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SACKETT, ELLA J.             POTTER                        NY-62-R-241
SALISBURY, SAMUEL            MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-O-109
SANDERSON, WILLIAM           JERUSALEM                     NY-62-Q-70
SANFORD, BETSEY              MILO                          NY-62-R-268
SANFORD, WARREN              MILO                          NY-62-S-322
SAUNDERS, JOHN               POTTER                        NY-62-F-672
SAWYER, ADNA                 DUNDEE                        NY-62-M-239
SAWYER, CORNELIUS            MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-H-209
SAWYER, ELIZABETH A.         STARKEY                       NY-62-S-258
SAWYER, ESTHER               MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-K-221
SAWYER, NASH                 STARKEY                       NY-62-F-794
SAWYER, WILLIAM H.           DUNDEE                        NY-62-H-200
SAYRE, JOB                   STARKEY                       NY-62-R-550
SCHEETZ, JOHN C.             MILO                          NY-62-Q-133
SCHEETZ, MATTHIAS H.         PENN YAN                      NY-62-M-260
SCHOONMAKER, HENRY           BENTON                        NY-62-K-190
SCHWEICKHARD, BENJAMIN       POTTER                        NY-62-G-403
SCHWEICKHARD, PHILIP         POTTER                        NY-62-G-325
SCOFIELD, ALMIRA             BENTON                        NY-62-R-478
SCOFIELD, HIRAM              BENTON                        NY-62-R-484
SCOTT, ANNA                  BENTON                        NY-62-G-378
SCOTT, AZUBAH                ITALY                         NY-62-S-400
SCOTT, EDWIN A.              POTTER                        NY-62-H-117
SCOTT, NATHAN                ITALY                         NY-62-G-178
SCOTT, SAMUEL W.             BENTON                        NY-62-B-155
SCOTT, SARAH JANE            ITALY                         NY-62-H-323
SCUTT, SEYMOUR S.            MILO                          NY-62-S-265
SCUTT, SOLOMON               STARKEY                       NY-62-H-244
SEABROOKS, KATE              PENN YAN                      NY-62-I-382
SEARLES, NATHAN              PENN YAN                      NY-62-P-370
SECOR, DAVID                 BENTON                        NY-62-F-659
SECOR, DAVID                 POTTER                        NY-62-M-288
SECOR, ISAAC                 POTTER                        NY-62-B-376
SECOR, ISAAC                 POTTER                        NY-62-E-756
SECOR, ROBERT                POTTER                        NY-62-K-399
SEGAR, WILLIAM               ITALY                         NY-62-P-268
SEIDEL, GEORGE JR.           MILO                          NY-62-N-26
SEMANS, CLAYTON              TORREY                        NY-62-K-479
SEMANS, DAVID                MILO                          NY-62-I-471
SEMANS, FRANCES              MILO                          NY-62-M-493
SEMANS, HANNAH               TORREY                        NY-62-K-550
SERVIS, DAVID                ITALY                         NY-62-F-306
SEYMOUR, ALANSON C.          BARRINGTON                    NY-62-G-423
SHAFF, WILLIAM               MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-B-8
SHANKS, SOPHIA R.            PENN YAN                      NY-62-M-167
SHANNON, DANIEL              STARKEY                       NY-62-R-421
SHANNON, GEORGE W.           PENN YAN                      NY-62-R-238
SHANNON, HARRISON            DUNDEE                        NY-62-Q-73
SHANNON, HULDAH A.           STARKEY                       NY-62-R-313
SHANNON, JANE                STARKEY                       NY-62-S-337
SHANNON, MARY                DUNDEE                        NY-62-S-199
SHANNON, PETER C.            STARKEY                       NY-62-E-393
SHARP, ALLETTA E.            STARKEY                       NY-62-Q-75
SHARP, STEPHEN               STARKEY                       NY-62-K-461
SHATTUCK, CHRISTIANA         JERUSALEM                     NY-62-S-154
SHAW, DANIEL T.              BARRINGTON                    NY-62-O-206
SHAW, GUY                    BENTON                        NY-62-S-445
SHEARMAN, ABIGAL             MILO                          NY-62-C-293
SHEARMAN, ABRAHAM W.         MILO                          NY-62-K-250
SHEARMAN, BARTLESON          JERUSALEM                     NY-62-N-276
SHEARMAN, ELIZABETH W.       MILO                          NY-62-Q-316
SHEARMAN, HARRIET            PENN YAN                      NY-62-Q-538
SHEARMAN, REBECCA            MILO                          NY-62-F-617
SHEARMAN, REBECCA W.         PENN YAN                      NY-62-K-183
SHEARMAN, WILLIAM            PENN YAN                      NY-62-N-43
SHEARS, BECKY                STARKEY                       NY-62-Q-388
SHEDD, PHILANDER             MILO                          NY-62-P-164
SHEDD, RUTH ANN              MILO                          NY-62-R-28
SHEEHAN, DENNIS              MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-Q-172
