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HACKLEMAN, CAROLINE M.                  IN-70-6-162
HACKLEMAN, CARRIE                       IN-70-4-502
HACKLEMAN, JACOB                        IN-70-1-59
HACKLEMAN, OLIVER C.                    IN-70-5-266
HACKLEMAN, SARAH                        IN-70-4-183
HAEHL, ANNA C.                          IN-70-5-360
HAEHL, JOHN                             IN-70-5-210
HALE, CONRAD                            IN-70-2-144
HALL, HENRY                             IN-70-6-362
HAMILTON, ANDREW J.                     IN-70-3-131
HAMILTON, FRANCIS M.                    IN-70-3-584
HAMILTON, JOSEPH                        IN-70-3-246
HAMILTON, REBECCA                       IN-70-4-149
HANSON, REBECCA C.                      IN-70-4-566
HARCOURT, HARRIETE                      IN-70-6-552
HARCOURT, NATHAN                        IN-70-3-502
HARCOURT, RICHARD                       IN-70-2-110
HARRIS, MARY                            IN-70-6-146
HARRISON, CELISTA J.                    IN-70-6-508
HARRISON, JANE                          IN-70-6-321
HASTELL, JANE ELIZA                     IN-70-4-131
HAVENS, LANDY                           IN-70-3-443
HAVENS, LUCINDA R.                      IN-70-3-493
HAWKINS, MARY J.                        IN-70-6-301
HAYS, WEBB                              IN-70-4-18
HEADLEE, THOMAS                         IN-70-3-346
HEALON, THOMAS                          IN-70-3-158
HEARKLESS, JAMES                        IN-70-4-76
HEATON, IRA W.                          IN-70-3-579
HEATON, JOHN                            IN-70-2-296
HEDRICK, NICHOLAS                       IN-70-1-9, 14
HEFLIN, ARTEMISA                        IN-70-2-92
HEFLIN, COLLINS                         IN-70-4-288
HEFLIN, MARTHA J.                       IN-70-5-560
HEFLIN, WILLIAM                         IN-70-2-91
HEFLIN, WILLIAM B.                      IN-70-4-212
HELM, JEFFERSON                         IN-70-4-218
HENDERSON, IDA M.                       IN-70-5-183
HENDERSON, JOSEPH                       IN-70-2-388
HENLEY, HEZEKIAH                        IN-70-2-340
HENLEY, JOHN                            IN-70-3-57
HENLEY, JOSEPH                          IN-70-2-326
HENLEY, MARGARET                        IN-70-4-253
HENLEY, THOMAS                          IN-70-4-111
HENLEY, THOMAS W.                       IN-70-5-410
HENRY, JACOB                            IN-70-4-460
HENRY, JAMES                            IN-70-1-56
HENRY, SAMUEL                           IN-70-3-340
HERKLESS, REBECCA J.                    IN-70-4-396
HERRON, CLARISSA                        IN-70-6-125
HERTSEL, CHRISTIAN                      IN-70-4-207
HEWITT, ELIZABETH                       IN-70-2-205
HICE, WILLIAM                           IN-70-4-5
HILDRETH, FRANCES L.                    IN-70-5-404
HILDRETH, JOHN                          IN-70-5-302
HILDRETH, MARTHA D.                     IN-70-5-216
HILDRETH, NANCY C.                      IN-70-4-235
HILKERT, ABRAHAM                        IN-70-3-474
HILL, EDITH                             IN-70-4-474
HILL, JAMES A.                          IN-70-6-468
HILL, JOHN L.                           IN-70-6-136
HILL, JOSEPH                            IN-70-3-204
HILL, MICAJAH                           IN-70-4-517
HILL, NANCY H.                          IN-70-5-207
HILL, RACHEL P.                         IN-70-6-523
HILL, SAMUEL B.                         IN-70-4-271
HILLEGOSS, FRANCIS O.                   IN-70-3-393
HILLEGOSS, WILLIAM S.                   IN-70-3-377
HILLIGOSS, ELIAS T.                     IN-70-4-369
HILLIGOSS, SILAS                        IN-70-3-519
HILLIGOSS, SOLOMON P.                   IN-70-3-544
HILLIGOSS, SYLVESTER                    IN-70-6-186
HILLING, WASHINGTON                     IN-70-2-245
HINCHMAN, ALLEN                         IN-70-6-428
HINCHMAN, GEORGE W.                     IN-70-6-130
