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GAMBLE, JOSIAH                          PA-4-C-355
GANN, RUMOND                            PA-4-E-345
GANN, SOPHIA                            PA-4-E-364
GARDNER, JOHN                           PA-4-B-270
GARDNER, WILLIAM                        PA-4-D-364
GARMAN, ANNA MARIA                      PA-4-F-355
GARREN, JOHN                            PA-4-E-59
GARVIN, HUGH                            PA-4-B-417
GARWOOD, ANNA                           PA-4-F-386
GASTON, HUGH                            PA-4-A-42
GASTON, JAMES                           PA-4-A-205
GAUER, JOHN                             PA-4-D-154
GEALEY, WILLIAM                         PA-4-A-85
GEHRING, JOHN                           PA-4-B-407
GEYER, NICHOLAS (IN GERMAN)             PA-4-D-316
GIBB, ALEXANDER                         PA-4-B-74
GIBB, ALEXANDER                         PA-4-E-444
GIBB, ALEXANDER JR.                     PA-4-D-190
GIBB, MARTHA                            PA-4-F-277
GIBSON, HENRY                           PA-4-C-197
GIBSON, JAMES                           PA-4-F-391
GIBSON, JOSEPH                          PA-4-E-99
GIBSON, JOSEPH L.                       PA-4-E-100
GIBSON, ROBERT                          PA-4-C-28
GIBSON, SAMUEL                          PA-4-A-191
GIBSON, WILLIAM                         PA-4-A-27
GILL, WILLIAM S.                        PA-4-E-276
GILLASPIE, THOMAS                       PA-4-D-44
GILLELAND, JANE                         PA-4-F-360
GILLESPIE, EDWARD                       PA-4-F-220
GILLESPIE, ELLEN                        PA-4-F-487
GILLESPY, ANDREW                        PA-4-B-254
GILLILAND, JAMES                        PA-4-B-34
GILMORE, JOSEPH                         PA-4-C-8
GIVEN, WILLIAM                          PA-4-E-387
GLASGOW, EZEKIEL                        PA-4-A-80
GLASS, ABIGAIL                          PA-4-D-167
GLASS, JOHN                             PA-4-C-381
GLASS, MARIA                            PA-4-F-359
GLASS, MATTHEW                          PA-4-C-253
GLASSBOURNER, GEORGE                    PA-4-F-494
GLENDENING, MARY J.                     PA-4-F-13
GLENN, JOSEPH                           PA-4-A-41
GLENN, WILLIAM                          PA-4-E-152
GLENN, WILLIAM                          PA-4-D-331
GLOVER, FRANCIS                         PA-4-B-253
GOAS, JACOB                             PA-4-D-67
GOAS, JACOB                             PA-4-F-375
GODDARD, JAMES                          PA-4-E-6
GOEHRING, JACOB                         PA-4-F-488
GOHERING, WILLIAM                       PA-4-E-451
GORDON, JAMES FALLS                     PA-4-F-78
GORDON, JOHN                            PA-4-C-292
GORDON, JOHN                            PA-4-D-356
GORDON, STANTON                         PA-4-D-469
GORMLY, ADAM                            PA-4-D-389
GORSUCH, ROBERT                         PA-4-E-281
GOULD, ALEXANDER                        PA-4-B-43
GOULD, MARCUS T. C.                     PA-4-D-215
GOULD, MARIA                            PA-4-E-299
GRAHAM, HUGH                            PA-4-B-69
GRAHAM, JAMES                           PA-4-D-332
GRAHAM, ROBERT                          PA-4-A-128
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         PA-4-E-271
GRAHAM, WILLIAMSON                      PA-4-A-118
GRANDY, JOSEPH                          PA-4-B-258
GRAY, JOHN                              PA-4-A-63
GREEN, ISAAC                            PA-4-F-407
GREEN, WILLIAM                          PA-4-D-27
GREER, ALEXANDER                        PA-4-D-296
GREER, GEORGE                           PA-4-B-385
GREER, HANCE                            PA-4-C-113
GRIEB, FREDERICK                        PA-4-F-342
GRIM, MICHAEL                           PA-4-F-59
GRINDER, GEORG EW.                      PA-4-F-459
GROSCOST, JACOB                         PA-4-F-380
GROSSCROST, JAMES                       PA-4-B-24
GROTH, JOHN                             PA-4-F-147
GROVE, BOSTON                           PA-4-F-501
GROVE, CHRISTENA                        PA-4-F-85
GRUBB, JACOB                            PA-4-B-55
GRUNHART, MARTIN                        PA-4-E-188
GUNNET, JOSEPH                          PA-4-C-322
GUNSAULES, JOHN H.                      PA-4-D-185
HAFT, WILLIAM                           PA-4-C-291
HAGERTY, JAMES                          PA-4-D-212
HAINES, DAVID                           PA-4-F-208
HALL, DAVID                             PA-4-F-86
HALL, HENDERSON C.                      PA-4-B-128
HALL, HUGH                              PA-4-D-254
HALL, JOHN L.                           PA-4-F-133
HALL, ROBERT                            PA-4-F-132
HALL, ROBERT H.                         PA-4-D-126
