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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page #  | 1=1812-1851 | 2=1851-1863 | 3=1863-1869 | 4=1869-1874 | 5-6=?? |
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GAGE, HENRY                             PA-8-1-264
GAITLAND, JOHN                          PA-8-4-218
GALE, ELLEN C.                          PA-8-2-507
GAMAGE, HORATIO                         PA-8-2-161
GAMAGE, JOHN                            PA-8-1-351
GAMBLE, JOHN                            PA-8-1-54
GARBRANT, HENRY H.                      PA-8-4-163
GARDNER, LEVI W.                        PA-8-4-17
GARRISON, LEWIS                         PA-8-4-419
GATES, GEORGE                           PA-8-3-464
GATES, SAMUEL                           PA-8-4-6
GATES, SETH                             PA-8-3-145
GAYLORD, JUSTUS                         PA-8-1-84
GERNERT, WILLIAM                        PA-8-3-454
GERNET, ANDREW B.                       PA-8-2-366
GIBBS, LORENZO J.                       PA-8-1-241
GIBBS, RUSSELL                          PA-8-1-189
GIBSON, WILLIAM                         PA-8-2-335
GILBERT, OLIVER                         PA-8-2-512
GILBERT, SAMUEL                         PA-8-1-290
GILLETT, ASA                            PA-8-3-70
GILLETT, PLUMLEY                        PA-8-2-184
GILLSON, JAMES                          PA-8-1-79
GILMORE, HARRIET                        PA-8-4-182
GILMOUR, ANDREW M.                      PA-8-3-445
GILMOUR, WILLIAM                        PA-8-4-20
GIREND, WILLIAM                         PA-8-3-240
GIST, ELIZA                             PA-8-3-275
GLEASON, GEORGE R.                      PA-8-1-333
GLOSSER, JACOB                          PA-8-4-144
GODARD, HIRAM                           PA-8-4-49
GODARD, WESLEY                          PA-8-4-69
GODDARD, EZRA                           PA-8-3-255
GOFF, ANSON                             PA-8-2-561
GOODRICH, ELISHA S.                     PA-8-3-49
GORDEN, JOHN                            PA-8-1-215
GORE, ABRAHAM                           PA-8-1-419
GORE, AVERY                             PA-8-1-363
GORE, OBADIAH                           PA-8-1-19
GORE, SAMUEL                            PA-8-1-106
GOULD, DANIEL                           PA-8-4-173
GRACE, GEORGE                           PA-8-2-298
GRACE, PHILIP                           PA-8-4-119
GRACE, THOMAS                           PA-8-2-243
GRACE, WILLIAM                          PA-8-1-460
GREEN, ANNA                             PA-8-2-194
GREEN, NATHAN L.                        PA-8-2-551
GREENO, ALONZO                          PA-8-1-483
GREGG, ANDREW C.                        PA-8-3-244
GREGG, WILLIAM                          PA-8-4-473
GREGORY, DENISON                        PA-8-3-25
GREGORY, NEHEMIAH                       PA-8-4-193
GREGORY, STEPHEN                        PA-8-2-217
GREIN, JOHN P.                          PA-8-3-386
GRIFFIN, REUBEN                         PA-8-2-522
GRINNELL, LORENZO                       PA-8-3-372
GRISWOLD, GURDON                        PA-8-2-548
GROVER, JOSEPH                          PA-8-1-60
GUSTIN, BETSY                           PA-8-4-226
GUSTIN, JESSE                           PA-8-1-237
HACKET, ASA                             PA-8-2-113
HADLOCK, GEORGE                         PA-8-1-399
HAKES, JAMES                            PA-8-3-249
HALL, EUNICE                            PA-8-2-513
HALL, FREDERICK                         PA-8-2-216
HALL, JONATHAN                          PA-8-2-514
HALL, JONATHAN                          PA-8-2-491
