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OBERTIN, NICHOLAS            SHELDON                       NY-61-13-511
OBRIEN, WINNIE               PERRY                         NY-61-18-253
OCONNELL, MICHAEL            ATTICA                        NY-61-13-59
OCONNER, PATRICK             JAVA                          NY-61-9-89
OHERIN, WILLIAM              *, LABETTE, KS                NY-61-6-318
OHERN, ELLEN                 ARCADE                        NY-61-9-577
OLDS, SAMUEL W.              GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-15-597
OLIN, ASA                    PERRY                         NY-61-1-384
OLIN, BETSEY                 PERRY                         NY-61-17-221
OLIN, CHRISTOPHER            PIKE                          NY-61-7-241
OLIN, GERMAN B.              PERRY                         NY-61-12-69
OLIN, PARIS                  PERRY                         NY-61-16-233
OLIN, THOMAS                 CASTILE                       NY-61-13-127
OLIN, TRUMAN                 PERRY                         NY-61-12-289
OLMSTEAD, HESTER A.          COVINGTON                     NY-61-16-257
OLNEY, FREDERICK TALLMEL     COVINGTON                     NY-61-9-581
ONEAL, JOHN W.               ARCADE                        NY-61-16-61
ORR, JAMES A.                MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-10-93
ORR, JOHN                    COVINGTON                     NY-61-8-65
ORR, MARY ADELAIDE           COVINGTON                     NY-61-17-369
OSBORN, HANNAH               ATTICA                        NY-61-7-137
OSBORN, ISAAC                PERRY                         NY-61-4-49
OSBORNE, BENJAMIN            ATTICA                        NY-61-3-65
OSBORNE, ELIZABETH           MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-20-220
OSBOURN, ORAMEL              PIKE                          NY-61-9-147
OWEN, ELIPHALET              MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-2-414
OWEN, SALOME M.              PERRY                         NY-61-14-245
PAGE, HENRY N.               PERRY                         NY-61-18-89
PAGE, RANSOM                 GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-1-315
PAGE, SOLON                  MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-16-421
PAGE, WILLIAM                WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-8-125
PAINTER, EDWIN               WARSAW                        NY-61-5-355
PAINTER, HANNAH              WARSAW                        NY-61-14-561
PALMER, ALTON                PERRY                         NY-61-12-89
PALMER, GEORGE F.            WARSAW                        NY-61-18-265
PALMER, HANNAH O.            WARSAW                        NY-61-18-489
PALMER, LYDIA C.             PERRY                         NY-61-10-545
PARISH, HIRAM                GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-10-125
PARK, ERASTUS E.             COVINGTON                     NY-61-8-357
PARK, NEHEMIAH               WARSAW                        NY-61-2-137
PARKER, CAROLINE A.          ARCADE                        NY-61-10-473
PARKER, CHARLES              SHELDON                       NY-61-12-217
PARKER, CHARLES R.           CHINA                         NY-61-5-307
PARKER, EZEKIEL              SHELDON                       NY-61-3-143
PARKER, GEORGE W.            WARSAW                        NY-61-10-293
PARKER, HARRIET N.           WARSAW                        NY-61-17-425
PARKER, HORACE S.            ARCADE                        NY-61-11-19
PARKER, LEONARD              SHELDON                       NY-61-1-61
PARKER, LYMAN                ARCADE                        NY-61-13-107
PARKER, MARYETTE J.          ATTICA                        NY-61-14-249
PARKER, SCHUYLER             WARSAW                        NY-61-5-553
PARKER, SIDNEY               WARSAW                        NY-61-8-429
PARKER, SILAS                CHINA                         NY-61-4-269
PARKER, TALITHA C.           WARSAW                        NY-61-10-181
PARKER, TILLE                MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-9-141
PARKIN, RICHARD              PERRY                         NY-61-12-149
PARKS, ALICE                 COVINGTON                     NY-61-18-329
PARKS, BEAUMONT              COVINGTON                     NY-61-18-333
PARKS, SAMUEL                COVINGTON                     NY-61-4-485
PARKS, SAMUEL ORLANDO        COVINGTON                     NY-61-19-413
PARLIN, SOPHIA M.            CASTILE                       NY-61-13-379
PARMENTER, NATHAN            ATTICA                        NY-61-2-367
PARSONS, URIAH               SHELDON                       NY-61-1-50
PARTRIDGE, LEONARD           PIKE                          NY-61-12-513
PARTRIDGE, ORA               PERRY                         NY-61-1-146
PATRIDGE, GEORGE W.          COVINGTON                     NY-61-4-467
PATRIDGE, SAMUEL O.          PIKE                          NY-61-20-115
PATTERSON, HARRIET E.        PERRY                         NY-61-7-465
PATTERSON, JENNIE M.         WARSAW                        NY-61-20-190
PATTERSON, THOMAS J.         WARSAW                        NY-61-10-141
PAYN, BYRON                  GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-20-295
PECK, ASA                    ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-16-589
PECK, EMELINE E.             WARSAW                        NY-61-16-529
PECK, GEORGE T.              CASTILE                       NY-61-4-99
PECK, HIRAM                  BENNINGTON                    NY-61-10-365
PECK, MARY J.                ARCADE                        NY-61-18-281
PECKHAM, JOSEPH              EAGLE                         NY-61-9-345
PEET, RUFUS                  MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-9-337
PEIRICK, HENRY               BENNINGTON                    NY-61-12-477
PELTON, ELECTA B.            PERRY                         NY-61-16-553
PELTON, LUTHER E.            CATILE                        NY-61-14-185
PEMBER, JIRAH A.             ATTICA                        NY-61-14-201
PEMBER, WEALTHY              ATTICA                        NY-61-14-457
PENNOCK, JOHN                CASTILE                       NY-61-13-567
PERCE, NATHAN                WARSAW                        NY-61-2-454
PERCIVAL, WILLIAM            WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-5-637
PERL, JOHN                   SHELDON                       NY-61-8-393
PERRY, DORUS                 MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-2-238
PERRY, EDWARD                MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-12-113
PERRY, ELIZA A.              MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-16-245
PERRY, GARDNER W.            MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-12-45
PERRY, JONATHAN              MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-5-241
PERSONS, ALONZO              BENNINGTON                    NY-61-6-162
PERSONS, ANSTRIS F.          BENNINGTON                    NY-61-19-105
PERSONS, LEMUEL C.           SHELDON                       NY-61-15-421
PERSONS, WILLIAM             SHELDON                       NY-61-1-143
PETER, MICHAEL               ATTICA                        NY-61-8-389
PETTINGILL, JAMES F.         WARSAW                        NY-61-1-323
PFAENDER, JACOBINA           ATTICA                        NY-61-20-67
PFALUM, CHRISTOF             MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-20-529
PFEIFER, HENRY               ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-20-412
PFENDER, JOHN M.             ATTICA                        NY-61-7-129
PHARIS, CAROLINE F.          GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-18-389
PHELPS, ELAM                 CASTILE                       NY-61-8-259
PHILIPS, JOHN                BENNINGTON                    NY-61-13-375
PHILIPS, NAHUM               PERRY                         NY-61-7-61
PHILLIPS, ABIGAIL B.         PIKE                          NY-61-14-85
PHILLIPS, ARTEMESIA          PERRY                         NY-61-15-97
PHILLIPS, RALPH              EAGLE                         NY-61-13-383
PHIPPEN, HENRY               GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-13-395
