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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
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ABER, JOHN                   INDUSTRY                      PA-4-E-214
ADAMS, ALEXANDER             NORTH BEAVER                  PA-4-B-86
ADAMS, ANDREW                HANOVER                       PA-4-D-413
ADAMS, BENJAMIN              BEAVER                        PA-4-E-43
ADAMS, ELISHA                CONCORD, MERRIMACK, NH        PA-4-F-509
ADAMS, ELIZA D.              BRIDGEWATER                   PA-4-D-175
ADAMS, ELIZABETH             CHIPPEWA                      PA-4-B-299
ADAMS, JOHN                  NORTH BEAVER                  PA-4-C-108
ADAMS, MARGARET              NTL                           PA-4-A-172
ADAMS, SAMUEL (DR)           NTL                           PA-4-B-36
ADDERLY, PARTHENIA           INDUSTRY                      PA-4-F-250
AGEY, ELANOR                 BADEN                         PA-4-F-346
AGNEW, WILLIAM               MOON                          PA-4-E-305
AGUE, GEORGE                 ROCHESTER                     PA-4-F-60
AIKEN, JAMES                 NEW SEWICKLY                  PA-4-D-259
AKIN, ALEXANDER              NTL                           PA-4-C-171
AKIN, JOHN                   WAYNE                         PA-4-C-75
ALCORN, FRANCIS              PULASKI                       PA-4-D-264
ALCORN, JAMES                NORTH BEAVER                  PA-4-B-218
ALCORN, JAMES                MOON                          PA-4-D-113
ALCORN, JOSEPH               MOON                          PA-4-B-329
ALCORN, MARIA M.             OHIO                          PA-4-F-81
ALCORN, WILLIAM              NTL                           PA-4-B-57
ALEXANDER, DAVID             INDEPENDENCE                  PA-4-E-166
ALEXANDER, JOHN              INDENEPDENCE                  PA-4-E-476
ALEXANDER, JOHN              CHIPPEWEY                     PA-4-A-249
ALEXANDER, SARAH ANN         PULASKI                       PA-4-E-25
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM           NORTH BEAVER                  PA-4-C-59
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM           OHIO                          PA-4-F-401
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM B.        BEAVER                        PA-4-E-312
ALLEMAN, HENRY               NTL                           PA-4-B-126
ALLEN, JOSEPH                SLIPPERY ROCK                 PA-4-B-286
ALLEN, MARY                  ROCHESTER                     PA-4-F-66
ALLISON, JAMES               BEAVER                        PA-4-C-357
ALLISON, OCTAVIA B.          NTL                           PA-4-D-256
ALLISON, THOMAS              NEW SEWICKLY                  PA-4-B-136
ALLSION, SAMUEL              BEAVER                        PA-4-E-208
ALLY, MICHAEL                BIG BEAVER                    PA-4-B-8
ALSWORTH, JAMES              NORTH BEAVER                  PA-4-C-121
AMMON, ELIZABETH             NTL                           PA-4-E-475
AMMON, JOSEPH                INDUSTRY                      PA-4-F-368
AMSLER, JOHN J.              ECONOMY (IN GERMAN)           PA-4-E-173
ANAWALT, GEORGE B.           NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-E-479
ANDERSON, ALEXANDER          BIG BEAVER                    PA-4-D-349
ANDERSON, ALEXANDER M.       HANOVER                       PA-4-D-292
ANDERSON, ANDREW             NTL                           PA-4-E-176
ANDERSON, BARNARD            SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-D-165
ANDERSON, BENJAMIN           HANOVER                       PA-4-D-293
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH          LITTLE                        PA-4-A-255
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH          BADEN                         PA-4-F-221
ANDERSON, HUGH               BEAVER                        PA-4-F-23
ANDERSON, JAMES              HANOVER                       PA-4-C-148
ANDERSON, JAMES              NTL                           PA-4-C-152
ANDERSON, JOHN               MOON                          PA-4-A-243
ANDERSON, JOHN J.            BRIGHTON                      PA-4-C-142
ANDERSON, LETICIA            HANOVER                       PA-4-D-50
ANDERSON, MARY               BEAVER                        PA-4-C-149
ANDERSON, MARY               BEAVER                        PA-4-E-168
ANDERSON, SARAH              NTL                           PA-4-B-79
ANDERSON, THOMAS T.          WASHINGTON, DC                PA-4-F-368
ANDERSON, WILLIAM            NTL                           PA-4-A-208A
ANDREWS, JAMES B.            FALLSTON                      PA-4-E-365
ANGIER, ELLEN M.             *, LUCAS, OH                  PA-4-F-143
ARNOLD, MARY                 HANOVER                       PA-4-F-474
ASMUS, CATHARINE             BEAVER FALLS                  PA-4-E-314
ATLE, CONRAD                 GEORGETOWN                    PA-4-A-133
AUGHENBAUGH, PHILIP          LITTLE BEAVER                 PA-4-B-375
AUTENREITH, FERDINAND        FRANKLIN                      PA-4-E-374
AYRES, RICHARD               BRIGHTON                      PA-4-D-447
BACKER, ANTONI               SEE: BAKER, ANTHONY           PA-4-A-92
BADDER, JAMES                SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-E-119
BAKER, ANTHONY               NTL                           PA-4-A-92
