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SACKETT, JOSEPH                         YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1817-40
SACKETT, NATHANIEL                      NTL                                     NY-56-1812-83
SACKETT, WILLIAM H.                     BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1835-75
SACKETT, WILLIAM H.                     BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1821-51
SALTS, JOHN                             COURTLANDT                              NY-56-1815-56
SANDS, AMBROSE                          BEDFORD (MINOR)                         NY-56-1816-45
SANDS, CALEB O.                         NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1820-63
SANDS, CALEB O.                         BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1813-51
SANDS, CALEB O.                         NORTH CASTLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1820-64
SANDS, DEBORAH                          NTL                                     NY-56-1827-55
SANDS, JAMES                            NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1834-52
SANDS, JOHN                             NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1831-71
SANDS, JOHN                             MAMARONECK                              NY-56-1807-27
SANDS, JOSEPH                           BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1831-72
SANDS, OTHNIEL                          NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1814-53
SANDS, PENNIAH                          NORTH CASTLE (MINOR                     NY-56-1820-64
SANDS, PHEBE ANN                        NORTH CASTLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1820-64
SANDS, SAMUEL                           BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1832-74
SANDS, SAMUEL                           NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1806-7
SANFORD, GEORGE                         NTL                                     NY-56-1827-54
SARLES, HENRY                           NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1827-56
SARLES, JAMES                           YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1840-56
SARLES, JOHN                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1843-77
SARLES, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     NY-56-1825-57
SARLES, SAMUEL                          BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1834-53
SARLES, SOLOMON                         NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1809-45
SARLES, SUSANNAH                        NEW CASTLE (MINOR)                      NY-56-1826-74
SARLES, THADDEUS                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1834-54
SARLES, THADDEUS                        BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1827-57
SARLLS, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     NY-56-1816-46
SAUNDERS, JOHN                          POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1827-58
SCHOTTS, WILLIAM                        NEW YORK CITY                           NY-56-1837-52
SCHOTTS, WILLIAM EDWARD                 NTL (M)                                 NY-56-1837-53
SCHUREMAN, MARY                         NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1829-65
SCHURMAN, FREDERICK                     NEW YORK CITY                           NY-56-1836-69
SCHURMAN, JEREMIAH                      NTL                                     NY-56-1791-7
SCOFIELD, ASAHEL                        POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1840-57
SCOFIELD, DAVID                         MAMARONECK                              NY-56-1841-71
SCOFIELD, DAVID                         NTL                                     NY-56-1821-53
SCOFIELD, HESTER                        SOUTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1817-41
SCOFIELD, HIRAM                         POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1836-70
SCOFIELD, ISAAC                         MAMARONECK                              NY-56-1844-83
SCOFIELD, JOSEPH                        SOUTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1817-41
SCOFIELD, JOSEPH                        NTL                                     NY-56-1803-19
SCOFIELD, JOSEPH                        POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1815-57
SCOFIELD, MOSES                         POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1806-8
SCOFIELD, PATTY                         SOUTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1817-41
SCOFIELD, SMITH                         SOUTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1817-41
SCOTT, ELIZA                            YONKERS                                 NY-56-1842-86
SCRIVNER, ZEPHANIAH                     NTL                                     NY-56-1787-13
SCUDDER, JOHN B.                        ST. LOUIS, MO                           NY-56-1838-64
SEACORD, JAMES                          NTL                                     NY-56-1775-1
SEACORD, JOHN                           NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1838-65
SEAMAN, GILES                           NTL                                     NY-56-1828-66
SEAMAN, ISAAC                           RYE                                     NY-56-1804-24
SEAMAN, SILVANUS                        RYE                                     NY-56-1818-47
SEAMAN, THOMAS                          NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1811-34
SECOR, BENJAMIN                         NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1811-35
SECOR, CALEB                            SCARSDALE                               NY-56-1844-84
SECOR, ESTHER                           MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1843-78
SECOR, FRANCIS                          SCARSDALE                               NY-56-1804-25
SECOR, MARY                             MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1843-79
SECOR, OLIVER                           SCARSDALE                               NY-56-1812-84
SECOR, SARAH                            NTL                                     NY-56-1823-45