PIERCE, ALLEN                WARSAW                        NY-61-7-497
PIERCE, ALONZO               WARSAW                        NY-61-19-353
PIERCE, DAVID                CASTILE                       NY-61-8-477
PIERCE, ELIZABETH A.         CASTILE                       NY-61-18-245
PIERCE, GEORGE F.            CASTILE                       NY-61-8-221
PIERCE, LUCY                 CASTILE                       NY-61-5-343
PIERCE, LUTHER               PIKE                          NY-61-7-505
PIERCE, MARCIA               CASTILE                       NY-61-8-33
PIERCE, NATHANIEL            PIKE                          NY-61-10-221
PIERCE, ROBERT               BENNINGTON                    NY-61-17-209
PIERCE, THORNTON F.          CASTILE                       NY-61-2-145
PILGRIM, FREDERICK           ATTICA                        NY-61-20-460
PLUCKER, DANIEL              ARCADE                        NY-61-17-105
PLUCKER, MARY E.             PERRY                         NY-61-20-496
POCHEL, EDWARD               BENNINGTON                    NY-61-10-233
POND, AARON                  CASTILE                       NY-61-2-77
POND, JOSEPH A.              CASTILE                       NY-61-18-401
PORTER, HIRAM                ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-9-389
POST, BELA                   CASTILE                       NY-61-5-259
POST, CHRISTOPHER            GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-12-1
POST, WILLIAM                GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-18-85
POTTER, JAMES H.             SHELDON                       NY-61-13-87
POTTER, LINDORF              SHELDON                       NY-61-2-424
POTTER, MILTON E.            ATTICA                        NY-61-9-257
POWELL, ISRAEL S.            EAGLE                         NY-61-15-201
POWERS, CALEB                PIKE                          NY-61-4-539
POWERS, DOLLY C.             PIKE                          NY-61-7-461
POWERS, MICHAEL              PIKE                          NY-61-10-245
POWERS, TRUMAN               SHELDON                       NY-61-1-4
PRATT, AMOS                  PIKE                          NY-61-14-549
PRATT, ASA                   GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-8-561
PRATT, ELIJAH                ATTICA                        NY-61-1-377
PRATT, ELLEN M.              ATTICA                        NY-61-19-593
PRATT, EMILY                 MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-16-157
PRATT, HENRIETTA T.          PERRY                         NY-61-14-357
PRATT, HENRY                 ATTICA                        NY-61-2-103
PRATT, MARTHA                BENNINGTON                    NY-61-13-543
PRATT, NOAH W.               MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-8-461
PRATT, THOMAS                EAGLE                         NY-61-14-13
PRENTICE, CURTIS A.          PIKE                          NY-61-13-167
PRESCOTT, JOHN               JAVA                          NY-61-2-315
PRICE, HERVEY                ARCADE                        NY-61-8-593
PRICHARDS, HANNAH            PERRY                         NY-61-15-265
PRIME, JOSEPH                ATTICA                        NY-61-9-201
PRYOR, DANIEL H.             ATTICA                        NY-61-13-159
PRYOR, MARY L.               ATTICA                        NY-61-15-333
PUFF, ELIZABETH              PIKE                          NY-61-17-309
PUFF, GOODLEY                PIKE                          NY-61-9-135
PURKINS, CHESTER             GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-9-309
PURKINS, ELAM                WARSAW                        NY-61-7-153
PUTNAM, HARVEY               ATTICA                        NY-61-2-338
PUTNAM, MYRA                 ATTICA                        NY-61-4-359
PUTNEY, JOHN                 ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-2-209
QUALE, JOHN W.               MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-18-457
QUIGLEY, IRENE               GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-17-497
QUINLIN, TIMOTHY             JAVA                          NY-61-2-434
RAMSEY, ALLEN                JAVA                          NY-61-19-581
RANDALL, GIDEON              PIKE                          NY-61-20-559
RANDALL, SARAH P.            WARSAW                        NY-61-17-277
RAPLEE, AVERY                CASTILE                       NY-61-12-469
RATHBONE, PHILANDER          CASTILE                       NY-61-1-151
RAWSON, SILAS                PERRY                         NY-61-2-19
RAYMOND, ISRAEL              ATTICA                        NY-61-10-241
REDDEN, BERNARD J.           JAVA                          NY-61-19-369
REDDEN, JAMES                JAVA                          NY-61-12-497
REDDEN, MARY                 ARCADE                        NY-61-12-65
REED, ALANSON                ARCADE                        NY-61-7-377
REED, CARY                   PERRY                         NY-61-2-158
REED, CATHARINE              JAVA                          NY-61-14-353
REED, CHARLES                JAVA                          NY-61-5-247
REED, DANIEL T.              PERRY                         NY-61-8-5
REED, ISRAEL R.              WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-1-245
REED, JOHN                   JAVA                          NY-61-10-285
REED, MERCY                  ARCADE                        NY-61-19-349
REED, MORGAN L.              WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-19-401
REED, WARREN M.              JAVA                          NY-61-10-201
REICHART, GEORGE             ATTICA                        NY-61-18-409
REICHTER, ANGELINE           SHELDON                       NY-61-20-340
REID, ANN E.                 WARSAW                        NY-61-20-70
REID, JOHN                   WARSAW                        NY-61-19-333
REILLY, LAWRENCE             JAVA                          NY-61-5-7
REINER, JOHN FERDINAND       BENNINGTON                    NY-61-5-139
REITZEL, ADAM 2ND            ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-15-281
REITZEL, HENRY               ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-14-465
RENWICK, CATHARINE           WARSAW                        NY-61-9-49
RENWICK, JOHN                WARSAW                        NY-61-9-53
REUTER, NICHOLAS             SHELDON                       NY-61-7-541
REX, JOHN                    BENNINGTON                    NY-61-6-68
REYHORN, JOHN                SHELDON                       NY-61-12-109
REYNOLDS, BENJAMIN           ATTICA                        NY-61-7-593
REYNOLDS, HARRIET            ATTICA                        NY-61-20-319
REYNOLDS, HENRY              GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-17-41
REYNOLDS, NELSON             ATTICA                        NY-61-18-209
REYNOLDS, NYNUN              GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-3-131
REYNOLDS, NYRUM              GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-18-93
RHEYNHAMMER, HENRY           CASTILE                       NY-61-5-481
RICE, SOPHIA                 WARSAW                        NY-61-17-9
RICHARDS, EDWARD             PERRY                         NY-61-9-465
RICHARDS, EDWARD M.          ATTICA                        NY-61-4-175
RICHARDS, JAMES              ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-1-8
RICHARDS, JOEL               CASTILE                       NY-61-19-97
RICHARDS, PETER              ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-7-335
RICHARDS, ROCKSY             WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-8-413
RICHARDSON, CHARLES          JAVA                          NY-61-7-65
RICHARDSON, CHARLES H.       JAVA                          NY-61-16-397
RICHARDSON, MARY E.          SHELDON                       NY-61-20-205
RICHARDSON, MERCY J.         CASTILE                       NY-61-8-121
RICHARDSON, RICHARD          SHELDON                       NY-61-8-185
RICHARDSON, WASHINGTON E.    ARCADE                        NY-61-13-191
RICHCORDS, GEORGE            BENNINGTON                    NY-61-16-429
RICHTER, JOHN                SHELDON                       NY-61-17-521