BAKER, DANIEL                MOON                          PA-4-B-327
BAKER, DANIEL                MOON                          PA-4-F-62
BAKER, ELCIE                 NEW SEWICKLEY                 PA-4-E-227
BAKER, GEORGE                MOON                          PA-4-C-269
BAKER, JACOB                 MOON                          PA-4-C-54
BAKER, JOSEPH                MOON                          PA-4-F-186
BAKER, JOSEPH H.             MOON                          PA-4-F-222
BAKER, MATILDA               NTL                           PA-4-D-22
BAKER, OLIVER                NEW SEWICKLY                  PA-4-D-346
BAKER, PHILIP P.             MOON                          PA-4-C-306
BAKER, ROBERT                BIG BEAVER                    PA-4-D-401
BAKER, WILLIAM               BIG BEAVER                    PA-4-E-429
BAKER, WILLIAM               PHILIPSBURGH                  PA-4-F-341
BALDWIN, THOMAS              BRIDGEWATER                   PA-4-D-5
BANNON, JEREMIAH             NORTH BEAVER                  PA-4-B-28
BARKER, ELIZA A.             NTL                           PA-4-D-155
BARKER, ELIZA O.             NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-D-239
BARKER, THOMAS A.            NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-D-114
BARNES, SAMUEL               BIG BEAVER                    PA-4-E-339
BARNS, HUGH                  BIG BEAVER                    PA-4-A-256
BARNS, JOSHUA                GREEN                         PA-4-A-176
BARNS, ROBERT                BRIDGEWATER                   PA-4-E-116
BARRAS, ENOCH WRIGHT         NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-B-59
BARRIS, SARAH E.             MOON                          PA-4-F-218
BARTHOLOMEW, ENGELHARD       MOON                          PA-4-C-340
BARTON, THOMAS               ROCHESTER                     PA-4-F-175
BARTON, WILLIAM SR.          NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-E-348
BASOR, PETER SR.             NTL                           PA-4-A-235
BAXTER, AMELIA               NEW SEWICKLY                  PA-4-C-215
BAXTER, JOHN                 NORTH SEWICKLEY               PA-4-E-330
BAXTER, SAMUEL               PULASKI                       PA-4-D-273
BAYLES, SAMUEL               LITTLE BEAVER                 PA-4-B-101
BAYLESS, NATHAN J.           DARLINGTON                    PA-4-E-202
BAYNE, MARGARET              NTL                           PA-4-E-179
BEACOM, ROBERT               BRIGHTON                      PA-4-F-122
BEACOM, THOMAS               FALLSTON                      PA-4-F-95
BEACOM, WILLIAM              BEAVER                        PA-4-C-136
BEAL, DAVID                  HANOVER                       PA-4-B-205
BEAL, DAVID                  NTL                           PA-4-F-347
BEALY, WILLIAM               NTL                           PA-4-D-122
BEAM, JACOB                  NTL                           PA-4-C-155
BEAM, SAMUEL                 NEW SEWICKLEY                 PA-4-E-229
BEARD, ANDREW                NORTH BEAVER                  PA-4-C-10
BEARD, JOHN                  YOUNGSTOWN, TRUMBULL, OH      PA-4-A-7
BECK, FREDERICK              NORTH BEAVER                  PA-4-B-273
BEELER, CHARLES              ECONOMY                       PA-4-E-51
BEER, ROBERT                 HOPEWELL                      PA-4-B-326
BELL, GEORGE A.              BRIGHTON                      PA-4-E-21
BELL, HUGH                   NTL                           PA-4-A-14
BELL, JESE                   NEW SEWICKLY                  PA-4-A-146
BELL, JOHN                   NTL                           PA-4-C-115
BELL, THOMAS                 NTL                           PA-4-A-79
BELL, WILLIAM N.             NTL                           PA-4-D-454
BELLINGER, JOSEPH            FREEDOM                       PA-4-E-29
BELTZ, JONATHAN              FREEDOM                       PA-4-E-410
BENNET, SOLOMON              NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-C-386
BENNET, WILLIAM              NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-A-99
BENNETT, HUGH                NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-F-85
BENNETT, JOSEPH              BOROUGH                       PA-4-B-450
BERRY, ANN JANE              MOON                          PA-4-F-17
BERRY, ANN JANE              MOON                          PA-4-F-12
BESOR, PETER SR.             SEE: BASOR, PETER SR.         PA-4-A-235
BESTWICK, HENRY              NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-F-439
BEVER, SUSAN                 SMITHS FERRY                  PA-4-F-70
BEVINGTON, CHARLES           BRIGHTON                      PA-4-F-348
BICKERSTAFF, JANE            MOON                          PA-4-A-230
BIDDLE, AUGUSTUS             PHILLIPSBURGH                 PA-4-F-362
BIGGER, JAMES                HANOVER                       PA-4-D-223
BIMBER, SOLOME               MARION                        PA-4-E-469
BISHOP, MARGARET             ROCHESTER                     PA-4-F-62
BLACK, JAMES                 ROCHESTER                     PA-4-E-74
BLACK, JAMES A.              NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-E-389
BLACK, JANE                  SEWICLEY                      PA-4-F-336
BLACK, JOHN                  NEW SWICKLY                   PA-4-A-17
BLACK, MARY                  NTL                           PA-4-D-170