SECOR, SOPHIA                           NTL                                     NY-56-1822-56
SECORD, DANIEL                          NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1843-80
SECORD, MARY                            YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1829-66
SECORD, MOSES                           CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1839-73
SEE, ABRAHAM                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1813-52
SEE, ANN B.                             RYE (MINOR)                             NY-56-1825-58
SEE, DAVID                              NTL                                     NY-56-1821-52
SEE, ISAAC                              MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1831-73
SEE, JAMES                              NTL                                     NY-56-1814-54
SEE, JAMES                              NTL                                     NY-56-1822-57
SEE, JOHN                               MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1838-66
SEE, JOHN                               MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1829-67
SEE, JOHN S.                            MOUNT PLEASANT BF (CON'T)               NY-56-1828-67
SEE, JOHN S.                            MOUNT PLEASANT BF                       NY-56-1828-67
SEE, JOHN W.                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1824-44
SEE, LATITIA B.                         RYE (MINOR)                             NY-56-1825-58
SEE, MARIA CLARISSA                     NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1814-55
SEE, MARTHA                             NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1814-55
SEE, SARAH                              SOMERS (MINOR)                          NY-56-1814-56
SEE, SUSANNAH                           NTL                                     NY-56-1825-59
SEELY, JAMES                            NTL                                     NY-56-1814-57
SEELY, WYK                              NTL                                     NY-56-1797-17
SEELY, ZADOCK                           BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1843-81
SELLECK, HANNAH                         SALEM                                   NY-56-1808-54
SERRINGTON, SAMUEL                      NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1833-47
SEWARD, DANIEL                          SALEM                                   NY-56-1802-17
SEWARD, JOHN                            SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1812-85
SEWARD, STEPHEN                         SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1809-46
SEYMOUR, ABIGAIL                        RYE                                     NY-56-1831-74
SEYMOUR, SARAH                          SCARSDALE                               NY-56-1829-68
SEYMOUR, THOMAS                         SCARSDALE                               NY-56-1829-69
SHANNON, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NY-56-1828-68
SHEARWOOD, DAVID                        NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1833-48
SHEARWOOD, JONATHAN                     NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1833-49
SHEARWOOD, RUTH                         GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1836-71
SHEARWOOD, THOMAS                       GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1813-54
SHEFFIELD, WILLIAM E.                   NTL                                     NY-56-1838-67
SHELBY, GILBERT                         HARRISON                                NY-56-1841-72
SHELTON, HENRY                          PELHAM                                  NY-56-1843-82
SHERWOOD, ABIGAIL                       YORK TOWN (MINOR)                       NY-56-1823-46
SHERWOOD, CALEB                         YONKERS                                 NY-56-1828-88
SHERWOOD, ELIZABETH                     MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1805-17
SHERWOOD, GABRIEL                       MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1805-17
SHERWOOD, GERSHAM                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1808-55
SHERWOOD, ISAAC                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1844-85
SHERWOOD, JOB                           NTL                                     NY-56-1808-56
SHERWOOD, JOB                           MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1805-17
SHERWOOD, JOB                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1802-18
SHERWOOD, JOHN                          YONKERS                                 NY-56-1804-26
SHERWOOD, MARGARET                      NTL                                     NY-56-1827-59
SHERWOOD, MARY JANE                     YORK TOWN (MINOR)                       NY-56-1823-47
SHERWOOD, MOSES                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1837-54
SHERWOOD, NEHEMIAH                      BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1820-65
SHERWOOD, OLIVER                        BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1809-47
SHERWOOD, PHEBE                         NTL                                     NY-56-1825-60
SHERWOOD, PHEBE                         CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1809-48
SHERWOOD, REUBEN                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1820-66
SHERWOOD, SAMUEL                        MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1805-17
SHERWOOD, SAMUEL                        MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1813-53
SHERWOOD, SARAH                         MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1805-17
SHERWOOD, SARAH                         NTL                                     NY-56-1789-20
SHERWOOD, SOLOMON                       NTL                                     NY-56-1821-54
SHERWOOD, THOMAS                        YONKERS                                 NY-56-1791-8
SHERWOOD, WILLIAM                       MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1805-17
SHERWOOD, WILLIAM                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1821-55
SHERWOOD, WRIGHT                        RYE                                     NY-56-1829-70