SHELDON, EDGAR               PENN YAN                      NY-62-M-367
SHELDON, WILLIAM B.          PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-124
SHEPARD, JOHN                JERUDSALEM                    NY-62-K-391
SHEPHARD, JOSEPH             MILO                          NY-62-B-88
SHEPHERD, ELIZABETH S.       PENN YAN                      NY-62-P-566
SHEPHERD, TEMPERANCE         PENN YAN                      NY-62-R-409
SHEPPARD, CHARLES C.         PENN YAN                      NY-62-O-560
SHEPPARD, FRANCES A.         BENTON                        NY-62-R-133
SHEPPARD, GEORGE A.          MILO                          NY-62-J-179
SHEPPARD, JANE B.            PENN YAN                      NY-62-N-533
SHEPPARD, JOHN J.            JERUSALEM                     NY-62-G-330
SHEPPARD, MORRIS G.          PENN YAN                      NY-62-E-348
SHERER, GILBERT              PENN YAN                      NY-62-J-16
SHERIDAN, ALICE              PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-292
SHERMAN, HENRY S.            PENN YAN                      NY-62-O-436
SHERMAN, ISABELLA            PENN YAN                      NY-62-H-527
SHERMAN, JACOB               MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-A-11
SHERMAN, SELINA              PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-205
SHERWOOD, DANIEL             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-O-483
SHERWOOD, GERSHAM            MANLIUS, ONONDAGA, NY         NY-62-H-136
SHOEMAKER, ANNA              BARRINGTON                    NY-62-G-363
SHOEMAKER, JOHN              BARRINGTON                    NY-62-F-584
SHOEMAKER, SMITH             DUNDEE                        NY-62-L-437
SHOWLS, DANIEL               STARKEY                       NY-62-Q-349
SILVERNAIL, WILLIAM SR.      POTTER                        NY-62-K-455
SIMMONS, ELIZA               MILO                          NY-62-O-153
SIMMONS, LOUISA              MILO                          NY-62-O-314
SIMMONS, WILLIAM H.          POTTER                        NY-62-K-357
SISSON, JAMES                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-Q-214
SISSON, REUBEN               ITALY                         NY-62-O-452
SISSON, WILLIAM              ITALY                         NY-62-R-583
SKIFF, ABNER JR              STARKEY                       NY-62-F-321
SKIFF, ABNER                 STARKEY                       NY-62-A-37
SLAUGHTER, ISAAC             BENTON                        NY-62-F-465
SLAUGHTER, J. WESLEY         BENTON                        NY-62-P-460
SLAYTON, CHAUNCEY            MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-J-567
SLEEPER, MARY                STARKEY                       NY-62-P-113
SLITOR, THOMPSON M.          ITALY                         NY-62-S-85
SLOAN, ALEXANDER B.          BENTON                        NY-62-S-148
SLOAN, ELIZABETH S.          MILO                          NY-62-L-409
SLOVER, HULDA ANN            ITALY                         NY-62-K-500
SMITH, ALLEN                 STARKEY                       NY-62-F-382
SMITH, ANN                   STARKEY                       NY-62-F-645
SMITH, CHESTER               ITALY                         NY-62-F-164
SMITH, DANIEL                ITALY                         NY-62-G-200
SMITH, HULDAH                MILO                          NY-62-P-293
SMITH, IRA                   JERUSALEM                     NY-62-G-528
SMITH, JACOB                 STARKEY                       NY-62-B-415
SMITH, JOHN                  URBANA, STEUBEN, NY           NY-62-F-647
SMITH, JOHN W.               TORREY                        NY-62-S-31
SMITH, LUCY JANE             STARKEY                       NY-62-S-517
SMITH, MARIAH                DUNDEE                        NY-62-S-25
SMITH, MARY ANN              PENN YAN                      NY-62-Q-100
SMITH, PHEBE                 MILO                          NY-62-P-362
SMITH, RICHARD               MILO                          NY-62-C-39
SMITH, SILAS S.              MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-M-56
SMITH, STOUT                 STARKEY                       NY-62-Q-562
SMITH, URIAH                 STARKEY                       NY-62-H-360
SNOOK, MARY                  JERUSALEM                     NY-62-E-775
SNOW, GEORGE C.              PENN YAN                      NY-62-Q-475
SNYDER, JAMES                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-G-112
SNYDER, PETER J.             BARRINGTON                    NY-62-H-478
SOFIELD, ELECTA              STARKEY                       NY-62-P-232
SOUTHERLAND, ALEXANDER       POTTER                        NY-62-C-70
SOUTHERLAND, DAVID           MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-A-89
SOUTHERLAND, MARTHA F.       POTTER                        NY-62-P-451
SPANGLER, GEORGE             MILO                          NY-62-B-140
SPANGLER, JOHN               MILO                          NY-62-D-366
