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LAEGLER, GEORGE C.           NTL                          OH-59-3-181
LAMB, JACOB                  NEWTON                       OH-59-D-343
LANE, ABRAHAM                HIGHLAND                     OH-59-D-174
LANE, DUTTON                 NTL                          OH-59-B-334
LANE, GEORGE                 NTL                          OH-59-4-177
LANE, GEORGE W.              CASS                         OH-59-3-488
LANE, JACOB                  MUSKINGUM                    OH-59-3-437
LANE, JACOB                  NTL                          OH-59-B-371
LANE, JESSE                  NTL                          OH-59-3-17
LANE, JOHN W. P.             NTL                          OH-59-6-544
LANE, JOSHUA                 NTL                          OH-59-2-45
LANE, RICHARD                NTL                          OH-59-A-230
LANE, SAMUEL                 HIGHLAND                     OH-59-B-225
LANE, SAMUEL M.              NTL                          OH-59-3-92
LANGAN, GEORGE E.            ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-7-211
LANGHEAD, WILLIAM            WAYNE                        OH-59-6-250
LANGSTAFF, ASA               NTL                          OH-59-2-192
LAPP, HENRY                  ADAMS                        OH-59-5-127
LARGE, CORNELIUS B.          NTL                          OH-59-D-81
LARGE, SAMUEL                PUTNAM                       OH-59-4-253
LARUE, JAMES                 NTL                          OH-59-3-317
LARZELERE, JOSEPH            NTL                          OH-59-4-238
LASURE, GEORGE               NTL                          OH-59-2-325
LASURE, JEROME               NTL                          OH-59-D-149
LASURE, JOHN                 NTL                          OH-59-2-315
LAUNDER, CHARLES             NTL                          OH-59-D-464
LAUNDER, CHARLOTTE           NTL                          OH-59-2-467
LAUNDER, EDWARD              ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-7-271
LAUNDER, MARTHA              ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-1-286
LAUNDER, THOMAS              NTL                          OH-59-D-567
LAUNDER, WILLIAM             ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-D-244
LAWRENCE, GEORGE             NTL                          OH-59-4-136
LAYCOCK, JACOB               NTL                          OH-59-3-546
LAYCOCK, REBECCA             NTL                          OH-59-7-428
LEACH, JOHN E.               ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-530
LEACH, MARY                  NTL                          OH-59-3-480
LEARD, JOHN                  NTL                          OH-59-2-490
LEASURE, HENRY               NTL                          OH-59-7-405
LEASURE, JOSEPH              NTL                          OH-59-6-153
LEATHERWOOD, JANE            PEASE, BELMONT, OH           OH-59-5-501
LEAVENS, JEHU                PUTNAM                       OH-59-B-121
LEDMAN, JAMES                RICH HILL                    OH-59-7-25
LEE, WILLIAM                 ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-3-242
LEEDOM, HANNAH               NTL                          OH-59-D-179
LEEDOM, THOMAS               RICH HILL                    OH-59-1-485
LEFLER, JONAS                NTL                          OH-59-2-514
LEHEU, JOHN                  NTL                          OH-59-B-177
LEHEW, GEORGE W.             SALEM                        OH-59-1-224
LEHEW, MARGARET              NTL                          OH-59-7-175
LEHEW, SPENCER               NTL                          OH-59-2-87
LEHMAN, PHILIP J.            WAYNE                        OH-59-3-310
LEIS, DANIEL SR.             ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-5-161
LEMERT, LABAN                NTL                          OH-59-C-458
LENHART, CHRISTOPHER         NTL                          OH-59-D-255
LENHART, JOHN                NEWTON                       OH-59-B-270
LENHART, WILLIAM M.          NTL                          OH-59-D-139
LENTZ, DANIEL                ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-D-230
LETT, AQUILLA                NTL                          OH-59-D-234
LETT, BENJAMIN               NTL                          OH-59-D-218
LETT, JAMES                  MEIGS                        OH-59-2-85
LETT, MARGARET               NTL                          OH-59-3-315
LEWIS, JOHN                  NTL                          OH-59-1-17
LEWIS, THOMAS                NTL                          OH-59-4-194
LEZURE, ABRAHAM              SPRINGFIELD                  OH-59-B-290
LIMERICK, PATRICK            ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-B-270
LINN, JAMES                  NTL                          OH-59-1-152
LINN, ROBERT                 SALT CREEK                   OH-59-6-458
LINN, ROBERT                 SALT CREEK                   OH-59-D-470
LINNARD, JAMES M.            PHILADELPHIA, PA             OH-59-2-253
LISK, JANE                   NTL                          OH-59-C-116
LITLE, ELIZABETH             MEIGS                        OH-59-5-60
LITTLE, ALEXANDER            NTL                          OH-59-4-248
LITTLE, DAVID                CASS                         OH-59-1-154
LITTLE, JAMES                DRESDEN                      OH-59-7-450
LITTLE, JAMES                NTL, CUYAHOGA, OH            OH-59-1-398
LIVENGOOD, PETER             NTL                          OH-59-1-402
LOGAN, ELIZABETH             NTL                          OH-59-5-539
LOGAN, JOHN                  NTL                          OH-59-3-254
LONG, CHARLES                MADISON                      OH-59-3-95
LONGSHORE, DAVID             BRUSH CREEK                  OH-59-3-361
LONGSTRETH, SARAH E.         NTL                          OH-59-7-407
LONGWELL, JAMES SR.          NTL                          OH-59-B-24
LORIMER, ANDREW              NTL                          OH-59-5-14
LORIMER, ANDREW              UNION                        OH-59-C-293
LORIMER, JOHN M.             NTL                          OH-59-7-478
LOTT, CYRUS                  FALLS                        OH-59-B-188
LOVE, LETTUCE                NTL                          OH-59-C-44
LOVET, DANIEL                NTL                          OH-59-B-261
LOW, SAMUEL B.               ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-1-541
LOWDEN, SAMUEL               MUSKINGUM                    OH-59-6-393
LOWERY, JEREMIAH             NTL                          OH-59-5-279
LOWRY, ANDERSON THOMPSON     NTL                          OH-59-2-106
LOYD, ELI                    CASS                         OH-59-1-237
LUCAS, HIRAM                 HARRISON                     OH-59-7-92
LULL, LEONARD                NTL                          OH-59-3-336
LUMAN, MOSES                 NTL                          OH-59-3-60
LUMB, ABRAHAM                NTL                          OH-59-D-347
LUNSFORD, LEWIS              NTL                          OH-59-B-279
LUSK, HUGH                   ALLEGHENY CITY, ALLEGHENY, PA     OH-59-6-190
LYBRANDT, MATTHEW            NTL, WASHINGTON, OH          OH-59-1-523
LYNCH, EDWARD                NTL                          OH-59-D-420
