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RAFFERTY, HANNAH             SUFFERN                       NY-44-U-166
RAHE, ANNA AUGUSTE H. W.     RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-253
RALL, JOHN                   HAVESTRAW                     NY-44-A-437
RAMSEN, AARON I.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-399
RAMSEN, JAMES                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-532
RAMSEY, PETER W.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-J-555
RANDELL, JAMES               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-632
RANDOLPH, WILLIAM            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-333
RAQUE, CHARLES G.            JERSEY CITY, HUDSON, NJ       NY-44-X-415
RATKE, ANNA C. H.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-V-275
RAYNOR, AMELIA               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-G-612
READ, PETER                  HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-301
REDDING, BRACE               NYACK                         NY-44-F-296
REDEKER, JESSE               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-X-302
REED, MARY                   CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-P-258
REED, WILLIAM WASHINGTON     CLARKTOWN                     NY-44-W-493
REGAN, MARTIN                RAMAPO                        NY-44-X-76
REHLING, HENRY               SUFFERN                       NY-44-V-519
REID, AARON B.               HAVESTRAW                     NY-44-N-324
REID, GUSTAVUS               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-76
REID, MARY RUSSELL           NYACK                         NY-44-U-400
REILLY, JOHN                 HAVESTRAW                     NY-44-N-384
REILLY, PATRICK              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Q-198
REINHARD, JOHN               UPPER NYACK                   NY-44-T-537
REMBE, PHILIP                NYACK                         NY-44-V-456
REMSEN, AARON J.             NYACK                         NY-44-G-274
REMSEN, ELIZABETH C.         NYACK                         NY-44-R-186
REMSEN, JOHN                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-X-98
REMSEN, JOHN C.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-130
REMSEN, THOMAS               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-148
REMSON, JOHANNES             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-363
RENN, JOHN                   HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-0-102
RENN, MARY                   HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-T-259
REQUA, FRANCES M.            PIERMONT                      NY-44-U-181
REUTER, JOSEPH               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-R-213
RHODES, JOSIAH               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-503
RHODES, PERMILLA             STONY POINT                   NY-44-0-446
RHODES, WILLIAM H.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Y-406
RICE, MERRITT E.             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-P-69
RICHARDS, SELDEN S.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-183
RIDER, JOHN                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-32
RIECK, MARTHA F.             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-0-295
RIGGS, JAMES OLIVER          SPRING VALLEY                 NY-44-X-318
RIKER, JACOB                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-570
RIKER, SUSANNAH              RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-352
RIPPON, CASIMER GOTTLIEB     CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-R-331
RITZGO, HENRY                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-K-81
ROBERTS, JAMES               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-X-475
ROBERTS, WILLIAM             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-215
ROBERTS, WILLIAM             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-554
ROBERTSON, ROBERT R.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-F-127
ROCCO, JOHN                  NYACK                         NY-44-U-113
ROCKETT, EMMA E.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-108
ROGERS, FRANCIS T.           NEW CITY                      NY-44-S-239
ROMMEL, JOHN                 NYACK                         NY-44-Q-21
ROOT, CHARLES W.             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-372
ROSE, ABRAHAM                STONY POINT                   NY-44-L-369
ROSE, ALFRED                 STONY POINT                   NY-44-U-534
ROSE, ELIZABETH              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-656
ROSE, HENRY                  HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-E-163
ROSE, ISAAC                  ORANGE                        NY-44-B-171
ROSE, JACOB                  HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-79
ROSE, JACOB JR.              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-C-414
ROSE, JACOB M.               STONY POINT                   NY-44-0-335
ROSE, JAMES                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-205
ROSE, JAMES                  STONY POINT                   NY-44-Y-442
ROSE, JAMES H.               STONY POINT                   NY-44-U-280
ROSE, JOHN                   UPPER NYACK                   NY-44-U-94
ROSE, JOSEPH                 STONY POINT                   NY-44-K-86
ROSE, MARY                   STONY POINT                   NY-44-U-201
ROSE, RACHEL                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-H-419
ROSE, RAHCEL ANN             RAMPO                         NY-44-P-46
ROSE, SARAH                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-456
ROSE, WILLIAM H.             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-F-214
ROSE, WILLIAM J.             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-290
ROSS, AZARIAH                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-571
ROSS, CATHARINE              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-31
ROSS, EDWIN                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-543
ROSS, ELIZABETH E.           NYACK                         NY-44-K-573
ROSS, JOHN                   CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-25
ROTH, FERDINAND              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-T-315
ROTH, FREDERICK              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-X-6
ROTH, GEORGE                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-440
ROWE, MARTHA S.              JERSEY CITY, HUDSON, NJ       NY-44-P-333
ROWE, MARY S.                JERSEY CITY, HUDSON, NJ       NY-44-P-695
RUCKMAN, ELISHA              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-1
RUNDELL, AMELIA              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-G-193
RUSHTON, MARY P.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-215
RYAN, MARY                   GRASSY POINT                  NY-44-X-224
RYAN, PATRICK                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-W-588
RYDER, HERCULES              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-311
RYDER, JOHN H.               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-83
RYDER, WILLIAM               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-150
RYLEY, JOHN                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-T-496
RYLEY, WILLIAM               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-H-451
