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OAKLEY, AUGUSTUS                        NTL                                     NY-56-1821-38
OAKLEY, BENJAMIN                        NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1808-41
OAKLEY, DAVID                           NTL                                     NY-56-1796-10
OAKLEY, ISAAC                           SUNBURY, NORTHUMBERLAND, PA             NY-56-1842-70
OAKLEY, JAMES                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1800-9
OAKLEY, JOHN                            WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1788-13
OAKLEY, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     NY-56-1797-12
OAKLEY, JOSEPH                          YONKERS                                 NY-56-1817-35
OAKLEY, JOSEPH                          YONKERS                                 NY-56-1833-39
OAKLEY, SAMUEL                          WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1838-54
OAKLEY, SARAH                           YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1808-42
OAKLEY, SARAH                           WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1844-75
OAKLEY, STEPHEN                         YONKERS                                 NY-56-1835-61
OAKLEY, THOMAS                          NTL                                     NY-56-1826-58
OAKLEY, TIMOTHY                         NTL                                     NY-56-1825-48
OAKLEY, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NY-56-1809-34
OAKLEY,JAMES                            WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1838-53
OBRYAN, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-56-1794-10
ODELL, ABRAHAM                          YONKERS                                 NY-56-1800-10
ODELL, ABRAHAM                          NTL                                     NY-56-1820-57
ODELL, BENJAMIN                         YONKERS                                 NY-56-1836-56
ODELL, BENJAMIN H.                      GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1830-67
ODELL, DANIEL                           NTL                                     NY-56-1819-39
ODELL, GEORGE                           GREENBURGH (M)                          NY-56-1839-61
ODELL, HANNAH                           NTL                                     NY-56-1791-6
ODELL, ISAAC                            YONKERS                                 NY-56-1815-45
ODELL, ISAAC                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1825-49
ODELL, ISAAC                            GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1813-43
ODELL, ISAAC M.                         GREENBURGH (M)                          NY-56-1839-61
ODELL, JACOB                            GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1800-11
ODELL, JACOB                            COURTLANDT                              NY-56-1828-55
ODELL, JACOB B.                         TARRYTOWN (MINOR)                       NY-56-1830-68
ODELL, JACOB S.                         CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1826-59
ODELL, JAMES                            YONKERS                                 NY-56-1831-57
ODELL, JOHN                             GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1835-62
ODELL, JOHN                             GREENBURGH (M)                          NY-56-1839-61
ODELL, JOHN                             CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1787-10
ODELL, JONATHAN                         GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1819-40
ODELL, JONATHAN                         YONKERS                                 NY-56-1841-65
ODELL, JONATHAN                         GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1826-60
ODELL, JONATHAN D.                      NTL VBF                                 NY-56-1829-56
ODELL, JOSHUA                           EMPTY FOLDER                            NY-56-1787-11
ODELL, JOSHUA                           GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1819-42
ODELL, LAWRENCE                         GREENBURGH (MINOR)                      NY-56-1815-46
ODELL, MARY JANE                        GREENBURGH (M)                          NY-56-1839-61
ODELL, MOSES                            NTL                                     NY-56-1794-11
ODELL, MOSES                            GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1808-43
ODELL, PHEBE                            GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1839-60
ODELL, REBECCA                          NTL                                     NY-56-1823-37
ODELL, SAMUEL                           GREENBURGH (M)                          NY-56-1839-61
ODELL, WILLIAM                          GREENBURGH (M)                          NY-56-1839-61
ODELL, WILLIAM D.                       TARRYTOWN (MINOR)                       NY-56-1830-68
ODELL, WILLIAM D.                       GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1838-55
OGDEN, BENJAMIN                         NTL                                     NY-56-1802-14
OGILVIE, GEORGE (REV.)                  RYE                                     NY-56-1797-13
OLMSTED, DAVID                          NTL                                     NY-56-1825-50
OLMSTED, IRA                            SOMERS                                  NY-56-1842-71
ONDERDONK, ANDRUS                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1835-63
ONDERDONK, WILLIAM                      GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1834-23
OPPIE, JOHN                             COURTLANDT                              NY-56-1828-56
OPPIE, THEODORE F.                      CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1839-62
ORSER, ABRAHAM                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1816-37
ORSER, ANTHONY WAYNE B.                 MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1817-36
ORSER, HARRIET                          NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1815-2
ORSER, JANE                             MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1817-37
ORSER, JEMIMA                           MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1817-37