SPEAR, CATHRAH               MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-O-102
SPEELMAN, DAVID              TORREY                        NY-62-G-227
SPEELMAN, MARY               TORREY                        NY-62-R-187
SPENCE, BYRON                STARKEY                       NY-62-N-518
SPENCER, HARRIET             MILO                          NY-62-S-502
SPENCER, JONATHAN            MILO                          NY-62-H-226
SPENCER, TRUMAN              BENTON                        NY-62-C-426
SPICER, JAMES                STARKEY                       NY-62-Q-391
SPINK, BARBARA               BARRINGTON                    NY-62-H-257
SPINK, EZRA                  STARKEY                       NY-62-F-736
SPINK, GEORGE                BENTON                        NY-62-M-143
SPINK, MARY A.               MILO                          NY-62-P-311
SPINK, NICHOLAS              BARRINGTON                    NY-62-M-177
SPINK, SAMUEL                BARRINGTON                    NY-62-E-297
SPINK, SILAS                 MILO                          NY-62-B-18
SPINK, SUSAN A.              STARKEY                       NY-62-O-476
SPINK, THOMAS                BARRINGTON                    NY-62-G-301
SPOONER, ALLEN P.            MILO                          NY-62-F-679
SPOONER, MARY S.             DUNDEE                        NY-62-P-124
SPOOR, HARRIET               MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-Q-193
SPOOR, JOHN                  ITALY                         NY-62-E-750
SPRAGUE, AMANDA              PENN YAN                      NY-62-R-535
SPRAGUE, ELIZA               PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-121
SPRAGUE, ISAAC               BENTON                        NY-62-N-113
SPRAGUE, JEREMIAH            MILO                          NY-62-J-173
SPRAGUE, LUMAN               PENN YAN                      NY-62-I-21
SPREWLS, JAMES               STARKEY                       NY-62-F-263
SPROUL, LEVI B.              DUNDEE                        NY-62-S-472
SQUIER, EMMA S.              YENN YAN                      NY-62-F-753
SQUIRE, NATHANIEL            JERUSALEM                     NY-62-K-533
STANTON, JULIUS              BARRINGTON                    NY-62-Q-448
STANTON, POLLY               BENTON                        NY-62-L-512
STAPE, MARY                  POTTER                        NY-62-N-389
STARGESS, WILLIAM            BENTON                        NY-62-D-121
STARK, CAROLINE M.           PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-496
STARK, CHARLES M.            PENN YAN                      NY-62-K-425
STARK, JOHN                  JERUSALEM                     NY-62-G-130
STEADWELL, DAVID             BARRINGTON                    NY-62-Q-322
STEADWELL, MALINDA           BARRINGTON                    NY-62-R-10
STEARNES, MARTHA A.          RUSHVILLE                     NY-62-R-541
STEBBINS, CHARLES            BRANCHPORT                    NY-62-S-58
STEBBINS, JAMES              POTTER                        NY-62-M-396
STEBBINS, ORIN               MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-G-443
STEBBINS, SARAH              MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-M-554
STEERE, ROBERT J.            DUNDEE                        NY-62-O-496
STEPHENS, WILL N.            PENN YAN                      NY-62-L-272
STEVER, GEORGE S.            JERUSALEM                     NY-62-S-379
STEVER, JAMES                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-M-3
STEWART, ELIZABETH           PENN YAN                      NY-62-L-154
STEWART, LYDIA A.            JERUSALEM                     NY-62-Q-553
STEWART, WILLIAM HENRY       JERUSALEM                     NY-62-F-142
STILES, ISAAC                POTTER                        NY-62-F-82
STILSON, AARON H.            STARKEY                       NY-62-R-82
STJOHN, MOSES                BENTON                        NY-62-D-312
STOAKES, JOHN L.             MILO                          NY-62-C-397
STOKOE, WILLIAM              BENTON                        NY-62-B-439
STONE, ALONZO                PENN YAN                      NY-62-K-174
STONE, HOLDEN                ITALY                         NY-62-E-57
STOUT, JOHN                  STARKEY                       NY-62-O-283
STROBRIDGE, SANFORD          POTTER                        NY-62-H-515
STROBRIDGE, SANFORD D.       POTTER                        NY-62-R-460
STRUBLE, MARY                MILO                          NY-62-H-389
STRUBLE, MOSES               STARKEY                       NY-62-P-265
STRYKER, ABRAHAM             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-M-577
STURGES, ABIGAIL             PENN YAN                      NY-62-G-184
STURTEVANT, JOSIAH           POTTER                        NY-62-G-321
SUNDERLAND, TIPPIT           NTL                           NY-62-E-314
SUNDERLIN, DANIEL            BARRINGTON                    NY-62-B-326
SUNDERLIN, JOHN L.           BARRINGTON                    NY-62-J-272
