
POWELL, WILLIAM                         IN-70-4-476
POWELL, WILLIAM T.                      IN-70-6-105
POWER, JOSEPH                           IN-70-3-462
POWER, RICHARD M.                       IN-70-5-347
POWER, WILLIAM S.                       IN-70-5-555
PRICE, SARAH                            IN-70-6-48
PRIDE, DENIZY J.                        IN-70-3-386
PRIDE, JOHN                             IN-70-2-211
PRINE, MARGARETT E.                     IN-70-6-305
PRINE, MATTHEW                          IN-70-2-321
PROCTOR, ELIZABETH G.                   IN-70-3-95
PROCTOR, URIAH                          IN-70-2-240
PUFER, AGATHA                           IN-70-3-230
PUGH, SARAH E.                          IN-70-6-392
PUNTENNEY, JOHN R.                      IN-70-5-309
PUTENNEY, GEORGE H.                     IN-70-6-175
QUAIL, WILLIAM                          IN-70-2-62
QUERY, DELILA                           IN-70-3-501
QUMZER, PHILLIP                         IN-70-3-311
RARDIN, ANGELINE                        IN-70-5-568
RARDIN, AZUBA J.                        IN-70-6-269
RARDIN, MARCUS B.                       IN-70-5-565
RARIDON, WILLIAM                        IN-70-2-56
REA, CHARLES L.                         IN-70-6-357
READLE, LILLIE D.                       IN-70-5-419
REDENBAUGH, GEORGE                      IN-70-3-138
REDENBAUGH, WILLIAM                     IN-70-6-527
REDMAN, FRANCIS M.                      IN-70-6-544
REED, BESSIE B.                         IN-70-6-172
REED, REBECCA                           IN-70-6-414
REEDER, GEORGE                          IN-70-2-67
REEL, NICHOLAS                          IN-70-1-66
REES, JOHN                              IN-70-5-443
REES, JUSTICE                           IN-70-6-38
REEVE, BENJAMIN F. SR.                  IN-70-3-395
REEVE, ELIZABETH B.                     IN-70-3-489
REEVE, GEORGE W.                        IN-70-5-194
REEVE, NELLIE                           IN-70-6-426
REID, ALEX                              IN-70-2-100
RETHERFORD, LEVI G.                     IN-70-4-454
REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH                     IN-70-6-388
RHODES, BASEL                           IN-70-5-300
RHODES, JOEL                            IN-70-3-266
RHODES, JOHN W.                         IN-70-4-276
RHOODS, ELI                             IN-70-3-382
RICH, ROBERT W.                         IN-70-6-14
RICH, WILLIAM                           IN-70-3-560
RICHARDSON, MARY                        IN-70-3-224
RICHARDSON, RICE                        IN-70-3-368
RICHEY, ANN                             IN-70-5-246
RICHEY, EMORY L.                        IN-70-6-416
RICHEY, WILLIAM B.                      IN-70-6-376
RICKETTS, JAMES                         IN-70-3-542
RIGSBEE, MADISON                        IN-70-4-526
RIGSBEE, MARTIN                         IN-70-6-138
RISHLING, GEORGE                        IN-70-1-53
ROADES, PHILEMON                        IN-70-4-259
ROBB, ROBERT                            IN-70-1-47
ROBERTS, ANTHONY                        IN-70-4-133
ROBERTS, JONATHAN                       IN-70-2-314
ROBINSON, JULIA                         IN-70-4-108
ROBINSON, OSMYN                         IN-70-2-101
ROBINSON, SUSAN                         IN-70-4-105
ROOT, SARAH A.                          IN-70-6-176
ROUNDS, FRANCIS M.                      IN-70-4-485
RUBY, JOHN SR.                          IN-70-2-266
RUFF, ROB ROY                           IN-70-6-309
RUSH, ALONZO M.                         IN-70-6-148
RUSH, RACHEL S.                         IN-70-6-111
RUSSELL, JOHN                           IN-70-3-91
RYAN, WILLIAM                           IN-70-5-264
RYBURN, NORAH                           IN-70-6-193
RYON, WILLIAM O.                        IN-70-3-425
SADLER, JOHN                            IN-70-6-223
SAILORS, JULIA A.                       IN-70-5-125
SARGEANT, THOMAS                        IN-70-2-372
SCANLAN, HONORAH                        IN-70-6-90
