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ABBOTT, JANE                            OH-59-1-334
ABBOTT, JOHN F.                         OH-59-2-565
ABELL, WILLIAM G.                       OH-59-7-259
ACHAUER, JACOB                          OH-59-1-317
ACHESON, DAVID                          OH-59-D-355
ACHESON, EBENEZER                       OH-59-2-15
ACHESON, JOHN                           OH-59-C-126
ACHESON, MARY                           OH-59-1-275
ACHESON, ROBERT                         OH-59-D-268
ACHISON, JAMES R.                       OH-59-1-440
ADAMS, BENJAMIN                         OH-59-1-258
ADAMS, EDWARD                           OH-59-1-496
ADAMS, EDWIN                            OH-59-1-281
ADAMS, ELLEN                            OH-59-6-304
ADAMS, GEORGE W.                        OH-59-4-414
ADAMS, JAMES T.                         OH-59-7-73
ADAMS, JOHN A.                          OH-59-3-584
ADAMS, LITTLETON                        OH-59-7-263
ADAMS, LITTLETON                        OH-59-C-384
ADAMS, MORDICECAI                       OH-59-D-324
ADAMS, ROBERT S.                        OH-59-1-109
ADAMS, SOPHIA H.                        OH-59-4-476
ADAMSON, FREDERICK                      OH-59-C-252
ADAMSON, WASHINGTON                     OH-59-5-406
ADDISON, AGNES                          OH-59-D-78
ADDISON, JACOB                          OH-59-C-331
ADDISON, JOHN                           OH-59-4-190
ADDISON, RICHARD                        OH-59-2-194
AILES, SAMUEL                           OH-59-C-61
AITKIN, PHEBE                           OH-59-4-2
AKIN, OLIVER                            OH-59-C-171
ALER, JACOB F.                          OH-59-2-218
ALER, JOHN J.                           OH-59-4-101
ALEXANDER, MARY                         OH-59-3-554
ALEXANDER, SAWNEY                       OH-59-D-243
ALLBRIGHT, WILLIAM                      OH-59-6-477
ALLEN, JANE S.                          OH-59-6-93
ALLEN, JOHN                             OH-59-4-205
ALLEN, JOSEPH                           OH-59-B-230
ALLEN, JOSEPH                           OH-59-D-160
ALLEN, JOSIAH B.                        OH-59-6-183
ALLEN, LEANDER                          OH-59-5-158
ALLEN, ROBERT                           OH-59-D-61
ALLEN, ROBERT SR.                       OH-59-5-289
ALLEN, SAMUEL                           OH-59-4-186
ALLEN, SAMUEL                           OH-59-2-523
ALLEN, THOMAS                           OH-59-B-302
ALLEN, WILLIAM                          OH-59-6-504
ALLWINE, JOHN                           OH-59-B-172
ALTER, JOHN                             OH-59-4-407
ALWINE, WESTLE                          OH-59-C-377
AMEND, ANTHONY                          OH-59-B-223
AMORY, EDWARD                           OH-59-A-1
ANDERSON, CHRISTENA                     OH-59-6-229
ANDERSON, CORNELIUS                     OH-59-3-558
ANDERSON, DERRICK                       OH-59-3-247
ANDERSON, JHN                           OH-59-3-162
ANDERSON, SAMUEL C.                     OH-59-2-424
ANDERSON, SARAH                         OH-59-2-471
ANSON, DAVID                            OH-59-D-413
ANSON, DORCAS                           OH-59-1-487
ANSPACH, BARBARA                        OH-59-1-155
ANSPACH, JOHN                           OH-59-C-253
APLIN, BENJAMIN                         OH-59-D-20
ARMBURST, MATHIAS                       OH-59-6-100
ARMSTRONG, ALEXANDER                    OH-59-1-271
ARMSTRONG, ALEXANDER T.                 OH-59-1-357
ARMSTRONG, CHRISTOPHER                  OH-59-C-310
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                        OH-59-B-328
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         OH-59-1-536
ARMSTRONG, LESSLEY                      OH-59-2-357
ARMSTRONG, LYDIA A.                     OH-59-6-508
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                       OH-59-B-13
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                       OH-59-2-400
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                       OH-59-3-80
ARNOLD, JOHN                            OH-59-C-412
ARNOLD, LETTICIA                        OH-59-D-460
ARTER, ABRAHAM                          OH-59-5-38
ARTER, JOHN                             OH-59-B-279
ASHMORE, WILLIAM                        OH-59-2-234
ASHTON, JAMES                           OH-59-D-16
ASKEW, JOSEPH                           OH-59-C-154
ASTON, CHARLES YOUNG                    OH-59-4-433
ASTON, VIRGINIA R.                      OH-59-6-40
ATCHINSON, ALANSON                      OH-59-1-15
ATCHINSON, JOHN                         OH-59-7-208
ATCHINSON, REUBEN                       OH-59-C-495
ATCHISON, JOHN                          OH-59-4-459