SAFFORD, HENRY C.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-S-45
SALTER, ANN                  NYACK                         NY-44-U-563
SALYER, MICHAEL              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-A-288
SAMUELS, STEPHEN             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-H-605
SARRENT, JOHN                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-63
SARVAN, ABRAHAM              RAMAPO                        NY-44-C-82
SARVAN, PHILIP               ORANGE                        NY-44-A-84
SARVEN, GARRET               AMAPO                         NY-44-E-231
SARVEN, GARRET               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-494
SARVEN, JOHN A.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-C-276
SARVENT, ANDREW S.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-696
SAWCUT, PHILLIP G.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-S-521
SCANDELL, HENRY              STONY POINT                   NY-44-W-515
SCHAEFER, JOHN               TAPPAN                        NY-44-U-160
SCHARMANN, JOHN              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-232
SCHEINLER, JOHN              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-101
SCHMERSAHL, JOHN G. C.       CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-S-95
SCHMIDT, JULIA               NYACK                         NY-44-R-105
SCHMITZ, ANTON               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Z-145
SCHMITZ, ROSA                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-T-367
SCHREEDER, JACOB O.          HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-124
SCHULER, JOHN W.             UPPER NYACK                   NY-44-R-177
SCHULTZ, MATTHEW             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-295
SCOTT, ABEL                  HEMSTAD                       NY-44-A-100
SCOTT, ABRAHAM               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-652
SCOTT, JAMES G.              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-V-413
SEAMAN, CORNELIUS            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-I-577
SEAMAN, CORNELIUS P.         NYACK                         NY-44-Q-430
SEAMAN, WILLIAM              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-H-150
SEARING, WARREN              STRONG POINT                  NY-44-L-26
SEARLES, MARY E.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-293
SEARS, SAMUEL W.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-269
SECOR, BENJAMIN              RAMAPO                        NY-44-C-192
SECOR, BENJAMIN B.           STONY POINT                   NY-44-K-608
SECOR, DANIEL B.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-349
SECOR, EDWARD H.             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N 6
SECOR, GEORGE J.             NYACK                         NY-44-H-74
SECOR, JOHN J.               RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-515
SECOR, JONAS D.              HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-436
SECOR, MARY H.               RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-551
SECOR, WALTER D.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-I-106
SECOR, WILLIAM N.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-R-389
SEE, MARGARET ANN            RAMAPO                        NY-44-V-418
SEE, SAMUEL D.               RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-177
SEELEY, MARY                 STONY POINT                   NY-44-J-368
SEMLER, CONRAD               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-U-128
SERVEN, AURY                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-367
SERVEN, GARRET               NYACK                         NY-44-C-250
SERVEN, JOHN G.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-547
SERVEN, PETER                RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-46
SERVEN, PETER A.             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-434
SERVEN, SARAH O.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Y-391
SEYMORE, HEZEKIAH C.         PIERMONT                      NY-44-G-42
SEYMOUR, BRADFORD            NTL                           NY-44-E-195
SEYMOUR, CHARLES             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-123
SHAUGHNESSY, EUDORA          RAMAPO                        NY-44-R-381
SHAW, CELESTINE WELLS        SPRING VALLEY                 NY-44-Z-413
SHAW, E. JANE                SPRING VALLEY                 NY-44-Y-260
SHAW, JOHN                   ORANGE                        NY-44-E-202
SHELLY, CORNELIA R.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-417
SHERMAN, ALPHEUS             SPRING VALLEY                 NY-44-J-390
SHERWOOD, ALMIRA             RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-370
SHERWOOD, BENJAMIN           HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-56
SHERWOOD, ISAAC              HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-71
SHERWOOD, ISAAC L.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-505
SHERWOOD, JAMES              RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-692
SHERWOOD, JOHN               RAMAPO                        NY-44-Q-221
SHERWOOD, JONATHAN W.        RAMAPO                        NY-44-J-281
SHERWOOD, MARTHA             RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-90
SHEWOOD, ELIAS G.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-Z-470
SHOUART, WILLIAM             TAPPAN                        NY-44-D-391
SHUR, MARY                   CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-P-558
SICKELS, ANNA                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-306
SICKELS, JOHANNES            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-A-371
SICKELS, MARY JANE           LEONIA, BERGEN, NJ            NY-44-Z-342
SICKELS, ROBERT              ORAGE                         NY-44-A-261
SICKLES, CORNELIUS           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-127
SICKLES, JOHN                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-F-473
SICKLES, NICHOLAS            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-222
SICKLES, SIMON V.            NYACK                         NY-44-G-478
SICKLES, WILLIAM             ORANGE                        NY-44-B-21
SIDMAN, SARAH                RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-171
SILL, MARGARET ANN           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Q-355
SIMMONS, MARY                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-368
SIMSON, JACOB                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-V-127
SITTERLY, MARY A.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-443
SLAGLE, ABBIE                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-R-192
SLINN, JAMES                 SPRING VALLEY                 NY-44-S-152
SLINN, URBAN                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-X-235
SLOAT, ISAAC                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-498
SLOAT, ISAAC                 HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-102
SLOAT, SARAH B.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-563
SLOCUM, HIRAM                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-329
SLOT, STEPHEN                CORNWALL, ORANGE, NY          NY-44-A-150
SLYPE, NICOLAAS              HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-433
SMITH, ABRAHAM               ORANGE                        NY-44-B-46
SMITH, ABRAHAM A.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-235
