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ACKLA, BENJAMIN                         PA-8-1-115
ACKLEY, HARRY                           PA-8-3-60
ADAMS, GAIUS                            PA-8-4-333
ADAMS, HULDAH                           PA-8-3-119
ADAMS, JERE                             PA-8-3-355
ADAMS, JOHN C.                          PA-8-3-288
ADAMS, LEVI F.                          PA-8-2-218
AGNEW, JOHN M.                          PA-8-3-66
ALBRO, JOSEPH                           PA-8-4-79
ALLEN, AARON P.                         PA-8-4-260
ALLEN, ASA                              PA-8-4-169
ALLEN, DAVID                            PA-8-3-256
ALLEN, DAVID                            PA-8-1-211
ALLEN, JAMES                            PA-8-2-541
ALLEN, JESSE                            PA-8-1-34
ALLEN, JONATHAN                         PA-8-1-300
ALLEN, JOSEPH                           PA-8-4-284
ALLEN, LORENZO                          PA-8-3-453
ALLEN, NATHANIEL                        PA-8-1-169
ALLEN, NOAH                             PA-8-1-352
ALLEN, SAMUEL                           PA-8-2-189
ALLEN, WARNER                           PA-8-2-492
ALLIS, HARRIET                          PA-8-4-102
ALLIS, ITHIEL                           PA-8-3-185
ALLIS, SILAS                            PA-8-4-104
AMOUT, GEORGE E.                        PA-8-2-450
AMOUT, JOSHUA H.                        PA-8-2-373
ANDRESS, ETHEN R.                       PA-8-2-107
ANDRUS, DANIEL                          PA-8-2-400A
ANDRUS, MARY T.                         PA-8-4-185
ANGLE, ANTHONY                          PA-8-2-271
ANTHONY, JOHN S.                        PA-8-4-393
ARCHER, THOMAS J.                       PA-8-4-447
ARCHER, WILLIAM                         PA-8-2-476
ARMSRONG, JOSEPH                        PA-8-1-205
ARMSTRONG, S. K.                        PA-8-3-230
ARNOLD, BENEDICT                        PA-8-4-312
ARNOLD, JAMES                           PA-8-3-21
ARNOLD, LESTER S.                       PA-8-4-461
ARNOLD, OLIVER                          PA-8-1-295
ARNOUT, GEORGE                          PA-8-1-31
ARNOUT, MARY                            PA-8-3-432
AVERY, LOUISA                           PA-8-4-140
AYERS, ABIJAH                           PA-8-2-465
AYERS, JOHN A.                          PA-8-2-203
AYRES, MOSES                            PA-8-3-40
BAGLEY, JAMES                           PA-8-3-118
BAILEY, ANDREW B.                       PA-8-3-24
BAILEY, BENJAMIN                        PA-8-1-192
BAILEY, CATHARINE                       PA-8-4-305
BAILEY, DANIEL                          PA-8-4-382
BAILEY, HEZEKIAH H.                     PA-8-3-110
BAILEY, SAMUEL                          PA-8-4-36
BAILY, GRIFFIN                          PA-8-2-195
BAKER, EZEKIEL                          PA-8-1-134
BAKER, JAMES R.                         PA-8-4-417
BALDWIN, BRAYTON A.                     PA-8-2-264
BALDWIN, THOMAS                         PA-8-2-383
BALL, MARTHA                            PA-8-4-166
BALLARD, ANGELINE                       PA-8-3-444
BALLARD, JAMES A.                       PA-8-2-450
BALLARD, JOHN                           PA-8-2-393
BALLARD, O. P.                          PA-8-4-363
BARCLAY, ROBERT                         PA-8-3-150
BARDWELL, SOLOMON                       PA-8-3-257
BARNES, CHURCHILL                       PA-8-1-389
BARNES, JEREMIAH C.                     PA-8-3-382
BARNES, JOEL                            PA-8-1-358
BARNES, JOEL                            PA-8-4-314
BARNES, KELLOGG                         PA-8-4-25
BARNES, PHESUS                          PA-8-1-508
