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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1808-1854 | 2 = 1854-1876 | 3 = 1876-1886 | 4 = 1886-1893 | 5 = 1893-1901 | 6 = 1901-1905 | 7 = 1905-1909 | 8 = 1909-1912 | 9 = 1912-1915 | 10 = 1915-1918 |
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CABLOTZKI, EDWARD            BROWNSTOWN                    PA-11-6-400
CADDY, PHILLIP H. SR.        JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-634
CADDY, THOMAS H.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-521
CADWGAN, DAVID               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-204
CAIN, JAMES                  CARROLL                       PA-11-6-40
CAIN, JOHN                   MUNSTER                       PA-11-5-209
CAIN, PETER                  CARROLL                       PA-11-3-261
CAIN, SARAH                  NTL                           PA-11-3-49
CALDWELL, DEBORAH            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-58
CALDWELL, ISRAEL C.          TYRONE                        PA-11-5-225
CALDWELL, SUSAN (LEVERGOOD)  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-344
CALLAGHAN, JAMES             SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-9-301
CALLAGHAN, JAMES O.          NTL                           PA-11-9-309
CALLAHAN, ANDREW V.          CHEST SPRINGS                 PA-11-10-74
CALLAHAN, JAMES              WASHINGTON                    PA-11-6-185
CALLAN, WILLIAM              WASHINGTON                    PA-11-2-479
CAMERON, JOHN                BLACKLICK                     PA-11-3-468
CAMERON, PETER               HOUTZDALE, CLEARFIELD, PA     PA-11-5-408
CAMPBELL, BRUCE H.           NTL                           PA-11-10-365
CAMPBELL, CATHERINE A.       JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-273
CAMPBELL, CURTIS G.          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-578
CAMPBELL, HARRY B.           CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-5-444
CAMPBELL, JAMES              MORRELLVILLE                  PA-11-5-416
CAMPBELL, JOHN SR.           CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-2-205
CAMPBELL, JOHN               CHEST                         PA-11-4-86
CAMPBELL, JOSEPH             NTL                           PA-11-2-35
CAMPBELL, LOUIS D.           TACOMA, PIERCE, WA            PA-11-8-59
CAMPBELL, MARY               WASHINGTON                    PA-11-10-406
CAMPBELL, REBECCA            EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-6-593
CAMPBELL, ROBERT             GALLITZIN                     PA-11-4-538
CAMPBELL, SARAH J.           LORETTO                       PA-11-5-129
CAMPBELL, SUSANNAH           CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-4-391
CANAN, DEAN                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-518
CANN, JOHN                    BLANDBURG                    PA-11-6-287
CANNY, CHARLES               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-433
CANTWELL, THOMAS             ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-22
CARL, CASPER                 CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-5-223
CARL, ELIZABETH A.           NTL                           PA-11-6-34
CARL, ELLEN                  PATTON                        PA-11-9-223
CARL, LEWIS                  ALTOONA, BLAIR, PA            PA-11-5-142
CARL, MARTIN L.              CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-5-496
CARLE, ANDREW                PATTON                        PA-11-9-158
CARLHAM, BARNARD             NTL                           PA-11-2-217
CARLIN, MILES                CAMBRIA                       PA-11-3-437
CARNEY, ANN                  MUNSTER                       PA-11-2-436
CARNEY, BARTHOLOMEW          NTL                           PA-11-1-105
CARNEY, DANIEL               ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-2-332
CARNEY, JOHN                 ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-4-327
CARNEY, MICHAEL              ALLEGHANY                     PA-11-2-253
CARPENTER, HENRY             CROYLE                        PA-11-8-96
CARPENTER, LUCRETIA          UPPER YODER                   PA-11-9-59
CARREL, GEORGE               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-549
CARRITY, CELESTINE           LOWER YODER                   PA-11-4-57
CARROLL, PETER J.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-469
CARTER, CATHARINE E.         WESTMONT                      PA-11-8-662
CARTHEW, JANE                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-324
CARTHEW, JOHN                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-299
CARTHEW, WILLIAM             PROSPECT                      PA-11-4-493
CARVILL, JOHN                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-366
CARVILLE, CATHERINE          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-33
CASHMAN, DENIS               BEDFORD, BEDFORD, PA          PA-11-8-284
CASHMAN, ROBERT              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-38
CASKER, EBENEZER             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-118
CASSIDY, CORNELIUS           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-338
CASSIDY, GEORGE W.           CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-9-567
