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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1808-1854 | 2 = 1854-1876 | 3 = 1876-1886 | 4 = 1886-1893 | 5 = 1893-1901 | 6 = 1901-1905 | 7 = 1905-1909 | 8 = 1909-1912 | 9 = 1912-1915 | 10 = 1915-1918 |
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MACDONALD, GEORGE F.         GALLITZIN                     PA-11-8-652
MACK, ELIZABETH              CAMBRIA                       PA-11-3-30
MACK, SALLIE                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-131
MACKALL, JOHN                JACKSON                       PA-11-4-444
MACKALL, WILLIAM             JACKSON                       PA-11-10-679
MACKELL, STEPHEN             JACKSON                       PA-11-10-447
MAGEE, DENNIS                CARROLL                       PA-11-2-318
MAGEHAN, MARY                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-378
MAGUIRE, ALINE               EBENSBURG                     PA-11-3-128
MAGUIRE, MARGARET            LORETTO                       PA-11-4-404
MAGUIRE, VERONICA            LORETTO                       PA-11-6-1
MAHAN, ISAAC                 BLACKLICK                     PA-11-10-148
MAHER, MARY A.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-568
MAHON, MARY                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-146
MAHONEY, EDWARD              CASSANDRA                     PA-11-9-561
MAKIN, ABRAHAM               BLACKLICK                     PA-11-3-334
MAKIN, ADAM                  BELSANO                       PA-11-2-335
MAKIN, HARRIET               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-521
MAKIN, JOHN                  BLACKLICK                     PA-11-2-1
MAKIN, THEADORE              ADAMS                         PA-11-5-526
MALEY, ALICE                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-59
MALEY, JOHN J.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-383
MALEY, MICHAEL               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-429
MALLON, WILLIAM O.           SEE: OMALLON, WILLIAM         PA-11-7-257
MALLOY, MICHAEL              LORETTO                       PA-11-6-612
MALONEY, ALICE WARD          CRESSON                       PA-11-7-611
MALONEY, J. H.               NTL                           PA-11-8-355
MALONEY, JAMES               ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-3-478
MALOY, MARY                  CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-3-144
MALOY, PATRICK               EBENSBURG                     PA-11-2-408
MALTZIE, ELIZABETH           WILMORE                       PA-11-6-97
MALZI, ELEANOR               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-429
MALZI, PETER                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-430
MALZIE, VALENTINE            WILMORE                       PA-11-6-288
MALZY, EARHARD               RICHLAND                      PA-11-4-254
MANCHER, R. F.               NTL                           PA-11-5-461
MANDAY, MARTIN               JACKSON                       PA-11-3-361
MANDELSTEIN, LOUIS HIRSCH    SOUTHFORK                     PA-11-5-618
MANDLEIN, MARTIN             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-393
MANGUS, REBECCA F.           NTL                           PA-11-4-496
MANN, ELIZABETH              TWIN ROCKS                    PA-11-8-140
MANNION, JOHN                SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-5-602
MANNION, MARY A.             BARNESBORO                    PA-11-8-27
MANSELL, HENRY               BARNESBORO                    PA-11-10-189
MANSFIELD, HENRY             ASHVILLE                      PA-11-5-297
MANSFIELD, WILLIAM           ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-2-66
MARBOUG, SARAH               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-542
MARBOURG, ESTHER L.          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-514
MARBOURG, EVE L.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-355
MARBOURG, JORDAN             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-178
MARBURG, ANNA MAUD           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-140
MARCUS, HARRY                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-204
MARDIS, ANNIE E.             BLACKLICK                     PA-11-5-273
MARDIS, ANNIE B.             WEST TAYLOR                   PA-11-4-209
MARDIS, GEORGE C.            BLACKLICK                     PA-11-10-561
MARKEY, ELIZABETH            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-437
MARKEY, PATRICK              WOODVALE                      PA-11-4-105
MARKFERDING, JOSEPH SR.      JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-78A
MARKS, JOHN                  ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-19
MARRONE, VINCENZO            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-344
MARSDEN, GEORGE              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-140
MARSH, CYRUS                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-188
MARSH, MANDA J.              CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-10-578
MARTIN, ALEXANDER            NTL                           PA-11-1-4
MARTIN, JOHN X.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-519
MARTIN, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-336
MARTIN, MARY                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-430
MARTIN, S. B.                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-52
MARTS, DAVID E.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-234
