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ABERNATHEY, WILLIAM T.                  IN-70-6-299
ABERNATHY, JOHN                         IN-70-6-169
ABERNATHY, LAVENIA                      IN-70-4-90, 95
AKERS, LEODOSCIA                        IN-70-4-68
ALAMAN, JOHN                            IN-70-4-11
ALEXANDER, JOHN                         IN-70-2-351
ALEXANDER, JOHN E.                      IN-70-6-515
ALEXANDER, REUBEN                       IN-70-5-448
ALGER, SKILMAN                          IN-70-2-8
ALLEN, ELLEN                            IN-70-6-458
ALLEN, JOHN J.                          IN-70-3-263
ALLEN, ROBERT L.                        IN-70-3-569
ALLENDER, STEPHEN                       IN-70-4-177
ALLISON, AMOS                           IN-70-6-68
ALLISON, ANNA                           IN-70-3-344
ALLISON, MATTHEW                        IN-70-3-176
ALTER, CHRISTIAN                        IN-70-6-575
AMMON, ADAM                             IN-70-4-84
AMMON, ZACHARIAH                        IN-70-4-57
AMOS, EMILY H.                          IN-70-6-60
AMOS, JOSEPH J.SR.                      IN-70-4-305
ANDERSON, CASSIUS                       IN-70-2-342
ANDERSON, HENRY                         IN-70-2-397
ANDERSON, JAMES W.                      IN-70-4-423, 423, 433
ANDERSON, LIVONIA                       IN-70-5-501
ANDERSON, NATHANIEL                     IN-70-2-75
ANDERSON, PARINTHA MACY                 IN-70-6-283
ANDERSON, PERMELIA                      IN-70-4-321
ANDERSON, WILLIAM SR.                   IN-70-4-528
ANDREWS, SAMUEL B.                      IN-70-4-441
ARMSTRONG, HENRY                        IN-70-5-335
ARMSTRONG, LYDIA                        IN-70-4-467
ARMSTRONG, MARY                         IN-70-3-401
ARMSTRONG, MARY J.                      IN-70-5-548
ARMSTRONG, SARAH E.                     IN-70-5-436
ARNETT, WILLIAM C.                      IN-70-5-354
ARNOLD, ISAAC                           IN-70-2-152
ASMAN, CATHERINE MAY                    IN-70-4-189
ATKINS, MAHALA                          IN-70-6-96
ATKINS, THOMAS                          IN-70-4-378
ATTER, MINNIE M.                        IN-70-6-209
AUSTIN, SAMUEL C.                       IN-70-4-34
AYRES, IRA W.                           IN-70-6-448
BACKMANN, CATHARINE                     IN-70-3-565
BACKUS, THADDEUS                        IN-70-3-144
BAINBRIDGE, JOHN R.                     IN-70-5-492
BALL, DEMOSTHENESE                      IN-70-3-362
BALL, HENRY                             IN-70-3-588
BALL, PHEBE                             IN-70-3-27
BALLENGEN, BENJAMIN F.                  IN-70-3-281
BARNARD, JETHRO                         IN-70-4-7
BARNARD, WILLIAM                        IN-70-4-115
BARNES, ANN                             IN-70-4-191
BARNES, BRINSLEY                        IN-70-4-3
BARNES, THOMAS G.                       IN-70-5-43
BARRETT, SAMUEL                         IN-70-2-399
BARRINGER, WILSON                       IN-70-4-9
BART, HENRY                             IN-70-2-113
BATES, CHARLES L.                       IN-70-6-364
BAUGHLEN, THOMAS                        IN-70-2-24
BEALE, JOHN                             IN-70-1-12
BEALE, STEWART S.                       IN-70-6-406
BEAVER, DAVID                           IN-70-4-489
BEAVER, ELIJAH                          IN-70-5-87
BEBOUT, ALICE                           IN-70-4-581
BEBOUT, CANZADA                         IN-70-5-465
BEBOUT, JOHN H.                         IN-70-4-480
BEBOUT, NANNIE A.                       IN-70-5-346
BEBOUT, SQUIRE W. T.                    IN-70-2-261
BECKETT, JAMES W.                       IN-70-6-408
BECKNER, JACOB                          IN-70-4-497
BEEKNER, WILLIAM                        IN-70-3-384
BEHER, MAHALA                           IN-70-6-30
BELKER, ELIZA M.                        IN-70-5-456
BELL, ARCHIBALD H.                      IN-70-4-350
BELL, CALEB A.                          IN-70-3-567
BELL, JOHN                              IN-70-4-198
BELL, JOHN                              IN-70-3-196
BENJAMIN, DAVID C.                      IN-70-6-158
BENNETT, WILLIAM                        IN-70-3-243