HALL, WILLIAM C.                        PA-8-2-75
HAMILTON, JOSEPH                        PA-8-2-150
HAMMOND, JARED                          PA-8-2-422
HARENS, HILA A.                         PA-8-3-2
HARKNESS, JAMES                         PA-8-2-62
HARKNESS, JOHN                          PA-8-2-228
HARKNESS, SAMUEL K.                     PA-8-2-566
HARKNESS, WILLIAM                       PA-8-4-214
HARTSHORN, SAMUEL                       PA-8-3-427
HARVEY, ANTON W.                        PA-8-3-397
HARVEY, JESSE                           PA-8-1-154
HAVEN, NATHAN                           PA-8-1-25
HAVERLY, CHRISTIAN                      PA-8-2-455
HAVIN, CHARLES                          PA-8-3-403
HAXTON, HANNAH                          PA-8-2-462
HAXTON, SETH                            PA-8-2-284
HAYDEN, FLORILLA                        PA-8-3-434
HAYTHORN, JOHN                          PA-8-3-106
HERISON, ELISHA E.                      PA-8-2-426
HERRICK, EDWARD                         PA-8-4-391
HILL, DAVID                             PA-8-2-475
HILL, EDMOND                            PA-8-2-278
HILL, MATHEW                            PA-8-4-33
HILL, RHODA                             PA-8-1-183
HILL, SAMUEL H.                         PA-8-2-112
HILLHOUSE, SAMUEL                       PA-8-3-202
HILTON, JOSEPH                          PA-8-4-457
HINMAN, JOHN B.                         PA-8-3-206
HITCHCOCK, JOSEPH                       PA-8-3-340
HITCHOCK, MARSHALL                      PA-8-2-133
HIX, ALVA                               PA-8-4-256
HOAG, BENJAMIN                          PA-8-3-440
HODGES, LYMAN H.                        PA-8-1-146
HOLCOMB, MARLIN                         PA-8-3-223
HOLCOMB, STERLING                       PA-8-1-492
HOLDEN, JULIUS S.                       PA-8-2-63
HOLDRIDGE, DANIEL                       PA-8-4-180
HOLLENBACK, JOHN                        PA-8-3-341
HOLLENBOCK, JOHN                        PA-8-1-377
HOLLEY, JAMES                           PA-8-1-194
HOLTON, JEREMIAH                        PA-8-4-75
HOMET, CHARLES                          PA-8-1-172
HORAGAN, DANIEL                         PA-8-3-237
HORTON, EBENEZER                        PA-8-3-147
HORTON, EBENEZER                        PA-8-1-405
HORTON, ISAAC                           PA-8-2-488
HORTON, JOHN                            PA-8-1-510
HORTON, JOHN                            PA-8-3-336
HORTON, JOSEPH R.                       PA-8-4-380
HORTON, MARY                            PA-8-4-441
HORTON, WILLIAM B.                      PA-8-3-366
HOUSE, WILLIAM                          PA-8-3-351
HOWEL, THOMAS                           PA-8-1-277
HOWELL, ROGGER                          PA-8-1-162
HOYT, IONA A.                           PA-8-1-337
HUBER, HENRY                            PA-8-2-276
HUFF, JOHN                              PA-8-2-499
HUFFMAN, LEVI                           PA-8-4-195
HULET, JOB                              PA-8-3-303
HULETT, SAMUEL                          PA-8-3-15
HUMPHREY, DUDLEY                        PA-8-1-45
HUNTINGTON, ASHER                       PA-8-2-417
HURLY, PATRICK                          PA-8-2-227
HUSTON, SAMUEL                          PA-8-2-237
HYATT, ARANTHUS                         PA-8-3-217
HYATT, THOMAS                           PA-8-2-558
INGALS, WILLIAM S.                      PA-8-3-405
INGERSOLL, ROSANNAH                     PA-8-4-132
INGERSON, CALEB                         PA-8-3-349
INGHAM, DEBORAH                         PA-8-2-371
INGHAM, DIANTH                          PA-8-2-305