SUPPLEE, DANIEL              STARKEY                       NY-62-P-128
SUPPLEE, JOHN                MILO                          NY-62-D-193
SURVTS, PETER                DUNDEE                        NY-62-N-36
SUTFIN, ANN                  STARKEY                       NY-62-H-327
SUTHERLAND, H. ELIZABETH     MILO                          NY-62-P-307
SUTHERLAND, JUDITH           MILO                          NY-62-F-311
SUTHERLAND, MEAD             MILO                          NY-62-F-198
SUTHERLAND, SUSAN W.         PENNYAN                       NY-62-R-529
SUTPHIN, JOHN S.             STARKEY                       NY-62-H-365
SUTTON, DANIEL               BENTON                        NY-62-K-229
SUTTON, THOMAS C.            JERUSALEM                     NY-62-O-20
SUTTON, THOMAS C.            JERUSALEM                     NY-62-O-320
SUTTON, WILLIAM              BARRINGTON                    NY-62-A-34
SWARTHOUT, AARON E.          BENTON                        NY-62-M-516
SWARTHOUT, ANN ELIZA         MILO                          NY-62-S-566
SWARTHOUT, ANNA              BARRINGTON                    NY-62-K-37
SWARTHOUT, CHARLES H.        TORREY                        NY-62-F-309
SWARTHOUT, CLARRISSA         TORREY                        NY-62-Q-187
SWARTHOUT, EDWIN L.          TORREY                        NY-62-S-508
SWARTHOUT, HENRY             MILO                          NY-62-G-167
SWARTHOUT, IRENE B.          TORREY                        NY-62-R-415
SWARTHOUT, JAMES A.          BARRINGTON                    NY-62-I-288
SWARTHOUT, JEMIMA E.         BENTON                        NY-62-S-505
SWARTHOUT, LEWIS             MILO                          NY-62-S-241
SWARTHOUT, MINOR             TYRONE, SCHUYLER, NY          NY-62-L-148
SWARTHOUT, VINSON R.         TORREY                        NY-62-L-422
SWARTS, HATTIE A.            DUNDEE                        NY-62-L-376
SWARTS, JOHN                 BARRINGTON                    NY-62-I-51
SWARTS, NEPPIE E.            BRANCHPORT                    NY-62-S-274
SWARTS, ROXANA               DUNDEE                        NY-62-M-85
SWARTS, SARAH                STARKEY                       NY-62-J-393
SWEATT, EDWIN C.             POTTER                        NY-62-R-511
TARNEY, ABIA                 STARKEY                       NY-62-E-293
TAYLOR, ALVA                 BENTON                        NY-62-J-222
TAYLOR, AMY A.               SEE: PEPPER, AMY A.           NY-62-M-503
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH            JERUSALEM                     NY-62-P-154
TAYLOR, ELMIRA               JERUSALEM                     NY-62-O-120
TAYLOR, FRANCES              JERUSALEM                     NY-62-J-163
TAYLOR, HANNAH               MILO                          NY-62-R-556
TAYLOR, HORACE B.            BENTON                        NY-62-G-164
TAYLOR, JANE ROBSON          BELLONA                       NY-62-R-79
TAYLOR, JOHN                 STARKEY                       NY-62-F-410
TAYLOR, WILLIAM              BENTON                        NY-62-L-367
TAYLOR, WILLIAM              DUNDEE                        NY-62-R-379
TAYLOR, WILLIAM F.           JERUSALEM                     NY-62-O-358
TEARS, SAMUEL                BENTON                        NY-62-N-17
TEFFT, GARDINER C.           BARRINGTON                    NY-62-F-167
TEFFT, SARAH                 MILO                          NY-62-M-316
TELLER, JAMES                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-D-348
TENNANT, ELIZABETH           DUNDEE                        NY-62-S-358
TERRIL, CHARLES L.           BATH, STEUBEN, NY             NY-62-O-509
THAYER, ARCHIBALD            MILO                          NY-62-S-418
THAYER, ELIZABETH            MILO                          NY-62-O-297
THAYER, JACOB                MILO                          NY-62-O-331
THAYER, JAMES                MILO                          NY-62-M-380
THAYRE, SIMEON               MILO                          NY-62-Q-49
THOMAS, ABIEL                POTTER                        NY-62-F-161
THOMAS, GEORGE M.            BENTON                        NY-62-K-436
THOMAS, JAMES                DRESDEN                       NY-62-I-376
THOMAS, PELEG                POTTER                        NY-62-K-595
THOMPSON, ANN ELEANOR        TORREY                        NY-62-J-58
THOMPSON, CHARLES            ITALY                         NY-62-Q-97
THOMPSON, FRANKLIN M.        POTTER                        NY-62-I-2
THOMPSON, NELSON             MILO                          NY-62-O-189
THOMSON, SAMUEL              STARKEY                       NY-62-R-4
TIERNEY, HANNAH (JOANNA)     MILO                          NY-62-S-490
TIERNEY, MICHAEL             MILO                          NY-62-S-520
TIMS, JAMES                  MILO                          NY-62-S-76
TINKLEPAUGH, ELIZABETH       BENTON                        NY-62-Q-517
TITSWORTH, HIRAM             STARKEY                       NY-62-F-740