CASSIDY, JAMES               BARNESBORO                    PA-11-7-52
CASSIDY, JOHN                NTL                           PA-11-3-227
CASSIDY, JOHN                NTL                           PA-11-3-456
CASSIDY, LEWIS               HEMLOCK                       PA-11-2-71
CASSIDY, WILLIAM             SUMMITVILLE                   PA-11-2-269
CAUFFIELD, ROBERT P.         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-674
CAULFIELD, HENRY             NTL                           PA-11-2-96
CAUTHERN, JAMES              SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-4-552
CAVANAUGH, JOHN              PROSPECT                      PA-11-3-654
CAVANAUGH, JOHN A.           WESTMONT                      PA-11-7-520
CAVANAUGH, SARAH             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-303
CAWLEY, DENNIS               ASHVILLE                      PA-11-5-232
CAWTHERN, JAMES              SEE: CAUTHERN, JAMES          PA-11-4-552
CEHOVIN, TONY                FRANKLIN                      PA-11-10-551
CENCE, ANGELINE              ELDER                         PA-11-5-374
CHANDLER, ISAAC E.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-154
CHANDLER, KATE               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-276
CHAPPELL, CHARLES            SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-6-652
CHARDON, FRANTZ              WHITE                         PA-11-1-284
CHARLES, JOSEPH              PORTAGE                       PA-11-9-662
CHARLESWORTH, JOSEPH A.      JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-187
CHARLTON, WILLIAM            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-295
CHERRY, MARY                 JAMESTOWN                     PA-11-9-279
CHERRY, SYLVESTER            CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-8-95
CHRISTNER, SAMUEL            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-695
CHRISTOFF, LOUIS K.          PATTON                        PA-11-8-571
CHRISTY, F. M.               ALTOONA, BLAIR, PA            PA-11-8-181
CHRISTY, FRANCIS X.          GALLITZEN                     PA-11-2-619
CHRISTY, J. T.               ALTOONA, BLAIR, PA            PA-11-8-207
CHRISTY, JOSEPH R.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-1-198
CHRISTY, MARY A. J.          ALTOONA, BLAIR, PA            PA-11-8-205
CINGRAN, FRANK               TWIN ROCKS                    PA-11-10-209
CISK, ROBERT                 ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-3-48
CLARK, DEMETRIUS             ALTOONA, BLAIR, PA            PA-11-6-581
CLARK, ELLEN                 HAMILTON                      PA-11-7-605
CLARK, EVE                   JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-514
CLARK, JOSEPH S.             GRUBBTOWN                     PA-11-3-474
CLARK, LUTHER M.             CHERRY TREE, INDIANA, PA      PA-11-6-392
CLARK, MARGARET              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-502
CLARK, MILLARD               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-560
CLARKE, JOHN H.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-651
CLARKE, MICHAEL              GALLITZIN                     PA-11-5-211
CLAWSON, RACHEL A.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-19
CLAWSON, WILLIAM C.          BELSANO                       PA-11-7-150
CLAY, RICHARD                NTL                           PA-11-3-194
CLINEMYER, SIMON             WASHINGTON                    PA-11-9-409
CLINGER, JAMES               NTL                           PA-11-7-25
CMAPBELL, MARY E.            CHEST                         PA-11-7-243
COBAUGH, ABRAHAM             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-126
COBAUGH, LUCINDA             FRANKLIN                      PA-11-6-396
COBAUGH, SUSANNAH            JACKSON                       PA-11-3-661
COFFIN, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-301
COGAN, PATRICK               SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-4-324
COHICK, ELIZA J.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-244
COHO, JOHN                   JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-227
COLBERG, JOHN                ELDER                         PA-11-10-66
COLBERT, WILLIAM             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-553
COLE, HENRY                  CARROLL                       PA-11-2-580
COLE, MARY J.                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-369
COLE, MARY                   PATTON                        PA-11-8-501
COLE, WILLIAM A.             PATTON                        PA-11-7-193
COLEMAN, HENRY               SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-7-521
COLEMAN, MARGARET P.         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-35
COLIN, HORACE                ELDER                         PA-11-9-258
COLINS, JAMES                TUNNELHILL                    PA-11-3-286
COLINS, RICHARD              NTL                           PA-11-3-407
COLLANS, EDWARD              PROSPECT                      PA-11-3-153
COLLINS, JOHN S.             SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-9-329
COLLINS, MICHAEL G.          DEAN                          PA-11-8-418
COLLINS, MICHAEL             ROSEDALE                      PA-11-5-25