HINCHMAN, JOSEPH                        IN-70-3-208
HINCHMAN, MARGARET                      IN-70-3-436
HITE, GEORGE                            IN-70-2-374
HITTLE, ISAAC                           IN-70-3-62
HITTLE, SUSAN                           IN-70-3-321
HODGE, WILLIAM J.                       IN-70-5-408
HODGES, FIELDING                        IN-70-6-24
HODGES, MARY A.                         IN-70-5-287
HODGES, SARAH ANN                       IN-70-3-129
HOFFMAN, REBECCA                        IN-70-3-60
HOLMAN, JAMES W.                        IN-70-3-607
HOLMAN, JOSEPH                          IN-70-6-103
HOO, JOHN K.                            IN-70-3-417
HOOTON, JACOB                           IN-70-3-444
HOOTON, JAMES                           IN-70-3-258
HOOTON, JAMES F.                        IN-70-3-296
HUDELSON, ELIZABETH                     IN-70-6-32
HUDELSON, JAMES                         IN-70-3-252
HUDELSON, ROBERT A.                     IN-70-5-242
HUDELSON, SARAH M.                      IN-70-5-542
HUFFORD, WILLIAM                        IN-70-3-115
HULIT, GORDON                           IN-70-3-282
HUMES, AQUILLA                          IN-70-2-125
HUNT, ANN H.                            IN-70-6-243
HUNT, DIANA                             IN-70-5-175
HUNT, MARY                              IN-70-4-364
HUNT, THOMAS                            IN-70-2-23
HURST, H. CLAIR                         IN-70-5-459
HURST, LANDY                            IN-70-2-380
HUTCHINSON, PRISCILLA F.                IN-70-4-186
HUTCHINSON, ROBERT                      IN-70-6-218
HYLSMAN, CHRISTOPHER                    IN-70-4-135
INGLE, RANDOLPH                         IN-70-5-386
INLOW, JOHN J.                          IN-70-5-15
INLOW, MARY A.                          IN-70-5-343
INNIS, JAMES M.                         IN-70-6-342
INNIS, JESSIE F.                        IN-70-6-454
INNIS, SARAH A.                         IN-70-6-294
IRWIN, ALEXANDER                        IN-70-1-18
IRWIN, PHEBE                            IN-70-6-45
JACKSON, BENJAMIN F.                    IN-70-6-460
JACKSON, CHARLES F.                     IN-70-5-342
JACKSON, MARTHA ALMIRA                  IN-70-4-330
JAMES, ELISHA                           IN-70-2-16
JARRELL, ALEXANDER F.                   IN-70-4-279
JEFFERSON, MALINDA                      IN-70-4-267
JEFFRIES, WRIGHT                        IN-70-6-211
JESSUP, JONATHAN                        IN-70-2-310
JESSUP, THOMAS                          IN-70-4-408
JOHNSON, ALBERTA REEVE                  IN-70-6-386
JOHNSON, JOHN                           IN-70-5-254
JOHNSON, THOMAS S.                      IN-70-2-159
JOHNSON, THOMAS S.                      IN-70-6-33
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        IN-70-5-274
JOHNSTON, LORINDA                       IN-70-4-285
JONES, CALVIN B.                        IN-70-5-394
JONES, FIELDING                         IN-70-3-38
JONES, JAMES                            IN-70-3-477
JONES, JOSHUA                           IN-70-3-483
JONES, LUCINDA                          IN-70-3-558
JONES, SUSAN H.                         IN-70-6-488
JONES, WILLIAM A.                       IN-70-6-579
JOYCE, BENJAMIN                         IN-70-5-377
JUNKEN, JAMES                           IN-70-3-150
JUNKEN, JOSEPH B.                       IN-70-2-133
JUNKIN, EDWARD A.                       IN-70-6-253
KECK, MATILDA                           IN-70-6-278
KEELER, BRIDGET                         IN-70-4-243
KEEVER, RHODA                           IN-70-4-22
KEISER, JOHN                            IN-70-5-462
KEISER, MARTHA E.                       IN-70-5-461
KEISLING, GEORGE L                      IN-70-5-134
KELLOGG, CONRAD                         IN-70-2-50
KELSON, JOHN                            IN-70-1-82
KENDAL, BENG                            IN-70-4-79
KENDAL, JULIA ANN                       IN-70-4-332