INGHAM, JOHN E.                         PA-8-2-304
JACKSON, GEORGE H.                      PA-8-2-289
JAKWAY, S. R.                           PA-8-4-105
JAMES, HENRY                            PA-8-3-97
JENKINS, JOSEPH                         PA-8-3-28
JENKINS, SALLY                          PA-8-3-364
JOHNSON, DANIEL                         PA-8-1-223
JOHNSON, PARLEY                         PA-8-4-463
JOHNSON, PETER                          PA-8-1-514
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        PA-8-2-385
JOYNER, MARTHA                          PA-8-3-449
KEELER, CHARLES W.                      PA-8-2-464
KEELER, ELIZABTEH                       PA-8-3-23
KEELER, LUCY                            PA-8-1-316
KEENEY, ABIEL                           PA-8-3-126
KELLEY, CORDELIA M.                     PA-8-4-11
KELLEY, PATRICK                         PA-8-4-73
KELLEY, THOMAS J.                       PA-8-4-29
KELLY, LEWIS                            PA-8-3-475
KENEDY, JOHN                            PA-8-4-136
KENT, BELA                              PA-8-1-516
KENT, LUCRETIA                          PA-8-1-517
KERSHAW, BENJAMIN                       PA-8-4-70
KEYES, CHARLES                          PA-8-2-221
KEYSER, HULDAH                          PA-8-3-447
KILLGORE, ROBERT                        PA-8-1-415
KING, CHARLES                           PA-8-1-520
KING, HULDAH                            PA-8-2-554
KING, SALMON                            PA-8-1-171
KINGSBURY, BURTON                       PA-8-4-174
KINGSBURY, JOSEPH                       PA-8-1-437
KINGSLEY, NELSON                        PA-8-2-104
KINNER, ASA                             PA-8-1-240
KINNEY, GEORGE                          PA-8-2-523
KINNEY, GUY                             PA-8-4-339
KINNEY, JOSEPH                          PA-8-1-218
KINNEY, WILLIAM W.                      PA-8-2-247
KIRBY, DANIEL                           PA-8-3-1
KIRBY, GEORGE                           PA-8-3-136
KITCHEN, FANNIE W.                      PA-8-3-429
KNAPP, HIRAM                            PA-8-3-252
KNAPP, WILLIAM C.                       PA-8-2-547
KNAPP, ZEPHANIAH                        PA-8-2-360
KROMER, CATHARINE                       PA-8-4-362
LACKEY, ELNORE                          PA-8-4-430
LACKEY, JOHN                            PA-8-3-130
LADD, ASENATH                           PA-8-2-151
LADD, HORATIO                           PA-8-2-23
LADD, HORATIO                           PA-8-1-478
LADD, PHILINDA                          PA-8-1-143
LAFY, MICHAEL                           PA-8-2-553
LAKE, SAMUEL                            PA-8-2-223
LAMB, CHARLES H.                        PA-8-3-292
LAMB, JAMES                             PA-8-2-80
LAMBERSON, RICHARD                      PA-8-3-365
LAMPHERE, SAMUEL                        PA-8-1-103
LANDON, LABAN                           PA-8-1-58
LANDON, LEVI D.                         PA-8-2-521
LANE, ZEPHANIAH                         PA-8-4-372
LARCOCK, WILLIAM                        PA-8-2-25
LATHROP, SEWELL S.                      PA-8-3-95
LATHROP, WILLIAM                        PA-8-3-415
LAYTON, JOHN                            PA-8-3-220
LEA, SARAH                              PA-8-1-196
LEBAREN, HORACE                         PA-8-1-50
LEE, JOSEPH                             PA-8-2-43
LEE, POLLY                              PA-8-1-498
LEGGETT, MARY G.                        PA-8-4-292
LENNOX, JAMES                           PA-8-2-94
LEONARD, AUSTIN                         PA-8-1-47
LEONARD, THEODORE                       PA-8-3-53
LESTER, LEVI                            PA-8-4-352