COLLINS, PHILIP              EBENSBURG                     PA-11-5-111
COMEY, PATRICK               SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-6-459
COMMONS, JAMES               HASTINGS                      PA-11-10-18
COMMONS, MARY JANE           HASTINGS                      PA-11-10-531
CONDON, RUTH                 SUMMIT                        PA-11-5-613
CONEMACHER, ELIZABETH        CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-3-209
CONFER, ELIZA                NTL                           PA-11-3-183
CONFER, WINFIELD S.          JAMESTOWN                     PA-11-8-162
CONLEY, JULIA                CRESSON                       PA-11-9-325
CONLY, CATHERINE             NTL                           PA-11-9-233
CONNELLY, BERNARD            SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-2-192
CONNELLY, ELLEN              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-1
CONNELLY, ELLEN              MILLVILLE                     PA-11-4-73
CONNER, FRED W.              NTL                           PA-11-8-688
CONNERY, MATTHEW             NTL                           PA-11-4-347
CONNOR, ANNIE                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-543
CONNOR, JAMES                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-601
CONRAD, ANDREW J.            ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-9-68
CONRAD, ANNIE                ASVILLE                       PA-11-8-75
CONRAD, ANTHONY J.           NTL                           PA-11-4-608
CONRAD, GEORGE E.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-584
CONRAD, GEORGE               SCALP LEVEL                   PA-11-5-591
CONRAD, HENRY G.             CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-6-231
CONRAD, JAMES                HEMLOCK                       PA-11-3-169
CONRAD, JOHN C.              CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-7-353
CONRAD, MARY MARGARET        ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-7-461
CONRAD, SIMON                CHEST SPRING                  PA-11-6-186
CONROD, JOHN                 ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-87
CONSTABLE, HENRY             STONY CREEK                   PA-11-5-532
CONWAY, CHARLES              ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-111
CONWAY, JERMIAH              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-323
CONWAY, MARGARET             SUMMIT                        PA-11-3-180
COOGAN, JAMES H.             CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-6-622
COOK, JOHN                   SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-1-115
COONEY, CHARLES              MUNSTER                       PA-11-5-1
COONEY, MARGARET             TUNNEL HILL                   PA-11-5-71
COONS, JOHN                  ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-3-433
COONS, JOSEPH A.             ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-6-623
COOPER, DAVID M.             LYONS CITY, CLINTON, IA       PA-11-2-391
COOPER, FRANCIS              CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-3-363
COOPER, HENRY                ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-2-27
COOPER, JAMES E.             ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-9-185
COOPER, JAMES R.             SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-3-646
COOPER, JAMES                COOPERSDALE                   PA-11-4-87
COOPER, JOSEPH               ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-2-390
COOPER, MARY ANN             CHEST SPRINGS                 PA-11-5-20
COOPER, PHILIP               NTL                           PA-11-7-463
COPENHAVER, SUSAN J.         WHITE                         PA-11-9-562
CORBETT, ANNIE               NTL                           PA-11-6-363
CORCORAN, PHILIP             CAMBRIA                       PA-11-3-400
CORNER, GEORGE               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-94
CORRELL, MARGARET E.         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-57
COSGROVE, THOMAS PATRICK     WEST TAYLOR                   PA-11-9-352
COSHUN, CATHARINE            CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-4-19
COSHUN, WILLIAM              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-77
COSTLOW, CATHARINE           STONYCREEK                    PA-11-9-676
COSTLOW, HENRY               RICHLAND                      PA-11-1-269
COURTER, DAVID               CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-9-248
COVENTRY, HENRY              STONY CREEK                   PA-11-4-128
COVER, AMOS                  STONYCREEK                    PA-11-8-7
COVER, DANIEL                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-593
COVER, ELIZABETH             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-82
COVER, EMANUEL               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-335
COVER, MARY B.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-304
COVER, SAMUEL                CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-6-505
COWAN, GEORGE                NTL                           PA-11-4-631
COWAN, JOHN                  BROWNSTOWN                    PA-11-9-25
COX, JANE                    JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-441