HAMILL, NATHANIEL                       PA-4-B-347
HAMILTON, ALFRED                        PA-4-F-327
HAMILTON, JAMES                         PA-4-B-342
HAMILTON, SARAH                         PA-4-D-450
HAMILTON, SARAH                         PA-4-D-16
HAMMOND, JAMES                          PA-4-B-16
HAMMOND, JAMES                          PA-4-B-133
HAMMOND, JAMES CALVIN                   PA-4-E-286
HAMMOND, JOHN                           PA-4-E-508
HAMMOND, WILLIAM R.                     PA-4-C-19
HAMSON, JOSEPH                          PA-4-B-15
HANEY, JACOB FALLS                      PA-4-F-168
HANFIELD, CASSY                         PA-4-E-371
HANNA, SAMUEL                           PA-4-D-252
HARBISON, JOHN                          PA-4-F-232
HARBISON, JOSEPHINE F.                  PA-4-F-354
HARBISON, MATTHEW                       PA-4-B-76
HARBISON, SAMUEL                        PA-4-E-316
HARGER, MICHAEL                         PA-4-D-160
HARPER, JAMES                           PA-4-C-164
HARPER, JAMES                           PA-4-C-370
HARPER, SAMUEL                          PA-4-A-69
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         PA-4-B-106
HARROP, SAMUEL                          PA-4-E-411
HARSHA, MARGARET                        PA-4-D-363
HARSHE, JOHN                            PA-4-D-47
HARSHE, WILLIAM                         PA-4-B-413
HART, JAMES F.                          PA-4-D-174
HART, JOHN                              PA-4-C-292
HART, RICHMOND                          PA-4-E-234
HARTENBACH, CONRAD                      PA-4-E-200
HARTFORD, ABRAHAM                       PA-4-B-142
HARTFORD, JAMES                         PA-4-A-179
HARTFORD, JAMES                         PA-4-F-260
HARTFORD, NANCY                         PA-4-B-4
HARTFORD, THOMAS                        PA-4-A-224
HARTFORD, WILLIAM                       PA-4-D-173
HARTON, JAMES                           PA-4-D-262
HARTSHORN, THOMAS                       PA-4-B-71
HARVEY, DANIEL                          PA-4-C-328
HAWK, JOHN                              PA-4-A-241
HAZEN, BENJAMIN                         PA-4-D-266
HAZEN, ELIZABETH                        PA-4-C-354
HAZEN, JAMES                            PA-4-C-242
HAZEN, JOHN                             PA-4-C-302
HAZEN, JOSEPH SR.                       PA-4-B-20
HAZEN, MARY                             PA-4-F-88
HAZEN, NATHANIEL                        PA-4-B-130
HAZEN, SAMUEL                           PA-4-C-396
HAZLEP, ELIZA ANN                       PA-4-D-250
HAZLIP, ELIZABETH                       PA-4-A-262
HECKELHORN, GEORGEE                     PA-4-C-22
HENDERSON, ELIZABETH                    PA-4-D-460
HENDERSON, JOHN                         PA-4-D-431
HENDERSON, MATHEW                       PA-4-B-67
HENNEN, ABEL                            PA-4-A-218
HENNON, ABEL                            PA-4-A-218
HENRICI, WILLIAM T.                     PA-4-F-243
HENRY, THOMAS                           PA-4-C-179
HENRY, TOY                              PA-4-D-41
HENRY, WILLIAM                          PA-4-F-100
HENRY, WILLIAM                          PA-4-F-116
HERR, CASPAR                            PA-4-F-440
HETH, WILKINS                           PA-4-D-399
HEVERLING, PAUL                         PA-4-E-265
HICE, JOHN                              PA-4-E-267
HICE, WILLIAM                           PA-4-E-103
HICKS, DEBORAH                          PA-4-D-35
HICKS, WILLIAM                          PA-4-E-181
HIGBY, CHARLES H.                       PA-4-D-153
HIGBY, MARGARET                         PA-4-F-90
HILBERG, JOHN                           PA-4-E-340
HILL, JACOB                             PA-4-C-268
HILL, JONATHAN                          PA-4-B-139
HILL, SAMUEL                            PA-4-E-261
HILLMAN, FREDERICK                      PA-4-D-445
HILLMAN, HANNAH A.                      PA-4-E-136
HIND, NANCY                             PA-4-D-409
HIND, SAMSON                            PA-4-D-275
HINDS, GEORGE                           PA-4-F-150
HOENIG, SARAH                           PA-4-E-275
HOERING, JACOB                          PA-4-E-14
HOFFMANN, PHILIP                        PA-4-E-145
HOGE, JANE                              PA-4-D-211
HOGE, JOHN                              PA-4-B-85
HOGE, JONATHAN                          PA-4-D-142
HOGE, POLLY                             PA-4-E-438
HOGE, WILLIAM                           PA-4-D-128
HOGG, THOMAS                            PA-4-A-261
HOHN, MICHAEL                           PA-4-E-492
HOLMES, ELIZABETH                       PA-4-F-233
HOLSINGER, WILLIAM                      PA-4-D-457
HOLTZ, JACOB                            PA-4-C-334