ORSER, JOHN                             NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1838-56
ORSER, MARY                             MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1815-3
ORSER, ROBERT                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1814-44
OSBORN, JOHN H.                         HARRISON                                NY-56-1841-66
OSBORN, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NY-56-1819-43
OSBORN, WILLIAM COOK                    RYE                                     NY-56-1832-65
OSBURN, MARTHA                          SOMERS                                  NY-56-1835-64
OUTHOUSE, DANIEL                        NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1821-39
OWEN, EIZABETH                          SOMERS (M)                              NY-56-1838-57
OWEN, JAMES                             SOMERS (M)                              NY-56-1838-57
OWEN, JOHN                              SOMERS (M)                              NY-56-1838-57
OWEN, JOHN                              SOMERS                                  NY-56-1843-65
OWEN, JOSEPH                            BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1814-45
OWEN, JOSEPH                            SOEMS                                   NY-56-1818-33
OWEN, JOSEPH                            NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1830-69
OWEN, JOSEPH                            SOMERS (M)                              NY-56-1838-57
OWEN, MARY B.                           SOMERS (M)                              NY-56-1838-57
OWEN, PHILINEA                          BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1814-46
OWEN, SIMON                             NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1830-69
OYSTERBANKS, POLLY                      BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1819-44
PALMER, AARON                           NTL                                     NY-56-1789-18
PALMER, BURNET                          SING SING                               NY-56-1837-47
PALMER, CHARLOTTE                       OSSINING (M) (CON'T)                    NY-56-1837-48
PALMER, CHARLOTTE                       OSSINING (M)                            NY-56-1837-48
PALMER, DANIEL                          NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1831-58
PALMER, ELIZA                           MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1815-47
PALMER, ELIZABETH                       OSSINING (M) (CON'T)                    NY-56-1837-48
PALMER, ELIZABETH                       OSSINING (M)                            NY-56-1837-48
PALMER, HENRY H.                        OSSINING (M) (CON'T)                    NY-56-1837-48
PALMER, HENRY H.                        OSSINING (M)                            NY-56-1837-48
PALMER, ISRAEL D.                       NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1830-70
PALMER, JANE                            MAMARONECK                              NY-56-1809-35
PALMER, JOHN                            NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1834-24
PALMER, JOSEPH                          FROGS NECK                              NY-56-1797-15
PALMER, MARY                            MAMARONECK                              NY-56-1792-12
PALMER, SARAH                           MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1815-48
PALMER, SOPHIA                          MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR                   NY-56-1815-48
PALMER, STEPHEN                         NTL                                     NY-56-1814-47
PALMER, STEPHEN                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1815-49
PALMER, SUSAN A.                        OSSINING (M) (CON'T)                    NY-56-1837-48
PALMER, SUSAN A.                        OSSINING (M)                            NY-56-1837-48
PARCOTT, PAUL                           NTL                                     NY-56-1826-61
PARDEE, JOHN                            CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1808-44
PARDEE, SARAH                           CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1821-40
PARENT, ISAIAH                          SOMERS                                  NY-56-1841-67
PARENT, JACOB                           STEPHENTOWN                             NY-56-1803-17
PARK, AMEY KNAPP                        RYE (MINOR)                             NY-56-1812-65
PARK, ANN                               HARRISON                                NY-56-1843-66
PARK, ANN K.                            HARRISON                                NY-56-1839-63
PARK, CAROLINE                          SCARSDALE                               NY-56-1844-77
PARK, DANIEL                            HARRISON                                NY-56-1839-64
PARK, DEBORAH MERRITT                   RYE (MINOR)                             NY-56-1812-65
PARK, DISBURY                           RYE                                     NY-56-1808-45
PARK, DORCAS WILSON                     RYE (MINOR)                             NY-56-1812-65
PARK, ISRAEL                            HARRISON                                NY-56-1841-68
PARK, JESSE                             HARRISON                                NY-56-1834-45
PARK, JESSE                             BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1844-76
PARK, JOHN                              HARRISON                                NY-56-1811-29
PARK, JOSEPH                            HARRISON                                NY-56-1831-59
PARK, KNAPP                             GREENWICH, FAIRFIELD, CT                NY-56-1812-66
PARK, ROGER                             HARRISON                                NY-56-1838-58
PARK, SARAH                             RYE                                     NY-56-1812-67
PARK, THOMAS                            NTL                                     NY-56-1818-35
PARK, THOMAS MERRITT                    RYE (MINOR)                             NY-56-1812-65
PARK, TIMOTHY                           NTL                                     NY-56-1818-36
PARKER, ISAAC                           MAMARONECK                              NY-56-1818-37