BENSON, JOHN H.                         IN-70-4-471
BERRY, EDWARD H. M.                     IN-70-5-503
BERRY, JOSEPH                           IN-70-2-255
BERRY, ROBERT                           IN-70-3-97
BILLINGS, JAMES                         IN-70-4-400
BILLINGS, RACHAEL                       IN-70-6-122
BINFORD, CALVIN                         IN-70-3-167
BINFORD, JARED                          IN-70-6-355
BINFORD, JOSIAH C.                      IN-70-6-286
BINFORD, MICAJAH                        IN-70-3-40
BINFORD, MICAJAH C.                     IN-70-5-40
BINFORD, WILLIAM                        IN-70-4-87
BINGAMAN, ELI                           IN-70-5-46
BLACKLIDGE, HELEN A.                    IN-70-5-400
BLACKLIDGE, STEPHEN C.                  IN-70-6-336
BLESSINGER, JOHN                        IN-70-2-259
BLISS, HARRIET A.                       IN-70-5-80
BODINE, DORCAS A.                       IN-70-5-362
BODINE, MARY ALNORA                     IN-70-6-538
BODINE, VIRGIL B.                       IN-70-6-352
BODINE, WILLIAM A.                      IN-70-3-605
BODME, CHARLES                          IN-70-4-536
BOGUE, GEORGE H.                        IN-70-6-292
BOLING, CLEMENT                         IN-70-3-598
BOLING, ELIJAH                          IN-70-3-117
BOLING, GEORGE                          IN-70-2-241
BOLING, REBECCA A.                      IN-70-4-249
BOLTZ, CORNELIA A.                      IN-70-6-423
BORING, ISAAC                           IN-70-1-123
BOWEN, CAMILLUS J.                      IN-70-4-205
BOWEN, NICHOLAS F.                      IN-70-2-294
BOWEN, SOLOMON                          IN-70-2-4
BOWLES, JAMES                           IN-70-4-416
BOWLES, MARY B.                         IN-70-5-144
BOWLES, ROBERT                          IN-70-1-71
BOWLES, ROBERT                          IN-70-4-541
BOWLIN, JAMES                           IN-70-1-126
BOWLING, RICHARD                        IN-70-4-61
BOWMAN, MARY JANE                       IN-70-6-368
BOWNE, CORNELIUS                        IN-70-2-164
BOYS, HIRAM                             IN-70-3-406
BOYS, JONATHAN                          IN-70-2-14
BRACKEN, THOMAS                         IN-70-3-388
BRANAGAN, PETER                         IN-70-4-577
BRANN, HANNAH                           IN-70-5-187
BRANNEGAN, ELIZABETH                    IN-70-4-290
BRAVARD, LEWIS                          IN-70-3-535
BRAVARD, RACHAEL                        IN-70-2-202
BRAY, RICHARD JASPER                    IN-70-5-451
BRIGGS, JAMES B.                        IN-70-3-99
BRITY, RANSOM                           IN-70-3-275
BROCIUS, JACOB                          IN-70-2-192
BROOKBANK, HARRISON                     IN-70-6-195
BROOKS, MAHLON                          IN-70-4-404
BROOKS, MOSLEY                          IN-70-3-261
BROOKS, THOMAS E.                       IN-70-3-226
BROWN, ABSALOM                          IN-70-6-513
BROWN, ALFRED                           IN-70-5-139
BROWN, FRANCES                          IN-70-3-29
BROWN, GEORGE                           IN-70-1-26
BROWN, HANNAH C.                        IN-70-6-185
BROWN, ISRAEL                           IN-70-3-248
BROWN, JAMES W.                         IN-70-5-407
BROWN, MARY                             IN-70-5-418
BROWN, MATTHIAS                         IN-70-2-88
BROWN, NANCY                            IN-70-5-365
BROWN, WALTER                           IN-70-3-210
BUDD, MARY                              IN-70-6-163
BUELL, ELI                              IN-70-4-550
BUELL, EMALINE                          IN-70-6-155
BUFFINGTON, JEREMIAH G.                 IN-70-1-57
BUNDY, JOSIAH                           IN-70-2-84
BURNS, ELIZABETH A.                     IN-70-6-101
BURNS, MARY                             IN-70-3-148
BURT, CLEMENT W.                        IN-70-5-299
BURTON, THOMAS                          IN-70-2-208
BUSH, VASHTI                            IN-70-6-268
BUSSELL, SUSAN J.                       IN-70-6-379
BUTLER, JOSEPH C.                       IN-70-3-333
BUTLER, WILLIAM                         IN-70-2-155
CALDWELL, CHARLOTTE                     IN-70-6-77