MARTZ, ALOYSIUS              CAMBRIA                       PA-11-3-82
MARTZ, JACOB                 CARROLL                       PA-11-8-509
MARTZ, WILLIAM               WILMORE                       PA-11-6-418
MASTERTON, ANNIE E.          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-185
MATHEWS, SAMUEL              CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-1-36
MATHEWS, SAMUEL              WHITE                         PA-11-2-135
MATHIESON, ROBERT            SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-6-252
MATTERN, HENRY               JOHNSTOWN                     6-664
MATTES, STANISLAUS           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-417
MATTESCHECK, KARL            CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-7-11
MATTHEWS, DANIEL             READE                         PA-11-7-326
MATTHEWS, JOHN               READE                         PA-11-5-131
MATTHEWS, THOMAS             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-379
MATTI, ELIZABETH             CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-6-395
MATULA, MIKE                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-310
MAUCHER, JOHN E.             CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-6-432
MAUCHER, ROSE M.             NTL                           PA-11-10-184
MAUS, MARY B.                DUNLO                         PA-11-10-386
MAUTHE, LOUISA               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-544
MAXWELL, JOSEPH              MANTY GLO                     PA-11-9-135
MAXWELL, TIMOTHY             WASHINGTON                    PA-11-2-425
MAYER, AUGUSTIN              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-90
MAYER, CHARLES J.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-377
MAYER, GEORGE                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-630
MAYER, TENOA                 WASHINGTON                    PA-11-3-65
MCALEER, CATHERINE           WASHINGTON                    PA-11-4-173
MCALEESE, DANIEL             HASTINGS                      PA-11-8-429
MCALISTER, JOHN              ASHVILLE                      PA-11-9-238
MCALISTER, MARY M.           ASHVILLE                      PA-11-9-483
MCANULTY, DANIEL S.          SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-5-300
MCCABE, BARTHOLOMEW          EBENSBURG                     PA-11-7-359
MCCABE, BRIDGET              EBENSBURG                     PA-11-8-374
MCCABE, ELIZABETH            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-162
MCCABE, GRACE                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-282
MCCABE, MARIA                EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-4-122
MCCABE, PATRICK              CAMBRIA                       PA-11-6-173
MCCABE, ROSS                 ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-289
MCCABE, THOMAS               EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-4-132
MCCAFFREY, JAMES             NTL                           PA-11-10-362
MCCAMAUT, MARY AGNES         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-11
MCCANN, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-323
MCCANS, JAMES P.             NTL                           PA-11-5-590
MCCARDELL, JOHN              SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-5-402
MCCARDELL, MARY              SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-9-645
MCCARTNEY, JAMES             CAMBRIA                       PA-11-5-313
MCCARTY, CATHARINE           NTL                           PA-11-4-634
MCCAULEY, DANIEL             CARROLL                       PA-11-2-146
MCCAULEY, HUGH               PATTON                        PA-11-10-394
MCCAULEY, MICHAEL            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-133
MCCAULY, DENNIS              NTL                           PA-11-5-445
MCCAVITT, W. PETER           GETTYSBURG, ADAM, PA          PA-11-5-643
MCCAWLEY, JOHN               ALLEGHANY                     PA-11-1-39
MCCLAFERTY, CHARLES          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-271
MCCLAFFERTY, ELLEN           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-416
MCCLAIN, W. M.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-360
MCCLARREN, ANN               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-578
MCCLARREN, PETER             CROYLE                        PA-11-5-47
MCCLEESTER, MARGARET ADELA   CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-7-254
MCCLINTOCK, CHARLES F. A.    JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-382
MCCLOSKEY, BERNARD           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-344
MCCLOSKEY, JOHN D.           CAMBRIA                       PA-11-3-524
MCCLOSKEY, JOHN G.           TUNNELLHILL                   PA-11-7-158
MCCLOSKEY, JOHN H.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-529
MCCLOSKEY, JULIA             TUNNELHILL                    PA-11-9-291
MCCLOSKEY, MARY T.           GALLITZIN                     PA-11-4-490
MCCLOSKEY, SUSAN             TUNNEL HILL                   PA-11-4-380
MCCLOSKEY, WILLIAM           NTL                           PA-11-1-83
MCCLUSKEY, SYLVESTER W.      SUMMIT                        PA-11-8-627
MCCOLGAN, CATHERINE          SUMMIT                        PA-11-7-95
MCCOLLAM, SILAS W.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-142
MCCOMBIE, ALBERT             NTL                           PA-11-6-362
MCCOMBIE, JANE               CARROLL                       PA-11-10-349
MCCOMBIE, WILLIAM            DEAN                          PA-11-6-516
MCCONNELL, DANIEL W.         ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-7-382