PARKER, JOSEPH                          WEST PLAINS                             NY-56-1807-23
PARKER, MARTIN                          SOMERS                                  NY-56-1843-67
PARKER, NICHOLAS                        LEWISBURGH                              NY-56-1841-69
PARKER, ROBERT                          RYE                                     NY-56-1842-72
PARK,S AMUEL                            NTL                                     NY-56-1818-34
PARR, JAMES                             NTL                                     NY-56-1815-50
PARTRIDGE, JOHN M.                      MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1831-60
PAUL, JUDITH                            WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1834-46
PAUL, MARY                              WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1841-70
PAUL, SIMON                             NTL                                     NY-56-1820-58
PAULDING, CALEB W.                      CORTLANDT (MINOR)                       NY-56-1821-41
PAULDING, CATHARINE                     GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1831-61
PAULDING, HIRAM                         YORKTOWN (MINOR)                        NY-56-1812-68
PAULDING, HIRAM                         NEW YORK CITY (MINOR)                   NY-56-1818-38
PAULDING, JOHN                          YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1819-45
PAULDING, JOHN                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1843-68
PAULDING, LEONARD                       YORKTOWN (MINOR)                        NY-56-1812-68
PAULDING, LEONARD                       NEW YORK CITY (MINOR)                   NY-56-1818-38
PAULDING, SARAH                         YORKTOWN (MINOR)                        NY-56-1812-68
PEACOCK, EBER                           WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1812-69
PEARCE, JAMES                           NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1832-66
PEATT, LEMUEL                           SALEM                                   NY-56-1797-16
PECK, SAMUEL                            BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1798-10
PECK, SAMUEL                            NORTH CASTLE VBF                        NY-56-1829-57
PELL, DAVID T.                          PELHAM                                  NY-56-1823-38
PELL, EDWARD                            NTL                                     NY-56-1787-12
PELL, JOSEPH                            EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1827-44
PELL, JOSHUA JR.                        NEW ROCHELLE (CASE ENDED 1880)          NY-56-1838-59
PELL, JOSHUA JR.                        NEW ROCHELLE (1841)                     NY-56-1838-60
PELL, MARGARET S.                       PELHAM (MINOR) (CON'T)                  NY-56-1830-71
PELL, MARGARET S.                       PELHAM (MINOR)                          NY-56-1830-71
PELL, MARY                              PELHAM (MINOR)                          NY-56-1830-71
PELL, MARY                              PELHAM (MINOR) (CON'T)                  NY-56-1830-71
PELL, PHEBE                             PELHAM                                  NY-56-1790-9
PELL, PHILIP                            PELHAM (MINOR)                          NY-56-1830-71
PELL, PHILIP                            PELHAM (MINOR) (CON'T)                  NY-56-1830-71
PELL, PHILIP                            PELHAM                                  NY-56-1812-70
PELL, PHILIP                            PELHAM                                  NY-56-1826-62
PELL, SARAH                             NTL                                     NY-56-1828-57
PELL, THOMAS                            PELHAM                                  NY-56-1800-12
PELL, WARD G.                           PELHAM (MINOR)                          NY-56-1830-71
PELL, WARD G.                           PELHAM (MINOR) (CON'T)                  NY-56-1830-71
PELTON, DANIEL                          NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1825-51
PELTON, DANIEL                          NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1826-63
PENFIELD, JOSIAH                        RYE                                     NY-56-1835-65
PENFIELD, NATHANIEL                     RYE                                     NY-56-1810-28
PENNOYER, ADELIA                        SOUTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1821-42
PENNOYER, CAROLINE                      SOUTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1821-44
PENNOYER, DANIEL C.                     SOUTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1821-44
PENNOYER, GOULD                         SOUTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1821-42
PENNOYER, GOULD S.                      SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1812-71
PENNOYER, HANFORD                       SOUTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1821-44
PENNOYER, SALLY ANN                     SOUTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1821-43
PENNOYER, SAMUEL                        NTL                                     NY-56-1827-45
PERRY, JOSEPH C.                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1836-57
PETERSON, CHARLES                       NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1827-47A
PETERSON, JAMES                         WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1827-46
PETERSON, JOHN                          NTL                                     NY-56-1827-47
PETERSON, JOHN JAMES                    NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1827-47A
PETERSON, MARY                          NTL                                     NY-56-1826-64
PHILIPS, MARIA                          TARRYTOWN                               NY-56-1839-65
PHILIPS, SAMUEL                         COURTLANDT                              NY-56-1828-58
PHILLIPS, REBECCA                       EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1831-62
PHIPPS, ABIGAIL                         CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1833-40
PIERSON, ELIJAH                         MADISON, MORRIS, NJ                     NY-56-1834-47
PINE, JAMES                             RYE                                     NY-56-1802-15
