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FAIRWEATHER, JOSEPH                     SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1818-15
FALCONER, JOHN                          WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1831-20
FANCHER, WILLIAM                        POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1820-27
FARINGTON, MARGARET                     WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1809-15
FARRINGTON, BENJAMIN                    NTL                                     NY-56-1792-6
FARRINGTON, MOSES                       NTL                                     NY-56-1821-16
FARRINGTON, SAMUEL                      HARRISON                                NY-56-1813-17
FARRINGTON, SUSANNAH                    NTL                                     NY-56-1789-7
FARRINGTON, THOMAS                      YONKERS                                 NY-56-1841-28
FARRIS, BENJAMIN                        NTL                                     NY-56-1829-22
FARRIS,E LVIN                           NTL                                     NY-56-1793-4
FELEMETER, YORK                         NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1809-16
FELTZ, CONRADT                          YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1802-5
FERRIS, BENJAMIN                        NTL                                     NY-56-1789-8
FERRIS, CALEB                           EMPTY FILE                              NY-56-1795-6
FERRIS, CATHERINE                       YORKTOWN (MINOR)                        NY-56-1828-27
FERRIS, DANIEL                          BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1831-21
FERRIS, ELIJAH                          WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1842-24
FERRIS, ELIZABETH                       BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1844-24
FERRIS, GEORGE                          YONKERS                                 NY-56-1839-24
FERRIS, GEORGE                          YORKTOWN (MINOR)                        NY-56-1828-28
FERRIS, GOULD                           POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1839-25
FERRIS, JAMES                           YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1838-25
FERRIS, JAMES                           NTL                                     NY-56-1827-20
FERRIS, JAMES                           BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1832-32
FERRIS, JANE                            YORKTOWN (MINOR)                        NY-56-1828-27
FERRIS, JOHN                            CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1805-4
FERRIS, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-56-1830-31
FERRIS, JOHN G.                         POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1830-32
FERRIS, JONATHAN                        CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1838-26
FERRIS, JOSEPH                          CORTLAND                                NY-56-1842-25
FERRIS, RACHEL                          YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1842-26
FERRIS, RICHARD                         YORKTOWN (MINOR)                        NY-56-1828-27
FERRIS, STEPHEN                         NTL                                     NY-56-1827-21
FERRIS, SYLVESTER                       SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1824-17
FERRIS, THOMAS                          NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1831-22
FERROL, PATRICK                         RYE                                     NY-56-1824-18
FIELD, BENJAMIN                         HARRISON                                NY-56-1819-14
FIELD, CHARLES                          PORT CHESTER                            NY-56-1844-25
FIELD, COMFORT                          NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1835-29
FIELD, DANIEL                           CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1830-34
FIELD, DANIEL B.                        CORTLANDT (MINOR)                       NY-56-1830-33
FIELD, DAVID A.                         GREENWICH, CT (MINOR)                   NY-56-1819-15
FIELD, GILBERT                          NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1835-30
FIELD, HANNAH                           NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1836-26
FIELD, JAMES R.                         CORTLANDT (MINOR)                       NY-56-1830-33
FIELD, JULIET R.                        CORTLANDT (MINOR)                       NY-56-1830-33
FIELD, MARIA                            HARRISON                                NY-56-1814-17
FIELD, MARY                             CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1833-17
FIELD, MARY JANE                        HARRISON (MINOR)                        NY-56-1833-18
FIELD, MOSES                            NTL                                     NY-56-1828-29
FIELD, MOSES                            HARRISON (MINOR)                        NY-56-1833-18
FIELD, OLIVER C.                        NTL                                     NY-56-1827-22
FIELD, OSCAR I.                         CORTLANDT (MINOR)                       NY-56-1830-33
FIELD, PHLIP                            NTL                                     NY-56-1787-7
FIELD, ROBERT                           NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1838-27
FIELD, SALLY                            NTL                                     NY-56-1826-34
FIELD, SAMUEL                           CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1817-18
FIELD, SARAH                            HARRISON (MINOR)                        NY-56-1833-18
FIELD, STEPHEN                          GREENWICH, CT (MINOR)                   NY-56-1819-15
FIELD, THOMAS                           GREENBURGH (M)                          NY-56-1838-28
FIELD, THOMAS                           HARRISON                                NY-56-1811-17
FIELD, WARNER                           YONKERS                                 NY-56-1838-29
FIELD, WARNER                           GREENBURGH (M)                          NY-56-1838-28
FIELD, WILLIAM                          HARRISON                                NY-56-1834-19
FIELDS, DAVID                           HARRISON                                NY-56-1807-10
FINCH, LOCKWOOD                         SOMERS                                  NY-56-1835-31
FINCH, MARTIN                           NTL                                     NY-56-1828-30
FINCH, SETH                             NTL                                     NY-56-1819-16
FINCH, WILLIAM                          NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1818-16
FINN, LUKE                              YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1819-17
FISH, JOHN                              GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1808-16
FISH, SARAH                             NTL                                     NY-56-1829-23
FISHE, AMELIA F.                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1828-31
FISHER, DANIEL                          NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1841-29
FISHER, DANIEL                          MAMARONECK (M)                          NY-56-1839-27
FISHER, DANIEL P.                       MAMARONECK                              NY-56-1839-26
FISHER, DAVID                           WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1843-27
FISHER, ELIJAH                          WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1816-16
FISHER, ELIJAH                          NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1840-17
FISHER, ELIJAH                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1826-35
FISHER, ELIJAH JR.                      MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1806-4
FISHER, ELIZABETH                       WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1844-26
FISHER, FREDERICK                       NTL                                     NY-56-1812-25
FISHER, GILBERT                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1822-24
FISHER, GLORIANNA                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1838-30
FISHER, HARVEY PALMER                   MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1828-31