SHORTLEFF, LEANNAH                      YONKERS (MINOR)                         NY-56-1841-73
SHUTE, BALINDA                          EASTCHESTER (MINOR)                     NY-56-1825-62
SHUTE, CHARLES                          NTL                                     NY-56-1825-61
SHUTE, ELISHA                           NTL                                     NY-56-1826-75
SHUTE, EZEKIEL                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1817-42
SHUTE, GILBERT                          EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1830-77
SHUTE, JAMES G.                         NEW ROCHELLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1809-49
SHUTE, JAMES L.                         SOUTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1839-74
SHUTE, JOHN                             NTL                                     NY-56-1814-58
SHUTE, JOSEPH                           NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1829-71
SHUTE, LAVINA                           WHITE PLAINS (MINOR)                    NY-56-1844-86
SHUTE, LEVI                             GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1842-87
SHUTE, LOUISA                           NEW ROCHELLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1809-49
SHUTE, PETER                            NEW ROCHELLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1809-49
SHUTE, PETER                            NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1808-57
SHUTE, PHEBE ANN                        EASTCHESTER (MINOR)                     NY-56-1825-62
SHUTE, RICHARD                          EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1839-75
SHUTE, RICHARD                          EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1841-74
SHUTE, SAMUEL                           NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1808-58
SHUTE, SARAH                            NEW ROCHELLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1809-49
SHUTE, THOMAS                           EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1819-52
SILLAMAN, JOSEPH                        BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1830-78
SIMKINS, ISAAC                          POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1839-76
SIMMONS, ABRAHAM                        NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1835-76
SING, EVELINA                           MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1804-27
SING, JOHN                              MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1804-27
SING, JOHN                              MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1838-68
SKIDGEL, JAMES                          CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1808-59
SKINNER, HANNAH                         EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1840-58
SKINNER, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     NY-56-1836-72
SKINNER, JOSEPHINE                      NYC (MINOR)                             NY-56-1840-59
SLATER, DANIEL                          RYE                                     NY-56-1837-55
SLATER, HIRAM                           SOMERS                                  NY-56-1841-75
SLATER, JOHN                            RYE                                     NY-56-1811-36
SLATER, SARAH ELIZABETH                 RYE (M)                                 NY-56-1838-69
SLATER, WILLIAM                         RYE                                     NY-56-1830-79
SLATER, WILLIAM K.                      RYE (M)                                 NY-56-1838-69
SLAWSON, AMOS                           POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1830-80
SLAWSON, EDWARD                         POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1836-73
SLY, EUNICE A.                          EAST ROXBURY, VT                        NY-56-1839-77
SMITH, ABEL                             NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1811-37
SMITH, ABIGAIL                          BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1838-70
SMITH, ANN                              EASTCHESTER (MINOR)                     NY-56-1818-48
SMITH, ANN                              NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1812-86
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1828-69
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1828-70
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1823-48
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         SOUTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1808-60
SMITH, BLATCHLEY                        SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1830-81
SMITH, CALEB                            NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1813-55
SMITH, CALEB                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1831-75
SMITH, CHARLES                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1833-50
SMITH, CHARLES W.                       RYE                                     NY-56-1842-88
SMITH, DANIEL L.                        NTL                                     NY-56-1825-63
SMITH, DEBORAH                          YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1832-76
SMITH, DENTON                           NTL                                     NY-56-1812-87
SMITH, ELIJAH                           NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1836-74
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1823-49
SMITH, GABRIEL                          BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1819-53
SMITH, GABRIEL                          BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1832-77
SMITH, GEORGE                           CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1818-51
SMITH, ISAAC                            NTL                                     NY-56-1790-11
SMITH, ISAAC                            NTL                                     NY-56-1805-18
SMITH, ISAAC                            NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1811-38
SMITH, ISAAC                            NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1826-76
