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HACKETT, CLARISA O.          STARKEY                       NY-62-K-197
HACKETT, JACOB               STARKEY                       NY-62-F-614
HADLEY, AMELIA D.            MILO                          NY-62-J-78
HADLEY, DEBORAH              PENN YAN                      NY-62-R-37
HADSELL, HORACE V.           MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-N-204
HAIGHT, JOHN A.              BENTON                        NY-62-E-200
HAIGHT, SARAH                MILO                          NY-62-F-361
HAINES, AMELIA               PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-391
HAINES, DANIEL J.            PENN YAN                      NY-62-O-230
HAINES, EGBERT               PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-211
HALBERT, CLEOPATRA           PENN YAN                      NY-62-N-427
HALE, SAMUEL P.              STARKEY                       NY-62-E-562
HALL, ABAGAIL                STARKEY                       NY-62-O-404
HALL, HANNAH                 POTTER                        NY-62-R-340
HALL, JOHN JR.               POTTER                        NY-62-L-204
HALL, WILLIAM                BENTON                        NY-62-D-404
HALLEY, DANIEL               POTTER                        NY-62-C-65
HALLOCK, CAROLINE M.         BARRINGTON                    NY-62-Q-184
HALLORAN, MICHAEL            MILO                          NY-62-Q-178
HALLOWELL, WILLIAM           MILO                          NY-62-F-511
HALMAKER, ABIGAIL            TORREY                        NY-62-N-214
HALSTEAD, DAVID              POTTER                        NY-62-O-253
HAMLIN, WILLIAM B.           DUNDEE                        NY-62-J-155
HAMMOND, HANAH R.            POTTER                        NY-62-Q-397
HAMMOND, SARAH F.            PENN YAN                      NY-62-H-271
HAMOND, HENRY M.             POTTER                        NY-62-P-481
HAMPSHIRE, AMELIA            PENN YAN                      NY-62-G-102
HANDY, CHARLES               MILO                          NY-62-P-78
HANFORD, MARY C.             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-Q-268
HANKINSON, ELLEN             PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-325
HANKINSON, MARY              POTTER                        NY-62-M-529
HANKINSON, WILLIAM           POTTER                        NY-62-H-126
HARFORD, ENOS T.             BENTON                        NY-62-I-123
HARPENDING, MARY R.          DUNDEE                        NY-62-S-67
HARPENDING, SAMUEL           STARKEY                       NY-62-F-140
HARPENDING, SAMUEL C.        STARKEY                       NY-62-F-629
HARRIS, ELIZABETH            PENN YAN                      NY-62-K-121
HARRIS, HENRY W.             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-H-285
HARRIS, JAMES                ITALY                         NY-62-F-106
HARRIS, JOHN                 BENTON                        NY-62-A-3
HARRIS, MARY                 BARRINGTON                    NY-62-I-93
HARRISON, FREDERICK          STARKEY                       NY-62-G-268
HARRISON, SARAH ANN          PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-469
HART, BENJAMIN               JERUSALEM                     NY-62-F-266
HARTSHORN, ISAAC W.          JERUSALEM                     NY-62-O-603
HARVE, SAMANTHA P.           PENN YAN                      NY-62-R-286
HARWOOD, LUTHER S.           POTTER                        NY-62-J-40
HASSON, JAMES                PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-367
HATCH, CHARLES               BENTON                        NY-62-O-183
HATCH, HARMON                BENTON                        NY-62-N-138
HATHAWAY, GILBERT            STARKEY                       NY-62-F-415
HATHAWAY, RICHARD H.         TORREY                        NY-62-N-572
HATHAWAY, THOMAS             MILO                          NY-62-F-223
HATMAKER, DAVID              TORREY                        NY-62-Q-442
HATMAKER, JOHN               TORREY                        NY-62-K-403
HAVENS, BENJAMIN             BENTON                        NY-62-G-142
HAWLEY, DANIEL               POTTER                        NY-62-E-440
HAWLEY, GEORGE               POTTER                        NY-62-I-455
HAWLEY, IRA                  MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-H-281
HAWLEY, WILLIAM T.           POTTER                        NY-62-I-418
HAYES, GEORGE G.             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-Q-130
HAYS, JOHN E.                STARKEY                       NY-62-P-141
HAZARD, GEORGE V.            TORREY                        NY-62-F-308
HAZARD, SUSAN                **                            NY-62-F-95
HAZEN, CALEB                 BENTON                        NY-62-S-37
HEADLEY, CHALION             DUNDEE                        NY-62-M-296
HEADLEY, MOSES B.            DUNDEE                        NY-62-J-70
HEARE, NICHOLAS              STARKEY                       NY-62-B-76
HECK, GEORGE                 JERUSALEM                     NY-62-Q-79
HEDGES, CATHARINE            BARRINGTON                    NY-62-R-160
HEDGES, DANIEL               MILO                          NY-62-K-340
HEDGES, ELIPHALET T.         BARRINGTON                    NY-62-O-512
HEDGES, ISAAC                MILO                          NY-62-F-313
HELCHLAR, NICHOLAS           POTTER                        NY-62-F-324
HEMPHILL, HOWLAND            PENN YAN                      NY-62-O-365
HENDERSON, HORACE            STARKEY                       NY-62-G-161
HENDERSON, JAMES P.          STARKEY                       NY-62-S-385
HENDERSON, MARY L.           MILO                          NY-62-N-209
HENDERSON, MATTHEW           JERUSALEM                     NY-62-N-2
HENDERSON, RICHARD           MILO                          NY-62-E-770
HENDRICK, THOMAS             PENN YAN                      NY-62-J-147
HENRY, MARY                  PENN YAN                      NY-62-E-172
HENSON, ROBERT C.            MILO                          NY-62-S-484
HERMAN, GEORGE               BENTON                        NY-62-P-514
HERRICK, JOSEPH              JERUSALEM                     NY-62-A-58
HERRINGTON, DAVID            POTTER                        NY-62-F-649
HERRINGTON, DUDLEY M.        POTTER                        NY-62-F-152
HEWINS, LUCY                 PENN YAN                      NY-62-J-442
HEWITT, ISAAC E.             MILO                          NY-62-P-455
HEWITT, LUCIUS C.            BARRINGTON                    NY-62-G-389
HEWSON, FISHER W.            MILO                          NY-62-F-53
HEWSON, GEORGE A.            PENN YAN                      NY-62-H-471
HIBBARD, WILLIAM P.          JERUSALEM                     NY-62-I-250
HICKEY, LUKE                 BENTON                        NY-62-K-85
HICKS, HENRY                 PENN YAN                      NY-62-L-214
HICKS, MARTIN S.             BENTON                        NY-62-K-448
HILL, HEZEKIAH F. V.         RUSHVILLE                     NY-62-K-260
