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NAGEL, GEORGE                           PA-4-D-410
NEACE, WILLIAM                          PA-4-A-148
NEELY, GEORGE                           PA-4-E-413
NEELY, JOHN                             PA-4-E-16
NEILSON, MATHEW                         PA-4-B-89
NELSON, ELIZABETH CHARLOT               PA-4-D-193
NELSON, SAMUEL                          PA-4-D-343
NELSON, WILLIAM                         PA-4-C-336
NESBETT, FRANCIS                        PA-4-A-109
NESBIT, ANN                             PA-4-A-171
NESBIT, WILLIAM                         PA-4-C-107
NEUEL, JOSHUA                           PA-4-D-138
NEVILLE, EDWARD                         PA-4-C-337
NEVIN, JOHN                             PA-4-E-77
NEVIN, JOHN SR.                         PA-4-B-434
NEVIN, MARGARET                         PA-4-F-259
NEVIN, ROBERT                           PA-4-D-417
NEWELL, JOHN                            PA-4-F-358
NEWTON, JOHN                            PA-4-C-98
NEWTON, WESTER                          PA-4-A-238
NEWTON, ZEBINA                          PA-4-C-36
NIBLO, JOHN                             PA-4-C-196
NIBLOCK, WILLIAM                        PA-4-C-123
NICHOLSON, JAMES                        PA-4-A-250
NICHOLSON, OSCAR A.                     PA-4-F-174
NICHOLSON, THOMAS SPRINGS               PA-4-E-362
NICKLE, DAVID                           PA-4-F-3
NICKUM, GOERGE                          PA-4-A-233
NICOL, DAVID                            PA-4-C-55
NISWONGER, ELIZABETH                    PA-4-C-320
NIXON, JOHN                             PA-4-B-123
NOONAN, MARTIN                          PA-4-D-453
NOSS, PETER                             PA-4-B-121
NYE, ANDREW                             PA-4-A-157
NYE, ANDREW R. FALLS                    PA-4-F-84
NYE, SAMSON S.                          PA-4-C-201
OAKLEY, JESSE R.                        PA-4-F-97
OATZELL, SAMUEL                         PA-4-C-101
OHAW, THOMAS                            PA-4-E-213
OLIVER, ROBERT                          PA-4-F-465
OLIVER, STARKS                          PA-4-F-411
OLIVER, THOMAS                          PA-4-D-320
OMMET, SEBASTIAN                        PA-4-E-61
ONSTOTT, ISAAC                          PA-4-F-279
OROURK, THOMAS                          PA-4-D-464
ORR, HUGH                               PA-4-E-146
OSBORN, JAMES                           PA-4-B-22
OTTO, HENRY                             PA-4-E-293
PADEN, HUGH                             PA-4-B-257
PANDER, HENRY                           PA-4-F-410
PARDEE, EBENEZER                        PA-4-E-30
PARK, JAMES                             PA-4-E-354
PARK, MARY                              PA-4-E-467
PARK, ROBERT                            PA-4-A-60
PARKER, EASTER                          PA-4-D-140
PARKISON, JAMES                         PA-4-A-263
PATTERSON, ELIZA FALLS                  PA-4-F-263
PATTERSON, ROBERT                       PA-4-B-383
PATTERSON, SAMUEL                       PA-4-F-245
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      PA-4-B-53
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      PA-4-E-504
PATTON, SAMUEL                          PA-4-C-135
PEIRSALL, SAMPSON                       PA-4-B-303
PEIRSOL, JOHN                           PA-4-F-103
PETERSON, DERICK                        PA-4-A-259
PFLUG, PHILIP HENRY                     PA-4-D-267
PFUSCH, CAROLINE W.                     PA-4-F-499
PFUSCH, JOHN                            PA-4-F-309
PHILLIPS, SAMUEL                        PA-4-C-72
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                       PA-4-B-102
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM P.                    PA-4-D-117
PHILLIS, JOSEPH                         PA-4-D-301
PIERSOL, JACOB                          PA-4-C-257
PIFFER, ELIZABETH                       PA-4-E-283
PITZER, MICHAEL                         PA-4-C-69
PLATT, GEORGE                           PA-4-D-182
PLATT, SIMEON                           PA-4-D-224
POAK, SAMUEL                            PA-4-C-93
POE, ANDREW                             PA-4-A-174
POE, GEORGE                             PA-4-F-365
POLLOCK, JOSEPH                         PA-4-A-238
PORTER, BYRON                           PA-4-F-337
PORTER, DAVID                           PA-4-C-374