SMITH, ISAAC                            NTL                                     NY-56-1824-45
SMITH, ISAAC                            NTL                                     NY-56-1828-72
SMITH, ISAAC                            BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1833-51
SMITH, ISAAC JR.                        BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1823-50
SMITH, JACOB                            YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1813-56
SMITH, JACOB                            NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1830-83
SMITH, JACOB                            YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1830-82
SMITH, JACOB                            NTL                                     NY-56-1794-13
SMITH, JAMES                            STEPHENTOWN                             NY-56-1804-28
SMITH, JAMES                            NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1824-46
SMITH, JEHU                             NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1841-76
SMITH, JEREMIAH                         RIDGEFIELD, CT                          NY-56-1840-60
SMITH, JESS                             BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1826-77
SMITH, JOHN LEE                         NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1826-78
SMITH, JOHN M.                          NTL                                     NY-56-1834-55
SMITH, JOHNH.                           WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1839-78
SMITH, JOSEPH                           YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1799-7
SMITH, JOSHUA                           NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1830-83
SMITH, JOTHAM                           NTL                                     NY-56-1827-60
SMITH, JOTHAM JR.                       NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1826-78
SMITH, LEWIS                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1827-71
SMITH, LUCY                             WESTCHESTER (MINOR)                     NY-56-1842-89
SMITH, MARVIN L.                        NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1828-71
SMITH, MARY                             SOMERS                                  NY-56-1841-77
SMITH, MARY                             NORTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1833-52
SMITH, MARY JEMIMA                      NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1826-79
SMITH, MATHEW                           NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1831-76
SMITH, MATTHIAS                         BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1814-59
SMITH, MAY                              HARRISON                                NY-56-1807-28
SMITH, MIRIAM                           NTL                                     NY-56-1828-73
SMITH, NATHAN                           NTL                                     NY-56-1792-13
SMITH, NATHANIEL                        SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1830-84
SMITH, NICHOLAS                         NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1826-78
SMITH, PHINEAS                          NEW CANAAN                              NY-56-1812-88
SMITH, POLLY                            POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1812-89
SMITH, RICHARD                          NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1818-50
SMITH, ROBERT                           SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1817-43
SMITH, ROBERT                           YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1842-90
SMITH, SAMUEL                           SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1840-61
SMITH, SAMUEL                           SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1839-79
SMITH, SAMUEL                           POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1818-49
SMITH, SILAS                            YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1824-47
SMITH, SIMEON                           BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1797-18
SMITH, STEPHEN                          BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1828-74
SMITH, THOMAS                           BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1808-61
SMITH, THOMAS G.                        GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1837-56
SMITH, WALTER                           YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1813-57
SMITH, WILLIAM                          BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1832-78
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     NY-56-1820-67
SMITH, WILLIAM                          BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1813-58
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                       RYE                                     NY-56-1820-68
SMITH, WILLIAM MITCHELL                 WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1843-83
SNEDEN, JOHN                            EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1790-12
SNEDEN, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     NY-56-1795-10
SNEDON, ELIZABETH                       PELHAM                                  NY-56-1839-80
SNIFFEN, ANDREW                         NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1832-79
SNIFFEN, CALEB                          RYE                                     NY-56-1828-75
SNIFFEN, CALEB                          NORTH CASTLE (CON'T)                    NY-56-1841-78
SNIFFEN, CALEB                          NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1841-78
SNIFFEN, HANNAH                         RYE                                     NY-56-1807-29
SNIFFEN, JARED                          NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1830-85
SNIFFIN, ELIZABETH                      NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1829-72
SNIFFIN, HANNAH                         NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1829-72
SNIFFIN, JOHN FERRIS                    NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1829-72