RIDSDALE, GEORGE             CASTILE                       NY-61-1-304
RIGGS, HARVEY                PERRY                         NY-61-7-17
RIMMER, WILLIAM              JAVA                          NY-61-2-297
RING, MARY                   JAVA                          NY-61-18-49
RITER, JOHN                  SHELDON                       NY-61-7-321
ROBBINS, CYNTHIA             GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-6-59
ROBERTS, ALBERT C.           WARSAW                        NY-61-20-124
ROBERTS, ELLEN               ATTICA                        NY-61-12-129
ROBERTS, NELLIE J.           PERRY                         NY-61-20-253
ROBERTSON, DANIEL W.         PIKE                          NY-61-9-217
ROBINSON, JOHNSON C.         COVINGTON                     NY-61-9-193
ROBSON, AMARILLA             SHELDON                       NY-61-16-537
ROBSON, ARCHIBALD            SHELDON                       NY-61-13-287
ROBSON, JOHN                 SHELDON                       NY-61-3-343
ROCHE, CATHARINE             JAVA                          NY-61-19-425
ROCHE, DAVID                 ARCADE                        NY-61-16-225
ROCHE, WILLIAM               JAVA                          NY-61-13-491
RODGERS, ELIAS               CHINA                         NY-61-4-407
ROGERS, JOHN S.              JAVA                          NY-61-14-449
ROGERS, REUBEN               MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-14-161
ROMASER, MENROD              SHELDON                       NY-61-5-613
ROMASSER, JOHN               SHELDON                       NY-61-19-449
ROOD, CHESTER S.             CASTILE                       NY-61-12-437
ROOD, LINA A.                GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-18-445
ROOT, MARY                   PERRY                         NY-61-19-409
ROOT, ORRIS                  COVINGTON                     NY-61-17-229
ROSE, ALONZO B.              CASTILE                       NY-61-12-221
ROSE, AMY                    PIKE                          NY-61-17-133
ROSE, WILLIAM                PIKE                          NY-61-4-443
ROUNDS, HEZEKIAH B.          SHELDON                       NY-61-5-625
ROUSE, JOHN JR.              PERRY                         NY-61-1-161
ROUSE, SALLY                 EAGLE                         NY-61-7-529
ROWAN, JOHN                  MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-9-25
ROWE, CARRIE M.              CASTILE                       NY-61-17-13
ROWE, RODERICK               MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-2-290
ROWHEN, ANN                  ARCADE                        NY-61-20-361
ROWLEY, DEUEL                CHINA                         NY-61-1-11
ROWLEY, EDWIN E.             GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-20-214
ROWLEY, IRA                  CHINA                         NY-61-3-427
ROWLEY, ROGER E.             BENNINGTON                    NY-61-7-429
ROYCE, D'CALVUS A.           PERY                          NY-61-13-183
RUDD, JABEZ                  SHELDON                       NY-61-16-185
RUDD, SARAH J.               SHELDON                       NY-61-9-205
RUDE, GIDEON                 COVINGTON                     NY-61-1-1
RUDE, JAMES                  CASTILE                       NY-61-2-372
RUDE, JEMIMA                 COVINGTON                     NY-61-7-361
RUDE, LESTER                 COVINGTON                     NY-61-16-289
RUDGERS, DAN                 COVINGTON                     NY-61-15-253
RUDGERS, DANIEL              PERRY                         NY-61-1-165
RUDGERS, ISAAC C.            PERRY                         NY-61-18-81
RUDGERS, NANCY               PERRY                         NY-61-8-233
RUMIGER, HENRY               ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-8-321
RUNALS, LEONARD P.           ARCADE                        NY-61-9-293
RUSSELL, CHAUNCEY            GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-18-441
RUSSELL, DORCAS              GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-19-245
RUSSELL, JAMES               GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-7-193
RUSSELL, JOHN                JAVA                          NY-61-14-477
RUSSELL, REBECCA R.          COVINGTON                     NY-61-13-131
SAFFORD, AMOS                PERRY                         NY-61-10-409
SAFFORD, JOHN                PERRY                         NY-61-3-337
SAFFORD, LYDIA A.            PERRY                         NY-61-17-561
SAFFORD, SAMUEL              PERRY                         NY-61-12-57
SALISBURY, ACHSA             WARSAW                        NY-61-15-397
SALLISBURY, JOHN C.          ATTICA                        NY-61-3-469
SALSBURY, CHLOE              WARSAW                        NY-61-2-207
SALSBURY, SAMUEL             WARSAW                        NY-61-10-73
SANDERS, JOHN                ATTICA                        NY-61-7-165
SANDS, ELIZABETH M.          PERRY                         NY-61-16-493
SANDS, SARAH E.              PERRY                         NY-61-13-419
SANGBUSH, FREDERICK          ATTICA                        NY-61-19-533
SANGER, AMELIA R.            PERRY                         NY-61-20-370
SARGENT, JOHN                BENNINGTON                    NY-61-9-65
SARGENT, JOHN M.             BENNINGTON                    NY-61-18-573
SAXTON, GEORGE               WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-4-293
SAYLES, JAMES                CASTILE                       NY-61-8-109
SAYLES, STEPHEN              PERRY                         NY-61-3-475
SCHAUB, ANDREW               SHELDON                       NY-61-2-62
SCHAUBLIN, ERNEST            SHELDON                       NY-61-20-592
SCHENCK, MICHAEL             JAVA                          NY-61-19-389
SCHENCK, NORMAN              CASTILE                       NY-61-14-365
SCHIMPF, FERDINAND           SHELDON                       NY-61-18-185
SCHLICK, PETER J.            BENINGTON                     NY-61-20-499
SCHMETTZLE, FREDERICK        BENNINGTON                    NY-61-19-577
SCHRODER, JOACHIM            ATTICA                        NY-61-19-553
SCHUMAKER, MICHAEL           ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-7-569
SCHUMAN, MARY                ATTICA                        NY-61-13-267
SCHUSTER, CHRISTIAN          WARSAW                        NY-61-16-277
SCHWENGEL, GEORGE            JAVA                          NY-61-10-257
SCHWEYER, GEORGE             SHELDON                       NY-61-5-265
SCHWIER, GEORGE              BENNINGTON                    NY-61-20-223
SCOFIELD, MARY B.            CASTILE                       NY-61-14-193
SCOTT, CHARLES               GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-5-583
SCOTT, JOHN                  ATTICA                        NY-61-20-550
SCOTT, MERRITT W.            WARSAW                        NY-61-20-388
SCOTT, THOMAS                WARSAW                        NY-61-17-69
SCOVILLE, WHITING T.         ATTICA                        NY-61-6-217
SCRANTON, ORRIN              COVINGTON                     NY-61-8-77
SEELEY, EMILY M.             WARSAW                        NY-61-14-133
SEELEY, GEORGE W.            WARSAW                        NY-61-3-159
SEELEY, SARAH ANN            GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-12-189
SEELY, ANDREW J.             WARSAW                        NY-61-18-285
SEELY, JOHN                  WARSAW                        NY-61-19-249
SELIGMAN, GEORGE             ATTICA                        NY-61-8-557
SELLON, LOIS L.              CASTILE                       NY-61-20-589
SELLON, PHILEMON R.          CASTILE                       NY-61-17-325
SERVE, ADOLPH                SHELDON                       NY-61-14-333
SEVERANCE, NICHOLAS          CASTILE                       NY-61-6-17
SHADBOLT, WILLIAM            BENNINGTON                    NY-61-1-67
SHARP, ARNOLD                SHELDON                       NY-61-18-313
SHARP, INNIE                 WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-13-503
SHARPSTEEN, MILES            CASTILE                       NY-61-16-193
SHATTUCK, EDWARD C.          WARSAW                        NY-61-18-45
SHATTUCK, GEORGE C.          WARSAW                        NY-61-16-329