HOOD, ELIJAH                            PA-4-F-392
HOOD, GIBSON                            PA-4-E-344
HOOD, JAMES                             PA-4-E-109
HOOD, JOHN                              PA-4-B-251
HOOD, MARY                              PA-4-E-66
HOOD, ROBERT                            PA-4-B-395
HOOD, ROBERT                            PA-4-D-419
HOOK, BENJAMINE                         PA-4-B-93
HOOK, SARAHE                            PA-4-C-300
HOOKS, MATHIAS                          PA-4-B-126
HOOPS, JOHN WILSON                      PA-4-D-159
HOOPS, THOMAS                           PA-4-B-115
HOPE, JAMES                             PA-4-C-160
HOPPER, ROBERT                          PA-4-B-334
HORY, JAMES                             PA-4-E-465
HOWE, JOHN                              PA-4-B-287
HOYT, ABIGAIL                           PA-4-E-450
HOYT, SAMUEL                            PA-4-E-83
HOYT, THOMAS                            PA-4-A-123
HUBLEY, BARNARD                         PA-4-A-216
HUGHES, THOMAS                          PA-4-B-359
HUGHES, THOMAS E.                       PA-4-B-266
HULL, JOHN                              PA-4-D-24
HULL, REBECCA                           PA-4-D-284
HUMES, PATRICK                          PA-4-D-60
HUNFER, MARY                            PA-4-F-184
HUNT, GEORGE                            PA-4-A-209
HUNTER, ELIZABETH                       PA-4-F-385
HUNTER, JOHN                            PA-4-C-67
HUNTER, JOHN                            PA-4-D-240
HUNTER, ROBERT                          PA-4-A-71
HUNTER, ROBERT T.                       PA-4-C-166
HUNTER, THOMAS                          PA-4-E-87
HUNTER, WALLACE                         PA-4-F-6
HURST, JOHN                             PA-4-F-456
HUSTON, RACHEL                          PA-4-C-264
HUSTON, ROBERT N.                       PA-4-C-165
HUTCHISON, JAMES                        PA-4-A-166
IFT, ADASM                              PA-4-F-19
INGLES, JAMES                           PA-4-B-344
IRONS, ELIZABETH                        PA-4-D-57
IRONS, SARAH                            PA-4-E-263
IRONS, SOLOMON                          PA-4-B-440
IRVIN, ROBERT                           PA-4-A-64
IRWIN, ALEXANDER                        PA-4-A-22
IRWIN, ROBERT                           PA-4-B-443
JACKMAN, JOHN                           PA-4-E-376
JACKSON, ANDREW                         PA-4-B-444
JACKSON, HUGH                           PA-4-B-194
JACKSON, HUGH                           PA-4-D-251
JACKSON, JAMES                          PA-4-D-419
JACKSON, JAMES                          PA-4-E-259
JACKSON, JAMES                          PA-4-E-443
JACKSON, JAMES                          PA-4-B-155
JACKSON, JOHN                           PA-4-D-186
JACKSON, JOHN                           PA-4-B-240
JACKSON, ROBERT                         PA-4-F-236
JACKSON, SAMUEL                         PA-4-D-129
JACKSON, SAMUEL                         PA-4-A-187
JAMESON, ELIZABETH M.                   PA-4-F-190
JAVENS, THOMAS                          PA-4-F-400
JEFFERY, MATHEW H.                      PA-4-D-14
JEFFREY, JOHN                           PA-4-E-343
JEFFREY, SARAH                          PA-4-B-173
JENKINS, ANDREW                         PA-4-C-153
JENKINS, JOSEPH                         PA-4-B-225
JENKINS, WILLIAM                        PA-4-E-329
JOHNS, CHARLOTT                         PA-4-E-151
JOHNSON, ADAM                           PA-4-B-135
JOHNSON, ANDREW                         PA-4-C-204
JOHNSON, JAMES                          PA-4-A-57
JOHNSON, JOHN                           PA-4-A-173
JOHNSON, ROBERT                         PA-4-B-190
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         PA-4-B-224
JOHNSON, WILLIAM D.                     PA-4-F-425
JOHNSTON, ABRAHAM                       PA-4-A-124
JOHNSTON, ADAM                          PA-4-E-187
JOHNSTON, CHARLES                       PA-4-F-498
JOHNSTON, DAVID                         PA-4-F-203
JOHNSTON, FRANCIS                       PA-4-B-353
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         PA-4-C-248
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         PA-4-C-68
JOHNSTON, JAMES A.                      PA-4-E-334
JOHNSTON, JOANNAH HAYS                  PA-4-D-75
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          PA-4-B-6
JOHNSTON, JOHN G.                       PA-4-B-90
JOHNSTON, MARGARET                      PA-4-D-286
JOHNSTON, MARY                          PA-4-E-236
JOHNSTON, MARY                          PA-4-D-56
JOHNSTON, MARY J.                       PA-4-F-146
JOHNSTON, MATTHEW                       PA-4-F-422
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                        PA-4-A-107