SNIFFIN, REBECCA ANN                    NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1829-72
SNIFFIN, ROGER                          RYE                                     NY-56-1798-13
SNIFFIN, SUSAN                          NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1829-72
SOMERVILLE, JAMES                       EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1838-71
SOULIQUE, JOSHUA                        NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1799-8
SPENCER, ELEANORA E. L.                 WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1843-84
SPENCER, LORILLARD                      WESTCHESTER (MINOR)                     NY-56-1843-85
SPOCK, CORTLANDT                        CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1836-75
STANLEY, DAVID                          CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1807-30
STANLEY, THOMAS                         CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1819-54
STANTON, MOSES                          EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1837-57
STAPLES, THADDEUS                       LEWISBORO                               NY-56-1842-91
START, JAMES                            CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1836-76
STEBBINS, NEHEMIAH                      SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1813-59
STEDWELL, HESTER                        NTL                                     NY-56-1826-80
STEDWELL, JOHN                          SOMERS                                  NY-56-1822-58
STEDWELL, SARAH ANN                     RYE                                     NY-56-1842-92
STEERS, EDWARD                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1839-81
STEPHENS, AARON                         POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1824-48
STEPHENS, AARON                         POUNDRIDGE (MINOR)                      NY-56-1820-69
STEPHENS, ALBERT                        NTL                                     NY-56-1825-64
STEPHENS, MOSES                         POUNDRIDGE (MINOR)                      NY-56-1820-69
STEPHENS, MOSES                         NTL                                     NY-56-1815-58
STEPHENS, NANCY                         CORTLANDT (MINOR)                       NY-56-1818-52
STEPHENS, REBECCA                       POUNDRIDGE (MINOR)                      NY-56-1820-69
STEPHENS, ROSELLA                       POUNDRIDGE (MINOR)                      NY-56-1820-69
STEPHENS, ROSWELL                       POUNDRIDGE (MINOR)                      NY-56-1824-49
STEVENS, DANIEL JR.                     POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1813-60
STEVENS, JAMES                          GREENWICH, CT                           NY-56-1840-62
STEVENS, MARTHA                         NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1818-53
STEVENSON, ABIGAL                       NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1791-9
STEVENSON, GLORIANA                     NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1791-9
STEVENSON, MARY                         NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1791-9
STEVENSON, WATSON                       NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1791-9
STEWART, JAMES                          CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1840-63
STINNARD, EMILY D.                      WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1841-79
STJOHN, ABIJAH                          POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1843-76
STJOHN, GOULD                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1819-51
STJOHN, HORATIO W.                      WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1842-85
STJOHN, MOSES                           NTL                                     NY-56-1822-55
STOCKMAN, NATHAN                        NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1823-51
STOKUM, STEPHEN                         RYE                                     NY-56-1817-52
STORM, ABRAHAM                          NTL                                     NY-56-1796-13
STORM, ABRAHAM                          PHILLIPS MANOR                          NY-56-1788-16
STORM, CATHERINE                        GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1832-8-
STORM, GARRETT                          NTL                                     NY-56-1801-4
STORM, JACOB                            GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1816-47
STORMS, ABRAHAM                         MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1818-54
STORMS, ANGLETIE                        NTL                                     NY-56-1808-62
STORMS, GORUS                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1813-61
STORMS, HENRY                           GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1839-82
STORMS, HENRY JR.                       GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1839-83
STORMS, JANE                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1817-44
STORMS, JOHN                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1818-55
STORMS, JOHN                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1814-60
STORMS, LYDIA                           MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1818-54
STORMS, NICHOLAS                        GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1835-77
STORMS, SARAH                           MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1818-54
STORMS, THOMAS                          GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1842-93
STOW, WILLIAM                           YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1842-94
STRANG, ANDREW                          CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1819-55
STRANG, CATHERINE                       CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1833-53
STRANG, GILBERT                         NTL                                     NY-56-1825-65
STRANG, JAMES                           YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1820-70
STRANG, JERUSHA                         YORK TOWN (MINOR)                       NY-56-1819-56