BARNES, WYATT                           PA-8-3-458
BARNS, CYPRIAN                          PA-8-2-236
BARNS, SILVESTER                        PA-8-4-145
BARRETT, ISAAC                          PA-8-4-409
BARTLETT, OLIVER                        PA-8-2-559
BATY, JOHN                              PA-8-4-408
BEACH, NEHEMIAH M.                      PA-8-4-251
BEACH, TRUMAN M.                        PA-8-2-395
BEAMAN, JOSEPH                          PA-8-4-346
BEARDSLEY, ISAAC                        PA-8-2-126
BEARDSLEY, WILLIAM                      PA-8-2-36
BEECHER, AUBURG                         PA-8-3-381
BEEK WILLIAM                            PA-8-2-350
BEEMAN, NAHANIEL D.                     PA-8-3-284
BEERS, OLIVE                            PA-8-2-122
BENIGHT, SAMUEL                         PA-8-2-6
BENIGHT, THOMAS                         PA-8-2-79
BENJAMIN, HARRY                         PA-8-4-276
BENNET, AMOS                            PA-8-1-167
BENNET, WILBER                          PA-8-1-208
BENNETT, AMOS                           PA-8-1-4
BERRY, WOODARD                          PA-8-4-177
BERTRAN, WILLIAM                        PA-8-1-314
BESLEY, JOHN W.                         PA-8-2-263
BESLEY, OLIVER                          PA-8-1-302
BETTS, MATHEW                           PA-8-3-263
BEVAN, DAVID G.                         PA-8-3-479
BILES, GEORGE                           PA-8-3-477
BINGHAM, OZIAS                          PA-8-1-304
BISHOP, JOHN                            PA-8-3-37
BIXBY, JOHN                             PA-8-3-308
BIXBY, RICHARD                          PA-8-3-7
BLAKESLEE, SETH                         PA-8-2-382
BLANDING, HANNAH                        PA-8-4-161
BLISS, ISAAC                            PA-8-3-363
BLISS, STEPHEN                          PA-8-1-480
BLISS, ZENAS                            PA-8-2-472
BOICE, ABIGAIL                          PA-8-2-200
BOLLES, ABEL                            PA-8-4-444
BOND, TUNIS                             PA-8-4-402
BONFOY, CHAUNCEY S.                     PA-8-2-13
BONHAM, JOSIAH                          PA-8-4-54
BOSIER, SOLOMON                         PA-8-3-55
BOSTWICK, DIMON                         PA-8-2-407
BOSTWICK, STEPHEN                       PA-8-3-82
BOSWORTH, ORANGE                        PA-8-2-398
BOSWORTH, REED                          PA-8-3-47
BOWEN, GEORGE                           PA-8-1-278
BOWEN, LABON                            PA-8-1-466
BOWEN, STEPHEN                          PA-8-1-489
BOWEN, WILLIAM                          PA-8-2-19
BOWKER, JAMES BLUNT                     PA-8-3-134
BOWMAN, GEORGE                          PA-8-2-415
BOWMAN, HENRY B.                        PA-8-4-111
BOWMAN, HIRAM M.                        PA-8-4-84
BOWMAN, JOH W.                          PA-8-4-200
BOWMAN, URIAH                           PA-8-2-389
BRACE, WILLIAM                          PA-8-4-228
BRADFORD, CHARLES J.                    PA-8-3-29
BRADLEY, FREDERICK                      PA-8-1-408
BRADSHAW, WILLIAM                       PA-8-2-306
BRADY, JOHN                             PA-8-3-227
BRADY, OWEN                             PA-8-4-337
BRAINARD, ALBERT                        PA-8-1-527
BRAINARD, ZEPTHA                        PA-8-1-40
BRAUND, WILLIAM                         PA-8-2-308
BRIGHAM, EDWARD                         PA-8-4-375
BRINK, BENJAMIN                         PA-8-2-283
BRINK, BENJAMIN                         PA-8-1-329
BRINK, NICHOLAS                         PA-8-1-512
BRINK, THOMAS                           PA-8-2-343
BRISSEE, JAMES                          PA-8-1-182
BRONSON, IRA                            PA-8-1-538