FISHER, JAMES                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1832-33
FISHER, JAMES                           WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1823-18
FISHER, JANE                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1821-17
FISHER, JANE                            MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1844-27
FISHER, JANE                            WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1843-28
FISHER, JEREMIAH                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1813-18
FISHER, JOHN                            NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1809-17
FISHER, JOHN                            GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1805-26
FISHER, JOHN M.                         NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1836-27
FISHER, NICHOLAS                        WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1834-20
FISHER, PHEBE                           WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1843-29
FISHER, RICHARD                         NORTH CASSEL                            NY-56-1816-17
FISHER, SAMUEL                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1831-23
FISHER, WILLIAM HENRY                   MAMARONECK (M0                          NY-56-1839-27
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM                     NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1839-28
FLANDERAU, ANN ELIZA                    NEW ROCHELLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1813-19
FLANDERAU, SUSAN                        NEW ROCHELLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1813-19
FLANDRAU, JOHN                          NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1809-18
FLANDREAU, ANN ELIZA                    NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1822-25
FLANDREAU, BENJAMIN                     NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1807-11
FLANDREAU, BENJAMIN                     NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1800-4
FLANDREAU, ELIJAH                       NEW ROCHELLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1811-18
FLANDREAU, ELIZABETH                    NTL                                     NY-56-1822-26
FLANDREAU, ESTHER                       NEW ROCHELLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1811-19
FLANDREAU, JANE                         NEW ROCHELLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1811-18
FLEMING, PETER (DR.)                    BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1824-19
FLEWELLIN, ROBERT                       YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1840-18
FLEWELLING, AMANDA                      NORTH CASTLE (M)                        NY-56-1839-29
FLEWELLING, DEBORAH CAROLINE            NORTH CASTLE (M0                        NY-56-1839-29
FLEWELLING, JOHN                        BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1838-31
FLORENCE, PETER                         MAMARONECK                              NY-56-1808-17
FORGER, ANGUS S.                        NTL                                     NY-56-1821-18
FORMAN, AARON                           NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1800-5
FORMAN, GILBERT                         NTL                                     NY-56-1821-19
FORMAN, JACOB                           YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1833-19
FOSDICK, WILLIAM                        WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1831-24
FOSHAY, ANN                             NTL                                     NY-56-1829-24
FOSHAY, FOSTER                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1827-23
FOSHAY, HARRIET                         MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1831-25
FOSHAY, HENRY                           MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1831-25
FOSHAY, JAMES                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1831-26
FOSHAY, JAMES W.                        MAMARONECK                              NY-56-1838-32
FOSHAY, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-56-1810-11
FOSHAY, JOHN                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1813-20
FOSHAY, MARTIN                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1826-36
FOSHAY, MATHEW                          NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1819-32
FOSHAY, WILLIAM                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1830-35
FOSHAY, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NY-56-1811-20
FOSTER, JANE                            GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1840-19
FOSTER, JOHN SR                         WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1841-30
FOSTER, MARMADUKE                       NTL                                     NY-56-1825-20
FOUNTAIN, EZRA                          BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1840-20
FOUNTAIN, HEPSIBAH                      BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1841-31
FOUNTAIN, URIAL                         NTL                                     NY-56-1792-7
FOWLER, AARON                           BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1809-19
FOWLER, ABRAHAM                         YONKERS                                 NY-56-1818-17
FOWLER, ANN ELIZA                       MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1835-32
FOWLER, CALEB W.                        YORK TOWN (MINOR)                       NY-56-1827-24
FOWLER, CHARLES A.                      SING SING (MINOR)                       NY-56-1833-20
FOWLER, ELIJAH                          YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1812-26
FOWLER, GEORGE                          CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1831-27
FOWLER, HANNAH                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1830-36
FOWLER, HANNAH                          YONKERS                                 NY-56-1807-12
FOWLER, HIRAM                           YORKTOWN (MINOR)                        NY-56-1832-34
FOWLER, JAMES                           YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1811-21
FOWLER, JAMES                           WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1815-28
FOWLER, JOHN                            NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1840-21
FOWLER, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-56-1822-27
FOWLER, JONATHAN P.                     NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1822-28
FOWLER, JOSEPH                          MAMARONECK                              NY-56-1816-18
FOWLER, JOSEPH JR.                      YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1800-6
FOWLER, MARIA                           YORKTOWN (MINOR)                        NY-56-1832-34
FOWLER, MARY                            EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1820-28
FOWLER, MARY                            MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1832-35
FOWLER, MOSES                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1816-19
FOWLER, NATHANIEL                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1835-33
FOWLER, NATHANIEL                       YORKTOWN (MINOR)                        NY-56-1832-34
FOWLER, PHEBE                           NTL                                     NY-56-1825-21
FOWLER, REUBEN                          CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1832-36
FOWLER, SALLY JANE                      YORKTOWN (MINOR)                        NY-56-1832-34
FOWLER, SAMUEL BENNETT                  YORK TOWN (MINOR)                       NY-56-1826-37
FOWLER, SOLOMON                         YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1824-20
FOWLER, SOLOMON                         YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1822-29
FOWLER, STAATS                          YONKERS (MINOR)                         NY-56-1823-19
FOWLER, STAATS                          NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1833-21
FOWLER, SUSANNAH                        NTL                                     NY-56-1820-29