MCCONNELL, HUGH              ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-3-284
MCCONNELL, JOHN              ASHVILLE                      PA-11-5-151
MCCONNELL, MARGARET          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-176
MCCONNELL, MARGARET          ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-3-186
MCCONNELL, MARY              SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-3-665
MCCONNESTY, DANIEL           NTL                           PA-11-2-326
MCCOOL, JOHN                 WASHINGTON                    PA-11-5-425
MCCORD, MARGARET             TUNNEL HILL                   PA-11-10-213
MCCORMICK, HENRY             HARRISBURG                    PA-11-5-572
MCCORMICK, HUGH              NTL                           PA-11-3-218
MCCORMICK, JOHN P.           SPANGLER                      PA-11-10-643
MCCORMICK, LUCINDA P.        JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-479
MCCORMICK, PATRICK           SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-2-333
MCCOURT, ELIZABETH           LOWER YODER                   PA-11-9-452
MCCOY, ANDREW                ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-4-369
MCCOY, PATRICK               EBENSBURG                     PA-11-1-274
MCCOY, PETER                 ALLEGHANY                     PA-11-3-244
MCCOY, WILLIAM               CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-2-554
MCCRARN, JOHN                CHEST SPRINGS                 PA-11-5-441
MCCULLOUGH, JOHN             ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-2-514
MCCULLOUGH, JOHN             ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-4-169
MCCUNE, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-64
MCCUSIC, CATHERINE           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-110
MCCUTCHEON, LIZZIE           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-97
MCDADE, THOMAS               BLACK LICK                    PA-11-4-628
MCDEARMIT, JANE              CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-3-360
MCDERMIT, JOHN               CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-5-375
MCDERMITT, HENRY             NTL                           PA-11-2-241
MCDERMITT, MICHAEL           NTL                           PA-11-4-451
MCDERMITT, WILLIAM           WASHINGTON                    PA-11-3-293
MCDERMOTT, JAMES             NTL                           PA-11-10-434
MCDERMOTT, RACHEL            GALLITZIN                     PA-11-4-566
MCDIVITT, MARGARET           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-374
MCDONALD, CATHERINE          EAST TAYLOR                   PA-11-6-113
MCDONALD, CORNELIUS          EBENSBURG                     PA-11-1-152
MCDONALD, ELIZA ANN          EBENSBURG                     PA-11-7-197
MCDONALD, ELIZA              EBENSBURG                     PA-11-3-332
MCDONALD, ELLA B.            LORETTO                       PA-11-6-69
MCDONALD, FRANCIS S.         EBENSBURG                     PA-11-4-478
MCDONALD, JAMES              EAST TAYLOR                   PA-11-4-282
MCDONALD, MARTIN             EAST TAYLOR                   PA-11-5-150
MCDOWELL, ROBERT             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-261
MCDOWELL, ROBERT             CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-1-273
MCDUNN, JAMES                SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-5-246
MCDUNN, PATRICK              SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-3-206
MCELCARR, LUCINDA            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-210
MCENRICE, TERENCE            WASHINGTON                    PA-11-2-274
MCFEATERS, CELIA A.          CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-10-340
MCFEATERS, J. C              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-144
MCFEATERS, R. N.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-183
MCFEELY, JAMES               CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-5-3
MCGAHAN, PETER               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-351
MCGARRITY, CHARLES F.        CRESSON                       PA-11-5-337
MCGARRY, GEORGE W.           NTL                           PA-11-5-280
MCGARRY, GEORGE W. SR.       JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-268
MCGARVEY, MARY               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-149
MCGAUGHEY, JOHN              MUNSTER                       PA-11-3-492
MCGEE, ANNA                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-441
MCGEE, BARNERD               NTL                           PA-11-6-43
MCGEE, MARY E.               SPANGLER                      PA-11-7-618
MCGEE, MICHAEL               PROSPECT                      PA-11-3-157
MCGEEHAN, MARIA              GALLITZIN                     PA-11-2-46
MCGIRR, TERRENCE REV.        CAMBRIA                       PA-11-1-290
MCGOLDRICK, SUSAN            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-245
MCGONIGLE, JEREMIAH          WASHINGTON                    PA-11-2-387
MCGONIGLE, NANCY             MUNSTER                       PA-11-2-599
MCGOUGH, BRIDGET HARRIET     PORTAGE                       PA-11-3-219
MCGOUGH, DEBORAH             SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-3-627
MCGOUGH, DEMETRIUS           ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-5-306
MCGOUGH, ELIZABETH           PORTAGE                       PA-11-3-567
MCGOUGH, ELIZABETH           PORTGAGE                      PA-11-6-639
MCGOUGH, ESTHER              SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-1-159