SCANLON, MARY J.                        IN-70-5-239
SCHRADER, ELIHU W.                      IN-70-5-402
SCHRADER, EMMA E.                       IN-70-6-563
SCHRICHTE, JOHN B.                      IN-70-6-221
SCOTT, JOHN T.                          IN-70-5-488
SCOTT, OWEN                             IN-70-3-34
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          IN-70-2-60
SCRUGGS, WILLIAM                        IN-70-2-200
SEARS, ALEXANDER                        IN-70-3-80
SEARS, BERANCY                          IN-70-6-496
SEIGER, JOHN C.                         IN-70-6-479
SELBY, CHARLES M.                       IN-70-5-500
SELF, RANDALL L.                        IN-70-2-357
SELLS, CYNTHIA                          IN-70-3-467
SEXTON, AMAND H.                        IN-70-4-381
SEXTON, HORATIO G.                      IN-70-3-44
SEXTON, MARSHALL                        IN-70-4-385
SHAFER, ELIZABETH                       IN-70-5-220
SHAFER, ROBERT                          IN-70-5-272
SHANK, SOLOMON R.                       IN-70-6-86
SHANNON, ALEXANDER                      IN-70-2-46
SHARP, ARCHIBALD                        IN-70-1-92
SHAW, ALLIN                             IN-70-2-106
SHAW, JESSE                             IN-70-2-358
SHAWHAN, JOHN M.                        IN-70-3-71
SHAWHAN, SARAH                          IN-70-3-593
SHEPLEY, CHARLES                        IN-70-6-232
SHIVELEY, JACOB SR.                     IN-70-3-31
SHOPPELLE, GEORGE SR.                   IN-70-3-234
SILER, MARY                             IN-70-2-123
SIMMONDS, JAMES                         IN-70-3-302
SIMMONS, WILLIAM                        IN-70-1-84
SIMPSON, SAMUEL                         IN-70-2-48
SMALL, ABRAM                            IN-70-4-532
SMALL, JOSIAH                           IN-70-3-414
SMALL, MARTHA                           IN-70-5-524
SMALL, ZACHARIAH                        IN-70-5-261
SMART, MARGARET                         IN-70-5-463
SMELSER, JOHN                           IN-70-2-360
SMELSER, JOHN                           IN-70-2-19
SMELSER, MARIA P.                       IN-70-6-437
SMILEY, JOHN                            IN-70-2-81
SMILEY, PANTHEA B.                      IN-70-6-396
SMISER, ABRAM                           IN-70-2-323
SMISOR, JOHN                            IN-70-5-256
SMISOR, JOHN                            IN-70-5-256
SMITH, BEN L.                           IN-70-6-463
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         IN-70-2-389
SMITH, DAVID B.                         IN-70-5-375
SMITH, EBENEZER                         IN-70-3-571
SMITH, ELIZABETH ANN                    IN-70-4-126
SMITH, JOEL F.                          IN-70-6-5
SMITH, JOHN                             IN-70-5-286
SMITH, JOHN                             IN-70-5-455
SMITH, JOHN SR.                         IN-70-1-39
SMITH, LIZZY                            IN-70-2-246
SMITH, MARY A.                          IN-70-4-563
SMITH, MATHEW                           IN-70-3-232
SMITH, SARAH                            IN-70-6-242
SMITH, SUSAN A.                         IN-70-6-174
SMITH, SUSNA J. P.                      IN-70-6-481
SMITH, THOMAS                           IN-70-2-278
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                       IN-70-6-404
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                       IN-70-5-317
SPACY, MARY A.                          IN-70-6-167
SPALDING, ALMA E.                       IN-70-5-505
SPANN, JERUSHA A.                       IN-70-4-360
SPARKS, JAMES B.                        IN-70-4-571
SPARKS, JOSHUA                          IN-70-2-141
SPENCER, ISAAC                          IN-70-4-26
SPRINGER, GABRIEL                       IN-70-3-499
SPRINGER, HANNAH                        IN-70-6-36
SPRINGER, JOHN J.                       IN-70-4-383
SPRINGER, ZIPPORAH                      IN-70-6-117
SPRONG, DAVID                           IN-70-3-531
SPURRIER, MARY B.                       IN-70-5-278
