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GACHES, ROBERT               CASTILE                       NY-61-4-199
GAGE, PLATT K.               EAGLE                         NY-61-3-457
GALLETT, BRADLEY S.          WARSAW                        NY-61-10-69
GALLETT, EMMA                WARSAW                        NY-61-15-537
GALLIGAN, PATRICK H.         JAVA                          NY-61-17-413
GALLIGAN, THOMAS             WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-9-497
GALVIN, JOHN                 CHINA                         NY-61-5-409
GANNON, JAMES                CHINA                         NY-61-4-287
GANNON, MARGARET             ARCADE                        NY-61-14-349
GARDINER, HENRY W.           ATTICA                        NY-61-16-489
GARDNER, EDWIN               WARSAW                        NY-61-9-613
GARDNER, HIRAM               PIKE                          NY-61-12-49
GARDNER, JENNETTE E.         ATTICA                        NY-61-18-77
GARDNER, JOSIAH              ATTICA                        NY-61-1-82
GARDNER, NANCY E.            PERRY                         NY-61-18-341
GARDNER, PAULINA             WARSAW                        NY-61-15-549
GARDNER, ROSWELL             ATTICA                        NY-61-15-569
GARDNER, TRUXTON             ATTICA                        NY-61-15-501
GARRETT, BENJAMIN            PIKE                          NY-61-2-411
GATES, EZRA                  SHELDON                       NY-61-5-1
GATES, JOHN F.               PERRY                         NY-61-17-37
GATES, SETH                  WARSAW                        NY-61-1-290
GATES, SETH M.               WARSAW                        NY-61-10-13
GATH, CATHARINE              WARSAW                        NY-61-13-175
GATH, PHILIP                 WARSAW                        NY-61-9-517
GAUTER, ANASTASIA            ATTICA                        NY-61-14-289
GAY, DANIEL                  WARSAW                        NY-61-1-366
GAY, JANE                    COVINGTON                     NY-61-20-433
GAY, SAMUEL                  MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-2-429
GAY, WILLIAM                 COVINGTON                     NY-61-1-168
GEBEL, JACOB                 SHELDON                       NY-61-13-39
GEER, ISRAEL S.              SHELDON                       NY-61-1-235
GEER, NOBLE                  JAVA                          NY-61-7-9
GEISE, WILLIAM               BENNINGTON                    NY-61-7-413
GEORGE, AMOS D.              SHELDON                       NY-61-19-161
GEORGE, BALTHASER            SHELDON                       NY-61-14-617
GEORGE, JACOB                SHELDON                       NY-61-13-339
GEORGE, JOHN W.              SHELDON                       NY-61-15-441
GEORGE, MICHAEL              SHELDON                       NY-61-9-329
GEORGE, PETER                JAVA                          NY-61-7-637
GERRY, EUROCLYDON            EAGLE                         NY-61-2-26
GETHERT, MARIA M.            SHELDON                       NY-61-7-145
GETTY, AUGUSTUS              WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-17-477
GIBNEY, CHRISTOPHER          JAVA                          NY-61-18-165
GIFFORD, ASA W.              CASTILE                       NY-61-13-547
GIFFORD, JOHN A.             CASTILE                       NY-61-17-5
GIFFORD, ROBERT              GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-4-91
GIFFORD, STEPHEN B.          GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-16-17
GILBERT, HINSDILL            CASTILE                       NY-61-2-186
GILBERT, JONATHAN            CASTILE                       NY-61-2-420
GILBERT, PHEBE               PERRY                         NY-61-15-541
GILBERT, WILLIAM             PERRY                         NY-61-3-31
GILL, FANNY                  WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-10-113
GILLESPIE, FELIX             ARCADE                        NY-61-10-33
GILLESPIE, JAMES             JAVA                          NY-61-13-579
GILLESPIE, WALTER            PERRY                         NY-61-10-353
GILLETT, JACOB               GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-7-417
GILLETT, THOMAS              JAVA                          NY-61-20-229
GILMAN, DANIEL L.            PERRY                         NY-61-8-441
GILMARTIN, ELLEN             ARCADE                        NY-61-15-269
GIRTON, SAMUEL JR.           COVINGTON                     NY-61-8-37
GLASER, MARGARET             SHELDON                       NY-61-16-337
GLASER, PETER                SHELDON                       NY-61-15-273
GLASNER, JOHN                SHELDON                       NY-61-10-465
GLEASON, MATTHEW             CHINA                         NY-61-3-201
GLEASON, WATSON              SHELDON                       NY-61-10-309
GLISS, ANDREW                WARSAW                        NY-61-18-197
GLOR, HENRY                  ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-15-433
GLOSSER, JACOB               ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-3-225
GODFREY, ANNA V.             ATTICA                        NY-61-8-611
GODFREY, DAVID               ARCADE                        NY-61-10-345
GODFREY, JOSHUA              SHELDON                       NY-61-3-77
GOETZ, JACOB                 WARSAW                        NY-61-20-292
GOFF, CATHERINE              JAVA                          NY-61-15-525
GOFF, JOHN                   JAVA                          NY-61-8-301
GOGGINS, MARGARET            JAVA                          NY-61-13-347
GOLDEN, PATRICK              JAVA                          NY-61-14-257
GOLDEN, PATRICK              JAVA                          NY-61-15-153
GOODALE, ALONZO W.           CASTILE                       NY-61-14-469
GOODALE, HECTOR M.           PERRY                         NY-61-1-360
GOODELL, ELIJAH              COVINGTON                     NY-61-19-121
GOODWIN, CHARLES             BENNINGTON                    NY-61-17-465
GOODWIN, PHEBE A.            ATTICA                        NY-61-11-31
GOODWIN, WILLIAM B.          ATTICA                        NY-61-10-469
GOOGINS, JOHN                WARSAW                        NY-61-3-183
GORDEN, JAMES                COVINGTON                     NY-61-14-433
GORDON, ALBERT               PIKE                          NY-61-17-441
GORDON, DELANO P.            CASTILE                       NY-61-14-141
GORDON, JANE                 COVINGTON                     NY-61-20-4
GORDON, SOPHRONIA E.         PIKE                          NY-61-20-442
GOULD, ISAAC H.              MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-9-245
GOULD, MARILLA               WARSAW                        NY-61-12-373
GOULD, ROSWELL               WARSAW                        NY-61-7-277
GRAFF, JOHN                  BENNINGTON                    NY-61-18-121
GRAHAM, JULIA                JAVA                          NY-61-10-133
GRANGER, EPHRAIM             WARSAW                        NY-61-6-33
GRANGER, ORSAMUS P.          PIKE                          NY-61-17-29
GRAU, CONRAD F.              ATTICA                        NY-61-14-553
GRAVES, ELIHU                ARCADE                        NY-61-8-309
GRAVES, FRANCIS              WARSAW                        NY-61-15-185
GRAVES, JOSEPH               CASTILE                       NY-61-7-171