CALDWELL, ROBERT                        IN-70-2-69
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                       IN-70-2-77
CAMPBELL, ANNE                          IN-70-5-277
CAMPBELL, FRANCIS                       IN-70-2-160
CAMPBELL, GEORGE                        IN-70-3-89
CANADY, L. LEWIS                        IN-70-4-47
CANNER, WILLIAM R.                      IN-70-4-128
CARMICHAEL, DUNCAN                      IN-70-2-248
CARMICHAEL, JOHN R.                     IN-70-6-28
CARMICHAEL, LYCURGUS M.                 IN-70-6-64
CARPENTER, JULIA A.                     IN-70-4-523
CARPENTER, SAMUEL                       IN-70-3-526
CARR, JAMES R.                          IN-70-5-262
CARR, JOHN                              IN-70-4-38
CARR, LEMENTINE                         IN-70-3-399
CARR, MARY                              IN-70-2-235
CARR, ROLAND F.                         IN-70-3-507
CARSON, ELIZABETH                       IN-70-3-538
CARSON, JAMES                           IN-70-4-179
CARSON, MARY                            IN-70-5-350
CARSON, NANCY                           IN-70-5-128
CARSON, THOMAS                          IN-70-2-275
CASSADY, JOHN W.                        IN-70-6-228
CASSIDY, JAMES A.                       IN-70-6-16
CHALFANT, EZEKIEL                       IN-70-4-114
CHAPMAN, MAGGIE R.                      IN-70-5-250
CHAPPELL, JOHN W.                       IN-70-5-398
CHERRY, RACHEL                          IN-70-6-230
CHURCHILL, JEFFERSON                    IN-70-6-378
CLARK, CATHERINE                        IN-70-6-198
CLARK, EUNICE A.                        IN-70-5-147
CLARK, JAMES                            IN-70-2-324
CLARK, JOHN M.                          IN-70-4-201
CLARK, WILEY                            IN-70-3-460
CLIFTON, MARGARET                       IN-70-3-419, 430
CLIFTON, SAMUEL F.                      IN-70-6-188
CLINE, MARY E.                          IN-70-6-390
CLOUD, JOSEPH N.                        IN-70-5-338
COE, MARY                               IN-70-1-89
COLE, SUSAN                             IN-70-5-553
COLE, ULYSSES D.                        IN-70-5-316
COLEMAN, JOSEPH F.                      IN-70-3-562
COLLINS, JAMES                          IN-70-3-199
COLLINS, MARY                           IN-70-3-315
COMMINS, CORNELIUS                      IN-70-2-22
COMMONS, JESSE                          IN-70-4-410
CONAWAY, PHOEBE                         IN-70-6-92
CONDE, ADAM                             IN-70-3-42
CONEWAY, REUBEN                         IN-70-2-196
CONGER, WILLIAM W.                      IN-70-4-348
CONNER, MARY J.                         IN-70-6-503
COOK, JOHN                              IN-70-3-481
COOK, JOHN                              IN-70-2-298
COOK, SALLY ANN                         IN-70-6-418
COONEY, JAMES                           IN-70-4-469
COOPER, JAMES                           IN-70-1-19
COOPER, STANLEY                         IN-70-3-595
COVEY, JAMES                            IN-70-4-487
COWAN, ALEXANDER                        IN-70-2-370
COWEN, HUGH                             IN-70-1-126
COWING, CHARLES E.                      IN-70-5-551
COX, ROBERT S.                          IN-70-2-186
COX, WILBUR J.                          IN-70-5-229, 231
CRAIG, THORTON A.                       IN-70-6-222
CRAIGE, ROBERT                          IN-70-4-500
CRAWFORD, ELIZABETH                     IN-70-4-538
CRAWFORD, EVAN A.                       IN-70-1-86
CRAWFORD, MARY A.                       IN-70-6-370
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       IN-70-3-390
CROSBY, HATTIE                          IN-70-6-374
CROSS, EBENEZER                         IN-70-2-72
CROSS, EBENEZER                         IN-70-2-95
CROSS, JACOB                            IN-70-5-100
CROSS, JAMES H.                         IN-70-3-24
CULBERTSON, EUGENE L.                   IN-70-5-526
CULBERTSON, JOHN H.                     IN-70-5-75
CULBERTSON, MARGARET                    IN-70-2-207
CULLEN, WILLIAM A.                      IN-70-6-237
CULLINS, NANCY                          IN-70-5-304
DANNER, SAMUEL                          IN-70-2-218