SMITH, ABRAHAM C.            HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-106
SMITH, ABRAHAM J.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-D-13
SMITH, ANNA C.               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-S-316
SMITH, AURIE                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-19
SMITH, CALEB H.              ROCKLAND LAKE                 NY-44-S-407
SMITH, CATHARINE             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-249
SMITH, CATHARINE             ORAGNETOWN                    NY-44-L-38
SMITH, CATHARINE M.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-453
SMITH, CHARLES E.            NYACK                         NY-44-Z-196
SMITH, CORNELIUS A.          ORANGE                        NY-44-A-318
SMITH, CORNELIUS A.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-402
SMITH, CORNELIUS A.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-N-266
SMITH, CORNELIUS C.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-A-350
SMITH, CORNELIUS COR.        ORANGE                        NY-44-A-376
SMITH, CORNELIUS G.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-Q-469
SMITH, CORNELIUS J.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-612
SMITH, CORNELIUS JR.         ORANGE                        NY-44-A-316
SMITH, CORNELIUS T.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-121
SMITH, DANIEL D.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-V-530
SMITH, DANIEL G.             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-T-458
SMITH, DANIEL J.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-582
SMITH, DAVID                 ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-C-271
SMITH, DAVID                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-40
SMITH, EDWARD                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-11
SMITH, EDWARD                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-J-517
SMITH, EDWARD                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-153
SMITH, ELI                   NTL                           NY-44-A-49
SMITH, ELIAS                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-282
SMITH, ELIZA M.              NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-44-V-1
SMITH, ELIZABETH             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-442
SMITH, ELIZABETH             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-39
SMITH, ELIZABETH P.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-317
SMITH, EMMA                  RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-349
SMITH, FRIDERICK             HAMPSTED                      NY-44-B-65
SMITH, GARRET C.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-B-227
SMITH, GARRET C. ****        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-393
SMITH, GARRET G.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-238
SMITH, GARRET P.             ORANGE                        NY-44-B-179
SMITH, GEORGE                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-H-54
SMITH, GERTRUDE              ROCKLAND LAKE                 NY-44-T-29
SMITH, GESHOM                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-C-294
SMITH, HENRY A.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-395
SMITH, HENRY G.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-H-476
SMITH, ISAAC P.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-190
SMITH, JAMES                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-F-83
SMITH, JAMES C.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-C-161
SMITH, JAMES COR             ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-D-350
SMITH, JAMES E.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-11
SMITH, JAMES P.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-48
SMITH, JOHN                  STONY POINT                   NY-44-S-459
SMITH, JOHN                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-267
SMITH, JOHN                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-459
SMITH, JOHN C.               HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-119
SMITH, JOHN D. W.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-99
SMITH, JOHN ED               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-497
SMITH, JOHN I.               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-F-19
SMITH, JOHN R.               RAMAPO                        NY-44-Q-216
SMITH, JOHN T.               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-249
SMITH, JOHN V.               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-0-383
SMITH, JOSEPH                PIERMONT                      NY-44-G-355
SMITH, JULIA                 NYACK                         NY-44-U-26
SMITH, LAVINIA               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-T-506
SMITH, MARGARET              JERSEY CITY, HUDSON, NJ       NY-44-R-277
SMITH, MARGARET              ROCKLAND                      NY-44-L-348
SMITH, MARY ELIZABETH        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-138
SMITH, MARY M.               NYACK                         NY-44-V-122
SMITH, PETER                 NYACK                         NY-44-E-486
SMITH, PETER A.              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-333
SMITH, PETER C.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-D-345
SMITH, PETER D. W.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-673
SMITH, POLLY                 RAMPO                         NY-44-P-32
SMITH, RACHEL                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-560
SMITH, RICHARD               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-P-423
SMITH, RYMERD                HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-344
SMITH, SALLY ANN             SPRING VALLEY                 NY-44-W-265
SMITH, SARAH                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-B-15
SMITH, SARAH ANN             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-212
SMITH, SOPHIA                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-391
SMITH, THOMAS                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-341
SMITH, THOMAS                HAVESTRAW                     NY-44-A-409
SMITH, THOMAS B.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-160
SMITH, TUNIS                 NTL                           NY-44-A-95
SMITH, TUNIS                 NYACK                         NY-44-E-327
SMITH, TUNIS A.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-1
SMITH, WALLACE B.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-37
SMITH, WALTER                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-1
SMITH, WALTER                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-E-56
SMITH, WILLIAM               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-648
SMITH, WILLIAM D. M.         HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-W-583
SMITH, WILLIAM F.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-U-232
SMYTH, HUGH                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-406
SNEDEKER, ABRAM B.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-P-548
SNEDEKER, GARRET             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-406
SNEDEKER, GARRET ***         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-110
SNEDEKER, GEORGE W.          HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-317
SNEDEKER, HALSEY             VALLEY COTTAGE                NY-44-X-81
SNEDEKER, JABEZ HALSEY       CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-S-28