LYNCH, JANE                  ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-7-533
LYNCH, JOHN                  NTL                          OH-59-D-289
LYNCH, PATRICK               ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-D-236
LYNN, EZEKIEL                FALLS                        OH-59-4-42
LYNN, MARY E.                ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-3-75
LYNN, THOMAS M.              ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-5-446
LYONS, JOHN                  MEIGS                        OH-59-7-457
LYONS, JOHN                  ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-1-204
LYONS, JOHN                  UNION                        OH-59-2-551
LYONS, JULIA A.              HIGH HILL                    OH-59-6-192
LYONS, MARY                  NEW CONCORD                  OH-59-3-221
LYONS, MARY ANN              ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-96
LYONS, PHEBE                 REXSVILLE                    OH-59-4-329
LYONS, ROBERT                MEIGS                        OH-59-2-543
MADDEN, DENNIS               NTL                          OH-59-D-266
MADDEN, HUGH                 NTL                          OH-59-4-489
MADDEN, WILLIAM SR.          NTL                          OH-59-B-191
MAGEE, CHARLES               ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-4-513
MAGER, GEORGE                NTL                          OH-59-B-379
MAGINNIS, DAVID              NTL                          OH-59-1-55
MAGINNIS, THOMAS J.          ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-5-39
MAHAFFEY, SYNTHA A.          NTL, GUERNSEY, OH            OH-59-7-101
MAHER, RICHRD                NTL                          OH-59-C-179
MAHONEY, ANDREW              SONORA                       OH-59-5-300
MAILING, ANDREW              ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-7-373
MALE, THOMAS                 NTL                          OH-59-3-347
MALONE, DAVID                UNION                        OH-59-4-464
MALOY, MARGARET              NTL                          OH-59-C-288
MANEELEY, GEORGE             NTL                          OH-59-3-244
MANELY, JOHN                 NTL                          OH-59-D-569
MANGOLD, ADAM                PERRY                        OH-59-5-72
MANLEY, ELIZABETH            NTL                          OH-59-1-388
MANLEY, JOHN                 NTL                          OH-59-1-160
MANN, WILLIAM                NEWTON                       OH-59-B-227
MAPES, WILLIAM               NTL                          OH-59-D-302
MAPLES, BENJAMIN             NTL                          OH-59-C-425
MARKEE, JOHN                 NTL                          OH-59-D-13
MARLOW, WILLIAM              NTL                          OH-59-2-329
MARQUAND, CHARLES            NTL                          OH-59-1-86
MARQUAND, EMILY              MONROE                       OH-59-6-18
MARQUAND, PETER              NTL                          OH-59-2-425
MARSHALL, RICHARD            NTL                          OH-59-C-362
MARSHALL, THOMAS             NTL                          OH-59-2-107
MARTIN, ALFRED               NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY  OH-59-1-62
MARTIN, ANN                  NTL                          OH-59-1-380
MARTIN, GEORGE               MADISON                      OH-59-3-190
MARTIN, HANNAH HIPPSLY       ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-2-384
MARTIN, ISAAC                NTL                          OH-59-D-143
MARTIN, SAMUEL               ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-3-476
MARTIN, SARAH                ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-571
MASON, PELEG                 NTL                          OH-59-D-357
MAST, JACOB                  TAYLORSVILLE                 OH-59-3-422
MAST, PETER                  WAYNE                        OH-59-6-507
MAST, PETER                  TAYLORSVILLE                 OH-59-3-352
MASTERS, GEORGE              NTL                          OH-59-B-404
MASTERSON, CHARLES           NTL                          OH-59-C-82
MATHEWS, ALFRED              PUTNAM                       OH-59-4-15
MATHEWS, GEORGE              NEWTON                       OH-59-D-423
MATHEWS, HENRY               PUTNAM                       OH-59-D-417
MATHEWS, HIRAM               NTL                          OH-59-2-331
MATHEWS, INCREASE            PUTNAM                       OH-59-1-161
MATHEWS, SARAH               PUTNAM                       OH-59-4-458
MATHEWS, SUSAN               PUTNAM                       OH-59-2-370
MATHEWS, WILLIAM             NTL                          OH-59-D-109
MATTINGLY, JOHN              NTL                          OH-59-4-440
MATTINGLY, JOSEPH            FALLS                        OH-59-5-6
MATTINGLY, SAMUEL            NTL                          OH-59-C-229
MATTINGLY, WILLIAM           MUSKINGUM                    OH-59-1-226
MAUK, ELIZABETH              NTL                          OH-59-D-48
MAUK, GEORGE                 NTL                          OH-59-C-313
MAUK, JACOB                  NEWTON`                      OH-59-D-354
MAUK, WILLIAM                NTL                          OH-59-3-477
MAUTZ, GOTTLIEB              SPRINGFIELD                  OH-59-3-545
MAWHORTER, ROBERT            NTL                          OH-59-6-94
MAWHTEAR, ROBERT             SALT CREEK                   OH-59-D-332
MAXWELL, ROBERT              NTL                          OH-59-5-176
MAXWELL, SAMUEL              NTL                          OH-59-5-132
MCALLISTER, ELIZABETH        NTL                          OH-59-C-12
MCARTHUR, SAMUEL (REV)       NEW CONCORD                  OH-59-5-47
MCBRIDE, WILLIAM             NTL                          OH-59-1-521
MCBRIDE, JOHN                NTL                          OH-59-D-358
MCCADDEN, ANN                SEE: MERVINE, ANN            OH-59-4-406
MCCADDON, MARGARET           FALLS                        OH-59-5-102
MCCADDON, MARGARET           ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-5-55
MCCADDON, WILLIAM            NTL                          OH-59-D-311
MCCAIN, JAMES                MADISON                      OH-59-1-463
MCCALL, MARGARET C.          NTL                          OH-59-3-89
MCCALL, ELIZA                NTL                          OH-59-2-590
MCCALL, THOMAS               NTL                          OH-59-D-154
MCCALL, WILLIAM              MONROE                       OH-59-2-166
MCCAMMON, MARY               NTL                          OH-59-3-91
MCCAMMON, JANE               NTL                          OH-59-2-285
MCCAMMON, MARTHA             NTL                          OH-59-2-197
MCCANN, ALEXANDER            CASS                         OH-59-3-395
MCCANN, ALICE                ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-7-393
MCCANN, DANIEL W.            NTL                          OH-59-6-495
MCCANN, HARRIET              JACKSON                      OH-59-4-357
MCCANN, MARY                 NTL                          OH-59-4-47
MCCANN, SAMUEL               NTL                          OH-59-7-471
MCCANN, SAMUEL               NTL                          OH-59-1-118
MCCANN, SAMUEL A.            NTL                          OH-59-2-72