ATCHISON, MATHEW                        OH-59-3-110
ATCHISON, SAMUEL                        OH-59-6-391
ATHERTON, CHARLES T.                    OH-59-7-383
ATKINSON, SAMUEL                        OH-59-4-229
ATKINSON, WATSON                        OH-59-5-186
ATWELL, NANCY                           OH-59-7-374
ATWOOD, DANIEL W.                       OH-59-7-43
AULD, JOHN                              OH-59-C-438
AULD, MARY                              OH-59-D-163
AULT, JOHN SR.                          OH-59-3-353
AUSTIN, JAMES W.                        OH-59-2-313
AXLINE, JOHN                            OH-59-5-239
AXLINE, ROSANNA                         OH-59-6-433
AXLINE, SUSANNAH                        OH-59-4-250
AXLINE, WILLIAM                         OH-59-5-383
AYERS, MONROE                           OH-59-7-104
AYRES, MOSES                            OH-59-2-366
AYRES, WILLIAM                          OH-59-2-269
BADWELL, ELIZABETH                      OH-59-6-364
BAGLEY, BENJAMIN                        OH-59-6-23
BAILEY, DANIEL H.                       OH-59-7-240
BAILEY, JOHN                            OH-59-6-326
BAILEY, LEONARD P.                      OH-59-6-256
BAILEY, LYDIA                           OH-59-2-24
BAILEY, MARY ANN                        OH-59-7-9
BAILEY, WILLIAM HOWARD                  OH-59-7-64
BAIN, CATHARINE                         OH-59-4-387
BAIN, ZACHARIAH                         OH-59-1-306
BAINTER, DAVID                          OH-59-2-153
BAINTER, JOHN                           OH-59-D-164
BAINTER, JOHN B.                        OH-59-7-409
BAIRD, ELIZABETH                        OH-59-1-70
BAIRD, HUGH                             OH-59-A-140
BAIRD, SARAH D.                         OH-59-4-482
BAKER, ADAM                             OH-59-4-112
BAKER, ALONSON                          OH-59-D-125
BAKER, GEORGE                           OH-59-5-139
BAKER, JACOB                            OH-59-6-556
BAKER, JACOB                            OH-59-C-226
BAKER, JOHN PHILIP                      OH-59-B-353
BAKER, NATHAN                           OH-59-B-361
BAKER, SAMUEL                           OH-59-D-208
BALL, ALBERT S.                         OH-59-5-23
BALLARD, TURNER                         OH-59-4-395
BAMFORD, JOHN                           OH-59-1-502
BARCROFT, SAMUEL                        OH-59-D-199
BARNES, GRACE                           OH-59-2-422
BARNETT, JAMES SR.                      OH-59-4-219
BARR, HAYES                             OH-59-6-116
BARR, JOHN                              OH-59-7-85
BARR, LOTT                              OH-59-C-138
BARR, SAMUEL                            OH-59-6-362
BARR, SIDNEY                            OH-59-2-529
BARRETT, CATHARINE                      OH-59-6-485
BARRETT, WILLIAM                        OH-59-2-159
BARRON, THOMAS                          OH-59-B-310
BARTELS, GEORGE                         OH-59-3-349
BARTON, BENJAMIN                        OH-59-2-310
BARTON, HULDA                           OH-59-3-464
BARTON, SAMUEL A.                       OH-59-7-97
BARTON, WILLIAM                         OH-59-1-102
BASH, ADAM                              OH-59-7-187
BASH, DAVID                             OH-59-7-79
BASH, HENRY                             OH-59-C-109
BASH, JACOB                             OH-59-3-53
BATEMAN, JAMES                          OH-59-1-426
BATEMAN, PENROD                         OH-59-2-62
BATEMAN, WILLIAM                        OH-59-7-249
BAUER, GEORGE                           OH-59-2-322
BAUER, MINNIE                           OH-59-7-225
BAUER, NICHOLAS                         OH-59-7-28
BAUGHMAN, CHRISTIAN                     OH-59-C-141
BAUGHMAN, JOHN                          OH-59-4-393
BAUGHMAN, SARAH                         OH-59-7-170
BAUGHMAN, SOLOMON                       OH-59-1-139
BEALL, JACOB                            OH-59-4-167
BEALL, NEHEMIAH                         OH-59-4-66
BEALMEAR, THOMAS                        OH-59-1-410
BEARD, WILLIAM H.                       OH-59-3-105
BEATTY, WILLAM H.                       OH-59-1-530
BEATY, ADAM                             OH-59-2-275
BEAUMONT, WILLIAM                       OH-59-3-311
BECK, LOUIS                             OH-59-5-119
BECKWITH, E. C.                         OH-59-4-520
BELKNAP, FRANCIS MARIA                  OH-59-C-159
BELL, DAVID R.                          OH-59-4-514
BELL, ISAAC                             OH-59-7-251
BELL, JAMES H.                          OH-59-7-516
BELL, JANE                              OH-59-7-106
BELL, JOHN                              OH-59-7-420
BELL, JOHN J.                           OH-59-7-159
BELL, WALTER A.                         OH-59-6-488