PORTER, EDWARD                          PA-4-A-273
PORTER, JAMES                           PA-4-E-417
PORTER, JAMS                            PA-4-E-439
PORTER, JOHN                            PA-4-D-325
PORTER, RICHARD                         PA-4-B-267
PORTE,R WILLIAM S.                      PA-4-B-217
POTTER, JAMES                           PA-4-D-183
POTTER, WILLIAM A.                      PA-4-E-430
POTTS, MARGARET                         PA-4-F-171
POUNDS, ELIZABETH                       PA-4-B-210
POWELL, ELEANOR                         PA-4-F-246
POWELL, ELIZA                           PA-4-C-187
POWELL, HENRY                           PA-4-F-124
POWELL, MARGARET                        PA-4-F-53
POWELL, SILAS                           PA-4-F-244
POWENS, MARY ANN                        PA-4-F-428
POWER, MARY A.                          PA-4-F-283
POWERS, JAMES                           PA-4-C-183
POWERS, JOHN                            PA-4-B-208
POWERS, RUTH                            PA-4-C-374
POWERS, WILLIAM H.                      PA-4-E-407
PRENTICE, ALEXANDER                     PA-4-C-243
PRENTICE, JAMES                         PA-4-C-231
PRICE, WILLIAM                          PA-4-B-412
PROUDLEY, GEORGE                        PA-4-E-266
PUGH, ELIHU T.                          PA-4-D-170
PUGH, EVAN                              PA-4-B-264
PUGH, JOHN                              PA-4-D-152
QUAY, ANDERSON B.                       PA-4-D-36
RALSTON, SAAH ANNE                      PA-4-D-74
RAMBO, ANNAH                            PA-4-C-385
RAMBO, ELIZABETH                        PA-4-E-41
RAMBO, JONAS                            PA-4-E-115
RAMBO, JOSEPH                           PA-4-D-370
RAMBO, WILLIAM SR.                      PA-4-B-237
RAMSEY, DAVID                           PA-4-C-349
RAMSEY, DAVID                           PA-4-D-76
RAMSEY, DAVID                           PA-4-F-201
RAMSEY, JANE                            PA-4-D-121
RAMSEY, JOHN                            PA-4-E-454
RAMSEY, JOHN                            PA-4-B-323
RAMSEY, JOHN W.                         PA-4-E-27
RAMSEY, MARGARET SPRINGS                PA-4-D-418
RAMSEY, MARTHA                          PA-4-A-5
RAMSEY, MARY                            PA-4-D-405
RAMSEY, MARY                            PA-4-F-485
RAMSEY, NARCISSA                        PA-4-B-274
RAMSEY, ROBERT                          PA-4-D-247
RAMSEY, ROBERT                          PA-4-B-202
RAMSEY, THOMAS                          PA-4-A-125
RAMSEY, WILLIAM                         PA-4-C-271
RANSCHER, GEORGE                        PA-4-E-160
RAW, JAMES                              PA-4-F-352
RAYL, WILLIAM                           PA-4-B-294
READ, ANDREW                            PA-4-B-11
REASON, JEREMIAH FALLS                  PA-4-F-87
REED, ADAM                              PA-4-B-75
REED, ANDREW                            PA-4-C-367
REED, GEORGE W.                         PA-4-F-442
REED, JAMES                             PA-4-B-319
REED, JOHN                              PA-4-D-437
REED, JOHN                              PA-4-A-142
REED, MILO                              PA-4-C-234
REED, MOSES                             PA-4-C-308
REED, ROBERT                            PA-4-D-465
REED, RUEL                              PA-4-B-33
REED, SAMUEL                            PA-4-B-268
REED, SAMUEL                            PA-4-E-92
REED, SAMUEL                            PA-4-C-384
REED, THOMAS                            PA-4-F-27
REED, WILLIAM                           PA-4-A-31
REED, WILLIAM                           PA-4-B-373
REID, JAMES (REV.)                      PA-4-E-90
REID, THOMAS                            PA-4-A-37
REIFF, GEORGE                           PA-4-C-281
REISINGER, JOSEPH                       PA-4-F-228
RENO, BENJAMIN                          PA-4-D-397
RENO, ELIZA W.                          PA-4-E-405
RENO, LEWIS                             PA-4-E-256
RENO, LYDIA                             PA-4-B-292
RENO, LYDIA M.                          PA-4-F-148
RENO, ROBERT                            PA-4-C-128
RENO, THOMAS                            PA-4-F-52
RHODES, ELIZA                           PA-4-C-393
RHODES, HARRIET B.                      PA-4-F-251