PINE, SAMUEL                            RYE                                     NY-56-1832-67
PINER, THOMAS L.                        GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1844-78
PINKNEY, GILBERT                        SOMERS                                  NY-56-1819-46
PINKNEY, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-56-1787-12A
PLATT, BENONI                           NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1796-11
PLATT, BEONIN                           NTL                                     NY-56-1824-38
PLATT, STEPHEN                          NTL                                     NY-56-1793-8
POOLE, JACKSON                          WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1836-58
POOLE, SOLOMON                          FORDHAM                                 NY-56-1826-65
POST, BENJAMIN                          YONKERS                                 NY-56-1832-68
POST, JACOB                             NTL                                     NY-56-1821-44
POST, JAMES                             WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1835-66
POST, MARY                              YONKERS                                 NY-56-1831-63
POST, SARAH                             NTL                                     NY-56-1825-52
POST, WILLIAM                           YONKERS                                 NY-56-1833-41
POTTER, GILBERT                         MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1805-12
POTTER, SAMUEL                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1800-13
POWELL, STEPHEN                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1812-101
POWELL, STEPHEN                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1812-72
POWELL, THOMAS                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1812-73
POWELL, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NY-56-1811-30
POWERS, JOHN                            GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1833-42
POWERS, LAWRENCE                        NTL                                     NY-56-1793-9
PRESWICK, HENRY W.                      MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1844-79
PRESWICK, JOHN B.                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1808-46
PRESWICK, MARY                          MOUNT PLESAANT                          NY-56-1808-47
PRESWICK, THOMAS                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1813-44
PRIOR, BARAK                            WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1835-67
PROVOOST, LEWIS                         HARRISON                                NY-56-1813-45
PROVOST, MARY T.                        RYE                                     NY-56-1844-80
PUGSLEY, ELIZABETH                      PELHAM                                  NY-56-1812-74
PUGSLEY, HANNAH                         NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1831-64
PUGSLEY, JAMES                          NTL                                     NY-56-1812-75
PUGSLEY, PHEBE                          SALEM (MINOR)                           NY-56-1808-48
PUGSLEY, SARAH                          SALEM (MINOR)                           NY-56-1808-48
PULLEN, DAVID                           NTL                                     NY-56-1823-40
PURDY, ABRAHAM                          SOMERS                                  NY-56-1825-53
PURDY, ABRAM                            NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1816-38
PURDY, AMOS                             NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1805-13
PURDY, ANDREW                           YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1842-73
PURDY, ASA                              RYE                                     NY-56-1826-66
PURDY, BUDD                             WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1836-59
PURDY, CALEB                            HARRISON                                NY-56-1806-6
PURDY, DANIEL                           NTL                                     NY-56-1826-67
PURDY, EBENEZER                         NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1827-48
PURDY, EBENEZER                         NTL                                     NY-56-1827-49
PURDY, EBENEZER JAMES                   NORTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1828-59
PURDY, ELAM                             NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1812-76
PURDY, ELEAZER                          NTL                                     NY-56-1823-41
PURDY, ELIAS                            HARRISON                                NY-56-1831-65
PURDY, ELIAS A.                         CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1816-39
PURDY, ELIETTA                          NORTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1828-59
PURDY, ELIJAH                           SCARSDALE                               NY-56-1835-68
PURDY, ELIJAH                           WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1826-68
PURDY, ELISHA                           MAMARONECK                              NY-56-1824-39
PURDY, ELISHA                           GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1843-69
PURDY, ESTHER                           HARRISON                                NY-56-1843-70
PURDY, GILBERT                          NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1827-50
PURDY, HENRY                            YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1835-69
PURDY, HENRY                            NTL                                     NY-56-1823-42
PURDY, HENRY                            RYE                                     NY-56-1824-40
PURDY, IRA B.                           YORKTOWN (MINOR)                        NY-56-1842-74
PURDY, ISAAC                            CORTLANDT (CON'T)                       NY-56-1838-61
PURDY, ISAAC                            NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1836-60
PURDY, ISAAC                            CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1838-61
PURDY, JACK                             NTL                                     NY-56-1826-69