BENJAMIN, DANIEL V.                     OH-59-D-592
BENNETT, JOSHUA                         OH-59-1-421
BENNETT, URIAH P.                       OH-59-D-365
BENTER, MARGARET                        OH-59-B-79
BENTLEY, MARY                           OH-59-C-30
BERRY, AUSTIN                           OH-59-7-444
BERRY, SARAH                            OH-59-4-120
BERRY, WILIAM H.                        OH-59-D-251
BESANT, WILLIAM                         OH-59-4-505
BEST, GEORGE B.                         OH-59-4-462
BEST, VALENTINE                         OH-59-4-102
BEST, VALENTINE                         OH-59-B-211
BETHEL, HENRY                           OH-59-3-50
BETZ, WILLIAM                           OH-59-3-543
BEVIS, ANNA                             OH-59-6-89
BIEHL, JACOB                            OH-59-4-167
BIGGER, DAVID T.                        OH-59-2-141
BIGGER, JAMES M.                        OH-59-5-29
BIRD, DANIEL                            OH-59-D-499
BIRD, JONATHAN SR.                      OH-59-3-36
BIRKHIMER, NANCY                        OH-59-3-35
BISANT, FRANK                           OH-59-5-471
BISANT, JOHN                            OH-59-1-567
BISANT, SUSAN E.                        OH-59-2-369
BISANT, WILLIAM                         OH-59-D-45
BISCHOFF, SUSANNAH M.                   OH-59-7-326
BISHOP, CATHARINE                       OH-59-7-75
BISHOP, DANIEL                          OH-59-4-187
BLACK, ROBERT                           OH-59-B-216
BLACKBURN, ANSLEY                       OH-59-6-366
BLACKBURN, ZACHARIAH                    OH-59-C-497
BLAIR, JOHN A.                          OH-59-4-13
BLAND, JOHN                             OH-59-C-222
BLANDY, BENJAMIN                        OH-59-D-304
BLANDY, FREDERICK J. L.                 OH-59-5-397
BLISS, DANIEL                           OH-59-C-390
BLISS, SALMON                           OH-59-D-402
BLIZZARD, WILLIAM                       OH-59-4-175
BLOCKSAM, WILLIAM                       OH-59-1-382
BLOCKSOM, GEORGE W.                     OH-59-3-418
BLOCKSOM, HORACE W.                     OH-59-5-174
BLUE, CURRAN                            OH-59-7-16
BLUNT, JAMES                            OH-59-2-528
BLUNT, WILLIAM SR.                      OH-59-B-312
BOATMAN, ISAAC                          OH-59-6-186
BODINE, H. R.                           OH-59-5-443
BODLE, ELIZABETH                        OH-59-1-302
BODLE, JOSEPH                           OH-59-1-218
BODLE, MARGARET                         OH-59-7-276
BODLE, SAMUEL                           OH-59-C-210
BOETTCHER, HENRY                        OH-59-6-8
BOGGS, ELIZABETH                        OH-59-5-549
BOGGS, JAMES                            OH-59-5-154
BOGGS, JANE T.                          OH-59-2-244
BOGGS, JOHN JR.                         OH-59-6-83
BOGGS, MARGARET                         OH-59-C-471
BOGGS, MOSES                            OH-59-C-27
BOGGS, WILLIAM                          OH-59-B-415
BOHNSTEDT, GOTLEIB                      OH-59-4-36
BOLIN, ELI                              OH-59-4-255
BOMBAUGH, ANDREW                        OH-59-3-420
BOND, PETER                             OH-59-D-551
BONHAM, ZACHARIAH                       OH-59-C-156
BONIFIELD, HENRY                        OH-59-5-19
BONIFIELD, MARY                         OH-59-2-401
BONIFIELD, SAMUEL                       OH-59-4-452
BONIFIELD, SARAH                        OH-59-5-151
BONIFIELD, SARAH                        OH-59-2-401
BONIFIELD, WILLIAM                      OH-59-1-85
BONNET, JOHN M.                         OH-59-5-222
BOONE, THOMAS G.                        OH-59-5-415
BORDER, ELIZABETH                       OH-59-2-126
BORDER, NICHOLAS                        OH-59-1-261
BORDER, SOLOMON                         OH-59-1-324
BORNFIELD, SIMON                        OH-59-6-581
BOSWELL, GEORGE                         OH-59-7-213
BOWDEN, DANIEL                          OH-59-6-452
BOWEN, KATE A.                          OH-59-4-122
BOWERS, ANDREW                          OH-59-5-404
BOWERS, CATHARINE                       OH-59-5-320
BOWERS, CLARENCE HOMER                  OH-59-4-206
BOWERS, JOHN                            OH-59-4-275
BOWERS, MARTIN                          OH-59-2-311
BOWES, JOHN                             OH-59-D-15
BOWES, MARY A.                          OH-59-7-473
BOWLES, JOHN R.                         OH-59-4-474
BOWMAN, JOHN                            OH-59-5-95
BOYD, JOHN                              OH-59-3-448
BOYD, MATILDA                           OH-59-5-112
BOYD, PETER                             OH-59-D-201
BOYD, WILLIS S.                         OH-59-4-87
BOYER, CORBIN M.                        OH-59-6-109
BOYER, PETER                            OH-59-C-21