COYLE, CHARLES M.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-646
COYLE, JOHN                  GALLITZIN                     PA-11-6-287
COYLE, ROSE                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-69
CRAIG, SAMUEL                GALLITZIN                     PA-11-3-490
CRAMER, FRANCIS              NTL                           PA-11-3-515
CRAMER, JOSEPH               ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-4-537
CRAMER, VALENTINE            PORTAGE                       PA-11-7-471
CREED, ANN                   SEE: LYSETH, ANN              PA-11-2-380
CRESSWELL, FRANCIS A.        JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-289
CRILEY, PATRICK SR.          ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-5-224
CRISMAN, ELIAS               UPPER YODER                   PA-11-3-287
CRISMYRE, SARAH JANE         BELSANO                       PA-11-9-420
CRISSMAN, S. S.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-494
CRISTE, ANN                  NTL                           PA-11-9-657
CRISTE, CATHARINE            NTL                           PA-11-6-109
CRISTE, JOHN                 MUNSTER                       PA-11-2-311
CROFT, GEORGE                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-12
CRONAUER, CATHARINE          GALLITZIN                     PA-11-10-603
CRONAUER, JACOB              ELDER                         PA-11-10-472
CRONAUR, MARTIN              CARROLL                       PA-11-3-542
CRONIN, DAVID                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-14
CROUSE, E. G.                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-536
CROUSE, JOSEPH               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-202
CROUSE, SUSAN JANE           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-615
CROUTHER, SAMUEL             SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-8-298
CROWLEY, DANIEL              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-278
CROYLE, ARCHIBALD            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-134
CROYLE, CHARLES              SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-1-112
CROYLE, ELLEN C.             DALE                          PA-11-8-29
CROYLE, EMMA MAY             GRUBBTOWN                     PA-11-4-467
CROYLE, HENRY                CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-1-254
CROYLE, JOSEPH               CROYLE                        PA-11-5-30
CROYLE, REBECCA              UPPER YODER                   PA-11-9-453
CROYLE, THOMAS               SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-2-60
CRTTENDORFER, CHARLES        CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-8-464
CRUIN, SYLVESTER             WILMORE                       PA-11-7-523
CRUM, AUSTIN T.              NTL                           PA-11-5-205
CRUM, BENSON                 SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-3-589
CRUM, EPHRAIM                WILMORE                       PA-11-2-461
CRUM, ISAAC                  SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-1-79
CRUM, JOHN B.                CAMBRIA                       PA-11-1-221
CRUM, JOHN                   NTL                           PA-11-1-34
CRUM, MARGARET               SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-5-475
CRUM, SARAH ANN              PORTAGE                       PA-11-7-607
CUCCHI, GIUSEPPE             COLVER                        PA-11-10-215
CULIN, ABRAHAM               ROXBOROUGH                    PA-11-8-553
CULLEN, ANDREW D.            PORTAGE                       PA-11-10-632
CULLITON, ANN                LOWER YODER                   PA-11-5-437
CULLITON, PETER              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-574
CUNNINGHAM, ELIZABETH T.     SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-5-451
CUNNINGHAM, ISABELLA         SPANGLER                      PA-11-5-565
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES            CARROLL                       PA-11-3-590
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN             SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-2-263
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN             NATY GLO                      PA-11-10-641
CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL          CARROLL                       PA-11-2-377
CURLEY, MARGARET             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-48
CURLEY, MICHAEL              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-593
CURREN, CATHARIN             CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-4-152
CURREN, JOHN                 ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-53
CURTIS, CELESTINE            ELDER                         PA-11-10-587
CUSHON, JOHN                 NTL                           PA-11-3-139
CUSIC, WILSON                MORRELLVILLE                  PA-11-9-156
CUSTER, BARBARA              ADAMS                         PA-11-8-367
CUSTER, EPHRAIM              FRANKLIN                      PA-11-6-608
CUSTER, FREDERICK            RICHLAND                      PA-11-3-364
CUSTER, GEORGE               ADAMS                         PA-11-7-427
CUSTER, JACOB L.             FRANKLIN                      PA-11-9-44
CUSTER, JONATHAN             CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-8-457