LEWIS, AUGUSTIN                         PA-8-4-178
LEWIS, COURSEN                          PA-8-4-432
LEWIS, ELEECTA                          PA-8-3-305
LEWIS, THOMAS                           PA-8-1-90
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          PA-8-4-134
LILLEY, EMMA T.                         PA-8-4-307
LILLY, JOHN                             PA-8-1-252
LOCKWOOD, EDMUND                        PA-8-1-109
LOCKWOOD, SMITH SR.                     PA-8-1-88
LONG, ALONZO                            PA-8-3-318
LONG, EZRA                              PA-8-1-485
LONG, JAMES                             PA-8-2-134
LONG, JANE L.                           PA-8-2-430
LONGWELL, GEORGE A.                     PA-8-4-89
LOOMIS, ALVIN                           PA-8-2-250
LOOMIS, EBENEZER                        PA-8-4-290
LOOMIS, PHILANDER                       PA-8-4-72
LOVELACE, ALANSON                       PA-8-4-344
LUCAS, URIAH                            PA-8-2-214
LUCE, ARCHELAUS                         PA-8-2-97
LUCKEY, ELIJAH                          PA-8-2-300
LYON, CALEB                             PA-8-2-258
LYON, SAMUEL JR.                        PA-8-4-355
M ILLER, DANIEL                         PA-8-2-255
MACKEY, WILLIAM                         PA-8-2-435
MACKLEY, AMY                            PA-8-2-168
MADDEN, JERRY E.                        PA-8-4-257
MADILL, ALEXANDER                       PA-8-2-101
MAHOOD, JOSEPH                          PA-8-4-240
MAKINSON, ANN                           PA-8-4-472
MANLEY, DARIUS                          PA-8-3-75
MARSH, EPHRAIM H.                       PA-8-2-442
MARSH, JOSEPH                           PA-8-2-22
MARSHALL, CLARISSA                      PA-8-3-94
MARTIN, AMOS                            PA-8-1-127
MARTIN, JAMES R.                        PA-8-3-353
MARTIN, RALPH                           PA-8-1-132
MASON, SAMUEL                           PA-8-3-253
MASTIN, ABRAHAM                         PA-8-4-190
MATHEWSON, CONSTANT                     PA-8-3-18
MATHEWSON, ELIAS S.                     PA-8-4-400
MATTHEWS, SAMUEL                        PA-8-1-347
MATTOCKS, JAMES                         PA-8-2-356
MAYNARD, LEMUEL S.                      PA-8-1-532
MAYNARD, PIERPONT E.                    PA-8-2-329
MAYNARD, SHUBEL                         PA-8-1-331
MCAFFEE, BENJAMIN                       PA-8-1-348
MCASEY, PATRICK                         PA-8-3-243
MCASEY, THOMAS                          PA-8-2-422
MCCANNA, JAMES                          PA-8-2-535
MCCLELLAND, FREDERICK                   PA-8-2-364
MCCLELLAND, JOHN W.                     PA-8-1-521
MCCLELLAND, PETER                       PA-8-4-411
MCCOLLUM, N. H.                         PA-8-4-196
MCDUFFEE, DANIEL                        PA-8-3-431
MCDUFFEE, ELEANOR                       PA-8-4-237
MCDUFFEE, HUGH                          PA-8-2-108
MCDUFFEE, SAMUEL                        PA-8-1-484
MCEVERIMINIA, THOMAS                    PA-8-2-401
MCGUFFIN, JOHN                          PA-8-4-68
MCINTYRE, SALLY                         PA-8-3-266
MCKEAN, SAMUEL                          PA-8-1-227
MCKENNAN, PETER                         PA-8-3-378
MCMAHON, MARTHA                         PA-8-4-121
MCPHERSON, RICHARD                      PA-8-2-410
MEAD, ELI K.                            PA-8-3-101
MEAD, EZEKIEL                           PA-8-2-287
MEAD, WILLIAM                           PA-8-3-62
MEANS, ELIZABETH                        PA-8-1-530
MEANS, WILLIAM                          PA-8-1-71
MEEHAN, MICHAEL                         PA-8-4-454