HILTON, DANIEL               BENTON                        NY-62-B-85
HILTON, WILLIAM              BENTON                        NY-62-A-65
HINCKLEY, SOPHIA S.          STARKEY                       NY-62-O-149
HINES, ANNA                  MILO                          NY-62-Q-7
HINES, THOMAS                MILO                          NY-62-Q-577
HINSHAW, MARTIN              JERUSALEM                     NY-62-S-331
HIRLAMANN, FREDERICK         POTTER                        NY-62-Q-1
HISCOCK, EVELINE             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-Q-532
HISCOCK, JOHN H.             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-J-561
HITCHCOCK, AMANDA            BENTON                        NY-62-I-58
HITT, DAVID                  ITALY                         NY-62-K-72
HITTLE, MARY JANE            PENN YAN                      NY-62-O-186
HIXSON, OLIVE M.             MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-R-337
HOARD, GEORGE                MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-B-183
HOARD, GEORGE                MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-B-200
HOARD, ISAAC                 POTTER                        NY-62-D-180
HOARD, PELEG                 BENTON                        NY-62-D-204
HOBART, CHESTER L.           PENN YAN                      NY-62-L-45
HOBART, JOHN F.              POTTER                        NY-62-L-580
HOBART, SARAH A.             MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-J-290
HOBART, WALTER P.            POTTER                        NY-62-K-23
HOBSON, GEORGE               BARRINGTON                    NY-62-O-143
HOELTZEL, PHILIP GEORGE      POTTER                        NY-62-F-595
HOEY, JAMES                  MILO                          NY-62-R-64
HOLLETT, JOSEPH J.           DUNDEE                        NY-62-R-139
HOLLETT, PEREGRINE           POTTER                        NY-62-F-564
HOLLEY, THOMAS J.            MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-R-367
HOLLOWELL, JOHN B.           MILO                          NY-62-Q-535
HOLLOWELL, WILLIAM           PENN YAN                      NY-62-R-235
HOLMES, FARLEY               PENN YAN                      NY-62-M-149
HOLMES, MARTIN               PENN YAN                      NY-62-O-71
HOLMES, MARY                 JERUSALEM                     NY-62-A-127
HOLTON, JAMES                POTTER                        NY-62-G-310
HOLTON, SAMUEL               POTTER                        NY-62-H-330
HOLTON, SOPHORNIA            POTTER                        NY-62-L-237
HOPKINS, ELIZABETH           ITALY                         NY-62-J-255
HOPKINS, GEORGE W.           JERUSALEM                     NY-62-Q-13
HOPKINS, JEREMIAH            DUNDEE                        NY-62-K-544
HORMES, JESSE                PENN YAN                      NY-62-G-262
HORTON, CANDACE J.           RUSHVILLE                     NY-62-R-217
HORTON, DANIEL D.            BARRINGTON                    NY-62-G-63
HORTON, JANE                 MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-B-49
HORTON, JOSEPH               STARKEY                       NY-62-O-448
HORTON, REUBEN               BARRINGTON                    NY-62-P-68
HOTCHKISS, BERIAH            MILO                          NY-62-Q-274
HOTCHKISS, LUMAN P.          POTTER                        NY-62-R-403
HOUER, SARAH                 DUNDEE                        NY-62-O-428
HOUGHTALING, SARAH           JERUSALEM                     NY-62-R-328
HOUSE, WILLIAM P.            JERUSALEM                     NY-62-R-151
HOUSEHOLDER, AMANDA M. U.    POTTER                        NY-62-S-562
HOWARD, JACOB M.             STARKEY                       NY-62-R-394
HOWELL, MARGARET             BARRINGTON                    NY-62-M-387
HOWELL, STRADER              DUNDEE                        NY-62-O-175
HOWELL, SYLVANUS             BARRINGTON                    NY-62-F-506
HOWLEY, WILLIAM              RUSHVILLE                     NY-62-Q-472
HOXTER, MARGARET M.          BENTON                        NY-62-R-208
HOXTER, THOMAS D.            BENTON                        NY-62-G-519
HOYT, MARY                   STARKEY                       NY-62-O-220
HUDSON, REUBEN               JERUSALEM                     NY-62-B-185
HUEY, JAMES W.               JERUSALEM                     NY-62-S-187
HUFF, JOHN W.                PENN YAN                      NY-62-Q-259
HULSE, HETTIE MARIA          JERUSALEM                     NY-62-R-571
HUNT, ABEL                   MILO                          NY-62-E-681
HUNT, ADAM                   MILO                          NY-62-O-612
HUNT, AMBROSE                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-N-124
HUNT, ANN M.                 MILO                          NY-62-R-166
HUNT, ELIZA                  BENTON                        NY-62-R-88
HUNT, HENRY                  MILO                          NY-62-I-541
HUNT, RUSSEL A.              MILO                          NY-62-G-40
HUNT, SARAH                  BENTON                        NY-62-R-364
HUNT, SILAS                  MILO                          NY-62-C-162
HUNT, SILAS                  MILO                          NY-62-B-422
HUNT, SOPHIA                 PRATTSBURGH, STEUBEN, NY      NY-62-L-51
HUNT, STEPHEN                BENTON                        NY-62-R-262
HUNT, VIOLA M.               POTTER                        NY-62-Q-6
HUNTINGTON, ELISHA H.        PENN YAN                      NY-62-F-385
HUNTINGTON, JAMES            STARKEY                       NY-62-O-138
HURD, ANDREW                 TORREY                        NY-62-G-216
HURD, FERRIS P.              JERUSALEM                     NY-62-Q-499
HURD, HARRY                  STARKEY                       NY-62-E-226
HURD, TIMOTHY                STARKEY                       NY-62-E-600
HURFORD, JAMES               BENTON                        NY-62-I-156
HUSON, BETSEY                STARKEY                       NY-62-M-570
HUSON, CALVIN                STARKEY                       NY-62-H-349
HUSON, JAMES                 BENTON                        NY-62-H-463
HUSON, LURISSA               DUNDEE                        NY-62-O-287
HUSON, NATHANIEL SR.         STARKEY                       NY-62-E-419
HUSON, NELSON                STARKEY                       NY-62-C-191
HUSON, PHEBE                 STARKEY                       NY-62-J-2
HUTCHER, JOHN                PENN YAN                      NY-62-R-220
HUTTON, FAYETTE P.           MILO                          NY-62-R-190
HUTTON, JOHN                 MILO                          NY-62-P-24
HUTTON, SARAH P.             MILO                          NY-62-Q-40
HYATT, HANNAH                BENTON                        NY-62-O-373
HYATT, JAMES                 BENTON                        NY-62-K-506
HYATTE, HARRISON             BENTON                        NY-62-R-223
INGALLS, JOSHUA K.           STARKEY                       NY-62-Q-574
INGALLS, OLIVE H. F.         STARKEY                       NY-62-Q-205
JACOBUS, PAMELIA             BENTON                        NY-62-R-70