PURDY, JACOB                            WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1832-69
PURDY, JACOB                            GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1815-51
PURDY, JAMES                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1831-66
PURDY, JAMES                            NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1817-38
PURDY, JAMES                            NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1818-39
PURDY, JANE                             NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1829-58
PURDY, JANE                             NORTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1828-60
PURDY, JOHN                             RYE                                     NY-56-1803-18
PURDY, JOHN                             NTL                                     NY-56-1826-70
PURDY, JOHN                             RYE                                     NY-56-1839-66
PURDY, JOHN L.                          CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1842-75
PURDY, JONATHAN                         WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1842-76
PURDY, JOSEPH                           RYE                                     NY-56-1814-48
PURDY, JOSEPH                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1829-59
PURDY, JOSHUA                           NTL                                     NY-56-1825-54
PURDY, JOSHUA                           NTL                                     NY-56-1821-45
PURDY, MARINDA                          NORTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1828-60
PURDY, MARY                             NTL                                     NY-56-1809-36
PURDY, MARY C.                          YORKTOWN (MINOR)                        NY-56-1842-77
PURDY, MICAH L.                         SOMERS                                  NY-56-1831-67
PURDY, MICAJAH W.                       CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1837-49
PURDY, MOSES                            HARRISON                                NY-56-1805-14
PURDY, NATHANIEL                        NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1830-72
PURDY, NEHEMIAH                         HARRISON                                NY-56-1842-78
PURDY, PHEBE                            HARRISON                                NY-56-1838-62
PURDY, ROGER                            NTL                                     NY-56-1809-37
PURDY, SAMUEL                           HARRISON                                NY-56-1821-46
PURDY, SARAH                            HARRISON                                NY-56-1842-79
PURDY, SILVANUS                         HARRISON                                NY-56-1834-49
PURDY, THOMAS                           NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1832-70
PURDY, THOMAS                           BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1844-81
PURDY, WILLIAM                          WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1834-50
PUTNEY, JOSEPH                          SOMERS                                  NY-56-1819-47
QUEREAU, ELIAS                          YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1842-80
QUICK, DANIEL                           NTL                                     NY-56-1825-55
QUICK, ELBERT FLOYD                     NTL (M)                                 NY-56-1837-50
QUICK, FLOYD                            NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1833-43
QUICK, JOHN                             NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1818-40
QUICK, SAMUEL                           NORTH (CASTLE OR SALEM)                 NY-56-1812-77
QUIMBY, MARY                            NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1828-61
QUIMBY, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     NY-56-1824-41
QUIME, HIGH                             MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1807-24
QUINBY, ABIGAIL                         YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1836-61
QUINBY, ISAIAH                          NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1814-49
QUINBY, JAMES                           WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1800-14
QUINBY, JOSIAH                          NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1816-40
QUINBY, JOSIAH                          WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1819-48
RANDALL, ELIZABETH                      CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1798-11
RAYMOND, ABIGAIL                        BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1816-41
RAYMOND, ABRAHAM                        POUND RIDGE                             NY-56-1817-39
RAYMOND, ANN                            SALEM                                   NY-56-1800-15
RAYMOND, ENOCH                          BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1836-62
RAYMOND, EPHRAIM                        NTL                                     NY-56-1827-51
RAYMOND, JAMES                          BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1842-81
RAYMOND, JOSHUA                         BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1839-67
RAYMOND, LUKE                           NEW CANAAN                              NY-56-1813-46
RAYMOND, SETH                           SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1812-78
RAYMOND, SMAUEL                         POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1830-73
RAYMOND, THOMAS                         NEW YORK CITY (MINOR)                   NY-56-1815-52
READ, SARAH                             GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1836-63
REED, HENRY                             POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1821-61
REID, JOHN                              EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1810-29
REMSEN, JOHN                            GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1844-82
RENAUD, PETER                           NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1805-15
RENOUD, WILLIAM                         NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1832-71