BLISS, JAMES G.              BOROUGH                       PA-4-D-69
BLOOMFIELD, JOHN W.          ROME, ONEIDA, NY              PA-4-D-143
BLOUNT, FRANCIS              NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-E-324
BLUMENSHEIM, ADAM            MARION MASON                  PA-4-F-71
BOAK, CHARLES                NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-E-93
BOCK, CHRISTIAN F.           ECONOMY                       PA-4-E-511
BOCKING, ADOLPHUS            PHILLIPSBURGH                 PA-4-D-184
BODDY, PETER                 NTL                           PA-4-A-48
BOGGS, JAMES                 NEW SEWICKLEY                 PA-4-E-331
BOGGS, JOHN                  FREEDOM                       PA-4-D-242
BOGGS, WILLIAM               NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-F-209
BOIES, DAVID                 BEAVER                        PA-4-B-165
BONNET, FRANCIS              PHILLIPSBURGH                 PA-4-D-235
BOOK, PETER                  NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-B-445
BOOK, PETER                  NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-B-423
BOOTH, JOHN                  MIDDLETON, COLUMBIANA, OH     PA-4-C-237
BOREN, ELIZABETH             NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-D-441
BOREN, JAMES                 NEW SEWICKLEY                 PA-4-E-184
BOSWELL, GEORGE              NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-D-253
BOUGHER, JAMES B.            CHIPPEWA                      PA-4-E-397
BOVARD, ROBERT               LITTLE BEAVER                 PA-4-A-196
BOWEN, SAMUEL                NTL                           PA-4-B-175
BOWER, FREDERICK             MARION                        PA-4-C-321
BOYD, JAMES D.               ROCHESTER                     PA-4-E-308
BOYD, JOHN                   SCOTTSVILLE                   PA-4-D-30
BOYD, JOHN                   HANOVER                       PA-4-E-222
BOYD, JOHN                   HANOVER                       PA-4-B-277
BOYD, JOHN                   BRIDGEWATER                   PA-4-B-186
BOYD, JOHN                   NTL                           PA-4-A-112
BOYD, JOHN L.                HANOVER                       PA-4-C-251
BOYD, MARGARET H.            BEAVER                        PA-4-F-83
BOYD, MARY                   GREEN                         PA-4-D-422
BOYD, ROBERT                 BIG BEAVER                    PA-4-A-210
BOYD, STEWART                NTL                           PA-4-A-203
BOYLE, DAVID                 CHIPPEWA                      PA-4-D-468
BOYLE, RHODA                 CHIPPAWA                      PA-4-F-305
BRADBURY, THOMAS             NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-F-408
BRADEN, JOHN SR.             CHIPPEWA                      PA-4-D-557
BRADEN, REBECCA              RACCOON                       PA-4-F-45
BRADEN, WILLIAM              CHIPPEWA                      PA-4-D-5
BRADSHAW, ROBERT SR.         SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-F-93
BRADSHAW, THOMAS             NTL                           PA-4-E-159
BREADEN, JOHN                RACCOON                       PA-4-C-378
BREADEN, WALTER              NTL                           PA-4-D-369
BRENEMAN, CATHERINE          NTL                           PA-4-F-160
BREWER, SUSANNAH L.          ROCHESTER                     PA-4-D-337
BRIANT, NICHOLAS             NORTH BEAVER                  PA-4-C-116
BRIERLY, JAMES               HANOVER                       PA-4-C-124
BRIGGS, HENRY                BEAVER                        PA-4-E-478
BRITTAIN, JAMES              BIG BEAVER                    PA-4-C-119
BRITTAIN, JEREMIAH           CHIPPEWA                      PA-4-B-382
BRITTAIN, WILLIAM            DARLINGTON                    PA-4-E-8
BROTHERTON, DAVID            ROCHESTER                     PA-4-F-8
BROTHERTON, ELIZABETH E.     GREENE                        PA-4-E-297
BROWN, ELENOR                OHIO                          PA-4-D-23
BROWN, JAMES                 ECONOMY                       PA-4-B-289
BROWN, MARY JANE             ROCHESTER                     PA-4-F-268
BROWN, ROBERT                ECONOMY                       PA-4-D-354
BROWN, WILLIAM C.            ECONOMY                       PA-4-D-66
BRUCE, ABRAHAM               MOON                          PA-4-C-339
BRUCE, CHARLES               MOON                          PA-4-A-4
BRUCE, MARY E.               ANDES, DELAWARE, NY           PA-4-F-412
BRUNTON, JOHN                HANOVER                       PA-4-D-428
BRUNTON, MARY                HANOVER                       PA-4-D-461
BRUNTON, WILLIAM             GREEN                         PA-4-B-401
BRYAN, ARON MORTON           NTL                           PA-4-C-127
BRYAN, WILLIAM               PALMER, WASHINGTON, OH        PA-4-D-200
BRYAN, WILLIAM               ECONOMY                       PA-4-B-233
BRYON, JOHN                  HOPEWELL                      PA-4-B-111
BUCHANAN, MARGARET R.        HOPEWELL                      PA-4-C-362
BUCKER, JOHN                 SHENANGO                      PA-4-A-54
BUCKLEY, JOSHUA              NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-F-464
BULCROFT, HENRY              NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-F-206
BURNES, ABEL                 NEW SEWICKLY                  PA-4-D-234