GRAVES, RALPH                EAGLE                         NY-61-9-213
GRAY, ANDREW F.              WARSAW                        NY-61-20-373
GRAY, RICHARD                CASTILE                       NY-61-8-313
GREEN, JEDEDIAH              WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-2-278
GREEN, JOHN                  PIKE                          NY-61-9-385
GREEN, TORRY                 GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-16-481
GREFF, PHILIP                ATTICA                        NY-61-15-285
GREGG, HANNAH                PERRY                         NY-61-5-97
GREGG, ROBERT                CASTILE                       NY-61-8-505
GRIEVE, JANET                CASTILE                       NY-61-15-485
GRIFFIN, CHARLES             ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-15-193
GRIFFITH, BYRON              PIKE                          NY-61-12-557
GRIFFITH, ELCY               CASTILE                       NY-61-8-565
GRIFFITH, HUGH E.            ATTICA                        NY-61-12-457
GRIFFITH, THURSA M.          CASTILE                       NY-61-15-25
GRINNELL, JOSEPH             WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-12-529
GRINOLD, ANNA                SHELDON                       NY-61-17-169
GRISEWOOD, LYDIA             CASTILE                       NY-61-9-489
GRISEWOOD, MARY M            PERRY                         NY-61-10-453
GRISEWOOD, ROBERT            GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-19-89
GRISEWOOD, ROBERT E.         CASTILE                       NY-61-2-173
GROAT, HEMAN                 ATTICA                        NY-61-17-241
GROVER, JOHN                 PERRY                         NY-61-2-313
GROVER, NICHOLAS             SHELDON                       NY-61-18-193
GUNN, ELIX                   ARCADE                        NY-61-9-85
GUNN, ELIZABETH              ARCADE                        NY-61-17-57
GURNEY, JOHN                 JAVA                          NY-61-1-339
GURST, WILLIAM               MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-20-523
GUTHRIE, CUTHBERT            COVINGTON                     NY-61-17-273
GUTHRIE, PAULINA E.          COVINGTON                     NY-61-20-148
HACKER, JOSEPH HENRY         ATTICA                        NY-61-10-517
HADLEY, AMOS                 ARCADE                        NY-61-17-53
HADLEY, HERMAN               BENNINGTON                    NY-61-2-131
HADLEY, JANE C.              BENNINGTON                    NY-61-2-284
HADLEY, RUTH                 ARCADE                        NY-61-14-25
HALL, CHLOE                  ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-9-177
HALL, JOSEPH H.              CHINA                         NY-61-3-397
HALL, LOUISA H.              CASTILE                       NY-61-20-328
HALL, WILBER H.              ARCADE                        NY-61-8-409
HALLETT, JAMES W.            PERRY                         NY-61-10-41
HALLIGAN, JAMES              JAVA                          NY-61-13-439
HALLIGAN, RICHARD            JAVA                          NY-61-15-137
HALPIN, LAWRENCE             SHELDON                       NY-61-14-165
HALSTEAD, JOHN               CASTILE                       NY-61-13-239
HALSTEAD, WILLIAM            PERRY                         NY-61-18-453
HALSTED, WASHINGTON          EAGLE                         NY-61-8-21
HAM, CATHARINE               JAVA                          NY-61-10-381
HAM, PATRICK                 JAVA                          NY-61-10-273
HAMEL, OWEN                  JAVA                          NY-61-4-383
HAMLIN, DELIA CHARITY        PERRY                         NY-61-18-337
HAMLIN, MARY A.              WARSAW                        NY-61-14-213
HAMLIN, THOMAS               CASTILE                       NY-61-4-437
HAMLIN, WILLIAM T.           PERRY                         NY-61-16-37
HAMMEL, BRIDGET              JAVA                          NY-61-12-505
HAND, MICHAEL                JAVA                          NY-61-9-373
HANDLEY, JONATHAN            PERRY                         NY-61-12-173
HANDYSIDE, REUBEN            WARSAW                        NY-61-2-162
HANFORD, SARAH               CASTILE                       NY-61-4-25
HANNA, JANE M.               GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-17-485
HANNA, RICHARD L.            GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-16-165
HARDEN, JOHN K.              GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-12-249
HARDY, SAMUEL                GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-2-324
HARE, CHARLES                CASTILE                       NY-61-10-429
HARKNESS, CAROLINE           CASTILE                       NY-61-9-233
HARMON, WILLIAM S.           WARSAW                        NY-61-12-545
HARRISON, EDWARD B.          PERRY                         NY-61-12-265
HARRISON, ROBERT             PERRY                         NY-61-4-473
HART, ADELL                  ATTICA                        NY-61-18-397
HART, SAMUEL                 ATTICA                        NY-61-16-29
HART, WILLIAM M.             CASTILE                       NY-61-16-113
HASKINS, ELIZABETH A.        PERRY                         NY-61-14-473
HATCH, HARRY                 WARSAW                        NY-61-8-93
HATCH, SALLY                 WARSAW                        NY-61-14-181
HATCH, WALTER M.             WARSAW                        NY-61-12-421
HAUSER, ROSINA               WARSAW                        NY-61-13-291
HAUVER, CONRAD               ATTICA                        NY-61-8-633
HAVEN, EBENEZER              SHELDON                       NY-61-10-145
HAWES, SARAH                 ATTICA                        NY-61-10-153
HAWES, SARAH J.              BENNINGTON                    NY-61-14-369
HAWES, WILLIAM               MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-8-305
HAWLEY, DAVID                GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-5-25
HAWLEY, DAVID W.             GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-15-301
HAWLEY, JOHN W.              WARSAW                        NY-61-15-353
HAWLEY, JULIETT P.           WARSAW                        NY-61-17-257
HAWLEY, SILVANUS             MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-17-265
HAY, MAGDELENE               GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-7-577
HAYDEN, ELIZABETH            GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-14-97
HAYDEN, WILLARD C.           GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-14-113
HAYWARD, LOYD A.             WARSAW                        NY-61-20-385
HEACOCK, REUBEN B.           ATTICA                        NY-61-7-589
HEAD, JOHN                   ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-5-133
HEAD, JONATHAN               SHELDON                       NY-61-12-341
HEALY, BENJAMIN              JAVA                          NY-61-14-9
HEALY, JOHN                  JAVA                          NY-61-9-125
HEALY, ORIN                  GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-16-449
HEALY, PATRICK               PIKE                          NY-61-14-253
HEALY, SIMON                 JAVA                          NY-61-12-561
HEATH, ARCHIBALD A.          GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-7-209
HEATH, CHRISTA A.            GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-19-557