JAMES, HELEN                 PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-28
JAYN, TIMOTHYA               MILO                          NY-62-A-116
JAYNE, GEORGE M.             BARRINGTON                    NY-62-R-130
JAYNE, SAMUEL                BENTON                        NY-62-F-211
JAYNE, SAMUEL                BENTON                        NY-62-R-397
JENNINGS, JAMES              BENTON                        NY-62-H-427
JILLETT, CLARA               MILO                          NY-62-I-394
JILLETT, CLARA S.            MILO                          NY-62-J-455
JILLETT, ELIZABETH           PENN YAN                      NY-62-F-558
JOHNSON, ALEMMA M.           MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-M-186
JOHNSON, DANIEL              JERUSALEM                     NY-62-H-522
JOHNSON, GEORGE W.           BENTON                        NY-62-S-295
JOHNSON, JAMES MARION        POTTER                        NY-62-S-286
JOHNSON, JOHN                BENTON                        NY-62-B-354
JOHNSON, JOHN J.             MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-H-141
JOHNSON, LYMAN               STARKEY                       NY-62-H-314
JOHNSON, ROBERT              BENTON                        NY-62-Q-505
JOHNSON, SARAH ANN           ITALY                         NY-62-J-523
JONES, BENJAMIN F.           STARKEY                       NY-62-L-198
JONES, GEORGE L.             MILO                          NY-62-R-118
JONES, JOSEPH                PENN YAN                      NY-62-E-648
JONES, JOSEPH S.             POTTER                        NY-62-P-300
JONES, JOSHUA                POTTER                        NY-62-R-325
JONES, LUMAN A.              STARKEY                       NY-62-O-7
JONES, MARGARET R.           MILO                          NY-62-N-362
JONES, MARY E. EMBREE        TORREY                        NY-62-S-433
JONES, RALPH D.              ROCK STREAM                   NY-62-J-539
JONES, SETH                  MILO                          NY-62-H-111
JUDD, BENJAMIN               JERUSALEM                     NY-62-B-446
JUDD, CHARLES G.             PENN YAN                      NY-62-O-546
JUDD, MILTON                 STARKEY                       NY-62-P-285
JUDD, THEODOSIA              NEW YORK, NEW YORK, NY        NY-62-P-249
JUDD, URI                    PENN YAN                      NY-62-F-620
JUDD, WILLIAM S.             PENN YAN                      NY-62-N-333
KEATINGE, ELIZABETH          PENN YAN                      NY-62-L-123
KEEFER, HARRIET              BARRINGTON                    NY-62-S-541
KEELER, ELIZABETH S.         MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-S-493
KELLEY, JAMES                POTTER                        NY-62-L-320
KELLY, SARAH                 PENN YAN                      NY-62-P-194
KELSEY, CATALINA             BENTON                        NY-62-F-285
KELSEY, CHARLES R.           BENTON                        NY-62-F-150
KELSEY, SARAH E. C. THOMPSON MILO                          NY-62-S-55
KENNEDY, JAMES               ITALY                         NY-62-O-172
KENNELLY, DENNIS             PENN YAN                      NY-62-R-229
KENYON, BENJAMIN             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-S-328
KENYON, EDGAR                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-P-419
KENYON, PETER                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-F-22
KENYON, SUSAN B.             BARRINGTON                    NY-62-S-91
KERNEY, ELIZABETH            TORREY                        NY-62-M-587
KETCHAM, AMELIA A.           BENTON                        NY-62-P-5
KETCHAM, JOSEPH S.           JERUSALEM                     NY-62-F-626
KETCHUM, JONATHAN            BENTON                        NY-62-F-453
KETCHUM, PHEBE A.            BENTON                        NY-62-O-419
KETCHUM, WILLIAM             POTTER                        NY-62-O-466
KETTERER, HENRY              POTTER                        NY-62-M-565
KIDDER, ALMON S.             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-I-442
KIDDER, DAVID                BENTON                        NY-62-F-271
KIDDER, MARY                 BENTON                        NY-62-I-424
KIMBLE, ELIZABETH            MILO                          NY-62-P-109
KIMRI, THOMAS                BARRINGTON                    NY-62-S-538
KING, CLINTON                TORREY                        NY-62-M-112
KING, FRANCES                TORREY                        NY-62-N-489
KING, MATILDA                MILO                          NY-62-G-466
KING, SARAH A.               TORREY                        NY-62-R-148
KINNEAR, WILLIAM M.          MILO                          NY-62-R-52
KINNEY, MARGARET             MILO                          NY-62-F-746
KINYOUN, HENRY               JERUSALEM                     NY-62-S-388
KIPP, JOHN                   TORREY                        NY-62-G-70
KIPP, NICHOLAS               BENTON                        NY-62-F-345
KISHPAUGH, JULIETTE          STARKEY                       NY-62-S-169
KITTREDGE, ELIZABETH A.      PENN YAN                      NY-62-P-355
KNAPP, JOHN                  BARRINGTON                    NY-62-B-453
KNAPP, MATTHEW               BARRINGTON                    NY-62-H-494
KNAPP, OLIVER C.             PENN YAN                      NY-62-O-534
KNIFFIN, NATHANIEL C.        BENTON                        NY-62-F-101
KNOX, CATHERINE M.           PENN YAN                      NY-62-L-383
KOONS, JACOB                 STARKEY                       NY-62-H-145
KRESS, ISAAC                 MILO                          NY-62-P-328
KRESS, JOANNA                MILO                          NY-62-S-22
KRESS, LAMUEL                STARKEY                       NY-62-E-239
KRONK, ABRAHAM B.            JERUSALEM                     NY-62-G-287
LACY, EDWARD                 STARKEY                       NY-62-G-193
LADEW, MARY E.               MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-P-345
LAFEVER, JOHN                BENTON                        NY-62-A-47
LAFEVER, LEWIS               STARKEY                       NY-62-O-216
LAFEVER, REUBEN              STARKEY                       NY-62-C-56
LAFLER, PHEBE                ITALY                         NY-62-N-242
LAIN, ABRAM                  POTTER                        NY-62-N-157
LAIN, ELIZABETH              POTTER                        NY-62-D-81
LALLY, SARAH                 PENN YAN                      NY-62-R-454
LAMAN, MARY E.               BARRINGTON                    NY-62-L-57
LAMB, DEXTER                 JERUSALEM                     NY-62-F-441
LAMB, GILBERT                BARRINGTON                    NY-62-N-266
LAMB, MARY P.                BARRINGTON                    NY-62-O-258
LAMPORT, MARY JANE           BENTON                        NY-62-I-406
LAMPORT, ROBERT              BENTON                        NY-62-G-366
LAMPORT, WILILAM             GORHAM, ONTARIO, NY           NY-62-C-185
LAMUNYON, LYDIA              BELLONA                       NY-62-O-577