KENDALL, JOHN                           IN-70-2-384
KENNARD, JOHN                           IN-70-6-288
KENNEDY, ARCHIBALD M.                   IN-70-5-121
KENNEDY, GEORGE R.                      IN-70-6-310
KENNEDY, JOHN S.                        IN-70-3-194
KENNEDY, MALISSA F.                     IN-70-5-486
KENNEDY, SAMUEL                         IN-70-2-34
KENNEDY, SARAH A.                       IN-70-6-160
KERNER, MATTHEW                         IN-70-6-534
KERR, PAUL                              IN-70-6-151
KERRICK, HUGH                           IN-70-3-323
KINCAID, ANDREW E.                      IN-70-3-18
KINCAID, SARAH O.                       IN-70-6-227
KINDER, ESTHER                          IN-70-6-517
KING, ELISHA                            IN-70-5-321
KING, JAMES                             IN-70-3-298
KING, JOHNS.                            IN-70-3-268
KING, JOSEPH                            IN-70-2-166
KIPLINGER, HARRIET                      IN-70-4-559
KIPLINGER, JESSE C.                     IN-70-5-296
KIPLINGER, JOHN                         IN-70-4-14
KIRKAM, SARAH J.                        IN-70-2-336
KIRKHAM, JONATHAN E.                    IN-70-3-349
KIRKPATRICK, DAVID                      IN-70-3-420
KIRKPATRICK, ELIZABETH J.               IN-70-5-329
KIRKPATRICK, JOHN                       IN-70-2-117
KIRKPATRICK, SAMUEL                     IN-70-4-428
KIRKPATRICK, SAMUEL                     IN-70-6-171
KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM                    IN-70-4-237
KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM J.                 IN-70-6-559
KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM SR.                IN-70-2-316
KNEY, JACOB                             IN-70-5-123
KNOTTS, RICHARD                         IN-70-3-105
KRAMER, MARIAH                          IN-70-6-173
KUNTZ, FREDERICK                        IN-70-6-183
KUNTZ, HETTIE                           IN-70-5-276
KUNTZ, PETER                            IN-70-6-178
LACEY, THOMAS                           IN-70-3-119
LADEN, PERRY M.                         IN-70-2-64
LAIL, ROZZIE                            IN-70-4-421
LAIRD, GEORGE ALBERT                    IN-70-6-180
LAND, MARTHA E.                         IN-70-6-88
LAREW, JANE                             IN-70-2-231
LAUGHLIN, JOHN                          IN-70-4-515
LAUGHLIN, KATE                          IN-70-5-258
LAUGHLIN, SARAH                         IN-70-1-24
LAUGHLIN, WILSON                        IN-70-3-133
LAWSON, EDWARD                          IN-70-2-368
LEE, JOHN S.                            IN-70-1-65
LEE, MARTIN                             IN-70-3-126
LEE, NANCY J.                           IN-70-6-63
LEE, WILLIAM H.                         IN-70-6-380
LEGG, JOHN M.                           IN-70-6-202
LEHMAN, ANDREW                          IN-70-2-268
LEISURE, JOHN                           IN-70-6-280
LEMING, M. C.                           IN-70-6-511
LEONARD, JESSE                          IN-70-3-319
LEVI, NEWTON                            IN-70-6-54
LEVIS, DANIEL H.                        IN-70-2-264
LEWARK, ELI                             IN-70-5-356
LEWIS, THOMAS P.                        IN-70-1-90
LIGHTFOOT, ALFRED C.                    IN-70-4-534
LINK, THOMAS N.                         IN-70-5-378
LINVILLE, JAMES                         IN-70-2-31
LINVILLE, MARY                          IN-70-2-135
LINVILLE, MORGAN                        IN-70-5-422
LKNOX, JOHN                             IN-70-2-27
LODER, SAVANNAH                         IN-70-4-334
LOGAN, JAMES                            IN-70-3-522
LOGAN, JONAS W.                         IN-70-6-347
LOGAN, PATRICK                          IN-70-1-41
LOGAN, THOMAS                           IN-70-6-258
LONG, DANIEL                            IN-70-3-306
LONG, THOMAS W.                         IN-70-3-55
LOONEY, DAVID                           IN-70-4-161