TITUS, JOSHUA                MILO                          NY-62-H-121
TODD, BENJAMIN               JERUSALEM                     NY-62-O-98
TODD, MELI                   JERUSALEM                     NY-62-N-404
TOMPKINS, BETSEY             DUNDEE                        NY-62-S-280
TOMPKINS, EMELINE            MILO                          NY-62-Q-412
TOMPKINS, LOUISE D.          PENN YAN                      NY-62-I-106
TOMPKINS, RICHARD            MILO                          NY-62-I-78
TORREY, HARRIET A.           POTTER                        NY-62-S-595
TORREY, HENRY                RUSHVILLE                     NY-62-H-222
TORREY, HULDAH               MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-Q-409
TORREY, LARNED               MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-E-435
TORREY, POLLY                MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-H-423
TOWNSEND, BETSEY             STARKEY                       NY-62-R-244
TOWNSEND, CATHRINE           MILO                          NY-62-P-241
TOWNSEND, HARVEY N.          BARRINGTON                    NY-62-M-45
TOWNSEND, HEZEKIAH           MILO                          NY-62-A-53
TOWNSEND, JOHN H.            DRESDEN                       NY-62-N-592
TOWNSEND, JOSEPH A.          JERUSALEM                     NY-62-F-531
TOWNSEND, MANCHESTER         TORREY                        NY-62-J-307
TOWNSEND, RUFUS E.           TORREY                        NY-62-R-283
TOWNSEND, SALLY              BENTON                        NY-62-H-467
TOWNSEND, SARAH M.           JERUSALEM                     NY-62-R-46
TOWNSEND, SUSAN              BARRINGTON                    NY-62-R-388
TRACY, MORGAN D.             PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-193
TRAVER, FANNIE               MILO                          NY-62-I-100
TRAVER, JASPER               JERUSALEM                     NY-62-F-770
TRAVIS, ABSLOM               MILO                          NY-62-F-352
TRAVIS, CARRIE E.            MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-S-142
TRAVIS, GEORGE A.            MILO                          NY-62-K-384
TRAVIS, GEORGE W.            MILO                          NY-62-S-532
TRIMMER, ESTHER              PENN YAN                      NY-62-P-473
TRIMMER, THOMAS H.           BENTON                        NY-62-F-291
TRUESDELL, GAIUS             BENTON                        NY-62-R-277
TRUESDELL, SALLY             READING, SCHUYLER, NY         NY-62-J-372
TUELL, ALFRED                PENN YAN                      NY-62-G-187
TUPPER, LYIDA P.             BARRINGTON                    NY-62-N-355
TURNER, FRANCIS              TORREY                        NY-62-F-299
TURNER, NICHOLAS             PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-250
TURNER, SARAH                TORREY                        NY-62-Q-94
TUTHILL, DANIEL B.           JERUSALEM                     NY-62-O-492
TUTHILL, JOSHUA              STARKEY                       NY-62-E-643
TWITCHELL, ELI               POTTER                        NY-62-H-374
TWITCHELL, JONATHAN T.       POTTER                        NY-62-G-236
TYLEE, HATTIE D.             CORNING                       NY-62-S-112
TYLER, BENJAMIN              PENN YAN                      NY-62-E-411
TYLER, CHARLES FRANK         MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-K-320
TYLER, HARVEY W.             MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-Q-394
TYLER, JOHN P.               PENN YAN                      NY-62-K-466
UHL, PETER                   BENTON                        NY-62-S-64
UNDERWOOD, ADAMS             MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-E-114
UNDERWOOD, MARY E.           MILO                          NY-62-Q-163
UNDERWOOD, SARAH E.          JERUSALEM                     NY-62-K-528
UNDERWOOD, SUSAN E.          MILO                          NY-62-R-355
UNDERWOOD, WILLIAM H.        POTTER                        NY-62-R-358
UTTON, JOHN                  BENTON                        NY-62-H-370
UTTON, SARAH                 BENTON                        NY-62-L-443
VALENTINE, JAMES             MILO                          NY-62-G-400
VALENTINE, PHEBE             MILO                          NY-62-L-590
VANALEN, JAMES V.            PENN YAN                      NY-62-K-494
VANARSDAL, JOHN              MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-M-334
VANBUSKIRK, DUGALD C.        BARRINGTON                    NY-62-P-507
VANCOURT, DAVID              STARKEY                       NY-62-F-653
VANDEVENTER, ELIZABETH K.    PENN YAN                      NY-62-K-157
VANDEVENTER, JACOB           BENTON                        NY-62-A-1
VANDEVENTER, JACOB           TORREY                        NY-62-H-439
VANDEVENTER, JOHN SR.        TORREY                        NY-62-I-294
VANDEVENTER, PETER           TORREY                        NY-62-I-319
VANDEVENTER, THEODA H.       DRESDEN                       NY-62-L-230