BOYLAN, JOHN                            OH-59-B-238
BOYLE, JOHN                             OH-59-1-60
BRADEN, EASTER                          OH-59-5-479
BRADFORD, ARCHIBALD                     OH-59-5-458
BRADFORD, DAVID                         OH-59-D-284
BRADFORD, JACOB C.                      OH-59-5-572
BRADFORD, JOHN                          OH-59-7-436
BRADFORD, JOHN SR.                      OH-59-2-354
BRADFORD, PETER                         OH-59-C-394
BRADY, JAMES                            OH-59-B-336
BRADY, THOMAS                           OH-59-5-514
BRAKE, BARNARD                          OH-59-1-483
BRAMLEY, HENRY                          OH-59-6-379
BRANNON, ELIZABETH                      OH-59-3-160
BRANNON, JOHN                           OH-59-D-159
BRATTON, JOHN                           OH-59-3-312
BRECHHILL, CHRISTIAN                    OH-59-D-232
BRENHOLTS, JOHN                         OH-59-6-303
BRENHOLTS, LEWIS                        OH-59-5-541
BRENNAN, BRIDGET                        OH-59-7-307
BRENNAN, JAMES                          OH-59-5-284
BRENNAN, PATRICK                        OH-59-4-324
BREWSTER, JOHNSTON                      OH-59-2-211
BRIDWELL, MOSES                         OH-59-3-579
BRILL, MAGDALENA                        OH-59-3-249
BROCKER, GEORGE                         OH-59-3-356
BROOKS, JOHN                            OH-59-B-136
BROOM, ALBERT                           OH-59-6-180
BROWN, AMOS H.                          OH-59-4-455
BROWN, ANN                              OH-59-C-140
BROWN, BARNARD                          OH-59-4-435
BROWN, CAROLINE                         OH-59-7-322
BROWN, CECILIA                          OH-59-4-483
BROWN, ELIZABETH                        OH-59-3-150
BROWN, EMILY                            OH-59-3-559
BROWN, HUGH                             OH-59-5-340
BROWN, HUGH                             OH-59-5-227
BROWN, JAMES                            OH-59-D-35
BROWN, JANE                             OH-59-4-161
BROWN, JOHN                             OH-59-D-128
BROWN, JOSEPH SR.                       OH-59-D-82
BROWN, LEONARD                          OH-59-1-529
BROWN, LUCRETIA                         OH-59-6-398
BROWN, LUCRETIA H.                      OH-59-6-340
BROWN, PARLEY                           OH-59-D-578
BROWN, PARLEY SR.                       OH-59-1-13
BROWN, SARAH                            OH-59-2-170
BROWN, SARAH ANN                        OH-59-1-39
BROWN, SPENCER                          OH-59-4-336
BROWN, THOMAS                           OH-59-4-231
BROWN, WILLIAM                          OH-59-C-111
BROWN, WILLIAM                          OH-59-C-136
BROWN, WILLIAM M.                       OH-59-2-578
BROWN, WILLIAM T.                       OH-59-3-189
BROWNE, FREDERICK                       OH-59-2-583
BRUSH, DANIEL                           OH-59-2-547
BRUSH, ELIZABETH                        OH-59-C-285
BRUSH, NANCY                            OH-59-4-21
BRYANT, NEWTON C.                       OH-59-7-252
BUCHANAN, ARCHIBALD                     OH-59-2-74
BUCHANAN, JEFFERSON                     OH-59-D-91
BUCHANAN, ROBERT                        OH-59-6-53
BUCHANAN, SAMUEL                        OH-59-6-414
BUCHANAN, SAMUEL                        OH-59-D-196
BUCHANAN, WILLIAM                       OH-59-D-296
BUCKALEW, ISRAEL                        OH-59-7-215
BUCKINGHAM, ALVAH                       OH-59-2-428
BUCKINGHAM, EBENEZER JR.                OH-59-C-14
BUCKINGHAM, EUNICE                      OH-59-C-445
BUCKINGHAM, JOHN                        OH-59-B-343
BUCKINGHAM, PHILO                       OH-59-D-570
BUCKINGHAM, WILLIAM                     OH-59-1-132
BULFINCH, JOHN B.                       OH-59-D-618
BUNN, JOHN                              OH-59-4-25
BUNN, ROSA                              OH-59-4-164
BURCH, ADMIRAL                          OH-59-B-229
BURCHENAL, JEREMIAH                     OH-59-C-214
BURCKHALTER, PETER                      OH-59-3-178
BURGESS, THOMAS SR.                     OH-59-4-209
BURKEY, JOHN                            OH-59-3-439
BURKHART, CHARLES                       OH-59-4-386
BURLEY, NANCY                           OH-59-2-228
BURNSIDE, JOHN                          OH-59-D-595
BURROUGH, T. W.                         OH-59-5-194
BURROWS, ADALINE                        OH-59-4-142
BURWELL, ELIZABETH A.                   OH-59-4-415
BURWELL, JOHN                           OH-59-D-308
BUSH, RICHARD                           OH-59-D-189
BUTLER, JOHN                            OH-59-B-296
BUTLER, NORMAN G.                       OH-59-7-469
BUTLER, WILLIAM                         OH-59-6-112
BUTLER, WILLIAM                         OH-59-2-399