LANDON, EDMUND A.            PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-190
LANE, ALMIRA L.              POTTER                        NY-62-S-202
LANG, MARYA.                 MILO                          NY-62-Q-253
LANNING, ADALINE R.          DUNDEE                        NY-62-R-343
LANNING, DANIEL              PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-565
LANNING, DOREUS M.           STARKEY                       NY-62-S-487
LANNING, RICHARD             STARKEY                       NY-62-F-515
LAWRENCE, JOHN               MILO                          NY-62-B-334
LAWRENCE, ORMOND             PENN YAN                      NY-62-F-637
LAWRENCE, POLLY              PENN YAN                      NY-62-F-145
LAYTON, MARY B.***           DUNDEE                        NY-62-I-241
LAZARUS, DANIEL              POTTER                        NY-62-Q-310
LAZARUS, GEORGE H.           POTTER                        NY-62-P-318
LAZARUS, GEORGE M.           POTTER                        NY-62-K-349
LAZARUS, JACOB               POTTER                        NY-62-H-506
LAZEAR, GEORGE D.            BARRINGTON                    NY-62-I-45
LAZENBY, JOHN                BENTON                        NY-62-R-514
LEDGERWOOD, WILLIAM          POTTER                        NY-62-P-443
LEE, CHARLES                 MILO                          NY-62-O-209
LEE, JOHN                    POTTER                        NY-62-F-444
LEE, JOSHUA                  MILO                          NY-62-E-34
LEE, MARY A.                 TORREY                        NY-62-S-196
LEE, MARY M.                 MILO                          NY-62-I-307
LEFFERTS, CATHRINE E.        PENNY YAN                     NY-62-Q-229
LEGG, CARLTON                PENN YAN                      NY-62-F-278
LEGG, CARLTON                PENN YAN                      NY-62-N-329
LEGG, MOSES A.               TORREY                        NY-62-O-247
LESTER, DAVID                BENTON                        NY-62-F-400
LETTS, EUNICE                DUNDEE                        NY-62-R-169
LEWIS, ANN E.                BENTON                        NY-62-N-96
LEWIS, CHARLOTTE J.          PENN YAN                      NY-62-M-467
LEWIS, HARRIET               PENN YAN                      NY-62-L-184
LEWIS, JANE O.               PENN YAN                      NY-62-K-273
LEWIS, JESSE                 MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-F-497
LEWIS, JOHN                  PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-4
LEWIS, JOSEPH C.             STARKEY                       NY-62-E-568
LEWIS, NANCY                 POTTER                        NY-62-M-273
LEWIS, NANCY M.              POTTER                        NY-62-M-172
LEWIS, SAMUEL T.             POTTER                        NY-62-M-105
LEWIS, THOMAS J.             BENTON                        NY-62-N-175
LINDSLEY, BENJAMIN           MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-F-295
LINDSLEY, DAVID S.           MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-G-435
LINDSLEY, RIAL               MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-G-181
LITTELL, ELIZABETH           STARKEY                       NY-62-O-385
LLOYD, MARTHA E.             BENTON                        NY-62-O-35
LOCK, ELEANOR                MILO                          NY-62-J-194
LOCKWOOD, JEREMIA S.         MILO                          NY-62-C-359
LOCKWOOD, LEWIS              BARRINGTON                    NY-62-L-30
LOMIS, SARAH A. G.           POTTER                        NY-62-G-148
LONCOR, LEVI                 MILO                          NY-62-O-280
LONCOR, MISNER               STARKEY                       NY-62-F-575
LONG, ELIZABETH A.           PENN YAN                      NY-62-R-586
LONG, NATHANIEL R.           PENN YAN                      NY-62-P-12
LONGCOR, IRA                 MILO                          NY-62-F-112
LONGCOR, NEHEMIAH            MILO                          NY-62-Q-379
LONGWELL, JAMES C.           MILO                          NY-62-J-425
LONGWELL, ORRIN              MILO                          NY-62-G-493
LONGWELL, WILLIS             TORREY                        NY-62-S-223
LONN, JOHN H.                MILO                          NY-62-Q-400
LOOMIS, EZRA                 JERUSALEM                     NY-62-R-7
LOOMIS, JANETTE              MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-S-301
LOOMIS, MORRIS               BARRINGTON                    NY-62-Q-196
LOOMIS, NATHAN               MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-F-87
LORD, EBENEZER               MILO                          NY-62-E-691
LORD, ELIZA B.               STARKEY                       NY-62-Q-568
LOSEY, ELIZABETH             TYRONE, SCHUYLER, NY          NY-62-I-325
LOSOWSKI, THOMAS             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-Q-208
LOTZER, AUGUSTUS             TORREY                        NY-62-L-308
LOUNSBURY, FRANKLIN          POTTER                        NY-62-R-226
LOVEJOY, DANIEL              BENTON                        NY-62-G-66
LOVEJOY, GEORGE N.           BENTON                        NY-62-H-173
LOWERY, CATHERINE            PENN YAN                      NY-62-E-390
LOWERY, ESTHER               MILO                          NY-62-G-46
LOWN, LUCINDA                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-M-276
LUCAS, SALLY                 BENTON                        NY-62-I-514
LUDLOW, FLOYD C.             DUNDEE                        NY-62-S-217
LUDLOW, MARIETTE             DUNDEE                        NY-62-O-90
LUDLOW, RHO D.               PENN YAN                      NY-62-I-494
LUSK, HENRIETTA G.           JERUSALEM                     NY-62-Q-454
LUTHER, JOHN                 JERUSALEM                     NY-62-H-535
LUTHER, LOUISE               JERUSALEM                     NY-62-B-255
MACDONAL, ZELINDA            STARKEY                       NY-62-R-463
MAGER, WESLEY                MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-R-211
MAHER, SAMUEL                MILO                          NY-62-R-142
MALIN, ELIJAH                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-E-639
MALIN, MARGARET              JERUSALEM                     NY-62-D-429
MALIN, RACHAEL               JERUSALEM                     NY-62-E-373
MALLERY, LOUISE S.           WINONA, WINONA, MN            NY-62-I-387
MALLORY, ALMON C.            BENTON                        NY-62-P-90
MALLORY, EMMA H.             BENTON                        NY-62-P-272
MALTBY, ELIZA                DUNDEE                        NY-62-I-178
MANGAN, JOHN                 PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-427
MANN, CHARLES P.             ITALY                         NY-62-F-348
MANN, URETTA L.              ITALY                         NY-62-S-43
MAPES, JOSEPH                TORREY                        NY-62-Q-478
MARE, SAMUEL C.              PENN YAN                      NY-62-R-94
MARINER, BUEL                BENTON                        NY-62-F-103