LOONEY, PETER                           IN-70-3-433
LORE, GEORGE W.                         IN-70-3-154
LORE, MATILDA                           IN-70-3-454
LOUDENBACK, DANIEL B.                   IN-70-6-548
LOWDEN, CATHERINE B.                    IN-70-6-307
LOWDEN, GERTRUDE                        IN-70-5-260
LOWDEN, MARY J.                         IN-70-6-505
LOWER, JAMES M.                         IN-70-5-396
LOWER, REBECCA                          IN-70-2-176
LOWER, RHODA A.                         IN-70-6-80
LUCAS, HENRY B.                         IN-70-6-72
LUCAS, MARTHA B.                        IN-70-6-74
LYDEN, MICHAEL                          IN-70-6-263
MACHLIN, WILLIAM                        IN-70-4-323
MACKLIN, SARAH                          IN-70-2-136
MACY, LORENZO D.                        IN-70-4-374
MACY, WILLIAM G.                        IN-70-6-536
MAHIN, LANDY J.                         IN-70-6-26
MAHIN, WILLIAM E.                       IN-70-6-152
MANN, EPHRAIM B.                        IN-70-5-173
MAPES, JOHNW.                           IN-70-3-515
MARSHALL, DAVDI                         IN-70-4-337
MARSHALL, SARAH J.                      IN-70-4-544
MARSHALL, ZELINDA B.                    IN-70-6-127
MARTIN, BRYAN                           IN-70-3-152
MARTIN, ISRAEL W.                       IN-70-6-329
MARTIN, JAMES R.                        IN-70-6-410
MARTIN, JAMES S.                        IN-70-6-235
MARTIN, RALPH E.                        IN-70-6-587
MARTIN, SIMON SR.                       IN-70-3-124
MASON, ELLA                             IN-70-5-259
MATHERS, MARY                           IN-70-3-564
MATHEWS, OBADIAH                        IN-70-1-116
MATLOCK, MARY                           IN-70-4-447
MATNEY, LOVISA                          IN-70-6-326
MATTHEWS, MARY J.                       IN-70-5-431
MATTHEWS, RETTA T.                      IN-70-5-227
MAUZY, GEORGE G.                        IN-70-6-262
MAUZY, JOSEPH                           IN-70-3-156
MAUZY, PETER                            IN-70-1-77
MAUZY, SILAS                            IN-70-3-372
MAZE, JOHN                              IN-70-2-12
MCBRIDE, DAVID                          IN-70-3-36
MCBRIDE, ROBERT Y.                      IN-70-2-116
MCBRIDE, WILLIAM J.                     IN-70-3-228
MCCARTER, PERRY                         IN-70-2-284
MCCARTHY, PATRICK                       IN-70-3-458
MCCARTY, ANN                            IN-70-5-417
MCCARTY, JOHN B.                        IN-70-6-571
MCCOMUS, NATHANIEL                      IN-70-1-101
MCCORKLE, SAMUEL S.                     IN-70-3-485
MCCOY, MARGARET M.                      IN-70-5-118
MCCOY, WILLIAM M.                       IN-70-3-533
MCCRARY, SAMUEL                         IN-70-3-495
MCCRORY, HELEN M.                       IN-70-6-431
MCCRORY, PERRY                          IN-70-6-256
MCDANIEL, LEONIDAS                      IN-70-6-10
MCDANIEL, ROBERT                        IN-70-2-73
MCDANIEL, WILLIAM                       IN-70-6-394
MCDONALD, DANIEL                        IN-70-1-1
MCDUFFE, ROBERT                         IN-70-3-172
MCDUFFEE, MARY                          IN-70-5-268
MCDUFFIE, GABRIEL                       IN-70-3-8
MCFARLIN, THOMAS                        IN-70-2-1
MCGUIRE, FANNIE                         IN-70-6-372
MCILVAINE, JAMES W.                     IN-70-4-152
MCKEE, DAVID                            IN-70-4-49
MCKINNEY, HARVEY                        IN-70-1-98
MCKOWN, ARCHIBALD                       IN-70-2-229
MCLAUGHLIN, ROBERT                      IN-70-3-327
MCMANIS, CAROLINE                       IN-70-4-575
MCMANIS, JAMES                          IN-70-1-44
MCMANNIS, DONA                          IN-70-5-314
MCMANNIS, JAMES                         IN-70-3-146
MCMICHAEL, THOMAS                       IN-70-2-280
MCMILLEN, AMOS ELLIS                    IN-70-2-247
