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Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page #  | 1=1812-1851 | 2=1851-1863 | 3=1863-1869 | 4=1869-1874 | 5-6=?? |
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PACKARD, JOEL                           PA-8-3-122
PAINE, DAVID                            PA-8-2-1
PAINE, ENOCH                            PA-8-1-9
PARK, DANIEL                            PA-8-1-248
PARK, MOSES                             PA-8-1-14
PARK, THOMAS                            PA-8-2-469
PARKER, EPHRAIM H.                      PA-8-4-300
PARKHURST, DANIEL                       PA-8-1-17
PARKHURST, ELAM                         PA-8-4-74
PARKHURST, PHILETUS                     PA-8-1-51
PARSONS, THOMAS E.                      PA-8-2-125
PATCH, JULIA M.                         PA-8-4-158
PATRICK, SOPHRONIA                      PA-8-1-355
PATTERSON, JAMES S.                     PA-8-4-423
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      PA-8-2-413
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      PA-8-3-316
PAYSON, WILLIAM                         PA-8-2-225
PECK, HEZEKIAH                          PA-8-2-153
PECK, HEZEKIAH M.                       PA-8-4-309
PECK, JOHN T.                           PA-8-2-279
PECK, WILLIAM H.                        PA-8-4-217
PEDRICK, ANNA                           PA-8-4-358
PERKINS, FREDERICK                      PA-8-1-157
PERRY, REBECCA J.                       PA-8-4-422
PERSONS, JAMES                          PA-8-2-137
PETTES, ELIZABETH R.                    PA-8-4-241
PHELPS, ADALINE                         PA-8-2-132
PHELPS, HENRY                           PA-8-4-253
PHELPS, JARED                           PA-8-4-61
PHILIPS, JOHNSR.                        PA-8-2-99
PHILLIPS, CHARLES                       PA-8-2-423
PHILLIPS, JAMES                         PA-8-3-466
PHILLIPS, JOHN                          PA-8-2-321
PHILLIPS, MICHAEL                       PA-8-2-96
PHILLIPS, SETH                          PA-8-2-245
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                       PA-8-2-509
PICKARD, A. G.                          PA-8-2-98
PICKARD, GEORGE K.                      PA-8-2-85
PIERCE, ANNA MARGARET                   PA-8-2-505
PIERCE, CATLIN                          PA-8-2-460
PIERCE, HIRAM                           PA-8-2-453
PIERCE, JAMES C.                        PA-8-2-345
PIERCE, MINERVA                         PA-8-4-80
PIERCE, SHEPARD                         PA-8-3-271
PIKE, MARY                              PA-8-2-322
PIPER, LUCRETIA                         PA-8-3-395
PITCHER, ROSWELL D.                     PA-8-3-369
PLATT, CHARLES                          PA-8-4-342
PLATT, CHARLES                          PA-8-4-232
PLAYFOOT, DAVID                         PA-8-2-340
PLOWMAN, HENRY                          PA-8-1-137
POMEROY, EBENEZER                       PA-8-3-320
POMEROY, ISAAC N.                       PA-8-2-477
PORTER, ALBERT T.                       PA-8-2-34
PORTER, JOHN                            PA-8-2-332
POTTER, ROBERT                          PA-8-2-163
PRATT, ALON ZO                          PA-8-2-138
PRATT, JAMES W.                         PA-8-3-374
PRATT, JEDEDIAH A.                      PA-8-2-140
PRATT, JOHN                             PA-8-2-352
PRATT, PERRY B.                         PA-8-4-37
PRESTON, LEVI                           PA-8-4-459
PRINCE, CHESTER                         PA-8-4-22
PRINCE, JOEL                            PA-8-2-361