MCGOUGH, ISABELLA            CROYLE                        PA-11-8-391
MCGOUGH, JAMES J.            PORTAGE                       PA-11-2-583
MCGOUGH, MARGARET            SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-6-391
MCGOUGH, MARY                WASHINGTON                    PA-11-3-43
MCGOUGH, THOMAS D. (COL.)    WASHINGTON                    PA-11-1-213
MCGOUGH, ZARILDA EMMA        LILLY                         PA-11-5-482
MCGOUGHK, MARY M.            WASHINGTON                    PA-11-2-322
MCGOVERN, HUGH               EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-5-123
MCGOVERN, OWEN               GALLITZIN                     PA-11-2-255
MCGRAHN, MICHAEL             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-1-123
MCGRAW, MARGARET             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-1-265
MCGREEHAN, PATRICK           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-205
MCGREW, GEORGE               RICHLAND                      PA-11-8-195
MCGUIRE, CORNELIUS           NTL                           PA-11-1-75
MCGUIRE, HENRY J.            ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-168
MCGUIRE, JAMES               EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-3-583
MCGUIRE, JOHN A.             CONGON                        PA-11-9-635
MCGUIRE, MARGARET E.         WILMORE                       PA-11-6-115
MCGUIRE, MICHAEL             RICHLAND                      PA-11-3-580
MCGUIRE, PATRICK             CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-3-440
MCGUIRE, PETER               ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-258
MCGUIRE, RACHEL              ALLEHENY                      PA-11-1-26
MCGUIRE, ROSE F.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-350
MCHUGH, ELIZABETH            TUNNELHILL                    PA-11-5-299
MCHUGH, ELIZABETH            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-182
MCHUGH, JAMES                CAMBRIA                       PA-11-3-330
MCHUGH, JOHN                 WASHINGTON                    PA-11-1-164
MCHUGH, JOHN                 MUNSTER                       PA-11-3-133
MCHUGH, MARY ANN             PORTGAGE                      PA-11-5-331
MCHUGH, MATHEW               MUNSTER                       PA-11-2-523
MCHUGH, MATTHEW              ALTOONA, BLAIR, PA            PA-11-6-264
MCHUGH, MICHAEL              MUNSTER                       PA-11-2-169
MCHUGH, PATRICK              PORTAGE                       PA-11-5-330
MCKAY, NEAL                  CAMBRIA                       PA-11-5-418
MCKEE, EDITH L.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-501
MCKEE, MARY E.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-651
MCKEE, WILLIAM A.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-444
MCKEEVER, CHARLES            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-6
MCKELVEY, KATE               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-419
MCKENNA, MICHAEL             GALLITZIN                     PA-11-5-342
MCKENZIE, ANNIE M.           PORTAGE                       PA-11-9-4
MCKENZIE, HARRIET            PORTAGE                       PA-11-8-65
MCKENZIE, HENRY              WASHINGTON                    PA-11-1-261
MCKENZIE, JOHN               MUNSTER                       PA-11-2-93
MCKENZIE, PETER J.           NTL                           PA-11-7-648
MCKENZIE, SYLVESTER          PORTAGE                       PA-11-4-309
MCKIERNAN, ANN               CAMBRIA                       PA-11-3-403
MCKIM, ROBERT                EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-3-245
MCKINNEY, ANNA               CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-3-282
MCLACEY, ELIZABETH           LORETTO                       PA-11-5-32
MCLANE, GEORGE               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-410
MCLANE, WILLIAM              LOWER YODER                   PA-11-3-483
MCLAUGHLIN, DAVID G.         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-170
MCLAUGHLIN, EMMA S.          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-566
MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK J.       JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-259
MCLAUGHLIN, ROSANNA          WASHINGTON                    PA-11-2-16
MCMAHON, BRIDGET             PATTON                        PA-11-9-207
MCMANAMY, PATRICK            WASHINGTON                    PA-11-3-348
MCMEANS, MARGARET            TAYLOR                        PA-11-2-148
MCMILLAN, JOHN A.            WEST TAYLOR                   PA-11-8-70
MCMILLEN, JAMES              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-240
MCMILLEN, MARGARET           WESTMONT                      PA-11-10-396
MCMORRIS, MICHAEL            GALLITZIN                     PA-11-4-279
MCMULLEN, ALEXANDER J.       PATTON                        PA-11-7-502
MCMULLEN, ALEXANDER          ALLEGHENY                     4156
MCMULLEN, JOSEPH A.          NTL                           PA-11-9-391
MCMULLEN, MARGARET           CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-3-247
MCMULLEN, MATHEW             CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-3-409
MCMULLEN, MICHAEL EDWIN      GARMANS MILLS                 PA-11-7-297
MCMULLIN, LAWRENCE           ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-1
MCMULLIN, LAWRENCE           ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-7
MCNEELIS, ANNIE              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-505
MCNEELIS, E. T.              NTL                           PA-11-10-583
MCNEELIS, WILLIAM T.         NTL                           PA-11-4-403