CUSTER, MARTIN               FRANKLIN                      PA-11-9-572
CUSTER, PHILIP F.            VINCO                         PA-11-9-181
CUSTER, SAMUEL J.            STONY CREEK                   PA-11-7-534
CUTHBERT, WILLIAM R.         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-296
DAILEY, SARAH ANN            SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-9-482
DALEY, JOSEPH                CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-3-597
DALY, ANN                    JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-242
DALY, WILLIAM                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-257
DAMON, THOMAS                CARROLL                       PA-11-2-91
DARBY, JULIA                 NTL                           PA-11-8-340
DARIN, THOMAS (REV.)         NTL                           PA-11-4-294
DARNEY, JOHANNA              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-253
DAVIDSON, HECTOR             NTL                           PA-11-1-156
DAVIES, ANNE                 PITTSBURGH, ALLEGHENY, PA     PA-11-3-614
DAVIES, DAVID H.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-41
DAVIES, DAVID D.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-417
DAVIES, RICHARD C.           EBENSBURG                     PA-11-9-388
DAVIES, WILLIAM              CAMBRIA                       PA-11-1-55
DAVIS, ANN                   EBENSBURG                     PA-11-4-231
DAVIS, ANN                   PORTAGE                       PA-11-7-243
DAVIS, CATHARINE J.          EBENSBURG                     PA-11-10-239
DAVIS, DANIEL W.             EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-7-75
DAVIS, DAVID                 BLACKLICK                     PA-11-3-493
DAVIS, DAVID                 NTL                           PA-11-1-94
DAVIS, DAVID                 CAMBRIA                       PA-11-1-242
DAVIS, DAVID D.              EBENSBURG                     PA-11-3-310
DAVIS, DAVID D.              CAMBRIA                       PA-11-3-213
DAVIS, DAVID M.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-215
DAVIS, DAVID M.              SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-2-364
DAVIS, DAVID T.              EBENSBURG                     PA-11-1-228
DAVIS, DAVID J.              CAMBRIA                       PA-11-9-525
DAVIS, DAVID                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-162
DAVIS, DAVID R.              EBENSBURG                     PA-11-2-409
DAVIS, DAVID S.              NORTH SAN JUAN, NEVADA, CA    PA-11-2-213
DAVIS, EBENEZER B.           EBENSBURG                     PA-11-2-87
DAVIS, EBENEZER              EBENSBURG                     PA-11-2-488
DAVIS, EDWARD E.             BLACKLICK                     PA-11-2-163
DAVIS, EDWARD D.             *, CLAY, NE                   PA-11-8-610
DAVIS, ELIZA                 ALLEGHENY, ALLEGHENY, PA      PA-11-9-161
DAVIS, EMMA                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-451
DAVIS, EVAN E.               EBENSBURG                     PA-11-2-225
DAVIS, FRANCES               EBENSBURG                     PA-11-9-582
DAVIS, HELEN J.              EBENSBURG                     PA-11-6-292
DAVIS, ISAAC                 EBENSBURG                     PA-11-8-301
DAVIS, JAMES R.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-346
DAVIS, JAMES A.              NTL                           PA-11-2-171
DAVIS, JOHN                  EBENSBURG                     PA-11-8-545
DAVIS, JOHN J.               EBENSBURG                     PA-11-2-56
DAVIS, JOHN D.               BARR                          PA-11-5-304
DAVIS, JOHN E.               CAMBRIA                       PA-11-3-349
DAVIS, JOHN J.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-232
DAVIS, JOHN M.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-185
DAVIS, JOHN M.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-89
DAVIS, JOSEPH                CARROLL                       PA-11-2-548
DAVIS, MAGDALENE E.          CAMBRIA                       PA-11-5-308
DAVIS, MARGARET C.           EBENSBURG                     PA-11-8-537
DAVIS, MARGARET              NTL                           PA-11-1-142
DAVIS, MARY ELIZABETH        JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-591
DAVIS, MARY J.               EBENSBURG                     PA-11-2-486
DAVIS, MARY H.               EBENSBURG                     PA-11-10-306
DAVIS, MARY JANE             LOWER YODER                   PA-11-10-361
DAVIS, MARY                  BLACKLICK                     PA-11-2-612
DAVIS, MARY A.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-417
DAVIS, MILES                 BECCARIA, CLEARFIELD, PA      PA-11-6-39
DAVIS, PHILIP                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-163
DAVIS, RICHARD L.            NTL                           PA-11-4-308
DAVIS, RICHARD D.            CAMBRIA                       PA-11-4-8
DAVIS, ROBERT D.             CAMBRIA                       PA-11-9-676
DAVIS, SAMUEL W.             EBENSBURG                     PA-11-6-619
DAVIS, SARAH E.              EBENSBURG                     PA-11-4-331
DAVIS, SILAS H.              EBENSBURG                     PA-11-2-541
DAVIS, SYLVESTER J.          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-358