MARINER, EPHRAIM             BENTON                        NY-62-D-304
MARINER, PHEBE               BENTON                        NY-62-S-271
MARINER, WILLIAM             BENTON                        NY-62-G-470
MARING, GEORGE               MILO                          NY-62-E-400
MARKEY, MICHAEL              MILO                          NY-62-Q-565
MARKHAM, EDWARD              ITALY                         NY-62-F-297
MARLOW, RACHAEL              TORREY                        NY-62-Q-427
MARLOW, WILLIAM              TORREY                        NY-62-O-169
MARSH, CHESTER S.            JERUSALEM                     NY-62-S-514
MARSH, DANIEL S. JR.         PENN YAN                      NY-62-E-617
MARSH, DANIEL S.             PENN YAN                      NY-62-F-230
MARSHALL, ANDREW G.          STARKEY                       NY-62-F-366
MARSHALL, MAJOR A.           STARKEY                       NY-62-G-506
MARTIN, JOHN                 BENTON                        NY-62-G-411
MARVIN, EZRA                 STARKEY                       NY-62-I-117
MASTER, MARIA                MILO                          NY-62-G-426
MATHER, JOHN                 MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-G-316
MATHEWS, HENRIETTA           BENTON                        NY-62-S-277
MATTHEWS, THOMAS             TORREY                        NY-62-S-175
MATTISON, ROBERT             STARKEY                       NY-62-F-743
MAXFIELD, MANERVA            ITALY                         NY-62-R-121
MAY, JABEZ                   MILO                          NY-62-Q-124
MCADAMS, FRANK J.            PENN YAN                      NY-62-Q-82
MCALPENE, JOSEPH             STARKEY                       NY-62-G-464
MCALPIN, ABIGAIL             STARKEY                       NY-62-H-234
MCALPINE, ANDREW             BENTON                        NY-62-L-70
MCALPINE, ANN E.             STARKEY                       NY-62-L-191
MCAULEY, JAMES               SENECA, ONTARIO, NY           NY-62-L-566
MCBLAIN, ROBERT              BENTON                        NY-62-L-102
MCCABE, THOMAS               MILO                          NY-62-F-450
MCCAFFERY, MARY DAWSON       DUNDEE                        NY-62-S-139
MCCANN, ELISABETH            BENTON                        NY-62-H-319
MCCANN, JOHN                 BENTON                        NY-62-G-31
MCCARTY, CORNELIUS           BENTON                        NY-62-Q-319
MCCONNELL, ALEXANDER         ITALY                         NY-62-E-686
MCCONNELL, WILLIAM           DUNDEE                        NY-62-G-481
MCCORMICK, CLARA             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-M-133
MCCOY, LOUISA                MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-Q-106
MCDANIELS, THOMAS            POTTER                        NY-62-C-10
MCDONALD, H. AUGUSTA         RUSHVILLE                     NY-62-J-404
MCDONALD, JAMES              SENNETT, CAYUGA, NY           NY-62-F-172
MCDONALD, LIZZIE             DUNDEE                        NY-62-P-447
MCELLICOTT, JOHN             PENN YAN                      NY-62-O-525
MCELLIGOTT, ANNA             PENN YAN                      NY-62-R-154
MCFARREN, HELEN A.           PENN YAN                      NY-62-P-423
MCFARREN, JOHN               BENTON                        NY-62-B-407
MCFARREN, ROBERT N.          MILO                          NY-62-N-349
MCFARREN, SAMUEL             BENTON                        NY-62-P-297
MCFARREN, SUSANNAH           BENTON                        NY-62-F-369
MCFERREN, JANE               BENTON                        NY-62-G-196
MCGOUGH, JULIA               MILO                          NY-62-P-228
MCGOUGH, PATRICK             MILO                          NY-62-M-483
MCINTIRE, ALBERT             MILO                          NY-62-O-555
MCINTIRE, ARCHIBALD I.       MILO                          NY-62-F-604
MCKINNEY, DAVID              BENTON                        NY-62-E-281
MCLOUD, ELIZA A.             STARKEY                       NY-62-N-101
MCLOUD, HELEN A.             PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-19
MCLOUD, MONTGOMERY           STARKEY                       NY-62-N-219
MCMASTER, DAVID J.           POTTER                        NY-62-L-257
MCMASTER, JAMES M.           BENTON                        NY-62-Q-523
MCMASTER, JAMES W.           BENTON                        NY-62-G-13
MCMASTER, JEMIMA             BENTON                        NY-62-S-226
MCMASTER, JOHN J.            BENTON                        NY-62-P-384
MCMASTER, MARGARET E.        BENTON                        NY-62-J-25
MCMEANS, ANDREW              BARRINGTON                    NY-62-I-488
MCNAIR, ELIZA                PENN YAN                      NY-62-H-451
MCNAIR, JAMES                PENN YAN                      NY-62-G-513
MEAD, ENOS                   MILO                          NY-62-F-233
MEAD, JOSHUA                 BENTON                        NY-62-G-359
MEADE, FRANCIS               PENN YAN                      NY-62-O-213
MERCKLE, JOHN                MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-I-167
MERRITT, ALANSON             MILO                          NY-62-H-487
MERRITT, ELIZABETH           JERUSALEM                     NY-62-F-477
MERRITT, EPHRAIM             BARRINGTON                    NY-62-E-588
MERRITT, JANE                ITALY                         NY-62-N-466
MERRITT, JOHN                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-L-63
MERRITT, MARY HACKETT        STARKEY                       NY-62-Q-58
MESEROLE, JACOB              MILO                          NY-62-J-322
MILES, JAMES                 BARRINGTON                    NY-62-F-766
MILES, JONATHAN              BARRINGTON                    NY-62-F-31
MILLER, CHALRES C.           PENN YAN                      NY-62-L-388
MILLER, DAVID                BENTON                        NY-62-G-291
MILLER, JAMES                ITALY                         NY-62-G-60
MILLER, JEFFERSON            MILO                          NY-62-O-113
MILLER, JOHN                 DUNDEE                        NY-62-S-382
MILLER, MOSES                LODE, SENECA, NY              NY-62-F-588
MILLER, SAMUEL V. C.         MILO                          NY-62-F-135
MILLER, SARAH                BENTON                        NY-62-G-532
MILLINGTON, RUFUS            MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-G-319
MILLIS, TEAL                 BARRINGTON                    NY-62-M-498
MILLS, DAVID                 BENTON                        NY-62-D-376
MILLS, EPHRIAM W.            MILO                          NY-62-Q-287
MILLSPAUGH, ADAM J.          JERUSALEM                     NY-62-F-57
MILLSPAUGH, DAVID            MILO                          NY-62-E-662
MILLSPAUGH, HANNAH           PENN YAN                      NY-62-M-406
MILOWER, JOHN S.             BENTON                        NY-62-F-110
MINARD, WILLIAM F.           JERUSALEM                     NY-62-I-66
MITCHELL, WILLIAM L.         BENTON                        NY-62-O-198
MITTOWER, ELIZABETH          TORREY                        NY-62-N-514