MCCANN, THOMAS A.            NTL                          OH-59-5-287
MCCANN, ROBERT               JACKSON                      OH-59-C-409
MCCANN, THOMAS               NTL                          OH-59-2-84
MCCARTY, DANIEL              ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-7-440
MCCAUGHEY, SARAH S.          NTL, PERRY, OH               OH-59-1-288
MCCLAIN, BENJAMIN            NTL                          OH-59-C-300
MCCLEARY, JOHN               ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-C-10
MCCLELLAND, JANE             ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-269
MCCLELLAND, WILLIAM          ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-3-172
MCCLELLAND, WILLIAM          UNION                        OH-59-2-359
MCCLINTOCK, WILLIAM          NTL                          OH-59-B-320
MCCLOUD, MARTIN              NTL                          OH-59-1-231
MCCLURE, JOHN                NTL                          OH-59-B-258
MCCLURG, JAMES               MEIGS                        OH-59-1-194
MCCLURG, ROBERT              MEIGS                        OH-59-4-145
MCCONAGHY, MARGARET JANE     NTL                          OH-59-7-13
MCCONAHY, ANNA               NTL                          OH-59-4-70
MCCONAUGHY, ALEXANDER E.     NTL                          OH-59-6-137
MCCONAUGHY, DAVID            NTL                          OH-59-1-295
MCCONNELL, WILLIAM           BRUSH CREEK                  OH-59-3-471
MCCORMAC, ELIZABETH          NTL                          OH-59-5-187
MCCORMAC, SAMUEL             UNION                        OH-59-4-14
MCCORMICK, GEORGE W.         NTL                          OH-59-2-396
MCCORMICK, JAMES             NTL                          OH-59-C-125
MCCORMICK, MARGARET          NTL                          OH-59-2-260
MCCORMICK, MARY              NTL                          OH-59-D-390
MCCOY, LEROY S.              PUTNAM                       OH-59-1-339
MCCOY, MARGARET              NTL                          OH-59-4-33
MCCOY, WILLIAM               PUTNAM                       OH-59-2-465
MCCRACKEN, ROBERT            CREEK                        OH-59-B-393
MCCRACKEN, ALEXANDER         HOPEWELL                     OH-59-D-97
MCCRACKEN, EDMUND B.         NTL                          OH-59-2-206
MCCRACKEN, JOHN              PERRY                        OH-59-C-378
MCCRACKEN, MARY              NTL                          OH-59-D-203
MCCUE, CORNELIUS F.          ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-7-348
MCCULLEY, WILLIAM            NTL                          OH-59-1-374
MCCULLOUCH, JAMES            PHILADELPHIA, PA             OH-59-C-93
MCCULLY, PATRICK             BLUE ROCK                    OH-59-C-26
MCCUNE, SARAH ANN            MONROE                       OH-59-5-322
MCCUTCHEN, JAMES             RICHHILL                     OH-59-2-308
MCCUTCHEN, SAMUEL            NTL                          OH-59-C-117
MCCUTCHEON, JANE             SALT CREEK                   OH-59-1-9
MCDANIEL, CLOBURGH           UNIONTOWN                    OH-59-2-227
MCDONALD, JOHN               NTL                          OH-59-4-351
MCDONALD, JOHN               NTL                          OH-59-7-172
MCDONALD, JOHN               NTL                          OH-59-3-239
MCDONALD, WILLIAM            NEW CONCORD                  OH-59-5-182
MCDONALD, JAMES              NTL                          OH-59-D-66
MCDONALD, JOSEPH             NTL                          OH-59-C-415
MCDONNALD, JOHN              UNION                        OH-59-1-205
MCDONNELL, MICHAEL           ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-4-156
MCELHANEY, HARRIET           UNION                        OH-59-5-190
MCELHINEY, MATTHEW           UNIONTOWN                    OH-59-1-273
MCELHINEY, WILLIAM           PUTNAM                       OH-59-D-378
MCELROY, ARCHIBALD           HOPEWELL                     OH-59-1-150
MCFARLAND, CATHARINE J.      NEWTON                       OH-59-6-20
MCFARLAND, JAMES SR.         NEWTON                       OH-59-B-406
MCFARLAND, JOHN              CASS                         OH-59-5-13
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM           NTL                          OH-59-B-405
MCFARLAND, DAVID             NTL                          OH-59-D-290
MCFEE, JAMES                 MONROE                       OH-59-1-131
MCFEETERS, JAMES B.          NTL                          OH-59-5-103
MCFETERS, JOHN               NTL                          OH-59-D-131
MCGEE, THOMAS                UNION                        OH-59-4-341
MCGEE, JAMES                 NTL                          OH-59-C-107
MCGEE, PATRICK               NTL                          OH-59-C-231
MCGINNIS, MARY               NTL                          OH-59-5-373
MCGLADE, JOHN                NTL                          OH-59-D-494
MCGRADY, THOMAS              NTL                          OH-59-B-408
MCGUIRE, THOMAS              NTL                          OH-59-D-405
MCHENRY, RICHARD             MEIGS                        OH-59-D-26
MCINTIRE, JOHN               NTL                          OH-59-3-319
MCINTIRE, JOHN               ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-B-71
MCJUNKIN, JAMES              WAYNE                        OH-59-6-221
MCJUNKIN, CHARLES            WASHINGTON                   OH-59-D-299
MCKEE, JOHN                  NTL                          OH-59-4-377
MCKEE, JOHN R.               RICH HILL                    OH-59-3-469
MCKEEMAN, EPHRAIM            NTL                          OH-59-4-3
MCKENZIE, GEORGE T.          ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-7-358
MCKINNEY, HIRAM              NTL                          OH-59-1-349
MCKINNEY, JOSEPH             NEW CONCORD                  OH-59-5-255
MCKINNEY, JOSEPH             NEW CONCORD                  OH-59-1-419
MCKINNEY, LETTIE             NEW CONCORD                  OH-59-3-446
MCKINNIE, WALTER             NTL                          OH-59-D-71
MCLAIN, DANIEL               NTL                          OH-59-3-52
MCLAIN, PARTHENIA            NEWTON                       OH-59-7-217
MCLAIN, ALLEN                NTL                          OH-59-D-605
MCLAIN, JACOB                NTL                          OH-59-C-86
MCLAUGHLIN, CHARLES          WEST ZANESVILLE              OH-59-2-176
MCLEES, HANNAH               NTL                          OH-59-2-109
MCLEES, JOSEPH               NTL                          OH-59-D-300
MCMAIN, JOHN                 WASHINGTON                   OH-59-C-289
MCMICHAEL, WILLIAM           NTL                          OH-59-1-240
MCMICHAEL, JAMES             NTL                          OH-59-C-503
MCMORDY, ADAM                NTL                          OH-59-A-5
MCMURRAY, JOHN               UNION                        OH-59-2-32
MCMURRAY, JAMES              NTL                          OH-59-2-440
MCNAMARA, CATHARINE          ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-4-422
MCnAUGHT, JOHNSON            JACKSON                      OH-59-5-56
MCNAUGHTEN, ELIZA            NTL                          OH-59-4-443
MCNAUGHTEN, NANCY J.         NEW CONCORD                  OH-59-3-367
MCNAUGHTEN, WILLIAM          NTL                          OH-59-D-376