SNEDEKER, JOHN               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-453
SNEDEKER, JOHN L.            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-M-674
SNEDEKER, MARY ANN           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-600
SNEDEKER, THEODORUS          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-426
SNEDEN, HORTON               PALISADES                     NY-44-Q-318
SNEDEN, JOHN                 ORANGE                        NY-44-B-240
SNEDEN, NANCY T.             HARRINGTON, BERGEN, NJ        NY-44-P-151
SNEDEN, ROBERT               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-558
SNEDEN, SAMUEL               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-351
SNEDEN, WILLIAM              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-48
SNEDIKER, ABRAHAM J.         HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-F-374
SNEDIKER, JOHN G.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-414
SNEDIKER, TUNIS              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-231
SNIDER, BRIDGET              RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-559
SNIDER, GARRETT Z.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Y-7
SNIDER, JACOB                RAMAPO                        NY-44-T-489
SNOW, HARRIET M.             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-S-585
SNOW, RICHARD A.             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-G-670
SNYDER, ABRAHAM              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-701
SNYDER, ABRAHAM              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-59
SNYDER, GEORGE               HEMPSTAD                      NY-44-A-354
SNYDER, GEORGE J.            RAMPO                         NY-44-P-625
SNYDER, MARIA                RAMAPO                        NY-44-S-321
SNYDER, MARY                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-C-264
SORRELL, THOMAS              ROCKLAND LAKE                 NY-44-0-275
SPENCER, ISAAC H.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-286
SPENCER, MARY                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-0-356
SPENCER, MARY L.             NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-44-W-169
SPRINGSTEAD, JACOB           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-C-29
SPRINGSTEAD, WILLAM          TOMKINS COVE                  NY-44-Z-365
SPRINGSTEAN, DAVID           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-251
SPRINGSTED, EMILY            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-U-65
SPRINGSTEEL, JAMES           ROCKLAND LAKE                 NY-44-Q-133
SPRINGSTEEL, JOHN            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-314
SPRINGSTEEN, ABRAM           RAMAPO                        NY-44-Q-57
SPRINGSTEEN, CORNELIUS       RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-538
SPRINGSTEEN, DANIEL C.       HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Y-295
SPRINGSTEEN, HENRY           BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY           NY-44-M-714
SPRINGSTEEN, JOHN ***        CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-48
SPRINGSTEEN, LEONARD         RAMAPO                        NY-44-Z-517
STAFFERS, CHARLES            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-185
STALTER, BREWSTER            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Y-172
STALTER, THERESA             HAVESTRAW                     NY-44-Y-177
STAMMERS, ELIZABETH          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-431
STARK, JACOB                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-272
STARK, LOUISE                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Y-110
STEARNS, NORMAN              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-218
STEARS, DANIEL C.            ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-C-96
STEGMAN, GEORGE              RAMAPO                        NY-44-T-532
STEPHENS, ABRAHAM P.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-H-119
STEPHENS, ABRAM H.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-177
STEPHENS, ANN                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-156
STEPHENS, CAROLINE C.        SPRING VALLEY                 NY-44-U-467
STEPHENS, ELIZABETH          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-T-565
STEPHENS, HENRY              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-201
STEPHENS, HENRY R.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-68
STEPHENS, JOHN W.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-J-454
STEPHENS, MARGARET           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-375
STEPHENS, PETER              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-478
STEPHENS, SALLIE             DERBY, NEW HAVEN, CT          NY-44-N-217
STEVENS, ABRAM               RAMAPO                        NY-44-F-282
STEVENS, ELIZABETH           RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-159
STEVENS, JANE                RAMAPO                        NY-44-J-184
STEVENS, STEPHEN             RAMAPO                        NY-44-J-481
STEVENS, YANAKA              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-113
STEVENSON, LUKE              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-294
STEWART, WILLIAM ROBERTSON   MONSEY                        NY-44-U-510
STILBANED, BABETTE           HOBOKEN, HUDSON, NJ           NY-44-Z-510
STILLWELL, MARGARETTA L.     ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-137
STILWELL, JOHN               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-637
STOCK, LEONARD               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-U-274
STOCK, LEONARD               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Y-434
STOKUM, SAMUEL               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-614
STORMS, ABRAHAM              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-410
STORMS, HENRY                ORANGE                        NY-44-C-225
STORMS, HENRY S.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-482
STORMS, JOHN                 HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-156
STORMS, JOHN                 NYACK                         NY-44-G-246
STORMS, SARAH S.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-648
STORMS, WILLAM T. B.         NYACK                         NY-44-Z-560
STOTT, NANCY                 RAMPO                         NY-44-P-579
STPIERRE, ELLEN              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-470
STRAAT, DERICK               HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-93
STRAUB, ABRAM                RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-379
STRAUB, EDWARD               RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-280
STRAUB, MARGARET             RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-524
STRAUT, DEBORAH              RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-504
STRAUT, JACOB F.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-T-110
STRAUT, JOHN J.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-500
STRAW, ELIZABETH             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-227
STRAW, WILLIAM               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-440
STREET, JAMES                RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-339
STRICKLAND, JOHN             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-I-346
STULTZ, CHRISTINA            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-R-403