MITTOWER, MARTIN             TORREY                        NY-62-H-213
MITTOWER, SARAH E.           TORREY                        NY-62-O-324
MOON, WILLIAM                ITALY                         NY-62-S-106
MOONEY, EDWARD               POTTER                        NY-62-S-334
MOOR, ALBERT A.              GENEVA, ONTARIO, NY           NY-62-P-338
MOORE, GEORGE D.             BLUFF POINT                   NY-62-S-547
MOORE, GIDEON O.             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-R-559
MOORE, JANE                  BELLONA                       NY-62-P-244
MOORE, JOHN                  PENN YAN                      NY-62-L-285
MOORE, MARY ANN              MILO                          NY-62-G-54
MOORE, MARY E.               MILO                          NY-62-H-2
MOORE, MARY JANE             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-R-184
MOORE, SAMUEL                MILO                          NY-62-F-692
MOORE, SAMUEL                BENTON                        NY-62-I-8
MOORE, SARAH A.              BENTON                        NY-62-Q-247
MORAN, SHAUGHNESSY           PENN YAN                      NY-62-R-13
MOREHOUSE, MARY              MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-Q-28
MOREY, LEVI B.               MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-R-19
MORGAN, CHARLES              MILO                          NY-62-Q-508
MORLEY, LORAIN               MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-S-598
MORRIS, DANIEL               PENN YAN                      NY-62-P-215
MORRIS, JAMES W.             STARKEY                       NY-62-M-453
MORRIS, LUCY T.              PENN YAN                      NY-62-P-212
MORRISON, MARGARET           POTTER                        NY-62-F-592
MORSE, DAVID                 BARRINGTON                    NY-62-A-85
MORSE, EARL                  BARRINGTON                    NY-62-C-120
MORSE, LUCRETIA              MILO                          NY-62-B-346
MORSE, POLLY                 BARRINGTON                    NY-62-R-31
MOSELEY, ELIZUR              MILO                          NY-62-B-365
MOSHIER, BETSEY M.           BARRINGTON                    NY-62-K-557
MOTHERSELL, JOHN             MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-P-149
MOWER, EPHRAIM C.            POTTER                        NY-62-P-261
MOWER, JOHN W.               ITALY                         NY-62-O-588
MULLETT, CATHARINE           RUSHVILLE                     NY-62-P-485
MUMFORD, POLLY               MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-Q-190
MURDOCK, HIRAM               PENN YAN                      NY-62-N-538
MURDOCK, LUCIEN C.           DUNDEE                        NY-62-J-384
MURDOCK, MARRIA T.           STARKEY                       NY-62-P-392
MURPHY, PATRICK              BENTON                        NY-62-R-406
NANGLE, CATHARINE            STARKEY                       NY-62-S-571
NELSON, HARRIET              PENN YAN                      NY-62-I-27
NELSON, JAMES                TORREY                        NY-62-N-342
NEWCOMB, AMANDA              STARKEY                       NY-62-G-247
NEWCOMB, BUELL               STARKEY                       NY-62-B-314
NEWCOMB, HIRAM               STARKEY                       NY-62-G-251
NEWLOVE, WILLIAM             PENN YAN                      NY-62-K-315
NICHOLS, ABBY                MILO                          NY-62-G-78
NICHOLS, ALEXANDER           MILO                          NY-62-F-493
NICHOLS, ASHER D.            MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-G-282
NICHOLS, ELIZABETH           MILO                          NY-62-F-670
NICHOLS, ISAAC               MILO                          NY-62-B-1
NICHOLS, ISAAC               **                            NY-62-F-91
NICHOLS, JACOB               MILO                          NY-62-G-76
NICHOLS, JOHNSON A.          MILO                          NY-62-N-471
NICHOLS, JOSIAH G.           MILO                          NY-62-G-338
NICHOLS, MARY                MILO                          NY-62-P-281
NICHOLS, WILLIAM             BENTON                        NY-62-F-302
NOBLE, FRIEND                TYRONE, SCHUYLER, NY          NY-62-H-289
NOBLES, EMMA                 TORREY                        NY-62-Q-544
NORMAN, ELIZA J.             POTTER                        NY-62-M-51
NORMAN, HARVEY W.            TORREY                        NY-62-L-572
NORMAN, JOHN                 TORREY                        NY-62-G-503
NORMAN, SOLOMON              BENTON                        NY-62-E-325
NORRIS, JAMES H.             STARKEY                       NY-62-H-418
NORTHRUP, ELIZA              MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-O-161
NUTT, HENRY                  TORREY                        NY-62-N-73
NUTT, NANCY                  TORREY                        NY-62-O-440
NYE, ALGERMON S.             STARKEY                       NY-62-Q-136
OAKLEY, SARAH                BENTON                        NY-62-S-97
OARSTON, RICHARD             BENTON                        NY-62-E-458
OBRIEN, JOHN                 PENN YAN                      NY-62-K-373
OBRIEN, JOHN                 PENN YAN                      NY-62-P-426
OBRIEN, LUCY ANN             PENN YAN                      NY-62-I-521
OCONNOR, JAMES               TORREY                        NY-62-S-526
OGDEN, DARIUS A.             PENN YAN                      NY-62-P-220
OGDEN, JUDITH A.             PENN YAN                      NY-62-R-466
OGDEN, MARY                  MILO                          NY-62-P-467
OLDFIELD, VALENTINE          STARKEY                       NY-62-R-301
OLIVER, PETER J.             PENN YAN                      NY-62-L-299
OLMSTED, ESTHER ANN          DUNDEE                        NY-62-R-112
OLNEY, RANSOM T.             BENTON                        NY-62-E-652
ORR, HANNAH J.               JERUSALEM                     NY-62-K-93
ORR, MARGARET A.             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-S-343
OSGOOD, JANNA                DUNDEE                        NY-62-R-352
OSGOOD, LEBEUS               JERUSALEM                     NY-62-E-306
OSMUN, DANIEL S.             STARKEY                       NY-62-J-48
OVENSHIRE, JOHN              BARRINGTON                    NY-62-Q-19
OVENSHIRE, LOREN G.          BARRINGTON                    NY-62-R-469
OVENSHIRE, W. EUGENE         STARKEY                       NY-62-Q-43
OWEN, HARRIET R.             MILO                          NY-62-O-10
OWENS, JONATHAN              MILO                          NY-62-F-786
PADDOCK, WILLIAM G.          JERUSALEM                     NY-62-Q-496
PAGE, ADELINE G.             PENN YAN                      NY-62-H-491
PAGE, JOSIAH                 BENTON                        NY-62-B-237
PALMATIER, PETER             BENTON                        NY-62-N-445
PALMATIER, WILLIAM           BENTON                        NY-62-G-126
PALMER, JOHN W.              SODUS, WAYNE, NY              NY-62-G-110
PALMER, WILLIAM              STARKEY                       NY-62-F-356