VANLEW, CATHARINE            MILO                          NY-62-L-25
VANLEW, JOHN                 STARKEY                       NY-62-C-348
VANNESS, JOHN                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-B-212
VANNORMAN, WILLIAM           BENTON                        NY-62-K-244
VANORDER, ALONZO             PENN YAN                      NY-62-N-529
VANORSDAL, GEORGE            MILO                          NY-62-R-61
VANORSDOL, JACOB B.          POTTER                        NY-62-F-447
VANPELT, JOHN                MILO                          NY-62-A-68
VANRIPER, JEREMIAH           ITALY                         NY-62-R-100
VANSCOY, CORNELIUS           MILO                          NY-62-A-130
VANSCOY, TIMOTHY             PENN YAN                      NY-62-F-675
VANSCOY, TIMOTHY             MILO                          NY-62-F-183
VANSCOY, VAN RENSSELAER      MILO                          NY-62-Q-406
VANTUYL, ABRAHAM             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-F-372
VANTUYL, NICHOLAS J.         MILO                          NY-62-P-348
VANVOORHIS, JANE A.          BENTON                        NY-62-G-416
VANWORMER, JOHN              POTTER                        NY-62-F-3
VANWYCK, CORNELIUS S.        BENTON                        NY-62-Q-31
VANZANDT, NICHOLAS           POTTER                        NY-62-F-520
VAUGHN, BENJAMIN             BARRINGTON                    NY-62-G-355
VAUGHN, CLARK B.             STARKEY                       NY-62-N-581
VESCELIUS, GEORGE W.         POTTER                        NY-62-N-423
VOAK, HELEN                  STARKEY                       NY-62-O-310
VOAK, LUCRETIA L.            BENTON                        NY-62-P-17
VOAK, R. W.                  BENTON                        NY-62-S-529
VONSINGKE, OSCAR THEOBALD    PENN YAN                      NY-62-Q-511
VORCE, ALLEN                 MILO                          NY-62-B-392
VROOMAN, HENRY B.            JERUSALEM                     NY-62-F-358
WADDELL, MARY E.             PENN YAN                      NY-62-I-330
WADDELL, WILLIAM             PENN YAN                      NY-62-L-461
WAFER, THOMAS                DUNDEE                        NY-62-E-386
WAGAR, JOHN E.               MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-L-428
WAGAR, JULIA                 MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-R-433
WAGENER, ABRAHAM             PENN YAN                      NY-62-F-214
WAGENER, ANN ELIZA           MILO                          NY-62-H-155
WAGENER, ANNA                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-B-106
WAGENER, GEORGE              PENN YAN                      NY-62-O-328
WAGENER, LUCIUS P.           PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-580
WAGER, JACOB E.              MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-F-457
WALDEN, CATHERINE A.         TORREY                        NY-62-L-456
WALDEN, JOHN W.              BENTON                        NY-62-F-148
WALDRON, JAMES               BENTON                        NY-62-N-453
WALFORD, ALMIRA              MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-O-78
WALFORD, JOHN                MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-H-405
WALKER, LUCY A.              MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-M-544
WALTON, NATHAN               PENN YAN                      NY-62-N-68
WARD, JOB                    MILO                          NY-62-Q-223
WARD, JOHN                   BARRINGTON                    NY-62-K-50
WARD, TRUMAN                 MILO                          NY-62-O-377
WARFIELD, ELIZABETH          POTTER                        NY-62-P-497
WARFIELD, HARRIETT           POTTER                        NY-62-R-442
WARNER, CHARLOTTE            ROCK STREAM                   NY-62-P-388
WARNER, ELEANOR M.           POTTER                        NY-62-Q-385
WARNER, NATHAN               POTTER                        NY-62-F-460
WARNER, SAMUEL W.            POTTER                        NY-62-L-278
WARNER, WILILAM E.           POTTER                        NY-62-O-552
WARREN, SAMUEL               BENTON                        NY-62-M-581
WARREN, WALTER               MILO                          NY-62-Q-211
WARREN, WILLIAM              BENTON                        NY-62-P-39
WARRING, EZRA W.             MILO                          NY-62-R-271
WART, ABLE                   DUNDEE                        NY-62-S-13
WASHBURN, CATHARINE          MILO                          NY-62-M-220
WASHBURN, LYMAN              GORHAM, ONTARIO, NY           NY-62-R-163
WATKINS, ABRAHAM             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-I-128
WATKINS, BENJAMIN            POTTER                        NY-62-I-148
WATKINS, BENJAMIN F.         POTTER                        NY-62-L-161
WATKINS, FRANK K.            PENN YAN                      NY-62-R-361
WATKINS, MARY                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-J-509