JOHNSTON, SARAH                         PA-4-F-105
JOHNSTON, THOMPSON                      PA-4-D-51
JOHNSTON, WALTER                        PA-4-F-269
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                       PA-4-B-58
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                       PA-4-C-84
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                       PA-4-F-197
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                       PA-4-F-506
JONES, ANN D.                           PA-4-E-284
JONES, JACOB A.                         PA-4-E-309
JONES, JAMES                            PA-4-B-68
JONES, JOHN B.                          PA-4-F-421
JORDAN, SAMUEL                          PA-4-A-59
JORDAN, WILLIAM                         PA-4-B-235
JUDY, HENRY                             PA-4-D-387
JUDY, NARCISSA JANE                     PA-4-D-439
JUNG, JOHN                              PA-4-B-449
JUSTICE, JACOB                          PA-4-A-257
JUSTICE, JAMES                          PA-4-A-116
KAIN, GEORGE                            PA-4-D-90
KAIN, JOHN                              PA-4-B-168
KARCHER, JOHN ADAM                      PA-4-F-378
KASTER, JAMES                           PA-4-C-82
KAUFFMAN, CASPER (IN GERMAN)            PA-4-F-194
KAYL, NOBLE                             PA-4-A-159
KEARCHER, FREDERICK                     PA-4-F-267
KEIFER, HENRY                           PA-4-F-237
KELLER, MICHAEL                         PA-4-D-471
KELLEY, JANE                            PA-4-F-323
KELLEY, MATTHEW                         PA-4-D-55
KELLY, CATHARINE                        PA-4-B-321
KELLY, JAMES                            PA-4-C-265
KELLY, JOHN B.                          PA-4-E-474
KELLY, MAGIMCY                          PA-4-B-31
KENNEDY, ALEXANDER                      PA-4-C-350
KENNEDY, DAVID                          PA-4-F-418
KENNEDY, JAMES                          PA-4-A-76
KENNEDY, JAMES SR.                      PA-4-C-282
KENNEDY, MATTHEW                        PA-4-B-227
KENNEDY, SAMUEL                         PA-4-B-302
KENNEDY, SAMUEL                         PA-4-B-163
KENNEDY, SAMUEL                         PA-4-F-196
KENNEDY, WILLIAM                        PA-4-E-456
KERR, DAVID                             PA-4-E-388
KERR, DAVID                             PA-4-A-220
KERR, JAMES                             PA-4-E-20
KERR, JOSEPH                            PA-4-A-66
KETTEREA, JACOB                         PA-4-C-44
KETTLEWOOD, JOHN                        PA-4-F-416
KEVAN, WILLIAM                          PA-4-E-461
KING, JOHN                              PA-4-F-14
KIRK, JOHN                              PA-4-E-79
KIRKPATRICK, JAMES D.                   PA-4-C-48
KIRT, DANIEL J.                         PA-4-E-328
KNAPPER, ANTHONY                        PA-4-F-414
KNIGHT, ELIZABETH                       PA-4-F-344
KNIGHT, JOHN                            PA-4-C-309
KNIGHT, JOHN                            PA-4-C-129
KNOVESHOE, HENRY                        PA-4-F-64
KNOWLES, DAVID                          PA-4-A-154
KNOX, WILLIAM                           PA-4-B-219
KOHLAPP, JOHN                           PA-4-E-28
KONKLE, HENRY                           PA-4-B-245
KOPP, WILLIAM (REV.)                    PA-4-E-120
KRIDE, MARY                             PA-4-C-394
KRIDER, DAVID                           PA-4-F-286
KRONK, JACOB                            PA-4-D-326
KRONK, JANE                             PA-4-D-181
KRONK, JOHN                             PA-4-B-193
KUHLMAN, JOHN                           PA-4-F-138
KUYKENDALL, HENRY                       PA-4-B-174
LACOCK, ABNER                           PA-4-B-154
LACOCK, HANNA                           PA-4-B-259
LAIRD, ALEXANDER                        PA-4-D-42
LAKE, WILLIAM WEBSTER                   PA-4-D-362
LANCE, SAMUEL                           PA-4-F-328
LANGFILL, JAMES SR.                     PA-4-F-479
LANGFIT, MARY                           PA-4-C-46
LANGFIT, WILLIAM                        PA-4-B-27
LANGFITT, MARY A.                       PA-4-F-349
LARGE, ANN                              PA-4-F-331
LAUGHLIN, ANN T.                        PA-4-D-359
LAUGHLIN, BENJAMIN                      PA-4-F-278
LAUGHLIN, JAMES                         PA-4-C-301
LAUGHLIN, ROBERT                        PA-4-A-142
LAUGHLIN, THOMAS                        PA-4-B-333
LAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                       PA-4-E-294
LAW, J. R. W.                           PA-4-A-234
LAW, SAMUEL                             PA-4-C-172
LAWRENCE, JOSEPH                        PA-4-E-515
LAWRENCE, MILTON                        PA-4-F-462