MCNEIL, BERNARD              GALLITZIN                     PA-11-4-630
MCNICKLE, CATHARINE          WASHINGTON                    PA-11-8-610
MCNULTY, STEPHEN             NTL                           PA-11-3-373
MCNUTT, SCOTT                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-295
MCPHERSON, ELIZA ANN         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-376
MCPHERSON, WILLIAM           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-36
MCPIKE, ARTHUR               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-268
MCPIKE, BRIDGET              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-358
MCTAMANY, MARGARET           WASHINGTON                    PA-11-10-145
MCTAMANY, RACHEL A.          LILLY                         PA-11-10-78
MCTANNEY, TIMOTHY            WASHINGTON                    PA-11-4-5
MCVICKER, ALEXANDER          NTL                           PA-11-2-349
MEDIMYER, JOHN               NTL                           PA-11-8-213
MEES, CONRAD                 RICHLAND                      PA-11-8-394
MEHAFFEY, JAMES              NTL                           PA-11-3-262
MEHALISIA, WASSI             PORTAGE                       PA-11-10-13
MEIER, ANNA ELIZABETH        JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-221
MEIER, JOHN                  JACKSON                       PA-11-9-541
MEINKEN, HENRY               MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, NY       PA-11-6-308
MEINTEL, BARBARA             GALLITZIN                     PA-11-5-303
MEISEL, GEORGE               CARROLL                       PA-11-3-280
MEISEL, JOHN                 CARROLL                       PA-11-2-519
MEISEL, THOMAS               CARROLL                       PA-11-4-362
MELLEKY, JOHN                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-302
MELLINGER, GEORGE            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-620
MELLON, HENRY                CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-4-545
MELLON, REDMOND              CHEST SPRINGS                 PA-11-4-190
MELLOTT, SMON L.             STONYCREEK                    PA-11-9-629
MELOY, JAMES                 ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-3-365
MELOY, JOHN SR.              ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-3-516
MELVIN, JAMES                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-99
MENOHER, SAMUEL              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-351
MERTENS, JOSEPH              CARROLL                       PA-11-10-293
MERTZ, HENRY                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-684
MESSENGER, MARGARET          STONY CREEK                   PA-11-3-655
METESSER, CLARENCE           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-80
METZ, AIRWINE                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-398
METZGAR, CAROLINE            NTL                           PA-11-7-413
METZGAR, JOHN                LILLY                         PA-11-4-642
MEYER, CHRISTIAN             MILLVILLE                     PA-11-3-663
MEYER, CHRISTIAN             ADAMS                         PA-11-3-383
MEYER, JACOBRIA              ADAMS                         PA-11-4-166
MEYER, THEODORE              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-649
MEYERS, JACOB                RICHLAND                      PA-11-2-42
MEYERS, JOHN H.              DALE                          PA-11-5-207
MEYERS, WILLIAM W.           NTL                           PA-11-7-349
MICHAEL, ELIZABETH           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-581
MICHAELS, RACHEL             CARROLL                       PA-11-5-320
MICHAELS, SUSAN              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-280
MICKEY, JOHN                 NTL                           PA-11-3-350
MICKLE, CHARLES B.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-193
MIHAILOVSKY, ALEXIS (REV.)   JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-147
MILCIC, MICHAEL              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-367
MILDREN, HARRY J.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-341
MILLER, ABRAHAM D.           RICHLAND                      PA-11-7-26
MILLER, ALEXANDER            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-608
MILLER, ANDREW               CARROLL                       PA-11-5-289
MILLER, CATHARINE            CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-8-85
MILLER, CATHARINE A.         CARROLL                       PA-11-4-398
MILLER, CHARLES              LORETTO                       PA-11-8-271
MILLER, DANIEL               LORETTO                       PA-11-2-431
MILLER, DAVID M.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-57
MILLER, ELIZABETH            LORETTO                       PA-11-2-573
MILLER, EMILY                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-600
MILLER, FREDRICK             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-237
MILLER, GEORGE W.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-439
MILLER, GEORGE               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-268
MILLER, HANNAH               STONY CREEK                   PA-11-6-637
MILLER, HENRY                SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-3-520
MILLER, HUGH A.              FRANKLIN                      PA-11-9-112
MILLER, JOHN A.              SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-9-17
MILLER, JOHN GEORGE          CARROLL                       PA-11-2-116
MILLER, JOHN SR.             YODER                         PA-11-2-344