BUTT, ZEDEKIAH                          OH-59-C-152
BYRNE, MICHAEL                          OH-59-6-403
CABEEN, THOMAS                          OH-59-2-408
CAIRNS, RICHARD                         OH-59-B-395
CALDWELL, JAMES                         OH-59-B-265
CALHOON, MATTHEW                        OH-59-B-345
CALHOON, WILLIAM B.                     OH-59-C-51
CALIMAN, ELIZABETH                      OH-59-D-485
CALLAHAN, JAMES                         OH-59-3-473
CALLAHAN, JOHN                          OH-59-3-87
CAMP, FREDERICK                         OH-59-D-161
CAMPBELL, ADAM                          OH-59-3-330
CAMPBELL, ANNA                          OH-59-3-443
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD                     OH-59-2-77
CAMPBELL, DAVID                         OH-59-B-44
CAMPBELL, FRANCIS V.                    OH-59-4-348
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         OH-59-2-47
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          OH-59-C-150
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          OH-59-C-232
CAMPBELL, REBECCA                       OH-59-1-563
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                        OH-59-3-43
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       OH-59-7-23
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       OH-59-B-298
CAPPEL, THEOBALD                        OH-59-D-248
CAPPELL, REGINA                         OH-59-5-26
CAREINS, CHRISTOPHER                    OH-59-D-216
CAREINS, WILLIAM                        OH-59-D-271
CARLON, CHARLES M.                      OH-59-2-397
CARNES, ESTHER                          OH-59-C-423
CARNES, JAMES                           OH-59-4-45
CARPENTER, JOHN                         OH-59-B-359
CARPENTER, PRISCILLA                    OH-59-B-403
CARR, ALFRED                            OH-59-4-485
CARR, CHARLES                           OH-59-6-344
CARR, ISAIAH                            OH-59-5-267
CARR, JAMES                             OH-59-5-463
CARR, JAMES                             OH-59-3-101
CARRELL, SAMUEL                         OH-59-1-186
CARSON, JAMES B.                        OH-59-D-122
CARTER, FRANCES A.                      OH-59-4-417
CARTER, ISAAC                           OH-59-2-372
CARTER, JOHN W.                         OH-59-6-442
CARTER, JOSEPH                          OH-59-6-156
CARTER, MARY                            OH-59-4-81
CARTNAIL, JACOB                         OH-59-2-327
CASEY, PETER                            OH-59-4-424
CASHBAUGH, JOHN                         OH-59-D-438
CASS, AUGUSTA L.                        OH-59-7-36
CASS, CHARLES L.                        OH-59-C-372
CASS, GEORGE W.                         OH-59-3-384
CASS, JONATHAN                          OH-59-B-400
CASSEL, WILLIAM A.                      OH-59-7-129
CASSEL, WILLIAM C.                      OH-59-3-320
CASSIDY, FRANCIS                        OH-59-2-474
CASSIDY, MARTHA                         OH-59-3-415
CATON,  GEORGE W.                       OH-59-D-553
CAUGHEY, SAMUEL                         OH-59-C-170
CAVANAUGH, GREGORY                      OH-59-2-454
CAVENAUGH, DENNIS                       OH-59-1-44
CAW, JAMES SR.                          OH-59-1-100
CAWDEN, ISAAC P.                        OH-59-2-364
CHAMBERS, DAVID                         OH-59-2-208
CHAMBERS, ELISABETH                     OH-59-2-418
CHAMBERS, JOHN                          OH-59-B-307
CHAMBERS, MARY                          OH-59-7-371
CHANDLER, JOHN                          OH-59-B-373
CHANDLER, MARY GOSHEN                   OH-59-7-156
CHANDLER, STEPHEN R.                    OH-59-2-190
CHANEY, FRANKLIN                        OH-59-1-7
CHAPMAN, JOHN                           OH-59-1-68
CHAPMAN, LEVI                           OH-59-1-113
CHAPMAN, MARGARET S.                    OH-59-5-343
CHAPMAN, SAMUEL SR.                     OH-59-1-338
CHARLOT, AARON                          OH-59-6-286
CHARLOT, ELLEN H.                       OH-59-6-320
CHATWOOD, THOMAS                        OH-59-4-149
CHERRY, JAMES                           OH-59-D-554
CHERRY, JAMES T.                        OH-59-1-294
CHERRY, MATTHEW                         OH-59-4-212
CHRIST, WENDEL                          OH-59-1-90
CHURCH, ELIJAH H.                       OH-59-4-466
CHURCH, JOSEPH                          OH-59-2-137
CHURCH, SARAH                           OH-59-3-441
CLAPPER, GEORGE                         OH-59-5-86
CLAPPER, GEORGE                         OH-59-2-236
CLAPPER, GEORGE                         OH-59-2-201
CLARK, ISRAEL                           OH-59-3-212
CLARK, JOSEPH                           OH-59-C-131
CLARK, NATHANIEL                        OH-59-D-563