LAWRENCE, SAMUEL                        PA-4-A-227
LEAF, JAMES                             PA-4-F-297
LEAF, WILLIAM                           PA-4-F-449
LEASE, HENRY C. T.                      PA-4-D-398
LEASURE, ELIZABETH (ANN)                PA-4-B-226
LEATHAM, WILLIAM                        PA-4-D-105
LECKARD, ALEXANDER                      PA-4-B-40
LECKY, JOHN                             PA-4-A-189
LEEPER, HUGHE                           PA-4-E-63
LEEPER, JAMES                           PA-4-A-89
LEEPER, JOHN                            PA-4-D-208
LEET, WILLIAM                           PA-4-B-62
LEGOULLON, FRANCIS                      PA-4-F-373
LEHMER, GEORGE                          PA-4-E-448
LEIBENDORFER, DANIEL                    PA-4-B-276
LEITCH, DANIEL                          PA-4-D-243
LEONARD, THOMAS                         PA-4-B-119
LEPLEY, LOUISA E.                       PA-4-E-274
LESLIE, GEORGE JR.                      PA-4-B-149
LEWIS, ABRAHAM                          PA-4-B-346
LIGHT, DAVID                            PA-4-D-307
LIGHTHILL, JOHN                         PA-4-E-179
LINDSAY, THOMAS                         PA-4-E-338
LINE, JOSEPH S.                         PA-4-C-74
LINE, WILLIAM                           PA-4-C-85
LINK, JOHN                              PA-4-E-372
LISTER, WILLIAM                         PA-4-F-480
LITTELL, ELIZABETH                      PA-4-B-21
LITTLE,C HARLES                         PA-4-D-290
LIVESEY, JAMES                          PA-4-E-38
LOGAN, ELIZABETH                        PA-4-F-4
LOGAN, JAMES                            PA-4-C-143
LOGAN, JOHN                             PA-4-A-163
LOUDIS, JACOB                           PA-4-D-197
LOUTHAN, MOSES                          PA-4-A-259
LOWRY, ANDREW                           PA-4-D-354
LOWRY, JOHN                             PA-4-F-288
LOWRY, WILLIAM                          PA-4-B-295
LUKE, DAVID                             PA-4-F-492
LUTTON, CHARLES                         PA-4-B-317
LUX, MICHAEL                            PA-4-B-35
LYON, ALFRED                            PA-4-F-266
LYON, ELECTA C.                         PA-4-E-59
LYON, HENRIETTA M.                      PA-4-D-274
LYON, JACOB                             PA-4-B-389
LYON, JAMES                             PA-4-C-326
LYTLE, GEORGE                           PA-4-A-153
MACE, GEORGE                            PA-4-D-188
MACE, SAMUEL                            PA-4-C-286
MACKALL, JAMES                          PA-4-F-28
MAGAW, EUNICE                           PA-4-D-408
MAGAW, JAMES                            PA-4-D-135
MAGOFFIN, JOSEPH                        PA-4-A-24
MAIN,NICHOLAS                           PA-4-E-285
MAJORS, CONRAD                          PA-4-E-422
MAJORS, JAMES A.                        PA-4-F-239
MAJORS, SAMUEL                          PA-4-D-204
MALANE, EMRY                            PA-4-B-111
MALARKEY, CHARLOTTE                     PA-4-F-435
MALONE, MICHAEL                         PA-4-A-215
MANN, ELIZABETH ANN                     PA-4-A-249
MANNING, JOHN                           PA-4-B-171
MANOR, JOHN                             PA-4-F-117
MARITN, RUTH                            PA-4-F-141
MARKS, WILLIAM                          PA-4-D-83
MARQUIS, JAMES FALLS                    PA-4-F-431
MARQUIS, ROBERT                         PA-4-A-131
MARS, ROBERT                            PA-4-D-388
MARSHALL, JAMES                         PA-4-B-241
MARSHALL, JOHN                          PA-4-D-285
MARTIN, BEULAH W.                       PA-4-F-189
MARTIN, HUGH                            PA-4-E-80
MARTIN, JAMES                           PA-4-B-187
MARTIN, JAMES                           PA-4-D-230
MARTIN, JOHN                            PA-4-D-210
MARTIN, JOHN                            PA-4-D-211
MARTIN, JOSEPH R.                       PA-4-D-330
MARTIN, SAMUEL                          PA-4-F-76
MARVIN, MARY                            PA-4-C-272
MASON, GEORGE                           PA-4-C-240
MASON, GEORGE JR.                       PA-4-B-105
MASON, MICHAEL                          PA-4-F-443
MASON, PHILIP                           PA-4-C-126
MATHENY, MOSES                          PA-4-B-246
MATTHEWS, JOHN                          PA-4-B-195
MAXWELL, JOSEPH B.                      PA-4-F-227
MAXWELL,D ANIEL                         PA-4-E-377
MAY, DAVID                              PA-4-F-225
MAY, JOHN                               PA-4-E-22
MAY, MICHAEL                            PA-4-B-77
MAYHEW, JOHN W.                         PA-4-F-276
MCBRIDE, JOSEPH                         PA-4-C-200
MCCAIN, JOSEPH                          PA-4-D-180
MCCALLEY, AGNESS SPRINGS                PA-4-C-60
MCCALLEY, ANDREW                        PA-4-B-350