QUICK, CORNELIUS                        PA-8-3-79
QUIGLEY, PATRICK                        PA-8-3-234
REED, SARAH                             PA-8-3-74
REELER, LUCY                            PA-8-4-431
RETAN, WILLIAM A.                       PA-8-3-100
REYMAN, JACOB                           PA-8-2-66
RICHARDSON, HARLOW                      PA-8-4-96
RICHARDSON, LORENZO                     PA-8-4-250
RIDER, WILLIAM                          PA-8-4-125
RIDGEWAY, DAVID                         PA-8-3-123
RIGGS, SQUIRE L.                        PA-8-4-63
ROBINSON, JOHN                          PA-8-2-12
ROBINSON, SOLOMON                       PA-8-2-404
ROBY, DUNHAM T.                         PA-8-4-28
ROCKWELL, AMEY H.                       PA-8-3-424
ROCKWELL, CHAUNCEY                      PA-8-2-518
ROCKWELL, ELIAS                         PA-8-4-258
ROCKWELL, J. C.                         PA-8-4-97
ROCKWELL, J. E. C.                      PA-8-4-123
ROCKWELL, JAMES B.                      PA-8-4-78
ROCKWELL, JEREMIAH                      PA-8-2-338
ROCKWELL, JOHN C.                       PA-8-3-438
ROCKWELL, JUSTUS B.                     PA-8-4-39
ROCKWELL, LUTHER                        PA-8-2-233
ROCKWELL, RUFUS                         PA-8-4-477
ROCKWELL, SIMEON                        PA-8-2-153
RODDY, WILLIAM                          PA-8-2-44
ROGERS, JOHN                            PA-8-1-519
ROGERS, JOHNSON                         PA-8-4-49
ROGERS, MATTHEW                         PA-8-1-91
ROGERS, ROSWELL R.                      PA-8-3-314
ROWE, TRUMAN                            PA-8-2-130
ROWLEE, SHUBEL                          PA-8-1-187
RUGER, ISAAC                            PA-8-4-317
RUMRILL, AMASA                          PA-8-2-16
RUNYON, ELIJAH                          PA-8-2-115
RUSH, SIDNEA E.                         PA-8-1-535
RUSSELL, DAN                            PA-8-1-534
RUSSELL, HUGH                           PA-8-1-409
RUSSELL, MARTHA                         PA-8-2-517
RUSSELL, NATHANIEL                      PA-8-2-408
RUTTY, EZRA                             PA-8-1-1
RUTTY, EZRA                             PA-8-2-180
SADLER, JOHN                            PA-8-2-198
SAGE, PHILANDER                         PA-8-2-457
SALOM, JULIUS                           PA-8-3-344
SALSBURY, HENRY                         PA-8-1-20
SALTERLEE, ELISHA                       PA-8-2-73
SANTA, WILLIAM                          PA-8-2-20
SAUNDERS, EDMOND                        PA-8-2-253
SAWLESS, JOHN                           PA-8-1-13
SAXTON, BENJAMIN                        PA-8-2-538
SCHEMERHORN, MATHEW                     PA-8-1-243
SCHOOHORN, ISAIAH                       PA-8-1-353
SCOTT, GEORGE                           PA-8-1-100
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          PA-8-3-306
SCOUTEN, PHEBE                          PA-8-4-275
SCOUTON, SAMUEL                         PA-8-2-375
SCOVELL, ELIZABETH J.                   PA-8-4-326
SCOVILLE, SILAS                         PA-8-1-35
SEALY, WILLIAM                          PA-8-3-331
SEARS, SILAS                            PA-8-1-73
SELLARD, POLLY                          PA-8-3-470
SELLARD, STEPHEN D.                     PA-8-2-32
SELLICK, RILEY                          PA-8-2-5
SEYMOUR, GOULD                          PA-8-1-495
SEYMOUR, ISAAC                          PA-8-2-503
SEYMOUR, ISAAC                          PA-8-2-504
SHATTUCK, GEORGE W.                     PA-8-4-325
SHAW, JEREMIAH                          PA-8-1-10