CLARK, SAMUEL                           OH-59-5-336
CLARK, STEPHEN PETER                    OH-59-3-134
CLARY, HAZEL                            OH-59-D-231
CLASPILL, MARY E.                       OH-59-5-163
CLAY, WILLIAM O.                        OH-59-7-112
CLAYPOOLE, JAMES                        OH-59-B-244
CLAYPOOLE, JAMES JR.                    OH-59-B-232
CLAYPOOLE, SAMUEL                       OH-59-3-136
CLAYTON, THOMAS                         OH-59-A-224
CLEGG, SARAH                            OH-59-4-207
CLEGG, THOMAS                           OH-59-2-259
CLEMENTS, ANDREW                        OH-59-6-12
CLEMENTS, ZEPHANIAH                     OH-59-7-298
CLINE, JACOB B.                         OH-59-7-94
CLINTON, NANCY                          OH-59-4-267
CLOSMAN, JOHN                           OH-59-1-176
CLOSSON, WILLIAM M.                     OH-59-4-383
CLUGSTON, JAMES I.                      OH-59-6-252
COCHRAN, DAVID B.                       OH-59-2-220
COCHRAN, THOLEMIAH                      OH-59-4-202
COCKRELL, MARY ELLEN                    OH-59-5-138
CODY, MICHAEL                           OH-59-3-324
COE, ELIJAH                             OH-59-D-233
COFFMAN, WILILAM                        OH-59-D-41
COHEGEGAN, ISAAC                        OH-59-6-435
COHLER, MARGARET                        OH-59-6-28
COKE, HENRY W.                          OH-59-3-22
COLBY, ESTHER                           OH-59-C-423
COLE, RACHEL                            OH-59-1-187
COLLINS, JACOB                          OH-59-5-74
COLLINS, THOMAS                         OH-59-D-264
COLLUM, CATHARINE                       OH-59-B-327
COLLUM, WILLIAM                         OH-59-B-293
COLVILLE, MARGARET                      OH-59-4-78
COLVIN, JOHN                            OH-59-C-338
COLVIN, WILLIAM                         OH-59-4-40
COMBS, JOHN A.                          OH-59-2-300
COMBS, MATHEW                           OH-59-3-159
COMIN, JOHN                             OH-59-6-480
COMPTON, STEPHEN D.                     OH-59-7-232
COMPTON, WILLIAM                        OH-59-7-61
COMSTOCK, DAVID                         OH-59-B-311
COMSTOCK, LEWIS                         OH-59-2-472
CONANT, CALVIN                          OH-59-B-333
CONANT, MARY A. FRIEND                  OH-59-5-313
CONARD, HANNAH                          OH-59-2-481
CONAWAY, GEORGE                         OH-59-C-277
CONAWAY, JOHN                           OH-59-2-379
CONAWAY, SAMUEL                         OH-59-B-179
CONE, BARTON                            OH-59-6-585
CONINE, JACOB                           OH-59-B-250
CONLEY, ROSANNA                         OH-59-4-117
CONN, CLEMENS SR.                       OH-59-6-439
CONN, GEORGE F.                         OH-59-7-369
CONN, SARAH                             OH-59-1-337
CONN, WILLIAM                           OH-59-D-225
CONRAD, REBECCA                         OH-59-C-24
CONRADE, HENRY                          OH-59-2-291
CONVERS, CHARLES C.                     OH-59-1-443
CONVERS, DANIEL                         OH-59-D-273
CONVERS, MARGARET                       OH-59-C-219
CONVERS, ROYAL                          OH-59-B-291
CONVERS, THEODORE                       OH-59-1-88
CONWELL, WILLIAM                        OH-59-B-233
COOK, ALVIN E.                          OH-59-3-568
COOKSEY, WILLIAM                        OH-59-C-406
COOPER, JOHN                            OH-59-3-84
COOPER, WILLIAM                         OH-59-2-382
COPELAND, CHARLES                       OH-59-C-340
CORBIN, WILLIAM                         OH-59-2-337
CORBUS, JOHN                            OH-59-B-196
CORDRAY, GEORGE W.                      OH-59-7-391
CORDRAY, ISAAC                          OH-59-1-351
CORNELIUS, JANE                         OH-59-5-263
CORRIGAN, JOHNSTON                      OH-59-2-243
COULBERTSON, SOPHIA W.                  OH-59-2-545
COULTAS, GEORGE                         OH-59-6-338
COULTAS, MARY                           OH-59-6-348
COUVERS, DANIEL C.                      OH-59-7-312
COWDEN, DAVID                           OH-59-5-423
COWDEN, ROBERT                          OH-59-1-284
COWDEN, ROBERT                          OH-59-1-130
COWEN, ROBERT                           OH-59-B-402
COX, ARMSTEAD MASON                     OH-59-3-445
COX, ELISABETH M.                       OH-59-2-438
COX, ELIZABETH L.                       OH-59-1-551
COX, GEORGE M.                          OH-59-2-433
COX, HANNAH A.                          OH-59-3-462
COX, JOHN                               OH-59-4-399
COX, LOUIS L.                           OH-59-2-480
COX, MARIA S.                           OH-59-5-273
COX, SAMUEL J.                          OH-59-3-103