MCCALLISTER, DAVID                      PA-4-B-229
MCCALLISTER, WILLIAM                    PA-4-D-96
MCCAMON, NANCY                          PA-4-C-17
MCCANDLESS, WILLIAM                     PA-4-B-51
MCCARTER, DANIEL                        PA-4-B-110
MCCARTER, MARY ANN                      PA-4-C-335
MCCARTNEY, JANE                         PA-4-D-350
MCCARTY, MATILDA SPRINGS                PA-4-F-397
MCCASKEY, ELIZABETH                     PA-4-D-338
MCCASKEY, MARGARET                      PA-4-A-149
MCCASKEY, MATHEW                        PA-4-A-109
MCCASKEY, WILLIAM                       PA-4-B-167
MCCASLIN, JOHN                          PA-4-B-284
MCCAUGHTRY, JAMES                       PA-4-A-207
MCCAUGHTRY, MARY ANNE                   PA-4-C-151
MCCAUTERY, JAMES                        PA-4-A-207
MCCAUTREY, JAMES                        PA-4-A-207
MCCLEAN, HUGH                           PA-4-B-368
MCCLELLAND, SARAH                       PA-4-A-83
MCCLELLAND, THOMAS                      PA-4-B-30
MCCLELLAND, WILLIAM                     PA-4-E-35
MCCLELLAND, WILLIAM                     PA-4-C-132
MCCLINTON, WILLIAM                      PA-4-E-118
MCCLOY, ROBERT                          PA-4-B-345
MCCLUMOND, JOHN                         PA-4-E-228
MCCLUNG, CALEB                          PA-4-F-256
MCCLURE, ELIZABETH                      PA-4-C-5
MCCLURE, JAMES                          PA-4-D-33
MCCLURE, JOHN                           PA-4-B-40
MCCLURE, JOHN                           PA-4-F-167
MCCLURE, JOHN S.                        PA-4-E-111
MCCLURE, MARY                           PA-4-A-178
MCCLURE, SAMUEL                         PA-4-B-306
MCCLURE, SAMUEL J.                      PA-4-F-490
MCCLURG, JOSEPH                         PA-4-F-261
MCCOLLEM, MOSES                         PA-4-B-203
MCCOLLOUGH, ANDREW                      PA-4-B-48
MCCOLLOUGH, GOERGE                      PA-4-A-49
MCCOLLOUGH, MARY                        PA-4-F-273
MCCOMBS, JOHN                           PA-4-E-112
MCCOMBS, MARGARET                       PA-4-D-289
MCCONAUGHEY, ALEXANDER                  PA-4-A-47
MCCONNEL, JANE                          PA-4-A-240
MCCONNEL, JOHN                          PA-4-D-72
MCCONNEL, JOHN                          PA-4-D-11
MCCONNEL, MARGARET                      PA-4-B-360
MCCONNELL, JOHN                         PA-4-C-304
MCCORMICK, JAMES                        PA-4-B-92
MCCORMICK, JAMES                        PA-4-B-419
MCCOWEN, SAMUELF                        PA-4-F-204
MCCOWN, BENJAMIN                        PA-4-B-179
MCCOWN, JAMES                           PA-4-C-30
MCCOWN, JOSIAH                          PA-4-C-191
MCCOY, ALEXANDER                        PA-4-F-351
MCCOY, DAVID                            PA-4-B-32
MCCOY, ISAAC                            PA-4-E-55
MCCOY, JAMES                            PA-4-B-361
MCCOY, JOHN                             PA-4-C-158
MCCOY, JOHN                             PA-4-F-403
MCCOY, JOHN S.E                         PA-4-D-278
MCCOY, NATHANIEL                        PA-4-B-100
MCCOY, NATHANIELE                       PA-4-C-226
MCCOY, THOMAS                           PA-4-F-260
MCCRACKEN, GEORGE                       PA-4-F-113
MCCREADY, ELIZABETH M.                  PA-4-C-138
MCCREADY, HENRY                         PA-4-B-48
MCCREADY, HUGH                          PA-4-A-119
MCCREADY, JAMES                         PA-4-B-209
MCCREADY, JOSEPH                        PA-4-D-260
MCCREADY, SARAH                         PA-4-B-158
MCCREARY, STEWART SR.                   PA-4-B-426
MCCREDY, MARTHA                         PA-4-C-103
MCCREERY, JAMES                         PA-4-B-278
MCCREERY, WILLIAM                       PA-4-B-322
MCCULLOUGH, ELIZABETH                   PA-4-F-473
MCCULLOUGH, JAMES                       PA-4-D-446
MCCUNE, JANE                            PA-4-F-159
MCCUNE, JOSIAH T. W.                    PA-4-D-306
MCCUNE, WILLIAM                         PA-4-C-105
MCCURLY, JOHN                           PA-4-B-138
MCDADE, ROBERT                          PA-4-C-351
MCDANEL, JOSEPH                         PA-4-F-310
MCDANEL, JOSEPH S.                      PA-4-E-287
MCDANELL, DANIEL                        PA-4-B-16
MCDONALD, ANDREW                        PA-4-C-3
MCDONALD, ARCHIBALD                     PA-4-A-137
MCDONALD, JAMES                         PA-4-B-146
MCDONALD, JOHN                          PA-4-D-109
MCDONALD, JOHN R.                       PA-4-F-172
MCDONALD, JOHN V.                       PA-4-E-446
MCDOWELL, MATHEW                        PA-4-A-32
MCEHAFFIE, CHARLES                      PA-4-B-39
MCELHANEY, LYDIA                        PA-4-F-161
MCELHANEY, THOMAS                       PA-4-F-257