FOWLER, THADEUS                         YORK TOWN (MINOR)                       NY-56-1827-24
FOWLER, WILLIAM                         CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1842-27
FRANKLIN, HANNAH                        EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1842-28
FRANKLIN, NAT                           EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1842-29
FROST, ISAAC                            SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1835-34
FROST, JACOB C.                         NTL                                     NY-56-1818-18
FROST, JAMES                            NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1831-28
FROST, JOHN                             NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1831-28
FROST, PETER                            YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1817-19
FROST, SAMUEL                           WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1830-37
FULLER, AMOS                            NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1826-38
FURSMAN, HENRY                          GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1839-30
GABERELL, NICHOLAS EMANUEL              NTL                                     NY-56-1789-9
GALLAUDET, ANN                          EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1829-25
GALLAUDET, WILLIAM P.                   NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1839-31
GARDINER, JOHN                          NTL                                     NY-56-1797-4
GARNESS, PHILIP JR.                     WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1832-29
GARRETT, ANDREW JACKSON                 HARRISON (M)                            NY-56-1839-32
GARRETT, ELIZABTEH D.                   HARRISON (M0                            NY-56-1839-32
GARRISON, LEVINA                        YORKTOWN (MINOR)                        NY-56-1814-18
GARRISON, NATHANIEL                     NTL                                     NY-56-1822-30
GARRISON, NATHANIEL                     MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1843-30
GARRISON, REUBEN                        CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1834-21
GATE, JACOB                             NTL                                     NY-56-1825-23
GEDNEY, ABSALOM                         YONKES                                  NY-56-1823-20
GEDNEY, CALEB                           NTL                                     NY-56-1791-3
GEDNEY, CALEB                           HARRISON                                NY-56-1810-12
GEDNEY, HANNAH                          NTL                                     NY-56-1788-7
GEDNEY, HANNAH                          NTL                                     NY-56-1830-38
GEDNEY, HARRY B.                        NTL                                     NY-56-1829-26
GEDNEY, ISAAC                           NTL                                     NY-56-1793-5
GEDNEY, ISAAC                           RYE                                     NY-56-1804-9
GEDNEY, JOHN                            WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1842-30
GEDNEY, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     NY-56-1823-21
GEDNEY, SAMUEL W.                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1834-22
GEDNEY, SARAH                           MAMARONECK (M) (CON'T)                  NY-56-1836-28
GEDNEY, SARAH                           MAMARONECK (M)                          NY-56-1836-28
GEDNEY, SOLOMON                         RYE                                     NY-56-1836-29
GEDNEY, SOLOMON                         NTL                                     NY-56-1812-27
GEDNEY, SOLOMON J.                      RYE                                     NY-56-1844-29
GEROW, ANDREW                           NTL                                     NY-56-1810-13
GEROW, MARTHA ANN ISSAACENE             EASTCHESTER (MINOR)                     NY-56-1841-32
GEROW, REUBEN                           YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1814-19
GIDNEY, ABRAHAM                         EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1816-20
GILBERT, ABIJAH                         SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1822-31
GILBERT, BENJAMIN                       NTL                                     NY-56-1794-5
GILBERT, JACOB                          SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1831-30
GILBERT, JOHN                           CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1816-21
GILBERT, STEPHEN                        LEWISBORO                               NY-56-1844-30
GILLESPIE, JOHN                         WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1810-14
GILMORE, JOSEPH B.                      YONKERS (MINOR)                         NY-56-1844-31
GILMORE, MARY ELIZABETH                 YONKERS (MINOR)                         NY-56-1844-32
GILYON, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     NY-56-1823-22
GIVAN, ROBERT                           WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1830-39
GODALL, JAMES                           BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1829-27
GODEFROY, THOMAS                        WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1812-28
GODFREY, JOSEPH                         HASTINGS                                NY-56-1841-33
GODFREY, ROBERT                         SOMERS                                  NY-56-1812-29
GOETCHIUS, PETER                        CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1829-28
GOLDEN, JAMES                           WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1836-30
GOLDING, ABRAHAM                        CORTLANDT (MINOR)                       NY-56-1813-21
GOLDING, ISAAC THORN                    CORTLANDT (MINOR)                       NY-56-1813-21
GOLDING, JOHN G.                        CORTLANDT (MINOR)                       NY-56-1813-21
GOLDING, JOSEPH                         CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1813-22
GOLDING, LEWIS                          CORTLANDT (MINOR)                       NY-56-1813-21
GOODENOW, ELI                           NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1834-25
GOVE, EBENEZER                          YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1842-31
GRAHAM, DINAH                           WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1839-33
GRAHAM, FELIX                           YONKERS                                 NY-56-1831-31
GRAHAM, ROBERT T.                       APACHALACHA                             NY-56-1835-35
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1835-36
GRANT, EBENEZER                         NTL                                     NY-56-1821-20
GRAY, JAMES                             RYE (MINOR)                             NY-56-1829-29
GRAY, OPHELIA COLEMAN                   RYE (MINOR)                             NY-56-1829-29
GRAY, WILLIAM COLEMAN                   RYE (MINOR)                             NY-56-1829-29
GREEN, ABIGAIL                          RYE                                     NY-56-1838-33
GREEN, ABRAHAM                          NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1812-30
GREEN, ANNA                             WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1815-29
GREEN, BENJAMIN                         POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1812-32
GREEN, BENJAMIN                         SOMERS                                  NY-56-1812-31
GREEN, BENJAMIN                         GREENWICH, FAIRFIELD, CT                NY-56-1840-22
GREEN, CALEB                            NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1832-37
GREEN, CALEB                            NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1837-22
GREEN, CHARLES JR                       WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1813-23
GREEN, DANIEL                           NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1837-23
GREEN, ELISHA                           NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1812-30
GREEN, ELIZABETH                        GREENWICH, CT                           NY-56-1844-33
GREEN, ISRAEL                           NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1809-20