MERRILL, MILO                           PA-8-4-222
MERRITT, JOHN B.                        PA-8-1-357
MILES, JOHN                             PA-8-1-292
MILES, NANCY                            PA-8-2-324
MILLER, ABRAM                           PA-8-2-388
MILLER, HARRIETT C.                     PA-8-1-269
MILLER, ISAAC                           PA-8-1-296
MILLER, JAMES A.                        PA-8-2-346
MILLER, JAMES M.                        PA-8-3-233
MINER, SAMUEL H.                        PA-8-3-346
MINIER, DANIEL (LT.)                    PA-8-3-208
MITCHELL, JONATHAN S.                   PA-8-3-436
MITCHELL, MARTHA                        PA-8-4-101
MIX, HIRAM                              PA-8-1-367
MIX, MARY G.                            PA-8-1-372
MOLL, LAURA ANN                         PA-8-2-219
MONRO, THOMAS                           PA-8-1-135
MONROE, LOIS H.                         PA-8-1-500
MONROE, RACHEL                          PA-8-4-439
MONTANYE, ISAIAH                        PA-8-4-458
MONTGOMERY, MORISON                     PA-8-4-331
MOORE, ANN                              PA-8-2-384
MOORE, BELA                             PA-8-2-249
MOORE, JESSE                            PA-8-1-298
MOORE, JESSE                            PA-8-4-242
MOORE, JOHN                             PA-8-2-148
MOORE, PHOEBE                           PA-8-3-389
MOORE, ROBERT                           PA-8-3-35
MOREY, JOSEPH                           PA-8-3-296
MORGAN, HARRY                           PA-8-4-296
MORGAN, HEMAN                           PA-8-3-193
MORGAN, LYMAN                           PA-8-1-67
MORLEY, GAD H.                          PA-8-3-73
MORRIS, JOHN T.                         PA-8-3-33
MORRIS, WILLIAM                         PA-8-2-459
MORRISON, JAMES B.                      PA-8-4-379
MORRISON, JOHN                          PA-8-1-491
MORROW, GEORGE H.                       PA-8-4-475
MORROW, JOHN                            PA-8-4-434
MORROW, JOHN W.                         PA-8-2-286
MORROW, JOSEPH                          PA-8-4-451
MORSE, CHAUNCEY                         PA-8-1-335
MORSE, PERLEY                           PA-8-4-138
MORSE, RICHARD                          PA-8-4-323
MORSE, SOLOMON                          PA-8-2-319
MOSHER, NICHOLAS                        PA-8-2-240
MULLER, JOSEPH                          PA-8-2-18
MUNCY, TIMOTHY                          PA-8-4-98
MUNN, JAMES W.                          PA-8-2-534
MURPHY, PATRICK                         PA-8-3-43
MURRAY, ABNER                           PA-8-1-178
MYER, ISAAC                             PA-8-4-414
MYER, WILLIAM                           PA-8-2-231
NELSON, NILES                           PA-8-2-15
NESBITT, WILLIAM                        PA-8-1-259
NEWBURY, ELIHU                          PA-8-4-147
NEWELL, ABEL                            PA-8-1-156
NEWELL, BARNARD                         PA-8-3-5
NICHOLS, JONATHAN                       PA-8-4-225
NICHOLS, SETH                           PA-8-3-93
NORMAN, ELEAZER                         PA-8-1-456
NORMAN, JOHN                            PA-8-2-508
O'HERRIN, JAMES                         PA-8-4-9
O'KEEFE, MARTIN                         PA-8-4-81
OVENSHIRE, SAMUEL                       PA-8-3-464
OVERFIELD, CHARLES                      PA-8-1-124
OVERTON, ELIZA                          PA-8-3-452
OWEN, DAVID H.                          PA-8-2-83
OWEN, JOHN                              PA-8-3-322
OWENS, JOHN                             PA-8-4-55

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