HEATH, COMFORT               COVINGTON                     NY-61-2-359
HEBARD, LEVI                 ATTICA                        NY-61-7-229
HEDGES, NATHANIEL T.         BENNINGTON                    NY-61-12-461
HEILAND, FREDERICK           BENNINGTON                    NY-61-14-389
HEILMAN, NICHOLAS            BENNINGTON                    NY-61-10-269
HEINE, CHARLES G.            BENNINGTON                    NY-61-9-265
HEINEMAN, BARBARA            ATTICA                        NY-61-9-569
HEINZ, JOHN                  BENNINGTON                    NY-61-10-149
HEINZEL, JOHN                BENNINGTON                    NY-61-9-237
HEISER, GEORGE               ATTICA                        NY-61-20-466
HELMER, FREDERIC D.          , HILLSDALE, MI               NY-61-6-288
HEMBERT, PHILIP              SHELDON                       NY-61-10-585
HENDEE, ELECTA               PIKE                          NY-61-17-197
HENDEE, ESAU                 PIKE                          NY-61-13-307
HENDERSON, JOHN              COVINGTON                     NY-61-4-509
HERALD, DANIEL B.            BENNINGTON                    NY-61-13-455
HERMAN, LEWIS                WARSAW                        NY-61-17-205
HERSHEY, BETSEY K.           PERRY                         NY-61-12-93
HEYLAND, JULIANNA            BENNINGTON                    NY-61-10-641
HICKEY, MARY E.              GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-8-377
HIGGINS, ABIGAIL B.          PERRY                         NY-61-16-549
HIGGINS, DYER                PERRY                         NY-61-1-266
HIGGINS, HENRY               MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-16-9
HIGGINS, LEVI                MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-10-225
HIGGINS, LEVI                MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-7-141
HIGGINS, SMITH               WARSAW                        NY-61-15-113
HILL, CAROLINE B.            GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-12-453
HILL, JOB                    WARSAW                        NY-61-10-193
HINKLEY, SMITH P.            PIKE                          NY-61-3-237
HITCHCOCK, EBENEZER          GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-10-89
HITCHCOCK, JAMES K.          GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-19-537
HITCHCOCK, JOHN B.           PERRY                         NY-61-8-353
HITCHCOX, CATHERINE          GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-9-565
HOAGLAND, DERICKS            CASTILE                       NY-61-1-241
HOARD, HENRY                 SHELDON                       NY-61-10-589
HODGE, AMY                   MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-3-153
HODGE, ANNIS J.              PERRY                         NY-61-19-357
HODGE, EDWIN                 ARCADE                        NY-61-14-205
HODGE, ISRAEL                WARSAW                        NY-61-2-134
HODGES, ELIPHALET            ATTICA                        NY-61-1-350
HODGES, OLIVER               ATTICA                        NY-61-11-13
HODGES, WILLIAM              EAGLE                         NY-61-3-373
HOFFARBAR, GEORGE            SHELDON                       NY-61-7-653
HOFFMAN, GEORGE              BENNINGTON                    NY-61-3-7
HOGAN, CATHERINE             ATTICA                        NY-61-20-49
HOGLE, ASA                   ATTICA                        NY-61-13-251
HOGLE, JOHN                  MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-18-353
HOHENSTEIN, AMELIA           WARSAW                        NY-61-16-189
HOHN, MARY                   SHELDON                       NY-61-9-81
HOISINGTON, PASCHAL          ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-7-445
HOLBROOK, SARAH J.           COVINGTON                     NY-61-15-381
HOLLENDER, ALEXANDER D.      BENNINGTON                    NY-61-19-373
HOLLISTER, HORACE            WARSAW                        NY-61-9-439
HOLLY, JOHN                  ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-13-27
HOLMES, GEORGE M.            EAGLE                         NY-61-20-511
HOLMES, MARY                 WARSAW                        NY-61-8-435
HOLMES, THOMAS               WARSAW                        NY-61-7-657
HOLMES, WILLIAM              PIKE                          NY-61-13-399
HOLMES, WILLIAM JR.          PIKE                          NY-61-5-403
HOLTON, SIMEON               WARSAW                        NY-61-13-527
HOMAN, JOHN B.               PERRY                         NY-61-9-157
HOMMEL, EMMA                 ARCADE                        NY-61-13-467
HOPKINS, ROBERT              WARSAW                        NY-61-17-157
HOPSON, ALONZO               PIKE                          NY-61-17-109
HOPSON, JOSEPH               GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-9-281
HOSEA, CHARLES               GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-16-357
HOSFORD, JASPER              PERRY                         NY-61-18-545
HOSFORD, MARY                PERRY                         NY-61-16-173
HOSKINS, GEORGE G.           ATTICA                        NY-61-17-381
HOSKINS, LOUISA              BENNINGTON                    NY-61-15-325
HOUGH, DANIEL                CASTILE                       NY-61-5-397
HOUGH, JOSEPH                COVINGTON                     NY-61-8-529
HOUGH, SAMUEL                PIKE                          NY-61-20-277
HOUGH, SAMUEL                COVINGTON                     NY-61-1-230
HOUGHTON, ASA                JAVA                          NY-61-5-295
HOVASSE, AUGUSTIN            SHELDON                       NY-61-4-251
HOVEY, ELIPHALET             COVINGTON                     NY-61-1-98
HOWARD, CHESTER G.           PIKE                          NY-61-4-323
HOWARD, DANIEL               COVINGTON                     NY-61-3-83
HOWARD, NATHANIEL            PERRY                         NY-61-4-215
HOWARD, RUTH K.              CASTILE                       NY-61-18-129
HOWARD, S. MENTOR            WARSAW                        NY-61-9-69
HOWARD, SAMUEL               PERRY                         NY-61-4-347
HOWCRAFT, GEORGE             PERRY                         NY-61-9-477
HOWE, MARY A.                CASTILE                       NY-61-10-537
HOWES, NORMAN                EAGLE                         NY-61-15-565
HOWES, WILLIAM H.            MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-10-565
HOXIE, THOMAS                WARSAW                        NY-61-10-437
HOYT, CHARLES P.             CASTILE                       NY-61-7-41
HOYT, DANIEL                 CASTILE                       NY-61-6-113
HUBBARD, MATTHEW             BENNINGTON                    NY-61-18-377
HUESTIS, DAVID               EAGLE                         NY-61-20-250
HUMPHREY, CYRUS              BENNINGTON                    NY-61-14-285
HUMPHREY, WOLCOTT J.         WARSAW                        NY-61-15-481
HUMPHREYS, MAUDE S.          WARSAW                        NY-61-19-529
HUMPHREYS, THANKFUL B.       WARSAW                        NY-61-5-577
HUMPHREYS, WALES C.          WARSAW                        NY-61-8-285
HUNN, MARY A.                GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-20-22
HUNT, SAMUEL                 GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-1-167
HUNTINGTON, CHARLES B.       PERRY                         NY-61-14-537
