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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1808-1854 | 2 = 1854-1876 | 3 = 1876-1886 | 4 = 1886-1893 | 5 = 1893-1901 | 6 = 1901-1905 | 7 = 1905-1909 | 8 = 1909-1912 | 9 = 1912-1915 | 10 = 1915-1918 |
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UHL, CHRISTIAN               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-82
ULLERY, DANIEL               CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-1-11
UNDERSINGER, JOSEPH          CARROLL                       PA-11-5-617
UNGER, ELIAS J.              PITTSBURGH, ALLEGHENY, PA     PA-11-6-6
UNVERZAGT, CHARLES           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-560
UNVERZAGT, GEORGE            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-272
UPDEGRAVE, MARY J.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-510
UTECHT, EARL C.              STONY CREEK                   PA-11-10-606
UTECHT, ELDA V.              STONYCREEK                    PA-11-10-593
VAIL, JANE                   JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-301
VALKO, GEORGE                DUNLO                         PA-11-9-684
VANASDLEN, J. HARVEY         EBENSBURG                     PA-11-8-369
VANLUNEN, LOUIS              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-78B
VANSCOYOE, THOMAS            MOUNT AIRDALE                 PA-11-4-34
VARNER, ABRAHAM              JACKSON                       PA-11-6-98
VARNER, ADAM W.              VINCO                         PA-11-8-160
VARNER, ADAM                 SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-4-501
VARNER, DANIEL               ADAMS                         PA-11-8-112
VARNER, EMANUEL              RICHLAND                      PA-11-6-648
VARNER, GEORGE               JACKSON                       PA-11-2-356
VARNER, HENRY                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-227
VARNER, JOHN                 ADAMS                         PA-11-5-414
VARNER, MARY MUNDAY          EAST TAYLOR                   PA-11-8-287
VARNER, SAMUEL S.            ADAMS                         PA-11-3-275
VARNER, SAMUEL               SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-4-407
VARNER, W. H.                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-60
VAUGHEN, SAMUEL W.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-411
VAUGHT, ANNIE E.             GALLITZIN                     PA-11-10-278
VEIL, HENRY                  RICHLAND                      PA-11-3-46
VENABLES, GEORGE             MILLVILLE                     PA-11-2-512
VICKROY, CORNELIA HARLAN     NTL                           PA-11-3-263
VICKROY, EDWIN A.            FERNDALE                      PA-11-3-602
VIERING, HENRY               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-462
VILSACK, URSULA              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-263
VIVIAN, HARRIET              SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-5-494
VOCK, HARMAN                 CAMBRIA                       PA-11-2-277
VOEGHTBY, GURMAN             CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-4-307
VOGEL, JACOB                 HASTINGS                      PA-11-10-478
VONALT, GEORGE               CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-2-618
VONLUNEN, CHARLES            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-148
VORHAUER, JOHN GEORGE        CAMBRIA                       PA-11-6-414
WAGNER, ALICE                BLACKLICK                     PA-11-9-610
WAGNER, DAVID                JUNIATA, BEDFORD, PA          PA-11-9-343
WAGNER, ELIZA JANE           BLACKLICK                     PA-11-3-92
WAGNER, GENEVEVA             DAISYTOWN                     PA-11-6-322
WAGNER, GEORGE               CAMBRIA                       PA-11-8-335
WAGNER, REINHART             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-109
WAGNER, WILLIAM M.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-303
WAGSTAFF, ELIZABETH          SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-9-341
WAHL, CONRAD                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-71
WAIBEL, CATHARINE            BROWNSTOWN                    PA-11-8-546
WALCHER, JOSEPH              *, SOMERSET, PA               PA-11-5-334
WALHEIM, ELIZABETH           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-145
WALHEIM, MATTHIAS            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-194
WALKER, GEORGE               CAMBRIA                       PA-11-4-223
WALKER, WILLIAM              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-374
WALLACE, BARBARA             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-272
WALLACE, JOHN                WEST TAYLOR                   PA-11-7-573
WALLS, AMON L.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-457
WALSH, MARY                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-578
WALTER, ENGLEBERT            ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-120