STYLES, DANIEL               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-202
SUFFERN, ANDREW              HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-199
SUFFERN, CATHERINE I.        RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-499
SUFFERN, EDWARD              RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-295
SUFFERN, ELIZABETH           RAMAPO                        NY-44-E-184
SUFFERN, JOHN                NEW ANTRIM                    NY-44-C-329
SUFFERN, JOHN J.             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-I-302
SUFFERN, MARIA               RAMAPO                        NY-44-R-39
SUSNA, BARBARA               ROCKLAND LAKE                 NY-44-Y-98
SUTHERLAND, CATHERINE        RAMAPO                        NY-44-H-51
SUTHERLAND, WILLIAM          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-I-89
SUTTER, JOHN                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-D-239
SWARTWOUT, AMELIA A.         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-V-394
SWARTWOUT, JAMES D.          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-528
SWARTWOUT, RICHARD           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-519
SWENARTON, SEMAN A.          MONTCLAIR, ESSEX, NJ          NY-44-X-56
TALLMAN, ABRAHAM             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-253
TALLMAN, ABRAM F.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-P-378
TALLMAN, ALBERT              RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-475
TALLMAN, CAROLINE            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-S-294
TALLMAN, CATHARINE ****      ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-219
TALLMAN, CATHERINE C.        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-132
TALLMAN, CORNELIUS AMBROSE   RAMAPO                        NY-44-X-173
TALLMAN, DAIVD I.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-39
TALLMAN, DOWAH J.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-265
TALLMAN, ELIZABETH           RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-249
TALLMAN, EMME                NYACK                         NY-44-G-262
TALLMAN, GARRIT ****         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-6
TALLMAN, HARMAH              NTL                           NY-44-A-309
TALLMAN, HARMANUS            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-9
TALLMAN, ISAAC               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-203
TALLMAN, ISAAC               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-22
TALLMAN, JOHN                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-75
TALLMAN, JOHN                CLARKSTOWN (MAP)              NY-44-I-357
TALLMAN, JOHN G.             UPPER NYACK                   NY-44-M-642
TALLMAN, JOHN J.             RAMAPO (MAP)                  NY-44-C-443
TALLMAN, MARIA               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-18
TALLMAN, MARY                RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-212
TALLMAN, MICHAEL             NYACK                         NY-44-C-400
TALLMAN, MICHAEL C.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-510
TALLMAN, POLY                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-197
TALLMAN, TUNIS               RAMAPO                        NY-44-S-465
TALLMAN, TUNIS               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-V-366
TALLMAN, TUNIS DEPEW         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-492
TALLMAN, TUNIS H.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-B-84
TALLMAN, TUNIS J.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-111
TALLMAN, TUNIS T.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-223
TALMAGE, CATHARINE H.        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-230
TALMAN, ABRAHAM H.           NIAC                          NY-44-A-28
TALMAN, DOW H.               MAPSTEAD                      NY-44-C-13
TASMAN, THOMAS               NYACK                         NY-44-R-116
TAULMAN, CHARLES ****        ORANGETOWN (166 PAGES)        NY-44-0-160
TAULMAN, JOHN D.             NYACK                         NY-44-Q-100
TAULMAN, PETER               ORANGE                        NY-44-C-260
TAULMAN, PETER H.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-461
TAYLOR, AMEY                 WARREN                        NY-44-E-29
TAYLOR, EDWARD               RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-464
TAYLOR, JOSHUA               NTL                           NY-44-A-360
TAYLOR, MARY                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-177
TAYLOR, MOSES ***            HARRINGTON, BERGEN, NJ        NY-44-K-710
TAYLOR, REUBEN P.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-62
TEARNY, MARTIN               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-0-314
TELFER, GEORGE               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-245
TENEYCK, JACOB               HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-320
TENEYCK, JACOB JR.           HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-270
TENEYCK, JOHN                HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-148
TENEYCK, JOHN                STONY POINT                   NY-44-Y-33
TENEYCKE, JOSHUA             HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-198
TENURE, HENDRICK             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-213
TENURE, HENRCK               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-27
TENURE, JAMES                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-303
TENURE, MARGARET M.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-X-486
TENURE, MARIA                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-78
TERHUNE, HETTY               PALISADES, BERGEN, NJ         NY-44-R-52
TERHUNE, PETER R.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-R-172
THEW, ABRAHAM                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-82
THIELL, ELIZA                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-R-409
THIELL, JOSEPH B.            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-G-38
THOMPSON, JAMES              ORANGE                        NY-44-G-114
THOMPSON, JOHN               STONY POINT                   NY-44-U-38
THOMPSON, LEONARD G.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-382
THOMPSON, MARIA              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-G-108
THORP, THOMAS                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-236
THORPE, WILLIAM              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-V-73
TILT, REBECCA                HARRINGTON, NJ                NY-44-C-273
TILT, THOMAS JR.             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-D-248
TINKER, JOHN                 HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-C-19
TINKER, JOHN                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-I-246
TINKEY, ANDREW               NTL                           NY-44-D-370
TITUS, ELIZA                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-X-179
TODD, CHARLES H.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-52
TOLMAN, HARMANUS             ORANGE                        NY-44-A-7
TOMKINS, AMANDA A.           STONY POINT                   NY-44-R-111
TOMKINS, CALVIN ***          STONY POINT                   NY-44-S-534
TOMKINS, DANIEL              STONY POINT                   NY-44-M-476
TOMKINS, FREDERICK           STONY POINT                   NY-44-R-124