SHATTUCK, REBEKAH Z.         GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-13-411
SHATTUCK, SAMUEL H.          GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-8-269
SHAUB, ELLEN                 ATTICA                        NY-61-18-477
SHAUB, JACOB                 ATTICA                        NY-61-12-417
SHAW, ALFRED                 JAVA                          NY-61-16-557
SHAW, AMANDA                 PERRY                         NY-61-9-529
SHAW, CYRUS                  JAVA                          NY-61-16-573
SHAW, DANIEL M.              PERRY                         NY-61-9-525
SHAW, JANE                   JAVA                          NY-61-14-611
SHAW, SELINA R.              ATTICA                        NY-61-16-145
SHAY, BRIDGET                WARSAW                        NY-61-17-541
SHAY, THOMA                  WARSAW                        NY-61-17-537
SHAY, WALTER                 CASTILE                       NY-61-19-481
SHEA, MARY A.                ATTICA                        NY-61-13-75
SHEARING, JAMES              JAVA                          NY-61-8-171
SHEARMAN, ALFRED             PERRY                         NY-61-19-297
SHEARMAN, MARTHA             PERRY                         NY-61-15-173
SHELDON, HORACE              ATTICA                        NY-61-5-337
SHELDON, HORACE              PERRY                         NY-61-8-541
SHELDON, MARTHA B.           PERRY                         NY-61-13-523
SHELDON, SIMEON E.           CASTILE                       NY-61-9-493
SHEPARD, AMANDA              PIKE                          NY-61-16-321
SHEPARD, ELLEN SOPHIA        ATTICA                        NY-61-20-28
SHEPARD, GEORGE              SHELDON                       NY-61-5-19
SHEPARD, MARVIN E.           PIKE                          NY-61-17-81
SHEPARD, NORMAN              COVINGTON                     NY-61-16-101
SHEPHARD, MARTIN             PIKE                          NY-61-9-591
SHERMAN, BENJAMIN H.         CASTILE                       NY-61-14-509
SHERMAN, CAROLINE            COVINGTON                     NY-61-7-313
SHERMAN, ESTHER              WARSAW                        NY-61-8-453
SHERMAN, ETHIEL C.           MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-19-169
SHERMAN, GIDEON              CASTILE                       NY-61-2-29
SHERMAN, JAMES N.            PERRY                         NY-61-2-42
SHERMAN, JOB                 MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-4-305
SHERMAN, LOIS                MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-5-505
SHERMAN, SEYMOUR             WARSAW                        NY-61-7-457
SHERMAN, SIRA                JAVA                          NY-61-14-329
SHERRILL, ELIZABETH          PIKE                          NY-61-15-129
SHERWIN, JACOB               WARSAW                        NY-61-19-345
SHILLIN, JAMES               CASTILE                       NY-61-8-297
SHIPMAN, CHARLES             WARSAW                        NY-61-5-469
SHIRLEY, EVELINE B.          PERRY                         NY-61-8-213
SHIRLEY, PHARES              PERRY                         NY-61-5-145
SHUMING, JOSEPH              ATTICA                        NY-61-4-275
SIBLEY, BENJAMIN             WARSAW                        NY-61-10-17
SILLIMAN, MARY A.            WARAW                         NY-61-6-336
SILLIMAN, MARY H.            WARSAW                        NY-61-16-285
SILLOWAY, CALVIN             ARCADE                        NY-61-20-526
SIMMONS, HIRAM               PERRY                         NY-61-12-269
SIMMONS, SERENA T.           PERRY                         NY-61-17-137
SIMONDS, EDWIN W. R.         GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-19-205
SIMONS, NELSON               PERRY                         NY-61-7-517
SIMONS, PETER                SHELDON                       NY-61-9-221
SIMONS, STEPHEN              SHELDON                       NY-61-8-105
SIMONS, VICTOR               SHELDON                       NY-61-6-178
SISSON, MARVIN               CASTILE                       NY-61-16-25
SISSON, MARY                 CASTILE                       NY-61-15-77
SKIFF, EDMUND                PIKE                          NY-61-2-7
SKIFF, MICAJAH P.            PIKE                          NY-61-19-165
SKINNER, ABEL H.             SHELDON                       NY-61-19-561
SKINNER, AUSTIN              PERRY                         NY-61-9-461
SKINNER, EUNICE LOUISA SPRING   ARCADE                     NY-61-19-73
SKINNER, LEVI T.             JAVA                          NY-61-12-361
SKINNER, THOMAS              WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-3-487
SLADE, BETSEY                CASTILE                       NY-61-8-1
SLADE, JOSEPH                CASTILE                       NY-61-8-365
SLATTERY, WILLIAM            ATTICA                        NY-61-14-301
SLEEPER, ANSON H.            PERRY                         NY-61-18-33
SLEIGHT, ANGELINE            PERRY                         NY-61-17-389
SLOCUM, JOHN H.              WARSAW                        NY-61-17-125
SMALLWOOD, WILLIAM           WARSAW                        NY-61-7-57
SMITH, AARON                 PIKE                          NY-61-16-293
SMITH, ALEXANDER             MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-20-199
SMITH, ALMIRA                PIKE                          NY-61-18-5
SMITH, ANN H.                GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-19-285
SMITH, ANNA M.               SHELDON                       NY-61-9-564
SMITH, CALEB                 GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-16-269
SMITH, CATHERINE             WARSAW                        NY-61-9-501
SMITH, CHARLES               MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-1-286
SMITH, CHARLES H.            GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-13-231
SMITH, CHESTER               CASTILE                       NY-61-1-222
SMITH, DEBORAH               MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-2-178
SMITH, DESIRE                ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-8-57
SMITH, DIANTHA               PIKE                          NY-61-14-381
SMITH, EDWARD WILLIAM        ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-19-337
SMITH, ELIJAH                JAVA                          NY-61-7-329
SMITH, ENOCH                 MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-4-569
SMITH, EUNICE                CHINA                         NY-61-4-169
SMITH, EZRA                  PIKE                          NY-61-5-313
SMITH, GEORGE C.             PERRY                         NY-61-12-9
SMITH, GEORGE W.             MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-15-161
SMITH, HARRIET A.            MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-8-629
SMITH, HARRIET A.            EAGLE                         NY-61-12-569
SMITH, HARRISON W.           CASTILE                       NY-61-20-562
SMITH, HARVEY                PIKE                          NY-61-8-9
SMITH, HIRAM                 WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-16-1
SMITH, HOMER                 GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-10-389
SMITH, ISAAC                 ARCADE                        NY-61-20-34
SMITH, ISAAC A.              GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-9-225
SMITH, JAMES                 CHINA                         NY-61-2-438
SMITH, JARED B.              GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-7-511
SMITH, JOHN J.               JAVA                          NY-61-14-241
SMITH, JOSEPH B.             GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-20-586
SMITH, JOSIAH                ATTICA                        NY-61-1-194
SMITH, LAURA                 PIKE                          NY-61-18-413
SMITH, LEONARD P.            MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-15-177
SMITH, LEONARD W.            WARSAW                        NY-61-6-40
SMITH, MARVIN                PERRY                         NY-61-14-485
SMITH, MARY                  ATTICA                        NY-61-12-333
SMITH, MARY ELLA             WARSAW                        NY-61-17-305