WALTER, HENRY                SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-3-414
WALTER, JEREMIAH             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-216
WALTER, JOHN                 WASHINGTON                    PA-11-1-137
WALTERS, CATHERINE           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-588
WALTERS, CHRISTIAN           NTL                           PA-11-5-147
WALTERS, DANIEL              CHEST SPRINGS                 PA-11-2-419
WALTERS, EMILY               CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-9-257
WALTERS, GEORGE              WHITE                         PA-11-3-656
WALTERS, JOSEPH              ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-4-129
WALTERS, WALTER W.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-220
WALTES, ENGELBERT            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-147
WALTZ, CASPER                CARROLL                       PA-11-2-55
WALTZ, ELIZABETH             GALLITZIN                     PA-11-6-445
WAMBAUGH, DANIEL             ADAMS                         PA-11-5-191
WARD, ROSE                   JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-498
WARE, ROBERT G.              VINTONDALE                    PA-11-6-628
WARGO, FRANK                 JACKSON                       PA-11-10-347
WARGOVITS, EMMA              PORTAGE                       PA-11-10-477
WARHOL, ELEK                 BROWNSTOWN                    PA-11-9-1
WARNER, JOSEPH               CHEST                         PA-11-5-338
WARNER, PHILIP               WASHINGTON                    PA-11-4-278
WARREN, SAMUEL               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-462
WARRENDER, MARY ANN          CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-9-601
WARSING, HARRIET             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-629
WASHINGTON, HENRY            ELDER                         PA-11-10-330
WASSER, ALOYSIUS             CARROLL                       PA-11-2-308
WATERS, EDMUND J.            EBENSBURG                     PA-11-3-197
WATERS, JOHN W.              PATTON                        PA-11-8-493
WATERS, JOSIAH               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-141
WATERS, MARGARET             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-452
WATKINS, BENJAMIN F.         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-296
WATKINS, JOHN B.             DUNLO                         PA-11-6-503
WATKINS, WILLIAM             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-454
WATTERMAN, NOBLE V.          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-632
WATTS, DAVID                 GALLITZIN                     PA-11-5-101
WATTS, DAVID                 *, DAUPHIN, PA                PA-11-6-467
WEAKLAND, ANSELM             ELDER                         PA-11-6-207
WEAKLAND, GEORGE             CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-2-440
WEAKLAND, JOHN M.            SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-6-345
WEAKLAND, MAGDALENA          ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-3-393
WEAKLAND, MARCELLUS          BARNESBORO                    PA-11-9-579
WEAKLAND, MARY M.            HASTINGS                      PA-11-6-278
WEAKLAND, MICHAEL            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-537
WEAKLAND, MICHAEL            SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-3-125
WEAKLAND, MICHAEL            CARROLL                       PA-11-1-136
WEAKLAND, MICHAEL M.         CARROLL                       PA-11-5-458
WEAKLAND, SAMUEL             CARROLL                       PA-11-4-107
WEAKLAND, SIMON A.           SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-6-226
WEAKLAND, SIMON              ALLEGHANY                     PA-11-2-453
WEAKLAND, SUSAN              CARROLL                       PA-11-6-31
WEAKLAND, SUSAN              CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-7-392
WEAKLAND, WILLIAM            CARROLL                       PA-11-3-115
WEAKLAND, WILLIAM            ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-5
WEAKLAND, WILLIAM            ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-2-188
WEAKLEN, HENRY               SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-3-240
WEAKLEN, JOHN                SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-3-377
WEAVER, CHRISTIAN            RICHLAND                      PA-11-3-41
WEAVER, DANIEL               RICHLAND                      PA-11-4-479
WEAVER, EMANUEL              RICHLAND                      PA-11-4-297
WEAVER, JOSEPHINE MOORE      JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-29
WEAVER, SUSANAH              RICHLAND                      PA-11-6-452
WEBBER, JOHN                 NTL                           PA-11-4-549
WEEGMANN, ALBERT             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-31
WEHN, GEORGE                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-527
WEHN, LEWIS                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-562