PARIS, HARRIET               BRANCHPORT                    NY-62-P-518
PARKER, MERIAM               BENTON                        NY-62-F-293
PARKER, PHEBE J.             MILO                          NY-62-Q-271
PARSONS, ALANSON L.          MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-O-381
PARSONS, JOHN H.             MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-N-337
PARSONS, PATRIDGE            DUNDEE                        NY-62-E-342
PATTERSON, ROBERT            BENTON                        NY-62-E-311
PAYNE, DAVID H.              BENTON                        NY-62-J-106
PEABODY, JAMES               POTTER                        NY-62-D-393
PEARCE, RACHEL               PENN YAN                      NY-62-P-197
PECK, ABEL                   BENTON                        NY-62-F-567
PECK, LEWIS R.               BENTON                        NY-62-R-97
PECKINS, JAMES               JERUSALEM                     NY-62-J-263
PEMBROKE, ASENATH            BENTON                        NY-62-J-553
PEMBROKE, JOHN               BENTON                        NY-62-F-406
PEMBROKE, OLIVER H. P.       BENTON                        NY-62-E-746
PENCE, IRA                   JERUSALEM                     NY-62-H-393
PENDERGAST, WILLIAM          BENTON                        NY-62-L-265
PENDLE, GEORGE               SENECA                        NY-62-Q-157
PEPPER, AMY A.               JERUSALEM                     NY-62-M-503
PEPPER, JAMES                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-S-181
PERKINS, CALEB M.            BENTON                        NY-62-S-70
PERRY, CHARLES H.            MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-K-128
PERRY, DAVID                 MILO                          NY-62-N-584
PERRY, HARMON                MILO                          NY-62-Q-175
PERRY, LEVI                  PENN YAN                      NY-62-H-261
PERRY, THOMAS                MILO                          NY-62-Q-88
PERRYMAN, JOHN               MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-J-503
PETERS, JACOB                MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-F-380
PETTIT, HULDAH               BENTON                        NY-62-A-122
PHELPS, DAVID L.             BENTON                        NY-62-F-561
PHELPS, LOUISA               BENTON                        NY-62-F-60
PHILLIPS, HENRY              STARKEY                       NY-62-S-466
PICKERING, HILA              PENN YAN                      NY-62-Q-307
PICKINS, ELIPHA              BENTON                        NY-62-O-570
PIERCE, ANN H.               STARKEY                       NY-62-Q-583
PIERCE, EDMUND H.            DUNDEE                        NY-62-O-317
PIERCE, JAMES                PENN YAN                      NY-62-P-373
PIERCE, MARY                 BRANCHFORT                    NY-62-N-187
PINGBURN, MARY               JERUSALEM                     NY-62-C-197
PLAISTED, JOHN               BARRINGTON                    NY-62-S-16
PLAISTED, RICHARD            STARKEY                       NY-62-Q-580
PLATMAN, JOHN H.             BENTON                        NY-62-S-229
PLATMAN, JOSEPH              BENTON                        NY-62-R-259
PLAYSTED, JOHN               MILO                          NY-62-C-458
PLEMLY, MARY                 POTTER                        NY-62-O-49
PLIMPTON, AARON              MILO                          NY-62-G-447
PLUMMER, GEORGE              STARKEY                       NY-62-F-333
POOL, JOHN D.                BENTON                        NY-62-S-52
PORTER, JOHN                 BARRINGTON                    NY-62-Q-37
PORTER, LUCINDA              BARRINGTON                    NY-62-Q-493
PORTER, MARY T.              PENN YAN                      NY-62-N-485
PORTER, SAMANTHA             BARRINGTON                    NY-62-M-488
POST, ABRAHAM A.             MILO                          NY-62-S-355
POTTER, AUGUSUS W.           MILO                          NY-62-O-396
POTTER, SAMUEL P.            MILO                          NY-62-O-224
POWERS, JOHN                 POTTER                        NY-62-R-256
POYNEER, ELIZABETH           BRANCHPORT                    NY-62-Q-277
PRATT, HIRAM                 STARKEY                       NY-62-O-82
PRATT, MARY ANN              PENN YAN                      NY-62-G-256
PRATT, SUSAN J.              DUNDEE                        NY-62-S-370
PRENDERGRAST, JOHN C.        RUSHVILLE                     NY-62-J-120
PRESLER, PHEBE A.            BENTON                        NY-62-J-411
PRESTON, ELISEPH             PENN YAN                      NY-62-R-598
PRIEST, SARAH M.             MILO                          NY-62-J-435
PROSSER, DAVID B.            PENN YAN                      NY-62-O-29
PROSSER, MARIA               PENN YAN                      NY-62-N-436
PROSSER, SARAH A.            TORREY                        NY-62-O-336
PULVER, JOHN                 ITALY                         NY-62-H-413
PULVER, MILTON               MILO                          NY-62-Q-337
PURDY, SARAH W.              JERUSALEM                     NY-62-Q-484
PURDY, STEPHEN               BENTON                        NY-62-F-186
PURDY, SUSAN                 SENECA FALLS, SENECA, NY      NY-62-N-169
PUTNAM, PHEBE CLARINDA       JERUSALEM                     NY-62-Q-520
QUACKENBUSH, HANNAH          BARRINGTON                    NY-62-J-204
RACE, JOHN W.                POTTER                        NY-62-H-337
RANDAL, JAMES                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-D-91
RANDALL, ANNETTE W.          MILO                          NY-62-Q-346
RANDALL, FLORENCE A.         BENTON                        NY-62-Q-280
RANDALL, MARY H.             STARKEY                       NY-62-Q-160
RANDALL, SAMUEL              BENTON                        NY-62-C-27
RANDOLPH, FINCH F.           MILO                          NY-62-O-38
RANDOLPH, JEPTHA F.          MILO                          NY-62-C-148
RAPALEE, CATHARINE           BARRINGTON                    NY-62-S-232
RAPALEE, DANIEL              BARRINGTON                    NY-62-F-599
RAPALEE, MERVIN              BARRINGTON                    NY-62-O-585
RAPALEE, TOWNSEND            STARKEY                       NY-62-Q-289
RAPIER, MARIE                BURLINGTON, COFFEY, KS        NY-62-O-537
RAPLEE, AMARILLIS            MILO                          NY-62-K-484
RAPLEE, ARNOLD               MILO                          NY-62-R-538
RAPLEE, CLINTON              BARRINGTON                    NY-62-P-416
RAPLEE, EZRA                 MILO                          NY-62-I-478
RAPLEE, IRA                  MILO                          NY-62-Q-61
RAPLEE, J. MILES G.          MILO                          NY-62-K-58
RAPLEE, JEREMIAH             MILO                          NY-62-O-444
RAPLEE, JOSHUA               BARRINGTON                    NY-62-P-73
RAPLEE, LUCINDA              PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-406
RAPLEE, MELONA M.            STARKEY                       NY-62-R-67