MCELHANEY, WILLIAM                      PA-4-D-366
MCELHENEY, GEORGE                       PA-4-A-105
MCELHENY, JAMES                         PA-4-C-137
MCENENY, THOMAS                         PA-4-D-440
MCFARLAND, DANIEL                       PA-4-A-90
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM                      PA-4-D-29
MCGAFFICK, ANDREW                       PA-4-D-309
MCGAFFICK, BENJAMIN                     PA-4-D-335
MCGEEHON, BRICE                         PA-4-B-1
MCGEEHON, ROBERT                        PA-4-B-159
MCGEEHON, WILLIAM                       PA-4-A-258
MCGEORGE, WILLIAM                       PA-4-A-102
MCGILL, JAMES A.                        PA-4-C-329
MCGOWAN, ALEXANDER                      PA-4-D-71
MCGOWN, JANE                            PA-4-E-321
MCGREGOR, DONALD                        PA-4-C-111
MCGREGOR, DUNCAN                        PA-4-B-250
MCGREW, JESSE                           PA-4-D-302
MCHENRY, CHARLES                        PA-4-E-107
MCHENRY, JAMES                          PA-4-D-88
MCHENRY, JOHN                           PA-4-B-14
MCILVAIN, JOHN                          PA-4-B-188
MCKAIN, JOSEPH                          PA-4-D-180
MCKEAN, GEORGE                          PA-4-D-166
MCKEAN, JOHNSTON                        PA-4-F-157
MCKEAN, ROBERT                          PA-4-D-102
MCKEE, JAMES                            PA-4-B-207
MCKEE, THOMAS                           PA-4-A-15
MCKEE, THOMAS                           PA-4-D-365
MCKEEN, JANE                            PA-4-E-188
MCKENZIE, JANE                          PA-4-C-104
MCKIBBEN, ALEXANDER                     PA-4-E-190
MCKIBBON, JAMES                         PA-4-B-38
MCKINLEY, JOHN                          PA-4-B-181
MCKINLEY, MARY                          PA-4-B-56
MCKINSEY, KEMETH                        PA-4-A-84
MCKNIGHT, ROBERT                        PA-4-A-147
MCKNIGHT, WILLIAM                       PA-4-B-331
MCKOWN, JAMES                           PA-4-B-109
MCLANE, MARIA                           PA-4-D-14
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN                        PA-4-B-433
MCLAUGHLIN, MOSES                       PA-4-F-252
MCLAUGHLIN, NEAL                        PA-4-A-248
MCLEAN, GEORGE C.                       PA-4-F-427
MCLEAN, SAMUEL                          PA-4-C-377
MCMAHAN, JOHN                           PA-4-F-478
MCMANAMY, SAMUEL                        PA-4-F-74
MCMILLEN, JOHN                          PA-4-C-258
MCMILLEN, JOSEPH                        PA-4-F-301
MCMILLIN, ANDREW                        PA-4-E-436
MCMILLIN, JOHN                          PA-4-B-442
MCMINN, MARY                            PA-4-D-131
MCMINN, ROBERT                          PA-4-C-182
MCMULLEN, JOHN                          PA-4-E-60
MCMULLIN, JAMES                         PA-4-B-372
MCMURRY, JOSEPH                         PA-4-B-107
MCMURTRIE, MARTHA J.                    PA-4-E-400
MCNEARY, WILLIAM                        PA-4-C-167
MCNUTT, HANAH                           PA-4-A-236
MCPHERSON, JAMES                        PA-4-E-232
MCQUISTON, WILLIAM                      PA-4-C-212
MCSTODDARD, GEORGE                      PA-4-F-262
MEANOR, ELIZBAETH S.                    PA-4-E-357
MECKLEIN, ARCHIBALD M.                  PA-4-E-513
MECKLEM, JETHRO J.                      PA-4-B-147
MEDLY, JOSHUA                           PA-4-E-462
MEGITTING, CHARLES                      PA-4-A-110
MEHAFFIE, JONATHAN                      PA-4-A-251
MELLON, JOHN                            PA-4-E-85
MENTEITH, ISABELLA                      PA-4-A-231
MERSHIMER, SEBASTIAN                    PA-4-B-416
MESMAN, JOHN                            PA-4-D-327
METTEGIN, CHARLES                       PA-4-A-110
METTS, PETER                            PA-4-B-21
METZ, GEORGE                            PA-4-D-381
METZGER, MAGDALENA                      PA-4-F-55
MEVEY, WILLIAM                          PA-4-B-83
MILLER, AARON                           PA-4-C-112
MILLER, AARON                           PA-4-E-122
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       PA-4-D-176
MILLER, GEORGE                          PA-4-D-55
MILLER, HENRY                           PA-4-E-7
MILLER, HUGH                            PA-4-F-470
MILLER, HUGH SR.                        PA-4-B-87
MILLER, JAMES                           PA-4-A-140
MILLER, JAMES                           PA-4-A-242
MILLER, JAMES                           PA-4-C-65
MILLER, JANE                            PA-4-D-286
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-4-B-228
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-4-A-224
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-4-D-62