SMITH, MASON G.              PERRY                         NY-61-3-71
SMITH, MICHAEL               GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-8-347
SMITH, MICHAEL               ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-7-189
SMITH, NANCY J.              ARCADE                        NY-61-19-29
SMITH, PHILIP                WARSAW                        NY-61-17-569
SMITH, PHILLIPPINA           WARSAW                        NY-61-20-532
SMITH, RICHARD               CASTILE                       NY-61-10-301
SMITH, SAMUEL                JAVA                          NY-61-7-13
SMITH, SAMUEL                WARSAW                        NY-61-2-369
SMITH, SELAH T.              PERRY                         NY-61-13-155
SMITH, SYLVANUS C.           PERRY                         NY-61-19-421
SMITH, THEODORE G.           BENNINGTON                    NY-61-6-79
SMITH, WEALTHY E.            PERRY                         NY-61-10-377
SMITH, WILLIAM T.            WARSAW                        NY-61-9-189
SNELL, EDWIN S.              PIKE                          NY-61-14-525
SNYDER, FREDERICK            ATTICA                        NY-61-13-55
SNYDER, GEORGE               WARSAW                        NY-61-18-249
SNYDER, MARY                 LAKEWOOD, OCEAN, NJ           NY-61-6-232
SOBLE, PETER                 WARSAW                        NY-61-16-525
SOUTHWICK, JOHN J.           PIKE                          NY-61-17-33
SOWERBY, JOHN                CATILE                        NY-61-13-71
SOWERBY, THOMAS              PERRY                         NY-61-20-565
SOWL, DANIEL                 MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-2-304
SPANN, HENRY V.              ATTICA                        NY-61-18-181
SPANN, MATILDA               ATTICA                        NY-61-20-508
SPELLISEY, MICHAEL           WARSAW                        NY-61-17-545
SPELLMAN, FRANCIS C.         CASTILE                       NY-61-20-553
SPELMAN, HANNAH G.           CASTILE                       NY-61-17-301
SPENCER, AARON A.            ARCADE                        NY-61-16-309
SPENCER, AMBROSE             PIKE                          NY-61-12-193
SPENCER, DANIEL A.           WARSAW                        NY-61-12-201
SPENCER, NELLIE E.           ATTICA                        NY-61-19-65
SPINK, ALLEN D.              SHELDON                       NY-61-15-401
SPINK, HEPSEY M.             ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-17-453
SPINK, HIRAM                 WARSAW                        NY-61-12-245
SPINK, MARY J.               ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-17-437
SPINK, WILLIAM A.            ATTICA                        NY-61-19-257
SPRAGUE, ISABELLA            WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-17-261
SPRAGUE, JAMES               COVINGTON                     NY-61-5-499
SPRAGUE, MARTHA              WARSAW                        NY-61-8-53
SPRING, DARIUS N.            WARSAW                        NY-61-19-157
SPRING, ERASTUS              MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-19-197
SPRING, LEVERETT             ARCADE                        NY-61-12-597
STAINTON, JOHN               PERRY                         NY-61-10-509
STAINTON, LYDIA              PERRY                         NY-61-10-569
STAMP, ISAAC                 PERRY                         NY-61-20-226
STAMP, WILLIAM               GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-19-125
STANARD, JOHN B.             CASTILE                       NY-61-2-396
STANDISH, JOHN               SHELDON                       NY-61-8-573
STANLEY, EVELYN              , LIVINGSTON, MO              NY-61-6-238
STARK, RUTH                  CASTILE                       NY-61-5-475
STARR, LOVEL B.              MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-9-241
STEARNS, ELECTA              WARSAW                        NY-61-16-265
STEARNS, EMILY L.            CASTILE                       NY-61-17-489
STEARNS, GEORGE W.           WARSAW                        NY-61-14-345
STEARNS, LIBBIE              ARCADE                        NY-61-8-189
STEARNS, WILLIARD            WARSAW                        NY-61-9-541
STEBBINS, ELIJAH             PIKE                          NY-61-4-115
STEDMAN, DANIEL P.           BENNINGTON                    NY-61-13-247
STEDMAN, MARIA               WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-10-637
STEDMAN, NORMAN R.           WARSAW                        NY-61-20-151
STEDMAN, RAYMOND             MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-3-177
STEDMAN, RUFUS H.            PERRY                         NY-61-16-53
STEDMAN, WILLIAM P.          WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-1-130
STEELE, HIRAM                ARCADE                        NY-61-20-337
STENGEL, JOSEPH              BENNINGTON                    NY-61-7-273
STENSON, JAMES               ARCADE                        NY-61-19-21
STEPHENS, MARTIN L.          ATTICA                        NY-61-15-237
STEPHENS, PAUL P.            WARSAW                        NY-61-17-365
STEVENS, ACHSA F.            ATTICA                        NY-61-12-365
STEVENS, ALDEN S.            ATTICA                        NY-61-9-113
STEVENS, CORDLEIA B.         ATTICA                        NY-61-20-55
STEVENS, HULDAH              ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-7-121
STEVENS, MARGARET            WARSAW                        NY-61-19-477
STEVENS, ROBERT S.           ATTICA                        NY-61-17-313
STEVENS, UZZIEL              BENNINGTON                    NY-61-4-187
STEVENS, WILLIAM N.          WARSAW                        NY-61-16-409
STEVENSON, ALLEN             SHELDON                       NY-61-8-617
STEWART, ANGUS               COVINGTON                     NY-61-2-94
STEWART, JOSEPH              BRADY, KALAMAZOO, MI          NY-61-13-283
STEWART, ROBERT              PIKE                          NY-61-20-406
STJOHN, JOSEPH E.            ARCADE                        NY-61-20-169
STODDARD, LOUISA C.          COVINGTON                     NY-61-16-505
STONE, HARVEY                ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-18-189
STONE, HIRAM B.              PIKE                          NY-61-5-325
STONE, JOHN                  WARSAW                        NY-61-9-597
STONE, JULIA                 ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-3-303
STONE, RUSSELL               SHELDON                       NY-61-1-219
STORTZ, JOHN                 WARSAW                        NY-61-15-369
STOWELL, PAUL                PERRY                         NY-61-17-553
STRAUB, AUGUST BERNARD       SHELDON                       NY-61-15-65
STRAUB, NICHOLAS             SHELDON                       NY-61-15-5
STRAUSS, LEONHART            BENNINGTON                    NY-61-8-201
STREETER, NANCY J.           CASTILE                       NY-61-19-277
STREMER, JOHN                ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-7-373
STRONG, ADALINE              PERRY                         NY-61-13-23
STRONG, ADALINE R.           MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-20-343
STRONG, DANIEL M.            PERRY                         NY-61-16-57
STRONG, EPAPHRODITUS         COVINGTON                     NY-61-1-381
STRONG, HARVEY B.            WYOMING                       NY-61-9-417
STRUCK, FRED                 ATTICA                        NY-61-20-133
STUBY, CHARLES A.            ATTICA                        NY-61-13-327
STURDEVANT, SILAS B.         WARSAW                        NY-61-17-517
SULZ, MARY ANN               BENNINGTON                    NY-61-9-317
SUNDERICKER, FREDERICK       SHELDON                       NY-61-7-353
SURDAM, SENECA               MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-3-189
SUTHERLAND, MARY ANN         WARSAW                        NY-61-18-137
SUTTER, HENRY                BENNINGTON                    NY-61-10-209
SWABLE, JACOB                BENNINGTON                    NY-61-20-598
SWAIN, ANN D.                CASTILE                       NY-61-20-583
SWEENY, MYLES                ARCADE                        NY-61-14-361
SWEET, ADA B.                PIKE                          NY-61-15-561