RHODES, JOHN                            PA-4-D-63
RHODES, JOSEPH A.                       PA-4-B-296
RHODES, LEVI JOHNSTON                   PA-4-D-382
RHODES, WILLIAM SR.                     PA-4-C-316
RICHARDS, MARGARET                      PA-4-B-14
RICHARDS, WILLIAM                       PA-4-E-315
RIDEL, GEORGE                           PA-4-A-1
RIDER, HENRY                            PA-4-C-45
RILEY, ISAAC                            PA-4-E-153
RILEY, JANE                             PA-4-F-451
RIPPER, JOHN                            PA-4-D-132
RITTER, PHILIP                          PA-4-C-394
ROBB, JOHN A.                           PA-4-E-76
ROBB, WILLIAM                           PA-4-B-388
ROBB, WILLIAM                           PA-4-A-108
ROBERTS, CAROLINE H.                    PA-4-D-245
ROBERTS, JOHN                           PA-4-F-128
ROBERTS, RICHARD P.                     PA-4-D-327
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                      PA-4-F-231
ROBINOSN, JOHN                          PA-4-A-34
ROBINSON, ANN                           PA-4-B-301
ROBINSON, JAMES                         PA-4-A-147
ROBINSON, JOSEPH                        PA-4-A-97
ROBINSON, MARGARET                      PA-4-C-58
ROBINSON, MARY                          PA-4-C-382
RODGERS, WILLIAM                        PA-4-E-402
ROGERS, GEORGE                          PA-4-A-181
ROMIGH, JACOB                           PA-4-C-364
RONKSLEY, JAMES FALLS                   PA-4-F-417
ROSS, JOHN                              PA-4-F-120
ROSS, JOSEPH E.                         PA-4-F-272
ROSS, THOMAS                            PA-4-E-149
ROURK, THOMAS O.                        PA-4-D-464
ROUTH, ROBERT                           PA-4-E-423
ROUZER, CATHARINE                       PA-4-F-207
ROWAN, JANE                             PA-4-E-360
ROWLAND, HENRY                          PA-4-A-156
RUBICAN, JOSEPH                         PA-4-B-425
RUNYAN, ABNER                           PA-4-C-7
RUSSEL, HENRY                           PA-4-A-212
RUSSELL, ELIZA                          PA-4-E-220
RUSSELL, JOHN                           PA-4-D-352
RUSSELL, SARAH                          PA-4-D-287
SADLER, MICHAEL                         PA-4-B-29
SALA, MARY ANNE                         PA-4-F-46
SALA, PETER JR.                         PA-4-B-223
SAMPLE, SAMUEL                          PA-4-A-6
SAMPLE, WILLIAM (COL.)                  PA-4-A-100
SARGENT, JOHN                           PA-4-E-269
SAVIERS, JOHN                           PA-4-B-86
SCAFFER, PETER                          PA-4-A-171
SCHIECK, JOHN I.                        PA-4-D-52
SCHMID, AUGUSTUS                        PA-4-C-263
SCHMID, WILLIAM                         PA-4-B-255
SCHOENEMAN, CHRISTOPHER                 PA-4-F-420
SCHWARTZ, JOHN                          PA-4-F-434
SCOTT, DAVID                            PA-4-C-192
SCOTT, ELIZABETH                        PA-4-C-325
SCOTT, GEORGE                           PA-4-C-73
SCOTT, HUGH FRANKLIN                    PA-4-D-423
SCOTT, JAMES                            PA-4-D-39
SCOTT, JAMES                            PA-4-B-172
SCOTT, JAMES                            PA-4-F-191
SCOTT, JAMES                            PA-4-A-44
SCOTT, JOHN                             PA-4-A-199
SCOTT, JOHN                             PA-4-D-233
SCOTT, JOHN                             PA-4-B-356
SCOTT, JOSEPH                           PA-4-C-140
SCOTT, LUCRETIA                         PA-4-C-331
SCOTT, MARY                             PA-4-B-315
SCOTT, RUTH                             PA-4-D-296
SCOTT, THOMAS                           PA-4-C-252
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          PA-4-E-9
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          PA-4-D-248
SCROGGS, JOHN A.                        PA-4-B-376
SEAL, THOMAS                            PA-4-E-335
SEARIGHT, MARGARETE                     PA-4-E-46
SEARIGHT, SAMUEL                        PA-4-B-398
SEARIGHT, WILLIAM                       PA-4-D-393
SEBRING, GEORGE                         PA-4-C-262
SEIBOLD, JOHN GEORGE                    PA-4-C-284
SEMPLE, ELIZABETH                       PA-4-A-51
SEMPLE, WILLIAM                         PA-4-A-274
SEPPY, JOSEPH                           PA-4-A-129