MILLER, JOHN K.              UPPER YODER                   PA-11-9-108
MILLER, JOHN C.              CARROLL                       PA-11-9-67
MILLER, JOSEPH L.            LOGAN                         PA-11-5-100
MILLER, JOSEPH               WILMORE                       PA-11-4-292
MILLER, MARGARET             SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-6-479
MILLER, MARTIN B.            CARROLL                       PA-11-4-194
MILLER, MARY E.              LORETTO                       PA-11-7-34
MILLER, MARY A.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-491
MILLER, MOSES B.             RICHLAND                      PA-11-6-205
MILLER, PHENETTA             BLACKLICK                     PA-11-10-295
MILLER, PHILIP               ELDER                         PA-11-4-2
MILLER, SAAH JANE            UPPER YODER                   PA-11-9-485
MILLER, SAMUEL W.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-36
MILLER, SAMUEL J.            UPPER YODER                   PA-11-8-158
MILLER, SUSAN                FRANKLIN                      PA-11-10-648
MILLER, TOBIAS               ADAMS                         PA-11-3-371
MILLER, VINCENT              EAST CARROLL                  PA-11-10-71
MILLER, WILLIAM A.           SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-9-616
MILLIGAN, W. J.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-379
MILLS, DAVID                 GALLITZIN                     PA-11-4-509
MILLS, EDWARD                CAMBRIA                       PA-11-2-11
MILLS, JOB                   EBENSBURG                     PA-11-9-36
MILLS, MARY J.               EBENSBURG                     PA-11-9-421
MILTENBERGER, SAMUEL         CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-1-54
MINAHAN, JOHN                MILLVILLE                     PA-11-4-55
MINAHAN, WILLIAM             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-5
MINEELY, JACOB               STONYCREEK                    PA-11-8-368
MINEELY, JOHN                CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-1-297
MINETMEIER, WILLIAM          CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-7-635
MINK, CHRISTINA              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-9
MISHLER, JOSEPH J.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-317
MISHLER, MARY                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-294
MOBELSPEAS, EDWARD           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-30
MOCK, JOHN C.                SCALP LEVEL                   PA-11-6-181
MOCK, JOSEPH                 NTL                           PA-11-6-454
MOCK, SUSAN                  FRANKLIN                      PA-11-8-93
MOHLER, ANTHONY              BARR                          PA-11-2-605
MOHLER, MARY                 NICKTOWN                      PA-11-6-372
MOHLER, MICHAEL              CARROLL                       PA-11-2-321
MOHONEY, STEPHEN             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-512
MOLLER, CARL                 UPPER YODER                   PA-11-5-476
MONDAY, CATHERINE ELIZABETH  JACKSON                       PA-11-6-267
MONTGOMERY, GRACE P.         CRESSON                       PA-11-9-535
MOONEY, MARGARET             EBENSBURG                     PA-11-1-65
MOONEY, MARY                 LILLY                         PA-11-6-636
MOORE, ANN ELIZA             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-6
MOORE, CATHARINE T.          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-476
MOORE, JAMES                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-426
MOORE, JOHN T.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-601
MOOSE, MARY                  CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-10-643
MORAN, FRANCIS               ASHVILLE                      PA-11-5-467
MORAN, JOHN A.               TUNNEL HILL                   PA-11-6-187
MORAN, MICHAEL               CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-4-40
MORELAND, ANISTASIA          WILMORE                       PA-11-2-574
MORELL, PETER                CARROLL                       PA-11-10-605
MORGAN, EVAN R.              CAMBRIA                       PA-11-2-373
MORGAN, JOSEPH               WESTMONT                      PA-11-10-652
MORGAN, PETER                NTL                           PA-11-1-6
MORGAN, REES                 CAMBRIA                       PA-11-2-30
MORGAN, RICHARD J.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-653
MORGAN, RICHARD              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-358
MORGAN, WILLIAM T.           EBENSBURG                     PA-11-4-345
MORLEY, ANN                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-39
MORRELL, DANIEL J.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-619
MORRIS, ELIZABETH            EBENSBURG                     PA-11-2-3
MORRIS, MARGARET             CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-6-484
MORRISON, ABRAHAM            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-203
MORRISON, SARAH J.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-460
MORRISSEY, MICHAEL           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-76
MORTON, MARY MARGARET (DUSOTY)  JOHNSTOWN                  PA-11-8-666
MOSEBACH, CHRISTIAN          ADAMS                         PA-11-5-258
MOSER, HENRY C.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-368
MOSES, MATTHEW               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-618
MOSHGOT, MARY                DALE                          PA-11-6-654