MCMILLEN, JAMES Y.                      IN-70-2-224
MCMILLIN, DELILAH                       IN-70-6-22
MCMILLIN, MARY                          IN-70-2-395
MCMILLIN, THOMAS M.                     IN-70-5-368
MCNELLY, WILLIAM                        IN-70-4-434
MCPIKE, JOSEPH                          IN-70-3-218
MEAL, SARAH J.                          IN-70-6-271
MEGEE, JOHN SR.                         IN-70-3-84
MELLENDER, CATHERINE                    IN-70-5-391
MERCER, REBECCA                         IN-70-5-340
MEREDITH, OBADIAH V.                    IN-70-3-73
MEREDITH, SUSAN M.                      IN-70-6-433
MESSMORE, MARANDA                       IN-70-5-432
MESSMORE, SUSANNA                       IN-70-3-430
MILBOURN, JACOB                         IN-70-2-252
MILES, KETURAH                          IN-70-5-475
MILES, RICHARD S.                       IN-70-5-384
MILET, RICHARD                          IN-70-3-291
MILLER, ARCHIBALD                       IN-70-3-549
MILLER, EMILY S.                        IN-70-5-161
MILLER, GEORGE                          IN-70-2-184
MILLER, HAMILTON                        IN-70-5-112
MILLER, JAMES M.                        IN-70-6-296
MILLER, JOHN                            IN-70-3-312
MILLER, JOHN                            IN-70-2-338
MILLER, JOHN B.                         IN-70-5-372, 380
MILLER, JOHN W.                         IN-70-6-18
MILLER, JOSEPH G.                       IN-70-6-120
MILLER, NANCY                           IN-70-6-334
MILLER, PETER                           IN-70-3-184
MILLER, SARAH                           IN-70-6-119
MILLER, SARAH A.                        IN-70-5-265
MILLER, THEODORE                        IN-70-6-569
MILLER, WESLEY                          IN-70-6-472
MILLER, WILLIAM STEWART                 IN-70-5-352, 364
MINOR, GIDEON                           IN-70-2-26
MITCHELL, AMANDA                        IN-70-5-512
MITCHELL, ELIZABETH                     IN-70-6-486
MITCHELL, MAGGIE D. R.                  IN-70-3-142
MITCHELL, WILLIAM C.                    IN-70-3-446
MOCK, AARON                             IN-70-4-296
MOCK, JOHN                              IN-70-2-17
MOCK, SARAH J.                          IN-70-6-402
MOFFETT, ANDREW                         IN-70-5-20
MOFFETT, JOHN                           IN-70-2-79
MOODY, SARAH W.                         IN-70-4-210
MOOR, ARAMINTA M.                       IN-70-4-98
MOOR, ARTEMUS                           IN-70-5-270
MOOR, JOHN L.                           IN-70-6-131
MOORE, ELIJAH                           IN-70-4-398
MOORE, HANNAH                           IN-70-5-288
MOORE, JAMES                            IN-70-1-35
MOORE, JOHN W.                          IN-70-5-336
MOORE, JOSEPH                           IN-70-5-236
MOORE, MOSES                            IN-70-4-357
MOORE, SAMUEL                           IN-70-3-165
MORAN, DOMINICK                         IN-70-4-240
MORAN, PATRICK                          IN-70-6-184
MORGAN, AMAZIAH                         IN-70-1-132
MORGAN, BENJAMIN                        IN-70-2-302
MORGAN, EVAN SR.                        IN-70-2-148
MORGAN, HESTER J.                       IN-70-6-220
MORGAN, JAMES                           IN-70-2-154
MORGAN, JOHN                            IN-70-3-450
MORGAN, SAMUEL                          IN-70-2-291
MOROE, ANN                              IN-70-4-247
MORRIS, ALFRED T.                       IN-70-5-311
MORRIS, HUSTON                          IN-70-3-456
MORRIS, ISABELLA                        IN-70-6-281
MORRIS, JOSEPH                          IN-70-1-4
MORRIS, MARY                            IN-70-6-79
MORRIS, MORRIS                          IN-70-3-220
MORRIS, WILLIAM                         IN-70-5-413
MOUNT, WILLIAM                          IN-70-2-350
MULL, FRANK A.                          IN-70-6-264
MULL, FREDERICK                         IN-70-3-272
MULL, GEORGE SR.                        IN-70-4-172