SHAFER, HENRY                           PA-4-D-270
SHAFER, JANE                            PA-4-D-53
SHAFER, JOHN                            PA-4-B-80
SHAFFER, CASPER                         PA-4-F-214
SHAFFER, DANIEL                         PA-4-C-388
SHAFFER, ELIZA                          PA-4-E-147
SHAFFER, MARIA LOUISA                   PA-4-D-13
SHAFFER, MARY A.                        PA-4-D-124
SHAFFNET, JOHN JACOB                    PA-4-F-75
SHANE, TIMOTHY                          PA-4-A-74
SHANNON, HANNAH                         PA-4-D-311
SHANNON, ROBERT                         PA-4-E-89
SHANNON, ROBERT SPRINGS                 PA-4-F-200
SHANNON, WILLIAM                        PA-4-B-198
SHANOR, DAVID                           PA-4-D-31
SHARON, JAMES                           PA-4-A-55
SHARP, DINAH                            PA-4-E-117
SHARRER, CATHARINE                      PA-4-D-189
SHAW, JOHN                              PA-4-E-105
SHEERER, WILLIAM                        PA-4-E-349
SHEFFER, GEORGE                         PA-4-A-13
SHEPPARD, GABRIEL                       PA-4-A-136
SHERER, GEORGE                          PA-4-D-110
SHERER, JACOB SR.                       PA-4-A-36
SHERER, RICHARD                         PA-4-A-194
SHIEBER, CHARLES                        PA-4-D-9
SHIELDS, DAVID                          PA-4-D-68
SHIELDS, ELIZA                          PA-4-E-390
SHIELDS, MARGARET                       PA-4-D-58
SHIELDS, PETER                          PA-4-D-45
SHILLITO, GEORGE                        PA-4-C-157
SHILLITS, JAMES                         PA-4-D-376
SHILLITS, SAMUEL                        PA-4-D-411
SHINTLER, JOHN                          PA-4-B-429
SHIRAS, JANE                            PA-4-F-367
SHIVELAY, JOHN                          PA-4-E-171
SHIVLER, NANCY ANN                      PA-4-F-395
SHOLES, JAMES AVERY                     PA-4-F-82
SHRECK, JOHN                            PA-4-E-82
SHUSTER, MELCHOIR                       PA-4-F-131
SHUSTER, VALENTINE                      PA-4-F-216
SILLIMAN, ALEXANDER                     PA-4-C-24
SILLIMAN, CHARLES                       PA-4-F-290
SIMMONS, JOSEPH                         PA-4-D-442
SIMPSON, JAMES                          PA-4-D-438
SIMPSON, JAMES                          PA-4-E-505
SIMS, MARGARET W.                       PA-4-F-187
SIPPY, ABIGAIL                          PA-4-D-78
SLATER, JOHN                            PA-4-F-188
SLENTZ, JANE                            PA-4-E-399
SLENTZ, PHILLIP                         PA-4-C-6
SLOANE, MARY                            PA-4-B-106
SLOANE, THOMAS                          PA-4-A-253
SMALL, JOHN P.                          PA-4-D-305
SMALL, MARGARET                         PA-4-E-53
SMALL, MARTHA                           PA-4-F-452
SMALL, PETER                            PA-4-E-19
SMART, JOHN                             PA-4-C-159
SMART, THOMAS                           PA-4-F-338
SMILEY, SAMUEL                          PA-4-B-275
SMITH, ALEXANDER                        PA-4-D-339
SMITH, ANN                              PA-4-A-131
SMITH, ANN                              PA-4-A-265
SMITH, DAVID                            PA-4-A-163
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        PA-4-C-311
SMITH, ELIZABETH SPRINGS                PA-4-E-289
SMITH, HENRY H.                         PA-4-C-360
SMITH, JACOB                            PA-4-B-211
SMITH, JAMES                            PA-4-D-404
SMITH, JAMES                            PA-4-A-192
SMITH, JAMES                            PA-4-D-416
SMITH, JAMES M. (REV.)                  PA-4-E-428
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-4-B-351
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-4-B-406
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-4-B-341
SMITH, JONATHAN                         PA-4-C-310
SMITH, NANCY                            PA-4-C-110
SMITH, PRESLEY                          PA-4-C-105
SMITH, ROBERT                           PA-4-A-69
SMITH, SAMUEL                           PA-4-D-17
SMITH, THOMAS                           PA-4-A-160
SMITH, THOMAS                           PA-4-F-134
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-4-D-92
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-4-E-51
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-4-A-177