BURNESON, SAMUEL             MOON                          PA-4-D-281
BURNS, JAMES W.              SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-E-81
BURNSIDE, ROBERT             SHENANGO                      PA-4-B-243
BURNTON, JOHN                GREEN                         PA-4-C-348
BUSH, HANNAH                 NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-E-11
BYARLY, ROBERT               HANOVER                       PA-4-B-293
CAIN, MARY                   INDEPENDENCE                  PA-4-F-106
CAIRNS, JEAN                 NTL                           PA-4-B-131
CAIRNS, WILLIAM              INDUSTRY                      PA-4-F-136
CALDERWOOD, JOHN             BIG BEAVER                    PA-4-B-176
CALDOO, THOMAS               BEAVER                        PA-4-A-186
CALDOO, THOMAS JR.           SHENANGO                      PA-4-A-210
CALDOO, WILSON               SHENANGO                      PA-4-B-216
CALDWELL, JAMES              NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-B-124
CALDWELL, JAMES              NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-C-229
CALDWELL, JANE               DARLINGTON                    PA-4-E-169
CALDWELL, SAMUEL             NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-C-239
CALER, ANDREW                BRIGHTON                      PA-4-D-378
CALHOON, ANDREW              BIG BEAVER                    PA-4-D-348
CALHOON, GEORGE              GEORGETOWN                    PA-4-C-214
CALHOON, SARY                OHIO                          PA-4-A-39
CALHOON, THOMAS DAWSON       GREEN                         PA-4-D-156
CALHOUN, JAMES K.            BIG BEAVER                    PA-4-E-110
CALHOUN, JOHN                GREEN                         PA-4-B-431
CALHOUN, RICHARD             RACCOON                       PA-4-E-483
CALLAHAN, DANIEL             ST. CLAIR                     PA-4-F-51
CALVIN, CYRUS                SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-D-30
CALVIN, JAMES                SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-B-50
CALVIN, JAMES G.             SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-E-239
CALVIN, JAMES W.             MOUNT JACKSON                 PA-4-B-423
CALVIN, JOHN                 NTL                           PA-4-E-39
CALVIN, ROBERT               SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-D-38
CALVIN, WILLIAM              SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-C-320
CAMERON, WILLIAM             OHIO                          PA-4-B-379
CAMPBELL, ARTHUR             RACCOON                       PA-4-B-365
CAMPBELL, REBECCA            INDUSTRY                      PA-4-D-263
CAMPBELL, ROBERT             GREEN                         PA-4-C-229
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL             ECONOMY                       PA-4-B-60
CAMPBELL, THOMAS             BRIDGEWATER                   PA-4-F-345
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM            RACCOON                       PA-4-C-330
CARISLER, SAMUEL             RACOON                        PA-4-E-1
CARLY, JOHN                  NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-B-49
CAROTHERS, ALICE             HANOVER                       PA-4-C-152
CAROTHERS, JAMES             NTL                           PA-4-D-344
CAROTHERS, SAMUEL            OHIO                          PA-4-B-235
CARSON, ALEXANDER            HANOVER                       PA-4-A-175
CARSON, WILLIAM              NORTH BEAVER                  PA-4-A-177
CARSON, WILLIAM B.           DARLINGTON                    PA-4-C-355
CARY, CATHARINE              NTL                           PA-4-F-275
CASEY, WILLIAM               ROCHESTER                     PA-4-F-19
CAUGHEY, ELIZABETH           OHIO                          PA-4-D-392
CAUGHEY, JAMES               DARLINGTON                    PA-4-E-211
CAUGHEY, SAMUEL              SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-B-271
CHAMBERS, JAMES              LITTLE BEAVER                 PA-4-B-150
CHAMBERS, JOHN               NTL                           PA-4-A-23
CHAMBERS, SAMUEL             NTL                           PA-4-E-280
CHAMPION, JAMES              SEWICKLY                      PA-4-A-117
CHAMPION, SARAH              HOPEWELL                      PA-4-E-94
CHAPMAN, SAMUEL              NTL                           PA-4-B-64
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM             HANOVER                       PA-4-F-270
CHARLESTON, EDMUND           ECONOMY                       PA-4-C-353
CHARLESTON, ROBERT           ECONOMY                       PA-4-F-25
CHEW, BENJAMIN               PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA      PA-4-E-240
CHRISTLER, GEORGE            OHIO                          PA-4-E-124
CHRISTLER, MICHAEL           GREEN                         PA-4-B-144
CHRISTY, DANIEL              HOPEWELL                      PA-4-C-141
CLAK, ANN                    NORTH SEWICKLEY               PA-4-F-324
CLARK, DAVID                 BIG BEAVER                    PA-4-C-11
CLARK, JANE                  MARION                        PA-4-D-66
CLARK, JOHN                  NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-C-244
CLARK, JOHN                  BIG BEAVER                    PA-4-D-257
CLARK, MARK                  SEWICKLY                      PA-4-C-276