WEHN, MARGARET               JACKSON                       PA-11-3-342
WEIGAND, AUGUST              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-104
WEILAND, LAURANCE            SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-2-298
WEILANDT, NICHOLAS           SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-2-266
WEIMER, PETER                CARROLL                       PA-11-6-64
WEIMER, S. A.                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-600
WEIR, JOHN C.                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-691
WEIS, FRANK                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-128
WEISE, BERNARD               GALLITZIN                     PA-11-5-120
WEISE, GEORGE P.             GALLITZIN                     PA-11-10-621
WEISE, GUSTAVE               BROWNSTOWN                    PA-11-5-5
WEISMULLER, VITUS            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-334
WEISSEL, GEORGE              NTL                           PA-11-1-260
WEISZ, KARL                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-349
WELFEL, CONRAD               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-287
WELSH, JANE T.               BARNESBORO                    PA-11-10-38
WELSH, JOHN                  BARNESBORO                    PA-11-9-537
WENDELL, CHARLES             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-47
WENDELL, CHARLES             ADAMS                         PA-11-3-131
WENDELL, DAVID               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-229
WENDEROTH, GEORGE            WILMORE                       PA-11-8-16
WENGZEN, JOHN D.             BARNSBORO                     PA-11-9-555
WENTROTH, JOHN D.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-300
WENTZ, JOHN                  CARROLL                       PA-11-2-75
WENTZEL, CARRIE              CRESSON                       PA-11-9-624
WERNER, FRANCIS ANTHONY      NTL                           PA-11-5-409
WESNER, M. A.                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-230
WESS, LORENZ                 SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-2-115
WESS, LORENZ                 (IN GERMAN)                   PA-11-4-546
WEST, DAVID                  SEE: DAVIS, DAVID             PA-11-3-493
WESTOVER, JOSEPH C.          SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-3-28
WESTOVER, M. C.              SPANGLER                      PA-11-7-175
WESTRICH, ANDREW             CHEST                         PA-11-2-100
WETSELL, JOHN                CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-3-445
WETZELL, JOHN S.             CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-6-497
WHALEN, MARY A.              SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-5-8
WHALEN, PATRICK              SPANGLER                      PA-11-8-358
WHALEN, WILLIAM              SPANGLER                      PA-11-6-17
WHANNELL, HENRY              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-180
WHANNELL, JANET              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-244
WHARTON, CHARLES D.          CHEST SPRINGS                 PA-11-4-544
WHARTON, STANISLAUS          CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-2-446
WHELAN, PHILIP               ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-2-222
WHELDON, MARY DOROTHA        LILLY                         PA-11-10-202
WHERRY, JANE                 EBENSBURG                     PA-11-2-230
WHERRY, SILAS M.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-293
WHIKE, CATHARINE             PORTAGE                       PA-11-8-36
WHITE, ANDREW                BAKERTON                      PA-11-9-481
WHITE, CONRAD                UPPER YODER                   PA-11-5-80
WHITE, JOHN C.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-665
WHITE, JOHN                  BLACKLICK                     PA-11-2-264
WHITE, THOMAS                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-28
WHITE, WILLIAM E.            NTL                           PA-11-10-618
WHITEHEAD, MARY              GALLITZIN                     PA-11-4-215
WHITMON, MARY                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-542
WHITTAER, CAROLINE           COOPERSDALE                   PA-11-4-187
WHITTAKER, DANIEL            NTL                           PA-11-5-385
WHYSONG, WILLIAM H.          WEST TAYLOR                   PA-11-8-48
WIBLE, ELIZABETH             CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-3-185
WICKS, JOSEPH                SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-10-282
WIDDERSHEIM, ANNA            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-699
WIDDERSHEIM, HENRY           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-16
WIDDERSHEIM, KONRAD          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-553
WIDMAN, JOHN                 RICHLAND                      PA-11-2-145