STALLARD, JAMES                         IN-70-2-198
STAMM, JOHN H. G.                       IN-70-5-329
STANLEY, PRESTON                        IN-70-4-443
STANLEY, THOMAS                         IN-70-3-331
STARR, JACOB                            IN-70-2-2
STEART, DAVID B.                        IN-70-3-356
STEELE, ALEXANDER L. H.                 IN-70-3-64
STEPHENS, CAROLINE M.                   IN-70-5-232
STEPHENS, SAMUEL                        IN-70-2-36
STEVENS, ISAAC                          IN-70-3-452
STEVENS, NANCY                          IN-70-5-13
STEWART, DAVID M.                       IN-70-4-325
STEWART, ELIZABETH                      IN-70-6-82
STEWART, JAMES W.                       IN-70-5-477, 485
STEWART, JOHN K.                        IN-70-5-252
STEWART, REBECCA                        IN-70-6-83
STEWART, ROBERT                         IN-70-2-143
STEWART, SAMUEL                         IN-70-3-113
STEWART, SARAH J.                       IN-70-6-435
STEWART, THOMA C.                       IN-70-5-164
STIERS, BENJAMIN                        IN-70-3-366
STINGER, SAMUEL                         IN-70-3-441
STIRES, ELIZABETH R.                    IN-70-5-305
STIRES, SAMUEL                          IN-70-2-182
STUART, JOHN                            IN-70-4-73
STUDY, JOHN W.                          IN-70-4-439
SUMERS, JOHN                            IN-70-1-51
SUMMERS, PENELOPE V.                    IN-70-5-426
SUTTON, AMARIAH                         IN-70-3-6
SUTTON, SAMUEL                          IN-70-2-86
SUTTON, SAMUEL H.                       IN-70-4-214
SWAIN, ALFRED                           IN-70-6-190
SWAIN, AMY E.                           IN-70-6-200
SWAIN, ELIZABETH                        IN-70-4-319
SWAIN, HOWLAND                          IN-70-3-412
TALBOTT, BROOKS B.                      IN-70-3-308
TALBOTT, JOHN B.                        IN-70-2-38
TALBOTT, SARAH                          IN-70-3-409
TALBOTT, THOMAS                         IN-70-6-484
TALBOTT, THOMAS                         IN-70-4-292
TARBETT, ROBERT A.                      IN-70-4-245
TAYLOR, SIMOEN                          IN-70-2-289
TEVIS, REBECCA                          IN-70-2-382
THOMAS, DAVID                           IN-70-2-178
THOMAS, MARY                            IN-70-2-30
THOMPSON, MOSES                         IN-70-1-79
THOMPSON, THOMAS                        IN-70-2-304
THORNBURG, ELIZABETH                    IN-70-5-390
THORNBURG, LUZENA                       IN-70-6-217
THURWACHTER, JOHANN                     IN-70-3-505
TINGLEY, BENJAMIN                       IN-70-2-162
TITSWORTH, GEORGE W.                    IN-70-5-533
TITUS, JACOB                            IN-70-4-44
TONNES, JOHN                            IN-70-5-130
TONNES, JOSEPH                          IN-70-5-68
TREEN, THOMAS                           IN-70-3-581
TRIBBEY, ALONZO W.                      IN-70-6-521
TROTTER, BENJAMIN                       IN-70-3-162
TYLER, PRISCILLA                        IN-70-3-492
TYNER, ANN                              IN-70-4-193
VANCLEAVE, JOHN B.                      IN-70-6-451
VANDIVIER, WILLIAM                      IN-70-5-490
VEATCH, JACOB                           IN-70-3-284
VEEDER, JOHN                            IN-70-1-45
VERMILLION, HORATIO                     IN-70-2-139
VICKERY, SARAH                          IN-70-5-178
VOSHELL, JOHN J.                        IN-70-5-345
WADDELL, JOHN D.                        IN-70-2-312
WADDELL, MARY ANN                       IN-70-2-344
WADKINS, WASHINGTON                     IN-70-5-416
WALKER, JOHN                            IN-70-3-336
WALKER, MARY A.                         IN-70-5-514
WALKER, ROBERT                          IN-70-1-73
WALLER, THOMAS                          IN-70-2-400
WARD, BEVERLY R.                        IN-70-1-64
WARD, JABEZ                             IN-70-3-370
WARD, RICHARD J.                        IN-70-2-121
WARDWELL, SARAH C.                      IN-70-6-246