CLARK, MARK                  NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-B-380
CLARK, STEPHEN               SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-D-458
CLARK, WALTER                NTL                           PA-4-A-2
CLARK, WILLIAM               NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-C-222
CLARKE, DAVID                LITTLE BEAVER                 PA-4-B-47
CLARKE, JOHN                 CHIPPEWA                      PA-4-B-338
CLARKE, MARK                 NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-B-113
CLARKE, ROBERT               SHENANGO                      PA-4-B-162
CLARKE, ROBERT SR.           BIG BEAVER                    PA-4-B-2
CLEAR, JACOB                 RACCOON                       PA-4-D-120
CLIFFORD, JOHN               BRIGHTON                      PA-4-B-24
CLIFTON, JOHN                RACCOON                       PA-4-D-414
CLOSS, MICHAEL               NTL                           PA-4-A-43
CLOW, NANCY                  NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-B-157
COALE, SILAS                 GREEN                         PA-4-E-185
COCHRAN, DAVID               CHIPPEWA                      PA-4-D-291
COCHRAN, JAMES               DARLINGTON                    PA-4-C-249
COCHRAN, MARY                NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-C-250
COCHRAN, MARY                DARLINGTON                    PA-4-D-221
COCHRAN, REL                 CHIPPEWA                      PA-4-E-167
COCHRAN, SAMUEL              CHIPPEWA                      PA-4-B-441
COCHRAN, SUSAN               BEAVER                        PA-4-C-341
COLEMAN, JOHN                NORTH BEAVER                  PA-4-C-20
CONKLE, LAWRENCE             LITTLE BEAVER                 PA-4-B-170
CONLEY, JOHN                 NTL                           PA-4-C-259
CONLEY, SARAH B.             HANOVER                       PA-4-E-26
CONNELL, JOHN                HOPEWELL                      PA-4-C-233
CONNELL, JOSEPH              INDEPENDENCE                  PA-4-F-332
CONNER, WILLIAM              GREEN                         PA-4-B-156
CONWAY, MARY                 ECONOMY                       PA-4-E-440
COOL, MATILDA                FRANKFORT SPRINGS             PA-4-D-100
COOLEY, ROBERT               HANOVER                       PA-4-E-300
COOPER, JOHN                 MOON                          PA-4-C-387
COOPER, PHILIP               MOON                          PA-4-F-210
COOPER, RICHARD              HOPEWELL                      PA-4-C-51
COPPER, JOSEPH               NORTH BEAVER                  PA-4-B-23
COPPER, JOSEPH               NTL                           PA-4-A-115
COREMAN, JACOB               BRIGHTON                      PA-4-D-443
CORY, JOHN                   LITTLE BEAVER                 PA-4-B-437
COTTER, JOHN                 BRIDGEWATER                   PA-4-E-396
COULTER, MARY                FREEDOM                       PA-4-E-71
COURT, FREDERICK             SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-C-227
COVERT, CATHARINE            BEAVER FALLS                  PA-4-F-142
COWAN, JOHN                  NTL                           PA-4-C-285
COWLING, JOHN J.             BEAVER FALLS                  PA-4-E-481
CRABER, ADAM                 NEW SEWICKLEY                 PA-4-E-95
CRABLE, DAVID                SHENANGO                      PA-4-B-381
CRAIG, ISABELLA              RACCOON                       PA-4-D-472
CRAIG, JAMES                 HOPEWELL                      PA-4-D-227
CRAIG, JOHN                  GREEN                         PA-4-D-227
CRAIG, MORGAN                NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-F-114
CRAIG, OLDHAM G.             NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-F-57
CRAIL, BENJAMIN              RACKOON                       PA-4-C-2
CRAMER, SAMUEL               NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-C-102
CRAWFORD, JAMES              BEAVER FALLS                  PA-4-E-327
CRAWFORD, ROBERT             BIG BEAVER                    PA-4-C-1
CREAY, JANE                  GREEN                         PA-4-A-52
CRESWELL, ROBERT             HANOVER                       PA-4-D-221
CRETIN, ANN                  SHENANGO                      PA-4-B-182
CRISTLER, JOHN               GREEN                         PA-4-E-458
CRONK, PHILIP                INDEPENDENCE                  PA-4-E-135
CROOKS, SAMUEL JEFFREY       RACCOON                       PA-4-C-200
CROSS, GEORGE                GREEN                         PA-4-B-387
CROSS, JOHN                  SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-B-115
CROSS, JOHN                  OHIO                          PA-4-A-242
CROSS, SAMUEL                BRIGHTON                      PA-4-D-59
CROSS, SAMUEL J.             ROCHESTER                     PA-4-F-111
CROWL, PETER                 BEAVER                        PA-4-F-429
CUBBISON, JAMES              SHENANGO                      PA-4-C-174
CUMMING, JOHN                ECONOMY                       PA-4-E-290
CUNNIN, ROBERT               SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-B-143
CUNNING, PATRICK             NEW SEWICKLEY                 PA-4-F-226
CUNNINGHAM, ARCHIBALD        LITTLE BEAVER                 PA-4-B-99
CUNNINGHAM, BENJAMIN         SHENANGO                      PA-4-B-369