BROOKS, JOSEPH                          PA-8-1-144
BROWN, CHAMPLIN G.                      PA-8-2-268
BROWN, DANIEL                           PA-8-2-358
BROWN, HENRY C.                         PA-8-2-439
BROWN, ISRAEL                           PA-8-2-437
BROWN, JAMES                            PA-8-2-480
BROWN, OBADIAH                          PA-8-1-126
BROWN, SAMUEL                           PA-8-4-67
BROWN, SOLOMON                          PA-8-2-262
BROWN, WARREN E.                        PA-8-3-451
BROWNSON, HOMER                         PA-8-4-219
BUCK, HIRAM                             PA-8-4-167
BUCK, JOHN                              PA-8-1-287
BUCK, WILLIAM                           PA-8-1-392
BUDD, ALBION                            PA-8-2-251
BUFFINGTON, BENJAMIN                    PA-8-1-536
BULL, EDWARD C.                         PA-8-1-321
BULL, ISAAC                             PA-8-2-292
BULL, JAMES P.                          PA-8-1-246
BULL, JOHN                              PA-8-2-28
BULLOCK, HANNAH                         PA-8-4-367
BURBANK, JACOB D.                       PA-8-4-319
BURCH, ROXEY                            PA-8-2-212
BURGESS, CHARLES                        PA-8-4-397
BURKE, EDWARD                           PA-8-3-437
BURLINGAME, GARDNER                     PA-8-2-399
BURON, JOHNSON                          PA-8-3-404
BURT, EZEKEKEL                          PA-8-1-166
BUTTER, DANIEL W.                       PA-8-3-31
BUTTLES, EDITH                          PA-8-2-166
CALIFF, STEPHEN                         PA-8-1-239
CALKINS, OLIVER                         PA-8-1-417
CAMOCHAN, N. M.                         PA-8-4-81
CAMPBELL, CARLTON H.                    PA-8-4-129
CAMPBELL, CEPHAS                        PA-8-2-297
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         PA-8-1-5
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          PA-8-1-451
CANFIELD, FAIRCHILD                     PA-8-4-24
CANFIELD, MOSES                         PA-8-2-526
CANNER, MARY                            PA-8-2-193
CAREY, LUTHER                           PA-8-1-107
CARMAN, CHARLES                         PA-8-3-407
CASE, AARON                             PA-8-1-121
CASE, ELIHU                             PA-8-3-210
CASE, MARY                              PA-8-1-273
CASE, TIMOTHY                           PA-8-3-135
CASSAS, D. O.                           PA-8-4-95
CHAFFEE, JOHN                           PA-8-2-311
CHAFFIN, WILDER                         PA-8-3-96
CHAMBERLAIN, GILBERT                    PA-8-1-232
CHAMBERLAIN, IRENE                      PA-8-3-325
CHAPEL, BUCKLY                          PA-8-1-153
CHESLEY, ELIZABETH                      PA-8-4-56
CHILD, CHRISTOPHER                      PA-8-1-77
CHILD, EDWARD A.                        PA-8-2-337
CHILLSON, JOB                           PA-8-4-110
CHILLSON, SAMUEL                        PA-8-1-354
CHUBBUCK, AARON                         PA-8-4-280
CHUBBUCK, ANN ELIZA                     PA-8-4-306
CHUBBUCK, JACOB                         PA-8-4-455
CHUBBUCK, JAMES                         PA-8-4-371
CHUBBUCK, NATHANIEL                     PA-8-1-37
CLAFLIN, ROBERT                         PA-8-4-45
CLARK, STEPHEN L.                       PA-8-3-199
CLARK, THOMAS                           PA-8-1-523
CLINE, JOHN                             PA-8-3-380
COBURN, ALGERNON S.                     PA-8-1-274
COBURN, CHARLES R.                      PA-8-4-1
COBURN, FARLEY                          PA-8-2-441
COBURN, JAMES B.                        PA-8-3-334
COBURN, JOHN                            PA-8-1-49