REQUA, AMY                              GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1830-74
REQUA, DANIEL                           YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1836-64
REQUA, GABRIEL                          NTL                                     NY-56-1811-31
REQUA, GLODE                            GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1807-25
REQUA, ISAAC                            NTL                                     NY-56-1826-71
REQUA, JAMES                            GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1818-41
REQUA, JAMES                            GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1834-51
REQUA, JOHN                             MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1812-79
REQUA, TAMER                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1831-69
RESSEQUIE, JOHN                         MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1839-68
RESSEQUIE, JOSHUA                       MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1839-68
RESSEQUIE, MARY ELIZA                   MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1839-68
RESSEQUIE, OSCAR                        MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1839-68
RESSEQUIE, SARAH JANE                   MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1839-68
RESSEQUIE, WILLIAM D.                   MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1839-70
REVERE, IAMES                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1814-51
REVERE, ISAAC                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1814-50
REYNOLDS, ALLEN B.                      SOUTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1809-38
REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     NY-56-1818-42
REYNOLDS, HANNAH                        RYE                                     NY-56-1842-82
REYNOLDS, JESOP                         NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1822-51
REYNOLDS, JESSE                         BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1823-43
REYNOLDS, JOHN                          NTL                                     NY-56-1787-12B
REYNOLDS, NATHAN                        CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1811-32
REYNOLDS, NATHANIEL                     LEWISBORO                               NY-56-1843-71
REYNOLDS, PHILEMON                      POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1835-70
REYNOLDS, REBECCA                       NTL                                     NY-56-1819-49
REYNOLDS, ROBERT                        NTL                                     NY-56-1789-19
REYNOLDS, SARAH                         CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1816-42
REYNOLDS, SILVANUS                      BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1819-50
REYNOLDS, SUSAN E.                      BEDFORD (MINOR)                         NY-56-1829-60
REYNOLDS, SUTTON                        NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1828-62
REYNOLDS, TIMOTHY                       POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1836-65
REYNOLDS, TITUS                         NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1809-39
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                       SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1809-40
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                       RYE                                     NY-56-1839-71
REYNOLDS, ZADOCK M.                     SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1809-41
RHEAD, JANE                             YONKERS                                 NY-56-1794-12
RHINELANDER, DEBORAH                    NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1835-71
RHINELANDER, JACOB                      NEW ROCHELLE (SETTLED 1925)             NY-56-1837-51
RHINELANDER, MAGDALEN                   NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1800-16
RHODE, JOHN                             EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1826-72
RHODES, JOSIAH                          NTL                                     NY-56-1808-49
RHODES, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     NY-56-1821-47
RICH, ABRAHAM                           NTL                                     NY-56-1788-14
RICH, ELIZABETH                         YONKERS                                 NY-56-1818-43
RICH, HANNAH                            YONKES                                  NY-56-1835-72
RICH, JACOB                             EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1820-59
RICH, JAMES                             YONKERS                                 NY-56-1842-83
RICH, JOSEPH                            CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1843-72
RICH, LEWIS                             YONKERS                                 NY-56-1833-44
RICH, MICHAEL                           YONKERS                                 NY-56-1812-80
RICHARDS, JAMES                         SOMERS                                  NY-56-1836-66
RICK, PHENEAS                           YONKERS                                 NY-56-1810-30
RIDER, CORNELIUS                        YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1821-48
RITCH, THOMAS                           NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1813-47
ROAKE, JOSEPH                           YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1829-61
ROBBINS, JEREMIAH                       NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1822-53
ROBBINS, JOB                            NTL                                     NY-56-1816-43
ROBBINS, MARY                           NORTH CASTLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1816-44
ROBBINS, SAMUEL                         NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1824-42
ROBERT, JOHN                            YONKERS                                 NY-56-1830-76
ROBERTS, DANIEL                         YONKERS                                 NY-56-1820-60
ROBERTS, DAVID                          EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1822-52