SWEET, ELECTA                PERRY                         NY-61-15-221
SWEET, WILLIAM S.            WARSAW                        NY-61-15-557
SWETLAND, LEWIS O.           JAVA                          NY-61-9-229
TABER, FRANCIS M.            CASTILE                       NY-61-16-125
TABER, THOMAS J.             COVINGTON                     NY-61-17-433
TABOR, JOHN W.               EAGLE                         NY-61-15-521
TALLMAN, BEDEE H.            CASTILE                       NY-61-7-485
TALLMAN, BENSON              GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-19-597
TALLMAN, CHARLES             CASTILE                       NY-61-3-451
TALLMAN, DAVID               CASTILE                       NY-61-4-239
TALLMAN, LEWIS A.            GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-17-165
TANNER, CYRUS                WARSAW                        NY-61-7-625
TANNER, WILLIAM              ATTICA                        NY-61-5-175
TAYLOR, ABEL                 PERRY                         NY-61-8-205
TAYLOR, DAISY D.             PERRY                         NY-61-6-353
TAYLOR, JOHN R.              PERRY                         NY-61-5-199
TAYLOR, LYDIA                PERRY                         NY-61-12-401
TAYLOR, MARY S.              COVINGTON                     NY-61-10-281
TEACHEN, HENRY               BENNINGTON                    NY-61-20-391
TENNEY, LYDIA                BENNINGTON                    NY-61-8-373
THARNISCH, JOHN J.           BENNINGTON                    NY-61-10-265
THARNISH, CATHERINE          BENNINGTON                    NY-61-16-253
THAYER, CAROLINE M.          WARSAW                        NY-61-13-207
THOMAS, ANN                  PIKE                          NY-61-15-361
THOMAS, ESTHER               SHELDON                       NY-61-14-237
THOMAS, JEFFREY F.           SHELDON                       NY-61-20-451
THOMAS, JOHN                 PIKE                          NY-61-16-105
THOMAS, LEWIS A.             PIKE                          NY-61-16-141
THOMAS, LODOWICK             SHELDON                       NY-61-2-341
THOMAS, NAHUM E.             PORT HURON, ST CLAIR, MI      NY-61-6-321
THOMPSON, JAMES              CASTILE                       NY-61-2-346
THOMPSON, JOHN S.            PERRY                         NY-61-18-141
THOMPSON, LUCIUS             JAVA                          NY-61-17-237
THOMSON, DANIEL              ATTICA                        NY-61-17-193
THORNTON, OBED               ARCADE                        NY-61-20-145
THORP, AMZI                  GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-14-445
THORP, LUCY                  WARSAW                        NY-61-10-401
THORP, WARREN                WARSAW                        NY-61-9-173
THROOP, DANIEL H.            WARSAW                        NY-61-13-151
THURSTON, THERESA M.         CASTILE                       NY-61-19-397
TILDEN, SUSAN ROWLEY         ARCADE                        NY-61-18-289
TILTON, JANE N.              ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-20-331
TILTON, JOHN                 ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-7-357
TIMM, THEODORE               ATTICA                        NY-61-18-157
TINKHAM, HARRIET K.          PERRY                         NY-61-19-181
TINKHAM, LUCY                WARSAW                        NY-61-13-179
TINKHAM, PETER W.            PERRY                         NY-61-10-525
TOAN, THOMAS                 PERRY                         NY-61-4-221
TOBIN, JAMES                 JAVA                          NY-61-9-621
TOLLES, JAMES S.             BENNINGTON                    NY-61-13-479
TOMPKINS, LUCY               SHELDON                       NY-61-1-124
TOMS, ISAAC B.               ATTICA                        NY-61-14-437
TOMS, NAOMI                  ATTICA                        NY-61-15-585
TORRY, JOSEPH K.             JAVA                          NY-61-10-645
TOWN, LEVI                   MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-14-417
TOWNSEND, ABEL               PIKE                          NY-61-3-509
TOWNSEND, BEULAH             PIKE                          NY-61-7-385
TOZIER, ORANGE L.            SHELDON                       NY-61-6-206
TRACY, PHINEAS H.            EAGLE                         NY-61-18-373
TRAVER, GILBERT R.           PERRY                         NY-61-19-209
TRAVIS, JOHN R.              CASTILE                       NY-61-3-43
TRIPP, MERCULIO K.           WARSAW                        NY-61-10-249
TRUE, CATHARINE              COVINGTON                     NY-61-8-137
TRUE, HIRAM W.               CASTILE                       NY-61-15-373
TRUE, IRA                    CASTILE                       NY-61-15-377
TRUE, JOHN G.                CASTILE                       NY-61-4-55
TRUE, JOSEPH W.              CASTILE                       NY-61-12-41
TRUELL, REBECCA E.           ATTICA                        NY-61-20-286
TRUMMELL, KATHERINE          ATTICA                        NY-61-19-49
TUITE, WILLIAM               MANISTEE, MANISTEE, MI        NY-61-6-292
TURREL, JARED D.             ATTICA                        NY-61-18-177
TUTHILL, SAMUEL D.           WARSAW                        NY-61-11-43
TUTTLE, BENONI               ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-7-109
TUTTLE, LOUISA               ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-7-201
TUTTLE, POLLY                ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-7-205
TUTTLE, RICHARD T.           PERRY                         NY-61-19-85
TWISS, DANIEL S.             JAVA                          NY-61-19-417
TYRREL, TRUMAN               MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-3-37
ULLYETT, MARY                PERRY                         NY-61-13-271
UNDERHILL, CHARLES H.        ATTICA                        NY-61-3-107
UNDERWOOD, CALVIN            ATTICA                        NY-61-2-403
UNDERWOOD, WALTER            MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-20-379
UPHAM, SAMUEL                CHINA                         NY-61-1-370
UTLEY, LUCINA                PIKE                          NY-61-19-501
UTTER, ELIMAN                PERRY                         NY-61-20-436
UTTER, SILVESTER             CASTILE                       NY-61-19-361
VAHLSING, CAROLINE           BENNINGTON                    NY-61-20-469
VANBUREN, ALEXANDER H.       ATTICA                        NY-61-19-153
VANBUREN, NANCY              ATTICA                        NY-61-9-249
VANDERHEYDEN, BETSEY         MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-17-417
VANDERHEYDEN, DAVID          MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-12-25
VANDYKE, JOHN                EAGLE                         NY-61-10-313
VANDYKE, WILLIAM JR.         EAGLE                         NY-61-1-204
VANKLEECK, EMALINE           CASTILE                       NY-61-20-154
VANLIEW, ELEANOR             WARSAW                        NY-61-17-17
VANLIEW, WILLIAM             GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-2-331
VANLIEW, WILLIAM C.          GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-3-421
VANOCKER, PHILURA            ARCADE                        NY-61-19-137
VANOCKER, WILLIAM            ARCADE                        NY-61-14-385
VANSICKLE, ABRAHAM           PIKE                          NY-61-16-33
VANSLYKE, DAVID N.           PIKE                          NY-61-20-64
VANSLYKE, JOHN W.            PIKE                          NY-61-3-415
VANSLYKE, NORMAN             PIKE                          NY-61-10-541
VANSLYKE, WILLIAM J.         PIKE                          NY-61-18-173
VELZY, MARK N.               COVINGTON                     NY-61-20-271
VICTIOR, JOHN                SHELDON                       NY-61-9-393
VIELEY, ELIZABETH M.         PIKE                          NY-61-10-21
VINCENT, HARRIET             PIKE                          NY-61-7-633
VOLCKENS, EDWARD             ATTICA                        NY-61-19-377
VOLCKENS, HANS               ATTICA                        NY-61-13-3
VROMAN, FLORENTHINA L.       BENNINGTON                    NY-61-7-405
WADE, JONATHAN               ARCADE                        NY-61-9-181