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-4-F-255
MILLER, JOHN CHRISTOPHER                PA-4-B-436
MILLER, ROBERT                          PA-4-B-79
MILLER, SAMUEL                          PA-4-B-262
MILLER, SAMUEL                          PA-4-E-434
MILLER, VALENTINE                       PA-4-F-274
MILLER, WILLIAM                         PA-4-D-16
MILLIKEN, REBECCA                       PA-4-E-499
MILLIMANN, GEORGE                       PA-4-C-326
MIMS, JOHN                              PA-4-C-318
MINESINGER, CHRISTIANA                  PA-4-C-397
MINESINGER, GODFREY                     PA-4-E-122
MINESINGER, HENRY                       PA-4-B-117
MINESINGER, JACOB                       PA-4-C-100
MINIS, MARY                             PA-4-D-37
MINIS, WILLIAM                          PA-4-D-139
MINK, JOHN                              PA-4-E-363
MINOR, JAMES E.                         PA-4-F-247
MITCHELL, HUGH                          PA-4-C-225
MITCHELL, JAMES                         PA-4-B-310
MITCHELL, JOHN                          PA-4-B-280
MITCHELL, JOSEPH                        PA-4-F-126
MITCHELL, SAMUEL                        PA-4-E-172
MITCHELL, SAMUEL                        PA-4-D-213
MITCHELL, SAMUEL T.                     PA-4-D-112
MITCHELL, WILIAM A.                     PA-4-C-49
MIXTER, JOHN                            PA-4-F-176
MOELLER, JOHN                           PA-4-F-295
MOFFET, THOMAS                          PA-4-D-119
MOFFITT, CHRISTINA                      PA-4-D-220
MOHR, GEORGE                            PA-4-E-378
MONEY, HENRY                            PA-4-A-88
MONROE, JOSHUA                          PA-4-E-501
MONTANYE, NANCY                         PA-4-C-369
MONTGOMERY, MARGARET                    PA-4-F-475
MONTICUE, NATHANIEL                     PA-4-E-506
MOODY, JAMES                            PA-4-E-432
MOOR, SAMUEL                            PA-4-D-451
MOOR, THOMAS                            PA-4-A-168
MOORE, ALEXANDER                        PA-4-D-172
MOORE, ALFRED                           PA-4-F-108
MOORE, ANDREW                           PA-4-F-230
MOORE, ARON                             PA-4-F-350
MOORE, CLEMSON                          PA-4-E-189
MOORE, ELI                              PA-4-B-94
MOORE, EZEKIEL                          PA-4-B-371
MOORE, H. K.                            PA-4-F-293
MOORE, HIRAM                            PA-4-C-203
MOORE, JAMES                            PA-4-E-347
MOORE, JAMES                            PA-4-B-224
MOORE, JOHN                             PA-4-B-148
MOORE, JOHN L.                          PA-4-E-404
MOORE, JOSEPH                           PA-4-C-332
MOORE, MARY A.                          PA-4-F-287
MOORE, NANCY                            PA-4-B-378
MOORE, ROBERT                           PA-4-C-57
MOORE, ROBERT ESQ.                      PA-4-B-18
MOORE, SAMUEL                           PA-4-B-336
MOORE, SARAH                            PA-4-F-317
MOORE, THOMAS                           PA-4-E-351
MOORE, THOMAS                           PA-4-F-68
MOORE, WILLIAM                          PA-4-C-273
MOORE, WILLIAM                          PA-4-D-424
MOORHEAD, WILLIAM                       PA-4-A-134
MORATTA, NANCY                          PA-4-D-219
MORGAN, DAVID                           PA-4-E-154
MORGAN, DAVID                           PA-4-E-368
MORGAN, ELIZABETH                       PA-4-D-131
MORGAN, ROBERT                          PA-4-F-494
MORITZ, HENRY                           PA-4-D-345
MORRIS, THOMAS                          PA-4-E-296
MORRISON, AMANDA                        PA-4-F-466
MORRISON, JAMES                         PA-4-B-196
MORROW, THOMAS                          PA-4-B-453
MORROW, WILLIAM                         PA-4-A-204
MORTON, JOSEPH                          PA-4-E-229
MORTON, WILLIAM SR.                     PA-4-A-33
MUELLER, REGINA                         PA-4-F-329
MULLER, GEORGE H.                       PA-4-E-485
MULVANON, ADAM                          PA-4-D-187
MULVANON, JOHN                          PA-4-D-136
MUNTZ, GEORGE                           PA-4-E-480
MURPHY, JOHN D.                         PA-4-D-391
MURRAY, ALEXANDER                       PA-4-C-12
MURRAY, JANET                           PA-4-E-358
MURRAY, MARY                            PA-4-F-491
MURRAY, THOMAS                          PA-4-F-315
MURRY, CHARLES                          PA-4-A-161
MUSSER, ABRAHAM                         PA-4-D-236
MUSSER, HENRY                           PA-4-E-421
MUSSER, JACOB                           PA-4-E-491
MUSSER, MICHAEL                         PA-4-A-35
MYRES, FREDERICK                        PA-4-E-370

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