COX, WILLIAM HENRY SR.                  OH-59-5-215
COY, MARY ANN                           OH-59-5-36
CRABTREE, SARAH                         OH-59-4-199
CRABTREE, WILLIAM                       OH-59-3-410
CRANE, DOLLIE E.                        OH-59-5-83
CRANE, EVAN                             OH-59-D-361
CRANE, GEORGE                           OH-59-C-358
CRANE, ROBERT                           OH-59-D-44
CRAWFORD, ARTHUR                        OH-59-3-209
CRAWFORD, HENRY                         OH-59-4-439
CRAWFORD, JOHN                          OH-59-C-290
CRAWFORD, SAMUEL                        OH-59-3-281
CRAWFORD, SARAH                         OH-59-5-137
CRAWFORD, THOMSA                        OH-59-C-144
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       OH-59-C-281
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       OH-59-C-165
CRAWLEY, THOMAS                         OH-59-7-508
CRAWMER, BASIEL                         OH-59-6-572
CREEKS, LYDIA                           OH-59-7-90
CRESAP, THOMAS B.                       OH-59-4-320
CROASDILL, GILBERT                      OH-59-D-291
CROOKS, GEORGE M.                       OH-59-6-420
CROSBY, AGNES                           OH-59-6-526
CROSBY, JAMES                           OH-59-1-299
CROSBY, JAMES                           OH-59-2-416
CROSS, ELIZABETH                        OH-59-4-301
CROSSLAND, WILLIAM                      OH-59-C-375
CROW, ELISABETH K.                      OH-59-1-311
CROW, JANE                              OH-59-D-87
CROW, WILLIAM                           OH-59-C-381
CRUMBAKER, JACOB                        OH-59-D-584
CULBERTSON, ALEXANDER                   OH-59-B-281
CULBERTSON, HOWARD                      OH-59-7-438
CULBERTSON, JAMES                       OH-59-B-263
CULBERTSON, JOSEPH                      OH-59-5-425
CULBERTSON, JOSEPH                      OH-59-D-457
CULBERTSON, MARTHA                      OH-59-7-123
CULBERTSON, ROBERT                      OH-59-1-396
CULBERTSON, SAMUEL                      OH-59-5-195
CULBERTSON, SAMUEL W.                   OH-59-C-295
CULBERTSON, SIDNEY A.                   OH-59-5-551
CULBERTSON, WILLIAM                     OH-59-C-322
CULBERTSON, WILLIAM BOYD                OH-59-1-492
CULLINS, CHARLES WILLIAM                OH-59-3-563
CULLINS, GEORGE                         OH-59-3-240
CULLINS, HARRISON                       OH-59-4-198
CULLINS, MARY                           OH-59-5-529
CUMMINS, GEORGE                         OH-59-1-548
CUMMINS, JAMES                          OH-59-C-99
CUMMINS, JOHN                           OH-59-1-363
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                       OH-59-6-487
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                        OH-59-3-2
CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL                     OH-59-5-294
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM                     OH-59-5-69
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM N.                  OH-59-D-428
CURRAN, SAMUEL                          OH-59-4-223
CURTIS, ANN                             OH-59-4-245
CURTIS, WILLIAM                         OH-59-2-470
CUSHING, JAMES V.                       OH-59-2-558
DAILY, SUSAN                            OH-59-5-63
DAIN, ROBERT                            OH-59-5-156
DALEY, JONN                             OH-59-5-18
DARE, JEREMIAH                          OH-59-1-406
DARNER, ANDREW                          OH-59-2-111
DARNER, JACOB                           OH-59-7-19
DARNER, JOHN                            OH-59-4-217
DARRAH, MARK T.                         OH-59-1-519
DAUNHAVER, ERNEST C.                    OH-59-4-460
DAVIDSON, THOMSA                        OH-59-B-348
DAVIS, ANN                              OH-59-7-389
DAVIS, BENJAMIN                         OH-59-2-505
DAVIS, DAVID J.                         OH-59-6-238
DAVIS, EDWARD                           OH-59-C-413
DAVIS, EMMOR                            OH-59-3-425
DAVIS, JOHN                             OH-59-B-116
DAVIS, JOHN W.                          OH-59-C-410
DAVIS, SAMUEL                           OH-59-3-16
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          OH-59-3-1
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          OH-59-D-484
DEFFENBAUGH, SOLOMON                    OH-59-3-115
DEILENBECK, REGINA SYCRIST              OH-59-1-579
DEITRICK, WILLIAM                       OH-59-7-205
DEMSTER, WILILAM                        OH-59-D-183
DENISON, ANNA                           OH-59-C-326
DENISON, ELIZABETH                      OH-59-3-326
DENMAN, WILLIAM                         OH-59-4-227
DEPEW, HARRIET                          OH-59-5-164
DERAMATER, ALONZO (DR.)                 OH-59-C-272