SNIDER, ABRAHAM                         PA-4-A-132
SNYDER, JOHN                            PA-4-D-232
SNYDER, JOHN L.                         PA-4-F-238
SOMERS, DAVID                           PA-4-C-218
SOUDER, MICHAEL                         PA-4-D-203
SOUTH, DANIEL                           PA-4-D-101
SPALDING, JOHN                          PA-4-C-26
SPALDING, WILLIAM                       PA-4-D-355
SPENCE, EDWARD                          PA-4-E-472
SPENCE, JOHN                            PA-4-E-358
SPENCER, EPHRAIM                        PA-4-C-221
SPENCER, SAMUEL                         PA-4-F-149
SPRINGE,R DANIEL                        PA-4-E-186
SPROTT, JOHN ESQ.                       PA-4-B-215
SPROTT, THOMAS SR.                      PA-4-A-114
SQUIRES, JOHN                           PA-4-D-127
SROADS, ELIZA                           PA-4-D-49
STAFFORD, WILLIAM                       PA-4-D-351
STAMM, DANIEL                           PA-4-F-455
STAMM, DANIEL (CON'T)                   PA-4-F-459
STAMM, JOHN C.                          PA-4-D-333
STANFORD, JOHN                          PA-4-A-21
STANTON, DAVID                          PA-4-E-337
STARR, ISAAC                            PA-4-A-9
STEEL, WILLIAM                          PA-4-E-254
STEPHENS, DAVID                         PA-4-C-380
STEPHENS, DAVID                         PA-4-D-300
STEPHENS, ISAAC                         PA-4-B-160
STEPHENS, JOSHUA D.                     PA-4-B-288
STEPHENS, MOLLY                         PA-4-B-291
STEPHENS, NANCY                         PA-4-D-413
STEPHENS, THOMAS                        PA-4-C-288
STEPHENSON, JAMES                       PA-4-A-140
STERLING, JAMES                         PA-4-F-457
STERLING, JOHN FALLS                    PA-4-E-510
STERLING, MARY                          PA-4-C-392
STERLING, ROBERT                        PA-4-B-340
STERLING, WILLIAM                       PA-4-B-292
STERLING, WILLIAM                       PA-4-E-425
STERRIT, ISAAC                          PA-4-B-162
STETZEL, ANDREW                         PA-4-B-147
STETZEL, SARAH                          PA-4-E-385
STEVENS, WILLIAM                        PA-4-D-77
STEVENSON, JOHN                         PA-4-F-280
STEVENSON, MARY J.                      PA-4-D-436
STEVENSON, ROBERT                       PA-4-D-43
STEVENSON, WILLIAM                      PA-4-B-60
STEWART, ALEXANDER                      PA-4-D-86
STEWART, ANN                            PA-4-D-99
STEWART, ARCHIBALD                      PA-4-C-38
STEWART, DAVID                          PA-4-E-238
STEWART, JAMES                          PA-4-A-226
STEWART, JOHN                           PA-4-B-216
STEWART, SAMUEL                         PA-4-C-58
STEWART, WILLIAM                        PA-4-B-152
STILES, JOHN                            PA-4-F-162
STINSON, JOHN                           PA-4-F-319
STINSON, THOMAS                         PA-4-B-114
STOCKDALE, JOHN H.                      PA-4-D-409
STOCKDALE, MARY M.                      PA-4-F-240
STOCKMAN, JOHN                          PA-4-B-81
STOKES, JOHN D.                         PA-4-D-372
STOKES, THOMAS                          PA-4-F-198
STONE, CHARLES POINT                    PA-4-E-54
STONE, GEORGE                           PA-4-E-441
STONE, STEPHEN                          PA-4-D-151
STOOPS, EDWARD                          PA-4-A-170
STOOPS, MAHALA                          PA-4-E-415
STOWE, HIRAM                            PA-4-F-179
STRAIN, GEORGE                          PA-4-B-66
STRATTON, JANE                          PA-4-F-376
STRATTON, JOHN                          PA-4-B-237
STRATTON, SAMUEL C.                     PA-4-F-102
STRAUSS, PHILLIP                        PA-4-E-471
STREET, GEORGE                          PA-4-C-324
STRICKLAND, PHEBE ANN                   PA-4-D-271
STRICKMATER, ANDREW                     PA-4-B-1
STROCK, ADALINE                         PA-4-E-452
STROCK, HENRY                           PA-4-F-390
STROHECKER, JACOB                       PA-4-E-495
STROUSS, JOSIAH                         PA-4-F-448
STUPP, PETER                            PA-4-B-358
SUMMERLAND, WILLIAM                     PA-4-A-72
SUTHERLAND, JOHN                        PA-4-C-389
SUTHERLAND, MARY                        PA-4-E-412