HUNTINGTON, DANIEL           CASTILE                       NY-61-4-245
HUNTINGTON, NELSON W.        MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-18-9
HURD, CHESTER                WARSAW                        NY-61-5-595
HURD, MARY C.                CASTILE                       NY-61-5-151
HURD, OLIVE                  WARSAW                        NY-61-1-375
HURD, STEPHEN                WARSAW                        NY-61-7-621
HURD, ZIBA                   CASTILE                       NY-61-2-292
HURLBURT, AURILLA            EAGLE                         NY-61-18-65
HURLBURT, BRAZILLE           EAGLE                         NY-61-15-249
HURLBURT, JULIUS C.          WARSAW                        NY-61-7-481
HUSTED, MARY A.              EAGLE                         NY-61-7-97
HUTCHINGS, FRANCES L.        GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-19-405
HUTCHINSON, JAMES            CASTILE                       NY-61-16-477
HUTCHINSON, ROBERT           ARCADE                        NY-61-15-593
INGHAM, JOSEPH               GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-10-237
INGHAM, MARY J.              GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-18-381
INGLESBY, EBER               GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-8-637
IRON, JOHN MICHAEL           SHELDON                       NY-61-5-517
IVES, HELEN F. R.            JAVA                          NY-61-8-97
IVES, JAMES                  JAVA                          NY-61-10-369
JACKSON, DANIEL              SHELDON                       NY-61-16-249
JACKSON, HARRY               MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-9-365
JACKSON, HENRY M.            PIKE                          NY-61-7-77
JAMES, STEPHEN               PIKE                          NY-61-2-198
JANES, LUCAS                 PERRY                         NY-61-8-405
JEFFERS, BETSEY P.           COVINGTON                     NY-61-10-65
JENISON, LUCINA              GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-17-25
JENISON, RANSOM H.           GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-18-369
JENISON, REUBEN              GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-15-533
JENKINS, JAMES               PERRY                         NY-61-4-449
JENKINS, SOPHIA              COVINGTON                     NY-61-4-121
JENKS, DAVID S.              WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-5-181
JENKS, GEORGE A.             PERRY                         NY-61-15-437
JENKS, NATHAN                MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-2-194
JEWELL, RUFUS                JAVA                          NY-61-7-561
JOHNSON, GEORGE              PERRY                         NY-61-9-425
JOHNSON, GEORGE B.           CASTILE                       NY-61-5-121
JOHNSON, HENRY B.            CASTILE                       NY-61-15-349
JOHNSON, JAMES               CASTILE                       NY-61-4-377
JOHNSON, JAMES R.            CASTILE                       NY-61-12-305
JOHNSON, JAMES S.            PIKE                          NY-61-13-367
JOHNSON, JOHN                CASTILE                       NY-61-14-529
JOHNSON, JOHN D.             GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-10-229
JOHNSON, JOSEPH              CHINA                         NY-61-5-193
JOHNSON, MARK                PERRY                         NY-61-12-169
JOHNSON, MARTHA              CASTILE                       NY-61-17-97
JOHNSON, MARTHA A.           WARSAW                        NY-61-13-139
JOHNSON, MARY A.             GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-10-81
JOINER, OSGOOD C.            PIKE                          NY-61-19-433
JOLLS, EMERSON               ATTICA                        NY-61-10-597
JONES, ALVIN                 ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-5-277
JONES, ANN                   WARSAW                        NY-61-19-497
JONES, CHRISTOPHER           CASTILE                       NY-61-2-259
JONES, CORNELIUS             ATTICA                        NY-61-20-268
JONES, EVAN                  ARCADE                        NY-61-9-513
JONES, HARLIN                SHELDON                       NY-61-4-515
JONES, JOHN                  PIKE                          NY-61-4-551
JONES, JOHN D.               ATTICA                        NY-61-19-69
JONES, MARY JANE             GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-16-401
JONES, PERRY                 GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-4-19
JONES, SALLY A.              CASTILE                       NY-61-9-57
JONS, AARON A.               ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-20-259
JORDAN, RUFUS                GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-4-329
JOSLIN, DANIEL               CASTILE                       NY-61-7-435
JOSLIN, HARRIET              CASTILE                       NY-61-12-281
JUDD, BELA H.                PERRY                         NY-61-12-21
JUDD, CHARLES A.             MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-12-601
JUDD, ELIAS                  MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-7-599
JUDD, JANE                   WARSAW                        NY-61-20-46
JUDD, MINERVA                MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-17-329
JUDSON, MONSIEUR D.          COVINGTON                     NY-61-10-215
JUNGERS, ANDREW              SHELDON                       NY-61-14-397
JUNGERS, CATHERINE           SHELDON                       NY-61-16-453
JUSTIN, PROSPER P.           PERRY                         NY-61-18-117
KARIGER, JAMES C.            PERRY                         NY-61-13-135
KARN, ROSETTA C.             PERRY                         NY-61-20-463
KARRAGER, HENRY              CASTILE                       NY-61-20-472
KEATING, THOMAS              COVINGTON                     NY-61-9-45
KEENAN, THOMAS               ATTICA                        NY-61-10-513
KEENEY, ANN D.               PERRY                         NY-61-20-409
KEENEY, ANN H.               WARSAW                        NY-61-19-109
KEENEY, APPOLLOS A.          WARSAW                        NY-61-12-585
KEENEY, GEORGE L.            PERRY                         NY-61-7-545
KEENEY, JASPER               PIKE                          NY-61-13-163
KEENEY, MARY R.              PERRY                         NY-61-20-505
KEENEY, SARAH C.             WARSAW                        NY-61-12-581
KEITH, DANIEL                MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-9-1
KELBER, CHRISTOPHER          SHELDON                       NY-61-14-61
KELLEY, JOHN P.              CASTILE                       NY-61-9-341
KELLEY, ROBERT M.            BENNINGTON                    NY-61-14-293
KELLOGG, EPHRAIM             MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-1-287
KELLOGG, MABEL               CASTILE                       NY-61-20-445
KELLOGG, PAMELIA D.          ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-7-469
KELLOGG, WILLIAM             GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-17-481
KELLY, HULDAH                BENNINGTON                    NY-61-14-373
KELLY, JESSE                 PIKE                          NY-61-7-649
KELLY, ORLANDO JR.           COVINGTON                     NY-61-7-493
KELSEY, DEBORAH E.           PIKE                          NY-61-10-197