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES            NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-D-70
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES            NTL                           PA-4-A-252
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES            RACCOON                       PA-4-D-361
CUNNINGHAM, MATILDA          NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-D-308
CUNNINGHAM, OLIVER           BEAVER                        PA-4-D-164
CUNNINGHAM, SAMUEL           NTL                           PA-4-D-75
CUNNINGHAM, SMITH            BEAVER                        PA-4-D-312
CUNNINGHAM, THOMAS           NTL                           PA-4-B-44
DANIELS, THOMAS              NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-C-97
DANIELS, WASHINGTON          BRIGHTON                      PA-4-B-348
DARRAGH, ROBERT              BRIDGEWATER                   PA-4-E-381
DAUGHERTY, DAVID             PULASKI                       PA-4-F-33
DAUGHERTY, MICHAEL           NTL                           PA-4-A-214
DAVIDSON, CHARLES            BRIGHTON                      PA-4-C-130
DAVIDSON, JOHN               , ALLEGHENY, PA               PA-4-B-427
DAVIDSON, ROBERT             NTL                           PA-4-B-451
DAVIDSON, WILLIAM            LITTLE BEAVER                 PA-4-A-222
DAVIS, BAZALEL               ECONOMY                       PA-4-C-186
DAVIS, HENRY                 NEW SHEFFIELD                 PA-4-D-162
DAVIS, JANE                  HOPEWELL                      PA-4-B-285
DAVIS, JOHN                  MOON                          PA-4-F-469
DAVIS, JONAS                 SECOND MOON                   PA-4-A-67
DAVISON, MARY                BEAVER                        PA-4-A-111
DAWSON, BENJAMIN             OHIO                          PA-4-A-150
DAWSON, BENJAMIN             OHIO                          PA-4-B-185
DAWSON, BENONI               OHIO                          PA-4-B-414
DAWSON, BENONI               GEORGETOWN                    PA-4-A-10
DAWSON, BENONI               GREEN                         PA-4-A-113
DAWSON, CYNTHA               OHIO                          PA-4-D-288
DAWSON, GEORGE               GLASGOW                       PA-4-D-319
DAWSON, GEORGE               GREEN                         PA-4-A-272
DAWSON, JOHN                 NTL                           PA-4-A-223
DAWSON, MACKALL              OHIO                          PA-4-B-6
DAWSON, NICHOLAS             OHIO                          PA-4-D-237
DAWSON, THOMAS               MOON                          PA-4-A-45
DEAN, ALICE                  FREEDOM                       PA-4-D-430
DEAN, SAMUEL                 NEW SEWICKLY                  PA-4-C-280
DEEMER, ADAM                 NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-B-239
DEHAVEN, ABRAHAM             NEW SEWICKLY                  PA-4-A-184
DEITRICH, JACOB              NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-E-322
DELANEY, JAMES               BIG BEAVER                    PA-4-F-415
DENNY, GEORGE                HOPEWELL                      PA-4-C-380
DERINGER, DANIEL             OHIO                          PA-4-D-463
DERINGER, JOSEPH             OHIO                          PA-4-C-377
DERINGER, MARY ANN           NTL                           PA-4-C-284
DEVER, JOHN                  HANOVER                       PA-4-C-185
DEVERS, ANN                  HANOVER                       PA-4-E-158
DICKEY, ELVIRA W.            NTL                           PA-4-F-164
DICKINSON, WILLIAM L.        ROCHESTER                     PA-4-D-194
DICKSON, JOSEPH              OHIO                          PA-4-A-229
DIEN, JACOB                  PULASKI                       PA-4-F-460
DILLAN, REED                 NTL                           PA-4-D-307
DILLON, MATHEW               BIG BEAVER                    PA-4-A-219
DILLWORTH, ROBERT            DARLINGTON                    PA-4-E-84
DILWORTH, GEORGE             DARLINGTON                    PA-4-E-372
DILWORTH, GOERGE             NTL                           PA-4-B-231
DILWORTH, JOSEPH             LITTLE BEAVER                 PA-4-B-137
DINNEN, JOHN                 NORTH BEAVER                  PA-4-C-35
DINSMORE, HENRY              NORTH BEAVER                  PA-4-B-98
DIPPOLD, MARY                NEW SEWICKLEY                 PA-4-F-311
DIXON, PATRICK               NTL                           PA-4-B-53
DOAK, ROBERT                 HANOVER                       PA-4-B-184
DOBBIN, JOHN                 NTL                           PA-4-B-42
DOBBIN, LEONARD              NORTH BEAVER                  PA-4-B-212
DOBBIN, MARGAET              NTL                           PA-4-E-224
DOBBS, AINGER                NTL                           PA-4-B-400
DOBBS, JAMES                 BEAVER                        PA-4-F-80
DONLEY, ROBERT J.            NTL                           PA-4-C-367
DONNAN, JOHN                 FREEDOM                       PA-4-B-177
DONNELS, JAMES               BRIGHTON                      PA-4-B-82
DONOVAN, CORNELIUS           SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-F-21
DORENBURG, CHARLES           NEW SEWICKLEY                 PA-4-F-314
DOUDS, JOHN                  MOON                          PA-4-E-33
DOUGLASS, GEORGE             NORTH BEAVER                  PA-4-A-268