DAVIS, THOMAS D.             EBENSBURG                     PA-11-8-495
DAVIS, THOMAS F.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-17
DAVIS, THOMAS J.             EBENSBURG                     PA-11-6-77
DAVIS, THOMAS                EBENSBURG                     PA-11-7-336
DAVIS, THOMAS D.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-66
DAVIS, THOMAS S.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-298
DAVIS, THOMAS E.             EBENSBURG                     PA-11-10-108
DAVIS, TIMOTHY               CAMBRIA                       PA-11-1-267
DAVIS, WILLIAM J.            HAMILTON'S TERRACE            PA-11-6-319
DAVIS, WILLIAM               EBENSBURG                     PA-11-3-136
DAVISON, T. J.               EBENSBURG                     PA-11-8-245
DAVISSON, ALFRED W.          CLOVENDON                     PA-11-6-117
DAWSON, JEROME               NTL                           PA-11-2-343
DAWSON, PATRICK              CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-1-207
DEARMIN, MARY                WEST TAYLOR                   PA-11-6-478
DEARNUTT, JAMES J.           CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-3-33
DEATER, MACK                 RICHLAND                      PA-11-9-336
DECKER, GEORGE               NTL                           PA-11-2-191
DECKER, JOB                  CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-1-104
DECKERT, F. S.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-297
DEFRANCE, HUGH T.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-548
DEFREHN, WILLIAM             NTL                           PA-11-6-211
DEGRAW, ANNA M. L.           WEST TAYLOR                   PA-11-9-557
DEHAVEN, SUIL                SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-6-22
DEIFENBAUGH, CONRAD          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-255
DEINHART, JOHN               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-455
DEINHART, JOHN               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-126
DEIS, CONRAD                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-508
DELANY, ANN                  ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-6-68
DELL, JOHN                   SEE: DOLL, JOHN               PA-11-10-543
DELLINGER, MAGGIE A.         SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-4-564
DELOZIER, DANIEL             ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-28
DELOZIER, JAMES              NTL                           PA-11-3-204
DELOZIER, JULIA              ST. AUGUSTINE                 PA-11-6-471
DELOZIER, LINNIE             ALLEGHANY                     PA-11-2-584
DELPIERRE, P. J.             CHEST                         PA-11-8-184
DEMKO, FRANK                 NTL                           PA-11-7-377
DENI, ALBERT                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-2
DENNY, JOSEPH G.             CINCINNATI, HAMILTON, OH      PA-11-8-370
DENNY, RICHARD               ALLEGHANY                     PA-11-9-28
DERRY, PETER                 CHEST                         PA-11-2-212
DERUSH, SAMUEL               CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-1-68
DEVE, MARGARET               SUMMIT                        PA-11-5-305
DEVENA, JAMES                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-274
DEVER, CORNELIUS SR.         MUNSTER                       PA-11-2-120
DEVER, PHILIP                MUNSTER                       PA-11-6-53
DEVER, THOMAS                PHILIPSBURG, CENTRE, PA       PA-11-1-157
DEVERAUX, JANE               EBENSBURG                     PA-11-6-401
DEVERAUX, ROBERT             CAMBRIA                       PA-11-2-290
DEVERAUX, THOMAS             CAMBRIA                       PA-11-5-254
DEVIS, LUCIE                 SEE: DEVOS, LUCY              PA-11-8-657
DEVLIN, ARTHUR               JACKSON                       PA-11-4-638
DEVLIN, JOHN                 CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-4-261
DEVLIN, MARGARET             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-11
DEVOR, MARGERY               MUNSTER                       PA-11-2-291
DEVOS, LOUIS                 JACKSON                       PA-11-10-458
DEVOS, LUCY                  BEAVER DALE                   PA-11-8-657
DIALEY, JENNIE KENNEDY       JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-663
DIBBLE, AMOS WARD            BARNESBORO                    PA-11-10-595
DIBERT, JOHN                 CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-1-255
DIBERT, MARTHA               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-453
DIBERT, RACHEL               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-79
DICK, JAMES W.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-563
DICK, JOHN H.                JACKSON                       PA-11-5-117
DICKMAN, HENRY               CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-2-278
DIEHL, EPHRAIM C.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-30
DIERLING, BARBARA            NTL                           PA-11-8-103
DIETHRICH, JOHN              CARROLL                       PA-11-8-572
DIETRICH, ANNIE              CHEST                         PA-11-3-212
DIETRICH, JOHN A.            CARROLL                       PA-11-4-330
DIETRICH, MATHIAS            CHEST                         PA-11-2-386