DARBY, BERTHA O.                        IN-70-5-108
DAUGHERTY, JOSEPH                       IN-70-2-111
DAVID, JACOB                            IN-70-2-273
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        IN-70-3-192
DAVIS, MARY                             IN-70-3-591
DAVIS, MICHAEL                          IN-70-5-92
DAVIS, SAMUEL SR.                       IN-70-2-172
DAY, JOHN                               IN-70-2-58
DECKER, JAHIGALY                        IN-70-2-105
DEMMER, ANNA M.                         IN-70-6-554
DEWESTER, JOHN                          IN-70-3-505
DICKEY, MARIAH                          IN-70-3-422
DILL, ELEAZAR                           IN-70-6-225
DILL, MARY                              IN-70-3-524
DILLE, JOHN                             IN-70-1-68
DILLON, AMOS                            IN-70-3-379
DILLON, ELISABETH J.                    IN-70-3-487
DILLON, JEFFERSON C.                    IN-70-6-251
DILLON, OTTO P.                         IN-70-6-100
DIMMITT, JOEL                           IN-70-4-568
DINWIDDIE, HARVEY D.                    IN-70-4-165, 182
DINWIDDIE, MARIA                        IN-70-4-462
DIXON, HENRY                            IN-70-6-582
DIXON, MATILDA                          IN-70-4-24
DOBBINS, JESSE                          IN-70-3-2167
DOGGETT, JOSEPH T.                      IN-70-2-287
DOUGLASS, JOHN                          IN-70-2-131
DOWLY, THOMAS                           IN-70-2-92
DOWNEY, JACOB                           IN-70-3-93
DOWNEY, JAMES                           IN-70-4-195
DOWNEY, JOHN D.                         IN-70-5-142
DOWNEY, MARTHA ELIZABETH                IN-70-6-546
DOWNEY, WILLIAM H.                      IN-70-4-506, 513
DRAPER, AARON                           IN-70-2-292
DRAPER, MARY                            IN-70-3-329
DUNCA, THOMAS                           IN-70-3-14
DUNCAN, MARTHA A.                       IN-70-5-90
DUNCAN, WILLIAM                         IN-70-4-339
DURBON, SAMUEL S.                       IN-70-3-186
DURHAM, GEORGE                          IN-70-2-99
DYER, EDWARD                            IN-70-4-28
EARNEST, IRA D.                         IN-70-6-84
EATON, GEORGE W.                        IN-70-4-353
EDMONDSON, ROBERT                       IN-70-1-119
ELDER, JOSEPH                           IN-70-1-121
ELDER, LEON                             IN-70-4-414
ELDER, NANCY                            IN-70-3-479
ELLIS, THOMAS                           IN-70-2-332
ELSTEEN, ANNIE B.                       IN-70-4-100
EMMITT, JACOB                           IN-70-3-83
EMMONS, ELIZA                           IN-70-2-236
EMMONS, JAMES J.                        IN-70-4-491
EMMONS, MALINDA                         IN-70-3-540
ENDICOTT, THOMAS                        IN-70-1-113
ENGLIHS, ROBERT                         IN-70-2-195
ENGLISH, ANDREW B.                      IN-70-5-333
ENGLISH, JOANNA                         IN-70-2-364
ERTEL, PHILIP                           IN-70-5-203
ESTLE, PHILLIP                          IN-70-3-270
EWING, MARY R.                          IN-70-4-257
EWING, WILLIAM                          IN-70-6-201
FAIRLEY, JOHN P.                        IN-70-6-161
FAIRLEY, LUCINDA A.                     IN-70-5-504
FAIRLEY, MARGARET                       IN-70-3-438
FARLOW, WILLIAM W.                      IN-70-5-73
FARRINGTON, ADA M.                      IN-70-5-487
FAUST, CORNELIUS ELMER                  IN-70-5-307
FAY, BENJAMIN SR.                       IN-70-1-74
FEASTER, MARTIN                         IN-70-2-348
FERGUSON, MATILDA                       IN-70-5-571
FERREE, JOHN W.                         IN-70-4-548
FERREE, SALLIE L.                       IN-70-5-482
FISHER, ANNA L.                         IN-70-6-340
FISHER, ELIZABETH JANE                  IN-70-6-50
FISHER, JACOB                           IN-70-1-104
FLEEHART, HUGH S.                       IN-70-5-150
FLETCHER, ANN M.                        IN-70-6-446
FLETCHER, WILLAM R.                     IN-70-6-1
FLINN, ALFRED B.                        IN-70-6-231
FLINN, HARRIET B.                       IN-70-5-200