GREEN, JAMES                            GREENWICH, CT                           NY-56-1842-32
GREEN, JARED                            BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1840-23
GREEN, JOHN                             NTL                                     NY-56-1790-5
GREEN, MARTHA                           SOMERS                                  NY-56-1841-34
GREEN, NATHAN                           NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1812-30
GREEN, OLIVER                           NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1836-32
GREEN, THOMAS                           GREENWICH, CT                           NY-56-1834-26
GREEN, WILLIAM                          SOMERS                                  NY-56-1824-21
GREGORY, NEHEMIAH                       SOMERS                                  NY-56-1812-33
GREGORY, STEPHEN                        SOMERS                                  NY-56-1812-34
GRIFFEN, BENJAMIN                       NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1830-40
GRIFFEN, JACOB                          CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1790-6
GRIFFEN, JAMES                          SCARSDALE                               NY-56-1840-24
GRIFFEN, JOHN                           NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1819-18
GRIFFEN, JOHN                           YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1838-34
GRIFFEN, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-56-1814-20
GRIFFEN, JOSEPH                         MAMARONECK                              NY-56-1807-13
GRIFFEN, JOSEPH                         STEPHENTOWN                             NY-56-1804-10
GRIFFEN, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NY-56-1796-5
GRIFFEN, ZOPHER                         NTL                                     NY-56-1823-23
GRIFFIN, ADDAM                          BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1809-21
GRIFFIN, ALFRED B.                      BEDFORD (M)                             NY-56-1836-33
GRIFFIN, DANIEL                         CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1818-19
GRIFFIN, DAVID                          BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1842-33
GRIFFIN, DEBORAH                        YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1838-35
GRIFFIN, ELEANOR                        YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1837-24
GRIFFIN, ELISHA                         NTL                                     NY-56-1841-35
GRIFFIN, GILBERT                        BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1815-30
GRIFFIN, JAMES                          WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1838-36
GRIFFIN, JANE                           NTL                                     NY-56-1824-22
GRIFFIN, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-56-1818-20
GRIFFIN, JOHN                           MAMARONECK                              NY-56-1812-35
GRIFFIN, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-56-1828-32
GRIFFIN, JOHN                           MAMARONECK                              NY-56-1844-34
GRIFFIN, JOHN L.                        NEW CASTLE (MINOR)                      NY-56-1820-30
GRIFFIN, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     NY-56-1825-22
GRIFFIN, MARY D.                        BEDFORD (M)                             NY-56-1836-34
GRIFFIN, MAURICE S.                     NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1830-41
GRIFFIN, MOSES                          HARRISON                                NY-56-1826-39
GRIFFIN, SIBBE                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1844-35
GRIFFIN, THOMAS                         EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1844-36
GRIFFIN, ZOPHER                         YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1836-35
GRIMES, FELIX                           NTL                                     NY-56-1831-32
GRUMAN, EPHRAIM                         NTL                                     NY-56-1815-31
GRUMMIN, DEBORAH                        NTL                                     NY-56-1794-6
GRUMMON, SAMUEL                         NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1835-37
GRUMMOND, WILLIAM                       BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1817-20
GUION, ABRAHAM                          RYE                                     NY-56-1831-33
GUION, CATHARINE                        WESTCHESTER (M)                         NY-56-1838-37
GUION, CHARLES                          EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1831-34
GUION, CHARLES B.                       NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1828-33
GUION, CHARLES L.                       EASTCHESTER (MINOR)                     NY-56-1814-21
GUION, CHARLES R.                       EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1838-38
GUION, ELIAS                            EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1839-34
GUION, ELIZABETH                        WESTCHESTER (M)                         NY-56-1838-37
GUION, ESAU                             PELHAM                                  NY-56-1820-19
GUION, GILBERT                          WESTCHESTER (M)                         NY-56-1838-37
GUION, JAMES A.                         EASTCHESTER (MINOR)                     NY-56-1814-21
GUION, JEMIMA                           NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1842-34
GUION, JERONIMUS H.                     EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1835-38
GUION, JOHN                             NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1829-30
GUION, JOHN                             EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1808-18
GUION, JOHN H.                          RYE                                     NY-56-1836-36
GUION, JOHN H.                          EASTCHESTER (MINOR)                     NY-56-1814-21
GUION, LETITIA                          WESTCHESTER (M)                         NY-56-1838-37
GUION, LEWIS                            EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1812-36
GUION, MARGARET H.                      RYE                                     NY-56-1842-35
GUION, MARY                             EASTCHESTER (MINOR)                     NY-56-1814-21
GUION, MARY E.                          NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1828-33
GUION, PETER                            RYE                                     NY-56-1814-22
GUION, PHEBE                            RYE                                     NY-56-1836-37
GURRELL, JOHN T.                        POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1842-36
GUYER, JOSEPH                           POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1788-8
HADDEN, BARTHOLOMEW                     HARRISON                                NY-56-1823-24
HADDEN, GILBERT                         YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1812-37
HADDEN, LOTT                            RYE                                     NY-56-1830-42
HAIGHT, ABIJAH                          NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1819-19
HAIGHT, CHRISTINA AUGUSTA G.            BEDFORD (MINOR)                         NY-56-1821-21
HAIGHT, DANIEL                          HARRISON                                NY-56-1828-34
HAIGHT, DANIEL J.                       CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1832-39
HAIGHT, DAVID                           BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1836-39
HAIGHT, ELIZA ANN                       NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1835-39
HAIGHT, ELNATHAN                        YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1836-38
HAIGHT, ELNATHAN                        YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1803-9
HAIGHT, JAMES                           NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1828-35
HAIGHT, JAMES                           YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1842-37
HAIGHT, JAMES GRANT                     BEDFORD (MINOR)                         NY-56-1821-21