WIEGAND, JOHANNA             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-123
WIESHEIER, MAY (HELLSTERN)   JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-220
WIKE, A. E.                  WILMORE                       PA-11-2-228
WIKE, GEORGE B.              NTL                           PA-11-5-222
WIKE, WILLIAM W.             EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-9-187
WILAND, ABRAHAM              RICHLAND                      PA-11-1-295
WILD, MARY                   PORTAGE                       PA-11-10-202
WILDNER, ALOISIA             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-514
WILDNER, JOSEPH              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-518
WILDNER, JOSEPH              NTL                           PA-11-10-403
WILEY, WILLIAM A.            BEAVERDALE                    PA-11-10-29
WILHELM, ALOIS               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-123
WILHELM, GEORGE L.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-561
WILKINS, HIRAM               PATTON                        PA-11-10-218
WILKINS, JOHN                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-142
WILKINSON, JAMES             EBENSBURG                     PA-11-5-580
WILKINSON, JOHN              JACKSON                       PA-11-5-283
WILKINSON, WILLIAM E.        JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-86
WILL, AUGUSTINE D.           ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-2-537
WILL, MICHAEL J.             CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-4-561
WILLEBRAND, MAGDALEN         NTL                           PA-11-3-318
WILLHEL, SUSAN               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-570
WILLIAMS, ANN                EBENSBURG                     PA-11-1-288
WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN G.        EBENSBURG                     PA-11-5-282
WILLIAMS, CAROLINE           UPPER YODER                   PA-11-7-329
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH E.       NTL                           PA-11-5-195
WILLIAMS, FRANK              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-581
WILLIAMS, HUGH               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-59
WILLIAMS, JAMES              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-428
WILLIAMS, JANE               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-495
WILLIAMS, JOHN R.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-122
WILLIAMS, JOHN J.            ERIE, ERIE, PA                PA-11-10-265
WILLIAMS, JOHN E.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-206
WILLIAMS, JOHN               EBENSBURG                     PA-11-3-50
WILLIAMS, MARY               EBENSBURG                     PA-11-4-535
WILLIAMS, OWEN L.            GREEN, INDIANA, PA            PA-11-10-491
WILLIAMS, ROBERT             CAMBRIA                       PA-11-2-327
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-404
WILLIAMS, SUSAN              EBENSBURG                     PA-11-6-270
WILLIAMS, THOMAS             NTL                           PA-11-2-68
WILLIAMS, THOMAS             TAYLOR                        PA-11-3-457
WILLIAMS, THOMAS R.          EBENSBURG                     PA-11-10-92
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM G.         EBENSBURG                     PA-11-2-227
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM            CAMBRIA                       PA-11-6-528
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM (SOUTH)    NTL                           PA-11-1-160
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM J.         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-351
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM R.         EBENSBURG                     PA-11-1-9
WILLIAMSON, ANNIE            GALLITZIN                     PA-11-4-23
WILLMAN, JOSEPH              CAMBRIA                       PA-11-8-345
WILLMANN, JOHN               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-539
WILLS, JOHN                  ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-2-162
WILMORE, BERNARD             NTL                           PA-11-1-169
WILSON, ALEXANDER            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-63
WILSON, CHARLES              FRANKLIN                      PA-11-8-83
WILSON, DAVID B.             MINERAL POINT                 PA-11-8-623
WILSON, ELIZABETH            BLACKLICK                     PA-11-9-246
WILSON, JAMES                GALLITZIN                     PA-11-4-340
WILSON, JOHN                 SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-6-91
WILSON, JOSEPH P.            SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-7-117
WILSON, MARTHA C.            MORRELLVILLE                  PA-11-4-142
WILSON, ROBERT T.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-629
WILSON, ROBERT T.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-651
WILSON, WILLIAM C.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-524