DERICKSON, SARAH                        OH-59-5-4
DERN, ANTON                             OH-59-6-569
DERWATER, JOHN                          OH-59-A-210
DEVORE, ENOS                            OH-59-4-18
DEW, JERUSHA                            OH-59-3-427
DEW, JOHN                               OH-59-4-284
DICK, DANIEL                            OH-59-1-439
DICKERSON, CORNELIUS C.                 OH-59-6-350
DICKEY, JOHN                            OH-59-6-493
DICKEY, WILLIAM                         OH-59-1-512
DICKEY, WILLIAM                         OH-59-5-8
DICKSON, ANDREW                         OH-59-2-61
DICKSON, ELIZABETH                      OH-59-4-454
DICKSON, JAMES                          OH-59-D-119
DICKSON, POWELL                         OH-59-2-216
DICKSON, RICHRD                         OH-59-3-79
DIETRICK, BALTSER                       OH-59-7-380
DIETRICK, DAVID                         OH-59-7-300
DIETRICK, JACOB                         OH-59-6-161
DIETZ, GOTTLIEB                         OH-59-4-292
DILLEY, ABRAHAM                         OH-59-4-119
DILLEY, WILLAM A.                       OH-59-6-396
DILLON, HANNAH S.                       OH-59-5-402
DILLON, ISAAC                           OH-59-2-235
DILLON, MARY W.                         OH-59-1-180
DILLON, MOSES                           OH-59-C-261
DILTS, PETER                            OH-59-D-226
DIMMEL, JACOB                           OH-59-C-315
DITTER, CALLENDER                       OH-59-C-149
DITTMAR, FREDERICK                      OH-59-6-470
DIXON, FLETCHER                         OH-59-3-339
DOAN, BENAJAH                           OH-59-5-346
DOAN, ELIZABETH C.                      OH-59-7-34
DOAN, ISRAEL                            OH-59-6-247
DOBBINS, WILLIAM                        OH-59-3-334
DONALDSON, A. J.                        OH-59-5-258
DONALDSON, ELIZABETH                    OH-59-5-301
DONALDSON, ROBERT                       OH-59-2-456
DONVAN, ABRAHAM                         OH-59-4-350
DORRAH, JOSEPH                          OH-59-D-451
DORSEY, JOHN                            OH-59-C-118
DORSEY, JOSEPH                          OH-59-D-90
DORSEY, MICHAEL                         OH-59-3-235
DOSTER, ROBERT                          OH-59-C-211
DOVE, WILLIAM                           OH-59-5-291
DOWELL, LORENZO                         OH-59-1-390
DOWELL, LYDIA                           OH-59-B-251
DOWELL, THOMAS J.                       OH-59-6-315
DOWNERD, JOSHUA                         OH-59-6-523
DOYLE, JOHN                             OH-59-C-103
DOZER, ELIZABETH                        OH-59-3-145
DOZER, MARY                             OH-59-1-107
DOZER, SAMUEL                           OH-59-7-267
DRAKE, GEORGE W.                        OH-59-6-171
DRAKE, WILLIAM B.                       OH-59-4-141
DROHAN, ROBERT                          OH-59-5-152
DRUMM, ADAM                             OH-59-2-58
DRUMM, ISAAC                            OH-59-2-319
DRUMM, PETER                            OH-59-7-7
DRUMM, SAMUEL ESQ.                      OH-59-1-122
DRY, DANIEL                             OH-59-3-29
DUFF, DAVID                             OH-59-1-432
DUFF, DAVID                             OH-59-2-270
DUFF, JAMES P.                          OH-59-3-123
DUFF, MARGARET                          OH-59-2-484
DUFF, MARTHA                            OH-59-4-105
DUGAN, PATRICK                          OH-59-4-473
DUGDALE, GEORGE                         OH-59-B-424
DUNAWAY, MARGARET G.                    OH-59-6-224
DUNCAN, MARY M.                         OH-59-1-208
DUNGAN, LEVI                            OH-59-3-99
DUNLAP, ISRAEL                          OH-59-7-461
DUNLAP, ROBERT N.                       OH-59-1-544
DUNLAP, WILLIAM                         OH-59-2-306
DUNN, CALE                              OH-59-D-329
DUNN, FRANCIS                           OH-59-2-463
DUNN, MATHIAS S.                        OH-59-1-189
DUNSMOOR, HIEL                          OH-59-5-496
DUNZWEILER, PETER                       OH-59-6-1
DURANT, CASPER                          OH-59-3-407
DURANT, PETER                           OH-59-3-118
DURBAN, THOMAS                          OH-59-4-115
DURBIN, DAN                             OH-59-1-244
DUTRO, DAVID                            OH-59-C-64
DUTRO, GEORGE                           OH-59-B-339
DUTRO, MICHAEL                          OH-59-C-442
DUTRO, SAMUEL                           OH-59-5-579
DUTRO, SAMUEL                           OH-59-6-26
DUTRO, SARAH A.                         OH-59-6-175
DUTTON, BISHOP                          OH-59-3-588
DYE, ISARAEL R.                         OH-59-2-219

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