WADE, S. WILSON              WARSAW                        NY-61-14-599
WADE, ZIBA E.                ARCADE                        NY-61-19-77
WADSWORTH, MORTIMER D.       ATTICA                        NY-61-20-475
WALBRIDGE, WILLIAM           ATTICA                        NY-61-18-549
WALDO, GERSHAM               PERRY                         NY-61-1-127
WALDO, SAMUEL                PERRY                         NY-61-13-43
WALDRON, OLIVER D.           COVINGTON                     NY-61-10-581
WALES, EDWARD                ARCADE                        NY-61-8-247
WALKER, ADELINE E.           ST PAUL, RAMSEY, MN           NY-61-6-183
WALKER, ARTEMUS B.           PERRY                         NY-61-15-405
WALKER, HENRY G.             MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-3-19
WALKER, JACOB D.             WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-9-609
WALKER, JEDEDIAH S.          COVINGTON                     NY-61-12-125
WALKER, LEVI                 PIKE                          NY-61-7-285
WALKER, WILLIAM              WARSAW                        NY-61-12-537
WALLACE, ABAGAIL             ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-10-449
WALLACE, BENJAMIN            COVINGTON                     NY-61-1-355
WALLACE, DAVID D.            PERRY                         NY-61-7-305
WALLACE, NOAH                GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-14-517
WALLACE, PERMELIA            PERRY                         NY-61-9-33
WALLACE, WILLIAM A.          COVINGTON                     NY-61-18-553
WARD, BUEL                   SHELDON                       NY-61-10-633
WARD, PHICOL M.              PERRY                         NY-61-8-621
WARN, CLARISSA A.            GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-20-40
WARNER, HOPEY                WARSAW                        NY-61-1-209
WARNER, LINUS                WARSAW                        NY-61-1-188
WARNER, MARY E.              JAVA                          NY-61-19-269
WARNER, MILO                 JAVA                          NY-61-8-381
WARNER, PHILETUS M.          SHELDON                       NY-61-13-203
WARREN, AMMI                 JAVA                          NY-61-3-385
WARREN, MARY S.              WARSAW                        NY-61-10-461
WARREN, OSCAR G.             JAVA                          NY-61-19-81
WARREN, POMEROY              ATTICA                        NY-61-12-325
WARRINER, WHEELER R.         GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-15-45
WATERBURY, MARTIN            WARSAW                        NY-61-16-561
WATERMAN, CATHERINE          ATTICA                        NY-61-17-373
WATERMAN, ELI                CHINA                         NY-61-4-67
WATERS, AMMARILLA            SHELDON                       NY-61-13-571
WATKINS, ELIZABETH           PIKE                          NY-61-9-413
WATKINS, HENRY               MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-9-169
WATKINS, HIRAM               PIKE                          NY-61-12-277
WATKINS, NATHAN M.           COVINGTON                     NY-61-17-21
WATROUS, IRENA               PERRY                         NY-61-13-319
WATROUS, LUTHER              PERRY                         NY-61-12-525
WATROUS, MARY A.             WARSAW                        NY-61-19-45
WATSON, GEORGE               PERRY                         NY-61-13-123
WATSON, JOHN C.              SHELDON                       NY-61-9-585
WATSON, LAURA E.             WARSAW                        NY-61-4-281
WATSON, LEONARD              WARSAW                        NY-61-15-109
WATSON, MARTHA               PERRY                         NY-61-19-513
WATSON, RANSOM S.            WARSAW                        NY-61-2-401
WATTS, WILLIAM W.            PIKE                          NY-61-17-201
WEAVER, JOSEPH               ATTICA                        NY-61-14-281
WEBER, BARBARA               BENNINGTON                    NY-61-18-149
WEBER, CHARLES               ATTICA                        NY-61-20-544
WEBER, FREDERICK             SHELDON                       NY-61-12-409
WEBER, LUDWIG                SHELDON                       NY-61-8-289
WEBSTER, AMOS                GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-12-13
WEBSTER, HORACE W.           CASTILE                       NY-61-20-217
WEBSTER, WILLIAM             WARSAW                        NY-61-9-473
WEBSTER, WILLIAM             GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-17-457
WEILS, WILLIAM               MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-19-193
WEIMER, MARTIN               ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-16-577
WEINER, ELLAM                ATTICA                        NY-61-4-419
WEIR, SAMUEL                 ARCADE                        NY-61-15-133
WELCH, EDWIN R.              PIKE                          NY-61-19-509
WELCH, MARGARET              ARCADE                        NY-61-8-117
WELKER, BARBARA              BENNINGTON                    NY-61-18-557
WELKER, VALENTINE            ATTICA                        NY-61-20-85
WELLES, ELIZA                ARCADE                        NY-61-18-517
WELLES, LESTER M.            PIKE                          NY-61-18-509
WELLES, VOLNEY C.            ARCADE                        NY-61-15-365
WELLMAN, CHAUNCY             COVINGTON                     NY-61-19-213
WELLMAN, HORATIO N.          COVINGTON                     NY-61-14-93
WELLS, BOSTWICK              CHINA                         NY-61-4-425
WELLS, LEMUEL C.             CHINA                         NY-61-1-332
WELLS, MYLO                  ARCADE                        NY-61-7-409
WELLS, NANCY                 WARSAW                        NY-61-14-337
WELSH, PATRICK               JAVA                          NY-61-14-421
WELTON, ALLEN                WARSAW                        NY-61-7-325
WEST, CONTENT                CASTILE                       NY-61-14-41
WEST, ELIAS                  GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-7-125
WEST, PETER                  ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-20-121
WESTBROOK, JOHN M.           CASTILE                       NY-61-1-29
WESTCOTT, MILO               BENNINGTON                    NY-61-18-273
WESTLAKE, JOHN S.            PERRY                         NY-61-17-317
WHALEY, BENJAMIN             JAVA                          NY-61-20-178
WHALEY, WILLIAM              MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-10-161
WHEAT, RELIEF C.             PERRY                         NY-61-4-157
WHEELER, EPHRAIM             ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-15-573
WHEELER, GEORGE              CASTILE                       NY-61-11-55
WHEELER, GEORGE W.           CASTILE                       NY-61-19-261
WHEELER, HANNAH              WARSAW                        NY-61-20-322
WHEELER, HIRAM               PIKE                          NY-61-20-25
WHEELER, LAURA F.            PIKE                          NY-61-14-1
WHEELER, TIRZAH              CASTILE                       NY-61-10-505
WHEELER, URSULA              MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-1-233
WHIPPLE, CHARLOTTE           ATTICA                        NY-61-14-297
WHIPPLE, ELISHA              EAGLE                         NY-61-17-177
WHITE, AMOS                  ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-1-178
WHITE, DANIEL C.             PERRY                         NY-61-20-79
WHITE, JOHN                  ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-17-181
WHITE, MARGARET              EAGLE                         NY-61-10-573
WHITE, NORMAN                PERRY                         NY-61-3-101
WHITE, PETER                 ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-1-269
WHITE, TUNIS                 SHELDON                       NY-61-4-461
WHITEHEAD, JAMES             PERRY                         NY-61-1-5
WHITLOCK, S. NORRIS          WARSAW                        NY-61-18-385
WHITNEY, JOSHUA              PIKE                          NY-61-1-363
WIGGINS, ANNIN               PERRY                         NY-61-16-597
WILCOX, CLARISSA S.          WARSAW                        NY-61-19-229