STRANG, JOHN                            YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1809-50
STRANG, JOSEPH                          CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1824-52
STRANG, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     NY-56-1819-57
STRANG, SAMUEL                          CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1832-81
STRANG, SILVANUS                        YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1818-56
STRANG, UNDERHILL                       YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1817-45
STRANG, WILLIAM                         GREENWICH, CT                           NY-56-1840-64
STREET, LEWIS T.                        MAMARONECK                              NY-56-1833-54
STREET, WILLIAM                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1815-59
STRONG, HESTER                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1839-84
STRONG, JARED                           GREENWICH, FAIRFIELD, CT                NY-56-1837-58
STRONG, NANCY                           RYE                                     NY-56-1839-85
STYMES, JASPER                          NTL                                     NY-56-1820-71
STYMES, JOHN                            GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1822-59
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL                       CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1810-32
SUMMERBELLE, ANN MATILDA                CORTLANDT (MINOR)                       NY-56-1842-96
SUMMERBELLE, ELIZA                      CORTLANDT (MINOR)                       NY-56-1842-96
SUMMERBELLE, JOSEPH F.                  CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1842-95
SUMMERBELLE, MARY C.                    CORTLANDT (MINOR0                       NY-56-1842-96
SUMMERS, WILLIAM P.                     RYE                                     NY-56-1843-86
SUNDERLAND, JOSEPH                      SOMERS                                  NY-56-1843-87
SUSEMAN, SARAH                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1815-60
SUTTON, AARON                           WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1824-53
SUTTON, ABIJAH                          SOMERS                                  NY-56-1814-61
SUTTON, ANDREW                          STEPHENTOWN                             NY-56-1796-14
SUTTON, DORCAS                          HARRISON                                NY-56-1838-72
SUTTON, JAMES                           NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1816-48
SUTTON, JESSE                           SOMERS                                  NY-56-1814-62
SUTTON, JESSE                           HARRISON                                NY-56-1836-77
SUTTON, JOSEPH                          SOMERS                                  NY-56-1814-63
SUTTON, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     NY-56-1792-14
SUTTON, SAMUEL                          HARRISON                                NY-56-1837-59
SUTTON, STEPHEN                         NTL (M)                                 NY-56-1838-73
SUTTON, WILLIAM                         SOMERS                                  NY-56-1836-78
SWARTOUT, BARNARDUS                     NTL                                     NY-56-1825-66
SYPHER, ABRAHAM                         PHILLIPS MANOR                          NY-56-1788-17
SYPHER, ANNA                            NORTH CASTLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1819-58
SYPHER, DANIEL                          NORTH CASTLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1819-58
SYPHER, FANNY                           NORTH CASTLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1819-58
SYPHER, GABRIEL                         NORTH CASTLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1819-58
SYPHER, HANNAH                          NORTH CASTLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1819-58
SYPHER, JOHN                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1839-86
SYPHER, PETER                           NTL                                     NY-56-1787-14
SYPHER, WILLIAM                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1811-39
SYPHER, WILLIAM                         NORTH CASTLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1819-58
TAYLOR, ABRAHAM                         NTL                                     NY-56-1787-15
TAYLOR, EDMOND                          MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1815-61
TAYLOR, FITCH                           MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1815-61
TAYLOR, GILBERT                         YONKERS                                 NY-56-1836-79
TAYLOR, HENRY                           MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1815-61
TAYLOR, HIRAM                           BALLTOWN, NY                            NY-56-1819-59
TAYLOR, JONATHAN                        MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1815-61
TAYLOR, MOSES                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1828-76
TAYLOR, POLICARIUS WILLIAM              MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1791-10
TAYLOR, THOMAS H.                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1815-62
TAYLOR, THOMAS H.                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1809-51
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1840-65
TEED, ALLEN                             SOMERS                                  NY-56-1836-80
TEED, CHARLES                           STEPHENTOWN (MINOR)                     NY-56-1804-29
TEED, CHARLES                           STEPHENTOWN                             NY-56-1804-30
TEED, CHARLES JOHN                      SOMERS                                  NY-56-1822-60
TEED, ELIZABETH                         SOMERS (MINOR)                          NY-56-1822-61
TEED, HESTER JANE                       SOMERS (MINOR)                          NY-56-1822-62
TEED, ISAAC                             SOMERS                                  NY-56-1839-87
TEED, PHEBE                             STEPHENTOWN (MINOR)                     NY-56-1804-31
TEED, SAMUEL                            STEPHENTOWN (MINOR)                     NY-56-1804-32