SWAGER, JOHN                            PA-4-A-240
SWAIN, FRANCIS                          PA-4-C-189
SWANEY, JOHN                            PA-4-F-139
SWANEY, THOMAS                          PA-4-D-20
SWASEY, GOERGE                          PA-4-B-317
SWEANEY, THOMAS                         PA-4-B-109
SWEARINGEN, BAZEL                       PA-4-C-271
SWEARINGEN, JOHN V.                     PA-4-C-178
SWEARINGEN, REBECCA J.                  PA-4-E-333
SWEARINGEN, ZECHARIAH                   PA-4-E-44
SWEEZY, PETER                           PA-4-C-118
SWICK, JOHN                             PA-4-F-463
TAGGART, MARY                           PA-4-F-177
TAIT, SAMUEL                            PA-4-D-8
TAIT, SAMUEL                            PA-4-B-37
TALBOTT, WILLIAM                        PA-4-C-280
TAPPING, MARY                           PA-4-A-267
TAYLOR, ALEXANDER                       PA-4-D-255
TAYLOR, JAMES                           PA-4-B-133
TAYLOR, JAMES R.                        PA-4-F-482
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                          PA-4-D-297
TAYLOR, MARY ELIZABETH                  PA-4-F-453
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                          PA-4-B-178
TEA, HANNAH                             PA-4-D-370
TEA, JOSIAH                             PA-4-D-50
TEA, RACHEL                             PA-4-E-453
TEETS, JOHN                             PA-4-D-429
TEMPLE, ROBERT SR.                      PA-4-E-219
TENNIS, SAMUEL                          PA-4-D-359
THOMAS, ETHAN                           PA-4-D-6
THOMAS, JOHN                            PA-4-D-384
THOMPSON, ALEXADER                      PA-4-C-16
THOMPSON, ANN                           PA-4-B-274
THOMPSON, BENJAMIN                      PA-4-A-26
THOMPSON, JAMES                         PA-4-F-384
THOMPSON, JESSE                         PA-4-B-132
THOMPSON, JOHN                          PA-4-E-127
THOMPSON, JOHN                          PA-4-B-134
THOMPSON, MARGARET                      PA-4-B-177
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                        PA-4-A-235
THOMSON, WILLIAM A.                     PA-4-F-467
THORNLEY, MARY                          PA-4-D-91
THORNSBURG, JAMES                       PA-4-F-63
THORNSBURGH, JOHN                       PA-4-B-421
THORWART, MARGARET                      PA-4-D-93
TILTON, ENOCH                           PA-4-B-410
TINDAL, WILLIAM                         PA-4-B-165
TOD, JAMES                              PA-4-C-13
TOD, JOHN                               PA-4-A-120
TODD, ALEXANDER                         PA-4-D-157
TODD, JAMES                             PA-4-F-505
TODD, JOHN                              PA-4-A-270
TODD, JOSIAH                            PA-4-D-340
TODD, SAMUEL                            PA-4-B-392
TODD, THOMAS                            PA-4-B-238
TODD, THOMAS                            PA-4-F-67
TOINBY, BENJAMIN                        PA-4-B-328
TOMBELL, ALEXANDER                      PA-4-F-387
TOMSON, HUGH                            PA-4-E-126
TOPPINGS, MATTHEW                       PA-4-A-130
TORRENCE, ANGELINE                      PA-4-D-153
TORRENCE, JAMES                         PA-4-E-500
TORRENCE, SAAH                          PA-4-F-330
TOWNSEND, ALFRED                        PA-4-D-98
TOWNSEND, BENJAMIN                      PA-4-D-329
TOWNSEND, DAVID                         PA-4-B-118
TOWNSEND, JOSEPH T.                     PA-4-A-20
TOWNSEND, ROBERT                        PA-4-E-72
TOWNSEND, TALBOT                        PA-4-E-138
TRAPP, LORENZA                          PA-4-D-466
TROUTMAN, HENRY                         PA-4-C-23
TRUMPETER, JOHN                         PA-4-E-301
TRUSDALE, HUGH                          PA-4-A-40
TUCKER, EDWARD                          PA-4-B-404
TUCKER, JOHN                            PA-4-D-452
TUCKER, SAMUEL                          PA-4-D-95
TURNER, MARY                            PA-4-B-124
TWIFORD, EMANUEL                        PA-4-E-310
UDDERLY, WILLIAM                        PA-4-E-464
UFFELMAN, MARTIN                        PA-4-E-148
ULERY, HENRY                            PA-4-B-26
ULRIEICK, HENRY                         PA-4-F-496
VANBUSKIRK, ELIZA                       PA-4-D-244
VANBUSKIRK, JOHN                        PA-4-C-215