MOTCHENBAUGHER, ADAM         SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-10-106
MOTTER, WILLIAM              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-422
MOUDY, WILLIAM H.            PORTAGE                       PA-11-10-43
MOUSE, JACOB                 ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-4-477
MOYER, BRIDGET               CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-4-182
MOYER, CONRAD                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-256
MOYER, GEORGE W.             CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-10-375
MOYER, JOSEPH                ST AUGUSTIN                   PA-11-2-559
MOYER, MICHAEL               WASHINGTON                    PA-11-1-140
MOYER, WILLIAM               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-155
MOYERS, JOSEPH H.            LILLY                         PA-11-6-23
MOYERS, PETER B.             WASHINGTON                    PA-11-4-352
MOYERS, PETER                ALLEGHANY                     PA-11-2-125
MROVKA, VALENTINE            CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-9-516
MULHEARN, MARY               LILLY                         PA-11-10-352
MULHERRON, SARAH             LILLY                         PA-11-4-516
MULHOLEM, CATHARINE          CROIL (CROYLE)                PA-11-4-440
MULHOLLEM, C. C.             NTL                           PA-11-10-435
MULHOLLEN, ESTHER            LLOYDELL                      PA-11-8-636
MULLEN, BRIDGET              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-36
MULLEN, ELLEN                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-279
MULLEN, HUGH                 NTL                           PA-11-1-25
MULLEN, J. T.                PATTON                        PA-11-7-568
MULLER, FRANK W.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-538
MULLER, FRIEDRICH A.         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-474
MULLER, MARGARET             SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-2-600
MULLHOLEN, WILLIAM M.        WHITE                         PA-11-10-147
MULLIGAN, JAMES S.           CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-5-564
MULVEHILL, ELIZABETH         WESTMONT                      PA-11-6-602
MULVEHILL, FRANCIS           EBENSBURG                     PA-11-4-48
MULVEHILL, MARY E.           WILMORE                       PA-11-7-148
MULVEHILL, PETER             WILMORE                       PA-11-3-574
MULVEHILL, PETER R.          WESTMONT                      PA-11-6-420
MULVIHILL, JANE              SPANGLER                      PA-11-6-341
MUMMA, ROBERT F.             EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-8-51
MUNZER, ANTHONY              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-477
MURDCK, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-347
MURPHEY, ALEXANDER           ADAMS                         PA-11-8-283
MURPHEY, GEORGE              ELTON                         PA-11-5-475
MURPHY, ARTHUR               NTL                           PA-11-1-245
MURPHY, JAMES                ALLEGHANY                     PA-11-2-195
MURPHY, JAMES J.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-252
MURPHY, JAMES W.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-475
MURPHY, LAURENCE             MUNSTER                       PA-11-5-584
MURPHY, MICHAEL              ALLEGHANY                     PA-11-1-16
MURPHY, MICHAEL              CAMBRIA                       PA-11-8-13
MURR, CHARLES                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-258
MURRAY, ADDA                 EBENSBURG                     PA-11-7-516
MURRAY, FRANCES A.           CRESSON                       PA-11-7-100
MURRAY, JAMES                CAMBBRIA                      PA-11-2-167
MURRAY, JAMES                GALLITZIN                     PA-11-2-361
MURRAY, JOHN.                EBENSBURG                     PA-11-2-172
MURRAY, MARY                 GALLITZIN                     PA-11-2-581
MURRAY, MICHAEL              CARROLL                       PA-11-2-349
MURRAY, PATRICK              NTL                           PA-11-7-174
MURRY, ANNIE                 PATTON                        PA-11-10-404
MURRY, JOHN                  CAMBRIA                       PA-11-1-187
MURTON, NICHOLAS             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-552
MUSSELMAN, MARY              WASHINGTON                    PA-11-8-528
MYERS, ADAM                  NTL                           PA-11-5-133
MYERS, AMELIA                CROYLE                        PA-11-4-70
MYERS, ANN                   MUNSTER                       PA-11-2-575
MYERS, ANNE                  WASHINGTON                    PA-11-4-346
MYERS, ANTHONY               GALLITZIN                     PA-11-6-470
MYERS, APALONIA              LORETTO                       PA-11-3-549
MYERS, CHARLES S.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-505
MYERS, GEORGE J.             GALLITZIN                     PA-11-6-634
MYERS, JOHN I.               READE                         PA-11-6-424
MYERS, JOHN B.               NTL                           PA-11-2-546
MYERS, MARGARET C.           EBENSBURG                     PA-11-9-213
MYERS, MARY                  ADAMS                         PA-11-3-525
MYERS, MICHAEL               READE                         PA-11-4-289
NADOLNY, JAN                 BROWNSTOWN                    PA-11-7-510
NAGEL, KONRAD                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-606
NAGEL, SOPHIA                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-63
NAGLE, JACOB                 CARROLL                       PA-11-2-33