RAPLEE, MOSES                TORREY                        NY-62-O-235
RAPLEE, ROSZELL              DUNDEE                        NY-62-N-150
RAPLER, ANDREW               STARKEY                       NY-62-E-364
RAPLES, JOSHUA               MILO                          NY-62-A-4
RAPPLEYE, ABRAM              BENTON                        NY-62-N-323
RARRICK, FANNY J.            STARKEY                       NY-62-M-26
RATHBURN, THOMAS A.          MILO                          NY-62-P-342
RAYMOND, ELIZABETH           AUBURN, CAYUGA, NY            NY-62-H-482
RAYMOND, STEPHEN             MILO                          NY-62-K-577
READ, ANSON R.               MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-S-88
READ, BETSEY                 POTTER                        NY-62-G-155
REAGAN, ALICE                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-S-397
RECTOR, ANDREW               BENTON                        NY-62-D-357
RECTOR, ANDREW W.            POTTER                        NY-62-O-340
RECTOR, JACOB T.             MILO                          NY-62-R-322
RECTOR, JOHN ANDREW          BENTON                        NY-62-G-136
RECTOR, WILLIAM              BENTON                        NY-62-K-489
RECTOR, WILLIAM J.           BENTON                        NY-62-S-79
REDDOUT, ABRAHAM             POTTER                        NY-62-F-479
REDDOUT, DAVID               POTTER                        NY-62-N-290
REDDOUT, MARY E. W.          RUSHVILLE                     NY-62-M-116
REED, ALFRED                 PENN YAN                      NY-62-K-212
REED, JOSIAH                 POTTER                        NY-62-F-577
REEDER, BENJAMIN F.          STARKEY                       NY-62-F-374
REEDER, GEORGE S.            STARKEY                       NY-62-N-418
REEDER, JOSIAH               STARKEY                       NY-62-A-119
REEDER, STEPHEN              STARKEY                       NY-62-B-33
REMER, AARON                 BENTON                        NY-62-D-68
REMER, BRYAN J.              DUNDEE                        NY-62-Q-457
REMER, JANE                  BENTON                        NY-62-F-662
RENZ, MARIE CHRISTINA        PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-394
REYNOLDS, BENJAMIN           STARKEY                       NY-62-F-538
REYNOLDS, CYNTHIA            MILO                          NY-62-R-319
REYNOLDS, JOSEPH             DUNDEE                        NY-62-R-22
RHODES, CHARLES              JERUSALEM                     NY-62-Q-352
RHODES, JOHN                 DUNDEE                        NY-62-H-295
RICE, STEPHEN J.             DUNDEE                        NY-62-Q-283
RICH, ANSEL                  STARKEY                       NY-62-F-159
RICHIE, JOHN L.              BENTON                        NY-62-Q-432
ROACH, EDWARD                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-S-373
ROACH, MARIA                 BENTON                        NY-62-P-331
ROBBINS, SAMUEL              PENN YAN                      NY-62-F-632
ROBERTS, GEORGE              STARKEY                       NY-62-R-496
ROBERTS, HELEN A.            BENTON                        NY-62-M-391
ROBERTS, ROBERT              MILO                          NY-62-P-120
ROBERTS, SARAH JANE          MILO                          NY-62-Q-481
ROBINSON, BENEDICT           MILO                          NY-62-B-221
ROBINSON, DIANA              POTTER                        NY-62-Q-490
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH          BARRINGTON                    NY-62-O-486
ROBINSON, PHEBE              TORREY                        NY-62-G-230
ROBINSON, RICHARD            MILO                          NY-62-O-489
ROBINSON, STEPHEN            BARRINGTON                    NY-62-I-265
ROBISON, MARY J.             MILO                          NY-62-P-470
ROBSON, ELIZABETH            MIDDLESEX                     NY-62-R-310
ROBSON, JANE                 BELLONA                       NY-62-P-493
ROBSON, ROBERT               **                            NY-62-F-70
ROFF, ROSILLA                PENN YAN                      NY-62-R-487
ROFF, TIMOTHY W.             PENN YAN                      NY-62-F-776
ROGERS, JAMES S.             JERUSALEM                     NY-62-J-364
ROHDA, ELIZABETH             MILO                          NY-62-P-20
ROLASON, JOEL                STARKEY                       NY-62-F-779
ROOF, CATHARINE              STARKEY                       NY-62-Q-370
ROOF, PHILIP                 STARKEY                       NY-62-O-43
ROOT, WILLIAM                PENN YAN                      NY-62-L-393
RORABACK, JOHN               MILO                          NY-62-C-333
RORAKBOCK, JOHN              MILO                          NY-62-A-112
ROSE, HENRY                  JERUSALEM                     NY-62-N-7
ROSE, JOHN N.                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-H-510
ROSE, JOHN N.                JERUSALEM                     NY-62-R-91
ROSS, ADALINE                STARKEY                       NY-62-R-385
ROSS, CHARLES H.             PENN YAN                      NY-62-Q-226
ROSS, MARY F.                PENN YAN                      NY-62-K-430
ROSWELL, THOMAS              STARKEY                       NY-62-B-463
ROWELL, MALINDA E.           DRESDEN                       NY-62-H-187
ROWLEY, SAMUEL B.            PENN YAN                      NY-62-I-508
ROY, ELIZABETH               MILO                          NY-62-N-286
ROY, ELIZABETH               TORREY                        NY-62-S-157
ROY, WILLIAM                 BENTON                        NY-62-E-90
ROYCE, MATTHEW               STARKEY                       NY-62-M-443
ROYCE, REUBEN                STARKEY                       NY-62-E-301
RUDD, PHILEURA               TORREY                        NY-62-F-535
RUDD, THOMAS                 BENTON                        NY-62-E-700
RUDMAN, JOHN                 BENTON                        NY-62-D-152
RUGAR, MOSES L.              POTTER                        NY-62-O-227
RUGER, THOMAS                POTTER                        NY-62-F-689
RUNNER, JOHN                 JERUSALEM                     NY-62-E-780
RUNNER, JOHN                 PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-376
RUNYON, JOSEPH L.            TORREY                        NY-62-Q-313
RUSCO, GEORGE W.             DUNDEE                        NY-62-P-501
RUSCOE, CHARLOTTE            DUNDEE                        NY-62-O-416
RUSSELL, ASAHEL              TORREY                        NY-62-F-696
RUSSELL, CALVIN              PENN YAN                      NY-62-S-109
RUSSELL, JOHN M.             TORREY                        NY-62-G-419
RUSSELL, MARTHA WANTON       TORREY                        NY-62-F-699
RYAL, ANTHONY B.             TORREY                        NY-62-N-297
RYAL, OTIS B.                BENTON                        NY-62-G-145
RYNDERS, BENJAMIN            STARKEY                       NY-62-G-82
RYNDERS, RACHEL M.           BRANCHPORT                    NY-62-R-520

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