KELSEY, GEORGE E.            LYNDON, WHITESIDE, IL         NY-61-6-241
KELSEY, LYDIA                CHINA                         NY-61-5-421
KEMP, ANN M.                 GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-20-298
KEMP, CYNTHIA                CASTILE                       NY-61-1-70
KEMP, ELIJAH                 GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-10-45
KEMP, JOHN                   MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-8-25
KENDALL, ELIJAH              COVINGTON                     NY-61-3-403
KENDALL, FRANKLIN            COVINGTON                     NY-61-10-373
KENDALL, HARRIET B.          ATTICA                        NY-61-6-174
KENDALL, PETER               MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-1-107
KENDALL, RALPH               CASTILE                       NY-61-12-441
KENDALL, THEODORE B.         COVINGTON                     NY-61-6-357
KENNEDY, BRIDGETT            CASTILE                       NY-61-14-461
KENSINGER, ANTHONY           SHELDON                       NY-61-10-445
KERR, HENRY                  SHELDON                       NY-61-12-77
KERSH, JOHN                  SHELDON                       NY-61-15-409
KERSH, NICHOLAS M.           JAVA                          NY-61-8-457
KERSHAW, JOHN                GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-13-359
KERWIN, BERNARD              JAVA                          NY-61-14-125
KERWIN, MARY                 JAVA                          NY-61-17-473
KERWIN, MATTHEW              JAVA                          NY-61-10-605
KERWIN, THOMAS               JAVA                          NY-61-13-407
KERWIN, THOMAS               JAVA                          NY-61-6-251
KETHUM, JAMES E.             WARSAW                        NY-61-19-265
KEYSER, JOSEPH               EAGLE                         NY-61-3-125
KIBBE, ELIZABETH             ARCADE                        NY-61-7-5
KIBBE, IRA C.                ARCADE                        NY-61-5-463
KIBBE, JERUSHA               JAVA                          NY-61-10-37
KIBLER, CATHARINE            SHELDON                       NY-61-14-405
KIBLER, MICHAEL              SHELDON                       NY-61-8-401
KIDDER, JOHN                 WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-4-341
KING, ALANSON                PERRY                         NY-61-13-391
KING, BISSEL S.              BENNINGTON                    NY-61-5-331
KING, CALEB H.               BENNINGTON                    NY-61-10-305
KING, CANDACAE               BENNINGTON                    NY-61-1-280
KING, EARL                   WARSAW                        NY-61-3-207
KING, MICHAEL                GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-14-57
KING, PHEBE                  BENNINGTON                    NY-61-7-21
KING, ROXEY L.               BENNINGTON                    NY-61-15-141
KINGMAN, PETER               JAVA                          NY-61-18-493
KINGSLEY, GEORGE W.          PERRY                         NY-61-6-278
KINGSLEY, JOSIAH W.          PERRY                         NY-61-13-591
KINGSLEY, SUSAN M.           PERRY                         NY-61-17-293
KINNER, JAMES L.             EAGLE                         NY-61-15-93
KINNEY, JAMES W.             WARSAW                        NY-61-20-280
KINNEY, ROGER R.             CHINA                         NY-61-1-17
KINSELLA, JOHN               JAVA                          NY-61-20-97
KINSNE, ROERY R.             SEE: KINNEY, ROGER R.         NY-61-1-17
KIRCH, NICHOLAS P. JR.       SHELDON                       NY-61-19-441
KIRSCH, NICHOLAS             SHELDON                       NY-61-18-297
KNAB, GEORGE                 SHELDON                       NY-61-6-273
KNAPP, BENJAMIN W.           PIKE                          NY-61-18-201
KNAPP, HARLEY                WARSAW                        NY-61-1-54
KNAPP, JACOB W.              WARSAW                        NY-61-18-537
KNIFFIN, DANIEL              PERRY                         NY-61-2-286
KNOX, LUCINDA                ATTICA                        NY-61-16-569
KOHNS, JOHN GEORG            SHELDON                       NY-61-3-195
KOONRAD, PETER               SHELDON                       NY-61-10-385
KOPKE, WILLIAM               ATTICA                        NY-61-14-581
KOPP, MICHAEL                SHELDON                       NY-61-17-89
KOPPE, FRED                  MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-12-493
KRAMER, HENRY                BENNINGTON                    NY-61-14-177
KRAUSE, JOHN M.              ORANEVILLE                    NY-61-14-305
KRAUSS, ANDREW               ATTICA                        NY-61-6-135
KRAUSS, CHRISTOPHER W.       ATTICA                        NY-61-12-141
KUHN, JOSEPH                 BENNINGTON                    NY-61-20-517
KUSTER, ANDREW               SHELDON                       NY-61-14-33
LACY, ALVA                   PERRY                         NY-61-3-315
LACY, ELNATHAN               PERRY                         NY-61-4-257
LAKE, HARLEY R.              CASTILE                       NY-61-20-325
LAKE, RUSSEL W.              PERRY                         NY-61-8-549
LAMB, GEORGE                 BENNINGTON                    NY-61-7-617
LAMB, MARY E.                COVINGTON                     NY-61-20-112
LAMBERSON, JEREMIAH          WARSAW                        NY-61-20-202
LAMMONS, ANNA                ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-15-289
LANE, AUSTIN                 WARSAW                        NY-61-14-325
LANFEAR, ROWLAN              ARCADE                        NY-61-12-117
LANGDON, RICHARD             WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-18-393
LAPHAM, THOMAS               PERRY                         NY-61-1-25
LAPHAM, WINSOR               PERRY                         NY-61-16-585
LARD, RICHARD M.             CASTILE                       NY-61-9-165
LARMORE, THOMAS              MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-12-105
LATIMER, OBEDIENCE           BENNINGTON                    NY-61-10-357
LAUGHRAM, EDWARD             JAVA                          NY-61-19-113
LAWALL, CHRISTIAN            BENNINGTON                    NY-61-20-160
LAWELL, JOHN                 BENNINGTON                    NY-61-19-9
LAWRENCE, MAHALA BURTT       WARSAW                        NY-61-15-41
LEACH, CHARLES               PIKE                          NY-61-4-395
LEACH, JOHN                  PIKE                          NY-61-4-527
LENT, JACOB                  GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-8-277
LEVINS, REUBEN               BENNINGTON                    NY-61-7-247
LEWIS, ANN                   PERRY                         NY-61-15-105
LEWIS, GRIFFITH              CHINA                         NY-61-5-457
LEWIS, LOIS                  WARSAW                        NY-61-20-502
LEWIS, MARY BARBARY          SHELDON                       NY-61-8-225
LEWIS, MOSES                 SHELDON                       NY-61-15-317
LEWIS, TRUMAN                WARSAW                        NY-61-5-373
LEWIS, WILLIAM M.            ATTICA                        NY-61-18-429
LIBBEY, EBBIN                SHELDON                       NY-61-2-462
LIGHTHALL, LUTHER H.         WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-5-205
LILLIBRIDGE, ANSEL G.        PIKE                          NY-61-14-117