MCNEAL, JOHN                 HIGHLAND                     OH-59-B-342
MCNEAL, MARGARET             NTL                          OH-59-6-98
MCNEAL, MARGERY              MUSKINGUM                    OH-59-4-480
MCNEAL, MARGERY              NTL                          OH-59-3-393
MCNEAL, SARAH                NTL                          OH-59-3-454
MCNEAL, ROSS                 NTL                          OH-59-D-145
MCNORY, DAVID                NTL                          OH-59-2-305
MCNULTY, ANTHONY             NTL                          OH-59-4-80
MCNUTT, WILLIAM              WAYNE                        OH-59-2-185
MCVEIGH, JEREMIAH            NTL                          OH-59-D-177
MCVEY, GEORGE                NTL                          OH-59-6-75
MCVEY, ISABELL               NTL                          OH-59-5-512
MEHRMAN, JACOB F.            ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-3-370
MELLER, JOHN                 UNION                        OH-59-2-42
MELONE, JOHN                 UNION                        OH-59-6-426
MeLWEE, MARGARET             NTL                          OH-59-1-460
MENDENAHLL, RICHARD C.       NTL                          OH-59-3-185
MENDENHALL, HANNAH           NTL                          OH-59-C-43
MENDENHALL, JOHN H.          JACKSON                      OH-59-1-431
MENDENHALL, SAMUEL C.        FRAZEYSBURG                  OH-59-6-534
MENK, MARIA                  ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-5-527
MERCER, A. M.                DUNCANS FALLS                OH-59-7-513
MERCER, ANDREW               SALT CREEK                   OH-59-2-113
MERCER, GEORGE               NTL                          OH-59-B-321
MERCER, JACOB                NTL                          OH-59-C-268
MERCER, JAMES                ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-551
MERCER, JAMES M.             WAYNE                        OH-59-4-107
MERCER, JOHN                 WAYNE                        OH-59-1-188
MERCER, LYDIA                WAYNE                        OH-59-1-505
MERCER, SALINA               NTL                          OH-59-C-336
MERKLE, MICHAEL              FALLS                        OH-59-5-324
MERRICK, ALFRED              NTL                          OH-59-3-379
MERVINE, ANN                 PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA     OH-59-4-406
MESSER, BENJAMIN             ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-568
MESSER, EMILY                ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-3-354
METCALF, ALLEN               SPRINGFIELD                  OH-59-1-6
MEVAY, ISABEL                NTL                          OH-59-5-511
MEVAY, NANCY                 SALT CREEK                   OH-59-4-352
MEVEY, ENOCH                 NTL                          OH-59-1-106
MEYER, REBECCA               ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-2-532
MEYERS, JOHN                 ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-407
MICHENER, DAVID              BLUE ROCK                    OH-59-C-101
MILAND, WILLIAM HOLLAND      NTL                          OH-59-4-334
MILES, EVAN                  IRONTON, LAWRENCE, OH        OH-59-6-560
MILLER, ABRAHAM              RICH HILL                    OH-59-3-414
MILLER, ELIZABETH            NTL                          OH-59-4-365
MILLER, JAMES                ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-460
MILLER, JAMES A.             NEW CONCORD                  OH-59-5-461
MILLER, JOHN                 NTL                          OH-59-D-298
MILLER, JOHN                 NTL                          OH-59-D-580
MILLER, JOHN                 UNION                        OH-59-C-185
MILLER, JOHN SR.             RICH HILL                    OH-59-3-82
MILLER, MARY                 NTL                          OH-59-C-195
MILLER, MARY E.              LICKING                      OH-59-4-296
MILLER, MILO                 MUSKINGUM                    OH-59-6-278
MILLER, NANCY                NTL                          OH-59-4-7
MILLER, PHILLIP              NTL                          OH-59-C-36
MILLER, ROBERT               NTL                          OH-59-1-203
MILLER, ROBERT               NEW CONCORD                  OH-59-1-303
MILLIGAN, ELENOR             HIGHLAND                     OH-59-D-416
MILLIS, JAMES                ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-4-496
MILLS, ELIZABETH C.          ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-5-96
MILLS, MARY                  ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-2-168
MILLS, PETER                 ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-D-344
MILSTEAD, MARY               CASS                         OH-59-5-469
MILSTEAD, NANCY              CASS                         OH-59-4-347
MINNER, FREDERICK            MADISON                      OH-59-3-169
MINNICK, SOLOMON             NTL                          OH-59-7-316
MISER, HENRY                 NTL                          OH-59-B-300
MITCHELL, CATHARINE          NTL                          OH-59-2-180
MITCHELL, HANNAH             MEIGS                        OH-59-D-10
MITCHELL, JOHN SR.           NTL                          OH-59-D-424
MITCHELL, ROBERT             NTL                          OH-59-D-293
MITCHELL, SAMUEL             MEIGS                        OH-59-6-329
MITCHELL, THOMAS             MEIGS                        OH-59-C-180
MIX, AMOS                    NTL                          OH-59-D-49
MOCOLLEY, ALEXANDER          PERRY                        OH-59-D-187
MOELLER, FERDINAND J.        ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-3-219
MOFFITT, FRANCIS             NTL                          OH-59-D-220
MONAGHAN, WILLIAM            NTL                          OH-59-1-318
MONROE, DANIEL               RICKHILL                     OH-59-D-102
MONROE, ISAAC                NTL                          OH-59-7-199
MONROE, MARY G.              NTL                          OH-59-2-238
MONROE, PETER                NTL                          OH-59-D-491
MONTGOMERY, CHARLES P.       ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-1-401
MONTGOMERY, JOHN             NTL                          OH-59-1-371
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM          NTL, MADISON, OH             OH-59-B-197
MOORE, AMOS                  NTL                          OH-59-5-105
MOORE, ANDREW                NTL                          OH-59-B-286
MOORE, BENJAMIN              NTL                          OH-59-2-575
MOORE, ELIZA F.              RICH HILL                    OH-59-4-215
MOORE, HARRIET               SPRINGFIELD                  OH-59-3-316
MOORE, JAMES                 LICKING                      OH-59-4-79
MOORE, JAMES                 WASHINGTON                   OH-59-1-455
MOORE, JAMES                 RICHHILL                     OH-59-2-414
MOORE, JAMES S.              SALT CREEK                   OH-59-4-88
MOORE, JAMES T.              HOPEWELL                     OH-59-7-350
MOORE, JANE M.               SALT CREEK                   OH-59-4-309
MOORE, JOHN                  TAYLORSVILLE                 OH-59-6-529
MOORE, JOHN                  NTL                          OH-59-1-509