HAIGHT, JESSE                           NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1832-40
HAIGHT, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-56-1809-22
HAIGHT, JOHN                            HARRISON                                NY-56-1819-20
HAIGHT, JOHN                            YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1816-22
HAIGHT, JOHN B.                         CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1831-35
HAIGHT, JOSEPH                          CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1803-10
HAIGHT, JOSEPH                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1822-32
HAIGHT, LUDLOW                          NTL                                     NY-56-1816-23
HAIGHT, NICHOLAS                        PELHAM                                  NY-56-1832-41
HAIGHT, NICHOLAS                        NTL                                     NY-56-1818-21
HAIGHT, PHEBE                           HARRISON                                NY-56-1831-36
HAIGHT, ROBERT                          NTL                                     NY-56-1821-22
HAIGHT, SAMUEL                          CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1814-23
HAIGHT, SAMUEL                          NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1838-39
HAIGHT, SAMUEL                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1808-19
HAIGHT, THOMAS                          HARRISON                                NY-56-1809-23
HAINES, ANN                             RYE                                     NY-56-1841-36
HAINES, MARGARET                        RYE                                     NY-56-1815-32
HAINS, ANN                              HARRISON                                NY-56-1831-37
HAINS, DAVID                            RYE                                     NY-56-1831-38
HAINS, GODFRY                           NTL                                     NY-56-1827-26
HAINS, JOHN                             RYE                                     NY-56-1834-27
HAINS, JOSEPH                           RYE                                     NY-56-1793-6
HAINS, MARY                             NTL                                     NY-56-1823-25
HAINS, MATTHEWS                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1830-43
HAINS, PETER                            NTL                                     NY-56-1822-33
HAINS, SAMUEL                           HARRISON                                NY-56-1811-22
HAIT, ABRAHAM                           BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1798-6
HAIT, JOHN                              WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1839-35
HAIT, JONES                             BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1818-22
HAIT, SETH                              CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1833-23
HALDEY, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NY-56-1802-6
HALL, ISAAC                             NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1841-37
HALL, JAMES                             RYE                                     NY-56-1832-42
HALL, JAMES                             NTL                                     NY-56-1827-27
HALL, JOHN                              NTL                                     NY-56-1825-24
HALL, MARY                              HARRISON                                NY-56-1841-38
HALLOCK, ANN V.                         CORTLANDT (MINOR)                       NY-56-1829-31
HALLOCK, CHARITY H.                     CORTLANDT (MINOR)                       NY-56-1829-32
HALLOCK, DANIEL H.                      CORTLANDT (MINOR)                       NY-56-1829-32
HALLOCK, DAVID                          NTL                                     NY-56-1797-5
HALLOCK, MICAJAH                        COURTLANDT                              NY-56-1828-36
HALLOCK, RACHEL H.                      CORTLANDT (MINOR)                       NY-56-1829-32
HALLOCK, RICHARD                        NTL                                     NY-56-1821-23
HALLOCK, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     NY-56-1820-31
HALLOCK, SAMUEL W.                      CORTLANDT (MINOR)                       NY-56-1829-31
HALSTEAD, JOHN                          CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1834-28
HALSTEAD, PHILEMON                      RYE                                     NY-56-1820-32
HALSTED, ABIGAIL                        NTL                                     NY-56-1829-33
HALSTED, EDWARD                         HARRISON                                NY-56-1830-44
HALSTED, ELISHA                         RYE (MINOR)                             NY-56-1809-24
HALSTED, ELIZA                          RYE (MINOR)                             NY-56-1809-24
HALSTED, HENRY                          RYE (MINOR)                             NY-56-1809-24
HALSTED, JAMES                          NTL                                     NY-56-1826-42
HALSTED, JANE                           RYE (MINOR)                             NY-56-1809-24
HALSTED, JOHN                           HARRISON                                NY-56-1828-37
HALSTED, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     NY-56-1825-25
HALSTED, JOSHUA                         SOMERS                                  NY-56-1819-21
HALSTED, LEWIS                          SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1830-45
HALSTED, MARY                           RYE (MINOR                              NY-56-1809-24
HALSTED, MICAH                          SALEM                                   NY-56-1801-1
HALSTED, SAMUEL                         SOMERS                                  NY-56-1844-37
HALSTED, SMITH                          SOMERS                                  NY-56-1816-24
HALSTED, STEPHEN S.                     SOMERS                                  NY-56-1829-34
HALSTED, THOMAS                         BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1802-7
HALSTED, UNDERHILL                      RYE (MINOR)                             NY-56-1809-24
HALSTED, WILLIAM                        RYE (MINOR)                             NY-56-1809-24
HALSTED, WILLIAM (COLORED)              NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1828-38
HAMLIN, JAMES                           NTL                                     NY-56-1836-31
HAMMOND, ABIJAH                         WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1833-22
HAMMOND, DAVID                          CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1841-39
HAMMOND, ELAZOR                         NEW YORK CITY (MINOR)                   NY-56-1819-22
HAMMOND, ELEANOR                        NEW YORK CITY (MINOR)                   NY-56-1819-22
HAMMOND, ELISHA                         CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1839-36
HAMMOND, ELIZABETH                      MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1827-28
HAMMOND, ESTHER                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1834-29
HAMMOND, FANNY                          NEW YORK CITY (MINOR)                   NY-56-1819-22
HAMMOND, JOHN                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1817-21
HAMMOND, MARGARET                       CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1835-40
HAMMOND, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NY-56-1826-40
HAMMOND, THOMAS                         NTL, PUTNAM, NY                         NY-56-1828-39
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1832-43
HAMMOND,JACOB                           MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1825-26
HANFORD, GERSHOM                        NTL                                     NY-56-1820-33
HANFORD, HANNAH                         NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1844-38
HANFORD, JOSEPH                         LEWISBORO                               NY-56-1843-31
HANFORD, LAURA ANN                      LEWISBORO (MINOR)                       NY-56-1843-32
HANFORD, MARTIN                         LEWISBORO                               NY-56-1844-39
HANFORD, MARTIN A.                      LEWISBORO (MINOR)                       NY-56-1843-32
HANKS, JOHN                             BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1794-2