WATSON, FOSTER               BENTON                        NY-62-O-59
WATSON, ROBERT               BENTON                        NY-62-J-529
WATSON, SAMUEL A.            BENTON                        NY-62-N-224
WATTS, WILLIAM               PENN YAN                      NY-62-G-374
WEAN, NATHANIEL              MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-A-31
WEARE, DANIEL B.             POTTER                        NY-62-G-430
WEAVER, ELIZABETH A.         PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-421
WEBB, BARNARD                GENEVA, ONTARIO, NY           NY-62-N-317
WEBB, JANE R.                STARKEY                       NY-62-Q-55
WEED, BRADLEY                BENTON                        NY-62-Q-445
WEED, JAMES                  ITALY                         NY-62-D-341
WEED, JOHN                   BENTON                        NY-62-B-386
WEEKS, JIRAH                 STARKEY                       NY-62-F-49
WELKER, CATHARINE            BARRINGTON                    NY-62-F-179
WELKER, ELIZA ANN            BARRINGTON                    NY-62-F-177
WELKER, JOSEPH               BARRINGTON                    NY-62-E-137
WELLER, CHARLES              STARKEY                       NY-62-F-319
WELLES, C. ADELL             PENN YAN                      NY-62-H-103
WELLES, HENRY                PENN YAN                      NY-62-H-158
WELLS, ESTHER                ITALY                         NY-62-M-249
WELLS, GEORGE                POTTER                        NY-62-K-278
WELLS, JOSEPH                POTTER                        NY-62-F-304
WELLS, LYDIA                 POTTER                        NY-62-R-517
WELLS, MARGARET              PENN YAN                      NY-62-O-503
WELLS, RACHEL                POTTER                        NY-62-I-33
WELLS, ROSWELL S.            BENTON                        NY-62-N-440
WERLEY, MICHAEL              POTTER                        NY-62-S-82
WEST, JACOB                  JERUSALEM                     NY-62-N-48
WESTBROOK, ABIGAIL           TYRONE, SCHUYLER, NY          NY-62-P-181
WETCHER, WILLIAM             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-G-327
WETHERBY, PHILIP C.          ITALY                         NY-62-M-74
WHAITES, JOHN L.             PENN YAN                      NY-62-O-17
WHALEN, ANN                  BENTON                        NY-62-M-462
WHALEN, MARY                 DUNDEE                        NY-62-S-208
WHALEN, WILLIAM              STARKEY                       NY-62-R-280
WHATMAN, MARY A.             RUSHVILLE                     NY-62-S-118
WHEELAN, GARRET              RUSHVILLE                     NY-62-M-447
WHEELER, GEORGE C.           MILO                          NY-62-O-195
WHEELER, GEORGE S.           BENTON                        NY-62-Q-121
WHEELER, JAMES H.            BENTON                        NY-62-H-150
WHEELER, JOHN                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-R-565
WHEELER, NATHAN              BENTON                        NY-62-A-97
WHEELER, NATHAN              BENTON                        NY-62-E-427
WHEELER, NATHAN              JERUSALEM                     NY-62-R-493
WHEELER, SARAH               STARKEY                       NY-62-G-396
WHELPLEY, DIANTHA            BARRINGTON                    NY-62-F-269
WHIPPLE, HANNAH              ITALY                         NY-62-P-157
WHITAKER, SARAH J.           PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-10
WHITAKER, SQUIER B.          TORREY                        NY-62-N-588
WHITE, HENRIETTA             STARKEY                       NY-62-P-408
WHITE, RANSOM                GENEVA, ONTARIO, NY           NY-62-S-319
WHITE, SAMUEL                STARKEY                       NY-62-G-223
WHITE, SOPHRONIA             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-L-115
WHITMAN, ABEL                MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-E-454
WHITNEY, ANN ELIZA           DUNDEE                        NY-62-R-145
WHITNEY, ANNA E.             DUNDEE                        NY-62-R-103
WHITNEY, HARRIET             POTTER                        NY-62-G-218
WHITTEKER, STPEHEN           BENTON                        NY-62-A-50
WHITTING, HAMLET             PENN YAN                      NY-62-P-191
WHYATT, ELIZABETH            BELLONA                       NY-62-S-457
WICKHAM, PERRY               MILO                          NY-62-Q-433
WICKS, JANE B.               DUNDEE                        NY-62-S-592
WIGER, PHILIP                MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-C-212
WIGHTMAN, ESTHER             POTTER                        NY-62-Q-25
WILBER, LUCY                 PENN YAN                      NY-62-G-489
WILCOX, FRANCIS H.           MILO                          NY-62-G-523
WILDER, NELSON               POTTER                        NY-62-F-115
WILKINS, JOHN                BENTON                        NY-62-G-298
WILKINS, THOMAS              STARKEY                       NY-62-B-187