WILSON, WILLIAM W.           READE                         PA-11-3-533
WILSON, WILLIAM              JACKSON                       PA-11-1-249
WILT, MARY                   PORTAGE                       PA-11-8-159
WILT, THOMAS                 CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-6-510
WILTUSING, LUZIA             *, PINELLAS, FL               PA-11-9-509
WINELAND, SAMUEL             RICHLAND                      PA-11-10-541
WINGARD, JACOB J.            RICHLAND                      PA-11-10-275
WINGARD, LEVI                RICHLAND                      PA-11-8-107
WIRTH, CONRAD                CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-6-477
WIRTNER, BENJAMIN            CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-8-130
WISE, ADAM                   JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-436
WISE, JOHN                   CHEST SPRINGS                 PA-11-2-128
WISEL, GEORGE                SEE: WEISEL, GEORGE           PA-11-1-260
WISS, CATHARINE              CROYLE                        PA-11-3-340
WISS, JOHN                   CROYLE                        PA-11-3-290
WISSEL, HANNAH               INDIANA, INDIANA, PA          PA-11-9-65
WISSINGER, ARCHIBALD         STONYCREEK                    PA-11-8-105
WISSINGER, DANIEL R.         ADAMS                         PA-11-7-61
WISSINGER, EPHRAIM           EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-6-586
WISSINGER, ERIE L.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-341
WISSINGER, GEORGE W.         STONYCREEK                    PA-11-10-391
WISSINGER, HARRIET           JACKSON                       PA-11-8-671
WISSINGER, JEREMIAH          CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-4-573
WISSINGER, LUDWICK           CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-1-147
WISTER, JOHN                 DUNCANNON, PERRY, PA          PA-11-6-460
WITT, CAROLINE               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-506
WITTICH, CATHARINE           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-316
WOELFEL, JOHN                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-102
WOELFEL, JOHN                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-396
WOFFENDEN, JAMES             VAN ORMER                     PA-11-7-408
WOLF, JOHN                   SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-1-74
WOLF, LOUIS                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-570
WOLFE, CLARA H.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-196
WOLFE, TERESA                BLACKLICK                     PA-11-8-73
WOLFE, TOBIAS J.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-599
WONDER, MARTIN LESTER        STONYCREEK                    PA-11-8-247
WONDERS, JACOB               CROYLE                        PA-11-6-557
WONDERS, JOHN                ADAMS                         PA-11-5-406
WOOD, JAMES                  CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-7-614
WOODARD, ANN M.              PORTAGE                       PA-11-3-460
WOODLEY, PETER               CHEST                         PA-11-2-611
WOODRUFF, LUCIAN D.          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-385
WOODS, ELLEN                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-99
WOODS, JANE                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-298
WOODS, ROBERT R.             PROSPECT                      PA-11-4-112
WOODS, SUSAN                 STONY CREEK                   PA-11-3-189
WOODSIDE, WILLIAM            SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-9-685
WOOLF, LEWIS M.              NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   PA-11-5-485
WORKINGER, WILLIAM L.        JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-572
WORLEY, A. Q.                GIDEON                        PA-11-6-631
WORLEY, GEORGE               YORK, YORK, PA                PA-11-8-685
WRIGHT, WILLIAM H.           PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA      PA-11-8-214
WYANT, ALEXANDER             EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-4-147
WYLAND, JOSEPH               NTL                           PA-11-8-14
YAEGER, FRANCIS              ELDER                         PA-11-7-35
YAEGLIN, MENRAD              CARROLL                       PA-11-4-197
YAGLEY, JACOB                CARROLL                       PA-11-4-558
YAGLEY, JACOB                CARROLL                       PA-11-3-543
YAHNER, MARTIN               NTL                           PA-11-3-480
YAHNER, PAUL                 ELDER                         PA-11-6-87
YAMMITSKY, ANNIE             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-267
YEAGER, ANTHONY              CHEST                         PA-11-2-74
YEAGER, CHARLOTTE            ELDER                         PA-11-3-560
YEAGER, CHRISTIAN            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-166
YEAGER, CONRAD               HASTINGS                      PA-11-10-353
YEAGER, GEORGE C.            PATTON                        PA-11-7-458