MOORE, JOHN                  MEIGS                        OH-59-5-265
MOORE, JOHN                  NTL                          OH-59-B-376
MOORE, JOHN                  NTL                          OH-59-D-104
MOORE, JONATHAN              NTL                          OH-59-2-534
MOORE, JOSEPH                RICHHILL                     OH-59-D-370
MOORE, JOSIAH F.             NTL                          OH-59-1-263
MOORE, LEWIS                 SPRINGFIELD                  OH-59-3-474
MOORE, MARY E.               ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-C-147
MOORE, PHILIP                CHANDLERSVILLE               OH-59-1-169
MOORE, ROBERT                NTL                          OH-59-B-239
MOORE, ROBERT                NTL                          OH-59-2-345
MOORE, S. JACOBS             ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-3-322
MOORE, SAMUEL P.             UNION                        OH-59-6-227
MOORE, THOMAS                NTL, WASHINGTON, PA          OH-59-1-437
MOORE, THOMAS S.             NTL                          OH-59-5-148
MOORE, WILLIAM               NTL                          OH-59-B-182
MOORE, WILLIAM H.            PUTNAM                       OH-59-1-322
MOORE, WILLIAM H.            NTL                          OH-59-2-1
MOOREHEAD, DAVID             UNION                        OH-59-3-362
MOOREHEAD, FRANCIS           RICH HILL                    OH-59-3-283
MOOREHEAD, JAMES             NTL                          OH-59-3-455
MOOREHEAD, JOHN              NTL                          OH-59-C-168
MOOREHEAD, JOSEPH            NTL                          OH-59-1-31
MOOREHEAD, MARY A.           ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-5-67
MOOREHEAD, MOSES             NTL                          OH-59-1-292
MOOREHEAD, ROBERT            NTL                          OH-59-D-331
MOOREHEAD, THOMAS L.         ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-232
MOORHEAD, EDMUND P.          ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-7-523
MORGAN, CLEMENT              HOPEWELL                     OH-59-B-47
MORGAN, GEORGE               NTL                          OH-59-D-475
MORGAN, JAMES                CASS                         OH-59-3-15
MORGAN, JANE                 NTL                          OH-59-3-44
MORGAN, JOSHUA               NTL                          OH-59-B-332
MORGAN, MARY                 NTL                          OH-59-4-97
MORGAN, MORGAN               NTL                          OH-59-2-117
MORGAN, SUSANNAH             CASS                         OH-59-6-558
MORRISON, ALEXANDER          NTL                          OH-59-B-275
MORRISON, ELIZABETH          NTL                          OH-59-4-85
MORRISON, ROBERT             NTL                          OH-59-D-502
MORRISON, WILLIAM A.         HOPEWELL                     OH-59-7-498
MORROW, BARBARA              ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-178
MORROW, JAMES                NTL                          OH-59-3-401
MORROW, MARIA                MONROE                       OH-59-4-71
MORROW, ROBERT               NTL                          OH-59-2-339
MOSSGROVE, ANN               NTL                          OH-59-5-91
MOUNT, JAMES                 SALT CREEK                   OH-59-C-79
MOYER, MARY A.               NTL                          OH-59-3-197
MOYERS, HENRY                NTL                          OH-59-C-319
MUEHL, GEORGE F.             NTL                          OH-59-2-301
MUHLFIELD, KILIAN            NTL                          OH-59-D-130
MULLEN, JOHN SR.             NTL                          OH-59-D-285
MULVENEY, CHRISTOPHER        NTL                          OH-59-3-267
MULVEY, PATRICK              ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-3-200
MUNCH, WILLIAM               PUTNAM                       OH-59-3-561
MUNDAY, JAMES                NTL                          OH-59-3-168
MUNRO, WILLIAM               ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-3-580
MUNROE, JOSEPH F.            NTL                          OH-59-D-191
MURPHY, DANIEL               SALT CREEK                   OH-59-5-77
MURPHY, DORCAS ANN           MEIGS                        OH-59-3-47
MURPHY, JOHN F.              ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-4-444
MUSSELMAN, DAVID             NTL                          OH-59-D-103
MUSSELMAN, HENRY             FALLS                        OH-59-5-149
MUTCHELAR, HENRY             NTL                          OH-59-4-375
MUTCHLER, MATILDA            NTL                          OH-59-7-526
MYLIUS, GUSTAVUS             ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-7-398
NASH, MARY                   NTL                          OH-59-C-110
NEFF, CHRISTIAN              NTL                          OH-59-1-498
NEFF, JAMES C.               NTL                          OH-59-5-547
NELSON, ARCHIBALD            NTL                          OH-59-1-527
NESBAUM, CATHARINE           NEWTON                       OH-59-D-436
NESBAUM, ELI                 ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-4-405
NETHERS, GEORGE              JACKSON                      OH-59-7-339
NEVITT, ELLEN F.             ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-4-218
NEVITT, THOMAS F.            ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-5-532
NEW, FREDERICK               ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-169
NICHOLAS, EDWARD             NTL                          OH-59-C-143
NICHOLS, JOHN                BLUE ROCK                    OH-59-B-412
NICOL, FREDERICK             PHILADELPHIA, PA             OH-59-6-207
NIKLAS, HENRY                ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-3-199
NOBLE, WILLIAM               NTL                          OH-59-D-6
NOONEN, JOHN                 NTL                          OH-59-D-250
NORMAN, DANIEL O.            HOPEWELL                     OH-59-6-455
NORRIS, CATHARINE            FRAZEYSBURGH                 OH-59-6-384
NORRIS, ELIAS                FRAZEYSBURG                  OH-59-4-421
NORRIS, THOMAS               NASHPORT                     OH-59-3-390
NORTHEN, EDMUND              NTL                          OH-59-1-554
NORTHOVER, EMMA              ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-7-415
NORTHOVER, JOSEPH P.         NTL                          OH-59-5-118
NORTHOVER, SARAH             SOUTH ZANESVILLE             OH-59-3-77
NYE, FREDERICK               SEE: NEW, FREDERICK          OH-59-6-169
NYE, HORACE (MAJ.)           PUTNAM                       OH-59-1-346
NYE, LEWIS                   NEWTON                       OH-59-B-29
NYE, LUCINDA                 PUTNAM                       OH-59-3-450
OCONNER, JOHN                ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-4-62
ODEN, JOSIAH                 CASS                         OH-59-3-26
OFFENBACKER, MICHAEL         WAYNE                        OH-59-4-230
OFFENBECKER, PHILLIP         HARRISON                     OH-59-5-229
OFFICER, JOHN                HIGHLAND                     OH-59-D-587
OFFICER, ROBERT              NTL                          OH-59-C-339
OGAN, EVAN                   RICH HILL                    OH-59-3-176
OGENBAUGH, JAMES             NTL                          OH-59-2-118