HARFORD, EPHRAIM                        SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1825-27
HARLAND, EDWARD                         YONKERS                                 NY-56-1819-23
HARRIS, ABIJAH                          BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1843-33
HARRIS, EZEKIEL                         BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1837-25
HARRIS, JAMES M.                        BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1839-25
HARRIS, JOSIAH DWIGHT                   ARKANSAS TERRITORY                      NY-56-1836-40
HART, CLARISSA AMELIA                   RYE (MINOR)                             NY-56-1843-34
HART, DAVID                             CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1836-41
HART, ELISHA                            NTL                                     NY-56-1821-24
HART, ELISHA                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1812-38
HART, HICKSON F.                        YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1842-38
HART, JAMES                             NTL                                     NY-56-1825-28
HART, JAMES                             RYE                                     NY-56-1836-42
HART, JAMES                             NTL                                     NY-56-1796-6
HART, JOHN                              NTL                                     NY-56-1835-41
HART, JOHN                              GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1841-40
HART, MONMOUTH                          GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1832-44
HART, NATHANIEL C.                      WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1842-39
HART, NATHANIEL C.                      WHITE PLAINS (CON'T)                    NY-56-1842-39
HART, WILLIAM A.                        NTL                                     NY-56-1826-41
HARTE, ELIJAH                           GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1816-25
HARTE, ELIZABETH                        YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1825-29
HASTINGS, JOHN T.                       NTL                                     NY-56-1828-40
HATFIELD, ABRAHAM                       WEST PLAINS                             NY-56-1807-14
HATFIELD, ARTHUR                        MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1825-30
HATFIELD, DANIEL                        WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1830-46
HATFIELD, DANIEL                        WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1835-92
HATFIELD, DANIEL                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1815-33
HATFIELD, GILBERT                       WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1830-47
HATFIELD, HENRIETTA                     NORTH CASTLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1843-35
HATFIELD, HESTER ANN                    WHITE PLAINS (MINOR)                    NY-56-1821-25
HATFIELD, JOHN                          WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1819-24
HATFIELD, JOHN                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1844-40
HATFIELD, JOSEPH                        GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1842-40
HATFIELD, JOSHUA                        NTL                                     NY-56-1820-34
HATFIELD, JOSHUA                        WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1802-8
HATFIELD, MARTHA                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1829-35
HATFIELD, MARTHA (WILLETT)              WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1794-7
HATFIELD, MARY                          WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1839-37
HATFIELD, MINERVA                       NORTH CASTLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1843-36
HATFIELD, SALINA                        WHITE PLAINS (MINOR)                    NY-56-1821-25
HAVANAH, PATRICK                        WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1820-43
HAVILAND, ANN                           WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1842-41
HAVILAND, DANIEL E.                     HARRISON (MINOR)                        NY-56-1844-41
HAVILAND, EBENEZER                      WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1808-20
HAVILAND, EBENEZER                      HARRISON                                NY-56-1843-37
HAVILAND, GILBERT                       NTL                                     NY-56-1820-36
HAVILAND, JOHN                          HARRISON                                NY-56-1805-5
HAVILAND, JOHN                          NTL                                     NY-56-1829-36
HAVILAND, JOHN                          HARRISON                                NY-56-1826-43
HAVILAND, JOSEPH                        HARRISON                                NY-56-1837-26
HAVILAND, PHEBE MARIA                   HARRISON (MINOR)                        NY-56-1844-42
HAVILAND, SAMUEL                        NTL                                     NY-56-1789-10
HAVILAND, SAMUEL                        NTL                                     NY-56-1809-25
HAVILAND, WILLIAM                       WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1834-30
HAWES, SAMUEL                           NTL                                     NY-56-1821-26
HAWES, SOLOMON                          NTL                                     NY-56-1820-39
HAWKINS, JOHN                           RYE                                     NY-56-1844-43
HAWLEY, EZEKIEL                         NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1792-8
HAWLEY, JOEL                            NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1841-41
HAYES, CHARLES                          SOUTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1813-24
HAYES, FREEGIFT                         SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1810-15
HAYNES, ISAAC                           SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1807-15
HAYS, BENJAMIN                          BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1816-26
HAYS, DAVID                             MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1813-25
HAYS, ZIPORAH                           BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1820-37
HAYT, MAJOR                             BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1816-27
HAYWARD, ELIZABETH                      MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1843-38
HAYWARD, MARY ANN                       MOUNT PLEASANT (MINOR)                  NY-56-1843-38
HAYWARD, WILLIAM                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1843-39
HEDDEN, HERMAN                          NTL                                     NY-56-1828-41
HELICAR, MARY                           NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1808-21
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                      PELHAM (MINOR)                          NY-56-1805-6
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                      NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1812-39
HERTFORD, THOMAS                        SALEM                                   NY-56-1797-6
HEUSTIS, JOHN                           WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1820-38
HEWLETT, SARAH L.                       RYE                                     NY-56-1842-42
HIBBERT, ISAAC                          NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1832-45
HIBBERT, MARGARET                       NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1832-46
HIGGINS, GABRIEL                        BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1812-40
HIGGINS, SAMUEL                         BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1834-31
HILIKER, NICHOLAS                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1816-28
HILL, ALETHEA C.                        WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1832-47
HILL, WILLIAM                           EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1830-48
HITCHCOCK, JEREMIAH                     WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1812-41
HOAG, ELIAB                             NTL                                     NY-56-1827-29