LILLIBRIDGE, SARAH B.        PERRY                         NY-61-18-69
LILLIBRIDGE, SEVALLY         PIKE                          NY-61-14-109
LINCOLN, DANIEL              ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-19-133
LINDSEY, ANDREW              CASTILE                       NY-61-10-397
LIPPOLD, CHRISTOPHER         BENNINGTON                    NY-61-16-129
LISTER, ANN                  BENNINGTON                    NY-61-12-589
LISTER, JOAB                 BENNINGTON                    NY-61-7-423
LITTLE, SARAH E.             PERRY                         NY-61-8-241
LOCKWOOD, ROSETTA J.         JAVA                          NY-61-16-353
LOCKWOOD, SQUIRE             JAVA                          NY-61-12-485
LOCKWOOD, WAKEMAN            JAVA                          NY-61-16-241
LOGEL, JOSEPH                SHELDON                       NY-61-10-417
LOGEL, MARY ANN              SHELDON                       NY-61-12-253
LOOMIS, HENRY C.             PERRY                         NY-61-19-117
LOOMIS, JOHN                 BENNINGTON                    NY-61-18-229
LOOMIS, JULIA M.             BENNINGTON                    NY-61-20-364
LORD, ASA                    MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-2-115
LORD, MARY                   MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-10-205
LOREAUX, JOHN B.             SHELDEN                       NY-61-7-185
LORISH, ANDREW J.            WARSAW                        NY-61-19-469
LOUGEL, JSOEPH               SHELDON                       NY-61-12-337
LOUGEL, PHILIP               SHELDON                       NY-61-12-321
LOUGHREN, EDWARD             JAVA                          NY-61-3-273
LOUIS, JOSEPH                SHELDON                       NY-61-16-513
LOWELL, JOSIAH               GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-2-183
LOWING, JAMES                GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-3-355
LOWING, JOHN E.              GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-13-507
LUCAS, CATHARINE E.          GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-19-573
LUCAS, DELIA M.              CASTILE                       NY-61-13-471
LUCAS, JOSEPH                GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-1-227
LUCAS, SUSAN                 CASTILE                       NY-61-13-279
LUCE, ELIZA                  CASTILE                       NY-61-7-181
LUCE, FRANCIS                GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-7-225
LUDWIG, ADAM                 BENNINGTON                    NY-61-16-109
LUSK, IDA                    WARSAW                        NY-61-13-95
LUTHER, DARIUS W.            CASTILE                       NY-61-8-101
LUTHER, WILLIAM S.           GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-2-15
LUTZ, ANDREW                 BENNINGTON                    NY-61-7-237
LYDEN, THOMAS                GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-10-441
LYMAN, ARMYRA W.             CASTILE                       NY-61-8-481
LYNCH, PATRICK               JAVA                          NY-61-13-299
LYNN, LAWRENCE               SHELDON                       NY-61-18-125
LYON, JOSEPHUS               PIKE                          NY-61-12-553
LYON, MARY                   ARCADE                        NY-61-14-557
LYON, SMITH                  ARCADE                        NY-61-17-501
MACE, ELIZABETH              PERRY                         NY-61-5-493
MACE, ISAAC                  PERRY                         NY-61-3-219
MACOMBER, ALLEN              PERRY                         NY-61-14-341
MACOMBER, CATHARINE          CASTILE                       NY-61-2-106
MACOMBER, EMILY D.           PERRY                         NY-61-20-490
MACOMBER, JEDEDIAH           PERRY                         NY-61-8-49
MADISON, LEVI                GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-20-310
MAHER, CATHRINE              EAGLE                         NY-61-10-97
MAHER, IRA                   MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-12-153
MAHONY, JOHN                 ARCADE                        NY-61-7-117
MALLISON, SALMON             MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-14-425
MALLORY, JENNETTE S.         PERRY                         NY-61-16-205
MALLOY, ADONIRAM J.          CASTILE                       NY-61-9-457
MALOY, ELIZA                 WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-13-115
MANN, HENRY W.               WARSAW                        NY-61-16-217
MANN, MARY                   WARSAW                        NY-61-19-429
MANN, WILLIAM                SHELDON                       NY-61-1-135
MAPES, JONATHAN              BENNINGTON                    NY-61-7-149
MAPES, RANSOM                BENNINGTON                    NY-61-15-577
MARANVILLE, OLIVER           WARSAW                        NY-61-2-364
MARCH, JOHN                  SHELDON                       NY-61-3-119
MARCHANT, ALLEN              WARSAW                        NY-61-18-221
MARCHANT, JOHN               WARSAW                        NY-61-15-413
MARCY, JOHN                  PERRY                         NY-61-14-565
MARKEY, ANNIE L.             JAVA                          NY-61-17-45
MARKEY, JAMES                JAVA                          NY-61-8-445
MARKEY, MARGARET             JAVA                          NY-61-12-197
MARLEY, BARBARA              ATTICA                        NY-61-20-232
MARRIAM, NATHAN              COVINGTON                     NY-61-2-362
MARSH, LOIS A.               GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-10-457
MARTIN, ESHTER               PERRY                         NY-61-14-577
MARTIN, HORACE               WARSAW                        NY-61-10-481
MARTIN, ISAAC R.             BENNINGTON                    NY-61-20-355
MARTIN, JAMES MERRITT        ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-20-196
MARTIN, RICHARD              COVINGTON                     NY-61-2-311
MARTIN, WILLIAM W.           PIKE                          NY-61-12-369
MARZOLF, GEORG               SHELDON                       NY-61-7-549
MASON, SERENE                ATTICA                        NY-61-2-348
MASON, THOMAS                WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-5-445
MATTESON, IRA                PERRY                         NY-61-15-169
MATTESON, JEREMIAH           GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-5-73
MATTISON, CLARA S.           SHELDON                       NY-61-12-121
MATTISON, SETH               PERRY                         NY-61-1-92
MAURER, JACOB                ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-15-125
MAXON, AUGUSTUS              ATTICA                        NY-61-12-81
MAXON, EDWIN F.              ATTICA                        NY-61-4-233
MAXON, JOHN F.               BENNINGTON                    NY-61-8-17
MAY, WILLIAM                 COVINGTON                     NY-61-19-225
MCCABE, JOHN                 ARCADE                        NY-61-14-501
MCCAGG, A. FRANCES           WARSAW                        NY-61-12-577
MCCALL, ANN                  GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-13-443
MCCALL, DOUGALD              EAGLE                         NY-61-16-117
MCCALL, MARY                 EAGLE                         NY-61-16-377
MCCANON, STILLMAN C.         ATTICA                        NY-61-7-297