YEAGER, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-609
YEAGLEY, BENJAMIN L.         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-91
YEAKLE, LOUISA               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-184
YECKLEY, ANNA MARY           GALLITZIN                     PA-11-10-676
YECKLEY, GEORGE              GALLITZIN                     PA-11-5-253
YECKLEY, GEORGE              PORTAGE                       PA-11-9-205
YEDLOSKY, MATTHIAS           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-565
YINGER, CECILIA              LORETTO                       PA-11-6-14
YINGER, GEORGE               LORTTO                        PA-11-2-576
YINGER, HARRIETTE            CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-7-365
YINGER, JAMES                CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-4-502
YINGLING, AUGUST             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-58
YINGLING, FREDERICK          CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-3-319
YINGLING, ISAAC L. H.        JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-238
YINGLING, URSULA             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-152
YODER, DAVID                 CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-1-280
YODER, JOSEPH S.             WINDBER, SOMERSET, PA         PA-11-9-23
YODER, SUSANNA               SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-3-257
YOST, AUGUSTINE SR.          CARROLL                       PA-11-6-571
YOST, CHARLES                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-552
YOST, JACOB                  CARROLL                       PA-11-8-341
YOST, JAMES                  CARROLL                       PA-11-4-162
YOUNG, ANDREW                WHITE                         PA-11-2-506
YOUNG, DANIEL W.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-468
YOUNG, EMANUEL               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-505
YOUNG, LAURA E.              NTL                           PA-11-9-417
YOUNG, WILLIAM H.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-388
YOUNG, WILLIAM               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-490
YOUNG, WILLIAM               CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-4-135
YOUNGKIN, HANNAH             FALLEN TIMBER                 PA-11-5-333
YOUNKER, GEORGE              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-480
YURCHAK, JOHN                BARNESBORO                    PA-11-8-34
ZACKARIAS, JOHN              BARNESBORO                    PA-11-10-259
ZAKORZAKA, MICKALINA         BARNESBORO                    PA-11-7-124
ZANG, ERHARD                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-374
ZAPPULLA, PAOLO              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-303
ZECH, JOHN                   TAYLOR                        PA-11-2-184
ZECH, MICHAEL                CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-1-60
ZELINA, ANNA                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-144
ZELLA, STEVE                 PORTAGE                       PA-11-10-449
ZELLERS, CORNELIUS           GALLITZIN                     PA-11-9-373
ZENNGES, LOUISA              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-109
ZERN, JACOB                  CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-3-503
ZIMMERMAN, ALEXANDER         CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-4-49
ZIMMERMAN, CHARLES           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-160
ZIMMERMAN, CHARLES           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-473
ZIMMERMAN, CRISSIE A.        JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-174
ZIMMERMAN, FREDERICK         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-27
ZIMMERMAN, G. A.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-154
ZIMMERMAN, HENRY             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-266
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN              BLACKLICK                     PA-11-2-553
ZIMMERMAN, LOUISA            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-392
ZIMMERMAN, MARY              STONY CREEK                   PA-11-6-56
ZIMMERMAN, SAMUEL            NTL                           PA-11-8-62
ZIMMERMANN, JOSEPH           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-410
ZIPF, CATHERINE              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-419
ZIPF, JOHN                   JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-611
ZOBEL, JOHN                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-100
ZOLLNER, JOSEPH              CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-4-497
ZORN, JOHN                   CARROLL                       PA-11-4-446
ZUBAL, JOHN                  * (IN RUSSIAN)                PA-11-10-639
ZUPANCIC, MARTIN             EAST TAYLOR                   PA-11-10-422

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