DOUGLASS, MICHAEL            NEW SEWICKLY                  PA-4-D-191
DOUTHETT, JANE               SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-B-143
DOWNEY, JOHN                 ECONOMY                       PA-4-E-161
DUERR, JACOB                 PHILLIPSBURGH                 PA-4-F-153
DUFF, JAMES                  DARLINGTON                    PA-4-E-288
DUFF, JOHN                   CHIPPEWA                      PA-4-D-206
DUGAN, MICHAEL               NTL                           PA-4-D-427
DUGAN, MICHAEL               HOPEWELL                      PA-4-B-374
DUNBAR, SAMUEL               PULASKI                       PA-4-D-65
DUNCAN, JAMES                NTL                           PA-4-A-127
DUNCAN, JAMES                SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-E-47
DUNCAN, JOHN                 OHIO                          PA-4-F-312
DUNGAN, DAVID D.             HANOVER                       PA-4-F-425
DUNGAN, JOANNA               NTL                           PA-4-D-341
DUNGAN, MARY                 OHIO                          PA-4-F-242
DUNLAP, CATHRIN              ECONOMY                       PA-4-D-282
DUNLAP, ELIZABETH            CHIPPEWA                      PA-4-D-277
DUNLAP, JOHN                 GREENBURGH                    PA-4-A-122
DUNLAP, JOHN                 HANOVER                       PA-4-B-438
DUNLAP, THOMAS               CHIPPEWA                      PA-4-B-192
DUNN, WALTER                 MOON                          PA-4-F-73
DUNN, WILLIAM C.             ECONOMY                       PA-4-F-364
DUSTAN, SAREPTA W.           DARLINGTON                    PA-4-E-369
EAKIN, DAVID                 BEAVER                        PA-4-D-1
EAKIN, ELENOR                DARLINGTON                    PA-4-D-69
EAKIN, JAMES                 BEAVER                        PA-4-C-86
EAKIN, JAMES                 SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-D-225
EAKIN, JAMES D.              INDUSTRY                      PA-4-C-375
EAKIN, JOHN                  NTL                           PA-4-A-138
EAKIN, NATHANIEL             SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-A-121
EAKIN, RICHEY                BRIGHTON                      PA-4-E-155
EAKIN, WILLIAM               BRIDGEWATER                   PA-4-C-363
EAKIN, WILLIAM               NEW GALILEE                   PA-4-D-169
EAKIN, WILLIAM               DARLINGTON                    PA-4-D-26
EAKINS, SAMUEL               SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-C-69
EARLY, LAVINIA F.            DARLINGTON                    PA-4-E-490
EARLY, SARAH JANE            DARLINGTON                    PA-4-F-445
EATON, MARY                  PULASKI                       PA-4-F-10
EBERHART, JOHN               BEAVER                        PA-4-B-355
ECKERT, JOHN HENRY           ECONOMY                       PA-4-D-261
ECKERT, JOHN HENRY           ECONOMY (IN GERMAN)           PA-4-D-279
ECKLES, THOMAS               NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-B-290
ECOFF, DAVID                 BEAVER                        PA-4-C-133
EDWARDS, WILLIAM             MOON                          PA-4-C-360
EFT, PETER                   SEWICKLEY                     PA-4-E-102
EHMAN, JOSEPH FREDERICK      NTL                           PA-4-E-181
EHRMANN, CLEMENT             ECONOMY                       PA-4-D-394
ELDER, DAVID (DR)            NTL                           PA-4-D-226
ELDER, MARY ANN              OHIO                          PA-4-F-454
ELDER, MATTHEW               DARLINGTON                    PA-4-D-321
ELIOTT, JOHN                 BEAVER                        PA-4-D-34
ELLIOT, THOMAS               OHIO                          PA-4-A-161
ELLIOTT, AGNES               NORTH SEWICKLEY               PA-4-E-262
ELLIOTT, ANDREW              PERRY                         PA-4-C-162
ELLIOTT, JAMES               OHIO                          PA-4-C-88
ELLIOTT, MARGARET            OHIO                          PA-4-D-380
ELLIOTT, MARY B.             BEAVER FALLS                  PA-4-E-447
ELLIOTT, THOMAS B.           NTL                           PA-4-E-97
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM             MOON                          PA-4-E-205
ELLOTT, WILSON               OHIO                          PA-4-E-42
EMERICK, HENRY               ECONOMY                       PA-4-E-406
ENGLE, DAVID                 INDUSTRY                      PA-4-D-347
ENGLE, GEORGE                INDUSTRY                      PA-4-D-467
ENGLISH, JANE                BEAVER                        PA-4-B-262
ENGLISH, JOHN                NTL                           PA-4-B-151
ENGLISH, SAMUEL              SLIPPERY ROCK                 PA-4-B-383
EPPLEY, LEWIS                FREEDOM                       PA-4-D-353
ERB, CATHARINE               MOORE                         PA-4-E-418
ERWIN, JAMES                 IOWA CITY, JOHNSON, IA        PA-4-E-291
ERWIN, JOHN                  HOPEWELL                      PA-4-F-446
ERWIN, MARTHA E.             HOPEWELL                      PA-4-E-150
EUSLE, MICHAEL               NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-F-437
EVANS, DEBORAH               NTL                           PA-4-A-3
EVANS, EDWARD                FALLSTON                      PA-4-F-47
EVANS, EMANUEL               NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-D-294