COFFIN, DANIEL                          PA-8-3-421
COGGINS, THOMAS                         PA-8-4-63
COLE, BENJAMIN                          PA-8-2-11
COLE, ELISHA                            PA-8-2-47
COLE, ELISHA                            PA-8-2-26
COLE, JEREMIAH                          PA-8-1-81
COLE, SOLOMON                           PA-8-1-86
COLEMAN, AMOS                           PA-8-2-528
COLLINS, DANIEL                         PA-8-2-76
COLWELL, DEZIAH                         PA-8-2-420
COMFORT, RICHARD                        PA-8-1-202
CONKLIN, REUBEN H.                      PA-8-1-309
COOK, GEORGE W.                         PA-8-2-266
COOK, JOEL                              PA-8-1-141
COOK, URI                               PA-8-2-419
COOLBAUGH, GEORGE W.                    PA-8-2-550
COOLBAUGH, JERUSHA                      PA-8-2-402
COOLBAUGH, SAMUEL                       PA-8-4-465
COOLEY, ISAAC                           PA-8-3-393
COON, NATHAN JR                         PA-8-1-365
COOPER, ROBERT                          PA-8-4-42
CORBIN, ROMANDA M.                      PA-8-4-388
CORELL, JAMES                           PA-8-3-218
CORKINS, MARGARET                       PA-8-2-467
COURTRIGHT, WILLIAM J.                  PA-8-1-328
COVEY, MATTHEW                          PA-8-3-462
COX, JOHN P.                            PA-8-4-108
CRAIG, JOSEPH                           PA-8-1-444
CRANCE, ADAM                            PA-8-1-474
CRANMER, SAMUEL                         PA-8-1-311
CRANS, CALISA                           PA-8-2-242
CROFUT, SEELEY                          PA-8-1-463
CROWLEY, TIMOTHY                        PA-8-3-98
CULLEN, BRIDGET                         PA-8-4-413
CULVER, H. L.                           PA-8-3-116
CUMMINGS, CLARK                         PA-8-4-51
CUMMINGS, PATRICK                       PA-8-1-308
CURNOW, RICHARD                         PA-8-3-417
CURREN, DANIEL                          PA-8-3-419
CURRY, EZEKIEL                          PA-8-3-385
DAVIDSON, JOHN                          PA-8-2-106
DECKER, JAMES W.                        PA-8-3-247
DECKER, NANCY TILDING                   PA-8-3-132
DECKER, SIMEON                          PA-8-4-389
DECKER, WILLIAM                         PA-8-2-146
DELONG, JOHN R.                         PA-8-4-442
DEMOREST, NICHOLAS                      PA-8-4-189
DEPEW, BENJAMIN                         PA-8-3-300
DEPEW, JAMES M.                         PA-8-3-132
DERRELL, WILLIAM                        PA-8-2-429
DESMOND, THOMAS                         PA-8-4-360
DEWEY, EBENEZER                         PA-8-1-254
DEWEY, JAMES                            PA-8-1-64
DEWITT, LUTILELA                        PA-8-1-446
DEWITT, PAUL                            PA-8-1-204
DEWOLF, ELISHA                          PA-8-4-30
DIMMICK, MATILDA                        PA-8-2-10
DIMMOCK, AMASA                          PA-8-2-487
DOANE, JOSEPH                           PA-8-4-152
DOANE, ROSWELL                          PA-8-2-147
DODGE, ABIGAIL                          PA-8-1-152
DODGE, CELINDA L.                       PA-8-3-110
DODGE, EDWARD                           PA-8-2-501
DODGE, JOHN F.                          PA-8-4-198
DOHERTY, JOHN                           PA-8-1-425
DORAN, JOHN                             PA-8-4-404
DORIS, HOPKIN                           PA-8-3-391
DOUGHERTY, ALEXANDER                    PA-8-2-369
DOUGLASS, ELIZABETH STOTT               PA-8-2-348
DOYLE, EDWARD                           PA-8-1-210
DRAKE, HIRAM                            PA-8-3-105
DUNHAM, ABRAHAM                         PA-8-3-329
DURAND, DANIEL                          PA-8-4-66