VANCE, ANDREW                           PA-4-D-118
VANCE, JAMES                            PA-4-B-307
VANGORDER, JACOB                        PA-4-B-128
VANLEAR, ELIZABETH                      PA-4-F-155
VAUGHEN, JOHN D.                        PA-4-E-445
VAUGHN, DENNIS                          PA-4-F-107
VEON, J. H.                             PA-4-E-67
VICARY, JOHN                            PA-4-C-298
VICKARY, WILLIAM                        PA-4-B-312
VOGT, DANIEL                            PA-4-D-82
VOGT, DANIEL                            PA-4-C-274
VOGT, GEORGE                            PA-4-E-128
WACK, JOHN                              PA-4-E-49
WAGGONER, ELIZABETH                     PA-4-C-150
WAGGONER, JOHN                          PA-4-F-356
WAGNER, CATHERINE FALLS                 PA-4-E-507
WAGNER, GEORGE                          PA-4-C-90
WAGNER, PETER                           PA-4-F-382
WAGNER, SIMON                           PA-4-C-202
WAGONER, ELIZABETH W.                   PA-4-E-140
WAKEFIELD, DAVID C.                     PA-4-D-383
WALKER, ABRAHAM                         PA-4-E-203
WALKER, JOHN                            PA-4-B-408
WALKER, JOSEPH                          PA-4-D-108
WALKER, MARY ANNE                       PA-4-F-77
WALKER, ROBERT                          PA-4-B-41
WALL, CHRISTIAN                         PA-4-F-213
WALLACE, DAVID                          PA-4-E-114
WALLACE, GUYAN                          PA-4-D-368
WALLACE, JAMES                          PA-4-E-17
WALLACE, WILLIAM                        PA-4-B-97
WALTON, JOHN                            PA-4-D-459
WALTON, RICHARD                         PA-4-C-71
WANOCK, ELIZABETH                       PA-4-D-10
WANTLAND, WILLIAM                       PA-4-D-54
WARD, JAMES                             PA-4-B-365
WAREMAN, GEORGE                         PA-4-A-208
WARNER, EDWARD                          PA-4-E-62
WARNOCK, DAVID                          PA-4-E-98
WARNOCK, JAMES                          PA-4-F-65
WARNOCK, JAMES                          PA-4-F-185
WARREN, CATHARINE FALLS                 PA-4-F-258
WARREN, ISAAC FALLS                     PA-4-E-204
WARREN, THOMAS                          PA-4-C-39
WARRICK, ISAAC                          PA-4-F-436
WARRICK, JAMES                          PA-4-E-307
WARRICK, JESSE                          PA-4-F-54
WASHINGTON, SUSAN                       PA-4-B-112
WATSON, JOHN                            PA-4-F-318
WATT, JAMES                             PA-4-C-267
WATT, JOHN                              PA-4-E-502
WATT, ROBERT                            PA-4-B-213
WAX, HENRY                              PA-4-A-16
WEBSTER, JOHN B.                        PA-4-D-159
WEIGEL, DANIEL SR.                      PA-4-C-278
WEIGLE, JOHN                            PA-4-A-144
WEIGLE, JOHNE                           PA-4-E-144
WEITZELL, CASPAR                        PA-4-F-35
WELLS, JOSEPH                           PA-4-A-183
WELLS, THOMAS B. FALLS                  PA-4-F-265
WELSH, ANDREW                           PA-4-D-407
WELSH, BEULAH                           PA-4-E-477
WELSH, JAMES                            PA-4-E-177
WESCOTT, SAMUEL                         PA-4-E-130
WEST, PETER                             PA-4-D-400
WETHERSPOON, JOHN                       PA-4-E-50
WHAN, WILLIAM                           PA-4-C-96
WHAN, WILLIAM                           PA-4-F-234
WHIMS, CALEB                            PA-4-E-366
WHIPPLE, CHRISTIAN                      PA-4-F-224
WHISLER, JACKSON                        PA-4-D-124
WHISTLER, JACOB                         PA-4-B-308
WHITE, ANDREW                           PA-4-C-383
WHITE, GEORGE                           PA-4-D-19
WHITE, JACOB                            PA-4-E-233
WHITE, JAMES                            PA-4-F-91
WHITE, JOHN                             PA-4-C-27
WHITE, JOHN                             PA-4-C-169
WHITE, NATHANIEL                        PA-4-B-281
WHITE, ROBERT                           PA-4-B-180
WHITE, SAMUEL                           PA-4-B-384
WHITE, WILLIAM                          PA-4-C-190
WHITE, WILLIAM                          PA-4-F-223
WHITEHILL, DAVID R.                     PA-4-D-385
WHITHAM, JOHN                           PA-4-C-265
WHITTER, DAVID                          PA-4-F-215