SHELDON, JOANNA                         PA-8-1-234
SHEPARD, JOB                            PA-8-2-157
SHEPARD, NATHAN                         PA-8-2-515
SHEPHERD, NATHAN                        PA-8-2-196
SHERWOOD, SALMON                        PA-8-2-71
SHOEMAKER, EUNICE                       PA-8-2-275
SHORES, JAMES                           PA-8-1-149
SHORTS, JOHN                            PA-8-2-490
SHUMWAY, CYRUS                          PA-8-3-114
SHUMWAY, PAUL                           PA-8-2-238
SINCLAIR, WILLIAM                       PA-8-4-244
SLADE, MIAL P.                          PA-8-3-276
SLEEPER, JOHN                           PA-8-3-238
SLOAN, JOHN S.                          PA-8-3-190
SMEAD, ELIHU                            PA-8-1-43
SMITH, CORNELIUS                        PA-8-3-478
SMITH, ELKANAH                          PA-8-3-229
SMITH, ENOS                             PA-8-2-135
SMITH, ERASTUS                          PA-8-4-281
SMITH, HANNAH                           PA-8-2-478
SMITH, HENRY W.                         PA-8-4-112
SMITH, JOHN M.                          PA-8-3-109
SMITH, JONAS P.                         PA-8-1-475
SMITH, JOSEPH                           PA-8-3-332
SMITH, LIBBEUS                          PA-8-4-373
SMITH, NATHAL                           PA-8-3-390
SMITH, PHIDELIA S.                      PA-8-2-224
SMITH, VALENTINE                        PA-8-4-448
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-8-1-284
SMYTH, WILLIAM                          PA-8-3-456
SNELL, JOHN                             PA-8-4-13
SNYDER, BENJAMIN P.                     PA-8-2-376, 387
SNYDER, NANCY                           PA-8-3-420
SNYDER, PETER                           PA-8-1-23
SNYDER, WILLIAM SR.                     PA-8-2-444
SOPER, LEVI                             PA-8-1-414
SPALDING, EMILY F. E.                   PA-8-4-340
SPALDING, EZRA                          PA-8-1-65
SPALDING, GEORGE                        PA-8-3-390
SPALDING, HOWARD                        PA-8-2-315
SPALDING, JOHN                          PA-8-2-64
SPALDING, KEZIA B.                      PA-8-4-171
SPALDING, ROBERT                        PA-8-2-120
SPALDING, WEALTHYANN                    PA-8-2-128
SPALDING, WILLIAM                       PA-8-3-376
SPALDING, ZEBULON B.                    PA-8-4-107
SPEAR, HARRIET                          PA-8-4-255
SPEAR, JOSHUA                           PA-8-1-161
SPEAR, MIRIAM                           PA-8-1-297
STACY, ALLEN                            PA-8-2-229
STAFFORD, NATHAN                        PA-8-3-313
STALFORD, CATHARINE                     PA-8-1-22
STALFORD, JOHN                          PA-8-2-556
STATFORD, URANIA                        PA-8-3-439
STEENBURG, PETER                        PA-8-2-341
STEENS, CHARLES                         PA-8-2-531
STEPHENS, SYBEL                         PA-8-1-46
STETLER, BENJAMIN                       PA-8-3-463
STEVENS, ELIEL                          PA-8-2-164
STEVENS, HIRAM K.                       PA-8-4-26
STEVENS, JAMES                          PA-8-4-44
STEVENS, SETH                           PA-8-4-156
STEVENS, THOMAS                         PA-8-2-245
STEVENS, VICTOR                         PA-8-2-530
STEWART, CHARLES                        PA-8-2-227
STEWART, FANNY                          PA-8-2-440
STEWART, GEORGE                         PA-8-2-110
STILES, JOB                             PA-8-1-222
STONE, ALMON                            PA-8-4-418
STONE, ANN E.                           PA-8-4-159