DURAND, WILLIAM                         PA-8-4-141
DYER, SAMUEL                            PA-8-2-45
EAMES, BENJAMIN T.                      PA-8-3-104
EAMES, LUTHER                           PA-8-3-302
EASTMAN, JAMES                          PA-8-3-46
EDMISON, SALLY                          PA-8-3-398
EDSALL, BARTON                          PA-8-1-69
EDSALL, JESSE                           PA-8-2-494
EDSELL, JAMES                           PA-8-4-18
EGLIN, JOHN                             PA-8-4-246
ELDREDGE, RICHARD J.                    PA-8-1-522
ELLIOTT, JOSEPH                         PA-8-3-399
ELLIOTT, THOMAS                         PA-8-3-298
ELLOTT, JOSEPH                          PA-8-1-455
ELLSWORTH, MARY                         PA-8-4-157
ELLSWORTH, OLIVER                       PA-8-2-433
ELSHEE, MARTIN                          PA-8-2-484
ELSWORTH, JUSTAVUS                      PA-8-1-3
ENNES, CORNELIUS                        PA-8-1-130
ENNIS, DEBORAH                          PA-8-1-307
ENNIS, JAMES                            PA-8-1-338
ENNIS, LEVI                             PA-8-2-314
ESPY, JAMES                             PA-8-4-285
EVANS, CATHARINE                        PA-8-4-85
EVANS, JAMES                            PA-8-3-125
EVERSON, CHARLES S.                     PA-8-4-102
EVITTS, HANNAH                          PA-8-2-405
FAIRBANKS, CHARLES                      PA-8-4-39
FAIRCHILD, SOPHIA C.                    PA-8-3-354
FAIRMAN, CYRIL                          PA-8-4-204
FANNING, WILLIAM                        PA-8-4-247
FASSETT, PHILO                          PA-8-3-460
FAW, JOSEPH                             PA-8-3-100
FERGASON, WILLIAM                       PA-8-1-56
FERRIS, ELIZABETH                       PA-8-1-503
FESSENDEN, HENRY L.                     PA-8-3-446
FISH, JABEZ                             PA-8-1-7
FISHER, FREDERICK                       PA-8-2-291
FITCH, SAMUEL                           PA-8-3-19
FLOWER, NATHANIEL                       PA-8-2-40
FOHEST, CARLOS M.                       PA-8-3-63
FOLEY, ANDREW                           PA-8-1-160
FORBES, AMEST                           PA-8-2-424
FORD, JOHN                              PA-8-2-274
FORD, JOHN                              PA-8-3-426
FORD, JOHN                              PA-8-3-38
FORD, JOHN B.                           PA-8-3-280
FORMAN, JAMES                           PA-8-3-362
FOSBURG, JOHN                           PA-8-4-334
FOSTER, ABIEL                           PA-8-1-214
FOSTER, JAMES                           PA-8-3-13
FOSTER, JULIUS                          PA-8-3-188
FOSTER, MARY ANN                        PA-8-3-187
FOSTER, RUFUS                           PA-8-1-117
FOWLER, ENOCH                           PA-8-1-180
FOWLER, JONATHAN                        PA-8-1-123
FOWLER, ROGERS                          PA-8-1-2
FOWLER, RUSSELL                         PA-8-1-539
FOX, HIRAM C.                           PA-8-2-438
FOX, JOHN                               PA-8-2-171
FRANKLIN, JOHN                          PA-8-1-80
FRENCH, EBENEZER                        PA-8-2-154
FRENCH, PETER P.                        PA-8-1-225
FRETTS, ABRAM                           PA-8-1-505
FRIES, JAMES                            PA-8-1-525
FRISBIE, CHAUNCY                        PA-8-3-77
FRITCHER, JAMES                         PA-8-4-206
FULLER, ISAAC                           PA-8-2-384
FULLER, NOAH                            PA-8-2-27
FURMAN, JAMES A.                        PA-8-3-291
FURMAN, JOHN                            PA-8-3-251

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