OGLE, FIRMAN S.              FRAZEYSBURG                  OH-59-5-75
OGLE, JAMES                  NTL                          OH-59-2-540
OGLE, MARY                   CASS                         OH-59-6-133
OHARA, MICHAEL               NTL                          OH-59-D-500
OLINGER, GEORGE              MADISON                      OH-59-A-137
OLIVE, DAVID                 NEWTON                       OH-59-6-490
OLLIVER, JANE                ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-C-47
OLSON, HENRY                 MONROE                       OH-59-5-492
ONEILL, PATRICK              NTL                          OH-59-3-237
ONG, OLIVER C.               KANSAS CITY, JACKSON,  MO    OH-59-6-163
ONSTOL, JACOB                MEGGS                        OH-59-C-416
ONSTOTT, JACOB               MEIGS                        OH-59-D-322
ORR, SAMUEL                  NTL                          OH-59-D-98
OSBORN, FREDERICK            NTL                          OH-59-2-116
OSBORN, JEFFERSON            NTL, MORGAN, OH              OH-59-4-73
OSLER, LYDIA                 NTL                          OH-59-4-185
OWENS, GEORGE W. SR.         NTL                          OH-59-7-324
OYSTER, JEREMIAH             NEWTON                       OH-59-4-12
PAHLER, FRANCES              NTL                          OH-59-1-424
PAINE, JOHN                  NTL                          OH-59-5-563
PAINE, MARGARET              NTL                          OH-59-5-66
PAKE, MARIA                  FALLS                        OH-59-5-545
PAKE, PETER                  NTL                          OH-59-C-240
PAKE, SOPHIA                 NTL                          OH-59-4-372
PALMER, ELIAKIM              NTL                          OH-59-C-31
PANCOURT, JOSEPH W.          ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-C-98
PANSLER, WILLIAM             NTL                          OH-59-3-67
PARAMLEE, HANNAH             DUNCANS FALLS                OH-59-6-36
PARDEY, CHAUNCEY A.          DRESDEN                      OH-59-D-186
PARKE, URIAH                 NTL                          OH-59-D-364
PARKER, MARGARET             BLUE ROCK                    OH-59-5-475
PARKER, SAMUEL               ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-C-104
PARKS, WILLIAM               NTL                          OH-59-5-251
PARSONS, MARGARET            ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-4-465
PASSMORE, JAMES              NTL                          OH-59-C-318
PASSMORE, JOSEPH             PERRY                        OH-59-B-315
PATTERSON, ALFRED            NTL                          OH-59-7-321
PATTERSON, HUGH              NTL                          OH-59-4-392
PATTERSON, HUGH              NEW CONCORD                  OH-59-4-287
PATTERSON, MARY              NEW CONCORD                  OH-59-5-481
PAUL, MARY A.                NTL                          OH-59-7-515
PAUL, PETER                  WAYNE                        OH-59-6-333
PAXTON, THOMAS               NTL                          OH-59-C-135
PAYNE, THOMPSON              NTL                          OH-59-7-337
PEABODY, JEREMIAH D.         ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-4-216
PEABODY, PHEBE               ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-2-75
PEACH, RICHARD J.            NTL                          OH-59-5-576
PEAIRS, ALICE S.             NTL                          OH-59-6-4
PEAIRS, DAVID                SALT CREEK                   OH-59-2-7
PEAIRS, JOHN                 DUNCANS FALLS                OH-59-6-416
PEAIRS, JOSEPH               DUNCANS FALLS                OH-59-4-479
PEAIRS, MARY                 NTL                          OH-59-4-201
PEAIRS, SARAH H.             DUNCANS FALLS                OH-59-7-158
PEARSON, ENOCH               MEIGS                        OH-59-3-552
PEIRCE, JAMES                MEIGS                        OH-59-2-556
PEIRCE, LEWELLEN             SALT CREEK                   OH-59-1-178
PELIZAEUS, AUGUST F.         ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-3-117
PENCE, SUSANNAH              DRESDEN                      OH-59-7-254
PERDEW, ABNER                HARRISON                     OH-59-5-52
PEREGOY, HENRY               NTL                          OH-59-D-453
PERINE, MARY                 NTL                          OH-59-1-163
PERRY, WILLIAM               NTL                          OH-59-D-198
PETER, BERNHARD              WAYNE                        OH-59-3-42
PETERS, ADAM                 ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-1-387
PETERS, CHARLOTTE A.         ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-299
PETERS, JOHN                 WEST ZANESVILLE              OH-59-3-193
PETERS, JOSEPH               WAYNE                        OH-59-4-487
PETERS, MARIA                ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-5-297
PETERS, MARTIN               NTL                          OH-59-1-254
PETERS, WILLIAM              NTL                          OH-59-D-205
PETTY, CHARLES               LICKING                      OH-59-D-124
PETZOLD, GOTTLOB             ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-3-256
PEYTON, JOANNA               CHANDLERSVILLE               OH-59-7-1
PFEIGER, XAVIER              ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-7-27
PHILBEE, MOSES               NTL                          OH-59-1-343
PHILLIS, JANE                NTL                          OH-59-6-125
PIERCE, JONATHAN             CHANDLERSVILLE               OH-59-1-146
PIERCE, LEWELLEN             NTL                          OH-59-5-198
PIERCE, LEWIS                RICH HILL                    OH-59-B-316
PIERCE, MARGARET             NEWTON                       OH-59-D-516
PIERCE, PHILIP               DUNCANS FALLS                OH-59-7-53
PIERSON, DAVID A.            CASS                         OH-59-5-3
PIERSON, LEWIS M.            NTL                          OH-59-1-212
PILLSBURY, DANIEL B.         HOPEWELL                     OH-59-2-172
PITCOCK, DAVID               NTL                          OH-59-4-26
PLANTS, JOHN                 NTL                          OH-59-4-137
PLANTS, NATHAN R.            NTL                          OH-59-7-412
PLETCHER, LEWIS              CLAY                         OH-59-7-81
PLUMMER, JOSHUA              NEWTON                       OH-59-1-182
POLAND, SAMUEL M.            NTL                          OH-59-5-233
POLLOCK, GEORGE W.           NTL                          OH-59-2-390
POLLOCK, JOHN P.             NTL                          OH-59-2-303
POMPEY, JOHN                 MONROE                       OH-59-D-465
PORTER, ELIZABETH ANN        NTL                          OH-59-D-351
PORTER, PHILIP               NTL                          OH-59-B-144
PORTER, REBECCA S.           NTL                          OH-59-3-335
PORTER, SILVUS               NTL                          OH-59-4-221
PORTER, WILLIAM              NTL                          OH-59-4-384
POTWIN, CHARLES W.           ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-7-285
POTWIN, JOHN S.              PUTNAM                       OH-59-3-148
POWELL, CASPER               NTL                          OH-59-1-155