WIDMEYER, ANDREAS (GERMAN)              PA-4-C-289
WIGAL, AGNES                            PA-4-A-143
WIGAL, JOHN                             PA-4-A-144
WIGLE, ABRAHAM                          PA-4-A-158
WILCOXEN, HENRY H.                      PA-4-F-38
WILCOXEN, REASON                        PA-4-F-484
WILEY, ANN                              PA-4-A-201
WILEY, JOHN                             PA-4-F-476
WILEY, ROBERT                           PA-4-A-170
WILKISON, ROBERT                        PA-4-A-117
WILKISON, ROBERT                        PA-4-E-426
WILKISON, WILLIAM                       PA-4-A-165
WILLIAMS, BETHUEL                       PA-4-B-116
WILLIAMS, DEBORAH                       PA-4-A-75
WILLIAMS, ISAAC                         PA-4-F-503
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          PA-4-D-141
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        PA-4-D-79
WILLIAMSON, DAVID                       PA-4-B-198
WILLIAMSON, DAVID OF JOHN               PA-4-C-61
WILLOWBY, CHARLES                       PA-4-A-197
WILLSON, HENRY                          PA-4-A-232
WILLSON, ROBERT                         PA-4-A-188
WILSON, ANDREW                          PA-4-B-184
WILSON, ANDREW                          PA-4-B-283
WILSON, BARBARA                         PA-4-E-468
WILSON, CHARLES                         PA-4-C-252
WILSON, DAVID H.                        PA-4-D-465
WILSON, ELIZABETH                       PA-4-B-96
WILSON, GEORGE                          PA-4-B-73
WILSON, GEORGE                          PA-4-D-106
WILSON, GEORGE                          PA-4-B-13
WILSON, HUGH                            PA-4-C-168
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-4-B-91
WILSON, JEREMIAH                        PA-4-B-420
WILSON, JOSEPH                          PA-4-B-121
WILSON, MARGARET                        PA-4-F-15
WILSON, MARY                            PA-4-B-335
WILSON, SAMUEL SR.                      PA-4-D-214
WILSON, WILLIAM                         PA-4-A-206
WILSON, WILLIAM                         PA-4-B-221
WILSON, WILLIAM                         PA-4-A-82
WIMER, JOHN                             PA-4-B-349
WINES, ROBERT G.                        PA-4-C-139
WINES, WILLIAM                          PA-4-B-52
WINKLER, JOHANNES                       PA-4-C-195
WINKLER, JOHN                           PA-4-C-195
WISSNER, PETER                          PA-4-E-494
WITTENBERGER, JACOB                     PA-4-B-9
WITZELL, CONRAD                         PA-4-B-252
WOLF, HENRY                             PA-4-F-109
WOLF, JOHN                              PA-4-B-27
WOLF, JOHN                              PA-4-D-46
WOODS, MATILDA                          PA-4-F-321
WOODWARD, JANE                          PA-4-B-167
WORKMAN, ELIZABETH                      PA-4-E-199
WRAY, JOSEPH                            PA-4-E-419
WRIGHT, ALEXANDER                       PA-4-C-50
WRIGHT, EDWARD                          PA-4-C-175
WRIGHT, JAMES                           PA-4-B-411
WRIGHT, JAMES                           PA-4-B-324
WRIGHT, JOHN                            PA-4-F-282
WRIGHT, MARGRET                         PA-4-E-380
WRIGHT, ROBERT                          PA-4-D-276
WRIGHT, SAMUEL                          PA-4-B-377
WRIGHT, SAMUEL                          PA-4-B-45
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         PA-4-C-176
WYKE, GEORGE                            PA-4-C-261
WYLIE, JOHN                             PA-4-E-142
WYLIE, ROBERT                           PA-4-D-378
WYLIE, ROBERT                           PA-4-A-187
YOHO, JACOB                             PA-4-B-337
YOLTEN, WILLIAM                         PA-4-F-353
YOUNG, JACOB                            PA-4-E-215
YOUNG, JACOB                            PA-4-F-486
YOUNG, JAMES                            PA-4-C-235
YOUNG, MATTHEW                          PA-4-B-189
YOUNG, PETER                            PA-4-B-72
YOUNG, ROBERT                           PA-4-B-316
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          PA-4-B-205
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          PA-4-B-145
ZERWECK, GOTTLIEB                       PA-4-D-178
ZIEFLE, CHRISTIAN                       PA-4-D-444

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