EVANS, JACOB                 FREEDOM                       PA-4-D-20
EVANS, JOHN                  OHIO                          PA-4-A-195
EWING, ALEXANDER             INDUSTRY                      PA-4-E-325
EWING, HENRY                 NTL                           PA-4-E-221
EWING, JOHN                  FRANKFORT                     PA-4-D-314
EWING, JOHN                  NTL                           PA-4-D-455
EWING, JOSEPH                INDUSTRY                      PA-4-F-192
EWING, SAMUEL                OHIO                          PA-4-A-228
EWING, WILLIAM               GREENE                        PA-4-D-323
FADDIS, JOHN                 LITTLE BEAVER                 PA-4-B-182
FADDIS, JOHN                 LITTLE BEAVER                 PA-4-B-363
FAGAN, ELLEN                 ROCHESTER                     PA-4-E-415
FAHR, JOHN                   MARION                        PA-4-F-165
FAIR, FRANCES                OHIO                          PA-4-D-420
FAIR, JOHN                   OHIO                          PA-4-E-178
FARQUHAR, ELIZABETH          NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-C-99
FAUSSETT, ALICIA             NTL                           PA-4-E-225
FEARNE, HARRIET              BRIGHTON                      PA-4-F-72
FEEZLE, LAWRENCE             NTL                           PA-4-B-46
FEGLEY, WILLIAM              HOPEWELL                      PA-4-D-133
FEIGLEY, ZECHARIAH           HOPEWELL                      PA-4-C-317
FENZMANN, JOSEPH             ECONOMY                       PA-4-F-254
FERGUSON, DAVID              CHIPPEWA                      PA-4-E-206
FERGUSON, JAMES              NEW SEWICKLY                  PA-4-D-433
FERGUSON, JAMES              NTL                           PA-4-A-101
FERGUSON, JOHN               HOPEWELL                      PA-4-A-202
FERGUSON, MARIA              NEW SEWICKLY                  PA-4-D-177
FERGUSON, ROBERT K.          BEAVER FALLS                  PA-4-E-384
FERGUSON, ROEBRT             PULASKI                       PA-4-E-182
FERREL, DEBORAH              NTL                           PA-4-A-190
FEZEL, JOHN                  NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-E-270
FINDLAY, HENRY               OHIO                          PA-4-A-152
FINDLEY, HENRY               SEE: FINDLAY, HENRY           PA-4-A-152
FINLEY, JANE                 NORTH SEWICKLEY               PA-4-E-514
FISHER, CHARLES              NEW SEWICKLEY                 PA-4-E-157
FISHER, JESSE                NEW SEWICKLY                  PA-4-C-217
FISHER, THOMAS               NEW SEWICKLEY                 PA-4-F-166
FISHKORN, DANIEL             NEW SEWICKLY                  PA-4-F-92
FLEISHMAN, CHARLES           NTL                           PA-4-D-175
FLEMING, SAMUEL              NORTH BEAVER                  PA-4-B-231
FLOWERS, JAMES               NEW SEWICKLY                  PA-4-A-38
FLOWES, HENRY                GREEN                         PA-4-A-106
FORBES, ANNCY R.             DARLINGTON                    PA-4-F-393
FORBES, ROBERT               , MAHONING, OH                PA-4-C-313
FORSYTHE, MARY               HOPEWELL                      PA-4-C-114
FOSTER, THOMAS               GEORGETOWN                    PA-4-C-223
FOSTER, W. H.                HOMEWOOD                      PA-4-F-383
FOWLER, JAMES                SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-F-42
FOWLER, ROBERT               SOUTH BEAVER                  PA-4-A-78
FRANK, GEORGE                PHILLIPSBURGH                 PA-4-D-178
FRANK, REINHOLD              PHILLIPSBURGH                 PA-4-E-313
FRAZER, WILLIAM H.           FRANKFORT SPRINGS             PA-4-F-1
FRAZIER, HORATIO N.          ROCHESTER                     PA-4-E-68
FRAZIER, ISABELLA            BEAVER FALLS                  PA-4-F-199
FRAZOR, WILLIAM              HOOKSTOWN                     PA-4-B-447
FREED, HENRY                 BIG BEAVER                    PA-4-B-129
FREED, JACOB                 NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-D-272
FREEMAN, RACHEL              BRIGHTON                      PA-4-C-98
FRENCH, JAMES                FRANKLIN                      PA-4-D-386
FRENCH, MARGARET J.          INDUSTRY                      PA-4-E-236
FREW, JAMES                  SLIPRY ROCK                   PA-4-C-163
FRUIT, JACOB                 ECONOMY                       PA-4-F-99
FULKERSON, JOHN              NTL                           PA-4-B-297
FULLERTON, JAMES             NORTH BEAVER                  PA-4-C-109
FULTON, JOHN                 , WHITE, IL                   PA-4-B-108
FULTON, THOMAS C.            NTL                           PA-4-A-247
FUNCK, SOLOMON               PERRY                         PA-4-B-429
FUNK, ISAAC                  NTL                           PA-4-B-169
FUNKHOUSE, ABRAHAM           NTL                           PA-4-C-361
FUNKHOUSE, THOMAS            NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-C-368
FUNKHOUSER, ABRAHAM          NTL                           PA-4-B-23
FUNKHOUSER, JOHN             NTL                           PA-4-A-264
FUNKHOUSER, JONATHAN         NORTH SEWICKLY                PA-4-F-112
FUNKHOUSER, SAMUEL           NEW BRIGHTON                  PA-4-D-209
FURNIER, SAMUEL              FREEDOM                       PA-4-F-398

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