DIETRICH, PHILIP JACOB       CHEST TOWN                    PA-11-4-622
DIETRICK, CHRISTINA          HASTINGS                      PA-11-7-553
DIGGES, DUDLEY               ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-51
DIGNAM, E. J.                SUMMIT                        PA-11-5-557
DIGNAN, JOHN H.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-196
DIGNAN, MARY                 GALLITZIN                     PA-11-10-390
DILL, HENRY                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-231
DILL, J. B.                  NTL                           PA-11-5-536
DILLON, CHARLES              ST. AUGUSTINE                 PA-11-7-263
DILLON, JULIAN               ST. AUGUSTINE                 PA-11-7-260
DILLON, PATRICK E.           ELDER                         PA-11-8-589
DIMOND, AGNESS               TAYLOR                        PA-11-2-400
DIMOND, ARTHUR L.            EHRENFELD                     PA-11-5-471
DIMOND, CASPER               CROYLE                        PA-11-3-367
DIMOND, CATHARINE            NTL                           PA-11-2-176
DIMOND, CECELIA              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-444
DIMOND, CECILIA              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-293
DIMOND, CHARITY              MUNSTER                       PA-11-2-369
DIMOND, JAMES                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-524
DIMOND, LEVI                 TAYLOR                        PA-11-2-517
DIMOND, MALINDA C.           SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-7-189
DIMOND, MINNIE I.            EBENSBURG                     PA-11-9-418
DINANT, N. J.                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-509
DINVILLIERS, CAMILLE S.      CRESSON                       PA-11-8-135
DIPPEL, MARGARETHA           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-570
DIPPLE, CHRIST               STONY CREEK                   PA-11-7-264
DISHART, APALONA             CARROLL                       PA-11-6-350
DISHART, HENRY               NTL                           PA-11-1-125
DISHART, WILLIAM             WHITE                         PA-11-10-48
DISHONG, FREDERICK           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-549
DISHONG, PAUL S.             JACKSON                       PA-11-3-69
DISHONG, PETER F.            BEDFRD, BEDFORD, PA           PA-11-5-550
DITENHAFER, FRANK            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-611
DODSON, ELEANOR              ALLEGHANY                     PA-11-2-280
DODSON, RICHARD              ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-195
DODSON, WILLIAM              ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-5-411
DOEPFER, ELIZABETH           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-243
DOGHERTY, ANNIE              ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-10-232
DOLAN, JAMES SR.             BARNESBORO                    PA-11-9-532
DOLAN, SUSAN                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-211
DOLL, JOHN                   JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-543
DOMM, MARY C.                SOUTHMONT                     PA-11-9-395
DOMOND, JANE AMELIA          WASHINGTON                    PA-11-2-88
DONAHOE, CORNELIUS           CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-2-132
DONAHOE, JEREMIAH            CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-6-13
DONAHOE, PATRICK             WASHINGTON                    PA-11-2-223
DONAHUE, MARY                NTL                           PA-11-10-616
DONAHUE, SUSAN               WASHINGTON                    PA-11-9-617
DONALDSON, DANIEL            MORRELVILLE                   PA-11-5-355
DONALDSON, JOHN R.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-53
DONALDSON, LUCY ROSANNA      JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-215
DONAVAN, PATRICK             CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-4-149
DONEGAN, BERNARD             CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-2-79
DONNELLY, ANDREW             DERRY                         PA-11-1-275
DONNELLY, WILLIAM J.         PATTON                        PA-11-7-132
DONOUGHE, LEWIS C.           GLEN WHITE, BLAIR, PA         PA-11-9-345
DONOVAN, JAMES               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-419
DONOVAN, MICHAEL             EBENSBURG                     PA-11-5-132
DOONER, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-603
DORAN, ARTHUR                PROSPECT                      PA-11-4-16
DORER, CRISPIN               UPPER YODER                   PA-11-10-68
DORIN, MIHAL KACMAR          NTL                           PA-11-8-511
DORMAIYER, GABRIEL           RICHLAND                      PA-11-1-206
DORMAIYER, PETER             RICHLAND                      PA-11-1-188
DOTSON, WILLIAM              ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-10
DOUBT, SAMUEL G.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-3
DOUGHERTY, DENNIS            ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-2-45
DOUGHERTY, JOHN              EBENSBURG                     PA-11-3-623
DOUGHERTY, JOHN H.           ALTOON, BLAIR, PA             PA-11-9-675
DOUGHERTY, MATILDA           CRESSON                       PA-11-9-22