ROBERTSON, JABEZ                        BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1832-72
ROBINSON, AISTROPPE                     MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1826-73
ROBINSON, ANN                           MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1826-73
ROBINSON, ANN C.                        WESTCHESTER (MINOR)                     NY-56-1823-44
ROBINSON, FRANCES                       NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1835-73
ROBINSON, GILBERT                       MAMARONECK                              NY-56-1802-16
ROBINSON, SARAH                         MAMARONECK                              NY-56-1829-62
ROBINSON, THOMAS                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1833-45
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1835-74
ROCCO, JAMES                            NTL                                     NY-56-1795-9
ROCKWELL, BENJAMIN                      NTL                                     NY-56-1788-15
ROCKWELL, HULDAH                        NTL                                     NY-56-1827-53
ROCKWELL, JAMES L.                      YONKERS                                 NY-56-1843-73
ROCKWELL, JOB                           SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1828-63
ROCKWELL, MARTIN                        SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1820-61
ROCKWELL, NATHAN                        SALEM                                   NY-56-1804-22
ROCKWELL, STEPHEN                       BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1805-16
ROCKWELL, THADEUS                       SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1828-64
ROCKWELL, WILLIAM                       SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1820-62
ROCKWELL, WILLIAM W.                    MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1815-53
RODMAN, RICHARD                         NTL                                     NY-56-1798-12
RODMAN, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NY-56-1793-10
ROE, SARAH                              GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1836-67
ROGERS, EVAN                            RYE                                     NY-56-1809-42
ROGERS, JOSEPH                          YONKERS                                 NY-56-1836-68
ROMER, HENDRICK                         GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1831-70
ROMER, JACOB                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1809-43
ROMER, JAMES                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1808-50
ROOF, SAMUEL JR                         SOMERS                                  NY-56-1812-81
ROSELL, CATHERINE                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1838-63
ROSS, MARGARET                          EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1812-82
ROSS, MARGARET                          NTL                                     NY-56-1818-44
ROSSEGIUE, ABRAHAM                      NTL                                     NY-56-1827-52
ROWLAND, DANIEL                         NTL                                     NY-56-1804-23
ROWLISSON, JOSEPH                       NTL                                     NY-56-1822-54
RUNDLE, EBENEZER                        BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1808-51
RUNDLE, HENRY                           NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1843-74
RUNDLE, JOHN                            POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1807-26
RUNDLE, JOHN                            NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1818-45
RUNDLE, MIRA                            NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1808-52
RUNDLE, NATHAN                          NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1832-73
RUNDLE, RUTH                            NTL                                     NY-56-1824-43
RUNDLE, SAMUEL                          NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1829-63
RUNDLE, SOLOMON                         CORTLANDT (1881)                        NY-56-1839-72
RUNDLE, SOLOMON                         NTL                                     NY-56-1811-33
RUNNELDS, ROBERT                        BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1810-31
RUNNELLS, ANN                           BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1813-48
RUNNELLS, ANN MARIAH                    BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1829-64
RUNNELLS, ELIAS                         BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1815-54
RUNNELLS, ELIJAH H.                     NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1814-52
RUSCO, GAMALIN                          SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1815-55
RUSCO, JOHN                             SALEM                                   NY-56-1808-53
RUSCO, SAMUEL                           SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1818-46
RUSSELL, LABAN                          RYE                                     NY-56-1842-84
RUTON, ABRAHAM                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1790-10
RUXER, JACOB                            BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1813-49
RYDER, ABRAHAM                          CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1821-49
RYDER, BARTHOLOMEW                      MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1843-75
RYDER, ELIJAH                           YORK TOWN (MINOR)                       NY-56-1821-50
RYDER, JACOB                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1809-44
RYDER, JAMES                            CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1813-50
RYDER, JAMES                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1828-65
RYDER, JAMES                            YORK TOWN (MINOR)                       NY-56-1821-50
RYDER, JESSE                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1833-46
RYER, HENRY                             NTL, DELAWARE, NY                       NY-56-1825-56

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