NAGLE, JACOB                 CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-4-25
NAGLE, JACOB Z.              ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-4-253
NAGLE, JOHN S.               BARR                          PA-11-5-18
NAGLE, JOHN                  CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-5-266
NAGLE, NICHOLAS              CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-4-235
NAGLE, RICHARD               SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-2-237
NAGLE, RICHARD               ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-44
NAGLE, SIMON P.              ST. AUGUSTINE                 PA-11-6-328
NAGLE, SUSANNAH              SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-3-83
NAGLE, T. N.                 PATTON                        PA-11-9-636
NAPIERSKI, FREDERICK         GALLITZIN                     PA-11-9-160
NARY, BRIDGET                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-72
NARY, JOHN SR.               PROSPECT                      PA-11-4-299
NAVOTNI, JACOB               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-395
NEADLANDER, CATHARINE        JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-133
NEALY, PETER                 CARROLL                       PA-11-3-548
NEARY, MARY                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-380
NEARY, PATRICK               PROSPECT                      PA-11-3-581
NEASON, JAMES                NTL                           PA-11-1-296
NEDOROSCIK, JOSEPH           EHRENFELD                     PA-11-7-29
NEEDMEYER, JOHN              CHEST                         PA-11-2-279
NEESHAM, THOMAS              LEEDS, YORK, ENGLAND          PA-11-6-296
NEESON, HANNAH               ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-2-519
NEFF, LINNIE M.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-373
NELSON, ELIZABETH            NTL                           PA-11-3-238
NELSON, MARY                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-435
NENNSTIEL, CHRISTOPH         NTL                           PA-11-9-666
NETROUR, MATHIAS             RICHLAND                      PA-11-3-636
NEVILL, MARTHA S.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-141
NEWMAN, ANNA                 DALE                          PA-11-10-484
NEWMAN, ELIZA JANE           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-347
NEWMAN, HERMAN               DALE                          PA-11-9-468
NIEBAUER, SIMON              CHEST                         PA-11-6-143
NIEDERLANDER, MICHAEL        JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-329
NIETROUR, FERDINAND          RICHLAND                      PA-11-4-276
NILGES, CHRISTIAN            CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-4-181
NIPPS, JOHN                  NTL                           PA-11-8-78
NIXON, R. H.                 INDIANA                       PA-11-6-108
NIZ, CLARISSA J.             EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-5-250
NOBLE, EDWARD JR.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-382
NOBLE, THOMAS                WHITE                         PA-11-2-339
NOE, CONRAD                  CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-4-60
NOE, CRESCENTIA              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-231
NOEL, BLAUSIUS               CARROLL                       PA-11-2-379
NOEL, ELIZABETH              PORTAGE                       PA-11-7-488
NOEL, HENRY B.               NTL                           PA-11-10-216
NOEL, ISAAC                  CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-1-225
NOEL, JOHN                   MUNSTER                       PA-11-4-45
NOEL, JOSEPH                 MUNSTER                       PA-11-3-617
NOEL, JOSEPH                 MUNSTER                       PA-11-4-131
NOEL, MARY J.                MUNSTER                       PA-11-7-410
NOEL, NICHOLAS               WASHINGTON                    PA-11-2-86
NOEL, PETER C.               CARROLL                       PA-11-7-554
NOEL, SIMON P.               CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-4-72
NOEL, WILLIAM A.             CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-4-318
NOEL, WILLIAM                CARROLL                       PA-11-3-385
NOICE, IGNAT                 GALLITZIN                     PA-11-5-302
NOLAN, CATHARINE             CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-4-285
NOLAN, M. M.                 PATTON                        PA-11-10-312
NOLEN, MARY ANN ELIZABETH    ROSEDALE                      PA-11-5-285
NOLL, CORA AGNES             BRADDOCK, ALLEGHENY, PA       PA-11-9-236
NOLL, ELIZABETH              MUNSTER                       PA-11-4-229
NOON, ANNIE E.               LOWER YODER                   PA-11-9-146
NOON, JACOB                  RICHLAND                      PA-11-5-344
NOON, JAMES                  CARROLL                       PA-11-4-563
NOON, JOHN                   RICHLAND                      PA-11-2-272
NOON, JOHN                   CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-4-217
NOON, JOHN A.                RICHLAND                      PA-11-7-143
NOON, MICHAEL                CARROLL                       PA-11-6-409
NOONAN, JEREMIAH             NTL                           PA-11-2-456
NORTH, SALOMIE               READ                          PA-11-5-274
NULL, GEORGE                 MUNSTER                       PA-11-2-587
NULL, JOSEPH                 LORETTO                       PA-11-5-583

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