FLINN, WILLIAM B.                       IN-70-2-251
FLOREA, JOSHUA                          IN-70-3-101
FLORES, CYRUS                           IN-70-4-556
FOLGER, JOHN S.                         IN-70-2-362
FOLGER, PHEBE                           IN-70-6-345
FOSTER, EDWARD                          IN-70-4-452
FOSTER, JOHN                            IN-70-4-344
FOUS, LEWIS                             IN-70-1-99
FOUST, HENRY                            IN-70-3-87
FOUST, LEWIS                            IN-70-3-16
FOX, MARY                               IN-70-2-319
FOX, WILLIAM C.                         IN-70-6-61
FRAZEE, AARON                           IN-70-1-109
FRAZEE, EPHRIAM S.                      IN-70-5-56
FRAZER, JOSEPH                          IN-70-2-180
FREEMAN, KINION                         IN-70-3-277
FRIEND, ABRAHAM                         IN-70-1-63
FRITCH, JACOB                           IN-70-6-34
FRITCH, MARY E.                         IN-70-6-165
FRY, ELIJAH                             IN-70-2-193
FRY, JAMES A.                           IN-70-4-145
FURGASON, MARY A.                       IN-70-4-70
FURRY, NANCY A.                         IN-70-6-494
FURRY, SOLOMON                          IN-70-5-62
GANTNER, SARAH E.                       IN-70-6-108
GARD, ELIZABETH                         IN-70-5-540
GARDNER, FIELDING                       IN-70-4-251
GARDNER, LANDEN                         IN-70-4-298
GARDNER, ROBERT                         IN-70-3-1
GARTIN, JAMES A.                        IN-70-6-360
GATES, ARTHUR J.                        IN-70-6-248
GATES, CATHERINE J.                     IN-70-6-99
GATES, ISAAC T.                         IN-70-5-257
GEAR, HENRY                             IN-70-4-546
GERAGHTY, MARY SR.                      IN-70-6-128
GEYER, MARY C.                          IN-70-6-366
GIFFORD, ANNANIAH                       IN-70-2-190
GILLAM, ANDREW                          IN-70-2-174
GILLINGHAM, SARAH M.                    IN-70-6-205
GILSON, LILBURN H.                      IN-70-5-320
GING, MARY E.                           IN-70-6-311
GLENDENNING, GEORGE W.                  IN-70-6-154
GLENDENNING, HENRY                      IN-70-2-222
GLENDENNING, JEANNETTE                  IN-70-4-402
GLIDDEN, AUGUSTUS                       IN-70-5-28
GODDARD, JAMES                          IN-70-3-338
GODDARD, JOHN SR.                       IN-70-2-168
GOODWISE, CHARLOTTE                     IN-70-3-69
GORDON, EPHRAIM                         IN-70-6-244
GORDON, JOHN                            IN-70-2-6
GORDON, PRISCILLA P.                    IN-70-4-121
GORMAN, JOHN M.                         IN-70-5-240
GOSNELL, JOSEPH A.                      IN-70-5-381
GRABELL, THOMAS                         IN-70-3-574
GRAHAM, ANDREW E.                       IN-70-5-152
GRAHAM, JOSEPH                          IN-70-6-191
GRAHAM, MOSES                           IN-70-2-233
GRAY, FRANCIS                           IN-70-6-382
GRAY, JAMES                             IN-70-3-217
GRAY, JAMES                             IN-70-6-532
GRAY, MARY                              IN-70-3-465
GREELEY, JAMES                          IN-70-6-144
GREEN, MARY J.                          IN-70-6-56
GREEN, NEWELL C.                        IN-70-4-1
GREEN, THOMAS                           IN-70-4-118
GREGG, JOHN                             IN-70-2-225
GREGG, LUCY H.                          IN-70-5-424
GREGG, SAMUEL                           IN-70-2-203
GRIFFIN, CHARLES                        IN-70-3-201
GRIFFIN, PRISCILLA                      IN-70-2-308
GRIFFITH, ELLEN                         IN-70-3-448
GRIFFITH, MARY                          IN-70-4-141
GRIFFITH, RACHEL A.                     IN-70-3-517
GRIFFITH, SAMUEL                        IN-70-6-561
GROSS, JOHN                             IN-70-5-78
GROVES, ROBERT                          IN-70-2-215
GRUELL, MOLLIE B.                       IN-70-5-358
GUERIN, THOMAS                          IN-70-2-127
GUFFIN, HENRY SR.                       IN-70-3-20
GWYNN, JANE I.                          IN-70-5-66

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