MCCARNS, FELIX               PIKE                          NY-61-12-509
MCCARTHY, STPEHEN            GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-20-571
MCCLUSKY, JOHN               ARCADE                        NY-61-16-441
MCCOLLUM, JOHN A.            PIKE                          NY-61-10-533
MCCONNELL, JAMES             JAVA                          NY-61-15-293
MCCONNELL, MARTHA M.         WARSAW                        NY-61-17-445
MCCRALEY, FRANK              WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-19-237
MCCRALEY, JAMES              ARCADE                        NY-61-16-565
MCCRAY, HORACE N.            SHELDON                       NY-61-20-82
MCDONALD, EDWARD             JAVA                          NY-61-19-549
MCDONALD, HUGH               WARSAW                        NY-61-20-577
MCDONALD, JANE               JAVA                          NY-61-17-189
MCELWAIN, JOHN A.            WARSAW                        NY-61-9-101
MCELWAIN, LOUISA             WASAW                         NY-61-13-427
MCENTEE, THOMAS              WARSAW                        NY-61-9-521
MCEVOY, PATRICK              EAGLE                         NY-61-19-233
MCFARLANE, JOHN              EAGLE                         NY-61-20-73
MCFARRELL, JAMES             PIKE                          NY-61-5-91
MCGEE, BRIDGET               JAVA                          NY-61-8-273
MCGINNIS, THOMAS             JAVA                          NY-61-8-625
MCGIRL, OWEN                 ATTICA                        NY-61-1-156
MCGONIGAL, EMMA B.           WARSAW                        NY-61-16-469
MCGROGAN, EDWARD             JAVA                          NY-61-7-401
MCGUIRE, CHRISTOPHER         ARCADE                        NY-61-14-269
MCGUIRE, JOHN                JAVA                          NY-61-2-90
MCGUIRE, LAWRENCE            ARCADE                        NY-61-8-489
MCGUIRE, RICHARD             JAVA                          NY-61-2-118
MCINTIRE, JOHN               PERRY                         NY-61-8-253
MCKENZIE, MARY               PERRY                         NY-61-20-424
MCKENZIE, WILLIAM H.         ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-19-61
MCKOON, PETER                WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-3-433
MCLAUGHLIN, DANIEL           JAVA                          NY-61-18-153
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN             JAVA                          NY-61-15-429
MCLEOD, ELIZA B.             ATTICA                        NY-61-13-603
MCNULTY, MARGARET            JAVA                          NY-61-12-241
MEACHAM, ELISEBETH           WARSAW                        NY-61-3-493
MEAD, ROBERT                 WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-20-139
MEAD, SAMUEL J.              ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-13-447
MEECH, LYDIA                 ARCADE                        NY-61-12-213
MEGGS, JOHNSON               PIKE                          NY-61-2-322
MEHAN, JOHN                  GENESEE FALLS                 NY-61-16-485
MELVEN, LAURA                ATTICA                        NY-61-18-293
MELVEN, NANCY                ATTICA                        NY-61-20-493
MERCHANT, CYRUS R.           WARSAW                        NY-61-17-145
MERCHANT, FREEMAN S.         EAGLE                         NY-61-16-317
MERCHANT, WESLEY A.          WARSAW                        NY-61-20-283
MERLAN, CHARLES              SHELDON                       NY-61-7-605
MERLAN, CHRISTOPHER          BENNINGTON                    NY-61-10-361
MERRILL, ANN A.              GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-14-277
MERRILL, AUSTIN              BENNINGTON                    NY-61-20-415
MERRILL, JERRY               ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-4-353
MERRILL, PHILA L.            COVINGTON                     NY-61-7-581
MERVILLE, CAHRLES K.         PIKE                          NY-61-15-101
MERVILLE, LOVINA A.          EAGLE                         NY-61-16-261
MERZ, JOHN                   BENNINGTON                    NY-61-6-150
MEST, JOHN                   SHELDON                       NY-61-10-137
METCALF, JOSIAH              CASTILE                       NY-61-18-541
METCALF, LEVI                PIKE                          NY-61-7-523
METCALF, LUCIA               EAGLE                         NY-61-17-557
METCALF, SAWYER              EAGLE                         NY-61-10-349
METER, ELECTA J.             PERRY                         NY-61-19-313
METZ, JOHN                   BENNINGTON                    NY-61-18-1
METZGER, ANNA MARY           SHELDON                       NY-61-14-81
METZGER, PETER               SHELDON                       NY-61-9-9
MEYER, PETER                 BENNINGTON                    NY-61-13-315
MEYERS, PETER C.             BENNINGTON                    NY-61-18-525
MILLEN, PORTER               EAGLE                         NY-61-17-233
MILLER, CHARITY A.           COVINGTON                     NY-61-4-145
MILLER, DAVID                CASTILE                       NY-61-20-247
MILLER, EDWIN A.             WARSAW                        NY-61-20-187
MILLER, FRANK                WARSAW                        NY-61-12-565
MILLER, GURDON               GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-2-241
MILLER, HENRY                BENNINGTON                    NY-61-9-451
MILLER, HEZEKIAH             MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-14-17
MILLER, JOHN                 WARSAW                        NY-61-12-181
MILLER, JOHN S.              MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-13-519
MILLER, MARY                 BENNINGTON                    NY-61-15-513
MILLER, MATTHIAS             BENNINGTON                    NY-61-13-147
MILLER, MILTON               PIKE                          NY-61-20-118
MILLER, ORLANDO              MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-13-199
MILLER, POLLY                MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-3-331
MILLER, SARAH F.             JAVA                          NY-61-20-541
MILLER, THOMAS P.            MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-17-493
MILLIGAN, THOMAS             COVINGTON                     NY-61-12-489
MILLS, ADDISON               PERRY                         NY-61-3-309
MILLS, HIRAM                 PERRY                         NY-61-2-166
MILLS, JOHN                  PERRY                         NY-61-7-341
MILLS, JOHN H.               PERRY                         NY-61-10-297
MILLSPAUGH, JEREMIAH B.      PERRY                         NY-61-8-281
MILROY, ELIZABETH            COVINGTON                     NY-61-17-153
MINKEL, JOHN                 BENNINGTON                    NY-61-9-109
MINKEL, JOHN                 BENNINGTON                    NY-61-10-1
MINOR, ICHABOD               PERRY                         NY-61-16-121
MITCHELL, LAURA D.           PERRY                         NY-61-7-537
MITCHELL, LOVINA             SHELDON                       NY-61-20-595
MITCHELL, ORRIN D.           SHELDON                       NY-61-20-478
MITCHELL, WILLIAM            PERRY                         NY-61-3-55
MIX, VICTOR B.               CASTILE                       NY-61-15-357
MIX, WILLIAM B.              GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-2-67
MOFFETT, JAIRUS              PERRY                         NY-61-10-433