WILCOX, WELCOME              WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-4-401
WILDER, AMASA                GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-6-1
WILDER, BETSEY               ATTICA                        NY-61-7-101
WILDER, CHARLES              SHELDON                       NY-61-7-105
WILDER, WILLIAM              ATTICA                        NY-61-16-229
WILE, DANIEL                 PERRY                         NY-61-8-385
WILKIE, CHRISTIAN            ATTICA                        NY-61-13-275
WILKIE, SOPHRONIA            ATTICA                        NY-61-12-73
WILKINSON, ZINA              ARCADE                        NY-61-7-113
WILLARD, SAMPSON             PERRY                         NY-61-2-375
WILLER, EBENEZER             PERRY                         NY-61-2-222
WILLETT, RICHARD             JAVA                          NY-61-8-397
WILLEY, ADELINE M.           PERRY                         NY-61-20-235
WILLEY, JOSEPH               EAGLE                         NY-61-9-261
WILLEY, WILSON               PERRY                         NY-61-2-268
WILLIAMS, ALICE A.           ATTICA                        NY-61-16-69
WILLIAMS, CEPHAS             BENNINGTON                    NY-61-7-629
WILLIAMS, ISAAC O.           ATTICA                        NY-61-18-513
WILLIAMS, JOEL R.            ATTICA                        NY-61-14-73
WILLIAMS, JOHN               ATTICA                        NY-61-10-489
WILLIAMS, LYMAN              EAGLE                         NY-61-19-141
WILLIAMS, MAKENDRA N.        BENNINGTON                    NY-61-19-101
WILLIAMS, MOSES C.           PERRY                         NY-61-14-173
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM            WARSAW                        NY-61-18-565
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM            ATTICA                        NY-61-3-267
WILLIAMSON, JAMES            PERRY                         NY-61-12-377
WILSON, FRANCIS M.           ATTICA                        NY-61-16-349
WILSON, HENRY                PERRY                         NY-61-16-169
WILSON, IRA JR.              MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-9-421
WILSON, MICHAEL              MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-3-409
WILSON, OZRO                 EAGLE                         NY-61-17-421
WILSON, PARKER J.            GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-12-285
WILSON, SILANCE              PERRY                         NY-61-18-405
WILSON, WARSHAM N.           ATTICA                        NY-61-15-69
WILSON, WILILAM HENRY        ARCADE                        NY-61-6-309
WILTSE, MARTIN               ARCADE                        NY-61-14-481
WINCH, MARTIN                JAVA                          NY-61-18-169
WINCH, SARAH                 SHELDON                       NY-61-10-321
WINCHESTER, LAFAETTE         ATTICA                        NY-61-14-217
WINCHESTER, LEBANAH          ATTICA                        NY-61-13-323
WINTER, CONROD               SHELDON                       NY-61-15-489
WINTERS, BARNEY              JAVA                          NY-61-8-577
WISEMAN, JUDSON              OSBORNE, OSBORNE, KS          NY-61-6-304
WISEMAN, NOAH                GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-17-149
WISEMAN, THOMAS              GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-6-54
WITHERIL, JAMES M.           ARCADE                        NY-61-18-257
WITHERIL, NELSON             ARCADE                        NY-61-12-345
WITHEY, STEPHEN              MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-12-425
WITTER, EBENEZER             PERRY                         NY-61-18-109
WITTER, LOVISA               PERRY                         NY-61-10-329
WOCKENOR, JOHN               SHELDON                       NY-61-14-573
WOLCOTT, BENJAMIN F.         PIKE                          NY-61-8-485
WOLCOTT, CHESTER C.          WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-17-585
WOLCOTT, CHESTER L.          ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-17-101
WOLCOTT, JOHN                WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-15-61
WOLCOTT, ORSON M.            COVINGTON                     NY-61-12-29
WOLCOTT, REBECCA             PIKE                          NY-61-3-137
WOLCOTT, WALTER F.           WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-16-417
WOLF, MARY E.                ATTICA                        NY-61-12-297
WOOD, CHEENEY                GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-16-413
WOOD, FANNIE M.              JAVA                          NY-61-19-305
WOOD, JULIA ANN              PERRY                         NY-61-6-168
WOOD, LUCY                   ARCADE                        NY-61-17-589
WOOD, MARCENA                PERRY                         NY-61-17-297
WOOD, ORRIN M.               ARCADE                        NY-61-18-349
WOOD, RHODELL C.             JAVA                          NY-61-17-385
WOOD, THOMAS J.              ARCADE                        NY-61-8-141
WOOD, WILLIAM WALLACE        GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-18-305
WOODMANSEE, JOSEPH           ARCADE                        NY-61-7-381
WOODMANSEE, MARIA L.         CHARON, DAWES, NE             NY-61-15-297
WOODMANSEE, PERRY            ARCADE                        NY-61-8-493
WOODRUFF, ALVAH              WARSAW                        NY-61-10-109
WOODWARD, ANNA               WARSAW                        NY-61-7-33
WOODWARD, HENRY              WARSAW                        NY-61-5-301
WOODWORTH, ALMARETTA         ARCADE                        NY-61-13-259
WOODWORTH, ELLA A.           WARSAW                        NY-61-15-305
WOODWORTH, SAMUEL            JAVA                          NY-61-7-281
WOOLSEY, HENRY               ARCADE                        NY-61-20-52
WOOLSEY, HENRY               JAVA                          NY-61-8-229
WORDEN, JOHN                 GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-8-537
WRIGHT, ALLEN                MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-17-73
WRIGHT, EMILY L.             CASTILE                       NY-61-20-448
WRIGHT, FANNY                PERRY                         NY-61-2-122
WRIGHT, FRANCIS R.           ATTICA                        NY-61-5-391
WRIGHT, HARRY                MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-14-593
WRIGHT, JOHN                 JAVA                          NY-61-9-21
WRIGHT, JOHN                 CASTILE                       NY-61-16-77
WRIGHT, MARY ANN             MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-16-341
WRIGHT, RIAL                 ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-3-95
WRIGHT, SUSAN                BENNINGTON                    NY-61-4-317
WYCKOFF, FRANK N.            PERRY                         NY-61-20-514
WYCKOFF, JAMES               PERRY                         NY-61-16-65
WYLIE, MARY                  PERRY                         NY-61-20-163
WYMAN, DAVID                 ATTICA                        NY-61-16-313
YAUCHZY, FREDERICK           BENNINGTON                    NY-61-13-263
YEOMANS, GURDON H.           PIKE                          NY-61-5-223
YORK, RALF H.                WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-17-161
YOUMANS, JOHN                GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-16-237
YOUNG, DAVID                 WARSAW                        NY-61-5-271
YOUNG, MARYETTE              PERRY                         NY-61-18-37
YOUNG, PETER                 BENNINGTON                    NY-61-19-201
YUNKER, JACOB                SHELDON                       NY-61-12-381
ZAPF, GEORGE D.              BENNINGTON                    NY-61-16-437
ZEHLER, ANNA MARY            BENNINGTON                    NY-61-20-1
ZEHLER, PETER                BENNINGTON                    NY-61-14-429
ZEIGLER, JOHN                SHELDON                       NY-61-8-217
ZEIGLER, JOSEPH              SHELDON                       NY-61-16-393
ZITTEL, SALLY                SHELDON                       NY-61-12-429
ZURHORST, AUGUSTUS D.        GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-6-107

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