STONE, CALVIN                           PA-8-4-53
STONE, ELEANOR J.                       PA-8-4-41
STRICKLAND, NANCY                       PA-8-1-275
STRONG, ALFRED H.                       PA-8-3-454
STRONG, JOHN                            PA-8-2-159
STUART, CHARLES                         PA-8-1-193
SWAIN, ISAAC                            PA-8-2-86
SWART, GEORGE S.                        PA-8-4-377
SWEET, CLARK                            PA-8-4-437
SYLVARA, MANUEL                         PA-8-2-95
TABER, NATHAN B.                        PA-8-2-496
TAXER, JOHN J.                          PA-8-3-360
TAYLOR, JOHN                            PA-8-2-204
TAYLOR, MOSES                           PA-8-1-33
TAYLOR, SIMEON                          PA-8-4-149
TAYLOR, WILLIAM L.                      PA-8-3-219
TERRILL, NATHAN                         PA-8-2-428
TERRY, JONATHAN                         PA-8-1-95
TERRY, NATHANIEL                        PA-8-2-551
TERRY, WILLIAM                          PA-8-2-436
THOMAS, A. W.                           PA-8-4-93
THOMAS, AARON                           PA-8-1-471
THOMAS, JAMES A.                        PA-8-4-118
THOMAS, SAMUEL                          PA-8-3-103
THOMPSON, MORGAN                        PA-8-4-164
THURSTON, SIMON                         PA-8-4-86
TIBBITTS, JOB                           PA-8-3-65
TILLOTSON, ANSEL                        PA-8-4-287
TITUS, DAVID                            PA-8-4-103
TITUS, EBENEZER D.                      PA-8-2-285
TITUS, SILAS                            PA-8-2-302
TOMPKINSON, GEORGE                      PA-8-1-112
TOWNER, JOHN G.                         PA-8-4-109
TOZER, JULIUS                           PA-8-2-65
TOZER, JULIUS                           PA-8-2-87
TOZER, NELLIE                           PA-8-4-294
TRACY, GUY                              PA-8-3-347
TRACY, JAMES O.                         PA-8-4-60
TRAINOR, MICHAEL                        PA-8-2-468
TRUE, CALEB C.                          PA-8-2-201
TRUMBULL, JOHN                          PA-8-2-177
TUBBS, ANDREW                           PA-8-4-420
TUCKER, WALTER                          PA-8-4-12
TURNER, JOHN                            PA-8-3-338
TUTTLE, JOEL                            PA-8-1-339
TUTTLE, JOSIAH                          PA-8-1-75
TYRREL, ALMIRA                          PA-8-4-470
UPDYKE, C. C.                           PA-8-4-62
VANBUSKIRK, JOHN B.                     PA-8-2-544
VANDYKE, JOHN                           PA-8-3-56
VANETTEN, HARRIET                       PA-8-2-294
VANGORDER, SILAS                        PA-8-4-321
VANNESS, ASERY                          PA-8-3-423
VANNESS, ISAAC W.                       PA-8-4-406
VANNEST, CHARLES A.                     PA-8-2-563
VANNEST, ISAAC                          PA-8-1-190
VANNEST, JOHN H.                        PA-8-2-69
VARGESON, SARAH                         PA-8-4-427
VARGUSON, RICHARD                       PA-8-2-190
VAUGHAN, ELIAS                          PA-8-3-258
VOORHEES, JOHN R.                       PA-8-2-68
VOORHIS, JOHN A.                        PA-8-3-5A
VOUGHT, ACHATIAS                        PA-8-1-319
VOUGHT, GODFREY                         PA-8-1-453
VOUGHT, JOSEPH                          PA-8-4-90
WAKEFIELD, CHESTER                      PA-8-1-244
WARBURTON, JESSE                        PA-8-4-320
WARD, ELIPHALET                         PA-8-3-327
WARD, HANNAH CHARLOTTE                  PA-8-4-262
WARD, JAMES H.                          PA-8-4-428
WARD, WILLIAM                           PA-8-3-268