HOAG, JOHN                              NTL                                     NY-56-1802-9
HOAG, LYDIA                             NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (MINOR)               NY-56-1815-34
HOAG, PHEBE                             NEW CASTLE (MINOR)                      NY-56-1843-40
HOAG, SANFORD                           NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1843-41
HOAG, WINTHROP                          NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1824-23
HOBBY, CALEB                            NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1821-27
HOBBY, DAVID                            NTL                                     NY-56-1831-39
HOBBY, DAVID                            NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1812-42
HOBBY, JONATHAN                         SOMERS                                  NY-56-1812-43
HOBBY, JONATHAN CISARO AUGUSTINE        NORTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1817-22
HOBBY, JOSEPH EDSON MILLS               NORTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1817-22
HOBBY, MARY ELIZABETH ANN               NORTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1817-22
HOBBY, UNIS KNAPP OPHELIA               NORTH SALEM (MINOR)                     NY-56-1817-22
HOBSON, ANDREW                          NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1814-24
HOBSON, ANNA                            NTL                                     NY-56-1819-25
HOBSON, NANCY                           NTL                                     NY-56-1819-26
HOFFMAN, CHARLOTTE                      WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1844-44
HOFFMAN, HARMON L.                      WESTCHESTER (MINOR)                     NY-56-1833-24
HOFFMAN, MARTIN W. S.                   WESTCHESTER (MINOR)                     NY-56-1833-24
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM                        WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1833-25
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM S.                     WESTCHESTER (MINOR)                     NY-56-1833-24
HOLMES, ABIGAIL                         BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1842-43
HOLMES, ABSOLOM                         SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1824-24
HOLMES, DAVID                           BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1844-45
HOLMES, ISAAC                           NTL                                     NY-56-1801-2
HOLMES, NATHAN                          BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1844-46
HOLMES, ZADOCK                          BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1812-44
HONEYWELL, ELIZABETH JANE               GREENBURGH (MINOR)                      NY-56-1835-42
HONEYWELL, GILEAD                       GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1828-42
HONEYWELL, JAMES S.                     GREENBURGH (MINOR)                      NY-56-1835-42
HONEYWELL, PHILIP                       GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1813-31
HONEYWELL, SALLY A.                     GREENBURGH (MINOR)                      NY-56-1835-42
HOOK, CATHARINA                         NTL                                     NY-56-1818-23
HOPE, JAMES                             NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1813-26
HOPKINS, DANIEL                         NTL                                     NY-56-1812-45
HOPKINS, DAVID                          NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1813-27
HOPKINS, JOHN                           EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1823-26
HOPKINS, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-56-1825-31
HOPKINS, JONATHAN                       CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1837-27
HOPKINS, OLIVER                         NORTH CASTLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1812-46
HOPKINS, RACHEL                         NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1813-28
HOPKINS, STEPHEN                        NTL                                     NY-56-1822-34
HOPKINS, THOMAS                         NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1812-47
HOPKINS, WILLIAM G.                     CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1830-49
HOPPS, JOHN                             WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1810-16
HORTON, ABRAHAM                         WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1827-30
HORTON, ANNE                            NTL                                     NY-56-1791-4
HORTON, ANTOINETTE                      NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1844-47
HORTON, BENJAMIN                        SOMERS                                  NY-56-1828-43
HORTON, CALEB                           HARRISON                                NY-56-1831-40
HORTON, DANIEL                          YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1812-48
HORTON, DANIEL                          FISHKILL, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-56-1844-48
HORTON, EMALA                           CORTLANDT (MINOR)                       NY-56-1842-44
HORTON, GILBERT                         NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1830-50
HORTON, GILBUDD                         NTL                                     NY-56-1789-11
HORTON, ISAAC                           NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1807-16
HORTON, JAMES                           CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1839-38
HORTON, JAMES P.                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1835-43
HORTON, JOHN                            CORTLANDT VBF                           NY-56-1829-37
HORTON, JOSEPH                          SOMERS                                  NY-56-1814-25
HORTON, MARY                            YORK TOWN (MINOR)                       NY-56-1817-23
HORTON, MARY EMILY                      NTL (M)                                 NY-56-1839-39
HORTON, PARK                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1834-32
HORTON, PHEBE                           YORK TOWN (MINOR)                       NY-56-1817-23
HORTON, SARAH                           WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1844-49
HORTON, STEPHEN                         YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1828-44
HORTON, STEPHEN                         NTL                                     NY-56-1815-35
HORTON, STEPHEN                         NTL                                     NY-56-1819-27
HORTON, STEPHEN D.                      CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1842-45
HORTON, TIMOTHY                         HARRISON (MINOR)                        NY-56-1811-23
HORTON, TIMOTHY                         RYE                                     NY-56-1795-7
HORTON, WILLIAM                         WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1820-40
HORTON, WILLIAM                         YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1822-35
HORTON, WILLIAM                         YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1801-3
HORTON, WILLIAM G.                      NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1844-50
HORTON, WRIGHT F.                       CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1844-51
HOSIER, BENJAMIN                        WHITE PLAINS (MINOR)                    NY-56-1808-22
HOSIER, DANIEL                          WHITE PLAINS (MINOR)                    NY-56-1808-22
HOSIER, HANNAH                          WHITE PLAINS (MINOR)                    NY-56-1808-23
HOSIER, JOHN                            WHITE PLAINS                            NY-56-1805-7
HOSIER, JOHN                            WHITE PLAINS (MINOR)                    NY-56-1808-24
HOSIER, SAMUEL                          WHITE PLAINS (MINOR)                    NY-56-1808-22
HOSIER, WILLIAM                         WHITE PLAINS (MINOR)                    NY-56-1808-22
HOWES, ZALMON                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1843-42
HOWLAND, BENJAMIN                       NTL                                     NY-56-1820-35