POWELL, JOSEPHUS             NEWTON                       OH-59-6-520
POWELL, WILLIAM              UNION                        OH-59-5-93
PRATT, ROSE ANN              ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-5-519
PRESCOTT, HENRY              BRUSH CREEK                  OH-59-3-156
PRESGRAVES, GEORGE           NTL                          OH-59-D-167
PRESGRAVES, LYDIA            NTL                          OH-59-4-225
PRICE, JOHN                  DEERFIELD, MORGAN, OH        OH-59-D-39
PRICE, MARY                  NTL                          OH-59-C-167
PRIER, JOHN                  NTL                          OH-59-B-283
PRINGLE, GEORGE WASH. (DR)   NTL                          OH-59-4-162
PRINGLE, WILLIAM             NTL                          OH-59-4-361
PRINTZ, ALFRED               ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-C-306
PRINTZ, MARY A.              NTL                          OH-59-4-160
PRINTZ, PETER                ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-D-222
PRINZ, JOHN ADAM             DRESDEN                      OH-59-1-96
PRIOR, JOHN                  NTL                          OH-59-D-144
PRIOR, MARION JEANNETTE      NTL, ROSS, OH                OH-59-5-389
PRIOR, MARY                  MOUNT STERLING               OH-59-2-513
PRIOR, TIMOTHY               WASHINGTON                   OH-59-2-68
PROCTER, JOB                 BLUE ROCK                    OH-59-1-266
PROCTOR, DANIEL              BLUE ROCK                    OH-59-2-320
PROCTOR, DEBORAH             NTL                          OH-59-4-98
PROCTOR, DEBORAH A.          BLUE ROCK                    OH-59-7-346
PROCTOR, JANE                NTL                          OH-59-5-277
PROSSER, ANN                 ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-160
PROUDFIT, JOHN B.            NTL                          OH-59-7-354
PRYOR, WILLIAM               LICKING                      OH-59-4-30
PURCELL, AMERICA             ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-5-71
PURCELL, ELIZA               ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-550
PURCELL, HARRIET             ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-7-135
PURCELL, HELEN               ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-129
PURDY, ELIZABETH             NTL                          OH-59-1-470
PUTNAM, RUFUS                MARIATTI                     OH-59-D-115
PYLE, JOHN                   NTL                          OH-59-5-141
PYLE, REUBEN                 BLUE ROCK                    OH-59-D-106
QUA, MARY                    RICHHILL                     OH-59-C-158
RADDIN, BENJAMIN             NTL                          OH-59-D-449
RAINBOW, ANN                 NTL                          OH-59-D-292
RAINBOW, RICHARD             NTL                          OH-59-C-330
RAISCH, ADAM                 ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-1-98
RAMBO, JOSEPH                NTL                          OH-59-5-87
RAMEY, EDITH                 NTL                          OH-59-D-369
RAMEY, JOHN                  WAYNE                        OH-59-C-74
RAMEY, SANFORD               NTL                          OH-59-1-36
RAMEY, SUSAN                 FALLS                        OH-59-5-30
RAMSEY, THOMAS               MADISON                      OH-59-B-16
RAMSEY, WILLIAM              NTL                          OH-59-5-473
RANDALL, ABEL                NTL                          OH-59-2-213
RANDALL, JOHN                ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-3-577
RANDALL, JOHN                RICHHILL                     OH-59-D-388
RANDOLF, JOHN                NEWTON                       OH-59-A-211
RANKIN, GEORGE W.            NTL                          OH-59-2-531
RANKIN, THOMAS               NTL                          OH-59-C-155
RANNEY, DAVID Z.             ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-5-495
RAQUET, JOHN                 BRUSH CREEK                  OH-59-2-373
RARICK, CASPER               SPRINGFIELD                  OH-59-3-223
RATH, CORINTHA               NTL                          OH-59-4-510
RATH, SOPHIA                 NTL                          OH-59-6-38
RAY, GEORGE                  NTL                          OH-59-2-38
RAY, MARY                    NTL                          OH-59-3-207
RAY, WILLIAM R.              RICH HILL                    OH-59-7-501
RAY, WILLIAM S.              NTL                          OH-59-2-30
RAY, ZEBULON B.              DRESDEN                      OH-59-4-69
REA, THOMPSON                NTL                          OH-59-D-56
REAMY, JACOB A.              NTL                          OH-59-3-180
REASONER, SOLOMON            UNION                        OH-59-1-35
RECHEL, PETER                SALEM                        OH-59-2-173
RECHEL, PHILIP               SALEM                        OH-59-6-562
REDDICK, SUSAN               HOPEWELL                     OH-59-2-485
REDMAN, JESSE                HOPEWELL                     OH-59-2-138
REED, ARTHUR                 ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-D-400
REED, DAVID                  NTL                          OH-59-D-409
REED, DAVIS                  BLUE ROCK                    OH-59-5-526
REED, ELLIS                  SALT CREEK                   OH-59-2-458
REED, HORACE                 PUTNAM                       OH-59-B-301
REED, JANE                   NTL                          OH-59-4-512
REED, JOHN                   HOPEWELL                     OH-59-D-493
REED, MARGARET               NTL                          OH-59-4-500
REED, MATTHEW                CECIL, WASHINGTON, PA        OH-59-4-327
REED, RACHEL                 UNION                        OH-59-1-501
REED, RICHARD SR.            FALLS                        OH-59-2-195
REED, WILLIAM HARRIS         SALT CREEK                   OH-59-2-496
REES, BAILEY                 NEWTON                       OH-59-4-511
REES, JACOB SR.              NTL                          OH-59-2-112
REES, SOLOMON                SPRINGFIELD                  OH-59-6-540
REESE, JANE NEWMAN           NTL                          OH-59-D-459
REESE, THOMAS                SPRINGFIELD                  OH-59-D-111
REHL, JACOB                  SPRINGFIELD                  OH-59-6-515
REILLEY, CATHARINE           ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-7-163
REIS, FRANK                  FALLS                        OH-59-4-169
REMSON, ISAAC                NEWTON                       OH-59-B-319
REPLOGLE, HENRY              ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-1-250
RHODES, ELIZABETH J.         NTL                          OH-59-6-334
RICHARDS, IMRI               ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-4-376
RICHARDS, SAMUEL             NTL                          OH-59-D-566
RICHARDSON, DAVID            NTL                          OH-59-1-336
RICHARDSON, JESSE            NTL                          OH-59-C-235
RICHARDSON, MARTIN           SPRINGFIELD                  OH-59-2-273
RICHCREEK PHILIP             PERRY                        OH-59-C-408
RICHERD, JACOB               NTL                          OH-59-B-246
RICHEY, ANDREW               SPRINGFIELD                  OH-59-B-289