TOOKER, ELLEN                NYACK                         NY-44-E-190
TOPPIN, MICHAEL              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-T-430
TOPPIN, WINIFRED             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-U-260
TORNEUR, MARY                NTL                           NY-44-B-24
TOWN, JOHN                   HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-43
TOWT, EDWARD G.              NYACK                         NY-44-M-668
TOWT, JOHN W. ***            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-T-137
TRACY, AMELIA                PIERMONT                      NY-44-U-521
TRACY, CALEB C.              PIERMONT                      NY-44-M-598
TREADWAY, ASA                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-E-198
TREMPER, DAVID               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-521
TREMPER, HARMON              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-H-397
TREMPER, ISAAC S.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-0-552
TREMPER, JACOB               NYACK                         NY-44-R-85
TRENCHARD, CAHTARINE         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-138
TRENCHARD, JESSE             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-91
TROWBRIDGE, ALEXANDER        HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-K-161
TRUFLER, ELIZABETH           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-233
TRUMBULL, JOHN               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-U-300
TUMURE, JOHN L.              HARRINGTON, BERGEN, NJ        NY-44-W-452
TURFLER, GEORGE C.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-171
TURNER, SAMUEL               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-421
TURNURE, CARRIE D.           PALISADES, BERGEN, NJ         NY-44-R-415
TYSHNER, JOHANES             HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-451
VALENTINE, BREWSTER          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-536
VALENTINE, MARGARET M.       RAMAPO                        NY-44-I-257
VANANTWERP, ANN (GRAHAM)     ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-T-186
VANANTWERP, CORNELIUS        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-447
VANANTWERP, MARIA            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-263
VANANTWERP, SIMON            NTL                           NY-44-E-228
VANANTWERP, WANDLE           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-64
VANBLARCOM, ANDREW H.        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-168
VANBLARCOM, JACOB G.         RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-146
VANBLARCOM, JOHN             WASHINGTON, BERGEN, NJ        NY-44-Q-172
VANBLARCUM, PETER            ORANGE                        NY-44-C-11
VANBUREN, JOHN M.            NYACK                         NY-44-T-560
VANBUREN, MARIA H.           NYACK                         NY-44-T-351
VANBUSKIRK, ANNA M.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-X-373
VANBUSKIRK, MARGARET         NEWARK, NJ                    NY-44-Q-11
VANDALFSEN, JOHANNES         ORANGE                        NY-44-A-254
VANDERBELL, CORNELIUS        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-563
VANDERBELT, DERICK           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-447
VANDERBELT, JOHANIS          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-102
VANDERBELT, LETTY            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-599
VANDERBELT, WILLIAM          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-151
VANDERBILT, ANN              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-0-600
VANDERBILT, ANNY             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-D-235
VANDERBILT, CORNELIUS        CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-138
VANDERBILT, DERICK           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-91
VANDERBILT, ISAAC ***        CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-I-582
VANDERBILT, ISAAC F.         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-J-445
VANDERBILT, JACOB            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-393
VANDERBILT, JACOB            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-331
VANDERBILT, JAMES            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-422
VANDERBILT, MARGARET         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-352
VANDERWOL, AART              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-0-565
VANDEVENTER, JOHN C.         NYACK                         NY-44-U-133
VANDIEN, LYDIA               MAHWAH, BERGEN, NJ            NY-44-Z-107
VANDOLSEN, GARRET            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-J-218
VANHORN, MARY                ORANGE                        NY-44-C-15
VANHOUSTEN, MARIETY          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-195
VANHOUTEN, ABRAHAM           RAMAPO                        NY-44-V-80
VANHOUTEN, ABRAHAM G.        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-378
VANHOUTEN, ABRAM T.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-Z-336
VANHOUTEN, CLAUS R.          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-4
VANHOUTEN, CLAUSE            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-165
VANHOUTEN, DERRICK           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-206
VANHOUTEN, EDWARD G.         NYACK                         NY-44-V-19
VANHOUTEN, ELLEN             RAMAPO                        NY-44-T-37
VANHOUTEN, FANNIE S.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-V-108
VANHOUTEN, FREDERICK         RAMAPO                        NY-44-S-494
VANHOUTEN, GARRET            RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-600
VANHOUTEN, GEORGE            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-384
VANHOUTEN, ISAAC B.          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-276
VANHOUTEN, JACOB             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-643
VANHOUTEN, JOHN              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-243
VANHOUTEN, JOHN              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-169
VANHOUTEN, JOHN              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-P-416
VANHOUTEN, JOHN              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-310
VANHOUTEN, JOHN C.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-113
VANHOUTEN, JOHN P.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-N-27
VANHOUTEN, MARY D.           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-W-45
VANHOUTEN, PETER             HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-424
VANHOUTEN, PETER C.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-D-321
VANHOUTEN, PETER P.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-I-535
VANHOUTEN, PETER R.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-140
VANHOUTEN, PHEBE ELIZABETH   RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-477
VANHOUTEN, RACHEL            RAMAPO                        NY-44-J-575
VANHOUTEN, RALPH             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-M-234
VANHOUTEN, RALPH D.          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-J-380
VANHOUTEN, SARAH E.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-305
VANHOUTEN, TEUNIS A.         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-666
VANKLEECK, MARY L.           ORANGE                        NY-44-D-323
VANNOSTRAND, AMANDA          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Y-55