TEED, STEPHEN                           STEPHENTOWN                             NY-56-1804-33
TEED, STEPHEN                           SOMERS                                  NY-56-1843-88
TEED, WILLIAM                           SOMERS                                  NY-56-1812-90
TELLER, DANIEL                          YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1835-78
THEALL, EBENEZER                        NTL                                     NY-56-1822-63
THEALL, GILBERT                         RYE                                     NY-56-1829-73
THEALL, SARAH                           RYE                                     NY-56-1833-55
THEALL, SYBIL                           NTL                                     NY-56-1789-21
THEALL, WILLIAM                         RYE                                     NY-56-1837-60
THMAS, EDWARD                           NTL                                     NY-56-1808-64
THOMAS, ANNA                            NTL                                     NY-56-1808-63
THOMAS, CATHERINE                       HARRISON                                NY-56-1826-81
THOMAS, THORNT                          NTL                                     NY-56-1822-64
THOMPSON, JAMES                         CORTLAND                                NY-56-1805-19
THOMPSON, JAMES                         WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1831-77
THOMSON, JOHN                           NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1807-31
THORN, HANNAH                           NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1803-20
THORN, JOHN                             NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1803-21
THORN, JUSTUS                           CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1838-74
THORN, THOMAS                           NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1817-46
THRALL, THOMAS                          RYE                                     NY-56-1832-82
TICE, CATHERINE                         NTL                                     NY-56-1830-86
TICE, HENRY                             CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1808-67
TICE, JAMES                             CORTLANDT (MINOR)                       NY-56-1831-78
TILFORD, CHARITY                        RYE                                     NY-56-1813-62
TILFORD, CHARLES                        NTL                                     NY-56-1808-65
TILFORD, MARY                           RYE                                     NY-56-1810-33
TILLETSON, DARIUS                       NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1823-52
TILLY, THOMAS                           NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1815-63
TITLAR, GEORGE                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1839-88
TITUS, JOHN                             SALEM                                   NY-56-1830-87
TMPKINS, MARY                           CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1809-53
TODD, ABRAHAM                           LEWISBORO                               NY-56-1843-89
TODD, BENJAMIN F.                       POUNDRIDGE (MINOR)                      NY-56-1828-77
TODD, CHARLES H.                        POUNDRIDGE (MINOR)                      NY-56-1828-77
TODD, CHARLES I.                        SOMERS (MINOR)                          NY-56-1817-47
TODD, DARIUS                            POUNDRIDGE (MINOR)                      NY-56-1822-65
TODD, ELNATHAN                          POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1818-57
TODD, ELNATHAN                          POUNDRIDGE (MINOR)                      NY-56-1828-78
TODD, JAMES S.                          POUNDRIDGE (MINOR)                      NY-56-1820-72
TODD, JOHN                              NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1826-82
TODD, WALKER                            NTL                                     NY-56-1840-66
TOFFEY, GEORGE                          NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1813-63
TOMPKINS, ABIGAIL                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1842-97
TOMPKINS, ABSALOM                       SOMERS                                  NY-56-1813-64
TOMPKINS, AMOS                          CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1803-22
TOMPKINS, BRUNDAGE                      NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1832-83
TOMPKINS, ELIAS                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1831-79
TOMPKINS, ELIJAH                        PHILLIPS MANOR                          NY-56-1787-16
TOMPKINS, ELIJAH                        GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1814-64
TOMPKINS, ELIJAH                        NTL                                     NY-56-1825-67
TOMPKINS, ELISHA B.                     WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1836-81
TOMPKINS, ELIZABETH                     SOMERS (MINOR)                          NY-56-1843-90
TOMPKINS, GILBERT                       GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1820-73
TOMPKINS, GILBERT                       YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1838-75
TOMPKINS, JAMES                         GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1833-56
TOMPKINS, JOHN                          GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1809-52
TOMPKINS, JOHN                          GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1840-67
TOMPKINS, JOHN                          SOMERS                                  NY-56-1843-91
TOMPKINS, JONATHAN G.                   NTL                                     NY-56-1823-54
TOMPKINS, JOSEPH                        NTL                                     NY-56-1827-61
TOMPKINS, JSOHUA                        YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1813-65
TOMPKINS, MOSES                         STEPHENTOWN                             NY-56-1800-17
TOMPKINS, NATHANIEL                     NTL                                     NY-56-1791-11
TOMPKINS, NOAH                          NTL                                     NY-56-1820-74