WILKINSON, PRESTON P.        JERUSALEM                     NY-62-I-82
WILKLOW, CELINDA             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-P-411
WILLIAMS, DAVIS              MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-N-198
WILLIAMS, HELEN L. R.        BENTON                        NY-62-S-178
WILLIAMS, MARY H.            POTTER                        NY-62-F-395
WILLIAMS, MARY H.            WHEELER                       NY-62-M-138
WILLIAMS, OLIVER S.          MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-R-247
WILLIAMS, PERMILLA           MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-M-328
WILLIAMS, RICHARD            POTTER                        NY-62-C-307
WILLIS, CHRISTOPHER          BATH, STEUBEN, NY             NY-62-Q-112
WILSON, JAMES                BARRINGTON                    NY-62-O-516
WILSON, MARY E.              SENECA, ONTARIO, NY           NY-62-N-522
WILSON, SARAH                ITALY                         NY-62-Q-91
WILSON, THOMAS               JERUSALEM                     NY-62-F-11
WILSON, WILLIAM HARRISON     ITALY                         NY-62-I-463
WINANS, JULIA A.             MILO                          NY-62-Q-151
WINDERAGLE, SARAH            POTTER                        NY-62-L-333
WINDNAGLE, JOHN              BENTON                        NY-62-R-304
WING, JEDUTHAN               ITALY                         NY-62-G-213
WINTERS, MARYELLE            BARRINGTON                    NY-62-R-136
WINTERS, MATTHEW             BARRINGTON                    NY-62-B-175
WISEWELL, BETSEY             RUSHVILLE                     NY-62-N-163
WISNER, BARNET A.            PENN YAN                      NY-62-E-77
WISNER, BYANCY               BENTON                        NY-62-M-402
WISNER, HENRY                BENTON                        NY-62-L-326
WISNER, SUSAN                PENN YAN                      NY-62-R-436
WIXON, NORMAN                MILO                          NY-62-R-232
WOLCOTT, HOLAND G.           STARKEY                       NY-62-P-564
WOLFE, JACOB                 MILO                          NY-62-R-523
WOOD, CHARLES                MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-L-561
WOOD, EBEN                   MILO                          NY-62-P-57
WOOD, ELI                    BENTON                        NY-62-F-342
WOOD, ELIZA                  BENTON                        NY-62-M-375
WOOD, ESTHER                 BENTON                        NY-62-G-123
WOOD, HANNAH J.              BARRINGTON                    NY-62-M-128
WOOD, HARVEY                 MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-G-307
WOOD, HUDSON P.              STARKEY                       NY-62-S-298
WOOD, JACOB                  BENTON                        NY-62-E-768
WOOD, JANE M.                PONITAC, OAKLAND, MI          NY-62-R-40
WOOD, LYDIA                  JERUSALEM                     NY-62-C-47
WOOD, PERCIS C.              PENN YAN                      NY-62-K-16
WOOD, ROSWELL T.             MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-P-404
WOOD, THOMAS                 BENTON                        NY-62-A-27
WOODRUFF, MARY L.            PENN YAN                      NY-62-P-434
WOOLVIN, LEVI                ITALY                         NY-62-Q-382
WORDEN, SARAH M.             TORREY                        NY-62-Q-451
WORTMAN, ASA                 BARRINGTON                    NY-62-M-18
WORTMAN, ELIZABETH           BARRINGTON                    NY-62-S-49
WORTMAN, JOEL                MILO                          NY-62-N-252
WORTMAN, WILLIAM             BARRINGTON                    NY-62-F-131
WRIGHT, ADALINE              BENTON                        NY-62-J-99
WRIGHT, ELSEY B.             STARKEY                       NY-62-O-32
WRIGHT, EPHRAIM              BARRINGTON                    NY-62-B-448
WRIGHT, HADASSA              DUNDEE                        NY-62-R-412
WRIGHT, JOEL                 STARKEY                       NY-62-L-108
WRIGHT, JOHN                 BARRINGTON                    NY-62-F-473
WRIGHT, JOSEPH               STARKEY                       NY-62-E-287
WYCKOFF, GEORGE T.           PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-499
WYCKOFF, MARY E.             PENN YAN                      NY-62-O-520
WYMAN, SAMUEL                POTTER                        NY-62-E-577
WYMAN, WILLIAM W.            POTTER                        NY-62-N-85
YATES, CHARLES D.            DRESDEN                       NY-62-L-2
YOST, ROGER                  MILO                          NY-62-S-247
YOUNGS, BENJAMIN             TORREY                        NY-62-K-442
YOUNGS, ISAIAH               MILO                          NY-62-B-132
YOUNGS, PHILANA              MILO                          NY-62-Q-331
YOUNGS, REBECCA              MILO                          NY-62-N-384
YOUNGS, RUSSEL               BENTON                        NY-62-B-95

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