VANNOSTRAND, ISAAC           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-T-594
VANNOSTRAND, SARAH A.        CLARKTOWN                     NY-44-W-335
VANORDEN, FREDERICK          RAMAPO                        NY-44-S-33
VANORDEN, JACOBUS            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-192
VANORDEN, JOHN               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-H-544
VANORDEN, JOHN JR.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-84
VANORDEN, MARTHA             RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-84
VANORDEN, PETER S.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-E-408
VANORDEN, THOMAS             RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-442
VANORDER, JOHNS.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-556
VANORDER, PETER              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-159
VANOSTRAND, GEORGE           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-51
VANOSTRAND, JACOB            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-652
VANOSTRAND, JOSEPH           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-134
VANOSTRAND, MOSES            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-227
VANRIPER, ANNA               WASHINGTON, BERGEN, NJ        NY-44-Y-221
VANSAUN, ALBERT              RAMPO                         NY-44-F-25
VANWART, HIRAM C.            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Y-13
VANWART, JOHN                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-456
VANZANT, ABRAM               RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-383
VERBRYCK, JOHN S.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-602
VERBRYCK, SAMUEL G.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-F-139
VERVALEN, ABRAHAM D.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-321
VERVALEN, ISAAC I.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-495
VERVALEN, JOHN               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-468
VERVALEN, SAMUEL             ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-C-372
VOORHIS, JACOB               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-390
VOORHIS, SUSAN E.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-68
VOORHIS, WILLIAM             NYACK                         NY-44-S-306
VORHIS, JOHN                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-18
VRIES, JOHANIAS D.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-58
WADSWORTH, DEBORAH A.        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-264
WAGNER, ELIZA                RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-152
WAGNER, JOHN H.              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-W-616
WAHRENBERGER, ELIZABETH      ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-282
WALDEROM, JOHN               HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-285
WALDRON, ABRAHAM             HAVESTRAW                     NY-44-A-396
WALDRON, ADRAAN              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-B-173
WALDRON, JACOB               RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-131
WALDRON, JACOB               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-97
WALDRON, JOHN D.             CLARKSTOWN (MAP)              NY-44-H-537
WALDRON, MARGARET            STONY POINT                   NY-44-L-206
WALDRON, MARGARET            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-279
WALDRON, MARIA               STONY POINT                   NY-44-K-657
WALDRON, MARTHA J.           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-R-148
WALDRON, RESOLVERT E.        HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-I-297
WALDRON, SARAH J.            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-T-418
WALDRON, SYLVESTER           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-S-339
WALDRON, TOBIAS              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-C-348
WALDRON, WASHINGTON          STONY POINT                   NY-44-W-611
WALDRON, WILLIAM J.          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-301
WALDRON, WILLIAM J.          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Z-179
WALSH, JAMES J.              PIERMONT                      NY-44-H-102
WALSH, JOHN                  HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-183
WANAMAKER, CORNELIUS         RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-189
WANAMAKER, JAMES J.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-R-143
WANAMAKER, LAWRENCE          RAMAPO                        NY-44-H-82
WANDLE, ANN                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-88
WANDLE, EUPHEMIA             PIERMONT                      NY-44-X-388
WANDLE, JOHN                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-Z-525
WANMAKER, HENRY A.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-151
WANNAMAKER, CATHERINE        RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-16
WANNAMAKER, SALLY ANN        RAMAPO                        NY-44-V-399
WARD, SARAH                  BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY           NY-44-R-75
WARE, ELIZA ****             CLARKSTOWN (MAP)              NY-44-H-187
WASHBURN, RACHEL             RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-583
WASHBURN, WILLIAM H.         HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Z-115
WATERMAN, CATHRINE E.        NYACK                         NY-44-Q-474
WATSON, MARY E.              SNEDCUS LANDING               NY-44-S-126
WATSON, SAMUEL M.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-252
WATTSON, WILLIAM G.          HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-W-312
WAY, WALTER W.               RAMAPO                        NY-44-T-465
WEBER, JOHN H.               RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-140
WEEKS, ELIZABETH             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Y-230
WEEMYSS, ANDREW              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Q-16
WEIANT, GEORGE               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-G-294
WEIANT, GEORGE B.            STONY POINT                   NY-44-Z-608
WEIANT, GEORGE W.            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-W-50
WEIANT, TOBIAS               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-F-234
WEIDMAN, AMELIA              CLARKTOWN                     NY-44-W-6
WEINANT, ABRAM               STONY POINT                   NY-44-P-392
WEINANT, CLARISSA            STONY POINT                   NY-44-P-591
WEINANT, DEBORAH             STONY POINT                   NY-44-M-237
WELLS, BENEDICT ***          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-58
WELLS, BRIDGET               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-118
WELLS, THOMAS                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-397
WEST, AMELIA GARNER          STONY POINT                   NY-44-0-301
WEST, JANE MARIA             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-427
WESTERVELT, ADRIAN B.        SOUTH NYACK                   NY-44-Z-310
WESTERVELT, JAMES            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-214
WESTEVELT, LAVINIA           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-322
WESTEVELT, RALPH             RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-213
WESTLAKE, STODDARD C.        BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY           NY-44-Q-480
WEYANT, CHARLES              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-J-274