MONROE, ADDIE DUNCAN         FLINT, GENESEE, MI            NY-61-6-362
MONTGOMERY, JAMES            BENNINGTON                    NY-61-13-415
MOODY, ELIZABETH M.          WARSAW                        NY-61-20-94
MOON, MOSES                  MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-9-209
MOORE, NELSON                ARCADE                        NY-61-10-609
MOORE, ROBERT                PERRY                         NY-61-2-275
MORDOFF, RUSSEL C.           PERRY                         NY-61-14-105
MORGAN, JUSTUS               WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-12-481
MORGAN, LEWIS J.             WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-17-129
MORGAN, LYMAN G.             PERRY                         NY-61-9-409
MORGENSTERN, CHARLES         ATTICA                        NY-61-20-91
MORRIS, GEORGE W.            WARSAW                        NY-61-5-367
MORRIS, LYMAN                WARSAW                        NY-61-2-246
MORRIS, RACHEL JANE          PERRY                         NY-61-10-613
MORROW, AGNES                COVINGTON                     NY-61-13-531
MORROW, ANDREW               COVINGTON                     NY-61-15-29
MORROW, DAVID                COVINGTON                     NY-61-12-521
MORSE, ANN                   ARCADE                        NY-61-15-385
MORSE, BENJAMIN WILLIS       JAVA                          NY-61-14-233
MORSE, ELIZABETH             ARCADE                        NY-61-15-389
MORSE, GEORGE                ARCADE                        NY-61-10-9
MORSE, MARY                  ARCADE                        NY-61-15-393
MORSE, STEPHEN               WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-8-329
MORSE, WILLIAM               CASTILE                       NY-61-2-55
MORSE, ZENAS                 MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-12-33
MORTON, SARDIS B.            PERRY                         NY-61-17-65
MORVILLE, JOHN A.            PIKE                          NY-61-14-37
MOSES, EVAN                  MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-1-321
MOSHER, MARION R.            PIKE                          NY-61-16-73
MOSHER, STEPHEN J.           WETHERSFIELD                  NY-61-7-265
MOSS, JESSE                  PERRY                         NY-61-2-226
MOULTON, ALBERT L.           ARCADE                        NY-61-16-89
MOULTON, BETSEY A.           ARCADE                        NY-61-18-569
MUNGER, DEXTER               MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-10-49
MUNGER, EMALINE              ATTICA                        NY-61-19-457
MUNGER, IRA M.               ATTICA                        NY-61-17-597
MUNGER, JOHN                 WARSAW                        NY-61-5-127
MUNGER, LUCINDA              ATTICA                        NY-61-19-461
MUNGER, MORGAN M.            WARSAW                        NY-61-4-73
MUNGER, RILEY                ATTICA                        NY-61-3-445
MUNGER, SUSANNAH             WARSAW                        NY-61-4-563
MUNGER, WILLIAM              ATTICA                        NY-61-10-621
MURPHY, DAVID                JAVA                          NY-61-17-573
MURPHY, OWEN                 SHELDON                       NY-61-9-161
MURPHY, PATRICK              JAVA                          NY-61-3-165
MURRAY, EDWARD J.            MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-20-352
MURRAY, LEONARD              ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-12-205
MURTAUGH, MARY               JAVA                          NY-61-16-333
MURTAUGH, PATRICK            SEE: MURTEATH, PATRICK        NY-61-5-589
MURTEATH, PATRICK            JAVA                          NY-61-5-589
MUSTY, JOHN                  SHELDON                       NY-61-13-551
MUTH, CONRAD                 BENNINGTON                    NY-61-12-301
MYERS, GEORGE                BENNINGTON                    NY-61-19-177
NASH, AMBROSE                ATTICA                        NY-61-1-216
NASH, CHAUNCEY               PERRY                         NY-61-9-357
NASSAU, JOSEPH E.            WARSAW                        NY-61-17-549
NEALE, WILLIAM               WARSAW                        NY-61-17-249
NEEDHAM, CALVIN              CASTILE                       NY-61-8-423
NEEDHAM, CHARLES K.          CASTILE                       NY-61-9-17
NESBITT, JENNIE E.           ATTICA                        NY-61-16-517
NESBITT, SALLY A.            ATTICA                        NY-61-16-445
NEUGENT, LAWRENCE            WARSAW                        NY-61-16-385
NEUMANN, WILLIAM             BENNINGTON                    NY-61-7-473
NEVENS, JACOB                PERRY                         NY-61-4-1
NEVILLE, JOHN                JAVA                          NY-61-18-13
NEVINS, EMILY H.             PERRY                         NY-61-15-225
NEWCOMB, SILAS               PIKE                          NY-61-15-209
NEWINGER, MICHAEL            ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-17-121
NEWKIRK, ALBERT              EAGLE                         NY-61-15-85
NEWLAND, EZRA                PERRY                         NY-61-1-259
NEWMAN, ISAAC                CASTILE                       NY-61-13-555
NEWMAN, JEREMIAH C.          COVINGTON                     NY-61-20-382
NICHOLS, CHENEY M.           ATTICA                        NY-61-17-269
NICHOLS, DANIEL              GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-1-224
NICHOLS, HARRISON            JAVA                          NY-61-19-173
NICHOLS, JAOCB SMITH         PERRY                         NY-61-15-73
NICHOLS, JOSHUA D.           ARCADE                        NY-61-16-369
NICHOLS, ORRILLA             BENNINGTON                    NY-61-7-585
NICHOLS, SAMUEL              CHINA                         NY-61-2-405
NICHOLS, STEPHEN             ARCADE                        NY-61-12-449
NICHOLS, WILLIAM R.          PERRY                         NY-61-19-37
NIEMANN, WILLIAM H.          MIDDLEBURY                    NY-61-7-29
NIMSKER, ANNA M.             SHELDON                       NY-61-16-425
NOONEN, ELECTA A.            PERRY                         NY-61-19-221
NORRIS, DAVID                COVINGTON                     NY-61-2-38
NORTH, BENJAMIN              BENNINGTON                    NY-61-5-511
NORTH, JAMES AGARD           ATTICA                        NY-61-17-461
NORTH, NOAH                  ATTICA                        NY-61-10-561
NORTHROP, ANDREW B.          GAINESVILLE                   NY-61-12-133
NORTHRUP, CHAUNCEY           COVINGTON                     NY-61-15-445
NORTON, CHARLES B.           CLEVELAND, CUYAHOGA, OH       NY-61-6-283
NORTON, JESSE                BETHANY                       NY-61-2-385
NORTON, LUCINDA              WARSAW                        NY-61-9-445
NORTON, MARY                 WARSAW                        NY-61-19-293
NORTON, SEYMOUR              ATTICA                        NY-61-8-641
NORTON, THOMAS               ORANGEVILLE                   NY-61-3-297
NOTHUM, NICHOLAS             SHELDON                       NY-61-12-445
NOURE, JULIA M.              CASTILE                       NY-61-12-145
NOURSE, MARIA                ARCADE                        NY-61-15-449
NOXON, RUTH                  PERRY                         NY-61-16-521
NOXON, WILLIAM               CASTILE                       NY-61-7-37

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