WARFORD, MOSES                          PA-8-1-434
WARNER, A. M.                           PA-8-4-303
WATERMAN, FRANCIS V.                    PA-8-2-30
WATKINS, JOHN                           PA-8-3-476
WATTLES, ARUNAH                         PA-8-2-117
WEBSTER, JOSEPH                         PA-8-1-76
WELLES, CHARLES F.                      PA-8-4-327
WELLES, CHARLES F.                      PA-8-3-309
WELLES, HENRY                           PA-8-1-97
WELLS, AMASA                            PA-8-1-158
WELLS, ELBRIDGE G.                      PA-8-3-450
WELLS, GUY                              PA-8-1-61
WELLS, LEWIS                            PA-8-3-370
WELLS, REBZEMAN                         PA-8-1-265
WELLS, WILLIAM                          PA-8-2-472
WESTBROOK, LOIS A.                      PA-8-3-416
WESTBROOK, WILHELMES                    PA-8-3-448
WESTGATE, WANTON                        PA-8-1-186
WESTON, JOHN A.                         PA-8-1-395
WETHERILL, ELIZABETH STOTT              PA-8-2-348
WHIPPLE, LEVI                           PA-8-3-442
WHITAKE,R ABRAHAM                       PA-8-4-41
WHITE, WILLIAM                          PA-8-3-474
WHITE, WILLIAM C.                       PA-8-1-493
WHITEHEAD, DAVID                        PA-8-2-536
WHITEHEAD, ELIJAH                       PA-8-2-257
WHITEHEAD, FREDERICK                    PA-8-4-467
WHITEHEAD, IRENE                        PA-8-2-288
WICKIGER, JACOB                         PA-8-3-408
WILCOX, GORDON                          PA-8-3-260
WILCOX, NATHAN E.                       PA-8-4-301
WILCOX, ROLLIN                          PA-8-3-213
WILCOX, ROWLAND                         PA-8-1-283
WILCOX, THOMAS                          PA-8-2-178
WILHELM, CATHARINE                      PA-8-2-366
WILKINSON, WILLIAM                      PA-8-1-155
WILLCOX, DANIEL                         PA-8-1-11
WILLIAMS, CALEB                         PA-8-2-210
WILLIAMS, CHESTER                       PA-8-4-16
WILLIAMS, DANIEL                        PA-8-1-342
WILLIAMS, DARIUS                        PA-8-4-369
WILLIAMS, HUBBORD                       PA-8-1-380
WILLIAMS, J. D.                         PA-8-4-87
WILLIAMS, JOHNSON                       PA-8-4-83
WILLIAMS, LINUS                         PA-8-4-245
WILLIAMS, RODERICK                      PA-8-3-224
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                        PA-8-2-136
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        PA-8-2-368
WILLISTON, HORACE                       PA-8-2-186
WILMOT, DAVID                           PA-8-3-410
WILSON, GEORGE                          PA-8-2-260
WILSON, HARRY                           PA-8-3-99
WILSON, NOAH                            PA-8-1-281
WITHEY, JEDUTHAN                        PA-8-1-313
WOLCOTT, SILAS                          PA-8-4-86
WOLF, GEORGE                            PA-8-2-549
WOLF, JOHN                              PA-8-4-395
WOOD, ABRAHAM                           PA-8-4-31
WOODARD, HIRAM                          PA-8-1-383
WOODBURN, MOSES                         PA-8-1-145
WORDEN, CHARLES B.                      PA-8-2-318
WRIGHT, ELEAZER                         PA-8-2-452
WRIGHT, ELIAS                           PA-8-3-470
WRIGHT, JOEL                            PA-8-3-71
YOUNG, EDWARD                           PA-8-3-343
YOUNG, NATHAN                           PA-8-4-88
ZANER, WILLIAM A.                       PA-8-4-424
ZIMMER, JOHN J.                         PA-8-2-330

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