MULL, LEONIAS H.                        IN-70-6-558
MULL, SIDNEY D.                         IN-70-6-3
MULL, WILLIAM                           IN-70-4-366
MULLIS, JOHN                            IN-70-2-386
MUNNS, MARGARET E.                      IN-70-6-290
MUNNS, REBECCA J.                       IN-70-5-167
MURPHY, DANIEL O.                       IN-70-5-298
MURPHY, JESSE SR.                       IN-70-4-520
MURPHY, JOHN                            IN-70-3-67
MURPHY, JOHN                            IN-70-3-403
MURRAY, ARNOLD                          IN-70-2-150
MURRAY, EVALINE                         IN-70-6-443
MYERS, BARTHOLOMEW                      IN-70-5-441
MYES, JACOB                             IN-70-3-12
NEFF, DANIEL                            IN-70-3-103
NEFF, SARAH E.                          IN-70-5-294
NELSON, CHRISTIAN                       IN-70-3-78
NELSON, THOMAS B.                       IN-70-5-223
NEWBOLD, FRANCIS                        IN-70-2-13
NEWBY, HENRY                            IN-70-3-293
NEWBY, SARAH                            IN-70-3-381
NEWHOUSE, ALFRED M.                     IN-70-6-170
NEWHOUSE, ANDREW J.                     IN-70-2-355
NEWHOUSE, GEORGE W.                     IN-70-6-216
NEWHOUSE, ISAAC                         IN-70-3-439
NEWHOUSE, LEWIS J.                      IN-70-6-181
NEWHOUSE, SUSAN                         IN-70-4-494
NEWKIRK, PATRICK R.                     IN-70-6-207
NEWLIN, JONATHAN                        IN-70-5-104
NEWSOM, LUKE                            IN-70-4-51
NICHOLAS, JOSEPH                        IN-70-3-181
NICHOLS, HENRY W.                       IN-70-5-509
NIXON, JOSEPH                           IN-70-2-10
NOBLE, JAMES                            IN-70-3-528
NOBLE, MELINDA                          IN-70-4-138
NOBLE, SARAH                            IN-70-5-337
NOE, ANDREW SR.                         IN-70-1-111
NOE, DAVID                              IN-70-3-188
NORRIS, BENJAMIN                        IN-70-3-10
NORRIS, BENJAMIN F.                     IN-70-5-282
NORRIS, JESSE R.                        IN-70-5-481
NORRIS, PANTHEA L.                      IN-70-4-255
NORTHERN, NANCY                         IN-70-6-66
NORVILL, BENJAMIN                       IN-70-2-108
OBANION, WILLIAM                        IN-70-3-472
OBRIEN, ELLEN                           IN-70-3-556
OBRIEN, JAMES                           IN-70-4-175
OBRIEN, JOHANNA                         IN-70-4-376
OCHETREE, CATHERINE                     IN-70-2-213
ODEAR, ALMA                             IN-70-6-70
ODYER, EDWARD                           IN-70-2-128
OFFUTT, LEWIS J.                        IN-70-4-552
OGDEN, DEBORAH                          IN-70-3-547
OGLE, ERASTUS                           IN-70-5-280
OGLESBY, JACOB H.                       IN-70-5-1
OLDHAM, AMOS                            IN-70-5-370
OLDHAM, ELIJAH                          IN-70-6-47
OLDHAM, HANNAH M.                       IN-70-6-420
OLDHAM, JAMES SR.                       IN-70-2-170
OLIVER, JOHN SR.                        IN-70-2-138
ONEIL, JOHN J.                          IN-70-6-350
ORME, WILLIAM M.                        IN-70-6-525
ORMES, HENRY                            IN-70-4-482
OROARK, PATRICK                         IN-70-4-584
OSBORN, MARY                            IN-70-5-8
OSBORNE, NANNIE E.                      IN-70-6-303
OTOOL, PATRICK                          IN-70-6-133
OVERLEESE, GEORGE                       IN-70-5-290
OVERMAN, JOSEPH                         IN-70-5-530
OVERMAN, MELISSA                        IN-70-6-285
OWEN, BENJAMIN                          IN-70-3-509
OWEN, JONATHAN                          IN-70-3-432
OWEN, JOSEPH SR.                        IN-70-2-119
OWEN, JOSEPH SR.                        IN-70-6-338
OWEN, LUCINDA                           IN-70-6-276

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