WARFIELD, MARGARET                      IN-70-2-359
WARRICK, OLIVER O.                      IN-70-6-530
WEAVER, JOHN                            IN-70-2-238
WEAVINGER, HENRY                        IN-70-6-257
WEBSTER, SUSAN DELILAH                  IN-70-5-535
WEEK, ULYSSES L.                        IN-70-6-94
WELLMAN, AARON                          IN-70-3-121
WELLMAN, GIDEON                         IN-70-6-213
WELLMAN, ORRIS P.                       IN-70-6-192
WELLS, ELIHU S.                         IN-70-5-244
WERKING, SAMUEL                         IN-70-5-292
WESTERFIELD, A. J.                      IN-70-5-83
WHISMAN, WARREN                         IN-70-6-384
WHITE, ALBERT                           IN-70-5-472
WHITE, TIMOTHY P.                       IN-70-5-49
WHITE, WILLIAM                          IN-70-4-36
WHITELOCK, ADALINE                      IN-70-6-456
WICKERSHAM, MARY E.                     IN-70-5-328
WICKERSHAM, SARAH T.                    IN-70-5-248
WIGGINS, JOSEPH                         IN-70-2-25
WIKOFF, ARTHUR                          IN-70-5-319
WIKOFF, GARRETT                         IN-70-4-154
WIKOFF, JAMES M.                        IN-70-6-265
WILKINS, HENRY                          IN-70-5-445
WILKINS, VON                            IN-70-6-8
WILKISON, JOHN                          IN-70-6-177
WILL, JOHN                              IN-70-2-89
WILLEY, ETHAN A.                        IN-70-6-31
WILLEY, NOAH                            IN-70-3-140
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          IN-70-3-470
WILLIAMS, MARTHA J.                     IN-70-6-196
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       IN-70-3-360
WILLIAMSON, IRA F.                      IN-70-3-423
WILLSON, CATHARINE                      IN-70-3-236
WILLSON, SUSAN                          IN-70-3-238
WILSON, DANIEL                          IN-70-3-169
WILSON, ELIZABETH                       IN-70-6-20
WILSON, JOHN W.                         IN-70-5-110
WILSON, KATE P.                         IN-70-6-470
WILSON, MARGARET F.                     IN-70-6-266
WILSON, MATTHEW                         IN-70-2-146
WILSON, WESLEY                          IN-70-2-97
WILSON, WILLIAM                         IN-70-2-52
WILTSE, SIMON                           IN-70-2-40
WINDELER, MARGARET C.                   IN-70-6-324
WINSHIP, JABEZ L.                       IN-70-4-103
WINSHIP, JESSE T.                       IN-70-6-498
WINSHIP, JOHN                           IN-70-2-376
WINSHIP, JOHN B.                        IN-70-6-245
WINSHIP, JOSEPH                         IN-70-6-573
WINSHIP, LEWIS E.                       IN-70-5-517
WINSHIP, SALLY P.                       IN-70-3-76
WINSLOW, WILLIAM F.                     IN-70-4-81
WITTELS, SAMUEL                         IN-70-2-28
WITTERS, DAVID                          IN-70-3-415
WOLFE, JOEL                             IN-70-2-366
WOOD, MARTHA J.                         IN-70-4-59
WOODLEY, ISUNE                          IN-70-3-317
WOODS, ALEXANDER W.                     IN-70-3-135
WOODS, JAMES H.                         IN-70-4-66
WOODS, JAMES P.                         IN-70-4-406
WOODS, JOHN                             IN-70-3-254
WORSTER, THOMAS                         IN-70-4-391
WRIGHT, ALFRED A.                       IN-70-3-123
WRIGHT, EPHRAIM                         IN-70-3-53
WRIGHT, HARVEY                          IN-70-5-537
WRIGHT, MATILDA C.                      IN-70-5-158
WRIGHT, POLLY                           IN-70-5-97
WRIGHT, SILAS M.                        IN-70-3-428
WURTH, HANNAH W.                        IN-70-6-233
WYATT, JOHN                             IN-70-1-94
YAYEL, MARIAH                           IN-70-3-325
YAZEL, JAMES                            IN-70-3-240
YOUNG, ELIZABETH                        IN-70-5-389
YOUNG, LEWIS                            IN-70-4-269
ZION, GEORGE                            IN-70-3-256

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