TOMPKINS, PHEBE                         YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1841-80
TOMPKINS, PHILENAH                      NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1829-74
TOMPKINS, RICHARD                       NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1813-66
TOMPKINS, THOMAS                        YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1842-98
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1813-67
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM                       WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1818-58
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM                       YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1843-92
TONSON, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-56-1808-66
TOTTEN, MOSES                           RYE                                     NY-56-1833-57
TOTTEN, PETER                           NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1788-18
TOTTON, JAMES                           YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1841-81
TOWNLEY, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-56-1812-91
TOWNSEND, BENJAMIN                      MAMARONECK                              NY-56-1836-82
TOWNSEND, ISAAC B.                      NORTH SALEM VBF                         NY-56-1829-75
TOWNSEND, JOSEPH P.                     HACKENSACK, BERGEN, NJ                  NY-56-1842-99
TOWNSEND, JUSTUS                        NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1834-56
TOWNSEND, MARGARET                      GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1842-100
TOWNSEND, REDERICK                      GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1818-59
TOWNSEND, SAMUEL B.                     GREENBURGH (MINOR)                      NY-56-1842-101
TOWNSEND, STEPHEN                       NTL                                     NY-56-1822-66
TRAVIS, AMY LOUISA                      SOMERS (MINOR)                          NY-56-1819-61
TRAVIS, DAVID                           SOMERS (M)                              NY-56-1836-83
TRAVIS, DAVID                           SOMERS                                  NY-56-1819-60
TRAVIS, DEWIT                           SOMERS (M)                              NY-56-1836-83
TRAVIS, ELIZA JANE                      SOMERS (M)                              NY-56-1836-83
TRAVIS, ELIZA JANE                      SOMERS (MINOR)                          NY-56-1819-61
TRAVIS, ESTHER                          SOMERS (MINOR)                          NY-56-1813-68
TRAVIS, ISAAC BAILEY                    SOMERS (MINOR)                          NY-56-1819-61
TRAVIS, JACOB                           POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1809-54
TRAVIS, JACOB                           NTL                                     NY-56-1791-12
TRAVIS, JAMES                           SOMERS (MINOR)                          NY-56-1819-61
TRAVIS, JOHN                            YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1832-84
TRAVIS, JOHN                            SOMERS                                  NY-56-1833-58
TRAVIS, JONATHAN                        SOMERS                                  NY-56-1810-34
TRAVIS, JOSHUA                          YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1805-20
TRAVIS, MARY                            YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1813-68A
TRAVIS, POLLY                           SOMERS (MINOR)                          NY-56-1813-68
TRAVIS, SAMUEL                          SOMERS (MINOR)                          NY-56-1819-61
TRAVIS, SARAH                           SOMERS (MINOR)                          NY-56-1819-61
TRAVIS, SILAS D.                        SOMERS                                  NY-56-1840-68
TRAVIS, SIMEON                          CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1840-69
TRAVIS, WILLIAM                         YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1839-89
TRAVIS, WILLIAM                         SOMERS (MINOR)                          NY-56-1833-59
TREADWELL, ROBERT R.                    RYE                                     NY-56-1830-88
TREDWELL, JOHN AUGUSTUS                 RYE                                     NY-56-1800-18
TREDWELL, SAMUEL                        EASTCEHSTER                             NY-56-1804-34
TRENCHARD, ELIZABETH                    NTL                                     NY-56-1790-13
TREYNIOR, BERNARD                       HARRISON                                NY-56-1839-90
TRIPP, JOHN                             NTL                                     NY-56-1825-68
TROWBRIDGE, SAMUEL                      BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1834-57
TRUESELL, THADDEUS                      NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1821-57
TUCK, ANN MARIE                         EASTCHESTER (MINOR)                     NY-56-1811-40
TUCKER, WILLIAM                         NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1818-60
TURK, CATHERINE                         NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1828-79
TURK, JOSEPH HALSTED                    NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1828-79
TURNBULL, CHARLES                       PELHAM                                  NY-56-1795-11
TURNER, WRIGHT                          SOMERS                                  NY-56-1841-82
TURPIN, JOSEPH T.                       NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1835-79
TUTTLE, DAVID                           CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1833-60
TUTTLE, JACOB                           CORTLAND                                NY-56-1808-68
TUTTLE, JOHN                            CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1835-80
TYLER, ELI                              BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1829-76
TYLER, JAMES                            BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1823-55
TYLER, JOHN                             BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1809-55
TYLER, JONATHAN                         BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1808-69

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