HOWLAND, JOSEPH                         GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1836-43
HOYT, AARON F.                          POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1844-52
HOYT, ANSON                             SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1824-25
HOYT, CALEB                             SALEM                                   NY-56-1805-8
HOYT, DAVID                             SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1813-29
HOYT, HANNAH                            POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1823-27
HOYT, HENRY                             NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1829-38
HOYT, JAMES                             NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1821-28
HOYT, JAMES                             NORTH SALEM                             NY-56-1822-36
HOYT, JOSEPH                            POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1825-32
HOYT, NELSON                            NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1834-33
HOYT, SALLY S.                          POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1838-40
HOYT, STEPHEN                           SALEM                                   NY-56-1807-17
HOYT, STEPHEN                           SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1812-49
HOYT, SYLVANUS                          POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1804-11
HOYT, THADEUS                           STAMFORD, CT                            NY-56-1829-39
HOYT, THOMAS                            MAMARONECK                              NY-56-1837-28
HUBBS, HANNAH                           RYE                                     NY-56-1791-5
HUESTIS, DEBORAH                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1807-18
HUGHES, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NY-56-1798-7
HULL, EUNICE                            SOMERS                                  NY-56-1833-26
HULL, ISAAC                             SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1813-30
HULL, THOMAS                            SOMES                                   NY-56-1827-31
HUNT, AARON                             EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1828-45
HUNT, DANIEL                            SOUTH SALEM                             NY-56-1827-32
HUNT, DANIEL                            NTL                                     NY-56-1826-44
HUNT, DANIEL                            NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1830-51
HUNT, DAVID                             NORTH CASTLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1809-26
HUNT, EDMUND L.                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1831-41
HUNT, ESTHER                            NTL                                     NY-56-1819-28
HUNT, HANNAH                            NTL                                     NY-56-1812-50
HUNT, ISAAC                             NEW YORK CITY (M)                       NY-56-1836-44
HUNT, ISAAC                             GREENBURGH                              NY-56-1835-44
HUNT, ISRAEL                            EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1841-42
HUNT, JESSE                             RYE                                     NY-56-1800-7
HUNT, JOHN                              NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1799-3
HUNT, JOSHUA                            NTL                                     NY-56-1792-9
HUNT, JOSIAH                            NTL                                     NY-56-1829-40
HUNT, LEVI                              WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1799-4
HUNT, MARGARET                          NTL                                     NY-56-1830-52
HUNT, RACHEL                            WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1833-27
HUNT, RICHARD W.                        EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1839-40
HUNT, SALLY                             NORTH CASTLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1809-26
HUNT, STEPHANUS                         NTL                                     NY-56-1790-7
HUNT, STEPHEN                           WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1833-28
HUNT, TAMER                             WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1833-29
HUNT, THEOPHILUS                        NTL                                     NY-56-1797-7
HUNT, THOMAS                            NTL                                     NY-56-1808-25
HUNT, THOMAS                            EASTCHESTER                             NY-56-1812-51
HUNT, WILLIAM D.                        NORTH CASTLE                            NY-56-1837-29
HUNTER, ALFRED                          NTL (M)                                 NY-56-1837-31
HUNTER, EZRA                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1812-52
HUNTER, GILBERT                         YORKTOWN (MINOR)                        NY-56-1814-26
HUNTER, GILBERT                         YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1810-17
HUNTER, GILBERT                         NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1836-45
HUNTER, GILBERT                         NTL (M)                                 NY-56-1837-30
HUNTER, HENRY                           COURTLANDT                              NY-56-1814-27
HUNTER, JACOB                           NTL (M)                                 NY-56-1837-30
HUNTER, JAMES                           CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1811-24
HUNTER, JAMES B.                        NTL (M)                                 NY-56-1837-31
HUNTER, OLIVER                          NTL                                     NY-56-1827-34
HUNTER, PHEBE                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1832-48
HUNTER, SUSANN ANN                      NTL (M)                                 NY-56-1837-31
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-56-1832-49
HUNTINGTON, ANN                         NEW ROCHELLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1802-10
HUNTINGTON, GRACE                       NEW ROCHELLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1802-10
HUNTINGTON, JAMES PITCHER               NEW ROCHELLE (MINOR)                    NY-56-1802-11
HUNTINGTON, THOMAS                      NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-56-1804-12
HUSTACE, ABIGAIL                        WESTCHESTER                             NY-56-1829-41
HUSTED, JABEZ                           BEDFORD                                 NY-56-1815-36
HUSTICE, SOLOMON                        NTL                                     NY-56-1810-18
HUSTIS, CALEB                           NTL                                     NY-56-1788-9
HYATT, ANN                              YONKERS                                 NY-56-1831-42
HYATT, DAVID M.                         YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1844-53
HYATT, ELISHA                           HARRISON                                NY-56-1835-45
HYATT, EZEKIEL                          YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1819-29
HYATT, JOHN                             YORKTOWN                                NY-56-1842-46
HYATT, JOSEPH                           NTL                                     NY-56-1825-34
HYATT, JOSEPH                           POUNDRIDGE                              NY-56-1825-33
HYATT, JUSTUS                           CORTLANDT                               NY-56-1818-24
HYATT, MONTROSS                         NTL (MINOR)                             NY-56-1821-29
HYATT, NATHANIEL                        YORK TOWN                               NY-56-1816-29
HYATT, SAMUEL                           SOMERS                                  NY-56-1843-43
HYATT, WILLIAM                          YONKERS                                 NY-56-1814-28
HYATT, WILLIAM M.                       NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1842-47
HYATT, WILLIAM MORGAN                   NEW CASTLE                              NY-56-1842-48
HYNARD, MICHAEL                         SOMERS                                  NY-56-1842-49

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