DOUGHERTY, PETER             SUMMERVILLE                   PA-11-2-531
DOUGHERTY, REBECCA           NTL                           PA-11-6-357
DOUGHERTY, THOMAS            DIAN                          PA-11-6-24
DOUGHERTY, WINFIELD S.       EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-8-401
DOUGLAS, LUCRETIA            ST. AUGUSTINE                 PA-11-6-5
DOUGLASS, JOHN               ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-4-514
DOUGLASS, MARGARET           ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-10-404
DOUGLASS, MARY E.            WESTMONT                      PA-11-10-176
DOUGLASS, MONICA             ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-3-314
DOUGLASS, S. M.              CHEST SPRINGS                 PA-11-3-506
DOUGLASS, WASHINGTON         CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-5-521
DOUGLASS, WILLIAM M.         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-63
DOWLING, PETER               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-372
DOWLING, RICHARD             MILLVILLE                     PA-11-3-179
DOWLING, WALTER              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-556
DOWNEY, DANIEL               WASHINGTON                    PA-11-1-131
DOWNEY, MICHAEL              CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-3-476
DRASS, ANNA                  CHEST                         PA-11-5-104
DRASS, CHARLES               GALLITZIN                     PA-11-5-527
DRASS, FRANCIS               CHEST                         PA-11-2-460
DRASS, MARY                  NTL                           PA-11-7-459
DRENAN, ELIZABETH            TAYLOR                        PA-11-3-391
DRENNAN, WILLIAM J.          LILLY                         PA-11-6-526
DRESSER, JAMES F.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-635
DRIGGS, L. J.                CAMBRIA                       PA-11-6-99
DRINKER, HENRY               PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA      PA-11-8-521
DRISCOLL, MARY J.            HASTINGS                      PA-11-10-193
DRISKEL, AMANDA J.           LORETTO                       PA-11-6-14
DRISKEL, MICHAEL L.          NTL                           PA-11-4-270
DROGOVICH, DRAGIC            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-615
DROPP, ADAM                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-30
DUCOTEY, OTTILIE             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-594
DUDREWICZ, EUGENE M.         BARNESBORO                    PA-11-10-370
DUDTENHOEFER, HENRY          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-64
DUERBECK, FRED B.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-212
DUERBECK, GEORGE             CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-7-212
DUERBECK, JOSEPH F.          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-127
DUFTON, EDWARD               EBENSBURG                     PA-11-7-249
DUGAN, NEAL                  WILMORE                       PA-11-4-574
DUKE, ELIZABETH              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-180
DULY, JOHN                   CARROLL                       PA-11-1-272
DUMM, DANIEL M.              CARROLL                       PA-11-7-394
DUMM, DANIEL                 CAMBRIA                       PA-11-5-252
DUMM, ISABELLA               BARR                          PA-11-8-356
DUMM, JOHN S.                SPANGLER                      PA-11-7-177
DUMM, SOLOMON                BARR                          PA-11-5-264
DUMM, VALENTINE              CARROLL                       PA-11-5-612
DUNCAN, JAMES                EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-6-518
DUNHAM, HULDAH H.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-135
DUNHAM, SAMUEL               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-483
DUNLAP. NANCY A.             GARMANS MILLS                 PA-11-5-534
DUNMIRE, GEORGE W.           FRANKLIN                      PA-11-4-408
DUNMYER, MARGARET            CROYLE                        PA-11-2-281
DUNN, ELLEN                  LILLY                         PA-11-7-49
DUNN, JOHN                   WASHINGTON                    PA-11-6-293
DUNN, PETER                  WASHINGTON                    PA-11-4-44
DURACH, MARGARET             CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-4-82
DURBIN, AUGUSTIN             MUNSTER                       PA-11-3-272
DURBIN, CATHARINE            MUNSTER                       PA-11-5-29
DURBIN, CATHERINE            NTL                           PA-11-8-537
DURBIN, JESSE                CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-5-449
DURBIN, JOHN                 CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-8-578
DURBIN, THOMAS               CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-2-306
DURN, VOLUNTINE              SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-1-114
DVORAK, HARRIET              VIENNA, AUSTRIA               PA-11-9-456
DWYER, EUGENE                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-389
DYSON, SAMUEL S.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-556
DYSON, SARAH                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-224

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