RICHEY, BENJAMIN F.          RICH HILL                    OH-59-5-121
RICHEY, GEORGE               UNION                        OH-59-C-45
RICHEY, JOHN                 SALT CREEK                   OH-59-1-46
RICHEY, JOHN                 SALT CREEK                   OH-59-1-342
RICHEY, WILLIAM E.           UNION                        OH-59-3-374
RICHMAN, MATHIAS             NTL                          OH-59-6-149
RICKER, JAMES                NTL, PA                      OH-59-A-227
RIDDILE, JOSEPH S.           UNION                        OH-59-6-517
RIDER, ADAM                  CLAY                         OH-59-7-305
RIDER, ADAM SR.              CLAY                         OH-59-1-82
RIDER, CHARLES               CLAY                         OH-59-6-474
RIDER, MARY JANE             CLAY                         OH-59-4-193
RIDGE, ASA                   NTL                          OH-59-4-360
RIDGELY, CHARLES             UNIONTOWN                    OH-59-D-613
RIEGER, GEORGE               ADAMS                        OH-59-5-468
RILEY, SAMUEL                NTL                          OH-59-4-173
RILEY, WILLIAM               NTL, WASHINGTON, OH          OH-59-C-162
RILEY, WILLIAM F.            NEWTON                       OH-59-2-56
RINK, MARTIN                 SPRINGFIELD                  OH-59-4-378
RINK, MARY V.                NTL                          OH-59-4-266
RISHTINE, ESTHER             MOUNT GILEAD                 OH-59-7-480
RISLEY, AMOS                 ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-2-432
ROACH, JOHN                  ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-539
ROBB, JAMES K.               HIGHLAND                     OH-59-2-570
ROBERTS, CHARLES             NTL                          OH-59-5-166
ROBERTS, CHARLES SR.         NTL                          OH-59-1-1
ROBERTS, HENRY               NTL                          OH-59-D-410
ROBERTS, JOHN                NTL, MORGAN, OH              OH-59-5-330
ROBERTS, JOHN                ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-C-401
ROBERTS, JOHN                NTL                          OH-59-2-333
ROBERTS, JOHN G.             NTL                          OH-59-4-181
ROBERTS, JUSTUS              ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-3-39
ROBERTS, KERREN H.           NEWTON                       OH-59-4-427
ROBERTS, NATHAN              ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-C-76
ROBERTS, RACHEL E.           NEWTON                       OH-59-4-49
ROBERTS, REBECCA             NTL                          OH-59-C-178
ROBERTS, SARAH               NTL                          OH-59-D-214
ROBERTS, WILLIAM             NTL                          OH-59-1-587
ROBERTS, WILLIAM R.          NEWTON                       OH-59-C-48
ROBERTS, WILLIAM R.          NTL                          OH-59-2-353
ROBERTSON, JOHN              NTL                          OH-59-C-120
ROBERTSON, JOSEPH            ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-3-234
ROBERTSON, MOSES B.          NTL                          OH-59-7-3
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM           NTL                          OH-59-C-146
ROBINETT, JOHN               NTL                          OH-59-C-66
ROBINS, JANE H.              ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-198
ROBINSON, GEORGE             RICHHILL                     OH-59-2-581
ROBINSON, ISAAC              NTL                          OH-59-1-370
ROBINSON, ISRAEL             NTL                          OH-59-D-73
ROBINSON, ROBERT             RICH HILL                    OH-59-4-294
ROCK, PETER                  FALLS                        OH-59-3-233
RODECKER, MORRIS             ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-2-251
RODMAN, CHRISTIANNA C.       SPRINGFIELD                  OH-59-2-131
RODMAN, JOHN                 NTL                          OH-59-D-484
RODMAN, JOSEPH               SPRING                       OH-59-D-579
RODMAN, SCAMON               SPRINGFIELD                  OH-59-D-155
RODMAN, STEPHEN              NTL                          OH-59-C-264
ROE, JESSE                   NTL                          OH-59-B-349
ROEKEL, HENRY                ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-5-311
ROEMER, BERNHARDT            TAYLORSVILLE                 OH-59-3-14
ROFF, ELIZABETH              NEW CONCORD                  OH-59-7-282
ROGERS, CHARLES H.           ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-576
ROGERS, JOHN L.              ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-22
ROGGE, F. HENRY              ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-3-40
ROHRER, MARTIN               NTL                          OH-59-D-52
ROLL, IGNATIOUS              WAYNE                        OH-59-2-146
ROLL, JOSEPH                 WAYNE                        OH-59-1-236
ROLLAR, JACB SR.             ADAMS                        OH-59-1-287
ROMINE, DANIEL               NTL                          OH-59-5-238
ROSE, ELIZABETH              PLATTEVILLE, GRANT, WI       OH-59-5-246
ROSE, JACOB R.               NTL                          OH-59-3-260
ROSE, JOHN                   NTL                          OH-59-D-59
ROSS, ALEXANDER C.           ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-5-243
ROSS, ANN                    RICHHILL                     OH-59-2-200
ROSS, AVORY                  NTL                          OH-59-5-204
ROSS, DAVID                  NTL                          OH-59-2-90
ROSS, FRANKLIN P.            NTL                          OH-59-C-259
ROSS, GILBERT                MADISON                      OH-59-2-125
ROSS, JOHN                   ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-1-280
ROSS, JOHN                   MEIGS                        OH-59-1-183
ROSS, LYMAN                  SALEM                        OH-59-B-384
ROSS, SARAH                  RIX MILLS                    OH-59-7-138
ROSSDEE, JOHN                HIGHLAND                     OH-59-C-18
ROUSH, MARY                  NTL                          OH-59-3-230
ROWND, HENRY J.              COLUMBUS, FRANKLIN, OH       OH-59-6-578
ROY, ADAM                    NTL                          OH-59-3-252
ROYSE, MOSES                 ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-4-396
RUCKLE, MICHAEL              NTL                          OH-59-D-173
RUDY, RUDOLPH                NTL                          OH-59-4-472
RUPP, ANTON                  ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-3-173
RUSE, DAVID                  NTL                          OH-59-3-133
RUSSELL, HENRY               ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-4-268
RUSSELL, PHILIP              NTL                          OH-59-1-93
RUSSELL, WILLIAM             NTL                          OH-59-2-573
RUTHRAUFF, MARY Y.           ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-4-380
RUTLEDGE, GEORGE             MOUNT STARLING               OH-59-2-268
RUTLIDE, WILLIAM             NTL                          OH-59-D-312
RYAN, EBENEZER               NTL                          OH-59-B-346
RYAN, RICHARD                ZANESVILLE                   OH-59-6-194

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