WEYANT, SAMUEL               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-B-6
WEYANT, VINCENT              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-D-378
WEYLEN, EDWARD               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-450
WEYLEN, EDWARD H.            PIERMONT                      NY-44-M-514
WEYLEN, MARGARET             PIERMONT                      NY-44-V-291
WEYLEN, ROBERT R.            PIERMONT                      NY-44-0-484
WEYMER, MICHAEL              HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-415
WHEELER, MORDECAI            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-B-184
WHIGAM, HANNAH               RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-5
WHITE, BRIDGET               NYACK                         NY-44-E-138
WHITE, GEORGE                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-452
WHITE, JOHN ALEXANDER        SPRING VALLEY                 NY-44-V-383
WHITE, JOSEPH                RAMAPO                        NY-44-N-201
WHITE, SARAH                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-P-234
WHITLOCK, SAMUEL             RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-33
WHITNEY, ISAAC               RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-275
WHRITNER, EUGENE             SUFFERN                       NY-44-Y-28
WIANT, JOHN                  NTL                           NY-44-A-94
WIGTON, JACOB S.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-R-444
WILCOXSON, EMILIE A.         NYACK                         NY-44-X-252
WILCOXSON, GEORGE            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-0-122
WILDEY, ALEXANDER            RAMAPO                        NY-44-S-210
WILDEY, CATHARINE            HOBOKEN, NJ                   NY-44-U-454
WILES, FREDERICK J.          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-X-424
WILES, WILLIAM H.            STONY POINT                   NY-44-W-593
WILKINS, JOHN                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-H-164
WILKINS, MARY J.             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Y-70
WILKS, GEORGE                RAMAPO                        NY-44-D-407
WILKS, LAWRENCE              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-V-498
WILLIAMS, GEORGE             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-94
WILLIAMS, NORFLEET E.        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-184
WILLIAMS, SUSAN              NYACK                         NY-44-T-265
WILLIAMSON, ELIZABETH        CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-371
WILLIAMSON, GARRET           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-H-91
WILLIAMSON, JEREMIAH         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-144
WILLIAMSON, NICHOLAS         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-260
WILSON, GRENVILLE D.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-151
WILSON, ROBERT               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-7
WINANT, ELIZABETH            TAPPAN                        NY-44-U-138
WINDT, FAVILLA               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-R-433
WINTER, JOHN A.              HOKAKUS, BERGEN, NJ           NY-44-N-171
WINTERBOTTOM, MARIA ANN      ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-U-119
WINTERS, IDA BLAUVELT        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-474
WITMAN, GEORGE               HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-160
WOHLGEMUTH, LEONHARD         NYACK                         NY-44-V-44
WOOD, CHARLES D.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-512
WOOD, EBENEZER               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-313
WOOD, GEORGE S.              STONY POINT                   NY-44-W-260
WOOD, JABEZ                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-403
WOOD, JACOB                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-253
WOOD, JOHN J.                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-518
WOOD, JONAS S.               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-R-33
WOOD, JOSEPH                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-H-145
WOOD, KATE                   NYACK                         NY-44-V-26
WOOD, MALINDA                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-U-89
WOOD, NANCY                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-258
WOOD, RALPH                  RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-38
WOOD, SARAH                  SPRING VALLEY                 NY-44-V-144
WOOD, ZEBEDEE                RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-501
WOODBURY, WILLIAM JR.        CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-30
WOODCOCK, THOMAS H.          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-312
WOODNUTT, ANNA F.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-188
WOODNUTT, MARGARET D.        NYACK                         NY-44-Z-448
WOOLSEY, ZEBULON             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-364
WRIGHT, HANNAH               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-556
WRIGHT, MARY A.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-199
WYLDE, HENRY E.              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-0-49
WYRE, ANDREW                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-161
YEOMANS, JOHN I.             STONY POINT                   NY-44-J-422
YEURY, HETTY                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-Q-427
YEURY, JOHN W.               MONSEY                        NY-44-Y-93
YEURY, STEPHEN               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-507
YEURY, WILLIAM J.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-478
YOUMANS, BENJAMIN            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-B-211
YOUMANS, CHARITY             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-I-316
YOUMANS, CORNELIUS           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-406
YOUMANS, JESSE               RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-327
YOUMANS, SAMUEL              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-203
YOUNG, DAVID B.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-462
YOUNG, ELIZA                 STONY POINT                   NY-44-U-472
YOUNG, HENRY T.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-Q-366
YOUNG, JACOB R.              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-K-736
YOUNG, JOHN                  RAMAPO                        NY-44-F-181
YOUNG, MARY                  RAMAPO                        NY-44-H-42
YOUNG, REBECCA               RAMAPO                        NY-44-Z-370
YOUNG, TUNIS                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-F-47
YOUNG, WILLIAM               STONY POINT                   NY-44-V-450
YOURY, ABBY                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-587
YOURY, JOHN J.               RAMAPO                        NY-44-C-301
YOURY, JONAS                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-326
YOURY, WILLIAM               RAMAPO                        NY-44-C-205
ZABRISKIE, ALBERT            ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-C-110
ZEHNER, GEORGE               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-U-54
ZIMMERMAN, FRANCIS           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-167
ZINN, LETTIE                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-706

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